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: 1312-00 Field Box:


The new 1312-00 Field Box is the little brother in a long line of quality Field Cases from Plano. The 1312 Field Box includes the same features as our 1812, 1612 and 1412 field boxes such as brass Bailed Latch, Top Access Storage Lid, Comfortable handle and Water resistant o-ring seal, all in a compact size. Perfect for quick trips into the field or at the range, the 1312 can neatly accommodate 6 - 8 boxes of ammunition. The 1312 also works great for small electronics like range finders and trail cams.

1312-00 Field Box ‡Packed 6/Carton ‡UPC 0 24099 01312 3 ‡ 11.625” x 5.125” x H= 7.125” ‡1312-50 192 Pallet Pack Also available

:DETAILS: ‡Brass Bailed Latch ‡Top Access Storage in Lid ‡Water resistant O-ring Seal ‡Comfortable Handle

:1372-50 Shooters Case:


Plano's new 1372-50 Shooters Case is the perfect storage solution for hunters and marksmen who need store and carry small accessories and ammo. With spacious storage under the lid and two deep 3700 series StowAway® utility boxes the shooters case is a versatile and functional addition to the Plano family of hunting products.

1372-50 Shooters Case ‡Packed 2/Carton ‡UPC 0 24099 51372 2 ‡ 16.5 x 11.75 x 13.375

:DETAILS: ‡Spacious Storage Under Lid ‡Sturdy Cattle Guard Front Door ‡Includes 2 deep 3700 series StowAway® utility boxes


1619 Small Storage Tub 1619-00 Black

1619-01 OD Green

Packed 3/Carton Molded Grooves for Sturdy Stacking Reinforced Removable Lid

Exterior 24”x 15“ x 13” Interior 20” x 12” x 11.5


1719 Medium Storage Tub 1719-00 Black

1719-01 OD Green

Packed 3/Carton Molded Grooves for Sturdy Stacking Reinforced Removable Lid

Exterior 30”x 14.25“ x 12.75” Interior 26” x 11.25” x 11.5

: 1341-00 Archery Accessory Case: The new 1341 Archery Accessory Case from Plano is small and lightweight and the perfect way to protect, transport and store archery accessories. The case includes a broadhead retainer and tool and convenient storage in 5 – 11 adjustable compartments.

1341-00 Archery Accessory Case ‡Packed 4/Carton ‡UPC 0 24099 01341 3 ‡ 12.375 x 7.25 x 1.625

:DETAILS: ‡5 – 11 Adjustable Compartments ‡Broadhead Retainer and Tool


Ultra Compact Bow Case


1109-00 Ultra Compact Bow Case High Density Foam

Packed 1/Carton

Adjustable Tie Down Straps Arrow Holders Crush –Resistant PillarLock® System

Exterior 41” x 15” x 4.75” Interior 39.625” x 11.5” x 4.1875”

Fits Mission Craze and Menace, Original Genesis, PSE Mini Burner, Diamond Nuclear Ice and Many Others.

Soft Bow Cases NEW

93375 Soft Bow Case High Density Foam

Packed 1/Carton

Includes Arrow Case Pocket Includes Accessory Box Pocket RealTree® AP™/Black

Exterior 39” x 6” x 16.75” Interior 38.5” x 5.75” x 16.5”


93370 Soft Bow Case High Density Foam

Packed 3/Carton

Includes Arrow Case Pocket

Exterior 37” x 6” x 15.75” Interior 36.75” x 5.75” x 15.5”

The front pockets of both cases fit the 1127 Arrow Case.

:1133 Manta™ Crossbow Case:


Plano’s new 1133 Manta™ Crossbow Case is our most versatile crossbow case yet. Engineered to fit to the varied styles and configurations of today’s crossbows, the Manta is the only crossbow case you’ll ever need.

1133 CROSS BOW CASE •Packed 1/Carton •Same per unit shipping same as 1131 cross bow case •UPC 0 24099 01133 4 •44.75 long x 38.75 wide x 13.125 high (collapsed 33.125 long)

:DETAILS: •Patented PillarLock™ System protects crossbow •Multiple tie down straps and tie down locations ensure a secure fit for any size and shape bow •Protective high-density foam lining for crossbow stock and limbs is customizable and located in key impact areas for increased protection •Tail Stock casing adjusts to fit long and short tail stocks •Bolt and Quiver storage areas in lid •Two handles and removable shoulder strap

: 93806 Bow-Max™ Soft Crossbow Case:


The new Plano Bow-Max™ Soft Crossbow Case is a convenient storage and travel option for the crossbow hunter. Built with durable all weather material and a high-density foam lining it’s sure to keep the crossbow safe. 93806 Bow-Max™ Soft Crossbow Case ‡Packed 6/Carton ‡UPC 0 24099 938068 ‡44 x 36 x 1.25

:DETAILS: ‡RealTree® AP Camo ‡Durable All Weather Exterior ‡High-density Foam Lining ‡Adjustable Shoulder Strap

: Hunter Logic Soft Gun Cases:


Plano's Hunter Logic gun cases are an affordable solution for today's hunter. Constructed with a weather resistant polyester exterior and high density foam lining interior they offer full protection at a price that is easy on the pocketbook. Cases are available in dark Grey, Tan, Forrest Green and Olive. 93821 Hunter Logic Rifle Case ‡Packed 8/Carton ‡Assorted Colors ‡UPC 0 24099 93821 1 ‡ 48 x 12 x .75 ‡Packed 8/Carton ‡Assorted Colors ‡UPC 0 24099 93822 8 ‡ 54 x 8.5 x .75

93822 Hunter Logic Shotgun Case

:DETAILS: ‡Durable Nylon-Web Handles ‡Dense Foam Lining ‡Lockable Zipper






: 93818 Pink Soft Rifle Case:


With durable weather resistant shell and heavy foam padding the new Plano Pink Soft Rifle/Shotgun case offers great firearm protection without breaking the bank.

93818 Pink Soft Rifle Case ‡Packed 6/Carton ‡UPC 0 24099 938181 ‡48 x 11 x 1.25

:DETAILS: ‡Full Length Zipper ‡High Density Foam Lining ‡Durable Nylon-Web Handles

: Soft Pistol Cases:


Plano's new soft pistol cases are the ideal storage solution for the marksmen who carries pistols with magazines and clips. Engineered with a tough 1200D Polyester material and dense internal foam padding these cases will stand up to the rigors of the field or the range. 93820 Large Pistol Case ‡Packed 6/Carton ‡UPC 0 24099 93820 4 ‡ 14.5 x 2 x 9.5

‡Packed 6/Carton ‡UPC 0 24099 93819 8 ‡ 11.5 x 2 x 7.25

93819 Medium Pistol Case

:DETAILS: ‡3 Pockets Hold Up To 8 Magazines/Clips ‡Dense Foam Padding ‡Speedzip Zipper Pulls


:DETAILS: The new 1312-00 Field Box is the little brother in a long line of quality Field Cases from Plano. Brass Bailed Latch Top Access St...

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