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“ Many BIGHORN members who support Eisenhower have been thrilled with how the hospital supports them when they need care. With their 24/7 Recognition Program for major contributors, if you have an emergency or need hospitalization, you dial one number and they take care of the rest – every

step of the way.”

That’s Why We Thank Them With 24/7 Recognition. Eisenhower Medical Center delivers world-class care to all patients and enjoys a reputation as the Valley’s premier health system thanks to invaluable support from our family of generous donors. That’s why Eisenhower created the unique 24/7 Major Donor Recognition, which provides assistance to those supporting the hospital. 24/7 provides major donors with around-the-clock, streamlined access to care that ensures comfort, enhanced security and confidentiality. If emergency or hospital treatment is needed, major donors are greeted by a highly skilled 24/7 nurse who acts as their personal advocate and guide through every step of care. For more information about Eisenhower’s 24/7 Recognition, please contact Betty Wolf, your personal BIGHORN representative and Vice President of the Foundation: or 760-773-2966.

EisEnHowER MEDical cEntER – coacHElla VallEy’s only not-foR-pRofit Hospital 39000 bob HopE DRiVE, RancHo MiRagE, ca 92270 ~ 760-773-1888 ~ fax 760-773-1850 ~ EMc.oRg

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A dynamic collection of world-renowned designer boutiques and inviting restaurants. ST. JOHN BURBERRY JAmES PERSE GUCCi BOTTEGA VENETA OPTiCAl SHOP Of ASPEN DAilY GRill lEGGiADRO COS BAR RAlPH lAUREN STUART WEiTZmAN CAlifORNiA PiZZA KiTCHEN ESCADA SOmA iNTimATES CHiCO’S THEODORE RANGONi fiRENZE SHOES WOlfGANG PUCK PiZZA BAR (OPENiNG 2013) At the corner of El Paseo and Hwy 74 in Palm Desert, CA 760.341.4058. Open 7 Days a Week. Complimentary Valet Parking Provided During Season.

Dreier’s Global Vision

By Theresa Maggio Photography by David Blank, Mark Davidson, Ethan Kaminsky and Erhard Pfeiffer

Stimulatin g design, artfull y practical

ectacular environment.

ision = sp tremendous v + e p a c s d n ter + la light + wa + e l y t s e f Client li

This equation reflects the creative formula that results in the awe-inspiring residences designed by Guy Dreier.



Homeowners who engage Guy Dreier Designs to create their architectural masterpieces collaborate personally with Dreier who describes this kind of teamwork as a foundation of his imaginative process. The time spent observing his clients in their home environment and discussing their diverse lifestyles is essential to building their unique personal environment. “My job is to translate into design a client’s wants and needs and then to transform that design into art,” says Dreier. Son of noted Swiss architect, Eduard Dreier, Guy started drawing floorplans at the age of fourteen. Under his father’s tutelage, Guy honed his abilities and focused on custom residences. “My dad was very strict and a perfectionist,” Dreier says. “He taught me skills, tools and innovation in creating the perfect fit for each homeowner.” At 19, Dreier designed his first house for a client in Utah who owned a building supply company that specialized in making trusses; as a result, the signature element in Dreier’s first home involved a unique use of trusses that suited and expressed the owner’s personal style. The result was magnificent, and this innovative 10,000 sf home provided a catalyst and impetus for Dreier. Thus, he turned his attention to another project: starting his own business. So successful and enjoyable was his first residence, that this original Utah client has collaborated with Dreier on

projects ever since and, indeed, the men have become the best of friends. One of the distinguishing and exhilarating aspects of the Guy Dreier Designs experience, is Dreier’s client collaboration. “Sixty to seventy percent of homes I build today are with repeat customers,” states Dreier. “I’ve created as many as seven houses with one person.” Dreier maintains an integral presence throughout the course of every project - serving as supervisor, overseeing design, approving every material and understanding the needs and desires of the homeowner. In fact, he encourages clients to participate as vital partners in the entire process. As one approaches a Guy Dreier home, one can’t help notice distinct curved rooflines, angled walls and forms, a spectacular array of materials and the harmony of complementary design elements. Upon entering, guests and homeowners alike find a serenity in the welcoming living space where everything has its own place. Slab counter surfaces are uncluttered, desks are neat and orderly, closets and other features are ergonomic, streamlined, and pristine. His explanation: by understanding and analyzing a client’s lifestyle “we can utilize every organizational tool in every wall, floor and custom piece of furniture we conceptualize.” Thus, every aspect of the Dreier residence functions effortlessly, as a customized, organic whole.

Above: Spectacular back exterior of the current Evans residence. Stunning living room opens to an outdoor living room and entertainment patio. Below: 106 Chalaka Place is one of Drier’s first BIGHORN homes and is still timeless in architecture and design today. Asian-inspired design in the Wanish home at BIGHORN opens to a front courtyard and entertainment patio.




Hagadone’s outstanding residence features a fractional roofline, refreshing pools, water features and a three-sided aquarium entry, plus multiple dining and outdoor living rooms.

Dreier’s understanding and translations of owner lifestyles have inspired custom homes around the globe. His current project locations include the Middle East, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, numerous sites across the United States and, of course, BIGHORN. Dreier clearly loves being in Palm Desert. “With our incredible climate and spectacular desert landscaping, everyone eventually wants to end up here.” Dreier’s first endeavor at BIGHORN was in 1990 – planned as the sales office, but instead, was sold as a private residence because its unique design made it impossible to resist and the buyer would not take “No” for an answer. Today, Dreier has constructed more than 20 homes in the community and is currently working on plans for several more. Indeed, as guests and residents drive through the Canyons course and look up at Summit Cove, they can see four of his homes in this area alone. Dreier is currently the only designer who has completed homes on this very visual mountainside. Typically he designs floor plans by hand, sometimes building scale models to express his vision. Because of his thorough understanding of clients’ lifestyles, approximately 95% of his original designs 8

translate into final construction and a completed residence. As alluded to earlier, studying his clients’ routines, preferences, standards and philosophy has been a crucial element of Dreier’s design process from the beginning of his career. He travels extensively to meet and engage clients to see and understand their lifestyles and how they spend their days. As but a single example, BIGHORN property owners from Vancouver who purchased a homesite early in his career invited Dreier to spend a few days with their family. Upon his return to the desert, he designed a home which accommodated his clients’ tastes and needs to a tee. Among other features he created a variety of light source opportunities to let the sun shine in and designed a triple-sided house so that from seven main rooms the clients could enjoy all of the views from the property which had prompted the clients to purchase the homesite in the first place. He elevated the main dining room high enough above the lot elevation to preserve down valley views, no matter what other homes and improvements would be built in the future. Thematically, he used light, water and landscaping and converged them in a manner which allowed this “U”-shaped home to capture perfectly the panorama of the Mountains course 9th fairway, Clubhouse and surrounding foothills.

BIGHORN homeowners Bob and Alice Abt have built three homes with Dreier. They started with their personal residence, which combines unique materials, stunning views and indigenous landscape. Once completed, they engaged Dreier to collaborate with them on a spec residence built next door. The project was very successful and, for the community, presented a cohesive aesthetic in the design and completion of the side-by-side properties. While the spec home was being constructed, Abt and friend, BIGHORN Members and neighbors Harold and Peggy Jacobs, commissioned Dreier to build another spec home on Wanish Place; however, when Dreier completed the design, Jacobs fell in love with the home, bought out Abt, and asked Dreier to enhance the design to fully realize a Zen inspired environment, literally a masterpiece. The results continue to garner awe and compliments from the current residents and guests. The renowned 32,000 sf Hagadone residence exemplifies the designer’s mastery of design. Dreier met with Duane Hagadone in an introductory meeting one afternoon about the prospects of designing an exceptional home in BIGHORN; the meeting went so well that Dreier was hired on the spot. The Hagadones lived in another Palm Desert community but wanted to construct their

dream home at BIGHORN. In keeping with his practice, Dreier spent time in the Hagadone’s other homes, as well as their yacht, which was an integral part of their lifestyle, to learn and understand how Duane and Lola worked, relaxed and entertained. After the Hagadones hand-selected their homesite with expansive views of the valley and surrounding mountains, Dreier developed a design unlike any other. Every facet of the house was designed to match the unique lifestyle of the Hagadones. As an example, noting that Duane spent up to seven hours in his other home offices, Drier resolved to make the Palm Desert office not just a workplace but sanctuary. As Duane likes to perch at the Captain’s View of his yacht, Guy decided that Hagadones’ home office must provide the owner with a similar vantage point. He determined the homesite’s highest point, and then creatively designed out of a natural rock outcropping a rounded office providing nearly 300-degree views of the valley and mountains. Dreier also designed a custom desk that complements the design of the office and allows Duane to take full advantage of the views of the world around him. In addition to the integration of the office into the terrain, the home with its “fractured roof” and timeless materials, including titanium fascia, copper patina roof sections, and panther slate walls, is a statement which was made to stand harmoniously in its mountain environment.

Evans’ stellar design features a 14-karat-gold ceiling in the dining room. The back exterior showcases the incredible views of the entire Canyons course.


The uniqueness of the Hagadone residence was lauded as The Robb Report’s 2009 Ultimate Home of the Year, with a 17-page editorial that left readers wanting to see more. The indoor/outdoor residence features seven bedrooms, 12 baths, two-story glass lift, indoor formal dining and outdoor dining and living rooms, six culinary facilities, a centralized three-sided aquarium entry (sharks swim at the top) and two garages – one for guests and one for private car collection. The transitions between rooms are seamless. Monitored by the home’s automated system, doors close electronically if the breeze picks up slightly. Natural textures form an organic statement throughout the Hagadone home. Custom carpeting, wall treatments and furnishings complement the natural wood ceilings, panther slate walls, limestone floors and blue-wave granite features. The guest suite illustrates Dreier’s passion for detail, with its matchless pebble-in-a-pond theme; the custom silk rug, designed by Dreier, is woven into a pattern of delicate rings that radiate from a rock as if it’s been tossed into a pool; on the wall above the rug, colorful glass arrowheads hang like treasure from an enchanted grotto. Elements like these make Dreier’s contemporary designs timeless.

Member Len Evans has engaged Dreier to work on his second home at BIGHORN. After spending time with Mr. Evans, Dreier designed an original, magnificent home with spacious living areas, sculptural treatments and a dining room with a 14-karat-gold ceiling. The entire experience was so exciting that when Evans had the opportunity to build again, there was no question that he would call Dreier to lead the team. “Understanding my client’s lifestyle, we are taking his new home to an entirely new level,” Dreier explains. “This home recognizes what he loves the most; it creates sculptural elements and puts them on steroids.” From sculptural water features and an aquarium extension to the combination and integration of four living spaces, Dreier imagines and will bring to reality an utopian retreat for Evans, his family and friends. Dreier says his clients have told him that once they’re ensconced in their homes, they need to search for a reason to leave. Everything they want and need, and more, is found in their personal sanctuary. These are clients who have the means to do anything and to travel anywhere, but they’d rather be in their spectacular homes.

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The future of Dreier’s incredible designs where water, fire and state-of-the-art materials combine for a magnificent architectural masterpiece. 10

By Travis Nelson

Champi o nshi p Hol e s Legendary moments

Photography by Scott Avra and Mark Davidson

Canyons course, 11th fairway.

BIGHORN’s spectacular mountain terrain and history-making tournament play have made the Arthur Hills-designed Mountains course and the Tom Fazio-designed Canyons course two of golf’s most acclaimed 18’s. Great names of the game – Palmer, Nicklaus, Stewart, Woods, Trevino, Colbert, Sorenstam, Ochoa, Wie among them – have brought an exciting approach to play here that has thrilled spectators and viewers worldwide. The Skins Games, U.S. Senior MatchPlay Challenge, Battles at BIGHORN and the LPGA’s Samsung World Championships have made these desert duels as unforgettable as the courses upon which they have been played. For Members, the courses are as breathtaking and entertaining as they appear to the rest of the world – but they also happen to be home. Every day, each course is manicured to tournament quality perfection. Here, set against the desert’s most spectacular backdrop – surrounded by waterfalls, lakes and nature at its most vibrant – competitors face the challenges of two great courses in a true test of skill that makes for an utterly exhilarating experience. 11

Mountain s course

The natural desert and mountainside gave Arthur Hills endless opportunity to introduce both into the course design. It became a labor of love to make the Santa Rosas an integral part of the course. Hills took advantage of the natural setting by building holes into the mountain and designing around a natural arroyo. In an effort to maintain the natural beauty, the creator planted fairways and greens on less than a tenth of our 1,200-acre development – the original terrain remains.

The front nine begins with BIGHORN’s rolling hills and valleys, sure to test every golfer’s skill and tenacity. The Mountains’ back nine offers a variety of elevations, climbing more than 1,000 feet before tumbling back down into the desert. Tee boxes are carved into natural rock outcroppings, fairways contoured into mountainous terrain and greens tucked back into natural coves. Truly a magnificent design to complement the surrounding majestic mountains.

Framed against the backdrop of the Santa Rosa Mountains, the first hole at BIGHORN is one of the more challenging opening holes in golf. This par 4 plays uphill the entire length of the hole, and wayward shots off the tee can be penalized by out of bounds left and right of the fairway. After a successful navigation to the fairway, a blind second shot with a long iron or hybrid approach is in the waiting to a green that pitches significantly from back to front. One lone bunker guards the green, but the green itself is the true test for this hole. It is imperative that players leave their ball below the hole and insure an uphill putt, or the player may find themselves having to reach for their wedge. A par here is truly an accomplishment and sets the tone for a great round on the Mountains course. 12

Securing a famous place in history during The Skins Game from 1992-1995, this is a difficult par 3 that requires a precise iron shot. Take a moment before striking your shot to admire the incredible mountain views and colorful desert vegetation before starting this quest. With no margin for error, any poorly struck shot that doesn’t cover the distance will find a watery grave. Any shot long of the putting surface faces a stiff chipping test back to the green. Two bunkers also guard the green and will require a crafty play to save a par. This is one of the finest designs for a short hole, and any par will feel like a birdie.

The Clubhouse creates a stunning backdrop for this hole, as well as a place where players will respite after this invigorating par 4. Although the tee shot looks fairly benign, once the players see the hills, sand traps and lake guarding the green, the pressure on their game will rise. Players must avoid the out of bounds left and right of the fairway and the desert bunker to the right of the fairway. Once safely in the fairway, players must navigate around the water hazard short and left of the green and avoid the deep bunkering on the right side of the green. The green is long and plays fast, so good lag putting is the key to holing your final putt. Once completed, the Men’s Locker Room or The Pour House awaits to refresh and rejuvenate your body and spirit for the inward nine.

Many golfers consider this the most difficult par 5 in the desert. As you begin your trek up this elevated par 5, you can’t help but be in awe of the splendor that is before you. With no obstructed view of the mountains ahead, you forget that you are playing one of the most challenging holes on the Mountains course. Off the tee, hillsides sit to the left of the fairway and a natural ravine lies to the right. A difficult landing area for a layup is ahead and, for those who are feeling brave, only well struck golf shots will carry the ravine that crosses the fairway about 160 yards from the green. The ravine plays havoc again as it runs against the left side of the green and several bunkers protect the approach. Be sure to keep your ball below the hole as this is the most severe green on the course. A truly magnificent hole, but it requires smart strategic shots. 13

The Sam Puttlab and Quintic Putting Launch Monitor

From a tee overlooking the entire Coachella Valley, players face one of the most dramatic and exciting holes they will ever play. This exceptionally long par 4 drops 180 feet from tee to green and the splendor that is BIGHORN is framed in the backdrop. Fred Couples hit one of the longest drives in Skins Game history on this hole, completely clearing the ravine below and having less than 100 yards left for his approach. For the rest of us mortals, we must position our tee shot between the ravines left and right of the fairway and prepare ourselves for a long approach shot to the green that must carry the ravine in order to be successful. A large green awaits, but with its severe slope from right to left, precision is required. Players should be pleased with par, but regardless, all should be thrilled with the surrounding beauty.

Again nestled into the mountains, this hole provides the ultimate in risk-reward challenges. From the elevated tee, it may tempt the bolder players to think about driving the hole. But be forewarned! Left of the green the mountains creep in and claim poorly struck shots while a ravine over the back edge of the green captures the overly bold. If you take a moment from the tee and listen, you will hear a peaceful silence and a short escape from the rest of the world. Those who know this hole prefer the safer route: a fairway metal off the tee, leaving a short pitch less than a hundred yards for their second shot. The green is quite narrow and slopes dramatically from rear to front so positioning is critical on the approach. Eagles and some holes in one have been made on this par 4, but so have many bogeys. 14

A fine finish to an incredible day! This downhill par 4 is filled with all the beauty the desert can provide. Once to the fairway off the tee, players glance back to view a tumbling waterfall and notice the babbling brook to the left of the fairway. One lone fairway bunker must be avoided off the tee, and once to the green all shots to the left will find the water and the two bunkers to the right will collect wayward shots as well. When players reach the green, they look back at the view behind and the truly extraordinary ground that they have covered this day and are reluctant to make that final putt. It concludes an experience that only a few will ever know in their lifetime.

Canyons course

In creating the Canyons course, Tom Fazio focused on the ecology of the Coachella Valley. As it weaves through four points of the compass, the course becomes a seamless extension of the colorful foothills, allowing golfers to appreciate the magnitude of its creation. More than 7 million cubic yards of earth were contoured, 150,000 native plants restored, and an advanced system of streams, waterfalls and lakes established, to recirculate and generate their own powerful impact on the landscape.

The result is a course defined by rugged terrain. The Canyons course meanders through a gallery of magnificent residences, unobtrusive from the field of play. Yet, from homes overlooking and along fairways, the course and water features create a stunning panorama. From every vantage point, the Canyons is a landmark of natural beauty and impeccable design.

It is easy to get lost in the beauty of the 2nd hole of the Canyons course and the incredible design. But don’t be fooled! This is the most challenging hole on the front nine. Players must navigate away from the bunkering and meandering stream on the right side of the fairway and position their tee shot for a daunting second to an elevated green. Once the river has been cleared and players have reached the green, they stand in awe of the cascading waterfall that dominates the left side of the green and the beauty allows them to forget any bad shots they may have hit during the hole. It truly is one of the spectacular holes on the grounds. 15

This par 3 hole demands accuracy and distance control from its potential tamers. A downhill tee shot awaits with water guarding the left and back side of the green. While there is room to the right to make a safe approach, the position of the pin can make things interesting on the expansive green. Players should definitely take a moment and take in the incredible down-valley views from the tee and admire the beautiful homes that surround the lake. A par here is a worthy accomplishment!

A true risk-reward hole for long hitters, this hole will test every facet of your game. Fairway bunkers on the right and out of bounds left, are the only obstacles off the tee. Players must then decide if the confidence in their game warrants a gamble or if playing safe is the prudent course of action. Water guards the left side of the fairway and front of the green and collects all short attempts to challenge the green in two shots. For those taking the safer path, several bunkers and an 80-year-old Palo Verde tree protect the green from wayward shots. During the Battle at BIGHORN in 2002, both Garcia and Trevino hit the green with two bold shots and made birdie, but a poor third shot left Nicklaus in the water and out of the hole. 16

Tom Fazio combines all the elements into one incredible hole. The inward nine has water, sand, and trees that stand in your way, but accurate tee shots and approaches will help you slay the beast. Players must avoid the lake off the tee as well as the meandering river on the right side of the fairway. An equally difficult shot awaits any wayward drive into the fairway bunkers on the left. With a two-tiered green it is essential to hit your shot on the correct level, or a difficult putt remains. After you have completed the hole, take a moment to view the incredible desert surroundings, Santa Rosa Mountains, and down valley views to help you forget a few bad shots.

Many players who have played BIGHORN consider the finishing three holes the best they have ever played. Though the 16th hole looks short on paper, don’t let the length of the hole fool you! This is a demanding uphill par 5 that wayward shots prove costly. For those who reach the fairway off the tee, the fairway climbs to a heavily bunkered green that makes a 2nd shot very difficult to reach the putting surface. For those who are too aggressive with their approach shots, they can find their ball rolling back to their feet from the steep incline on the front of the green. In the 2002 Battle at BIGHORN, all four players hit the fairway with their tee shots but none reached the green in two shots, and only Tiger Woods made birdie in the group.

From any of the teeing grounds, the scenery is awe-inspiring! After taking a moment to view the valley from a breathtaking perspective, players find themselves looking at a demanding tee shot with little room for error. A hit short of the green allows for a bailout for the faint of heart. Bunkers left and right of the green challenge the poor approach, and being in the correct portion of the green allows for an easier putt.

Often lauded as one of the most incredible finishing holes in the country, the 18th hole hosts an elevated tee with out of bounds left and the imposing desert to the right. After navigating the tee shot, the hole continues down the valley and a challenging approach awaits. Players must traverse Dead Indian Creek and avoid the bunkers that surround the green. The 18th hole is an exclamation point to a truly memorable golf experience played by the game’s best players. 17

The Best Of The Best Have Played At

1992-1995 The Skins Game Mountains course 1998

U.S. Senior Match Play Challenge Mountains course

2000-2002 Battle at BIGHORN Canyons course 2004-2007 Samsung World Championship Canyons course To view more about the Best of the Best playing at BIGHORN please go to 18

Specializing in Fresh Flower Arrangements, Orchids, Bromelaids, Succulents, Annual Color, Unique Pottery, Garden Fountains, Landscape Design, Candles, Sun Hats and Gift Items.

45340 San Luis Rey | Palm Desert, California | 760.404.1949 Located with the Desert Art Collection on the corner of San Luis Rey and Larrea in Palm Desert. Just off El Paseo.

Member Spotlight Photography by Ethan Kaminsky

Kathy & Ross Grieve

Kathy and Ross Grieve started visiting the Coachella Valley with family in the 1980s. In the years to follow, the Grieves would escape the Edmonton winters to visit family and friends, and it was friends who introduced them to BIGHORN ten years ago. Working with Lorna Ball and BIGHORN Properties, they selected a vacant homesite, hired an architect and began designing their desert dream home. The purchase of a villa followed shortly thereafter so they could spend more time in the desert while continuing the design process. Things changed. Who would have thought that by attending an annual Ladies’ Home Tour that Kathy Grieve was going to find her dream home? Newly on the market, the couple chose their Tepin home for its outstanding architecture, design and incredible views of the Mountains’ 12th and 17th holes. Since moving in they have changed just a few things, but now because they find that their family wants to spend more time in the desert, they are adding an additional guest suite, making it a 5-bedroom home.

people,” says Grieve, “It’s a place where cell phones and jeans are accepted and you can truly relax and enjoy yourselves.” And it’s the friendly people that attract the couple to return every year. It’s at BIGHORN where the couple enjoys spending five months of the year attending Concerts on the Green, Western Barbecues at the Oasis and the Member’s Speakers evenings. “I find the Speakers Evenings to be very fascinating,” Grieve states. “It’s a chance for us to learn in-depth stories of Members’ successful careers and adventures.” You’ll most often find the Grieves at the Canyons Steak House for dinner throughout the season. “We love to sit on the Canyons’ patio, watch the sun slowly move down the valley painting the sky with brilliant jewel tones and then see the dazzling valley lights below,” she shares. “The chefs prepare excellent cuisine and the staff is outstanding, often serving our favorite cocktail the second we sit down.”

“We love everything about our home,” shares Kathy Grieve. “When we host guests on our outdoor patio, I find it magical to watch the sun set behind the mountains as the pink and purple hues disappear just as the stars begin to shine.”

The Grieves have found the perfect lifestyle to complement their time between Canada and the desert. And their family and friends have a destination where they are always welcomed.

What the Grieves admire most about BIGHORN is the “young attitude” in age, spirit and vitality. “BIGHORN is filled with great

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E U R O P E A N S PA & W E L L N E S S C E N T E R




W W W. B I G H O R N G O L F . C O M



P A L M D E S E R T, C A L I F O R N I A

BIGHORN is a registered trademark of BIGHORN Properties, Inc.

Building On Family Dynamics By Theresa Maggio Photography by Mark Davidson and Jon Edwards

Amy and Matt Zisette with their kids Mason age 14, Caroline age 12, Johnny age 10 and Katherine age 8 get ready to break ground on their new BIGHORN homesite.

The isette Famil y

After just two seasons as BIGHORN Members and Homeowners, Amy and Matt Zisette along with their four kids find themselves spending more and more time in the desert. Beginning with remodeling a beautiful home on the Mountains course, the couple has recently acquired a custom homesite on which to build their ultimate desert retreat with plenty of room for guests.

Canyons golf course views from the new homesite owned by the Zisette family.


As teens, Amy and Matt Zisette often traveled to the Coachella Valley with their respective parents to enjoy the sun and to hike, bike and swim with their families. Having savored the beauty of the desert for two decades, it was only natural that they would consider the area as the prime place to have a second home of their own. In 2009, this Manhattan Beach-based family started touring several private communities. They wandered into the BIGHORN Properties sales office one afternoon wondering if BIGHORN might be the right fit for their thriving family. Their introduction to BIGHORN began by seeing all of the amenities offered, during which they were introduced to various Members, and by the end of the tour they were hooked. Matt and Amy loved the friendly, casual, family-oriented Club lifestyle and the kids fell in love with The Marketplace, The Pour House and the Dog Park. Soon after, the Zisettes found a wonderful residence on the Mountains 10th fairway and joined the Club. To celebrate their new home, they decided to throw a large family dinner at the Canyons Steak House Private Dining Room. Both sets of parents were invited for a day of recreation and relaxation followed by a warm, spirited dinner. Multiple generations shared an incredible time at the pool, scootering to The Marketplace for smoothies, hanging out at the house and then experiencing the Canyons Steak House for dinner. That night, the family shared one of the most enjoyable evenings any of them could remember. Although Amy’s parents, Wanda and Gary Walsh, had originally hoped the Zisettes would find a home in their nearby desert club,

after the day at BIGHORN, the Walsh parents were now just as convinced that their kids had made a wise investment and a brilliant decision. In fact, the Walsh’s ultimately decided they wanted to join in the fun and become a part of BIGHORN themselves, locating their own magnificent home and joining as Members. Since then, the Zisettes spend every possible weekend enjoying the magic of BIGHORN. Throughout their bustling weekday lives, the family looks forward to the quick drive to their desert retreat. They love the fact that while BIGHORN is geographically close to their Manhattan Beach home, it feels like it’s a world away. BIGHORN has become the perfect spot for them to decompress and reenergize by hiking or running along the mountainous trails. Inevitably it has also become the place that friends and family long to come and visit. The Zisettes have been known to host a houseful of guests with many of their children’s friends in tow. Their friends and family crave the same desert lifestyle that the Zisettes enjoy, flocking to the valley for signature events like the Stagecoach Festival and BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament, which have become almost a family tradition. The more the merrier, insist the Zisettes, and with them, everyone is welcome.

Blackbird Interiors worked with Amy and Matt Zisette to transform their BIGHORN home to reflect their casually sophisticated lifestyle. After





Fourteen-year-old Mason Zisette is a tennis, golf and surfing fanatic who has succeeded in earning his golf cart driver’s license at BIGHORN. Caroline, age 12, loves playing soccer and will often lead her sister Katherine, age 8, and brother Johnny, age 10, to The Marketplace on scooters for banana smoothies. Johnny and dad Matt can often be found on the tennis courts practicing their skills. The kids and their friends discovered the annual Snow Day and Fishing Derby last December and unanimously claim that it’s their favorite event of the year. They love the four sled runs, pancake breakfast, dance contests and the penultimate Snow Day attraction: competing to catch the heaviest fish in a classic sportsman’s tournament. In fact, one of the Zisette children won 3rd place in the Fishing Derby winning a cash-filled gift card. “We love everything about BIGHORN,” shares Amy Zisette. “Matt loves to hike at sunrise, the family loves to relax by the pool or have fun with all their friends and we can’t wait to spend more time in the desert and discover even more things to love.” Since the Zisettes were spending so much time enjoying BIGHORN, they decided to update, reinvest and remodel their home. They retained Bob Call and Kathy Blackbird of Blackbird Interiors to redefine and create a space that feels even more like their own. The creative team incorporated a soothing desert palette then added luxurious furnishings and wood accents. The renewed living room is highlighted by a sophisticated art piece, handsome staircase and rock waterfall feature; the family room offers a more inviting environment and the master has been expanded and incorporates a spa-inspired feeling. Today, the 5,700 sf home is so warm and welcoming that no one will ever want to leave. During their time at BIGHORN, the Zisette’s excitement and love for the Club continued to grow as it did among friends and family who like to visit. They realized that they needed more space, so with the help of BIGHORN Properties they searched for opportunities to build their ultimate desert residence. The family of six piled into the sales vehicle and together they viewed a variety of homesites. Each of the kids were encouraged to express 26

opinions about the lots, but it was Mason who described 872 Andreas Canyon as “heaven on earth.” Everyone agreed that nothing else compared and the decision was made. “I called my long-time friend and our Manhattan Beach property architect, Grant Kirkpatrick of KAA Design, to take a look at our BIGHORN homesite,” recalls Matt Zisette. “Grant designed our perfect beach home and he’s the only one I wanted to design our ultimate desert home.” “Matt and Amy are real devotees of great architecture,” says Kirkpatrick. “Their beach home is a nurturing family headquarters and they would like to create a similar feel at BIGHORN with a focus on indoor/outdoor entertaining which is perfect for their Andreas Canyon homesite.” Grant and the KAA Design team were inspired by the unique configuration of the property, the multiple views including the Canyons course and the privacy. But most of all, the property abuts a rocky hill that embodies the essence of BIGHORN – the flat desert meeting the beautiful and mysterious Santa Rosa Mountains. “We seek to literally engage this rocky hill with the architecture – the kind of engagement of natural and man-made environment that has a strong architectural legacy here in the desert,” states Kirkpatrick. “We are fortunate to be working throughout the Western United States,” Kirkpatrick adds. “But I find BIGHORN to be without a doubt one of the most inspiring platforms for our work.“ “We are looking forward to our third season at BIGHORN, designing and building our new home and enjoying everything the Coachella Valley has to offer,” shares Matt Zisette. “Life doesn’t get much better than this!” To find your dream home or homesite visit Bighorn-Properties.

RejIuvenate Mi n d, Body & Soul could spend eternity here Photography by Mark Davidson and Ethan Kaminsky


BIGHORN’s Spa & Wellness Center combines sophisticated architectural design with high-tech facilities and a world-class staff to ignite Members’ pursuits of fitness, well-being and beauty. Nourishing body treatments vary from a relaxing Purifying Ritual Wrap to a cleansing Dermaculture Facial, from aromatic body scrubs to the invigorating Thai massage, and from a well-deserved Swedish or Deep Tissue 90-minute massage to the complete Salon menu featuring, manicures, pedicures, waxing, hairstyle color, cut and blow dry. BIGHORN’s Spa & Wellness Center focuses on personalized service and excels in handling special requests. The Spa leadership team provides a customized experience by seeking out the latest technologies, innovative treatments, exciting product lines and trunk shows as well as requiring educational certification for therapists. They carry only the finest products including Priori, Epicuren, Archipelago, Deserving Thymes and BeingTRUE cosmetics. They continue to seek out results oriented, tested and approved, and organic body and skin care products. The facility prides themselves on clothing, exclusively carrying Lululemon, Spanx and Tasc activewear, rarely offered to independent retailers.

Family and friends are always welcome at BIGHORN’s Spa & Wellness Center. Join us for breakfast on the patio, then a golf balance class or a morning run on the treadmill. Take advantage of a couples’ massage or have your hair styled for an evening out. Work with a pilates or personal trainer, take out one of our beach cruiser bicycles or try a specialty class. During season, energizing fitness classes range from zumba to golf stretch, TRX to yoga, spin to BIGHORN barre. Only have half an hour? Try a 30-minute Abs or Stretch class. Better yet, if your family is in town, contact the Fitness Coordinator to set up a moonlight hike complete with a champagne toast.


If you know someone getting married, take advantage of a girls’ weekend at the Spa & Wellness Center or try some in-home treatments. Bridal hair and make-up services are also available. Whatever your desire, BIGHORN’s team is ready to assist you, from our fully-appointed locker room, dining services and fitness equipment to a variety of treatments designed to relax and rejuvenate you. The newly renovated Fitness Center offers a more comfortable, spacious environment filled with state-of-the-art cardio and stretch machines. More than 35 pieces of weight-training equipment along with six well-educated personal trainers will help you fulfill your fitness desires. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul at BIGHORN’s Spa & Wellness Center today. Call (760) 779-8670 for appointments or log onto to download the latest brochure.


And the Winner is... By Danielle Wright

Photography by Mark Davidson

Premiere pro perty captures prestigiou s design a ward Every year, Residential Design & Build magazine ranks a variety of architects and custom builders on their latest works. 112 Kovenish Court edged out the competition in the category of “Custom Homes More Than 7,000 sf ” for their 2012 Design Excellence Awards. For more information on this incredible home, visit For decades now, part of the Coachella Valley’s allure has been the luxurious lifestyle romanticized by the many celebrities that have been drawn to the area. Actors, musicians, singers and Hollywood moguls came here to play. Modernism-style 1960’s homes and famous films showcased the valley’s luxurious lifestyle. Many people the world over have longed to experience the carefree lifestyle of lounging poolside with a martini in hand. Reminiscent of the days gone by, the developers of 112 Kovenish Court decided to play on the charisma of that spirit and bring it to BIGHORN Golf Club. They wanted to use the finest textures, treatments and artwork to create this spectacular home while bringing in a dash of retro flair to make homeowners and guests smile. Architect Kristi Hanson was inspired by the unique challenge of taking a pie-shaped lot, where the narrow end offered dramatic and awe-inducing vistas, and creating a home that optimized every degree of that view. Sometimes an architect draws her creative inspiration from the landscape of the lot. Sometimes she creates from the history of the locale. For Hanson, inspiration for this stunning design came by combining elements of a hip Malibu beach pad with current “Palm Springs Modern” details and the open floor plan of the dramatic cliff-side home in Hitchcock’s 1950’s film, “North by Northwest.” 31

This dramatic residence features stunning design surrounded by the glorious natural beauty of the desert landscape. Looking out above the coveted 6th fairway of the BIGHORN Mountains course, this home claims gorgeous views of the open valley below and the mountains beyond, with no roof lines to intercept the vistas down the fairway. The bold, clean lines of 112 Kovenish Court blend the chic desert vibe with the grandeur of contemporary style. Approaching the front entrance is a visual delight of desert plantings in varying shades of green with bright floral blossoms and swaying grasses. Jagged rocks create texture and movement as they guide the path to the over-sized opaque pivoting glass gate. With south mountain views and a full poolside BBQ center, a 50-foot lap pool stretches out in total privacy, flanked by a mosaic spa that delivers a serenade of tranquility from the streaming water feature. With the wide open concept of this spacious home, the views from the front entertainment patio also sweep through to the rear golf

course patio and out over the valley. Whether for a large party or an intimate evening, either entertainment patio offers an ideal venue. With both areas hosting an outdoor living room with a flat-screen television, sunbathing decks and “fire-and-ice� fireplaces, these spaces have all of the high-end pleasures that one would expect in a home this grand. The entertaining space continues inside the home with the open great room. An entire rear wall of electronic disappearing glass and sheers removes the line between indoors and out. Whether your gathering is intimate or for 100 of your closest friends, a sophisticated layout of multiple sofas, chairs and ottomans offer numerous options for ample seating. The plush furnishings of the living area face an impressive fireplace of etched tile with a slab marble hearth. The adjacent dining area shines under a custom, hand-blown glass chandelier, while offering views out to the valley below.

Above: Captivating indoor/outdoor dining area and gourmet kitchen. Front Entry showcases modern art and floor-to-ceiling glass door. Fully-appointed office features poolside views. Below: Refreshing outdoor living room and front courtyard entertainment patio and pool.


Above: Expansive great room features sparkling down-valley and golf course views. Below: Sophisticated great room, captivating wet bar and high-performance theatre.

Nothing less than gourmet, the kitchen is a stunning example of how high-tech design can also be warm and inviting. Rich mahogany cabinetry seamlessly blends with white lacquer cabinets complementing the textured travertine backsplash and sleek quartz slab kitchen surface with raised glass dining counter. Every appliance a modern chef could hope for has been thoughtfully placed within the deluxe kitchen. Factor in the corner pocketing wall of glass out to the pool and BBQ center, even those not inclined to cook may find it is their favorite room. With a modern twist, the glamorous wine bar invokes the glory days of old Hollywood. Mahogany display cabinets illuminate dual glass wine refrigerators to keep bottles chilled to perfection. The bar features upholstered seating for guests with unique storage and refrigerator drawers below for the homeowners’ convenience. The sumptuous master suite beckons to be enjoyed. With bamboo flooring and a white marble fireplace, relaxation and renewal are

built into the design. The master bath includes its own morning bar, two refrigerator drawers with a coffee station, a dual-entry oversized shower separating ‘his’ complete bath from ‘hers’ and a spa tub ready for relaxation. A highlight within this dream residence is the opulent theatre. The walls are upholstered in diamond-tufted grey suede. Cushioned movie chairs and an oversized lounging couch offer guests their seating option. Movies make a presence on the 3D front-style projector and a 110-inch screen and a high-performance audio-visual system. Also on the main floor is a guest suite that features a fireplace, full bath, walk-in closet and flat-screen television. Across the hall is the office with warm mahogany built-ins, a black burl wood desk and patio, pool and mountain views. As this room is complete with a closet and full bath attached, it could be easily modified into a fifth bedroom, if desired. 33

Guests will enjoy a private retreat getaway. Two complete guest suites feature designer bedding and furnishings and full baths. Plus a spacious second family room is located between the bedrooms hosting a glass-wrapped fireplace with a flat-screen television, a morning bar with refrigerator and microwave plus a laundry chute. Glass sliders open to an elevated patio deck to take in the southern mountain views and enjoy the year-round sunshine. The grandeur of the desert is apparent throughout the design of this home. The way Hanson kept the floor plan open and the walls retractable allows for constant engagement between the architecture and the landscape. On the golf course patio, the long water feature draws the eye out to the open space of the valley below. At night, the sparkling city lights illuminated beneath a canopy of glittering stars make this home more than a residence, it’s an Academy award-winning setting.

Check out the amazing Mountains course, 6th fairway views from 112 Kovenish Court. For more information view 112KovenishCourt.

Above: Inviting family room with outdoor balcony is joined by two sophisticated guest suites. The Master bedroom showcases a variety of textural finished and plush furnishings. Below: The home’s back exterior opens for endless entertaining opportunities.


Game, Set, Match

Photography by Mark Davidson and Pat Lassy

Improve your skill s

Imagine having the opportunity to play tennis in four complimentary clinics a week, take lessons with two of the best Tennis Pros and meet other Members so you can continue improving your skills. Well it is all possible at BIGHORN! Under the direction of Dan Aubuchon and Tom Moore, you can learn significant techniques that will enhance your game while socially having a great time.


Dan and Tom are experts in catering to Members’ specific needs and teaming them with others according to their skill and personality. The instructional team caters to all player levels – beginners, pros, seniors and juniors – teaching them helpful tips and making their time on the courts meaningful and spirited. Whether you are up for a more social setting to meet Members or into a great cardio workout, BIGHORN’s Tennis Instructional Team is ready for you.

BIGHORN hosts three standard courts and one Clay-Tec court. The Clay-Tec court is easier on muscles and joints and keeps a ball in play longer. Players in Friday’s Men’s Doubles love playing on this special court because they can get into the spirit of successful rallies while taking care of their bodies. Every year, the Tennis Program continues to grow with more and more Members joining in the fun. Complimentary clinics are at 9 a.m. every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday with special clinics on Fridays for ladies at 9 a.m. and men’s doubles at 3 p.m.

And throughout the season, players can participate in a variety of tournaments, open houses and a special cocktail party and dinner to celebrate the season. So take advantage of the combination sports/tennis courts, workout with the ball machine or take a personalized lesson by calling (760) 779-8670. Whatever your tennis aim, BIGHORN has the perfect game, set and match for you. For more information, visit


Splish Splash: The sun is shining and the families are visiting, so take advantage of BIGHORN’s signature service poolside. Our stellar dining menu, cabana service and stylish pool floats are ready to maximize your poolside down time. Take a dip, swim some lanes, have the kids take some classes or join in our popular water aerobics sessions. This is your time to enjoy some Vitamin D, so take it in while sipping on your favorite beverage. We are at your service.

Rise & Shine: Start the day with a brisk walk around the 1,200-acre property. Or attend one of the 20 weekly fitness classes including Yoga, Mat Pilates, Zumba, Spin, Power Sculpt, Golf and Tennis Specific Stretch, Arms/Abs, TRX and Stretch. Let’s get your heart pumping!

Ahhhhh: Ready to unwind and rejuvenate? BIGHORN’s Spa & Wellness Center hosts a variety of body treatments, massages and facials that is almost as fascinating and diverse as our Membership. From oxygen facials to invigorating body wraps, masques and massage treatments, the assortment will send you into a dreamlike state of being.

Perk Up: Every morning is a better morning when paired with Starbucks coffees, cappuccinos and espresso. Pick up your favorite blend at The Marketplace along with a freshly baked muffin, delicious salad or handmade sandwich.

A perfect day at Just Hanging Around: C’mon kids and have some fun at the Kiddin’ Around Play Park complete with junior putting green and sandbox. Conveniently located next to The Marketplace and BIGHORN’s Dog Park.

Tee it Up: Take to the tournament-ready Mountains or Canyons course with your favorite foursome or let BIGHORN’s Golf Shop set one up for you. You’re going to have a great day!


Dining Al Fresco: Dramatic golf course, down-valley and mountain views surround the Canyons Golf House making it a perfect spot to enjoy a freshly prepared salad, panini sandwich or the savory fish tacos.

Hole-in-One: Did you know that BIGHORN Members have a better likelihood of getting a hole-in-one! According to records, Members have a 1 in 1,500 chance for a hole-in-one at BIGHORN averaging over 12,000 rounds of golf, states Golf Digest. You may achieve your first hole-in-one here sooner than anywhere else. Get lucky today! Hike with Friends: Our desert is a fascinating environment with unusual rock formations, twisting canyons, streams that flow rapidly and then disappear, washes where flash floods have left their unmistakable mark and wildflowers blooming in infinite variety! Join us for guided hikes on one of the many trails or let us customize your hiking experience with a popular full moon hike and gaze at the twinkling lights of the city below.

Winners Buy the Drinks: After a spirited round of golf, cool off in The Pour House where everybody knows your name and your favorite libation!

Bocce Ball Blast: Play with your friends or join in the weekly Bocce Ball Happy Hour every Wednesday from 3-5 p.m. The fun is contagious!

Free Time with Fido: BIGHORN’s Dog Park offers two spacious areas, one area for smaller pups and another for bigger breeds. Pets have a wide variety of toys to play with and a large area to engage in training exercises. Conveniently located next to The Marketplace and the Kiddin’ Around Play Park. Members, grab your favorite coffee or cocktail and have your own informal Yappy Hour.

Put on Your Dancing Shoes! Attend one of BIGHORN’s 100 seasonal events! From dance parties to golf tournaments, wine tastings to Snow Day & Fishing Derby and every concert and tennis match in between. Let’s have some fun!

Sweet Dreams: Whether you are dunking housemade doughnuts and brownie bites at the Canyons Steak House or making your tableside s’mores at The Pour House, BIGHORN will make sure your dreams are pleasant with these incredible treats!


Past,A Present and Future conceptual vision

By Joanna Beresford Photography by Mark Davidson

When R.D. Hubbard and his wife, Joan Dale, began visiting the desert in the early 1970s they may not have imagined what a transformative effect they would have on the Coachella Valley. Drawn by the ideal climate, proximity to the mountains and to tremendous golfing opportunities, Mr. Hubbard believed that he had discovered one of the world’s best-kept secrets in BIGHORN; without hesitation he purchased two homesites and built his own residence. Since that time, BIGHORN has become one of the most beautiful and prestigious golf and residential communities in the world. And while the BIGHORN narrative to date is one of great success, according to visionary founder R.D. Hubbard, the story has just begun and the Club lies at the cusp of its most thrilling days. While BIGHORN was originally started by Westinghouse Corporation, it was Hubbard and a group of Member investors that purchased the land and development rights to fulfill their vision of creating a unique Club. “Our goal was to create the best Golf Club and residential community anywhere,” explains Hubbard. “From the beginning, I was committed to creating a community that was responsive to its Members’ and Homeowners’ desires and doing so in a way that delivered more than expected. Consistent with that commitment, I was not willing to compromise the quality of environment or the high level of personal service. To create BIGHORN, I enlisted excellent people who grasped the vision and who worked tirelessly and creatively because they realized that a chance to develop a community like this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” 40

Today the future of BIGHORN is secure. Residence and membership continues to grow, and the Club has sustained a high level of real estate sales, equaling over $2.2 billion. BIGHORN’s location, within minutes of El Paseo and the McCallum Theatre and abutting the foothills adjoining National Monument lands with views of the valley, provides a site and setting that can never be duplicated and will continue to be desirable. Additionally, the constant creation of new facilities and the renewal of existing ones has not only maintained the Club’s relevance, but has also surpassed the expectations of current and prospective residents. All renovations and renewals, incidentally, have been accomplished without assessment to Members – ever. Over the years, BIGHORN has added the Spa & Wellness Center (one of the first premium club spas in the country), the Canyons Steak House, The Marketplace (a boutique market with a Starbucks coffee bar and wireless Internet cafe), The Pour House and Golf House restaurants, a Golf Learning Center, bocce ball courts, dog park and children’s park, as well as refurbishing all of the facilities. This year, for example, BIGHORN will add a $1-million well to meet the long-term irrigation needs of the golf courses and community landscaping. And of course, the Club’s two world-renowned golf courses are continually maintained in perfect, championship condition. Today BIGHORN is a mature, stable, yet innovative community that offers a variety of living choices, including remarkable new custom homes, resale homes, villa residences and homesites. In a larger context, the Coachella Valley offers not only a breathtaking natural environment and lifestyle, but also a thriving and cooperative business community, which distinguishes BIGHORN and the Coachella Valley among other luxury resort areas. Throughout both challenging and prosperous economic times, the Coachella Valley continues to grow. “I am most impressed by the continuing focus on educational opportunities for the Valley’s residents,” says Mr. Hubbard, describing one of the most essential elements of a healthy and flourishing community. “The programs offered by both Cal State University San Bernardino and UC Riverside continue to grow as their complexes expand. We have an excellent community college in College of the Desert that is engaged with the businesses of the Valley and strives to meet their demands. Nursing programs and other allied health field-related classes support our regional hospitals and our health care providers and outreach programs. The food service and tourist industries are also well served by the vocational training offered through the auspices of COD. All of these sources – in addition to the tremendous support of local government officials and

organizations and private entities – demonstrate the soundness of investment in the Coachella Valley in general, and BIGHORN Golf Club in particular.” In addition to generating excitement over 12 internationally significant PGA and LPGA events, the Members of BIGHORN routinely demonstrate a passion for generating enthusiasm and resources that benefit all of the desert’s residents. On a regular basis, the Club employs over 315 people; that’s 315 local families who are supported by BIGHORN and its ongoing operations. Similarly, BIGHORN has continuously been a source of constructionrelated activity even through the last few years. In 2011 alone, BIGHORN homeowners invested about $70 million in constructing new private residences, which created a local economic impact of $134 million. There are over 425 residences at BIGHORN, each with a team of service providers. Members also shop and eat out and patronize museums, galleries and theaters while they are here for at least half of the year; they also pay property taxes. These are direct ways in which the BIGHORN organization and its Members contribute regularly to the community, but their commitment goes way beyond the economics of employment. Individual and corporate support of charitable and educational organizations in the Valley is virtually unmatched. BIGHORN Members have contributed over $28 million to Eisenhower Medical Center which has led to the BIGHORN Radiation Oncology Center. BIGHORN Behind a Miracle (BAM) has donated $2.56 million to cancer survivors for diagnosis equipment, treatment, transportation services and bare essentials through Eisenhower Medical Center and The Pendleton Foundation. BIGHORN Golf Club Charities has established an endowment of over $2.6 million for scholarships and has provided 95 four-year University scholarships, 105 Community College & Trade School Scholarships and has graduated 35 students from its English as a Second Language program. Other beneficiaries include Cal State San Bernardino, Xavier College Preparatory School, the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, Shelter from the Storm, Coachella Valley Rescue Mission and Martha’s Village & Kitchen. These efforts, in addition to the spectacular natural, architectural, social and recreational lifestyle provided by the Club are BIGHORN’s past, present and future legacy. BIGHORN’s global stature and recognition provide a sense of pride to the Valley’s residents and an example of responsible, successful development. From its inception, BIGHORN’s team of Members and Developers, helmed by R.D. Hubbard, have strived to preserve the desert environment and to demonstrate how it can be cultivated to create a beautiful community, emulating what is so magnificent about the desert. 41








Youth Movement

Photography by Mark Davidson and Pat Lassy

Celebratin g juniors

BIGHORN teens have their own active schedule filled with Camp Outs on the driving range, Extreme Family Fun Days filled with entertaining sports and games, the legendary Snow Day with 150 tons of snow and four sled runs, the competitve Fishing Derby with 600 pounds of trout, spirited Luau with authentic Polynesian dancers and so many more exciting planned activites. With over 90 kids under the age of 18 calling BIGHORN home, the community is a vibrant, active and family-oriented environment. On a daily basis, teens take to the links for golf clinics with Junior Golf Director, Bill Madonna. Golf is a sport that teaches the individual such honorable traits as integrity, sportsmanship and respect. With this in mind, BIGHORN’s Junior Golf Program was specifically designed to challenge and engage young children in a sport that enhances their best qualities while helping to weave another layer into the close-knit community of families that continues to grow at BIGHORN.


Even in the Club’s earliest days, BIGHORN maintained a commitment to Junior Golf by encouraging family involvement in the game. Current Membership Director and prior Head Golf Professional Mike Grenier initially developed the Junior Golf Program in 1996 by organizing Parent-Junior competitions and coordinating games and instruction. Assisted by the Club’s continued focus toward adding numerous amenities designed to attract Members with young families, the Junior Golf Program was primed to take off... and it has. In 2002, current Junior Golf Director Bill Madonna began teaching and quickly addressed the Club’s growing junior population. As his number of students grew, he saw the need to enhance the junior golf offerings and pioneered a more complete program in 2006, unmatched in any private golf club community.

Today, nearly 30 children of Members are full-time participants of the program each season, while over 100 kids and grandkids engage in organized junior events throughout the year. Madonna includes unlimited, complimentary instruction for Junior Program Members and organizes multiple team and individual competitions and challenges each season. Special events like junior clinics hosted by LPGA Tour champion Michelle Wie draw in even the most casually interested juniors. Over time, young beginning golfers have blossomed into hard-working, competitive players. His most accomplished student to date, Ross Canavan, grew up in the Junior Golf Program and in 2011 won his first professional tournament on the MENA Golf Tour. Ross is now a member of the Asian PGA Tour and a qualifier in European PGA Tour events.

make golf fun, which has inspired me to improve my game. For years, patience has been key, and the mixture of games and drills have kept me entertained and excited about golf. I’ve developed a golf game that allows me to go to amazing places and meet interesting people that I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t play golf. As I continue to improve, I know I will be challenged and motivated by the Junior Golf Program.”

“BIGHORN’s Junior Golf Program has helped me grow my passion for golf,” shares Taylor Boylan. “Bill has always found a way to

For more information regarding BIGHORN’s Junior Golf Program, visit

Based on the enthusiastic response to this program, Bill Madonna has since been named by US KIDS Golf as one of the Top 50 Kids’ Teachers in America. BIGHORN’s Junior Program is now a model of success for other private golf communities and it shines as a central jewel in the treasure chest of luxuries that make up the BIGHORN Lifestyle.


not like everyone else, Ysoou’re why shop like everyone else? The Gardens on El Paseo and El Paseo Village are Southern California’s premier high-end retail destinations in the desert region featuring over 40 retailers and restaurants. So come. Find your unique style. Anthropologie

Louis Vuitton


Pacifica Seafood Restaurant


Pottery Barn

Cole Haan J. Crew Juicy Couture Kate Spade

Saks Fifth Avenue Sephora Tiffany & Co. Tommy Bahama’s Restaurant & Bar • 760-862-1990 • Conveniently located on El Paseo in Palm Desert

Member Spotlight

Photography by David Blank, Mark Davidson and Pat Lassy

Karen & Jay West man

Karen and Jay Westman show off their newly added theatre with concession stand and bar. The back exterior of their home is pictured in the movie screen.

When Karen and Jay Westman arrived at the Palm Springs Airport five years ago, they fell in love with the Coachella Valley. Out visiting friends on vacation, the more time they spent, the more they knew they wanted to live in the desert. After previewing a number of communities, they found their dream house at BIGHORN. For the Westmans, this was a tall order – since Jay Westman is one of the largest home builders in Canada. In fact, his company Jayman MasterBuilt just won Builder of the Year once again by Canadian Home Builders’ Association for Calgary, Alberta. So quality in structural building, architecture and design was at the forefront of their focus in finding the perfect fit. 47

Above: The Westman’s stunning great room, kitchen and dining room hosts many cocktail soirees. Below: Fully-stocked theatre concession stand. The couple celebrates the opening of the Kiddin’ Around Play Park. Jay Westman’s tripped out garage. The couple’s engaging living room.

The Westmans travel all over the world, but it was the desert contemporary design that they embraced. The couple had never seen this unique style with the high vaulted ceilings, spa-like tranquility in design and stunning architecture. As they viewed properties, they discovered why BIGHORN was so special. “Driving through the Canyons front entrance and seeing the spectacular waterfall entry you feel like you have arrived at the most exciting place in the world,” shares Westman. “And all the amazing amenities, you feel like you are at a five-star resort; everything is just a phone call away.” The Westmans are in love with the dining options at BIGHORN, from the premium Canyons Steak House with the best fine dining cuisine and down-valley views to the casual, dynamic Pour House restaurant, to the prompt delivery and take-out service. “Everyone wants to meet someone who lives at BIGHORN so they can experience the Canyons Steakhouse and The Pour House,” says Westman. “With so many dining opportunities, the Spa & Wellness Center, exciting events, the fantastic friends we’ve made – we feel like we are teenagers at Disneyland!” Entertaining is a priority in the Westmans’ lives, whether hosting fellow Canadian visitors, their family or their BIGHORN friends. Their original home is still one of their favorite places to be, so much so that they have enhanced their garage to create a specialty car museum with a black lacquer ceiling, glass beverage refrigerator, scotch and smoker’s bar and first-class car art to complement Jay’s 2001 BMW Z8, 430 Ferrari, DBS Aston 48

Martin and custom golf carts. The couple has also added a gym and a new movie theatre with a fully-stocked concessions station and bar, 3-D curved screen, high-performance projector and even a movie-themed guest bath with a television in the mirror so you never miss the action. But the best part of the new theatre is the 4-D moving chairs that put you right into the action. The couple has loved watching James Bond flicks, “Avatar” and even fun movies like “Ice Age” feeling every motion that the film translates through these sophisticated chairs. But the best part about BIGHORN according to the Westmans is R.D. Hubbard, who serves as BIGHORN Chairman. “R.D. is the best benevolent dictator in the world!” states Westman. “He hires the right people, there’s no club politics, no dissention, he treats BIGHORN as a company and he takes care of business.” When Mr. Westman approached Hubbard about adding a Kiddin’ Around play park, Hubbard was open to the idea and by the next morning they were out looking at locations. A group of 10 Canadians loved the idea of the park and pitched in $10,000 each to make the dream come true. “BIGHORN is the best vacation we could ever take,” says Westman. “We are lucky enough to have a house we love, friends we want to spend time with and every amenity you could possibly ever need.” For more information on BIGHORN’s Membership Opportunities, please visit

Eric Zener “Liquid Light� 60 x 70 inches Oil on Canvas

73040 El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA (at the corner of HWY 74 and El Paseo)


Melissa Morgan Fine Art

Ravishing Remodels It takes a visionary to recognize the exceptional bones of a great property and know exactly what to do to make the residence a home. The homeowners of 113 Netas Court may be considered masters of this visionary art, as exemplified in the transformation of the residence. The couple made strategic design choices, incorporating their own crucial elements to fit their lifestyle, including a state-of-the-art kitchen, an open floorplan for entertaining, and an expansive deck, infinity pool and landscaping inviting the eye toward magnificent mountain and fairway views. “We fell in love with the views,” shares the homeowner. “Where else can you see the Mountains course 12th, 17th and 18th fairways, on an incredible south-facing lot surrounded by majestic mountains? Our first step was to transition the waterfall and oversized spa into a 65-foot Pebble Tec pool with an infinity-edge, opening the view to the course with exotic plants.” The couple also added a xerigation system and synthetic turf to increase water efficiency. As 35-year owners of a landscape development company, the dynamic duo knows how to complement a lush, inviting environment while promoting conservation. Their extended entertainment patio features a plasma television, fireplace and plush furnishings for the enjoyment of family and friends. 50


Photography by Mark Davidson and Matt McFarland

Transforming a great room may seem overwhelming, but because of the home’s elegant floorplan and signature granite fireplace, enhancements were simple. The homeowners chose to enrich color themes by painting the walls, staining the ceiling, introducing dark Brazilian travertine and adding an art niche to showcase their Murano glass. The renewed great room is spectacular.


As consummate entertainers of both grand and intimate gatherings, the homeowners relished the opportunity to update their professional kitchen; they essentially gutted the space. They replaced countertops with exotic granite, and then they added a glass backsplash and installed five ovens, including a steam oven for veggies and poaching salmon. Other features include a commercial Subzero refrigerator, cooling drawers, six-burner range, custom hood, warming drawers, espresso machine, wine refrigerator and bar, spacious island and seating for three. The kitchen opens to a dining room that seats 10, custom glass windows and a handsome buffet. The homeowners could easily welcome 50 guests or more into this entertainment paradise. To more comfortably accommodate guests, the homeowners also added a guest house with full bath and an office that may

transition into another guest suite. And they designed an incredible theatre, creating the most relaxing and exciting room in the house. This private, magic kingdom features custom fabric panels to augment acoustics, a fiber optic star ceiling, ultra suede sofas, designer teak storage cabinets for an expansive home movie collection, two plasma televisions plus a 96� movie screen with state-of-the-art amplifying equipment and projector. Finally, across from the theatre, the homeowners transformed an elevator shaft into a two-story, contemporary, glass wine cellar holding 1,000 bottles of wine. Truly inspired! This 5,865 sf home represents one of the finest remodels at BIGHORN. A combination of Zen-inspired relaxation, family focused entertaining and environmentally sound technologies.

Above: High-performance movie theater, two-story wine refrigerator with glass floor and a state-of-the-art gourmet kitchen are just a few features of this stunning residence. Below: Extensive entertainment patio and landscaping remodeling went into this well-developed home. After




Another grand example of visionary remodeling is 112 Netas Drive, a 5,385 sf residence whose architectural foundations inspired a transformation encompassing the entertainment courtyard, fireplace lounge and inside living areas including master bedroom and bath. The homeowners are parents of college-aged adults and wanted to create a space for multi-dimensional entertaining while providing a quiet, personal refuge for themselves in the desert. Before

In the entry courtyard, a spectacular mosaic waterfall feature flows into a refreshing spa with pool views. “Here it was important to incorporate the mountain vistas, lush landscaping and privacy,” shares the homeowner. A sunken outdoor living room hosts comfortable lounge seating, a “fire and ice” fireplace and flat-screen television, allowing for simultaneous poolside entertainment, sunbathing and fireside relaxation. State-of-the-art technology enhances life throughout the home. “We wanted to highlight high-performance technology throughout the home,” the homeowners explain. “Everything can be controlled through an iPad, from turning on and off lights to playing your favorite tunes, controlling the air conditioning and activating our high-performance security system.” In spite of – or perhaps because of – progressive technologies, the warmth and sophistication of design define the experience of this home. The original floorplan allows for seamless entertaining from the custom-furnished living room with split-face travertine fireplace and step-down wet bar. Electronic pocket sliders reveal the back entertainment patio, with Vantage barbecue center and Mountains 1st fairway views.


Directly adjacent is the dining room with seating for eight, custom buffet, two full-size wine refrigerators and spectacular views of both outdoor entertainment areas. Round the corner and visitors discover the casual elegance of the family room with plush sectional, flat-screen television, morning room and gourmet kitchen. And the high-performance kitchen features leather-finish granite center island with bar seating, Birdseye Maple cabinetry, state-of-the-art appliances, burl wood message center and golf course views. Ultimately, the homeowners can retreat to the stunning master suite, which offers designer bedding plus a sitting area with television

and a glowing fire. The spa-inspired master bath incorporates a sculptural “diamond-fused” glass shower, soaking tub with black pebble flooring, special make-up vanity, boutique walk-in closets and disappearing glass sliders that lead to the refreshing pool and spa. This luxurious retreat allows the residents to enjoy their desert haven both inside and outside in the stunning BIGHORN setting. “This is our third home at BIGHORN. We started with a Canyons Villa, built a beautiful custom home, then decided we wanted to renovate an existing home,” says the homeowner. “This is an exciting place to start new projects and create exciting desert residences.”

For more information on luxury real estate, please call BIGHORN Properties at (800) 551-5578 or visit

Above: Sophisticated architecture and smart design complements this step-down outdoor fireplace lounge. The spa-inspired master bath features luxurious appointments and electronic sliders leading to the pool. Below: A stunning transformation to the entry courtyard and entertainment patio. Before

After 53

Design Your Own Piece of Nature

Landscape Maintenance | Design | Lighting

760.343.5655 Serving the Entire Coachella Valley

Five-Star Cuisine

Photography by Mark Davidson, Pat Lassy and Ethan Kaminsky

Nothing is more satisfying than enjoying a great meal, filled with the finest meats, freshest fish, quality fruits and vegetables and then finishing it off with a hand-crafted dessert. For BIGHORN Members, every meal has an opportunity for greatness. And luckily enough this experience can be enjoyed in one of their seven premier dining destinations! 55

During the season entertaining takes center stage, and for BIGHORN Members it begins with seven indoor/outdoor dining facilities – from the relaxed Pour House to the refined Canyons Steak House. Every day Members and their guests celebrate a lifestyle made beautiful by renowned chefs, a world-class culinary and wine program, magnificent design and enchanting views of mountains and the valley below. BIGHORN offers a variety of dining options and special event locations throughout the property. In itself, the 40,000 sf Clubhouse offers five different venues including Ladies’ & Men’s Locker Rooms, the Clubhouse Dining Room, The Pour House and Poolside Dining, perfect for parties for up to 350 guests. The Pour House features an ideal place to meet for an energizing breakfast, casual lunch with friends, cocktails following a terrific day on the golf course or an incredible dinner. Enjoy creekside 56

dining with mountain views, entertaining conversation around the firepit or laughter and cocktails within our warm interiors. Prepared with the freshest ingredients, from top-quality cuts of meat and seafood and the sweetest sensations, The Pour House is ready to take your order either dining in or taking out. Looking to add a morning jolt to your morning drive? Stop by The Marketplace for your favorite Starbucks coffee or freshly made sandwich or salad. Conveniently located next to the Kiddin’ Around Play Park and Dog Park, The Marketplace also offers freshly cut deli meats, birthday cakes and even dry cleaning service. On the Canyons course, Members enjoy the Golf House Grill, daily serving a full breakfast and lunch menu including incredibly savory panini sandwiches. Whether it’s a quick stop along the course or the perfect eye-opener, the Golf House will fulfill your whim!

But the piece de resistance is the Canyons Steak House where the magic begins with breathtaking fairway and down-valley views. Service is smooth and the rich variety of the menu tempts the most simple or sophisticated palette. From local fresh vegetables used to create a myriad of unique and irresistible salads and soups, to adventurous appetizers including the colossal shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, oysters on the half shell or seared ahi – an unforgettable dining experience opens like an expertly designed performance. From luscious, full body reds, to crisp whites, glowing roses, sparkling delights and sweet dessert treats, a global and exotic collection of wines comprises the menu at the Canyons Steak House. Your choice is served in a “breathable” Eisch wine glass that enhances the poetry and precision of the wine tasting experience. The Canyons Steak House boasts a mouthwatering variety of the finest cuts of meat, from savory filet mignon to hand carved prime rib and every delicious New York strip, rib eye and dry-aged porterhouse in between, each served with your choice of steamed

vegetable and house-prepared sauce. For those with a heartier appetite we offer traditional steak house sides such as mac and cheese, sauteed mushrooms, creamed corn, to name a few, all in portions large enough to share with the table. Interested in classic cuisine? Treat yourself to the rotisserie chicken, veal parmesan, spaghetti bolognese or short ribs. Or, if your palette longs for something fresh from the sea, we suggest the Australian lobster tail, pan-seared salmon, scallops or shrimp with a 6 oz. filet mignon. All entrees are accompanied with your choice of steamed vegetables. Many have tried but few can resist an indulgent denouement to the perfect meal: from housemade doughnut holes to signature butter cake and every mocha and espresso in between – no pleasure is left untasted! Reflecting on the wide variety of dining options at BIGHORN can make one dizzy with excitement, so why not try them all and discover your favorite entrees, cocktails and sweet expectations!


A Symphony of Fine Living By Joanna Beresford

Photography by Ethan Kaminsky

Spectacular design, stunnin g architecture


The BIGHORN Members who own 882 Andreas Canyon, a contemporary, environmentally conscientious masterpiece nestled among the tranquil mountains and starlit vistas of BIGHORN, have discovered a home that harmonizes with both their family-focused lifestyle and the spectacular landscape from which the home arises. “Our home is at one with the desert,” say the homeowners. “All desert color tones of greens, golds and browns are reflected in the stone, wood, glass and metal textures throughout the house.” In addition to establishing the aesthetic synchrony that distinguishes the home, the couple have maintained the most environmentally progressive and efficient technologies available. LED lighting and control systems, an electronic skylight that responds to solar heat and a cooling and heating system that minimizes forced air and optimizes natural fluctuations in temperature and aridity – all of these enhance the organic efficacy of the home. The Andreas Canyon residence also resonates with the environment in its architectural and design themes. Family and friends who arrive at the home are drawn through the entry courtyard by acoustically mastered music that wafts from exterior speakers, welcoming residents and guests to a world of form and beauty that emanates, like the music itself, throughout the property. The courtyard features natural materials, colors and textures. Heat radiates from a lava

fire pit, refreshing waterfalls and desert foliage shroud the walls. Steps rise to an angled glass doorway ornamented with an artfully organic handle. It’s a fitting overture to the 17,000 sf residence, which features both common and private areas, design-differentiated wings for family and guests and includes 3,000 sf of outdoor living space. Inside, the dining room is studded with artwork and graced by a sculptural chandelier that flutters like butterflies above the dining table and red leather chairs. Led by architect Kristi Hanson, Luddington Construction and designer Jeffrey Jurasky, composers and conductors by analogy, the dining room ascends up curved stairs and hosts a glass alcove that highlights the Santa Rosa Mountains and valley beyond. From here, reclaimed 1,000-year-old granite stone tile from China leads towards the central living room. The living room ceiling extends in the manner of a pipe organ, soaring across the gentle arch of rafters toward the desert sky. Its slender, teak-like wood beams, called aframosia, are suspended over the indoor-outdoor living room. Custom furnishings complement a two-sided copper-accented fireplace and a hidden television that appears from within its cabinet at the touch of a button. Two seating areas, with a banquette in the main living space, provide informal gathering places and views of sky and mountains.

Prior: Hand-crafted roof line above the fully-appointed outdoor living room. Above: Open floorplan welcomes guests to the organically designed living room. Below: Artfully created step-up dining room.


Above: Stunning architecture and melodious lines welcome guests. Spectacular powder room. Below: Engaging game room with wine cellar. Hand-crafted glass staircase with oversized art mobile descends to entertainment area. Guests are in for a treat in the high-performance theatre.

Disappearing glass sliders reveal a multi-tiered entertainment patio and outdoor living room, perfect for dining. A glass railing cantilevers over the pool, reaching toward tremendous Canyons 6th fairway, lake and green views. On the sunbather’s deck, a circular ”fire-and-ice” firepit has inspired countless conversations. Sipping cocktails, family and friends gaze out at the sunset or bask in a light show provided by the spa and infinity-edge pool. Celebrations continue from the outdoor dining room, lit by a fire’s glow and domed by an afromosia-beam ceiling and desert sky. The interior gourmet kitchen features high-performance technology and a unique granite island with handsome banquette for informal dining. Custom wood wall treatments, exotic zebra wood cabinetry and a cool mosaic tile backsplash provide a warm, inviting environment for preparing and enjoying meals. The powder room presents a delightful melody of angles, from the distinctive granite vanity to the stacked stone walls and fractured glass privacy wall. A waterfall faucet offers a moment of Zen-like counterpoint to the home’s vibrant energy. 60

As the homeowners retreat to the master suite, they pass through a gallery that showcases an original Siddharth Parasnis painting, reflecting the architectural planning stages of their home, it is just one of over 100 art objects in their residence. The bedroom itself provides a dreamlike haven that blends stacked stone walls with a sculptural copper and wood-carved fireplace, a uniquely slated headboard and neutral plush seating and bedding. The spa-inspired master bath echoes the curves found throughout the house, blending glass tile and soft light to create a serene refuge from the world. Exclusive guest wings reflect the particular tastes and needs of the homeowners’ grown children. The overarching drama and design of these spaces is carried through even to the balcony patios, where guests can revel in an unparalleled view of the valley. An additional suite is located on the lower level of the home. Here a water feature, spilling down mountain rocks from the front exterior of the home to the balcony below, beckons to guests – who, according to the owners, vie for this breathtaking space in an already breathtaking home.

Descending a glass staircase, along a coiling glass balustrade of fluid, orchestral beauty, the family gathers in the greatest game room of all time. It’s a casual, cordial lounge featuring a custom pool table established on native rock foundations. Gleaming bottles hang like musical notes suspended in air within a spacious wine cellar. Sleek leather chairs surround a wet bar where family and friends often gather for discussion, debate and delicious libation. Beyond cool spotlights and an uplit art installation lies the stateof-the-art movie theatre, with specialty seating for 10, complete high-performance projection system, and upholstered walls to enhance a consummate sound. It’s a killer room with a designer vibe, custom furnishings and, most importantly, a fully-stocked snack and refreshment bar. The home also features an external staircase that leads guests to upstairs accommodations. Ramping and elevator access provide for alternative entry to the various living spaces of the residence. The Andreas Canyon home was created with dual and complimentary goals in mind: to reflect the beauty of the natural environment; and to celebrate the pleasures of family and friends.

Numerous organic materials, including a variety of granites, glass, stone, metal, natural waters and more than a dozen wood species, inform both the structure and style of the home. Space is specifically designed and especially designated to welcome and accommodate friends and family. Innovative technologies preserve resources and provide for an efficient and respectful lifestyle. And the orientation of the home honors and magnifies the beauty of the surrounding landscape. This residence and its owners exemplify not only the BIGHORN community, but more broadly, a way of life that increasingly appeals to conscientious members of the Southern California and global community.

Above: Copper-crafted fireplace accents the serene master suite. Siddharth Parasnis painting of the home. Incredible guests suite offers lush views. Below: Artfully-designed roof line extends from the indoor living to outdoor living areas taking your breath away.

Discover your dream home, visit


40,000sf Fully-Appointed Clubhouse ■ Refreshing Lap Pool with Cabanas ■ Sophisticated Men’s & Ladies’ Locker Rooms

Living The Sweet Life! The mesmerizing list of superlative amenities at BIGHORN can be dizzying! If golf is one’s passion, BIGHORN boasts two world-class championship golf courses in the Arthur Hills-designed Mountains and Tom Fazio-designed Canyons, both hosting several PGA and LPGA televised events. Members develop their game from the knowledge and expertise of seven Professional Instructors, including a Golf Magazine Top 100 Golf Instructor, in the high-performance Learning Center. The latest in equipment and attire are to be found in their spectacular Golf Shop, ranked by Golf World as one of the country’s Top 100 Golf Shop for 10 years running. With a club-wide emphasis on family enjoyment, a Top 50 Junior Golf Instructor leads youngsters in following their golf dreams through instruction, games and interclub competitions. But why stop at 36 holes of highly-acclaimed golf, stellar instruction, and superior merchandise? BIGHORN’s vast array of Member amenities and services are envied by the best five-star resorts. You owe it to yourself to explore their world class Spa & Wellness Center, seven restaurants ranging from fine dining to


By Mike Grenier Photography by Mark Davidson and Pat Lassy

bistro to Internet café, a boutique Marketplace with its own Starbucks coffee bar, a thriving tennis program, first-class ground and air transportation, business and concierge services and the protection of a MedjetAssist membership. Two spacious dog parks arranged by size, two bocce ball courts with lighting for night play, a Kiddin’ Around Play Park with junior putting green, and over 100 seasonal Member events are held within this gated community of 430 luxurious and distinctive private residences. Through the Club’s interactive Member-Only website, custom phone app and informative weekly email blasts, Club Members are alerted to upcoming events and activities simply with the touch of a button. Apparently, they don’t want anyone to miss a thing! BIGHORN Golf Club is an exclusive community, comprised of those who not only appreciate a private setting but who also savor an atmosphere of friendship, recreation, convenience, limitless entertaining, a full social calendar and the satisfaction of belonging to an extraordinary community. For more information on Member amenities, please call (760) 341-4653 or visit

flat out fun! Full-Time Concierge & Business Services ■ Kiddin’ Around Play Park ■ Member Website ■ Dog Park ■ Phone App


Big Hearts at BIGHORN Photography by Pat Lassy

Givin g back

Charity begins at home and at BIGHORN that means supporting organizations in the Coachella Valley. Members support a wide variety of non-profits focusing on wellness issues, educational scholarships and patriotism.

Members continue to band together for important causes and have raised money for a variety of causes over the years including $1.6 million for Hurricane Katrina victims, $2.56 million for breast cancer through BIGHORN Behind A Miracle (BAM) and thousands of dollars for prostate cancer. Jack Nicklaus teamed with the Wounded Warriors in 2009 raising $1.5 million in two days! Patriotism In 2009, BIGHORN Members were deeply moved by veteran’s rehabilitation stories from the American Lakes Veterans’ Golf Course, in WA. Jack Nicklaus presented an evening of inspirational testimonials, followed by a golf clinic the next day. American Lakes is the only golf club in the nation solely dedicated to serving the physical, psychological and emotional needs of our wounded veterans. In 2012, BIGHORN Golf Club Charities again stepped up for 400 local veterans attending College of the Desert. The BIGHORN Golf Club Charities Veterans Resource Center will provide a safe and welcoming environment for military veterans and their dependents to discuss their VA benefits, gain academic assistance, receive career and psychological counseling and peer-to-peer camaraderie. “Our Armed Forces have remained strong and made us proud, says R.D. Hubbard. “Now it’s time for us to give back, support them and make them proud!” Education & Scholarships “Our proudest moment was the formation of BIGHORN Golf Club Charities,” shares Chairman R.D. Hubbard. “We created a 501c-(3) non-profit focused on providing college scholarships, a Veterans Resource Center at College of the Desert, English as a Second Language classes and hundreds of gifts during our Holiday Gift 64

Drive. Over $2.6 million has been raised to take care of Coachella Valley’s educational future and the BIGHORN Members are proud to be improving many individual’s lives.” Wellness Issues In 2006, the BIGHORN Radiation Oncology Center opened after Members donated $11 million to support Eisenhower Medical Center, one of the Top 100 Hospitals in America. To date, Members have donated over $31 million, believing that it is important to take care of the valley’s world-class facilities and its patients. Located just six short miles away from BIGHORN, Eisenhower Medical Center offers some of the finest physicians, equipment and laboratories in the country.

Inspired to save the lives of Coachella Valley cancer patients, BIGHORN Behind a Miracle (BAM) raised $1 million in 2012 for cancer patient support services, breast cancer diagnostic technologies and educational scholarships during their five-month fundraising campaign. BIGHORN BAM is one of the largest single private fundraisers benefiting Eisenhower Medical Center. Every year, Eisenhower develops a Wish List so BAM Chairwomen, volunteers and donors can visually see where the funds are going. A donation of two mammogram units valued at $300,000 each will improve the quality and efficiency of the new technological advances in detection sensitivity and magnification capacity. An additional $150,000 was given for radiation and chemotherapy patient transportation for those who rely on public busses. These patients have a better chance of survival because they don’t have to worry about finding rides and can concentrate on resting and recovering. They often develop special friendships with the drivers who will often stop at drug stores to fill their prescriptions. An additional $70,000 was given to The Pendleton Foundation, whose organization helps cancer patients with gas cards to reach their radiation treatments, assists with rent or utilities because they cannot work, provides grocery cards and offers other ways to to ease the financial impact upon their households.

“We are completely overwhelmed! says Betty Wolf, Vice President, Eisenhower Medical Center Foundation. “The magnitude and passion of this support is a testament to the generosity found throughout the BIGHORN community. BIGHORN BAM has provided an arsenal of technologies with the hope of providing a cure for Coachella Valley patients fighting breast

cancer by providing essential equipment, counseling and transportation services.” “I am so excited to give back to Eisenhower,” says BAM Chairwoman Selby Dunham, a breast cancer survivor of seven years. “After all, they gave me my life.”

BIGHORN BAM has provided the following for early breast cancer detection, diagnoses and screening at Eisenhower: •

3,182 round-trip transportation rides for radiation and chemotherapy patients who would have had to depend on public transportation.

CD burner for mammography images given to patients.

2 Digital Faxitron: rapid breast tumor specimen x-ray/analyzer during surgical excision or core biopsy procedures.

SIEMENS ACUSON S2000 Whole Breast 3D Ultrasound System.

2 New Mammogram Units for Eisenhower Lucy Curci Schnitzer/Novack Breast Center.

Bone Densitometer to allow patients to have their mammogram and bone density test done during the same appointment.

2 SuperSonic Imagine Aixplorer Ultrasound Systems.

Digitizer to convert x-ray films into digitized images for higher magnification studies.

Gamma Probe for sentinel lymph node localization for rapid detection of metastic breast cancer that may have spread to the lymph nodes.

Invivo Breast Array Coil for the Eisenhower Schnitzer/Novack Breast Center.

Blanket warmer to provide warm comfort during treatment for radiation oncology patients.

SonoSite Portable Ultrasound Machine for advanced breast imaging.

New breast cancer patient diagnosis resource kits.

Breast cancer patient genetic counseling.

Specialized Suro ATEC Breast Biopsy and Excision System – modifies existing MRI to perform breast imaging/biopsy.

$70,000 given to The Pendleton Foundation to assist cancer patient’s most basic needs.

3 breast boards and head supports for more exacting and comfortable patient positioning during radiation treatment.

Educational scholarships supporting families with cancer survivors.

100 comforting spa robes for patients awaiting radiation treatment.

For more information on supporting these worthy causes please call Theresa Maggio (760) 610-8224.

Above: R.D. Hubbard and Jim Gagan with BIGHORN Golf Club Charities Scholarship Recipients. The magnificient BIGHORN BAM ladies did it again! They raised $1 million in 6 months! Jack Nicklaus honored veterans with a Speaker’s Evening & Clinic raising $1.5M in two days. Below: BIGHORN Employees participate in ridesharing programs to help the environment. Dr. John Cutrone analyzes images deciding the best course of treatment. Over 200 scholarships have been awarded by BIGHORN Golf Club Charities. Radiation equipment at Eisenhower BIGHORN Radiation Oncology Center.


Ignite Your Imagination Photography by Scott Avra, Mark Davidson, Jon Edwards, Pat Lassy and Scott A. Nelson 66

When we think about our most favorite times of our lives, we remember where we were, who was there that was important to us and the emotions surrounding the event. We remember the special moments, family vacations and celebrations! Celebrations where laughter flowed like champagne and music made us want to dance until dawn. BIGHORN Catering orchestrates a variety of celebrations from a romantic dinner party of two to a wedding reception for 450 people. From catered dinner parties and cocktail soirees to custom wine suppers and exciting birthday parties, BIGHORN Catering provides an incredible support team ready to service your every need with Catering Director Joe DeNovi leading the charge. “Our focus is to allow the host and hostess the opportunity to enjoy their own party,” shares DeNovi, party expert of over 20 years.

“We love to plan every detail so by party time, the host is able to relax and truly entertain their guests, show them around their gorgeous home and dance the night away.” BIGHORN Catering brings a supreme balance of unparalleled service and creativity to elevate your already exciting function. Whether you’re planning an elegant wedding ceremony and reception at the Canyons Steak House, an exotic themed event at the Golf House, a business meeting conducted in our Clubhouse Dining Room or an entertaining private home party, BIGHORN Catering will exceed all expectations from its sensational decor and spectacular entertainment to fabulous fare and impeccable service. Let us take the stress out of entertaining, giving you more precious time to spend with family and friends.

Make your special event moments unforgettable


“We encourage you to use your imagination to make your celebrations special!” states DeNovi. BIGHORN Catering specializes in a wide array of events including: •

Celebrations from 2 to 450 people

Premium Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions

Catered Dinner Parties and Cocktail Soirees

New Year’s Eve Extravaganzas, Wine Dinners and Birthday Celebrations

Bountiful Banquets

Dine on the Fairways, Under the Stars or Poolside at the Club

Private Home Parties and Groundbreakings

Unique Venues with Spectacular Views

Business Conferences and Incentive Celebrations

Western Barbecues, Mexican Fiestas and Hawaiian Luaus

Golf Outings, Fashion Shows and Fascinating Luncheons

Holiday Buffet Deliveries from the main course to yummy sides and desserts

Kid’s Parties, Inflatables and Game Consoles

Group Hikes, Wellness Workshops and Cooking Demonstrations

Picnics at the Play Park, Putting Contests and Personalized Golf Balls


“Depending on the number of attendees, you may want to host your celebration at one of the club’s fully functional venues,” explains DeNovi. “For some, entertaining at the Clubhouse or another location allows for less stress on the family household and allows you to truly enjoy every moment!” When planning your next event, take a look at one of the following locations and allow BIGHORN Catering to transform the room, customized to your style and tastes. Clubhouse Dining Room: BIGHORN’s Clubhouse Dining Room offers an elegant setting with spectacular views. Equipped with a full bar and premier wine selection, the Dining Room serves as a perfect venue for themed events, business banquets, wedding receptions, birthday parties and much more. The adjacent Patio Lounge serves as either a natural extension to the Dining Room, or as an inviting lounge with crackling fireplace and pocket windows that tuck away allowing you and your guests enjoyment of BIGHORN’s beautiful desert landscape. Canyons Steak House: Showcasing unparalleled panoramic views and sophisticated design, the Canyons Steak House features classic entrees, innovative menu selections, premium

wines and high-end service. The central dining room is elegant but cozy, providing booth and table seating and live entertainment by request. The spectacular patio seating features the cozy warmth of an outdoor firepit and refreshing infinity-edge waterfall. Looking for a more intimate setting? The Private Reserve Room offers the perfect space for smaller celebrations. Golf House: Lush landscaping and artful design make BIGHORN’s Golf House an ideal venue for that special cocktail party. The Golf House’s limitless versatility includes folding glass walls that tuck away to provide a seamless transition of indoor and outdoor environments, while panoramic, down-valley and mountain vistas create a breathtaking backdrop to the multi-tiered patio. Clubhouse Pool & Patio: Make a splash with a fabulous party – poolside. Ideal for tropical beach-themed events or dance band birthday blowouts, the Clubhouse Patio features a spacious event lawn, Junior Olympic-sized lap pool and expansive views of the Mountains 9th fairway and lake. For more formal affairs, consider elegant floating florals in the pool and refined decor under a moonlit sky.

BIGHORN Catering hosts an incredible line of expert services including:

The Oasis: BIGHORN’s natural oasis is not only an exotic hideaway for a western barbecue, Mexican fiesta or Tahitian luau, but it was also a chosen hot spot for Hollywood legends Frank Sinatra and Gene Autry who brought their sweethearts there on horseback. Keeping with tradition, BIGHORN continues to hold unique events in this desert canyon comfortably nestled between steep canyon walls. Decorated with skirted palms, a rustic fire pit, and a natural boulder stage, the multi-tiered seating and Indian palapas transport you and your guests to another time. Private Home Parties: Everyone enjoys showcasing their beautiful homes here at BIGHORN, so allow us to cater dinner parties or plan a fun cocktail soiree for

you. BIGHORN Catering provides linens, flowers and entertaining trios in addition to our fabulous custom-designed menus and friendly servers. From plated affairs to sumptuous buffets, each event is tailored to meet your every request. The most important and toughest part of any event is usually the clean up. BIGHORN Catering has this task completely under control and will have your event handled to the very last detail, thrilling homeowners with a house that looks better than when they arrived.

World-Class Wine Selection

Hosted Bars with Premium Beverages

Professional Servers knowledgeable about your preferences

Signature Drinks

Freshest Fish, Premium Steaks, Farm-Grown Fruits and Vegetables

Birthday Cakes, Pastries and Specialty Coffees

Premium Specialists and Vendors

Big Bands, Trios and Classic Guitarists

Disc Jockeys, Karaoke, Dance Parties and Concerts

First-class Entertainment, Dueling Pianos and One-of-a-Kind Talent

Balloons and Specialty Décor

Fashionable Florists

Elegant Linens and Dining Rentals

Custom Invitations and Parting Gifts

Envelope Addressing and Private Party Reservations

Event Scheduling

Menu and Place Cards

Personalized Hostess Gifts

Logo Merchandise, Personalized Embroidery and Merchandise Vouchers

Custom Lighting Features, Chandeliers and Logo Gobos

Sparkling Ice Sculptures

Planes, Limos, Passenger Buses

Valet Parking

The Pour House Take-Out, Marketplace Grocery and Wine Delivery


Heavenly Homesites

Photography by Scott Avra and Mark Davidson

Imagine gazing over 360-degree views of emerald green fairways and rugged mountains – elevated 1,100 feet above the sparkling lights of the Coachella Valley – from the lush comforts of your own custom designed home, situated in one of the most majestic landscapes on Earth. Offering a rare diversity of settings and sizes to accommodate your home, BIGHORN homesites feature two spectacular locations: Golf Course Premium and majestic Estate lots on the world-renowned Canyons course, or on one of our signature Mountains Estate sites, overlooking the world. Seize this historic opportunity to build a legacy – and become part of a community of homeowners who enjoy a collection of award-winning architectural masterpieces, a magnificent community and an unparalleled way of life. For more information on BIGHORN’s collection of spectacular custom homesites please call BIGHORN Properties at (800) 551-5578 or log onto

Arthur Hills-Designed Mountains Course 112 Tekis Place


Premium Golf Course Views 1034 Vale Crest

Refreshing Waterfall & Streams

900 Crescent Falls

A vie w you can devour 1019 Vale Crest

638 Pinnacle Crest

Majestic Estate Lots

Tom Fazio-Design Canyons Course

Dazzling Down-Valley Views

Legendary Custom Homesites

149 Tepin Way


5 MiAt nutesthefromcenter Everywhere of it all!

Photography by Mark Davison, David Glomb, Pat Lassy and James Latta

BIGHORN Members represent success stories from every industry and endeavor – from filmmakers to athletes, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs and specialists of every kind. In spite of their diverse professional accomplishments, these kindred spirits share an appetite for life, selecting Palm Desert because they know it’s the world’s premier resort destination. Visitors and residents here relish a near perfect climate, acclaimed shopping, dining and cultural events, making Palm Desert the Valley’s most revered address.

The pursuit of beauty defines the desert lifestyle. BIGHORN lies just minutes from El Paseo, known as the “Rodeo Drive of the Desert.” This prestigious mecca features 250 high-end shops, The Shops on El Paseo district, The Gardens on El Paseo and El Paseo Village. Venues like Imago Galleries and Melissa Morgan Fine Art represent a long history of artistic expression and appreciation in the desert, while custom retailers like Leeds & Son and The Estate Jewelry Collection offer timeless, wearable works of art.


The spectacular desert landscape encourages a universal reverence for natural beauty; a stroll through Lotus Garden Center offers homeowners and their guests an inspiring glimpse of the desert environment nurtured and refined. BIGHORN is also located just moments from the renowned McCallum Theatre and The Living Desert, a sanctuary of desert wildlife and terrain.

And the world is wide under desert skies. BIGHORN is situated two hours from Southern California ’s most beautiful beaches. Nearby Big Bear Mountain provides a cool, verdant getaway in summer and ski resort in winter. All of Northern California, the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada beckon just an easy flight from the region. BIGHORN Members enjoy the opportunity to travel by their own private planes or to be chauffeured to Palm Springs International Airport, which offers an inexhaustible variety of domestic and international flights. Location is global, and travel is simple, safe and efficient from the moment guests and Members arrive at BIGHORN – so you can focus on celebrating all the times and places of your life!


Pacific Paradise By Pamela Bieri and Joanna Beresford Photography by Mark Davidson

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Left: Lushy landscaped entry courtyard of 102 Lantana View. Above: Relaxing outdoor living room opens to expansive mountain, golf course and down-valley views. Electronic sliders open making engaging indoor/outdoor living possible. Adjacent: Gourmet kitchen, inviting dining and wine rooms, plush theatre and stunning coastal-style architecture combined with unparalled views makes this home a true gem of the desert.

A myriad of features, both sweeping and subtle, distinguish a residence created by the award-winning team of architect Kristi Hanson and interior designer Kathy Blackbird. Breathtaking vistas, captivating indoor/outdoor living areas, exclusive materials and furnishings, remarkable textural treatments and wondrous palettes define their collaborations. But most distinctive, perhaps, is the mastery of unique floorplans that enhance the life that flourishes within and around their homes. The coastal-inspired residence at 102 Lantana View demonstrates these elements in all their sun-dappled glory. “We bring a unique personality to every home we design,” says Hanson, who has designed custom homes and high-profile commercial properties. “I love inspiring our team!” Tropical Inspirations: Infused with Hawaiian-Asian influences, this contemporary residence produces a Zen-like tranquility that first emanates through its exterior spaces. Lush, tropical foliage and colorful pools animate the inner courtyard and stone walkway that leads to an expansive back patio and stunning views of the valley beyond. The property overlooks the Canyons’ verdant second fairway. Here, the signature BIGHORN landscape features sparkling waterfalls, meandering streams and a majestic panorama that sweeps from the rugged Santa Rosa Mountains to the allure of city lights. Perched above the golf course terrain, an collage of rooflines from upper-story guest quarters to the covered patio shelters outdoor living areas that resonate with the relaxing coastal design theme. From the Canyons hillside, the stone and glass home under its leafy palm trees could easily be mistaken for a Hawaiian island paradise overlooking coastal vistas.

Spacious Indoor/Outdoor Floorplan: Hanson’s approach to design combines modernist principles with a remarkable proclivity for dissolving traditional indoor/outdoor distinctions. Living and entertaining areas flow magically through electronically controlled sliding glass walls, as does the master bedroom suite. The grand entry’s dramatic iron doors open to a soaring vestibule and limitless corridor that offers access to and spectacular views of the outdoor living space and entertainment patio, infinity pool and mountains beyond. The great room features a vaulted cedar wood ceiling, wall-length coral reef stone hearth and double-sided open fireplace with wrought iron sculptures. Contemporary custom furnishings in hues of pale blue and natural sand combine with teak wood to subtly convey the tropical motif throughout. The shell fossil-embedded coral reef stone is repeated in the full wet bar opposite the fireplace. Outside, a fully covered patio provides more outdoor living options with comfortable, island-inspired seating near the lava rock firepit. From there, a languid stroll leads to a spacious outdoor dining area, the outdoor barbecue station and a sunbathing deck near the spa and step-down infinity pool. The pool extends with elegant lines across the edge of the property and indeed appears to reach towards infinity. Hanson has situated the feature far above the golf course for privacy, yet the azure waters, dancing with reflective light, seem to be born of the same streams and fountains as the grounds below. Dining and Entertaining: Sharing the panoramic views of the great room, an open kitchen features a dining island, rift oak cabinetry, coral reef stone counters, high-performance appliances and iridescent blue glass tiles – all of which echo the home’s cool, Pacific motif. 75

The double open fireplace melds the great room and formal dining room with refreshing colors, a custom buffet, rift oak cabinetry and lighted art niches. A retro modernist pendant light illuminates a custom dining table for 10. Alongside is a climate-controlled, glass-walled wine room housing an impressive collection, all visible and easily accessed. Adjacent, the home theatre provides an essential entertainment venue to the Lantana residence, enriched by interior designer Kathy Blackbird’s inimitable gift for both style and substance. “The theatre walls are a padded cotton weave in a mocha color,” explains Blackbird. “Separating the fabric are wood-framed columns with honey onyx inserted and backlit with LED lighting to make them glow.” An oversized sectional sofa and granite bar with multiple seating beckon friends and family to settle in for a favorite film, sporting event or home videos. State-of-the-art digital equipment, high-performance projector and screen, floor-toceiling upholstered walls and malachite-embedded ceiling enable high-definition visuals and optimum acoustics. Private Guest Suites: The upstairs east wing of the house features two full guest suites with a shared family room, fireplace, media center and balcony with mountain views that offer relaxation and privacy to guests and family members. Each guest room is furnished with luxurious full baths and mountain views from every suite window. A Victoria & Albert soaking tub will lure indulgent bathers, while everyone can enjoy the morning bar and laundry appointments and spectacular courtyard views. Two exterior guest suites, accessible via private entries from the lush inner courtyard, are fully appointed with designer furnishings, fireplaces and sitting areas and fully appointed baths.

The Master Suite: Located at the west end of the house, the private master suite harmonizes all the elements of the Blackbird design synergy: creative use of organic materials, interplay of texture and color, commanding views of mountains and a sense of quiet seclusion. The unique entry walls are created from lime plaster with bronze casting and embedded sea shells polished to a soft gleam. “It is a three-step process,” explains Blackbird, referring to the multifaceted wall surfaces. “We first apply the pieces of metal and sea shells, then apply the concrete over them, then grind the metal pieces so they are shiny. As the concrete sets up, it becomes very textural; the shells sparkle and the metal shines. Then seal is added to protect the artistic treasure.” “We opted for a large master with custom furnishings, and full-size sofa to create a more luxurious space,” noted Blackbird. The master bath opens onto double vanity areas created from thematic coral reef stone and rift oak cabinets. A sea shell chandelier reflects from the mirrors at all angles. The step-in stone shower with multiple shower heads is surrounded by glass with a full-length view into a hidden atrium garden. A soaking tub, additional make-up area and separate walk-in closets with accessory islands complete the private, luxurious master suite. Design Inspired by Location: The 8,213 sf home with an additional 1,000 sf of outdoor living space flows effortlessly from the main floor entry to outdoor entertaining and living areas, the great room, kitchen and dining room with wine cellar, all accessible through electronically retractable glass walls. The five bedroom suites plus office each take advantage of Mountains course and courtyard views with the maximum of privacy from every level.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

By Tom F. Stickney II, Director of Instruction

Golf learning and perfor mance center As with anything over the years, golf instruction has evolved as the players and teachers understand more about the game. Along with BIGHORN’s knowledgeable team of top instructors, the Golf Learning & Performance Center at BIGHORN features state-of-the-art equipment including computers, video cameras, motion analysis systems and other high-tech tools to help Members understand and improve their game much faster than ever before.

Three-D Motion Analysis: Over the last decade, 3D Motion Analysis has become the “new frontier” of motion analysis for golfers. These 3D systems take an MRI of your total swinging motion and reveal many important swing components such as physical limitations and the kinematic sequence of the body showing how downswing power is created, stored and released

during impact. This swing MRI helps the instructional staff to “see” how the swing is working from a biomechanical standpoint first before any instruction is given so that the student is never asked to do something on the lesson tee physically that they cannot. Golf instruction is now tailored to the students’ actual needs and physiology, not the hot new swing theory on Tour.

Come see for yourself what 21st Century Instructional Technology can do for you, visit 77

Four-Camera V1 Digital Video System: Golfers need to “see and understand” their swinging motion and without proper equipment it is very hard to show the player the “how’s and why’s” within their current fundamentals. BIGHORN’s Golf Learning & Performance Center features a Four-Camera V1 Digital Video Analysis System capturing the swing from four angles (front, back, down the line, and overhead) simultaneously. Viewing the same swing from each angle, frame by frame, with super-high frame rate cameras allows the golfer to better understand, especially when comparing side-by-side video with the best golfers in the world, swing fundamentals and what they need to do in order to improve for the long term. Center of Gravity Monitor: All golfers know that in order to play better they must “feel” the proper body motions that comprise a successful swing. BIGHORN’s Center of Gravity (CG) Monitor helps students understand these actions more definitively. Coupling the actions of a swing seen on the V1 with the motions of the player’s CG, the student obtains a “feel” of how to twist and turn their body more efficiently developing a swing with better balance and more power and control. Flightscope Launch Monitor: Controlling the golf ball in flight is a key to playing great golf. With the Flightscope Launch Monitor BIGHORN Members are able to “trace” their ball in flight as seen during television coverage of PGA Tour events. The launch monitor reveals key instructional components – how the club is moving through the ball, angle of attack, dynamic loft at impact, face angle etc. Ball launch data is extremely important to an instructor as it reflects the efficiency of a swing motion and how effective the transfer of power is within a golf swing along with providing a gauge of how well a student is improving and maximizing their distance and accuracy.

The Sam Puttlab and Quintic Putting Launch Monitor: No high-tech instructional facility is complete without adding putting instruction to their repertoire and BIGHORN Golf Club has that covered! BIGHORN is one of the only facilities in the world coupling the SAM Puttlab with Quintic’s Launch Monitor for putting. The integration of these two systems help define and measure over 40 different facets of the student’s putting stroke, instantly revealing any flaw that might lead to an inconsistent putting game. Perhaps the fix was something as simple as the incorrect loft on a putter, the wrong type of putter shape, inconsistent impact point on the putter face or even a tempo problem. Regardless of the issue, the student will begin to develop a better putting motion with the system’s practice modes coupled with auditory feedback functions, alerting the student in real time the correct or incorrect motion. Steelclub Bending Machines: In order for a golfer to achieve the best results possible, their equipment needs to be in harmony with their swing. All the lessons in the world will not help an incorrectly fit club perform a good golf shot. As used on PGA Tour Equipment Vans, BIGHORN’s Learning & Performance Center boasts Steelclub Machines for the very best in club repair equipment necessary to alter the lofts and lies of your woods, irons, wedges and putters making your clubs work for you NOT against you when you play. BIGHORN’s INSTRUCTION TEAM Tom F. Stickney, II Director of Golf Instruction Golf Magazine “Top 100 Instructor” Golf Digest “Best Young Teachers” Golf Tips “Top 25 Teachers” For Video Golf Tips by Tom, please go to: Bill Madonna – Junior Golf Director US Kids “Top 50 Kids Teacher in America” Amy Malinaric – Golf Instructor Former Futures Tour Player Tony Ogrodnick – Director of Golf Travis Nelson – Head Golf Professional Ken Spero, KC Boyd & Brendan Daly

BIGHORN’s Instructional team is one 100% committed to providing the very best golf instructional experience possible. Group and individual programs for players of all levels and ages are offered, geared to make golf on their championship Mountains and Canyons golf courses an experience to remember. Pairing these great instructional programs with a fully-equipped Learning & Performance Center gives their Members and guests the “Golf Learning Experience” they deserve at BIGHORN. 78

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