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Announcing New and Improved EGG Mates and Handles ®

“EGG Mates” are a simple and convenient addition to Big Green Eggs, designed to be used with a Nest to provide a working and serving area right where you need it. Our newest set of two “Made in the USA” Mates features a larger curved design that adds 40% more surface area to complement the rounded shape of the Big Green Egg. They can easily be folded down when not in use. Our all new Mates are manufactured from a high-quality composite wood grained material that offers superior performance — heat resistance, longer life, reduced fading, no need to seal wood and less effort to clean — and a larger surface for food prep. These Mates are as stylish as they are functional … threaded brass inserts allow attachment to the metal brackets from below, leaving the top of the working surface smooth and free from any visible holes or fasteners. Minimal maintenance is required. Our new custom composite wood grain material will also be featured on all EGG handles as a rolling production change. Molded from the same composite material as the EGG Mates, the new handles duplicate all of the improved durability and appearance features of the Mates, and the new profile shape is ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit.


Big Green Egg EGG Mate & Handle  

"EGG Mates" are a simple and convenient addition to Big Green Eggs, Made in the USA and 40% larger surface. New custom composite wood grain...

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