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Welcome to the Winter edition of LINK magazine. The cold winter months are usually the busiest time of year for our hospitals and with an increase in cases of Flu, colds, and the winter vomiting bug Norovirus, it is also the most challenging season for us. Despite this I know we will all work together to keep our services running as smoothly as possible for our patients. We can all also play our part in encouraging colleagues and visitors to help prevent the spread of winter bugs by reminding them to wash their hands regularly whilst on the wards and by advising visitors not to visit if they have experienced symptoms within 72 hours. For more information on winter infection control please see the article on page 5. Also, look out for other interesting articles on how we are continuing to improve our efficiency in the Trust, how we have excelled in cancer care and also our recent recognition for patient safety. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone who was nominated for a Thank you Award, we saw some outstanding examples of our staff going above and beyond the call of duty this year. Well done. I would finally like to wish every one a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.





4 Nutrition and Hydration Awareness Week 5 Northern General Hospital (NGH) Courtesy Bus Service 6

Your Bit’ campaign 17 Neurocare funds new relative’s room on Neuro Ward

Are you a Flu Fighter?

7 Patients give back to Hospital that saved their lives


8-9 Trust welcomes experts from across the globe to learn more about Diabetes Care

19 Making life better for patients - one bag

10 Estates to the rescue 11 Hospitals team up with Boots to offer new Outpatients pharmacy services

Ian Sagar, local Paralympic athlete announced as patron of Sheffield Hospitals Charity at a time


Right Care, Time, Place, Person


Meet your new Governors

12-13 Annual Thank you awards recognises amazing commitment

26 Sheffield cancer patients praise

14 Patient safety praised as Trust wins two national awards


15 Celebrating Primary and Community Services event Page 2 • Link - Autumn 2012

16 Thyroid patients set to benefit from ‘Do

hospital experience Olympic fun brought to our patients

28 ‘Centre for HIV Olympic feature Going for Gold in ‘Condom-athon’

Congratulations to Sue Pownall on Fellowship Achievement Sue Pownall has been awarded a Fellowship of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists for her “distinguished service to the profession”. Sue was nominated by colleagues for her clinical and research activity within the field of dysphagia (swallowing disorders). The award was presented at a ceremony in London.

New £6.3m t i n U e r a C l a c i Crit Hospital Opens at the Hallamshire

t hospital. The modern uni al care services at the Roy to ff sta our w allo will more Hallamshire there will be best continue providing the t bes re sha to opportunities our possible quality care to t’s practice between the uni roved imp ch mu a in ts ien e pat rov specialists, further imp ously sed environment. By continu rea inc , ety saf t ien pat we can be improving our services flexibility in how beds able to acy priv ed ensure that we will be used and improv e and provide high quality car and dignity for patients. meet future demands.” Many of the patients t uni the on e car Professor Graham receiving of s nce scie uro Ne ables, Clinical Director be l Ven wil st Tru patients with conditions Neurosciences at the e to such as head trauma, said: “The hospital is hom t uni l al ica tumours, cerebr a regional neurosurg ke stro oss and acr s m haemorrhage treating patients fro y. patients requiring surger Yorkshire. By locating two ting era Op ll Vea staff y Gu Dr specialities on the unit, and re Ca l tica Cri s, sely clo vice Ser has will be able to work The purpose built unit a to Anaesthesia said: “It is the e lac rep together and continue to been created have these to re asu ple at le care gre sib Critical provide the best pos current Neurosciences art facilities the of te sta new l Critica to our patients.” Care unit and General at the Royal Hallamshire ical crit g atin loc coBy re. Ca

tical A state of the art cri to ed en op s ha it care un at or Flo K on nts tie pa e the Royal Hallamshir 29 w ne e Hospital. Th bedded unit provides modern facilities and equipment for the ty delivery of high quali ill y all tic cri care to ll patients. The unit wi e siv provide both inten cy en nd and high depe care for patients with life severe or potentially s threatening condition rt po sup or who need ry. following major surge

Sue said: “I am an advisor to the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists for this area and over the years have been involved in a number of projects, and document productions within this clinical area. I also lead a post graduate course in dysphagia which therapists and other health professionals attend from all around the UK. I am delighted to have been nominated to receive this award, I was really surprised to get the letter.” Mark Cobb, Clinical Director, Professional Services Directorate added: “This award reflects Sue’s outstanding contribution to the profession in terms of her clinical expertise.”

I am delighted to have been nominated to receive this award.

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Nutrition and Hydration Awareness Week An awareness week was held in November to showcase some of the many excellent examples of good practice around nutrition and hydration around the Trust. Some of the projects to improve patient care in this area have been funded by research grants whereas others have been more local initiatives developed by the staff in individual areas to better match the needs of their patients.

Dot’s Bistro One area that has created a more comfortable mealtime environment whilst encouraging social interaction and recreation for the patients is Firth 4 at the Northern General Hospital. Following a generous grant from the League of Friends charity, the day room on the Gastro-surgery ward, has been transformed with new, high quality dining furniture and luxury sofas. House Keeper, Dot Rooney and the domestic team set the tables everyday and patients’ are encouraged to eat their meals together, away from their beds. This work supports the Enhanced Recovery Programme, which encourages early mobilisation and diet following surgery and has in proven to assist recovery resulting nts patie reducing the length of time need to stay in hospital. In conjunction with the catering department the ward provides a very popular cooked breakfast, soup and sandwich lunch and cooked evening meal, encouraging patients with their nutrition and dietary requirements. Page 4 • Link - Autumn 2012

Barbara Harris Senior Occupational Therapist with Janette Lees Head of Physiotherapy. Janette tried out simulation glasses at the event to see how visually impaired patients find feeding themselves very difficult.

Dot Rooney and the domestic team set the tables everyday. Dieticians Fay Horton and Samina Khan at their dietetics stall.

Northern General Hospital (NGH) Courtesy Bus Service

The Trust, in partnership with the League of Friends charity, has provided a brand new electric courtesy mini bus to transport patients around the Northern General Hospital grounds. Our new bus, that is fully enabled for disabled access, will help the Trust ensure that a reliable and friendly transportation service is provided to the patients and visitors to the NGH site daily.

Simon Thurman, Hotel Services Operations/Project Manager, said: “This service is extremely valuable to the elderly, unwell and the generally less mobile. It also acts as a valuable link between public transport routes and the main access points around the NGH site. The new vehicle also demonstrates the Trust’s commitment to the global sustainability agenda as it is an electric mini bus that produces almost zero levels of CO2 emissions, all of which is positive for the environment and the level of air pollution in Sheffield.” A copy of the timetable for the NGH Courtesy Bus Service can be found via the following link; NHS/HotelServices/ under the Portering & Transport section. If you require any further information about the Courtesy Bus Service please feel free to contact Claudia Westby on 0114 2266001.

Safeguarding Children Safeguarding children is always a priority for the Trust. By working with the Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board, we ensure that we and other agencies promote the welfare of children and young people. One important aspect of this work involves learning lessons from serious incidents where children have suffered significant harm because of abuse or neglect. Sadly, Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board conducts serious case reviews (SCR) that have occurred in the city each year where a child has been seriously injured or dies because of abuse or neglect. On average, there are three-five such case reviews per year in Sheffield. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, as partner of the Safeguarding Board, work in co-operation with these reviews and provide information about our involvement with these cases. When such a review is completed the aim is not to apportion blame to an individual or department, but to critically analyse the Trust’s involvement - looking at ways to prevent such incidents happening again. Additionally the safeguarding team are experienced in ensuring that advice and support is there for all individuals involved in contributing to a SCR.

One area which has improved the way in which they work is the specialist Hepatitis C team who have used their involvement in an SCR as an opportunity to re-examine and improve their service to promote and safeguard the welfare of children. Simple changes to documentation have effectively led to more details being obtained from patients about their home and social circumstances to help identify any issues that could put a child in danger. There has also been an increased emphasiss on staff training in safeguarding children, an enhanced communication with the social worker and a closer working relationship with the named nurse for safeguarding children. All of these changes have led to improved identification of safeguarding issues and will undoubtedly protect children in the future. Additional information about both local and national serious case reviews can be found on the intranet. For additional information about the positive changes to practice in the Infectious Diseases Department, please contact Ray Poll, Consultant Nurse for Hepatitis or Sara Thomas, Named Nurse for Safeguarding Children.

Change to Hospital parking the City’s Staff and visitors to longer be no ll wi s tal adult hospi hospital clamped if they ignore car parking rules. been forced However the Trust has instead to to introduce a ticket fine people who of y orit deter the small min e access, anc bul am y block emergenc fail to pay o wh or s bay ed abuse disabl for parking. er for Hotel Neil Thompson, Manag s: “The lain Services at the Trust exp who visit ple peo majority of staff and ely and riat rop app k our hospitals par rry about wo to d nee not l therefore wil re the are some receiving a fine. However ose not to park people who simply cho in some cases and responsibly, don’t pay ency vehicles. erg em for even block access of enforcement Therefore, some means g of the hospital to ensure the safe runnin of clamping cars, sites is essential. Instead ich if it is paid wh there will be a £60 fine d to £30. uce red be within 14 days will eal We will also have an app ependent ind an h wit ce process in pla ause we do arbitrator if needed bec y be some understand that there ma s or patients tor circumstances where visi e or a degree tak mis e may make a genuin e. riat rop app of sensitivity is will be reinvested Monies from any fines hin the City. back into NHS care wit by the change The car parks affected include those at: spital, The The Northern General Ho n Park sto We tal, Hallamshire Hospi ng Wi Hospital, Jessop

The majority of staff and people who visit our hospitals park appropriately.

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? r e t h g i F u l Are you a F Every year influenza to NHS vaccination is offered the uce red to y staff as a wa d an ily fam ur yo u, yo risk of ng cti your patients contra and transmitting the our virus. As we approach ks ea tbr ou , son busiest sea to rt sta ll wi a nz lue of inf ore increase. It is theref e tak to important for us by h alt he n ow care of our we so ted na cci va getting e can continue to provid t tec pro services and also a, nz lue inf m our family fro en ldr chi g un yo particularly fall o wh s ve ati rel y erl or eld into at-risk groups.

rently Flu vaccinations are cur ed available via ward-bas in clinical vaccinators advertising also is e areas. The vaccin ational available via the Occup at the d ate situ Health Service tal and spi Ho al ner Ge Northern ce Pla ont rem 10 Cla (Central Campus).

Flu Facts Flu can kill It is not possible for the uenza. vaccine to give you infl like flut tha ly It is most like by d nce erie exp symptoms had t jus e hav o wh people

sed by the vaccine are not cau ult res the are but influenza ting ula circ er oth of many e flu viruses that can produc takes also It . ms pto sym like elop up to two weeks to dev n, immunity after vaccinatio ing dur so infection can occur this window. e does The 2012 trivalent vaccin e sid so , nts not contain adjuva n. mo com effects will be less Universal infection control measures and not good health alone will za prevent influen The vaccine is 60-90% n the effective depending upo

person age and health of the well how on receiving it and za uen infl the circulating ition strains match the compos e. cin of the vac re 602 In 2010-2011 there we uenza infl m fro ths dea ed confirm re Nearly 9000 people we 0201 in l pita hos to d admitte whom 2011 with influenza, of nsive inte 2200 were admitted to hly hig s care. Influenza remain hard to unpredictable and it is future of forecast the severity influenza seasons. For more information and l the STH additional literature cal flu line on 15793

Relatives asked to limit visiting as Norovirus comes early We are asking visitors to help protect patients from winter bug ‘Norovirus’ as cases have started to increase in our region. Please remind friends and relatives to avoid visiting the hospitals if they, or anyone around them, have had sickness or diarrhoea within 72 hours to prevent passing the bug onto vulnerable patients. Staff are also being reminded not to come into work if they have had symptoms within the same time frame. Hilary Chapman Chief Nurse / Chief Operating Officer, said; Page 6 • Link - Autumn 2012

“We are asking visitors only to visit if it is absolutely necessary in a bid to minimise the risk of the bug coming into wards from people in the community. We would like people to think about whether they or anyone close to them such as family, friends or colleagues have had diarrhoea, vomiting or fever within the last 72 hours. If this is the case then they should avoid visiting and use alternative methods of contact.” Those visitors who feel

they have to come to the hospital are urged to follow these simple steps in a bid to reduce the spread of the bug among patients: Always wash your hands with soap & hot water and/or use alcohol hand rub when entering and leaving the ward. Do not visit if you feel unwell. If you, your family or close work colleagues have experienced vomiting and diarrhoea in the last 72 hours please do not visit.

We are asking visitors only to visit if it is absolutely necessary.

Do not sit on the patient’s bed. If you intend to visit your friend or relative please do not sit on their bed or the patient’s chair. Visitors’ chairs are provided – please ask the nurse if you need more. Do not be afraid to check that staff have decontaminated their hands either by washing them with soap and water or using the alcohol hand rub – they do not mind and expect patients and visitors to ask.

Patients Eric Bailey and Irene Hallam thank hospital for their care

New initiative launcheredyoung people to help prepa for the world of work

Chairman, Tony Pedder ve will explained why the initiati s “A : nce ere diff a h make suc yers plo em est larg the of one our in South Yorkshire, it is ple peo ng duty to support you to s ool sch h by working wit y are supplement the work the ils pup ir the ip equ to doing s from The Sixty pupils and parent for the world of work. s ool ve sch iati ing init the three participat ‘Made in Sheffield’ and k ip Par rsh h tne Firt , par - Meadowhead is an important tals at South Forge Valley gathered between Sheffield Hospi vice Ser ffield She cue st, Res Tru and tion Fire nda Yorkshire NHS Fou ng alo tlers to launch the initiative, City Council and The Cu the our of ure with leads from each Company to help ens t new bes the the in e partners involved young people hav of s. It ers eer mb car me ir ior the to scheme and sen possible start this of t par be to l. e the counci is a privileg The ‘Made in Sheffield’ exciting development.” the ke ma to s aim ve iati init Trust Chairman ic curriculum more realist Tony Pedder met using various learning local students at blem techniques including pro the event solving and planning, and g also offering four trainin p days for teachers to hel lum. support the new curricu ng chi Sheffield Tea g Hospitals will be holdin ng you p hel to sessions s people from the school ’s, not only work on CV interview techniques and logistics, but also give the students real life work issues to solve and help to build their confidence by asking them to present their plans.

We are working in Cutlers partnership with The d City iel Company and Sheff the orm Council to transf prepare curriculum to better ls oo sch in le op pe young going for d iel eff Sh d un aro rk. on to the world of wo

Patients give back to Hospital

that saved their lives Patients from the ‘Heads Together’ support group have raised over £300 to buy nebulisers for the Hallamshire Hospital’s Ear, Nose and Throat ward and Outpatients department. The group for head and neck cancer patients presented three pieces of the life changing equipment to staff. Louise Marley, Clinical Nurse Specialist, said “We are very grateful to the group, who by donating these nebulisers have helped to ensure we have a good supply of nebulisers for patients to use at home. The nebuliser machine provides a pressurised vapour, which helps to loosen chest secretions and so aids in the maintenance of a healthy chest. It is therefore important that all tracheostomy and laryngectomy patients are able to have a nebuliser for their own use at home on discharge.” Eric Bailey, a member of the Heads Together sub group that raised the money by hosting

fundraising stalls, explained that the extra nebulisers will really make a difference, he said: “Hopefully our gifts will ensure no patients will have to wait for one to become available before they can go home. I received excellent care from the staff at the hospital and it feels great to give something back to help them look after other patients.” Irene Hallam, also from Heads Together added: “We have all experienced head and neck cancer, so we wanted to use the funds in a way that shows people how they can move onwards and upwards from their illness like we have, and support them in their journey. We welcome all head and neck cancer patients to join our group; we can give them first hand advice and support. We’ve been there and got through to the other side thanks to the great care from staff at the Hallamshire.”


okers to take part in Trust encouraged sm During October, the by the Department it attempt launched the first ever mass qu all those who took to r. Congratulations be pto Sto – h alt He of d wealth! d to better health an part and are on the roa or how you can quit visit on n atio rm info re mo For call 08000684490

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News of the Diabetes World

Safer Use

of Insulin

The number of patie nts diagnosed with diabe tes has reached an all tim e high and nearly one in five hospital inpatien ts are now diabetic.

inpatients with diabetes. Helen Heath, Clinical Nurse Educator was one member of staff who too k part in the successful pilo t of elearning module. Helen Although insulin is a said: “The package is lifesaving drug for those excellent, it is user frie with ndly, diabetes and is used wid ely in easy to navigate through, hospital inpatients, it is has great visuals and the also one of the ‘top five’ mo con tent is comprehensive st and hazardous medications app rop riate. I will certainly if used incorrectly. Nation be encouraging the sta ally, ff on errors in insulin type, dos the Coronary Care Unit e to or timing are common undertake the package.” and have occasionally been Andy Slack, Clinical Nu fatal. rse The National Patient Saf Edu cator, who also trialled ety Alert in 2010 required the module, added: “Th that is all health care professio is a highly informative nals and involved in the preparatio expertly set out piece of n, prescription or adminis wo rk. I undertook the tration of insulin are trained in pac kage and learned an the safe use of insulin. awful lot by doing so.” At STH, our elearning developers have worke d with the inpatient Diabet es team to produce the ‘Sa fer Use of Insulin’ elearning module which aims to help colleagues to understan d the pitfalls in insulin treatm ent and to avoid common and serious insulin errors. It also The E-learning covers management wit h intravenous insulin and package is the recognition and treatm ent user friendly of hypoglycaemia, ano ther very common and potent with great ially harmful problem for visuals.


experts from across th

‘WICKED’ STH team sh Kay Bottrell and Vanessa Whitehead, Diabetes Specialist Nurses for Young People, were shortlisted in the Child and Adolescent services category for creating a pioneering new course for young adults with type 1 diabetes: ‘Working with Insulin, Carbs, Ketones and Exercise to manage Diabetes’ (WICKED). Kay and Vanessa developed the structured education course around their understanding of the challenges and lifestyle decisions that young people with Type 1 diabetes face which often prevents them managing their diabetes effectively leading to serious long term effects on their health. WICKED is delivered in informal settings and addresses everyday common issues that may affect diabetes management such as sex,

Page 8 • Link - Autumn 2012

drugs, alcohol and exam stress. The programme is already benefiting patients transitioning from paediatric to adult care in Sheffield and staff hope it can be evaluated across South Yorkshire in advance of a national trial to establish its effectiveness. Kay Bottrell, Diabetes Specialist Nurse for Young People, Creator & Educator of WICKED, said: “We are delighted and honoured to have the hard work acknowledged that we have put in to creating, developing and delivering the WICKED course. We would also like to recognise the input and support we have received throughout from our colleagues within NIHR CLAHRC South Yorkshire, our Trust and the University of Sheffield. We developed the age specific course following an in-depth examination of the needs of young adults with Type 1 diabetes conducted by a team from the Dept

t welcomes

he globe to learn more about Diabetes Care Prof. Solomon Tesfaye Consultant Physician/Honorary Professor of Diabetic Medicine (University of Sheffield) recently hosted a three week programme of events to share good practice in the treatment of diabetes with a group of Diabetes Specialists from across China.

Recent NHS Healthcare Hero nominee, Professor Tesfaye, shared incites into his internationally renowned Diabetic Neuropathy research as part of his role as Chairman of the International Expert Group on Diabetic Neuropathy. The programme also included presentations on ways of delivering treatments and best care packages to patients, visits to clinical areas and lectures from other experts in the Trust such as Dr Chan, Dr Creagh and Dr Scott. Dr Hu, one of the delegates, said: “We have really enjoyed our time here and Prof. Tesfaye has been really inspirational. We have learnt many new techniques and gained new ideas for research work. I particularly enjoyed visiting clinical areas, it was very beneficial in seeing different ways of working. The partnership between the UK and China will be really beneficial for patients in both countries as we can learn from each of our ways of working.”

hortlisted for 2012 Nursing Times award of Psychology at the University of Sheffield. Rebekah Beer, Adolescent Dietitian helped to develop the dietetic components and we were also supported by Clare Gibson, Project Manager for CLAHRC-SY Diabetes and Resource Illustrator of WICKED, who designed age appropriate tools to help encourage the young people to engage with the service and take ownership of their condition.” Chloe Duff, aged 18, from Gleadless, Sheffield, is a student at Castle College. She attended the course two weeks after being diagnosed with the condition. Chloe said: “I learnt a lot about all the things that can affect my diabetes that relate to my age group, it really put my mind at ease. It was fun to learn with other young people – we had a good laugh and made new friends.”

Kay Bottrell Diabetes Specialist Nurse for Young People with patients / course attendees: Chloe Duff (18) and Acacia Larence (18)

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o t s e t a t s E Help! ’. The system able to ‘Raise a Call Log can be tracked is easy to use and jobs e a new job rais from start to finish. To uired, users req is request a valid webID webID can n ow ir the w that do not kno for all aspects contact the Help Desk on 68686. Estates are responsible ortant s and ion rat Tracey added: “It is imp of the day-to-day ope st’s premises. that users realise that any management of the Tru reported ure ens to is n ctio fun urgent/emergency jobs Their main with lt g dea ineerin online will NOT be that all building and eng requests, y are enc erg nts Em pla immediately. services, equipment and power of s and los tly or rec d, cor floo such as a running efficiently and lling 68686 legislation. can be reported by dia comply with statutory t Trust.” nance, projec from anywhere in the This includes all mainte d does not nne vice pla owns, The Help Desk ser work, upgrades, breakd h as burning suc , nts and ce include fire incide preventative maintenan these should smells or actual fires – insurance inspections. l gra ext 2222. g inte llin an dia is by sk’ ed De be report The ‘Estates Help ts for new and is the Minor works (i.e. reques part of the Directorate swipe card reporting socket outlets), key and first point of contact for le through ilab sk Help De requests are also ava maintenance requests. and will be site and t ek ane we a the Estates Intr receives over 800 calls of this ek. end we s the by day 7 nic , going electro operates 24 hours a day Admin and financial year. Tracey Findlay, Estates es tat “Es : said er, Records Manag eptable and seek to provide an acc service at all ce nan inte ma sive respon lity target is to times. The Estates qua hin 2 working wit respond to all calls an emergency, is l cal days, unless the sible on the pos ver ere wh and resolve first visit.” service The on-line job reporting last the for has been in operation A 20ft shipping container packed with ls dea tly ren 18 months and cur with redundant medical equipment ff sta All ts. ues req all around 20% of donated by the Trust and local are Intranet that have access to the

the rescue

strives to Estates Management , visitors ensure that all patients th a wi ed and staff are provid ment. on vir en le safe, comfortab

Trust donates medical equipment to Ethiopia

charity Sheffield Health Action resource for Ethiopia (SHARE) was sent to help patients in Ethiopia.

World AIDs Day

nts The Centre As part of a series of eve are holding to for HIV and Sexual Health 1st December, mark World AIDs Day on Vigil at the there will be a Candlelit at 5.30pm. The ns Sheffield Winter Garde those who have ber em open event will rem S both in the UK been lost to HIV and AID w our support for and globally, and to sho ected by HIV. those living with and aff if Please email sheffield.c rmation. info r you would like furthe

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For the past 11 years the Trust has been working with partner hospitals in Mekelle in both clinical and technical aspects of patient care and in hospital management and research. As well as training staff, the Trust has also donated equipment, medical and nursing textbooks and other redundant supplies. The group have recently been awarded a grant from the Department for International Development to continue their work in improving the maintenance and management of medical equipment in Africa. This year, ultrasound machines and baby resuscitaires previously used in the Jessop Wing are being shipped over, along with vital signs monitoring equipment for children and adults. All items had already been replaced as part of the Trusts planned replacement programme due to age or standardisation of equipment around the hospitals. Teams of Sheffield Teaching Hospitals’ clinical engineers have

visited Mekelle during the past 4 years to train and assist the local technicians in the use, repair, maintenance and management of their medical equipment. Simon Temple, Senior Clinical Engineer at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, said: “The benefits of this partnership are already seen in improvements in infection prevention, in patient care through staff training and in the implementation of an equipment management system within the hospitals in Mekelle. Our staff enjoy working with the staff of the hospitals and benefit personally and professionally from the opportunity to work in this interesting and challenging environment We hope to send a few of our engineers back over in mid January.” Sending this container also offered the opportunity to include educational supplies for the school at a local orphanage, sewing machines to a training centre for destitute women http://www. and football boots donated by Sheffield Football Club. http:// For further information visit:

Hospitals team up with Boots to offer new Outpatients pharmacy services A more convenient prescription service will soon be available thanks to a new partnership with Boots pharmacy. The Trust has joined forces with Boots to change the way they dispense prescriptions to people attending the Royal Hallamshire Hospital for an outpatient appointment.

community Boots Pharmacy. For those Patients who decide to collect their prescription from the new pharmacy at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, they should not only see waiting times reduced but will also have access to a range of Boots retail products. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Chief Pharmacist Damian Child explains:

Under the new scheme, Boots will open a new pharmacy at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital which will offer patients a more flexible service including new options such as collection from their

“We have highly skilled NHS pharmacists working in our hospitals and this new service enables more of them to concentrate their efforts on ensuring the sickest patients who are in hospital get the

necessary medication as quickly as possible. It will also mean that when patients are ready to be discharged that they are not waiting longer than necessary for the drugs they need to take home with them because we will have more of our pharmacy team available to dispense the drugs and offer specialist advice. The new partnership with Boots also has benefits for patients who need medication after an outpatient consultation because for some patients they will be able to have it delivered to home or collect their medication from a local Boots pharmacy. The new service is likely to save the NHS locally around 1 million pounds without any loss of staff or service. The new service aims to dispense outpatient medications within 15 minutes of receiving the prescription.” Alan French, a patient representative who has been involved in the development of the new service said: “The Trust felt is was very important to have a patient representative involved during discussions about how this new service could bring improvements for patients and to use previous patient feedback to inform the service development. This has been reflected in the added benefits of the new service such as reduced waiting times for prescription collections and the option for some patients to collect their prescription from a local Boots pharmacy instead of having to wait at the hospital.” The new pharmacy will be open towards the end of 2012 on C floor at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield.

Sheffield Vision Centre celebrates 4 year anniversary at the The dedicated team e are ntr Ce ion Sheffield Vis l sfu ces suc a ing celebrat l ya Ro the at ars ye r fou . Hallamshire Hospital

de The team, which is ma two , ists up of three Optometr ts gis olo alm Consultant Ophth , nts ista Ass l and five Optica provide a thorough and vice to professional private ser public. STH colleagues and the petitive com The Centre offers g yin -pa fee ate rates on a priv 20% a e eiv rec basis. Staff frames, discount on sight tests, and lenses and contact lenses eye r a 10% discount on lase Consultant surgery, performed by thew Ma Mr ts: gis Ophthalmolo ards. Edw w the Ma Mr Raynor and All profits made by the ient Centre go back into pat ’ care in the Hospitals ent. Ophthalmology Departm istant Ass l tica Op , sby Jayne Gla er ath He h wit d phe (photogra -ordinator) McCormack Service Co make a said: “Our services can ’s lives ple peo huge difference to gery sur eye r lase – particularly by ed crib des n bee which has .I ng’ ngi cha ‘life as ts patien icians for worked in high street opt ing to urn ret over 15 years before say can I . ago rs the NHS three yea t hes hig the ers off tre that the cen I er care level of quality custom ud that pro l fee I and n see have ra mile ext our staff always go the needs.” ers tom to cater for the cus or ent tm oin app r To book you l cal ase ple n atio rm for more info 222 the Freephone: 0500 400

Mel wins Allied Professional Award Congratulations to Melloney Ferrar, Arrhythmia Care Coordinator; winner of the

Allied Professional Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Arrhythmia Management 2012.

Mel received the prestigious award at the Annual Heart Rhythm Congress in Birmingham.

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recognises Dedicated Workforce A team of volunteers that have made a remarkable difference to Palliative Care, a long serving Joiner that goes above and beyond the call of duty and a Matron dedicated to patient care are just a few of the stars awarded at the Trust’s annual Thank You Awards. Among the winners was Sue Sharp who collected the Customer Care Award for her dedication to improving care for the elderly and also Joy Farnsworth who collected the Lifetime Achievement Award for decades of hard work in the Trust

and her support for Heamophilia patients. Sarah Moore was nominated by patient Beryl Moore for the care given to her when she was admitted to the Urology ward. Sarah said: “I was delighted to receive this award. It means so much

to be nominated by a patient as they are always at the heart of what we do.” Celebrity entertainer Paul Ross hosted the evening, which took place at the Sheffield City Hall to celebrate the achievements of staff

from across the Trust. Around 400 members of staff attended the event with teams and individuals nominated by their colleagues, patients and managers for awards ranging from Quality Care to Behind the Scenes.

Chief Executive, Andrew Cash said: “This is the ninth year that we have held our Thank you awards and as ever the standard of nominations was exceptionally high. The individuals short-listed for the Thank you awards are no exception and have worked above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the needs of our patients are at the core of everything we do. I am very proud of all our staff and their tremendous achievements, which are the basis for this organisation’s success and for the excellent quality of care provided to patients. I would also like to thank the sponsors of the awards Sheffield Hospitals Charity and WRVS who made this special event possible. More details of our finalists can be found of the STH website.”

And the winners are… Innovation and Service Improvement Highly Commended: • Breast Cancer Physiotherapy Team • Mary Freeman Winners: Dr Alicia Vedio and Breast Cancer Physiotherapy Team

Quality Care Highly Commended: • Fran Raynor • The Infant Feeding Team Winner: Heart Failure Team

Fran Rayner, Quality Care Award

Customer Care Highly Commended: • Patient Partnership Officers • Renal Transplant Team Winner: Sue Sharp

Sue Sharpe, Customer Care Award

Behind the Scenes Highly commended: • Talib Kapasi • Teresa Dodd Winner: Clare Normington

Clare Normington, Behind The Scenes Award

Dr Alicia Vedio

Heart Failure Team, Qaulity Care Award Breast cancer Physiotherapy team

Mary Freeman, Innovation or Service Improvement Page 12 • Link - Autumn 2012

Infant Feeding, Quality Care Award

Paula Rickwood, Customer Care Award

Renal Transplant team, Customer Care Award

Talib Kapasi and team, Behind The Scenes Award

Teresa Dodd, Behind the Scenes Award

The Health Care Hero Award, Highly Commended:

Andy Naisby

Karen Rodgers

The Gift of Time Highly Commended: • Jack Hattersely • Leanne Roome Winner: Palliative Care Unit Volunteers

Professor Andrew Messenger

Health and Wellbeing Highly commended: • Health & Wellbeing Event Planning Team • Stroke Unit Team Winner: Staff Flu Vaccinators 2011/12

Sarah Moore

Winner: Briena Gregg

Yvonne Eason

Value For Money

Health and well being, Health And Wellbeing Award Foot and ankle, Value For Money Award Highly Commended: • Foot and Ankle Theatre Team

Jack Hattersely, Gift Of Time Award

Flu fighter, Health And Wellbeing Award

High Commended:


Medical Records, Value For Money Award

Cytology, Value For Money Award

Leanne Roome, Gift Of Time Award Flu fighter, Health And Wellbeing Award

Palliative care volunteer, Gift Of Time Award

Nigel Coulson bike team, Health And Wellbeing Award

Med records NGH, Value For Money Award Page 13 • Link - Autumn 2012

Thank you Awards continued Lifetime Achievement


Patient safety praised as Trust wins two national awards A pioneering project which helps patients who have had to undergo a gastrostomy procedure has been recognised at a national award night which highlights innovative patient safety.

Highly Commended: Alan Ashforth

Highly Commended: Catherine Wild

Highly Commended: Christopher Pridmore

Highly Commended: Michael Harper

Winner: Joy Farnsworth

Winner: Christine Stubbs

Staff won two awards at the Patient Safety Awards and the Care Integration Awards, both run by leading publication the Health Service Journal (HSJ). The Care Integration Awards are a new initiative set up to recognise partnership working between staff in different parts of the healthcare system. The Patient Safety Awards are an annual scheme promoting the best work across the NHS in improving the safety of patients. The Trust won the Primary Care category at the Patient Safety Awards and the Gastrointestinal

Care award at the Care Integration Awards for the work of its Department of Gastroenterology, together with colleagues in primary care. A team from the Department of Gastroenterology ran a project to improve outcomes for patients who have returned home having had gastrostomy tubes inserted in the hospital. The tube passes through the skin of the abdomen into the stomach and allows patients to be fed directly into their stomach with specially made liquid food and water. Complications can occur following the procedure and patients have to be supported when they return home. To help patients during this time the Trust established a dedicated community service which included the employing a dedicated gastrostomy

specialist nurse and two community dieticians. The project was successful in significantly reducing the number of patients requiring readmission to hospital. Professor David Sanders, a Consultant Gastroenterologist who lead the award winning project said: “To win one award is a great honour, but to win two is just fantastic, especially such prestigious awards as these. This is down to the hard work and dedication of our staff in the Department of Gastroenterology, who work tirelessly for patients. The project that has been recognised represents multidisciplinary work between different parts of the NHS in Sheffield, from hospitals to primary care and then back again. I am proud of the way that staff have worked together so effectively.”

Department of Gastroenterology holds successful The Trust’s Department of Gastroenterology recently held two highly successful meetings for primary care staff to find out more about its services. The Sheffield GI Primary Care Symposia, held across two half days at the Holiday Inn, saw around 100 delegates at each event gather to learn about Page 14 • Link - Autumn 2012

the latest developments in gastroenterology at the Trust and how primary care can link in with these. The events were open to GPs, GP registrars and nurse practitioners. Organised by Consultant Gastroenterologist Professor David Sanders, the symposia featured topics selected by GPs and presented by Trust experts, including gluten sensitivity,

inflammatory bowel disease, abnormal liver function, bowel cancer screening, and more. Delegates were able to hear about the range of services provided by the Trust, such as the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Service, Coeliac Specialist Service, Small Bowel Endoscopy Service, the Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage Unit and the Subregional Liver Unit.

Presenters included Dr Kumar Basu, Dr Dermot Gleeson, Dr Andrew Hopper, Dr Mohammed Karajeh, Dr Alan Lobo, Dr Mark McAlindon, Prof David Sanders, and Dr Reena Sidhu. The evaluation form received at the end of the events saw a score of over 90% rating the symposia as either good or very good.

d n a y r a im r P g in t a r b le e C t n e v e s e ic v r e S y it Commun

Speaker, explained the are available and time to s: key messages of his talk As part of the work. We have recently net l vita is ns nt pla me “Staff engage development re of transformed the structu ry , ma nce pri ma for the following for optimum per new the group, including a e car y nit . mu nce ilie and com it service and res senior team, and we felt t group restructure, e giv Celebration was a big par to ant ort was really imp ff sta ind a staff engagement rem ty to of the day, to members an opportuni event was organized, ally equ of all the positives that and m tea meet the including a day of ing they are already achiev d to give the team a chance workshops, stands an and ary Prim how around the er to hear staffs views on a motivational speak erence diff a ke Community care group, ma d can ite y the Un at Sheffield ” but ensure they remain in each department. Football Ground. ff sta of ers mb consistent. I think it’s Over 300 me , oy day The purpose of the the t hou oug important for staff to enj attended thr st. ich Tru day was to provide an wh the day of d as rte from all are a light hea opportunity for staff to munity services and com All boosts moral, but nts understand the services me art dep l tra cen e som also take away some h within the Care Group oug thr ed ent res rep re we important messages.” er further and how the wid they were also and lls sta Professor Wesley . organisation is structured y g workshops that nin run Vernon, Head of Podiatr Ruth Brown, General areas including s on wa us nt foc eve e “Th ty added: Manager for Communi sharing good practice, the of fantastic, I particularly aim e “Th : Care said les of integration and s mp exa all thought the speaker wa event was to showcase ay development with hw it’s pat and al tion ary pira Prim really ins of the services in the ity acute colleagues, up, great to take that positiv and Community care gro ient engagement. pat nce cha rk.” the wo ff back to which gives sta al Steve Head, Motivation s to see what other service

NHS Hero awards The NHS award scheme, NHS Heroes, allows patients to say thank you to members of staff who have helped them through difficult times or made their visit to hospital easier. Any

member of staff is eligible to be recognised for their exceptional service and care from any areas within the trust, from consultants to housekeepers to community staff.

l primary care symposia Professor David Sanders said: “These symposia were an excellent opportunity for primary care practitioners to hear about the services we provide at the Trust. We have some leading services here and so it’s important that primary care staff know what is available and how their patients can benefit. It was also a good chance to put

names to faces and network with each other. “I would like to thank all my colleagues who participated and also to so many primary care staff for attending and taking part so enthusiastically.” Professor Sanders is currently consulting on a further symposium and details will be announced soon.

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals received many nominations, with citations from patients highlighting all the hard work that is going on around the hospital everyday, which really makes a difference to patient experience. This year to in recognition of the nominee’s fantastic contribution they were invited to the Annual Members Meeting where the awards were presented by the Chairman, Tony Pedder. Helen Lee, Clinical Nurse Specialist and nominee explained how she felt when she received the award: “Its really touching to hear feedback from a patient, it’s nice to know that I have made a difference in their experience.”

This year’s NHS Hero’s are: Philip Bateman Dr O S Din Georgia Thompson Dr Atcheson Helen Lee Ward staff on Brearley 5

Professor Solomon Tesfaye Dr Abdallah Al Mohammad Mr Bhattacharryya Val Naylor Rosemary Rajogi Sarah Sampson Lisa King

Congratulations to all nominees. Page 15 • Link - Autumn 2012

Thyroid patients mpaign set to benefit from ‘Do Your Bit’ ca

swallow medication containing I can no longer play again radioactive iodine. how lucky I am to be on stage The iodine destroys any at this moment and doing ining healthy thyroid rema something I love.’” tissue and any potential d glan Aswell as the operation cancer cells on his throat to remove The results of the study, also Jim the thyroid gland, published The New England needed to receive replacement Journal of Medicine in May hormones and required fund to is n paig cam found for certain patients The treatment with radioactive of t men rbish refu r a lower dose of radioactive majo a iodine which is swallowed iodine is just as effective the the first floor of the hospital and circulates in the blood current treatment. to create a new Cancer any after surgery to remove Rachel Thorpe director Research and Treatment er canc remaining traces of the to ss acce Suite, offering of Weston Park Hospital from the body. er canc antite o-da most up-t Cancer Charity, said: “Medical Jim was asked by his s. apie ther and ts men treat research is vitally important consultant Dr Jonathan As well as patients with the so I would urge as many Wadsley, if he’d like to more common cancer, patients people as possible to support take part in a clinical trial, with rarer cancers – such this appeal. The new suite which the hospital was as thyroid cancer are set to marks a major step in terms of nts recruiting thyroid patie ities. facil the benefit from research and treatment here at into at the time. have nts patie id thyro e Som Weston Park Hospital and will Jim, a grandad of two, already taken part in medical enable our patients to receive readily agreed and said: “I trials which are leading to the most up to the minute felt I’d been very fortunate new forms of treatment in the treatments for their cancer, to have been diagnosed so NHS. One such patient was both now and in the future. do quickly and I wanted to music lover Jim Langley, who It will benefit thousands the help to something positive t men treat of t mids the was in of people and will confirm hospital. I had every faith in he n whe er canc id thyro for Dr Wadsley and his team not took to the stage to perform to put my recovery at risk and at the Buxton Music Festival I was happy to take part in in 2009. the trial. I was also aware that As a potential side-effect medical trials are extremely of a recent operation on his important to help patients not throat, Jim faced the prospect just now but in the future – so of losing forever the ability I would personally encourage to play his wind instrument. others to get behind the ‘Do But fortunately, three years Your Bit’ campaign.” on and the father-of-three Consultant Jonathan from Nether Edge, Sheffield, is sley, an expert in thyroid Wad still playing the tuba with the cancer, explained: “Thyroid Sheffield Concert Band and cancer treatment has been has made a complete recovery, the same for the last 30 or thanks to expert treatment at 40 years and the aim of the Weston Park Hospital, which trial was to see if a lower dose included participating in the of radioactive iodine and a medical trials. new hormone treatment are “Being on stage was very beneficial for patients and special,” said, Jim, aged 69, reduce the side effects of who not only plays, but also extreme fatigue.” makes brass instruments, “we Patients first have surgery were playing Monteverdi ‘s to remove the entire thyroid Vespers, one of my favourite gland, and then a few weeks pieces of music and I later take either a capsule or remember thinking, ‘even if

Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity’s ‘Do Your Bit’ campaign is raising £1.3 million to create a state-of- theart cancer research and treatment facility, at Weston Park Hospital.

Page 16 • Link - Autumn 2012

Weston Park Hospital in the front rank of cancer treatment and research. “Every penny that is raised in the name of Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity helps to support important projects at Weston Park Hospital and that is why we continue to urge people to support our events.” For every pound given to the campaign, Sheffield notfor profit health company, Westfield Health is giving a matching pound up to a maximum of £250,000 in addition to their £100,000 donation to the campaign earlier this year. Every donation is immediately doubled in value because of this and really will make a difference. To support the ‘Do Your Bit’ campaign visit: or call Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity on 0114 2265370.

Neurocare funds

new relative’s room on Neuro Ward Neurocare Charity has funded a new relative’s room on the Royal Hallamshire Hospital’s brand new Neuro ward. This room ensures that not just patients, but families too, receive the first class care and support needed to get through this difficult time. Senior Sister, Ward Manager and Neurocare Trustee, Julie Neal, said that the new relative’s room “…gives that extra little bit of

care. Small things make a big difference when people’s lives have been devastated.” Because of the large catchment area of the Neurosciences Ward, patients and their families often have to travel a long way from their homes in Lincoln, Nottingham, and Leicester, sometimes further. Julie said: “Privacy is very important at times like these. The relative’s room gives patients from far away a

more comfortable place to stay overnight.” Neurocare has spent £7000 to create a room where a family can rest, have a cup of coffee, watch TV or whatever they might choose to do at this difficult time. Freda Beckett’s Son, Steve, spent 10 days on the High Dependency Unit when he was being treated for an aneurysm. She said: “It’s important for relatives to have somewhere private to cope with

the emotions of that time. Also, distractions like a television, even when you can’t watch it, are so important”. “it was heartbreaking to see other families receiving bad news, particularly when you yourself are feeling so emotional.” Freda said it would make a “massive difference” to the staff too, when they have the hard job of giving bad news or trying to advise patients’ families.

? w o n k u o y Did vide in services the hospitals pro arity is Sheffield Hospitals Ch . the community for arded the official NHS charity Last year the Charity aw en in on Sheffield and has be 0 ,00 923 £1, grants totalling m since existence in some for ted efit ben ctly projects that dire was 1948, when the NHS improve patients by helping to first introduced. les of mp exa healthcare. Some ke ma to lude: ps inc hel y ded The Charit areas that were fun ng bei ts ch ien ear pat res s for ard life better • £20,000 tow e typ ry eve ost alm e for eas treated into kidney dis table of condition in Sheffield £5000 for new comfor • includes this , tals ient spi pat Ho a ng for chi Tea sofas and chairs Royal al, ner Ge ern rth m No roo the and family day k, Jessop cot Hallamshire, Weston Par £7000 for a baby twin • d Dental ring Wing and Charles Cliffor ove rec to enable twins ts the hospitals. It also suppor

be from intensive care to nursed together • £100,000 to provide y complementary therap i reik and such as massage for to cancer patients

three years  30,000 towards extra •£ port staffing resource to sup ients pat ambulatory care for mia kae being treated for leu and blood disorders uld like This year the Charity wo rking wo is to do even more and it r the hard to achieve this. Fur

arity has details on what the Ch 012 are achieved during 2011-2 ort rep ual included in the ann at d ade nlo which can be dow uk rg. y.o arit sch ital sheffieldhosp to 1 135 271 l cal ly tive or alterna request a hard copy.

Page 17 • Link - Autumn 2012

l a c o l , r a g Ian Sa e t e l h t a c i p Paralym

y it r a h C ls a it p s o H ld ie ff e h S announced as patron of

ies,” over and above their dut up in intensive g kin wa rs yea se the ring Ian says. “All people face when recove ll care, then spending two and I believes Paralympic basketba and ry inju later, they still know me nal spi a m fro been s completely flat on nth e mo hav ny ma – player, Ian Sagar has m the the still know that having access to n of back, looking up at the ients my Pat . life for announced as a patro ng azi nds am frie e be becom bionic suit would kept arity ceiling,” Ian recalls. “I their Sheffield Hospitals Ch s piece of Thi on that ward have had ts.” ien pat for n’t al did pe and ap n an dow es d nch hea and lau my it rd as at. lives destroyed. The wa equipment would be gre a anyone about to talk lly help it, rea t to raise funds to buy t the the people who suppor nic It would go to prove tha eriencing.” exp s wa I s at live revolutionary new bio wh ir the ld Cord those patients bui d Northern General Spinal ng cared for by the bei t “Bu suit to help paralyse t.” tha as ple ss cla again, it’s as sim Injury Centre is a world that life’s patients to walk. level staff, made me realise of ont efr Due to the outstanding for the at l tre cen r and that you can stil ove nted by not d wa use Ian be uld ed, wo uld eiv it wo rec The suit for of care he medical assistance and pretty good life. And a p ion e hel reg hav to the y t arit oss tha Ch acr ts m ien the t fro patients to suppor ned show old and new pat “I , my life has actually tur nal ts. me Spi ien the pat at er ry for nev inju ed and nal car le spi being other anything is possib before ron out better than it was Cord Injury Centre at the am honoured to be a pat the s to lose hope.” wa ics mp Oly The ry. inju tal. arity. my spi Ch ld, Northern General Ho for Sheffield Hospitals Ian who is from Sheffie event in the g rtin spo t ges to ng big ing doi ut aim e when The Charity is I feel passionate abo was treated in the Centr resenting your rep be To rld. port for wo sup pay se to rea a s in raise £100,000 my upmost to inc he lost the use of his leg r own country, you in y, has vide ntr ich pro cou wh t can y sui the 9, 199 the specialist and funding so motorbike accident in home crowd cheering r t you en h tha wh t wit for and ts com join n of el tha motorised that extra lev e at the age of 17. More was a once in a lifetim on, sed .” you aly nce par s ere d ble cte diff a ena sele fitted really makes tic.” 13 years later, he was lk experience. It was fantas patients to stand and wa Anyone that wishes to Great Britain in ent res l rep bal to sical first got the basket Ian Injury ics mp aly around. This provides phy Par support the Spinal Cord the London 2012 e, as ntr Ce the in for s ile efit wh ben l bug ine at and psychologica Centre, can donate onl Basketball team. d to take age ve our mo enc to s e wa abl rg. he y.o are al patients who sheffieldhospitalscharit He puts his monument as part of e gam eye at the s in ion t 1 sat par 135 ver 271 to the and hold con uk, by calling 0114 recovery largely down . It is now his g is tion isin lita dra abi reh fun de his ma the If que in. ise of level aga or by sending a che support, care and expert und, could be regular UK training gro spitals ing say successful, the Centre e, ntr Ce the payable to Sheffield Ho in ff the sta to have is not at overseas y he ntr en cou wh od the . in wo t Ful und firs aro Old the Charity to 5 they helped turn his life training camps. such a suit. liest memory Road, Sheffield, S10 3TG ear y “M go e staff consistently “Th Ian understands from his s wa nt following the accide llenge own experience, the cha

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Making life better for patients - one bag at a time Sheffield Hospitals Charity are pleased to launch a new clothes recycling scheme called ‘Bags for Change’. The new fundraising initiative will help the Charity to raise money so it can continue to make life better for patients in Sheffield. The exciting new “Bags for Change” scheme is really simple. We ask organisations, schools, colleges and community groups to collect their unwanted quality clothing in a Charity bag for recycling. We’ll then arrange a collection point and agree a date, to pick up the bags and take them away. “Bags for Change” is a great way to raise money as, unlike similar schemes available, Sheffield Hospitals Charity receive 100% of the profits from recycling the clothing which

means more money can be spent to benefit staff and patients at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. The Charity hopes staff will get involved in the inititiave by encouraging friends, family, colleagues and local schools to set up a “Bags for Change” collection. Setting up a collection is easy, you simply: 1. You book a collection (a minimum of 10 bags per collection is required) 2. We send you collection bags and leaflets to distribute 3. You encourage everyone to gather up their unwanted clothes and fill a bag 4. The bags are then taken to an agreed collection point on a pre-arranged date, so they can be collected by us 5. The collection is weighed and we’ll let you know how much has been raised.

For more details visit our web site at uk/Support-Us/Bags-for-Change. Alternatively, contact Julian Fifield via email at julian.fifield@shct.nhs. uk or by calling 07977 269 523.

Clothes collection bags are not to be taken to any of the Sheffield Teaching Hospital sites. Bags will only be collected from the prearranged collection point on the agreed date and time.

Ride London 100

y Sheffield Hospitals Charit ces pla has sucessfully secured s Thi . 100 don Lon e Rid for of t is your chance to be par t foo history and follow in the

Laura steps of Bradley Wiggins, Lizzie n ow s ire’ ksh Trott and Yor Billed . ncy Cla Ed and Armitstead on on rath Ma n ndo as the “Lo new g itin exc this Wheels”,

rt out on cycling challenge will sta take and 3 201 Sunday 4 August Race d Roa ic mp in the London Oly g gin llen cha a route. This will be to e hav l event as you wil

in nine complete the 100 miles ted in hours. If you are interes ds fun taking part and raising ie. jam for the Charity contact

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(Lead Nurse – Older People and Vulnerable Adults) Staff Governor, Nursing and Midwifery I would like to thank those nursing and midwifery colleagues who voted for me to represent you as Staff Governor.

that your views, concerns and ideas are communicated from ward to Board. My aim is to gain a better understanding of the way in which the Trust works and to keep you informed of current and future Trust initiatives. I have over 30 years nursing experience, as a Registered General

I am pleased to be able to have this opportunity to act as advocate for nurses and midwives, ensuring

Nurse for adults, and as a Registered Health Visitor within Children and Young People’s Services. This breadth of experience enables me to have an understanding of the issues and concerns for staff working in both the acute sector and in the community. I will be happy

to meet with individuals or groups or alternatively I can be contacted via the following e-mail address: gov-christina.

Frank Edenborough Staff Governor Medical and Dental Once again thank you to all those who voted to return me as your Governor. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first tenure and spoken up in Council and Forum for staff and for patients as often as I can but have struggled to meet the aspirations of my first term which was to help improve communication

and engagement with Staff members. In recent years the staff governors have been depleted so I am very pleased now to be one of 5 active in the Trust. The drive to increase the standing and relevance of the Staff Governors is gaining momentum – and hence the opportunity to forge a stronger

means of representing the opinions of STHFT staff to the Board and influencing the way we work. Since the importance / power of the governing body is likely to be increased and the Trust Constitution is being revised, now is the time to increase awareness and bring some relevance to the concept

of “membership” of the Trust, a means by which staff members through the Governors really do have their say in the culture of our organisation.

Claudia Westby

Chris Monk

Management, Administrative & Clerical

Allied Health Professionals, Scientists and Technicians

Staff Governor

Staff Governor I have lived in Sheffield for 35 years and have worked for the Trust since 2008, as the Trust’s Travel Plan Coordinator. 25 years of clerical, administrative and managerial experience in the private sector has furnished me with an insight into the pressures faced in providing a service under competing constraints. I believe

my experience enables me to represent such a large staff group and ensure their voices are heard in determining and implementing Trust strategy and in promoting our vision to be recognised as the best provider of health care, clinical research and education in the UK. I will strive to assist in the provision of excellent health care for patients and a

working environment in which the health and wellbeing of staff is a priority, thus developing Sheffield into a vibrant, healthy city. Thank you to all management, administrative and clerical staff who voted for me. I will do everything I can to live up to your expectations.

I am the Head of Clinical Engineering for the Trust, which involves management and development of medical equipment as well as providing specialist clinical services.

Craig Stevenson for Ancillary, Works and Maintenance I would like to thank all of you who voted for me and electing me Staff Governor. My first few weeks have already been a learning curve in realising just how big the Trust is and now I’m looking forward to getting to know more about how it runs and works, as well as learning from and working alongside all of the other Governors. Most of all, I’m looking forward to meeting all the Ancillary, Works and Maintenance Members who work throughout the Trust and to voicing their opinions, ideas and concerns back to the Trust. I had twenty eight years experience as a production engineer in the steel industry before coming to work as a Domestic at the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital in 2004 and I became a Domestic Supervisor in 2005 so being a Staff Governor will be an allnew experience for me in which I look forward to combining both roles together over the coming months and to the challenges that lay ahead. Once again thank you and I look forward to being your Staff Governor for the next three years.

I look forward to representing Allied Health Professionals, Scientists and Technicians in the evolving role of Staff Governor, in particular highlighting the contribution that we make to the organisation. Page 25 • Link - Autumn 2012

r e c n a c d l e i f f She ospital h e is a r p patients experience and share my experiences to Michelle said: “All the staff help other cancer patients.” g were fantastic, not just durin Hilary Chapman Chief my treatment and time in Nurse Chief Operating hospital, but also the after Officer said: “It is great to care and support I received see that our cancer patients which has helped me no end. are happy with the care The teams in the Sheffield and treatment our hospitals my d Teaching Hospitals save provide. Although the Our Trust was one of 160 life and they really would the report was very positive, Trusts that took part in bend over backwards for you nt Patie cer 2012 National Can so I can understand why they Experience Survey. 91% of had great survey results for the 1241 patients surveyed patient experience.” in Sheffield rated their overall Janet, 59, a mum cancer care as excellent or very of two from Norton good, which is better than the in Sheffield, was national average. happy with the care Sheffield also she received at the outperformed other Trusts Royal Hallamshire and in other areas including: Weston Park Hospitals hospital staff giving patients when she had surgery enough emotional support and radiotherapy and doing everything they for breast cancer. could to help control pain. Janet now works as Michelle, 47, a mum a volunteer to help of three from Ecclesfield support other patients in Sheffield, was happy at the Cancer Support with the care and support Centre at Weston Park she received at the Royal where both herself and Hallamshire and Weston Michelle attended. Park hospitals when she Janet said: “The hospital had surgery, chemotherapy staff were really friendly and and radiotherapy for breast understanding and worked cancer and then had to well as a team to provide the undergo further treatment best care possible. I wanted for a brain tumour. to give something back and I When Michelle, who was now offer working as a Psychiatric Nurse, my support began losing her speech she put it down to stress after recovering from breast cancer. But after she suffered from a series of fits and seizures she was rushed to hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain tumour which required sed with her care Patient Michelle King was plea surgery.

Sheffield mums Michelle King and Janet Miles are just two local cancer patient that understands why Sheffield Teaching Hospitals have been praised in a national survey.

Page 26 • Link - Autumn 2012

we will continue to look for improvements in areas where patient feedback indicates we could do even better.” Further information on the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey programme and the 2012 survey can be obtained at


Olympic Fun brought to our Patients

As Olympic fever swept the nation patients across the Trust got into the spirit of the games and enjoyed with an ‘Olympic hamper’. The hampers included a selection of celebratory items and a commemorative Union Jack mug.

The Hotel Services Team hand delivered the hampers to each ward. Kevin O’Regan, Director of Hotel Services explained: “We wanted to make sure everyone in our hospitals could celebrate the 2012 Olympics. I hope that all of our patients have enjoyed the celebrations.

Cecilia Shinn (pictured), a patient on Hadfield 4 was there when the Hamper was handed over. Cecilia said “I’ve been enjoying watching the Olympics on the TV and the hampers are a good idea to lift patients spirits.”

y c a g e L ic p m ly O r fo e tr n e c Sheffield highlighted as ted Sheffield was highligh s tre cen ee thr of as one taking part in a major tive Olympic Legacy initia 2012 on nd Lo following the s. me Olympic Ga The National Centre for ine, Sport and Exercise Medic don and Lon ld, ffie She comprising nched lau s wa ds, lan Mid t the Eas The . in the summer in London g din lea centre brings together h hig and ls universities, hospita kle tac p hel profile partners to most some of the country’s

services innovative and improved luding l help serious health issues, inc wil t and programmes tha ons, lth and chronic long-term conditi hea y’s ntr transform the cou etal for sts obesity and musculoskel eca for the start to reverse se thy eal disorders. Together the unh m fro ths premature dea ntry and s conditions cost the cou ing find ch ear lifestyles. Res per year red with more than £20 billion best practice will be sha s lost day efit of in healthcare costs and ben the for S NH the entire y. at work. ntr cou the oss patients acr m in Sheffield is to receive £10 “The Sir Andrew Cash said: tre cen n ow its p elo dev to g din fun the Sheffield arm of the ld facilities focus of bui to and nce elle exc tres of three Olympic Legacy cen ch, ear res er eth tog g brin on the to of excellence is centred vices. education and NHS ser activity promotion of physical l The national centre wil health and improvement of the into aim to translate research

people and productivity of the of Sheffield. to “The city is well placed sful. ces suc ensure this project is ss cla Sheffield has world es sport and medical faciliti g din lea complemented by al ion cat research and edu ’s two programmes in the city Sheffield n itio add In universities. lic health pub g nin win has award grammes pro tor sec ary and volunt risk’ aimed at engaging ‘at and es niti mu com and groups s.” litie qua ine lth hea ng reduci

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for HIV

Going for Gold in ‘Condom-athon’ d Sexual Health also The Centre for HIV an the London Olympics brought the spirit of ve sexual health. to Sheffield…to impro

Sheffield Teaching The NHS service, part of their very own Olympic Hospitals, experienced ir lic interest thanks to the legacy with increased pub eaway. gold medal condom giv vides free condoms and pro ich wh e, ntr Ce The and advice throughout n sexual health informatio at festivals, saw a huge the city by hosting stalls ch aging with their outrea increase in people eng l xua ‘Se of n introductio workers following the s. dal me n’ pio am Ch Health r g Course Administrato inin Tra n, yso Gra a mm Ge : said Health (pictured) Centre for HIV & Sexual goers to become Sexual l tiva fes “We encouraged ing part in a simple Health Champions by tak being awarded a sexual health quiz before gold shaped like an Olympic condom in packaging rest inte never saw as much medal. Health workers ple peo ll before! Normally in our sexual health sta sed to engage with us ras bar em walk past, too gold n offering the Olympic but since we have bee our in t par ing tak for hange medal condoms, in exc re mo had e hav We . ted nda quiz, we have been inu I n tha ple about safer sex conversations with peo .” ore bef have ever known the Sexual Health of or ect Dir Steve Slack, t e have always known tha Promotion Unit said, “W ut abo ges ssa me sex er we have to make our saf aging, but the interest eng and fun use dom con all condoms has taken us in Olympic gold medal ed icis crit l ’t want to fee by surprise. People don ual health choices and sex ir the ut abo or lectured lth considered ‘sexual hea are clearly happier to be one is this t tha ing champions’. We are hop d don 2012 which will lea unexpected legacy of Lon of lth hea ents in the sexual to long term improvem are all winners.” we y wa the city – that

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Looking Out for All of Us

To book an appointment, call in or ring on 0114 285 2696 - home visits available Eye Tests – Spectacles – Contact Lenses – Accessories – Private Tests NHS Tests – VDU Tests Premier Eyecare incorporating AC Smith Opticians 3 Learoyd Way, Hillsborough Barracks Shopping Mall, within the Morrisons Complex, Sheffield S6 2LR. Ample free car parking, convenient for buses & trams.

Premier Eyecare 5 King St, Hoyland, Barnsley S74 9JU 01226 742158

Director and Optometrist at Premier Eye Care Tanveer Hussain explains “The old puff of air test was probably the most dreaded part of the eye test by most, if not all, patients that have had it done before. This new invention will be welcomed by all patients having their eye examinations at Premier Eye Care.” The new invention gives the optician a measurement of IntraOcular Pressure (IOP - Eye pressure for Glaucoma check). It’s a lightweight portable hand held instrument which takes readings directly off your eyes with a gentle touch - it gives an instant accurate reading and there’s no uncomfortable drops, no puff of air or major contact with your eyes. “The new small hand held instrument gives me the versatility to carry out a very important health check on everyone I see”, continues Tan. “Whether it’s in the practice, or a domiciliary home visit.”

AC Smith Opticians 27 Towngate, Ossett, Wakefield, WF5 9BL 01924 263313 AC Smith Opticians 34 Market Place, Doncaster, DN1 1NE 01302 344569

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one to one Community Care One To One Community Care services can provide care and support in your own home. Our services are tailored to your needs and may include • Personal Care (eg washing & dressing) • Practical tasks (eg laundry, shopping, cleaning) • Social Outings (covering postcodes S2,S7,S10,S11) Please give us a call to discuss your requirements

tel: 07909 591342

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