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Jessop Fertility Winter 2013

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Welcome to the Winter edition of LINK magazine. I am always incredibly proud to tell people I work for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and this edition of LINK demonstrates exactly why I feel that way. As well as the usual packed pages of news, we also feature the winners of this year’s Thank You Awards in which over 120 teams and individuals were nominated. This is the highest number we have ever had. Every single nomination was worthy of being a finalist and the extent to which our colleagues have gone above and beyond their paid roles to ensure we continue to provide safe, high quality, efficient care was staggering. Innovation played a key role in this year’s awards and indeed STH colleagues have also scooped the prestigious Medipex awards for Innovation in 3 of the 6 categories. New ways of working and increased partnership working between acute, community and social care colleagues was also very evident at the Thank You awards. This will be critical as we move into the winter period with all the challenges it brings and the need to ensure we can keep patients flowing through our services with limited delays. This will ensure we have the capacity to treat the increase in emergency patients we know we will see. Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your work so far this year and assure you that we will be doing everything possible to ensure we have robust plans in place to manage the winter pressures. But of course I am only too aware that the plans will only be successful with the support of you and your colleagues. I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the magazine.

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Recognising those behind the scenes


otel Services are one of the largest directorates within the Trust and provide a range of essential services that support the day to day running of the hospitals for example catering, domestics, laundry, security, portering, transport, car parking, accommodation, waste management.

Many of the 1800 staff in Hotel Services are dedicated employees that consistently provide outstanding levels of service or continually perform above and beyond expectations. However, due to the nature of their work this dedication can often go unoticed. As a result, the Hotel Services Management team have decided to introduce an employee of the quarter scheme. Below are the Hotel services colleagues who were nominated at the end of June this year:

Peter Mullins – Laundry

1st Place

Andrew Purvis – Domestics

2nd Place

Chris Peat – Transport

3rd Place

Adam Hinchcliffe – Portering


Craig Stevenson – Domestics


Emma Hague – Domestics


Frank Greathead – Catering


Jackie Morton – Catering


Katie Paterson – Domestics


Margaret Nelson – Domestics


Mark Owen – Domestics


Tracey Hague – Domestics


Peter Mullins was recognised for his prompt actions when he discovered a major steam leak in the laundry on a weekend. Peter quickly moved the other staff in the department to a safe environment, contacted Estates to get the steam shut and avoided thousands of pounds worth of potential damage to machinery. He then contacted a member of the management team to make them aware of the issue and cleared up any water caused by the leak. Peter said “I think the awards are a brilliant idea and I was honoured to have been nominated and very proud to receive first prize, both for myself and the department”. Second place went to Andrew Purvis. Andrew’s substantive role is that of supervisor at Firth Park Clinic. However, his flexibility and support is invaluable to the Domestic Management team. Andrew goes above and beyond the call of duty on a continuous basis to make sure services in the community are maintained and in many ways is our first stage contingency plan. Third place went to Chris Peat, who managed to keep services running despite the Waste Compactor breaking down for 3 days. Chris emptied all the black household

bins by hand, thus preventing waste backing up on the Wards. I’m sure most people can appreciate just how much waste is produced across the NGH in a single day and how busy Chris must have been. All nominees were extremely pleased with being nominated and the recognition received for their continued efforts.

Winner Peter Mullins with Director of Hotel Services Kevin O’Regan

Patients give Hospitals top marks for cleanliness, dignity and food standards

The Trust has received praise for ward cleanliness, respecting patient’s dignity and the quality of food from independent inspectors as part of a new national set of assessments to ensure high standards are met.


e were a pilot centre for the innovative Patient Led-Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE) which give staff and patients the opportunity to be inspectors in a bid to drive improvements in care settings. The inspectors looked at four key areas which were scored out

of 100%. The Northern General, Royal Hallamshire (which includes the Jessop Wing) and Weston Park Hospitals as well as Beech Hill Intermediate Care Unit all scored over 99% for cleanliness, over 93% for privacy, dignity and wellbeing, over 90% for condition, appearance & maintenance and ranged from 87% - 96% for food. Kevin O’Regan, Hotel Services Director, said: “These assessments are a fantastic way to give patients

and the public a voice that can be heard in any discussion about local standards of care. Our staff have worked extremely hard to deliver good standards in the four key domains of PLACE in all our Trust facilities. We work in partnership with ward staff and infection control specialists to enhance cleaning standards and introduced rapid-response and deep clean teams as part of the ongoing drive to prevent infections. This has already helped

to reduce infections including a 40% reduction in Cdifficile cases compared to 2011/12. Ward refurbishments/upgrades have also improved environmental standards on an ongoing basis and we continue to provide good nutrition and hydration, with a greater choice of food for our patients. This will improve further by 2014 following completion of our £7+ million catering infrastructure investment. Whilst we have posted an excellent set of results we will continue to make every effort to sustain and improve our scores, wherever possible, to deliver our key objective to provide high quality services for our patients.”

Cancer patients praise care in Sheffield A comprehensive review of NHS cancer care by the Department of Health has found that our patients receive excellent care. The 2013 National Cancer Patient Experience Survey rated STH within the top 20% of Trusts in various areas, including: • Staff always treating patients with respect and dignity • Staff giving complete explanations of what would be done

• S taff doing everything they could to control pain 91% of patients rated their overall care as ‘excellent’ or ’very good’ which is higher than the national average of 88%. The Trust did not score in the lowest 20% of Trusts for any of the questions in the survey, which was designed to monitor national progress on cancer care and to provide information that could be used to drive local quality improvements.

Chris Morley, Deputy Chief Nurse, said: “I am delighted that the 2013 National Cancer Patient Experience Survey has rated our services so highly. This survey is an excellent way for us to review our care and I am pleased to say we have seen improvements from last year’s positive report. All of our staff are passionate about the care that they give to patients and we pride ourselves on giving a professional high quality caring service.” Page 3 • Link - Winter 2013

Tell us what YOU think

For the first time, EVERYONE who works for the Trust has the chance to tell me where we are doing well and where we could do better. As you know we recently introduced the Friends and Family test to see how many of our patients would recommend our services/care. I feel it is equally important to know how the people working in our hospitals and community services feel too.


e have therefore decided to use the NHS staff survey to enable ALL staff to give their views and as a result have the opportunity to be part of future improvements. Usually only around 850 staff are randomly selected to participate in the survey which I do not feel gives a full picture of you and your colleagues views. Taking part in the survey is also important because the results often determine whether or not we achieve the national targets we are set each year. These impact on our funding, the amount of monitoring we are put under and the reputation we have with patients. I know the survey is long and you may feel you don’t have the time, but I would be very grateful if you could complete it. You can do it in work time or at home if you prefer. It can also be completed by phone on 0800 587 3115. The last date to post the survey is 30th November 2013. Your responses are confidential and no-one at the Trust sees them because they are collected and analysed by the survey provider Page 4 • Link - Winter 2013

Capita. If you require further information about the survey please contact Rhian Bishop, Staff Engagement Coordinator on ext 14453 or We will tell you the results once we have them and more importantly about some of the suggestions received and actions planned. Thank you and I look forward to hearing your views.

All completed surveys will automatically be entered in to a prize draw (through Capita) where you have the chance to win one of three tables for two to enjoy a festive lunch. The prizes have been kindly donated by The Rutland Hotel in Sheffield.

Chief Executive

Your feedback makes a difference Through previous surveys and adhoc suggestions we have been able to act on your ideas. This has made a huge impact in many cases for the benfit of colleagues throughout the Trust:

You Said

We did

Senior managers could be more visible

-Andrew Cash, Chief Executive has held more ‘let’s talk’ road shows across the Trust and in departments. -Senior managers are now doing clinical shifts and can be identified in a navy uniform with red piping.

The Trust could do more for our health and well being

This year we have: - Held Health and wellbeing festivals - Introduced initiatives such as health checks/ walking to work with the breakfast club - A fast track muscoskeletal service for staff has been piloted. The service is designed to help staff who suffer back or other musculoskeletal ijuries or conditions. This acces to treatment has already been proven to reduce the amount of days colleagues have had off sick.

We want to be more involved in suggesting improvements

- More focus groups to get staff views are being held across the Trust - Microsystems coaching has been introduced - Some areas such as Hotel services have introduced suggestion boxes

We want a good quality appraisal and the right training and development for our job

A new appraisal system has been introduced based on the PROUD values. That more than 3,000 staff suggested.

We want more shuttle buses to be provided at peak times

This was investigated with the bus company but unfortunately as this would mean hiring another bus for a whole day it wouldn’t be cost effective.

There is a lack of car parking

In the last two years, 424 additional car parking spaces have been provided at the Northern General Hospital of which 55% are designated for staff.

We want staff at all levels to have their views listened to

This year everyone at the Trust has received a staff survey questionnaire at work. This can be filled in during work time or taken home as you prefer – please complete it and return it to our survey provider Capita as soon as possible.


Australian transplant patients visit our facilities

Team Australia paid a visit to staff and patients at the renal and dialysis units at the Northern General Hospital during their time in Sheffield for the international Transplant Games. They were very impressed with the facilities and all the dedicated team work they witnessed.

SOHWS Recognised for Supporting Staff The Sheffield Occupational Health & Wellbeing service (SOHWS) has recently achieved accreditation following two years of preparation and a full days audit. The Service is now formally recognised as having the required high level of competence to deliver against

the measures in the Safe Effective Quality Occupational Health Services (SEQOHS) standards. The SEQOHS auditors were highly complimentary about the high quality of the service and requested that several initiatives are shared throughout the country as exemplars of best practice. For more information visit

Ten by Ten A new initiative called ‘Ten by Ten’ has been launched in an attempt to free up acute beds earlier in the morning. All NGH wards have been asked to identify two patients a day to be brought down to the Discharge Lounge by 10am, so each ward will be sending 10 patients a week. Staff from the Discharge Lounge will help facilitate this by visiting wards late in the afternoon to meet and greet the patients identified for discharge the next day and explain to them what will happen in the morning. Chris Hayden, Deputy General Manager Clinical

Operations, said: “We appreciate that some wards may find it difficult to identify two patients a day but we would encourage them to identify as many as possible. Any increase in the number of beds available earlier in the day would go a long way in improving the care experience of our patients.” The Discharge Lounge is fully staffed by qualified Nurses and Support Workers and can take both seated and patients requiring beds. If you have any questions about this initiative please do not hesitate to contact the Discharge Lounge Sister, Tricia Purnell on 15066. Page 5 • Link - Winter 2013

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