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BigBite Update Dear Readers, On May 14th, BIGBITE celebrated a major milestone: 1 million views on Youtube! We don’t know how many of you have ever had a “wow” moment like that, but let us tell you – it’s earthshattering. It hit us like a ton of bricks. It helped us realize that we’re not just wasting our time here. The people watching our content might be (28.5 years of it, but who’s counting?) but we’re not. And now, we just hit our 1337th subscriber! We’ve had the great pleasure of reading every single comment and responding to as many as we can, and still the only word left to describe all of this is just … Wow. Even re-reading the words above is just blowing our minds. We speak for our entire BIGBITE team when we say that this has been among the most humbling experiences for us. We are so grateful to each and every person who has been a part of this journey with us. We want to thank everyone who has entered our and Rooster Teeth’s weekly Fan Art Friday contents. We want to thank everyone who has published work in our magazine. We want to thank everyone who has ever viewed and shared our content. And we want to thank the rest of the BIGBITE team, both past and present. We would be nowhere without you. As we look ahead at BIGBITE’s future, we see growth. We see countless opportunities. But that growth and those opportunities will come from where they always have – from the community. From you. We personally invite you to share your talents and grow with us! Do you like to write? Are you an artist? A video editor? We have venues for each type of content and we would love to share yours! If you’d like to be a part of this BIGBITE adventure, please send us an email to with a little bit about who you are and what you do. We’d be happy to talk to you about how you can participate! Again, to our fans, thanks a million!

Joe Dalton CEO, BIGIBTE Media

Matthew VanDeZande Editor-In-Chief, BIGBITE Magazine



april 07 - may 26 2017

april 07 2017

@AeroJett This week’s featured artist is Jett Furr, AKA @AeroJett, for this Slow Mo Guys poster. Jett lives in North Carolina, where he works at a fitness center and freelances as a graphic designer and artist on the side. Drawing inspiration from the 25 Airbag Rainbow Explosion video, he made Gavin and Dan’s silhouettes in Illustrator, then painted them, the background, and the Slow Mo Guys logo in Sketchbook Pro.

Other Work:

Fanart friday

april 14 2017


Fanart friday

This week’s featured artist is Georgia Martin, AKA @gem_ scheltema, for this Rooster Teeth logo made out of Double Gold RT Box‌ boxes.

Georgia lives in the eastern Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia, and enjoys reviewing Double Gold RT Boxes each month. To create this piece, she calculated the size she wanted the logo to be, then created a template on regular paper. Next, she took several RT Boxes and figured out where she wanted parts of them to reside on the logo, then cut the pieces out of the boxes and joined them together. The end result is almost 80 cm (about 31 inches) wide and just over 50 cm (about 20 inches) tall. When all was said and done, this project took roughly 18 hours to complete.

The rooster teeth community spotlight:


VICTORIA ARNETT Interviewed by Matt “Retrograder” VanDeZande

Hi, Victoria! It’s been a while since we’ve really had a chance to chat, so I’m excited to hear how things have been going. First off, what can you tell our readers about you and your community? How long have you been around, what sort of events do you do, what seperates you from other community groups, and how do you keep your members, fans, and followers engaged? In some way shape or form, RT Florida has been around for the last five years, albeit, not always successfully. 2012 was my first attempt at starting up a local community group called RvBFL. There were two other people interested in helping, as well, and they were great at it! Eventually things tapered off and the group went silent. The other two had gone silent and I had moved back home for a bit. Enter 2014 and I was back in Orlando, ready to try again! It went well for a while, reviving RvBFL and holding a few raffles. Then around the beginning of 2015, Will (another current admin of the group), contacted me over the Rooster Teeth site asking

if we wanted to work together. He had picked up the abandoned RT Florida group, and was trying to do the same thing. Then the site update happened and we lost all our previous messages with each other and lost touch as well. After RTX that year, we finally found each other again and worked on merging the two groups. We decided to go with RT Florida over RvBFL since the former felt more encompassing. Now, here we are over a year and a half later and still going strong with multiple in-person meetups a month, multiple online events weekly, streams, group podcasts, weekly updates, and a bunch of other community-created content. Honestly though, without Chris, our social media guy, I don’t think we’d have so many game nights with the group. He stays on top of that to make sure PC and Xbox gamers have options. It can be a bit of a challenge though, Florida is such a large state and we can’t be everywhere. That’s why we recently brought our newest admin, David, on board to help host events in South Florida. We’re slowly branching out to the different parts of Florida to accommodate all of our members, but we’re also lucky enough to have the RWBY Cosplayers of Southeast Florida hosting events for our members when we aren’t able to. Next step,

is reaching out in the pan handle! Our size also sets us apart though. We’re so large, yet we’re still able to find ways to include everyone. I’d probably saw we’re even one of the most active community groups, in the States at least. Overall though, this group would be nothing without the community. They make up the group and without them, we wouldn’t exist! Last time we really interacted was just before the Rooster Teeth Community Extra Life streams. What was that opportunity like for you and RT Florida, what did you guys do, and what plans do you have for this year’s event? We were really excited to participate in Extra Life last year, and even more excited to take part in the Rooster Teeth community stream too! Both were an incredible experience with a lot of interest from the community itself. We have a few people who really enjoy streaming in the group, and for us to be able to apply that to something as amazing as a charity stream really allowed people to have a lot of fun. We probably made it a bit more complicated than needed; four different locations with four different 6 hour blocks. It made things a bit difficult technically, but allowed everyone to do their own thing at each location. This year we’re simplifying it and sticking to one location and swapping out participants, but definitely keeping the fun events like the stretch goals and our Hat of Horrors. The Hat of Horrors I think really made it fun for everyone watching and participating. When someone donated $20+, we’d pull from a hat and do things like play Rocket League upside down, attempt the milk challenge, take some shots, get slapped, things like that. In fact, since we destroyed our goal last year (thanks to the amazing members of the community), we’re even upping our goal even higher. We really want to step it up this year, that’s why we got a mini trebuchet to be used on stream!

“We probably made it a bit more complicated than needed; four different locations with four different 6 hour blocks.” We’re starting to come up on RTX 2017. Last year you had a signing book for people from each state to sign in and represent their states and their communities. Was that the first year you’ve done it and what inspired the idea? What were the top three states? Do you plan on doing it again this year? Also, what’s it like being a Guardian at RTX? Especially compared to being a regular attendee? The RTX Guest Book was the first kind of convention project like that for us, but such a fun thing to do. RTX has gotten so large compared to the first year with people coming from all over, we wanted a way to see that, and that’s pretty much where the idea for the book came from. Because, let’s be honest, the best thing about Rooster Teeth is the community. We just recently finished scanning all

the pages in and are editing them together. We’re hoping to release the finished pages from the RTX Guest Book to the publix soon! Texas really outnumbered everyone, they had two whole pages! Next was Florida, you know, because we’re so awesome. Then California has the third highest number of signatures. It was really cool to meet people from all over the place. There was even someone from Norway who signed the book! We definitely want to have another guest book again this year. In fact, we’re already planning out what worked and what we’re doing different. I’ve never been a Guardian myself, but I have been to every RTX so far. Yes, even the first one! I hear so many great things about volunteering as a Guardian though and how rewarding it is. I’d love to do it myself, but each year there’s just more to do in and outside of the convention and I find myself doing more like SideQuest, participating in panels, and running around doing community meetups or getting signatures from everyone. Anything else you’d like to tell us about you and your community? Like I said before, the RTFL community is what really makes up the group. Without them and their support, we wouldn’t exist or be able to do what we do. It also helps to have support from the other community leaders too. RT World (the hosts of Rooster Teeth International Community Day) is a place for all the admins of the group to share their experiences and collaborate together. They really help in keeping the group running and allowing us to host events with other community groups as well. Just earlier this week we held an Overwatch competition against RT Austin (and totally kicked their butts)! Lastly, you get a million dollars, but once a month, on a random day, for the rest of your life, you spend the whole day talking like you’ve inhaled a balloon full of helium. Heck yeah! I would so take this in a heartbeat just. I get asked a lot when I’m playing video games online if I’m a little kid since I’m female and my voice is higher. I can only imagine how much it would throw people off if it was on helium. Can you imagine what it would be like to be angry with that kind of voice? Plus, I image my voice would be like Sunny’s from Scrubs and I think that’d be pretty funny.


april 21 2017

This week’s featured artist is Daniel Gerstner, AKA @dangerst, for this CG video featuring a C.T. from Red vs. Blue.

Other Work:

Fanart friday

Daniel is an artist and student based in Georgia (according to him, “somewhere near the devil in that song�). He wanted to see Red vs. Blue in a realistic light, so he decided to make that happen. To create this piece, Daniel modeled it in Zbrush, textured it in Substance painter, rendered it in V-ray, and made a blood sacrifice to keep his PC running. It took 60+ hours between render time (re-rendering, saving, having a tantrum, pleading for a merciful god, and finally finishing it).

april 28 2017

@Rhy7hmicW4rrior This week’s featured artist is Isaiah, AKA @Rhy7hmicW4rrior, for this pipe cleaner Grimm. Other Work:

Fanart friday

SURVIVAL GUIDE It’s almost that time again. RTX Austin is just around the corner and BIGBITE want to make sure you have the best experience possible! RTX has grown into an enormous convention since its inception so take a few minutes to read up on some of the best advice we, and a few community members from the BIGBITE Twitter, could put together in one easy-to-digest information sandwich.

BEING PREPARED ISN’T JUST FOR CAMP CAMPBELL CAMPERS! Attending an event as big as RTX means that there’s going to be a lot going on and it’s easy to forget things when you’re hyped up like a kid in a candy store.






If you live in Austin, chances are you already have a place to sleep. Congratulations, the most expensive part of your trip is covered! But if, like most RT fans, you’re coming in from out of town, you’re going to want to get the basics organized early. Make sure you have somewhere to stay - it’s amazing what a good night’s sleep can do when you’re on the go for three consecutive days. Your hotel room or accommodation is also a good place to go for a break, or to put away things you’ve picked up on the exhibition floor! That way, you get a little while away from the craziness of the event and you don’t have to haul your morning purchases around all afternoon!

“Comfortable shoes. Bro- “Bring stuff to pass time ken in ahead of time. Don’t get new shoes for the con. Insoles if needed.”

in long lines. Make friends in line. Cards, DS, Switch,



books, sketchbooks, etc.”

1 2







If you’re flying into Austin, you’ll need to pay for a ride to and from the airport. There are public transport costs for getting around the city. Splurge on a Uber or Lyft at the end of a big day to get you home safely! Things like granola bars, trail mix, or fresh fruit are all great options! They’ll give you enough energy to make it through to your next meal. Keep in mind that snacks aren’t substitutes for a good breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

3 4 5

BRING SOMETHING TO ENTERTAIN YOURSELF, Or strike up a conversation with the people around you. Card games like Million Dollars, But are great! If you’re planning to use your phone a lot (and you will more than you think), bring a portable battery pack to recharge on the go. Take regular showers. You’ll need them, and your fellow con-goers will thank you for it. Invest in a good antiperspirant, and make sure it’s an antiperspirant not just a deodorant. There is a difference, believe it or not! As unfortunate as it is to mention, keep a close eye on your belongings. Don’t leave your things unattended or with people you don’t know very well. Ask a friend to look after your stuff while you go to the bathroom. That said, if you see something, say something! If you notice anything suspicious, let one of the nearby Guardians know and they can have the right person investigate the situation.

6 7

Keep up to date by following @RTXEvent and @RTXLines on Twitter - those are where you’ll get the most up-to-date and accurate information during the event. Of course, follow us on @BIGBITEmedia to see what we’re all up to over the RTX weekend! A lot of this seems like stuff your mom would say because it probably is - get a solid amount of sleep, practice good hygiene, and have fun. Wear your comfortable shoes, those practical ones I got you for Christmas, not the stylish ones.
















I asked around the BIGBITE office (we wish) for some advice on this one. If you were to sum up the weather in Austin in July in a single word, I asked, what would it be? “Bullshit,” said our CEO, Joe. Illustrator Sean suggested “dragonfire,” and the general consensus seemed to be every listing for “moist” in your nearest thesaurus. In short, Austin gets hot. We’re talking about temperatures in the high 90s in fahrenheit, or the high 30s in celsius. You’re going to want a water bottle that’s always full, sunscreen you can regularly reapply throughout the day, and light layers in your clothing. If you’re coming in from out of town


for the heat! Sun screen, stay hydrated, take breaks if/when you need to. Be courteous to everyone” @MarkStanton


“Carry a water bottle and drink a lot of water.” @HoldThatGhost

AUSTIN HAS TEMPERATURES IN THE HIGH 90S IN FAHRENHEIT and you’re not used to hot weather, just know that it does take time to adjust to an unfamiliar climate. If you can give yourself a few days leeway to settle in, do it. If you’ve been out on the con floor for a few hours, take a break. Sit down, have something to eat, and more importantly, something to drink. You get dehydrated a lot faster than you think you do. That’s not to say you should restrict yourself because of the weather. Get out and have fun with your friends, new and old, but do it safely. Know your own personal limits and stick to them – if you’re already dehydrated, don’t go out for a night of drinking and expect it to go well.




You’ve probably heard this one a lot, because it’s true!


FOR ROOSTER TEETH FANS, “Make friends with everyone you encounter you’ll end up with awesome friends all around the world!!” @PykeRobot So chances are that you’re going to find a lot of like-minded people in the crowd. Community members come from all over the world to spend the weekend at RTX, so strike up a conversation with the people in your queues, at your panels, or even just around town. We’re all there for the same reason so get involved and have the time of your life!



Chances are pretty high that your local Community groups will be holding meetups throughout the weekend and SideQuest regularly host events during RTX so be sure to check them out. This is a fantastic opportunity to meet up with people you’ve known for years through the community!


the volunteers that keep the RTX wheels turning. They’re the people who run around getting guests in and out of panels, running all the tech, and entertaining you while you wait in lines. Guardians are there to help you have the best time you possibly can, so make sure to find one if you have any questions during the con. Guardians are all selected on merit and are there to do a really hard job. Volunteering at RTX takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. There might be times when a Guardian asks you to do something, such as swap seats in a panel. Just like RT staff, Guardians are doing their jobs, so you can safely know that the request isn’t personal! There might just be more people looking for a place to sit, or some last minute changes going on that you don’t know about.







You’ll often see RT Staff travelling through the convention with a Guardian nearby. This Guardian will most likely be a Personal Assistant to the staff member, which means they have the difficult task of getting the staff member where they need to be when they need to be there. If a PA says that their staff member can’t stop to take a photo, or to sign something for you, they mean it! Again, it’s not personal, it really isn’t, because if that person stops to take a photo, that quickly turns into two, then four, then they’re going to disappoint a panel room full of people by being late. That’s why being a Guardian is such hard work - sometimes they have to say no to people. They know it sucks to hear ‘no’! They really do! But their job is to make sure everyone has a great time during RTX and to make sure the gears keep grinding.

Be sure to thank your Guardians!

Repeat after me

COSPLAY DOES NOT EQUAL CONSENT Fans in cosplay are entitled to just as many rights as you are. Don’t just touch people or their cosplays, don’t randomly jump at or hug them, don’t take photos without asking. There is always a security presence at RTX in addition to a zero-tolerance policy in regards to harassment. Don’t be the person who gets their badge revoked over what comes down to basic common courtesy.

Don’t ever feel like

you have to put up with someone

harassing you,

If you are cosplaying throughout the weekend, factor the weather into your costume. Remember to take more breaks and drink more water, especially if you’re in a bulky outfit. If you ever feel like anyone is making you uncomfortable in your cosplay, speak up. Tell a Guardian what’s going on and they can assess the situation for you and find someone to help. Don’t ever feel like you have to put up with someone harassing you, in whatever form their harassment is taking, because you absolutely do not have to put up with that. There are policies in place to help you feel safe.



MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT YOU CAN Chances are, you’re super excited about everything you’re going to see during RTX. You’re going to watch Off Topic, join all the autograph lines, see a RWBY panel, and take a photo with every member of Funhaus. As much as it seems like a downer to even mention, the reality will probably be a little different to what you’re expecting. There are thousands of people at the convention who all want to do the same things and meet the same people as you do.

The reality is that you might not get tickets for the autographs you want. Maybe you won’t snap a photo with a Founding Father as he’s crossing the floor to get to a panel.

CHOOSE A SCHEDULE AND STICK WITH IT “Plan to go to one big event a day, have backup options. Have multiple smaller event options. Everyone’s there to see the same stuff.” @HoldThatGhost Rooms are cleared between panels, so you can’t just hang out in the same place all day or save seats for other people. Seeing back-to-back panels, even ones in different locations, is unlikely because lines start early, so choose the ones you want to see most of all, and try your best to see others! It’s always worth a look to see if there are any seats left. Countless RT staff have mentioned on podcasts that it’s disappointing they can’t meet everyone, but they literally can’t - there just isn’t enough time in a weekend. The solution is to go and see as many panels as you can. Hang out around Center Stage to see what’s going on. These events are designed so that hundreds or thousands of people get to see the people they came to see, live on stage. Never think that it’s personal if a staff member doesn’t see you asking for a photo as they rush from one place to the next, because it absolutely isn’t. It’s not intentional, and it’s not personal. They’re working, that’s all, and they’ve got a heck of a schedule to keep.

MOST OF ALL, HAVE A GREAT TIME AT RTX! RTX is going to be an awesome event and you should definitely be getting excited about it by now, since it’s just around the corner! Hopefully some of our tips come in handy and we can’t wait to see you all there!

Wh at ar e yo u m o st excited to see at RTX 2017? Have any of your own tips or tricks to convention survival?

Tweet us @BIGBITEmedia and we’ll see you all in Austin!

@Occuli Brianna is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Vancouver, BC. She created this piece at the end of Red vs. Blue Season 12 because Church holds a special place in her heart.

other work:

Fanart friday

may 05 2017

may 12 2017 @Adipose_Von_Crompwell cont’d

Charles created this video after being inspired by an old adult swim bumper he vaguely remembered. It took a few hours to make using After Effects, Photoshop, and Premiere.

Fanart friday

Fanart friday

may 19 2017

@Adipose _ Von _ Crompwell This week’s featured artist is Charles, AKA @ Adipose_Von_Crompwell, for this Archer-inspired Funhaus opening credits video. Charles, a resident of Dallas, created this video using After Effects and Photoshop after being inspired by the collected works of Chogyam Trungpa.

The Creatures’ Mead Hot Mead Toddy Combine 1oz rye whiskey and 1.5oz traditional mead in an Irish Coffee mug. Stir in 1tsp honey. Gently pour in 1 cup of hot water, and continue stirring. Garnish with a slice of lemon and a slice of ginger, let the garnishes steep for a few moments, and serve hot.

Mead Sour In a cocktail shaker, combine 1oz gin, 1oz traditional mead, .5oz Gran Marnier (Triple Sec works in a pinch), .5oz simple syrup, and the juice of ½ a lemon. Shake with ice, and strain into a martini glass. Finish with a lemon twist.

Creature Carl In a rocks glass, muddle a strawberry. Drop in a couple ice cubes, 1oz of a strawberry mead, 1oz of gin, and top with a splash of club soda. Garnish with a wedge of lime.

d Cocktails 2016 was the Year of Mead for The Creatures. If you’ve been watching their content over the last year, you’ve probably seen one of their numerous mead videos. Now, since I’m not an expert on Mead, I defaulted to one of my favorite resources for mead for this issue’s recipes. So, if you want to learn more about mead, please check out for more information and more recipes to try!

Meadmosa In a champagne flute, pour 6oz sparkling mead, 2oz of orange juice, and a splash of Gran Marnier. Garnish with fresh fruit that pairs well with the mead you chose.

Mederita In a cocktail shaker, combine 1.5oz silver tequila, 2oz orange blossom mead, 1.5oz lime juice, and shake with ice. Rim a pint glass with salt, strain in the cocktail, top with ice, and garnish with a wedge of lime.

Apple Mead-hattan In a cocktail shaker, combine 2oz Rye Whiskey, 2oz Apple Mead, and a dash of bitters. Strain into a rocks glass, and garnish with a slice of apple and an orange wheel.

Jordan Mathewson AKA


In 2016, Rooster Teeth debuted the Let’s Play Network. This introduced the Rooster Teeth audience to multiple new channels, including The Creatures. Still, many RT fans aren’t familiar with them yet. Our own Joe Dalton had the opportunity to chat with Jordan Mathewson of the Creatures to find out more about this branch of the Let’s Play family! For those of our readers who aren’t familiar with The Creatures, would you mind briefly telling us about who you guys are and what you do? We are yet another group of gamers that got into YouTube back around 2009. Since then we have been making videos, playing with toys, destroying things, playing games, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same! How did you get your start in this industry? Back in the day (and I’m talking 2009’ish), a bunch of us got involved with making Machinimas similar to what Red vs Blue is. That eventually started to bring many of us together and got our minds thinking collaboration. What would be better than combining our efforts to make more gaming and creative content? We took that philosophy and made it a reality when we all moved out to Colorado and rented a house together. We had officially begun an insane era of craziness fueled by various energy drinks and Costco frozen entrees. Many things have changed since then, but that is how it all began.

What is your favorite thing about your job? Being able to see the impact we make on people’s lives. While it is always cool to be self-employed, meeting and hearing how we have impacted fans’ lives makes everything worth it. By far the best and most inspiring thing that drives us forward with our work. What do you find to be the most challenging aspect of your job? Coming up with new ideas constantly. Making content on a daily basis for 5 years can take a toll creatively. So finding that balance and giving yourself time to come up with new and fresh ideas can be very challenging. Ok, so you get a million dollars, but once a day, at random, you are attacked by a wild creature. Would you take the money? Yes. Simply because I am a born Witcher that would make Geralt jealous. Even if the creature came for me at night, I would be awoken by hearing its heartbeat in my sleep once it got within 100 yards. I could

then take the trophies I harvest from every wild creature and sell those to make more money to pad the 1 million. In essence, I would be set for life with this MDB scenario. I’m sure you guys get up to some hijinx. Can you please tell us one of your favorite such stories? This one time, we got ourselves a blowgun. This one was a medium size tube that basically fired needles at a


Find the best balance you can between doing what you love, doing something that is proven to work, and adding your own spin on things. That is a guaranteed way to make sure you are happy, show people you know the formula, and show people you are creative and doing something new. This makes sure fans can tell you are enjoying what you do which is super important. Of course nothing is ever for sure and never instant, so make sure you stick with it and never give up.

“... meeting and hearing how we have impacted fans’ lives makes everything worth it.”

pretty decent velocity depending on your lung strength. Anyway, after firing it around the office for a while, one of our editors at the time “volunteered” to let me shoot him. Well, a few seconds later there was a dart that had sailed across the room and hit him right in the butt cheek. Luckily, no blood was drawn but I think there may have been some pain. But don’t worry, I sanitized the dart with a lighter beforehand. And that’s just one of our many experiences! What is one of the craziest experiences you’ve had in your career? Let’s Play Live was incredible. Being able to do what we love in front of an audience of 3,000 at the Dolby theater. Super amazing experience that I will never forget. I also shot an apple off Dan’s head with a bow and arrow during the Chicago show, so that was cool too. Oh, and there was also that one time I got swatted.... There seems to be a ton of people getting into creating Let’s Play-style content out there these days, ourselves included. What advice do you have for aspiring creators?


Lightning Round: Which Creature is most likely to… Make the entire office laugh? Stefani Accidentally kill someone? Me Spend all their money on something stupid? Me Embarrass themselves in public? Spencer Die of something stupid? Dan Start a fight? Me Die first in a zombie apocalypse? Dan Come up with the craziest video ideas? Stefani How can our readers check out what you and The Creatures are up to? Our YouTube channel and Twitter are the best way to see what we are up to! Thanks, Jordan!

bigbite media

BIGBITE Magazine #11  

The BIGBITE team talk with The Creatures' Kootra! Plus, RTX tips, the Rooster Teeth Community Spotlight, and Fan Art Friday winners!

BIGBITE Magazine #11  

The BIGBITE team talk with The Creatures' Kootra! Plus, RTX tips, the Rooster Teeth Community Spotlight, and Fan Art Friday winners!