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BBLRA Membership Packet 2013

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INFORMATION Entity Name: Big Bear Lake Resort Association Address: 630 Bartlett Road Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1936 Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 Phone: (909) 866-6190 Toll Free: (800) 424-4232

About Us The Resort Association is a voluntary, membership-based destination marketing organization open to businesses that recognize that the Big Bear Valley has a tourist-based economy. We provide marketing, publicity and advertising to promote Big Bear Valley businesses and tourism, and resources to assist our members in marketing their own businesses.

Websites: •

History of the Resort Association In 1993, a group of tourism-based business leaders gathered to address the need for a unified, professional marketing effort for the Big Bear Valley. Previous attempts at marketing, individually and in partnership, by the Chamber and City had been insufficient and ineffective. The total annual marketing budget at the time was in the neighborhood of $130,000. The group formed a steering committee to determine how to best market Big Bear Lake as a year-round resort. After several months of exhaustive planning sessions with a management consulting firm, a Strategic Marketing Plan was developed and the Big Bear Lake Resort Association (Resort Association) was formed. The steering committee agreed to contribute time, expertise and money to the Resort Association if the primary responsibility for marketing lodging specifically and the Valley generally, was placed solely in the hands of the Resort Association. The City and Chamber of Commerce became partners with the Resort Association; however, marketing responsibilities were no longer under their control. The Resort Association became a voluntarily funded program allowing member businesses to direct the marketing activity of the Valley and its businesses. It now provides a significant channel to raise money for effective marketing and promotion of the Valley. The City agreed to cut the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) from 8% to 6%, based on the Resort Association’s Strategic Marketing Plan. The intent is that the lodges will voluntarily pass along this 2% TOT savings to the Resort Association (along with an additional .5% that all visitor-based businesses contribute). The Board of Directors of the Resort Association has consistently hired professionals with broad-based marketing expertise for the key Resort Association positions to continue to grow the resources and marketing programs for their members.

BBLRA Membership Packet 2013




To increase tourism and tourist spending in Big Bear Valley so that members prosper directly and the entire Valley benefits indirectly. The Resort Association spends over a million dollars a year on tourism marketing, yet we don’t provide lodging, skiing, boat rentals or meals. We manage Big Bear’s most frequently visited web site, yet no guest knows of the Resort Association. Our job, first and foremost, is to promote tourism in Big Bear Lake. Until a visitor makes the decision to commit their precious vacation time to Big Bear, no local businesses benefit. Our job is then to direct that visitor to our member’s businesses, which they can learn about with the click of a mouse. Resort Association assets such as and the Big Bear Lake Lodging and Visitors Guide are the most popular vehicles in the marketplace for prospective visitors to research Big Bear and plan their trip. An emphasis on “packaging” various products together has made it easier than ever for visitors to enjoy one stop shopping for their lodging, recreation and service needs. We also distribute over 120,000 Where to Eat, Shop and Play Guides in the Big Bear Valley each year to promote dining, shopping, recreation, events, real estate and specialty services. There are many other opportunities that Resort Association membership provides for businesses to enhance their success.

We Define Our Business by Your Success!

Your success is our business.


BBLRA Membership Packet 2013


Resort Association Websites The Big Bear Lake Resort Association’s websites are the most informative source of up to the minute visitor information that Big Bear Lake has to offer. Together, these sites incorporate over 300 pages of information, photos, maps, activities, road conditions, and real time weather information. The Resort Association employs a full time Manager of Internet Marketing whose responsibility is to consistently update the site with current information. We create informational pages to highlight new or unique activities and events to keep our visitors informed of all there is to do in Big Bear. Our website is constantly updated with alerts to keep them informed of special conditions that might affect their visit here, including weather and road conditions. For the innkeeper or shopkeeper that is unable to contact their guests and customers, our websites help make our visitor’s trip to Big Bear a successful one.

Our websites are in the top 5 of the top 15 search engines

As website managers, it is our goal to stay on top of new information and changes to industry marketing trends. We optimize our website for search engines, and research internet marketing opportunities to ensure we maximize our potential reach. Both and are in the top five of the top fifteen search engines. is recognized in the industry as the Official Visitor Information portal of Big Bear and receives links from nationally recognized sites such as Visit California (State of California Travel & Tourism site) and Southern California news sites.

Member Listings

Every member receives a listing on their category page(s) and also receives their own page. Each member can post up to 3 business photos, contact information, a link to the member’s own website, business description, and a list of amenities, where appropriate. We also show a Google generated map for your business. For CenRes members, we offer online booking. We also highlight member categories, promotions and unique members through the customized home page promotional tabs. These informational tabs are designed to increase visual presence and awareness of our membership and our unique travel destination.

BBLRA Membership Packet 2013



Resort Association Websites Members benefit directly from the Resort Association’s website and web based marketing. Each member’s business is listed and linked on their appropriate category pages, providing targeted advertising with the potential of reaching over 1.2 million unique visitors each year. Significantly more new potential customers than a typical member can reach on their own website. Visitors have a direct link to the member’s website. We encourage members to have a prominent link from their website to both and and offer easy name recognition to new and returning visitors giving them quick access to your business information. These sites also offer guests a one stop shop for simplicity in gathering information for their trip to Big Bear. Easy access and planning tools are the makings of a happier customer!

Mobile Website

For guests on the go, or for those who prefer to surf the internet via their smartphone, the Resort Association offers BigBear. com/m, a mobile version of providing easy usability and functionality. This allows information on Big Bear and Resort Association members to be accessed from all platforms on the road and when they are in Big Bear. Visitors are able to call the members directly, access member information, get directions, access travel tools, coupons, local conditions, videos and event information. The mobile site has become an important marketing tool for the Resort Association, receiving 180,000 unique visitors in 2012. mobile website received 180,000 unique visitors in 2012

Members that actively participate in the features of our websites have access to additional resources of the Resort Association’s marketing programs.

Central Reservations

Participating in Central Reservations allows the visitor to book a complete, cohesive vacation quickly and easily increasing the opportunities for the member to sell their inventory. The member can also participate in special promotions, creating unique packages with lodging or other activities to sell together or stand alone. These packages raise customer awareness and interest in the member’s product and can help move inventory during slow periods. Participants of CenRes receive intensive and personalized management of referrals and bookings. The Resort Association’s goal is to book quickly and provide knowledgeable referrals with timely and accurate information. During peak holidays, a lodging availability list will be sent to the entire membership up to three times per day. Peak periods include: Martin Luther King Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.


BBLRA Membership Packet 2013


Resort Association Websites Coupons

Coupons are a great way to reach the bargain hunter! Members can create up to three coupons on our websites with the potential to deliver new customers to the member’s business. received 58,523 visits to its coupon pages during 2012. (mobile site) received 65,707 visits to coupons during 2012. Banner Ads

Members can purchase targeted advertising on Banner ads provide your business the opportunity to advertise your product on a website where visitors have already decided to visit Big Bear, or are in the process of planning a future trip. There are multiple Banner Ad packages or a la carte options to choose from. New members receive a complimentary banner ad (either provided by the member or created by the Resort Association) on their category page for the first six months after joining the Resort Association.

4 Banner Ads average 1,000 to 4,500 impressions per month (varies by category). Photos

Members can post photos to their listing. Photos help create a visual, emotional response to increase product and business appeal.

4Central Reservations 4Coupons 4Banner Ads 4Photos

BBLRA Membership Packet 2013



SOCIAL MEDIA Social media has become a major marketing asset for the Resort Association. To market Big Bear and Resort Association members to their greatest advantage, the Resort Association creates and manages various social media accounts over many platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Yelp, Pinterest, Google+ and more. We give our followers and fans information on Big Bear, specials, activities, events and report on the latest news. Facebook and Twitter allow us the opportunity to promptly get our message out to past Big Bear visitors, future visitors, second-homeowners and full-time residents. Our Facebook Fan page,, and Twitter, BigBearLake, have some of the largest fan bases in the area. We post weekly, highlighting current conditions, events, activities, specials and deals and the latest news in the area, keeping our guests well-informed.

As of February 27, 2013:

4We can boast 37,408 Facebook fans. 4We reach an average of 100,000 users per week. 4Facebook fans have increased by 141% since March 2012. 4We tweet to 1,528 Twitter fans.

Social Media Outlet Links


BBLRA Membership Packet 2013

MARKETING CHANNELS Visitor Information Services

Visitor Information Services (VIS) is the fulfillment portion of the Resort Association’s marketing efforts. It encompasses all calls into the Resort Association including: general information, referrals and lodging reservations. Activity sales, lead-list labels and bulk mail distribution of the Visitors Guide are also part of the fulfillment aspects of VIS. Calls coming into our call center totaled over 25,000 last year and these prospective visitors were assisted by our experienced, year-round VIS staff. Member businesses benefit directly from VIS referrals made to customers specifically seeking the products of our members. We are the only “official” call center in the Valley to help and refer callers to any and all local businesses based on the caller’s need. Our mission is to increase tourism spending throughout the entire valley, so our goal is to find a business to meet the customer’s requirement, even if we do not have a member that currently can. Every dollar that is spent in our community benefits our members, either directly or indirectly.

Mailing Lists

The Resort Association’s marketing efforts through multiple channels has produced an extensive mailing list of past guests. Members have the opportunity to purchase direct mail labels from this database to produce mailings promoting their business to targeted guests based on seasonal arrival data.


Members that participate in the E-Blast program can sponsor or co-sponsor email campaigns to promote their business. E-Blasts are targeted emails based on interest. Our open-rate for our E-Blasts is above average for the industry. We have the resources of, social media, trade shows, CenRes and our partners to grow our email list much faster and much larger than the typical member. Our email list is growing at an astounding rate of approximately 10% per year! We limit our EBlasts to two per month, keeping our open rate high by not inundating the email recipient. For a nominal cost of $150 for a sponsorship, or $75 for co-sponsorship your business has the potential to reach over 44,000 email subscribers.

Our email list is growing at an astounding rate of approximately 10% per year.

Big Bear Visitor’s Center

The Big Bear Visitor’s Center is co-operated by the Resort Association and the Big Bear Chamber of Commerce. The Visitor’s Center welcomes approximately 55,000 visitors each year. The Resort Association’s knowledgeable VIS team staffs the Visitor’s Center to assist the guest with their visit to Big Bear. Our staff is in the Visitor’s Center seven days a week, promoting the Valley and our member businesses.

Visitor’s Center Rack Card Program

As a member of the Resort Association, you are able to participate in the Visitor’s Center Rack Card Program. Leverage your membership with the Resort Association by placing your rack card or business card in the Visitor’s Center with the potential to reach approximately 55,000 guests coming to the Visitor’s Center for information and guidance.

BBLRA Membership Packet 2013


MARKETING CHANNELS Central Reservations

VIS operates the Resort Association’s Central Reservation Service (CenRes). CenRes has booked over $28 million in lodging reservations for our members since its beginning in October, 1998. This commissionable service provides real-time booking through and websites as well as our live VIS Agents at (800) 424-4232. We provide unmatched service that you won’t find at other major online travel agents. Each CenRes member is assigned to an Account Manager to provide them expert, personalized support. They are well-educated and trained in customer service, computer systems and the Valley. Our staff averages 2-9 years of reservation experience and is employed year-round.

We are certified by “CRADR” - Central Reservations Association of Destination Resorts

Package Promotions

The Resort Association is continuously inventing new and innovative ways to bundle activities and events with discounted lodging to help promote Big Bear Lake. We are aware that most guests are looking for something fun to do, but at the same time, searching for the best value for their dollar. These packages offer both to the visitor. Visitor Based members can participate in various package promotions on CenRes. This service offers discounted vacation packages that incorporate lodging and other activities and services. In winter the Lift and Lodging package is our most popular. Throughout the year we offer many different types of promotional packages that the CenRes member can choose to be part of. There is the Sweet Hearts package for Valentine’s Day, or the Oktoberfest package, the Spa package and more. The opportunities for package deals are only limited by one’s imagination! Members benefit from the Resort Association’s high call volume and website booking conversion rate. These packages are designed to attract guests that want simplicity in booking a complete vacation. Packages show the guest all there is to do in Big Bear, enticing them to increase their length of stay. Their length of stay directly benefits the innkeeper, and the entire Valley reaps the indirect financial rewards as a result of our package deals!

Flash Sales

We offer Flash Sales which can kick-off a season or signature event, or simply move distressed inventory. These sales offer product at a steep discount for a short duration, and are over in a FLASH!


BBLRA Membership Packet 2013

We are the only entity with access to discounted “Big Bear Mountain Resort lift tickets” for lift & lodging packages


Marketing Collateral 4Where to Eat, Shop and Play Guide 4Lodging and Visitors Guide 4What's Up at 7,000 Feet Calendar 4What’s Up Event Flyer Where to Eat, Shop and Play Guide

The Resort Association produces the Where to Eat, Shop and Play Guide; an activity, shopping, dining and real estate guide listing all Resort Association tourist based members. The Resort Association prints 100,000 guides per year which are distributed on-themountain, targeted at lodges, restaurants, recreational venues and “hot spot” locations. Each member receives a half-page listing at no additional cost above normal membership dues! The Guide is divided into categories for customer convenience and is printed at least twice a year allowing for more frequent updates.

Your FREE LISTING drives large numbers of customers to your business!

Each listing contains your business name & contact information, business logo and photo, hours of operation and description of the products or services offered. In addition, dining members can tempt visitors with a list of featured menu items. All members listed in the Where to Eat, Shop and Play Guide have a convenient tool to offer their guest giving them choices, and providing the guest with a good perception of our Valley. The guide is kept in a small format so visitors can easily carry it around or tuck it in their satchel. Happy guests are returning guests!

Drive customers to your business with your free listing! This Guide was created as a give-away for lodges to provide to their guests as an alternative to the Visitors Guide, and does not contain any lodging information. The lodges now have a handy marketing piece to include in welcome packages, in front desk displays and in-room displays. BBLRA Membership Packet 2013



Marketing Collateral Lodging and Visitors Guide

Looking for things to do in California? Planning a vacation to Big Bear Lake couldn’t be easier. The official Big Bear Lake Visitors Guide is there to help guests plan their next weekend getaway or extended vacation. The Visitors Guide is the most complete, informative and accurate source of information about Big Bear Lake.

60 pages of magazine size, full-color pictorals and information

Visitors Guide is online with links to member listings!

This 60-page full color glossy magazine provides information about recreation, lodging, attractions, restaurants, shops, events, services, history, driving directions and general facts, plus a local street map and guide. The Visitors Guide can also be viewed online at

The Visitors Guide’s professional quality and magazine size give it a strong presence, and increases it longevity in the marketplace. There are 400,000 copies printed and distributed through three different distribution sources to more than 3,800 locations throughout Southern California, Southern Nevada and parts of Arizona. It is now also being distributed to Ralphs supermarkets, K-Mart stores and CVS pharmacies in Southern California. Custom display racks are placed throughout Big Bear Valley at key hot-spots and member locations.

Each member is listed in the Visitors Guide in their business category

Last year the Resort Association received over 30,000 online requests for Visitors Guides on alone. 249,000 were distributed off-the-mountain through corporate rack locations, at airports and major hotels. 121,000 were distributed by the Resort Association to their members and through special racks throughout the Valley. Visitors Guides are also distributed at major travel trade shows and expos.

4Highway Map 4Lake Recreation Map 4Big Bear Road Map 4Hiking & Biking Map 4Annual Events Calendar 4Lodging Guide 4Dining Guide 4Shopping Guide 4Fun Stuff To Do 4Specialty Services


BBLRA Membership Packet 2013


Marketing Collateral What’s Up at 7,000 Feet Calendar

This full color poster lists the calendar of events for the Valley and is distributed quarterly, with 250 copies per quarter. The posters are on display throughout the Valley at local hot-spots and member businesses. Members have the opportunity to have their events included in this calendar of events to encourage more frequent visits, and educate guests on upcoming events.

Post What’s Up at your local business location!

What’s Up Weekend Flyer

Do you need to know “What’s Up” in Big Bear for the weekend? Do you want to get your event noticed by visitors and locals alike? We can feature your event in this flyer which highlights the current weekend’s events! This informative piece is e-mailed to all Resort Association members and other hot-spot locations each week. Keep your customers happy and well-informed. Make sure they know of key activities and events that they can participate in during their stay in Big Bear.

BBLRA Membership Packet 2013



Publicity 4Trades 4Familiarization Tours 4Press Releases

2012 Publicity Advertising value was $61.4 Million

4Media Pitches The Public Relation’s staff at the Resort Association is the member’s media contact to help publicize Big Bear, member businesses and events to visitors off-the-mountain, through key media outlets. The Resort Association strives to ensure events, stories and local happenings reach various media including: print, television, radio and internet on a local, regional and national scale. For 2012, the Resort Association’s publicity had an estimated advertising value of $61.4 million.

Member Participation Opportunities Trades

The Resort Association creates opportunities for members to trade their products and services for exposure on television, radio, print and the internet. The Resort Association participates in trades valuing over $400,000 annually.

Familiarization Tours

Members of the press, freelance writers, wholesale operators, Convention, Visitors Bureaus and the California Division of Tourism come to Big Bear to learn about our beautiful Valley and what it has to offer. Itineraries are customized to include seasonal activities such as skiing, boating, biking and hiking. Restaurants, shopping and accommodations are also featured parts of the Familiarization Tours. By participating in these Familiarization Tours, members increase their exposure by often being included in articles, and television shows.

Press Releases and Media Pitches

Throughout the year, the Resort Association develops publicity opportunities for its members allowing them to increase their visibility in the media through press releases, media pitches, press kits etc. Editorials have the potential of reaching thousands of people at local, regional and national levels. Members can inform the Resort Association of any upcoming events or story ideas.


BBLRA Membership Packet 2013


advertising 4Los Angeles 4Orange County 4Inland Empire 4San Diego 4Las Vegas 4Palm Springs 4International/Mexico

Internet Advertising

The Resort Association is on the forefront of putting together new ways to showcase Big Bear through Internet Advertising. Some of the ways we’ve been able to reach our target market through the Internet includes: banner advertising on regional and niche media outlets, keyword buys, Google payper-click, and retargeting and behavioral targeting campaigns.

Mass Media Advertising

The Resort Association brings together Central Reservations dollars and membership dues to create TV and Radio Commercials aired in geographically critical markets including Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, San Diego, Las Vegas, Palm Springs and the International market. Pooled resources from membership dues provide the funding for mass media advertising that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to the small business owner. The Los Angeles market is the 2nd most expensive market in the nation! The business owner who might otherwise be excluded from this market by limited resources benefits from the Resort Association’s promotion of the entire Valley.

Out-of-Region and International/Mexico Marketing

The Resort Association markets Big Bear to domestic and international travelers through publicity, sales missions and partnering with the California Division of Tourism. The Resort Association’s out-of-region and international marketing efforts are geared towards wholesale operators to attract mid-week & off season business to Big Bear. Wholesale operators, in their respective countries, market Big Bear to travel agents who then market Big Bear to the guest. The guest pays the rack rate, and the wholesalers and travel agents make their fees on the mark-up from the wholesale rate to the rack rate.

• In 2011, travel and tourism spending in California was estimated at $102.3 billion. • California is the destination with over 200 million visitors annually. • Tourism directly supports 893,000 California jobs and generates $6.1 billion directly in state and local tax revenue. • $17 billion is spent in California annually by international visitors. • There were 6.4 million visitors to California that came from Mexico.

BBLRA Membership Packet 2013



Advertising Ad Placement Magazines


Best of California Drives

Network & Cable Television: spring, summer, fall, and

Las Vegas Sports & Recreation Magazine

winter advertisements in the following markets: San

Sunset Magazine

Diego, Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Lancaster/

Westways Magazine

Palmdale, San Gabriel Valley, Las Vegas

Travel and Leisure Magazine Food and Wine Magazine


LA Parent

Ontario Visitors Guide

Team Big Bear Magazine

Mountain Dispatch

California Travel & Tourism’s website

Big Bear Today Winter Big Bear Today Summer


Inland Empire Tourism Council Visitors Guide

Los Angeles Times

LifeScapes Magazine

Los Angeles Times Travel Guides

LA Now - Los Angeles Visitors Guide

Western Outdoor News

Ontario Visitors Guide

Co-Op Advertisements Radio

New Times LA - Film Festival

Radio traffic report sponsorships on Clear Channel

New Times LA - Oktoberfest


LifeScapes Magazine

Premier Traffic Network, AM & FM:

California Visitors Guide

Los Angeles

California Snow

Orange County

Reunions Magazine

San Diego

Competitor Magazine & Ski Dazzle Program

Palm Springs

Meetings West Magazine


California Bicycling Magazine

Santa Barbara

California Winter Sport Magazine

Las Vegas

Competitor Magazine/ Xterra Event

KBHR - Big Bear Tags with Snow Summit in Southern California Area Tags with State of California in Phoenix and Las Vegas


BBLRA Membership Packet 2013


Trade Shows & Event Partnerships 4Ski Dazzle 4Los Angeles Travel Show 4The Fred Hall Show

Attract Serious Buyers and Generate Bookings!

Trade shows are a great way to show off product. All the trade shows that the Resort Association attends are free for members to participate. Members can staff the exhibits to help promote Big Bear and their business, as well as distribute their marketing collateral. We participate in three major travel shows each year: Ski Dazzle, Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show and The Fred Hall Fishing, Tackle and Boat Show.

Ski Dazzle

The Los Angeles Ski Show & Snowboard Expo, Ski Dazzle, is the world’s largest annual consumer ski and snowboard event. This exciting four–day “lifestyle event” brings more than 90,000 enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders to the L.A. Convention Center each year. This is “the” annual kick-off of the winter ski & snowboard season in Southern California. Ski Dazzle offers a great chance to speak directly with consumers who are looking for their next winter ski or snowboard getaway.

Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show

Reach over 28,000 consumers and travel agents at the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show. You will benefit from a proven marketing campaign that blankets the Los Angeles marketplace with over 20 million impressions. The media campaign is built on a multi-pronged approach creating repetition and frequency in the market.

• 67% of consumers attend solely to find their next vacation and take advantage of show specials. • Over 79% of consumers at this show find their vacation at the show. • 64% will book that vacation within 6 months. This show has a dedicated following of serious travel buyers offering a tremendous face-to-face marketing opportunity to showcase your destination or tour products to an affluent audience.

Fred Hall Fishing, Tackle & Boat Show

The Fred Hall Show is the perfect venue to promote lodging and outdoor recreation for anglers, boaters and hunters. The Fred Hall show is the preeminent consumer fishing show in the world with 60 years of show production experience. Their million dollar ad campaign attracts huge crowds of serious outdoor enthusiasts. This show has sold out for over the past 20 years.

BBLRA Membership Packet 2013


PROGRAM EVALUATION is the Resort Association’s primary website, having over 1.2 million unique visitors. In February 2010, received an updated look. Since the update, it has increased unique visitors by 27% (Jan-Dec 2012). The Resort Association is responsible for all new content and updates to market members and the Big Bear Valley, including, but not limited to: unique story ideas, new vacation packages, promotion of special events, valley-wide event calendar, online booking, videos and photos. ranks high on search engines due to the robust information and consistent attention to daily content updates. We continue to strive to increase visitors and compete with world players, particularly considering that we are located in the heavily populated Southern California market which controls sizeable marketing dollars. We are constantly updating and all websites to continue our strength in the market, and to assist with the Resort Association’s mission statement to “Increase Tourism and Tourism Spending in the Valley.”

4 has received 1,223,935 million unique visits from January 2012 to December 2012.

4 Between 2010 and 2012, unique visitors to have increased 27%.

4 has received 240,050 unique visits from January 2012 to December 2012.


BBLRA Membership Packet 2013


CENTRAL RESERVATIONS Central Reservations (CenRes) continues to operate strong, with $3.1 million dollars booked in 2012. This means the Resort Association pays more than $2.8 million to its suppliers. The ability to access a variety of available inventory online at one location helps the guest find the perfect lodging facility to fit each guest’s needs. Part of the strength of CenRes is attributed to having lift and lodging packages available on weekends. The Resort Association is the only entity that has access to discounted lift tickets available for packages from Big Bear Mountain Resorts.

Online Bookings; Highest in our Industry

$3.1 Million Dollars booked in 2012

Of all reservations that are passed through CenRes, online booking represents 75% - 80% of the total. Other destination marketing businesses average 35%. We have the highest online conversion rate in the industry! The CenRes search engine offers filter capabilities for the guest by unit type, location, bedrooms, rates and amenities. The search results will also display package offers and discounts for guest convenience.

BBLRA Membership Packet 2013



Board of Directors The Resort Association is a non-profit California Corporation with by-laws, officers and a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the operation of the Resort Association and approves strategic plans and general budgets. The Board meets monthly on the 4th Thursday (unless otherwise noted on the Board Meeting calendar) with planning sessions throughout the year. All members are encouraged to attend the Board meetings. Our current Board is made up of a mix of founding members as well as new members. This diverse group encompasses a mix of business categories to ensure that all aspects of the community’s well-being are taken into consideration. They have a wealth of knowledge of Big Bear’s history and vision for its future. Between them, they bring over 175 years of combined experience owning or operating businesses in Big Bear.

Current Board, February 2013 Joyce Reed, President Owner, Grey Squirrel Resort Grey Squirrel Vacation Homes


Val Kessler, 1st Vice President Owner, Windy Point Inn Bed & Breakfast

Radha Khalsa, 2nd Vice President Owner of Khalsa Web

Kathy Armsby, Secretary Owner, Village Reservation Service

Loren Hafen, Treasurer Owner, Holloway’s Marina, Big Bear Pirate Ship Boulder Creek Resort, North Shore Landing Big Bear Wakeboard Cable Park

Brent Tregaskis, Director General Manager, Bear Mountain Resort

Bruce Voigt, Director Owner, Big Bear Snow Play Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

BBLRA Membership Packet 2013


Operations There are three entities involved in the day-to-day operation of the Resort Association: The Board of Directors, the Staff, and Valley Professional Services.


The staff is responsible for executing the programs approved by the Board. Contact any of them directly at (909) 866-6190 or via email with questions related to their duties or departments.

Title Name Director of Operations Rebecca Hrabia Director of Marketing & Public Relations Dan McKernan Director of Visitor Information Services Monique Rangel Manager of Internet Marketing Tina Hauer Office Manager & Marketing/Membership Dawn Elig Administrative Assistant Kathie Horn

Ext. 248 235 231 226 232 238


Valley Professional Services

Don Sullivan provides confidential accounting and financial services to the Resort Association.

BBLRA Membership Packet 2013


MEMBERSHIP All businesses in Big Bear Valley are invited to “invest” in the Resort Association. This includes those who do not directly serve tourists, but have a stake in our Valley’s touristdriven economy.

AGREEMENT CONFIDENTIALITY The subscription agreement that members sign, is strictly confidential. The Resort Association’s independent accountant is the only entity who sees the Estimate of Annual Income form, or the amount of dues paid. Members complete their invoice based on their actual gross sales, quarterly or monthly. This gross sales information and dues are submitted directly to the accountant. Sales information and dues are both strictly confidential. A common practice in resort communities is to pass on these fees directly to their customer by adding these fees onto the customer’s bill.

Big Bear TOT and RA fee is lowest tax rate for mountain destinations


Dues for Visitor-Based Dining and Retail members is a flat fee which can be paid annually in advance at the rate of $1,200 per year, or paid monthly in advance at the rate of $125 per month ($1,500 annually). Dues will be prorated to the 1st of the month following approval of membership by the Board.

Visitor-Based Real Estate*

Dues for Visitor-Based Real Estate members is a flat fee which can be paid annually in advance at the rate of $400 per year, or paid monthly in advance at the rate of $42 per month ($504 annually). Dues will be prorated to the 1st of the month following approval of membership by the Board.

Visitor-Based: Lodging*

Dues for visitor-based lodging businesses are 2.5% of gross sales. Big Bear’s combined TOT and Resort Association fee is still the lowest tax rate compared to other mountain destinations. Lodging members pay a minimum of $600 per year for Resort Association dues. The first year, a deposit of $600 is paid. This amount is deducted from their billing invoice until a zero balance is reached. After the initial deposit is fully credited, the member pays additional dues quarterly or monthly on gross sales.

Visitor-Based Recreation, Events, Specialty and Spa & Massage*

Dues for non-lodging, visitor-based businesses are .5% of their gross receipts. Visitor-based members pay a minimum of $400 per year in dues. $400 is paid in advance, and is counted against their .5% dues. After the initial deposit is fully credited, the member pays additional dues quarterly or monthly on gross sales.

*Visitor-Based Classification

Businesses which meet at least three (3) out of (5) of the following criteria should be classified as “visitor-based.” All promotional and advertising benefits will be available to visitor-based businesses only.

1. The business would directly benefit from increased tourist spending. 2. The business would directly benefit from advertising in the Visitors Guide. 3. The business would directly benefit from incentive programs. 4. The business is open on Saturdays and Sundays. 5. The business would directly benefit from the websites. 22

BBLRA Membership Packet 2013



Businesses that do not directly serve tourists but have a stake in our Valley’s tourist-driven economy qualify for the Supporting category. Supporting member businesses’ dues are on a sliding scale based on their gross receipts. Supporting members pay a $250 membership fee at the time of joining. Dues can be billed quarterly after the first year. Supporting members receive a listing on the Resort Association websites (promotional and advertising benefits are available to visitor-based businesses only). Dues for Supporting members are a flat fee based on Gross Sales as follows:

Gross Sales Less than $500,000 $500,000 to $1,000,000 $1,000,001 to $3,000,000 $3,000,001 or more

Annual Dues Schedule $250.00 $500.00 $1,000.00 $2,000.00

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Current Resort Association Members



LODGING (cont.)


3 Pines Lodge Access Big Bear Cabin Rentals Adorable Village Cabins Alpine Resort Rentals Bay Meadows Resort Bear Creek Resort & Spa Big Bear Cozy Cabins Big Bear Big Bear Hostel Big Bear Lakefront Lodge Big Bear Luxury Properties Big Bear Manor Spa Cabins Big Bear Vacation Cabins Big Bear Vacation Homes Big Bear Vacations Big Bear Village Lodge Black Forest Lodge Blue Horizon Lodge Boulder Creek Resort Cabins 4 Cal-Pine Chalets Cal-Pine Vacation Rentals Camp Tanda Castle Wood Cottages Creek Runners Lodge Eagle’s Nest B & B and Lodge Escape For All Seasons Fireside Lodge Gold Mountain Manor Historic B&B Goldilocks Cottage B&B Grey Squirrel Resort Grey Squirrel Vacation Homes Guhos Ranch Hillcrest Lodge Holiday Haven Honey Bear Lodge Inn Der Bach Jeffries Pines Lodge Kleine Haus Lodge Knickerbocker Mansion B&B Lagonita Lodge Lakefront for Less Lakeview Forest Resort Rentals Lakeview Lodge

Lakewood Cabins Majestic Moose Lodge Mallard Bay Resort Motel 6 Mountain Vista Resort Pine Knot Guest Ranch Pine Knot Guest Ranch Vacation Rentals Quail Cove Lakeside Lodge Resort Town Rentals Robinhood Resort RS Vacations Sherwood Forest Shore Acres Lodge Singing Pines Lodge Snow Lake Lodge Snow Summit Townhouse Rentals Switzerland Haus B&B The Inn at Fawnskin B&B The Tulip Lane Cabins The Wishing Well Timberline Lodge Travelodge Village Reservations Service Windy Point Inn B&B Wolf Creek Resort

Annette Karnes, Keller Williams Erin Lanza, Keller Williams Jane Brayton, Mountain Lake Properties Jeanine Hart, Mountain Lake Properties Joe & Ana Kovich, Summit Group Karen Lavrouhin, Boulder Bay Real Estate Patrick Lane, Century 21 Bonnie Blue Rahill Real Estate Group Tim Brigham, Keller Williams

BBLRA Membership Packet 2013

DAY SPAS & MASSAGE Altitudes Massage Bear Creek Spa Longevity Massage & Bodywork Mountain Mobile Massage & Spa The Village Spa & Wellness Center

SPECIALTY A Gourmet Personal Chef Big Bear Big Bear Pet Lodge & Pet Sitting Lodestone Adventures, Inc.

SHOPPING Adventure Out Post Bear Valley Bikes Big Bear Threads Brown Bear Gift Shop Craft Café & Sugarloaf Mountain Traders Gallery of the American Landscape Goldsmith’s Boardhouse & Ski Rental Susan’s Needle Arts Village Music Yarn Designers Boutique


Current Resort Association Members (CONTINUED)




Big Bear Cowboy Gathering Big Bear Lake International Film Festival Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest Big Bear PaddleFest Big Bear Valley Renaissance Society Community Arts Theater Society (C.A.T.S.) Endure the Bear JazzTrax Old Miners Association Open Air Big Bear Snowshoe the Bear Team Big Bear Mountain Bike The Cave Entertainment Center The Two Valley Players Tour de Big Bear

Action Aqua Flight Action Segway Tours Action Zipline Tours Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain Baldwin Lake Stables & Petting Zoo Bear Mountain Golf Bear Mountain Resort Big Bear Charter Fishing Big Bear Cycling Big Bear Discovery Center Big Bear Fishing Adventures Big Bear Funplex Big Bear Marina Big Bear Off-Road Adventures Big Bear Parasail & Watersports Big Bear Pirate Ship Big Bear Snow Play Big Bear Wakeboard Cable Park Bowling Barn, The Cantrell Guide Service Captain John’s Fawn Harbor & Marina Chains Required Bike Shop Fish Big Bear Charter Service Fly Big Bear Today Friends of The Big Bear Alpine Zoo Helicopter Big Bear Holloway’s Marina & RV Park May Trout Classic Miss Liberty Paddlewheel New Zealand Jet Boat Tours North Shore Landing Pine Knot Marina Pleasure Point Marina Snow Summit Adventure Park Snow Summit Mountain Resort Snow Summit Scenic Sky Chair Urban Adventure Quest

dd and Associates Big Bear Cab Big Bear Chamber of Commerce Big Bear Today First Mountain Bank KBHR Radio Khalsa Web Stocks Automotive Repair

DINING Amangela’s Sandwich and Bagel House Big Bear Mountain Brewery Bill Knick’s Café Bistro at the Mansion Captain’s Anchorage Club Bombay Dynasty Evergreen International Gold Pan Restaurant Grizzly Manor Cafe Grizzly’s Bear Belly Deli Himalayan Restaurant Maggio’s Pizza Murray’s Saloon & Eatery Noble Roman’s Pizza Nottinghams Restaurant Ooh La La Bistro Peppercorn Grille Sweet Basil Bistro The Cowboy Steakhouse & Saloon The Wine Room at Wolf Creek

BBLRA Membership Packet 2013



MEMBER COMMUNICATIONS The Resort Association strives to ensure inclusion of all its members. It is our goal to keep members abreast of information that is relevant to their business, their membership and the Valley. We communicate to our members in a variety of ways. When situations arise of a pressing nature, or one that may require action, we will send emails relating the information that members need to know. We communicate informative, but less urgent content through our Connections Newsletter. Also our recently constructed Member Backroom website is now accessible by “members only.” It contains information and resources to help facilitate interactions with our members by making member resources convenient and readily available.

Connections Newsletter

The Connections Newsletter is sent via email by the Resort Association on a periodic basis exclusively to all our members. Connections highlights programs, promotions and events that may affect our members or the Valley.

Member Backroom Website

The Member Backroom’s design is to communicate with our members in the most efficient way possible, providing timely and open access to crucial Resort Association information. The Member Backroom is packed with information regarding membership, PR and marketing opportunities, Central Reservations information, and a myriad of other resources. Opportunities for members to get involved are posted on the site as they arise throughout the year.

Member Backroom Resources: 4Board Meeting Minutes 4Board Meeting Calendar 4Forms: Coupons, Member Listing Update, Request for Proposal (RFP) for Groups 4Central Reservations Contract 4Ski Package Contract Advertising Contract 4Membership Packet 4Contact Information 4Trade Show Opportunities 4Co-Op Programs (when available) 4Online Payments


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RESORT ASSOCIATION PARTNERS The Big Bear Lake Resort Association identifies many parners throughout California and the nation. These partners recognize the Resort Association as the visitor authority for the valley. These partnerships help promote Big Bear by reaching millions more visitors than we could have done alone.

Anaheim/Orange County Visitor and Convention Bureau Big Bear Chamber of Commerce Big Bear Events Resource Office California Travel Association CRADR (Central Reservations Association of Destination Resorts) CSA Travel Protection City of Big Bear Lake Discover IE Guest Service Solutions Inntopia Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Bureau MTrip North American Travel Journalists Association Outdoor Writers of America Association San Bernardino County San Bernardino County National Forest Association Society of American Travel Writers Travel Industry Association Visit California Western Association of Convention and Visitors Bureau

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2012 Highlights 2012 was a year of many accomplishments for the Resort Association. Each and every year the Resort Association turns out a large amount of marketing collateral to support our members and promote Big Bear. 2012 was no exception. Among the most popular collateral produced were the Visitors Guide and Where to Eat, Shop and Play Guide. We supported our members with trade shows and dedicated resources promoting a wide variety of events stimulating tourism in our Valley. We spent a good part of the year reinventing or revamping existing programs to maximize their marketing potential and providing our members more and better resources than ever before. We relaunched “Kids. Get Outdoors. Win!,” expanding it to cover the full year of activities. We gave our’s Event Calendar a makeover making it more user friendly for our guests. We moved our Big Bear Blog to to increase its use and energize We pushed our PR and marketing power to Las Vegas to attract a bigger part of their tourism dollars to our resort town. Our PR department was formidable keeping up with demands of promoting the internationally acclaimed event, AMGEN Tour of California.

Las Vegas Invasion

In an effort to lure Las Vegas residents to Big Bear to escape the heat of Las Vegas during the summer, the Resort Association produced two TV commercials. The TV campaign ran in Las Vegas for seven weeks from July 16 - September 23. We ran both 30 second and 15 second spots. The target demographic was adult women 25-54 (preferably with children). Our media plan combined broadcast TV (FOX, ABC, and CBS) with cable. Programming included news, Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, The View, Law & Order, Ellen, Live with Kelly, Jimmy Kimmel, Lifetime Movies, Housewives, Katie Couric, etc. The campaign delivered 438 Gross Rating Points with a 42% reach and 3x frequency to adults 25-54.

Beat the Heat

As part of our Las Vegas Invasion, the Resort Association put together a two week promotion called “Beat the Heat.” The campaign focused on escaping the heat of Las Vegas and offered Las Vegas residents gas for $2.49 per gallon if they stayed in Big Bear during the summer. A publicity stunt for the exclusive gas offer was well received by the media. The publicity generated from the promotion included news coverage on Las Vegas TV, print and internet. The promotion aired on the news on all three major stations. We bought ads on Facebook that targeted Las Vegas residents to hype the promotion and created a promo tab on for Las Vegas residents only.

Gas Card Promo

We generated great press for the Free Gas Card promotion through a press release and media pitches when high gas prices were the hot topic. Some of the press that picked up the story included KNBC, LA Times, OC Register, and Inland Empire Daily Bulletin. In addition to the PR we sent an eblast to our subscriber data base to create excitement.


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2012 Highlights Kids. Get Outdoors. Win!

Big Bear Lake is on a mission to make sure kids have a fun, and an engaging arena to get active outdoors and keep fit! We launched the second edition of ”KIDS. GET OUTDOORS. WIN!,” beginning with the 2012 fall and winter season. It is now a year-round program offering different activities for the summer in addition to winter activities and biannual or quarterly prizes. The objective of the campaign is to create awareness that Big Bear provides the ideal location for families to get active outdoors on their vacation, and promote a healthy lifestyle for kids. The campaign is based around the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. We established funding from the County of San Bernardino to get the campaign in motion. The program is being promoted through a media campaign and through the Resort Association’s resources including website landing pages, promo tabs, and banner ads as well as through e-blasts.

Events Calendar Upgrade

The Resort Association saw an opportunity to improve the guest experience, and to improve calendar information for local businesses that link to our calendar, including KBHR 93.3 and the City of Big Bear Lake. In August 2012, a more robust Event Calendar for the community was born.’s Events Calendar enhances the visitor’s experience making search results more customized. The updated Events Calendar makes it easy for visitors to search for events by the current date, weekend, next 7 days, specific dates or by month. In addition, the results can be narrowed down according to the type of event they are looking for. The search results provided include the event’s website info, description, location and contact information, and it can all be printed by the visitor. There is now also a Signature Events area to highlight Resort Association member events which includes an image of the event, event description and a link for more details.

Big Bear Blog

The Resort Association’s blog site is a very important part of our marketing due to the traffic it brings to In June 2012 Big Bear Blogs was moved to the domain where it would be more effective. Our blog site provides content for keeping content active. It was redesigned to match our branding and to have a similar look as We post a minimum of 4 blogs per month on topics ranging from activities, events, holiday periods, packages, the great outdoors, the seasons and more.

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2012 Highlights AMGEN Tour of California In conjunction with the AMGEN Tour of California, the Resort Association worked to promote this renowned cycling race that attracts cyclists from around the globe. The Resort Association coordinated PR, social media strategies and events surrounding the race. In addition we organized all the lodging for the teams and production staff through our lodging members. National and regional media covered the route announcement with mention of Big Bear Lake as the finish for Stage 6. The Resort Association distributed swag to the media, discussing story ideas with them. We conducted a targeted regional campaign to off-site media, and conducted media tours and sent out multiple press releases to promote the event. Participation in this event had far-reaching impact on the Valley.

4Estimated Economic Impact of Visitors: $792,000.00 4Percentage that Spent the Night at Least One Night: 45.3%  4Estimated Attendance: 10,000 4Estimated Visitors: 7,594 4Percentage that Came Primarily for Event: 94.4% 4First Time Visitors: 36.5% 4Percentage that Shopped:  76.3% 4Number of Times Eating Out:  2.0 median meals per visitor represents 15,188 meals served 4Median Amount of Money Spent per Visitor: $200.00 Packages on Visit California

The Resort Association recognizes many partners throughout California and the nation. These partners help promote Big Bear by reaching millions more visitors than we could alone. Visit California distinguishes the Resort Association as the visitor authority for Big Bear which allows us to promote our vacation packages directly from their website. We take advantage of several opportunities with them to make sure our presence is year-round.


BBLRA Membership Packet 2013

Other major highlights of


Event Coordination and Promotion Fishin’ for 50K KTLA-Oktoberfest Small Business Saturday Flash Sales: Leap Day, Memorial Day, Oktoberfest

Collateral Production Driving Rack Card Visitor Guide What’s Up 7,000 Feet Calendar Where to Eat, Shop and Play Guide

Trade Show Participation Los Angeles Travel Show Fred Hall Fishing, Tackle and Boat Show Ski Dazzle Ski and Snowboard Expo


2013 Projects We at the Resort Association have identified our areas of focus for 2013 based on the projects that we believe to be of most value to our members and Big Bear Valley. Our projects define our path to drive us forward with a clear direction in 2013. We will be focused on finding ways to improve our marketing channels, to make the most of the marketing dollars our members invest in us. Our promise is to improve communication, create transparency and be accountable to those same members.

Our path offers clarity for the future of the Resort Association. We are settled in the present with a map for the future, determined to be the best we can be in 2013.

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Vacation Packages – Rework Flash Sales Gas Card Promotion or Alternate Program

Visitor Resources

2nd Homeowner’s Website Traffic Notifications E-Blasts

Event Promotion & Coordination Trade Shows Ski Dazzle Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show Fred Hall Show Fishin’ for 50K

Website Visitor Promotions

Wild Flowers Promotion Valentine’s Day/President’s Day Promotions Plan Your Summer Vacation Promotion Spring Break Promotions Beat the Heat Promotions Hot Events Promotion Fall Colors Promotion Plan Your Winter Vacation Promotion


Media Familiarization Tours Press Trips Live TV Remotes Kids. Get Outdoors. Win! – Summer & Winter

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