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MEDIA KIT 2014 You who bring good news to Zion, go up on a high mountain. You who bring good news to Jerusalem, lift up your voice with a shout, lift it up, do not be afraid; say to the towns of Judah, ‘Here is your God!’ Isaiah 40:9

I’s friendly, positive outlook and interesting testimonies and stories of what God is doing.

Overview Australia’s largest inter-denominational newspaper, Eternity, is delivered FREE to churches, schools, colleges, universities, charities, mission agencies, bookshops, cafes, retirement homes and other organisations on request. Eternity is published by Bible Society Australia, see Cover Price: Free Frequency: Monthly from February to December Circulation: 100,000 CAB-Audited Reach: Metro and Rural areas across Australia Distribution: • Delivered to over 4,500 organisations • Digital stories available online at • Now also subscription delivered to an email address of choice* Eternity reports on local and global news with a Christian worldview and aims to encourage readers in their faith. Main editorial sections each month: • Testimonies • Missionary stories • Book, music or movie reviews plus extracts • Social justice • Culture and media from a Christian viewpoint Winner 2013 Australian Religious Press Award - “SILVER” Inside Hillsong Music - Karen Mudge Research shows • 12 million Australians state their religion as Christianity.1 • 23 per cent of adult Australians participate in church or religious activities.2 • 1.6 million Australians attend church each week. The monthly attendance is more than double.3 1. 2006 Census, Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2. 2004 Survey, Australian Bureau of Statistics, 3. National Church Life Survey, * via email request # I like... quotes taken from Eternity Survey - August 2013

I Like...The variety of articles that are relevant to the Christian life.

Rate Card 2014 Ad Size

Single Booking

Multiple Booking* Width x Depth

Job Ad**



25 words

Job Ad**



50 words

Job Ad**



75 words

Directory*** or Adopt a Charity



62mm x 30mm



62mm x 90mm

Large Landscape 1/8th $890


128mm x 90mm

Large Portrait 1/8th



62mm x 183mm

Quarter Page Landscape



260mm x 90mm

Quarter Page Portrait



128mm x 183mm

Half Page



260mm x 183mm

Sponsored page



1/2 ad 1/2 editorial

Full Page ad



260mm x 375mm

Double Page Spread



544mm x 375mm

4-page “liftout”



544mm x 375mm

Classified Ads

Feature Ads Standard 1/16th

Display Ads

Extras Loose Inserts 10-15 cents per insert - minimum 10,000 inserts Adhesive notes 10-15 cents per application – minimum 20,000 notes Onserts - price to be advised depending on article Sponsored page - these are limited to 1/2 page ad and 1/2 page editorial - 800 words. We provide a discounted rate to gain professional stories from trusted advertisers. Please share your ideas with us. PLEASE NOTE All prices ex-GST * Multiple Booking - 2 or more, in more than one issue of Eternity ** Job Ad is logo with text only *** Directory Full Colour or 12 words + your logo

I Like...quick catch up of what’s happening in churches around the country.

How do I get the best out of advertising?

Paul Hutchinson, Eternity’s sales manager gives his response Every advertising manager will ponder this question. Advertising should be targeted to the correct audience and must be visible. I always recommend at least one “display ad” (see above) or a series of “feature ads” over 4 or 5 issues. This way your target audience gets to know your name, they gain confidence in your products and services and they are more likely to engage with you. Here’s what our advertisers say: “So far, we have advertised three times in Eternity Newspaper and each time the response we have had has been above what we expected. The ad pricings are within our budget and their audience is beyond what we could achieve on our own. We will definitely be partnering with Eternity again. Sherrin Skerman Editor, Girls4God Magazine Compassion advertises with Eternity Newspaper because, like them, our organisation is passionately Christ-centred and Church-based. We also feel that Eternity Newspaper is invested in our ministry. Eternity Newspaper continually provide support, extremely generous value for our spend and opportunities to raise awareness of our campaigns and urgent fundraising needs. Advertising with Eternity is an investment in our ministry and the exposure we receive is incredibly important to Compassion Australia. Berlinda Fortin Media & Advertising Specialist, Compassion Australia. Based on our recent Survey#, our audience is: Household Income Under $55K


$56K- $100K

39% Over $100K


The average paper is read by 4 people. The age of these people are: Under 25






Over 55 1.6

The majority of responders believe that the advertising is reaching its targeted audience and 69% believe the cost to advertise is reasonable. The majority considered the quality of ads to be of a high standard and varied in content. “Do you think advertisers are reaching their target audience? - Yes, I think it appeals to a wide variety of people.” I takes me to what other Christians are doing/grappling with, other than just what happens at church.

Eternity Distribution Eternity distribution state by state

500 14,000 8,500

8,000 45,000

Denominational Breakdown Anglican

33% Baptist



20% Catholic

Presbyterian 7%



Churches of Christ



* Based on our recent Survey

I Like...the high level of intellect used in the reporting of a good variety of God driven topics and stories.

Advertising Extras We have several options to increase your exposure to the Christian community and reap the rewards of your advertising budget. Such as: Sponsored page are a great way to communicate your message to our readers. A Sponsored Page is limited to a minimum 1/2 page editorial with a maximum 1/2 page ad. The story will be written by the organisation on a topic close to their heart. The advertising section may be their own or these can be on sold to your supporters to assist cover the cost of the page. 4 Page Lift Out are a great way of obtaining maximum exposure for your financial outlay. You will be surprised at how economical these can be. They are ideal for Christmas Carols, Major Sponsor advertisers, Catalogues, Conference notes, Camp Directories, Trade Shows and Expos guides, to name a few. Limited to one advertiser per issue. Additional copies of Eternity can be delivered to the advertiser/venue for a small cost. Adhesive note advertising to achieve stand-out impact: Adhesive notes have been successfully utilised by many prominent companies with outstanding results, such as McDonalds and SMH. • Use notes as a pointer ad to any display or insert advertisement in the newspaper • Use notes as sales promotion and to drive “call to action” • Use notes to gain effective response channel for lead generation Adhesive notes are a cost-effective media solution with superior presentation – colour, gloss stock, and quality reproduction of images. Limited to one per issue, ensuring prominence and effective cut-through. Promotional leaflets and brochures inserted into the newspaper: Inserts can include material such as response cards, envelopes, brochures and large sized posters, custom inserted by state. Maximum of three per edition.(Please note all inserts need to comply with Fairfax specifications which can be obtained on request.) Onserts may be any flat item placed on top of bundles. These are a great tool for getting a new release book, or CD into the hands of the church pastor or organisational leaders who can recommend them to their followers. Limited to one advertiser per bundle. Free Gifts may be offered to the readers by email and letter requests. These are a great way of highlighting your products to the readers, i.e.: first 10 readers to write in 25 words or less what they most enjoy about Eternity receive a free gift. We will offer the business a standard ad to coincide with this gift.

I Like...reading about how God has worked through people’s lives.

Ad Sizes Full Page 260mm x 375mm

Half Page 260mm x 183mm Quarter Page Landscape 260mm x 90mm

Large Portrait 62mm x 183mm

Quarter Page Portrait 128mm x 183mm

Standard 62mm x 90mm

Large Landscape 128mm x 90mm

I Like...the interesting articles & the commitment to the gospel truth.

Sample Display ads NCLS Church Life Survey – 4 Page spread

Adopt A Charity – Double Page Spread

I Like...thought-provoking articles, doesn’t shy away from potentially divisive issues.

Barnabas Fund Australia – Full Page ad

Scripture Union – Sponsored page

I Like...real stories about real people.

Deadlines 2014 Cover Date Feb March April May June July August Sept Oct Nov Dec

Issue 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54

Booking Deadline 12 Jan 16 Feb 16 March 13 April 18 May 15 June 13 July 17 Aug 14 Sept 19 Oct 16 Nov

Artwork Deadline 17 Jan 21 Feb 21 March 18 April 23 May 20 June 18 July 22 Aug 19 Sept 24 Oct 21 Nov

Inserts Deadline 20 Jan 24 Feb 24 March 21 April 26 May 23 June 21 July 25 Aug 22 Sept 27 Oct 24 Nov

In Church 2 Feb 9 March 6 April 4 May 8 June 6 July 3 Aug 7 Sept 5 Oct 9 Nov 7 Dec

I Like...Eternity fills a niche with its broad, diverse and general coverage and appeal.

Ad Features 2014 In addition to the basic mix of news and editorial sections, each issue of Eternity also contains “features” to draw attention to advertiser subject matter. These are not “themed editions”; our regular material will appear each month. The special days listed below are for information purposes and are not generally featured in the newspaper. February • Focus on Charities Our Adopt A Charity Feature in February and July attract huge support. • Charities carry the burden of the community and need support. • Retirement living With 38% of our readers over 55 this is a great opportunity to discuss some keys to financing and living in retirement years. • Special Days: Valentine’s Day 14th; Back to School – Bibles, books and supplies March • Put some fun in fundraising Every charity is looking for new ways to generate income and engage with their donors. Here you can share your thoughts and opportunities. • Bible College life We explore the life of a Bible College Student Remember 35% of ou readers are under 40. • Special Days: St Patricks Day 17th, National Day of action Against Bullying and Violence 21st; Clean Up Australia Day 2nd; World’s Greatest Shave 13-16th April • Focus on Education Learning is an essential part of community life. • Album Launches What’s new in Christian Music. • Special Days: Easter 18-20th , National Youth Week 4-13th, EASTERFEST 18-24th, ANZAC Day 25th May • Missionaries We feature missionaries within and without Australia. • Finances & Governance We help you keep abreast of the recent changes to DGR and finances for all Non-profit organisations. • Special Days: Mothers day 11th, Education Week, Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, Mothers Day 12th  

I Like...stories of wonderful conversions.

Ad Features 2014 June • Missions There are so many great mission agencies who are touching the lives of people in the community with the Love of the Gospel and providing practical help. • Books review Look out for these new books. • Special Days: World Refugee Day 20th; Red Nose day 27th July • Focus on Charities Our Adopt A Charity Feature in February and July attract huge support. • Donations We explore ways to increase your income from donations. • Special Days: National NAIDOC week, Stress Down Day - Lifeline August • Australian Christian Book of the Year Book review and awards notification. • Short Term Missions Have you ever thought of going on a short term mission’s trip? Be careful, you never know where this may lead. • Special Days: Jeans for Genes Day September • Gap Years Have you thought about doing a gap year? We look at a few options for you to explore. • Church camps Improve church relationships through church and youth camps. • Travel We highlight some of the travel options for Christian groups. • Business Directory We put together a list of businesses who like to interact with Christians. • Special Days: Father’s Day 7th, World Suicide Prevention Day 10th, R U OK? Day 11th; Study Camps October • Schools, Colleges and Universities We focus on Education in this special feature. This issue is a huge success every year. • Special Days: Jesus Racing – Bathurst 1000, Mental Health Week, Cancer Council Pink Ribbon Day; Bible Month

I Like...hearing about what’s happening in evangelical churches across Australia.

Ad Features 2014 November • Gift Giving With a Christian perspective we give readers the opportunity and the means to give gifts which will have a real impact for people in need. • Special Days: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Remembrance Day 11th November December • Youth Spotlight on the youth in our churches and the ministries reaching them for Christ. • Books, Movies and Music Reviews We review all avenues of new media. • Special Days: Christmas, Summer Camps, HSC Study Camps, January- School Holidays  

I Like...Australian Christian news and comment.

Design Tips Newsprint is highly absorbent paper and it works quite differently to bright white magazine stock. Newsprint is affected by two factors: ‘dot gain’ which is the extra ink absorbed by the porous newsprint, and the colour of the newsprint itself. They can add a 20 per cent tone to a piece of artwork. I would avoid anything above 220 per cent ink weight - and that I would use for a very dark navy blue. Always aim lighter when you have a choice of colours The ad should look a little washed out on screen. The simpler the colour mix the better. If you are using Adobe products to build your ad, set the colour settings to ‘Japanese newspaper 2002’ or similar. You can adjust your settings using command k - or best with Adobe Bridge. Make sure your output is consistent in the pdf settings when you export your artwork. Cold set press Eternity prints on a newspaper press which means some colours will not print as brightly as on a heat set press. Printing registration Presses may go slightly out of registration and this needs to be designed for when choosing fonts and pictures. The simple way around it is to have simple colour mixes for text - of two colours ideally. The black plate is usually the culprit - avoid reversing out of mixes with a noticeable amount of black in them. Reverse type should be 12 point or above. Simple black will overprint. Photographs for newsprint should be simple and fully lit. Peoples’ faces should be in direct light. What looks too plain for a magazine will be perfect for newsprint. Faces need to be bigger in the picture for newsprint, as the dot screen is coarser. Remember to allow for the photo to darken. Black type and rules should be single colour black. Please send us your ad as a pdf. Your ad should be in cmyk format with no spot colours.

I Like...Evangelical articles about current issues.

Contact Us Advertising Enquiries Manager: Paul Hutchinson Mobile: 0423 515 899 Email Mediakit Editorial Enquiries Editor: John Sandeman Mobile: 0433 411 990 Email: Mail: GPO Box 9874 In Your Capital City Terms and Conditions

• Please supply artwork as a colour, print- ready PDF via email to • Supply with embedded fonts and images, in process colour (CMYK) • Blacks should be 100K • Spot colour must be converted to process • There should be no transparency in any supplied PDFs. Photos and graphics must be min. 200dpi • Maximum ink density should be 240% • Reversed type should be bold enough to cope with coldset newsprint printing registration and dot gain. • Reversed/overprint type minimum 11pt • All advertising must comply with the trade Practices Act and must not be misleading, false or deceptive • All advertisements are subject to the approval of the publisher Bible Society Australia • Advertising agencies and advertisers accept full responsibility for the contents of all advertisements and agree to indemnify the publishers against any claim or proceeding arising out of the publication of the advertisements.

• Provision of the material or copy for publication constitutes acceptance by the advertiser and advertising agent of this condition • Telephone instructions are accepted but the publisher is not liable for error or misunderstanding if instructions are not confirmed in writing prior to publication deadline • No responsibility is accepted by the publisher, proprietor or editor for the accuracy of details supplied in any advertisements appearing in Eternity • The publisher, proprietor and editor will not be liable for any loss caused by late publication, error or failure of an advertisement to appear.

I Like...Faithful, intelligent, good range of views.

What our readers say about Eternity! I Like... Absolutely! Best Christian magazine out there! That it’s an edifying paper with a Christian perspective that anybody can pick up and read. Fresh, unbiased, independent, biblical, Christ-centred, good humoured, warmly critical of church/Christians. Good range of relevant topics, with solid biblical content. It’s National. the relevant and interesting stories of what is happening to Christianity in Australia. Sound evangelical basis, thought-provoking articles with good balance between news and comment. The variety and positive news stories on Christians and what they are doing. inter-denominational Christian news from all over. Positive stories of God’s work in the world. It’s encouraging. The comprehensive coverage of the Australian Christian ‘scene’.

I Like...The stories and the willingness to tackle current issues.

Eternity Media Kit 2014  

Check out how to advertise in Eternity Christian Newspaper in 2014.

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