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In early June, the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) appointed Mandie Lavin to lead the organisation as it looks to tackle the challenges facing the world of healthcare and speak with a bigger voice in the industry. Since joining BHTA, I have been struck by the diversity of the membership, consisting of everything from independent mobility retailers to large, multinational manufacturers. It also became apparent to me quickly that so many of our members and professionals in the industry are utterly committed to the customers they serve. Having such an engaged and passionate membership is exactly what is needed to help drive the Association forward. I have worked within the healthcare sector for a significant proportion of my career and I have been heavily involved in regulatory and professional associations including nursing, pharmacy and law from the 90s. Early on in my career, I trained as a nurse at Guy’s Hospital before providing frontline care across various surgical specialisms. I moved into NHS management soon afterwards, leading a team of nurse practitioners at the Brook General Hospital seeing around 75,000 new patients a year, through its Accident and Emergency Department. I went on to study law, trained as a barrister and later re-joined the NHS as one of the first risk and litigation managers in the country for Peterborough Hospitals NHS Trust. This eventually led to a regional risk and litigation position, examining trends

across 19 Trusts and purchasing authorities and collating the information to see what we could learn to help bring about change, enhancing patient safety and clinical standards on the frontline of the NHS. A key challenge for the Association is similar to that facing the industry and that is raising awareness and reinforcing the significance of the Code of Practice and the BHTA amongst the wider public. There is tremendous scope for further collaboration with key organisations to help amplify our reach. As an Association, we are involved in numerous projects with parties such as the Civil Aviation Authority, Disabled Living Foundation and the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Continuing to work closely with these types of organisations is an essential aspect of our strategy. As well as collaborating with research groups, regulatory and professional bodies and charities in our industry, there is also an opportunity to work in partnership with other trade associations where common issues exist across other sectors. We have a unique opportunity to make a real difference to some very difficult challenges facing society and it is important that we are embracing new technologies, forging a new relationship with the public and expanding the breadth of our activities. Mandie Lavin Director General BHTA

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Westminster Watch by Lord Rennard, BHTA Director of Communications

Counting the cost of social care of relevant expertise and considerable skill to the role of representing BHTA members. In her first few weeks, I have worked with her, leading staff and different sections of the BHTA on various projects including helping to produce a paper explaining how providing appropriate equipment quickly can reduce ‘delayed transfer of care’ (‘bed blocking’). We will also continue campaigning for recognition of the need for people to have the right equipment in their homes in the first place in order to reduce the number of hospital admissions and enable people to live independently for as long as possible. We always The Government is now about to try again as the care system make the point in our representations about the importance, heads to breaking point. In anticipation of the Green Paper whether publicly or privately funded, of meeting needs such as which will outline the latest Government thinking, the LGA1 has grab rails, lifts and stairlifts. Doing so could reduce the number begun its own consultation about what needs to happen and its of emergency hospital admissions paper says that, significantly as 40% of them result from ‘Since 2010 councils have had to bridge a falls. We have also made a submission “Since 2010 councils £6 billion funding shortfall just to keep the to the Care Quality Commission (CQC) adult social care system going. In addition, about improving guidance concerning have had to bridge a £6 the LGA estimates that adult social care best practice in handling people in billion funding shortfall services face a £3.5 billion funding gap by care homes after falls (see Mangar’s 2025, just to maintain existing standards just to keep the adult #UpLiftingCare campaign). We continue of care, while latest figures show that to make representations (with other ” social care system going councils in England receive 1.8 million new Trade Associations) seeking to avoid requests for adult social care a year – the damage to any of our businesses from equivalent of nearly 5,000 a day’. any new trading arrangements resulting from whatever happens with ‘Brexit’. We made a lot of progress With adult social care now accounting for nearly 40% of total with early representations, but it is still far from clear to anyone council budgets, something drastic has to happen unless what will happen! provision of services and equipment by local authorities is to be drastically curtailed. Possible solutions to paying for adult When Parliament returns from the Conference recess, a major social care in the long-term outlined in the LGA consultation issue in both Houses will be the Government paper on adult document include increasing income tax (a 1p increase in social care referred to above, and the BHTA will be responding the basic rate would raise £4.4 billion), increasing National to it. We will also continue to support campaign activities Insurance (a 1p rise could raise £10.4 billion) or a new ‘Social seeking to address the ongoing scandal of failure to meet Care Premium’ paid by the over 40s and working pensioners the equipment needs of disabled children, depriving them of would raise £1 billion at a cost of about £33 per person. opportunities to live fulfilled lives, causing much distress to their Allowing councils to increase council tax by 1% would generate families and carers and resulting in many of them spending £285 million. All these figures are for 2024/25. more time in hospital. Anyone who saw the excellent Panorama programme ‘Fighting for My Child’ (see #SecretlifeOfUs Local Authorities are also arguing to shift the overall emphasis campaign) will have been very moved by it. of our care and health system so that it focuses far more on preventative, community-based personalised care, which 1 The LGA is the Local Government Association for England & Wales helps maximise people’s health, wellbeing and independence The LGA’s consultation document is at alleviates pressure on the NHS. This is very much aligned launches-own-green-paper-adult-social-care-reaches-breaking-point. with what the BHTA has been arguing. The BHTA has a new Director General, Mandie Lavin, who will bring a wealth Before the ‘snap’ General Election last year I briefed the BHTA Council about strong hints that the Conservative Manifesto would contain proposals to sort out the funding of Social Care in England. It did, but nobody expected what was soon to be christened as the ‘dementia tax’ in which everyone with assets worth over £100,000 might find them all spent on long term care. The risk may not seem great, but the fear of this happening was a very significant issue in the general election.


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BHTAnews – Scotland

Scottish Ministerial changes Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon recently reshuffled her Cabinet and Ministerial team. Former Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman was named as the new Health Secretary following the resignation of Shona Robison who had held the post since 2014. She had faced sustained opposition calls for her resignation due to NHS Scotland performance. Ms Freeman is well respected across Holyrood with MSPs from all parties paying tribute to the collaborative manner in which she handled her previous Social Security portfolio. She was responsible for the passage of the recent Social Security Act that transferred responsibility for 11 benefits including disability living allowance, personal independence payments and carer’s allowance to Holyrood. The devolution of the powers is being staggered, with the benefits system due to be fully operational by 2021. The payments will be administered by a new Scottish social security agency. It’s all change in the health team with Joe Fitzpatrick becoming Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing. The previous post holder Aileen Campbell MSP, who addressed last year’s BHTA Scotland Holyrood reception, has been promoted to the Cabinet as Secretary for Communities and Local Government. The health team is completed by Clare Haughey who takes over from Maureen Watt as Minister for Mental Health. Ms Haughey has worked as a mental health nurse for 30 years and continues to undertake voluntary shifts. BHTA has written to the new health ministers welcoming them to their new roles. Meet the new team:

BHTA Scottish Conference 27th November 2018 Following last year’s BHTA Centenary events in Scotland and the successful conference we are planning a new event that will be taking place on Tuesday 27th November 2018. We are currently putting together the event and conference programme but we will be following a similar format. We will be holding the BHTA Scottish Group meeting in the morning, followed by the Conference in the afternoon. There will also be an evening reception in Holyrood with a small number of table top displays available for members. We will be emailing all section members as soon as we have the programme confirmed.


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BHTA wants to help tackle the Bed Blocking Crisis The Stairlifts and Access Section in collaboration with other BHTA members has been busy working on a paper to address issues around hospital discharge, which is due for release in September. The document talks about reducing bed blocking, improving care and cutting costs. Speaking at the NHS Confederation conference in June 2018, Simon Stevens and Ian Dalton, the Chief Executives of NHS England and NHS Improvement, announced plans to improve patient care by cutting long hospital stays. Delayed transfer of care causes distress for patients and their families and is a particular problem for many older people, especially those who are frail and may have dementia. Their conditions often deteriorate whilst in hospital and there can be significant muscle wastage. The number of ‘delayed days’ has been reduced in the last two years, but is still far higher than the figures for 2010 as the health and social care system struggles to cope with the consequences of considerable demographic changes. NHS England statistics show the number of delayed days across NHS organisations for each month since August 2010. The figure then was 109,918, it rose to a peak of 200,095 in October 2016, and was

144,997 in April 2018. New BHTA Director General Mandie Lavin has already written to NHS Chief Executive, Simon Stevens, about the forthcoming paper. Her letter says that more rapid assessment of the need for community equipment, and a more rapid procurement process, could assist significantly to reduce the level of delayed discharge to everyone’s benefit. Lord Chris Rennard who has worked with members on the paper said “The paper highlights the importance of integrating health and social care and how procurement policies need to be improved so that equipment is quickly provided for people at home thereby enabling them to leave hospital as soon as possible. We also need to keep up the campaign for greater provision and awareness about equipment ranging from grab rails to stairlifts that could reduce hospital admissions in the first place”. Phil Rice, Stairlifts and Access Section Chairman said “I am so pleased that the issue of bed blocking from our section strategy has gained so much interest and cross section collaboration. This is

a real issue and something that BHTA members feel passionately about. The paper we are releasing highlights the issues but also offers solutions and I hope that it reaches decision makers so that things can change for the good of those patients being kept in hospital unnecessarily”.

Congratulations for a great team effort entering the Posture and Mobility Group Poster campaign BHTA publishes a wide range of Get Wise leaflets and at this year’s Posture and Mobility Group Conference in Manchester, the Pressure Care Seating & Positioning section decided to emphasise and raise the profile of their work by entering this year’s conference poster campaign. It was produced by Rebecca Dunstall, Clinical Specialist at CareFlex, along with Kim Chaney, Joanne McConnell and the section members.

The aim of the section’s Get Wise leaflets is to provide simple and easy to understand information and tips for users and their carers. The Get wise to pressure ulcer prevention leaflet aims to provide basic tips on how to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers developing, and what to look out for. The Get wise to good seated posture leaflet provides tips on supporting good posture.

The poster promoted the two latest Get Wise leaflets produced by the section “Get Wise to pressure ulcer prevention in sitting” and “Get Wise to good seated posture”.

The section will be working on clinical versions of the Get wise leaflets that will be launched later in the year. The two new Get wise leaflets are available from the BHTA website at:


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BHTA celebrates 70 years of the NHS Members of the Mobility Group celebrated 70 years of the NHS at their meeting on July 5th with a special birthday cake. Many BHTA members have previously worked in the NHS and work very closely with NHS colleagues to deliver products and services so we felt It was important that we marked the occasion. Mandie Lavin, BHTA Director General even led a singalong of Happy Birthday! The Association also sent a special NHS70 newsletter to all members which had contributions and case studies provided by members and the secretariat team. Mandie Lavin said “The NHS touches everyone and is internationally renowned, as healthcare demographics and the healthcare and

assistive technology sector grows, there remain many challenges. The BHTA has an essential role to play in helping to fairly promote the interests of nearly 500 member companies, and ensuring that they have a very high reputation for serving the interests of their many vulnerable customers”. Alastair Maxwell, BHTA Chairman said “My team and I are proud to run and work for businesses that supply the NHS, creating jobs, and also driving innovation in products and services that can be sold to other healthcare providers in the UK and around the world. Happy Birthday to the NHS, congratulations to its’ staff and everyone who makes the NHS so special”.




July 5 marks the NHS’ 70th birthday. In the NHS at Park Hos page pamphlet pital, Manchester, househ run up to the launch of the olds received a and how it cou explaining what a National Health Service simple fourld be accessed. would entail The past 70 year

s has seen its fair funding, provision share of reforms and significant , outcomes and changes in dem expectations. If today, a four-pag and, a similar exercise e pamphlet is clea was to be carri rly no longer suffi and access are ed out just as relevant cient but the key now as they were themes of prov in 1948. ision The NHS’ 70th anniversary repr esents a key junc outstripping fund ture in its histo ing and detrimen ry. With demand tal effects to both be made about what the pamphle access and qual ity, t shou of health and care a choice needs ld say about the to system are we NHS today; in willing to pay essence, what Institute for Fisc for? That is why kind al Studies and we commissione The Health Foun demand and finan d the dation, to unde cial needs facin rtake a major stud g the health and 2033. Neverthe y of the social care syste less, as with any m over the perio 70th birthday, has aged or the d to we should not challenges ahea only reflect on d but celebrate of where we are how the NHS its achievements today. since birth and take stock If you would like to meet to disc discuss the futu uss any of the items raised in re of the NHS , then write to this pamphlet or to us in full at nial Yours faithfully ldickson@nhsc , Niall Dickson, Chief Executi ve, NHS Confede ration 1


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Get Wise to using Defibrillators Did you know that up to 7 out of 10 people who suffer a cardiac arrest could survive if they are treated with a defibrillator within the first five minutes? BHTA has launched a new guide in the suite of “Get Wise” leaflets to help people understand defibrillators and be confident about using one. Defibrillators are designed for use by anyone, with or without training. The audible and visual instructions will guide the user through the process from start to finish and a defibrillator will never deliver a shock unless the casualty needs one. For a copy of the leaflet (which we recommend everyone reads), visit: http:// GW-TUD-v8.pdf Do you have a defibrillator at your place of work? 13% of all workplace fatalities result from cardiac arrest. Using a defibrillator within the first three minutes of collapse can increase the chances of survival by up to 70% and every minute after this reduces chances by approximately 10%. It is critically important to act quickly. What if you are out and about, in your local community? Many defibrillators are available in public places such as train stations, shopping centres, airports and leisure centres. Often known as public access defibrillators (PADs), these are usually found in a yellow or green cabinet if they are outdoors or a white cabinet if they are indoors. Whatever the colour, the cabinet will always have the defibrillator sign on it: Start now to be aware of where your nearest defibrillators are. If you do need to find your nearest Public Access Defibrillator in an emergency, call 999 and the call handler will direct you to one if there is one nearby. Some cabinets need a code to open them - if you need to get into a cabinet that is locked, simply call 999 and they will provide an entry code.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR BHTA MEMBERS – Save lives today The following BHTA Members have committed to offers on a defibrillator package for fellow BHTA Members. Please contact the member of your choice and state that you are a BHTA Member quoting code: BHTA0718DFiboffer:

Kays Medical Ltd Customer Service Number: 0151 482 2830 Email:

Cardiac Science Order line: 0161 926 0000 Email:

St John Ambulance Order line: 0207 324 4093 Email:

Crest Medical Ltd Order line: 01698 354 600 Email:

SP Services Ltd Order line: 01952 288999 Email:

Wel Medical Ltd Order line: Email: 01252 344007

(This offer ends December 2018)


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Proposal to include lifesaving first aid in school curriculum could save ‘thousands of lives’ Lifesaving first aid is set to be included in the national school curriculum after years of campaigning. The government’s proposals to teach first aid skills and CPR training – as part of compulsory health education in all schools in England from 2020 – could save thousands of lives, charities say. Secondary school students would be taught how to administer CPR, as well as basic treatment for common injuries, under plans included in a Department for Education consultation. Primary school children are set to learn basic first aid alongside the steps they can take to protect and support the health and wellbeing of others, “This historic according to draft guidelines. The British Heart Foundation (BHF), St John Ambulance and British Red Cross – who together form the ‘Every Child a Lifesaver’ coalition – have been campaigning for CPR to be taught in schools.

move will transform cardiac arrest survival rates in the years to come”

Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive of the BHF, said: “Adding CPR to the curriculum in England will mark a defining moment in improving the UK’s shockingly low survival rates from cardiac arrests. “Less than one in 10 people survive an out of hospital cardiac arrest in the UK, but evidence suggests nearly one in four could survive if all young people are trained with lifesaving CPR skills. “The government’s announcement is the result of years of tireless campaigning, and sends a clear message that they are committed to empowering young people with lifesaving skills they will take in to adulthood.

“This historic move will transform cardiac arrest survival rates in the years to come.”

Mike Adamson, Chief Executive of the British Red Cross said: “Future generations will now have the simple, yet vital, first aid skills, which could mean the difference between life and death in a first aid emergency. “This decision is a significant step forward in empowering our nation with the knowledge and confidence they need to understand their own health, and to build strong communities who know how to help in a crisis.” Eleanor Busby Education Correspondent – Independent

Did you know you have a choice? benefit other BHTA sections too”. Members of the BHTA Mobility Group want to highlight to consumers the choices they have when needing healthcare The BHTA is also developing a new website page that will and assistive technology products. Due for release shortly the signpost to various charities that can offer help and support in a section has developed a new leaflet called “Did you know you variety of ways including grants to fund equipment. More details have a choice?” The leaflet is broken into rooms of the home will be provided once this has gone and advises on what equipment could live but please do keep an eye on our be available in each room to help people website remain living independently at home for “It’s great that members Jeanette Warner Mobility Group Chair as long as possible. Work has also begun want to ensure said “Finding yourself or a loved one on a new Get Wise to Wheelchairs leaflet consumers have the right in need of mobility and/or assistive to help navigate consumers around what technology products can be a stressful choices are available when a wheelchair information available to time. Not knowing what is available to is needed. Sally Edgington, Research & them.” help or how to obtain it makes it even Support Lead said “It’s great that members harder. We are pleased to be putting want to ensure consumers have the right together some guides to assist people in information available to them in order to learning what options are available to them to get and fund their make informed decisions when they require equipment and equipment and/or wheelchair”. wheelchairs and I welcome the work by the section which will


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BHTA speaks with consumers at DAD The BHTA was pleased to be invited along for the second year running to the Disability Awareness Day that took place on Sunday 25th July in a huge tented village at Walton Hall and Garden near Warrington. The event, now in its 27th year, is the world’s largest ‘not for profit’ voluntary led disability exhibition. The event is run by Warrington Disability Partnership which is an internationally acclaimed user led charity, with over 27 years’ experience of developing and delivering mobility and independent living services. Their aim is to support disabled people and people living with long term health conditions.

Disability Partnership and Disability Awareness Day said “It was a pleasure to see the BHTA stand again at our 27th annual Disability Awareness Day (DAD) alongside over 50 trade exhibitors who were complemented by nearly 200 statutory service and charity sector stands. I feel the presence of the BHTA acts as an endorsement that DAD is part of the national mobility and independent living show calendar. I was equally pleased to welcome the BHTA as I am personally committed to supporting and promoting the BHTA as the disabled consumers’ watchdog”.

The event attracted over 250 exhibitors, with sideshows and performers in a central arena. This year the lovely sunny weather brought out over 22,000 people who attended on the day. Sally Edgington who represented the BHTA said “the event is such a good opportunity to speak with consumers about the value of buying from BHTA members. There is a real buzz throughout the day across the whole showground and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone”. Dave Thompson MBE DL MBA, Founder and CEO of Warrington

BHTA Members are stepping up for the Stroke Association Over 180 participants from 11 BHTA member companies have now registered for this year’s BHTAsteptember. Following the success of last year’s inaugural event which saw 120 participants raise over £3600 for Scope, this year the event has been opened up to all members of the BHTA. The challenge is to walk 10,000 steps every day of September, meaning each participant would have walked over 300,000 steps which is over 150 miles by the end of the challenge. This year the hope is to raise £10,000 for the Stroke Association, many of our members, clients, friends and family have been affected by a stroke, and the Stroke Association offers stroke survivors help, support and advice. Alastair Gibbs said “Last year TPG DisableAids were pleased to take part in the BHTAsteptember event that raised over £3000 for Scope. We found it promoted a healthy activity amongst the staff and brought many of them together to support a common cause. A little bit of interdepartment competition and a sense of achievement which

actually gave all participants a feel good factor that business alone cannot achieve. This year even more are joining in and planning collective ways to up their daily step rate”. The amount raised will be presented to the Stroke Association at the BHTA annual awards dinner on Thursday 29th November at the Alton Towers Hotel. Sally Edgington event organiser said “we have set a much higher target this year, so are hoping we can get as many BHTA member companies behind the event as possible, and I am hopeful that we can reach the target. I am really looking forward to seeing members’ photos and hearing about their walks and events to support BHTAsteptember”. The finale of BHTAsteptember will take place on Monday 1st October when members will climb to the top of the O2 in London, so watch this space for some amazing photos! To find out more about BHTAsteptember and how you can get involved please email:


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BHTA Golf Day – Blackwell Golf Club The BHTA Golf Day took place at the Blackwell Golf Club in the West Midlands with BHTA company members and guests from all over the UK, and teams from associated companies within the healthcare industry. Our members commented on the quality of the course despite the recent spell of continued hot weather. It was a great day out for all players and we were pleased to have with us Mandie Lavin the new BHTA Director General and Sue Isherwood, who presented the Phil Isherwood trophy (“in memory of her husband, ex President of BHTA”) to the overall winner with Mike Lord BHTA President. The winners on the day were:Individual Winner of the Phil Isherwood Trophy – Richard Cook (NRS)

Individual Runner Up – Clive Harding (Dartex) Team Winners – NRS Team Runners Up – Peacocks Nearest the Pin – Cameron Hall -(Peacocks) Longest Drive – David Ripley (Dartex) and Steven Power (NRS) Alastair Maxwell (BHTA Chairman) thanked all members, guests and teams for making this an enjoyable and competitive day. We also thank our event sponsors, ICB insurance, for their support again in running this year’s event. Details of future events will be circulated to members but if you want to register your interest for future Golf Days, please email,

Richard Cook and Sue Isherwoood

British Healthcare Trades Awards Dinner 2018 will be held at the Alton Towers Hotel on Thursday 29th November The Entry process for British Healthcare Trades Awards 2018 are Now Open. This is a great opportunity for companies to enter the award categories that best promotes their business achievements, new products developments and gives you a chance to be recognised for everything you achieve in the healthcare market. All categories are FREE to enter and the closing date for entries is Friday 21st September 2018. If your company has launched a new product, does great work in your community, has an innovative marketing campaign why not down load the entry form today and make sure your in with a chance this year.

BHTA Award categories for 2018


Best Contribution to the Community

Best Product

Best Service

Most Effective marketing Campaign

Tom Hillier Award – A Shopmobility Award.

Retailer of the Year Award

Independent Living Award

Digital Innovation Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

The NHS DAC Patients Service Award

Retailer of the Year

Best Development in Collaboration with the NHS Award (Academic Health Science networks)

BHTA Best innovation developed in collaboration with the NHS award

Entry forms available from:

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BHTA joins Simple Stuff Works to Celebrate 10th Birthday ones have limited movement. Family life is important to us and Ten years ago, in a town not far away, a family passionate we know it is important to the people we support. It may be an about postural care resolved to work together to positively aged loved one whose final years should be comfortable and change the lives of people around the world. Focusing on rewarding, or protecting the body shape of an infant too young humane and comfortable products, training and personto know what the future might hold, or centred care, Simple Stuff Works even a teenager with physical disabilities Associates brought together decades of who, like everyone else, wants to make knowledge, experience and resources “I am so proud of Simple the most of their life. Each person is to take a stand against unnecessary Stuff Works and all we surrounded by families and carers who destructive changes in body shape. have achieved over the want the best for them, and so do we. In July, Simple Stuff Works celebrated its

past 10 years. ” Sally Edgington, Research & Support 10th Birthday in the same way it tackles Lead said “I was delighted to be invited everything else, with its family values at to join in the celebrations, it was a its core. Simple wonderful afternoon with fantastic company, food and lovely Stuff Works is proud to be a family sunny weather. I can see by the work Simple Stuff Works does business focused on improving that it touches many families’ lives and makes a real difference the lives of families to the people they help, and ultimately the postural products whose loved they provide save lives”.

Anna Waugh, Managing Director, said “I am so proud of Simple Stuff Works and all we have achieved over the past 10 years. There have been highs and lows but we have always kept our vision and mission at the forefront of what we do. Being a member of the BHTA has been so useful to us as an organisation during this time. We have been able to keep abreast of all the latest developments within our industry and have had experts on hand to support us with growing our business”. To find out more about Simple Stuff Works:


020 7702 2141


Collaboration leads to vital solutions for children in need A unique partnership between adjustable bed specialist Theraposture and disabled children’s charity Newlife is providing much-needed equipment to disabled children. Working through the charity’s ‘Emergency Equipment Loan’ Service, Theraposture supply loaned specialist cots and beds to children at serious risk of injury or in urgent need due to shortened life expectancy. On receipt of an emergency application, Newlife commissions Theraposture to deliver the specialist equipment, with the company typically turning around the request within a 72-hour period, whilst also installing and maintaining the beds once in situ as well. With the loan periods generally lasting six months, the collaboration has been called unique in the UK and is completely free for families. Once the loan has ended, Theraposture can organise to have the bed or cot collected from the family’s home if it is not required permanently. The two organisations highlighted the collaboration at July’s Kidz to Adultz Wales & West show, circulating a free information guide outlining Newlife’s Emergency Equipment Loan Service.

Award-winning toilet seat helps users see red Gordon Ellis & Co’s Ashby 4 inch raised toilet seat is a perfect addition to anyone’s bathroom who may be having visual recognition issues says the company. A white toilet and grab rail against white tiles can make it hard for people to find their

way around the bathroom, resulting in anxiety and loss of dignity. Research has shown that increased brain wave activity can stimulate the production of adrenalin in the bloodstream and by using the colour red, which is a colour associated with alert, attracts the brains’ attention and allows the person to recognise and understand their environment. The dementia friendly raised seat also includes a onepiece moulding which makes it easy to clean, sterilise or autoclave and is easy to fit with two over moulded brackets for a secure hold. Built for comfort and durability, the Ashby can fit onto a square toilet and also comes in navy blue.


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Blatchford’s Technology Director knighted by the Prince of Wales Professor Sir Saeed Zahedi, Technical Director at Blatchford, was made a Knight Bachelor of the British Empire in recognition of his achievements in the field of rehabilitation.

(Credit: Yui Mok/PA Wire)

Knighted by the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace for outstanding services to Innovation and Engineering, the award-winning author and presenter of over 125 papers, books and scientific publications, as well as 35 patents, has succeeded in creating life-changing results for thousands of amputees around the world. Professor Sir Saeed Zahedi commented: “The investure day with HRH Prince Charles was a glorious day of celebration. It was an honour and privilege to represent the community of engineering innovation.”

State-of-the-art system aims to revolutionise positioning Described as perfect for carers who may find physically moving a person more challenging, the new Anatomical Positioning System (APS) from Simple Stuff Works brings users positioning at the touch of a button using Comfier technology. The state-of-the-art positioning system places inflatables around an individual linked to a pump system, which are then inflated or deflated around the person depending on the position the carer is trying to achieve. Combined with a specific pressure relieving mattress topper, the APS completely takes care of pressure care and postural care issues according to the company, making it one of the most cost-effective products on the market. Due to the ease of positioning an individual using the system, the APS reduces the need for multiple carers and also mitigates moving and handling risks as the inflatables do all of the work.

Anatomical Positioning System (APS)


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Shopmobilitynews National Federation of Shopmobility The New National Federation of Shopmobility (NFSUK) has just launched its 2018/19 directory. The publication has returned to its handy A5 size by consumer request, to make it easier to carry in car glove boxes when travelling around the UK. The publication includes all the National Federation scheme members and useful articles from many BHTA members, helping consumers navigate the sometimes difficult decision process of buying products to maintain independent living and mobility. There is a useful organisation section to guide you to charities and associations that deal with specific conditions. The Directory can be purchased online via the NFSUK website home page at:

National Mobility Registration Scheme – NEW lifetime membership The National Mobility Registration scheme was created by the National Federation of Shopmobility. If you use a mobility vehicle you will know how devastating it would be, and the negative impact on your independence, if your vehicle was stolen. The registration scheme aims to help prevent theft by individuals registering their vehicle with the scheme and attaching a unique identity number. The register will enable them to work with police forces nationally to help recover mobility vehicles and help reunite them with their owners. Police forces will be able to contact NMR directly, quote the unique registration number, allowing NMR to help them to get in touch with them. The database is secure and NOT accessible by the police, but NMR will be working together to try and reduce incidents of mobility vehicle theft. Previously, it has been almost impossible to reunite an owner with their mobility vehicle, especially if it crossed a county border, as thefts reported in one county are not easily traced in another. With the National Mobility Registration scheme in

place, police forces can request support to track the details of any details of any mobility vehicles they recover. Once the unique registration number has been advised NMR will be able to put the owner in touch with the relevant police force, wherever you are in the country, and endeavour to help them get your vehicle back to you. For 2018 we have introduced the NEW Lifetime Registration for £35.00 that covers the mobility scooter / powered wheelchair for the life of your ownership. This saves yearly renewals and gives you peace of mind that you are continuously covered. The New Lifetime registration is available by joining online at:

Code of Practice Monitoring BHTA was the first trade body within the healthcare industry to have a Code of Practice approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI). It is an important document for our members to guide them in their day to day businesses and acts as framework to improve our association as it adapts to the ever changing needs of healthcare. Between 1 April and 30 June 2018 BHTA received 11 new complaints from consumers and 4 complaints remained “open” at the end of the quarter. We closed 13 and the average time it took to reach resolution was 27 days. The majority related to aspects of service and attempts to gain full refunds, with 4 consumers being informed that they did not have a case. 69 Code audits were conducted in the financial year to 30th June. We introduced a new marking system part way through the year and we are pleased to report that so far 8 companies have achieved gold standard, 12 were awarded silver and 2


obtained bronze. The audits are intended to provide members with help and advice on how to achieve best practice and anyone with silver or bronze who subsequently evidences they have addressed the points raised will receive an improved replacement certificate. A reminder to everyone that you should make your customers aware that you are a BHTA member (e.g. through use of logos, text, reference to us in your complaints procedure) and if you sell to consumers please do hand out the customer satisfaction forms we provide to you. If you have not looked at your terms and conditions / delivery and returns policy recently, do check that hard copies and web copies match and are up to date! You can check the latest requirements for selling to consumers at www. which has useful guides relating to what you sell and where/how. If you require any further assistance contact:

020 7702 2141


Launch of BHTA Essentials – New Insurance Product Back in April we soft launched BHTA Essentials and hopefully qualifying members are starting to see the benefits. Our hope is that the smaller members of the group will find this a real benefit by providing them the insurance they need at reduced cost – all the while provided with the backing of industry experts who understand and know your business. Remember, if you are a retail member of the BHTA in Band 1 or a Sole Trader we could be offering insurance for your property, business interruption and liabilities for less than £250 a year. We can accommodate payment by instalments and application involves the completion of a simple form. If your renewal is soon, you have less than 5 employees and turnover under £1 million a year please feel free to get in touch with either myself or my colleague Matthew O’Leary on 01784 608 100 or via email: or

3D Printing – bringing a big change to the liability landscape I was reading an article recently ( about how 3D printing is supposed to revolutionise healthcare. The article is US-centric, and holds out a lot of hope for reducing costs. Whilst this would undoubtedly have the biggest impact in the US where healthcare costs are very high; I am sure we would all want to see cost reduction in the UK health industry too. I’m

sure enterprising British companies can see the benefit of sizing and fitting someone with a bespoke prosthetic in a 24 hour window - which opens up new opportunities, and with new opportunities come new risks. This can be of huge concern in the healthcare industry. Insurers are already wary of healthcare products of any nature and increase their concern where these provide support from external devices (e.g. wheelchairs) to the riskiest invasive products (artificial valves, pacemakers, joints) – and their current concerns do not come close to dealing with future potentials such as 3D printed organs. Manufacturers and designers of healthcare products spend a lot of time in research and development as well as complying with regulatory standards. 3D printing could well remove these steps which are costly in terms of time and money, but so very necessary when the product can impact on a life. The emphasis should be on companies that use these technologies to speed up an existing robust R&D platform. These companies should have no problem obtaining insurance for their products. I suspect that there will be some who begin cottage industries providing 3D printed healthcare products to customers who will be attracted by the low cost and speed to market, but when something goes wrong following lack of testing or poor design (“as no doubt it will”) the blame will fall on the insurance market for not paying a claim when it was being rightfully cautious about providing cover in the first place.

ICB and Verlingue Group On the 1st of August ICB Group was merged with Finch Insurance to expand the UK arm of Verlingue Group. Verlingue Group are Insurance Brokers placing some €1,700m in the European Insurance market. ICB will continued to be independently managed and run from the UK, but importantly we now have Brexit-proof trading ability across European borders via our parent. This has been key for us as our clients continue to grow and many now have a multi-national presence; and the ability to service and meet the expectations of those clients has become paramount.


020 7702 2141


New collaboration helps wheelchair users take to the sky Representatives from Edinburgh Airport, Omniserv and wheelAIR

OmniServ, an airline and airport assistance services provider, is trialling the wheelAIR cooling backrest cushion at Edinburgh Airport as part of its efforts to improve the experience for passengers requiring special assistance at UK airports. Launching in early June, the collaboration has seen wheelAIR team up with mobility retailer FastAid Products – part of the John Preston Group – who provided an active lightweight wheelchair to enable customers to try the wheelAIR cushions. Samantha Berry, Head of Innovation and Regulatory Compliance at OmniServ, said: “We are constantly looking at new innovations and technologies that enhance the end-to-end passenger experience.


“We are delighted to partner with wheelAIR to trial this solution to help passengers in wheelchairs travel much more comfortably, particularly as we enter the hottest summer months.” The project will give OmniServ the opportunity to gain feedback from passengers using the cushion and if successful, could see the specialist cooling cushion purchased for a variety of airports across the UK. Speaking on the launch of the trial at Edinburgh Airport, Corien Staels said: “We are delighted to be working with OmniServ in helping people stay comfortable whilst at the airport. Like OmniServ, we are committed to providing a high-quality experience for our customers.”

020 7702 2141

Influencing Equipment Stores is within our gift A personal view from Adam Perry’ Occupational Therapist following his visit to the OT Show in 2017 The experience of equipment exhibitions for many Occupational Therapists working within the public sector (NHS/Local Authority) is likely to have been similar to my own: The relatively undirected amblings of someone looking longingly at equipment they know will never be available to them. That was certainly my experience some years ago until I dipped my toe into the private sector. From that point exhibitions became a lot more interesting as I understood that my awareness and understanding of the market played a critical role in ensuring recommendations within that sector were current, accurate and exhaustive. For this reason I can understand, based on my experiences, why manufacturers/providers of healthcare products often appear to focus more on the private market and indeed, why whilst making my way through exhibitions, I hear Occupational Therapists saying to the exhibitor “sorry, I work in the NHS”. However, working in both statutory and private services concurrently has afforded me opportunity to both expand my product knowledge and influence decision makers within the former. At the OT Show 2017 I was shown a moving & handling product, a non-mechanised standing aid, very similar to a popular, but more expensive, model often used by my Occupational Therapy team. The product we had been requisitioning in increasingly high numbers needed to be approved by a weekly clinical panel based on clinical reasoning and availability of reconditioned alternatives but was reducing significantly the need for mechanical standing hoists which were currently a standard stock item. The approval process and subsequent ordering meant that clients were often waiting for 2-3 weeks for this piece of equipment; with hospital discharges managed with alternatives that were not ideal.

On discussion with the exhibitor some recommendations were made for minor alterations to the product that would make it more flexible within the home environments we work in. We discussed costs per unit and availability of stock. Based on reduction of mechanical stand-aid provision and the lower cost of this new product I felt able to build a business case that suggested its inclusion as a standard stock item, off-set by making the mechanical device a ‘special’, requiring panel approval. This business case was approved, the equipment trialled and has now been ordered in bulk as a standard equipment store item. My personal experience demonstrates how an Occupational Therapists’ use of an exhibition is not dependent on which sector you work in but more about mind-set. Wherever we work we are the expert in our clients and their needs. Equipment providers need us to tell them what we need, so be brave and take control. Exhibitors also need to take ownership; engage Occupational Therapists from every sector. I may have ordered 1-12 of these products a year in my private sector role but have just influenced the order of more than 30. Tell exhibitors what we need so that they can go and find or design it; that makes an exhibition a true collaboration of expertise. So lets start a revolution and have the equipment our clients need on the approved list, not what is cheapest or what a non clinical manager tells us we need. More information on equipment providers, their members and how to influence change can be found on the National Association of Equipment Provider’s website


020 7702 2141

Section Chairs 2018 The BHTA is one of the largest trade bodies in the healthcare field in Britain representing nearly 500 companies, small, medium and large, organised in one or more of 12 sections covering most sectors Chairman Alastair Maxwell of the industry. This 07974 980201 unique sectional structure provides a platform for all companies to have an effective voice within BHTA and, through the Association, to influence the development of healthcare policies in the UK. The sections and the Section Chairs are: Beds and Support Surfaces David Beavis Task Force Matters Tel: 07488 326179

Orthotics & Prosthetics Colin Hurley Colin Hurley Business Development Consultant Tel: 07921 917100

Childrens’ Equipment Jill Morony Safespaces (Cornholme) Ltd Tel: 01706 816274

Pressure Care, Seating and Positioning Debbie Williams Invacare Ltd Tel: 01656 776200

Dispensing Appliance Contractors Philip Salt Salts Healthcare Ltd Tel: 0121 333 2000 First Aid Medical Equipment (FAME) and Defibrillators Ben Ludzker Kays Medical 07780 952275 Independent Living and Hearing Care Matthew Spooner NRS Healthcare Tel: 01530 232390 Mobility Group Jeanette Warner Better Mobility Ltd Tel: 01442 768782


who’swho Mandie Lavin Director General

Ray Hodgkinson MBE Director of Public Affairs

Sarah Lepak Director of Governance & Policy

Lord Rennard Director of Communications

Sally Edginton Research & Support Lead

Nadim Anwar Operations Manager

Nigel Woods Administration Officer

Kevin Hodges Section Support Lead

Susan Burberry Finance Officer

Karim Uddin Membership & Relations Manager

Donna Eade Shopmobility Co-ordinator

Jane Weller Research & Support Lead

Margaret Smith BHTA Scotland

Steve Perry Marketing & Communications Manager

Nigel Bliss Finance Manager

Charlie Lawrence Marketing & Communications Assistant

Calvin Barnett BHTA Engage, Managing Editor

Sarah Sarsby BHTA Engage, Content Writer

Stairlifts and Access Phil Rice Anglia Stairlifts Tel: 07753 441623 Stoma and Continence Product Manufacturers Philip Salt Salts Healthcare Ltd Tel: 0121 333 2000 Decontamination and Infection Prevention Haydn Pugh Apex Medical 07964 556057 BHTA Scotland Group Jonathan Scott Salts Healthcare Ltd Tel: 0121 333 2000






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New members A warm welcome to all these new member companies: 1. SARABEC LTD Middlesbrough e t 01642: 247789 w 2. LOVOCCO (SILLSAVE) High Wycombe, Bucks e t 07956 419152 (private no.) w 3. OBAM DOMESTIC LIFT SERVICES LTD Sturton By Stow, Lincoln e t 01427 787532 w

4. FREECHOICE PROPERTY SERVICES LTD Banbury, Oxfordshire e t 01295 250103 w 5. GRX LIFE LTD Alton, Hampshire e t 01420 82119 w 6. IQVIA SOLUTIONS UK LTD (TRADE AFFILIATE STATUS) London e t 020 3075 5000 w

7. EASTERN ADAPTATIONS LTD Kings Lynn, Norfolk e t 0800 0309784 w 8. ADAPTED VEHICLE HIRE West Drayton, Middlesex e t 0330 311 4520 w 9. MARTEK LIFECARE Rotherham, South Yorkshire e t 01709 599219 w


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The Bulletin Issue 53 - September 2018  

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