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Spearfish Introduction................................................................... 3-5 Outdoor Lifestyle.......................................................................6 & 7 Spearfish Creek................................................................................ 9 Spearfish Area Hiking.............................................................10 & 11 Downtown Spearfish...............................................................12 &13 Matthews Opera House and Arts Center................................. 14-16 D.C. Booth Historic Fish Hatchery............................................ 18-20 High Plains Western Heritage Center............................................ 21 Birding in Spearfish........................................................................ 22 Motorcycle Riding.......................................................................... 23 Climbing.................................................................................24 & 25 Winter Sports.........................................................................26 & 27 Snowmobiling................................................................................. 28 Spearfish Canyon Self Guided Tour & Map.............................. 33-35 Fall Colors...................................................................................... 36 Off-Road/ATV Trail System............................................................. 38 Geocaching.................................................................................... 40 Bicycling.................................................................................42 & 43 Running.......................................................................................... 44 Disc Golfing.................................................................................... 47 Golfing............................................................................................ 48 Parks & Recreation......................................................................... 50 Waterpark....................................................................................... 51 Fishing............................................................................................ 52 Hunting .......................................................................................... 53 Black Hills State University Activities............................................. 54 Group Event Planning.................................................................... 57 Lodging in Spearfish...................................................................... 59 Dining in Spearfish.................................................................60 & 61 Nightlife in Spearfish...................................................................... 62 Worshiping in Spearfish.................................................................. 63 Visitor Information.......................................................................... 64 Spearfish Community Map.....................................................66 & 67 Nearby Attractions: Mount Rushmore National Memorial............................................. 31 Devils Tower National Monument.................................................. 40


The above photos were submitted by readers inspired by the beauty and community of Spearfish.

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A special thank you to photographers Les Heiserman and Heidi Watson for their contributions to this publication. Publisher: Letti Lister, Editor: Mark Watson, Layout: Melissa Barnett Front cover photo (main) - Les Heiserman; Smaller photos (L-R) - Les Heiserman, BHP File Photo, Jake Servaty Back cover photo (main) - Jesse Brown Nelson Photography; Smaller photos (L-R): Courtesy, SD Tourism, Courtesy

SPEARFISH: Its natural setting connects to its colorful history BY PAUL HIGBEE FOR THE BLACK HILLS PIONEER

To say nature awaits you in Spearfish is an understatement. Nature asserts itself here, grabs you by the senses, and in some cases never lets go. It gets into your blood by way of pine-scented breezes, bugling elk, the feel of icy creek waters numbing your feet on hot summer days, and silvery moonrises that turn Lookout Mountain aglow. Nature surrounds Spearfish, but it seems to flow especially from Spearfish Canyon, a deep gorge descending from the northern– most reach of the Black Hills. Also flowing from Spearfish Canyon is Spearfish Creek, a mighty 40-mile mountain stream that drops 3,000 feet over its short course. The creek carved Spearfish Canyon, a place of high limestone cliffs, waterfalls, towering spruces, Ponderosa pines, aspens, birches, burdocks and box elders. One-hundred-thirty bird species call the canyon home, including eagles that glide the gorge’s wind currents, and dippers that submerge themselves in the creek to feed on aquatic bugs. A good place to experience this abundant nature in full glory can be found next to Spearfish Canyon Lodge, 13 miles up the canyon highway from Spearfish. From the lodge, two easy hikes along the canyon floor lead you to Roughlock Falls and Spearfish Falls. A more strenuCONTINUED ON PAGE 4

Spearfish Falls Photo courtesy Laura Heisinger



ous hike brings you to the high rim at Buzzard’s Roost. Spearfish Creek created this setting over millions of years, and it has also splashed its way through human history in recent centuries. Flowing strong even in the driest years, the creek drew plains natives who regularly camped along its low banks. Brooklyn-born Daniel Toomey traveled west to hunt buffalo and first saw Spearfish Creek in May, 1876, with no man-made structures anywhere in sight. After the town of Spearfish took root that same year, Toomey harnessed the creek’s water power and built a flour mill. The mill remained a successful Spearfish industry far into the 20th century. Also eyeing the creek for the first time in 1876 was Irish-born Robert Evans, a self-taught engineer who devised a means of irrigating the wide valley where Spearfish sits. He and friends dug an ingenious web of irrigation ditches and correctly calculated that the valley’s steep drop to the north would carry water to distant fields. Robert Evans and his wife Rebecca, Spearfish’s first teacher, grew grains and fruits not only for Spearfish, but for Black Hills towns in high, rocky locations where farming was next to impossible. In 1893 railroad tracks were built alongside the creek in hopes that mining would develop in the canyon, and in 1899 a federal trout hatchery took form along the water on Spearfish’s south side. The hatchery produced trout for sportsmen not only in the Black Hills, but across the West. Early in the 20th century Spear-

Photo courtesy Les Heiserman


fish Creek made possible one of the great American engineering projects of the era. Homestake Gold Mine of Lead built two hydroelectric power plants in the canyon and another on Spearfish’s southern edge, for the purpose of bringing electricity to its mine. Homestake’s success turned the mine into the western hemisphere’s biggest gold producer for decades (and South Dakota the nation’s number one gold producing state). For the Spearfish power plant, Homestake diverted creek water through a remarkable series of eight tunnels cut through solid rock for about six miles. Toomey’s mill is long gone. Canyon mines were short-lived and But how is it that I’ve the canyon railway heard so little of this miracle washed away in a 1933 and we, toward the Atlantic, flood. After 125 years, Homestake dug out its have heard so much of the last gold in 2001. But the Grand Canyon when this is even creekside trout hatchmore miraculous. All the ery is now the archival, better eventually ... that the interpretive and educaDakotas are not on the tional site for the entire through line to the Coast ... federal fisheries program. The Homestake powMy hat is off to er plants still stand in South Dakota treasures. tribute to the great mine and the one at Spearfish ~ Frank Lloyd Wright produces some power for Famous American architecht and designer the community. Robert Evans’ irrigation system works today as well as it did 140 years ago and keeps Spearfish gardens and fields green. The powerful creek itself still flows as cold and clear and reliably as ever. n

Photo courtesy Les Heiserman

Photo courtesy Stephanie Palmer

A year-round

Retreat for the senses

Lookout Mountain Photo courtesy Les Heiserman



Majestic The

scenery makes for an amazing backdrop


Photo courtesy Les Heiserman

embraced by locals and visitors

The most common response from people who visit Spearfish, is “ … we had no idea it was so beautiful here.” The surrounding Black Hills National Forest features an abundance of recreational opportunities all year round. Part of the reason so many area residents embrace the outdoor lifestyle here is the convenience of getting to the trailhead. Spearfish is a great place to live and play because the Black Hills National Forest is literally the community’s backyard. More than 54 percent of Lawrence County is public forestland, and the trail systems offer something for both motorized and non-motorized traffic. Spearfish Creek offers some of the best fishing in the country, plus the majestic scenery makes for an amazing backdrop. In the summer, it’s not uncommon to see mountain bikers maneuvering through the many miles of singletrack trails, road bikers touring through Spearfish Canyon, people rock climbing the canyon walls, flyfishing in Spearfish Creek, camping with their family at one of the many campgrounds or simply enjoying a relaxing picnic. One of the most preferred methods for many people to enjoy the outdoors is by hiking, and the Black Hills National Forest features a variety of trails and opportunities to scale the surrounding peaks. Located just a short drive from Spearfish is the trailhead for Crow Peak, a challenging 6.4-mile roundtrip hike. Its 5,760-foot peak offers views of the Northern Hills and Wyoming. Another popular hike, Lookout Mountain, is located on the east edge of Spearfish. This hike features a relatively moderate elevation gain and a bit of bouldering to get to its peak. Another magnificent location near this growing community is Spearfish Canyon and Spearfish Creek. This is the most popular place for visitors to enjoy and the creek offers some

Photos courtesy Mark Watson

of the best fly-fishing locations path. To get to the trailhead, take in the nation, providing rainbow, McGuigan Road, which turns into brown and brook trout. The scenic Tinton Road, and follow that seven byway makes for a relaxing drive miles south. The Big Hill Trail or a stunning motorcycle ride. system offers almost 15 miles of The hiking trails are rugged and trails that loop together at times challenging, and the many rockfor hiking, trail running, horseback climbing opportunities attract riding and mountain biking during outdoor enthusiasts from all over. the spring, summer and fall — and While several primitive trails have in the winter, the area features been established over the years, groomed and non-groomed cross maintained trails include the ‘76 country trails and snowshoe routes. Trail and the Roughlock Falls Trail, Because the trail system is so both starting at Spearfish Canyon large, it’s a place where one can feel Lodge in Savoy. secluded in nature and that fact Just up the road from Spearfish alone is one of the draws of this Canyon is the Little Spearfish area. Trail, which is a six-mile loop The Old Baldy Trail is also that meanders through stands of popular with hikers, horseback ponderosa pine, quaking aspen riders, bicyclists and cross-country and paper birch. To access this skiers in the area. To access the trail, travel south on Highway 5.7-mile loop, travel south on Tinton 14A to Savoy, and then travel Road for approximately 13 miles and west on Roughlock Falls Road for the trailhead is on the west side of approximately five miles to access the road. The trail features a short the trailhead. spur that provides access to the There are also three waterfalls summit of Old Baldy Mountain. within the canyon, which include Iron Creek Lake provides a perfect Spearfish Falls hangout when and Roughlock the summer Falls located temperatures The surrounding Black Hills near Savoy, get too hot National Forest offers an and Bridal Veil to handle. In abundance of recreational located along addition to opportunities year round. Highway 14A. magnificent During the winter months, Bridal Veil Falls transforms into the most sought after ice climbing in the area. But, the annual changing of the leaves is one of the most prominent events that occurs in Spearfish Canyon every year. Each autumn, thousands of visitors flock to Spearfish Canyon to gaze in awe at the variety of colors on display. Another gem is the Big Hill Trail system that is located off the beaten

hiking and biking trails, swimming and fishing, the area features tent and RV camping opportunities. Iron Creek Lake is located about 13 miles south on Tinton Road. Ice fishing is also available in the winter. For those who want to tour the Northern Black Hills on an off highway vehicle, or four-wheeler, they must first stop into the Northern Hills Ranger District office

ion, format in e r o For m or visit the District call Ranger ls il H rn 2 Northe 605-642-462 t. S in a .M m. 2014 N 8am-4:30p . y a week y-Frida Monda open 7 days Foyer is

in Spearfish and pick up a map of where motorized traffic is allowed and a permit to ride the trail system. In December 2010, the Black Hills National Forest instituted a new policy governing motor vehicle use. The next step is to study the map carefully and rangers are available to answer any questions. Just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean the outdoor activities stop. Spearfish receives an average of 61 inches of snow every year, and nurturing that outdoor lifestyle is just one of the many ways area residents beat the winter weather blues. Hundreds of people love to rev up their snowmobiles and get some fresh air. More than 350 miles of groomed trails are established, and they reach many significant areas deep within the boundaries of the forest. There are also several groomed cross country trails that offer views of some of the most beautiful areas in the Black Hills and snowshoeing routes that meet the standards of both the novice and the more advanced. For those who love to take their four-legged friends along when they are enjoying the great outdoors, the entire Black Hills National Forest is pet friendly. One area that locals prefer pet owners try to stay away during the winter months, is the groomed cross-country trails at both Big Hill and Eagle Cliff. They prefer people use the snowshoe routes. n


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Photo courtesy Heidi Watson/Watson Photography

SPEARFISH CREEK: City’s namesake flows gently through town

Photo courtesy Jake Servaty

Photo courtesy Mark Watson


Spearfish Creek starts high in Spearfish Canyon, growing as it flows downstream. With the exception during the spring runoff, the creek returns to the aquifer before entering the city. A large part of the water is removed from the creek at the Maurice intake. This is used to operate a hydro power plant in Spearfish. It is here that the creek returns to its bed and flows through town. The creek runs past the city campground offering campers a place to dip their toes and splash in the cool water. Downstream the creek runs along the city park. It is here that many tubers and kayakers put in for a lazy, yet fun-filled aquatic journey through town. The creek in this section is also a popular stretch for wading, fishing and allowing dogs to chase sticks downstream. Brown trout and some rainbow trout can be caught throughout the creek using both wet and dry flies. At the lower end of the park is the “waterfall,” a short section of the creek that drops sharply over a manmade waterfall. Most tubers portage around the stretch, but kayakers push on for an exhila-

rating drop over the falls. From here the creek drops deeper in the gully surrounding it. There is no easy way to get up the banks. Instead, people can enjoy the brief stretch of solitude and watch the banks for songbirds and even ducks feeding along the way. The creek flows under a bridge and then another – Jackson Boulevard – one of the city’s busiest streets. Farther downstream there are benches that residents have placed along the creek, offering them a moment of creekside reflection. The creek flows through a residential area on one side and the campus of Black Hills State University on the other. It is in this stretch that daredevil kids jump into deeper holes from tire swings. The creek enters another turbulent area allowing for a final stretch of rapids before running near Jorgenson Park, the place that most kayakers exit the water. The creek flows farther downstream leaving the city of Spearfish behind and enters farming and ranching areas before becoming a tributary to the Redwater River. n Photos by Mark Watson



Spearfish Area

With the abundance of beautiful scenery in Spearfish — from the soaring limestone cliffs to meandering creeks and secluded valleys, it’s no surprise that hiking is one of the most popular outdoor-recreation pastimes.

With miles of trails to choose from on thousands of acres of easily-accessible public lands, hikers in Spearfish have a great opportunity to view wildlife, quietly behold some of the most scenic vistas in the country and learn about the history of the Black Hills through great interpretive trails through areas of rich history. The following page features a few of the favorite hiking trails in the Spearfish area. More information and trail maps are available at the Black Hills National Forest Service office located at 2014 N. Main St. in Spearfish. Remember, afternoon thunderstorms are common in the area and outdoor temperatures can change quickly, so dress in layers. Bring your own water, and do not drink from streams! n


Stop at these downtown retailers for directions, water bottles, backpacks and other outdoor gear. High Mountain Outfitters: 740 N. Main St. (605) 717-2982 Rushmore Mountain Sports: 505 N. Main St. (605) 642-2885 Two Wheeler Dealer: 305 N. Main St. (605) 642-7545

Photo courtesy SD Tourism



The trail starts 80 feet above the Canyon floor on the deck of the Latchstring Inn restaurant, eye level with the Canyon’s spruce and aspen canopy, and 1 meanders down to the Canyon floor where you’ll get a good view of some of the local flora on your way to the falls. Directions: From Spearfish, take 14A (Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway) to Savoy. Park at the Latchstring restaurant and walk around to the back deck, where you’ll find the trail marker.


4 Miles (roundtrip) - Easy to Moderate

This beautiful trail follows an old roadbed along Iron Creek in Spearfish Canyon. Arguably one of the most beautiful trails in the area, this easily accessible trail 2 is just minutes from Spearfish and is not to be missed. Directions: From Spearfish, take 14A (Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway) about 11 miles. Just before you cross Iron Creek (which empties into Spearfish Creek) there will be a large parking lot on the right. There is a sign on the roadside for Iron Creek.


1.6 Miles (roundtrip) - Difficult

This quick but difficult hike will take you to the rim of Spearfish Canyon. Climbing 700 feet in less than a half-mile, this trail is strenuous but is one of 3 very few access points to the spectacular views from atop the rim of Spearfish Canyon. Directions: From Spearfish, take 14A (Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway) to Savoy. The trail begins near Spearfish Canyon Lodge and is accessible from the lodge parking lot.

ROUGHLOCK FALLS TRAIL 2 Miles (roundtrip) - Easy

This trail is handicapaccessible and winds its way slowly to Roughlock Falls, a breathtaking waterfall along Little Spearfish Creek. 4 Directions:: From Spearfish, take 14A (Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway) to Savoy. The trail begins near Spearfish Canyon Lodge and is signed and accessible from the lodge parking lot.

LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN 4 Miles of Trail - Easy to Difficult

The trailhead at Nevada Street is the start of a popular hiking loop that ascends Lookout Mountain, the closest hike to town. From this trail, you can 5 follow the ridgeline to connect up with an old road that spans much of the mountain. The old road is popular with hikers because it is kept mowed and maintained, and a short spur leads to the tower area on the highest point where hikers can behold breathtaking views of the town of Spearfish and the surrounding area. None of the trails are marked or mapped, but most trails are very visible and easy to follow. Be cautious; rattlesnakes are common on Lookout Mountain. Directions: Head north on 10th Street and take a right on Nevada Street to the trailhead (road dead-ends and trail begins).


6.4 Miles (roundtrip) - Difficult

Views from the top of Crow Peak include the city of Spearfish, Spearfish Valley, and west to Wyoming. Crow Peak is a key landmark 6 in the Northern Black Hills. The name “Crow Peak” is an English translation of the Sioux name for the peak, “Paha Karitukateyapi,” which means “the hill where the Crows were killed.” The name stems from a battle between Sioux and Crow Indians in which the Sioux were victorious. Crow Peak is a dominant landmark because of its geological makeup. Billions of years ago, underground molten rock, pushed upward forming hills. Crow Peak and other peaks you can see from the Crow Peak summit, such as Bear Butte, Spearfish Mountain and Terry Peak, were formed in this manner. Directions: From Spearfish, head north on Main Street (turns into North Avenue) past Safeway. Turn left onto Hillsview and drive approximately 4.1 miles. At the juncture, turn left onto Higgins Gulch Road, also known as Forest Service Road 214. Follow FSR 214 for approximately 7 miles to the trailhead.


Upper Loop - 4.7 Miles, Lower Loop - 3.2 Miles, Both Loops - 6.3 Miles, Spur Trail to Old Baldy Trail - 0.9 Miles - Easy to Moderate

This trail system meanders through stands of Ponderosa 7 pine, quaking aspen and paper birch. Spectacular views of limestone cliffs are complemented by the ambiance of Little Spearfish Creek. The foundation of an old ranger station and a root cellar can be seen between Timon Campground and the Rod and Gun Campground. Directions: From Spearfish, take 14A (Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway) to Savoy. Travel west on FSR 222 for approximately 4.7 miles (past Roughlock Falls) to the trailhead.

Inset photos by: Heidi Watson 1, 2, 6, 7; Letti Lister 3, 4, 5


Downtown Vibe: A celebration of arts & culture

Visitors to Spearfish are greeted by the timeless, familiar storefronts and historic buildings characteristic of Main Street, but with the added bonus of a fresh, picturesque streetscape. With traffic and pedestrian friendly streets and sidewalks, a clock tower, and an outdoor fireplace, downtown business

owners feel that the aesthetic attraction of Main Street enhances the welcoming feel of the downtown area. Main Street offers plenty of options for any shopper: clothing, antiques, organic food, outdoor sporting goods, coffee shops, cafes, wine bars and more can all be found in the downtown area. The

historic Matthews Opera House and Art Gallery accents the city’s varied arts community with yearround programs and art exhibits. And each Friday, from June through August, Main Street plays host to Downtown Friday Nights, featuring area bands, food and shopping. n

EXPLORE DOWNTOWN SPEARFISH Every community has a core, and Spearfish has a very solid one in the downtown area, one whose strength is commitment to the customers and dedication to the community. Visit the Spearfish Downtown Business Association’s website

for shopping information and upcoming events.

For mo r our offi e information ce, Visit ,s Spearfi top by corner s h, at o Hudso f Main St. & the n St. do wntow n downto or visit wnspea m 12

SPEARFISH WALKING TOURS Two walking tours take you through Spearfish’s historic commercial and residential district, giving you a piece of its history on foot. Stop by the Visit Spearfish office on Main Street for your copy of the commercial and residential walking tour guides.

2017 Featured Downtown Events DOWNTOWN FRIDAY NIGHTS Held throughout the summer, Downtown Friday Nights is a free concert series where families and friends enjoy vendors and sidewalk sales along with live bands playing from the stage. The event is held Friday evenings from June through August. HARVEST FEST Held each September, Harvest Fest celebrates the fall in downtown Spearfish with live entertainment, vendors, childrens activities, contests, sidewalk sales and more. CHRISTMAS STROLL & HOLIDAZZLE PARADE The Holidazzle Light Parade is more than deck the halls. Held in early December, parade entrants deck out their vehicles and floats with Christmas lights and decorations for a parade down Main Street getting visitors in the mood for Christmas.

Courtesy photos



A beating heart of color, culture and creativity for over 110 years OPEN

YEAR-R OUND (605) 64 2 7 973 matthe wsope Downt own Sp earfish


The Matthews Opera House and Arts Center has been the center of all things artistic in Spearfish since it first opened its doors to the public in 1906. It remains the beating artistic heart of the city today. Located on Main Street, all of its attributes and events provide a taste of the finest regional art the Black Hills has to offer. It has a unique window into the history of art in the west. Today the Matthews Opera House and Arts Center thrives by hosting regular live productions. The community theater program puts on many stage productions each year. This allows both amateurs and professionals to mix their talents into living pieces of theatrical work in Spearfish. “The Matthews Opera House and Arts Center provides a wonderful opportunity for visitors. They can walk upstairs and

imagine what it was like to see a show here 110 years ago,” said Sian Young, executive director of The Matthews. “Our stage looks almost exactly like it did in 1906. We are proud of how this community nurtures and sustains the opera house. We also love showing this special place to visitors who come to Spearfish. “During regular business hours our doors are open for tours even if there isn’t a production going on,” says Young. The Matthews Opera House and Arts Center is the only restored historic opera house in the Black Hills. Restoration work stuck as close to original as possible. Among the highlights of the building, is the original proscenium. It is an intricate scrolled, painted, and detailed beauty glowing with history. The theater itself is unique in that the acoustics are the best around. This

Photos courtesy Matthews Opera House

“Is The Matthews Opera House haunted?”

The Phantom of the Matthews Opera House by Paul Higbee

attracts actors and musicians from the community and around the country. They enjoy taking the stage throughout the year. Also, cultural performances continue to grow in popularity at The Matthews. Of these are an annual foreign film festival, lectures, and educational events. The first floor of the Matthews Opera House and Arts Center houses a fine art gallery. The gallery features the juried work of 40-50 regional artists. Many of these artists have national and international reputations. It is ever-changing as more and more emerging artists begin to display their work. “We promote visual artists at all stages in their development, from emerging to well established. As an arts center, we can provide new artists with a means to grow into their medium and further develop their style. All the while learning the business of art.” Young said.

So for visitors who enjoy seeking out some of the best art in the Black Hills, The Matthews art gallery is the place to visit. Stop in to view a variety of work. Art ranges from watercolor, oil and acrylic paintings, jewelry, photography, sculpture and more. Dick Termes’ internationally recognized Termespheres hang throughout the space. One of the greatest triumphs of the Matthews Opera House and Arts Center is the Festival in the Park. It is an outdoor celebration of art and culture. The festival occurs on the third weekend of July. More than 175 artists have booths. They display everything from handmade jewelry, woodwork, paintings, photography, handcrafted clothes, and more. “This is the largest summer event in Spearfish,” Young said. “We have up to 25,000 people that come to town just to attend this event. It’s something we’re very proud of.” As a nonprofit entity, the Matthews Opera House and Arts Center survives with volunteers. They appreciate the generous contributions of individual businesses and community members. “We have CONTINUED ON PAGE 16

This original melodrama first appeared at The Matthews in 1976 and became a summer theatre staple for locals and visitors alike throughout the 80s and 90s. In a cooperative joint effort between The Matthews and the BHSU theater department, “The Phantom of Matthews Opera House” is back on The Matthews’ stage for the month of July 2017. It will be performed every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night at 7:30. Due to the July 4 holiday, summer theater will be performed just July 3, and 5 for the first week. The run ends the first week of August, August 1-2. Under the direction of BHSU Professor, Bert Juhrend, the performances will be staged in the beautifully restored 110-yearold Matthews Opera House, one of the West’s oldest and most beloved venues. Located at 612 Main Street, Spearfish, the opera house is located on the second floor, just above The Matthews Art Gallery. The theater first opened in 1906. We invite you to step into history, take a seat, and settle in for some great laughs and villainous hijinks. Check for more great entertainment throughout the year on the opera house stage including theatrical productions, concerts, and various live entertainment acts.

, 19, 11, 12, 17, 18 July 3, 5, 10, 2 ; Aug. 1, 24, 25, 26, 31 :30 p.m. Starting at 7 r 18 .00 unde 00 adults • $6 Tickets: $12.

atthewso Visit www.m information, e or for m 42-7973. or call 605-6



an incredible amount of volunteers. “This organization couldn’t function without them,” Young said. From helping organize a reception in the gallery, taking tickets at the opera house, or helping set up the Festival in the Park, Young said volunteers are the true reason the Matthews Opera House and Arts Center is a success. The Gallery, located at 612 Main St., is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday (Summer hours) and Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Winter hours).


Thomas Matthews established the Matthews Opera House in 1906. His goal was to bring arts and culture to the west. After opening its doors, traveling theater companies from all over the world played at this unique venue.

Many of the original laden doors and boards are now on display to memorialize its history. As years passed The Matthews Opera House and Arts Center went through many transformations. In the 1920s, it was known as “The Princess Theater,” when it was primarily a movie house. The silver screen fell in 1930 when the owner of the theater opened a new building down the street. Throughout the next 25 years, the opera house served time as everything from a practice basketball court to a shooting gallery. To say that the opera house fell into disrepair would be an understatement. Various restoration efforts were undertaken over the years. Some of them were more successful than others. It wasn’t until the 1980s that a serious restoration effort began. This was when the nonprofit Matthews Opera House Society

formed. The building owner, Mike Kelley, provided a rent-free 95-year lease. The first phase of the renovations ended in 1989 with final work completed in 2006. The completion of this historic masterpiece came 100 years after the building’s initial construction. n

The Matthews Opera House invites you to the 40th Annual


Over 200 art, craft and food booths fill Spearfish City Park July 14-16, 2017 Join thousands of locals and visitors for a festive stroll through Spearfish City Park, enjoying the sights and sounds of one of the largest and most popular artistic events in the Black Hills. The annual Fes-

tival in the Park attracts more than 200 regional vendors offering items from art and jewelry, to food and furniture. Enjoy live music at The Watering Hole, browse for unique art items and gifts, and a wide variety of

food and beverage vendors for every appetite. For more information call (605) 642-7973 or visit

FRIDAY: 4 P.M.-8 P.M. Matthews Opera House & Arts Center Fundraiser Night


$5 wristband required for entrance. They are available in advance or at entrances to the park. Live music from 5 p.m.-10 p.m. in The Watering Hole

SUNDAY: 10 A.M.-4 P.M.


(Free to the public)

Photos courtesy Matthews Opera House

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BHP File Photo

Photo courtesy Mark Watson

BHP File Photo

D.C. Booth

HISTORIC FISH HATCHERY Take time to visit one of the most beautiful and wellpreserved historic sites in Spearfish. D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery is a free family attraction located just blocks from downtown along Spearfish Creek.


With the popularity of trout fishing and the abundance of streams and great fishing opportunities in the area, visitors might not realize that trout are not native to the Black Hills. In 1890 — because of the pristine water, habitat and food sources for trout — Congress appropriated $500 to investigate the possibility of placing a hatchery near the Black Hills

to establish trout populations in the area. After considering several locations, Spearfish was finally chosen because of the abundance of pure, cold spring water and its proximity to the town and railroad system. In 1899 the completed hatchery building (which now houses the museum), raceways, ice house and rearing ponds were accepted from the contractor. Four days later,

Photo courtesy Kaija Swisher

OUND YEAR-R N E P O ion: format in e r o For m ) 642-7730 (605 Circle tchery a H 3 2 g 4 hery.or ishHatc F h t o o DCB

100,000 trout eggs were incubating. After years of very successful fish production that included overland trips to Yellowstone National Park; destructive floods; visits by heads of state; railroad journeys; and the hatching of millions of rainbow, brown, brook and cutthroat trout, the Spearfish National Fish Hatchery was closed. In 1989, however, the hatchery was rehabilitated and reopened with a new museum, public restrooms, visitor center and underwater viewing area. The Fish and Wildlife Service resumed operations of the facility with a new mission to assemble, preserve, protect, make accessible to researchers and interpret the history and technology of fish culture. The museum collection at D.C. Booth is growing and is currently one of the largest collections of fishery history and artifacts in the nation. Today, more than 150,000 visitors visit D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery every year.


Between 20,000 to 30,000 rainbow trout are stocked out of D.C. Booth each year by the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks into nearby lakes and streams for anglers to enjoy. Visitors can get up close and personal with brown and rainbow trout by feeding them from above or watching them through the underwater viewing windows.


The Von Bayer Museum of Fisheries History was created to preserve the vibrant history and rich heritage of American fisheries workers. The museum collection contains more than 175,000 items and is the largest collection of fisheries artifacts in the country. The museum is open daily during the summer season.


Spanning 10 acres, the entire hatchery site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places,

and the general landscape is itself a historic resource. Ponds, rock walls, water systems and buildings all contribute to the site’s historical significance. The 10-acre grounds also include nature trails with scenic overlooks. Although many alterations have been made to the site over the years, each change tells a story about hatchery operations.


U.S. Fisheries Boat #39, a wooden “Great Lakes” style cabin cruiser, tells the story of early hatchery workers who went on expeditions to Yellowstone National Park to collect trout eggs to be returned to the hatchery and stocked in the Black Hills.


Two life-size bronze sculptures can be seen on the hatchery grounds depicting the lives of early fisheries workers and the important role that fishing plays in American tradition and culture today. CONTINUED ON PAGE 20




The Neo-Colonial Revival Booth House, built for the first superintendant in 1905, is open for tours to visitors who can learn about the history of the house and the families who lived and worked on hatcheries. Don’t forget to visit Ruby’s Garden behind the house, which is the site of dozens of weddings throughout the summer. BHP File Photo


Before the advent of refrigerated tanker trucks, fish hatcheries were faced with the problem of how to quickly move fish from hatcheries to lakes and rivers around the country. During the “Fish Car Era,” 10 specially-designed railcars were constructed; and by 1920, fish cars had carried over 72 billion fish across 2 million miles of railroad track. D.C. Booth is home to the only fisheries railcar exhibit in the country. Visitors to this unique and beautifully-restored railcar will learn about the history of the Fish Car Era — a 66-year period that played a key

role in enriching the nation’s national resources and created a unique, romantic and proud tradition.


Visit The Pond gift shop for hatchery and fisheries souvenirs, books, nature toys and gifts, fly-fishing supplies and of course fish food. The gift shop provides information on the Black Hills, South Dakota fishing licensing and the Fishing Tackle Loaner Program, which allows visitors to check out fishing poles and gear to use off-site at no cost.

Admission to the hatchery is always free, although donations are appreciated. Grounds are open from dawn to dusk, 365 days a year. Guided tours through the Booth House, museum and railcar are generally available every day from May through September. Visitors can feed the fish and view them through the underwater viewing windows. For more information or to check exhibit hours, call (605) 642-7730. n

The Pond GifT ShoP Great gifts for visitors and locals alike! • Hatchery & Fisheries Souvenirs • Nature Toys & Gifts • Books - Local Interest & Nature • T-shirts & Caps • Fishing Tackle Loaner Program • Fish Food

The Pond Shop, museums and fisheries rail car are open mid-May through mid-September

D.C. Booth historiC NatioNal Fish hatChery & arChives ~ 423 hatChery CirCle, spearFish, sD • 605-642-7730 ext. 221 20

High Plains WESTERN HERITAGE CENTER Western history comes alive at the High Plains Western Heritage Center overlooking Spearfish. The museum was founded to honor the Old West pioneers and the American Indians of South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska. Step back in time as you take in the museum that contains 20,000 square feet of displays featuring a wide range of Western artifacts, the cattle and sheep industries, blacksmithing, saddle making, natural history, mining, forestry and, of course, cowboys and rodeo. Observe outside displays including a one-room schoolhouse, a homestead log cabin, antique farm equipment and live longhorn cattle grazing in the pasture. The center is part of the Blue Star Museums and offers free admission from Memorial Day until Labor Day for active duty and retired military personal.


The High Plains Western Heritage Center currently provides a community forum for entertainment and education that includes a 200-seat theatre. The Heritage Center is one of 700 marked locations along the historic Great Western Cattle Trail. After the Civil War, upon returning home, Texas ranchers found their longhorn cattle herds had been neglected and grown too large to be sustained by their home ranges. Cowboys pushed their herds north along what is now known as The Great Western Cattle Trail. It runs though nine states from Mexico to Canada identifying the most used cattle trail route from Texas to the High Plains. Today’s travelers are able to loosely follow the same 1,800 mile cattle trail blazed by those early cowboys and see the sights that many early pioneers witnessed along the way. n


OUND I-90 Ex it 14 (605) 64 2-WES T (9378 Wester ) nHerita geCen

Courtesy photos


Birding in Spearfish The Spearfish area contains great bird habitats: Ponderosa pine forests, flowing mountain streams with rich vegetation, aspen groves, lakes, burned areas, mixed grassland hills, potholes and marshes, pastureland and urban parks. This diversity of habitat provides a home for scores of migratory and resident birds — some of which are found in few other locations in South Dakota. Your trip to Spearfish is a great opportunity to add some birds to your “life list.” And you don’t even have to venture far from your hotel or campground. The city of Spearfish maintains an amazing recreation path — most of which follows Spearfish Creek through town. The creek — together with 16 parks along the 7.5-mile recreation path, the enormous Spearfish City Park and the D.C. Booth Historic Fish Hatchery — all offer close and easy opportunities for successful bird watching during your Spearfish vacation. You can pick up a free bird checklist at the D.C. Booth Historic Fish Hatchery before you begin your journey. Keep an eye open for some of these coveted Black Hills species: ruffed grouse, Lewis’s woodpecker, red-naped sapsucker, gray jay, canyon wren, lazuli bunting, american dipper, three-toed woodpecker, black-backed woodpecker and Clark’s nutcracker. n

Pick up a FRE at Visit Spearfi E Bird Checkli s s Main S t. & Hu h on the corn t e d r s o n S or visit t. down of th t Historic e D.C. Booth own Fish Ha Fish Ha tch tchery Loop, S ery pe (605) 64 2-7730 arfish

Photo courtesy Les Voorhis


Photo by Mark Watson

Photo courtesy Les Heiserman

Photo courtesy Les Heiserman


A biker’s paradise BY WENDY PITLICK

When it comes to motorcycling, the curves of Spearfish just can’t be beat. From the famous Spearfish Canyon, to the lesser-traveled back roads that loop around through neighboring communities, it’s no wonder motorcycle enthusiasts around the world have gravitated to the Queen City for beautiful riding experiences. One of the most popular rides in the Black Hills, Spearfish Canyon is U.S. Highway 14A. The ride starts in gorgeous Spearfish, which has been called the “Queen City” because it is surrounded by three peaks of its own — Crow Peak, Spearfish Mountain and Lookout Mountain. Riders can

Photo by Mark Watson

then travel down Highway 14A and take in some of the most beautiful sites of the Black Hills. The Canyon is filled with a forest of spruce, pine, aspen, birch and oak, with Spearfish Creek cutting through it all as it winds through native foliage. The Canyon is also home to a variety of wildlife that like to take up residence around the Canyon’s waterfalls — Bridal Veil, Spearfish and Roughlock Falls, which all offer excellent hiking opportunities for a peaceful, fulfilling Black Hills experience. At the very end of the Canyon stop for pie or lunch at Cheyenne Crossing Trading Post. Another lesser-traveled route showcases the many different kinds of terrain in and around the Spearfish area. Starting at Exit 17 off Interstate 90, riders can take a short jog on Highway 85 to St. Onge Road. From there,

riders can stay on U.S. Highway 34, a straight stretch of highway that leads through beautiful plains land, to Belle Fourche. From Belle Fourche, take the two-lane road Highway 14 to Beulah, Wyo. After stopping for gas or lunch in this tiny town that is rich in history, riders can turn south and head toward Sundance, Wyo., cutting back on Highway 585 to Four Corners in Wyoming. Follow Highway 85 back through Spearfish Canyon, take a left at Cheyenne Crossing, and head back to Spearfish. The ride is a total of about 100 miles, and features the Northern Hills’ signature curves, hills, plains and wildlife that makes the motorcycle experience one of the best in the world. n


Spearfish Canyon home to



For years climbers from throughout the world have traveled to the Black Hills to climb the Needles’ granite spires. But it has been only in recent decades that Spearfish Canyon has becomes a world-class climbing destination. Climbers find high-quality limestone at multiple crags with approach distances of a few yards off the road to a grunt up the steep hills to the walls. Climbing magazine, a globally distributed magazine highlighting the best climbers and crags in the world, recently featured the limestone cliffs of Spearfish Canyon in a seven-page spread. The article, titled “Spearfish Canyon: The Land of 5.12,” brings to light the crags that locals have known about and climbed for years. When people did think of climbing in the hills other areas are what came to mind. “When they hear South Dakota all they think is the Needles and (Devils) Tower, but our sport climbing in the canyon on the limestone is world class,” said Mike Cronin, a Rapid City resident who is featured in the article. “it is just great to let people know that we have it so hopefully they will come and enjoy it.” The article opens “Spearfish Canyon, the Black Hills’ current proving grounds, hosts more than 450 routes, with 50- to 60-foot, techy limestone gems … for the enthused climber it’s like dragging … to grandma’s house for brunch, and then finding out she’s penned you in her will for a cool million; that’s the Spearfish Canyon cache.” Photos by Mark Watson


Climbing magazine recently ranked Spearfish as one of the top climbing towns in the country. As of 2016, there are now more than 720 routes in the canyon in seven main climbing areas. The canyon sports mellow beginner routes from 5.4 to 5.8 leading Black Hills State University to bring its climbing classes to the limestone cliffs for introductory climbing. And for inspiration they are located right next to a technical 5.12. The Canyon is also home to some of the safest climbing in the area. Unlike the Needles, which is notorious for runout from bolt to bolt or from gear locations on tiny crystals that can and do pop off at inopportune times, the Canyon is home to beefy bolts only a body length apart, and that comes with a different code of ethics. This differs from the needles with a ground up bolting ethic where a 160-foot route may have only two bolts. Climbing routes are located in seven main areas of spearfish canyon, each containing a different challenge. Another draw the Canyon has to the locals is the chance to climb all year long. At some

walls, the sun shines on the rock all year long making climbing in the dead of winter possible and dry, that is after walking through snow on the approach trail. If ice climbing is more your style, Spearfish Canyon is home to three climbable flows. The most popular and accessible – Bridal Veil Falls – offers about a 60-foot climb rated at WI3. It’s close proximity and high visibility to the road offer a quick climbing opportunity. Farther up the Canyon climbers can find a narrow gully offering a 60-foot climb rated from WI3 to WI4. Near the base of the Canyon is the Terminator Pillar. It previously stood as one narrow column of ice rising from the floor to the roof above, but recently the flow spans a wider section and is rated WI4. n

Gear up! High Mountain Outfitters 740 N. Main St. (605) 717-2982 Guide services are available through: Sylvan Rocks (605) 484-7585 Devils Tower Climbing (307) 467-5267


Get into it!


w w w. v i s i t s p e a r f i s h . c o m


With access to two ski mountains located less than 20 miles from Spearfish and plenty of cross country and snowshoeing trails throughout the Northern Hills, those looking to play in this winter wonderland won’t be disappointed.


If barreling down a mountain on a pair of skis or a snowboard isn’t your sort of thing, there’s always the sport of snow shoeing — and innumerable places to do it.

The Mickelson Trail is one popular site for snowshoers, but pretty much anywhere that would normally be open to walking or hiking during the summer months is open for snowshoeing. South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks makes the prospect of snowshoeing hard to turn down, as snowshoes can be checked out for free from their Lead office, located at 11361 Nevada Gulch Rd., Monday through Friday.

The only cost associated with snowshoeing on the vast array of area trails is a $3 per person per day, $15 per person per year Mickelson Trail pass available at self-service stations along the trail. Trails are not groomed, so be prepared to break your own trail. For more information and a trail map, visit Snowshoe trails also exist at two locations in the Black Hills National Forest. At Eagle Cliff trails, located seven miles southwest of Cheyenne Crossing on Highway 85, there are two snowshoe routes – one mile and one and one-half miles long. At Big Hill trails, located nine miles south of Spearfish on Tinton Road, there are also two snowshoe routes – one and one-half mile and three and one-half miles in length. There is no fee to traverse these trails, although they are ungroomed.


There are a few sets of cross country ski trails in the Northern Hills district of the Black Hills National Forest. EAGLE CLIFF

There are 27.1 miles of largely un-groomed cross country ski trails in the Eagle Cliff trail network in Black Hills National Forest, with one groomed loop and the rest classified as backcountry. The 21 inter-connected trails are specifically designed for skiing and consist of 10 miles of trails that are rated easy, 9 miles moderate and 8 miles difficult.


Courtesy photos

Trails range from short, rugged and remote to longer, looping trails with a range of difficulty. The opportunity to combine trails and create a unique experience is a highlight of this system. The Forest Service asks snowshoers to stay off the groomed trail and those bringing pets to use the snowshoe trails or Sunny Meadow. There are three accesses to the Eagle Cliff Trails at 7.4 to 9.4 miles southwest of Cheyenne Crossing on Highway 85. BIG HILL

There are 13.6 miles of largely un-groomed cross country ski trails in the Big Hill trail system, located nine miles southwest of Spearfish, with three loops groomed by volunteers. The Big Hill trailhead is about 7 miles southwest of Spearfish on Route 134. There is no fee to traverse the trails located in the Black Hills National Forest trail system.


Downhill and cross country skiing as well as snowboarding opportunities are rife in the Black Hills at two different ski parks. Located within just a few miles of each other, just outside of Lead, Terry Peak Ski Area and Deer Mountain Ski Resort are typically open from Thanksgiving through March and feature rental equipment and full-service lodges. With elevations of 5,900 feet to more than 7,000 feet more snow falls on Terry Peak and Deer Mountain than anywhere else in the region. Terrain parks, a snow skate park, half pipes, 10 miles of groomed cross-country trails, and a tube hill can all be found in the vicinity of the two ski mountains, as well as lodging. Terry Peak is the third highest point and highest lift-served area east of the Rockies. With 30-plus trails, 12 black diamond runs and high-tech snowmaking equipment

rails: Parks T & h is e, F SD Gam 05) 584-3896 (6 ov www.g 4-2165 (605) 58 : k a 1169 e P 5) 580Terry 0 (6 : in ounta Deer M covering 60 percent of the mountain, the family-friendly atmosphere and diverse terrain are designed to entertain the entire family. The new and improved Deer Mountain offers a 6,850-foot summit, 44 trails and recently upgraded chair lifts. With a range of terrain options for every skill level, including a tubing park, the whole family can ride or ski to their heart’s content. For more information on Terry Peak, call (605) 584-2165. For more information on Deer Mountain call (605) 584-1169. n

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more St., 210 E. Rush d Safeway) in h e (b sh Spearfi

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Photo courtesy SD Tourism

To dow nload s trail m nowmobile ap, go www.fs to /bhnf a on Rec nd cli r Fees: $ eation sectio ck n. 1 0/yea $40/tem p. perm r - residents, it - non -reside nts

Get into it!


w w w. v i s i t s p e a r f i s h . c o m

Snowmobiling season means sledheads have 350 miles of groomed trails to navigate in the Black Hills. Early season storms usually allow much of the Black Hills to have “adequate snow” for the trails, but the further south you go, the less snow is on the ground, said Shannon Percy, Black Hills trails district supervisor.


With the start of the trail grooming season, Dec. 15, there are often spots on the trails that have a foot of snow and others with only a couple inches, Percy said. The Northern Hills trails, around Big Hill and Trailshead, tend to have the most snow in the Hills. Each year trails are updated and moved due to logging contracts with the Forest Service, which has contractors hauling out trees,


infested with mountain pine beetles. “Sometimes we have to move trails to accommodate their use,” Percy said. Riders are encouraged to be aware of reroutes and closed trails before leaving the trailhead. “Snowmobilers need to be aware that we change our maps every year because of these reroutes, so they need to make sure they have a new, updated map.”


Maps can be picked up at Spearfish Visitor Information Center, at any Forest Service office, at any snowmobiling business and online at blackhills and


The state offers permits for motorcycles that convert to tracked

vehicles with a ski. If titled as a motorcycle but meets the GF&P’s definition as a snowmobile they can purchase a $20 permit valid for the snowmobile season. Snowmobilers can ride on the trails as well as public land that is not posted closed. In South Dakota, all snowmobiles must be properly licensed to operate on public or private lands, except those private lands owned by the snowmobile’s operator. A resident snowmobile license cost $10 annually and can be purchased at the county treasurer’s office in deadwood. Resident and non-resident snowmobilers with unlicensed sleds may purchase a five-day, temporary snowmobile permit at many trailside vendors or online at snowmobile. The temporary permit is $40. According to state law, snowmobilers who operate in road rights-of-way and/or public snowmobile trails must show proof of financial responsibility (liability insurance). The Black Hills trail system is open from Dec. 15 to March 31. Call ahead for trail conditions. n

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Mount Rushmore National Memorial About 80 minutes from Spearfish

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial is visited by nearly three million people each year from around the nation and around the world. “The purpose of the memorial is to communicate the founding, expansion, preservation and unification of the United States with colossal statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.� ~ Gutzon Borglum artist

FuN FAcT: A man-made opening called the Hall of Records was created in the mountain behind the heads on Mt. Rushmore. Gutzon Borglum and his carvers worked on the Hall of Records from July 1938 until July 1939, but it was never finished. OPEN YEAR-ROUND

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We Invite You

The following two pages feature a selfguided tour starting from the intersection of Hwy. 14A and Colorado Boulevard in Spearfish, south to Cheyenne Crossing located at the intersection of Hwy. 14A and Hwy 85.

SPEARFISH CANYON National Scenic Byway

Six hundred million or so years ago, long before man walked this area, it was covered by a huge sea. As waters subsided and landmasses began to appear – 30 to 60 million years ago – drainages such as Spearfish Canyon formed as softer rock was eroded away. Today, this area is part of the Black Hills National Forest. What remains is a stunning


Photo courtesy SD Tourism

canyon filled with a wide variety of flora and fauna and breathtaking views of the canyon walls. Archaeological evidence indicates big game hunters and their families (paleo-indians) were present in the area and possibly in the canyon at least 10,000 years ago. Today, the Canyon attracts visitors to take in sights and to fish its pristine waters for trout. n






The Homestake Mining Company opened its second hydroelectric plant in 1917 using the water of Spearfish Creek to create electricity for its massive gold mine located in Lead. The plant sits idle now, but its older sister plant, opened in 1911 and located near the Spearfish City Campground, still operates and generates clean power.

MILE 8.1

Cascading approximately 60 feet, Bridal Veil Falls is located adjacent to a large parking lot to accommodate sightseers. An observation platform was recently installed by the Forest Service to prevent erosion to the area. The falls flows intensely in the spring and slows considerably in late summer and fall.

MILE 5.8

2.9 miles traveling up the Canyon, from the intersection of Colorado Boulevard and Highway 14A, the road travels through a notch blasted in a domed rock outcropping to permit access for the railroad that traveled the Canyon floor.

MILE 2.9





MILE 15.8

Botany Bay Picnic Area, USFS

1990 saw the epic Western film Dances with Wolves. Much of the movie was filmed in South Dakota, and the film site of the winter camp scene is marked 3 miles up Forest Service Road 222.

Split Rock

North Entrance

ALT 14

Bridal Veil Falls Pullout

Kissing Rocks

Eastern Deciduous Forest

Homestake #2 Hydroplant




Victoria’s Tower 11th Hour Gulch

At Savoy, the road forks in the Canyon. Park at a parking lot and take the hiking trail to the floor of the Canyon.

MILE 12.8

Use the same parking lot to visit Kissing Rocks, two large boulders laying in the middle of Spearfish Creek. The rocks, also known as The Dice, came crashing to the bottom of the Canyon.

MILE 9.3

Blink and you’ll miss it. But there is a parking lot located just downstream from 11th Hour Gulch, a narrow slot, about 50 feet wide, carved by time into the Canyon wall.

MILE 9.2



At Savoy, turn up Forest Service Road 222 and travel approximately 1 mile. Several parking lots are available for people to use while they visit Northern Roughlock Falls. Pioneers Great Plains traveling down the canyon Grasslands used to lower their wagons down the drop. To do so, they would rough lock the National Forest wheels to prevent them Service Kiosk from rolling freely – hence the name of the falls.

MILE 13.8

Points of Interest

Located 9 miles up the Canyon, a large limestone face towers from the Canyon floor. This is Victoria’s Tower.



Rimrock Trail

USFS Scenic Byway Portal City Point of Interest Hiking Trails Picnic/Campground

Timon Campground, USFS



Public Restrooms


Little Spearfish Trails


Roughlock Trail

76 Trail

1 Mile

Rod & Gun Campground, USFS

Spearfish Falls Pullout

Roughlock Falls & Picnic Area Dances with Wolves Winter Film Site

Iron Creek

Little Spearfish Creek


Yates Pond

ALT 14

Hanna Campground


Northern Coniferous Forest






South Entrance

Spearfish Creek

Native Botanical Gardens Trail


Spearfish Falls Trails

Rocky Mountain Pine Forest

Long Valley Picnic Area, USFS


When the fall colors in Spearfish Canyon reach their peak, you can bet there will be visitors clambering to see the beauty of the deciduous trees. Rusts and oranges are found in the oaks. Gold aspen and birch leaves quiver in the breeze. The cottonwoods and willows show off their bright yellow. Ruby reds show up near the ground on smatterings of sumac. The dark green backdrops from the pines combine with all of these to make an exquisite palette of colors. “Spearfish Canyon is our number one attraction,” said Mistie Caldwell, the executive director of Visit Spearfish. “It is all year long, but the fall is a totally different experience than in the summer.” She said people, mainly adult couples and retirees, start calling her office as early as April asking when they should come out to see the colors of Spearfish Canyon in their prime. “Adult couples plan their vacations after school starts again and before winter,” Caldwell said. “As we get closer to the day, it’s people from the five-state region asking ‘when’s the peak?’”

Fall colors in Spearfish Canyon “Our September is far better than reach their peak near the end our June,” Caldwell said. “Linda of September or the first part of Ahlers, from Spearfish Canyon October. Lodge, always says that ‘Sturgis has Caldwell said. their Motorcycle “It’s interesting. Rally. We have a Most people who leaf rally.’ That’s The fall colors in Spearfish call think the true. It’s our Canyon reach their peak near colors change a signature event, the end of September and lot earlier than the changing of they do. A lot the leaves.” early October. of people plan People travel their vacations from as far away around Labor as Canada, Day. They get a little bit spooked Wisconson, Nebraska, Illinois, and when you tell them the last week of Colorado to take in the fall colors of September.” the canyon. n But when September does roll around, the visitor numbers can increase even over summer month totals.

Witness the

Brilliance 36

Photo courtesy Letti Lister




Bridal Veil Falls

5.8 Miles South of North Entrance

Cascading approximately 60 feet, Bridal Veil Falls is the most accessible waterfall in the canyon. The falls flows intensly in the spring and slows considerably in late summer and fall. It is located adjacent to a large parking lot to accommodate sightseers. An observation platform was recently installed by the Forest Service to prevent erosion to the area.

Photo courtesy Les Voorhis

Directions: On Highway 14, after about 5.8 miles, Bridal Veil will be on your left.

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OHV TRAIL SYSTEM continually expanding

The Black Hills is home to hundreds of miles of off-road trails that off-highway vehicle (OHV) users of all types can enjoy. 2011 was the first year of an official OHV trail system in the Black Hills. For the first time, off-road riders received an official motor vehicle use map delineating trail locations in the forest. Previously riders could drive anywhere in the forest that wasn’t posted closed, but a federal directive required that an official system be established and maintained in order to protect the environmental resources of the forest.

Now organized and maintained by the Forest Service, the trail network stretches across 650 miles of the 1.2 million-acre forest. There are 3,650 miles of roads and trails in the Hills. Of those, 707 miles will eventually be marked specifically for off-highway vehicle use. Many trails still require work. Disconnected trails need to be connected across streams and around private and non-federal land.


Trails in the Northern Hills are located near Iron Creek Lake, Galena, Nemo and west of Cheyenne Crossing. Though increased signage on the trails will help riders recognize their location, officials said it’s best to keep a motor vehicle use map handy as well.


“The map legend is important to inform visitors about where to

go. Some people will wave a map in my face and say ‘where am I?’ said Bonnie Jones, recreation specialist with the Forest Service. “Learn what those symbols mean on the legend, and what that means about where you can be driving.” The maps are available from the Spearfish Visitor Information Center, the Northern Hills District office in Spearfish, or online at Maps of the Black Hills trail system can be printed off in color or downloaded directly to a global positioning system or electronic map.


To help fund maintenance of the trail system, the fees for users of the new trail system are $20 per week, or $25 per year, and they can be purchased at Forest Service district offices or online. In-state licenses and temporary out-of-state permits can be purchased at the Lawrence County Treasurer’s office in Deadwood. Multiple permit types are available, so for more information, contact the treasurer’s office at 578-1862 or visit treasure.htm. n

tion: informa e r o m khills For ov/blac .g a d s .u www.fs ck on and cli ction. tion se a e r c e R year or $25/ k e e w / 20 Fees: $





Your Powersports Headquarters

Roughlock Falls

13.8 Miles South of the North Entrance

Take a break from your day to experience Roughlock Falls, a breathtaking multi-tiered waterfall along Little Spearfish Creek. Pioneers traveling down the canyon used to lower their wagons down the drop. by roughlocking the wheels to prevent them from rolling freely - hence the name of the falls. Parking and facilities are available as well as many mantained walking paths.

Photo courtesy SD Tourism

Directions: At Savoy, turn on to Forest Service Road 222 and travel approximately 1 mile.

Here to make the most of your playtime in the Hills

Exit 14, Spearfish CAN-AM






SKI DOO • 1.877.351.0503

Welcome to the Award Winning Spearfish KOA!


Clarks Born Merrell Keen/Keen Utility Sofft Redwing Rockport Dansko New Balance Birkenstock Naturalizer Jambu Earth Chaco Minnetonka Moccasins Cobb Hill

• Spacious RV Sites • Camping Cabins • Heated Swimming Pool • Gift Shop • General Store

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Spearfish/Black Hills KOA

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Reserve: 800-562-0805 Info: 605-642-4633



Geocache in and around Spearfish

Do you like to explore the outdoors, discover hiking trails off the beaten path, and enjoy an activity perfect for all ages at no cost? If so, try geocaching where you can embark on a real world treasure hunt. Geocaching started gaining in popularity in 2000. Today about five million people seek out at least 2.6 million caches throughout the world. And, it’s grown in popularity throughout the Northern Black Hills, where 430 caches have been hidden. To get started, you need a GPS-enabled device, and register as a member of www.geocaching. com, an online reference for hidden caches. Once registered, visit the “Hide and Seek a Cache” page and enter zip code “57783” and coordinates will be displayed. Log the information provided into the GPS and validate the distance to the cache, and it’s time to “seek” out some fun. Caches vary greatly in size and appearance. In the field geocachers will see everything from large, clear plastic containers to film canisters to a fake rock with a secret compartment. Another resource available is the Black Hills Area Geocachers online site at n Spearfish zip code: 57783 Photo courtesy Heidi Watson/Watson Photography

Devils Tower National Monument

Just over an hour from Spearfish Devils Tower is 867 ft. from base to summit and stands 1,267 above the Belle Fourche River. It is 5,112 ft. above sea level. The Tower hiking trail is just over 1 ¼ miles. In 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt established Devils Tower as America’s first national monument. This rock formation towering over the land below is thought to be the remnants of a small intrusive body formed by magma which cooled and hardened under the surface and was then later exposed due to erosion of sedimentary rock.


What’s the fastest the Tower has been climbed? In the 1980s, Todd Skinner – a Wyoming native - free-soled (climbed alone, without ropes or protection) the Walt Bailey route in 18 minutes. OPEN YEAR-ROUND •

Photo by Les Voorhis





Spearfish Falls

12.8 Miles South of the North Entrance

Spearfish Falls is slightly off the beaten path, but well worth the walk. It is located at the base of the canyon at Savoy. There is a trail that will guide you to the bottom of the canyon and take you beneath a canopy of trees as you approach the roaring waters of Spearfish Falls. Be sure to wear good shoes as the trail can be slippery at times. Directions: On Highway 14, at approximately 12.8 miles you will arrive at Savoy. Park at The Latchstring Restaurant parking lot. Trail to falls will be marked.

S p e a r f i S h r e a lt y 123 E. Jackson Blvd. Spearfish, SD (605) 642-4607

Photo courtesy SD Tourism



Spearfish, and the miles of single-track trails surrounding it, was one of the best-kept secrets in the mountain biking world. But the secret is out and those trails draw thousands of mountain bikers to the Queen City every year. The ranks of mountain biking enthusiasts have swelled and the trails around Spearfish are among the favorites of many, including top industry riders. Even Salsa Cycles, a Minnesota-based bicycle company, named its revamped ultra endurance suspension mountain bike the “Spearfish.”


Who says you can’t ride in the winter. An up and coming trend gaining momentum among mountain bikers throughout the country is fat tire riding. And, Spearfish isn’t immune. In 2014 the “28 Below” was held for the first time. The race, on snowmobile trails, is a 28-mile loop that


climbs to a high point of Cement Ridge and the fire lookout. The race starts and ends at Savoy. It is part of the Savoy Winter Challenge; the other part is a snowshoe race. In 2015, 56 riders toed the line and rider Zach Stone took the men’s win with a time of 2:50:42. This year’s race will be held on Saturday, March 18. For more information, visit


The Gold Rush Gravel Grinder is a race, ride, tour of gravel roads of the Black Hills. In its previous races, riders rode the Gravel Grinder, a 110-mile course or the tamer Gold Dust, a 70-mile loop. In 2015, race organizer Perry Jewett introduced

the Mother Load, a 210-mile ride that took riders on a tour through both the Northern and Southern Black Hills. In 2016 there were 210 people who registered for the Mother Lode and times ranged from 13 to 20 hours. The race will be held again this year with a 5 a.m. start at the Spearfish City Park. Riders must carry their own food and water, but there will be four checkpoints in which riders can purchase food. Jewett said the first checkpoint will be at mile 69 at Trailshead Lodge, the second checkpoint is at mile 124 at Mountain Meadows, the third Checkpoint is at mile 153 at Moonshine Gulch Saloon, and the last checkpoint is back at mile 170 at Trailshead Lodge. There is a time limit to the race, so it is not for the faint of heart or first time racers. All riders will have from 5

Photo courtesy Laura Heisinger; Inset photos (L-R) courtesy: Alan Enderson, Mark Watson, Dennis Knuckles

it: ation vis m r fo in re For mo, 28belo, velgrind a r g h s goldru or m dakota

a.m. to midnight to complete the DAKOTA FIVE-O: SEPT. 3 ride. After midnight riders will not In recent years more and more be given a finishing time, and there races have come to fruition, but in won’t be anyone or anything at the Black Hills, one reigns king the finish line. It is a challenging The Dakota Five-O. course with about 12,000 feet of Seventeen years ago, members climbing. of Ridge Riders of the Black Hills The trio of races will be held organized a 50-mile mountain bike on June 10, beginning with the race starting and ending in SpearMother Load at 5 a.m., followed by fish and taking in prime single-track the 110 mile Gravel Grinder at 6:30 trails and vistas in the Northern a.m. The 70 Hills. That year mile Gold Dust the race drew race will begin only a handful The National Forest trail system at 7 a.m. of participants. provides the best single track The rides conRide forward 16 riding in the Black Hills. sist of mostly years and the gravel roads, race has been but will also incapped at 700 clude a bit of pavement while riders riders. Registration fills within hours roll over open prairies. The course of opening and riders compete over takes riders through canyons, Labor Day weekend for more than flowing creeks, and trails provide $25,000 in cash and prizes.  a perfect opportunity to explore The Dakota Five-O is called a the deep forests, all while climbing “race, ride, tour” because top comtoward views of the Black Hills.  petitors will race each other while The fifth annual event will use other riders will take a few moments the same course as years’ past. It to stop and take in the beauty of the will be held on Saturday, June 10. woods.  To register, or find out more inforIn 2013 route was in reverse of its mation, visit www.goldrushgraveltypical course for the first time. It is now run in a clockwise fashion in even numbered years and counter

clockwise in odd years. Last year’s top rider, Corey Stelljes, finished the course in 3:36:33. Registration for the 2017 Dakota Five-O opens at 7 a.m. on April 1. The race will be held Sunday, September 3. Jewett, the race director describes the trail online at www.dakotafiveo. com. The race begins at the Spearfish City Park. Riders head up Tinton Road and begin single-track riding after about three miles. The first aid station is at mile 11, the Big Hill Trailhead. Climb up Cardiac Climb on your way to the second aid station, Old Baldy Trailhead. The third rest area is at is at Sheep Flats and mile 27. Eight miles later is the Ball Park and the last official aid station. One more stop remains, the Bacon Station. Don’t ask for water here. PBR and bacon is served. The trail links back to the Tinton Trail and into the Spearfish City Park, where music, food, and a cold brew is waiting with your name on it! n


Come Run With Us!


The 31st annual Spearfish Canyon Half Marathon/5K will be held July 8, 2017. This event is an annual fundraiser, which benefits the abused and neglected children through the Northern Hills Area CASA Program. The event gathers about 400 people every year and raises approximately $20,000 for the local organization. The half marathon starts just north of Savoy and winds down Spearfish Canyon ending at the Spearfish City Park.


Spearfish’s Leading Ladies Marathon will leave the starting line for the 13th year on Aug. 20, 2017. This all-woman marathon follows a gentle downhill journey through Spearfish Canyon from Lead to Spearfish. It is scenic, serene, and spectacular.


Approximately 121 women left the starting line for the 12th annual race in August 2016. The 26.2mile full marathon started at Lead Country Club. Runners in the 13.1mile half marathon started just north of Savoy. The Leading Ladies Marathon course is USATF-certified and is a qualifier for the world-famous Boston Marathon. Marathon and half marathon races end a weekend that includes a writer’s workshop, guest speakers, and shorter road races for other runners. “It has not really changed from my original dream,” race creator and organizer Elaine Doll said when reflecting on the event’s progress over the past several years. Doll trained in Spearfish Canyon 38 years ago. She and fellow marathon runner, Fred Romkema, determined the distance from Lead Country Club to Black Hills State University was 26.2 miles.

Photo by Laura Heisinger

ion, format in e r o visit For m gister, or to re ladiesm leading or .com arathon m lf a h n o shcany spearfi

The Canyon features moss-draped spruce, marsh grass areas, and cabins in the hills. Runners may also see deer in the meadows, fish in the ponds, or an early-morning angler. Personal touches include chocolate at the aid stations, men wearing tuxedos, and Spearfish’s welcoming atmosphere.


Not up for running for hours on end? There are numerous 5K races and fun runs in Spearfish. Included among them is the Black Hills Beer Run. Proceeds from the run/walk go to the Booth Society, the non-profit friends group of the D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery and Archives. In its two years, the event has raised nearly $10,000 for the society. The run is held in September. n

Renewable Resources for a Sustainable World

A Fun Place to Shop An enchanting gift shop in historic downtown Spearfish Gifts - Home Decor

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> Variety of Rooms > Smoke Free > Free Wi-Fi > HD Flat Screen TVs > Microwave & Refrigerator in Every Room > Hot Breakfast > Indoor Pool & Hot Tub > Adjacent to Area Restaurants I-90, Exit 14, Spearfish


Spearfish features two disc golf courses Disc golf players in and around the Spearfish area have two options for testing their skills. This type of golf is similar to traditional golf, but players use a Frisbee-like flying disc instead of balls and clubs. The object of disc golf is to complete each hole in as few throws as possible. The disc golf hole may be one of several targets, with the most common being an elevated metal basket. As a player progresses down the fairway, he or she makes each consecutive throw from the spot where the previous throw lands. A hole is completed when the disc is thrown into the basket. Spearfish’s more popular course is located at the mouth of Spearfish Canyon. This 27-hole course opened in 2011 and has gravel tee boxes.

Photo by Jason Gross

The Spearfish Canyon Disc Golf course boasts a regular length of 6,874 feet and an alternate length of 9,095 feet. It hosted the South Dakota state tournament in 2013 and 2014. A very hilly and moderately wooded landscape greets visitors to the Spearfish Canyon course. Players are advised to bring plenty of water and good cardiovascular fitness. The 27th hole bears the Crow’s Nest name and could be regarded as the course’s signature hole. Players tee off a 100-foot canyon cliff to the basket. Visitors going west on Colorado Boulevard turn left by Spearfish Canyon Country Club to go into Spearfish Canyon. They turn right on Winterville Drive and stop at a parking lot that comes before South Canyon Street. Then, they walk

200 yards on the bike path to the course’s signs and maps. Spearfish’s other disc golf course is located on the Black Hills State University campus. This 18-hole course was established in 1995 and has a regular length of 4,662 feet and an alternate length of 5,243 feet. The Black Hills State course winds its way around the campus and has a slight slope elevation with sparse foliage. Winds, a creek, and tall pines are among the challenges. Visitors go west on Jackson Boulevard through town one mile to a right turn on University Avenue. They circle left around the parking lot at the BHSU campus entrance, come to a four-way stop sign, and proceed behind the dorms to the message board next to a practice basket. n


Golf Courses

Score a great day on the green

Spearfish Canyon Country Club and Elkhorn Ridge Golf Club provide wooded fairways, elevated tees, and scenic views for all visitors. Spearfish Canyon Country Club is one of the state’s oldest courses. It was established in 1921 and became the Northern Hills’ only 18-hole course in 1988. The front nine features a traditional tree-lined layout. A modern design intertwined with an oak-laden creek bed highlights the back nine. Spearfish Canyon Country Club also features a driving range, practice green, short-game area, full-service bar and grill, and a fully stocked pro shop with name-brand apparel and equipment. Head golf pro and operations director Rob Kortan said the bar and grill help set Spearfish Canyon apart from other courses. He added that it enables the course to host events and accommodate more people than other facilities. “If the course is playable, we’re open,” Kortan said. “When we can get on the back nine, we can play.” The Elkhorn Ridge Golf Club, located just off Exit 17 Interstate 90,


opened in August 2009. It started as a nine-hole course and grew to 18 holes in the summer of 2016 following almost two years of work. All 18 holes feature five different tee distances. Golfers enjoy views of the Centennial Valley, with elevation changes up to 285 feet. A fullscale practice facility features tee areas, target greens, a greenside practice bunker, and a doubleended driving range. Elkhorn Ridge’s back nine includes the “canyon holes” 12, 13, and 14. Every green in the canyon features a limestone backdrop behind it. Number 12 stands as South Dakota’s longest par 5 and measures from 421 yards to 606 yards, depending on the tee distance. Elkhorn Ridge Golf Club offers a full-service golf shop, plus food and beverage services, at the clubhouse.

For mo

re infor mation ELKHO : (605) 72 RN RID 2-4653 G E • golfe SPEAR lkhorn.c FISH C om ANYO COUN N TRY CL spearfi (605) 717-46 UB shcany oncoun 53 tryclub .com

Courtesy photo

Come for the

Getaway Stay for the

ADVENTURE Experience the beauty and wonder of South Dakota’s Black Hills. Nestled among ponderosa pines and scenic waterfalls, Spearfish Canyon Lodge is perfect for meetings, weddings, family events, or just a great getaway. Plan your journey today.

877-YR-LODGE (877-975-6343)


Photos courtesy Heather Murschel

Experience the

GREAT OUTDOORS IN THE CITY Are you looking for a place to relax? Then head over to one of Spearfish’s parks and relax on a picnic table or under a tree, or dip your toes into Spearfish Creek that runs alongside several of the city’s parks. The city of Spearfish maintains 130 acres of parkland in 16 developed parks, six “pocket” parks, and five sports field areas, according to the city’s Parks, Recreation, and

Forestry department. Those parks are connected by a paved rec path that is seven miles long. The city is also home to more than 1,500 acres of undeveloped land including 300 acres of South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks leased property which includes a disc golf course, and the popular Lookout Mountain Park. The city also has a skateboard park and seasonally, two ice rinks.

ENJOY MOVIES IN THE PARKS Spearfish has combined the beauty of its parks system, beautiful summer evenings and movies to make a fun family evening. Movies in the parks draws people together to watch both classic and modern family-friendly movies projected onto a big screen. “My favorite thing about movies in the parks is the nice weather and getting the kids out to run around then watch a movie,” said Brett Rauterkus, the interim director of the Spearfish rec center. Occasionally weather can be a factor, he said, but at some of the movies in 2016, more than 100 people sat on spread blankets or in chairs to watch movies. Rauterkus said movies in the park is something different, and gives people an opportunity to come 50

together as a community. All movies begin at sunset, weather permitting. Check out for updates. People are encouraged to suggest movies they would like to watch.

BHP File Photos

SPEARFISH RECREATION & AQUATICS CENTER: Fun for the whole family The Spearfish Recreation and Aquatics Center is a great place to get away. Nestled between Lookout Mountain and Crow Peak, this state-of-the-art attraction offers something for everyone. More than an acre of swimming pools, slides and recreation areas entice tourists to stop and play for the day. Relax poolside under shaded umbrellas or float down the lazy river. Crank it up and ascend down the double flume waterslide into the deep plunge pool or drop through the enclosed body slide – all will grab you by the seat of your suit. For the tiny tots in the family, child-size slides and a playland are atop a splash pad that also features a 300-gallon dump bucket. And like the beach, a zero-entry pool gradually descends to a depth of 3 feet. Grab lunch at the snack shack, where all items are affordable.

Up to the challenge? Teamup for a game of foosball or ping pong. For a full-body work out, check out the two-court gymnasium, walking tracks, cardio room and weight room. In addition, the staff offers 30-50 group fitness classes per week available as package or drop in rates. Back at the pool, try your skill on the floating log adventure, climbing wall or volleyball in the heated 3-lane lap pool. Your family will find affordable fun for everyone at this beautiful location. The rec center is conveniently located south of Interstate 90 at Exit 10. The center is three blocks from the city recreational bike path, which weaves through seven city parks and follows along Spearfish Creek for more than six miles, and in the Spearfish City Campground and D.C. Booth Historic Fish Hatchery. n Photo by Letti Lister


Open Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day (May 29th - Sept. 4th) Public Swim: 12pm-7pm daily Water Park Day Pass: Less than $10.00 per day (depending on height and usage)

SPECIAL: $5.00 after 5pm!


Mon. - Fri. 5:30am - 9pm, Sat. 8 am - 6pm, Sun. 12pm - 6pm Rec Center Day Pass: Adults $5.00, Youth $3.00

For more information: (605) 722-1430


Gear up! The Iron Creek Lake store sells fishing tackle, licenses, and bait and also meals, snacks, and drinks. The D.C. Booth Fish Hatchery and the Spearfish Rec Center has fly fishing supplies, licenses, and fly fishing reports. A one-day, non-resident fishing license is $18. A three-day, non-resident fishing license is $37.

Licenses can be purchased at Spearfish Canyon Lodge, Wal-Mart, Minitman, Minitman Too, the Iron Creek Lake store, and online at

FISHERMAN’S DREAM Anglers near Spearfish have the chance to catch a variety of fish. Rainbow, brown, and brook trout are the only game fish found in Spearfsh Creek, but nearby lakes and reservoirs hold both cool and warm water species. Anglers should read the Fishing Manual published by the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks before fishing and be aware of certain special catch-andrelease regulations, which exist in Spearfish Creek. Here are a few of the favorite fishing locations of Spearfish anglers:

SPEARFISH CREEK (through town):

The entire length of Spearfish Creek that flows through town is a great fishery. From the city’s hydroelectric plant near the Spearfish City Campground, there are about 5 miles of stream, and it’s very accessible to anglers. There are many city parks that follow the creek, so access is not a problem. Small spinners in the deeper holes will produce results year-round. Fly fishers should have luck on caddis, parachute adams, pheasant-tails, hoppers, hare’s ears, and San Juan worms.

SPEARFISH CREEK (through the Canyon):

There are many pullouts that make Spearfish Creek easily accessible to anglers in Spearfish Canyon.


A beautiful spot for a day of fishing, swimming, or hiking on your Spearfish vacation. Fun and accessible to the whole family, Iron Creek Lake is stocked with rainbow trout by the Department of Game, Fish and Parks; but the lake also contains bass, crappie, and perch. Directions: On Interstate 90, take Exit 8 and turn south on McGuigan Road (which soon turns into Tinton Road (FSR 134). Follow Tinton Road 13 miles and follow the signs to the lake. Iron Creek Lake can also be accessed from Spearfish Canyon by following the signs near Roughlock Falls. n

Blue Ribbon


trout stream Photo courtesy SD Tourism

Photo by Mark Watson


OUND YEAR-R N E P O places 730two lions were shot in the entire There aren’t too many -7 05) 642 Cirseason in the country that allow(6hunters the state would have a ry cle e h Hatc 423percent g to enjoy more than a 50 successful hunt. r ry.o hatche The GF&P also offers two h s fi success rate every yearbwhile h t dc oo pursuing their quarry. seasons for turkey – fall and But Black Hills deer hunters spring. can do just that and have done The nearby waters offer so for the last decade. waterfowl hunting opportunities The Black Hills has both for the resident and migrating whitetail and mule deer ducks and geese. Grouse and populations with whitetails pheasants can also be hunted being more plentiful. At higher north of spearfish. elevations hunters are more likely SHOOTING RANGES to find mule deer which wildlife For hunters and recreational managers with the South Dakota shooters to hone their skills there Game, Fish and Parks are trying are three shooting ranges near to bolster their numbers. Spearfish. An archery range is Also found in the Black Hills located off Christianson Drive. A is a coveted elk population. The rifle and pistol range is located elk hunting season is not open to just before you enter the mouth nonresidents and residents have of Spearfish Canyon on Highway to wait at times up to 10 years or 14A. A membership is required. more to draw a coveted tag. But And a trap and sporting clay when that envelope comes in the range is located along Highway mail, hunters can enjoy a quality 85 heading north of Spearfish. n hunt pursuing large bulls and good numbers of cows. The herd this is isolated from others in neighboring states has genetics that produces trophy bulls quickly. Just north of Spearfish is prime hunting for antelope. The area enjoyed near record numbers of antelope in 2008 but several harsh winters have cut the population that is beginning to rebuild. The newest big game season in the Black Hills is for mountain lions. The first season began in 2005 and hunters surprised many wildlife officials and lion hunters when a subquota was reached in 13 days closing the season. Some officials thought if

Gear up! Rolling Bones Outfitters can supply you with with guns, ammo, archery and camo. (605) 644-8000 522 W. Jackson Blvd.

For mo

re infor mation , visit

Photo courtesy SD Tourism


BLACK HILLS STATE UNIVERSITY HAS ACTIVITIES FOR ALL Spearfish is set in the beauty of the Northern Black Hills with abundant scenery, wildlife and outdoor activities. Black Hills State University also calls Spearfish home and brings with it a wealth of activities for the community and visitors alike. BHSU is a NCAA Division II school and hosts numerous football and volleyball games in the fall as well as golf and cross country meets. Winter finds the indoor sports of basketball and indoor track and field while spring means outdoor track and field, softball and golf. Numerous plays and concerts are held throughout the year at BHSU featuring student and professional performers. Other cultural events include the annual Summer Stage theater performances, now in its ninth year, lectures, and programs of a variety of topics as well as the

annual Lakota Omniciye Powwow held in April. Several art galleries are also on campus. This includes The Ruddell Gallery located on second floor of the David B. Miller Student Union, which displays work of area artists and houses student and alumni art shows. The gallery displays an alumni show, the Dakota Masterswork Show, student photography show, senior art show, student award show and six visiting art shows, that include individual

and group shows every year. The art shows display different types of art from sculptures, clay, paintings, stained glass, mixed media and more. Other galleries in campus halls feature work of photography and art students. Visit for details on events throughout the year. n

: mation re infor o m r o F 2-6171 (605) 64 u d bhsu.e om hletics.c bhsuat Courtesy photo


Photo by Dennis Knuckles

Photo by Dennis Knuckles

Photo by Dennis Knuckles

A five state region historical center that includes artifacts honoring the old west pioneers of North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Montana and Wyoming, 825 Heritage Drive • Spearfish, SD I-90 • Exit 14 South For rates & hours, call or visit us on the Web or Facebook



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40 ye

ars in





Host your next event here!

Located along Interstate 90 surrounded by beauty, Spearfish may be the perfect location to accommodate large groups. After all, the city is home to car and motorcycle rallies as well as other large conventions, banquets, weddings and fundraisers. Spearfish has more than 850 hotels rooms to accommodate the largest of groups. The Spearfish Convention Center has 14 meeting rooms and the largest room capacity set at 12,000 square feet, the accommodations are among the best in the area. Conventions, trade shows, meetings and leisure events are effortlessly hosted in the For your free el versatile meeting spaces. ectron Event Planning ic copy of the These various events can Guide VisitSpearfish. , go to host up to 1,000 people. com

The Spearfish Convention Center, attached to the Holiday Inn, will launch your leisure or corporate event to its full potential! Located in the heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota conveniently off Interstate 90, the Spearfish Convention Center provides easy access to Spearfish Canyon as well as local restaurants, unique shopping and historic sites. Nestled among the natural beauty of the Black Hills, the facility allows guests to advertise not only their conventions, but the tourist destination of Spearfish.


We’re easy to get to, and easy to get around — Spearfish is the ideal location as your hub for touring the Black Hills.


With more than 850 rooms to stay, Spearfish can fit any size of convention.


From convention space and auto-cross locations, to drag-racing lots and Main Street Show & Shines, Spearfish has it all!


Visit Spearfish, Inc. offers a free planning guide as well as many convention support services.


Hearty steakhouses, Italian cuisine, gastro-pubs, and more — Spearfish has a place to eat for every kind of taste bud.


With local attractions and short drives to nationally-known attractions such Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower, Crazy Horse, & Historic Deadwood, Spearfish is the perfect location.


From Spearfish Canyon to the scenic tunnels of Needles Highway and Iron Mountain Road, we’ve got it all mapped out!

For more information on planning your group event in Spearfish, visit


Dining Tasty, Affordable Lunches & Dinners Outside Steaks • Seafood • Native Game • e Fine Win Pasta • Vegetarian • Private Room for Your Business d e rew Micro B Meeting or Party! r e Be • s ist Show Local Art

SUMMER OPEN DAILY Monday - Saturday 11am-8pm LABOR DAY - MEMORIAL DAY Monday - Saturday OPENING at 11am

5th St.

Call for closing hours.

I-90, Exit 12, turn Left at Main, then turn Right on to Hudson.

126 West Hudson, Spearfish, SD 57783 Reservations: 1-605-642-5462 Wi-Fi Available •

All freshly renovated rooms coming early 2017 • Microwave & Fridge in every room

• Millstone Family Restaurant adjacent

• Outdoor Pool

• 100% Smoke Free

• Lookout Lounge inside hotel

• Pet-Friendly

Black Hills Lodge 540 E. Jackson Blvd., Spearfish, S.D. 605-642-7795 • Each Best Western® branded hotel is independently owned and operated.


ear 7Y


• • • • •

Bell’s Motor Lodge 605-642-3812 • 800-880-2095 • Exit 12, Main St, Spearfish Best Western Black Hills Lodge 605-642-7795 • Exit 12, Jackson Blvd, Spearfish

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Chris’ Camp 605-642-2239 • 800-350-2239 • Exit 14, Colorado to Christensen Dr., Spearfish Crow Peak Lodge 605-559-3333 • Exit 12, Main St to Kansas, Spearfish

Days Inn 605-642-7101 • 800-225-3297 • Exit 10 to Ryan Rd., Spearfish

Diamond M Ranch Bed & Breakfast 605-642-2399 • 20041 Crow Peak Bench Rd., Spearfish

Large Group Sp.

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Elkhorn Ridge RV Resort & Golf Club 605-722-1800 • 877-722-1800 • I-90, Exit 17, S on Hwy 85 1/2 mi., Spearfish

Internet Access

Guest Laundry

Exercise Room

• • • • •

Canyon Gateway Motel 605-642-3402 • 503 Spearfish Canyon Rd., Spearfish

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott 605-642-3500 • 800-228-2800 • Exit 14, Spearfish

Pets Allowed

• •

All Star Travelers Inn 605-642-5753 • 800-201-5753 • Exit 12, Jackson Blvd, Spearfish Baymont Inn & Suites 605-642-8105 • Exit 14, Spearfish


Handicap Acc.

Hot Tub





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Fillmore Lodge & Cabins 605-642-7087 • 17 mi. SW of Spearfish on USFS 222, Beaver Creek Rd, Spearfish

Hampton Inn 605-642-3003 • 800-228-5150 • Exit 14, Spearfish

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Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Center 605-642-4683 • 800-999-3541 • Exit 14, Spearfish

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Iron Creek Lake Campground 605-642-5851 • 12 mi. SW of Spearfish on USFS 134, Spearfish

• •

Joe’s Field of Dreams 605-641-6955 • Exit 10, 122 Hwy 14, Spearfish • Call for availability

KOA Campground, Spearfish 605-642-4633 • 800-562-0805 • Exit 10, West on Hwy 14, Spearfish

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Orchard Creek Cottages 605-642-4234 • 877-642-2400 • Exit 12, Jackson Blvd to Ames to Mason, Spearfish

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Quality Inn 605-642-2337 • 800-228-5150 • Exit 14, Spearfish

• • • •

Rim Rock Lodge 605-642-3192 • Exit 14, 5 miles up Spearfish Canyon, Spearfish - Seasonal May-October

Rodeway Inn & Suites 605-642-2350 • 800-606-2350 • Exit 14, Spearfish

• • • •

• •

Spearfish Bed & Breakfast 605-642-2485 • Exit 14, 4220 Airport Rd., Spearfish

• •

• • • • •

Spearfish Canyon Lodge 605-584-3435 • 877-975-6343 • Exit 14, 19 miles up Spearfish Canyon, Spearfish

Spearfish City Campground 605-642-1340 • 605-642-1333 • Exit 12, Jackson, then left on Canyon, Spearfish Spearfish Creek Inn, LLC 605-642-9941 • Exit 12, Jackson to 3rd St., turn right, Spearfish Spearfish Super 8 Motel 605-642-4721 • 800-800-8000 • Exit 14, Spearfish Wickiup 605-584-3382 • 21381 US Hwy 85, Lead

• •

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• •

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Spearfish offers


Dining This growing community prides itself on the diverse dining scene it offers both area residents and visitors alike. More than 40 restaurants, cafés and coffee shops line the streets of Spearfish, so finding a place to enjoy a quality meal isn’t too hard in this town. But, making a decision on where to eat might be – because they are all good. Whether you are in the mood to devour a gourmet breakfast buffet, eat a juicy buffalo rib-eye, dig into a bowl of pasta or simply partake in a cup of coffee and homemade pie, there is something for everyone. From bistros to bakeries, there are also several quaint, locally owned and friendly places to sit, relax have an iced coffee and a scone. Spearfish also features an assortment of family restaurants and hometown cafés that serve breakfast, lunch and dinner all day long. There are also several ethnic restaurants featuring authentic Mexican, Italian and Chinese food, along with many steakhouses and niche restaurants. In addition to the restaurants in town, there are two restaurants in Spearfish Canyon. The “Queen City” also embraces the chain industry and there are several fast food restaurants that serve everything from submarine sandwiches, wraps, pizza, tacos, cheeseburgers and ice cream. After a long day playing in the Black Hills, visitors might just want to go back to their hotel and relax – and in that case, there are many restaurants that deliver. No matter what you are hungry for and no matter where you go in Spearfish, you are guaranteed to enjoy quality food and friendly customer service. It’s a small town with a little bit of flair when it comes to its dining preferences – so enjoy your meal! n


Bay Leaf Café 605-642-5462, Exit 12, Downtown, 126 Hudson St., Spearfish Blackbird Espresso 605-717-0022, Exit 12, Downtown, 503 Main St., Spearfish Bunky’s BBQ 605-641-5962, 125 US Hwy 14

Smokin’ 608 605-717-0077, Exit 12, Downtown, 608 Main St., Spearfish Cheyenne Crossing Store & Stage Stop Cafe 605-584-3510, Highway 14A & 85 City Brew 605-559-0557, 130 Ryan Rd., Ste. 2, Spearfish Common Grounds 605-642-9066, Downtown, 135 E. Hudson St., Spearfish Copper Coffee Company 605-645-1808, Exit 14, Spearfish

• • • •

Culvers of Spearfish 605-722-4868, Exit 14, Spearfish Dairy Queen 605-642-7455, 907 Colorado Blvd., Spearfish Domino’s Pizza 605-642-0288, 1410 North Ave. #7, Spearfish Dough Trader Pizza Company 605-642-2175, 543 W. Jackson Blvd., Spearfish Fairway Junction 605-717-4655, 120 Spearfish Canyon Rd., Spearfish (seasonal)

Golden Dragon 605-642-2641, Exit 12, right on Main St., Spearfish The Green Bean Coffeehouse 605-717-3636, 304 Main St., Spearfish

Guadalajara Family Mexican Restaurant 605-642-4765, Exit 10, right on Hwy. 14, Spearfish Jade Palace 605-642-2588, Exit 12, Downtown Spearfish, 715 N. Main St. Jimmy Johns 605-717-2459, 1420 North Ave., Spearfish KFC 605-642-4044, Exit 14, Spearfish Killian’s Tavern & Steakhouse 605-717-1255, Exit 12, Jackson Blvd., Spearfish La Costa Mexican Restaurant 605-642-2730, 447 N. Main St., Spearfish Latchstring Restaurant 605-584-3333, Exit 14, Spearfish Canyon, 19 miles

• • • •

• •

Buffalo Jump Saloon & Steakhouse 307-643-7173, Exit 205 (WY), Main St., Beulah Burger King 605-642-4332, Exit 12, right on Main St., Spearfish

Wine/Beer Only

• • • •


Barbacoa’s Burritos & Wraps 605-722-1774, Exit 12, Jackson Blvd., Spearfish

• • • •

Full Bar

Arby’s 605-642-0109, Exit 12, Jackson Blvd., Spearfish


Applebees 605-642-9480, Exit 14, Spearfish





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• • • • • • • • •

Leones’ Creamery (ice cream) 605-644-6461, 722 1/2 Main St., Spearfish Little Caesars 605-642-3355, 1420 North Ave., Spearfish Lucky’s 13 Pub 605-642-1582, I-90, Exit 14, Spearfish McDonald’s 605-642-2053, Exit 12, Main St. to Ryan Rd., Spearfish Millstone Family Restaurant 605-642-4200, Exit 12, Jackson Blvd., Spearfish Perkins 605-642-8535, 2301 E. Colorado Blvd., Spearfish

• • • •

Philly Teds 605-599-0344, 134 Ryan Rd., Ste. B, Spearfish Pizza Hut 605-642-7717, Exit 12, 435 Jackson Blvd., Spearfish Pizza Ranch, Inc. 605-642-4422, Exit 14, Spearfish Qdoba 605-559-0542, 130 Ryan Rd., Ste. 1, Spearfish Queen City Coffee 605-559-1025, Exit 12, 231 W. Jackson Blvd., Spearfish

• •

Roma’s Ristorante 605-722-0715, Exit 14, Spearfish, in the Bomgaars shopping center Sanford’s Grub & Pub 605-642-3204, 545 W. Jackson Blvd., Spearfish Soul Food Bistro & Espresso Bar 605-717-0693, 2728 1st Ave., Spearfish

Stadium Sports Grill 605-642-9521, Exit 12, Jackson Blvd. & Main St., Spearfish Starbucks 605-642-5728, Exit 12, Main St., to North Ave., Spearfish, Inside Safeway

Steerfish Steak and Smoke 605-717-2485, 701 5th St., Spearfish Subway (2 Locations) 605-642-5205, Exit 12, Main St. to North Ave., Spearfish 605-722-4500, Exit 14, Across from Wal-Mart Super Center, Spearfish

Sunshine Cafe 605-722-7639, 638 Main St., Spearfish Taco Bell 605-644-8805, Exit 12, right on Main St., Spearfish Taco John’s 605-642-4620, Exit 12, Jackson Blvd., Spearfish

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• •



Spearfish is home to a diverse, active nightlife scene – from wine bars and brew-pubs to sports bars and rustic biker bars, there’s something for everyone in town. Whether you’re in the mood to sample some locally brewed beers, to sip wine in a chic lounge, to have a drink while watching the big game, to chat with locals at a cozy

dive, or to shake it into the wee hours at a nightclub, Spearfish has you covered. With more than a dozen locally owned bars and lounges in town, whatever you’re up for, it’s here. So pull up a stool, grab a cold one and ask the locals about their favorite outdoor hangouts – oh, and be prepared to make some new friends. n

Back Porch B&B Bar

Killian’s Tavern

Spearfish Creek Wine Bar

Crow Peak Brewing Company

Level Wine Bar

Stadium Sports Bar

703 N. Main St. • 605-642-2134

539 W. Jackson Blvd. • 717-1255

125 W. Hwy 14 • 605-717-0006

604 N. Main St. • 605-722-9013

Flanagan’s Irish Pub

540 E. Jackson Blvd. • 605-642-7995

729 N. 7th St. • 605-722-3526

False Bottom Bar

645 N. Main St. • 605-559-0700

Happy Jacks Casino

520 Jackson Blvd. • 605-642-8236


Lookout Lounge Lucky’s 13 Pub

127 Grant St. • 605-722-7027 744 Main St. • 605-642-9521

Sunshine Saloon

3226 W. Fairground Lp. • 605-641-9095

305 N. 27th St. • 605-642-1582

Triple 7 Casino

Scoreboard Lounge

Zbar & Nightclub

1607 Ryan Rd. • 605-642-9509

9239 Colorado Blvd. • 605-717-0777 529 N. Main St. • 605-642-3600

Worship SPEARFISH CHURCHES All Angels Episcopal Church 1044 N. 5th St., Spearfish 605-642-4349

Calvary Temple Assembly of God 240 W. Hwy 14 605-642-3844

Christian Science Society Church 710 N. 7th St., Spearfish 605-642-1869

Connection Church

New Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA)

1140 Ames St., Spearfish • 605-642-1122

Northern Hills Church of Christ

2 miles N. of Spearfish on Hwy. 85 • 605-642-7167

North Point Christian Church

3 miles N. of Spearfish on Hwy. 85 • 605-717-6770

Old Apostolic Lutheran Church

Our Savior’s Lutheran Church (ELCA)

Countryside Church

St. Joseph Catholic Church

First Baptist Church

1120 North 5th St., Spearfish • 605-644-7337

Grace Fellowship

920 Main St., Spearfish • 605-642-8253

Spearfish United Methodist Church 845 N. 5th St., Spearfish • 605-642-3457

The Summit

535 N. 7th St., Spearfish • 605-642-7222

844 N. 5th St., Spearfish • 605-642-2306

St. Joseph Catholic Newman Center (BHSU)

115 W. Lincoln St., Spearfish • 605-717-2582

St. Paul Lutheran Church MO Synod

Hillsview Church of the Nazarene

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Hope Lutheran Church

Spearfish United Church of Christ

1020 State St., Spearfish • 605-642-3715

524 W. Jackson Blvd., Spearfish • 605-717-1155 The River (Geared toward young adults.) 605-717-1155 1200 N. 10th St., Spearfish • 605-642-3436

3025 10th Ave., Spearfish • 605-642-0955

2040 Vista Hills Pl., Spearfish • 605-210-2339

Meeting at Holiday Inn & Convention Center Office located at 738 N. 5th St., Spearfish 605-559-1020 625 Woodland Dr., Spearfish • 605-642-0585

Solid Rock Church

846 North 7th St., Spearfish • 605-642-2929

290 W. Hwy 14, Spearfish • 605-642-0874

913 S. 34th St., Spearfish • 605-722-3857

Jehovah’s Witnesses

1900 Windmill Dr., Spearfish • 605-642-7552

Mountain View Baptist Church

Corner of Jackson & 12th St., Spearfish • 605-642-4036

Photo by Letti Lister



with Visit Spearfish!

For a warm welcome and more information about everything there is to do in Spearfish, stop by our downtown office, conveniently located at 603 N. Main Street, Open 7 days a week, Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Vacation packages, lodging rates, calendar of events and more at

1.800.344.6181 RESERVATIONS





Spearfish Elevation:

3,640 ft.



• • •

Airport Identifier: KSPF Elevation: 3931 MSL Runways: 13/31 - 6400’ x 75’ Asphalt 08/26-3975’ x 100’ Turf 04/22-2023’ x 150’ Turf

FBO Services Available: 1-800-843-8010 or 605-642-4112 After Hours: 605-642-2656 • Fax: 605-642-1838 CAUTION: Mountain Airport - High Terrain in the vicinity of the airport. Right hand traffic Runway 13.





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Visit Spearfish 2017  

Find Your Adventure! The official activity guide.

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