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Photo by CJ Yushta Photography

Photo by CJ Yushta Photography

Photo by CJ Yushta Photography

Photo by CJ Yushta Photography

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Reconnect during wedding planning


edding planning can be intense and often requires dedication and many hours of work. Coordinating a wedding often requires that couples make many different decisions and spend a considerable amount of time in the wedding-planning trenches. Couples expend so much energy planning their weddings that it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture — namely the relationship that is the basis for the marriage in the first place. But as easy as it can be to get lost in wedding planning, couples can use this time together to connect on a deeper level and learn to work cooperatively.


Separate wedding planning duties so that both of you feel you are contributing equally and no one person gets overly stressed out. Stress can lead to short tempers and arguments.


Even the healthiest couple argues over finances from time to time, but budgetary debates should not set a negative tone for wedding planning. Couples should discuss their potential budget before they even begin to plan their weddings, and both partners

should do their best to compromise while also understanding where the other person is coming from.

SCHEDULE TIME FOR FUN Do not let wedding planning be all-consuming. Schedule days that allow you to enjoy yourselves together without having to think about or discuss your pending nuptials. This may include date nights that may have fallen by the wayside since getting engaged or periodic day trips to get away from it all. Explore your mutual hobbies or try something new.

LEARN TO LAUGH AT THE LITTLE THINGS Not every detail will go off without a hitch. How you react as a couple may influence how much you enjoy your wedding. Recognize that certain things will not go your way, but that unforeseen circumstances will not ruin your wedding day, no matter how unpleasant they may seem. Laugh at what cannot be changed and recognize that, in the long run, the details you think are major today may actually prove trivial when you look back on your wedding day in the years to come. n




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choosing the


any brides-to-be visit bridal shops with specific goals in mind regarding the style of their wedding gowns. Some women come equipped with magazine tearouts or pull up ideas on their mobile phones. Others may have an entire scrapbook filled with various ideas they’ve been compiling for years. Much consideration is given to wedding gowns. The cost and silhouette of the dress may garner the bulk of that consideration, but brides might want to spend more time considering comfort. Depending on the time of day their weddings take place, brides can spend 12 hours or more in their wedding gowns on their wedding day. However, when shopping for their gowns, brides may prioritize beauty over comfort, even though it’s entirely possible to find a gown that’s both stunning and comfortable. When friends or family who have come along to offer advice start to blush over wedding gowns, brides-to-be may feel pressured to downplay any discomfort they feel. To make sure brides look flawless Average spent on and elegant a wedding dress: but are still comfortable in their wedding gowns, consider the following tips.



No two body types are the same, and many women


feel certain parts of their bodies are their best assets while they want to downplay others. Try on gowns that play up your best features. If you have shapely legs, consider a dramatic gown with a slit to show them off. Certain gowns can enhance the decollete or show off an hourglass shape. Remember, many gowns can be modified so that you feel secure and confident. Sleeves can be added or fabric placed to cover up any perceived flaws. Confidence and pride are important parts of the comfort factor.


Bridal gown sizes do not coincide with street sizes. Depending on the manufacturer, brides may have to select gowns that are several sizes larger than they would normally wear. This should not be a cause for alarm. Brides should go by their measurements. Attempting to squeeze into a dress that is too small will only lead to discomfort on the wedding day.


Improperly fitting bras, shapewear and other undergarments can lead to discomfort as well. Some seamstresses can sew in supportive cups to remove the need for separate bras. Brides can explore various options to reduce the visibility of certain accoutrements.


Brides should not just stand in front of the mirror and smile when trying on gowns. Put them through their paces. Try sitting, bending and even a little dancing. Make sure the dress is comfortable to move around in.


The gown brides have in mind may not be the one they ultimately go home with. Explore different styles and materials. Choose cooler, breezier fabrics and lightweight gowns, like crêpe, georgette or organza, for summer weddings. Heavier fabrics, such as brocade, may be more comfortable in the winter. Wedding gowns can be both beautiful and comfortable for those who know how to shop. n 2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO

Your wedding apps and

Spearfish weather at a glance Listed below are average temperature highs, lows and preciptation for the city of Spearfish throughout the year.



iving into the world of wedding apps can be a time-consuming and confusing journey. Here’s how to know which one is right for you.


Wedding Wire links engaged couples with thousands and thousands of vendors and venues, with millions of reviews written by real-life newlyweds. This will help you narrow things down if you’re not sure about location or pricing. There are also checklists, and templates to make and keep a budget, so you can stay on track.


The free Wedding Happy app works like an online personal assistant, with preloaded tasks to guide engaged couples every step of the way. You can set up reminder alerts that a wedding planner would normally handle for signpost moments in the run up to the wedding, like invitation mail outs or putting down various deposits.


Mint wasn’t designed with weddings exclusively in mind, but the popular money-management site provides a budgeting system to help you track costs. You can sync this free app with your credit cards and bank account to monitor spending.


Who hasn’t seen a cool Instagram centerpiece and wondered who made it? Carats and Cake provides expansive details on everyone who works their weddings, from florists to caterers to photographers. Eliminate the summer wedding guesswork by digging into their reviews and portfolios. You can also book these vendors through the same site.


Destination weddings are all the rage, but where? The Venue Report offers a directory of trendy hotels, can’t-miss event spaces and party spots. From the south of France to the wilds of Montana, the site helps you filter results by price, capacity and place. Information about fees is also included, as well as direct contact information.


Household appliances are fine and all, but what about something even cooler? You can find all of the basic essentials on Zola, as with any standard department-store registry. But the app also links you up with higher-end and specialty items like Waterford Crystal stemware, the Sonos sound system, or comfy Matouk bedding. There are also group-gifting options that offer your guests the chance to go in on pricier items together. n






















































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NO q

If photo needs to be returned, please enclose self-addressed, stamped envelope. We strongly urge you to type this form or print neatly. Handwriting can be misinterpreted and if we can’t read your handwriting, mistakes can happen. We cannot re-run engagement news printed incorrectly if the mistake is caused by misinterpreted handwriting.

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Bridesmaid dresses


othing can cause more drama than choosing bridesmaids dresses — especially if you have a large bridal party or opinionated attendants. The smart bride understands that this aspect of her wedding is less about her and more about her maids.


You should know your wedding

are not models (unless they are) — so what you see in photos will look different in person and on each individual person.


colors and have your venue booked and your own gown ordered. All of these items will impact the style and hue of the gowns you choose.Will you be choosing the gown or have you decided to allow your maids to choose their own (with your final approval, of course)? Do you want your maids in the same style? Will they be wearing various colors or hues of the same color? Know the answers to each of these questions before stepping foot inside a bridal salon.


Look through many photos before you begin shopping. Also keep in mind, as much as you love them, your friends

Your MAY through SEPTEMBER Ruby’s Garden provides an enchanting setting for your wedding ceremony. Nestled behind the majestic Booth House on the grounds of the D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery in Spearfish, SD, the garden features an oval lawn bordered by a rustic flagstone walkway and landscaped flowerbeds. The Booth House balcony provides shaded space overlooking the lawn, which stretches towards a vine-covered pergola on the other end.

Not everyone is going to have the same budget, and a compassionate brideto-be will be mindful of this. Unless you are picking up the tab, don’t choose a pricey gown. Not everyone views your wedding as the investment you see it as.


This applies both to your expectations of the dress and your maids. Keep in mind that the color you see in a magazine might be slightly different in person. Be flexible in terms of what will look good on different skin tones.


Many dresses require one to three months to ship, so be sure to allow for this. After the dresses arrive, you also will need time for your maids to pick them up (unless they are being shipped directly) and for the gowns to be altered. n

Reception and Our


Up to 200 wood folding chairs are also available to rent for your ceremony.

It’s a Perfect Match! If you’re looking to hold your

Wedding Reception or Rehearsal Dinner on

Deadwood’s Historic Main Street, we have the most affordable venue you will find!

Please call 605-578-1333 FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL US OR VISIT OUR WEBSITE. • (605) 642-7730 x205

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Deadwood Elks Lodge #508 696 Main St., Deadwood Open 5 pm to ? • Thurs - Sat.


venue Wedding the


edding planning requires couples to make many decisions, including where the wedding will take place. A couple’s wedding day is typically broken into two parts: the ceremony comes first, and the reception follows soon after. Depending on couples’ preferences and religious beliefs, ceremonies may take place at a house of worship or another location that is separate from the reception venue. In some instances, couples may choose one location for both the ceremony and the party to follow. Wedding venues are where the bulk of the day will unfold, and couples can consider these four tips to find a venue that suits their needs. 1. Consider your theme and wedding style. Most couples know which


sentiments they want to convey during their weddings. The venue should match the theme so the entire wedding will feel connected to the space. A modern wedding, for example, will be at home in an art gallery or warehouse. A wedding with natural elements may work better on a ranch or in a botanical garden. Zeroing in on the wedding style helps narrow down potential venue options. 2. Assess the budget. A couple may find what seems to be the perfect venue, only to realize that the cost of the space doesn’t fit their budget. Ampersand Travel says the venue accounts for the most significant wedding expense, at an average cost of $9,000. Finding a venue that will maximize dollars spent involves looking at what is included. Rentals for chairs, linens, lighting,

a dance floor, and other extras can quickly add up. Couples should have a set limit they’re willing to spend on the venue and let that dictate the location. 3. Availability of the location. When a couple wants to get married may determine their venue options, especially if they’re planning on a budget. September and October are now the most popular months to get married, so venues will book up quickly during that time of year. Those who have their hearts set on specific days will have to begin the search earlier than couples with no attachment to a particular date. Concessions may need to be made if a certain date is a must. 4. Estimate the size of your guest list. Price, date and style will factor into wedding venues, but the number of guests also is a major consideration. A trendy restaurant may seem like the perfect locale, but it must be able to accommodate everyone on the guest list. Couples should sit down with their families and come up with a list of potential guests and look for a venue that can accommodate everyone. n

2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO





oday’s weddings are highly personalized affairs. The formats, rules and conventions of yesteryear have been replaced by contemporary styles that mix the old and new, all with an eye on making a one-of-a-kind experience. That attention to detail should include the invitations, too.


Gone are the days when invitations were embossed on a paper of standardized color, much less a standardized

2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO

material. They now run the gamut from handcrafted items in exciting new shapes to bespoke luxury papers with personalized script. Jazz things up by choosing offbeat fonts or typesetting approaches then place them on a personally selected material, which may be anything from parchment or recycled paper to felt or cotton cardstock. Some might choose ivory papers threaded with gold, while others opt for linen cardstocks with printed flowers.

Want to really stand out? Skip the every-day whites or off-whites for something more unconventional. Your invitation may be colored to match the theme, the bride’s bouquet, or some consistent element in the bridesmaids and groomsmen’s outfits. If you don’t want to go all in on a particularly nontraditional color, consider using it as a border around the edges of the invite — or only on the envelope. The shape of the card itself can reflect your sense of style, too. A heart might signify the timelessness of your love, while the Eiffel Tower a special memory.


An invitation must meet certain standards, even in an age of endless personalization options. It needs to announce the couple, while including time, date and place details for the ceremony. After that, however, the invite can go in a number of different directions. Perhaps add a favorite quote, lyric or poem? Maybe a note about how you met, or fell in love? n


The Four C’s Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut

Buying a diamond ring can be intimidating. Demystify the process by learning about the four C’s. This system of grading diamonds was developed 60 years ago by the Gemological Institute of America. • Carat is a weight measurement. A 1-carat diamond weighs 200 milligrams. But there’s no ideal size for a diamond. It depends on your budget and taste. • Color is graded by letter, starting with D for rare, colorless diamonds. E and F are considered excellent, but G or H diamonds will look just as good to the naked eye. Farther down the scale, you’ll notice differences. “If you put a K color beside a G color, you’ll notice more yellow in the K,” said Russell Shor, senior industry analyst for the Gemological Institute. • Clarity measures diamond flaws, called inclusions, which might appear as tiny spots, clouds or cavities in the stone. The clarity grade SI stands for “slightly included.” VS is a better grade, “very slightly included.” VVS is even higher, “very, very slightly included.” Most inclusions in the VVS-SI range cannot be seen by the untrained eye “unless someone tells you where it is,” Shor said. • Cut measures workmanship, rather than a diamond’s inherent qualities. The way a stone is cut enhances sparkle and luminosity and can hide flaws.


Rings the


ngagements precede wedding dresses, flower arrangements, limousines, and even a couple’s wedding vows. And no proposal is complete without a ring. Knowledge of rings and stones is essential for those who plan to propose in the near future. A recent survey from the wedding resource The Knot in which 12,000 brides and 1,200 grooms in the United States were asked about their rings, found that people spend an average, of $5,978 on engagement rings. Recognizing the potential cost of engagement rings can help ring shoppers prepare for their purchases. In addition to considering costs, couples can employ the following tips to shop with confidence.


Engagement rings can be costly, but many couples feel they are worthwhile investments. According to In Style magazine, a ring with a classic solitaire of one carat weight can cost thousands of dollars, while a band covered in just under one carat of tiny pavé diamonds will offer plenty of sparkle for a lot less money.


How the diamond is framed can affect how big it looks and even how much it sparkles. Gems framed with a bezel can give the illusion of a larger stone.


A skilled jeweler knows how to properly cut a stone to bring out its best radiance. From round to princess to emerald to marquise cut, cut styles can affect how the stone looks as well as the price.


Platinum and gold are some of the most popular ring setting metals. Platinum costs considerably more than gold or silver, but is long-lasting. Couples should weigh the cost versus benefit of splurging on a more expensive metal, or speak with a jeweler about a suitable substitute.


People should pay attention to the jewelry their significant others wear so the engagement rings complement their style. Some love modern jewelry, while others gravitate toward vintage pieces.


Buying just shy of the next carat weight can save between 20 and 30 percent, offers The Knot. Plus, the size discrepancy probably will not be visible to the naked eye.


Some couples like to replace engagement rings with a more elaborate ring for a big anniversary. Some jewelers will accept the purchase of the engagement ring toward the price of a future ring. n

2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO

Flowers Y the

ellow is having a moment this year. One of Pantone’s colors of the year is Illuminating, a bright yellow that’s spirited and energetic. If you’ve picked sunny tones for your wedding palette, the good news is that there are plenty of blossoms that will give a pop to your bouquets, boutonnières and more.


These flat-topped bunches of tiny golden blooms are perfect to accent larger blooms in your bouquet. Yarrow can be arranged dried or fresh. Yarrow also has fern-like leaves that can be used in your arrangements.


Yellow roses are classic additions to wedding bouquets. There are hundreds

2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO

of yellow rose varieties. Each has their own shading, fragrance and bloom shape.


Looking for a bloom of a different color? Hellebores have pointed, leathery leaves with textured centers that range in color from white to purple, including a variety of shades of green. Some yellow hellebores can even have edging or centers in other colors, including a stunning deep purple.


Tulips are spring classics. They come in almost every color of the rainbow and their simple cup shape and long stems make them perfect for elegant bridal bouquets. Tulips come in many shades from a creamy, buttery tone all the way to neon yellow. Looking for more drama? Ask your florist for ruffled or double tulips.


If you’re going rustic for your

nuptials, consider a bouquet of daisies. Gerbera daisies have big blooms that can get up to five inches in diameter and are more budget friendly than other flowers. Also look for black-eyed Susans. Their brown centers give your bouquet texture and depth, especially when paired with plenty of greenery.


Showy, trumpet-shaped lilies are stunning stars of any bridal bouquet. Many varieties also have a pleasant fragrance that festoons many a spring wedding. You can get classic, starshaped Asiatic lilies, Golden splendor trumpet lilies, dramatic Caucasian lilies and the classic, vase-shaped calla lily.


There may not be a more yellow flower than sunflowers. They can get up to dinner-plate sized and make great cut flowers. With their dark centers and showy, sunny petals, these flowers make for beautiful bouquet centerpieces and lovely table arrangements. n



2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO

2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO


Planning a Party?

Social wedding Y your

CATERING Caterers of Fine Food

No worries. No hassles. Guaranteed!

oung couples tying the knot today grew up with social media, so it’s no great surprise that so many want to utilize various platforms when planning their weddings. In fact, a recent survey found that 87 percent of brides turned to the social media platform Pinterest for inspiration when planning their weddings.


Social media boards are digital screens that display social media walls. Live event social media boards collect and curate content from social media channels and display it on a single digital screen. Users, in this case a couple’s guests, simply use a predetermined hashtag when posting photos and the images are then displayed on digital screens in real time.

Parties of 20 to 1500 At The Crossing or Any Venue. Drop Off or Full Service Rentals Available.

Helping to make your event “An Affair to Remember” Call David to book your date and plan your event.


media &


Live streams became very popular during the pandemic, when couples getting married had to pare down their guest lists in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines. But live streams can continue to be used after the pandemic, as there will always be guests who can’t make it to the wedding. Facebook Live was a go-to social media platform for live streaming weddings during the pandemic, and it can be utilized to involve loved ones in the festivities

even if they can’t be there in person.


A couple-specific hashtag can serve as something akin to a wedding album, only it’s one everyone can easily access via the couple’s chosen social media platform. Encourage guests to hashtag photos from the wedding so everyone can have a good time looking back on the ceremony and reception.


Social media can be as fun, inclusive and useful when planning the wedding as it can during the wedding itself. Brides and grooms can create their own private Pinterest boards and share them with the wedding party. Everyone can then use the private board. n

21415 US Hwy. 14A, Lead, SD

At the upper entrance to beautiful Spearfish Canyon


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Wedding trends


The classic black-and-white color pattern is also set to return in a big way, as traditional styles and simple lines take center stage after years of exciting experimentation. What’s old is new again!





ome wedding trends, like a focus on sustainability, remain but there are several twists on the way — from the return of pearls to non-traditional flower girls.

The sustainability trend continues, as eco-conscious wedding dresses and labgrown engagement rings are joining hip picks like biodegradable cutlery.

Blame Bridgerton, but it appears that the return of Regency-era fashion is now being combined with a little ’80s flare. So, corset bodices … but also puffy sleeves! Brides are looking to make a statement.

Your flower girl doesn’t have to be a “girl,” or even a woman at all. Grandmothers will be dropping petals down some summer wedding aisles, while a “flower man” takes over at others.


If the color scheme is simple, then why not give your cocktails a boost? This summer will be marked by ever more interesting ingredient choices, made complete with eye-catching details like garnishes, stir-sticks and sparkles.

Back in 2013, wedding flowers were bold and bright. A couple of years ago, the trend began moving toward more neutral colors. Look for brides to start mixing it up, as neutral color palettes get a boost with splashes of bold accents.



The return of Regency-style fashion was dubbed “regencycore.” So, call this trend “pearlcore,” as these traditional gems move well beyond the choker. Look for pearls everywhere from wedding cakes to decor, accessories like veils and capes, to shoes and manicures.


In this case, it’s the color green, a hot new color for bridesmaids dresses. Emerald engagement rings are increasingly popular, too. Some adventurous brides are incorporating shades of green too, as they tie in their ceremony with the simplicity and grounding qualities of nature.


Rather than tried-and-true sit-down dinners built from a series of serving stations, look for summer weddings with their own kind of progressive dinner featuring appetizer-sized portions. There’s an increased opportunity for food adventures, and it’s so much easier to mix and mingle. n

Beautiful & Delicious Dessert Catering for all occasions. We specialize in cupcakes but also offer small cakes, brownies, cookies and cake pops.

2130 Jackson Blvd. #2 Rapid City, SD 57702 605-209-1491 2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO


budget Ceremony

Use this list to help you develop a budget and keep track of spending as you plan for your wedding.


Venue Fee....................................... _____________ Officiant Fee/Donation............. _____________ Ceremony Décor......................... _____________


_____________ _____________ _____________

Reception Venue Fee....................................... _____________ Rentals............................................ _____________ Food & Service............................ _____________ Beverages & Bartenders........... _____________ Cake & Cutting Fee................... _____________ Reception Decor.......................... _____________

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

Attire & Beauty Gown & Alterations.................. _____________ Veil................................................... _____________ Jewelry............................................ _____________ Bride’s Accessories...................... _____________ Hair & Makeup.......................... _____________ Pre-wedding Pampering........... _____________ Groom’s Tux or Suit.................. _____________ Groom’s Accessories.................. _____________ Shoes................................................ _____________ Undergarments............................ _____________

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

_____________ _____________

Photo + Video Photographer................................ _____________ Videographer................................ _____________ Prints & Videos........................... _____________

_____________ _____________ _____________

Flowers Bride’s Bouquet............................ _____________ Bridesmaid Bouquets................. _____________ Groom & Groomsmen Boutonnieres................................. _____________ Flower Girl Flowers................... _____________ Additional Boutonnieres & Corsages................................... _____________ Ceremony...................................... _____________ Reception ...................................... _____________ Centerpieces.................................. _____________

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

Stationary Save-the-Dates ............................ _____________ Invitations & Reply Cards...... _____________



Rehearsal Dinner Invites.......... _____________ Ceremony Programs.................. _____________ Thank You Cards....................... _____________ Postage............................................ _____________ Guest Book.................................... _____________


_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

Music Ceremony Musicians................. _____________ Cocktail Hour Musicians......... _____________ Reception Music......................... _____________

_____________ _____________ _____________

Transportation + Lodging Limo or Car Rental.................... _____________ Guest Shuttle or Parking.......... _____________ Bride/Groom Hotel Room(s)............................. _____________

_____________ _____________ _____________

Gifts Attendant Gifts............................ _____________ Favors.............................................. _____________ Parent Gifts................................... _____________ Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Gifts................... _____________

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________


Wedding Rings Her Ring........................................ _____________ His Ring......................................... _____________

_____________ _____________

Event Planner............................... _____________ Marriage License......................... _____________ Dance Lessons.............................. _____________ Rehearsal Dinner ....................... _____________ Rentals & Lighting.................... _____________ Tip Money for Vendors............ _____________

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

Honeymoon Travel.............................................. _____________ Lodging.......................................... _____________ Entertainment.............................. _____________ Souvenirs........................................ _____________

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________

Other ____________............................... _____________ ____________............................... _____________ ____________............................... _____________ ____________............................... _____________ ____________............................... _____________ ____________............................... _____________


TOTAL .............................................. _____________

_____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ _____________ ACTUAL COST:


2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO





2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO


Wedding favors the W edding favors let your guests know you care and provide them with a tangible memory of your big day. Wedding website The Knot says the average cost of favors is about $400, so it’s not a small part of your budget, either. Here are some great ideas for showing your guests that they’re your favorite on your wedding day.


Find miniature bottles of liquor, wine or beer to give out to your guests. Look for a brand that comes from near the site of your wedding. You may even be able to order customized tags for your big day. Don’t forget a non-alcoholic option, too, for those who don’t imbibe.


This category runs the gamut, but think along the lines of koozies if you

live in a warmer area and have a list full of out outdoorsy guests. For more upscale venues and budgets, look for customizable shot glasses, mugs or julep cups. These are great ways to give a reusable gift that can remind your guests of your big day.


(trendy and easy to care for), seedling trees and more. Visit a local nursery for ideas on native plants that will do especially well in your climate.


Hitting the road for your I-dos is a lot of fun and gives you a great opportunity to select some amazing wedding favors. You can choose to go the travel route and pick items like luggage tags, hand sanitizers or some travel snacks. Or you can choose items specific to your destination, such as giving personalized jars of sunscreen out at a beach wedding. n

If you’re friends and family never met a game they didn’t like, customized playing cards may be an ace in the hole. You can get cards with pictures of you and your love through customization sites such as Shutterfly.


Setting an outdoor scene? Let your guests take some of the gorgeousness home with them in the form of live plants. That way, your love can grow in everyone’s home. Look for succulents

Let us host your special day in the heart of Historic Deadwood Contact us for pricing and planning your wedding day | 605-717-6848 18

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5 tips on choosing & working with a wedding photographer (AP) — Your wedding is fast approaching and you have an un-blissfully long to-do list, from finalizing your flower selection to choosing your menu to deciding on your dress. Near the top of that list you might want to put “select photographer.” That way, one of the most important parts of your wedding — the memories — will be preserved. Think about booking your photographer soon after you have selected your venue, and make sure he or she is a good fit with your personality. Look at potential photographers’ electronic portfolios, pricing and availability, and plan to meet several candidates to gauge their sensibility. Below are five tips on choosing and working with a wedding photographer:


Ask to see a complete portfolio from beginning to end for at least one or two weddings. You don’t want to see only a few “best” photos. “It’s easy to show a bunch of terrific single images taken at many weddings,” says Radhika Chalasani, “but a great wedding photographer has to capture an entire wed-

ding beautifully from start to finish.” The New York-based Chalasani has been photographing weddings since 2004. Looking at portfolios will ensure that the photographer wasn’t just an assistant or a guest with a camera. You can see how the photographer handles all parts of the wedding, including the preparations, ceremony, cocktails, portraits, speeches, dancing and cake-cutting.


A wedding photographer without a contract (and without liability insurance) is likely not a professional. The contract should spell out what the photographer will provide, and whether the pictures will be on DVDs, an online gallery, a finished album, etc. It will include the hours worked, and what happens if you ask the photographer to work longer. In addition, you want to know how things will be handled if the photographer becomes unable to work on the wedding day due to illness or injury. He or she should have a back-up. The contract also should spell out the cost, the amount CONTINUED ON PAGE 21

2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO


Outdoor Wedding Destination Wedding – Reception – Lodging

• Lodge with a Large Patio for 20-200 • Fully Stocked Bar Available • Full Commercial Kitchen

150 Acres of Rolling Green Hills and Forest with Many Locations for a Beautiful Wedding Setting

Petrified Forest Chapel Outside with Benches and Pine Gazebo/Platform Live Violin, Cello, or Piano Player Available

Cottages, Cabins, and Rental Homes Available!

Centrally Located Just 10 Minutes Outside of Rapid City in the Green Rolling Hills

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of any deposit and when the balance must be paid. Small, casual weddings might not seem to require a contract, but having one will protect both you and the photographer.


“There’s no harm in being specific,” says Chicago wedding photographer Candice C. Cusic, a photojournalist for 15 years and a teacher at Northwestern University. Tell the photographer what the most important aspects of the day are to you, whether it’s exchanging rings or walking down the aisle. “Brides should be realistic about their day and make every possible effort to help their photographer capture great imagery,” Cusic said. A bride or groom getting ready inside a messy hotel room, for instance, will not make for strong pictures, she noted.


Other than your significant other, the person with whom you’ll spend the most

time on your wedding day might well be your photographer. He or she will be with you as you get ready and as you go through the emotional highs of the day. The photographer might guide you and your family through a portrait session, walk backward as you process up the aisle, and hang close by during your first dance. So this person’s personality — sense of humor, demeanor, even appearance — should be a good fit with both of you. Craig Warga, a New York-based wedding photographer, said “good photography happens when you can get close to your subjects, and they feel completely comfortable being natural and themselves in front of your lens. If you don’t like someone, you’re not going to have that level of comfort in front of them, and it will affect the pictures.” If you like a sassy personality who will add some color to your day, then by all means hire a vibrant, outgoing photographer who exudes energy. On the other hand, if you want a subtle documentary photographer who will capture important moments without being intrusive, go for someone who won’t talk loudly over you

when you first meet, and who seems cool and composed. The right photographer, said Warga, is someone who leaves you thinking, “it’d be nice to have that person as a guest at my wedding.”


Ask if the photographer has a full set of equipment: multiple bodies and lenses with back-ups. Will he or she be working with an assistant or second photographer? If so, what is the additional cost and does that person need to be there all day? If your venue will be dark, can the photographer handle it? Is the photographer able to work in adverse conditions such as rain at an outdoor ceremony?

FINALLY, MAKE PROVISIONS FOR YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER TO EAT; IT’S HARD TO BE “ON” FOR EIGHT TO 10 HOURS STRAIGHT A 15-minute meal break might just be the best thing you do for the photographer. n

A touch of indulgence. Book your bridal shower, bachelorette/bachelor party or wedding day party with us TODAY!

NAILS & B E AU T Y BA R Organic & Herbal Services

With 10 peducure stations, 2 kid pedicure stations and 8 tables with 100% air flow quality, we are excited to take care of your party.

We offer complimentary Moscato, Cabernet, Hard Seltzer, & wine-based mixed drinks during service.

Specializing in:

Full Set Acrylic ~ Dipping ~ Advanced Nail Art Any type Pedicure, Manicure, or Gel Manicure

For all services, visit our website and check out our Facebook page, K Nails & Beauty Bar, to view our gallery of designs. 1420 North Ave., Ste 2, Spearfish, SD | Spearfish, SD | 605-559-0194

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Wedding Announcements run free of charge in our Black Hills Pioneer Saturday edition or as space allows. NOTE: Submissions may be edited according to available space.

Wedding Information Bride’s Name and Hometown: ___________________________________________________________________________ Bride’s Parents’ Names and Residence(s): __________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Groom’s Name and Hometown: _________________________________________________________________________ Groom’s Parents’ Names and Residence(s): ________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date and Place of Wedding: _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Wedding Party:________________________________________________________________________________________ Wedding Colors:_______________________________________________________________________________________ Bride’s Education: _____________________________________________________________________________________ Employment: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Groom’s Education: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Employment: _________________________________________________________________________________________ PHOTO ENCLOSED:



NO q

If photo needs to be returned, please enclose self-addressed, stamped envelope. We strongly urge you to type this form or print neatly. Handwriting can be misinterpreted and if we can’t read your handwriting, mistakes can happen. We cannot re-run wedding news printed incorrectly if the mistake is caused by misinterpreted handwriting.

Phone number and contact person if there are futher questions:_____________________________________________________________________________ Please Return Completed Form To: Black Hills Pioneer, 315 Seaton Circle, Spearfish, SD 57783 • (605) 642-2761 – OR –



2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO

2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO



changing your


fter months of planning your should be changed is your Social Secuwedding and all the details that rity card. go along with making your This should be on the top of your special day one to remember, you’re to-do list as some banks want your new finally able to relax and enjoy spending name on your Social Security card betime with your new spouse. But if you fore opening an account. Updating your or your spouse plan on changing your card will also ensure your wages are name, there is more work to be done. posted correctly to your Social Security How does that work, exactly? records. From changing Changing your your driver’s license, Social Security to bank account, card cannot be Social Security card, done online; and more, getting however there is your name changed no charge to make on all official the changes. documents can be To change your • Thank you notes a process, but it is name on your • Vendor reviews important to ensure Social Security accuracy. card you will need • Dress cleaning and/or Don’t try to start to complete Form preservation the name change SS-5. These forms game before you say, can be obtained • Gift returns “I do.” It’s a waste at http://www. • Registry completion of time and you have plenty of other forms/ss-5.pdf. priorities to take care Additionally, of. Instead, start after you will need you say your vows. proof of your First, stop by your county’s Register identity. Sometimes you also may need of Deeds office and get at least two to prove your current U.S. citizenship certified copies of your marriage license. or lawful noncitizen status. This can It is a good idea to make several more be done with a driver’s license, non-certified copies as well. passport, or state-issued, non-driver ID One of the first documents that card.Mail your application to your

More Post-Wedding Tasks to Tackle


local Social Security office. To change your driver’s license, stop by your local department of motor vehicles office. You will need to bring a certified copy of your marriage license. If your license has a gold star in the upper right corner, you will also need to bring your current driver’s license or ID card, two documents proving your residential address such as a utility bill, bank stub, phone bill among other items. If your license does not contain the star you will need to bring more items. This includes a document that proves your date of birth, identity and citizenship. This can be a valid and unexpired U.S. Passport, a certified copy of your birth certificate as well as other items. You will also need to bring documents that prove your Social Security number. This can be your Social Security card, a W-2 form, or a pay stub with your name and full Social Security number. For more information on what documents are needed, visit http://dps. Now that you have a new Social Security card and driver’s license, other documents can be updated. If international travel is in your future, be sure to update or receive a passport. You may run into troubles if you have a passport in one name and a driver’s license in another. Find need to know info at It does take a while for your passport to be issued - four to six weeks, however expedited processing can be requested for a charge. If you are honeymooning abroad and are using your maiden name and will later change your name, don’t worry about losing all your visas and stamps. Your old, cancelled passport can be sent separately from your new passport. Other documents should be changed such as bank accounts and mortgages, credit cards, investments, utilities, health insurance, voter registration, other legal documents and with your employer. Each entity seems to have its own policy when it comes to the name change game, but relax, and enjoy your new spouse. n

2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO

2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO



wedding checklist

hen was the last time during the months of January, Febyou planned a party ruary and March. Happy planning! this big? If you’re like most brides, this event is a first in 12 to 24 MONTHS size, details — and pressure! BeBEFORE THE WEDDING cause wedding planning is so time Visit your clergy together and set consuming, being well organized is the date for the ceremony. the only way to keep things under Discuss expenses with all concontrol. Most weddings, especially cerned and establish a firm budget. large ones, require lots of advance Decide on the size and formality planning in order to book the best of your wedding. bridal resources, many of which are Interview party planners or wedreserved one or two years before ding consultants with a reputation the event. Today’s long engagements for a job well done. ­— 14 months on average — allow Select the place you’d like to couples time to pull the details hold the reception. Make reservatogether and save for the expenses tions if it is in a club, hotel, catering they may be hanhall or restaurant. If it dling or sharing is to be at home or at with parents. a place that does not Besides the reception, This checklist provide food, check the most expensive parts is packed with all into catering services of the wedding are the essential steps and book them. Ask to engagement rings ($6,163), you need to know photography and video see a variety of possible about during plan($3,378), music ($1,297), menus; inquire if a wed& wedding rings ($1,727). ning. The more ding cake is included or time you have, the if one must be arranged more opportunifor separately. ty you’ll have to Start shopping around for your comparison shop. And you’ll also wedding dress, headpiece and veil. feel less pressured to commit to Make alternate plans for an something that does not seem right outdoor wedding in case the weathfor you. er is bad. The most logical options However, if your timetable is include a very sturdy tent and a condensed, simply move the steps platform that withstands rain, or up. For a much shorter schedule, a an indoor, alternative location that wonderful wedding can still be had is indicated on the reception invitaby making some logical compromistion. es. For example, plan on a morning/ Invite relatives and/or friends to noon wedding, with a breakfast or be in your wedding party. Talk over brunch/luncheon reception, or a finances with them and be considerFriday or Sunday evening ceremony ate of their limitations. and reception. In some areas of the Select two or three possibilities country there is also more flexibilifor your attendants’ gowns and arty for hiring choice resources for a range an appointment with the shop Saturday wedding on shorter notice


to bring your attendants in to see their choices. Because they pay for their own dresses, it’s thoughtful to do this, if possible. After a review of the styles, the final decision is yours. Draw up the guest list. Notify your fiancée’s family to do the same. Interview photographers, videographers, musicians and florists. Make a separate folder for each service you select. Keep contracts, notes, questions and all pertinent data in them for a handy and quick reference.


Select and order your invitations. Include extra envelopes in case of mistakes, and a few extra invitations to have as mementos for you and your family. At the same time, order personal stationery (an ample supply of both letter and notepaper) for writing thank-you notes. Have mothers select their dresses. The bride’s mother has the privilege of first choice so that she can have the color and style she prefers. The groom’s mother chooses a dress similar in formality and in a complementary color. Both should blend with your bridal-party color scheme. Decide upon the men’s attire. Accompany your fiancée to a formal-wear specialty shop in your locale to select what the groom, best man, ushers and fathers will wear. Register with the bridal gift registry in your favorite store. Meet with the director of the registry and her trained staff for help choosing your china, crystal, linens and other household preferences. Indicate engagement and shower gift choices, as well as wedding presents. Reserve the location for your rehearsal dinner.



Address invitations and announcements. All addressing, stuffing and stamping should be completed in time to mail the invitations CONTINUED ON PAGE 28

2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO

2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO


Pack an emergency wedding day kit • needle and thread in white, black and the color of bridesmaid gowns • extra pairs of pantyhose • pain reliever pills/antacid • quick-clean detergent stick • bandages • powder • deodorant • double-sided tape • black buttons • sanitary pads • mints/gum • makeup for touch-ups • extra cash • slippers or a change of shoes • umbrellas • hairspray • hair pins • names and phone numbers of all wedding vendors • static cling spray • hair dryer • contact lens solution/ eye drops • nail file/clipper • straws (to sip drinks without ruining lipstick) • safety pins • black socks • earring backs



maps, transportation schedules and prices, sights to see and restaurants. four to six weeks before the wedAn additional courtesy, included ding. If you have an “A” and a “B” with this information, might be a list, you may mail “A” eight weeks refreshing basket of fruit, snacks in advance. When you receive reor other food that your region is grets, you may invite people on “B” known for. four weeks (and no less than three Visit your florist with dress-colweeks) before the wedding. Prepare or swatches to help with the selecmaps and directions to include with tion of flowers for your wedding invitations. and reception. Ask about providing Schedule professional dance the aisle runner for the ceremony. lessons to make your first dance Again, be sure everything is clearly memorable. itemized in a contractual agreement. Meet with the caterer to firm up Decide on your honeymoon desthe menu and all the details. If any tination. Consult a travel agent. Traguests require special food, arrange ditionally, the groom makes these that now. Be sure all your expectaarrangements, but if you’re better at tions are clearly defined in a writthat, don’t hesitate to offer. ten contract, which should include Hire limousines or other spetaxes, any service charges, and cialty cars for the wedding party additional fees to bartenders and members. waiters, if not included in the packInvestigate resources for deage. Also, you should make certain signing and printing a program to that the location — which should be distribute at the ceremony. Desktop a licensed catering establishment — publishing should make that carries basic possible at a reasonable cost liability insurto you. ance. Consult with your offiEngage ciant about any restriction a baker to of brides use Pinterest on photography and videogcreate a special to communicate their raphy. wedding cake, wedding-day vision to if you want planners and vendors. something 2 MONTHS more elaboBEFORE THE WEDDING rate than what Compile a list of all the your caterer friends and family members you offers. Inquire about a cake-cutting would like to have invited to showcharge if you bring in the wedding ers. cake from elsewhere. Tell the hostess for parties in Plan a rehearsal dinner. Members your honor where you are regisof the wedding party, their spouses, tered. That store may be indicated fiancées or significant others should right on the shower invitation, but be invited, along with both your imnot on the wedding invitation. mediate families. If possible, invite Now’s the time to put your wedout-of town guests, too. ding invitations into the mail. Reserve a block of rooms at a Record your wedding gifts as hotel for out-of-town guests. Most they arrive. Note the giver’s name, hotels offer discounts to guests for address, type of gift, date received a wedding weekend. In advance of and date you acknowledge them. mailing invitations, write to your Write thank-you notes promptguests and enclose the hotel inforly. Within two months of returning mation so they can make their resfrom your honeymoon, you should ervations directly. Once they arrive, acknowledge all wedding gifts. have waiting for them a complete Call to confirm the exact date information packet, including city and time of rehearsals with your of-


2022 - 2023 • Black Hills I DO

ficiant. Notify attendants and family — it can ruin a reception. Tell them of the time and place. about any ethnic favorites you may Send out all invitations to the want so they’ll be familiar with the rehearsal dinner. music. Inquire about breaks, continSelect gifts for wedding attenuous music and overtime. Get it all dants. Your fiancée does the same in writing. for his. Speak with the caterer about the Purchase a pretty wedding guest food you want to serve to your phobook for friends and family to sign tographer and musicians. Something at the reception. simple to eat, a beverage and a place Meet with the to sit that’s away organist and anyone from your guests are else you have asked considered sufficient. to play or sing at the Meet with the service to determine person handling your of marrying the music. reception and firm couples choose to Meet with the up every detail. If write their musicians or DJ rental equipment is own vows. engaged to play at required, make arthe reception to plan rangements for it. the selections you Select your wedand your fiancée want, from your ding ring(s). Arrange for engraving. song to the dance tempo you expect Set a date with your photograthem to maintain. Plan a variety pher for a formal bridal portrait of songs so there’s something older to be made four weeks before the guests will enjoy as well as what’s wedding. hot among your peers. Caution the Check with your local newspamusicians about excessive volume per for the form and timing of your


wedding-announcement submission. Select party favors to present to your guests to thank them for sharing your happiness. For this purpose, a groom’s cake, in a traditional fruitcake or deep, rich chocolate, may be ordered from your baker. Guests take a piece home in little boxes. Talk about ways to personalize your ceremony and then discuss your ideas with the officiant. Check with the church sexton and manager of the reception location for accessibility to accommodate handicapped or elderly guests. Inform ushers of this.



Finalize plans with your photographer and draw up a list of pictures you definitely want taken during the ceremony and reception. Ask a relative or friend who knows the family well to help the photographer identify the people to CONTINUED ON PAGE 30



Friendly, clean, reasonably priced, family-run motel & RV Park Why pay more for a cookie cutter chain motel, when you can deal with people who really care about their property and your visit? ∕ Hunting, fishing & western themed rooms ∕ 4 cabins: Each with own bathroom facilities, hot water heater & theme ∕ Free Wifi ∕ Quick drive to downtown ∕ Downhome hospitality ∕ Dog friendly ∕ Military discount

∕ Convenient & roomy parking ∕ Easy to find ∕ Family owned ∕ Golf course across the road ∕ Close to Black Hills attractions ∕ RV camping ∕ AARP discount ∕ On-site laundry facility

605-892-2508 • Owners: Barb Hoffman & Dan Davis

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I’m getting married!

What documents are required? Marriage licenses may be obtained at your county’s Register of Deeds office. To receive the license: • Both parties must be present. • A valid photo ID, such as a driver’s license, state ID or passport is required. • The fee is $40, and can be paid by cash and usually credit cards. Checks are not accepted. • There is no blood test or waiting period required. • The license may be used the same day, and it must be used within 20 days from issue. • The license may be used anywhere within the State of South Dakota. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 29

be included in your photos, especially if there is a divorce or remarriage, or any type of sticky situation among the parents of the couple. Develop an orderly system of tracking guests’ responses and any special information you need to remember. Discuss the bachelor party with your fiancée. Suggest the event be scheduled at least a week before the wedding day so there’s plenty of time to recover from the revelry. Have a final fitting on your gown and make certain it will be ready to take to your bridal-portrait sitting. Make an appointment to have your hair styled just before your for-



Start gathering documents to change your name on your bank account, Social Security card, license, insurance and other important documents, if you are assuming your husband’s name.

mal portrait is taken, and again the day before or day of your wedding. Check apparel for the wedding party. Have bridesmaids’ gowns fitted. Get swatches of material and have shoes dyed to match. If any at1 WEEK tendants live out of town, send their BEFORE THE WEDDING dresses to them to be fitted. Check Finalize your rehearsal dinner mothers’ dresses and accessories. arrangements. Call the caterer Wrap gifts purand make a final chased for your decision on the Recent trends in attendants and groom. reception menu. Be wedding planning Present them at the indicate September and sure that the cake rehearsal party. October to be the has been ordered. Make plans to most popular Give your catermonths to get married. transport any gifts er a reliable estibrought to the recepmate of the number tion to your parents’ of guests expected home or other desigat the wedding nated place. reception, so they can give you a Confirm ceremony vocalists and written confirmation of cost per permusicians, and recheck your musical son with an itemized accounting - to selections. the smallest detail - of what they Present a small gift or note of promise to provide. appreciation to friends and relatives Confer with the florist to be sure who did special favors that made everything is ordered. Confirm the planning run smoothly. time that flowers will be delivered Do a final check on details with and decorations will be completed. your florist, caterer, sexton, clergy, Arrange a transportation schedmusicians and photographer. ule for those in the wedding party. Finalize your honeymoon plans Select a special wedding gift to and begin packing. give each other. Go over all procedures of the 1 WEEK wedding ceremony and receiving BEFORE THE WEDDING line with each other. Make seating plans for the Have a manicure, pedicure and rehearsal dinner, ceremony and even a massage to pamper yourself reception. and help you feel relaxed. Write out place cards, if you plan Attend the rehearsal. Review all to have a bride’s table and a parent’s important duties with the principals table. Also complete table number in the wedding party. cards for guests if you’re hosting a Give ushers the list of guests to sit-down dinner. be seated in the reserved section. Decide which members of the wedding will be included in the receiving line and plan their positions.



Set a date with your fiancée to get your marriage license. Be sure that the clothing and accessories for all members of the bridal party are in order.



Rest and thoroughly relax in a nice warm bath. Allow plenty of time to dress about two hours before the ceremony begins, if possible. Have a wonderful wedding day and enjoy every beautiful moment! n

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Where bridal fantasies come true. Complete Wedding Party Attire

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Mist & Moonlight Photography

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