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Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


WELCOME TO The Tennesee Valley

TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome Downtown Space and Rocket Center Industry | Research Park Activities Neighborhoods The Home Finding Process

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


Reach for the stars in a community where The Sky is not the limit.

ogy, diversified manufacturing and a variety of

The high-tech city of Huntsville, sprawling at the

door sports, including world-class golf, running,

foot of the Appalachian mountains in North Ala-

hiking, biking, and fishing. Art contributes to our

bama, is a smart place to live, work, and play.

wonderful way of life in the Tennessee Valley. Ma-

Mountains, lakes, woodlands and the Tennessee

jor concerts including Broadway, opera, staged

River accommodate numerous recreational ac-

theater, and performances by the renowned

tivities. These reflect the heritage of Alabama's

Huntsville Symphony Orchestra display our area’s

first English-speaking city, the strife of the Ameri-

fine musicians. The Huntsville Space and Rocket

can Civil War and the accomplishments of Ameri-

Center and Museum of Art provide extensive per-

ca's rocket scientists.

manent collections and traveling exhibits.

In the 1950s, Huntsville played a major role in


sending man to the moon, by designing and building the Saturn V rocket – earning its name “The Rocket City.” Huntsville continues building on its legacy of innovation with advancements in military, space, telecommunications, biotechnol-

emerging specialties, providing challenging work in delightful surroundings. Madison County offers a favorable cost of living and high quality of life. A temperate climate enhances the season for out-

We understand that buying or selling a home is a significant event in your life. We have created this guidebook to answer your questions about moving to Huntsville and to explain how BHHS Rise Real Estate can help you. Developing a rela-

tionship with a real estate agency is like forming a partnership. Our partnership with you will be built on trust, loyalty and integrity. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Rise Real Estate has been a leading real estate agency for Huntsville and the entire North Alabama area for over 35 years. Our agents have developed a deep understanding of ever changing market trends and a thorough appreciation of the different aspects of our communities. These qualities combined with our cutting-edge technology platform allow us to provide you with an unmatched level of service our customers have come to expect. We will work aggressively to market and sell your home, or to find that special home which is a perfect fit for you. You can count on us. From the time we first meet, until the close of escrow, we will be by your side. Huntsville is a great place to live, work, learn and play. We at BHHS Rise Real Estate hope you join us here soon! Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide



Huntsville’s city center has always been one creates an infectious sense of innovation of the liveliest places in town. The locals

and creativity. When downtown you’re just

used to gather around the courthouse

a short walk from everything you could

square to not only conduct business, but to want. Local grocers, fine dining, pizza and celebrate. From day to night, you’ll see a

sandwich shops, live entertainment, shop-

combination of families, tourists and pro-

ping and friendly bars are right around the

fessionals enjoying the many different as-

corner from one another.

pects of downtown Huntsville. Within downtown Huntsville, there are different neighborhoods – all with an individual flair worthy of exploration. A mixture of large corporations and small start-up companies do business here, and the progressive and breezy atmosphere


VBC and its surrounding area entertains all


ages, as several art galleries and the world-

Thursday through Sunday evenings down-

class Huntsville Museum of Art are just up

town transform into what’s called the Arts

the street from EarlyWorks, a ground-

& Entertainment Districts, made up of the

breaking children’s museum.

Quigley and Meridian areas. This allows downtown-goers to experience multiple establishments and outdoor activities with special “to-go” cups available for alcoholic beverages. These special districts are especially convenient when you’re enjoying one of our many signature festivals – Panoply Arts Festival, WhistleStop BBQ, and Rocket City Brewfest.

PIECE OF HISTORY Our city is spotted with historic neighborhoods – the largest collection of antebellum homes in our state – and classic establishments, including the Weeden House, Harrison Brothers Hardware, the Huntsville Depot and the unforgettable Alabama Constitution Village. These are places where visitors can be transported to


that historic moment in 1819 when Ala-

Downtown Huntsville also offers the beau-

bama became a state. There are also high-

ty of nature combined with the bustle of

rise condos, lofts and modest bungalows,

metro living. This means you can enjoy a

located amongst these historic venues.

family picnic or business lunch in Big

From the outskirts of town to the heart of

Spring International Park or grab a sand-

the “Rocket City,” charm and tradition rest

wich to go and survey the Tennessee Valley comfortably alongside progress and mofrom nearby Monte Sano Mountain– a


quick 10-minute drive from downtown’s Courthouse Square. ENTERTAINMENT & MUSEUMS The Von Braun Center (or VBC) has been Huntsville’s premiere event and convention venue for decades and is a great spot to see the city’s best theater, ballet and indoor sports. It’s also home to Alabama’s longest continuously operating symphony. The Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


In addition to a dynamic city center, the Downtown Huntsville area also offers a variety of unique and eclectic districts. From arts and culture to high tech and innovation, the Districts of Huntsville offer interesting places to live, work, and play just minutes from Downtown.

The Lincoln Mill District Filled with entertainment and a growing tech campus, the Lincoln Mill District is the perfect place to work hard and play hard!

The Merrimack District Just west of Downtown Huntsville, the Merrimack District is one of the premier destinations for the performing arts and recreational sports in the region.

The Lowe Mill District The Lowe Mill District is truly a space of innovation Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment Center, Campus No. 805 Brewery Complex, Butler Green Park, and The Flying Monkey Arts Center all lend to the district’s creative nature.

The Monte Sano District Overlooking Downtown Huntsville, Monte Sano is one of the premier destinations for outdoor activities in the Southeast.

The Medical District Immediately adjacent to Downtown Huntsville, the Medical District is home to Huntsville High School, a variety of locally owned shops, and state of the art medical facilities.

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Huntsville is home to the largest space mu- PERMANENT COLLECTIONS seum in the world: the U.S. Space & Rocket The spaceflight collection doesn’t stop Center. there. In true Huntsville fashion, you’ll find Not only is America’s space program on ex- history celebrated along with progress. The permanent museum collection covers evehibit in Huntsville, it was forged in Huntsville. We’re known as the “Rocket City” be- rything from: cause Huntsville, Alabama is where rockets were developed that put men on the moon.  The first American satellite, Explorer I  Original capsule trainers for the Mercury When you visit this attraction, you can’t and Gemini programs help but feel the anticipation Dr. Wernher  Design modules for the International von Braun and his team must have felt as Space Station they prepared to put man on the moon.  Next generation vehicles, such as Sierra Now you can learn about NASA's current Nevada’s Dream Chaser plans (and Huntsville’s role in it) to travel to Mars with the world’s most powerful rocket  Current models for SLS – the Space Launch System (SLS). Whether you’re a space enthusiast, history buff, appreciator of the arts, or anyone with a general curiosity for how the world works, you will enjoy Alabama’s top tourism jewel. Where else can one stand beneath the world’s only full-stack Space Shuttle, complete with two solid rocket boosters and external tank, or walk the length of a suspended authentic Saturn V moon rocket?

TRAVELING EXHIBITS As a Smithsonian Institute affiliate, the Rocket Center attracts international traveling exhibits that have featured everything from Da Vinci, prehistoric mammals, animal robots and Star Wars.

INTUITIVE PLANETARIUM New in 2019, the INTUITIVE Planetarium offers astronomy shows, live entertainment and theater experiences. See documentaries in 3D on the 52-foot screen of The National Geographic Theater. For the thrillseekers, there’s the “Space Shot,” where you will feel 4Gs of force as you launch 140 feet in the air in 2.5 seconds, or you can experience three times the force of gravity as you spin in the "G-Force Accelerator.” U.S. SPACE CAMP TRAINING CENTER While you’re at the Rocket Center, you’ll get a birds-eye view of Space Camp where more than 750,000 students (and adults) have conducted simulated missions. EVENTS They welcome all types of events – both large and small. This venue offers a breathtaking backdrop that cannot be found anywhere else in the world! Their team of experienced professionals is ready to assist you in planning all of the details to make your visit a spectacular success.

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


Redstone Arsenal

Redstone Arsenal (RSA) is a United States Ar-

ever larger designs. Many of their tests were

my post adjacent to Huntsville. The arsenal is

carried out at White Sands Missile Range and

a garrison for a number of tenants including

flights between the two locations were com-

the United States Army Materiel Com-

mon. In late 1956 the Army was relieved of most

mand, Army's Aviation and Missile Command,

of its ballistic missiles in favor of similar weap-

the Missile Defense Agency of the Department

ons operated by the US Air Force. The German

of Defense, and NASA's Marshall Space Flight

design team was then spun off to become part

Center. Many of these units are moving due to

of the newly founded NASA.

decisions by the Defense Base Realignment and Closure Commission. The base contains a government and contractor workforce that averages 36,000 to 40,000 personnel daily.

Redstone Arsenal remains the center of testing, development, and doctrine for the Army's missile programs. Redstone houses the Tactical UAV Project Office, Redstone Test Center (RTC),

Originally a chemical weapons manufacturing

the Missile Defense Agency, the Missile and

facility for World War II, in the immediate post-

Space Intelligence Center, and other opera-

war era it became home to the German rocket


scientists that were brought to the US as part of Operation Paperclip. The team first worked on ballistic missiles, starting with V-2 rocket derivatives before moving on to a series of

Marshall Space Flight Center Named after Army General George C. Marshall, the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC), is

NASA’s largest field center for propulsion analysis and development, whose first mission developed the Saturn rocket family in the 1960s and propulsion systems for the Space Shuttle in the 1970s and '80s. Marshall has since been the agency's lead center for Space Shuttle propulsion and its external tank; payloads and related crew training; International Space Station (ISS) design and assembly; and computers, networks, and information management. The center also contains the Huntsville Operations Support Center (HOSC) - also known as the International Space Station Payload Operations Center, a facility that supports ISS launch, payload and experiment activities at the Kennedy Space Center. The HOSC also monitors rocket launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station when a Marshall Center payload is on board.

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide



Huntsville/Madison County is home

emerging technology areas: electron-

to a diverse economy with several key ic communications, modeling & simindustry sectors. The area’s strengths ulation, geospatial, energy, cyber seinclude technology development, in- curity, robotics and small satellites. tegration, and value-added manufacturing. Primary industry sectors include: aerospace, defense, information technology, advanced manufacturing, and bioscience. Building on the success of these primary industry sectors, there are a number of


star Army Materiel Command, the com-


and foreign military sales. NASA oper-

Aerospace & Defense changed Huntsville/

on space propulsion. Marshall designed the

Madison County from an agriculture com-

rockets that put man on the moon and is

munity to a high-tech metro, Redstone Ar-

currently designing the propulsion system

senal (RSA) is a 38,000-acre diversified fed-

for NASA’s Space Launch System.

mand in charge of all Army procurement ates Marshall Space Flight Center, its lead

eral campus with 70+ different agencies employing nearly 41,000 people who man-

Huntsville/Madison County is home to 12

age more than $50 billion in federal budg-

research and industrial parks, includ-

ets. RSA is a center for R&D, testing & engi-

ing Cummings Research Park (CRP), which

neering, and acquisition for Army Aviation

is the 2nd largest research park in the U.S.

and Missile Defense.

with more than 400 companies employing more than 29,000 people. Nearly every ma-

Major tenants are the U.S. Army Aviation &

jor U.S. aerospace corporation is represent-

Missile Command, U.S. Army Space and

ed in Cummings Research Park and the

Missile Defense Command, the Defense


Department’s Missile Defense Agency, NASA, the FBI’s Hazardous Devices School and Terrorist Explosive Devices Analytical Center, and the ATF National Center for Explosives Training and Research. RSA is headquarters for the four-

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide



location. The Port of Huntsville's Interna-


Zone #83 and the International Intermodal

The Huntsville/Madison County manufacturing base is a diverse mix of traditional and technology manufacturers comprising approximately one fifth of the overall local area employment. The manufacturing sector has over 220 companies with 32,000 workers, with many workers being highly

tional Airport is home to Foreign Trade Center, as well as U.S. Customs. There are also over 30 foreign based companies with manufacturing and business operations in Madison County. The majority of local manufacturing operations are located in one of the area's publicly owned industrial parks with sites and infrastructure currently in place for immediate and future growth.

trained and skilled to perform technologybased precision manufacturing. The area's strong interstate, rail and air cargo infrastructure make for an ideal manufacturing

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY More than 400 international and domestic corporations in Huntsville/Madison County are involved in the design and production of electronics and computer-related technology. Huntsville/Madison County IT encompasses a wide range of activities, including manufacturing of telecommunications hardware, circuit board and communications subcomponent assembly, and design, sensors and radars for advanced mis-

sile systems and detection, and software engineering. The TechAmerica foundation listed Huntsville/Madison County’s concentration of high-tech workers 2nd in the nation only to Silicon Valley.


times grouped with precision medicine, is

Huntsville is home to a growing cluster of

the Smith Family Clinic, powered by Chil-

bioscience research, development and

dren’s of Alabama, UAB Medicine and Hud-

manufacturing companies. HudsonAlpha

sonAlpha where families can often receive

being practiced on the campus at

Institute for Biotechnology anchors the 152- long-awaited answers to rare diseases. acre Cummings Research Park Biotech Campus. The area fosters over 30 biosci-

Other bioscience companies in Huntsville

ence companies working in a collaborative

include Aviagen, Nektar, and PAR (formerly

environment with nonprofit researchers,

Qualitest) Pharmaceuticals (an endo inter-

and employs over 700 people in bioscience national company), which is one of the -related jobs.

leading generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United States.

HudsonAlpha is a world-class genomics research center developing targeted and more efficient diagnoses and treatments. Among the areas of study by the 16 research labs are projects related to cancers, Parkinson’s, molecular diagnosis and renewable energy. Many of the Principal Investigators and scientists in these labs contributed to the Human Genome Project concluded in 2003, and continue the legacy of that international cooperative work here in Huntsville. Genomic medicine, some-

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide



400+ Companies

Tier-1 Research University

3,843 Acres

826 Patents

More than 26,000 Employees

13,258 Students

Established in 1962

2nd largest research park in

the US

4th largest research park in

the World

Member of the Association

of University Research Parks

1997 AURP Outstanding

Research Park Award

2017 AURP Communities of

Innovation Award The key to a vibrant community is the people. Huntsville is known for its unique collective of individuals whether geek, nerd, artist or entrepreneur. In Cummings Research Park one of our missions is to create a mix of high-tech companies of all sizes amongst highly-competitive educational institutions with mixed-use developments for our companies, employees and students to live, work, learn, and play.

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


Research Park

a vintage carousel and the Bridge Street Express Train Ride.

There may not be a more progressive and Secret, DSW Shoes, Lucky Brand Jeans, SHOPS & RESTAURANTS Francesca’s, Mountain High Outfitters, Old Navy, Fossil and many, many more.future-  Find apparel and accessories from a minded area in the entire state than our wide array of outfitters, including a Research Park district. Technology firms, 170,000-square-foot Belk store, Anthroresearch facilities, educational institutions pologie, Michael Kors, Kate Spade New and cultural hotspots saturate this busy York, H&M, Clarks, Victoria’s and growing area. Thanks to one-of-a-kind  Browse sporting goods at Orvis and shopping and dining destinations and topDick's Sporting Goods. notch lodging, Research Park isn’t just  Score toys for both young and old at Bawhere many visitors and locals work; it’s albies R Us, Toys R Us and the only Apple so where they go to play. Store in North Alabama.  Visit Huntsville’s biggest selection of jewelers, such as Grogan, Kay, Pandora, REEDS, Anna Cate, Kendra Scott, and Jared Galleria of Jewelry. NORTH ALABAMA’S PREMIERE  The popular bookseller and coffee shop, LIFESTYLE CENTER Barnes & Noble, is perfect for those wanting to browse while waiting on a Bridge Street Town Centre is much more movie or dinner reservation. than a shopping center. In addition to shops and restaurants, Bridge Street offers one of Huntsville’s most refined hotel experiences at the AAA Four Diamondrated Westin Hotel. There is also a VIP movie theater experience at the upscale, 14 -screen Cinemark Theatre. Additionally there is a gorgeous five-acre lake, a walking trail, live music performances and, for kids,

Speaking of dinner, enjoy a special night out at Connors Steak & Seafood, BRAVO! Cucina Italiana, P.F. Chang’s, Texas De Brazil and more. Meet up with friends for a fun meal at Bar Louie, BJ’s Brewhouse, Cantina Laredo or Scene Restaurant & Lounge, located conveniently in the lobby of Monaco Pictures. Grab a quick bite while you’re out and about at Café 153, Pieology Pizzeria, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit or Panera Bread. There are also several other hotels, food and shopping options throughout the Research Park district, located just a few short miles from Bridge Street.

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


ON THE RUN A CITY ON THE MOVE On any given day, hundreds of people can be found enjoying the many miles of community trails and greenways. The Rocket City is host to a diverse set of both individual and team events. This city is constantly on the move! Fun Runs, Multi-sports, and Marathons. We have it all!

Huntsville is a thriving city with an active lifestyle COTTON ROW RUN Every Memorial Day the Rocket City joins together to honor our veterans. Multiple distances makes this a perfect event for all ages. The 10K event runs through the beautiful neighborhoods of downtown Huntsville including Blossomwood and 5 Points, and will provide a nice challenge as you enjoy the infamous climb up Mountainwood hill. The 5K


course stays closer to downtown and is flat and fast. Both courses showcase Huntsville's beautiful, his-

Want to get plugged into the local running com-

toric Twickenham and Old Town Districts. Support

munity? The best way we know is to join in one of

our veterans and troops by wearing your red, white,

our group runs. We have them all over town, any

and blue finishing on the flag lined Clinton Avenue.

time of day—mornings, evenings and weekends. This is a great way to meet others with a passion for running, explore new routes and find exercise accountability. All groups are open to you. Understand that we are not the elites, just your average type runner. Not fast enough to keep up? We bet you will find someone in each group that is at the same place as you are.


Organization The Von Braun Center is governed by a seven-

Named for rocket pioneer Dr. Wernher Von Braun,

member Board of control appointed by the Mayor of

the VBC is located in the heart of historic downtown Huntsville and the City Council. Located in downHuntsville, Alabama. This facility is equipped to actown Huntsville, the VBC offers a beautiful facility for commodate major conferences, conventions, con-

local, regional, and national events. It provides mul-

certs, Broadway performances, ballets, symphonies,

tiple venues for the presentation of cultural, educa-

a full range of sporting events and so much more!

tional, entertainment, sporting and social

The VBC is just a short drive from the International

events. With a staff of proven professionals the VBC

Airport and convenient to area hotels. The Von

has a ready to contribute to the success of your

Braun Center is a turn-key facility with a team of ex-


perienced professionals ready to guarantee the success of your event.

History Mission Statement

The VBC was built thanks to the foresight of local

The Von Braun Center is a multipurpose venue with

1975 and welcomed by the

the primary objective of facilitating and promoting

community. The demand for

events and activities, in addition to generating eco-

use continued, leading to three

nomic benefit and improving the quality of life for

additions within a ten year peri-

the Huntsville community and surrounding areas.

od. Read more about the histo-

leaders and civic demand. The facility was built in

ry of the Von Braun Cen-

The Huntsville Havoc is a professional ice hockey team in the Southern Professional Hockey League (SPHL). They play their home games at the Von Braun Center

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide



There’s always something going on in the Huntsville area. You’ll find plenty to do throughout the year. Here are just a few suggestions:

Panoply Panoply, held annually the last full weekend of April, in Big Spring Park, is the Southeast’s premier arts and music festival, where Huntsville’s innovative spark shines. It is sponsored by Huntsville-area businesses and volunteer support, from as many as 2,000 people each year. The weekend features multi-

Whistle Stop Weekend Held during the first weekend in May, WhistleStop, is a unique and exciting community gathering. Annually more

ple stages offering regional and national

than 25,000 attendees converge on the

performers in dance, music and theater.

ground of the Historic Huntsville Depot creating an incredibly diverse socioeconomic audience. True community spirit, combined with great food, live music, good friends and a "little" competition have helped create this award winning two day event.

Oktoberfest One of the year’s most anticipated events is Oktoberfest, a German tradition with an Alabama twist, which is hosted by Redstone Arsenal Family and MWR. Enjoy authentic German cuisine like schnitzel, bratwurst and sauerkraut while sipping beer by the stein. High-energy polka music and dancing is a staple of Oktoberfest, as are a variety of carnival rides, like an iconic Ferris wheel.

Monte Sano Art Festival The Monte Sano Art Festival has been an enjoyable tradition in Huntsville, Alabama for seventeen years. In 2019, we will continue to feature more than 140 of the region’s finest artists in an array of wonderful media. Along with the outdoor festival exhibitors, 2019 will welcome local food trucks and musicians throughout the park. This festival is always a highlight of the arts calendar!

Madison Street Festival Held in historic downtown Madison, a West lying suburb of Huntsville, the Festival is a large event that brings neighbors together for day of celebration and fun. Kicking-off with a big, colorful parade, the Festival includes an Artist Alley, Car Show, Children’s Area, Entertainment, Expo Area, Arts & Crafts, Information Booths, and great Southern food.

Alabama Jubilee The Alabama Jubilee Hot-Air Balloon Classic, one of the oldest hot-air balloon races in the mid-South, started in Decatur, AL in 1978 with competition among 17 balloonists. It was a showcase for the new Decatur balloon, one of the first to represent a city, and an event to kick off Alabama's tourism season. The Jubilee now draws about 60 pilots from 20 states for two days of friendly competition during the annual Memorial Day holiday. Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


NEW & COMING SOON MidCity Huntsville Features: 

Marriott Aloft Hotel will be the ideal getaway when visiting MidCity. Currently slated to open late 2019, Aloft will have six stories and offer 130 guest rooms

Outdoor lovers rejoice! REI Co-Op has plans to open a location in MidCity within the coming year. Inside, the store has everything one would need to camp, hike, climb, cycle, paddle, and run during every season

Restaurants coming to MidCity: Wahlburgers, Pies & Pints, and Dave & Busters

Town Madison Features: 

Rocket City Trash Pandas Minor League Baseball Stadium (April 2020)

Mixed-use retail and residential space

Home2 Suites Hotel - 107 rooms

Margaritaville Resort - 150 rooms, 3,000 sq. ft. of meeting space, lazy river and water park - anticipated in 2020

CityCentre at Big Spring Visitors now get a stellar view of Big Spring International Park by staying at the new AC Hotel. The new 120room hotel is within walking distance of the Von Braun Center, downtown restaurants, shopping, and events Features: Alabama's only AC Hotel with 120 rooms Full service restaurant and bar, The Gemini Kitchen + Cocktails 3,000 sq. ft. of meeting and event space and Artisanal food hall

  

STOVEHOUSE In a century-old building that was once all work and no play, the reimagined Stovehouse complex will manufacture leisure. Home to eclectic restaurants, gourmet wine & coffee bars, multiple stages, event spaces and more, the site is being repurposed, reinvented … so you’ll have plenty of space to revive! Features: 

Food Garden, including Kamado Ramen, Oh Crepe, Pourhouse wine and cocktail bar, and Mazzara's Italian Kitchen featuring Giustino's Gelato

Office and meeting/event space

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide



Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


BLOSSOMWOOD The Blossomwood Community is located in the heart of what many refer to as "Huntsville Proper." Take a drive down the tree-lined streets and you may feel like you've stepped into an episode of "Mayberry". This community is a mustsee for anyone who longs to live in a classic southern neighborhood. Nestled at the foot of Monte Sano Mountain, Blossomwood offers mature trees, classic homes, and convenience to downtown Huntsville and the Medical District. Many homes border the North Alabama Land Trust and nature trails, which add tremendous value to the properties. A gardener's dream, nearly every home in Blossomwood is graced with heirloom varieties of azaleas, hydrangeas, spirea, flowering cherry and dogwood trees. Timeless beauty, neighborhood camaraderie and consistently strong resale make the Blossomwood community one of the most popular areas in North Alabama.

Blossomwood Homes "Character" and "Charm" are two words that come to mind when we think of Blossomwood. Loads of lovely historic bungalows are mixed with classic mid-century ranchers, basement ranchers, whimsical tudor-style homes, cottages and colonials. Blossomwood offers a hodge-podge of styles all coming together to create a lovely sense of inclusion. Home values in Blossomwood are some of the strongest in the city, with recent sales as high as $175 per square foot. Popular Blossomwood Elementary was recognized as a "Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School" in 2013 making it a strong draw for families.

MEDICAL DISTRICT As one of the most active locations in town, the


Medical District centers around North Alabama’s

Anchoring the district is Huntsville's first Whole

leading medical facility, Huntsville Hospital.One of

Foods in the Merchant's Walk development. This

the icons of the Huntsville skyline is the steeple of

infill redevelopment is also home to exciting life-

First Baptist Church, which serves as the eastern

style retail such as Mountain High Outfitters and

gateway to the Rocket City’s Medical District. (Tip:

Maki Fresh among others. For a local flavor, try

Check out the church’s mosaic artwork outside –

Mason Dixon Bakery + Bistro, Hildegard's German

locals are endeared to its eclectic style).

Cuisine, and Lyn's Gracious Goodness. Then relax with friends at the Wine Cellar for fine wines by


the glass and bottle. Huntsville Madison County

This tightly packed district, also features a net-

Library’s main branch, and longtime local favorite

work of medical research and care organizations,

eateries such as Little Paul’s Barbecue and Stan-

along with numerous private practices and phar-

lieo’s Sub Villa delight locals from miles around.

macies. It is strategically central to entertainment, dining and Huntsville’s main highway, Memorial Parkway. You’ll love the Medical District’s tightknit sense of community, which makes it a great spot for visitors wanting to get a taste of local flavor, culture and activity.

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide



Von Braun Astronomical

to Monte Sano State Park. Hik-

Monte Sano mountain


ing and biking, cabins (dating

Monte Sano — The Mountain of

Originally founded in 1954 with

to the CCC era), camping spac-

Health — is a community of ap-

the help of Wernher Von Braun

es, a store, and a beautifully re-

proximately 650 private resi-

and several members of the

stored Lodge for events, at-

dences. Some of Monte Sano's

Von Braun missile team. The

tracts visitors year-round.

earliest residents were the Von

facilities are located in Monte

Braun rocket scientists be-

Sano State park and now in-


cause the mountain reminded

clude two observatories, an as-

The Monte Sano Club is one of

them of home, but its history

tronomical library, a solar tele-

the finest outdoor recreation

starts well before their arri-

scope, and a planetarium.

facilities in Huntsville. The club

Sano Mountain belongs

facilities include an Olympic-

val. At the turn of the century, the top of Monte Sano moun-

Parks and Trails

size main swimming pool, a

tain was the perfect spot for a

The Land Trust of North Ala-

separate lap/kids pool, a tod-

remote, exclusive health resort.

bama, Alabama's first Land

dler's pool, tennis and volleyball

Today, Huntsville's bustling

Trust, preserves a large area of

courts, a pavilion, and plenty of

downtown and medical district

Monte Sano Mountain, with

spaces on the bluff for cook-

offer great views of city night-

numerous trails for nature lov-

outs and other gatherings with

life and are only 10 minutes

ers, hikers, and bikers. In addi-

a truly spectacular view.


tion, a large portion of Monte

HAMPTON COVE Once a quiet, rural collection of back roads, Hampton Cove has spent the last twenty years rapidly developing into one of the largest suburbs in the Huntsville metropolitan area.


greenway, Big Cove Creek,


Soak in an epic view of the

providing more than 10 miles

All that convenience, pack-

Tennessee Valley during a

of hiking and biking trails.

aged into a close-knit com-

drive over the Cumberland

Horses are even welcome for

munity, sitting in the midst of

Plateau, and you’ll find a pic-

trail riding on the northern

a beautiful slice of North Ala-

turesque community that val-

end. Special events for kids

bama nature – that’s Hamp-

ues peace, quiet and fun.

are held here all the time – a

ton Cove in a nutshell.

Breathe in the fresh air at

great way for children to ex-

Hays Nature Preserve, get ac-

plore the great outdoors.

tive on the river with Hampton Cove Kayak Adventures or


play a round or two at the


Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail

While Hampton Cove is a

at Hampton Cove Golf Course,

highly desirable neighbor-

the northernmost gateway to

hood for many Rocket City

the world famous golf mecca.

residents, the Hampton Inn & Suites make it a serene area


for visitors to stay in, too. Every

This area has little something

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for every nature lover.

right there in Hampton Cove,

The Flint River Greenway con-

from supermarkets to phar-

nects Hays with another

macies, restaurants and recreWelcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


JONES VALLEY Head south from Downtown Huntsville, take a

still in business today and is considered the

left to climb the hill that intersects Whitesburg

largest working urban farm in the U.S. Thanks

Drive and Airport Road and you’ll be stunned

to several schools and community centers,

at what you see: the beautiful, rolling hills of

Jones Valley still has a strong sense of family.

Jones Valley. A sweeping landscape, full of

You’ll find all generations smiling here.

open fields, dotted with grazing cows will greet you, along with beautiful homes built into the hillside and the majesty of the Cumberland Plateau on the horizon. A FAMILY TRADITION The Jones Valley area grew out of the sprawling farmlands of the storied Jones family, who saw the value in planting Kentucky grass on 2,500 acres of former cotton fields and making the property perfect grazing land for cattle. Although much of the land has been developed into residential and retail space, Jones Farm is

THE LEDGES Atop the highest point in Huntsville nestled around the award winning 18-hole championship Ledges Golf Course, is a private upscale, residential gated community, with some of the most luxurious homes in Huntsville —ranging from $650,000 to over $3,000,000. This community is made up of all age groups of people from young professionals to retirees. Play golf, run and walk the neighborhood streets, and enjoy the beautiful view from the 36,000 square foot clubhouse overlooking Jones Valley. Neighborhood children can experience a childhood of yesteryear — riding bikes and playing outdoor activities at the neighborhood park. The Ledges community has new construction custom homes, as well as resale properties, and lots available.

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DOWNTOWN LOFT LIVING Loft Living 301 East Condominiums Luxury condominium living in the downtown core. This 7-story condominium project with ground floor retail and rooftop terrace was completed in 2007 and features 21 two-and threebedroom residential units and a secure parking area. Offering spectacular views of downtown from its roof-top gathering area and abundant windows. Large floor plans with superb interior finishes including exotic stone countertops and custom cabinetry, custom hardwood floors, high ceilings and heavy moldings, make this Class A condominium development among Huntsville’s finest. The Artisan Lofts These lofts in the new Twickenham Square downtown development offer over 200 units within steps of the new Downtown Publix, and over 22,000 square feet of retail as well as five new restaurants.

The Avenue This new, mixed-use development in Downtown Huntsville provides over 190 apartments and 21,000 square feet of ground floor retail space. With stylish details, modern comforts, and open spaces, this residence offers you a life less ordinary. Add to that a pedestrian friendly neighborhood and all the amenities Downtown Huntsville provides, and you get city living at its best. Francis Court Apartments With 18 units built in 1930, Francis Court offers one and two-bedroom apartments with character. Located on Holmes Avenue across from 301 East Condos, this is a great example of reasonablypriced apartments in downtown. Lincoln Square Condominiums Located on Green Street near Holmes Avenue, these condos were built in the 1980s by the Jones family, a prominent local family. This property has a historic exterior appearance and is well maintained. Most of these units are owner-occupied, although some are rentals. Some recent pricing places the three-bedroom units at or above $350,000.

Russell-Erskine Tower Apartments Originally Huntsville’s most prestigious hotel (circa 1920s and on the Madison County National Register of Historic Places), the 12-story Russell Erskine Hotel was converted to apartment use many years ago, and was extensively renovated in 2006 into 69 modern “affordable” apartments for the elderly (age 55+). Income and age restrictions apply.

roof-top entertaining and gathering area. Developed and managed by Sealy Realty, Alabama’s largest apartment owner, the Belk-Hudson Lofts provide a much-needed stock of reasonablypriced rental apartments that are walkable to all downtown has to offer.

Terry Hutchens Condominiums The upper floors of the seven-story Terry Hutchens Building were extensively renovated in 2002 and represented downtown Huntsville’s first luxury condominiums with 5 one-bedroom and 3 twobedroom units, each with about 1,650 SF. With interior finishes featuring granite countertops in kitchen, Viking Professional Series kitchen appliances, working fireplaces, remote-controlled ceiling fans, glamour baths with jacuzzi bathtubs, hardwood floors throughout except ceramic tile in bathroom and laundry rooms, these units offer both unique styling and luxury.

Belk-Hudson Loft Apartments Situated two blocks north of the courthouse square in the downtown core, Belk-Hudson Loft Apartments feature a mix of new one and two bedroom apartments. The new four-story building has an attached parking deck, fitness facility and Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


MADISON The City of Madison is a unique place to live

high-tech companies have replaced agricul-

and visit. A contradiction in many ways, with a

ture as leading industries in the city.

growing population and close proximity to

Situated amongst the rolling hills of the Ten-

Huntsville, it retains its quaintness in both ap-

nessee Valley, Madison’s character is found in

pearance and attitude. It is home to excellent

its family-friendliness, abundant trees, recrea-

schools, libraries, parks, and is a great place to

tional opportunities, and superb schools. Its

plant your roots, raise children, or start a busi-

open space features hundreds of acres of


parkland and greenways, a skate park, mini golf course, pool, and a state-of-the-art YMCA,

Madison was founded in 1856, after the rail-

among other activity areas.

road brought freight lines and business growth to what was then called “Madison Sta-


tion.� Eventually, Madison incorporated in 1869

Historic downtown Madison is home to regu-

and Madison Station became Madison. Cotton

larly-scheduled festivals and events, and is a

production was a major industry until the

great place to connect with others or share

1960s. It was then that the space program

fun family time..

ramped up on Redstone Arsenal and now,

PARKS AND RECREATION The Parks and Recreation Department supports a variety of youth sports programs, as well as specialty classes for children and adults — including swim lessons held year-round. Other

Madison hosts the minor league baseball team “THE ROCKET CITY TRASH PANDAS” blasting off in 2020!

classes include yoga, dance, and art. The specialty classes are contracted out to experienced and professionally trained individuals so that participants can expect the highest quality. YEAR ROUND EVENTS Festivals and events are held year round, including a Kite Festival, Glow in the Dark Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt, traditional and special needs Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July Fireworks (Stars and Stripes Forever Celebration), Rotary Club "Parrots of the Caribbean" Festival, Madison Street Festival in historic downtown, a Halloween skate party at Insanity Skate Park, Christmas Magic Tree Decorating Contest and display, and a Christmas parade.

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CLIFT’S COVE Clift’s Cove is an executive-planned community located in the city of Madison, and nestled alongside beautiful Rainbow Mountain. Clift’s Cove occupies a unique location that provides a serene forested community within the borders of a modern city, with all the necessities for today’s professional aerospace environment. Clift’s Cove welcomes visitors and guests with four multi-acreage lakes with picnic areas on their shores, a grand tree-lined boulevard, lush landscaping, and a majestic clubhouse sitting on a hill overlooking the greater Tennessee River valley. Included in this prestigious community is The Clift House. It is the community center for social activities. This recently updated clubhouse has over 2,000 square feet; with a 24 hour accessible fit-

ness center, a large swimming pool, a kiddie pool, lighted tennis courts, and the new playground for the resident’s use. Also a part of the Clift’s Cove community sits Clift Heights, on the crest of Rainbow Mountain, with it’s own separate entrance and features spacious Estate-sized lots. The Clift Heights residents enjoy the same exceptional amenities as their Clift Cove neighbors in the valley at the foot of the moun-

Highland Lakes Highland Lakes is a beautifully land-

their guests.

scaped, covenant restricted community located

There are several events held each year to give

off Slaughter Road in Madison, AL. It is nestled

residents an opportunity to get out and meet

alongside beautiful Rainbow Mountain and con-

their neighbors.

veniently located just minutes from Research Park. The neighborhood has numerous recreational opportunities including the swimming pool, tennis courts, fishing and walking trails. Also included in the community is a clubhouse that is available for rental by Highland Lakes residents. AMENITIES The beautifully furnished clubhouse with tennis courts and pool is a wonderful setting for parties, receptions, business meetings and other events. Its competition length pool has lane lines perfect for morning swims available throughout the warm summer months. Community lakes have a variety of fish in them, as well as turtles. Fishing is permitted for Highland Lakes Homeowner's

Association members and Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


CITY OF DECATUR Nestled in the Tennessee River Valley, the city of

Citizens and neighbors from around the region

Decatur is a growing area with a rich and colorful

gather together to celebrate with music, bal-

history. Only a 30 minute drive from Huntsville it

loons, food and fun. Join in the fun with monthly

was originally a river crossing for settlers west of

events such as Market on Bank and 3rd Friday,

the Appalachian Mountains. Settlers were drawn

both of which serve as community block parties.

to the community by its fertile river valley soil and

Other family-friendly seasonal events include:

easy river access to other cities. Decatur later be-

Christmas Tour of Homes, Tour of Gardens, Music

came the eastern terminus of the first railroad

by the River, Movies in the Park, Alabama Jubilee

line west of the Appalachian Mountains. Decatur

Hot Air Balloon Classic, and the Spirit of America

Morgan County also offers world-class sporting


fields and plenty of events and activities.

Outdoor recreation is a year-round staple. Point

From the state of the art Alabama Center for the

Mallard Park features 750 acres for recreational

Arts, to the heralded Princess Theatre Center for

use with year-round activities, including the J.

the Performing Arts, there is never a shortage of

Gilmer Blackburn Aquatic Center, Decatur Com-

creative inspiration or artistic outlets. The Carne-

munity Archery Park, Native American Indian In-

gie Visual Arts Center offers a host of exhibits,

terpretive Walking Trails, a golf course, an indoor

classes, and events featuring all mediums of visu-

ice rink, hiking/biking trails, sports fields and a

al art.

campground. The North Alabama Birding Trail provides a great outlet for scenic relaxation. The

The city’s two unique historic districts, Old Decatur and Albany boast the largest concentration in the State of Alabama of Victorian-era, craftsman and bungalow homes dating from the late 1880’s and early 20th century.

Tennessee River is only a short distance away with Decatur’s Riverwalk Marina and Ingalls Harbor. Whether watching or playing sports, the Jack Allen Sports Complex is a 77-acre park that provides 30 acres of laser-graded and irrigated soccer and football fields.

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


GUNTERSVILLE With more than 69,000 acres of water, this natural feature is what defines Guntersville. A lot of places have a lake or a river — usually somewhere you “go to”. But thanks to almost a thousand miles of shoreline, you don’t go far in this friendly southern oasis without a view of the tree-lined lake. Whether you’re relishing a vacation getaway, or simply being recharged by the view on your way to work, Lake Guntersville provides the perfect backdrop.

fishing pier, boat launches, and picnic areas. Lake Guntersville State Park ranges over 6,000 acres of natural woodlands, has an 18-hole championship golf course, a beach complex, fishing center, hiking trails, nature programs and a dayuse area. Modern campground and lakeview cottages on the lake, coupled with a resort lodge on the pinnacle of Taylor Mountain and chalets on the ridge-tops, provide a selection of overnight accommodations. The magnificent view of Lake

The Guntersville Parks and Recreation Depart-

Guntersville from atop Taylor Mountain will pro-

ment offer an Olympic-sized pool, lighted tennis

vide an experience not soon to be forgotten.

courts, baseball and softball fields, a gymnasium, meeting rooms, parks, playgrounds, walking and bicycle trails. Guntersville offers numerous city parks, totaling 175 acres along the lake. Lakeside park facilities include: a new boat docking area, a beach with designated swimming areas, a public

Guntersville hosts an abundance of fun and diverse events each year. It is a regular stop on the Bassmaster Tournament tours and hosted the Bassmaster Classic in February 2014. Other popular events include the Eagle Awareness Program in January; the Wild Irish 10k Run in March,

A BIRD’S EYE VIEW Guntersville offers four stops along the North Alabama Birding Trail and has one of the most diverse wildlife habitat areas in the state. Around 275 species of birds have been recorded in Marshall County.

Art on the Lake in April, the AWF Wildgame Cookoff in May, the 4th of July fireworks display over Lake Guntersville, the Mountain Lakes Triathlon in August; St. William Seafood Festival on Labor Day weekend; and many holiday activities including the Downtown Merchants “A Night Before Christmas,” the Christmas Parade and a Whole Backstage holiday production.

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We understand that buying or

with our cutting-edge technolo-

selling a home is a significant

gy platform allow us to provide

event in your life. Developing a

you with an unmatched level of

relationship with a real estate

service our customers have

agency is like forming a partner-

come to expect.

ship. Our partnership with you will be built on trust, loyalty and integrity. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Rise Real Estate has been a leading real estate agency for Huntsville and the entire North Alabama area for over 35 years.

We will work aggressively to market and sell your home, or to find that special home which is a perfect fit for you. You can count on us. From the time we first meet, until the close of escrow, we will be by your side. Huntsville is a great place to live,

Our agents have developed a

work, learn and play. We at

deep understanding of ever

BHHS Rise Real Estate hope you

changing market trends and a

join us here soon!

thorough appreciation of the different aspects of our communities. These qualities combined

Previous recipient of the best small business of the year for Personal Service


Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Rise Real Estate Agent and


Real estate practices vary from state to state. As experienced real estate agents, we understand the details and requirements that are specific to this area. We’ll help you with the entire process – from finding a home that is right for you, to submitting an offer, negotiating a favorable contract, arranging financing, and helping you through the complexities of closing. We have the team, experience, training, commitment, integrity, loyalty, and pride in a job well done that will make the difference between you finding a home and feeling at home in the house we help you find. Put us to work for you; we think you’ll be glad you did.

Our Services The right home for you and your family is out there; it’s just a matter of finding it. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Rise Real Estate, once we know the amenities you want in a home the kind of neighborhood you prefer and your price range, we will go to work for you, preparing things for you before your arrival and coordinating details in your absence. Some of the many services we provide include:

  

Previewing properties prior to your house-hunting trip to ensure that you accomplish as much as possible on that very first visit

   

Helping you arrange the best type of financing for your new home Assisting you in negotiating a favorable purchase offer on your new home Accompanying inspectors to your new home Coordinating the closing of your present home and new home to make sure your funds are available when needed and the occupancy dates match

Providing information on Huntsville communities so that you can be informed of the areas which would better suit your needs Providing valuable information about Huntsville’s cultural, historical and educational opportunities, as well as entertainment venues, best restaurants and shopping Showing you around town – including houses that may meet your needs, schools, landmarks, recreational facilities, shopping centers – everything a prospective area has to offer.

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


The Home Finding


Finding and buying the

The values, interests and priorities you want this move to support

right home is a highly

The features you are looking for in a home

personalized process,

How a neighborhood can best match your needs and lifestyle

and it all begins by

How the homefinding process will need to be tailored to fit your plans

identifying your needs.

The support you expect to receive from you agent

The home finding


Finding and buying a home typically includes many of the following elements. I will be your resource and guide every step of the way! Initial Consultation  Determine your needs and priorities  Review “agency” choices and select appropriate working 

relationship Discuss financing options

Finding The Right Home  Look at properties based on your criteria  Evaluate each property  Select the right home for you

Obtaining Financing Select a mortgage company Consult with a loan officer Obtain pre-approval Complete the loan application Provide requested documen-

Preparing An Offer  Review comparable sales to determine an offer price  Review the progress of loan pre-approval  Decide on other terms (inspections, possession date, personal property, inclusions and exclusions, special agreements, and more

tation in a timely fashion

  

Property appraisal Loan processing Obtain loan commitment

Reaching An Agreement  Review seller’s property disclosures  Present your offer  Negotiate terms and possible counteroffers  Arrive at an agreed upon sales contract with the sellers

Completing The Settlement Process  Deposit earnest money  Verify insurability & arrange for hazard insurance  Review preliminary title report  Obtain a survey and review for any encroachments and/or encumbrances

        

Obtain building, radon, pest and other inspections Remove any remaining contingencies Arrange for home warranty Arrange for movers Final walk-through and inspection of property Arrange for closing and signing of documents Loan funding Obtain keys, garage door openers, dog collars, etc where applicable

Move In! Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


Important ways to protect your interests

There are several ways to help support a trouble-free home purchase:

Professional inspections can reveal structural, roof, termite, and other problems with the property that the seller will need to remedy A home warranty plan can give you peace of mind by providing repair-or-replace coverage of major home operating systems and appliances A walk-through before closing will allow you to confirm all required work has been taken care of and that the property is ready to become yours During any real estate transaction you could be a target for wire fraud. Always verify wiring instructions by calling the closing attorney via a number you have used previously. Your agent will be able to help confirm legitimacy.


your offer

Once you have found that special home, making a written offer to purchase with the financing you want is the next step. Before you sign the offer, read the contract very carefully, and if there is anything you don’t understand, please ask questions. If you wish to retain a lawyer, do so as soon as possible. Your BHHS Rise representative and your attorney can give you the assistance you need for handling every situation. When the seller accepts your written offer, it becomes a contract. Remember to bring a check for the earnest money and transfer funds to back the check before you leave town. Earnest money checks are deposited in an escrow account and are credited toward your down payment or closing costs at the time of closing. In the Huntsville area, most sales take four to six weeks to close. As you go through the process from purchase offer to close, remember that your BHHS Rise agent is never more than a phone call away. We’re experienced and eager to help make this your best move ever!

 

Determine the price you want to offer Decide on other issues that are important to you such as: - Items of personal property you want included - Home Service Plan, inspections, repairs, lien search, etc. - Closing date and possession I will present your offer - The seller will have three choices: accept your offer as it is presented; reject it completely; or propose adjustments to your offer (counter offer) - If there is a counter offer, you can choose whether to accept, reject, or counter Once you have reached an agreement with the seller, you will have a firm contract to purchase the home Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide




Purchase contract and property information  Copy of the sales contract  Mailing address and property description  Contact information for access to the property  Plans and specifications (new construction only) Personal information  Social Security Number  Age  Years of schooling  Marital status  Number and ages of dependents  Current address and telephone numbers  Addresses for the past seven years  Current housing expenses (rent, mortgage, insurance, taxes)  Name and address of landlord or mortgage holder for past two years Employment history and income  Two years of employment history, with complete details of each job  Recent pay stubs and two years of W-2 forms  Complete tax returns and financial statements if self-employed  Written explanation of employment gaps  Records of dividends and interest received  Proof of other income Assets  Complete information on all bank and money market accounts  Two months of bank statements  Current values of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments  Vested interest in retirement funds  Value of life insurance  Information on vehicles you own  Information on real estate you own  Value of significant personal property you own Liabilities and debts  Itemized list of all current debts (loans, credit cards and other bills)  Written explanation of past credit problems  Full details of bankruptcy during the last seven years Fees  Credit report and appraisal fees (usually $500 or less)

Estimate of closing

Costs COSTS REQUIRED TO CLOSE THE TRANSACTION Title Insurance Settlement Fees Recording Fees Property Tax (Pro-Rated) Loan Origination Fee Appraisal Credit Report Other Loan Fees Interest on New Loan (Pro-Rated) Home Warranty Building Inspection Other Inspections (Pest, Radon, Etc.) Homeowners’ Insurance Other Other A. TOTAL ESTIMATED CLOSING COSTS ESTIMATED MONTHLY PAYMENT Principal and Interest Property Tax Homeowners Insurance Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Homeowners Association Dues B. TOTAL ESTIMATED MONTHLY PAYMENTS HOME PURCHASE SUMMARY Purchase Price of Home Down Payment Amount Financed Estimated Closing Costs - Line A Estimated Monthly Payment - Line B This is a form to help estimate your costs. Actual costs may vary depending on the property, the lender, and other factors. You will receive a detailed breakdown of costs prior to closing the transaction.

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide



smooth transition to your new home

Here are some things to consider as you make the move to your new home. I can suggest local professionals for many of these services. Four weeks before you move:  Contact and contract with a reputable moving company  Have school records transferred  Arrange to transfer, or take with you, medical, dental and other important records  Prepare to transfer your homeowner’s and auto insurance to be sure you will be covered for any unforeseen disasters  Keep track of moving-related expenses (check with your accountant to find out what expenses are deductible) Three weeks before you move:  Obtain and mail change of address cards, or go to and schedule the change online. Change over subscriptions, credit cards and other important contacts Two weeks before you move:  Have all utilities transferred out of your name at your previous residence for the appropriate time, and all utilities transferred into your name at your new residence on the day of closing on your new home  Close or transfer bank accounts  Terminate newspaper delivery service  Arrange for transfer of vehicle and drivers’ licenses  Obtain an extra supply of prescriptions for the next four weeks and transfer your prescriptions to a pharmacy convenient to your new home  I will schedule a final walk-through of the property within a few days of closing One week before you move:  Keep valuable financial records and personal papers with you, do not pack them with the rest of your household goods  On closing day, after the loan papers are signed by both parties, and the loan has funded, the home is yours!  MOVE IN! After you move in:  Have all exterior door locks rekeyed  Review home maintenance needs and owners manuals  Review home security requirements and systems  New furnishings, appliances, and décor will help you make your new house your home!

Moving Hints...

Prior to Leaving: Address Change

      

 

Give forwarding address to post office Insurance; life, auto, health, fire Charge accounts, credit cards Subscriptions Relatives and friends

    

Arrange for check cashing in new city; transfer accounts Transfer memberships, get introductory letters

Things to Remember:

Clean out freezer; plan food use Defrost freezer; use charcoal to absorb odor

Service appliance for moving

Clean clothing and rugs; have them moving-wrapped Plan with your moving counselor – insurance coverage, packing and unpacking labor, arrival day, shipping papers, time, and method of expected payment Plan for special care of children

 

Ask for referrals, transfer prescriptions, eyeglasses, etc.

Obtain medical records from health care professionals

  

Schedule disconnect of utilities: Gas, water, electric, telephone, cable

Moving Day:

Get any refunds of deposits

Arrange for connections in new city; transfer accounts

Clearly mark boxes you will need immediately Carry ample cash or traveler’s checks to cover expenses until a new account is set up

Plan for pets’ travel and arrival to new areas Alert close friend or relative of the route and schedule you will travel Re-check closets, drawers, etc. to make sure they are empty Leave old keys for new owners

At Your New Home:

Medical/Dental/Prescription Histories

Schedule Utility Disconnect & Connections

Transport jewelry, documents and other valuables yourself or use registered mail

  

Get certified check or cashier’s check for closing Check on service of telephone, furnace, etc. Get appliances checked Apply for state’s driver’s license Have new address recorded on driver’s license Register car within five days to avoid penalties Register children in school Arrange for medical services

Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide


Important Contacts Real Estate Agents Old Location:

New Location:

Escrow Officer/Closing Attorney:

Relocation Company:


Utilities Gas:


Water: Electric:

What kind of taxes will I be paying in my new area? The property taxes in the State of Alabama are among the lowest in the nation.



HUNTSVILLE UTILITIES: Electric, Gas, Water, and Garbage: Huntsville Utilities: -center/start-stop-transfer-service/

MADISON UTILITIES: Electric: Huntsville Utilities: -center/start-stop-transfer-service/ Water: City of Madison Water Board: http:// Natural Gas: North Alabama Gas District: Garbage: Madison County Sanitation: departments/waste-control-and-recycling

CABLE PROVIDERS Comcast Knology Mediacom AT&T U-Verse


Welcome to Huntsville | Relocation Guide

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