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Proud History and a Bright Future
Beedie Family: Laying the Foundation for Better Healthcare in Burnaby PG 4 THE MAKO ROBOTIC-ASSISTED SURGERY SYSTEM PG 14 +
Our community has come together with such strength and generosity in support of this transformational redevelopment project. As Phase One nears completion, we are excited to see the vision of our modern campus come to life.


Burnaby Hospital embraces its Bright Future

AS BURNABY HOSPITAL enters a pivotal time in our $2.4 billion Bright Future redevelopment, one of the largest healthcare infrastructure projects in Canada, we are excited to embrace the changes that come with an upgraded hospital. In the Foundation’s inaugural magazine, you will find a collection of community stories, construction milestones and successes from inside our hospital.

Recently putting the final touches on the building’s exterior, the focus is now on the interior. Progress is moving quickly — it has been less than two years since we broke ground on this project and we see so much work already completed on the new Pavilion and Support Facilities Building. We are happy to share that we are on track to welcome our community to the opening of Phase One in 2025.

We applaud all the patients and their families who have shown patience and understanding when they have needed our hospital during construction. Providing the best care possible is a core focus for all of our staff, who have done an admirable job, especially with the challenges posed by a 72-year-old facility currently undergoing redevelopment.

Our gratitude extends to the thousands of donors who have joined us in our Bright Future redevelopment. When we launched this campaign in 2020, we could not have imagined the outpouring of support that would become such an emblematic part of our hospital. Together, we have raised over $45 million so far, all in support of what promises to be a bright future. These funds will be used to help purchase vital pieces of medical equipment for our upgraded campus of care.

In the following pages, you will read about the future with the exciting announcement of Phase Two and the life-changing effects it will have on how our hospital delivers improved patient care. You will read stories about grateful patients, passionate staff and inspirational support from donors.

As Burnaby Hospital continues to evolve, we will need continued help from the community — for the benefit of the community and future generations.

Yours Sincerely,

TABLE OF CONTENTS CARE CLOSE TO HOME VOLUME ONE . NUMBER ONE 3935 Kincaid Street, Burnaby, BC V5G 2X6 . PRESIDENT & CEO Kristy James VP DEVELOPMENT Danielle Sleiman VP FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION Claire Wang MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER Trevor Lau CONTRIBUTING WRITER Sydney Ednie CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHY Burnaby Hospital Foundation, iStock, Christopher Morris CEO & PUBLISHER Ryan Benn VP PUBLISHING OPERATIONS Nina Wagner VP CUSTOM PUBLISHING Brendan Harrington DIRECTOR OPERATIONS Devin Steinberg CREATIVE DIRECTOR Rick Thibert EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Matt Currie PRODUCTION MANAGER Kim McLane DIRECTOR CIRCULATION Tracy McRitchie We welcome your comments on CareClosetoHome magazine. Please write to us c/o Burnaby Hospital Foundation, 3935 Kincaid St., Burnaby, BC V5G 2X6 Email: Phone: 604.431.2881 Care Close to Home magazine is published annually by Canada Wide Media Limited for Burnaby Hospital Foundation. No part of this magazine may be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. CARE CLOSE TO HOME n BHFOUNDATION.CA 3 4 CONTENTS 4 INVESTING IN A HEALTHIER COMMUNITY The Beedie family kickstarts Phase Two of Burnaby Hospital’s Bright Future redevelopment. 7 AIDEN’S ANGELS Devoted doctors and nurses guide one young family through a tumultuous first month. 8 GROWING WITH THE TIMES A visual journey through Burnaby Hospital’s past, present and future. 10 REVOLUTIONIZING ADDICTION CARE Our Addictions Medicine Consult Team is expanding the horizons of substance use treatment in the community. 11 PARTNERS IN CARE Meet the Chinese Ambassador Society. 12 ALL THANKS TO YOU A spotlight on a fun, impactful year of fundraising throughout our generous community. 14 A JOINT EFFORT How the Foundation is funding surgical advancements at Burnaby Hospital. 15 FINANCIALS Our commitment to accountability. ON THE COVER Betty Beedie & son Ryan Beedie Photograph: Christopher Morris 10 14 FOLLOW US! WE RESPECTFULLY ACKNOWLEDGE THAT BURNABY HOSPITAL FOUNDATION IS SITUATED ON THE TRADITIONAL, ANCESTRAL AND UNCEDED TERRITORIES OF THE MUSQUEAM, SQUAMISH AND THE TSLEIL-WAUTUTH NATIONS. ✆ 604.431.2881 BHFOUNDATION.CA

PHASE ONE focuses on establishing new Maternity and Mental Health Units, while also expanding Emergency and Surgical care.

Investing in a Healthier Community

The Beedie family and other generous donors have laid the foundation for a higher standard of care at Burnaby Hospital — but there is still more building to be done

As we have all come to appreciate more than ever, especially through the COVID era, the hospital is truly an essential service — a place that sustains us during the toughest of times. Whether the crisis in question is global, local or deeply personal, the hospital has always been a pillar of the community. It is a place where profound moments happen — from the joyous beginning of a life to its inevitable end, and everything in between.

Since 1952, Burnaby Hospital has been an important resource for the people of Burnaby and East Vancouver. And now, we are in the midst of a crucial transformation. As many patients will tell you, the skill and devotion of Burnaby Hospital’s doctors, nurses and other staff are unparallelled. However,

the facilities and equipment are lagging behind — it has been five decades since the last significant upgrade, leaving a community with a rapidly growing population serviced by an aging hospital.

Recently, that began to change with Burnaby Hospital’s redevelopment, supported by the Foundation’s Bright Future campaign — which is raising essential funds to support a truly life-changing project.

Leading the charge are passionate and generous donors, including the Beedie family. Well-known developer and philanthropist Keith Beedie and his wife Betty long ago established a legacy of giving back across BC, in particular Burnaby — the place their company and their family have long called home. In 2009, the Beedies were instrumental in helping fund the hospital’s first MRI.

And since Keith’s passing in 2017, Betty and their son, current Beedie President & CEO, Ryan, have continued that legacy.

In 2020, the Beedies helped launch Phase One of the redevelopment with an $8 million donation. Set to complete in 2025, Phase One is in the process of expanding the hospital’s Emergency and Surgery services — while erecting a new, six-storey patient pavilion featuring over 80 single-patient rooms, a new Mental Health and Substance Use Unit, and a state-of-the-art Maternity Department, all with the goal to provide better patient care.

“To my family, philanthropy is legacy,” Ryan explains. “It is investing back in the community that has given us such incredible success over many years. It’s not only the right thing to do, but it feels really good and serves as an inspiration for our family going forward. To achieve a certain level of success means there is more you can do to contribute back to your community to make it stronger for all of us.”


PHASE TWO will look to upgrade Intensive Care, Medical Imaging, Oncology and Cardiac Telemetry, which will be housed in the new Keith & Betty Beedie Acute Care Tower.

The multi-phase redevelopment will significantly expand the services available for patients and families and boost the number of beds by almost 50%.

The Beedies have good reason for choosing Burnaby Hospital as one of their key community investments.

“Burnaby holds special meaning for our entire family,” says Ryan. “It was where my late father started his business, where I grew up and where my mother still resides. My father was extremely passionate about supporting Burnaby Hospital and if he were here today, I know he would be proud to see this project taking shape. As Burnaby continues to become home for more and more people, it is critical that we continue to support the pillars that make this community special. Burnaby Hospital is one of those vital pillars.”

As the redevelopment moves into Phase Two, our Bright Future campaign also evolves. The centrepiece of this phase is a 12-storey, 160-bed tower, bringing improved and additional services, including a BC Cancer Centre. This has inspired Betty and Ryan to pledge another $4 million in matching donations, hoping to motivate others to give back. With that in mind, we are proud to name the new facility the Keith & Betty Beedie Acute Care Tower.

All told, Phase Two will focus on upgrading four key areas:

n Intensive Care

n Medical Imaging

n Oncology

n Cardiac Telemetry


Between 2021 and 2022 alone, the number of people entering Burnaby Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit doubled, requiring the sickest in our community to wait far too long for access to treatment. As Registered Nurse Danielle Frigo explains: “Because there are not enough ICU beds, we see people waiting in the ER on another floor — and not the place where they should be to get the care they need. With more people calling Burnaby home, the ICU needs more beds not only for us now, but for families in the future.” In addition to more beds, Phase Two will bring cutting-edge ventilators and other equipment to the ICU.


When it comes to Medical Imaging, over 10,000 Burnaby Hospital patients per year are scanned by devices that are, in some cases, 20 years old — forcing them to wait on results. Women in need of mammograms must travel to other facilities entirely, outside of

Middle: Foundation President & CEO Kristy James with donor Ryan Beedie. Right: Betty and Ryan Beedie watch Burnaby Hospital’s Bright Future take shape, a photo of Keith Beedie in hand.

Phase One of the redevelopment will be completed in 2025. Phase Two construction will run from 2025-2030.

Burnaby. Those issues will be remedied in Phase Two via new CT and X-ray equipment for the Emergency Department and a new Breast Imaging Centre, among other upgrades.


A new In-Patient Oncology Unit will improve upon the current outpatient clinic by offering a more efficient and comfortable healthcare experience for patients, as opposed to being shuttled between floors and departments each night, after the outpatient facility closes. “Patients who require aroundthe-clock care will be able to receive the specialized care they need,”

explains Registered Nurse Kay Unrau. “It will be a huge change for Burnaby Hospital.” Moreover, a new BC Cancer Centre added to the campus will include 54 ambulatory care rooms, 31 chemotherapy chairs, and clinical trials and research space.


In the existing Cardiac Telemetry Unit, dated technology places a burden on personnel and patients alike. Staff must set up equipment bedside to take readings and then shuttle that equipment to a separate location to document data. The new unit will have single-patient rooms and beds will be hardwired

As Burnaby continues to become home for more and more people, it is critical that we continue to support the pillars that make this community special.

with the latest technology, allowing for better data capture and quicker access to results. “More beds with built-in cardiac telemetry equipment will make a real difference by letting us monitor heart conditions in real time,” says Clinical Supervisor Joyce Munroe. “And that’s a proactive approach when caring for our patients with serious cardiac conditions.”

Without a doubt, we are proud of these past seven decades serving the people of Burnaby and East Vancouver at every stage of their lives. But we’re also eager to give them an even better standard of care — and for that, we need your help. B

n A lack of ventilators and other modern, life-saving equipment

n No mammography services offered

n Oncology clinic is closed every night and throughout the weekend

n Outdated equipment that is hard to manoeuvre and uncomfortable for patients

n Expanded Intensive Care Unit with state-of-the-art ventilators and other modern equipment

n New Medical Imaging equipment for mammograms, X-rays and CT scans

n Centralized 24/7 In-Patient Oncology Unit featuring IV pumps and other specialized equipment

n Redesigned Cardiac Telemetry Unit with hardwired cardiac monitors, high-acuity beds and bariatric rooms featuring aids for patients with mobility issues

Burnaby Hospital TODAY In Our Bright Future 6 2024 n BURNABY HOSPITAL FOUNDATION


A young couple reflects on the devoted doctors and nurses who guided their baby boy through a tumultuous first month

Sayuri and her husband, Martin, found themselves in a frightening scenario last year when her water broke two months early. After being rushed to the hospital, little Aiden was born and the family spent the first week of his life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at BC Children’s Hospital. When he stabilized,

it was time for a transfer to Burnaby Hospital — another anxious moment that Sayuri equates to moving from “a famous five-star hotel” to a place where “the building, equipment and facilities looked [noticeably] dated.”

And yet, Martin recalls, “after just one day at the Burnaby NICU, we realized that we couldn’t be more wrong

about our reservations.” Aiden would spend the next month in Burnaby Hospital, supported by many compassionate nurses and doctors. “We were so fortunate that he was in the hands of angels who paid the utmost attention to our baby’s well-being,” the couple beams.

With Aiden now about to celebrate his first birthday, Sayuri and Martin look back with gratitude on the “angels” who cared for their boy — and with a passion to support their life-saving work. Phase One of the hospital’s Bright Future redevelopment features critical upgrades to the Maternity Department, affecting areas that have not been changed for over 70 years, including private NICU rooms that allow for more quality time between parents and newborns. “If [the staff] can accomplish so much with the limitations they have now, I can’t imagine how much more they can accomplish with additional resources,” says Sayuri. “By donating, you have the chance to make an enormous difference in the lives of so many more babies, and families.”

Celebrating 70 years of developing assets that positively influence the well-being of people, commerce, and community.

PATIENT STORY CARE CLOSE TO HOME n BHFOUNDATION.CA 7 B AVP Langley, BC / 2009 L.B.S Langley, BC / 2005 Midas Burnaby, BC / 1960s The Austin Coquitlam, BC / 2014 DBP Delta, BC / 2018 Station Square Burnaby, BC / 2018 MEC Vancouver, BC / 2020 Amazon Burnaby, BC / 2023

A look back at where Burnaby’s community hospital began, and a look ahead to where we’re going via our Bright Future redevelopment



Burnaby Hospital

Fundraising Committee is formed by citizens interested in building a local hospital.




Members of the community demonstrate their commitment by promising to provide one-third of the cost of the hospital.

October 30 marks the official opening of the 125-bed facility — the largest suburban general hospital in Canada at the time.


The Emergency Department is expanded to accommodate rising patient intake.

1960 1970


On July 2, a five-bed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) opens on the third floor.


Burnaby becomes one of the first hospitals in the Lower Mainland to establish a Foundation.



A new eight-bed Palliative Care Unit opens.


Burnaby Hospital installs its first MRI machine, with help from generous donors Keith and Betty Beedie.


(May) — A groundbreaking ceremony marks the beginning of construction on Phase One of the hospital’s redevelopment, which includes a six-floor patient care tower with a new Mental Health Unit and a new Maternity Centre, alongside expanded Emergency and Surgery services.


Phase One scheduled to complete.


Construction of Phase Two scheduled to begin, including a 12-storey acute care centre with new In-Patient Oncology and Cardiac Telemetry Units, as well as upgraded ICU and Medical Imaging departments.

1990 2000 2010 2020 2030


(February) Burnaby Hospital Foundation announces its Bright Future redevelopment campaign, ushering in a new era of healthcare for the community.


(November) — The community comes together to raise $30 million, reaching the first major milestone of the redevelopment campaign.


Projected date for completion of Phase Two.

Learn more about the Bright Future redevelopment

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Revolutionizing Addiction Care

Dr. Lingsa Jia and the Addictions Medicine Consult Team are expanding the horizons of substance use treatment in the community

Burnaby native Dr. Lingsa Jia, head of Burnaby Hospital’s Addictions Medicine Consult Team (AMCT), truly embraces innovation as a core concept in her work. The hospital’s first addiction services, led by the AMCT, was introduced in 2021 to address the rising need for substance use care in the community.

The entire team has been a leading example of change and innovation in the growing community, with the goal of providing patients who are struggling with substance use with enhanced acute care, and ongoing support after they’re discharged.

“Many doctors and nurses had

inquired about addiction services prior to our team starting, indicating a need for this type of care in our growing community,” explains Dr. Jia. “The AMCT works quite closely with departments like Emergency Medicine, Mental Health and other inpatient wards to identify addiction-related issues and determine solutions to improve patient care.”

In the rapidly evolving field of addiction care, education is key to the work of the AMCT, which helps to bring new learnings to frontline staff. Dr. Jia has been involved in several Quality Improvement projects as the AMCT continues to adapt to meet the needs of patients and their families. “We’re cur-

Dr. Lingsa Jia and her team aim to offer patients better addiction care and expanded resources.

rently working on a project to provide Narcan kits to at-risk patients admitted to the hospital,” says Dr. Jia. “Access to this life-saving intervention is important and we’ve worked to identify patients who can benefit from these kits, to have at home and carry with them in their community.”

To Dr. Jia, the future looks bright for the AMCT and the hospital as a whole. “Burnaby and East Vancouver are such diverse areas, and our patients come from all walks of life. My hope for this service is to see it evolve and become even more tailored to the needs of our community, made possible by openness and learning.”


A little morsel of wisdom from the nurses of 3B/D: “Before you give anyone a piece of your mind, make sure you can get by with what you have left.”

A delectable recipe from What’s Cooking On 3B/D –the cookbook created over 30 years ago by a group of Burnaby Hospital nurses

Going above and beyond, our nurses send their patients home with not just a clean bill of health, but a recipe for culinary success.


STEPS: In a bowl, combine sugar, oil and beaten eggs. In another bowl, combine flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon and salt, and mix well. Add dry ingredients to the sugar-and-oil mixture and stir to moisten. Add grated carrots, pineapple and vanilla. Fill greased muffin cups to the top and bake at 375° F for 20 minutes. Yield: 9 to 10 large muffins. Chopped nuts may be added, if desired.

1 -1/2

Partners in Care

Chinese Ambassador Society steps up for the community

Established in 2018, the Chinese Ambassador Society is comprised of business and community leaders who work collaboratively with the Chinese community to promote local events and inspire better engagement with Burnaby Hospital Foundation. To date, their dedication

has helped us raise over $4.5 million.

In 2023, the Society’s inaugural Dragon Gala celebrated the group’s fifth anniversary and raised an incredible $100,000. The event also honoured the many partnerships that have been forged in the name of supporting local healthcare. “The generosity of

our Chinese community, aided by the dedication of our Chinese Ambassador Society, is truly inspiring,” says Kristy James, Burnaby Hospital Foundation President & CEO. “Collectively, organizations and individuals have contributed so much towards a cause that they deeply value: a healthy community.” B

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Dragon Gala Melody of Love Concert


The Foundation shares immense gratitude to our amazing donors who made a difference by raising funds and awareness

n TD BANK GROUP generously donated $100,000 towards the Burnaby Hospital Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU) program

n ST. MARY’S HEALTH FOUNDATION made a meaningful donation that funded a bladder scanner and contributed towards a specialized bed used in our Palliative Complex Care Unit.

n ALEXANDER COLLEGE raised $25,000 from their matching campaign, where students were encouraged to make a donation to support local healthcare. The college has now contributed over $2 million towards the redevelopment.

n THE AMAZING BRENTWOOD hosted a Donate-to-Win campaign in June, as well as a Brentwood Blooms Floral Pop-Up in May. Together these campaigns raised an amazing $3,000 supporting better care close to home.

n 3 3 n 4 4 1 2 n 1 n 2

n THE CAVALLO FAMILY came to Burnaby Hospital for a cheque presentation to show their appreciation for the outstanding treatment a family member received in the Mental Health Inpatient Unit. In celebration of that life-saving care, Cavallo Technologies, a family business, donated $10,000 to support our lifesaving work!

n THE CANADIAN COMMUNITY ACTION & RESTORATIVE EMPOWERMENT SOCIETY (CCARES) raised $2,500 at the 2023 Canada Bubble Tea Festival, supporting the ongoing redevelopment of Burnaby Hospital.

n REFLECTIONS ART EXHIBITION, a first-time exhibit organized by Edward Zhao, Gwendoline Ben and Simon Huang, raised over $4,250 to support our Mental Health Unit upgrades and opened the door for stigma-breaking conversations.

n THE BURNABY FIREFIGHTERS CHARITABLE SOCIETY contributed $100,000 to the Foundation in honour of local businessman and philanthropist William McCarthy at their 29th annual gala.

n VANCOUVER LASER AND SKIN CARE, a medical aesthetics clinic, did their part to freshen up Burnaby Hospital, raising over $76,000 via their spring R*MEDY Ball.

n TABUA AND HAPPY BUDDHA TATTOO hosted a a fundraiser with support from Andrew, owner of Burnaby's Tabua, and two New Westminster artists from Happy Buddha, where total tattoo proceeds from the artists and community amounted to $3,800.

n 9 n 8 n 10 n 5 n 6 n 7 5 6 7 10 9 8

through the creation of pre-operative plans using CT scans and proprietary software to provide improved patient care. CT scans are used to produce an individualized 3D model of a patient’s joint, which includes concise details like deformities and degree of arthritis. With the intricacies of the joint captured, the surgeon uses software that controls the robotics to plan precise cuts to the bone.


The first of its kind in Western Canada, the Mako robotic system lends a helping arm to our orthopedic surgeons

While the community surrounding Burnaby Hospital has undergone rapid change in the past decades, one thing remains constant — our commitment to innovation.

Burnaby Hospital is renowned as a centre of excellence in orthopedic surgery and performs up to 1,000 total hip and knee surgeries per year. In fact, the hospital is responsible for the most total-joint replacements across the Fraser Health region. Innovation has taken many forms in the surgery department, providing solutions to navigate challenges like tight quarters in the operating room and limited bed spaces for recovery. These are some of the issues being addressed by the Bright Future redevelopment.

The hospital’s Orthopedic Surgery program has already led the charge in establishing new procedures for the implementation of total-joint replacement with same-day discharge — a process that was necessary to support the increasingly busy surgery schedule.

“Advancements in processes, as well

as in medical equipment and technology, are quite common in surgery,” says Dr. Tim Kostamo, Orthopedic Surgeon at Burnaby Hospital. “Best practices are constantly changing. One way we can consistently improve is by having access to modern equipment, which allows further innovation and ensures our staff are able to achieve excellent outcomes for our patients.”

We all rely heavily on ever-changing technology to advance our lives, and surgeons like Dr. Kostamo are no different. That is why Burnaby Hospital Foundation is contributing $2.3 million towards the installation of a Mako robotic-assisted surgical system as part of the Jim Pattison Surgery Centre in Phase One of the hospital redevelopment.

“The addition of this robotic-assisted system will help with precision and excellence in orthopedic surgery,” says Dr. Kostamo. “The goal is to improve alignment of the joints, lessen revisions and increase patient safety.”

The Mako robotic-assisted surgical system brings innovation to the process of total-joint replacement

“Patient outcomes are our primary concern, but the benefits extend beyond the patient, and to the surgical teams,” Dr. Kostamo explains. “Surgery is incredibly demanding — both in terms of stress and physical expenditure from the entire team. This robotic arm provides assistance to the surgeon for a very physically demanding part of the procedure. This helps the surgeon conserve energy and increases the ability to perform more surgeries with increased accuracy.”

The Foundation’s generous donors are fully funding the Mako system, which will be the first of its kind in Western Canada.

“We have seen a steady rise in demand for surgical services in recent years,” shares Kristy James, Burnaby Hospital Foundation President & CEO. “Our patients deserve the very best care possible and the addition of this robotic-assisted surgical system will be a game-changer for the way orthopedic surgeries are performed at Burnaby Hospital.”

To date, Mako systems have been installed in 35 countries and in every US state. Burnaby Hospital leads the charge in British Columbia to implement this revolutionary advancement in medical technology, forging ahead in our path towards a brighter future in healthcare.



We are grateful to our volunteer Board for their work and commitment to helping improve healthcare in the community


As your trusted partner, Burnaby Hospital Foundation is dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare in Burnaby and East Vancouver. With the support of our donors, we influence positive change in healthcare in our community. That is why we are committed to being transparent about how your donated funds create an impact.

MCKOEN, CHAIR Partner Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP
DONG Columnist & Writer
LOTA General Manager, Lands and Facilities City of Burnaby PETER XOTTA, VICE-CHAIR President & CEO Vancouver Fraser Port Authority MARK IWANAKA Partner Grant Thornton LLP
MORGAN Partner, Transaction & Valuations, Advisory Services Grant Thornton LLP
LIU, TREASURER VP Financial Services, Americas Cathay Pacific ANGELA KIRKHAM Director – Communications Formerly of DP World (Canada) Inc. ALEEM NATHWANI Principal Nathwani Capital
CHEUNG Controller Sustainable Solutions DR. TIM KOSTAMO Orthopedic Surgeon Burnaby Hospital
PARMAR Managing Director Blue Ocean Ventures Inc.
PHYSIOTHERAPY LIFEGAIT LIFT In addition to the above purchases, Burnaby Hospital Foundation has committed an additional $45 million for equipment related to the redevelopment, to be distributed between 2024-2030. EXPENSE-TO-REVENUE RATIO: 16% REVENUE EXPENSES DISTRIBUTION
790,000 2022-2023 FINANCIALS
13,390,000 2,190,000
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more about the Bright Future redevelopment
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