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February 2020 Dear Readers, Wish every one of you had awesome holidays in January. In India , Exhibition Venues are the new talk and TFT is keeping tabs on the upcoming venues in the nation. Soon, redesigned and redevelopment of the largest venue in the country - Pragati Maidan will be seen by the world alongside new exhibition halls being built by Expo Center Noida, BIEC and HITEX Exhibition Center in Hyderabad alongside Renaissance Exhibition and Convention Center in Mumbai. TFT will concentrate on one such venue every edition for next quarter starting this month with the largest Exhibition and Convention Center in Gujarat- The Helipad Exhibition Center. We have this exclusive edition with Kamlesh Gohil, MD of K and D Communication Ltd and Helipad Exhibition Centre in Gandhi Nagar - talking on the venue and topics related to trade fairs in the state. TFT has consistently been focussing on Q and A in areas where 'Industry Leaders' discuss on different subjects. In this edition, we have three leading Industry Professionals who give us insights on various aspects of trade fairs. Do peruse the Exclusive Q and A's. Couple of acquisitions were made in January by the Messe's - NürnbergMesse acquired the SCaT India Trade Show taking its portfolio to 17 Exhibitions while Messe Muenchen India announced taking over of World Tea and Coffee Expo from Sentinel Exhibitions Asia Pvt Ltd. Messe Frankfurt India and Light India (ELCOMA) have mutually decided to merge the Delhi edition of the two biggest lighting trade shows. This vital move, titled "Light + LED Expo India 2020", will make the greatest stage for the business of lighting in the nation. With these mergers, anticipate that the shows reach to the next level. A decent number of shows are lined up in February. Do check our dedicated calendar for up-coming shows in India. Technology is the future! And what better way to prepare for it than gaining great insights through TechTalk, DigiTalk and Exhibition Talk. A Big Shout-out to Eddie from Exchange4Artist for providing with the Event Managers Horoscope and Exhibition Talk segment. We have Richard Erschik – one of the highest-rated Exhibitor Educators and Trainer from USA (Also referred to as the stand-up comedian in trade show exhibitor education). Learn with Richard is the segment where you’ll be enlightened with his talk. Do email and ask Richard your queries. A big thank you to Stephan Murtagh and Larry Kulchawik for sharing their wisdom with us on the Aspects of Exhibiting. I highly recommend Larry’s book “Trade Shows from One Country to the Next”. TFT congratulates Milind Dixit on being appointed the new Managing Director of Koelnmesse India. Stay Blessed and Keep Reading TFT! M Q Syed Editor-In-Chief,


February 2020

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Let the show begin! NürnbergMesse acquires SCaT India Tradeshow


India poised for exponential growth in aviation sector: Hardeep Puri

18 28th Convergence India 2020 and the co-located expos have been rescheduled! 20

What Event Creators Need to Know About Instagram Analytics


Wings India 2020 slated to take place in Hyderabad from March 12-15


Environment-friendly innovations to be the main focus at PLASTINDIA 2021


Booths Selling Fast at Gartex Texprocess India 2020 New Delhi Edition




UFI releases second edition of report on the exhibition industry’s contribution to UNSDGs


February 2020




February 28-29-01 March, 2020 South-Asia's Biggest Ever Beauty Fair

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February 2020

“The government has vastly aided the creation of infrastructure, majorly helping the trade fair industry” – Kamlesh Gohil I remember visiting first edition of IMTOS in 2007 and meeting with Kamlesh Gohil, the young and dynamic organiser with zeal to do "Big and Different", since then; I have only seen him working tirelessly and building his company brick by brick, K and D founded by him in 1997 with humble means and a strong desire is now a well recognised name in the exhibition sector both in India and Internationally . The Helipad Exhibition Centre is another feather in the cap of Kamlesh and his untiring team. Kamlesh, in this exclusive Q & A humbly talks about K and D Communication LTD., Exhibition Sector and Helipad Exhibition Centre with Bhavishya Boricha. Read full transcript of the interview and enjoy his insights on the sector. -M Q Syed, Editor -in- Chief TFT : How do you see the future of Trade Fair Industry in India? KG : Trade fairs of the 21st century are an instrument of the market economy, in personal marketing and effective communication between market participants. Visitor attendance is the key for any successful exhibition. The benefits include opportunities to network, collaborate, gain knowledge, develop skills and prepare for the future. As business-to-business marketing evolves, the range of different formats an organizer is able to produce must also expand. No one format can serve all the interests in a given market. An organizer will need to be skilled and flexible enough to produce event experiences, in various event formats, that will attract and hold a diverse and crossgenerational audience. The ability to create engaging events will increase in importance as a professional skill. This means developing the skills to translate research results into creative and marketing concepts that lead to the production of exhibitions and events that target the audience’s value and is implicitly one that both exhibitors and attendees want to attend. TFT : What can you say of the Indian Exhibition Industry? How much scope do you see and what changes are required for its betterment? Which are the things you believe are hindering the growth of the Industry here? KG : The current scenario in the


industry is reflecting growth for smaller exhibitions and organizers but for bigger exhibitions to grow we need better arrangements. The Exhibitions are transforming into a new paradigm, focusing on sector specific shows with immense efforts in terms of collaboration and Mergers and Acquisitions, with an initiative to consolidating the highly fragmented organizers. However, there are small changes that we need to make, and big positive results will follow. With better infrastructure and government support, the size will only grow in the upcoming years. To enhance our business share at global stage and sustain there in wake of tough business environment both at the domestic & international level, it is imperative for us to enhance our levels of competitiveness and also give due importance to technology & innovation. TFT : Narrowing our focus on the state – How does the Industry fare in Gujarat? KG : In Gujarat, the trade fair industry is certainly one of the rapidly growing industries. With the efforts being put in by the government in the creation and betterment of infrastructure and attracting major investors, I believe this facilitates the industry in a massive way and according to me, the Gujarat trade fair industry has massive potential. TFT : Tell us about your new venue – The Helipad Exhibition Centre – Gujarat’s Largest Exhibition and Convention

Centre. How do you propose it to be a crowd puller along with garnering more business? KG : Helipad Exhibition Centre, as you mentioned, is Gujarat’s Largest Exhibition and Convention Centre. It was established to elevate the experience of witnessing ideas in action from conventions and exhibitions to large scale private events. It has witnessed some of India’s most exciting summits and exhibitions. HEC offers the largest space and an ideal location amidst a lush green, peaceful environment. If the grandeur of the venue is not enough, >> Continued on page 10

February 2020

“The motto of grow and let grow is very important in any industry” – Kamlesh Gohil << Continued from page 8 the location, I consider, will be a major crowd puller, being in the capital of Gujarat, Gandhinagar and in close proximity to the city Ahmadabad.

better ways of marketing, the industry needs it all. TFT : How do you manage your professional and personal life?How do you cope with multi-tasking and stressful situations? Any tips for trade fair enthusiasts? KG : What has helped me deal with stressful situations is taking it one step at a time. I think this can help anyone in a stressful situation. If you don’t look at the situation as a whole but as a sum of its parts, it becomes a lot easier. In this case, solving one problem at a time, you will have come out of a situation without realising how stressful it is supposed to be. As for multi-tasking, it is a skill that can be developed with time, so to all the trade fair enthusiasts out there, don’t give up, success is just round the corner.

TFT : How has the response been for the venue so far? What plans are to be a part of the future? KG : The response has been more than satisfactory. The space accommodates and elevates the trade fairs we organise quite perfectly. Itsuccessfully attracts the kind of audience we aim at having at our exhibitions. TFT : What areyour expectations with the Venue? What do you guarantee to the investors and stakeholders? KG : While we have great expectations with the venue, it being an exceptional success with the previous events, a guarantee to the investors as has always been, continues to be, PROGRESS. TFT : From your perspective, tell us the positives and negatives of being a Show Organiser. KG : There are quite a few positives to being a show organizer. To keep meeting new and interesting people for instance and having a different and novel experience every time you work on a new show. There is a lot of scope for learning new things every day. Moreover, there is always a variety with each new show. There are still a few negatives though. The first and foremost that any show organiser would agree to, is the uncertainty. There are always things that go down in the event which are completely unexpected and are to be dealt with immediately no matter how much you prepare for it. Also, with the long and unusual working hours, it has proven to be one of the most stressful jobs even statistically speaking is one of the 5 most stressful jobs in the world. TFT : What do you think is the Government doing for the bettermentof the Trade Fair Industry in India? KG : As I mentioned earlier, the government has vastly aided the creation of infrastructure, majorly helping the trade fair industry. TFT : What according to you should be

December 2019

The motto of grow and let grow is very important in any industry. We are to pull each other to actually help the industry grow as a whole and benefit everybody. Apart from that, I think the constant focus should be on how we can serve better. Only a competitive industry is an industry that thrives. May it be finding new ways to use technology or finding better ways of marketing, the industry needs it all.

the focal points for the associations of Our Industry? KG : The motto of grow and let grow is very important in any industry. We are to pull each other to actually help the industry grow as a whole and benefit everybody. Apart from that, I think the constant focus should be on how we can serve better. Only a competitive industry is an industry that thrives. May it be finding new ways to use technology or finding

TFT : What will be your advice for a successful and sustainable event? KG : Through the years, some of the things that have helped me are; firstly, beginning well in advance. This is because for an event to flow smoothly, the planning should be as accurate as possible. Furthermore, one has to be flexible while dealing with an event because changes can take place at any time and you need to facilitate them. Also, it is important to always have a backup plan. TFT : What personal and professional motto(s) do you stand by? KG : Hard work is the key. No matter what challenge it may be, no matter at what standpoint life brings you, I believe that beneath hard work lie all your solutions and this is what I try to follow in both my professional and personal life. TFT : If you could go back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self? Which things would you like to do differently? KG : While I would want to do things differently and reverse all my decisions that have caused me to fail, it is through our failures that we grow. All my decisions have led me to become the person I am today. So to answer your question, no, I wouldn’t want to change even a bit of what I have experienced in life.



February 2020

Messe Muenchen India increases its footprint in beverage sector with the acquisition of World Tea & Coffee Expo Messe Muenchen India announces the acquisition of World Tea & Coffee Expo from Sentinel Exhibitions Asia Pvt Ltd. The trade fair is India’s only B2B platform and credible avenue for all the stakeholders of the hot and cold beverage sector. It is the dedicated trade fair for tea, coffee and allied sectors.

L - R: Mitesh Kapadia - Director, Sentinel Exhibitions Asia Pvt Ltd. and Bhupinder Singh - CEO, Messe Muenchen Mitesh Kapadia of Sentinel Exhibitions Asia Pvt Ltd commented, “World Tea & Coffee Expo aims to establish India as a hub for coffee, tea and allied beverages. I am glad to entrust Messe Muenchen India with World Tea & Coffee Expo and I am certain that they will successfully carry forward this vision

to the next level. Sentinel Exhibitions Asia extends full support to Messe Muenchen India to ensure this.” Bhupinder Singh, CEO, Messe Muenchen India commented, “World Tea & Coffee Expo will be an important addition to our portfolio of trade fairs catering to beverage and liquid food

industry. With World Tea & Coffee Expo, we aim to address the extensive sector of coffee and tea beverages in India and provide a launch pad for home-grown companies to exhibit to a global audience.” The upcoming edition of World Tea & Coffee Expo is scheduled in the fourth quarter of 2020 in Mumbai.

MSME International Trade Fair 2020 Concludes The eighth edition of MSME (Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) International Trade Fair has concluded. 350 MSMEs with 22 entrepreneurs from Iran and 10 members from Bangladesh participated in this event. The women entrepreneurs have also participated in this event. Seminars on different topics on food processing, agriculture were organized


the experts shared their opinions on the opportunities and scope available with t h e s t a t e gove r n m e n t fo r t h e entrepreneurs. The closing ceremony was presided by Sri U N Das, Additional Secretary, MSME Department, GoO, Sri P K Jena, MDOSFC, Sri P C Sahani, MD, OSIC, Sri S K Jena, DEPM, MeenaBehera, Addl. DI, Sri S K Sahoo, Director, MSMI, DI, Sri P C Nayak, G M, NSIC, Sri

SamarjeetMohanty, President OSSIA, Sri Satwik Swain, Secy. General, OASME, Sri SanjeevMohapatra, UCCI. The successful entrepreneurs who displayed their products in the fair were awarded in various categories. NSIC’s Technology Park was the main attraction of the fair. About four lakh visitors witnessed the event and the fair has made the business to the tune of 3.5 crores.

February 2020

Let the show begin! NürnbergMesse acquires SCaT India Tradeshow n The SCaT India Tradeshow presents new developments in the management and delivery of content plus related technologies. n NürnbergMesse India adds to its portfolio in the subcontinent’s booming entertainment and infotainment segment. n India is amongst the top 5 largest film industries in the world

With SCaT India Tradeshow NürnbergMesse India’s portfolio totals 17 events. (From left): Dinyar Contractor, DirectorSCaT Media & Consultancy LLP, Peter Ottmann, CEO NürnbergMesse Group, Sudeep Malhotra, Director SCaT Media & Consultancy LLP NürnbergMesse is expanding its international portfolio by acquiring the Indian exhibition SCaT India Tradeshow, which has been taking place in Mumbai every year since 1993. NürnbergMesse India, one of six international subsidiaries of NürnbergMesse, is ramping up its involvement in the booming entertainment and infotainment industry on the subcontinent. NürnbergMesse had already acquired the Broadcast India Show, India’s leading trade fair for production and post production in TV and film technology, in 2016. “With SCaT India, NürnbergMesse India is adding another show in the rapidly growing Indian infotainment industry,” says Peter Ottmann, CEO NürnbergMesse Group. The portfolio of the company’s Indian subsidiary totals 17 events meanwhile. “NürnbergMesse India is taking another step towards establishing itself as one of the most important trade fair organisers on the Indian subcontinent,” says Dr Roland Fleck, CEO NürnbergMesse Group. The 17 events organised by NürnbergMesse India already include the Broadcast India Show, the leading trade fair for production and post production for the infotainment industry. With innovations from the fields pro-audio, 3D, broadcasting, digital cinema, radio, mobile, IPTV and VR technology, the ‘BIS’ in Mumbai is the trade fair for Bollywood. “With the SCaT India Tradeshow in Mumbai we are extending our range with important technologies for the film and TV sector such as cable

December 2019

“The SCaT India Tradeshow is an excellent thematic match for our Broadcast India Show and adds a lot to our product range. The benefits for our customers are obvious: direct access to India’s huge market and better sales prospects in India under the proven quality standards of NürnbergMesse.”

Sonia Prashar Managing Director of NürnbergMesse India

and satellite technology, broadband cable technology, IPTV, DTH and software,” says Sonia Prashar, Managing Director of NürnbergMesse India. Technology for one of the largest TV industries in the world Since 1993, the SCaT India Tradeshow has been providing an annual overview of the products available in the TV technology sector in a market that is booming. According to the Broadcast Audience Research Council India, 197 million of the 298 million households in

India have at least one TV set. This is equivalent to a total coverage of 66 percent. According to KPMG, by 2021 there will be 201 million households on the subcontinent with a TV set. KPMG estimates that for 2018, the market shares will be 41 percent for digital cable connection and 42 percent satellite connection. The remainder is spread over free-to-air digital satellite channels and over-the-air TV (16 percent) as well as analogue cable connections (1 percent). Trade fair, workshops and magazine More than 100 exhibitors from 20 countries took part in the SCaT India Tradeshow in October 2019 in Mumbai. More than 400 companies and brands including CISCO, Irdeto, Verimatrix, Conax, General Instruments, Arris, Sumitomo, BK Tel and Inno Instruments. Every year, the event attracts around 20,000 trade visitors including network operators, dealers, service providers, co n s u l t a n c i e s , a u t h o r i t i e s a n d representatives of the Telco and media sectors. In addition, SCaT Media organises two-day technical workshops for companies and publishes 120-page monthly SCaT magazine for 40,000 readers. Sonia Prashar, Managing Director of NürnbergMesse India: “The SCaT India Tradeshow is an excellent thematic match for our Broadcast India Show and adds a lot to our product range. The benefits for our customers are obvious: direct access to India’s huge market and better sales prospects in India under the proven quality standards of NürnbergMesse.”



February 2020

“The world is waking up to the stringed instruments’ calling of protecting nature from further destruction” –Neel Kankani “Neel Kankani, Chairmanof Jute Products Development & Export Promotion Council, talked with TFT Reporter Adrija Dasgupta on things related to JUTEXPO 2020,held recently in P.C.Chandra Garden,Kolkata.” TFT : Kindly introduce yourself to our readers. NK : My name is Neel Kankani and I am the Chairman of Jute Products Development and Export Promotion Council (JPDEPC), which comes under the ministry of textiles. Our committee has its strong and well-knit members who have been working very hard to make this event a grand success. TFT : What is the main theme of JutExpo 2020? NK : There is no particular theme that we’ve set for this event but it is going to be an impressive international Buyer Sellers meet - The 2nd JutExpo 2020, in Kolkata, India. Although, Jute Expo is young, it has gained immense reputation in a short time. This platform offers the exhibitors a platform to learn, to share and to discuss their Jute related products amongst the stalwarts at both national and international levels. The two-day exposition includes a wide variety of jute and jute allied products, one to one discussions on the future of jute as daily use of fabric and development of jute as an Industry. This Expo gives a perfect platform to upcoming and budding entrepreneurs to expand their business. The aim of this expo is to generate awareness about jute in the international community.This expo give international buyers access to credible manufactures and exporters of jute diversified products based out of the state.Quality and commitmentto delivery blended with fair dealings and service to buyers which have earned us a loyal client base. TFT : Tell us about Jute Products Development and Export Promotion Council and its role. NK : Jute Products Development & Export Promotion Council (JPDEPC), an industry led body, was created under the Companies Act of 1956 with the principal purpose of giving added push to the initiatives required for taking export of Jute goods to a sustainable higher level. TFT : How is the growth and development of jute industry in India? NK : The jute industry is doing well with the world waking up to the stringed instruments’ calling of protecting nature from further destruction. Occupying an important place in the economy of India, jute is one of the major industries in the eastern region, particularly in West Bengal. Natural, biodegradable and ecofriendly, jute meets all the standards for safety. This explains why it is replacing plastic while fibres like sisal and hemp are known abroad, there is little awareness about jute. TFT : What are the latest trends and


changes in this industry? NK : Jute products are slowly becoming useful these days as people are waking up to conserve the environment. A lot of development can be seen in this industry. Jute is a very cheap alternative product. We can make blazers from it. Lots of research is going on here. A lot of digital prints, home-linen, home-furnishing items are made from jute products. TFT : What new innovations can be seen in this fair? NK : The call of the hour is innovation in jute. With very low and almost nil amount of water and carbon footprints, unlike cotton, jute is much in demand. Jute caters to lifestyle, interiors and accessory needs of people. Plastic cannot and should not be looked upon as an alternative to jute. TFT : How many countries are participating in this fair? Are they national based or international? NK : 42 countries are participating in this fair. There are both national as well as i n t e r n a t i o n a l ba s e d co m pa n i e s participating. TFT : How do you see the future of jute industry in India? NK : The future of jute industry is very bright. Natural jute products have been replacing plastic over time. The USP of jute is that it’s a biodegradable and ecofriendly product. West Bengal has the most number of jute mills as against Odisha and Vishakhapatnam which have just a few. Jute can be used as an alternative to plastic. Jute, the golden fibre, not only contributes to nature but is also safe. TFT : What are the stalls showcasing this year? NK : As you look around you’ll see the stalls showcasing promotional bags, souvenir bags, fancy bags, totes, drawstring bags, laptop bags, pouches, wire bags, garden bags, grocery bags, net bags for vegetables and fruits, non-woven bags, carpets, photo frames, calendars made from jute, table mats, coasters, etc. TFT : What difficulties and challenges exist in the jute industry? NK : The industry has lost competitiveness due to obsolete technology, higher prices and industrial sickness in the Jute mills. The industry has become unproductive and inefficient due to over dependence on jute sacks and non-diversification.

TFT : What is the association as well as the industry doing for environment conservation? NK : Sensitivity to environmental preservation has directed the efforts of the industry hugely towards reducing the carbon footprint in the process of manufacture. TFT : What will be your advice for a sustainable and successful show? NK : Staying true to the commitments is the key to successful and sustainable event.

February 2020

CII releases industrial growth document, delegation meets J&K LG Girish Chandra Murmu

India poised for exponential growth in aviation sector: Hardeep Puri

The delegation apprised the Lt Governor about its steadfast efforts and prime focus on development of J&K's priority sectors. A delegation of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Jammu and Kashmir called on Lieutenant Governor Girish Chandra Murmu at the Raj Bhavan to discuss issues of development and economic growth in the union territory, an official spokesman said. The delegation led by CII Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) Chairman Rajesh Sharma congratulated the Lt Governor for administration’s consistent efforts towards improving the overall environment for development of industrial sector and for making committed efforts for organising the upcoming global investors’ summit in J&K. The delegation apprised the Lt Governor about its steadfast efforts and prime focus on development of J&K’s priority sectors. It also informed Lt Governor about the impediments that need to be immediately addressed for J&K’s holistic development vis-a-vis improving the road, rail and air connectivity, extension of freight corridors up to J&K, industrial package for local industries, promotion of food processing and agro-based industries, taxation issues, extension of rehabilitation benefits to all the stressed loan accounts. The trade body also said that it was keen on collaborating with the government by being a part of the advisory and consultation process to create conducive environment for growth of industrial sector in J&K. During the interaction, the Lt Governor also released CII document on “Agenda for Growth and Development for Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir” and assured the delegation of necessary support from the government for ensuring balanced development with focus on inclusive growth, the spokesman said. He informed the delegation that a robust and comprehensive industrial policy encompassing various aspects is in the offing which would address several unattended issues affecting the industrial growth and development in J&K.

December 2019

Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri has said that India is poised for an exponential growth in the aviation sector. Speaking at the curtain raiser event for Wings India 2020 in New Delhi, Puri said, there will be a structured privatisation as well.

Wings India 2020 is an international exhibition and conference on civil aviation sector slated to be held at Begumpet Airport, Hyderabad from March 12 to 15 this year. The Minister said, all airports in the country are going to be expanded and modernised.



February 2020

Koelnmesse India: Milind Dixit appointed as the new Managing Director Effective 1 January 2020, Milind Dixit (56) has taken over the position as Managing Director at the Koelnmesse subsidiary Koelnmesse YA Tradefair Pvt. Ltd. in India. The move will place him in charge of headquarters in Mumbai as well as branches in Hyderabad and New Delhi. India is an important region of focus for Koelnmesse: The subsidiary there is the first point of contact for Indian companies in connection with their trade fair participation in Cologne, India and all over the world. As Gerald Bรถse, President and Chief Executive Officer of Koelnmesse GmbH emphasises, "India is a very important market for us. In future, we want to expand our business there even further. We look forward to working with the trade fair manager with a proven track record." Milind Dixit is already looking forward to his new role: "Together with my team, I want to drive expansion of the trade fair business within India even further, strengthening existing business and developing new events. Our objective is also to increase the number of Indian exhibitors and visitors in Cologne." The subsidiary he will lead, which was founded as a joint venture in 2008, is currently responsible for six events in India and for sales of Koelnmesse events worldwide to Indian customers. In the spirit of tapping into global markets, many Indian companies already attend trade fairs in Cologne: There were around 500 Indian exhibitors represented at events in Cologne in 2019 - with a total exhibition space of more than 10,500 square metres. The result in terms of visitorship is likewise pleasing: Nearly 3,000 Indian visitors came to trade fairs in Cologne last year. In addition to topics within the core competence of Koelnmesse - such as food and food technology - the portfolio in the Indian market also extends to topics such as foundry technology and chemical processing. Besides to Annapoorna ANUFOOD India, another particularly successful event that stands out is ANUTEC - International FoodTec India, which is held alternately in Mumbai and New Delhi and regarded as a mainstay for the food-producing industry in India. Dixit already brings more than 28 years' experience in the trade fair sector: He has several years' combined


experience in international trade fairs with UBM India Pvt Ltd, Business India Exhibitions and Plastindia Foundation. He has also worked at Koelnmesse in India for a year: "In my position as Assistant General Manager, I already had an opportunity to take the atmosphere of Koelnmesse, so I am all the more pleased to return to structures that are already familiar to me." Dixit succeeds Ashwani Pande, who was co-founder of the subsidiary in 2008 and left Koelnmesse effective 31 December 2019. The subsidiary currently has a workforce of 23 employees.

Milind Dixit

February 2020

“Gen X is more conscious towards Beauty & Fitness” – Mustafa Khan “Mustafa A Khan, CEO of Brandsun Promotion, talks with TFT in a one on one. He shares his thoughts about things related to the Upcoming Edition of India International Beauty Fair (IIBF) 2020.” TFT :Greetings! This being the maiden edition of IIBF, are you nervous? What are your thoughts before the show? MK : Not at all, Yes, indeed this is our maiden attempt but I am sure we will professionally be able to move ahead. Our past associations and participation in such fairs will stand us in good stead. TFT : What is the main reason of organising this exhibition? What objective does it hold? Is this a B2B or B2C show? MK : The reason behind this exhibition is to create a bridge between local and global Beauty and Cosmetics industries bringing them together so that we can understand the potential need of Beauty and Cosmetics in this emerging India and serve them better. This is a B2B & B2C exhibition. The Major Objectives of this event is to help Industries setting up their roots in local market to serve customers well. TFT : How many exhibitors are participating? Are the participants only from India or from other countries as well? What is the exhibitor profile for this show? MK : It is difficult to give a number to a show of this magnitude. I would say a large number of participants have already registered and more exhibitors are joining from both India and Abroad. TFT : Who should visit this exhibition? What are your expectations regarding the footfall? MK : Manufacturers, Distributors, Business Planners, Entrepreneurs who are looking forward to acquire the potential market in Class A & Class B Cities should visit this show. Although this show is for general public as well who wants to explore the trends in Fashion and Beauty Industries. The Expected footfall for this event should be approx. 30000 in number. TFT : The show was originally to be organised in 2019, what caused the delay? How did you handle the exhibitors to participate after this delay? MK : I am glad to inform that a large number of our exhibitors have expressed their ability to participate this year. Acceding to their demand, we have decided to organise the show this year. TFT : Can you elaborate for our readers, what topics and issues will be discussed at the conference / seminar? MK : The major topics to discuss would be on how to understand the need of the market considering the industry, what are the possible ways to enhance the production

December 2019

and distribution network across A class and B class Cities in India. How can we make things affordable for customer by minimizing the production and distribution cost for the manufacturer. TFT : Kindly explain the theme of the show for this year? MK : The Theme of this event is Beauty Beyond Boundaries. TFT : What is going to be the highlight of this year’s show? MK : The highlight of the Show is the Brands which are coming from 10 Different Countries, 30000 B2B Visitors from all cross India, Bollywood celebrities during the events, Industry experts from fashion and Cosmetics Industries. TFT : Tell us something about the breakthrough innovations in the Beauty Industry this year? MK : Beauty & Fashion is forever and it is increasing its potential year by year, Considering Indian market there is lots of requirements which needs to be served better which provoked us to create the market place for this industry starting from Mumbai. The overall Beauty Business in India is growing rapidly with the cosmetics market growing at 15-20% annually. The retail beauty and cosmetics market in India currently estimated at USD 950 million is pegged at USD 2.68 billion by the year 2020. The beauty care market in India is likely to become the main contributor to the growth of Indian wellness industry and it consists of salons, cosmetic products, cosmetics treatment centres and cosmetic products. Women contribute to over 85% of the Salon industry revenue, while men’s hair is the next wave set to hit the Indian Salon Industry. The Indian Cosmetics Industry has seen a tremendous growth in the last few years due to rising beauty concerns among both men and women. It was revealed that colour cosmetics market is growing at a rapid rate in comparison to other segments. As for the International players already present in India, there has been a slew of beauty products makers have lined up to cash in on a business boom in India. TFT : What do you guarantee to the exhibitors of this show? What is the ROI for the exhibitors of this trade show? MK : Talking on figures is unjustified, since every product has different revenue model. But we guarantee that every exhibitor will define new heights in their business by meeting such potential influencers of market who are driving today’s India. The

exhibitors will gain an impressive exposure to both Indian and international key players and the trends that are gaining fast currency in the western market ; thereby influencing in markets such as India. TFT : What do you think is the future of Cosmetics or Beauty Industry in India? MK : Just One Word “Bright” Most of the international brands are trying to cash in on the huge appetite for foreign cosmetic brands in India amid growing spending power among the country's large section of women, thanks to the increasing number of ladies entering the corporate workforce every year. On an average, working women intend to spend 35% or more of their income on themselves TFT : How much support is this Industry getting from relative associations? How does the Beauty& Cosmetics Industry here fare compared to the other countries? MK : As of now the ASSOCHAM, FIEO and INDIA’S Premier Trade promotion body namely India Trade promotion Organisation (ITPO) has already joined hands and more and more international trade bodies are working to join hands. TFT : What advice would you like to give on creating or sustaining a successful trade show? MK : As a Organizer, I feel, one must be highly focussed and have a keen eye for the details on both the quality of exhibitors and what they are bringing to the table. Certainly, financial management of holding the show is the key to success.



February 2020

India’s biggest lighting shows LED Expo and Light India to merge: Messe Frankfurt Messe Frankfurt India, the organisers of LED Expo and Light India (which is organised in association with ELCOMA, the apex body of the lighting industry) have mutually decided to merge the Delhi editions of the two biggest lighting trade shows. The strategic move will create the biggest platform for the business of lighting in the country, titled “Light + LED Expo India 2020”.

Smart lighting technologies are the future. But the integration of LEDs with smart lighting, automation and networked building-systems are changing businesses as people know it. Representing the lighting and building technology sector’s growth markets worldwide through Messe Frankfurt’s global Light + Building brand, the German exhibition company stands as one of the leading exhibition organisers for the sector. India’s biggest lighting shows – LED Expo and Light India (in association with ELCOMA) are part of the group’s global building technology portfolio. For the domestic industry, Light India has rightfully gained recognition as one of the most promising and important trade fairs in the country. While LED Expo takes place twice a year in Mumbai and Delhi and showcases advancements in LED technology and its applications, Light India takes place biennially and represents the future of what smart and connected lighting will look like. “As organisers of the two leading shows, we are preparing for a dynamic future for the Indian lighting industry and envision bringing sector players together at a focused platform that represents everything under ‘smart lighting technologies’. The strategic merger is a confident step towards creating what will become the biggest platform for the business of lighting in the country.” Michael Dehn, General Manager – Sales & Marketing, Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India said at the opening of LED Expo in New Delhi. “For the Messe Frankfurt Group, this will also be its biggest exhibition in India in its portfolio of 20 trade fairs and 30+ conferences.” Dehn added The announcement of the merger was made at the opening of LED Expo


Light + LED Expo India 2020 will play a key role in enabling building technology players’ access to the Indian market and expand business collaboration power for the sector. On the domestic front, the unified exhibition platform will combine industry efforts to help improve LED adoption, technological exchange and competitiveness of domestic players.

Raj Manek, Managing Director, Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India Pvt Ltd.

in New Delhi where the organisers also unveiled the new brand “Light + LED Expo India” retaining the identity of both the successful tradeshow brands. Talking about the strategic move, ELCOMA President RajuBista said: “India has been the fastest country in the world to adopt and accept the LED Lighting. Experts predict that India will convert entire lighting to LED in another two to three years, while there are so many other countries which are probably going to take another six to eight years for the same. With this background, we are preparing for a forward-looking and progressive lighting industry in India. Under ELCOMA’s Vision 2022, our goal is to ensure all LED products are made in India. We also aim to build India as

an export hub in the lighting segment. In the midst of this positive scenario, it is very important for us to look at the next Light + LED Expo India 2020, which is a 100% merger of Light India and LED Expo organised by Messe Frankfurt. This merger will deliver all inputs for fulfilling our Vision 2022.” In India, LED now dominates the lighting market with an 80% share. According to report from the Electric Lamp and Component Manufacturers Association (ELCOMA), the Indian LED market is expected to grow to INR 261 billion by 2020, which is approximately 80 per cent of the total lighting industry. The Industry is maturing in its technology adoption and scalability. ShyamSujan, Secretary General, ELCOMA shared: “The year 2020 will see a well matured lighting industry in India as we will be celebrating 50 years of ELCOMA in India. The merger of Light India and LED Expo exhibitions will provide a dynamic platform for a celebration with an ambition to look at ELCOMA’s future plans to make India a manufacturing and export hub for the lighting industry. We are glad that Messe Frankfurt has laid down meaningful programs for the first unified edition of Light + LED Expo India in December 2020.” With LED advancements growing rapidly, Messe Frankfurt will continue to host LED Expo twice a year (Mumbai & Delhi editions) in the odd years. However, in the even years, the Indian subsidiary will come together with ELCOMA to host Light + LED Expo India in Delhi. LED Expo Mumbai remains a standalone annual edition. As per this new format, 2020 will see LED Expo Mumbai edition (07 – 09 May) followed by the first unified edition of Light + LED Expo India in the last quarter.

February 2020

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February 2020

Lifestyle Connoisseur 2020: Exhibition Unlimited to organise the 2 month extravaganza on Handloom and Handicrafts An excellent opportunity to shop for the near and dear ones Delhi based Exhibition Unlimited (EXUN) brings to you 'Stunning Eternal Creations' for two days on at Aga Khan Hall, 6 Bhagwan Dass Road, Delhi, after a series of successful events which met with overwhelming response. Exhibitions held under its aegis are mainly aimed at projecting and dissipating the strength of Indian Art and Artisans for their livelihood. The event is focused on various forms of Art – contemporary to modern era in the form of art, craft, apparels – contemporary & ethnic, furnishing, jewelry- Silver, Semi Precious/ Artificial & Costume, handicrafts, interiors & artifacts, home décor, purses & bags, footwear, accessories, show pieces, gifts, novelties and what not!....... All these items are on display under one roof offering the visitors a unique opportunity to buy from women entrepreneur to indirectly supporting the women at different part of India. Patronized and inaugurated by eminent personalities like Shri S P Malviya, former Union Minister, Shri Ashish Makhija, President, Rotary Club Delhi , Shri Safdar H.Khan, Chairman of Minorities Comm - Delhi , Shri Atul S Wassan (Cricketer & Cricket

Commentator), Hockey Legend - Shri Zafar Iqbal - Padma Shri and Arjun Awardee , Mohsina Kidwai, MP Rajya Sabha, O P Mishra, Director (NDMC) , Marie Elangovan ( B h a ra t h a n a t y a m E x p o n e n t ) & Govindrajan Elangovan (Vocalist & Nattuvanar), Dr Mairajuddin Ahmed , Former Irrigation Minister (UP) , Fo r m e r C h a i r m a n U P e x p o r t Corporation Ltd, and Tibor Kovács (Director, Cultural Counsellor) & Mrs. Orsolya Kovács-Jármy ,Balassi Institute - Hungarian Info and Cultural Centre and Mr Gianluca Grandi , Dy Head of Mission, Embassy of Italy, Prof. Danish Iqbal )(Playwright) , Dr Lavlin Thadani (Artist), Shamina Shafiq - Former Member National Commission for Women , Subha Rajan Tampi , Head External Relations - CII , Angeli Kapoor Puri , Founder & Chairperson - The A n ge l i Fo u n d a t i o n , Ne e l a m Mansharamani - Soulful Artist & a

28th Convergence India 2020 and the co-located expos have been rescheduled! The World Health Organisation (WHO) has advised that the respiratory virus outbreak in China is an emergency, which could have serious consequences around the world, as more people come into contact with infected individuals. As of now, eighteen Chinese cities are locked down to contain the virus, and countries worldwide are taking steps to prevent spread of a global pandemic. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, has escalated its health warning to level 2, an alert to a potential threat, and recommends enhanced precautions as the coronavirus continues to spread – advising individuals to avoid all nonessential travel to Asian countries. Some cases have been observed in India, and it is recommended to limit exposure in large congregations until the virus is contained. Exhibitions India Group is strongly committed to provide robust safety to all our exhibitors and visitors, and to support the government’s efforts in controlling the coronavirus outbreak. The health of our show attendees is our primary concern. As a precautionary measure, we are rescheduling the 28th Convergence India from 19-21 February 2020, and are working with the show venue management for new dates, which will be advised shortly.


Super Mom , Kanwarani Sohinder Nabha ( From Royal Family of Nabha) Former President - Women`s International Club & Rotary Club of Delhi South Cosmopolitian , Chairperson of Indo American Chamber of Commerce women`s Committee , Manjari Chaturvedi is a popular Sufi Kathak dancer of India , Shikha Khare, Kathak Exponent , U.P. Sangeet Natak Academy Awardee , Arch of Excellence Award winner & Jannabi Das, Playback Singer and Song Writer, and a artist of international repute, Ridhi Bahl Astrologer & Vastu Consultant and the like, the organizer brings designers of Life Style items from different parts of the country under one roof. Exhibitors are carefully chosen for the uniqueness of their products. Visitor Profile The targeted visitors at Lifestyle Connoisseur Exhibition are: Boutique/ Housewives and students, Fashion professional, Merchandisers, Corporate Buyers, Retailers, Media & other related professionals & General Public. This will obviously attract the gentry from the cultural and economic strata of the s o c i e ty t h e re by b e n e f i t i ng t h e exhibitors.

February 2020


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Unit 1411, 14/Floor, Cosco Tower,183 Queens Road, Central Sheung Wan, Hong Kong +91 99207 35930 Ceo.India@WEA-AGENCY.COM

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What Event Creators Need to Know About Instagram Analytics Instagram is generally known for its high commitment rates - anyway does that engagement have any effect on your deals? You should no doubt answer that question to legitimize the time spent on the stage. To follow your Instagram endeavors and see the outcome after some time, you should realize how to follow Instagram analytics, absolutely what to track, and how to disentangle what you're following. Here's the methods by which to start. Followers With Instagram Insights, you can gauge the improvement of your devotees and see fundamental metrics on gender, age and location. These are information focuses you can use to intend your substance for your crowd as it develops. Post Engagement Instagram Insights gives central metrics on preferences, remarks and shared posts. Assess how your posts are performing on some irregular day or for instance, after some time. With this information, you can modify your posting plan. You can in like manner center around what kind of posts are performing best. Do recordings get more thought than pictures? Do people will in general like posts that incorporate performers over scene shots? Story Engagement 33% of the most observed stories on Instagram start from organizations. In any case, are yours having the stuff? Instagram Insights gives you: Number of impressions (people who saw your Story), number of unique accounts who saw your Story, taps forward (to skirt certain Story posts), taps back (to rewatch), answers, swipe-aways (ricocheting from your Stories through and through), courses out (bye, Stories). By concentrating on these numbers, you can gauge how well your story technique is performing after some time. On the off chance that you see that people consistently skip from your Instagram Stories, you're accomplishing something inaccurately. On the off chance that they tap back over specific sorts of Stories, those ones are motivating interest and commitment. Use that data to sharpen and refine your system, focusing on improving one measurement on the double. Influencer Engagement On the off chance that you need to discover influencers to work with, focus on metrics like "Top Mention" — a post someone else made that notices you. Likewise, focus around "Top Follower" — your adherent who has the best number of supporters of their own. These numbers demonstrate common fits to help advance your event image.


Ad Performance There is a heap of publicizing choices on Instagram. You can make advertisements without any preparation,

advance a post, or convert a Story into a promotion. In case you're attempting any or these strategies, it 's critical you track their presentation.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Next Event Regardless of your expertise level, arranging an occasion includes a highlevel of vulnerability. To assist you reduce the vulnerability level that typically goes with the arranging logistics, here is a list of errors to know about when dealing with your next event. Not having a strategy for your event Planning events is expensive. Beside money, you'll also need to contribute time and cooperation. You can abstain from committing this mistake by distinguishing your business objectives and how the event will assist you with accomplishing those objectives. Having this system as a main priority, you'll have the option to send those activities that will carry you closer to your objectives. Executing everything manually In spite of the fact that it appears digitizing event coordination is an absolute necessity, there are still organizations, brands, and groups dealing with the event manually, rather than obtaining event management software. From building the event site and registering the attendees to ensuring the fee transfers and designing the badges, there's no deficiency of tasks that can be automatized, setting aside you time and cash. Not giving yourself enough time to plan the event No matter your level of efficiency, arranging an event is a tremendous task. So scheduling a gathering or product launch for the following week will lead you to add up to total chaos and despair. You need more time to design it. Always remember that you’ll

need enough time to manage the logistics and guarantee an amazing promoting effort. Promoting the event too late You won't have the option to pull in a huge group if your organization or business has zero ability to see or associates ineffectively with its possibilities. Consider it: When you have a blog, yet no peruses, you can't anticipate remarks or a great deal of natural traffic. Something very similar happens when you're attempting to promote an event without being dynamic via social media or having a crowd of people that tails you and k n ow s a b o u t yo u r i m a ge o r organization. To begin with, you have to try sure that your promoting endeavors are giving you efforts in terms of generating demand and assembling a crowd. At that point, stress over arranging the event. Forgetting about your work/life balance When arranging an event, you have two choices. The primary alternative is to abhor it, however work like insane and wear out. The subsequent one is to adore it, however work like insane and wear out. The two methodologies are wrong. Steady pressure, vulnerability, and a mountain of various tasks we as event professionals have to deal with regularly may generate a series of unpleasant experiences. Uneasiness, eagerness, and even fits of anxiety are regularly the aftereffects of a broken work-life balance. So ensure you shield yourself from wearing out, care more for your well-being, and reestablish your vitality consistently.

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Trade Show Organizers Need to Focus on 3 Important Objectives Richard Erschik nurtures a passion to teach trade show exhibitors short cuts he learned the hard way as an exhibitor in a major U.S. industry. He is among the highest rated exhibitor educators, and trainers in the country. He has been a Roundtable moderator, FastTrak instructor, and featured speaker and presenter at the EXHIBITOR Show in Las Vegas for 18-years.Phone/Text 630-642-6500 Show organizers that provide experiential training for their exhibitors accomplish all 3 of the above objectives and much more. Let me explain. Few show organizers know that 26% of their exhibitors are rarely trained, and 27% of exhibitors are never trained. Source: And/orthat their exhibiting companies’ trade show managers spend less than 5 years in their job. Source: the Trade Show Exhibit Manager Academy Therefore, their exhibiting companies’ trade show managers are simply repeating the outdated processes and mistakes of their predecessors, and consequently, their exhibitors are achieving less than satisfactory Return On Investment (ROI.) No positive ROI forces exhibitors to drop out of the show, which forces the show organizer into panic mode to replace the dropouts. Sound familiar? It’s all a vicious circle that can be totally circumvented by education. And show organizers that provide (proper) education to their exhibitors are winning BIG. Proper exhibitor education teaches exhibitors how to use the names they already have for pre-show promotion and invitation to their booth. Thereby, increasing overall show attendance, the number of visitors that exhibitors get to their booth, and the number of leads that exhibitors get from the show. Proper exhibiter education teaches exhibitors the best practices used in sales lead response, which assures 100% lead follow up - from which they increase sales and generate the positive ROI they need to justify show cost. So certainly, exhibitors will come back to the next show to repeat their success. Proper exhibitor education increases show organizers’ NPS from which everyone wins! * NPS (Net Promoter Score) measures customer experience and predicts resultant business growth. A company named Explori www. teamed up with UFI www.


n Getting more attendees in the aisles of their trade show, so their exhibitors get more visitors to their booth and leads from the show. n Exhibitor ROI, so they exhibit again in the organizer’s next show. n Higher NPS*, so their exhibitors look at their show organizer as a partner, not a pilfer. for in-depth research into the exhibition industry. Titled ‘Global Exhibitor Insights’ the study builds on the UFI/Explori Global Visitor Insights report released in November, 2017. uploads/2017/11/UFI_Explori_Global_ Exhib_Insights-2017-members.pdf The new report, Global Exhibitor Insights, provides an overview of the experience and intentions of exhibitors at trade shows across the world. The research aims to give event and trade show organizers a deeper understanding of the patterns and trends that drive positive and negative exhibitor experiences and the objectives and behaviors that underlie them. Key findings from the report… n Only 25% of trade shows have a positive Net Promoter Score (NPS.) Globally, exhibitors rate the exhibitions they attend with a

negative average NPS of -17 (that’s minus 17.) 25 per cent of shows have an NPS of less than -36 (that’s minus 36.) n Shows with higher exhibitor NPS are more likely to experience growth. 71% of shows with positive NPS are experiencing growth in exhibitor numbers whereas only 32% of shows with negative exhibitor NPS do. In addition, more than twice as many high NPS shows are experiencing notable revenue growth when compared to low NPS shows. n Trade shows that offered (and provided) exhibitor training for their exhibitors; saw a 23 point boost in NPS vs. shows that did not. In summary, why should trade show organizers offer and provide training for their exhibitors? The short answer is, because no one else is. The longer answer is, because there are no formal academic courses that teach trade show exhibiting.And that poor ROI and low exhibitor satisfaction, even at shows with very high visitor numbers, is an issue that can be addressed with exhibitor training. Indeed, exhibitor training counters poor exhibitor performance. About the author. Richard Erschik was a successful exhibitor in a major USA industry for 2 decades. Today, he nurtures a passion to teach exhibit managers the short cuts to trade show success that he learned the hard way. He is recognized as the highest rated exhibitor educator and trainers in the world. He works with global trade show organizers to help their exhibitors achieve the ROI they need from trade show exhibiting. He has been a Roundtable moderator, FastTrak instructor, and featured speaker and presenter at the EXHIBITOR Show in Las Vegas for 18-years. Richard@ExhibitorTrainingWebinar. com Phone/Text 630-642-6500

February 2020

Did you Discover the Exhibit Industry? Or did it Discover you? I recently read an article about how most of us working in the trade show industry had discovered it by accident. Everyone has a story to tell about how they got started in the industry. Every time I get a chance to speak about the Expo/Event Industry, to people in the expo business, I tell the same story… “The trade show and events industry generates $100 billion in revenue in the US. It ranks #22 in contribution to the GNP, higher than agriculture and the printing industry, yet few, if any, in this room have gone to school specifically to get into it. We have each fumbled into it.” We all have our own unique story about how it all began for us. As a result, we have each discovered an industry we have grown to love, and are proud of the good fortune that we have fallen in to. In many cases, the educational training we received before discovering this industry directly and indirectly applied to jump-start our success. So to say that no one has training in our industry is incorrect. We all have had training in one form or the other (our college degree) that applied to make us successful in the exhibit marketing business. The question I now raise is “Should an industry this powerful and influential continue to attract its talent by accident? Or is it time to start attracting talent on purpose?” Why not promote and provide training programs designed to prepare our future with the needed skills to grow face to face marketing? In spite of our many self-taught industry experts, we have become darn good at what we do for the clients we serve. Trial and error perfected iur skills. Various industry organizations have developed certification programs for exhibit managers and suppliers- CTSM (Certified Trade Show Marketer), CEM (Certified Exhibit Manager), and number of others overseas. All contribute to raising the bar of professionalism with our industry. Regarding exhibit design training, EDPA and other industry groups have supported exhibit design education programs for many years. The undergraduate exhibit design degree program at Bemidji State, and the master’s degree program at FIT in NYC both are assisted and supported by EDPA and Exhibitor Magazine. The design graduates of these college programs will not have the same stories

December 2019

“The trade show and events industry generates $100 billion in revenue in the US. It ranks #22 in contribution to the GNP, higher than agriculture and the printing industry, yet few, if any, in this room have gone to school specifically to get into it. We have each fumbled into it.”

to tell as we all have. Did you discover the exhibit industry, or did it find you? We all needed a job and began without ever realizing the depth and opportunities that awaited us. Many years ago I studied at Southern Illinois university under a professor (Buckminster Fuller) who filled me with ideas and methods to solve design problems. I then graduated with a degree in Design (and strong training in architecture) and had no idea what I would do upon graduating. Kinda scary, but more typical than not for most students with a general degree. Low and behold I found a job designing trade show exhibits and discovered an industry! My good friend Richard Erschik has been in the exhibit industry for the past 44 years. He has been a top educational speaker at the Exhibitor Show for 18 years and now lives in South Florida conducting educational webinars directed to show organizers and exhibiting professionals. His communication skills are superb. Rich recently amended his popular webinar entitled “Get the MOST from PRE-DURING-POST trade show exhibiting” to include a prominent section that describes expo associations as a valuable source to discover viable career opportunities for college graduates and service veterans looking for work. Aside from his involvement in the trade show industry, Rich is the president of his local Toastmasters Club,

a Vietnam veteran, the instructor of the M i a m i D a d e C o l l e g e's Yo u n g Entrepreneur’s Academy program, and an active South Dade chamber board member serving on their Marketing and Military Affairs Committees. “When I mention dedicated industry associations and the trade show industry to college student members of Toastmasters, and the military personnel I interact with at Homestead Air Reserve Base, they never heard of either” , says Richard Erschik. Another industry veteran, Jeff Bartle, Chief Creative Officer at 3D Exhibits, Inc got his degree in industrial design in Detroit and looked to be an auto designer. Somehow one thing led to another and he found himself designing exhibits for the auto industry. Jeff has been a major supporter of exhibit design education for many years and continues to do so. There are many opportunities to consider in the world of trade show marketing and als museum, interior, retail, and event design. Today, design companies overlap their skills and do design projects in all these areas. The trade show industry and its suppliers must do a better job promoting our industry to skilled up and comers looking for a career. It most cases, they don’t know what they don’t know. As the expo/event industry continues to grow we should thank our lucky stars for discovering a career we love. Let’s continue to build awareness of the trade show industry so that more will dive into it intentionally, rather than falling into the expo industry by accident.



February 2020

Wings India 2020 slated to take place in Hyderabad from March 12-15 The Union Minister expressed confidence that the Indian civil aviation sector will soon have 2,000 flights operating in the country.

India grows as hot-spot for

Exhibition M&A

Get in touch with EXHICON to know more

Wings India 2020, an international exhibition and conference on civil aviation sector, will be held at Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad from March 12 to 15. At a curtain raiser event here, Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri sought active participation from the stakeholders for the same. Pursuant to the success of Wings 2019, MOCA and FICCI is organising WINGS India 2020, "providing a congenial forum catering to the rapidly changing dynamics of the sector, focusing on new business acquisition, investments, policy formation and regional connectivity." The event will provide a fillip to the aviation and restructured focused forums will be instrumental in attaining the objective of connecting the buyers, sellers, investors and other stakeholders at a common forum. Puri on January 09 said that privatisation will strengthen the civil aviation sector in the country. "We are currently in the process of a privatisation programme for our flight carriers. According to projections, privatisation will strengthen the civil aviation sector and contribute to the expansion of the sector both in the short and medium term," he said. The Union Minister expressed confidence that the Indian civil aviation sector will soon have 2,000 flights operating in the country. "My projection indicates that not only will we have 2,000 aircraft in the sky soon, but in the coming years Delhi and Jewar airport combine will be bigger


Chennai Trade Centre with its present capacity has been achieving an occupancy rate of 75%, which is the highest for any such centre in India. But given our size, we were not been able to attract large international exhibitions, which look for a minimum 30,000 sqm of space.

V R Subbulaxmi Managing Director, TNTPO.

than Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted combination, which handle 140 million passengers," Puri said. "Delhi airport today is literally bursting and wants to grow. Even if we have a fourth runway, we may handle a traffic of 100 million people," he added. Puri said that while India is currently facing a penetration in civil aviation of as little as 7-8 per cent, the same is expected to grow as high as 15, 20 and even 25 per cent in the near future. "In spite of turbulence in the sector, particularly characterised by the secession of operations of one air carrier, between December 2018 and April 2019, the sector has registered a growth of 11.03 per cent on a year-on-year basis for November 2019," he said.

MERGERS and acquisitions (M&A) activities are intensifying in India as more international exhibition organisers are drawn to the region in search of growth opportunities, with the number of such transactions rising high, and with our decade and a half old relationship with Exhibition Organisers EXHICON has first-hand market intelligence on who is buying, which countries they are investing in and what they want to buy, together with trends on prices paid.

To facilitate the growth in M & A in India EXHICON has opened a new M & A division.

If you wish to buy, sell, acquire, or partner with Indian Exhibitions/Organisers Do write to us on

February 2020

Environment-friendly innovations to be the main focus at PLASTINDIA 2021 The 11th edition of the country’s largest plastics industry event will see the participation of more than 2,000 exhibitors from India and overseas The 11th edition of PLASTINDIA, which will be held at New Delhi in February 2021, will be bigger than the previous editions, and will focus on responsible innovation to conserve the environment. PLASTINDIA, the third-largest exhibition of its kind in the world and the largest in India is held once every three years. Its 10th edition had taken place in Gandhinagar in 2018 and the 11th will take place at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi from February 4-8 next year, and showcase India as a global hub for sourcing processed items related to plastics, raw material, machinery and other products for use in different segments. Over the years, PLASTINDIA has emerged as the biggest and the most successful platform to showcase worldclass innovations and products from the Indian plastics industry that are also used in a host of other sectors. “The plastics industry is making a significant contribution to economic development across sectors in the country, and its growth is critical for the overall economy. Plastics are an integral part of automotive, agriculture, horticulture, construction, medical equipment, healthcare, irrigation, sanitation, sports, plastic composites and packaging, and other sectors, and the industry continues to break into newer areas. We are confident that the next edition of PLASTINDIA will further consolidate its position as the largest such show in India. Technology advancements would also cover current focus areas of artificial intelligence, robotics, sustainability, ” Ajay Shah – Chairman, National Executive Council, PLASTINDIA 2021. While their efforts are dedicated to the growth of the plastics industry, Plastindia Foundation is proactively engaged in enabling sustainable growth of the industry, with an enhanced focus on quality, human health, and environment. “In tune with the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the focus of PLASTINDIA 2021 will be on using plastic responsibly to minimize its impact on the environment. There is a need to create awareness about recycling and reusing plastic, and adopting better waste management techniques,” added Shah. The 10th edition of PLASTINDIA saw 1,800 exhibitors, of which 550 were international exhibitors representing 44 countries, with close to 2.50 lakh visitors.

December 2019

L-R: Ajay-Shah - Chairman,National Executive Council, PLASTINDIA and Jigish Doshi - President, PLASTINDIA-Foundation

In tune with the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the focus of PLASTINDIA 2021 will be on using plastic responsibly to minimize its impact on the environment. There is a need to create awareness about recycling and reusing plastic, and adopting better waste management techniques. Ajay Shah Chairman, National Executive Council, PLASTINDIA 2021.

The 11th edition of PLASTINDIA will be bigger than the previous editions and surpass the landmarks created in terms of exhibitors, participants, size of the exhibition, overseas participation and visitors. “PLASTINDIA 2021 will see presence of more than 2,000 exhibitors from India and over 45 countries, and with quality business visitors. Our vision is to make Plastindia 2021 as a world class event at the modernized Pragati Maidan to ensure

a memorable and rewarding experience to all.” said Shah. P L A S T I N D I A 202 1 w i l l se e participation of exhibitors from across the plastics industry including raw materials, resins & compounds, ch e m i ca l s , p r i m a r y p ro ce ss i n g machineries, new technologies, printing & decorative equipment, associations & institutions, semi-finished & finished products, molds & dyes, and auxiliary equipment, among others. “PLASTINDIA is an ideal platform to showcase products and services before thousands of potential customers from across the globe, to meet customers, interact with industry leaders, and to enhance brand awareness. It also provides an excellent opportunity to explore business and investment avenues, and to create partnerships for joint ventures and tie-ups,” said Jigish Doshi – President – Plastindia Foundation. The PLASTINDIA 2021 International Plastic Exhibition & Conference is supported by Department of Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Union Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers. “Our mission is to enhance the image and growth of Indian plastics industry by holding world-class exhibitions in India at regular intervals. PLASTINDIA Foundation has been taking this initiative over the years to bring together the best in this field globally, which has provided a platform for our domestic industrialists to share their experiences with their global counterparts,” added Doshi.



February 2020

ITME AFRICA 2020 - Promoting Business, Social And Cultural Collaborations Through Trade W i t h t h e m o t o ‘ P r o s p e r i ty Through Technology’, ITME AFRICA 2020 the first of its kind business and technology event shall be hosted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 14th to 16th February 2020. India ITME Society - a non-profit apex industry body in India, International Trade Centre (ITC-UN), Geneva, a global o r g a n i sa t i o n p r o m o t i n g t ra d e between nations and Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Associations (ECCSA), autonomous national Chamber of Ethiopia have come together for ITME AFRICA 2020 in order to encourage and facilitate bilateral, regional, intraregional collaborations to stimulate t ra d e a n d i nve s t m e n t t h ro u g h technology and engineering especially in the textile sector. This largest technology and engineering event in the African Continent is supported by Ministry of External Affairs (GOI), Ministry o f Te x t i l e s (G O I ) , M i n i s t r y o f Commerce & Industry (GOI), Engineering Exports Promotion Council (EEPC, Govt. of India), Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), Federal Democratic Government, Republic of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Textile Development Institute & International Trade Centre. (ITC), Switzerland, Geneva. ITME AFRICA 2020 shall see a total of 172 exhibitors from 15 countries, highest number of exhibitors, 87+ companies being from India. Country pavilion from Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, China apart from India shall showcase world’s best machinery and technology in 23 chapters. This International Exhibition & Technical Seminar promoted globally for over a year shall see a convergence of business delegations and visitors from 32 countries. ITME AFRICA shall witness industry buyers and visitors from 7 African countries (Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda). Once again, registering largest number of visitors. Offering a 360 0 support and solutions for entrepreneurs and companies interested in doing business with Africa concurrent programs such as Business to Business( B2B), Business to Government( B2G), Business to


It is a must visit for n M a n u f a c t u r e r s and Engineering Companies n M i l l O w n e r s & Te x t i l e Companies n Buyers/ Dealers, Import/ Export Agents, Distributors n Traders, Retailers, Factory and Store Owners n Fashion and Textile Designers n Government Organizations, Overseas Delegation, Industry Association n S t u d e n t s , R e s e a r c h e r s , Academicians, Institutes. n Press & Media Professionals n Investors, Private Financiers & Banking Institutions n Industry Associations Finance( B2F) and Technical seminars are organized and is well received by industry members. To e n c o u ra ge h o s t c o u n t r y Ethiopia and all of Africa achieve self-sufficiency in Cotton production t h r o u g h m o d e r n t e c h n o l o g y, t e ch n i ca l s e m i n a r s h a r i n g t h e e x p e r i e n ce s o f I n d i a a n d a l s o showcasing the latest award winning technology by Indian Institute of Technology, a premium technology and engineering institute of India is being showcased at ITME AFRICA 2020. D uring this exhibition , live demonstration of weaving machine manufactured in India shall be available and then further shall be

donated to Bahir Dar University for Student Lab & Research Study, stimulating and encouraging technical education in the country. The event is poised to be a catalyst not only for the textile and manufacturing industry but also for education and research institutes across the continent. Come and visit to : Explore Business Collaborations Academic Collaborations Technology Joint Venture The entry to this event is free, however registration is a must at h t t p s : // w w w. i t m e - a f r i c a . c o m / visitors/registration/step1/. Apart from encouraging Trade & Investment, ITME AFRICA 2020 shall also influence Cultural amalgamation with fusion music & performance. ITME AFRICA is not just an event but is the beginning of a journey towards self reliance, socio-economic advancement & co-operation for entire Continent of Africa. This prestigious exhibition shall be inaugurated on 14th February 2020 in the august presence of esteemed dignitaries & Ministers from Govt of Ethiopia and Guests of Honour H.E. Ms. Dorothy Tembo, Executive Director, International Trade Centre, UN, Geneva & H. E. Mr. Anurag Srivastava, Ambassador of India to The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. Register to visit ITME AFRICA 2020, 14, 15th & 16th February 2020, Millennium Hall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

February 2020

December 2019



February 2020

Booths Selling Fast at Gartex Texprocess India 2020 New Delhi Edition India’s most comprehensive show on textile and garment manufacturing supply chain is all set for its 6th chapter in New Delhi and is inviting exhibitors to block their slots.

Garmenting & Apparel Machinery Gearing up for its 6th edition in New Delhi, Gartex Texprocess India is calling all prospective exhibitors to finalise their booths at the show before all good spaces are sold out. After bagging the title of India’s fastest growing show last year, Gartex Texprocess endeavours to be true to this claim by bringing far more exhibitors under a single roof as compared to previous year. The show has grown tremendously over the years with the past edition clocking a whopping visitor base of 10,390. Every year, Gartex Texprocess India receives terrific response from industry stakeholders as they converge here to showcase their state-of-the-art technology and equipment, whilst also using this platform effectively for networking. The show boasts of unparalleled range of exhibits and live demonstrations that make it much more appealing to serious buyers. The show has a record in converting interactions into serious business deals, and this is what attracts exhibitors from across the country to this exhibition. Charting innumerable success stories, Gartex Texprocess India has become the country’s most comprehensive trade show on garment & textile machinery, fabrics, accessories & allied industry. Besides a wide array of innovative exhibits, it also features a string of


seminars and workshops facilitating an immersive experience for the entire fraternity. A key highlight of the exhibition is the Denim Show that provides the muchneeded focus to the highly versatile fabric. Denim has created a special place for itself in fashion needs of today’s generation, and this show brings A-Z of denim together while providing high visibility to various applications. Besides Denim Show, Gartex Texprocess would incorporate some other zones and segments, including Embroidery Zone, Garmenting & Apparel Machinery, Digitex Show, Fabrics & Trims Show and India Laundry Show. Initially, the show began as a platform for

garment & textile manufacturers, but now sees the patronage of various players of other allied sectors. Representing complete value chain of garmenting and textile manufacturing process, it covers all segments of the industry including latest machines, spares & consumables, raw materials, trimmings & embellishments, logistics & packaging solutions, etc. It is an ideal platform for reaching out to the huge Indian and global garment and textile markets at one go. To make the most out of the opportunity, enquire now. Gartex Texprocess India 2020 is scheduled from August 21-23 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

February 2020

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February 2020

BIOFACH 2020: The “Place To Be” for the international organic sector From 12 – 15 February 2020, the “Place To Be” for the international organic sector is Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, when BIOFACH, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food, opens its doors again.

The annual start-of-year gathering for the sector is set to welcome some 3,500 exhibitors from around 100 countries. The addition of two extra halls (7A and 3A) means that the next round of BIOFACH has room for even more exhibitors. As a result, there will be an even more diverse range of products on display for trade visitors – as many as 51,488 from more than 140 countries in 2019. Through its congress theme “Organic delivers!”, BIOFACH will put the spotlight on the positive effects of ecological agriculture in 2020. The new special show “All about Water: is the basis of all life endangered?” addresses another highly topical issue. Planning a visit to BIOFACH – and the parallel event VIVANESS, the international trade fair for natural and organic personal care – is extremely easy thanks to our user-friendly, clearly structured websites or (in German and English). Whether you are looking for information on the trade fair, supporting programme, travel, accommodation or restaurants in Nuremberg, you’ll easily find what you need in just a few clicks. We’ve also provided some tips on sightseeing in Nuremberg and recommended after-work venues. Good reasons to visit Once a year, representatives of the entire international organic sector gather at BIOFACH. They come for a whole raft of reasons. They are there to enjoy personal conversations with industry players from more than 130 countries and to discover new markets. Or to discuss the trends and developments in the organic sector and enjoy a feast for all five senses at the Novelty Stand, pavilions for young innovative companies and the tasting zones at Experience the Worlds of OLIVE OIL, WINE and VEGAN. Visitors to BIOFACH get a look into the future of the organic sector – for example at the largest international organic congress that is a permanent feature of the fair – and seize the opportunity to help shape the sector’s current and future policies. BIOFACH is for trade visitors only. This is the only way to guarantee the calibre of the event as a leading international fair, the quality of the products on display and a successful trade fair visit.


February 2020

Bindra's Hospitality Services LLP

434/2, Bindra's Gourmet House, Salisbury Park Pune - 411 037. Ph. +91 20 24269089, 2427 3458 Email :

Web :

Hossain Mokhtar, General Manager +91 8806005473

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February 2020

Expand to Attract: TNTPO owned Chennai Trade Centre in process to expand at ₹ 300 crore Permission has been given to the Tamil Nadu Trade Promotion Organisation (TNTPO).

In Image: Chennai Trade Centre ground Tamil Nadu Trade Promotion Organisation (TNTPO), which owns and operates the Chennai Trade (CTC) at Nandambakkam, is in the process of doubling the facility’s capacity at an estimated cost of R 300 crore. The move to expand the trade centre from about 20,000 sqm to 40,000 sqm will help the city attract international exhibitions that require larger space. TNTPO, a joint venture of (India Trade Promotion Organisation) ITPO and state-owned Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation (TIDCO), is carrying out the technical evaluation of the two bids received in a re-tender floated recently for the expansion. Once the tender is finalized , the additional exhibition and convention centre capacity will be made available in about 18 months. “Chennai Trade Centre with its present capacity has been achieving an occupancy rate of 75%, which is the highest for any such centre in India. But given our size, we were not been able to attract large international exhibitions, which look for a minimum


Chennai Trade Centre with its present capacity has been achieving an occupancy rate of 75%, which is the highest for any such centre in India. But given our size, we were not been able to attract large international exhibitions, which look for a minimum 30,000 sqm of space.

V R Subbulaxmi Managing Director, TNTPO.

30,000 sqm of space,” said V R Subbulaxmi, Managing Director, TNTPO. “As a result, we were losing such events to Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Po s t e x p a n s i o n , w i t h a r o u n d

40,000sqm space at our command, the city will be able to host several large international exhibitions and conventions,” Subbulaxmi added. She, however, refused to reveal the names of the bidders citing confidentiality since the process is under way. At present, CTC, which has come up over 25 acres of land, has an exhibition space of 12,000sqm and a convention hall to seat about 2,000 people. After the expansion, it will have an additional exhibition space of 12,000sqm and a convention hall to seat another 4,000 people. A multi-level car parking to house 1,000 cars is also being built as part of the new project. TIDCO has offered an additional 9.5 acres of land for the project. “With the kind of tourist potential that Chennai has over the other southern metros, it will be an added advantage for the city to exploit tourism too, besides tapping a larger share of the growing meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE) segment, by doubling the CTC capacity,” Subbulaxmi said.

February 2020

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February 2020


February 2020

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February 2020

Upcoming Trade Shows, february 2020 The Haat: Festive Edit

India Art Fair

Karnataka Gems & Jewellery Show

Arogya Fest

Times Property Investment Expo - Gurgaon

Date : 29 Jan - 02 Feb 2020 Venue : Ice Skating Rink, Kolkata, India Organiser : Fair Care Exhibitions

Date : 30 Jan - 02 Feb 2020 Venue : NSIC Exhibition Complex, New Delhi, India Organiser : MCH Group AG

Date : 31 Jan - 02 Feb 2020 Venue : Tripura Vasini White Petals, Bengaluru, India Organiser : ges india inc

Date : 31 Jan - 02 Feb 2020 Venue : Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India Organiser : Nesco. Ltd.

Date : 01 - 02 Feb 2020 Venue : Taj City Centre Gurugram, Gurgaon, India Organiser : Whiteflash Exhibitions Pvt Ltd

Premier Schools Exhibition - Jammu

India International Leather Fair

FarmTech Asia


Educationista Prestigious Schools Exhibition Kanpur

Date : 01 - 02 Feb 2020 Venue : Radisson Blu Hotel And Banquet Jammu, Jammu, India Organiser : Afairs Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.

Date : 01 - 03 Feb 2020 Venue : Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India Organiser : India Trade Promotion Organization

Date : 01 - 04 Feb 2020 Venue : Indira Gandhi Agricultural University, Raipur, India Organiser : Brahmani Events & Exhibitions Pvt.Ltd

Date : 03 - 05 Feb 2020 Venue : Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India Organiser : Fairfest Media Limited

Date : 04 - 05 Feb 2020 Venue : Hotel Royal Cliff, Kanpur, India Organiser : Educationista

Fashionista - Kanpur

Sutraa -The Indian Fashion Exhibition

CustomerFest Show

Deccan Hospitality Show

International Conference & Exhibition on Pipeline

Date : 04 - 06 Feb 2020 Venue : Hotel Royal Cliff, Kanpur, India Organiser : Fashionista Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition

Date : 05 - 06 Feb 2020 Venue : The Grand Bhagwati, Ahmedabad, India Organiser : Sutra Exhibitions LLP

Date : 05 - 06 Feb 2020 Venue : Taj Lands End, Mumbai, India Organiser : Kamikaze B2B Media

Date : 05 - 07 Feb 2020 Venue : Ganesh Kala Krida Mancha, Pune, India Organiser : Hospitality First India Pvt Ltd

Date : 06 - 07 Feb 2020 Venue : Holiday Inn New Delhi Mayur Vihar Noida, New Delh Organiser : Matcorr Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

Hi-Aim Conference and Exposition


AquaEx India

Global Grain Food & Feed

Global Content Bazar

Date : 06 - 07 Feb 2020 Venue : Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, New Delhi, India Organiser : Hi-Aim conferences Pvt Ltd

Date : 05 - 08 Feb 2020 Venue : Vrindavan Yojna, Lucknow, India Organiser : Defence Exhibition Organisation India, DEO

Date : 06 - 08 Feb 2020 Venue : Radha krishna convention, Bhimavaram, India Organiser : AquaEx India

Date : 07 - 08 Feb 2020 Venue : The Leela Ambience Gurugram Hotel & Residences, Gurgaon, India Organiser : Tefla's

Date : 07 - 08 Feb 2020 Venue : World Trade Centre, Mumbai, India Organiser : Saicom Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.

International Kolkata Book Fair


AutoExpo Component Show

Travel & Tourism Fair-Bangalore

GrainEx India

Date : 29 Jan - 09 Feb 2020 Venue : Salt Lake Central Park, Kolkata, India Organiser : Publishers & Book Sellers Guild

Date : 06 - 09 Feb 2020 Venue : Agriculture College Ground, Pune, India Organiser : Maharashtra Industries Directory

Date : 06 - 09 Feb 2020 Venue : Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India Organiser : Confederation Of Indian Industry, Delhi

Date : 07 - 09 Feb 2020 Venue : Tripura Vasini White Petals, Bengaluru, India Organiser : Fairfest Media Limited

Date : 07 - 09 Feb 2020 Venue : The Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, India Organiser : ADAMAS Events Pvt Ltd

Housing Society Management Show

Maha Stationery Expo - Nagpur

India International Seafood Show

Premier Schools Exhibition - Ludhiana


Date : 07 - 09 Feb 2020 Venue : Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India Organiser : Intellize Expo Private Limited

Date : 07 - 09 Feb 2020 Venue : Glocal Square, Nagpur, India Organiser : CAVOK SERVICES

Date : 07 - 09 Feb 2020 Venue : Grand Hyatt Kochi, Kochi, India Organiser : Marine Products Export Development Authority

Date : 08 - 09 Feb 2020 Venue : Park Plaza, Ludhiana, India Organiser : Afairs Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.

Date : 07 - 10 Feb 2020 Venue : Parade Ground, Chandigarh, India Organiser : Udan Media & Communications Pvt. Ltd

Foodmech Asia

Knit World International

Auto Expo - The Motor Show

SVUM 2020 International Trade Show

Construction Architecture Planning Engineering

Date : 07 - 10 Feb 2020 Venue : Vanita Vishram Ground, Surat, India Organiser : Janki Corporation

Date : 07 - 10 Feb 2020 Venue : Dana Mandi, Bhanohad, India Organiser : The Journals Publication

Date : 07 - 12 Feb 2020 Venue : India Exposition Mart, Greater Noida, India Organiser : Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers

Date : 11 - 13 Feb 2020 Venue : Rajkot, India Organiser : Saurashtra Vepar Udyog Mahamandal

Date : 12 - 14 Feb 2020 Venue : Palace Grounds, Bengaluru, India Organiser : Fairfest Media Limited

India Electronics Week


Waste Technology India Expo


Date : 13 - 15 Feb 2020 Venue : Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation, Bengaluru Organiser : EFY Enterprises Private Limited

Date : 13 - 15 Feb 2020 Venue : Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India Organiser : Water Today Pvt. Ltd.

Date : 13 - 15 Feb 2020 Venue : Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India Organiser : Virtual Info Systems Pvt Ltd.

Date : 13 - 15 Feb 2020 Venue : Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation, Bengaluru Organiser : EFY Enterprises Private Limited

Date : 14 - 15 Feb 2020 Venue : The Lalit Ashok Bangalore, Bengaluru, India Organiser : Sutra Exhibitions LLP

IIJS Signature Show

India Design ID

Footwear India Expo

Dastkaarii Exhibition - Season 7

India International Mega Trade Fair

Date : 13 - 16 Feb 2020 Venue : Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India Organiser : The Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council

Date : 13 - 16 Feb 2020 Venue : NSIC Exhibition Ground, New Delhi, India Organiser : Ogaan Publications

Date : 14 - 16 Feb 2020 Venue : D.D.A Ground, New Delhi, India Organiser : Footwear India Expo

Date : 15 - 16 Feb 2020 Venue : Fortune Park BBD Lucknow, Lucknow, India Organiser : Dastkaarii Handicrafts

Date : 07 - 17 Feb 2020 Venue : Morabadi Ground, Ranchi, India Organiser : GS Marketing Associates

Agro Bihar

Engiexpo - Industrial Exhibition Vadodara

India International Knit Fair

Date : 14 - 17 Feb 2020 Venue : Gandhi Maidan, Patna, India Organiser : Indian Chamber Of Commerce

Date : 15 - 17 Feb 2020 Venue : Leprosy Hospital SIHFW, Vadodara, India Organiser : 2way Advertising

Date : 17 - 19 Feb 2020 Venue : INDIA KNIT FAIR COMPLEX, Avinashi, India Organiser : India Knit Fair Association Tirupur



Date : 21 - 23 Feb 2020 Venue : WelcomHotel Rama International Aurangabad Organiser : Fashionista Fashion & Lifestyle Exhibition

Date : 21 - 24 Feb 2020 Venue : CODISSIA TRADE FAIR COMPLEX, Coimbatore, India Organiser : CODISSIA INTEC TECHNOLOGY CENTRE


Media Expo Mumbai

SUTRAA: The Indian Fashion Exhibition

Thailand Shopping Festival

Date : 20 - 22 Feb 2020 Venue : Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India Organiser : Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs India Pvt. Ltd.

Date : 21 - 22 Feb 2020 Venue : MAYFAIR Lagoon, Bhubaneswar, India Organiser : Sutra Exhibitions LLP

Date : 20 - 23 Feb 2020 Venue : World Trade Centre, Mumbai, India Organiser : Introduction Trade Shows Pvt. Ltd

International Conference and Exhibition Kochi

Global Logistics Show

Break Bulk, Heavylift & Project Forwarding

Date : 23 - 25 Feb 2020 Venue : Lulu Bolgatty International Convention Center Kochi Organiser : Society of Petroleum of geophysicists

Date : 25 - 27 Feb 2020 Venue : Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India Organiser : Infinity Expo Private Limited

Date : 27 - 28 Feb 2020 Venue : Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India Organiser : Exim India Events


Bridal Asia Mumbai

Fabrics & Accessories Trade Show

Date : 27 - 29 Feb 2020 Venue : ndia Exposition Mart, Greater Noida, India Organiser : ISHRAE

Date : 28 - 29 Feb 2020 Venue : Dome Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India Organiser : Services International

Date : 28 Feb - 01 Mar 2020 Venue : Karnataka Trade Promotion Organisation, Bengaluru Organiser : SS Textile Media Private Limited


BUILD INTEC - 2020 BUILD INTEC - 2020 Will be held by CODISSI A at all the Halls from 21st to 24th February 2020. Contact - 0422 2222396,97. SUBCON 2020 SUBCON 2020 will be held by CODISSIA at Halls A, B& C from 20 th to 22nd May 2020. Contact - 0422 2222396,97

February 2020

UFI releases second edition of report on the exhibition industry’s contribution to UNSDGs • 25 cases from 14 countries around the world • Five leading areas of best practices identified • All 17 SDGs are featured, with SDG 12 on Responsible Consumption and Production, the most common submission.

UFI – the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry – has updated its database of initiatives and projects from the exhibition industry that support the Sustainable Development Goals of the U n ite d Nat ions . T h is re so urce showcases work done by organisers, venues, and service providers alike. It was initiated by the UFI Working Group on Sustainability and put together in collaboration with Greenview, a member of this working group. The whole concept was also shared for use by the Joint Meetings Industry Council, to expand the compilation to other segments of the event industry. The report “The Exhibition Industry and the UN SDGs: Connecting People, Multiplying Impact” is available at where details of the 25 submissions are also available. These submissions cover the following 14 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and the US. Each contribution falls in one of

December 2019

the three following categories: n Type I : Exhibition Theme: How the theme of the exhibition contributes to the SDGs n Type II : Exhibition Operation: How the operator of the exhibition contributes to the SDGs n Type III : Company’s Operations: How a company’s operations contribute to the SDGs.

In this collection of 25 case studies, five leading areas of best practices for t h e e x h i b i t i o n i n d u s t r y we re identified: n Spreading awareness about SDGs and advancing sustainable industries n Taking consumption seriously and prioritising local suppliers n Combatting waste with collaborative efforts n Putting it down in ink – stipulating

environmental terms in contracts n Unveiling the secret to affordable and clean energy Sixty-eight per cent of submissions cited a contribution to SDG 12 on Responsible Consumption and Production. Actions taken include purchasing from local suppliers where possible, reducing the usage of singleuse plastic, reducing food wastage through composting or redistribution. “Making our industry more sustainable in all aspects of the word is vital not only for our future but is also a moral obligation to the survival of our planet. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework where all businesses can show their respective contributions, and UFI is very happy to position the exhibition industry in this exercise,” says UFI President Mary Larkin. The programme of the UFI 9th Forum on Sustainability, a special UFI event on the issue scheduled in Paris (France) on 13-15 May 2020 will include discussions with experts on UNSDGs.



February 2020


February 2020

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February 2020


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