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Global market review of world wh

Global market review of world whiskies announces inclusion of latest market report on "Global market review of world whiskies"The non-Scotch whisk(e)y market – chiefly comprising Irish, American, Canadian, Indian and Japanese whiskies – is one of the largest growth areas of the global wine and spirits industry. The performance of the three most international non-Scotch whisk(e)y categories – US, Canadian and Irish – has been more varied. ( Irish whiskey is currently the most rapidly rising of the three, accelerating at an impressive rate and rising by 8% CAGR between 2003 and 2008 to reach 4.46m cases. The real reason for optimism in Irish whiskey is the development of the US market where sales surpassed 1m cases for the first time in 2008. Irish whiskey remained among the fastest growing categories in 2009 despite the economic crisis. Much of this has been driven by Jameson, which has a premium price positioning in the US. There is a sense that both the brand and category is at the beginning of what could be explosive long-term growth in this lucrative market. Diageo is also very strong in the US and it is only a matter of time before it uses that distribution clout to establish Bushmills to a greater extent. The significantly larger US whiskey category is also enjoying a period of steady growth, with volumes rising by 2% CAGR between 2003 and 2008 to reach 29.4m cases. Non-Scotch whiskies tend to be more mixable than Scotch because they are unpeated. Bourbon, in particular, has a sweeter product profile and tends to mix well with cola. This is an important consideration at a time when cocktail consumption is growing around the world. With over 70 data tables providing brand consumption volumes across all major markets, plus interviews with the leading brand owners, this report is essential reading for anyone involved in this developing sector of the international spirits industry. The report begins with Chapter 1 Executive summary, then provides a market overview in Chapter 2 Scope of the market. The increase in the various categories within non-Scotch whisk(e)y has been far from uniform. Indian whisky has been enjoying tearaway growth as economic prosperity encourages consumers to trade up from local unbranded spirits to branded whisky and other spirits. Brazilian whisky has been growing for similar reasons – albeit at a slower pace – and displayed 1% CAGR between 2003 and 2008, reaching 1.5m cases. Cooley Distillery sales and marketing director Jack Teeling says: “The culture and the people of Central and Eastern Europe have none of the history of drinking Scotch whisky, so you’re not competing with this entrenched perception that whisk(e)y should be Scotch. They also have a great affiliation with Irish file://///Server/bharat%20book/Rahul/Global%20market...iew%20of%20world%20whiskies%20--%20Just%20Drinks.htm (1 of 3)7/20/2010 10:49:51 AM

Global market review of world wh

culture and its associated pub culture. These countries see Ireland as a fun, easy and accessible nation and all things Irish are perceived to be of a high quality. You’re finding that American and Irish whiskey are taking a much larger percentage of those markets than they are in more mature markets where they’re competing against a very strong tradition and knowledge of Scottish whisky.” Chapter 3 Industry structure On the whole, non-Scotch whiskies have relatively underdeveloped super-premium segments – at least compared with other categories such as Scotch, brandy or vodka. This tends to limit their appeal in markets such as north-east Asia, Russia and travel retail, where purchasing for prestige, status and gifting is a key motivation. This is beginning to change. For instance, American whiskey producers have enjoyed some success in the US recently in developing super-premium ‘small batch’ whiskies. This chapter looks at the different non-Scotch categories and how the industry is structured for them. It also discusses the underdeveloped super-premium tier, mixability, innovations, demand and supply, and US whiskey's march. Chapter 4 The markets This chapter provides a complete review of the major global markets for world whiskies. Heaven Hill president Max Shapira: “US whiskey is one of the better-performing categories in the entire range of distilled spirits, which is a tribute to the robust base that has been built for category and brands within it. When the domestic and worldwide economies recover, Bourbon is poised to continue to expand and increase market share within the whisk(e)y category in the years ahead.” This chapter provides market volumes of the top categories, brands and brand owners in each key market reviewed (United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, China, Japan, India, Australia, South Africa, and Travel Retail). Chapter 5 The companies Here, the main players are profiled including Pernod Ricard, Beam Global Spirits & Wine, BrownForman and Diageo. Each company's top brands' global volumes are provided and each of their leading brand's major market volumes are also given. For more information kindly visit Related Reports file://///Server/bharat%20book/Rahul/Global%20market...iew%20of%20world%20whiskies%20--%20Just%20Drinks.htm (2 of 3)7/20/2010 10:49:51 AM

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Global market review of world whiskies