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2 Thursday, February 11, 2010


Former cynic turned optimist: joy is found on lonely holiday ANDY OURIEL SPECIAL SECTIONS EDITOR

2010 will mark the 23rd consecutive year I won’t have a special someone on Valentine’s Day. Every Feb. 14, I am reminded another year has passed without me falling in love, getting involved in a relationship or even so much as finding a girlfriend. I have never accomplished any of the aforementioned. I joke with my friends, claiming a girlfriend will only complicate my life. But every time I say this, or something similar to it, part of my soul dies because I’m forcing myself to lie. It

hurts more than you can imagine. It doesn’t matter where or when. One question has consumed my mind every day for years: Why can’t I find a match? I have ruled out and eliminated a few possibilities: It’s not because Cupid has bad aim. I’m pretty sure his archery skills are on par with Green Arrow and my behind is a lot bigger than a bull’s-eye. It’s not because I’m bashful. Seeking out new friends and flirting at bars is easy. To break the ice, I free style, or rapping without preparation. By corresponding the girl’s name to a “hot rhyme,” it works like a charm … most of the time. It’s not because I’m ugly. Frieda Falcon seeks me out at every hockey game, desiring to plunge my head into

her beak for a wet, sloppy kiss. Sorry Freddie. For one reason or another, all my relationships seem doomed from the first date. And while I believe I have put forth the best effort to make it work, I have come up with one absolute truth from all these failed, yet valuable, experiences. I’m not perfect. Everyone has flaws, including yours truly. I can’t read the minds of women and I don’t know what they want. But I do know what I’ve offered to each of my former flames: integrity, a sense of security and a desire to get to know them. I also know what I don’t want. I don’t seek one-night stands. Most likely, I won’t find love that way and I don’t do things I know I’ll regret. I also don’t pursue someone just because

they are “hot.” There is more to a good woman than simply her looks. Superficial attributes only go so far in life. Call me old-fashioned, I don’t care. So, what is the right way for me to be happy? I think I figured it out. What I want is a best friend. I want to get to know someone for who they are. I want to be able to laugh at funny movies one day, and have an intellectual, stimulating conversation about politics the next. I don’t know what it feels like to deliver chicken soup to her when she is sick, or even put together a mix tape filled with her favorite artists. What seems like tedious chores to one boyfriend would be glorious to me. But what I want most is to be affectionate with someone. I have always wanted to hold someone’s hand I love

while walking across campus. While most gripe about the public display of affection, I’m jealous every time I pass by a couple, hoping one day I can share in that same happiness. Love is the greatest human emotion we can experience in our lifetimes. I haven’t fully lived yet because I haven’t fully loved yet. But I am happy today, and I do not seek pity writing this column. I have come full circle and gained some closure on a day I previously hated. I have a new perspective on the day. Valentine’s Day gives me the opportunity to be happy for those who are in love. I truly enjoy seeing the ones I love be happy with someone else. The day will come when I find someone, but for now, I am finding happiness on the sidelines.

From campus to country, students find love in all different places By Anthony Phillips Reporter

Love is a traditional feeling, yet there is nothing normal about finding it. Here is the story of three University couples and how they met.

Sanders/Schroer Senior Brett Sanders and junior Victoria Schroer met at Brunswick High in Brunswick, Ohio. The couple

has been dating for more than five years; however, if they had not worked together, the two might not have ended up together. “He was just that annoying neighborhood boy that was just cocky about all the neighborhood sports. So I was not a big fan,” Schroer said. But after the two started working together at a Cici’s Pizza, Schroer said her opinion of her future beau changed. “Once we started working together

I got to know him, and decided he was not that bad,” Schroer said. While working together, Schroer gave him two weeks because her relationship had just ended, and she did not want to hurt her ex-boyfriend’s feelings by dating Sanders too soon. However, Sanders said they almost made it to the full two weeks before she became impatient. “I was waiting my time patiently and then she got a really pushy,” Sanders said. “She was like ‘are you ever going to ask?’ I was like ‘well you said to wait two weeks.’”

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SING FOR THE MOMENT: Phi Mu Alpha brothers Andrew Selle (right) and Nick Radford sing for sick patients at the Wood County Hospiatal last semester. The fraternity will offer songs on Sunday.

Fraternity gets in tune by offering voice to community By Bryan Warrick Reporter

Instead of running around trying to find the right gift for Valentine’s Day, a student can stop a song or two from Phi Mu Alpha. Since 2001, the social music fraternity spends each Valentine’s Day going around Bowling Green offering gifts in the form of song. The group uses funds collected for the serenades to raise money for their annual scholarship, the VunCannon Memorial Scholarship. No place is too far or crowded for

the brothers to sing a romantic song. Locations of sonnets range from resident halls, restaurants and residences in Bowling Green. “We've interrupted romantic dinners at Sam B's. We've sang at Panera Bread. We've sang in the middle of the Commons Marketplace,” said Andrew Selle, Phi Mu Alpha's vice president. “If you can imagine anywhere else in the city of Bowling Green, we either have already sung there or would be willing to do so.” This year the fraternity is offering

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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Fools rush in: dedication, hard work Gift-giving expert provides insight the proven truths for strong marriages to singles for Valentine's Day By Alissa O’Neill Assistant Pulse Editor

By Emily Tucker Reporter

Punk-rock princess Avril Lavigne and her garage-band-king-husband Deryck Whibley separated this past September after three years of marriage. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, their relationship didn’t fail because of their “rocker lifestyles.” It seemed doomed from the start because when the two married, Lavigne was only 21-years-old while Whibley was 26. I’m not quite sure I buy that logic. Britney Spears’ two marriages lasted 55 hours and a little over two years. Who could forget her shot-gun Vegas wedding followed by a marriage to back-up dancer Kevin Federline (better known as K-Fed), someone she’d only known for three months prior? No wonder neither of those worked out for her. Reese Witherspoon and Kate Hudson fared better with eight and seven-year marriages, respectively.But both their marriages also ended in divorce. What do these three stars have in common? All three A-listers were less than 25-years-old when they married. Cosmopolitan said 25 is “the magic number” and right age for women to marry. Not a year more or less. When a women reaches her 25th birthday, the magazine said, women are “more likely to have earned a degree or two,” more likely to be supporting themselves financially and have “had time for some crucial life experiences.” These are all keys to a successful and lasting marriage. The article (“The New Marriage Rule: Age Matters” published in their February 2010 issue) does make sense and is true. Educated women are more confident, and less willing to settle for someone who doesn’t meet their standards. Also, women who support themselves financially won’t rush into a marriage just to find financial security. And women who have been through important life experiences, such as dating other people, will have a better idea of what they want in a partner. But Cosmopolitan is missing some

University alumna Nicole Harris knows just what the doctor ordered for Valentine’s Day. What started as a favor to friends seven years ago has turned into a career thanks to Harris’ passion. Harris is the president on eNVy Personal Shopping & Image Consulting, a business she created one year ago in North Carolina. The service is available to anyone, but physicians are the company’s most popular clients. The 2002 graduate consults and shares her gift-giving abilities with clients too busy to purchase presents in their spare time. And with her expert opinion, Harris finds the gift that both stimulates the heart and thoughtful to the mind. “I love to shop and help my friends come up with ideas for gifts,” Harris said. “Since there were openings for this kind of job in the market, I figured it was a good idea.” Harris’ best advice for singles looking to start a romance, or for those trying to reignite the love flame, is to spark creativity when giving gifts.


"I SAID SEE YOU LATER BOY": Avril Lavigne, 25, is just the latest Hollywood starlets to call it quits on her marriage. Cosmopolitan said the ideal age for women to marry is 25,

crucial keys to a successful and lasting marriage. What about love? What about commitment? What about hard work? I’m not saying Avril, Britney, Reese and Kate did not love their husbands, or that they didn’t work at their marriages. I am, however, saying that when it comes to marriage, age doesn’t always have to matter. If you truly love someone and want to spend the rest of your life with them, it doesn’t have to matter that you’re 21. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, because Cosmopolitan is right — all of those keys to success are true and they do help. But I know and have talked to couples who have made the decision to get married at or around 21 and I believe they know what they’re doing. They understand it won’t be easy — that a commitment to a single person is a life-altering decision. There will also be struggles. I also know they will be ready for them and will be ready to tackle any problems together. I find that inspiring. Cosmopolitan mentioned Avril told her close friends that she was too young to make such an important decision. Yes, 21 does seem young to me, but we are already making major

decisions at this age. We’re deciding what to do with the rest of our lives. We’re choosing majors, applying for internships and graduating while searching for careers. And when it comes to Hollywood starlets like Lavigne and Spears, they have also made life-altering decisions by this point. The two were only 18 and 16 when they first hit the popmusic scene. Something tells me those record and album contracts changed their lives a little bit. I don’t think age is the only factor when marriages fail, including the Hollywood trend of committing so young. I don’t think age is ever the only factor when anyone’s marriage fails. But I do think the pressures of life in the spotlight cause some tension in a marriage. I could see why it would, so I believe it may play a larger role in the downfall of celebrity marriages. Marriage is hard. There’s no doubt about that. It isn’t something that should be taken lightly, and it needs careful consideration. If you are getting married at a young age and are willing to put in the hard work necessary to be in love forever, marriage won’t fail for you. I think The Beatles had it right when they said that all you need is love. Love works. Love is a universal truth.

Nicole Harris

The 2002 University graduate created her business last year in North Carolina

“One of the best ways to go about this is personalizing the gift, even if it’s just a picture frame with a memorable picture,” she said. To turn a crush into a commitment, Harris summarizes some of the best gifts singles could buy.

Flowers ($20-$50)

Harris: Flowers can be a great way to start a relationship with someone. They may seem like the typical gift to give girls on Valentine's Day, but they can send the perfect message. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and gardenias represent secret love. And not knowing who sent them can be a bonus.

Concert Tickets ($20 and above) Harris: Music-related gifts are a great way to get to know some-

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Romance author offers advice for aspiring amateurs By Andy Ouriel Special Sections Editor

Author Elizabeth Vaughan knows her readers believe in happy endings. “The real expectation when they pick up a romance novel is the rest of the world might be going to hell, but the hero and heroine are in each other’s arms,” Vaughan said. “There [are] lots of different ways to getting there, but the end result of a romance novel is a happily ever after.” TheToledo resident and USAToday best-selling author uses themes of sex, sorcery and swords in her writings. Ending on a high note is OK with Vaughan because even though her characters aren’t real, she wants to feel good at the end. “When I touch someone with my words, there are just no words to

Elizabeth Vaughan Toledo native is a USA Today best-seling author

describe that. I am truly, truly blessed to have gotten a contract and to share my characters and my stories with people.” Vaughan’s sixth novel, “Destiny's Star," will be released in April, with her seventh novel due sometime in 2011. Vaughan also authored a trilogy series revolved around war. The trilogy title is "The Chronicle of the Warlands." Vaughan didn’t become a great author with an immense following overnight. Since 1998, Vaughan has written and educated herself on

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4 Thursday, February 11, 2010



Working couple shares inter-office romance tips By Andy Ouriel Special Sections Editor

Just as friendships develop with coworkers, sometimes a relationship will develop too.

Love is a gamble: taking a chance on someone you like, you risk it all. By throwing your chips into the pot, you’re hoping the play pays off. But the odds-on favorite to find a match might be the place you least expect. Inter-office romances are one of the most popular places to find love, yet there are several aspects to consider when pursuing a colleague. The BG News sports columnist Ben Trumpower and designer Allie Bandy started dating after the two took a newspaper class together in 2004. Since then, the couple has taken numerous classes together and work as resident advisers in Kreischer Compton. Here are their answers to questions when asked about dating and romances in the work environment:

Q: What is an appropriate date for coworkers? Do you consider work a date? BT: Work itself is not a date, and even though you work together and know a lot of the same people, try to talk about something other than work on a date. AB: As far as “dates� with co-workers, I would make it clear from the beginning what your intentions are. For example, if you ask your co-worker to grab lunch with you for one person, it may be a date, but the other person could think that it’s a causal working lunch. If you do come to a relationship stage, work should never be considered a date. You should separate work and personal life.

Q: How should an employee go about asking someone out they work with? BT: Sorry cynics, but love happens. I wouldn’t advise limiting your dating pool to just people you work with, but depending on your job, you probably spend a lot of time with your coworkers.

Q: Should you disclose your relationship to fellow workers? And if you do, in what way should you break it to them? BT: Your work life and personal life are two completely different things. Allie and I have never tried to keep our relationship a secret, but we also don’t walk into a room and yell out, “Hey guys, we’ve been dating for five years.� If somebody asks, we tell them. If a coworker gets a little too “friendly,� I tell them I have a girlfriend. When they

realize they know my girlfriend, they may feel foolish, but no harm has been done and we can both move on. AB: While I never encourage hiding a relationship, you don’t need to hold a press conference either. We actually had a class (Leaders in Residence) where the instructor had no idea that we were dating during the class. We didn’t try to keep a secret, but it just happened that some people didn’t realize we were dating. Q: How affectionate should you be in the workplace. Hugging? Holding Hands? Kissing? Sex? How much is too much in regards to public displays of affection? BT: For the most part, I don’t see anything wrong with a quick kiss on the cheek or forehead in the office. In a formal meeting with a supervisor, be a little more conservative, but the main idea is just be considerate. You not only want to keep from making your peers uncomfortable but you also don’t want them to think that you and your significant other are attached at the hip. AB: Ben and I never try to hide things, but we never try to make our relationship too obvious, especially in the form of PDA. I like to use the rule of thumb that people should wonder if you are dating, not be annoyed that you are dating.


Q: How safe do you need to be about a boyfriend/girlfriend accusing you of sexual harassment when the relationship goes bad? BT: Maybe I’m just being naïve, but the only way I see this being a problem is when a couple decides to break up. Neither person should have said anything worthy of a sexual harassment claim while at the workplace anyway. When at work, a safe rule is, don’t say anything you’d be ashamed to say to your grandmother. AB: If the relationship goes bad, the last thing you’re going to have to worry about is sexual harassment. I would be more concerned about the awkward feelings of always seeing each other around. Q: How detrimental is it to have a fling as opposed to a relationship in the workplace? BT: A fling can cause major office drama and is often the reason company’s implement rules about dating

co-workers. I keep saying that you can’t control who you fall in love with but you can definitely control who you see naked. Before you get involved with a coworker, try to take a moment and consider the consequences. AB: You should never aim for a “fling.� In the end, someone is going to be more invested in the fling and think of it as something more. That leads to hurt feelings and awkward moments in the work place.


musical quality is exceptional.� tomorrow is the last day Phi Mu Alpha will accept request for songs. Students or community members should make appointment via e-mail at or stop by at the Union today.

From Page 2


three songs for patrons. The singles inclue “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,� “Ain't she Sweet� and “ My Girl" by The Temptations. Considered a music fraternity, Selle said the serenades began in 2001 and have always been a good experience for any romanticist on Valentine's Day. “Keep in mind that many of the members of Phi Mu Alpha are musicians by trade,� Selle said. “So the

Q: Is it smart to date someone who works above/below you in regards to positions? AB: I think that as long as it’s for the right reasons, it shouldn’t be a problem. Don’t date someone simply for the possibility that they may help you advance in the workplace. If you really have feelings for each other and there are no ulterior motives, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Phi Mu Alpha is offering several Valentine's Day song packages. Costs and details: $10: one song and one rose $25: one song and six roses $40: two sons and 12 roses



Thursday, February 11, 2010


Food establishments cook up Local floral shops cut deals Valentine's Day treats with their hearts for thriving romantics By Christine Talbert Reporter

Local eateries are making it tough for someone to love their better halves more than the tasty treats being offered on Valentine’s Day. Both The Cookie Jar and Pisanello’s Pizza are decorating their delectable foods in the shape of a heart in the spirit of the holiday. Located at 130 E. Court St. across from Mister Spots, The Cookie Jar is pumping out plenty of gooey goodness from its bakery. The Cookie Jar offers four valentine-themed packages. The cookies, which can come up to 25 per box, include sugar frosted with vanilla butter cream, turtle, peanut butter smooches and their signature chocolate chip cookies. All for only $25 a box. The store also offers 14-inch cookie cakes with a message written on for free. The cake comes with a ribbon tied around it with a greeting card attached. But even the cake can’t cut it as being the best-seller. The most popular cookie on Valentine’s Day is the chocolate-covered strawberry cookie, according to Christy Johnson, founder and general manager of The Cookie Jar. These rich, dark chocolate cookies are loaded with semisweet milk-chocolate chips containing a hot fudge center. This serves as the pillow for a fresh whole strawberry on every cookie, Johnson said. “The chocolate-covered strawberry cookie I would have to say is my all time favorite,” Johnson said. “We try to stay as local as we can. We use local fruit and berry farms, dairy farms and poultry farms for the ingredients we use in our cookies, but the strawberries we use on these special cookies are straight from California.” Ever since the love-themed cookie was first introduced to patrons, it has been popular ever since, Johnson said. “We opened during the Black Swamp Festival in 2006, and began selling our Valentine’s Day themed cookies in 2008,” she said. “We created four different flavors of cookies to choose from, as well as chocolate-covered strawberry cookies and cookie

By Max Filby Reporter


A SLICE OF LOVE: Pisanello's Pizza manager Miranda Liss shows off one of the shops heart-shaped pizzas the store makes for Valentine's Day. Liss said toppings can be used to spell out love messages.

cakes.” And just like flowers, customers have the option to deliver their Valentine’s gift to a home or business. “People can call in and order a package or a cookie cake and have it delivered to their significant other,” she said. “At that point in time we take both of the couple’s numbers and call whoever is receiving the order and tell them we have a special delivery and when and where would they like to have it.” And if you are not ready for dessert, Pisanello’s Pizza can supply the romantic dinner beforehand. Pisanello’s Pizza has been customizing heart-shaped pizzas for more than 20 years. General Manager Miranda Liss said the pizzas are sold between Feb. 11 and 14 and are very popular. “Between these four days we sell hundreds and hundreds of these piz-

zas,” she said. “They are extremely popular and we become very busy during this time of year.” Toppings can also be added to spell out an affectionate message to a significant other. “If there aren’t very many letters we can write messages out on the pizza,” Liss said. “But if the message is a little longer we can write something on the box, or the customer can come in and drop off a card to be delivered to someone else if it is a third party order.” In between bites of pizzas and cookies, people can still be reminded even food has sentimental value. “People who are busy on Valentine’s Day and can’t maybe celebrate the way they want to, this is something we can offer that is quick and affordable and still in the theme of the day,” Liss said.

With flower sales blossoming this month, city floral shops are preparing for a strong harvest in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Maryann Gibson, owner of The Flower Basket, will be taking orders available right up to Feb. 14. Gibson said the store will sell approximately 1,200 roses for the holiday. “We usually go through about two months worth of flowers for Valentine’s Day,” Gibson said. “I’ll be working for about 110 hours this week de-thorning and preparing flowers as they arrive.” A variety of arrangements are available from The Flower Basket including a simple red rose to gifts like vases, candy, plush toys, cards and balloons. One popular choice is the "Bag of Love." It's a live ivy plant surrounded by fresh white daisies with a mini Valentine’s Day balloon in a “Love” imprinted red bag. The assortment costs $16.95. A single red rose will cost $4 as well. “The reason flower prices increase around Valentine’s Day is because growers are forced to cut flowers early, giving up potential budding

flowers,” Gibson said. The “U R My Luv arrangement” from The Flower Basket showcases a combination of red roses and white gerbera daisies in a red ceramic vase for $29.95. Deliveries are also available for an additional $6.95. Another local flower shop offering students better prices this Valentine’s Day is Klotz Floral, Gift & Garden Center. Since the store’s opening in 1918, Klotz has been selling premium flowers while valuing quality and service, said owner Gene Klotz. A single red rose decorated in wrapping is $8. A dozen roses will be available in a vase for $70 and wrapped for $66. A dozen carnations will also be available for $40 in a vase and $33 for a wrapped arrangement. Sales are expected to decrease this year because Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, thus there will be less people working in offices, Klotz said. But the store is still expecting to sell about 80 dozen roses — its most popular flower for Valentine’s Day. The center also offers keepsake items along with their flowers such as containers, candles, chocolate,

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6 Thursday, February 11, 2010


Singles beware: manners a must to impress mate TAYLOR RICHTER DESIGN EDITOR

Valentine’s Day. Single-Awareness Day. Any way you slice it, this holiday is straight from consumerism hell. Every time I see the 14th of February on the planner of some girl sitting next to me surrounded by little pink and red hearts, I want to use her D&G bag as a vomit receptacle.

But amidst the miles of chalky candy hearts and the stacks of boxes filled with mediocre chocolate, Hallmark’s favorite holiday does have one plus — you get to eat. And as you all know by now, I’ll never skip an occasion to eat. So if you must celebrate, please do so with edibles. If you follow these few simple rules, your Valentine’s Day may — dare I say it — be completely legit.

1. Stay away from the filling stuff I know it’s tempting to reach for that box of macaroni and cheese,

but please just say no. It’s easy, it’s cheap, God knows it’s yummy. But it’s also going to fill your date up faster than you can say, “Can I take your coat?” If you are one of the millions using Valentine’s Day as an excuse to score, making your date feel like Violet Beauregarde after she ate the three-course-meal of chewing gum, this is not the best route. Foods like potatoes, fish, and whole-wheat pastas are satisfying without weighing you down.

2. If it can’t taste it, it shouldn’t be getting food into it

Food goes into your mouth. Not anywhere else. It is not sexy, nor necessary, to put those chocolate strawberries anywhere other than your tongue. Period. Ew.

meal. They’re the fastest way into a girls … heart.

3. Don’t be shy on the flavor

Please don’t whip out your homemade anchovy pizza or your favorite stinky cheese. Sure, it tastes just fabulous to you. But as soon as those acquired tastes cross your lips, her head will be the only thing you see as she dashes back to her car. Serve food and drinks that are both appetizing in taste and face value such as fresh fruits, sweet wines or hereby entrees.

It’s no secret that you are what you eat. So, if this Valentine’s Day you want to be sexy, you’d better be eating up to the challenge. Flavors like garlic, honey, and chocolate are said to enhance that special feeling between you and your date. You can also try to incorporate asparagus, almonds, oysters, or avocados into your home-cooked

Simple pleasures, kind gestures true way to win one's heart JOSH WHETHERHOLT ASSISTANT FORUM EDITOR Love is in the air, and with that love is the expectation for all the men out there to pull out their hopeless romantic sides. Sadly, doing this is not as easy as flipping a switch and some men have trouble coming up with romantic ideas for their ladies. Movies have raised the bar for men

on Valentine’s Day, but just remember men, your professions of love do not have to be worthy of a Hugh Grant movie. Keep it simple. It’s better to do the easy stuff well than do fancy things poorly. That’s why I’m here with some simple ideas to impress on Valentine’s Day.

before they wake up. Just make some scrambled eggs, or however you prefer. Pair them with some toast, a glass of OJ, put it on a tray, and you are all set. Stick a lone flower in the mix as well and you’re golden. It’s easy, quick and she will think it is adorable.

Breakfast in bed

Giant handmade valentine

This is an incredibly easy way to start the day, and any man — no matter how bad of a cook — can whip something up to surprise their love

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s cliche, but something handmade and personal will go a long way for you on Sunday. Go to the store, get some colored paper for a couple dollars and construct your butt off. Make sure there is a little message pertaining to something only you two know about on the inside. The thought and work put into the message scores major points. Everyone likes something handmade over something store bought and unoriginal.

Indoor picnic Thereisnothingmoreromanticthan a spontaneous picnic between two young people in love. Unfortunately, we live in Bowling Green and the idea of sitting outside and eating is crazy in February. So instead, pull out a blanket, prepare an easy meal and enjoy the company of each other while you sip on some wine and watch a good movie. It’s at-home dinner and a movie with a little twist that she will love. An extra insider tip for you is to take

some of that colored paper left over from your valentine project. Rather than rose petals at the picnic, cut up some hearts out of the paper and sprinkle them on your picnic to add that nice touch that shows thought and work.

Personal mix We’ve come a long way from the mix tape and it is now a common joke in our society. But in light of Seth Cohen (Adam Brody’s character on “The O.C.”) and the cool-to-be-nerdy thing that women now accept as cute, the personal mix can be a major win. Throw together a hip playlist on your computer that has songs that remind you of her or are special to the two of you, and despite the corniness of the display, she will think you are sweet and thoughtful. Plus, everyone likes some good tunes. Hopefully these tips can help out for those of you looking for some lastminute ideas for Valentine’s Day. The key is to keep it simple and if possible make it yourself. It will be impossible to keep up with Hollywood on romance, so don’t even try. Put forth the effort, stray away from the obvious flowers and chocolate if possible, and you will give her a Valentine’s Day she will never forget. And if none of that works, Jack Black taught me that a little gentle loving goes a long way.

4. You eat with your eyes (and nose) first

UAO keeping students off thin ice with event By Nicole Celebrezze Reporter

Students can skate around one of the best deals in the city this Sunday as University Activities Organization will be hosting a Date Skate Sunday night at the Ice Arena. Starting at 6:45 p.m. and lasting for two hours, the event will be free for all students. Catherine Lewis, vice president of UAO membership, said she is looking forward to the event because it will be “free, fun and unique.” Hot chocolate and skate rentals will also come at no charge. A disc jockey will also be spinning the hottest tunes in the cold venue so everyone can get down, without falling on the ice, to their favorite songs. Apple, who has marketed at UAO events before, will be at the event taking photos that will placed in snow globes as a free keepsake for the attendees to remember their 2010 Valentine’s Day. Assistant director of Sears programming Chrissy McGreeham said there have been previous events at the arena before, but this is the first one specifically for Valentine’s Day. “We are hoping that the date skate will be just as successful,” McGreeham said.



COUPLES From Page 2 Long/Crites

Freshman Heidi Long and her fiancé Ray Crites also met in high school, but did not know each other personally until their friends tried to hook them up. Long said she was supposed to go to Crites’ high school homecoming. However, Long didn’t make an appearance. So, Long said they talked over the phone afterwards since they had each other’s numbers, but they started talking less and eventually stopped talking.

WRITER From Page 3

how to become a writer. She offers the following tips for young writers aspiring for a book contract. Visit the Browne Popular Culture Library: Librarian Nancy Down said the fourth floor in Jerome Library houses thousands of romance novels for leisure or study. “Romance novels are a big part of popular literature,” Down said. The library has books dating back to the early 1900s. Write every day: Whether it contributes to the novel or not, consistently

FLOWERS From Page 5

stuffed animals and singing balloons. “Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are our busiest times of the year,” said Klotz florist Karie Bowen, Klotz florist. “We try to offer our older customers more traditional arrangements and college students more modern ones.” Both The Flower Basket and Klotz Floral, Gift & Garden Center will also

GIFTS From Page 3

one. Whether its seeing a national act play at a large theater, visiting the bar around the street to catch the locals or even making a 21st-century mix tape courtesy iTunes, music is always a pleaser.

Homemade Presents (depends on

Long said three years later Crites found her on MySpace. “I was just in there one day and he messages me and says, I quote, ‘long time no talk’ and that’s it,” Long said. “It was probably a month that we were talking on MySpace before he plucked up the courage to ask me out to Denny’s for breakfast.” Crites was unable to talk about his and Long’s relationship because he is training in the Air Force in San Antonio. “He has wanted to be in the Air Force since he could talk,” Long said. “It has always been his dream and it has always been my dream to go to college.” Long said they both understand the distance and the pressure of not being

together will make it hard. “We both feel that it is what is best for us and that if we are meant to be together we are going to be able work through the distance,” Long said. Long changed her major from education to psychology, she said, because being married to someone in the armed forces she will be moving a lot and a teaching job does not work well in those conditions.

writing helps improve the author’s skills. Read everything: Reading books, whether on what you want to write about or not, makes you a better writer. Join a club: Vaughan is a member of the Romance Writers of America. A chapter in Maumee exists and meets about once a month with members critiquing, evaluating and offering opinions on the author’s work. Don’t quit your day job: Don’t think authors start out making a good living. It could take years before a good writer earns a book contract. Subsidize your writing career by either finding a job or keeping the one you have.

Be careful: The Internet is full of people that claim they are literary agents, willing to represent you if you pay an upfront fee. Legitimate agents do not take money from you until after you sell your book. Money should always flow to the author, not away. Be persistent: It’s not easy, but the ones who fight through the struggles and remain optimistic have a better chance to become successful. Know your rights: Be aware of copyright laws and write fully within the law. To purchase novels or more information on Vaughan, visit www.

create custom arrangements as long as they are ordered in a timely manner. Myles Flowers, located on East Wooster Street, will be closed for Valentine’s Day this year. Even though the day will be hectic, Gibson said she is happy she can make people happy with her flowers. “I love Valentine’s Day,” Gibson said. “It’s nice to know we’re doing something really nice for people that makes their day a little bit better.”

Two deals the local floral shops are offering Bowling Green patrons: The Flower Basket “Lets Go Ape arrangement” for $21.95: stuffed ape with 2 roses 165 S. Main St. 419-352-6395


expensive, but they’re a good way to let two people interact. A couple can bake food and get to know each other at once. A simple dessert class can also be fun.

Harris: Homemade gifts are from the heart and show you are willing to give up your free time to do something special for your better half. Something as simple as a poem or a home-cooked meal can make the heart soar.

Cooking Class ($50 and above) Harris: Cooking classes can be

Nelson/Biskup Not everyone meets in high school. Freshmen Celia Nelson and Keith Biskup met this past summer during the University’s Freshman Wilderness Experience where they hiked a North Carolina Appalachian trail.


“I have never tried my hand in craftsmanship before,” Biskup said. Biskup said they are simple bracelets, saying “Celia loves Keith” and vice versa. Nelson said she lost hers and they looked around campus for it, but did not find it. Eventually, Nelson found it in her purse, but only after Biskup had made her another of similar design. Many students may have met in similar ways, others may have not. For single students there may be someone out there waiting in a classroom, at work, or even on the web. Maybe you have already met them, but you think of them as annoying or you will find them on MySpace three years after you met.

Biskup said they became very close during the hiking trip and would talk for hours with their friends before falling asleep. Nelson said Biskup played a small joke on her trying to appear cool during the trip. She said Biskup told her that he could tell the time by the position of the sun. “For a few days I was like ‘wow that is really cool he can tell what time it is’, and he had on a watch he had borrowed from someone for a few minutes,” Nelson said. Nelson and Biskup said they are still in the honeymoon stage of love. They even made bracelets for each other, even though Biskup didn’t know how to make them.



NEED FOR SPEED: Fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha Inc. and The National Council of Negro Women BG Chapter hosted a speed-dating event Wedensday in the Union. More than 50 singles attended.

Klotz Floral & Garden Center Half dozen carnations for $20.00, Wrapped rose for $8 906 Napoleon Road 419-353- 8381


Hand-dipped specialty chocolates available in a variety of flavors Chocolate dipped strawberries A selection of pastries and desserts

Picnic (price varies) Harris: Organizing a picnic for a crush is a good way to show you care. Pick favorite foods and drinks while choosing a spot with significance.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

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The BG News special sections tab "Valentines Day"


The BG News special sections tab "Valentines Day"