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HIT THE ICE: Ice Skating Club comes back to Bowling Green. Check out Campus pg 3

NOVEMBER 20, 2009


Volume 104, Issue 63

A daily independent student press serving the campus and surrounding community

Students apathetic about H1N1 vaccine

Student Taurence Armstrong finally obtains his talk show goals

Out of 1000 vaccines received the Student Health Center has used 500 By Jason Henry Reporter

To prevent illnesses, junior Chelsea Dobbs washes her hands more often. In class, she avoids touching her face to stop the spread of germs. However, Dobbs, like many students at the University, is not interested in getting the H1N1 vaccination. “I’m just not that worried about it I guess, ” she said. “I just try to take what precautions I can and not worry about it.” She said this seems to be the case with other students too. “It is either one extreme or the other,” she said.

See VACCINE | Page 2

Praecepta fuses classical with pop music in concert



By Andrew Farr Reporter

Forget Beethoven. Well, at least for Sunday night, as the music group Praecepta will present its latest student-composed music in “Praecepta Goes Pop!” Praeceptaisastudent organization trying to promote new musical styles at the University. While the group is open for anyone to join, it primarily consists of music composition and performance students. Each semester, Praecepta hosts concerts including music written and performed by these students as well as some written by professional composers. These concerts

By Austin Arnold Reporter


lmost all students come to the University to one day earn a degree and live their dreams. It is an idea captured in the University’s slogan, “Dream Big!” And one student may be on his way to reaching his own. Senior Taurence Armstrong aspires to be a famous talk show host. He said he came up with an idea for his own talk show when he was in the 10th grade. Now, after a lot of hard work and persistence, the idea has turned into reality. Armstrong is the creator, executive producer and host of “BG on TV.” “The goal of ‘BG on TV’ is to help make the actions of young adults, ages 18-24, match their desires,” Armstrong said. “We hope to inspire young adults through our show by having guests on that are living their dreams and have inspiring stories to tell.”


SING SING SING: For the pilot of senior Taurence Armstrong’s talk show, “BG on TV”, a mini “American Idol” style competition was held.

See DREAM | Page 2

CAMPUS BRIEF Downtown shuttle poll results, students in favor of downtown route

School spirit relies on student body participation


basketball, Steckel said that representing the school benefits the campus itself as well as the athletic teams. Competing with the orange and brown “I feel you made a choice to come to of school spirit, it is common to see the this campus and you should try to get various colors of other collegiate teams the best out of it by representing your sported by University students. campus, not representing a school you Junior Andrew Steckel, a sports man- didn’t decide to go to,” Steckel said. agement major and self-proclaimed Senior Jacob Lawrence, who played University athletics fan, said he does for the men’s soccer team the past four not wear clothing depicting any other years at the University, said that it can school while on campus. be disheartening as an athlete to go to A follower of most University sports, the field before a home game and pass especially hockey, football, baseball and people wearing Ohio State jerseys on

CAMPUS Debate team for the win

FORUM Violence in movies

Members of the University’s Forensic and Debate team, ranked first in the nation, will host the 66th annual Falcon Classic this weekend | Page 5

Eric Rhoads gives his opinion on the top 25 Most Dangerous films and their effect on violence in everyday society, but also how it can be used artistically along with many other purposes | Page 4

-Sunday November 22, 8 P.M. -Bryan Recital Hall, Moore Musical Arts Center -Student composed/performed music -Includes music influenced by Jazz, Rock, Folk and Pop music -Food Drive – Bring a dry food good to donate to the local food pantry -Reception following concert – free and open to the public

See CONCERT | Page 2

For more photos of ‘BG on TV’ go to

By Jessica Hanna Reporter

Praecepta Goes Pop!

the way. “It’s a struggle when you work so very hard during preseason and during weight lifting and running mile tests and all this stuff,” Lawrence said. “You put in so much effort to put on that orange jersey and represent around 20,000 students, but then most of them are more concerned with other schools.” He said having spirited fans and audience participation can influence a

See SPIRIT | Page 2

SPORTS BG Falcons vs Akron Zips Head to the Doyt Perry stadium today at 5:30 p.m. to watch the Falcons take on the University of Akron Zips

The final results of the Undergraduate Student Government’s shuttle poll showed more students would be willing to pay a $20 fee to implement a downtown route. Approximately 60 percent of the 877 total participants voted “yes” during Monday and Tuesday’s online poll, said Joe Edens, senator for the college of education and human development. The fee would also improve parking lot conditions, upgrade current shuttle facilities and potentially add night and weekend hours. USG used the poll to gauge student reaction on the proposed fee, though the results of the poll will not dictate USG’s final decision. The student government will come to a final decision on the fee in the upcoming weeks, but will take the student votes into consideration when voting. The final results: 877 total votes (822 undergraduates, 55 graduates) Undergraduates: 496 voted yes (60.3 percent of total vote) Graduates: 28 votes yes (50.9 percent of total vote)

PEOPLE ON THE STREET What would your talk show be about? TREY HOWARD Senior, Management

“A lot of sex.” | Page 4



2 Friday, November 20, 2009

BLOTTER WED., NOV. 18 2:24 A.M.

Deanna Kaczala, of Toledo, was cited for disorderly conduct at the Harshman Quadrangle. 11:15 A.M.

Seth Horner, 22, of Bowling Green, was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia on the corner of Campbell Hill Drive and Scott Hamilton Boulevard.

THUR., NOV. 19 1:40 A.M.

Complainant reported his car was stolen within the 100th block of Manville Avenue.

ONLINE: Go to for the complete blotter list.


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VACCINE From Page 1 “Either they are crazy about it and have to get it, or they don’t think it is that big of a deal.” Barb Hoffman, director of health services, said students have not been very interested in obtaining the free vaccinations the Student Health Center has been giving out this week. Of 1,000 vaccinations received, only 500 of those have been used since the clinics began on Monday, she said. Pat Snyder, public information officer for the Wood County Health Department, said the health department has administered over 6,000 vaccinations since October 15th. “Many of our clinics, we average around 1000 doses total for the whole day,” she said. “We’ve always had plenty of the flu mist form of the vaccine, but we have run out of the shot form of the vaccine at a couple of our clinics.” Hoffman said only about 80 students used the shuttles that transported students to those clinics, but she was unsure how many drove themselves. She said she was not sure why students did not seem to be

“Many of our clinics, we average around 1000 doses total for the whole day” Pat Snyder | Officer

interested. Some students, like senior Trey Howard, feel the vaccination is not safe to take. Howard said he had heard people were having bad side effects. “I figure I’ll take my chances,” he said. Junior Steven Topper, who did not get the vaccine, said he was not concerned about side effects but that he saw a video on Youtube that showed a woman who suffered side effects after getting a flu shot. “This girl got the flu vaccine and she can’t function unless she is running or walking backwards,” he said. “It’s just weird and it is really funny to watch, but at the same time, it is really sad.” The woman he was speaking of, Desiree Jennings, allegedly developed dystonia after receiving a seasonal flu shot. According to the National Institute of

Health’s Website, dystonia is a movement disorder that causes muscles to involuntarily contract. Hoffman said there are differences between the seasonal and H1N1 vaccines. Jennings was also likely a rare case, she said. “It is a shame that this one bizarre case could have an impact that could lead to deaths from not getting the vaccine,” she said. Hoffman said the vaccine is considered safe by the CDC and approved by the FDA. The vaccine is created and distributed by the United States government, which is why the vaccine is being given out for free, she said. Hoffman said that while trying to prevent the disease by washing your hands often is a good idea, it is not always enough. “When you are living in an environment, like we are, where you have so many people in such close proximity, where you have people who do not wash their hands, who cough or sneeze in to their is so easy to transmit a virus,” she said. “You have to take good care of yourself, and part of taking good care of yourself is getting the vaccines you need to protect yourself.”


CONCERT From Page 1 often take on different themes incorporating certain elements of music. Sunday night, the group will perform a new pop-influenced set at Bryan Recital Hall, but the set will be comprised of many other elements as well. Rex Maze, president of Praecepta, said it is mainly classical music influenced by pop, rock and jazz. “Some pieces are more classical and some are more popbased than others,” Maze said. By encouraging new musical ideas, Praecepta tries to reach out to a more diverse crowd and appeal to people outside of the music building. “I don’t think that many people realize the many sides to classical music,” Maze said. “Even today, when a lot of people think of modern composers they envision an old bust of Beethoven sitting on a dusty shelf, an image that is far removed from the world of pop music.” “However, many contemporary composers incorporate elements of popular music into their works,” he said. “Sunday’s concert will be a perfect example of this.” Generally in a Praecepta concert, there are different musicians performing on each piece and not the same group of people performing throughout the entire show. Sally Williams, vice president of Praecepta, said concerts have included every-

SPIRIT From Page 1

DREAM From Page 1 Armstrong said the idea for “BG on TV” came partly from his “pillar theory.” “If I were to have my own media company I would name it ‘Pillar Productions.’ I would name it that because pillars are strong. They’re loving because they give their time supporting something and they’re extremely given,” he said. “I want to be strong and supportive like a pillar, and I want to inspire others to be like pillars as well.” The inaugural episode of “BG on TV” will try to influence its viewers by featuring two recent University grads on their own career paths by running The BLDG in downtown Bowling Green. One of those guests is Will Wicks, who is a music producer, and although he still has some higher aspirations, he has gained success quickly, he said. “I’ve reached a nice piece of my

dream by working with music, which I will always have love and a passion for,” he said. The first show of “BG on TV” will also include a singing competition between three contestants, and the winner will have their own song produced in collaboration with Wicks. Having a student contestant earn the opportunity to create their own song is another illustration of the show’s goal of encouraging young adults to follow their dreams. “On the show, we talked about how to get started with your dream by finding out what you love and making it a skill,” Wicks said. “You don’t want to do something and look at it as just a job, you want to do something that you enjoy and hopefully you can surround yourself with others who enjoy it as well.” Although the intent of the show is to motivate viewers, some people involved with the making of “BG on TV” have already been positively affected. Alesha

Duncan, a producer for the show, said so far it has been a wonderful opportunity. “I’m definitely gaining experience and this is something I know I want to do,” she said. “Through my involvement with ‘BG on TV,’ I feel like I’m a step closer to my dream, which is what the show is all about.” The taping of the first episode of “BG on TV” was this past Tuesday night. Duncan said she was pleased with how the show went. “It went pretty well for it being the first show. The audience was great and our crew did an awesome job,” she said. “It will be a really big moment when I see it on TV, the feeling will be like, wow, we did it.” Armstrong said after the first taping, he feels energetic. “I feel like I could definitely do something like this for the rest of my life,” he said. “As long as there is meaning behind what I am doing, and there is definitely purpose behind a show like this.”

“BG on TV” will air for the first time on Monday, November 23 at 10 p.m. on BGSU’s Channel 6. The episode will be 30 minutes long. Armstrong said he hopes the members of “BG on TV” will be able to do a number of shows in the future. “TV is tough. It took six weeks to produce this one show, so it takes time,” Armstrong said. “But this isn’t supposed to be a one time thing, we plan on this project being around for a while and we really want it to live on for students in the future.” Armstrong said through creating and hosting “BG on TV” he is already living part of his dream and he stresses that others can do the same. “It is possible to live your dream,” he said. “So many people throughout the history of the world have said that. Those people must have some idea of the truth because way too many have said it for it not to be true.”

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BGSU Men’s Chorus – Hot Tub-A-Thon It’s that month again - November. Members of the BGSU Men’s Chorus will get a full-fledged blast of the cold air as they sit in a hot tub for 50 consecutive hours.

Win a when free Netbo ok you p u r ch raffle ticke ase ts! 1 tick et = $ 5

This year’s Hot Tub-A-Thon, the 17th annual event by the Men’s Chorus, will be hosted from 12:00 pm on November 18 through 2:30 pm on November 20. The Hot Tub-A-Thon will be located by the Education and Eppler Buildings on campus. During that time, at least two chorus members will sit in a hot tub in half hour shifts hoping to raise money for their annual spring tour. Passers-by, for donations, can play games with the chorus members such as “Chuck-a-duck,” a game that involves throwing a rubber duck as far as possible and the chorus members will jump out of the tub and fetch it.

Come support the Men’s Chorus in the 17th Annual Hot Tub-A-Thon November 18-20. We accept cash, checks, credit/debit, and BG1 cards. All donations are welcomed and appreciated. Keep the music ringing by supporting the Men’s Chorus!

it has to detract from representing Bowling Green. “I’ve been here a little over four years and I can say, without hesitation, during my time here that I’ve noticed more and more and more BG gear out there,” Delehoy said. The athletic department has been working to increase attendance at games and encourage school spirit. The department has forged and maintained beneficial working relations across campus within different areas of student life, especially with Residence life and the Greek community, Delehoy said. Lawrence said he has also seen increased school spirit and student support in his four years with the University. “I’ve surrounded myself with more friends that love Bowling Green and that makes me love it even more,” he said. “I’m very grateful for all the people that have come out to not only my sporting event, but all the sporting events.”

Hillsdale 3 Bedroom Townhouses up to 5 people w/ no extra cost, full basement, washer & dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, central air and heat, carports



3-2-1 ACTION: Senior Taurence Armstrong and a WBGU producer prepare for Armstrong’s first episode of “BG on TV.” Before audience members were allowed into the studio, contestants for Armstrong’s version of “American Idol” were briefed on taping procedures.

game. A fan of other University sports, including hockey, women’s basketball and volleyball, Lawrence said one of his favorite things to do on campus is to cheer in the student section of a home hockey game. “A crowd is not going to make you win or lose, ultimately, but when you do something in a game that is successful and then you hear a couple thousand people in the stands get excited, it gets your own adrenaline pumping and you start getting excited yourself and then you want to do even more,” Lawrence said. Brian Delehoy, assistant athletic director for marketing, agreed that students often wear apparel for other schools, especially the University of Michigan and the Ohio State University. He said this won’t change, as a majority of students are from Ohio and have grown up immersed in the local rivalry. But he doesn’t think

thing from solo acts to quartets, and other group performances. She said some shows have also been based around Broadway themes and electroacoustic music one might hear in movies, for instance. “Most of the works in Sunday’s show will include a lot of new musical ideas and out-of-thebox thinking of how to create different sounds,” Williams said. Ben Taylor, a composition student who has composed and performed music for Praecepta elaborated on this out-of-thebox thinking. “We do try to have performances that explore different musical techniques and unusual instrument groupings like a tuba and flute duet for example,” Taylor said. “We try to encourage different ways to put musical elements together, almost in an experimental sense.” Taylor also said the atmosphere of a Praecepta show is much more open and relaxed, and not the typical concert hall feel. Praecepta’s concert Sunday night will be at Bryan Recital Hall at the Moore Musical Arts Center and will begin at 8 p.m. Along with the concert, Praecepta is also holding a food drive where anyone can donate dry food goods, toiletries and contributions that will go to the local food pantry in conjunction with the Salvation Army. There will also be a reception with food and drinks following the concert that is free and open to the public.

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Friday , November 20, 2009


PASSPORT TO ENTERTAINMENT Photos by Alaina Buzas | Photo Editor


SPINNING: Skating coach Betsey Dewitt spins with student Jaryn Shumaker.

Ice skating club returns to campus “When I’m on the ice, the feeling I get is that nothing else matters...”

I used to do and I’m trying to regain my speed,” she said. “I just try to remember the things that I do know how to do and After being absent for a few build on those.” years, the University’s figure Other than working on techskating club is back on the ice. nique, Hansen said her time Freshman Ruoyi Han, an on the ice is an outlet to getting exchange student from Beijing, Amanda Losch | Club Treasurer away from stresses. China, has been figure skat“I’m in the Air Force ROTC ing for 12 years. While she was checking out the various clubs week when we skate, and I and sometimes it feels like it on campus, she was very happy would say we have about 12 consumes my life and skating can help calm me down from to find a club skating team, she regulars in the club.” The figure skating club allows that,” she said. said. Amanda Losch, the skating “I didn’t know that there was its members to further their an ice skating club and I was skills and experience on the ice. club’s treasurer, said she agrees “In practice, I usually focus figure skating can really help really excited when I found out on a particular jump that I am reduce stress. there was one,” Han said. “When I’m on the ice, the feelClub President Danni Yurek working on as well as my footing I get is that nothing else said for a couple of years in the work and speed,” Yurek said. Junior Amber Hansen said matters and I don’t worry about past she has tried to get a skating club together but there was she has been skating collective- school or anything else when little interest. This year, however, ly for about seven years, but has I’m skating,” she said. Although some of the club not skated much since middle it all came together, she said. “The last time the club was school, until she joined the members find figure skating around was about three or four club. Now, she has the opportu- relaxing, Losch said the notion years ago, and now we have re- nity to catch up on what she has See SKATING | Page 5 started it,” she said. “It seems learned in the past, she said. “I work on the old jumps that like we see new people every By Austin Arnold Reporter

LEARNING THE MOVES: [Above] University students Xing Chen and Akshay Joshi perform a Bollywood Dance during Passport to Entertainment. An Irish dance and Thai dance were also performed, as well as a few Spanish Opera pieces. [Below] International Business Association Vice President Brandon Double and President Marissa Sayre learn a traditional Greek Dance at the organization’s 3rd Annual Passport to Entertainment last night.

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“It’s a struggle when you work so very hard during preseason ... You put in so much effort to put on that orange jersey and represent around 20,000 students, but then most of them are more concerned with other schools..” — Jacob Lawrence, soccer player, on the lack of University spirit [see story, pg. 1].


Friday, November 20, 2009 4

What would your talk show be about? “Religious hypocrisy inherent in everyday life.”

“A fashion talk show.”

“Random things, whatever pops in my head.”


ALEXIS KAIN, Freshman, Undecided

DYLAN SCHOETTLEY, Freshman, Business

VISIT US AT BGVIEWS.COM Have your own take on today’s People On The Street? Or a suggestion for a question? Give us your feedback at

ALEX BROWN, Senior, Environmental Health

JESS BROOKS, Freshman, Early Childhood Education

Americans remain unaware of realities overseas MIKE THURAU COLUMNIST As the national debates over health care, energy policy and the national debt continue to be wrestled with, it becomes easy to forget that America is also deeply involved in the political, social, and economic affairs of people outside our borders. Indeed, the majority of what takes place in Iraq and Afghanistan will never be known to the American public. Much more information is available on insurance costs and deficit spending than what the men and women who police and control Iraq in our name are actually engaging themselves in. However, while the true nature of the American situation in the Middle East is largely unavailable for public

examination — just ask Geraldo — every now and again a story or two will slip through. Nearly two weeks after the mild-mannered Army psychologist Nidal Hasan went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood, TX, a CNN investigation confirmed four Iraqi detainees scheduled to be set free due to lack of evidence were murdered by American soldiers. Jess Cunningham waited nine months to come forward with his story, fearing retribution from fellow soldiers for telling the truth as to what took place at a Baghdad canal in 2007. Fortunately, Cunningham had the courage to realize “These men are not heroes. They’re not saviors.” When coupled with similar stories taking place in Tikrit, Balad, on the Tigris and elsewhere, one has to wonder how many units of American soldiers are without a Sergeant Cunningham to report these

“While these killings are taking place on the other side of the world, it is important to keep in mind they are being committed in our name. It may offer solace to some ...” killings. Whether it is a boy being killed because his backpack is mistaken for a weapon or apparently for no reason at all, these murders are unacceptable and a “War against Terror” is no justification. While these killings are taking place on the other side of the world, it is important to keep in mind they are being committed in our name. It may offer solace to some that when properly reported, the victims’ families are often compensated. In one incident, Feb. 18, 2006, a taxi approached a checkpoint east of Baquba that was not properly marked with signs to slow down, according to an Army claim evaluation.

Despite criticism, violence in films serves necessary function ERIC RHOADS COLUMNIST Have you ever watched a movie and wondered why it would have so much violence? Or even wondered why there wasn’t more violence? The effects of film, and violence in it, upon the viewing public have been well debated and documented. Taken in the wrong context, films with gratuitous violence can (and have) resulted in criminal acts that negatively affect our society. Films like “Natural Born Killers,” which glorifies violence, has been dubbed by Premiere magazine as one of the 25 Most Dangerous Movies Ever Made. “A Clockwork Orange” resulted in a series of copycat murders and sexual assault cases with the criminals citing the movie as a source of inspiration. And “Dead or Alive” enjoys a claim to fame as the goriest film ever made. The list could go and on and on with films that have been blamed for countless unspeakable acts against human society. So why the violence? Furthermore, why the outrage? After all, films like these don’t actually sway the criminal to “pull the trigger” so to speak; that is an act of free will, albeit a demented one. Violence has merit in film.

Further, it has cause for actually being part of film history. The outlet of violence may have began as an act of rebellion against oppressive censorship in the film industry (especially during the 70s when the blood-levels rose to massive proportions in mainstream film for the first time). But today, its purpose may be slightly obscured by a common moviegoer. Violence, for one, has many purposes in film, artistic or otherwise. Its merit cannot be boiled down to a single definite answer, but rather a blending of causes for inclusion. Sometimes it merely serves to drive the story forward. Sometimes it is used as a means of satire. Sometimes it is meant to be a deterrent. Take the aforementioned “Natural Born Killers.” The very nature of the film explores how violence is portrayed. The back DVD cover opens: “They didn’t win a Nobel Prize, throw a record fastball or travel another acceptable path to fame. What fugitive lovers Mickey and Mallory did was kill people. Lots of people. The media took care of the rest.” Sounds like the type of film that warrants its controversy. As the film unfolds, people are dispatched in a variety of humorous/satirical ways. A famous scene includes an homage to the “I Love Lucy” show in which the characters in the film are being sexually and physically abused. It is a means to show that even

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the warm-loving comedy shows like “I Love Lucy” had undertones of spousal abuse, even if they did not show it. The film does glorify violence. Anyone who has seen the film should not deny this fact. But it glorifies violence for a purpose. It explores the effects violence can have upon individuals, and how it isn’t the violence itself which brings about violent individuals but rather, a misrepresentation by the media or a misunderstanding by the receiver of said media (in the case of the film — the deranged and mixed-up lovers Mickey and Mallory). The merit of violence in film is necessary in order for us as human beings to better understand violence in our waking lives. It is a way of safely exploring the darkest reaches of human capability, and possibly offering solutions through witnessing those characters endure the violence. Respond to Eric at

Soldiers fired on the taxi, killing a woman and severely wounding her daughter and son. After words, the Army approved an unusually large condolence payment of $7,500. In Haditha, after one of the more notorious incidents involving American troops in Iraq, the Marines paid residents $38,000 after troops killed two dozen people in November 2005. The United States military does not do civilian body counts, so accurate data is hard to come by. However, volunteers and journalists from both the U.S. and the U.K. estimate that the civilian body count in Iraq alone is between 94,194

and 102,780. For a more detailed breakdown of the context of these killings, visit In Afghanistan, it is even more difficult to gather accurate data, but a decent database on civilian claims for wrongful death charges against the United States military can be found at It was not Osama Bin Laden who gave the government the right to spy on us or potentially detain us without trial. It was not Saddam Hussein who destroyed the American image as a champion of freedom. It was not Abu Al Zarqawi who spent over 3 trillion dollars that we and our children and our children’s children will have to pay back. These are all terrible men to be sure, and we are better off without them. However, they were never so powerful as they were made out to be. Americans live in the most powerful country in the world, and the only


entity that has the power to make them less than free is its own government. As always, Americans must make a choice between freedom and a banal worship of power and strength. Respond to Mike at

Move over famine and disease, ‘New Moon’ is next evil to sweep the nation RYAN SULLIVAN COLUMNIST By the time most of you read this, an immense evil will have befallen this world. Though some will hearken its arrival as a saving grace, I urge you all to not fall under the shadow of its influence. No, I am not talking about the outbreak of some evil disease or plague, but of something much worse. I come to bring warnings of the evil that is… “New Moon,” the new Twilight saga movie. Now, don’t get me wrong, the special effects in the movie look decent. But don’t be fooled by its clever pretense of being nothing more than an adaptation of a book. Men the world over know this movie is nothing more than PG-13-approved porn for women. That’s right, I said it. Porn for women. My girlfriend has been all but drooling over this film since she saw the first one. And as far as I can tell, she isn’t the only one. This movie, despite never having been seen, has already sold more tickets than last week’s

number one movie. Right now, it is accounting for approximately 94 percent of online ticket sales. No, that is not an exaggeration; it is based on a news release from “Fandango.” I wanted to surprise my girlfriend and went to buy tickets for the movie. For the Friday showing, there was only one showing left they had tickets for. I ended up having to get tickets for the Sunday showing. When I got to her apartment, she squealed like a little girl. She is 21. She called her mother to tell her she was afraid she wouldn’t get to see it on opening weekend and her mom got jealous. Am I honestly the only one who sees an issue with this? There has to be some reprieve. If they are vampires and werewolves, can’t we just, as a society, go out and buy silver bullets and wooden spikes? But I will be honest, the Twilight problem doesn’t end there. The vampire craze has become the new wizard craze. I don’t see it as being too long before people start to go out and put those caps on their teeth to give themselves fangs. Yes, I have seen them on people and no, they don’t look good. And the vampire invasion

doesn’t end there. The CW show, “The Vampire Diaries,” is averaging four million viewers per episode, yet the show after that, “Supernatural,” loses almost half of them. Some of the most popular book series for adolescents right now all have to do with vampires, whether it be the Twilight series or any of the other bandwagon-jumping series looking to make a quick buck while the getting is good. There are even other vampire movies that are cashing in on the craze, including “The Vampire’s Assistant,” which pulled in $13.5 million domestically and is still performing well overseas. Now that we know what we are facing, we have to do something about it. I encourage you to all start carrying around holy water, crucifixes, onions and peanut butter to fend off the ensuing hordes before you too are converted. As for me, I will be going behind enemy lines to see what intel I can gather. … yeah, that’s it, intel. What? You can’t honestly expect me to miss the biggest movie event of the year can you? Respond to Ryan at

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Friday, November 20, 2009



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FIRST MEETING: Freshman Cherno Biko reflects on the first time he met Heather Ahuero, during The Day of Rememberance event hosted by Transcendence last night in the Union. Ahuero, a University Grad student who died last Monday while at a conference in Cinncinati, was active in a number of campus organizations and an ally of Transcendence.

/,)&)!355R55 .,#255R55/&5 #."&&55R55&."35235#,55R55

Debate team to host 66th annual Falcon Classic

gymnastics. Each participant competes in different events and those events are scored and totaled with other scores from the same team to determine which team is the best, he said. Each team receives an award for winning and each person receives an award for making the top six. Currently, the University’s team is ranked No. 1 in the nation in two different leagues and has many trophies. The tournaments not only serve as competitions for teams, but they also help attract future students to the University. Usually if students are interested in the tournaments, they are inspired to attend the University, Alday said. Suzanne V.L. Berg, graduate coach who assists Alday, shared similar sentiments. “I think it does have a great deal of positive effects for students, I’ve seen that for years,� she said. “This is an activity where people who are in it definitely enjoy it and students can see the different things they can do. This is something that they can enjoy and they will come because they like the activity itself.� Freshman Shirley O’Nan, a novice member, chose the University because of the debate team. “When I was looking for a college I kept in mind that I wanted to be a

FALL 2008 s B O W L I N G G R E E N S TAT E U N I V E R S I T Y

Suzanne V.L. Berg | Graduate coach

part of a forensic speech on the collegiate level, so once I found out Bowling Green had one, I was set on going to BG and I definitely wanted to join the team,� she said. Like Hodgdon, O’Nan is also looking forward to the tournament. “I’m very, very excited,� she said. “To be able to have so many people coming to this campus and to be able to be on our own campus in the area that we know is great. I’m just excited to get out there and be in novice events this time.� Members have put in a lot of time and work in preparing for the tournament. Hodgdon said it’s similar to a 40-hour work week. O’Nan said she practices whenever she can. “I usually have my car rides to school and from school [to practice] and then I also practice while I’m at home in the shower, while I’m here in the complex because I tend to hang out here a lot and I usually try to get in front of a mirror to just focus on my own voice,� she said. Members have other future events to look forward to. They have a tournament coming up in December at Otterbein College and Suffolk College.They also have a tournament in February, which will also be at the University.

A Cut Above

/&&5, 0#5&)(5 ),5 (5;5)'(


#-65 -.,5, 2*5ghIgoIfo

Free Beverage Receive a FREE Small Fountain Beverage at Any of the Residentail Dining Venues When You Spend Over $6.00 EXPIRES 12/1/09

FALL 2009

in it definitely enjoy it and students can see the different things they can do. This is something that they can enjoy and they will come because they like the activity itself.�


Members of the University’s Forensic and Debate team will host and compete in the 66th Annual Falcon Classic Tournament this weekend to attempt to win the 1st place trophy. The forensic and debate team is a competitive co-curriculum team where students prepare speeches and performances, such as informative speaking and dramas, to compete against students from other universities. The group was founded in 1919 and it currently has 20 members and more than 4,000 alumni. More than 30 universities, including the Ohio State University and University of Michigan, will bring close to 800 colleagues, judges, students and prospective students to participate in two days of competition. The tournament will be based in the Education Building and will last from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday. “I’m really excited [about the tournament],� junior Katie Hodgdon said. “Working on the tournament is a lot of fun. Sometimes it can be stressful, obviously, but it’s a lot of fun to kind of just see the fundamentals of how a tournament works that way. When you’re competing on your own you appreciate how much work goes into a tournament.� Hodgdon is a three-year varsity member. She competed in speech and debate in high school and was interested in doing the same in college, so she joined the team. Director Paul Alday has coached the team for 11 years. He said the tournaments work like women’s

“This is an activity where people who are


By D’Erra Jackson Reporter

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SKATING From Page 3 that some people do not regard it as a sport is as wrong as it is frustrating. “People look at figure skating as fun, pretty and nice but not a sport,� she said. “It’s a physical and mental sport and you have to be in control of both of those elements in order to do anything,� Yurek said that many do not realize figure skating is as physical as many other sports. “What some people don’t understand is that figure skating is tough and there are as many injuries in it as other sports,� she said. “I tore my shoulder once and fractured a thumb through skating.� The club holds its practices on Thursday nights from 8 to 9 p.m. Many members of the skating club have a number of years of experience, but Losch said that should not discourage anyone from coming out and skating with club. “We encourage all skaters of all skill levels and styles to skate to join,� she said. “We actually have RYAN PIROG | THE BG NEWS a member who has never skated before this year, so everyone is KEEPING AN EYE OUT:Skating coach Betsey Dewitt helps student Jaryn Shumaker work on her form. welcome.�

see ofďŹ ce for details



OďŹƒce of Student Publications 214 West hall Bowling Green State University Bowling Green Ohio 43403


Friday, November 20, 2009


BG making 500-mile trip to New York for WNIT game Falcons to face Rachele Fitz and Marist in third-round Preseason WNIT game tomorrow afternoon By Andrew Harner of being able to finish unortho“She’s a very difficult matchup for a Sports Editor doxed shots.” With 49 points (17-for-27 shootpost player because she’s an unbelievable ing) and 22 rebounds through Women’s basketball coach Curt first two games, Fitz will be Miller and junior guard Lauren finisher. She has an uncanny way of being the looking to lead the Red Foxes (1Prochaska will be meeting New 1) to a win against BG tomorrow York’s version of themselves able to finish unorthodoxed shots.” afternoon in the third round of against Marist. In Poughkeepsie, they have their own version of Prochaska in senior Rachele Fitz, the twotime defending Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Player of the Year and their own version of Miller in coach Brian Giorgis, who has a 135-27 record the past five seasons. “Our programs are a lot alike over the last five or six years,”

Curt Miller | Coach

the Preseason WNIT in a game that pits the two best mid-majors Miller said. “[We’re] programs But now Prochaska will have from the past five seasons against that mirror each other, so it’s a to be one of the players the each other. But the Falcons (1-1) aren’t game, a little bit, for bragging Falcon will employ to try to slow going to sit idly by as they will roll rights.” down Fitz. Miller has led his team to a 137“She’s clearly their best player,” out a confident starting lineup, 28 record the past five seasons Miller said. “She’s a very diffi- despite coming off a 91-72 blowand was led by Mid-American cult matchup for a post player See WNIT | Page 7 ENOCH WU | THE BG NEWS Conference Player of the Year because she’s an unbelievable MEETING HER MATCH: Lauren Prochaska will meet her match in Marist’s Rachele Fitz. Prochaska last season. finisher. She has an uncanny way


LEADER: Otis Polk has been the leader for the Falcons this season, scoring 25 points and grabbing seven rebounds in two games.


LEADERS: Seniors Freddie Barnes, Chris Bullock and Tyler Sheehan (left to right) will all try to help lead the Falcons to their first bowl game since 2007.

Falcons on the run... to bowl eligibility

With win, BG football team will go above .500 for first time By Sean Shapiro Assistant Sports Editor

winning the last two games. The first of those two is tonight at Doyt Perry Stadium at 5:30 against an All of the Falcon football team’s goals Akron team, which is starting a quarare still in place with two games terback who almost decided to play for the Falcons instead of the Zips. remaining. Patrick Nicely had committed to play A win this afternoon would meet one of the Falcons’ goals — becoming for former coach Gregg Brandon, but bowl eligible and guaranteeing at least after he was fired and the recruiting process came to an end, Nicely was a .500 record this season. “Our goals are still in hand and we heading to Akron instead. “I met him a couple times just in passneed to finish these last two games,” senior receiver Freddie Barnes said. ing,” BG quarterback Tyler Sheehan “We have a plan that needs to be exe- said. “I never really got to know him, but he seemed like a nice guy.” cuted.” This evening BG will get to know After getting snubbed from a bowl last season, Barnes feels the biggest See BOWL | Page 7 step toward the bowl season is proving themselves as a marketable team by

Senior running back wants to close out season running hard By Andrew Harner Sports Editor

A lot of that will depend on how hard he practices. First-year coach Dave Clawson has As a 2006 Freshman All-American, consistently rewarded players who perFalcon running back Chris Bullock form well in practice, changing his starting kicker and one defensive tackle durknows he can be a productive player. But after the since-graduated Anthony ing the season. Clawson said Bullock has shown Turner and current starter Willie Geter burst onto the scene in 2007, Bullock has promise some weeks but not on a conseemingly been an afterthought in the sistent basis, which is why Geter has seen Falcon offense, gaining 894 yards in the the majority of attempts this season. “A lot of it with Chris is his week to week three seasons since his freshman campractice,” Clawson said. “There’s weeks paign when he netted 769 yards. Now 15th on BG’s all-time list for when Chris practices really well that we rushing yards with 1,652, the fifth-year have confidence in him going into the senior said he’d like to finish the year game. In the last two weeks, he’s pracout strong. See BULLOCK | Page 7 “Hopefully I can produce more and help the team out,” Bullock said.

Falcon hockey to play at Michigan, Toledo By Paul Barney Reporter

The BG hockey team won their first game a week ago to snap an eight-game winless streak — which tied the 1981-82 team for the longest winless streak to begin a season. With the win the Falcons will look to carry that momentum into this weekend, as they play a home-and-home series against No. 16 Michigan. Today the Falcons (1-8-1, 14-1 Central Collegiate Hockey Association) head to Ann Arbor to take on the Wolverines (4-60, 2-4-0 CCHA) at 7:35 p.m. The teams will then conclude the two-game series tomorrow night in Toledo at the new Lucas County Arena beginning at 7:05. The series was split a year ago, with BG winning 3-0 at

REBOUND: Junior David Solway had four points last weekend against Alaska.

Michigan and losing a tough 1-0 decision at home the next day. The Wolverines lead the Falcons in the all-time series, 72-32-3-5, and have won seven of the last 10 meetings. BG played a strong, physical game against Alaska last

weekend, and will have to do much of the same this weekend against the 16th ranked team in the country. “We want to be in their face and be very physical,” coach

See HOCKEY | Page 10

By Sean Shapiro Assistant Sports Editor

It seems all it takes to beat Iowa this season is to break the 50points margin. Through two games this season the Hawkeyes have scored exactly 50-points and suffered a pair of losses at home to TexasSan Antonio and Duquesne. “It is disappointing to our guys because we had the one point lead and thought we could finish it out,” Iowa coach Todd Lickliter said. “They just fight so hard and they care. These guys will be in tomorrow wanting to look at tape and get better.” Even though Lickliter’s team will be looking at tape from their loss, BG will still look to be the third team this season to hand Iowa a loss at home, as the opening tip takes place tonight at 9:05. Even though BG has broken the 50-point barrier twice already this season, they are also coming off a tough loss losing 101-57 to Xavier. In the loss BG struggled at both ends of the court, getting

See IOWA | Page 10

Veteran coaches to battle in MAC Tourney By Chris Sojka Reporter


Falcons look to rebound against Iowa

Denise Van De Walle and Carolyn Condit are really good friends. Right behind Van De Walle, Condit is the second-longest tenured coach in the MidAmerican Conference, with a record of 470-344 at Miami and 569-424 overall. That’s 970 MAC wins between them both — and a combined 53 years of coaching. “We have shared a lot together in this conference,” Van De Walle said. “We’ve seen a lot of changes, that’s for sure.” Though Van De Walle has known Condit for years, her 11th seeded Falcons are ready to take on her squad, the third seeded Miami RedHawks at 1:30 today at the SeaGate Centre

Carolyn Condit Has 470 wins in her career with the RedHawks in the second round of the MAC Tournament. The RedHawks are a good team offensively as they entered the tournament hitting a solid .222, which was the third best in the conference. They are not in the top three in any other category, but they also haven’t struggled much with anything. Miami’s Michelle Metzler is a key player on their team. She ranks sixth in the conference in attack percentage at .306 and seventh in blocks at .089 per set.

“We have shared a lot together in this conference. We’ve seen a lot of changes, that’s for sure.” Denise Van De Walle | Coach After BG lost to them twice in the regular season, 3-0 (26-24, 28-26, 25-13) and 3-1 (17-25, 2518, 25-21, 25-19), Van De Walle knows what to expect. “They serve tough and we need to be in system to run our offense,” she said. “Paying attention to who’s hitting where will be important. And as

See TOURNEY | Page 10



Friday, November 20, 2009

THE BG NEWS PICKS OF THE WEEK It’s a very solid week in the pick ‘em. With several upset specials potentially on the horizon, the standings may get shaken up this week. We start Friday with BG-Akron and go all through the day Saturday. And yes, we included that game almost everyone wants to see.

BG vs. Akron BG -11






Sports Editor

Assistant Sports Editor

Design Editor

Campus Editor

Come out to the game folks. The Did you know that Freddie Falcons are going to roll. Barnes has more touchdown catches then Akron’s entire roster? BG 70, Akron 13 BG 27, Akron 20


You know how baseball managers wear the uniform? I’d like to see coach Clawson in those tight football pants. BG 27, Akron 24

BG is going to “shake their tail feathers” all the way to the end zone. BG 34, Akron 7

much as I want to pick against Last week I made fun of After beating Oregon and USC, “We’ve been on the run. Driving in No. 14 Stanford As Stanford because they are Stanford’s dancing tree mascot, another win for Stanford is as likely the sun. Looking out for number vs. California totally not legit, they are home so and they responded with a romp. as all the same people being in one. California here we come,

Stanford -7.5

maybe next week they’ll lose. Stanford 31, Cal 28

They’ve earned my respect. Stanford 3, Cal 0

know me if you read this In a battle of boring teams Ohio You pick ‘em on a regular basis. It’s a Northern Illinois outlasts Ohio in vs. Northern Illinois MAC game, so give me the home a snoozer.


team. Ohio 28, NIU 17

NIU 17, Ohio 14

Judd Apatow’s next movie. Stanford 29, Cal 13

right back where we started from.” Stanford 24, Cal 7

MAC games are crap-shoots. You Relient K sang “Ohio has the just never know. flavor of a water chestnut, it’s not the greatest and it’s not the best but...” NIU 24, Ohio 17 NIU 15, Ohio 6

picking an upset this week. I I want to pick an upset in this I don’t know how the Ducks built “I shot a man in Reno just to Arizona I’m promise. Stay tuned to find out game, however I just can’t see such a great team. I always died watch him die.” Oh wait, wrong vs. No. 11 Oregon when. Oregon letting this one slip away. of Diphtheria on the Oregon state, Heather.

Oregon -6

Oregon 31, Arizona 19

Oregon 21, Arizona 10

Trail. Oregon 45, Arizona 24

Oregon 17, Arizona 7

SUDOKU To play: Complete the grid so that every row, column and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. There is no guessing or math involved. Just use logic to solve

you stayed. Mississippi has I’ve tried to pick Ole Miss in the LSU will role play as Tennessee Phoebe sang “Smelly cat, smelly Mississippi Glad been piling on the points lately past and it hasn’t ended well. in this SEC match up. The Tigers cat what are they feeding you... vs. No. 10 LSU and they’re at home. rob the Rebels. It’s not your fault.” Yay, Tim

Mississippi -4 Michigan vs. Ohio State OSU -12.5 Overall record

Tebow! Mississippi 34, LSU 27

LSU 31, Mississippi 17

I used to be an OSU fan and cared about this game. Then I came to BG and met all you fanatics who don’t support BG. OSU 37, Michigan 30

After traveling to Columbus last weekend for a women’s basketball blow out, I need to see the Buckeyes lose. Michigan 24, OSU 21



LSU 31, Mississippi 21 LSU 21, Mississippi 7 Michigan needs this win for bowl Jim Tressel “wants it all or notheligibility like OSU fans need to ing at all.” Sing it with me. remember they go to BG. Michigan 27, OSU 24

OSU 26, Michigan 7



Tamika Nurse

WNIT From Page 6 out loss to No. 3 Ohio State last weekend. “We took a lot of confidence coming out of that Ohio State game,” Miller said. “Scoring 72 points against Ohio State gives us confidence that we can find ways to score.” Senior Tamika Nurse and junior Tracy Pontius lead the charge for the Falcons, each scoring 28 points in the first two games and combining to make 11-of-24 three-point shots. The two true point guards are still getting a feel for playing with each other on the court, since they both can’t be in control of the ball as it comes up court. “They’re both very talented with the ball in their hands and learning to play with each other,” Miller said. “They’re off the ball a little more than they are used to.” Marist is also coming off a

Has 28 points and five steals this season

Tracy Pontius Has 28 points and seven assists this season tough loss — a 55-50 tilt against West Virginia during which the Red Foxes only shot 23.4 percent from the field. But with as many good shooters as they have, Miller said he doesn’t expect them to shoot that poorly two games in a row. “Out of all the basketball games I’ve watched Marist play over the past five years, I’ve never seen them shoot so poorly,” Miller said. “We know we’re going to get a really good game out of them.”

Did you know?


TIGHTENING UP: The Falcon defense, including Adrien Spencer, Cody Basler, Brandon Jackson and Angelo Magnone (left to right), has played better the past two games.

“I’m very excited about the progress our defense is making. I think the last two games we’ve really put together some good efforts.”

since the second half against Buffalo. “I’m very excited about the progress our defense is making,” BG coach Dave Clawson Nicely and see what they missed said. “I think the last two games out on. we’ve really put together some After starter Chris Jacquemain good efforts. The second half was suspended from the team Dave Clawson | Coach against Buffalo and then that earlier this season, Nicely took game [Miami] I feel is the most over the starting job following season. another injury. the air. On the other side of the ball complete game we’ve played all In limited action this season Once again the Falcon the BG defense will look to con- season.” Against Miami, the BG Nicely has thrown four touch- offense will heavily rely on tain the Akron offense, which down passes averaging 162.2 the senior duo of Sheehan and has relied heavily on the run due defense had five takeaways and stopped the RedHawks twice in yards per contest. Barnes who have connected to their freshman quarterback. Offensively BG has faired well 117 times for 1,285 yards and 12 Even though the Falcons have the red zone. The two red zone stops were without Nicely as the BG offense touchdowns. struggled against the run this has averaged 393.4 yards of That doesn’t bode well for the season — allowing 198.3 rush- the Falcons’ first since their total offense this season, 324.7 Akron defense, which has been ing yards game a game — their loss to Boise State in early of those yards coming through allowing 28.8 points a game this play as of late has improved September.

BULLOCK From Page 6

Chris Bullock

Willie Geter

“I play when I’m told and I do my best whenever I get in,” he later added. “In practice, I try Had 82 rush yards Has earned to stay focused and show what ticed better so there’s been more against Miami last the majority of I can do.” confidence putting him in.” Thursday carries for BG But still, Bullock is able to look And Clawson was rewarded back at his career with fondness, for his decision. him getting it done on a regular remembering the 2007 GMAC Bullock bulled his way ahead clock ticking down. Bowl and his stellar freshman But because BG has played basis.” 11 times against Miami last Bullock admitted his dimin- campaign. Thursday for 82 yards — his best from behind or held a tight lead “I’d really go back to my freshsingle-game output since torch- in the fourth quarter of many ished role on the team has been ing Temple for a career-high 182 games this season, Bullock has frustrating, but he has always man year,” Bullock said. “It was spent more time on the side- done his best to make the most a different system. We really ran yards on Oct. 28, 2006. of it, whether that be making a the ball.” Because he is bigger (5-foot- lines than on the gridiron. But he would also like to end “Chris knows when we have block or gaining a couple yards 11, 223 pounds) than Geter (5his career on a high note, namefoot-8, 175 pounds), he gets the the lead and we need to get for a first down. “It gets frustrating, but you ly the second bowl game of his nod if the Falcons are leading some yards on the ground, he’s late in the game because he is going to be the guy,” said senior have to deal with your position career. “Just show the world or just the and role on the team,” Bullock able to gain small chunks of quarterback Tyler Sheehan. “We all knew he had talent said. “I just do the best at that. U.S. what we can do,” Bullock yardage (career average of 4.5 yards per carry) almost every after his freshman year,” he Whenever I get in, I try to make said. “Through the season we’ve built and figured out how to win time he runs, which keeps the later added. “It’s just a matter of the best of it.

FRI NOV 20th Singles “Small Town USA” “Back that thing up”


at the erie st. market

BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW ! DOORS @ 7PM TIX $15 / $16.50 /$25 VIP



ERIE ST. THEATER 237 S. Erie St. Toledo 419.913.3054




1-800-514-ETIX (3849)


BOWL From Page 6

The school colors of orange and brown were selected when President Williams asked representatives from industrial arts, home economics, and a student to chose the colors. Rumor has it that the colors were suggested by Prof. Winslow after he saw them on a lady’s hat. However, no record can be found that indicates formal approval by faculty or students. The colors were chosen because they “made a pleasing combination, and as they knew, were not used by any other colleges.”


Get more Pulse at the

CULTURE SHOCK BLOG See what Pulse bloggers have to say about current entertainment trends at

Friday, November 20, 2009 8

Tasty getbetter-quick remedies TAYLOR RICHTER DESIGN EDITOR Today I feel like that guy who stood still instead of stepping backwards with the rest of the line when someone asked the line for a volunteer. And what is it that I was volunteered for? All day with my head slammed up in a clamp. Translation — I’m sick. No, it’s not the swine, everyone. So settle down. Granted, it would be awesomely ironic if The BG News food columnist contracted the swine flu. Anyway, one of the worst things about being sick at school is that the blurry view from your futon normally only holds yesterday’s half-eaten Five Dollar Holla, fruit gummies and a stack of Oreo cookies with the cream licked off of them. Not exactly the food momma makes that cures everything. In honor of my runny nose, I’ve compiled two of my favorite getbetter-quicker remedies, all of which can be found on campus or bought with a meal plan.

Lemon, honey and love If 1990s Nickelodeon’s “All That” were a get-well recipe, it would no doubt be this tasty combination of warm lemon and honey. Start out with a mug of water filled about 4/5 of the way to the top. Heat it in the microwave as hot as you can handle and then add a few squirts of lemon juice to taste. Finally, stir in a few teaspoons of honey to take a bit of the sour edge off. Don’t be surprised if when you take a sip you immediately look around for your grandmother. It’s just a mild side effect of this back-home goody.


EXTREMEHOME workout Popular exercise routine brings extreme results, challenges

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (plus an egg-cellent surprise) One of the best things about having sandwich shops on campus is that you can have them make you grilled cheese. Little known fact: grilled cheese at the University is just a vegetarian panini. And if you bat your eyes (or look pathetic enough sniffling into your tissue), I bet you could a few extra slices of gooeyness free of charge. Tomato soup can be found all over campus. The best stuff is in the Union and always at Outakes. When you get back to your room, cook an egg in the microwave and, once salted and peppered, add to the top of your grilled cheese. Enjoy while watching reruns of “The Golden Girls” to see the full healing effect. Jeni’s Mom’s Secret Recipe Whenever I’m sick, I always seem to crave weird foods. Odd combinations of Gatorades, sodas and bubbly waters are normally how I satisfy my wacked-out taste buds. Today, my friend Jeni told me about her mom’s weirdest, yet most soulsoothing, recipe that fits right into this category. Heat a cup of milk in the microwave until it’s just a little hotter than your preference. Melt a pat of butter (about a tablespoon) into the milk and serve with a dash of pepper.

By Alissa O’Neill | Assistant Pulse Editor

With the holiday season right around the corner, many people are looking for a way to keep off the extra pounds those Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas cookies often bring. Add in the fact that the weather is getting colder by the day, and no one is too motivated to go to the gym to work off that holiday weight. Don’t worry. The solution is here in the form of a popular DVD workout program known as P90X.P90X, or Power 90 Extreme, is the creation of exercise instructor and Beachbody fitness star Tony Horton. After the success Horton

See P90X | Page 9

Film showing end of the world makes viewers wish for the end of the movie By Aaron Helfferich Pulse Reviewer

The disaster movie is one genre that doesn’t change much from film to film. Whether it’s an alien spacecraft, a giant creature, or worldwide climate change, there isn’t much to differentiate worldly destruction. Roland Emmerich has already proven his experience with these themes. As the director of “Independence Day,” “Godzilla,” and “The Day After Tomorrow,” Emmerich has an eye for find-


Preparing for the absolute worst before the end of the world in 2012

ing the world’s most cherished and recognizable historical monuments to destroy with special effects. While his latest film is no exception to the rule, “2012” is merely a combination of the best and the worst of disaster films. “2012” is loosely based on the belief that the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world. According to the calendar, that fateful event is expected to occur on December 21, 2012.

See 2012 | Page 9



tion was henceforth arrested by deep investigation up until now. I speak of none other than BRANDON SCHNEIDER the fact that the world will end PULSE COLUMNIST on Dec. 21, 2012. The popular film out now, “2012” leaves us much indebted to it for proTo my loyal and devoted read- moting this fact, as well as the ers: I apologize profusely for countless programs on the failing to provide a column last SyFy and Discovery channels, week for your perusal. I had which include supposed scholevery intention of doing so until ars rattling off vague terms and a very perturbing fact came across my desk. All my attenSee END OF WORLD | Page 9


Check out Sprout at Dave’s

High energy show at Frankie’s

Audio Eagle band to rock Howard’s

Michigan jam band Sprout will be bringing their energetic performance to Bowling Green at Grumpy Dave’s Pub tonight. The 18 and over show will start at 9 p.m. with $3/4 tickets at the door.

Frankie’s Inner City will be hosting Toledo band All Hope Abandon tonight. Known for their highenergy shows, the band will take the Inner City stage with Calveris and Measure the Redshift at 9 p.m. Tickets are $5 for 21 and over, $7 for 18 and over.

Cleveland indie rock band Other Girls from the Audio Eagle Records family will bring their rock to Howard’s Club H tomorrow night. Local band A Gun for Hire will open for Other Girls along with the rocking trio Children Reading and other bands. Doors open at 9 p.m. with a $5 charge for the all ages show.

THEY SAID IT “I’m trying to live a more positive, holy life, but it takes work. It’s hard not sinning, you know?” -Spencer Pratt




Swift releases greeting card line with American Greetings

Jackson doctor avoids jail in support case By Ken Ritter The Associated Press

LAS VEGAS — The physician being investigated in Michael Jackson’s death reached an agreement Monday in a separate child support case that will keep him out of jail. Prosecutors sought an arrest warrant for Dr. Conrad Murray after he failed to appear for previous hearings in the case. He is accused of owing more than $14,000 to a California woman and her son dating back to October 2008. With Murray in court, his lawyer Christopher Aaron paid $700 cash and promised to pay another $303 as part of the deal approved by Clark County District Court Judge Gerald Hardcastle. Aaron has said Murray, a cardiologist, has been unable to pay because he had to close his medical practice and move due to threats following Jackson’s death June 25. “He’s radioactive,” Aaron told The Associated Press. “He’s unemployed and unemployable.” In Oct. 27 court filings, Clark County Deputy District Attorney Gerard Costantian asked the court to find Murray in contempt and send him to jail unless he could demonstrate an inability to pay. The Los Angeles County coroner has ruled Jackson’s death a homicide, caused primarily by propofol and another sedative. Murray told investigators he administered propofol as a sleep

2012 From Page 8 The film also features more mindless scientific talk about the planets aligning and the earth’s crust is shifting due to increasingly large sun-flares, but the true focus of the film is on the updated use of special effects in conjunction with the destined cataclysmic events. With the latest and greatest destruction footage ever created for film, “2012” audiences might be expecting a non-stop thrill ride. While it’s true that no audience should ever expect top notch acting and a winning script from a disaster film, they should at the very least find a suspenseful edge-of-your-seat thriller. Whether it’s a conveniently placed crack between the fingers of the Sistine Chapel, or a tight-rope walking dog, these cheap attempts at humor continually destroy the pace of this film. Thanks to many of these worthless gags, the film takes on a bloated runtime that extends just over two and a half hours. This added time is poorly spent on the similar looking

END OF WORLD From Page 8

claims in an ominous tone. So I had learned of the world’s upcoming ending, but I was not satisfied. How would it end? By what cause? And so I set out. Ultimately I learned that the ancient Mayan calendar ends on this date of Dec. 21, 2012, causing many to believe that the Mayans were predicting the end of times. Many other signs are now emerging, including skyrocketing populations, failing economies and massive losses of resources. Also the producers of the “Saw” series have announced that from now on they will create two “Saw” films a year. That is right. “Saw 12” will come out in 2012, a disturbing sign that surely may only have catastrophic conclusions. I had thought the issue settled though, until an Aztec scholar accosted me during my research, stating the Aztec calendar ends in 2027, inferring that there will be more than one end to the world. And

Friday, November 20, 2009

aid, along with multiple sedatives, in the hours before Jackson died. Murray has not been charged with a crime but is the focus of the Los Angeles police investigation, according to documents made public with search warrants served as his home and offices. Miranda Sevcik, a spokeswoman for Murray, said he continues to maintain he neither prescribed nor administered anything to Jackson that should have killed him. Murray, who is licensed in Nevada, Texas and California, had been hired to a lucrative $150,000-per-month contract to be the pop star’s personal physician during a world tour. At the time, the financially troubled physician owed at least $780,000 for settlements against his business, outstanding mortgage payments on his large Las Vegas house, delinquent student loans, credit cards and child support. Another judge in Las Vegas is due Wednesday to consider unsealing search warrant documents stemming from a police raid Aug. 11 at a Las Vegas pharmacy from which authorities say Murray legally purchased propofol. Meanwhile, Janet Jackson said she blamed Murray for her brother Michael’s death. She told ABC News in an interview to air Wednesday that Murray should no longer be allowed to practice medicine. “He was the one that was administering,” Jackson said. “I think he is responsible.”

Letter Grade: D Rated:PG-13 for intense disaster sequences and some language. Runtime: 158 min. Starring:John Cusack, AmandaPeet, Thandie Newton, Oliver Platt, Danny Glover and Woody Harrelson. Directed by : Roland Emmerich

destruction footage from recent disaster films. “2012” features trembling earthquakes, exploding volcanoes, capsizing boats, and much more. Since we can virtually create anything and travel anywhere possible through the use of special effects, there is no reason why we should continually experience more of the same. After the fourth time “2012” recycles a scene of someone narrowly outrunning the slowest moving apocalypse in movie history, you might be wishing the end of the world had already come and gone.

“And finally, the scariest of all, I went to the calendar on my cell phone and found out that it only goes as far as 2012.”

CLEVELAND (AP) — Fresh off her triumph at the Country Music Association Awards, Taylor Swift has won a deal to create a line of greeting cards for American Greetings Corp. American Greetings CEO Zev Weiss says Swift’s abilities as a storyteller and songwriter make her a natural for writing cards that will appeal to all ages. The Cleveland-based company said Tuesday that cards, gift wrap, stationery, online greetings and other related products overseen by Swift will begin appearing in the spring.

Taylor Swift Singer to break into greeting card industry Terms of the deal were not disclosed. In a statement, Swift calls the opportunity to write and design greeting cards “a wonderful experience.” The CMA entertainer of the year crowned last week says she has always been fascinated by feelings and how people express them.

P90X From Page 8

found with the release of the original Power 90, he decided to step up the fitness program into an extreme version and Power 90 Extreme, P90X, was released onto the market. Since its release in 2004, P90X has become Beachbody’s top product, selling over one million copies, and the infomercial Horton sells his creation on became the best-selling infomercial in April 2008. It was through Horton’s infomercial that the University’s Student Enrollment Communication Center’s Interim Director, Sandy Mencer, discovered P90X a few years ago. “I had been trying to figure out how to take my workout to the next level,” Mencer explained. “I liked that it exercised and engaged different parts of the muscle.” Mencer’s reason for ordering P90X is the platform on which the product’s advertising campaign stands.What sets P90X apart from other home fitness programs is that it does just that — it exercises the muscles in different ways to engage all parts of the body. The technique, called “Muscle Confusion” in P90X, ensures that the body never becomes used to a specific routine by continuously changing the exercise moves. “I liked it because I’d been working out — I tried Jane Fonda, Buns of Steel, and a book called “Strong Women Stay Young” got me into lifting weights,” Mencer recalled. “But the lifting just got simpler.” University graduate student Morgan Seifert was also unhappy with the results she was getting working out on her own, and after hearing great things about P90X, she decided to give it a try. “It was at home, so I knew I could do it,” Seifert said. “It is hard making the time to do it because some days it’s an hour and some days it’s an hour and a half. So it is a time commitment.” The in-home aspect of P90X is one advantage the fitness program has because it can be done on the user’s own time, even when the gym is closed, but the in-home aspect can also be a disadvantage to the program. Layne Davis is the graduate assistant for Recreation and Wellness in charge of fitness programs at the University. Davis

sees the advantage of working out at home, but she also sees some problems with it. “It’s like taking a group exercise class in your living room,” Davis commented. “But there isn’t anything keeping you there. People won’t stick with it unless they’re really self-motivated.” Self-motivation is definitely a key ingredient in the user’s success with the P90X program. As the name alludes, the fitness program stretches over a total of 90 days, alternating exercise routines on certain days and weeks of the program, and requiring the user to exercise six days of the week. The routines promote full-body fitness by offering strength training, stretching and cardiovascular exercises. The program includes routines such as yoga, chest and back exercises and abs sessions that are taught on the DVDs by Horton and backup exercisers. “I like the fact that the people in the videos are working as hard as you are,” Seifert said of the DVDs. “It makes me feel good, it means it’s more effective.” Seifert and Mencer are not the only ones who have found P90X to be an effective workout program. In addition to the millions of P90X programs that have been sold over the years, Horton has also received endorsements for P90X from celebrities like Pink, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore and Sheryl Crow. The P90X program is not popular because it’s easy. That much is apparent. Everyone has a certain aspect of the program that presents problems for them, but in the end it’s the problems that pay off the most, and that’s where the program garners its popularity. “There were so many push-ups and some that I just couldn’t do,” Mencer admitted. “But I got really good at push-ups.” Mencer recommends that anyone who wants to try P90X should keep in mind that it is difficult and that they should work at their own pace with the routines. “Take it slow,” Mencer advised. “Don’t feel bad if you have to try things a few times. Sometimes I had to try things three or four times until I was like, ‘Oh, that’s how that works!’” Before putting P90X on that Christmas list, visit for more information about the home fitness programs and others offered through the Beachbody company.

check us out online @

Top ten tips to survive Black Friday madness because you do not want to be that person who makes the evening news after landing in the hospital. 6. Stay focused. You know what you’re there for, don’t get sidetracked. I know that those shoes are a really good deal, but do you really need another pair of sparkly high heels? Maybe you do, but if so come back for them after you get the deals you woke up early to get. 7. Watch those shopping carts. Not only for swipers trying to snag some of your hard-earned deals, but also for those more physical Black Friday fanatics who may try to use their carts as weapons. Although keep in mind that if people attack you with a shopping cart that does give you the right to attack back. 8. When leaving the store, think quick. Like lightning. Ignore all those people offering you insane amounts of money for your well-purchased items – those are your deals, you woke up early to get them. You snooze, you lose and you, my friend, did neither of those. 9. After you secure your purchases in your trunk, sit in the car and take a deep breath. Then play your favorite song as loud as you can and dance – your success deserves a dance party to celebrate. 10. The best tip for Black Friday? Avoid all of the madness and stay in bed and sleep. But if you do decide to join the madness, keep the above tips in mind.

By Alissa O’Neill Assistant Pulse Editor

1. Set that alarm clock nice and loud. Go ahead and blare some Miley Cyrus at an alarming decibel at 4:30 a.m. Hey, if you’re going to be up at such an ungodly hour so should every long-lost relative staying in your house for the holidays. 2. Coffee is going to be a necessity since the sun will not even be up when this adventure begins. Check that local Starbucks, it may open early for Black Friday festivities. If it doesn’t though you may want to pull the coffee maker out the night before to save yourself some trouble in the morning. Just be careful that you don’t spill it in your lap while maneuvering the parking lot. 3. Parking lots are going to be the pre-battle ground, make sure you are on the offensive. That sweet, old lady you let take the prime parking spot? Points for being nice, but you lose when she gleefully beats you to all the best deals. 4. Develop a plan of attack. Those hours you spend standing in line can be put to good use - think about what you’re there to get and where it’s located. Be sure that your plan follows a logical order so you aren’t wasting precious time running back and forth across the store. This isn’t the time to work off that Thanksgiving weight. 5. Stay on your toes when those doors open. Make sure you’re ready and anchored

Oprah plans to cancel TV show, leaves future a mystery with singer Whitney Houston and ESPN’s Erin Andrews, and just this week, former Alaska governor, GOP vice presidential candidate and best-selling author Sarah Palin. She found time between shows to lobby the International Olympic Committee in Denmark for Chicago’s failed bid to host the 2016 Olympics. Winfrey started her broadcasting career as a teenager in Nashville, Tenn., reading the news at WVOL. Two years later, Winfrey started co-anchoring news broadcasts on WTVFTV in Nashville. In 1976 she moved to Baltimore to anchor newscasts at WJZ-TV before becoming host of the local talk show “People Are Talking.” In 1984, she relocated to Chicago to host WLS-TV’s morning talk show “A.M. Chicago” - the show was became “The Oprah Winfrey Show” one year later. She set up Harpo the following year and her talk show went into syndication, rising to become one of the most successful in the history of broadcasting. “I came from nothing,” Winfrey wrote in the 1998 book “Journey to Beloved.” “No power. No money. Not even my thoughts were my own. I had no free will. No voice. Now, I have the freedom, power, and will to speak to millions every day - having come from nowhere.”

By Caryn Rousseau The Associated Press

CHICAGO-- “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” an iconic broadcast that began as a local Chicago talk show and grew over two decades into the foundation of a media empire worth billions, will end its run in 2011 after 25 seasons on the air, Winfrey’s production company said last night. Winfrey, who from a seat on the couch of her set in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood became a billionaire and one of the most powerful women in entertainment, plans to announce the final date for her show during a live broadcast tomorrow, said Harpo Productions Inc. A Harpo spokeswoman declined to comment yesterday when asked if Oprah’s decision to end the show meant she planned to retire, or would move her broadcasting efforts onto a long-rumored Oprah network. Winfrey’s 24th season opened earlier this year with a bang, as she drew more than 20,000 fans to the city’s Magnificent Mile on Michigan Avenue for a Chicago block party with the Black Eyed Peas. She followed up with a series of blockbuster interviews - Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield, exclusives

Shamrock Village .com

finally, the scariest of all, I went to the calendar on my cell phone and found out that it only goes as far as the year 2100. That is right, there will be THREE ends of the world for people to look out for. So enjoy the time that you have, and please, try to not get too caught up in all of the hysteria and terror caused by this. I know I am doing my best to keep calm and not cause any unneeded panic. Good night and good luck, dear citizens of Bowling Green.

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The Daily Crossword Fix


brought to you by 1 Swimwear brand 2 California city near Vandenberg Air Force Base 3 Consecrate using oil 4 Big name in 40-Acrosses 5 Mystery writer Josephine 6 Reproductive cell 7 In the cooler 8 Deep wound 9 Polo Grounds hero 10 “I don’t get it” 11 Gastronomes 34 ThinkPad maker 12 Gone from the plate 15 Photoshop command 35 Camp shelter 36 Bun seeds 18 Author Hunter 40 Rent-__ 20 Turnpike collection 41 Attends spot 42 Tarzan, e.g. 23 Small game bird 43 Biological divisions 24 Resting atop 25 Two-wheeled artillery 44 Down a sinful path 46 Additions wagons 27 “A __ of Wine, a Loaf 47 Zaps in a microwave 49 Salon sound of Bread ...” 52 Pocatello’s state: 30 Notable 1969 bride Abbr. 31 Food in a flat box 53 Brit. record label 32 11-Down, e.g. 54 Latin law 33 Battered repeatedly, in slang



The BG News did a computer-simulation of BG’s season on EA Sports’ NCAA ‘10 video game. Before each game, we’ll post the results.





3 3 11 0 17 3 17 0 3 23

This week’s top performers: Tyler Sheehan, QB: 17-32, 131 yards, 1 TD, 2 INTs Willie Geter, RB: 26 carries for 119 yards, 1 TD Freddie Barnes, WR: 5 catches for 33 yards, 1 TD The Falcons clinched the MAC East title in this game REAL RECORD




1 Angle 6 Like disco dancers 10 “Wow” 13 Explorer __ de León 14 Structural sci. 15 Nightclub in a Manilow song 16 Atlanta university 17 Health nut? 19 Prefix with dermal 20 PC support person 21 Village paper? 22 “Make him an offer he can’t refuse,” e.g.? 25 Toy in a holster 26 Eightfold 27 Winter mo. 28 Arg. neighbor 29 IM provider 30 Arles assent 31 Get ready, briefly 32 Where hogs go hog-wild? 36 Satirist Mort

$ !7!2



in the MAC Tournament was in 1999 and the Falcons beat them in five sets. Though BG trails Miami allalways, we must serve tough. time, they lead them 2-1 in the We served really well at Toledo three meetings in the MAC Tournament. and that helped us in the win. All numbers aside, Van De “They are very balanced offensively. They hit hard and Walle and her team are ready smart; plus, they have four to go for it, despite the short seniors that have played very week of practice. “We’re going to play hard,” well this year and have had a lot of success. We will want she said. We’re the underdog to attack them just as aggres- this whole tournament, so we’ve got nothing to lose and sively.” All-time, Miami holds a 38- everything to gain. I’d like CHRISTINA MCGINNIS | THE BG NEWS 24 lead in the series and is 6-3 our seniors to take control in neutral site matches. The in this match. We’re playing HISTORY: Coach Denise Van De Walle won her 500th match on Tuesday. last time the two teams met to win.”

IOWA From Page 6 heavily out rebounded and the Musketeers were on fire from behind the arc in the win. “The score and the game pretty much speak for itself,” BG coach Louis Orr said after the loss. The loss against Xavier was even more frustrating for Orr, considering the coach grew up in Cincinnati and actually coached Xavier coach Chris Mack at Winthrow High School. Even though BG took the loss

“They just fight so hard and they care. These guys will be in tomorrow wanting to look at tape and get better.” Todd Lickliter | Iowa coach at Xavier, the Falcons have had strong offensive outings from Otis Polk and Scott Thomas through the first two games of the season. Polk and Thomas have averaged a combined 26.5 points per game this season, giving the Falcons a scoring option in the paint and from the outside. In order for that offensive

output to continue BG will need Polk to stay out of foul trouble. Against Xavier the center was limited to only 18 minutes of action before eventually fouling out. The game against Iowa will continue BG’s tough road schedule to open the season, of their first 11 games seven will be played on the road.

those guys that you hate to play against but you love having him on your team.” In fact, the entire line consist419-372-6977 Dennis Williams said. “Every ing of Solway, Jordan SamuelsThe BG News will not knowingly time they turn we should have Thomas and Kai Kantola is accept advertisements that discriman orange jersey standing right coming off a productive series. inate, or encourage discrimination Along with Solway, Samuels- against any individual or group on there. The less space you give the basis of race, sex, color, creed, these guys the more successful Thomas also racked up four religion, national origin, sexual oripoints last weekend (two goals you’re going to be.” entation, disability, status as a veteran, or on the basis of any other Success is beginning to make and two assists) en route to legally protected status. its way toward David Solway, being named CCHA Rookie of who broke out of an early scor- the Week. With Kantola also producing ing slump to post a four-point Help Wanted weekend last week against two assists against the Nanooks, the chemistry of their line is Alaska. In the two-game series with starting to come along with !BARTENDING! up to $300/day. No the Nanooks, Solway dished out each game. exp. necessary. Training provided. Call 800-965-6520 ext. 174. “It’s a blessing for us to click two assists in the Falcons’ win Friday and scored two of his like that,” Samuels-Thomas Kidzwatch all centers now hiring care own in a losing effort the next said. “I think we bring good size givers for days, eves. & weekends. and skill and I think it’s been Send resume or apply in person at day. 3150 Bostwick,Levis Commons, “He’s doing a really good job working. We’re getting a lot of Perrysburg, OH right now on the power play,” shots to the net, going to the net Williams said. “He doesn’t with bigger bodies and we’ve stop skating, and that’s one of been clicking really well.”

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HOCKEY From Page 6

BG'S Be Pizza! st at th




TOURNEY From Page 6

37 Blood classification letters 38 “__ who?” 39 Longoria of “Desperate Housewives” 40 Source of 20s, for short 41 Spokane university 45 Comfort for a griever 47 DVDs? 48 Concert venue 49 Takes to court 50 Tolkien tree creature 51 Cocktails at an exotic resort club? 53 Bugs chaser 55 Greek love god 56 Lighten up? 57 Stiller’s comedy partner 58 Form 1040 ID 59 Lhasa __ 60 Slangy turndown, and a hint to how 17-, 22-, 32-, 47- and 51-Across are formed

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