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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Volume 90, Issue 111

Founders dining hall to celebrate National Pig Day

Pork-themed menu aims to break up meal monotony

State of the

Ceramics team uses new technology to construct 3-D clay structures

By Danielle Rice Reporter

“National Pig Day is nothing spectacular. People eat pork every day, so having a meal centered around pigs is pointless,” he said. “I hope there National Pig Day is an event held annually on March 1, and Founders are items for people who don’t want dining hall is celebrating by having a to eat pork.” Bohland said Founders will menu centered around the pig. “This month we decided to use still have options for those who National Pig Day, and the menu will don’t eat meat. “Founders has always been vegetarfeature items that are associated with the pig,” said Adam Bohland, man- ian-friendly and (today) won’t be any ager for Founders dining hall. different,” he said. “ We will of course This will add a variation to the nor- have the full salad bar and stir fry as well as vegan grinders that people mal menu, Bohland said. “Every month, we come up with can choose from.” three monotony breaks,” he said. “Basically we want to change up the menu and get away from having the Founders dining options for same meals over and over. So three the pork-related holiday: times a month we come up with a special theme.” ■ Asian barbecue ribs Freshman Dominique Hicks said ■ Potato ham soup she was shocked to hear this was a ■ Ham and cheese holiday, but is looking forward to a change in food. grinder “It’s quite interesting and I’m look■ Pork chops ing forward to the different food they will be having,” Hicks said. For a full list of menu items, Freshman John Anderson, howvisit Founders Dining Hall. ever, said he is indifferent to the holiday and thinks too much pork is unhealthy.




LEFT: Greg Pugh, a research technician and 2010 University graduate, shows off a pile of mini-sculptures printed with the University’s 3-D printer. Once the printer is done, artists can paint and decorate the sculptures like traditional ceramics. RIGHT: Pugh scoops out an experimental clay mixture from the University’s 3-D printer. By Shannon Giesige Reporter

The software slices the image into hundreds of layers. The layers are then sent to the When Greg Pugh produces ceramic art, he printer, where each is printed individually. uses more than just skill. Cutting-edge tech- The printed layers are glued together with a nology now allows Pugh and the ceramics binder to form a 3-D object. The 3-D printing machine itself, though, is research team to print 3-D clay structures. The team, headed by ceramics profes- not specific to the University. “The original ideas were developed in 1986 sor John Balistreri, uses a special type of printer, called a Z print 310+, to create 3- by MIT and what BGSU did is we developed D objects in ceramics, according to www. a product to work with the machine,” said See PRINTING | Page 2 To create a 3-D copy, a file is first uploaded into Z-print software.

THE END OF AN ERA: ANDERSON ARENA SERIES PART 1 OF 4 Editor’s note: Saturday at 1 p.m. the final regular season men’s basketball game in Anderson Arena will tip-off between Bowling Green and Buffalo. This will be the final stand of a sea-

son that’s been dubbed “Closing the Doors on the House that Roars.” And while men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball teams will be moving to the soon-to-be-completed

Stroh Center, Memorial Hall, the building housing Anderson Arena, will continue to live on, still standing as both a historical landmark on campus and a working building.

Memories of Anderson Arena athletics, performances live on By Sean Shapiro Web Editor


ABOVE: Micklina Pia Peter expresses the excitement she felt upon being accepted to the University of Colorado Boulder. She is one of 42 “lost girls,” refugees who escaped to the United States from Sudanese genocide. She works with the Community of Sudanese American Women/Men to spread awareness and raise funds for rebuilding and supporting those affected by the violence in Sudan. The presentation took place in the Gish theatre Monday evening.

CITY Kids study with “Puppet Pals” University students aided the Wood County District Public Library’s “Puppet Pals” tutoring program Monday night. See photos | Page 3

Anderson Arena has served as an athletic venue and concert hall and has housed commencement ceremonies since it opened in 1960. “Almost every student who has stepped foot on campus has a memory of Anderson Arena,” said University Athletic Director Greg Christopher. “It’s been a place that has housed more than basketball and volleyball, but has been a venue for all types of events.” Memorial Hall was the initial home of the Athletic Department, as the old football stadium used to be on the lawn that is now between the Education Building and the Jerome Library. Legendary football coach Doyt Perry’s office now belongs to basketball coaches Louis Orr and Curt Miller and the Army ROTC officers. Most of the coaches’ offices moved to Doyt Perry Stadium when it was built in 1966. The Arena has its athletic highlights, including coach Harold Anderson’s — whom the gym was named after in 1963 — NCAA tournament-bound teams in the 1960s,

FORUM Oscar fashion gets graded

Forum Editor James Bero recaps the best and worst dressed celebrities on the red carpet from Sunday’s Academy Awards ceremony | Page 4

“We have some long-time fans who have been loyal supporters...”

Louis Orr | Men’s basketball coach Fran Voll’s rising of the women’s basketball program and Curt Miller’s current reign of the MidAmerican Conference. And while Anderson Arena may not hold the capacity nor the accommodations of other college venues, it has been home to historic upsets in front of large, often loud crowds. “It’s really a privilege for me to be a part of Anderson Arena’s illustrious and long-term history,” Orr said. “They call it the ‘House that Roars.’ That’s because of the people, not because of the building. Because of the support ... We have some longtime fans who have been loyal supporters of the orange and brown and it’s been a privilege to be a part of that.” The tradition of rabid, loud support began Dec. 1, 1960, when the men’s basketball team secured a 79-45 victory against Hillsdale College in front of an enthusiastic

SPORTS Falcons take on Golden Flashes

BG men’s basketball hosts Kent State tonight at 7:30 p.m. for senior night. Seniors Joe Jakubowski and Mike Dabney will be honored as the Falcons look to snap a five-game losing streak | Page 6

crowd and continued to bring the noise for the next five decades. Jan. 7, 1961, witnessed the first sellout, and two years later the Falcons defeated then No. 2-ranked Loyola University of Chicago, a team which would go on to win the National Championship with only two losses that season. Twenty-seven years later the Falcons would upset another national power, downing No. 5-ranked Michigan State 98-85, leading to the famous proclamation by coach Jud Heathcote that he’d never bring his team not only to Anderson Arena, but to any MAC gym. Part of that promise held true, as Michigan State never returned to Anderson Arena, but will visit the Stroh Center next season. Anderson Arena also holds the memories of many athletes who never made it to the college level, as it’s hosted the regional tournament of Ohio high school basketball playoffs. “Around March you’d see many people, most from little towns, making trips to BG,” said Clif

See ANDERSON | Page 2

PEOPLE ON THE STREET What makes an outfit classy and sophisticated? SHAR ROGERS Freshman, Psychology

“It has to be your personal style and it can’t be overly revealing.” | Page 4



2 Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Obama: Flexibility OK, but health care law remains President supports individual state proposals by 2014, but no fundamental changes By Ben Feller The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Anxious to ease deepening political tensions with the states, President Barack Obama on Monday told governors he wants to speed up their ability to enforce his signature health care law on their own terms. But his concession goes only so far: He warned he won’t allow states to weaken the law. He also told them not to vilify their own states’ public workers while struggling with spending cuts. Hosting governors of both parties on his own turf,

PRINTING From Page 1

Pugh, a research technician and University graduate. “Previously, this machine is designed to make prototypes — non-durable objects like architectural models, video game models, things you just want to see before they’re made.” “We’re working on the powder,” he said. “We’re actually working on the material; we’re combining different clays and mixtures and processing methods to figure out the best way this machine will run a ceramic product.” The department currently has two patents pending, according to the website. One is for the powder and binding material and

ANDERSON From Page 1 Boutelle, University director of public relations from 1964 until the 1990s. “Their cars would say ‘State or Bust’ and you’d see all the logos for the Wildcats, Tigers and so on.” Graduations, concerts and American presidents were also celebrated in the same gym where crowds celebrated athletic accolades. Performing artists such as Aerosmith, Bob Seger, the Black Eyed Peas and Foreigner have rocked the arena in the past. At the time, Foreigner was still an

Obama offered them what they often request: more flexibility as they cope with painful budget dilemmas. Declaring that he would “go to bat for whatever works,” Obama supported letting states propose their own health care plans by 2014 — three years faster than the current law allows. Yet this would be no change to the fundamental requirements of a federal law that has divided the nation and prompted about half the states to try to overturn it through lawsuits. To gain new powers, states would first have to convince Washington that their plans would cover

as many people, provide equally affordable and comprehensive care and not add to the federal deficit. More broadly, Obama sought to send a message — both cooperative and pointed — as leaders at all levels of government grapple with huge economic pressures. The yearly gathering of the president and the state chief executives came as budget disputes are roiling, most notably in Wisconsin, where dramatic protests have raged for days. Calling for shared sacrifice, Obama said public workers understand they must absorb their share of budget cuts. But

he delivered a sharp message to governors seeking to strip away union protections, saying: “I don’t think it does anybody any good when public employees are denigrated or vilified, or their rights are infringed upon.” Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, was not at the White House but rather in his home state as a nationally watched budget showdown rolled on. He called for Democratic lawmakers to return to the state by Tuesday and vote on his bill that would end most collective bargaining rights for public employees as part of a plan to plug a $3.6 billion

the other is for adding a compression component to the printer, which helps strengthen the ceramics. “There are a lot of universities that have these machines, but not many are using ceramics,” Pugh said. “They all print in the normal Z-corp. material, and that’s very expensive. It’ll cost over $4,000 to fill that machine with their (Z-corp.) binder and powder. With ours, we can fill the machine for somewhere around … $27.” The 3-D printer is a rapid prototype machine. Rapid prototyping is a process of making models, as with architecture and industrial processes. An item is rendered on the computer and then made into the model. Traditionally, the products used to make the models

are temporary materials and not very durable. But Balistreri has solved the durability problem. “W hat we’ve figured out how to do is to run ceramics through there, and once the ceramics runs through the machine and gets fired into a kiln, then it’ll last for a hundred thousand years,” he said. This research has many real-world applications, including industrial, biomedical, aerospace and high temperature fluid technology, Balistreri said. “You’d be able to grow tissue onto [the ceramic] because it has porosity, but it’s also sterile,” he said. “It has unlimited applications for biomedical.” This year, the special topics course “Virtual form, Tangible Objects” gave 40 interested students an

opportunity to work with the 3-D printing machine, Balistreri said. “One of the issues with the machine is that only so many jobs can be printed on it at one time,” he said. “So it’s a slow process of moving it into the curriculum.” The printer only prints about an inch an hour, Pugh said, but often the product would take much longer to make by hand than to print. “This process allows you to make things that could have never been made before. The kind of detail that’s happening on many of the pieces could have never been made before now,” Balistreri said. “The next phase is that we’re ready to commercialize the product. It’s finding a right fit with the right people to work with and then setting up an agreement.”

unknown British rock group, performing its first show on North American soil in 1977. But, perhaps the closest the building came to national prominence occurred when President Gerald Ford spoke there in 1976 — and the Secret Service thought a national nightmare was about to occur. “A girl went to take a picture and her flash bulb exploded,” Boutelle said. “The Secret Ser vice, just doing their job, dove on the president, rushed him to safet y and pounced on this poor girl … and it was just her tr ying to take a picture.”


corner of South College Drive and Clough Street.

FRI., FEB. 25

1:56 A.M.

12:26 A.M.

Rashawn Carter, of Euclid, Ohio, arrested for assault, unlawful restraint and burglary at McDonald East.

Daniel Dedinsky, of Chelmsford, Mass., was cited for underage under the influence at Kreischer Batchelder.

SAT., FEB. 26 12:01 A.M.

Robert Hart, of Fremont, Ohio, was cited for disorderly conduct/public urination at Harshman Bromfield. 1:10 A.M.

Tyler Evans, of Willoughby Hills, Ohio, was cited for underage under the influence near the corner of Mercer Road and Harshman Drive. 1:51 A.M.

Did You Know? If you stop getting thirsty, you need to drink more water. When a human body is dehydrated, its thirst mechanism shuts off.

Matthew Erdmans, of Byron Center, Mich., was cited for disorderly conduct near the

3:30 A.M.

Kellier Pierrot, of Wadsworth, Ohio, was cited for underage under the influence at McDonald East.

SUN., FEB. 27 3:20 A.M.

Donald P. Lampley, 39, of Bowling Green, was cited for disorderly conduct while intoxicated and menacing within the 300 block of N. Main St. 12:15 P.M.

A passenger side mirror was knocked off a car within the 300 block of Ridge St.


Wisconsin Gov. urges senators’ return By David A Lieb and Dinesh Ramde The Associated Press

“People here have acted lawfully ... no M A DISON, Wis.— reason to consider Wisconsin Gov. Scott arrests.” Walker called for runaway Democratic lawmakers to return to the state by Tuesday and vote on his bill that would end most collective bargaining rights for public employees or else the state stood to lose out on a refinancing plan that would save 1,500 employees their jobs. Speaking in La Crosse on Monday, Walker said the state faced “dire consequences” unless the 14 state senators return from their nearly two weeks away. His comments came as he planned to deliver his twoyear budget plan in the state Assembly chamber Tuesday afternoon. He has said that plan will help make clear why the collective bargaining concessions he is seeking from public employees are necessary to help plug a $3.6 billion shortfall. Walker has said his budget will include about a $1 billion cut in state aids to schools and local governments. He is also expected to propose dramatic changes to how the University of Wisconsin is organized, make cuts to Medicaid and possibly increase fees to help raise money. The budget repair bill pending before the Senate calls for refinancing state debt to save $165 million by July 1, but in order to meet a March 16 deadline to get the work done the bill has to pass by Tuesday. Walker’s office issued a statement Monday saying “more painful and aggressive spending cuts” will be needed if it doesn’t pass. Walker has also warned that he will start issuing layoff notices to state workers as soon as this week if the bill isn’t passed, but he hasn’t said who would be targeted. Schools started putting teachers on notice last week that they could be laid off given the uncertainty over the budget. Also Monday, police said that cleaning of the Capitol was proceeding despite the continued presence of protesters in the building, as were security preparations for Walker’s budget speech. But they also denied Capitol access to more protesters and other members of the public because of

Charles Tubbs | Police chief a dispute with protesters inside over which floor they could occupy. Police decided not to forcibly remove protesters after thousands ignored a 4 p.m. Sunday deadline to leave so the normally immaculate building could get a thorough cleaning. Capitol Police Chief Charles Tubbs said no demonstrators will be arrested as long as they continue to obey the law. “People here have acted lawfully and responsibly,” Tubbs said. “There’s no reason to consider arrests.” The floors where several hundred protesters had slept previous nights looked unusually bare late Sunday as the smaller crowd of people walked around in socks, lounged on blankets and curled up under jackets. But organizers said they were confident that demonstrators who were persuaded to leave Sunday would return to keep fighting Walker’s efforts to strip nearly all public workers of their collective bargaining rights except over wages. Protesters have staged a sitin that began Feb. 15 and hit its peak Saturday, when more than 70,000 people descended on the Capitol grounds for a rally. Walker argues that his measure would help close a projected $3.6 billion deficit in the 2011-13 budget. He believes that freeing local governments from having to collectively bargain with public employee unions would give them the flexibility needed to deal with forthcoming budget cuts. Labor leaders and Democratic lawmakers say the bill is intended to undermine the unions and weaken a key base of Democratic Party voters. Paul Golueke, 24, a social worker from Milwaukee, said he planned to stay at the Capitol until at least Tuesday’s budget address. “If the budget contains provisions like in this budget-repair bill, I’ll stay here as long as it takes,” Golueke said. “Scott Walker doesn’t understand our passion. The eyes of the nation, of the world, are on us and we can’t

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hand Students lend a helping

Early childhood education majors tutor Wood County kids during Monday’s “Puppet Pals” at the Wood County District Public Library Photos by Tyler Stabile | THE BG NEWS

TOP LEFT: Senior Lauren Jenkins reads along with Sydney Craig at “Puppet Pals” tutoring, which is hosted at the Wood County Library with the support of the Martha Geslin Weber Reading Center. Students gathered Monday evening to receive help on homework from University students in the early childhood education program. LEFT: Eleven-year-old Taehyung Han, who recently moved to the area with his family, is assisted by senior Kate Moonwhower CENTER: Five-year-old Elayna Crawford studies a set of flashcards. RIGHT: Eight-year-old Ryli Craig takes advantage of the tutoring program’s namesake by reading a book with the assistance of puppets, which adorn the study room. BOTTOM: Parents drop off their children throughout the night. The program takes place Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. and Thursdays from 4 to 6 p.m.




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“Almost every student who has stepped foot on campus has a memory of Anderson Arena.” — University Athletic Director Greg Christopher looking back on the history of Anderson Arena [see story, pg. 1]. Tuesday, March 1, 2010



What makes an outfit classy and sophisticated?

“When your shirt isn’t longer than your shorts.”

“Ralph Lauren polo top, 501 Levi’s and myself.”

“Clearly I make the outfit classy and sophisticated, as well as accessories.”

“Good posture with your outfit, long sleeves and no bright colors.”


STEVE DUNLAP, Senior, Sports Management

SABREENA WOODS, Freshman, Environmental Studies

BRANDON IHRIG, Freshman, Pre-Med

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Eye sores, fashion couture highlight Academy Awards’ red carpet Halle Berry, Justin Timberlake outshine others, take home best-dressed awards of the red color in the “ ... In Hollywood, fashion and the red tion dress, lipstick, nails and the red carpet. However, JAMES BERO carpet play a mighty role in the overall Hathaway FORUM redeemed herself EDITOR later in the evening when Oscar awards’ atmosphere for many she appeared on stage in celebrities and designers. ” a vanilla-colored Givenchy you ever wondered





FALCON SCREECH I understand. Sometimes no one wants to be at their job. That is a natural feeling. However, one particular office at the University is absolutely pathetic. Every time I come into this office, you stare at me like I have three eyes and then sigh at me before rudely saying, “What do you need?” What I need you to do is stop being such a BIOTCH and answer a quick question for me. Your job can not be that bad, and if it is, your life that is what is making you miserable, then you need to get it together and fix it. No person should be that rude to students every day. — IRRITATED OFFICE GOER I don’t care how incredibly hypocritical this may sound, but I am sick and tired of pessimists! Why do you have to complain about EVERYTHING, even things that do not have any negative impact on your life? Maybe if you spent half as much time being proactive as you did whining, your life would at least feel better. And, who knows, you would probably have more friends as well since you wouldn’t push everyone away with your Debbie Downer energy. Give it a try. — HAPPY-GO-LUCKY Dear preppy girls with the ugly Uggs, leggings, North Face jackets, sorority bags, fake tan, hair in a pony-tail on the top of your head (for God knows what reason), your two inchwide headband and giant bug-eyed sunglasses: Come find me so I can buy you a mirror. You obviously do not own one. — BUMMED AT BAD FASHION I hate when people just stare at you when you are sitting somewhere like they want to sit there. Come on. I was here first and we are in the Union. There are plenty of other seats in this place. Trust me. If you think I can’t see you talking about me, then you are just plain stupid. You are just eating, I am working. I would like to have a work station so I can lay my stuff out. I really don’t care if you need it or not at this point because you just made me mad. Maybe if you didn’t say anything, I would have felt bad, but now I will sit here as long as I possibly can just to piss you off. — KEEP EYES OFF

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Have what true glamour is? I imagine Cate Blanchett wonders what true glamour is each day, judging from the “fancy toilet seat cover” ensemble she wore last night at the Oscars. It is quite apparent she is still struggling to find the answer. The Oscars is said to be Holly wood’s biggest night. And in Holly wood, fashion and the red carpet play a mighty role in the overall Oscar awards atmosphere for ma ny celebrities and designers. Just in case you missed the excitement on the red carpet, here is a recap of my opinion on the best and worst dressed people at the Oscars 2011.

Haute Couture gown by Riccardo Tisci. This dress was the perfect representation of Hollywood glam which is a more than appropriate look for the big event. Franco exuded sophistication throughout the film industry’s largest event. Franco looked stunning in several of his custom-fit Gucci tuxedos. Franco also showed his Oscar class while sporting a pink silk dress during the awards show. Franco’s stunning pink dress truly could have won the evening wear portion of any pageant. The Oscars 2011 can be Anne Hathaway and compared to prom night. It James Franco: is usually all about the ladies, Anne Hathaway has nat- but it is nice to give the men ural beauty, but failed to some attention too. appeal to many when first Best and Worst arriving on the red carDressed Female: pet. Hathaway wore a red, Best and Worst This category may be the Valentino Garvani dress. Dressed Male: toughest to judge considerThe best dressed male What made this all unaping the women on the red Respond to James at carpet are the main focus at the Oscars 2011 with- pealing was the out a doubt goes to Justin Timberlake in his customfit Tom Ford tuxedo. Justin looked very handsome from head to toe. I believe his wellkept hint of facial hair and the well-fitted tuxedo truly made him stand out and gave him a very classy, red carpet look. The worst dressed male of the night was Russell Brand. Brand wore a navy-blue and black plaid shirt with a black collar. In addition, Brand sported navy-blue pants and a navy-blue jacket. Brand also showed off his greasy hair. Very greasy hair.

and are wearing many top designer gowns and dresses. The best dressed female at the Oscars 2011 was Halle Berry. She wore a beautiful nude and crystal gown with very detailed, sophisticated jewelry. Berry showed a unique representation of oldHollywood glam mixed with a modern twist. The worst dressed female of the night was Cate Blanchett. Cate was wearing a Givenchi Haute couture gown embedded with pearls and beads throughout. It may sound divine, but the gown is actually wretched. However, these glistening beads could not make up for the overall strange appearance. This particular gown is not what I envision as red carpet worthy.

‘Police Women of Cincinnati’ offers inspiration to women By Andraya Mays, The News Record (University of Cincinnati) College News Network

TLC’s infamous “Police Women of [City]” franchise has finally made its way to Cincinnati. As a native of the Queen City, I was excited to watch the show’s premiere. Cincinnati is a regular on A&E’s “The First 48,” but “Police Women of Cincinnati” offers a more personal and feminine look at what’s going on beneath the city’s surface. This season profiles four Cincinnati police officers: Sgt. Tia Pearson, Officer Colleen Deegan, Officer Mandy Curfiss and Officer Rose Valentino. Thus far, the women have encountered a slew of unique situations from rou-

“At the end of each episode, it makes me feel ready to change my career goal and join the police alongside these wonderful women.” tine traffic stops to sketchy crack houses and brothels. I’ve lived here all my life and have never seen a lot of the stuff that they’ve brought to light. Officer Deegan, a member of the Central Vice Squad, has done a few sting operations aimed at finding drug dealers, prostitutes and their potential customers. In one instance, she investigated a house where she and her squad knew a lot of illegal activity was taking place. After a lengthy investigation, the squad raided the house and arrested everyone

inside. Later, they entered the house and it was absolutely filthy, with trash and drug paraphernalia everywhere. Most shocking was the doghouse in the back — where prostitutes entertained their “Johns.” I couldn’t believe anyone would actually sit in the small, wooden box, much less have an intimate moment there. Aside from the crimes, we get to know the officers. Officer Pearson discusses her fiancé, Adrian, who is also a police officer, and we get to see her go shopping for a wedding dress with her

mother. Valentino tells about her daughter whom she said “Good night” to as she headed out for her midnight shift. At the end of each episode, it makes me feel ready to change my career goal and join the police alongside these wonderful women. To see beautiful women doing a job that is maledominated and doing it so well is empowering. They are enforcing laws and trying to make the streets of a city they care so much about safer for the families who live here. All of the women are a little feisty and don’t let anyone push them around — a lesson that all women can take from the show. If you haven’t already, check it out every Thursday night on TLC. I’ll certainly be tuning in for the rest of the season.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011 5


Report: Iran opposition leaders jailed

Netanyahu: Can’t ignore pressure over settlements

Singer Furtado to donate money from Gadhafi

Gadhafi’s nurse: Journalists, go away

Minister follows PM in resigning from Tunisia govt

Car runs down demonstrators in Brazil

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranian authorities have taken senior opposition leaders Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mahdi Karroubi to a prison in Tehran, a reformist website reported Monday. said Mousavi, his wife Zahra Rahnavard, as well as Karroubi and his wife, Fatemeh Karroubi, were transferred to Heshmatieh prison in the Iranian capital. The men had been under house arrest for more than two weeks. The report said it was not immediately clear when they were transferred to the prison. The semiofficial Fars news agency, which is close to the powerful Revolutionary Guard, denied that Mousavi and Karroubi had been jailed. Fars quoted an unnamed judiciary official as saying the two opposition leaders were still under house arrest and have not been allowed to leave their homes or contact the outside world. Calls placed by The Associated Press to judiciary officials went unanswered. But the imprisonment of Mousavi and Karroubi marks a major escalation of Iran’s political crisis amid defiant calls from the opposition to stand up to the ruling system.

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said international pressure against construction in West Bank settlements cannot be ignored, indicating that building could be curbed. Netanyahu spoke to party members in the parliament Monday, after the U.S. vetoed a Palestinian-backed resolution in the U.N. Security Council calling the settlements illegal. Netanyahu said: “We are trying to maintain existing construction, but we must understand that we are facing a very difficult international reality,” suggesting that new projects might not be approved. Netanyahu said Israel could continue “banging our heads into the wall, but that’s not how I do things.” The issue of construction in the settlements led to the collapse of Israel-Palestinian peace talks last year.

TORONTO (AP) — Canadian pop singer Nelly Furtado said she was paid $1 million to perform for members of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s “clan” in 2007, but she now intends to donate the money to charity. While other stars who reportedly performed for Gadhafi’s family have kept mum, Furtado volunteered the information about her performance on Twitter. “In 2007, I received 1million$[sic] from the (Gadhafi) clan to perform a 45 min. Show for guests at a hotel in Italy,” she wrote on Monday. “I am going to donate the $[sic].” Beyonce and Usher reportedly performed at a New Year’s Eve party for Gadhafi’s son Muatassim on the Caribbean island of St. Barts, while R&B singer Mariah Carey was hired to sing at a previous New Year’s bash.

BROVARY, Ukraine (AP) — Moammar Gadhafi’s Ukrainian nurse has left the disorder of Libya behind, but life isn’t peaceful for her in her homeland where she faces importuning journalists. Halyna Kolotnytska arrived in Ukraine Sunday and is staying with her daughter and her mother in their modest apartment in a 5-story building in the town of Brovary near Kiev. On Monday, she emerged from the apartment with her mother to run an errand. She was faced with journalists avid to interview her as she was returning home. She exclaimed: “Don’t you understand that I won’t be speaking to you!” The brief encounter was shown on Ukrainian television. A U.S. diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks last year said Kolotnytska always traveled with Gadhafi because she “knows his routine.”

TUNIS, Tunisia — Another minister in Tunisia’s caretaker government has resigned, a day after the prime minister bowed out following a wave of deadly protests. Industry and Technology Minister Afif Chelbi presented his resignation Monday. Mohamed Ghannouchi quit Sunday after 11 years as prime minister. Outside parliament, youths joined large police patrols to help keep the peace in Tunisia’s tense capital after a weekend of protests and clashes with riot police left at least six people dead, opposition leaders said. Tunis saw no new major demonstrations Monday. In nearby Ben Arous, an industrial zone, authorities suspended public schools following weekend violence, the official TAP news agency reported. One person was killed while pillaging stores and several “delinquents” were arrested, the agency said. — Bouazza Ben Bouazza (AP)

SAO PAULO (AP) — A motorist has run his car through a crowd of about 100 pro-bicycle activists in southern Brazil, hitting and injuring at least 16. Police in the city of Porto Allegre said the man is being questioned. Video of the incident shows bicycles and riders flying through the air as fellow cyclists scream in panic. None were killed. Police have not released the driver’s name. Cyclists in the Critical Mass ride tell the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper that the man argued with some riders, who had taken over all lanes of the street on Friday. The video shows the car accelerating through the pack of riders, leaving the injured on the street screaming as fellow cyclists administered first aid.

Gadhafi’s forces close Protesters in Oman set supermarket ablaze in on rebel-held cities By Maggie Michael The Associated Press

TRIPOLI,Libya—International pressure on Moammar Gadhafi to end his crackdown on opponents escalated Monday as his loyalists closed in on rebel-held cities nearest the capital. The U.S. moved naval and air forces closer to Libya and said all options were open, including the use of warplanes to patrol the North African nation’s skies and protect citizens threatened by their leader. France said it would fly aid to the opposition-controlled eastern half of the country. The European Union imposed an arms embargo and other sanctions, following the lead of the U.S. and the U.N. The EU was also considering the creation of a no-fly zone over Libya. And the U.S. and Europe were freezing billions in Libya’s foreign assets. “Gadhafi has lost the legitimacy to govern, and it is time for him to go without fur-

“Gadhafi has lost the legitimacy to govern, and it is time for him to go without further violence or delay. No option is off the table ...” Hillary Rodham Clinton | Secretary of State ther violence or delay,” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said. “No option is off the table. That of course includes a no-fly zone,” she added. British Prime Minister David Cameron told lawmakers: “We do not in any way rule out the use of military assets” to deal with Gadhafi’s regime. Gadhafi, who in the past two weeks has launched the most brutal crackdown of any Arab regime facing a wave of popular uprisings, laughed off a question from ABC News about whether he would step down as the Obama administration demands. “My people love me. They would die for me,” he said. ABC reported that Gadhafi

invited the U.N. or any other organization to Libya on a factfinding mission. The turmoil in the oil-rich nation roiled markets for another day. Libya’s oil chief said production had been cut by around 50 percent, denting supplies that go primarily to Europe. The uprising that began Feb. 15 has posed most serious challenge to Gadhafi in his more than four decades in power. His bloody crackdown has left hundreds, and perhaps thousands, dead. But clashes appear to have eased considerably in the past few days after planeloads of foreign journalists arrived in the capital at the government’s invitation.


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SOHAR, Oman (AP) — Protesters set a supermarket ablaze and rallied at two places in this seaside town on Monday in a third consecutive day of unrest that has included deadly clashes in the strategic Gulf nation. Security forces sealed off main roads to Sohar, about 120 miles (200 kilometers) northwest of the capital of Muscat, in an attempt to isolate the protesters and keep crowds from swelling. Omar al-Abri, an official at the state-run Oman News Agency, said one person was confirmed dead Sunday after police used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse hundreds of demonstrators in Sohar. Witnesses said a supermarket was set on fire Monday and several hundred protesters — mostly young men — were rallying in the town’s main roundabout, demanding higher salaries, jobs for unemployed youth and the



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dismissal of some government ministers. By late afternoon, protests spreadtoSohar’sport—Oman’s second largest. Witnesses said about 500 protesters blocked trucks from entering the port, about 8 miles (12 kilometers) from protest’s focal point at the roundabout. Police did not respond to Monday’s protests, witnesses said. State media reported Sohar’s civilian guards, including members of women’s associations, repelled protesters’ attempts to set fire to a health center and several commercial sites. Oman, ruled by a powerful family dynasty, marks the latest flashpoint in the Arab world’s challenges to authority and suggests that demonstrations could widen in the Gulf with protest rallies planned next month in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Oman shares control with

Iran over the Strait of Hormuz at the mouth of the Gulf — the route for about 40 percent of the world’s oil-tanker traffic. Oman also plays an important role as a mediator between Iran and the West because of its strong ties to Tehran and Washington. Government media said Oman’s ruler, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, met Monday with a senior U.S. envoy, Jeffrey Feltman, Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, to discuss “ongoing events and developments” in the region. No other details of the talks were given. In Washington, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said the U.S. has been in contact with the Omani government and has encouraged Muscat “to undertake reforms that include economic opportunity and move towards greater inclusion and participation in a peaceful political

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Nation ruled by family dynasty acts as mediator in US, Iran relations

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Records fall as swim team finishes in tie for sixth at MAC Championships By Matt Nye Reporter

Alexis Kain

Day one The night started off with a pair of relay races of which BG finished fifth in both. In the 200 medley relay, the team of Alexa Harris, Alexis Kain, Vicky Yu and Sarah Reinink beat the Falcons’ season-best time by more than two seconds with a finish of 1:43.03. The final race was the 800 freestyle relay, which BG raced once in the regular season. The team of Andrea Brown, Yu, Emily Bennet and Megan Bomicino shaved 21 seconds from the previous time and finished fifth.

The Falcon swim team traveled to Athens, Ohio, to compete in the 2011 Mid-American Conference Championships. BG swimmers broke some University records and recorded a sixth place finish overall, tying with Akron. Ohio University finished first while Toledo finished second. The championships covered four days of events. BG coach Petra Martin said she was excited to see records broken for the Falcons. Day two “I thought we did a really good job and we are moving in the The school record for the 200 right direction as a program,” freestyle that was set two years ago Martin said. in the 2009 MAC Championships

Set the record for the 100 breaststroke on day three fell on day two. The previous record, set by the 2009 team that included current swimmers Carrie Enright and Reinink, was broken by this year’s team of Enright and Reinink, as well as Bennet and Brittany Szekely. The team beat the NCAA’s “B” standard time for championship qualifying. The team won the only medal for the Falcons in the entire meet, earning a silver medal for

See MAC | Page 7

Men’s basketball hosts Kent State on Senior Night


THROWING HEAT: Sophomore Nick Bruns delivers a pitch in a game last spring.

By Paul Barney Sports Editor

It’s been an up and down season for the BG men’s basketball team. After a 1-8 start, the Falcons won 11 of their next 15 games and were near the top of the Mid-American Conference East standings. Then something happened. Rebounding issues and a struggle to defend the perimeter has plagued BG over the last couple of weeks as it has lost five straight games, dropping the Falcons (12-17, 7-7) in a tie with Buffalo for fifth in the MAC East. BG has two regular-season games left, starting tonight at 7:30 against Kent State. And with two games, coach Louis Orr is not ready to reflect on the season. “The season’s a marathon,” Orr said. “When you run a marathon it’s never where you start it’s where you finish. There are important games to play and a lot of things we can accomplish. “The season is no more than a metaphor for life. You have to persevere through the trials and the tribulations.” Tonight’s game against the Golden Flashes will be Senior Night for the Falcons’ two seniors, Joe Jakubowski and Mike Dabney. Jakubowski took over as the starting point guard midway through his freshman year and has become a pinnacle to the men’s basketball team — ranking sixth in career assists, eighth in career 3-pointers made and 10th in career steals. “I give honor to Joe,” Orr said. “We came in together. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for Joe Jakubowski.” Dabney, a walk-on senior, has played minimal minutes this season,

Falcons win first game of season, drop series to Murray State By Michele Wysocki Reporter


SENIOR: Joe Jakubowski runs the offense in a game at Toledo earlier this season. Jakubowski, along with Mike Dabney, will be honored at tonight’s game.

but had career highs of seven points, four rebounds and three blocked shots in BG’s win over Eastern Michigan earlier this season. “[Dabney] helped us win some games,” Orr said. “He’s a guy that has risen to the level and I commend him.” Kent State enters tonight’s game 19-10 overall, 10-4 in the MAC, and is tied with Miami for first in the East Division. The Golden Flashes defeated the Falcons 80-63 on Jan. 11 as five players scored in double figures, led by Michael Porrini’s gamehigh 21 points. Kent State boasts the fifth-best scoring offense in the MAC and is a team that goes after offensive rebounds, which causes a problem for BG, which is 11th in the conference in rebounding margin. “Overall, they’re probably the

“The season is no more than a metaphor for life. You have to persevere through the trials and the tribulations.” Louis Orr | Coach best offensive rebounding team in our league, and we haven’t been rebounding the ball well,” Orr said. “They’re going to attack you, they will look for high-lows. We have to do a good job inside-out. We have to guard the three-point line [and] we have to rebound the defensive boards. “We know what’s at stake for us. Like every game this time of year we’re all playing for something.”

The Falcons earned their first win Sunday to finish their series 1-3 against Murray State University. Friday’s game was canceled due to thunderstorms, causing both teams to play a doubleheader Saturday afternoon. BG concluded the series with a seven-inning game Sunday that was cut short due to rain. “The team did a great job,” said BG coach Danny Schmitz. “I was pleased with the pitching; we got three quality starts.” Cody Apthorpe earned the start for the first game of the doubleheader Saturday. Apthorpe pitched for four innings, striking out five batters and allowing two hits and three earned runs. His four walks all resulted in runs scored, giving Murray State the lead. The Falcons stepped up in the top of the third inning, scoring two runs, cutting Murray State’s lead down by half. Michael Frank entered the game in the fifth inning to relieve Apthorpe. During the seventh inning, sophomore Andrew Kuns added to the score board with an RBI single, making the score 4-3. In the eighth, Frank allowed a leadoff double then walked a batter. Frank gave up a

“We need to take advantage of these opportunities and drive players in.” Danny Schmitz | Coach two-RBI double, sending Murray State into the ninth inning with a 6-3 lead, which was the final. Game two was only scheduled for seven innings, but it took nine to decide a winner. BG started strong with a run in the first inning, but it was no match for MSU’s three runs in the bottom of the first. Kuns brought lead-off man Ryan Schlater around for an RBI and the lead for the Falcons, but BG lost 4-3. Sophomore right-handed pitcher Nick Bruns pitched four innings and allowed three runs on five hits. Murray State scored a run in the bottom of the ninth on a pinch-hit against left-handed relief pitcher Patrick Martin. “We played well defensively,” Schmitz said. “Offensively, we had a couple of physical errors that need to be corrected. We will continue to work on situations. There are plays

See BASEBALL | Page 7

Chiricosta breaks singles record as BG defeats Detroit 6-1 By Paul Barney Sports Editor

It’s been a season of milestones for senior Christine Chiricosta. A f ter becom i ng t he winningest player in BG tennis history earlier this season, Chiricosta etched her name into the singles wins record by becoming the career leader in that category as the Falcons won 6-1 at Detroit on Sunday. Chiricosta defeated Carolina

“In the history of Bowing Green tennis, [Christine’s] desire and toughness is unmatched.”

Salas Espinosa 2-6, 6-3, 1-0 and won the tiebreaker 10-8 to give her 82 career singles wins, passing Stefanie Menoff who had 81 singles wins from 2006-09. “It’s an amazing record that she’s broken,” said coach Penny Dean. “In the history of Bowing Green tennis; [Christine’s] desire and toughness is unmatched.” Penny Dean | Coach Chiricosta’s singles win against Detroit was the first of five for BG, including four in straight sets, as it this season and has won four of its improved to 8-3 in dual-match play last five matches.

The Falcons got off to a strong start by sweeping all three doubles flights. Chiricosta and Maddy Eccleston defeated Amanda Cornwell and Salas Espinosa 8-6 as the BG duo has won their last five doubles matches. Dean made a switch at the second and third doubles flights by pairing sophomores Katie Grubb and Jade Johnson at the second-flight and freshman Nikki Chiricosta and sophomore Mary Hill at the third-flight.

Grubb and Johnson defeated the Titan duo of Erin Weldon and Julia Fernandes 8-3, while Nikki Chiricosta and Hill swept Elena Strakhova and Raina Halabi 8-0. The Falcons carried their momentum from doubles over to singles, where Nikki Chiricosta, Hill, Eccleston and freshman Emily Reuland all found success with Christine Chiricosta.

See RECAP | Page 7

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The BG women’s golf team hits the links Friday for its first action in 2011. The Falcons will take part in the Rio Verde Invitational in Rio Verde, Ariz.

Go to to see who the BG football will be playing in the fall. Key games include a home game against Wyoming and a game at West Virginia.





Tuesday, March 1, 2011 7

Proehl, Lines get All-Tournament honors as BG goes 1-4 at Phyllis Rafter Memorial By Bryan Filipponi Reporter

The softball team finished Sunday in the Phyllis Rafter Memorial with a non-conference game against fellow MidAmerican Conference opponent Ball State. The Falcons began the game strong by putting up six runs in the first inning off six hits and two errors. However, the early 60 lead proved not to be enough as Ball State brought one back in the first, took the lead with seven in the second inning and scored one run in the fourth to

close out the game on a 90 unanswered run to beat the Falcons 9-6. The team earned nine hits in Friday’s win. Rachel Proehl, Erika Stratton and Missy Bowman all went 2-for3 for the game. The Falcons went 1-4 in the Phyllis Rafter Memorial, as lack of consistency continued to hurt the team early on in the season. BG’s only win in the tournament was against Georgia State by a 4-3 margin. The Falcons’ first win did not come easy, however, as they battled back by scoring three runs in the fifth inning

BASEBALL From Page 6

MAC From Page 6

that should have been made, they are little mistakes that we need to work on. This week will be concentrating on what I like to call the three phases: pitching, defense and hitting.” Sunday ended on a short note due to rain. BG and MSU only played seven innings, with the Falcons earning their first season win 4-2. Murray State followed suit and went for three games with runs in the first inning. Senior right-handed pitcher Charles Wooten got the start and struggled early by hitting the first batter and throwing a wild pitch. BG got the offense rolling in the fourth inning and didn’t stop until the sixth. Duncan led off the fourth inning with a single to right center. Duncan stole second and advanced to third on a ground out. He then headed home on a wild pitch. In the fifth, the Falcons had two men in scoring position when Martin hit a triple to the left center gap, allowing two runs to score. MSU answered with a run in the bottom of the fifth, but a Frank Berry home run in the top of the eighth put BG ahead before the game was called. “The players played their best Sunday,” Schmitz said. “The more we get outside, the better we get.” However, the Falcons stranded 20 base runners in the series. “We need to take advantage of these opportunities and drive players in,” Schmitz said. “We want to get our hitters hitting, plenty of swings. We need to work on our bunts, we were a little anxious out there; it’s time to get back on track.” The team plans to get some practice outdoors this week in preparation for their annual spring break trip. The Falcons will head to Winter Haven, Fla., to participate in the RussMatt Invitational, the team’s third consecutive appearance. The team will open against Xavier University on Saturday.

their efforts. Two Falcons, Harris and Sarah Burston, both qualified for the 200 IM championship race. Harris finished eighth and Burston finished 16th, both earning points for BG. They were seventh heading into day three.

to take the 4-3 lead on their way to the victory. Proehl went 8-for-15 at the plate on the weekend with a .533 average, scoring four runs and driving in another. In three of the five games she had multiple hits, including back-to-back 2for-3 performances against Mississippi State and Georgia State. Zada Lines, who earned the Falcons’ their first win of the season, went 1-1 in the tournament, throwing a 2.03 ERA. Lines recorded seven strikeouts and surrendered only three hits in the victory

she finished fourth, which again beat the record time she set earlier. Kain was also a part of the other record-breaking event in the 400 medley relay. She combined with Harris, Burston and Bennet to break the school record that was set two years ago.

Day four

On Saturday night, Kain breezed by her previous best Day three time in the 200 breaststroke The Falcons didn’t event. In the final, she set improve in the standings, another BG record, beatbut they did break two more ing her previous best time by seven seconds and placschool records. Kain has dominated this ing fourth. In the same race, season in the breaststroke Amanda Rom qualified for events and once again the “B” standard in the 200, didn’t disappoint in the finishing fifth-place. Yu met the “B” standard in championships. She set the record time for the 200 butterfly and almost the 100 breaststroke and also broke her own school record. Resulting from these chammet the “B” qualifying standard for the NCAA champi- pionships, several Falcons onships. In the preliminary could have the opportunity to race, Kain eclipsed fellow travel down to Austin, Texas teammate Amanda Rom’s for the NCAA Swimming and school record time by just Diving Championships. Five under a second. In the final different times beat the NCAA

Chances that an American lives within 50 miles of where they grew up: 1 in 2.


Rachel Proehl Went 8-for-15 at the plate for a .533 average against Georgia State. Lines had 11 strikeouts in 10 1/3 innings and only gave up two extra base hits on the weekend. Both Proehl and Lines were named to the Phyllis Rafter Memorial AllTournament Team. BG returns to the diamond in the Comfort Inn Softball Classic in Morehead, Ky. on March 5 and 6.

“We still need to grow and learn moving forward [and] recruit quality people that will make us better in championships.” Petra Martin | BG coach

SUDOKU To play: Complete the grid so that every row, column and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. There is no guessing or math involved. Just use logic to solve


“B” standards to qualify. If swimmers meet the “A” standards they qualify automatically, but meeting the “B” standards means the NCAA only takes a certain number who qualified. Kain has two chances to qualify. “We broke some records and it was really exciting to see,” Martin said. “We still need to grow and learn moving forward [and] recruit quality people that will make us better in championships. Overall, it was a great season.”

From Page 6

“It was a good feeling to compete that well in singles and doubles,” Dean said. Nikki Chiricosta and Reuland enjoyed a fast start to their collegiate careers, combining for 65 wins this season. “The freshmen have helped the team out a lot,” Dean said. “They both have adjusted to the grind. They both compete very hard.” The Falcons don’t com-

pete again until March 19 when they travel to Youngstown State before opening Mid-American Conference play March 25 at Buffalo. With the success BG has had this season, Dean doesn’t like having the break, but because of the “grind” of the season, he said the team needs a mental and physical break. After spring break, the Falcons will resume practice and get ready for YSU, which Dean said will be a good match before heading into conference play.



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8 Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Unborn child to ‘testify’ on upcoming Ohio abortion bill By Julie Carr Smyth The Associated Press

COLUMBUS — A fetus has been scheduled as a legislative witness in Ohio on a unique bill that proposes outlawing abortions after the first heartbeat can be medically detected. Faith2Action, the anti-abor-

1 Credit Union holding: Abbr. 2 Fish also called a blue jack 3 Tiki torch setting 4 It’s radioactive 5 Sch. associated with the LDS Business College 6 John of England 7 Some bass pieces 8 Linear, for short 9 Jet creator 10 “Seriously” 11 Functional 36 Singer Williams 12 Drive 38 Rap 13 Cold drafts 40 Abrasive sound 15 Magnetic induction 43 Lays away unit 46 Ally 21 Pain relief brand 48 Common video game 23 “This can’t be!” fighter 25 Rabid dog of Castle 49 Jordan’s only port Rock 50 Personally train 26 Make __ for it 51 Bleachers sign 27 Interest 53 Up 29 ID 55 Moon goddess 32 Fair 57 XC years from now 34 Prune 58 Not up 35 You might see one on 59 Extinct pigeon relative a woodpile 62 “__ Buttermilk Sky”:

and abortion rights groups as unconstitutional. An aide to committee Chairman Lynn Wachtmann said a pregnant woman will be brought before the committee and an ultrasound image of her uterus will be projected onto a screen. The heartbeat of the fetus will be visible in color.

tion group that has targeted Ohio to pilot the measure, called the in-utero witness, the youngest to ever come before the House Health Committee at nine weeks old. Faith2ActionPresidentJanet Folger Porter said the intent is to show lawmakers who will be affected by the bill, which is opposed by Ohio Right to Life

Man mauled by bear has hundreds of wounds CLEVELAND (AP) — An autopsy report indicates a caretaker mauled by a captive bear near Cleveland had at least 200 puncture wounds, hundreds more bruises and

cuts and two fractured ribs. The bear attacked 24-yearold Brent Kandra after he opened its cage for a feeding Aug. 19 at the home of a man who kept wolves, tigers and

bears on property southwest of Cleveland. The Cuyahoga County coroner determined Kandra's death was a workplace accident.

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For Rent

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1946 song

For Rent

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For Rent

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Fall 2011 Registration


Go to:

1. select > student center 2. select > enroll 3. select > add

Mar 14 Mar 14 Mar 15 Mar 17 Mar 21 Mar 23 Mar 25

Graduate Students Non-Degree Graduate Students Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Guest Students


Call the Registration Hotline 419.372.4444


Start Dates

You can access everything that you need, including tutorials, via the “Student Center” at the MyBGSU portal.


Heat included


Office of Registration and Records 110 Administration Building

from 8am to 5pm Monday - Friday

Located at:

300 Napoleon Road in Bowling Green



304 N. Summit 605 Clough

123 University Lane

Newlove Rentals �����������������

332 S. Main (our only office) 419-352-5620

• Three bedroom houses • Close to campus


The BG News - March 1, 2011

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