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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Volume 104, Issue 143

Arts council could help students network, find jobs

Swap ‘till you


By Ella Fowler City Editor

the need for a website for better communication and the need for participation from Some local residents hope an youth. Meetings will occur arts council can establish the monthly, and the next meetcity of Bowling Green as a ing will take place on May 16 at an undetermined location cultural center. Two meetings have already and time. The arts council has a occurred between artists, nonartists, community members Facebook group, called “BG and University personnel in Arts Council” where people regards to re-establishing an can find updates and information about upcoming arts council in the city. “[An arts council is] a meetings and decisions. Previously, there had been group of people in a community … getting together an arts council in the city, said to promote arts in the same Jacqueline Nathan, University community,” said Craig Blair, gallery director. This counexecutive director of the Arts cil had decided to put on an event, which would eventuin Common, an artist co-op. Arts in Common had the ally transform into the Black idea to revive an arts coun- Swamp Arts Festival. Nathan cil in the area; and had the said the arts festival was a fullfirst meeting to see if there time job and the arts council was any interest, Blair said. couldn’t take on the responsiThe first meeting confirmed bilities of a normal council. An arts council, said there was interest in the Katerina Ruedi Ray, director idea, he said. At the previous meetings, of the school of art, has the Blair said, much has been disSee ART | Page 2 cussed, including what the group wants to accomplish,


CERAMICS: Freshman BFA 3D major Chelsie Corso coats a plate in preparation for the kiln. An art’s council could help Corso network with other artists and find jobs in the area.

Graphic design class allows students to trade clothes helping reduce consumption, recycle materials

CAMPUS BRIEF University Police offer reward after assault of students April 23 A reward of up to $2,000 is being offered for information regarding an assault of two University students. The University Police is investigating an aggravated assault that occurred at approximately 2:30 a.m. April 23 in or near Lot 4A, across from the railroad tracks from Thurstin Avenue and behind Lot E, according to a campus crime alert e-mail. Two University students were returning from the downtown area when they were confronted by two unknown males,

By Heather Linder Senior Reporter

states the crime alert. The encounter quickly escalated into assault, in which one of the students were transported to the Wood County Hospital. The suspects have been described as two white males, college-age with scruffy beards. One was approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall and the second was approximately 6 feet 2 inches tall. Both suspects were wearing sweatshirts and fled from the scene east on Pike Street. Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the University Police at 419-372-2346, or the Wood County Crime Stoppers at 419-352-0077 or 1-800-54-CRIME.

free new wardrobe is just a few donations away. Project Enlighten will host a clothing swap from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday in the Union oval. To participate in the swap, students must bring clean, gently used clothing to the Oval. They can exchange donations for the same number of items they gave. Or, they can simply clear out their closets of unneeded attire. A ticket system will keep track of all items given and received. “In the spring, people always want new wardrobes and go buy new things,” said senior environmental policy major Krista Elvey, head of research for Project Enlighten. “But there are so many good things out there. Why not take what people aren’t going to wear, and put it in one centralized location? Instead of losing materials, we’re using what’s there.”


See CLOTHING | Page 2


CAMPUS Battle in the ballroom

FORUM ‘South Park’ should not be a target

Falcon golf places eighth

Photos of students preparing for battle at Monday night’s “To Infinity and Beyond” laser tag event in the BTSU ballroom | Page 3

The controversy over “South Park” episodes revolving around Muhammad are overblown, especially since the show featured Muhammad on the show previously, accoring to Forum Editor Kyle Schmidlin Page 4

The BG women’s golf team finished eighth at the Mid-American Conference Championships after posting a final score of 983 | Page 5

PEOPLE ON THE STREET What would you trade in Wednesday’s clothing swap? JULIAN JACKSON Freshman, Special Education

“My old Power Rangers Halloween costume.” | Page 4



2 Tuesday, April 27, 2010


was arrested for burglary within the 400 block of Napoleon Road.


11:57 A.M.

4:35 A.M.

Lindsay Hoover, 25, of Findlay, Ohio, was cited for disorderly conduct within the 200 block of E. Merry Ave. 8:19 A.M.

Complainant reported sometime after 12 a.m. an unknown person put a dent in the front passenger side fender and broke off the passenger side mirror of his vehicle, damage valued at $500, within the 100 block of E. Oak St.

Matthew Mlady, 23, of Olmsted Township, Ohio, was cited for disorderly conduct within the 800 block of N. Main St. 11:06 A.M.

ONLINE: Go to for the complete blotter list.

Resident within the 100 block of Manville Ave. was warned for a litterfree premises.


11:08 A.M.

We want to correct all factual errors. If you think an error has been made, call The BG News at 419-372-6966.

Jason Graber, 31, of Bowling Green,

CLOTHING From Page 1 Known to group members as “freecycling,� swapping clothing helps recycle materials and reduce consumption. The clothing swap and “freecycling� are a culmination of Project Enlighten’s main goal — to educate students, faculty and community members on how to reduce their consumption. “There is more to being ‘green’ than just recycling,� said sophomore graphic design major and Project Enlighten lead designer Jesup Brooks. “Recycling helps, but it does not solve the problem.� The project was formed as part of ArtD 4950, a sustainable graphic design class, taught by art instructors Amy Fidler and Jenn Stucker. The students devel-


oped and promoted three installments, keeping sustainability and eco-friendly habits in mind. “For the clothing swap, we used old paper from design storage to make the advertising posters,� said senior VCT major Mark Metzger . “Instead of screen printing, we hand cut our stencils and used chalk instead of ink.� When initial clothing swap donations were made from Residence Halls and last week’s Eco Fair, the number of items donated were written down on “tickets� made from half of old postcards to avoid printing. The group also used word-of-mouth and electronic advertising to do the majority of promoting. Since all project costs came out of the students’ pockets, the environmentally friendly behavior reduced consumption and also down on costs.


ART From Page 1

An iguana can stay under water for 28 minutes.


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While the clothing swap is Project Enlighten’s last installment of the year, many of the students plan to continue the sustainability practices learned throughout the semester. “My goal is to keep learning how to lessen my environmental impact, especially the impact of my design,� Brooks said. “Many people in our class are also interested in keeping Project Enlighten going after the class is over.� Brooks also took the lead in designing informational graphics with step-by-step instructions for other schools interested in forming their own versions of Project Enlighten. The group organizers hope students will be excited about the opportunity to swap

400 E. Napoleon Rd. 419-352-9135

Fewer Bills and a Better Value

potential to brand the city as a place for the arts. “[An arts council] begins to help represent wherever it is located as a place with culture,â€? Ruedi Ray said. “That doesn’t mean there isn’t culture without them of course ‌ but they help to funnel information so there is more awareness in the community of itself and its cultural locations.â€? If a community is known for its arts, people will come to that community for art. “I think that it helps the community economically and culturally,â€? Blair said, “and anything that helps a community helps people in the community.â€? An arts council will not only establish the community as a cultural center, Nathan said, but will also provide a way for the arts in the University to merge with arts in the community. “I think an arts council will help facilitate better communication between all of the various art groups in Bowling Green, both on campus and in town,â€? Nathan said. “By creating a space where people who are interested in the arts and artists to talk about the kinds of projects they are doing and ideals they have for the future, they can create an opportunity for collaboration.â€?

“There is more to being ‘green’ than just recycling. Recycling helps...� Jesup Brooks | Sophmore clothing and find it easy to do, according to junior graphic design major Nick Yoho. All of Wednesday’s left over clothing will be donated to Goodwill. “Ultimately, the incentive for reducing consumption goes beyond free clothing,� Elvey said. “The Earth is a finite resource. The purpose of sustainability is not compromising future generations for the present. Plus, it’s fun. Reused items have more character.�

“I think that it helps the community economically and culturally.� Craig Blair | Executive Director Ruedi Ray said having an arts council will allow both the community and the University to showcase the arts together. There is no one place where community members can find all art events going on in the city, but an arts council could provide that information, she said. Arts students on campus could also benefit from an arts council. “Arts council could help create the kinds of conditions where students could have useful internships now or job opportunities later,� Ruedi Ray said. An arts council could also give students an opportunity to network with other artists in the community and could keep graduates in the area by providing jobs locally, she said. Overall, an arts council can create a better community. “[An Arts council] creates a richer atmosphere for everyone who lives in the area and it is not an exclusive type of activity,� Nathan said. “It is the kind of activity that encourages people to get involved, to participate and to become more creative in their own lives.�







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4/21/10 2:52:05 PM



To Infinity and Beyond

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Did You Know... Hummingbirds are the only animals able to fly backwards

Photos by Ryan Pirog| The BG News

Extra Savings in April!

RIGHT: Ready for war, a box of laser guns wait for battle in the UFO laser tag game during the To Infinity & Beyond event in the Union Ballroom Monday Night.



BELOW: Cody Balsizer, David Chesworth, and Amanda Agan ready their weapons for the 15-minute UFO laser tag Monday night.


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“It is the kind of activity that encourages people to get involved, to participate and to become more creative in their own lives.” —University Gallery Director Jacqueline Nathan on the revived arts council in Bowling Green [see story, pg. 1].


What would you trade in Wednesday’s clothing swap? “Old jeans that I don’t fit into anymore.”

“A bunch of old hoodies.”



Junior, Business Administration

Freshman, Undecided

JEFF TYNER, Junior, Film Production

“My dirty pair of Skechers.”

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 4

“Button down shirts.”

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Freshman, Undecided

Reaction to recent ‘South Park’ episodes is overexaggerated, irrational, detrimental MAN,






FALCON SCREECH Dear Residents of Campus, As RAs, we cannot do everything. Although you may think we can, we cannot solve all your problems. Be a big girl or boy and think through how to solve some of your own problems. Get on the Internet and look something up on your own. Remember, RAs are students, too. And people, too! We cannot always be in our rooms. We cannot always have our doors open. We cannot always be perfect. You say we don’t see you or talk with you enough? Well, then why don’t you come talk to us? Do you ever ask what we are up to? Do you even care? I highly doubt it. We cannot be in 15 different rooms at all times checking in on you. If you want to talk, come see us. As for programs, you claim we don’t plan programs you like. But how many programs do you ever actually come to? You can’t like something if you never give it a chance! We work hard to plan programs, so how about coming to some!? Do you ever really think about how much we as RAs have to do? Yes, we love what we do, but we have a lot to do. So when we do something nice for you, when we go out of our way to do something special for you, maybe just take a moment and say thank you. A thank you sure can go a long way! -RAs WHO WOULDN’T CHANGE A THING Since I desire to graduate on time, I looked into taking summer courses. However, at $390 a credit hour, plus about five different fees, my once perceived few hundred dollar investment has totaled to over $1,300. What in the world are you charging me for? I am game for paying for summer classes, but $1,300 for one class is a bit ridiculous. Does part of this go for the Stroh, printing, cutting the grass andthe Internet usage? I simply do not understand how in the world you can charge EACH and EVERY person who takes this course $1,300. I’m sorry but that is utterly ridiculous and I will be taking my business elsewhere this summer. -DISGRUNTLED STUDENT

CALLING ALL COLUMNISTS AND CARTOONISTS!!!! The Forum section is looking for more people like you to write columns and illustrate for us. Contact us at, or just swing by our newsroom in 210 West Hall. SPEAK YOUR MIND

I’m going to write a column which uses the name “Muhammad.” Don’t bother looking over your shoulder — there’s nobody there. “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are no strangers to controversy. While I often disagree with their stances, I admire their fearlessness. A few seasons ago, they even lost regular cast member Isaac Hayes (Chef) due to their criticism of Scientology. The show’s 200th and 201st episodes, aired over the last two weeks, have found them in the middle of a controversy of a more extreme stripe. After depicting the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, rumors of violence threats against the creators have been circulating. But the rumors are greatly exaggerated. The U.S.-based group, Revolution Muslim, featured a post by Zachary Adam Chesser that said the creators “‘will probably end up’ like Theo van Gogh, a Dutch filmmaker who was murdered in 2004 after making a film critical of Islamic society,” according to FOX News. What’s strange is that the episode centers around the controversy over cartoon depictions of Muhammad. Throughout the

episode, it is believed he is wearing a bear suit (it’s actually Santa Claus) and when Muhammad himself is supposedly there, he is covered with a large censor bar and never speaks. Ironically, “South Park” itself depicted the Prophet Muhammad in a 2001 episode without controversy. It is only since the violence against two Danish cartoonists that the depiction has become such a hot-button issue. But it wasn’t only Muhammad who was censored. According to, the speech given at the end of the episode by Kyle Broflovski, which was bleeped out in its entirety, had nothing to do with Muhammad. Said Parker and Stone, “Kyle’s customary final speech was about intimidation and fear.” Outpourings of support for Parker and Stone have came from everywhere. On “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart devoted an entire opening segment to defending the creators and condemning Revolution Muslim, considerably exaggerating the extent of the death threats and the intimidating that came from the group itself rather than a single poster. “The Simpsons” had a chalkboard gag which read, “SOUTH PARK — WE’D STAND BESIDE YOU IF WE WEREN’T SO SCARED.” Of course, fear is driving much of the dialogue. Many Americans — probably excepting only a handful of people, including Parker,

Stone and myself — are petrified of radical Islam. But sometimes reality doesn’t hit you so hard. Sometimes it can actually be a comfort. Even in the most extreme possible case, in which every reader of Revolution Muslim were to take up what arms they could and exercise as much violence as possible, they wouldn’t get very far. They simply haven’t got the numbers or the resources to be any sort of real threat. Keep in mind, no actual direct threats of violence — at least none as widely-publicized as Chesser’s “warning” — have appeared since the “201” episode aired. After the controversy erupted, their site actually went offline due to traffic overload. Support for Parker and Stone has been virtually unanimous. If anybody has reason to be afraid, it is radical Islam. What Chesser actually said isn’t any different than something any other media commentator might say — that violence could be in store for Parker and Stone after the “South Park” episode. The media has spent much time since Sept. 11 trying to drum up fear of Muslims in the hearts of Americans, and the current issue is no exception. It is partly this that Revolution Muslim speaks out against. Their website, now found at, contains several responses to the accusations lobbied against them. And believe it or not, they make strong points.

But when they say something like this: “By placing the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in a bear suit, the creators of ‘South Park’ sought to insult the sacred, and show their blatant and general disregard for religion,” they lose me. Parker and Stone have classified themselves as “equal opportunity offenders,” and the Muslim faith is no more immune to this than anybody. While Revolution Muslim isn’t exactly responsible for direct threats, the callousness with which Chesser and the site talk of the possibility of violence is still alarming. It is true, as they claim, that Western aggression far exceeds Muslim aggression — any glance at Amnesty International, United Nations or Human Rights Watch reports quickly reveal this. But this doesn’t justify Muslim aggression, directed at private artists like van Gogh, the Danish cartoonists or Parker and Stone. Grievances expressed by the Muslim world are important and deserve to be heard. Western media generally ignores them. But Parker and Stone are satirists, not policy makers. Muslim outrage over the depiction of the central character in their particular mythology is detrimental to the meaningful dialogue necessary to bring about change and peace. Respond to Kyle at

Abstinence is a personal choice that shouldn’t be flaunted or forced on others By Liz Price The Daily Cougar (University of Houston) College News Network

Many people like talking about sex, be it a group of girls giggling in the library or a married couple in the privacy of their home. Squeaky-clean celebrities such as Selena Gomez, the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus aren’t only famous for their mediocre television shows on the Disney Channel. They too like to talk about sex — how they’re not having any. These celebrities flaunt their purity rings and talk openly about their faith as legions of little girls hang on

to each and every word they say. Expressing a personal decision about whether to stay pure until marriage isn’t a new phenomenon, either. When many of us were teenagers, Britney Spears ruled the pop world. Every little girl knew each and every word to “...Baby One More Time,” and although they may not have known its meaning, they all knew that Spears was resolved to stay a virgin until marriage. As we all know now, that didn’t quite happen, as she got caught in her trailer with futurehusband Kevin Federline. Celebrities are people too; they make mistakes. But at the end of the day, it isn’t appropriate for people to talk about their

sexual choices publicly, even if it’s a choice society applauds. Making the choice to abstain until marriage is a true commitment, one most consider admirable, but there is nothing worse than breaking one’s word. Nobody likes a hypocrite. When a person flaunts their sexual escapades — or lack thereof — in such a public way, it makes them and what they stand for lose credibility. As a Christian college student, I constantly see my peers join purity groups on Facebook and openly flaunt their morality, only to get drunk over spring break and lose their virginity. After this happens, their purity rings become signs of failed missions. Or, worse, they

continue to wear their rings so as not to openly reveal their failures to family or church members. This is not to say everyone should throw their rings away; wearing one represents people’s promises to themselves. People shouldn’t, however, commit to things they can’t realistically commit to. The choice to abstain should be a personal choice between a person and God, or a person and their significant other, not between a person and society. Just as it’s inappropriate to brag about sleeping around, it’s equally inappropriate and selfpromoting to brag about not doing so, especially if you’re not going to follow through.


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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Falcons battle the MAC

BASEBALL Berti named MAC East Player of the Week Sophomore baseball player Jon Berti has been named the Mid-American Conference Player of the Week for his efforts in the Falcons’ last five games. Berti hit .500 (11-for22) with four extra-base hits, including two home runs as BG extended its wining streak to eight games.

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LINING UP THE PUTT: The Falcons finished the three-day tournament with a final score of 983.

Women’s golf place eighth at MAC Championships By Christopher Rambo Reporter

been magnificent for a senior, let alone a freshman. I can speak for the whole team when I say I am very proud of her. All of her hard work and determination paid off.” Excited as she was, the record was a distant second in Grunden’s mind to crafting a strong final round and helping the Falcons post a higher score than Northern Illinois. “The scoring record is a pretty cool thing to have,” Grunden said. “But to be honest, I wasn’t even really thinking about it on Sunday. I was just trying to keep

by three strokes over Brittany Kelly of Ball State. From a BG perspective, the The BG women’s golf season biggest story to emerge from came to a close over the weekend the weekend was Susy Grunden with an eighth-place finish at shooting 230 to finish in a tie for the Mid-American Conference 11th — in the process, she broke Jenny Scnipke’s single-season Championships. The Falcons turned in a round scoring record. Grunden’s season average of 327 in soggy conditions on Sunday to beat out ninth-place of 78.53 was a hairsbreadth better than Scnipke’s 2003-04 Northern Illinois by six strokes. Kent State swept medalist total of 78.54. “Susy just had a phenomenal honors, with the Golden Flashes beating Ball State by 19 strokes, freshman season,” said coach and Kent State junior Martina Stephanie Young. “”What she Gavier took the individual title accomplished would have

ONLINE The BG News Sports Twitter

Stephanie Young | BG coach playing well.” A double bogey-triple bogey finish at 17 and 18 on Saturday meant that Grunden needed to post 76 or better in Sunday’s final round to eclipse Scnipke in the record book.

After making the turn in at twoover 38, Grunden began spilling shots over the second nine. Wayward drives led to bogeys at 11 and 15, and a second shot that

See GOLF | Page 7

Men’s golf finish fourth at Rutherford Intercollegiate

The BG News sports section has a Twitter feed. Be sure to log on while your favorite team is playing. We may have in-game updates.

By Christopher Rambo Reporter

OUR CALL Today in Sports History 1994—The Twins defeat the Brewers 6-0 as Scott Erickson throws a no-hitter. 1967—Rocky Marciano retires from boxing as the undefeated champ.

The List After another busy weekend for BG athletics, we take a look at the top five performances. 1. Grunden: Freshman golfer Susy Grunden shot a 230 at the MAC Championships to finish in a tie for 15th in the 45-player field. 2. Preston: Men’s golfer Drew Preston shot a 224 at the Rutherford Intercollegiate to finish in a tie for 11th. 3. Smith: In a win against Ohio on Friday, reigning MAC Pitcher of the Year Brennan Smith went 6.1 innings, allowing just three runs (one earned) on seven hits with nine strikeouts. 4. Seniors: On Saturday, seniors Katia Babina and Samantha Kintzel won 8-4 in their doubles match against Buffalo on Senior Day. 5. Frank: In an 8-2 win against the Bobcats on Saturday, freshman Michael Frank tossed seven innings and allowed just two runs.

“Susy just had a phenomenal freshman season. What she accomplished would have been magnificent for a senior, let alone a freshman.”


SENIOR: Samantha Kintzel played in her final regular season match of her BG career on Saturday.

Tennis drops pair of weekend matches to Akron, Buffalo son, BG dropped a 6-1 decision to Akron on Friday and suffered a 5-2 defeat Saturday It wasn’t quite the result seniors to Buffalo on Senior Day. Katia Babina and Samantha The losses dropped the Kintzel were hoping for as they Falcons to 12-9 overall and wrapped up their regular-season 2-6 in the Mid-American careers with the BG tennis team. Conference, having lost six In the team’s last two of their last seven matches matches of the regular sea- as they head into the MAC By Paul Barney Assistant Sports Editor

Championships on Friday in Kalamazoo, Mich. Against Akron on Friday, the same team that BG will play against in the quarterfinals of the MAC Championships, the Falcons lost all six singles

See TENNIS | Page 7

Heading into last weekend, high finishes had been nonexistent for Drew Preston this spring. The sophomore appeared to snap out of his funk at just the right time, however, finishing in a tie for 11th at the Rutherford Invitational with a score of 224. “It just feels good to play well again,” Preston said. “I’ve been playing so awful lately that it just feels nice to put a couple decent rounds together.” For the Falcons men’s golf team, Preston’s re-emergence is a most welcome sight as they prepare for this week’s Mid-American Conference Championships, where they will need everyone firing on all cylinders to secure a high finish. “One of our main goals for this week was to get Drew back on track and it looks like we were able to accomplish that,” said coach Garry Winger. As a whole, the Falcons turned in a fourth-place performance out of 14 teams, scoring a total of 906, four shots behind MAC rival Ohio, and seven back of secondplace finisher Towson. The host, Penn State, owned the medal stand, taking the team honors by a resounding 20 strokes, while senior Kevin Foley shot two-under 211 to claim the individual honor. Foley, the 46th ranked player in the country, shot a superb final round of 69 to win handily by eight shots. The Falcons had a pair of golfers take a peek at the lead after round one, as Preston and John Powers each shot 72 to position themselves just two off the pace. The scores for each could have been much lower however, as Preston made what he called “some stupid mistakes” early in the round to fall four-over through

Drew Preston Tied for 11th at the Rutherford Intercollegiate

Parker Hewit Tied for 16th for his highest finish of the year seven, while Powers made six birdies, but still came in at one-over. “Generally, I thought the guys improved on their performance from Kentucky,” Winger said, “but there were still plenty of sloppy mistakes around the greens. To be the best, we can’t be having mishaps like that with the short game.” After his opening round 72, Preston shot 77-75 over the final two rounds to get his tie for 11th, while Powers drifted to a second round 79 before shooting 77 on Sunday to finish tied for 23rd at 228. Joining Powers was Matt Schneider, who improved his score each day, shooting 7776-75 to finish at 228. Parker Hewit also improved each day, opening with 78-75 before a Sunday 73 gave him a tie for 16th, his highest finish of the year. Freshman Wes Gates shot 8180-84 to finish 71st at 245. While four top 25 finishes is certainly encouraging, Winger said there is still plenty to work on before heading to Nashport, Ohio this weekend for the MAC Championships. “We just have to keep working on our mental approach and lean to stay in the moment better,” Winger said. “We will also work to make sure everything is squared away as far as school is concerned so we can head down to Longaberger and play with clear minds.”


6 Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Wife of former Ohio AG guilty of ethics charge


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The estranged wife of former Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann has pleaded guilty to a state ethics charge accusing her of trying to use her husband’s position to secure state funding for the university where she works. As part of a plea deal with Franklin County prosecutors, Alyssa Lenhoff was fined $1,000 Monday and agreed to cooperate with the investigation into Dann. A 10-day jail sentence was suspended. Prosecutors say she improperly sought a $6,500 grant from Dann’s office for the Youngstown State University journalism program she directs. Lenhoff says she didn’t know at the time the request was improper. She filed for divorce this month, two years after Dann acknowledged an affair with an employee in a scandal that prompted his resignation.

Group raises $12.5M for Hollywood sign land

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Developers won’t be building anything behind the landmark Hollywood sign. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Monday a final $900,000 donation by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner completed the $12.5 million fundraising drive to protect the 138 acres behind the famous sign. The governor praised the public and private partnership in raising the money to keep the property out of hands of developers. The Trust for Public Land conservation group raised $6.7 million in private funds, the state raised $3.1 million and local funds provided $2.7 million. Hefner, who calls the sign “Hollywood’s Eiffel Tower,” put the effort over the top. Schwarzenegger called it “the Hollywood ending we hoped for.” “It’s a symbol of dreams and opportunity,” Schwarzenegger said of the sign. “The Hollywood sign will welcome dreamers, artists and Austrian bodybuilders for generations to come.” The governor praised the conservation effort and public/private partnership, borrowing from his Hollywood days: “I did what the ‘Terminator’ was supposed to do, and that was to jump into action.”


Defendant in Palin hacking case won’t testify

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The attorney for a former University of Tennessee student charged with hacking Sarah Palin’s e-mail says the defendant will not testify in his federal trial in Knoxville. Prosecutors say David Kernell was trying to derail Palin’s campaign when he accessed her personal e-mail account while she was the Republican candidate for vice president in 2008. Kernell’s attorney, Wade Davies, said Monday morning that Kernell won’t testify and that the defense has rested its case after only putting one witness on the stand Friday, an FBI agent who said Kernell had been emotionally upset. Convictions on the identity theft and three other felony charges carry a maximum possible penalty of 50 years in prison.

Sentencing set for California songbird smuggler

Police: Former colleague kills Yale doctor at home

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A man could face up to 20 years in federal prison for smuggling songbirds from Vietnam into the United States by strapping them beneath his pants. Forty-six-year-old Sony Dong of Garden Grove is scheduled to be sentenced Monday in Los Angeles. He pleaded guilty last year to illegally importing wildlife after authorities at Los Angeles International Airport discovered 14 live birds strapped to his legs and ankles. Authorities say the birds could have sold for up to $400 each. Investigators later found 51 songbirds at the home of Duc Le, who later pleaded guilty to conspiracy and faces up to five years when he sentenced next month.

BRANFORD, Conn. (AP) — Police say a gunman killed a Yale University doctor outside his Connecticut home and may have had a dispute with him at the New York hospital where both men worked. Branford police Lt. Geoffrey Morgan says the fatal shooting of 34-year-old Vajinder Toor early Monday was not random. Police have a suspect in custody and plan to charge him with murder and attempted murder but have not released his name. Toor was killed in the parking lot of his condominium complex by a man who also fired at his pregnant wife. She was not injured. Toor worked at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in New York before joining Yale. Morgan says police are investigating whether Toor and the gunman had “some sort of negative interaction” on the job.


o deposit r e z y a p & s r ithin 48-hou w e s a le & k loo s le to campu private sshutt

residents ta

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419.353.5100 • 706 NAPOLEON ROAD





445 East Wooster St. 352-0717



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contests. BG was able to find success in doubles despite its results in singles. Christine Chiricosta and Maddy Eccleston defeated Angelina Jogasuria and her twin sister Angelika 8-3, while Jessica Easdale and Katie Grubb won 8-5 against Prang Pantusart and Carolina Castro Cota. Against the Bulls on Saturday, the Falcons continued their struggles in singles as they dropped 4-of-6 matches. They also struggled in doubles, winning just 1-of3 to lose 5-2. Easdale and Eccleston each noted singles wins against Buffalo, but lost in doubles with Grubb and Chiricosta, respectively. Easdale and Grubb’s doubles loss was the duo’s first doubles loss in the last four matches.

Notched a doubles win with Maddy Eccleston on Friday The two are 3-1 this season in doubles in the MAC. Babina and Kintzel won their last doubles match in the regular-season of their Falcon careers, after handing Tamara Markovic and Kira Golenko an 8-4 defeat. BG finished the regular season in a tie for sixth place in the nine-team MAC and will be the seventh seed for Friday’s MAC Championships as they take on second-seeded Akron in quarterfinal action. Western Michigan will play host to the four-day, nine-team MAC Championships, with the league championship held on Sunday. Sunday’s winner will then earn the MAC’s automatic bid to the NCAA Championships.

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ended up in the water resulted in a double bogey at 13. As she arrived on the tee at the par-3 17th with a score of six-over for the day, Grunden needed birdies at the two holes that had bedeviled her just the day before if she was going to break the record. After seeing how her freshman had finished the previous day, Young decided to walk with Grunden over the final stretch Sunday to serve as a steadying influence. “I just tried to get Susy’s mind focused on the present situation instead of what happened on Saturday,” Young said. “I did not want the moment to get away from her.”

BGSU and Bowling Green in! Hurry ents Apartm st! a F Going

Minutes from BGSU

Heinzsite 1 & 2 Bedrooms • Close to BGSU, dishwasher, garbage disposal, central air and heat, no pets, washer dryers in two bedrooms, sprinkler system, & off street parking.


Pet friendly community Gas included


(Full for May. 2 BR only for August)

Located at:

"Home away from Home"

300 Napoleon Road in Bowling Green

FOR RENTAL INFORMATION Call 419-354-3533 or visit


480 Lehman Avenue • Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

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their weekend. After an unsightly 90 on Friday, senior Hannah Lambert staged quite a turnaround in her final collegiate tournament, posing scores of 82 and 83 in the 2nd and 3rd rounds to finish at 255 and close out her career on a positive note. “It was a very nice trip for Hannah,” Young said. “I told her after round one that we needed her on the final two days and she delivered for us. It was a very nice way to close her career.” Lauren Glew also finished strong, closing with a pair of 82s after opening on Friday with 86. The junior captain finished 35th with a score of 250. Amy Ruthenberg posted a career low 81 in round two with a pair of 86s to come in at 253 and finish tied for 39th. Marisa Glew shot 85-84-89 to finish 43rd at 258.

visit us out online @

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and ripped her 3-wood down the middle, leaving a mere 100 yards to the green. From there, Grunden hit a wedge to within five feet and then strolled to the green and knocked in the putt. The second consecutive birdie gave Grunden a round of 76, and the school record all to herself. “As good as the record is, I definitely feel that there is a lot more for me to accomplish,” Grunden said. “I plan to devote the summer to continue working on my swing. I’m also going to redo my putting stroke so that it will hold up better in pressure situations. I feel that was my main weakness this year.” Besides Grunden’s performance, there were also plenty of other reasons for the Falcons to feel good about

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When Bowling Green State Normal College started classes in 1914, the tuition for students was FREE.

Did you know?

With Young looking on, Grunden’s tee shot landed right in the middle on the green on the 140-yard 17th. From there Susy drained the twisting downhill 30-footer for birdie. Phase one was accomplished. “It was funny, because I had not made a putt of any kind of length all day,” Grunden said. “But the girl I played with had the exact same putt so I was able to get a nice read off of her. I guess it helped.” Next up was the short par-4 18th, an easy hole on the surface, but one that demands supreme accuracy, thanks to a water hazard flanking the left side. In the third round, Grunden found that hazard off the tee, leading to her triple bogey. On Sunday, however, she stood firm on the tee box



Christine Chiricosta


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2/1/10 3:14:21 PM

• ONLY A FEW LEFT • 1045 N Main Street • Bowling Green, OH 43402 • • 419-353-5800

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4/21/10 2:32:09 PM

Fall 2010 Housing CLOSE TO CAMPUS



(419) 352-0717

445 E. WOOSTER • BOWLING GREEN • OHIO • 43403 UnvBookstore_BuyBack_3x10.5.indd 1

532 Elm St. #A&B - $850 534 S. College #A - $725 217 S. College - $550

Newlove Rentals 332 S. Main (our only office) 419-352-5620

4/5/10 3:16:11 PM

• Three Bedroom Duplexes • Close to campus • Very affordable



Tuesday, April 27, 2010



The Daily Crossword Fix 1 Ad-__: improvise 2 Made possible 3 Lean and bony 4 Enrolled 5 Attention-getter 6 Castle protector 7 “Easy!� 8 Lancelot’s was “Sir� 9 Barnyard brayer 10 Some exam answers 11 Handyman’s must-have 12 Word after time or 41 Art of a sexual nature timed-release 13 Time measures: Abbr. 42 Rah-rah encouragement 18 Feel sorry for 45 Scrambles to 22 Links org. keep secret 23 Snake River st. 46 Pupil 24 Big road rig 47 Corn site 26 Actress Rowlands 49 Set ablaze 27 That, in Tijuana 50 Charisse of 29 “Leggo my ___!� “Singin’ in 33 Popeye’s Olive the Rain� 34 Woodwind 52 Military force quintet member 54 Vacation isle 37 Alum near Venezuela 38 Evening, 55 Bear and Berra commercially 59 Ripens, as cheese 39 Crunchy cereal 61 Sharp turn brand word 62 Jazz style 40 Foul caller 63 Pretoria’s nation: 44 “__ my case� Abbr. 48 Beethoven symphony 64 “H-E-L-P!� originally dedicated to Napoleon 51 Erode gradually, as savings 53 Gershwin song set in London, with “A� 56 Coast Guard operation 57 Do bar duty 58 Wander 60 Like two peas in a __ 61 Cylindrical pasta 62 Carriage outings 65 Grammy co-winner for the rap song “Back on the Block� 66 Theater award 67 “__ evil ...� 68 Super Bowl, e.g. 69 Avoid flunking 70 Admin. aides


TORCHED: Wielding a blow torch Ron T. smooths off his beer bottle turned cup. The hot glass lab offers students a hands on experience in the art of glass blowing.

The BG News

Help Wanted

For Rent


Babysitter needed FT for summer, exp. w/ small children req. Call Beth at 419-409-0567 for more info.

2010-2011, 1 & 2 BR, May or Aug. 1 & 2 BR avail. now, short & long term. For more info call 354-9740 or contact:

Classified Ads

The BG News will not knowingly accept advertisements that discriminate, or encourage discrimination against any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, status as a veteran, or on the basis of any other legally protected status.

City Events

The BG Youth Hockey Association is looking for energetic, committed students who would like to volunteer their time to coach kids in our organization next year. BGYHA will pay for your coaching certification. If interested, please contact Ed Powers at:

For Rent

Bird Show- Sunday, May 2nd, 10a-4p, Woodland Mall Expo Center, 1234 N. Main St, BG.


Help Wanted !BARTENDING! up to $300/day. No exp. necessary. Training provided. Call 800-965-6520 ext. 174. Access 900+ job postings on WorkNet BGSU Career Center Anthony Wayne Lacrosse Club is looking for PT asst. coaches to close out remainder of 2010 season with the opportunity to return for next season. Both varsity & JV team coaches needed. Compensation negotiable and pro-rated based on hire date. To learn more about AWLC, go to: If you love the game, want to be part of one of the areas fastest growing clubs, and would enjoy working with our great kids, please e-mail us at:

2BR, 1 bath apt, 8th St. washer/dryer, call 419-352-8872. 3 BR townhouse, lease for 2010 s/y, 5th St, clean and well maintained. Call 419-409-1110 or 419-352-4456. 3BR, 2 bath - house, 5th St, Avail Aug, $675/mo. Call 419-352-8872.

* Summer Only Rentals!* 300 block of Merry, Call 419-353-0325, 9am-9pm. **2 bdrm apts, 300 block E. Merry, 353-0325 9-9pm / apts, houses effs, free internet, see

Services Offered

2BR duplex, $590/mo, includes utilities. Call 419-352-5882.

**3-4 bdrm houses, next to campus Multiple tenants over 3 allowed on lease, new flooring, W/D, 300 block of Merry / Reed. Must Go, MAKE OFFER, 353-0325, 9-9pm free internet, see 1 BR apt across from campus, avail May 12th, $350/mo + util, Call 419-897-5997. 1 BR apt, 854 8th St, $400./mo. + elec w/ $400 security dep. No pets. Call 419-392-3354 1 BR apts, ideal for grad students, and 3BR apt, all avail. in May, close to campus, call 419-352-5414.

3BR, 2 bath - house, 5th St, A/C, W/D hookup, avail May. $775/mo, call 419-352-8872. 3BR, 2 bath home, close to campus, 113 Crim St, avail May 14th. Call 419-353-0358.

1 A dog may pull on one during a walk 6 __ Hari 10 Engrave with acid 14 Navel type 15 Medical suffix 16 Rise sky-high 17 Loose-hanging trousers 19 Soaks (up) 20 Coiled hair style 21 Slanted type style: Abbr. 22 Buddies 23 Most sickly 25 1957 hit for Buddy Holly and the Crickets 28 Sharpshooter 30 Painting props 31 Tight as __ 32 Hired thug 35 4:00 London social 36 Coin collector? 40 Not prem., as gas 43 Chewy Hershey’s candy

842 / 846 7th St, 3BR, 2 bath, new & modern duplexes, close to campus. Call 419-353-5078. BG Apts - 818/822 2nd St, 2BR Apts Avail. May or August, $490/$500 + util, 12 mo lease Smith Apt. Rentals - 419-352-8917 Highland Management Now leasing for 2010-2011 s.y. 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. Call 419-354-6036, M-F, 9am.-3pm. KICK GAS! FREE HEAT! 1 & 2 BR $99 SD Special! Great Location! Pet Friendliest! 419-353-7715

12 month leases 415 E. Court St - 2BR,1ba, $500/mo. 525 Manville - 3BR, 1ba, $690/mo. 837 3rd St - 3BR, 2ba, $840/mo. 847 2nd St.- 3BR, 2ba, $900/mo. 849 6th St. - 3BR, 1ba, $630/mo. Smith Apt. Rentals - 419-352-8917

Look for more listings on the BG News website housing directory.

1BR apt, near campus, $475/mo, utilities included. Call 419-352-5882.

Nice 2BR house, near campus, new inside, energy efficient. $750/mo. Call 419-352-5882.

For Rent NOW RENTING - SPRING & FALL, CALL 419-352-3445, 9am-9pm. Shamrock Storage Many sizes. Near BGSU. 419-354-0070 Sign for next year now and save. $420/mo for year lease, 709 Fifth St. 2BR, 2 baths, C/A, call Jack or Phil for appt at 800-829-8638. Subleasers needed, May - Aug. 4BR, close to campus, negot. rent. Call 330-231-8207 or 216-272-5175. Mecca Management, Inc. 419-353-5800

IVYWOOD APTS. 1 Bdrm./Studios

Call about Rental Specials & Reduced Security Deposits as well as summer & fall rentals. Near BGSU, private patio/ entrance, extra storage, pets welcome, short-term leases avail. tEHO

Listings Available On-Line Visit

STOP Please pardon our blazing speed. Last week, the BGSU administration issued a statement about unionization, announcing that the campus community is “at the beginning of a very important discussion.�

by our office & pick up the New Listings!

Great Selection of Houses & Apartments in Good Locations! Available for 2010-2011 • We have EfďŹ ciencies, 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom Apartments. • In most cases, furnished and unfurnished are the same price. • In most cases, water, sewer, and trash are included. • Complete rental listing available on-line and in rental ofďŹ ce.


JOHN NEWLOVE REAL ESTATE, INC. 319 E. Wooster Street, Bowling Green, OH Located Across From Taco Bell. RENTAL OFFICE (419) 354-2260 Hours- Monday to Friday - 8:30 to 5:30 • Saturday - 8:30 to 5:00

Faculty have been engaged in this conversation for years— and in fact, the BGSU Faculty Association started its formal

JohnNewlove_STOP_3x5.indd 1

3/17/10 4:13:26 PM

campaign for unionization a year and a half ago. That’s fast? Look for a vote this summer ‌ unless the administration

1045 N.Main 7B Bowling Green , Ohio 419-353-5800

chooses to slow things down with procedural wrangling. Even if they do, we’re confident that the finish line is in sight.

Fairness. It’s coming at you.

120 N. Prospect The Jungle

Support the BGSU Faculty Association.


2bdrm - 650/ mo 3bdrm - 850/ mo CLOSE to Campus and Downtown Ask about discounts


The BG News - April 27, 2010

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