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February 21, 2007 Volume 101, Issue 106






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By Gina Potthoff Reporter

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Students have a new and different major to consider come next fall. Starting in the 2007-2008 school year, the University is going to offer a new engineering technology major in the College of Technology. This new four-year program, introduced during Monday’s President’s Day open house, will be replacing the former manufacturing technology and mechanical design majors, and hopefully bringing a new perspective to the engineering field.

Although the University doesn’t have an engineering program of its own, engineering technology will prepare students for careers in that industry. They will be distinguished from engineers because of the technologist title, but both will have similar careers promoting technological advancement. Todd Waggoner, who is the faculty head of the program, says he is really excited about this new program, since it’s been in the works for at least three years. Students who enroll in this program should enjoy math, science, solving mechanical problems and hands-on experiences. This is an

Wayne Unsell Dean of the College of Technology opportunity for students to use both their minds and hands, said Linda Swaisgood, director of the College of Technology. According to Swaisgood, the engineering technology program promotes “theory into practice.” Swaisgood also thinks this new major will be a way to bring more women into the College

of Technology, since the current enrollment is 75 percent male. “Technology changes the world,” Swaisgood said, who is a firm believer technology makes a difference in our quality of life. She thinks this lack of women is leaving engineering and other majors in dire need of more diverse perspectives on different issues. Wayne Unsell, the dean of the College of Technology, has been actively researching the recruitment of women into the math and sciences professions. Unsell’s research has uncovered that the socialization of girls age seven and up is a major factor.

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Putting the ‘human’ back into HIV

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Pianist shares heartache in autobiography

New program seeks to educate about HIV/AIDS

Frances Walker-Slocum discusses racism, love, loss and music in her memoir | Page 8

By Jessica Spies Reporter

Red isn’t just the color of passion, today it also represents HIV/AIDS. The Red Campaign, which seeks to educate and raise money for HIV/AIDS research, is marketing red iPods, red T-shirts and even red credit cards. “I love the color red; it’s my favorite color and to know that I can get red stuff to benefit AIDS patients is great,” said Amber Daniels, president of the American Red Cross Club. Although the red campaign and other programs seek to educate people about HIV/AIDS, there is still a strong stigma attached to those who have contracted HIV/AIDS. Daniels said people still think HIV/AIDS is a homosexual male disease. “People think that AIDS is really easy to get, like through a slight open cut,” she said. “People don’t even want to touch them.” Another misperception of those who have HIV/AIDS is that they are completely disease ridden and that it is the disease of those who live a horrible lifestyle, she said. Ashley Widziszewski, freshman, agreed there is still a stigma attached to AIDS. “If you have AIDS, people think that you’re subhuman. They think that they don’t deserve respect,” she said. She also thought this stigma is something society needs

Women’s track team works to go the distance Teammates prepare for MAC, look to take control of meet | Page 9


Math and science is shown in a negative light, causing girls to dislike the subjects, even though they may perform at better or equal levels to boys of the same age. Unsell thinks if more female teachers taught math and science, more women would get into the fields. “I think the key is role models,” Unsell said. The current U.S. population is 51 percent women, but enrollment in engineering and technology programs is only 10 percent women.

Women’s b-ball takes home win Team defeats Kent last night with 23 points to spare | Page 9

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Kidnappers release victims

Free confidential HIV testing: Fridays from 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. at the Wellness connection. Testing results can be returned in 30 minutes. Schedule an appointment at 3729355.

Three Americans were returned unharmed yesterday after being kidnapped earlier that day | Page 11 Do you prefer 2RIDE or the shuttle service?

HIV Diagnoses in 2005 Transmission Category DIFFERENCES IN DIAGNOSES HIV: spreads most often through: sexual contact, contaminated needles or syringes shared by drug abusers, infected blood or blood products and from infected women to their babies at birth or through breast feeding. People infected with the virus do not have AIDS until they develop serious symptoms. Many infected are apparently healthy for years. AIDS: a disease that weakens the immune system, gradually destroying the body’s ability to fight infections and certain cancers. It is caused by HIV.

“2-RIDE, it’s faster.” | Page 4

TODAY Partly Cloudy High: 37, Low: 28

TOMORROW Flurries/ Wind High: 38, Low: 19

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49% Black 31% White 18% Hispanic 1% Asian/ Pacific Islander 1% American Indian/ Alaska Native

“Coming out” is helped by media By Kelly Metz Reporter

PORTIA MITCHELL Sophomore, Criminal Justice

HIV Diagnoses 2005:

“Mom, Dad, I’m gay.” These are the few words that most teenagers of the homosexual population are scared to say, and in some instances the parent is scared to hear, due to recent studies which have shown more and more gay teens are “coming out” at earlier ages. According to an article that appeared in USA Today, one major reason for coming out at an early age is due to “growing acceptance of gays and more supportive adults and positive gay role models in popular media.” These role models include many popular shows such as “Will and Grace,” which points out a more humorous view of the gay lifestyle. Eric Crumrine, president of Vision, a student organization which promotes the gay-straight

“We’re being exposed more in the news, TV and media earlier ... which helps people out there to relate.” Eric Crumrine | Vision President alliance, believes that the media has a huge effect on whether teens come out at early ages. “One thing about ‘Will and Grace’ that helps teens come out is that it shows people are surviving,” Crumrine said. “There is no discrimination; it is very lighthearted, which engages people. It shows that it is possible for everyone to be okay with it and everyone loves it.” Derrick Daggett, vice president

of Vision, believes that although “Will and Grace” does show a more lighthearted view of being gay, it is not completely accurate because it only represents a stereotype which is not necessarily there for gay teens. Not only do TV shows affect the morale of young teens but other prominent figures such as Ellen Degeneres, Elton John or John Amaechi, who became the first player in the NBA to come out as being gay, help gay teens to realize that they are not alone. “Acceptance levels of people in the culture add to visibility of the gay community,” Crumrine said. “We’re being exposed more in the news, TV and media earlier and earlier which helps people out there to relate.” Sophomore Mark Gardener also believes because of role models in television, more peo-

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49% Men who have sex with men 32% High-risk heterosexual contact 14% Infected through injection drug use 4% Exposed through both male-to-male sexual contact and injection drug use 1% other


Loan cuts could hurt students By Sarah Colbry Reporter

President Bush just released his 2008 budget proposal and, if it were to become law, it would greatly affect college students. The proposal includes $19 billion in cuts to the federal family education loan program. Eighty percent of higher education institutions and students rely on this financial aid program, which is why concerns are rising. Sallie Mae, a provider of student loans, has voiced its concerns about Bush’s proposed cuts. The cuts are going to impact the discounts on the loans they offer and the level of support Sallie Mae can give to private loans, Conwey Casillas, director of public affairs for Sallie Mae, said. “The level of cuts in the president’s budget would also impact service levels,” Casillas said, while adding that face to face consul-

tations dramatically help families when working with loans. Casillas also said that the competition between student loan programs actually benefit students, but with the budget cuts there will be reduced competition, making loans more expensive. He said these cuts will force families to turn to much higher risk loans as well. Martha Holler, managing director of corporate communications for Sallie Mae, said Sallie Mae feels like it is time to increase higher education, not cut out financial aid programs. She said their goal is, and always has been, to increase access to higher education for all Americans. Casillas then commented that Sallie Mae has helped an excess of 21 million do exactly that. Included in this budget proposal is the cutting of the Supplemental


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2 Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Camera monitor in Lot 6 Overflow observed suspicious activity, an officer spoke with subjects and they were released. 4:59 A.M.

Shuttle driver advised there were kids on the pond by the ski hill. An officer made them aware of the dangers, and they were sent on their way. 9:19 A.M.

Possible theft reported on Clough Street. 3:35 P.M.

A student reported laptop had been stolen over the weekend. 5:05 P.M.

Man reported to have left a South Main Street gas station without paying for $15.01 of gas. 5:27 P.M.

Tommie L. Ware III, 23, of Shaker Heights, Ohio, arrested for theft at Meijer on East Wooster Street store. A caller reported seeing two men look into cars in the parking lot. According to police reports, one of them ran away from the vehicle when police stopped their car at Kreischer-Darrow. Ware told police his friend did not steal anything and that he took two packs of cigars, a package of sliced cheese and sugar, total value $50. Police cited Ware and released him. 6:27 P.M.

Man reported to be misrepresenting himself as a computer salesman on South Main Street. 8:12 P.M.

A dine and dash was reported at Mac Dining Hall. 10:45 P.M.

Andrew M. Pratt, 24, of Bowling Green, arrested for domestic violence at a Parkview Avenue home. He was lodged at Wood County Justice Center without bond.

TUESDAY 12:42 A.M.

Columbus resident reported a Bowling Green resident was harassing him via calls and text messages.

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RED From Page 1 to overcome. “AIDS is just a disease and it’s not something that determines the quality of the human being,” she said. A reason the stigma attached to AIDS has existed for so long is the part the media plays. In films and television shows, the media often has stereotypical representations of those with AIDS, said Mallory Clevenger, senior. Movies such as “Angels in America” portray those with AIDS inaccurately, she said. This only perpetuates the stigma “because people still aren’t educated about AIDS,” Clevenger said. “People are still scared of stuff like that.” The stigma that goes along with AIDS could be erased if everyone started to educate themselves on the topic, Daniels said. “They need to talk to someone who has AIDS. There are people all around us who have it, but they won’t tell us because they’re scared. If we put a face with AIDS, there will be less of a stigmatization,” Daniels said. HIV/AIDS affects many of those in the U.S., said Jennifer Ruth, health communication specialist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “We see that HIV is a threat to Americans’ well-being; there are a quarter of Americans who live with AIDS but don’t know it,” she said. Ruth also thought that everyone between the ages of 13-64 should be screened for HIV. “By making HIV a standard part of medical care, the stigma will be taken away,” she said.

OUT From Page 1 ple are accepting in communities and more teens can relate to the lifestyle. Not only has support been increased from the media, but also from the school system. According to USA Today, in the mid-1990s only a few dozen gay-straight alliance clubs were among US schools; presently, there are 3,200 registered within the education network. Colleges have been constructing their own support systems by including clubs such as Vision which helps people break from their demographic. “Bowling Green itself is split down the middle, there are more colleges out there that are more diverse and therefore more accepting, but this is the best we can do right now,” Daggett said. Gardener said the campus, if it were on a grading

As for prevention of the disease, there is no cure, but the CDC is continuing to educate people on the topic. “We are committed to a strong prevention of the epidemic but we know that this can’t be changed overnight or by the government alone,” Ruth said. “We are going to concentrate on community based programs and community leaders to help fight this epidemic.”

FREE TESTS Free HIV testing is also available at the following locations in Northwest Ohio. No appointment necessary. Toledo-Lucas County Health Department 635 N. Erie St. Toledo, OH Weekdays, 1 - 4 p.m. (419) 213-4150 Planned Parenthood of NWO 1301 Jefferson Toledo, OH Wednesdays, 6 - 8 p.m. (419) 255-1115 Medical University of Ohio (MUO) Rupert Health Center Toledo, OH Mondays, 6 - 8 p.m. (419) 383-3741 Planned Parenthood NWO 1039 N. Main St. Findlay, OH Mondays, 5 - 7 p.m. (419) 423-4611 Compass Corp. for Recovery Services (CCRS) 1832 Adams Toledo, OH Thursdays, 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. (419) 243-7274

scale, would be a C average for acceptance of the gay community. He said that in some of his classes when discussing gender roles, homosexuality comes up in a negative light but there are always going to be people like that, but at the same time there will also always be people who are OK with the idea of being gay. More and more parents are coping with the idea of having homosexual children, especially when these families reside in conservative Christian neighborhoods or churches. “My friends reacted great and I was not treated any different. With my family it was a struggle because they are very church-going people and they believe that this is not an acceptable lifestyle,” Gardener said. “A lot of issues about coming out are affected by the setting they are in,” Crumrine said. “If you are in a small area where there is no visibility, and you


Jazzing out in the Union for New Orleans PLAYING TO RAISE: Members of the Student Jazz Organization rag a few familiar jazz tunes in the public lobby of Bowen-Thompson Student Union. The Women’s Studies Program and various members of the BGSU community teamed up in an effort to help raise money to rebuild houses in New Orleans.

LOANS From Page 1 Educational Opportunity Grant Program, as well as an increase to the Pell Grant. Norm Bedford, associate director for operations for financial aid, said that if the SEOG is cut, students might lose money in the short run, but in the long run, it will help students to actually receive money. “The increase in the Pell grant will make up for that in the long run,” Bedford said. Bedford also said these cuts are the “republican response to trump the democratic are the only one, you may not want to come out because you have no support.” Both Crumrine and Daggett have very similar demographics. They are from small very conservative towns where they did not feel comfortable coming out at first. Once in college, where there is more diversity and visibility, they felt better about being themselves. Gardener is an only child which was harder for him to come out because the family name ends with him. Not all coming out stories are bad though. “Generally, overall, my family and friends were OK with it,” Crumrine said. “We had our ups and downs, and I did lose some friends and struggled with some family members, but overall, it was a good experience.” Crumrine said he believed about 80 percent of the gay population has good experiences with coming out.

response.” “It’s a lot of support for me being here,” senior David Taranto said, adding that the loan cut is important to him because he has taken loans out to pay for college. “I think the loans are very important,” said freshman Meagan Aliff. “A lot of people will lose their opportunity to get an education.” To continue to help students with their financial needs, Sallie Mae has developed a program called UPromise, which allows students to pay off loans doing what they already do every day. Members can earn rebates that can be transferred to college

savings accounts or other higher education expenses by shopping online, eating out, buying gas or groceries or by purchasing other goods and services from more than 500 participating companies. Not only can students earn these rewards by themselves, but family and friends can join UPromise and link their account with students. Holler said the biggest high school graduating classes are coming up, and it is important “our country be ready to offer those graduating high school students the investments they need.”

MAJOR From Page 1

aviation titled “More than Amelia.” She hopes women and men alike will become aware of the aviation program and for women to realize a degree in aviation is not impossible to reach. Women should realize the benefits of entering careers where they are the minority — good salaries and opportunities for advancement. There also are more jobs for women when employers are seeking to diversify their industries. Both men and women should consider a career in Engineering Technology, which would be a hands-on and interactive experience, Swaisgood said. After all, the future economy of the United States will be based on the development of technology.

Unsell has created a PowerPoint presentation that depicts women in the technology and engineering fields, which he takes to show girls in middle school and high school, and several women’s groups. Other majors that could use an increase in women enrollment include construction management and the aviation field. Royce Ann Martin, an associate professor in the College of Technology, is currently working on a project with some students to diversify and bring more women into the aviation program. This major includes degrees in aviation management, technical management and aviation flight. Currently, the aviation major is 12 percent women, which is above the national average which is 8 to 10 percent. Martin is collaborating with several of her aviation students to create a CD and Web site that will show the history of women in


U.S. population: 51 percent women Women in engineering and technology: 10 percent BGSU women in aviation: 12 percent




Some events taken from

8 a.m. Dinner Theatre Valentine’s Ticket Sale 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Annual Undergraduate Art & Design Exhibit Dorothy Uber Bryan and Willard Wankelman Galleries, School of Art

11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Mardi-Tines

Falcon’s Nest, Union

5:30 - 6:30 p.m. BG24 News Channel 6

5:30 p.m. Beer Tasting: Belgians Union Pub

6 - 7:30 p.m. Careers in Science 314 BTSU

7 p.m. - midnight Sail to Jamaica

Destinations Snack Bar, Harshman

8 p.m. Faculty Artist Series: Nathaniel Zeisler, bassoon

Bryan Recital Hall, Moore Musical Arts

9 - 11:30 p.m. AHA Film Series: Amistad 204 Fine Arts Center

‘Lost Boys of Sudan’ to be played in the Union By Quentin Kilpatrick Reporter

Like other Sudanese children, Peter Dut and Santino Chuor managed to survive what has been described as “one of Africa’s cruelest civil wars,” but not without losing their parents in a country destroyed by decades of fighting. “Lost Boys of Sudan,” (2004, 87 minutes), will be playing Wednesday at 3 p.m. in the Bowen Thompson Student Union Theater, Room 206. The Emmy-nominated documentary by Megan Mylan and Jon Shenk first aired on PBS in Sept. 2004. According to the film’s Web site, the movie follows two Sudanese refugees on an extraordinary journey from Africa to America. As young orphans, Dut and


107 Hanna Hall

Union Pub

9 - 10:30 p.m. Students for Organ Donation 209 Olscamp

9:15 p.m. GAMMA Meeting 315 Union

Want proof? Go to

Chuor escape the conflict, reaching a refugee camp in Kenya along with thousands of other children. From there, remarkably, they were chosen to come to America. But a world away from the horrors of home, they find themselves confronted with the abundance and alienation of contemporary American suburbia. “It’s a great intro into the situation in Darfur,” said Mary Wrighten, associate professor of Multicultural Services with the University libraries, which is hosting the event through the Human Rights Video Project grant it received and Human Values for Transformative Action. The event will be led by Awad Ibrahim, associate professor

Decades of tribal clashes over land and water erupted into large-scale violence in early 2003 when some in the region took up arms, accusing the government of neglect. VICTIMS: Government authorities are accused of responding to the uprising with aerial bombings and Arab tribal militias known as the Janjaweed, who murdered and raped civilians and destroyed villages. Sudanese officials deny backing the Janjaweed. SCOPE OF TRAGEDY: United Nations says Darfur fighting has caused one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters. Chaos has spread to neighboring Chad, where thousands of Darfur refugees are sheltering. An estimated 180,000 people have died, many from deprivation; experts estimate about 2.5 million have been displaced since the conflict began four years ago.

Source: Washington Post, BBC News.

of Education Foundations and Inquiry. Admission is free an open to the public and a discussion will follow the film until 5 p.m. While a fragile peace remains after the 2005 deal that ended the two-decade civil war, violence in the western Darfur region of Sudan, labeled a “genocide” by the U.S. government more than two years ago, has been escalating. The conflict has even spread into neighboring Chad and the Central African Republic, where the displaced live in deplorable refugee camps. In these regions, which are some of Africa’s poorest, it seems this tragic conflict will continue to terrorize the lives of over 2 million people.

■ – alliance of over

■ ■ ■

100 faith-based, humanitarian and human rights organizations seeking to: Strengthen the understaffed and overwhelmed African Union peacekeeping force already in Darfur. Push for the deployment of a strong UN peacekeeping force. Increase humanitarian aid and ensure access for aid delivery. The United Nations World Food Program - - seeking $130 million to feed refugees in the area. Christian Aid - www.christianaid. org - working to provide supplementary food rations, educational services, shelter material, mosquito nets, blankets, kitchen utensils, and the distribution of seeds and tools to 500,000 people in southern and western Darfur.

Source: BBC News and Save Darfur. “Lost Boys of Sudan” Web site: http://

Art influenced by Madagascar burials By Kyle Reynolds Reporter

The role of burial in highland Madagascar and its influence on contemporary art was the focus in a lecture by Rebecca Green, associate professor of art history. In the lecture titled, “Ancestral Traditions in a Contemporary World: Art and the Creation and Performance of Identity in Highland Madagascar,” Green talked about her experiences in Madagascar, where she has been doing research since 1989. The significance of the burial process and the importance of remembering ancestors can be seen in the country’s art. In Madagascar, a proper burial is needed so loved ones are not forgotten. A proper burial involves a person to be buried in a grave followed by a reburial in which the body is

wrapped in a burial shroud. “Without a shroud one cannot take their place in an ancestral tomb,” Green said. Rebecca Bands and Green dancing are Associate present at buriprofessor of al ceremonies and the bodies art history of ancestors are wrapped up along with other family members in a tomb. There are different stages the dead go through during their reburials. There is the transition from living to dead, from dead to a distinct ancestor after burial, to an indistinguishable ancestor after reburials. After so many reburials, a person no longer exists as an individual but as a higher ancestor.

Students prepare for careers with panel help

How to Help:


9 - 10 p.m. Organization for Women’s Issues 9 - 11 p.m. MC Battles

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 3

By Steve Kunkler Reporter


DISPLACED: Sudanese Darfur refugee Fatma Daoud, 36, who escaped an attack by Chadian nomads while collecting firewood near her refugee camp, removes a plastic bag used as a makeshift bandage to show a knife wound at the refugee camp of Gaga, Eastern Chad yesterday. At least 230,000 ethnic Africans have fled Darfur to take refuge in camps in neighboring Chad and their numbers are steadily growing.

No matter what a student’s career goals are, landing the job is the first step in attaining them. Last night’s “Strategies that earn great jobs!” reflected how important making first impressions and following through on those impressions are to getting the job that a college graduate would want. In an open discussion panel, five business-world individuals relayed how a college student can either gain or lose the job that they are trying to obtain. When speaking with a potential employer, the panel members stressed the importance of letting a com-



pany know what a potential employee can do for the employer. Being flexible is among the things an employee can do. Lisa Milano, a panelist from Johnson & Johnson, added another tip for potential employees. “Let them know you’re willing and able to be trained,” she said. Larry Advey, a computer technician from Marathon, added, “Let them know you think outside the box.” Researching the field is a vital step to getting a job. Knowing what the employer is looking for is important in getting the job. ONLINE: Read the rest of this story online. |


OPINION PEOPLE ON THE STREET “The bus because it’s more convenient.”

SYDNEY JONES, Junior, Chemistry

“I think that Donald Rumsfeld will go down ... as one of the worst secretaries of defense in history.” —Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain, from

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 4

Do you prefer 2-RIDE or the shuttle route? “2-RIDE because there’s less people in there. I’m not a people person.”

“I don’t use either, I just walk.”

TAMEKA CHAMBERS, Sophomore, Psychology

SAGE BEVINGTON, Freshman, Film Production

“I prefer to walk so as to get my daily allowance of callus.” NICHOLAS VANDERBILT, Senior, Photography


I have noticed — now, is this just me or has this been a problem for everyone — have the shuttle busses been later and later than scheduled or am I just catching them at a bad time? In the past few weeks this month, it seems that they cannot be on a regular schedule like they are supposed to be. According to the Parking and Traffic’s Shuttle Service Page, there is supposed to be at least two busses on the main route, and they are supposed to be around every ten minutes. I’m not sure what time standard the bus employees are using, but I have had to wait out at a bus stop for upwards of twenty minutes at various times throughout the week and at various times during the day. I can understand that the buses may be running behind on Fridays when everyone is going to their cars and there is a larger crowd, but in the middle of the week? Why do I have to wait around for upwards of twenty minutes for a bus that is less than half full? There is no reason for that! And there have been times when I get onto a bus and there is no room for people to sit down, so people just start standing in the aisles. Now, for some people that may be alright, but for me, I tend to get a bit uncomfortable when the bus driver whom shall remain unnamed with a lead foot likes to floor it when leaving a stop or stop sign. And then floor the breaks when he is trying to stop on a dime in front of a stop. Is it just me or does that seem a bit unsafe. First of all, the driver needs to let off the gas a bit, and secondly, he needs to let off the breaks a bit. When I have to grab for a bar to prevent myself from slamming into the person in front of me, they are laying into the breaks a bit hard. Now some of you might be saying, “Just call the 2-RIDE service.” Well, been there and tried that. They will not “supplement the regular bus service,” as I was told a few weeks ago when I was late to a class because I waited for the bus. One other thing about the 2-

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Shuttle route, 2-RIDE must consider changes RIDE service really annoys me. Last Thursday I moved my car out to the overflow lot behind the football field so it was out of the snow and so it was on a cleared out lot so I could get out easier on Friday. At that time of the night the night route was running and it came part of the way out to the overflow lot. But when I tried to call 2-RIDE for a lift out there on Friday, the 2-RIDE man said that he couldn’t take me out there because that is considered supplementing the standard Main Route bus service. He also told me that there were no cars out there because he was just out there a few hours ago and he didn’t see any. Well, if he was out there a few hours ago, why couldn’t he take me back out there now? He just told me to hop the bus and then walk to the parking lot where my car was. So I did, at least I did after a twenty-five minute wait. And I also did it on a bus full of people, standing room only. I won’t touch too much on the safety part of that ride; I’ll leave that to someone else. After that I had to walk to my car. Then as I was pulling out of the lot, the 2-RIDE van goes whizzing by with people on it and stops out in the overflow lot and lets them off at the cars that didn’t seem to exist about half an hour ago when I called asking for a ride to the same place. Now what is with that? I do not mean for this to be aimed at any one person that drives the shuttle service busses or the 2-RIDE vans; I just want to know if they realize the problems that are plaguing their system right now. The solution to this problem: when the buses start running behind, don’t just attribute it to a busier bus route or crowded buses; instead, put another bus out on the route so people are not waiting 15 to 20 minutes for a bus that should be around every 10. And if someone asks for a ride out to the overflow lot on 2RIDE, he probably needs it. And finally, start following the printed route stops. Like the one on the North route and Night routes that stop out at the Airport. For Aviation and Architecture students, it is really a pain in our butts to walk out there and back in the freezing cold.


Starbucks and clowns and fetishes: Oh My!


Vagina Monologues are part feminism, part fun JOSH BENNER COLUMNIST

I saw the Vagina Monologues the weekend before last, and I really enjoyed it. If a 1 was hating it and a 10 was saying, “Oh what the heck, I’ll have a sex change,” I’d give it like a nine. Now people have a lot of opinions on this play, many of whom, have never actually seen it. I tried to get a lot of guys I know to see it, but they would not, and for many, the reason was because they thought that the play is “anti-male.” This could not be further from the truth. It’s a play that talks about reality and life. It talks about issues that all women face and is something that all women can relate to, and that all men should see to have a greater understanding about women. Early on in the play, I was thinking to myself, “Wow, there

should be like a male version of this play about manhood and masculinity.” Because, frankly, I believe that both sexes are pretty clueless about the opposite sex. But as I said, it’s not an “antimale” play, and I would encourage people to see it next year. I mean, sure, there are parts in the play that talk about serious issues, such as rape, and yes, the play is undoubtedly anti-men who rape women, but what normal person isn’t? Much of the Vagina Monologues is actually very funny. I might make my own play, “The Testicular Dialogues.” Now in the Vagina Monologues, there are places where the play uses metaphors, such as, “If a vagina wore clothes, what would it wear?” And I thought this would be an interesting question from a guy’s perspective. Maybe dress your penis like a police officer or a construction worker. Maybe stick a feather in it like


See PLAY | Page 7

about that one odd thing that turns them on and at the end of the season, I want you to CHANDRA NIKLEWSKI share it. Just tell one person. If you COLUMNIST honestly feel there is nobody you can tell, then e-mail me. Whatever you do, just be honest and enjoy not being Lent begins today and, ashamed of your slight quirk. although a strictly Christian Another turn on for me that practice, a non-religious altermakes my husband laugh is native can have benefits for the word ‘implement’. No, I anyone. don’t know why, but for some Giving up something loved reason that word just gets me and cherished for 40 days can in a mood. be difficult, but think of the If I can publicly show my fun you get to have when Lent love for coffee and vocabulary, ends and you can embrace I’m sure all of you can discover your sacrifice once again. Don’t mistake my meaning. something fun about yourselves this season. Lent is important and should Give up your inhibitions and be respected, but maybe shame and admit to what it is you can do that and add this that makes you tingle. other form. If you need some help, I Or, if you’re not religious, just adopt the alternative and learn can give you a list of fetishes I might not arch an eyebrow at, the hardship of self-sacrifice. but remember, these fetishes I Sex is a fun thing to give up for 40 days. I applaud all of you mention are only OK if you’re participating in them with a who choose to do so because I consenting adult or by yourself couldn’t do it. at times. Any other option is While sex is certainly worthy not OK. of being the sacrificial offer for Sadism is the enjoyment me this season, I have found a of causing pain to someone. new vice that must be brought Masochism is the art of arousal under control for me to truly while pain is being given to appreciate the feeling of giving up something so loved that it is you. Usually one partner is the sadist and the other is the painful for me to exist. masochist. Starbucks coffee won’t see In a mature and loving me around for the next month. relationship, this really isn’t Okay, I changed my mind that bad or unheard of. From just in the two seconds it took spankings to nipple clips, the me to type that line. The Espresso Fudge Brownie range of play in this category allows for a lot of exploration. won’t see me anymore. And you can always comBoth worthy sacrifices, but giving up Starbucks all together bine it with mixophilia, which, according to the Gay Slang might just kill me or make Dictionary, is when a person my professors wish me bodily “likes to watch his partner or harm. the both of them engage in And Starbucks turns me on. I’m definitely friendlier to my sexual activity.” Get a mirror and enjoy husband when thinking about watching what you’re doing a Venti Café Mocha than I am to him or her or what they’re usually. doing back to you. We went out the other Coulrophilia is probably the night and I cuddled right one that my mother-in-law, up to him and purred my Sheri Niklewski, had the best desires for a stop at the local Starbucks. I told him I’d make advice on for spotting in a partner. it worth his while. “One of the first questions to It was closed, though, and he be asked on a first date would was out of luck. be, ‘You’re not afraid of clowns, Before you judge me too harshly, ask yourself if you have are you?’” she said. You guessed it. It’s the any paraphilias, aka fetishes, arousal gained by clowns. I’m hiding in your wonderfully going to understand this one twisted mind? the least because I’m terrified The Webster’s Medical of clowns, but whoever has this Dictionary defines paraphilia paraphilia just can’t get enough as “one of several complex of them. psychiatric disorders that are If your significant other is manifested as deviant sexual comfortable with wearing the behavior.” pants, shoes, makeup and, of It goes on to mention things course, the nose, then go for it. such as pedophilia (sexual Just make sure I don’t see you attraction to children), bestialin costume. ity (the farmer and the lamb), The Encyclopedia of and necrophilia (Corpse Bride Unusual Sex Practices lists brought to reality). spectrophilia as “sexual arousal But these are the sick and by intercourse with ghosts.” twisted things that have no So if someone teases you place in our society. They’re about not having a boyfriend criminal and immoral in my or girlfriend you can tell them eyes. There are fetishes that can be you don’t need one because you have naughty time with funny and quirky or just plain your resident ghost and are weird. For Lent, religious or not, I See FETISH | Page 7 challenge everyone to think

The BG News Submission Policy LETTERS TO THE EDITOR are to be fewer than 300 words. These are usually in response to a current issue on the University’s campus or the Bowling Green area. GUEST COLUMNS are longer pieces between 400 and 500 words. These are usually also in response to a current issue on the University’s campus or the Bowling Green area. The maximum number of submissions for columns is two per month.

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THIS WEEK’S BAD JOKE Q: What do massage therapists eat for dinner? A: Spa-ghetti.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


THE BETTER PEOPLE ON THE STREET If you lived in Vegas, what would your ideal job be? “Cage fighter.�

“Underwater performer.�

ANTHONY KASMAR, Sophomore, Art Education

AMBROSIA KING, Graduate Student, Spanish

“Show dancer.�

KARMYN LETT, Sophomore, Pre-Med.

“I would be the guy that marries people.�


MARK GALLAZZINI, Graduate Student, Criminal Justice

Have your own take on today’s People On The Street? Or a suggestion for a question? Give us your feedback at

Comedy’s running downhill What exactly has happened to comedy nowadays? Stand up comedy, in my eyes, has died because of a few factors, mainly because either people take their comedy styles from the legend of the past, or they just aren’t funny. It’s gotten really, really hard to find comedians that don’t take jokes or style from other comedians. It’s gotten so bad it just makes me want to puke in my soup (George Carlin). Demetri Martin is a prime example. Being one of the weirder comedians in recent memory has helped him become popular, with his jokes about fake mythical creatures and lame-ass “charts.� But, other comedians like Steven Wright, Mitch Hedberg, Rodney Dangerfield, Bobcat Goldthwait or George Burns, ALL HAVE THE SAME ACT, but they’ve done it better in the past! Seriously, people need to get more innovative with their style. But, to be honest, there are some new innovative guys out, but, they’re just too damn repetitive. I’m talking, of course, about that damn Dane Cook.


Mr. Look-At-Me-I-MakeReferences-To-Old-Stuff-SoI’m-Funny. Because of him, I have lost all interest in using Eddie Gordo in Tekken 3, eating cashews or even listening to stand-up comics. But, I can’t really blame him for being lame. Here’s a tip, people: reciting a comedian over and over doesn’t make it funnier the 30th time you hear him. Overuse has killed Dane Cook’s talent (or what little he had to begin with). And it seems like every time I see a new comedian, they find a new thing to rip off. One day, it’s previous comedians, the next day, it’s police blotters and lame news stories. Another big problem with current comedians is that, most of the time, NONE of them are funny! Anyone thinks that, if they make one mildly funny joke their entire life, they can instantly do stand-up.

. . .Look at Josh Benner. Just because you get one of you drunken buddies to laugh at a “blonde girlâ€? joke doesn’t mean you can reach the caliber of Carson or Hacket. And I know it seems appealing. Everyone would want to have a job like mine or Seinfeld’s, but, it’s not gonna happen, even if you do talk about how you tease your plants by watering them with ice cubes (Steven Wright). So, in summation of my little tirade, all I have to say is this: 1. Listen to some older comedians people. You’ll never go back to recent crap again. 2. If you want to get into the comedy business, punch yourself in the face. The shock may make you realize how bad your jokes are. 3.Seriously, STOP RECITING DANE COOK JOKES! The next time I hear someone talk about f-ing cashews in reference to that hack, I’ll shoot myself in the chest plate (Dane Cook‌ Oh, crap!).

Jon ( worries about hurting the feelings of automatic doors he walks past. Five bucks for whoever knows who’s joke that is.


The time for guilt is upon us Lent. That’s the only word you have to see to know what’s going on in this little article. As if you didn’t need to guess, I was going to talk about the little-known event called Lent. You may be thinking that I’m about to bash the Christian tradition, but I’m actually here to give it the good ol’ thumbs up. This is the only time other than Christmas where people try to be a little bit nicer and even stick to a promise (anyone thinking of New Year’s resolution?) for a short time. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but by being Catholic, I


feel extra guilty this time of year. It may just be that I take part in deeds that should require some guilt, or the fact that Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras, people) takes place before a day of church-y-ness. But enough about me, my point is that Lent’s a pretty good way to keep people in line. . . until

Spring Break starts. I hope most of you had fun last night (because from what I can remember, I did) but just remember that some of us have to make a promise to cut something out of our lives. As an easy way out, just cut homework all around. It’s way too stressful anyway. So here it is, and even though almost all promises for Lent won’t last past sunset, we can at least feel like better people for trying . . . Psshh, yeah right.

Matt ( is currently taking part in his Catholic rituals.

Right around here, we ran out of ideas. ....Deal with it. What, like you can do better? Oh yeah? Meet me at the playground tonight after dark. We’ll throw down.

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6 Wedmesday, February 21, 2007


Good experience pays off.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007 7

FETISH From Page 4

PLAY From Page 4

probably wealthy because of all the money the tabloids are throwing at you for your story of you enjoying your Casper loving. Whatever you personally get out of Lent this year I hope it brings you to a peaceful place where you can accept who you are regardless of your kinks and quirks. Embrace them and accept them and I encourage those who are religious to use the experience to bring them closer to God and those who are not religious to bring them closer to identifying their true selves, warts and all.

an Indian. Then I realized I was describing the Village People and quickly pulled out. The very way the play came to be, I believe, illustrates some of the vast differences between women and men. Vagina Monologues writer Eve Ensler traveled around the country interviewing over 200 women from all walks of life about their vaginas. I have a hard time imagining a guy interviewing other guys and saying, “So talk about your penis.� I put this idea to the test, and asked a few fraternity brothers to do this (yeah, really), and all that I got were blank stares. A reoccurring theme in “The Vagina Monologues� is the idea of women not really “paying attention� or “thinking about� their essence. “When was the

Send comments, questions and ideas to Chandra Niklewski at

The University has a need for an Ethinic Student Center CARLOS ADAMS | GUEST COLUMNIST tinue to spend valuable time As I near the end of my third year at BGSU, the quiet unrest of students of color’s inability to maintain connections among their various organizations still echoes throughout the campus. In those tucked away meeting rooms or the more-spacethen-we-need conference rooms, students of color con-

and energy devising ways to make connections: time and energy better spent on organizing events and pursuing their degree. I continue to hear doubts and anguish arising from the frustration over which approach would be more effective and have a lasting influence. When students graduate and move into the work force outside of campus, they need more

than knowledge; they need the skills required to turn the knowledge into an improved relationship with individuals. This is one of the hallmarks at BGSU, yet from the discontent I hear from student organizers, the foundations of this hallmark seems to be crumbling. These issues can be effectively mediated through the establishment of an Ethnic Student Center. The community college I attended, the university where

first time you noticed your vagina?� they ask. There again, this would be impossible to ask a guy. When was the first time you noticed your penis? You mean the dangling appendage that hangs off of my body? Oh I’ve always been pretty freakin’ aware of it. I mean you’re born with it, and then they cut part of it off. As I’ve written before, it’s like its own independent city-state down there. It does what it wants when it wants. It’s like Magellan’s tail from Eureka’s Castle. You can practically have a conversation with him. Half the time, it wakes up before we do. It’s like, “hey buddy, you’re up early. Let’s grab some breakfast.�

Send comments to Josh Benner at


I finished my undergraduate work (which is about the same size as BGSU) and the university I did my graduate work all have an Ethnic Student Center. The results are amazing. The frustration of maintaining connections often grow into voices of empowerment because the students have a space of their own.

See the rest of this column on the Web at

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR You can’t separate politics from personal views I felt compelled to write this response after reading Bosscher’s article regarding Mitt Romney’s Presidential Announcement. Apparently Jon Bosscher is completely unaware of the connection between personal and political matters. This concept was developed by feminist activists in the 1960s and explains why something, such as religion, influences who voters elect into office. We can look at the highly offensive term Romney uses — “ProFamily Values� — I would like to ask who actually holds “AntiFamily Values�? Oh, he must be referring to myself, a lesbian, and most of my friends who are out of bounds with the patriarchal culture we are trying to dismantle. I’m guessing I’m not included in Romney’s, “the new American dream� master plan. Beyond his religion, Romney

is absolutely numb to the idea of community. He is a staunch believer that Americans need to help themselves instead of being assisted by the government. Under his oppressive beliefs, discrimination of the homeless, trans people, women, people of color and disabled folk can be further ignored by our government! To those of you who will choose to vote in the 2008 election, consider if you want a candidate who includes everyone in their future plan for our country, or someone who uses their religious beliefs as an excuse for ignorance. — Amanda Monyak, Senior, Women’s Studies, monyaaka@bgsu. edu

Basketball coach deserves his praise, too After reading comments and opinions that related to the pub-

lic reprimand of Coach Dakich by the MAC and BGSU for his responses to how the recent Buffalo-BGSU men’s basketball game, I am upset that our head coach may be viewed as negative or destructive. If I were a member of the BGSU men’s basketball team, I would be immensely proud and grateful that my head coach stood up for me and my teammates for what was probably one of the worst officiating decisions I have seen, read, or heard about this entire year of athletic events at the collegiate level. Coach Dakich realized that his players were not in a position to return to the court to finish a game that was already considered final and won by the Falcons. He fought his best in a very emotional environment to defend the hard-work and intensity of his players. I am afraid that the press that surrounded will paint our head coach as somehow negative or non-alligned with the values of

High Speed Internet Private Bathrooms Private Shuttle (Coming Aug ‘07!)


our university, and I want to add a voice of reassurance to this matter. Coach Dakich is a great head coach. He focuses on the improvement of an individual as he relates to the team, and knows that winning is a long-run result of many other group successes. He was and still is the only head coach to visit my residence hall this entire year to not only talk about his team, but all of the athletic teams on our campus. He encouraged our participation at games and informed us that the college student is the priority fan at the basketball games. He wanted us to have fun, and he wanted us to know that we could contact him if we had questions or concerns about the program. He is a class-act leader and is exactly the type of coach we need for our basketball program at BGSU now and into the future

SUDOKO To play: Complete the grid so that every row, column and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. There is no guessing or math involved. Just use logic to solve

— James Lautzenheiser, Graduate Student, Education,

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8 Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oberlin grad shares her life in memoir By Molly Kavanaugh The Assoicated Press

OBERLIN, Ohio — To overcome her fear of flying in the late 1970s, Frances Walker-Slocum read voraciously, primarily autobiographies. Her genre choice was deliberate. Someday she planned to write a memoir about how she overcame the obstacles of being a black classical pianist and college professor married to a white man. Her book, “A Miraculous Journey,” was published last year. “I was so angry. I was getting rid of a lot of chips off my shoulder,” said Walker-Slocum, who turns 83 next month. As the snow swirled out the back window of Walker-Slocum’s spacious living room in Oberlin last week, she talked about a life of sadness, survival and success. It is a story she has been sharing this month as part of Black History Month. Walker-Slocum was severely burned at the age of 5 while playing with matches, just a few months after she had started piano lessons. During her yearlong recuperation in her hometown of Washington, D.C., where he father was a medical doctor, she dreamed of being hailed from the stage. The 1945 Oberlin College graduate made her musical debut in 1959 at Carnegie Hall in New York City. She returned there and performed at other New York and D.C. theaters over the years, while teaching at Rutgers University and later Oberlin College. She also toured Europe twice. But racism was rampant during those years. When children of prominent musicians called her “monkey,” the children were not


WE’RE ALL IN THE MOOD FOR A MELODY: Frances Walker-Slocum, former concert pianist and now author of a memoir, poses for a photo in the music room of her Oberlin, Ohio, home.

reprimanded. She did not venture out of her neighborhood because the stores and restaurants would not allow a black person inside. She wanted to study music at an unsegregated college, but she had few choices. “Oberlin was the only place to think about going,” she said. Her older brother, George Walker, also graduated from Oberlin. He won the Pulitzer Prize for music in 1996. At Oberlin she roomed with another black student. The house mother did not conceal her dislike of black students. During Thanksgiving break, WalkerSlocum stayed at Oberlin. When the holiday meal was served, she went to sit at the house mother’s table, but the woman yelled for her to leave. When she and Henry Chester Slocum decided to get married in 1950, they had to leave Mississippi, where they were both teaching, and go to New York — one of just a few states where interracial marriages were legal. The couple’s love affair lasted 30 years. Slocum, a vice president with Equitable Life Assurance Society, collapsed at home with a

fatal heart attack in 1980 while she was practicing a funeral procession piece called “Funerailles.” “I didn’t know anyone like Chet. He was totally into affirmative action and civil rights. He had yellow hair, blue eyes. He was tall, handsome, smart. He did not have to marry me. I was burned and had scars. It did not bother him in the least,” she said. “I’m not saying he didn’t have faults,” she added. “But the one thing he was adamant about was affirmative action, me and his son.” The couple’s son, Jeffrey, is a chef in LaGrange. Although writing the book forced Walker-Slocum to revisit painful memories, she says her days of crying are over. Arthritis prevents her from playing piano publicly anymore. Now she’s enjoying hearing from old friends and former students who have read the book and recall her skills at the keyboard. As for the title of the book, she says it came to her when she finished her memoir. “A miraculous journey — to me that’s exactly what it is has been,” she said.

You Want it? We Got it!


Sen. Barack Obama to campaign in Ohio next week CLEVELAND (AP) — Sen. Barack Obama, seeking the Democratic nomination for president, plans a campaign swing Monday across bellwether Ohio, which gave the 2004 election to President Bush. The first-term senator from Illinois plans appearances at three fundraising events, a breakfast in Cincinnati, a luncheon in Columbus and an evening reception in Cleveland. Tickets range up to $2,300, according to The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer newspaper.


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By Julie Carr Smyth The Associated Press

COLUMBUS — Gov. Ted Strickland has asked to drop his name from the state’s effort to defend a bill that would restrict the use of the abortion drug RU-486, an early indication that he will take abortion policy in the bellwether state in a different direction. Prior to Strickland taking office in January, the state appealed a federal court ruling striking down the law. “Because Gov. Strickland does not wish to seek reversal of the lower court’s order, he seeks to withdraw his appeal,” Attorney General Marc Dann wrote in a brief filed last week with the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. Dann, who also took office in January, will continue to defend lawmakers in the appeal. Both foes and backers of abortion rights say the future of the lawsuit could be unaffected by Strickland’s move — but they also agree it signals the new Democratic governor’s intent to be more open to abortion rights. Strickland is the first Democrat to control the governor’s office in 16 years. “Thank goodness for Ohio women,” said Kellie Copeland, executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. “We haven’t seen anything like this from a governor since 1991, so we don’t quite know how to act.”

By Matt Leingang The Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Former astronaut and U.S. Sen. John Glenn, speaking on the 45th anniversary of the space flight that made him the first American to orbit Earth, said yesterday the country is not getting its money’s worth out of the international space station. Diverting money from the orbiting research outpost for President Bush’s goal of sending astronauts back to the moon and eventually on to Mars is preventing some scientific experiments on the space station, Glenn told an audience of about 300 high school students and space enthusiasts at the COSI science center. “To not utilize that station the way I think it ought to be utilized is just wrong,” said Glenn,


A LEGEND: John Glenn, 85, speaks on the anniv. of the space flight that made him the first American to orbit Earth.

still looking trim and fit at 85. Glenn made three trips around the planet inside his Friendship 7 capsule on Feb. 20, 1962, making him a national hero and proving the nascent NASA space program was competitive with the Soviet Union, a Cold War adversary that had accomplished a manned orbital flight a year earlier.

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His only public appearance will be a rally at the eastern campus of Cuyahoga Community College in Highland Hills in suburban Cleveland. The Obama campaign organized a session yesterday afternoon in Cleveland for volunteers who want to work at the event. Obama has reserved the campus gymnasium for the 6 p.m. rally, college spokesman Dan Minnich said yesterday. The state Democratic Party expects Ohio to be a regular stop for White House candidates.

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Governor changing his abortion view

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007



Bench support BG’s bench scores 43 points to spark win WOMEN’S B-BALL Falcons move back up to 16th in latest coaches’ poll

By Colin Wilson Assistant Sports Editor

KENT, Ohio — There aren’t many teams in the MidAmerican Conference that make BG coach Curt Miller worry. He may give credit to every team’s strengths, but he’ll always have the most respect for Kent State. “I don’t care about our win streak at home, this is one of the toughest places in the country to play,” Miller said after BG’s 89-66 victory at the MAC Center. “We came in with a great deal of respect for Kent. Sometimes you can almost respect so much that you’re not playing your game.” The Falcons struggled early, starting the game 3-of10 shooting and turned the ball over six times before the second media timeout. The Falcons were lucky though as Kent State also struggled to find a rhythm early and had 10 turnovers. BG never got down by more than five, possibly because their coach wouldn’t let them. Miller rode his team hard during every timeout and challenged them to do more to help their team. They took the initiative and, after scoring just 15 points up until the 8:19 mark, the Falcons finished the half with a 39-30 lead. “The character of this team is unbelievable and they keep rising and rising to every challenge,” Miller said. “They have so much heart and determination.” The Falcons came out of the locker room at halftime even more fired up — they shot 60 percent in the second half and scored 50 points, 32 coming from the paint. Carin Horne shot 4-of7 in the half and Lindsey Goldsberry grabbed four of her game-high five steals. Amber Flynn was the biggest spark in the half with 14

The BG women’s basketball team has moved up a spot, to 16th in the nation, in the latest USA Today/ESPN Coaches’ poll released yesterday. The Falcons are ranked in the USA Today/ESPN poll for a school and MAC record 13th consecutive week. BG’s ranking of 16th ties for the highest in school and conference history.

SCHEDULE TODAY Men’s basketball: vs. Ohio; 7 p.m.

OUR CALL On the way up Ohio State men’s basketball: With Wisconsin’s 64-55 loss to Michigan State last night, the Buckeye’s are now in a position to take over the No. 1 ranking in both polls next week.

On the way down Wisconsin men’s basketball: They were No. 1 in the AP poll for a single week before losing at unranked Michigan State. Drew Neitzel led the Spartans with 28 points, giving the teams its first home win against a No. 1 ranked team ever.

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The List Yahoo! Sports has opened up its Fantasy Baseball league, so it’s time to start thinking hardball. Here’s our top five players heading into the 2007 fantasy draft:

1. Albert Pujols [below]: He’s the LaDainian Tomlinson of baseball and, like Tomlinson, a fantasy juggernaut. 2. Jose Reyes: Stolen bases, hits and runs are Reyes’ area of expertise.

3. Alfonso Soriano: We’re betting he won’t do enough to earn all the money he’s getting, but 150 home runs and 500 RBIs is tough to do.

4. Carl Crawford: Remember, how good the team he plays for has little or nothing to do with his value to your own team. 5. David Ortiz: Big Papi is a slugging percentage animal an money in the bank for fantasy owners.

Track team races to end up in top 5 By Josh Whetherholt Reporter

Coming off of a third place finish at the All-Ohio meet, the women’s track team will travel to Akron for their last indoor meet of the season, the MidAmerican Conference Indoor Championships. The Falcons’ main concern is improving upon last year’s team finish of 10th place, and they feel they have good chance to finish at least in the top five, perhaps the top three. “We’re excited to be going to the meet,” said BG coach Cami Wells. “This is what we’ve been training for. I feel like we’re in a good position to make a jump from last year’s place.” The Falcons have competed against almost all of the MAC teams so far this indoor season. They have yet to see Kent State, Northern Illinois, Buffalo or Akron, the favorite to win the meet. They have come face to face with Miami and Cincinnati several times along with Toledo, Central Michigan and Western Michigan and have prepared themselves to do their best against these teams. “We control what we do,” Wells said. “We don’t control what the other teams do.” The Falcons hope to control the meet using their corps of solid performers: Jamie Roflow, Jessica White, Nicole Standback, Yemoja Marotta, Kim Settle and TaKarra Dunning. White has been near perfect this season, going 5-0 in the 200

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Bentley to choose knee sugery, career LeCharles Bentley May have knee sugery to save his NFL career.


WHAT A STEAL: BG forward Carin Horne, left, heads down court after stealing a pass intended for Kent State.




CLINCH: The Falcons have now clinched the MAC Regular Season Championship with last night’s win. This is the eighth time the Falcons have won the conference, the most in conference history.

ANOTHER WIN: BG continued their 17-game conference road win streak, 39game MAC win streak, 18-game overall win streak and have now won 59 of their last 65 games overall.

POINTS: BG had six double-digit scorers in the game: Horne (13), Mann (12), Achter (14), Goldsberry (12), McCall (10) and Flynn (21). This also marks the fifth straight game that BG has scored 85 points or more.

Three runners making history in Sahara By Anna Johnson The Associated Press

IN THE WESTERN DESERT, Egypt — Three ultra-endurance athletes have just done something most would consider insane: They ran the equivalent of two marathons a day for 111 days to become the first modern runners to cross the Sahara Desert’s grueling 4,000 miles. “It will take time to sink in ... but this is an absolutely once in a life time thing. They say ignorance is bliss, and now that I know how hard this is, I would never consider crossing the Sahara on foot again,” said American runner Charlie Engle, 44, hours after he and the others completed the run at Egypt’s Red Sea. Engle said he, Canadian Ray Zahab, 38, and Kevin Lin, 30, of Taiwan, ran the final stretch of their journey that took them through the Giza pyramids and Cairo to the mouth of Suez Canal on four hours of sleep. Once they hit the Red Sea, they put their hands in the water to signify crossing the finish line. “We touched the water in Senegal at the beginning, and

we touched the water in the Red Sea at the end. They were the bookends of our journey,” Engle, of Greensboro, North Carolina, said on the telephone from a hotel room in Cairo. In less than four months, they have run across the world’s largest desert, through six countries — Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya and finally Egypt. A film crew followed them, chronicling the desert journey for actor Matt Damon’s production company, LivePlanet. Damon plans to narrate the “Running the Sahara” documentary. The trek is one of extremes. The relentless sun can push temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, but at night it sometimes dips below freezing. Strong winds can abruptly send sand swooping in every direction, making it difficult to see and breathe. Running through turbulent conditions is nothing new for these athletes who have traveled the world competing in adventure races. But they say nothing has tested their physical and mental limitations like the Sahara.


LOOKING HOT: Three athletes, from right, U.S. runner Charlie Engle, 44, Canada’s Ray Zahab, 38 and Kevin Lin, 30, of Taiwan, are running during day 109 of their 111 days Sahara desert journey, northwest of Cairo, Egypt Saturday. The three have been running the equivalent of two marathons a day to be the first modern runners to cross the Sahara Desert’s grueling 4,000 miles.

Throughout the run, the runners have been stricken with tendinitis, severe diarrhea, cramping and knee injuries all while running through the intense heat and wind — often without a paved road in sight. “This has been a life changing event,” Engle said. The runners say they undertook the challenge to see if they could accomplish something that many have called impossible. They use GPS devices to

track their route and teamed up with local experts and a host of sports professionals who also followed them, along with the documentary crew, in fourwheel drive vehicles. Typically, the three began each day with a 4 a.m. wakeup call. About an hour later, they started running. Around noon, they took a lunch break at a makeshift camp, devour-

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By Tom Withers The Associated Press

BEREA, Ohio — Cleveland Browns center LeCharles Bentley will likely undergo more surgery on a serious knee injury that, cost him last season, is jeopardizing another and could end his NFL career. General manager Phil Savage said Bentley is considering another operation to repair the left patellar tendon the 27-yearold tore on the first full-contact play of training camp last summer. “If he does elect to have the surgery, then obviously he won’t be here for 2007 as an active player,” said Savage, adding “it’s more likely he will have surgery.” A two-time Pro Bowl selection in New Orleans, Bentley signed a six-year, $36 million free agent contract in March to play for the Browns, his hometown team. But he had his first season in Cleveland end freakishly. While blocking on a seemingly innocent running play, Bentley tore his tendon planting his foot. Following surgery, he contracted a staph infection, which caused further damage to his knee and required another operation. Savage said even if Bentley has a third surgery and can’t play in ‘07, the team will carry him on their roster and reassess his condition next year. “We certainly owe LeCharles an opportunity to see where he’s going to be,” he said. “This time next year I think we’ll have a much clearer picture in terms if he is really a legitimate piece of the puzzle here or has the injury been so devastating that he may never play again.”


10 Wednesday, February 21, 2007

RUNNERS From Page 9 ing pasta, tuna and vegetables. A short nap on thin mattresses in a yellow-domed tent usually followed before they headed out on the second leg of their day’s run. Finally, around 9:30 p.m., they called it quits each day, returning to camp for a protein and carbohydrate-packed dinner before passing out for the night. Despite the preparation and drive to finish, the runners said they often questioned — mostly to themselves — what they were doing. Zahab described stopping one recent day for a bathroom break only to discover the wind was blowing so harshly that he couldn’t keep the sand out of his clothes. “And I thought to myself, ‘What the hell am I doing?’� he said. But Zahab kept going, as did the other two, never skipping a day. Most days the three ran a total of 44 to 50 miles — sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less.

TRACK From Page 9 meter dash and losing once in the 60 meter dash. Standback has also been outstanding this season in the hurdles and Roflow has been undefeated thus far in all her distance races and hopes to improve on her finishes from last year’s MAC meet, third in the 5000 meter run and fourth in the 3000 meter run, respectively. Marotta and Settle have been powerhouses in the middle distance races this year and lead a very strong group of mid-distance runners for the Falcons. Dunning, who recently record-

They were interviewed by The Associated Press on Saturday — day 108 — on the side of a road about 112 miles from Cairo in Egypt’s harsh Western Desert, part of the greater Sahara. At several points in their trek, the athletes stopped near sparsely populated wells to talk with villagers and nomads about the difficulties they face finding water. That marked another goal of the run — raising awareness for the clean water nonprofit group H2O Africa. “We have seen firsthand the need for clean water, which we take for granted in North America. It’s such a foundation for any community,� Zahab said during day 108’s lunch break. The three plan to fund-raise for the group after they return home and finish recuperating. “It started off as a huge motivator, especially as we passed through countries where the water wasn’t clean,� Engle said. But as the trio’s bodies became more depleted, the focus was “the day-to-day battle to stay alive and keep moving,� he said. ed a personal best of 49’10.5�, and fellow thrower Lauren Bryant will plan to continue their success in the weight throw and shot put. The two will have their work cut out as they go up against MAC shot put record holder, Stevi Large of the Zips, who broke her own record Friday with a throw of 66’7.25�. The Falcons have been training all season to perform their very best at the MAC meet and feel confident they can meet their goal of a top five finish. The Indoor Championships take place this Friday and Saturday at the University of Akron Fieldhouse.

WOMEN From Page 9

points and four rebounds. BG knew they had a tough task in front of them and their bench stepped up on both ends. “We knew it was going to be a physical game,� Goldsberry said. “We knew we had to come up and match their intensity.� The BG bench matched the intensity by nearly outscoring the starters for the Flashes. Flynn (21), Goldsberry (12), and Jasmine McCall (10) combined for 43 bench points while Kent’s starting lineup scored 46. Kent’s offense had its moments throughout the game, but their 27 turnovers were turned into 40 points by the Falcons, proving to be too much of a hurdle. “You have to play a flawless game against them,� said Kent State coach Bob Lindsay. “If you make mistakes they take advantage of them and if you make enough of them then you have no chance to win.� The win was the 17th straight conference road win for BG, another streak that will be left by the senior class, in the building of one of their biggest rivals during their tenure at BG. “It’s a storybook ending for our kids on the road,� Miller said. “Can you ask our seniors to have an opportunity better to end their road careers than to play at Kent State?�


Woods works toward eighth win By Doug Ferguson Associated Press

MARANA, Ariz. — Tiger Woods has compiled some amazing numbers during the longest PGA Tour winning streak in 62 years. He has won those seven tournaments by a combined 22 shots, is 109 under par and has posted 24 of his last 28 rounds in the 60s. The math is much more simple at the Accenture Match Play Championship. To make it eight in a row, he has to win six in a row. “This has always been one of the tougher events to win just because of the nature of the format,� Woods, the No. 1 seed, said yesterday. “Match play, anything that happens is unpredictable. Sometimes, it takes a great round to advance. Sometimes, you can shoot over par and advance. All I know is you have to beat one guy at a time. You don’t have to beat a whole field. Just six guys.� The 64-man field assembled in the high desert of The Gallery Golf Club represents the best in the world from 17 countries. The only guy Woods cares about Wednesday is Ryder Cup teammate J.J. Henry, his first opponent. How fickle is this tournament? Woods won in 2004 during his worst season on tour, when he went through another overhaul of his swing. He was in top form two years earlier, winning the Masters and U.S. Open, yet he couldn’t get past Peter O’Malley in the first round of the Accenture. “You can shoot 65 and lose. You can shoot 73 and win,� Henry said. “You never know


GOING ALL THE WAY, AGAIN: Tiger Woods watches his tee shot at the 5th hole during the first day of practice rounds at the World Golf Championships Accenture Match Play Championship Monday, at The Gallery at Dove Mountain in Marana, Ariz.

what you’re going to get. Of course, I know if I play Tiger and shoot 73, I might as well pack my bags.� Henry is fortunate to even be in the field. He was expecting to be the first alternate until Charl Schwartzel of South Africa decided to withdraw on Sunday and play at home in Telkom PGA Championship on the Sunshine Tour, where he has a chance to win the Order of Merit. Jim Furyk is the No. 2 seed and will play Brett Quigley. Thirdseeded Adam Scott faces Shaun Micheel, and Phil Mickelson has the No. 4 seed and will play fellow lefty Richard Green of Australia. The most compelling matches feature Ryder Cup teammates — Sergio Garcia against Darren Clarke in one match, Padraig Harrington against Lee Westwood in another. And in a reminder that anything goes in this event, Geoff Ogilvy plays

Steve Stricker in a match of past champions who were seeded No. 55 (Ogilvy) and No. 52 (Stricker) when they won. Woods is a pro at match play, even though most of his success came as an amateur. He learned as a teenager how frustrating this format can be, taking on a kid named James Mohan in the Southern California Junior Match Play. Woods said he shot 69 that day, posted the lower score and got eliminated. “I didn’t quite understand that,� he said. “I just came home and told Dad, ‘I shot a better score than he did, but he won the match. That doesn’t seem right.’ He explained it to me. We went out the next couple of days and played match play.� After that, it was rare when Woods didn’t win. He captured three straight U.S. Junior Amateur titles, followed by three straight U.S. Amateurs.


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3 Americans’ kidnapping ends safely

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 11

Train bombing in New Delhi kills 68

By Ali Daraghmeh The Associated Press

By Tim Sullivan The Associated Press

NABLUS, West Bank — Three American women were briefly kidnapped yesterday in the West Bank city of Nablus and were released later in the evening, Palestinian security officials said. The security officials said the three women were last seen taking pictures on the outskirts of the Balata refugee camp near Nablus before they were kidnapped. They were held briefly before being released, security officials said. There was no claim of responsibility that appeared to be authentic. At one point, a man calling himself Hadi Saud contacted The Associated Press in Nablus and said he was the kidnapper. He demanded to be given a job in the Palestinian security forces and medication for a shooting injury sustained last year, in exchange for releasing the hostages. He provided no proof that he was holding the women. The women arrived unharmed at the office of the governor of Nablus. Two identified themselves as Janet Miller, 26, and

NEW DELHI — Two men were allowed to jump from a Pakistan-bound train shortly before it erupted in flames and killed 68 people, officials said yesterday, releasing sketches of the men and raising questions about security along the IndiaPakistan rail link. The search for suspects came as Pakistan’s foreign minister arrived in India saying the attack made peace talks between the longtime rivals even more urgent. The two suspects, whose identities were not known, boarded the train when it left New Delhi on Sunday but quickly began arguing with the conductor, insisting they were on the wrong train. They were allowed to jump from the train as it slowed down about 15 minutes before the crude bombs detonated, setting off the fires, said Sharad Kumar, a senior police official. The fire destroyed two coaches on the Samjhauta Express, one of the most visible symbols of the India-Pakistan peace process, about an hour after the train left New Delhi. Most of the victims were Pakistani. The train goes to the border town of Atari without stopping, and the revelation that two were allowed off highlighted what most passengers already know: Security on the train and at stations is cursory, at best. Baggage is not searched or scanned, identities are seldom checked and there is often little security presence, though stations have been swarmed by police since the bombing. The Indian rail system — one of the largest in the world, with 11,000 trains a day serving 80 million people — is simply


SAFE RETURN: Americans, from left to right, Gillian Rose, 26, Janet Miller, 26, and Susan, 27, who would not giver her last name, are seen following their release by Palestinian militants in the West Bank city of Nablus, yesterday. The three American women were briefly kidnapped yesterday in the West Bank city of Nablus and were released later in the evening.

Gillian Rose, 26. The third would give only her first name and age — Susan, 27. They would not say where they lived in the United States, but Palestinian colleagues said they came from the Washington, D.C. area. They said they worked with the Palestine Hydrology Group, based in Ramallah, an organization that works to solve water problems in the West Bank and Gaza. After meeting the governor, the

three left by car for their homes in Ramallah. Micaela Schweitzer-Bluhm, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Consulate in Jerusalem, said U.S. officials were informed of the kidnappings. “We take them extremely seriously,” SchweitzerBluhm said of the incident. In the past, scores of foreigners were kidnapped by various Palestinian militant groups, but usually released unharmed after a few hours.

EU ministers fight to cut greenhouse gases down 20 percent By Aoife White The Associated Press

BRUSSELS, Belgium — European Union environment ministers agreed yesterday on an ambitious target to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 in one of the boldest moves yet to contain global warming — a goal likely to lead to mandatory limits for cars and pollution allowances for airlines. But the goal — to cut emissions to 20 percent below their 1990 levels — could put a heavy burden on the EU’s newest members, and it was unclear how much of the load wealthier nations would shoulder. The ministers said the target could be pushed up to 30 percent below the 1990 levels if other industrial countries sign on to a global effort. German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel said many European colleagues had spoken of a moral duty toward future generations during the talks. “Those who took the floor said that their daughters asked them exactly what they did when they came to such meetings and did they come home with good results,” he said. “I think that’s a pretty good incentive.”

The target, which must be approved at an EU summit next month, is a critical first step in a global warming strategy that must be in place by the time the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012. The protocol requires 35 industrial nations to cut carbon dioxide and other harmful gases by 5 percent from 1990 levels. The EU ministers called for U.N.-led talks to finish by 2009 to fix a new climate change goal after Kyoto expires. The next agreement should include the United States — which rejected Kyoto — and other less developed polluting countries like India, China, Mexico, Brazil and South Africa. President Bush has kept the United States — by far the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide and other gases blamed by scientists for global warming — out of the Kyoto treaty, saying it would harm the U.S. economy. The Bush administration has said it is committed instead to advancing and investing in new technologies to combat global warming. It has set a goal of reducing “greenhouse gas intensity,” which measures the ratio of greenhouse gas emissions to economic output, by 18 percent by 2012.


GOING: Traffic in Brussels where the EU met to reduce greenhouse gases by a fifth.

too big to protect fully, many experts believe. “Providing security for India’s vast railway network would be close to impossible,” said Ajit Doval, former director of India’s Intelligence Bureau, which oversees internal security. “There are so many thousand railway stations and hundreds of trains, it would be impracticable to ensure security at each and every one.” In further signs of lax security, Kumar said 13 passengers made it to the Pakistani side of Atari without passports. The train continued its run to the border after the two damaged coaches were pushed off to a siding. Tickets for the train are not supposed to be issued without passengers showing passports. Kumar said the two officials who issued the tickets have been suspended. Railway Minister Lalu Prasad acknowledged the security failings hours after the blast when he told reporters: “Though there are metal detectors, we don’t have the equipment to check what is inside the luggage. We can’t deny that.” Crimes — some quite dramatic — are common on India’s railways. On Monday, 17 passengers traveling through north India were stripped of their cash and valuables after being given cookies laced with drugs that knocked them unconscious, Press Trust of India news agency reported. Officials said the Sunday night train attack appeared intended to disrupt IndiaPakistan relations, but instead leaders of both nations said they would press ahead with peace talks. “The incident only adds to urgency for us to cooperate,” Pakistani Foreign Minister


SORTING EVIDENCE: An Indian police officer shows bottles containing petrol and kerosene which they recovered from the Samjhauta Express train in Panipat, India, yesterday.

Khursheed Kasuri said visiting a New Delhi hospital where nearly a dozen Pakistanis were being treated for burns. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who also met victims at the hospital yesterday, said the best way to honor them was “to remain steadfast in our commitment to normalized relations between our two countries.” New Delhi’s reaction was in stark contrast to the aftermath of last summer’s attacks on Mumbai’s commuter trains, which killed more than 200 people. Indian officials at the time accused Pakistan-linked militant groups and sometimes Pakistan’s intelligence agency. Kumar, the police official, said Sunday’s attack was “the handiwork of a militant outfit, but we don’t know which group is involved.” Authorities say two suitcases packed with crude unexploded bombs and bottles of gasoline were found in undamaged

British troops begin new withdrawal from Iraq By Thomas Wagner The Associated Press

LONDON — Prime Minister Tony Blair will announce Wednesday a new timetable for the withdrawal of British troops from Iraq, with 1,500 to return home in several weeks, the BBC reported. Blair will also tell the House of Commons during his regular weekly appearance before it that a total of about 3,000 British soldiers will have left southern Iraq by the end of 2007, if the security there is sufficient, the British Broadcasting Corp. said, quoting government officials who weren’t further identified.

“The president is grateful for the support of the British Forces ...” Gordon Johndroe | U.S. National Security Council Spokesman The BBC said Blair was not expected to say when the rest of Britain’s forces would leave Iraq. Currently, Britain has about 7,100 soldiers there. Britain has long been the most important coalition member in Iraq after the United States. But Blair knows the British public and politicians from his own Labour Party want the troops out as quickly as possible, and don’t want to see Britain stick with the United States in Iraq

for the long haul. Militarily, a British withdrawal isn’t likely to have much effect on the stepped-up U.S. operation in Baghdad or the war with the Sunnis in Anbar province west of the Iraqi capital. However, Iraqi forces could have a tough time maintaining security in mostly Shiite southern Iraq, including Basra city. Blair’s Downing Street office refused to comment on the BBC report, which also said

Blair would tell the Commons that if the situation worsens on the ground on Iraq, his new game plan could change. The announcement comes even as President Bush implements an increase of 21,000 more troops for Iraq. Blair and Bush talked by secure video link yesterday morning, and Bush views Britain’s troop cutbacks as “a sign of success” in Iraq, said U.S. National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe. “The president is grateful for the support of the British Forces in the past and into the future,” Johndroe said in Washington.

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12 Wednesday, February 21, 2007


States sue over inadequate mercury emissions regulations

The Daily Crossword Fix brought to you by 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 21 22

By JOHN FLESHER The Associated Press

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Michigan and eight other states sued the Bush administration yesterday, saying the White House failed to adequately regulate emissions of mercury and other pollutants at cement plants. The states contend a rule issued by the Environmental ProtectionAgencyinDecember does not comply with the federal Clean Air Act. Mercury comes from raw materials used to make cement — such as limestone, clay, sand and iron ore — and from fuels such as coal, which fires the kilns where the ingredients are baked at high temperatures. In December, the EPA announced new limits on mercury and hydrocarbon emissions from cement kilns built after Dec. 2, 2005. But for kilns built earlier, the agency imposes lesser requirements such as operating kilns properly to ensure complete combustion and removing kiln dust when it can no longer be recycled. Critics say the Clean Air Act requires the EPA to limit mercury from all kilns, not just new ones. “I think they should have explored some of the options a bit more in detail than they did,” said Vince Hellwig, air quality chief with the Michigan

28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38


SUING THE GOVERNMENT: Nevada Division of Environmental Protection officials, David Emme, left, and Leo Drozdoff testify before a joint budget subcommittee, Friday, at the Legislature in Carson City, Nev. Lawmakers were told that the state’s monitoring of mercury pollution at mines is more extensive than recent news reports make out.

Department of Environmental Quality. The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia, where several environmental groups filed a separate action last week. The other eight states are Connecticut, Delaware, I l l i nois, Ma r yla nd, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

EPA spokesman John Millett said the matter was under review and declined to comment further. The agency says it has reduced mercury air emissions by 45 percent since 1990. It estimates the nation’s 118 cement plants give off a combined 12,000 pounds of mercury a year, although some state regulators say the actual amount is higher.

1 5 9 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 23 24 25 26 27 31 32 33 34 38 39 40

Inclined roadway Gillette razor Light haircuts Zeno’s home Cafe au __ Bucolic Actor Arkin Choir voice Hawaiian hello Two codes Spry Loser to DDE Colo. neighbor Born in Nice Basic commodity Palindromic address Unaided Foot problems Two codes Horace and Thomas Lawbreaking Too

41 43 46 47 48 50 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63

40th President Assert without proof Unkind person Group of jurors Jai __ Soft mineral Moreno or Rudner Lacking a key Golf course hazards Govern Blacksmith’s products School of Buddhism Skier’s courses Flux density units Ruby of “A Raisin in the Sun” Craggy hill Take your pick Georgia fruit Additional amount AD word Tourist’s tote Castle in Scotland Write in a register FDR Blue Eagle Mil. unit Milk-producing animals

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Mind one’s manners Peanut product 2100 Patriotic men’s org. Popeil company Two codes Disney’s mermaid Hawkeye State Lyme-disease carrier Put a tag on Blue pencil Supermodel Macpherson Musher’s conveyances Loudness unit Require


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CAMPUS POLLYEYES WIRELESS INTERNET IN DINING ROOM 352-9638 FREE Himalayan cat. I yr. old. Very sweet, cute & adorable, but I’m allergic to her. 419-575-7777,before 9pm

LAST MINUTE SPRING BREAK DEALS! Bahamas Party Cruise from $299! $150 OFF for Gas and Parking! Panama City Beach from 169! FREE Club LaVela Party Card Call 888-777-4642 SPRING BREAK 2007 Money Saving Offers from Holiday Inn SunSpree and Club La Vela! Gulf side Accommodations! Spring Break Site Of Panama City Beach. For more information go to: <> 866-PCBEACH


Need a Fundraising Idea? Sell Custom Silicone Bracelets Just $0.24 ea - Resell for $4 - $5! No-limit Texas Hold’em Saturday, February 24, 2007 Elk’s Lodge, 200 Campbell Hill

Security positions available in a fun filled atmosphere. Flexible hours PT/ FT. Deja Vu. 419-531-0079.

1-2-3 Bedroom Apartments

From Only $485! On selected floor plans

Mon.-Fri. $



4:00-6:00 p.m.

Editor Positions Available/$8 hr. Our Perrysburg firm has part-time in-house positions available. You will proofread and edit reports submitted online by mystery shoppers. Complete training provided. Computer experience and grammar skills required. Hours and days are flexible. Mon-Sun; 9am-9pm. Interested candidates please bring a resume and apply in person at IntelliShop-801 W. South Boundary (43551). Please refer to: for company info.

Summer & Full Time Positions Beautiful, Lakefront Yachting Club seeks outgoing friendly team players; will train qualified candidates as: Servers Bussers Hots/Hostess Bartenders Dock Attendants Lifeguards Line Cooks/Prep Cooks Sail Camp Counselors Snack Bar Attendants Incentive program/very flexible hrs!! Excellent Pay. Call now for an interview. 200 Yacht Club Dr. Rocky River, OH 44116 (440)333-1155 ext. 240

• Ground floor ranch • Private entrance • Patio • Spacious kitchen • Pets welcome!



!BARTENDING! up to $300/day No exp. necessary. Training provided. Call 800-965-6520 ext. 174.


Hookah Sales & Supplies


• Cigarette Deals • Beer • Wine


HELP WANTED! NOW & DURING SUMMER VACATION. Our company is seeking employees to perform unskilled light production work. We offer flexible hours-will work around your schedule-available shifts: 7:30am-8:30am; 8:30am11:30am; 12:00 noon-2:30pm; 2:30 pm-5:00pm; 5:30pm-8:30pm. Many BGSU students work here. Easy walk from campus. Pay is $6.00 per hour providing your work a minimum of 15 hours per week. Work a minimum of 15 hours per week or over 40 hours with overtime. Pick-up an application at our office. Advanced Specialty Products, Inc. 428 Clough St. Bowling Green, OH 43402. PLAY SPORTS! HAVE FUN! SAVE MONEY! Maine camp needs fun loving counselors to teach all land, adventure & water sports. Great summer! Call 888-844-8080, apply: SUMMER OF YOUR LIFE! CAMP WAYNE FOR GIRLS - Children’s sleep-away camp, Northeast Pennsylvania. If you love children and want a caring, fun environment we need Counselors for: Tennis, Swimming, Golf, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Drama, High & Low Ropes, Team Sports, Waterskiing, Sailing, Painting/Drawing, Ceramics, Silkscreen, Printmaking, Batik, Jewelry, Calligraphy, Photography, Sculpture Guitar, Aerobics, Self-Defense, Video, Piano. Other: Administrative, CDL Driver, Nurses (RN’s and Nursing Students), Bookkeeper, Mother’s Helper. On campus Interviews March 14th. Select The Camp That Selects The Best Staff! Call 215944-3069 or apply at

apartments 163 S. Main • Bowling Green




419.352.8639 • 737 S. Main St

Critter Friendly 316 RIDGE ST. REAR: 1 bedroom unfurnished duplex. Cats ok, Close to campus and downtown. $350 + utilities per month. Available Aug. 521 S. PROSPECT #B: 2 bedroom unfurnished duplex. Quiet neighborhood. $410 + utilities per month.




11/2 Blocks From Campus

First FULL Month Free* *Restrictions Apply

Earn $2500+ monthly and more to type simple ads online.

‘07 - ‘08 School Year 1,2 & 3 bedroom apts. available. For more info call 419-354-9740. 07-08 Rentals Houses & Apts. Going fast! 1 sem. avail; all next to campus. $5 Wed, close to downtn. Call 419-353-0325 9am-9pm/listing 24/7 316 Merry 3. Updated listing

1 bedroom on 7th St. $420 month. No utilities. Available 4-1-07. 419-287-4337. 1 bedroom unfurnished. $380 mo. + electric. Short lease, available Feb. 1. For more info, call 354-9740. 1 roommate needed now until May. Campbell Hill $325 mo. + utilities. 260-241-1534 2 bdrm. apt. 4th St. $525 month + utilities. Available immediately. & for fall. Call 419-409-1110.


2 bedrooms on 7th St. W/D, $650 mo. plus utilities. Available May 1st. 419-287-4337.



2 bedroom unfurnished duplex. Close to campus. W/D hook ups. $735 + utilities per month.

VISITS FOR Serving BG Since 1980



Waitress positions/door personnel. Come make great $ in a fun filled atmosphere w/ flex. hours. Deja Vu 419-531-0079.

1 Bedroom & Studios Available Pets Welcome On Site Laundry Short Terms Leases Avail Private Patios


3 bedroom house. W/D hook ups. Tenants pay all utilities $900.00 per month.

SUMMER WORK FOR STUDENTS SUMMER WORK FOR STUDENTS Want people willing to learn & work on wood floors including gym floors. Starting when school is out for the summer until the middle of August. Work consists of operating equipment, including floor buffers & floor sanding machines. Also measuring, laying out & painting game lines & art work & applying gym floor finish. We will thoroughly train you in all phases of the work. Job pays $8 per hour. You can expect between 4050 hours per week. Hours can be flexible. Must be punctual & reliable & willing to accept responsibility. Please contact Joe Koch, 419-3406270 or fax resume to 419-825-1714

1 bdrm. $400 mo. plus elec. & dep. 9 & 12 mo. leases available. No pets 854 8th St. 419-392-3354.

Snacks • Food • Lottery


Summer 2007 Income Opportunity. Aqua Pro student franchises. Residential power washing business. Net $1200 per week. May be used for internship credit. 866-275-2782.

32 Rooms Available!!

·One time purchase ·One Standard ·One Premium

3 bdm. house. Close to BGSU Off-street parking, W/D, AC. One-2 bdrm. apt. off street pkg. Close to BGSU. All avail. Aug. 15, 2007. 419352-4773. 419-601-3225 (cell). 3 bdrm apt. recently remodeled, small pets allowed for 2007-2008. sch. yr..Please call 419-308-3525. 3-4 Bedroom House. $900 month Avail. May 2007. 640 S. Summit St. Call 419-308-9905 Apts & Houses 07 -08 419-353-8206 AVAILABLE AUG. 15, 2007 ALL CLOSE TO BGSU 227 E. Reed, 3 bdrm., 2 bath,AC $1000. 606 5th St. 3 bdrm, 2 bath, AC,$850 443 N Enterprise, 3 bdrm. apt. $550 819 N. Summit, 2 bdrm house $400 112 Ridge St. 1-2 bdrm. apts. $350 CALL 419-308-2458 Highland Management 1 & 2 bedroom apartment 2 bedrooms available now 419-354-6036 Houses/Apts for 07-08 school year 12 month leases only S. Smith Contracting, LLC 419-352-8917 - 532 Manville Ave Office open 10 - 2 M - F Quiet tenants preferred Male has a furnished room for rent with freedom of house. $225 mo. $100 deposit. 419-354-6117. MARTEN RENTALS 710 7th St. 2 bdrm unfurnished. AC/free heat. 704 5th St. 2 bdrm furnished. Prices start at $510. 352-3445 Hrs 9-9. Newly remodeled house. 4-5 bdrm., 2 bath, close to dntown. & campus. May or Aug. lease. $1500 mo. plus utiities. 419-340-2500. Only 2 great large 4 bdrm houses left. New carpet, appl., W/D, 2 car garage, game rm. & patio. Near campus, lots of pkg. 419-353-7374. Summer lease. 1 bdrm. w/ private bath in furn. apt. Share w/ 2 other females. W/D in apt. Swim pool, AC, weight room, free shuttle to campus. $350 plus. util. 330-284-4243.



exp. 3/20/07

3 MONTH S $69

· No Hidden Fees · No Credit Card Required in the standard beds THE HEAT 904 E. Wooster 419- 352-3588


5 beds, 1 booth closest to campus

exp. 3/20/07

SOUTHSIDE LAUNDROMAT 332 South Main Street Bowling Green Ohio, 43402 419.352.5620

236 Troup St. 3 bdrm. house. Available Aug. 1, for 07-08 school year. $800 + utilities. 419-308-1405.

993 S. Main 419-353-8826

5 beds, 2 booths appt. available

THE WASH HOUSE 248 N. Main 419-354-1559

17 beds, 2 booths no appt. needed

lotions always

25% off!

Toledo/Northwest Ohio Area

1-2 Days per week during school Full Time during summer break NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED • WILL TRAIN



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