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2014 OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES: U.S. MEDAL COUNT ‘AN EYE-OPENING EVENT’ After reading the story below, check out a video about Joe Boyle and the marathon he created and ran in at


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Housing sign-up to start today



Monday, February 10, 2014


Upperclassmen can choose own rooms; freshmen assigned By Amber Petkosek Social Media Editor

Even though it is early February, students and the Residence Life staff are preparing for housing for the 2014-2015 school year. Students had the opportunity to begin paying the $200 fee to reserve housing on campus Dec. 2. The first batch of students will be able to access the housing system Feb. 10 at 9 a.m. Joshua Lawrie, assistant director in the Office of Residence Life, said the process for housing sign-up varies for different people. For freshmen coming to the University for the first time, the payment dates decide when they are put in the housing system and how the priorities are considered. “First-year students make a preference of five to seven buildings, and are allocated based on payment date,” Lawrie said. Returning students signing up for housing do not get placed based on their date of sign-up. Sarah Waters, director of Residence Life, said returning student sign-up is based on the number of credits earned and their class standing. “Continuing students need to pay the $200 and that’s when we give them a sign-up time,” she said. Another difference between


A Cappella group Ten40 performed at the International Championship Collegiate A cappella Competition on Saturday night at Bowling Green High School. The group won.

a winning rhythm Ten40 A cappella group wins regionals on Saturday night By Janel Hlebak Reporter

It may have been Ten40’s home-field advantage that led them to victory Saturday at the 2014 International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella tournament. The tournament was hosted by Bowling Green High School at 7 p.m. this past Saturday and featured 10 different a cappella groups, including three from The Ohio State University as well as groups from various universities in Ohio, Michigan and Canada. Sophomore Ten40 soloist Travis Mollohan was excited about the group’s win. “I was surprised when we won, honestly,” Mollohan said. “I thought we did well and the audience seemed to be into us, but we were competing against some really great groups.” “Intentional Accidental” from the University of Waterloo took second, while “Buck That!”, an all-male group from The Ohio State University took third. Throughout the show, each group was allowed 12 minutes to perform different arrangements and display their talents.

See TEN40 | Page 5

See HOUSING | Page 5

Cancer patient organizes, completes marathon

a falcon surprise

By Abby Welsh News Editor


Daniel short and Lauren Phillips were revealed as Freddie and Frieda Falcon on Sunday afternoon during halftime at the women’s basketball game. Check out more photos on PAGE 5 and a full story and an album on BGNEWS.COM.


The BG men’s basketball team lost to the University of Akron on Sunday night at the Stroh Center. The Zips made a game-winning bucket in the final seconds to claim the win. | PAGE 3


Joe Boyle didn’t ask to be put in the spotlight. Diagnosed with kidney cancer in 2011, Boyle compiled a bucket list. One of those items on his list was to run a marathon with a few close friends, something doctors told him would be impossible to do. What he wasn’t expecting was hundreds of friends, family and community members asking him if they could run with him. Word spread about the marathon, which sparked the interested of old college friends, distant relatives, fellow runners and the media.

Designer and columnist Amanda Matthews talks about how social media has influenced sportsmanship during the Olympics, which included calling out American Shaun White’s decision to pull out of an event. | PAGE 4

Joe Boyle

Adjunct Professor, kidney cancer patient

“The sense of community and love I felt that day was so empowering,” Boyle said, an adjunct history professor. “If there’s one thing I hope my kids learn it’s that you can’t stop love.” The marathon took place Sunday, Feb. 2 where everyone ran about 9

See BOYLE| Page 2

WHAT OLYMPIC EVENT WOULD YOU COMPETE IN? WHY? “Figure Skating because they get to wear pretty outfits and it looks like fun.” Lauren Wells Freshman, Health Care Administration

2 Monday, February 10, 2014






10 PM til 2:30 AM ERIC CHASE &


of the Morning Rush Show 127 N. Main St. Bowling Green ★ ★


8:35 P.M.

Check out the full interactive blotter map at BGNEWS.COM

FRI. FEB. 6 12:56 P.M.

Complainant reported that her prescription pills were missing within the 800 block of W. Poe Road. 1:12 P.M.

Complainant reported receiving a $20 counterfeit bill within the 1100 block of S. Main St.

Cynthia Ann Turner, 25, of Bowling Green, was cited for sale of alcohol to a person under 21 within the 600 block of Eighth St. 9:57 P.M.

Synthesia M. Martinez, 22, of Rudolph, Ohio, was cited for underage alcohol sales within the 200 block of E. Wooster St.

SAT. FEB. 7 12:16 P.M.

Darien Jo Ankey, 20, of Bowling Green, was cited for criminal damaging within the 400 block of S. Main St.

Complainant reported that an unknown male pumped $50.93 in gas and left without paying from a gas station within the 300 block of S. Main St.

5:15 P.M.

12:44 P.M.

1:54 P.M.

Dominic A. Pasqualini, 21, of Bowling Green, was cited for possession of marijuana within the 700 block of Manville Ave.

Spencer L. Kramer, 19, of Bowling Green, was cited for possession of marijuana and possession of drug parapher-

preparing for the

nalia near East Wooster Street and State Avenue. 1:49 P.M.

Complainant reported that an unknown person damaged the mirror of a vehicle near Scott Hamilton Avenue and High Street. The estimated damage is $500. 10:13 P.M.

Antonio Montrice Liddell, 23, of Toledo, was cited for disorderly conduct within the 300 block of E. Napoleon Road.

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ONLINE: Go to for the complete blotter list.

CAMPUS brief

FadWatch to host fashion week

This week, the organization FadWatch will be hosting its first annual Fashion Week to raise awareness about eating disorders and promote a healthy body image in students. Each day of the week FadWatch will host a different event that coincides with the goals of the week. Ajia Mason, President of FadWatch, hopes students will have fun while learning about fashion that promotes a healthy body image. “We hope that everyone enjoys our week and learns some good health tips, a few D.I.Y. skills, and that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great wardrobe,” Mason said.

Mason also said that she hopes the event will expand in future years. “We are considering having one Fashion Week each semester to go along with the fashion industry’s fashion weeks that are held in September and February,” she said.

The following is a schedule of the events planned for Fashion Week: Monday - Grub at Dubs: Go eat at Buffalo Wild Wings anytime between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. A portion of the proceeds will go towards helping the organization raise money for the River Centre Clinic (an eating disorder clinic) in Toledo. Tuesday - Style Fit: Zumba will be offered and health and fitness tips will be provided to incorporate in everyday life. 7pm - 9pm in Union 228 Wednesday - Clothing 2.0: A clothing workshop where

students can bring jeans, T-shirts, etc. and customize them. 7 p.m.-9 p.m. in Olscamp 106 Thursday - Shopaholics Anonymous: This event is a clothing exchange. Bring gently used clothing to swap out for clothing others brought. This is a free way to change up student’s wardrobe! 7 p.m.-9 p.m. Falcon Heights Community Room Friday - Pamper Party: Come out, relax, and get your make-up, hair, and nails done for a Valentine’s Day date or for Saturday’s Soirée. 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Union 201 Saturday - Red Velvet Soirée: Valentine’s Day Ball. Entrance is $3 or Clothing Donation. 7 p.m.-10 p.m. Union Ballroom Side B. Sunday - Movie Night: Watch the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” with FadWatch. There will be light refreshments available. 8:30 p.m. Union Movie Theater.

unpredictable The BG News compiled cost-saving strategies for staying warm during winter Compiled by Tiffany Howze Reporter

The winter season in Bowling Green has, for some, been unpredictable, unbearable and possibly expensive. Some students off campus may have found it hard to keep up with skyrocketing gas and electric


bills stemming from trying to stay warm. The BG News compiled a list of ways for students and residents to cut costs while staying warm for the winter provided by DeAnna Beeker and LuAnn Hunt, customer service specialists at the city utilities division.

Keep the thermostat at the same temperature Put plastic over the windows to seal in the heat and keep the cold draft from coming into the apartment or house Fold towels and place them in front of the doors to seal gaps Cut back on usage of space heaters; they use a lot of power For those looking for a do-it-yourself fix to keep the heating bill down, Theresa Star, sales associate at Home Depot, explained the tools necessary to complete the job:

Owens Corning Fiber Glass Insulation, which is used to create thermal insulation within the home. It can be placed in attics, indoor porches and in the place of cracks and seals Sealant Spray to seal gaps and cracks by doors and windows Weather Strips can be used to seal the windows to prevent a draft

Falcons F L O C K

JOE BOYLE, kidney cancer patient, runs in 9 mile marathon across Bowling Green with family, friends and community members to support Boyle’s love for running.

BOYLE From Page 1 miles across town and through the University campus. Boyle was overwhelmed with emotion as friends and family members showed up at his doorstep, one by one. “It was incredible; over the course of 15 minutes it went from a couple of us in the parking lot to over a hundred people there,” Boyle said. While Boyle was teaching at Rogers High School in Toledo one afternoon, he didn’t feel very well, enough that he told the principal he had to go home. “I tried to sleep and shake it off like no big deal, but it got to the point where I had to go to the emergency room,” Boyle said. His wife Katie took him to the Wood County Hospital where he began to joke around as if he were fine, not knowing the news the doctor would tell his family next. “I knew it was serious when two doctors came in,” he said. “Just the look on their faces was horrible.” Boyle had developed a large

tumor growing on his kidney where he was sent to the Cleveland Clinic to have surgery in April 2011. After surgery in mid-April, Boyle discovered another problem on his leg– a blood clot. His doctor told him he wouldn’t be able to run again. “I was more upset hearing that than I was when I told I had cancer,” Boyle said. “I felt they were taking away something that was so important in my life.” Boyle had no idea he would love working out when he first started running. “My love for running came really late,” Boyle said. “I packed on a lot of weight after college.” Boyle had the opportunity to go on a two-week trip to Africa when he went back to graduate school where he was constantly involved in outdoors activities, such as climbing mountains. Boyle went on this trip weighing around 240 pounds. He was constantly around younger people and college students who were much more fit than him. “This was an eye-opening event for me,” he said.

Because everyone was doing it, Boyle said he did it, too. “I thought to myself, if I can do this, climb a mountain, what else can I do?” he said. “It was this moment for me.” Weeks after Boyle got back from his trip, he and his wife participated in their first 5k run called the Couch Potato 5K. “We started walking and then started running in 5K marathons,” he said. “I thought to myself how fun this was, so I started running late at night, so young people wouldn’t see me, and it was amazing to see the progress after running.” After Boyle learned about his new love for running, he participated in as many marathons he could. But in September 2011, Boyle’s cancer spread to his lungs, putting him in stage 4 cancer. “It’s a crazy place to be,” Boyle said. After multiple doctor visits, Boyle’s doctor, Dr. Brian Rini, a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic told him in November that he could do “pretty much whatever I want to do for the next four months with no crazy treatments,” Boyle said. Office Hours: Monday - Friday | 8am - 11:30am & 12:30pm - 4:30pm 419 Lehman Ave. | 419.352.9378

Life Skills Workshops

T U E D AY F E B R U A RY 1 1

Mindfulness and Acceptance Episode 1: Living in the Moment

Rini, a runner himself, agreed to participated in the run. “It was really great and important for me to meet his family and be a part of it,” Rini said. “It was amazing to see everyone come together the way they did.” Owner Amy Craft of For Keeps, a jewelry and gift shop in downtown, was one who ran in the marathon across town, feeling more proud than ever to see the success, she said. “People from all around town were offering to provide things for all of the runners. It was just amazing to be a part of,” Craft said Even though Boyle doesn’t know what will happen now, his experience last Sunday gave him and his family a whole new perspective on life. “I told my kids this coming home [from the marathon]: memorize every part of today and remember what all these people did today,” Boyle said. “Because the impressive thing wasn’t running 26 miles …. It was the power of friendship, the power of love and the power of community. I hope [my kids] realize how much love there is.”


Find a Place to Call Home (1 Bedroom & Efficiency Houses Also Available)

Strategies and benefits of practicing mindfulness. Bowen-Thompson Student Union 314 12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

Now Renting

2013-2014 School Year


Birchwood 650 6th St.

BGSU Counseling Center

(Small pets welcome)

Fox Run Apartments 216 S. Mercer Rd.

Piedmont Apartments 8th & High St.


HOUSES! HOUSES! (For 3-5 people)

GOING FAST! SIGN UP TODAY! (419) 352-0717


Monday, February 10, 2014 3

AKRON ZIPS FALCONS BG drops game to Akron with Diggs’ shot in final seconds By Cameron Teague Robinson Sports Editor


s the time ticked down in the second half with the Falcons down three points, junior Jehvon Clarke banked in a three to tie the game with nine seconds left. “I was just trying to make a play for my team,” Clarke said. The game looked bound for overtime until Akron’s senior forward Quincy Diggs hit a 19 foot jumper over the out stretched arm of Clarke to win the game. “When Clarke hit that three I had déjà vu of Kent State,” Diggs said. “Coach said go, and I saw the opportunity in the one-on-one and I took it.” With the shot by Diggs, Akron defeated the Falcons 65-63 and gave them their second loss in a row. “I did not want to go to OT because they were in a rhythm at the end,” Diggs said. “I’m glad we got the win on the road.” Throughout the second half whenever the Zips needed a big basket, Akron coach Keith Dambrot was seen waving his arms giving Diggs the isolation. Diggs took advantage of those opportunities late in the half. “Coach always gives me freedom at the end to try and make a play for myself or the team,” Diggs said. “I feel good that he feels good to put the ball in my hands.” The Falcons knew the ball was going into Diggs hands, head coach Louis Orr said. “He wasn’t passing that ball, he made the last two shots,“ Orr said. “He was either going to win the game or send it to overtime. He is one of those kinds of guys who want to be in that position.” After making the tying three Clarke was in a defensive mismatch as Diggs had a five inch advantage on him. “I made him take a jumper instead of driving on me,” Clarke said. “He made a tough shot.” The Falcons put themselves in another deficit early in the first half like they did against the University of Toledo this past Wednesday. Like that game, they came up short in the end and could not make the comeback. “Our fight gave us a chance because there were certain areas of the game that we need to control,” Orr said. “The defensive backboard, I thought, was a big key.” The Falcons committed 18 turnovers and shot 14-22 from the free throw line. Akron scored 18 points on second chance opportunities and out rebounded 33-29. “We have to capitalize on every possession,” Clarke said. “We can’t allow second chance points that put us in a hole.”

Women’s basketball dismantles Miami University at Stroh Falcons claim commanding win againstRedHawks in front of large crowd By Tara Jones Assistant Sports Editor

The BG women’s basketball team dominated Miami University 91-45 on Sunday, Feb. 9 in front of a large home crowd of 2,901. Falcon fans flocked to the Stroh Center to honor BG scoring leading Lauren Prochaska with a bobble head giveaway and to see the beheading of Freddie and Frieda at halftime. With the win, the Falcons improve to 20-3 overall and 10-1 in the Mid-American Conference. The RedHawks drop to 7-15 overall and 3-8 in conference play. The Falcons got off to an early 21-0 run against the RedHawks, with Miami’s next basket coming at the 7:05 after their opening three-pointer. Later in that very half, the Falcons went on another run, this time going 16-0 on the RedHawks, to accumulate a commanding 43-9 lead at the half. BG finished 29-of-55 from the field, 52.7 percent, and made 15 three-pointers on the day. The Falcons went 48.4 percent from

behind the arc, compared to the Redhawk’s 7-of-25, 28 percent effort. Miami went 14-of-44 for 31.8 percent from the field. Senior Jillian Halfhill finished with a game-high 17 points for the Falcons. Redshirt sophomore Erica Donovan finished with 14 and junior Jasmine Matthews totaled 13. Sophomore Miriam Justinger added 12 for the Falcons. Justinger said that her team’s defensive success came from their heavy scouting that allowed them to know the offense that Miami was running. “We could tell in the locker room even before we came out that we were ready to go,” Justinger said. “We knew it was going to be a good crowd, it always is, they’re always there, our sixth man. We want to play well for them and they bring just as much energy as we try to from the bench and on the floor.” Head coach Jennifer Roos said that her team came into Sunday’s game extremely motivated with

all of the events happening at the Stroh during their game. “It was a really exciting day,” Roos said. “There was just a fervor in the air with Lauren being back, with the beheadings that happened, that’s a BG tradition that has been long standing, and being a double-header day.” Roos said that she was proud of how hard her team played. She added that the team was able to be so successful on both offense and defense because playing well on one end becomes contagious on the other end of the floor. Roos said that the large crowd was able to disrupt the momentum of Miami, as well. “Our kids, as we were announcing the lineups before the game started, they could feel it. You could hear the noise of the crowd even in the locker room. This was an atmosphere that truly, truly resembled Anderson Arena. Up next, the Falcons will travel to Eastern Michigan on Feb. 15. Tipoff in Ypsilanti is set for 4:30 p.m.

Evan Fry | THE BG NEWS

Jillian Halfhill looks to run the offense for the Falcons at home against Miami on Sunday.


Monday, February 10, 2014

PEOPLE ON THE STREET “Bobsledding, because it’s a team sport and it’s very fast paced.”

What Olympic event would you compete in? Why?

“Skiing because I love skiing.”

David Mccruter Freshman, Biology

Lisa Hewitt Sophomore, Interior Design


“Bobsled, because of the movie ‘Cool Runnings.’”

Joe Rosace Junior, Accounting

“Snowboarding, because they have cool snow outfits and they do cool moves.”


BGNEWS.COM Have your own take on today’s People On The Street? Or a suggestion for a question? Give us your feedback at

Rebecca Cardaman Sophomore, Early Childhood Education

Controversy about Girl Scout cookies stirs trouble

Abigail kruse COLUMNIST



FlapS on MY



FALCON SCREECH WHAT IS FALCON SCREECH? Falcon Screech is a special addition to MONDAY’s Forum section. Submit your 100-word rant anonymously at or you can tweet your screeches AT @falconscreech or WITH #falconscreech.

If you have to read a Facebook post to realize the roads are bad outside and that you should drive safe then you don’t know enough about driving to be on the roads. #LETSBEREAL For all those hating on the county sheriffs, they collaborates with county emergency managers when deciding snow emergency levels. ​-GIVE THE GUY A BREAK To the roommates who leave ketchup on the plates for me to clean up: Do your own dishes. #GROWUP One of you got me sick, but I don’t know who? #TIMEFORTHEBLAMEGAME How do I break it to my parents that I refuse to live on campus for my third year of college? -I ALREADY SIGNED THE LEASE If Flappy Bird goes away, will people stop obsessing? #IDON’TGETIT So it is colder in Bowling Green than it is in Russia where the Olympics are. #GLOBALWARMING I’m pretty sure my life almost ended when I walked past three buses all in the same area, one of which hopped the curb. -I’M GOING TO DIE You picked up shifts on Valentine’s Day? So much for working on our relationship. #NOTIMPRESSED Hey mice in my house, Stop pooping on my counter. Sincerely, -GOING OUT AND BUYING TRAPS

THE BG NEWS DANAE KING, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 210 West Hall Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, Ohio 43403 | Phone: (419) 372-6966 Email: Website: Advertising: 204 West Hall | Phone: (419) 372-2606

It’s that time of year again: Girl Scout cookie time. Cute little girls in sashes will turn up in droves at front steps and grocery stores to peddle their sugary wares. No matter how broke I am, it is always hard to say no to those adorable kids. Luckily, the money goes to a good cause and the cookies don’t hurt anything— anything but my waistline, that is. A number of pro-life groups, including LifeNews and the American Life Foundation, would disagree. They have launched Cookie Cott 2014, a campaign that encourages a boycott of Girl

Scout cookies. That’s right: no Thin Mints, no Samoas, no Do-Si-Dos. A close look at the Cookie Cott website details the reasons behind this boycott. These groups find fault with the partnership of Girl Scouts America and Planned Parenthood, a multimilliondollar corporation that provides many other services besides abortion. They also oppose GSA’s approval of pro-choice legislators like Wendy Davis [D-Fort Worth] and Kathleen Sebelius. One of Cookie Cott’s slogans, featuring a group of three cookies underneath the words “Planned Parenthood + Girl Scouts = 1 bitter cookie,” is circulating among supporters on Facebook. In and of itself, this boycott is all well and good. As Americans we are lucky

to live in a country where we are free to buy or not buy just about anything without the fear of being judged. But those who oppose GSA for its ties with Planned Parenthood fervently enough to turn down those enterprising young girls at the front door might consider the partnerships of more common brands: Starbucks, Disney, Nike and Oreo, to name just a few. There are things to be said about Disney and the messages its movies send to young children, but interestingly enough, those arguments never involve Planned Parenthood. The most negative thing I have heard about Starbucks is that its prices are astronomical [true]. One does not often see protestors up in arms about Oreos

or Nike tennis shoes. As a former Girl Scout, I can vouch for the traits that GSA instills in girls during their formative years, traits like independence, leadership and initiative. It took courage to knock on strangers’ doors. Most people recognize that, along with the fact that they have a sweet tooth, and happily pledge their money knowing they’ve supported a good cause. Certainly nobody in my church choir had a problem buying from the third-grader who crashed our practice Thursday night. Anyone who wants to can boycott away. But, as far as I’m concerned, please pass the Thin Mints.

Respond to Abigail at

TV, fame support violence Sportsmanship important, reflects on country Emily Gordon COLUMNIST

This past week, Trayvon Martin would have turned 19 years old. I figured his birthday was the reason why his name was a trending topic on Twitter. When I clicked on his name and sifted through the tweets that mentioned it, I was shocked at what I read. George Zimmerman, the man who was found not guilty, is set to star in a “celebrity boxing match.” His rumored opponent is rapper DMX, but no official confirmation has been made. My first response to this “news” was asking myself, since when did fatally shooting a teenager give someone celebrity status? No matter what your views are about the case, it’s clear that the goal of this “celebrity boxing match” is for Zimmerman to keep his 15 minutes of fame. But why does he have fame? Giving or upholding celebrity status to violent people is a disturbing trend in our culture that worries me. Actor Charlie Sheen, for example, allegedly shot his fiancée, Kelly Preston, in 1990, beat his girlfriend, Brittany Ashland and threatened to kill her in 1996 and threatened to kill his wife, Denise Richards in 1996, pleaded guilty of third degree domestic violence against his most recent wife, Brooke Mueller, in 2010. And yet, not only does


Sheen get off easy with fines and short jail times, he also keeps his celebrity status by continuing to get acting jobs. In fact, he currently stars in a television show called “Anger Management,” in which his character has anger issues. Apparently, Sheen can and does profit by being his awful self on TV. My question is, why? Why are we as viewers allowing Sheen to gain visibility and further his celebrity status by being awful? He may have been famous for acting and being part of an acting family, but his celebrity is now rooted entirely in violence. Zimmerman, an ordinary citizen, is now well-known for shooting a teenager. Since his acquittal, he has used his story to stay visible to the public eye by auctioning off a controversial painting of the American flag and now, boxing someone on pay-perview TV. If we are ever going to end this strange reward system that pop culture is giving to violent people, the change is going to have to start with us. Don’t support violent people. The only way to de-celebrify them is to stop paying attention [literally]. Vote with your dollars by not supporting them, and do not tune into their TV shows so you are not included in ratings. Because if you do, you are helping them and people similar to them continue to promote violence.

Respond to Emily at

Amanda Matthews COLUMNIST

It’s time for the 2014 Olympics, filled with unity, excitement and controversy. But what about sportsmanship? Social media brings a new level of how athletes conduct themselves at the games. Shaun White, Olympic halfpipe Gold medalist,was scheduled to compete in the premiere slopestyle event. However, White withdrew from the event after jamming his wrist in practice. White had reason to worry. Other athletes were injured on the course. Two Canadian slopestyle snowboarders took to Twitter to give their opinions. Max Parrot tweeted “Shaun knows he won’t be able to win the slopes, that’s why he pulled out. He’s scared.” That was shortly followed by a tweet by Sebastien Toutant stating “Mr. White ... Its easy to find excuses to pull out of a contest when you think you can’t win ... ” Both snowboarders quickly deleted their tweets, but stated in a press conference that they stood by what they said. Parrot added that he was “bummed” White dropped out because the winner of slopestyle could be overshadowed by him not competing. White explained that it was a tough decision to make after talking to his team and trainers. He decided it was best to focus on the halfpipe with all

of the issues surrounding the slopestyle course. I’ve been an avid follower of the sports and even though it is a very competitive sport, there is always an air of brotherhood on the mountain. Athletes are seen high fiving and celebrating at the bottom of the slope when someone has an amazing run or lands a new trick. I feel that Parrot and Toutant were not following proper sportsmanship of an Olympian. They were representing Canada, and if I was Canadian I would not be happy to see athletes representing my country like this. American Sage Kotsenburg won slopestyle and was surrounded by his smiling teammates. That’s the way that real Olympians should act: happy that their country is bringing home a medal. Parrot placed fifth and Toutant placed ninth. Canada was able to bring home a bronze medal by Mark McMorris. People are buzzing more about the controversy his two teammates have stirred up instead of McMorris win. This raises the question: should the Olympics be able to place guidelines on how Olympians conduct themselves? Olympians might not agree with their competitors’ decisions, but they need to remember that it’s not about their opinions. Instead, it is about making their country proud.

Respond to Amanda at

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Monday, February 10, 2014 5

shedding their



Two pairs of Freddie and Frieda were unmasked on Sunday


SEAN KENNEDY was revealed as Freddie Falcon at the men’s basketball game during halftime on Sunday night.



lauren phillips and Daniel Short embrace after being revealed as Freddie and Frieda.

HOUSING From Page 1 returning students and first-year students is that returning students physically get to pick the specific room they want to live in. Students gain access to the system in groups of 20 to 30 people, Waters said. “I believe we have it broken into about 15-minute increments with 20 people eligible every 20 minutes,” she said. Fre sh m a n Nic ole Busdeker said she thinks the specific times students are given for sign-ups make the process seem stressful. “It’s kind of pressuring,”

she said. “Am I not going to get the [residence hall] I want?” Busdeker said she likes the first-come, firstserved process for incoming freshmen better. If students did not pay their $200 housing fee before the cut-off date, they will still have the opportunity to sign up for housing, Lawrie said. “They will be able to go back into the system Feb. 19 and they will be able to pick housing then, too,” he said. Lawrie said the rooms that go the fastest are generally the suite-style. “I think it just depends on what students are looking for,” he said. “It’s about that community piece.”

JENNIFER GONZALES smiles excitedly as she is revealed as Frieda Falcon.

“I think it just depends on what students are looking for. It’s about that community piece.” Joshua Lawrie | Assistant Director Kreischer and Harshman tend to be the ones that have the most open rooms for the longest amount of time during the sign-up process. “It tends to be more where out first-year students go, which is Kreischer and Harshman and those are also bigger,” Lawrie said.

TEN40 From Page 1 The performances included everything from matching outfits to vocal percussion to elaborate choreography. While traditional a cappella features religious music, the groups in the ICCA tournament leaned towards contemporary and pop music. Sophomore Michelle Latosky thought this was a smart move. “I’ve never been to one of these kinds of shows so I didn’t really know what to expect,” Latoksy said. “I liked the ones that sang songs I knew, it made it more enjoyable.”

Then, a group was selected for outstanding choreography before the top three groups of the night were announced. Coming off from a win, junior Ten40 member Andrew Sabol talked about the group’s game plan for advancing into the Semifinal. “We’ve never been a competition group,” Sabol said. “We’re just gonna polish our performance and take things and choreography from the other groups as inspiration to try to improve.” Ten40 advances to the ICCA Great Lakes Semifinal, which will be hosted on March 15 at Rackham Auditorium in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Mollohan had some insight into why the group took the win. “The audience can tell when you’re enjoying yourself on stage,” Mollohan said. “I think that was a key factor that stood us out from the other groups personally.” The competition concluded with a performance from special guests America’s Pride dancers, who promote a positive image of living a drug-free life. The dancers brought audience members on stage for an interactive performance including hip hop lessons, line dances and lip syncing. Awards given were to individuals, including outstanding soloist, arrangement and vocal percussion.

Quiet , Cozy, Convenient!

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Monday, February 10, 2014 7


Ruben Kappler | THE BG NEWS

Track Hurdler makes her way over the hurdles in the Tom Wright Open earlier this season.

Falcons break personal records Track and field looks to improve, move up in MAC before championship

By Jamar Dunson Reporter

The BG Track and Field team started and finished strong at the Akron invitational track meet Friday and Saturday. The competing Falcons set new personal bests on the first and on the second. This sets them up for a good spot as they approach the Mid-American Conference Indoor championship. On the first day, long jumper Krystin Reiser, along with the other Falcons, all broke their previous records. In the pentathlon, Reiser came in the top four in three of the five events and finished in fourth overall with a total of 3,438 points. This is over 100 points more than her previous record of 3,275 which was set back in December. Head track and field coach Lou Snelling was glad to see her, along with the other long jumpers, do well on the even and progress as they go into the MAC championships. “It was good, it was a positive start,” he said. “She took some good steps and it solidified her chance of scoring some points in the MAC qualifiers.” Senior long jumper Dena

Gates came in third with a jump of 17’11”. Not only did she break her season best by 8 inches, she also passed her jump 17’9.75’ from the MAC championship a year ago. Snelling was impressed to see her continue the positive trend for the Falcons. He said that her progression has been solid and that he hoped to see more out of her at Grand Valley next week. “She’s been solid this year,” he said. “I would like to see more of her at Grand Valley.” Freshmen Connor Kempf and Raven Porter kept the momentum going for the Falcons in the long jump. Kempf placed fifth with a jump of 17’9”, while Porter came in eighth with 17’4.75”, which surpassed her record of 17’4.25”. In the discus, an event that is normally played in outdoor events, freshman Makenzie Wheat placed third with a team best throw of 134’8”. On day two of the invitational, the meet was divided into blue and gold divisions, with the gold being limited to athletes who met harder qualification standards. In the 5,000 event for the

blue division, Kelsey Cogan helped the Falcons’ start on a high note by coming in sixth with a personal best time of 19:55.71. Freshman Lindsay Kaatz continued the pattern when she won the mile run in the blue division with a new record of 5:14.98. This was a big step for Kaatz, said Snelling, as she managed to get her team pumped and excited for the remainder of meet. In the weight throw event, Brooke Pleger competed in the gold division and set a new personal best with a distance of 62’5.75”, seven inches farther than her previous best this year. This, according to the coach, was one of the highlights of the event and for the Falcons as well. In the gold division triple jump, Tiera Parker came in fifth place with a career-best of 38’4.25”. That was only 3 inches short of the Mid-American Conference automark. With the success that the team showed at the event, Snelling said they’re becoming a more cohesive and balanced team than they were a

year ago. “Overall we’re a much more balanced team at this point than last year,” he said. “Going into this week’s event we have nine automarks and 19 athletes in the top 20 list, overall it’s been good progress.” After the event the coach said the improvements in various areas of the team was what really impressed him. “I would say that the main thing they showed me was improvements ... it was nice to see improvements in different areas,” Snelling said. Looking to next event’s track meet at Grand Valley, Snelling said that the goals are to get higher on the list for the MAC championship, get more automatic qualifying marks and get higher in the top 20 list. “Our goals are to get higher up on the list within the MAC Indoor championship,” he said. “This is our last chance to get automarks and get higher into the top 20 list … we need to be as ready as possible and do it this weekend and get into the MAC.” The Grand Valley State University Big Meet takes place this Friday on Feb. 14 in Allendale, Mich.

BG dominates the pool

Bowling Green swimming had its final dual meet of the season on Saturday and saw a near sweep of every pool race. Winning 13 of 14 races, the Falcons continued their streak of victories against Youngstown State University Penguins. The Falcons swam at home in Cooper Pool and honored three seniors— Brittany Szekely, Joëlle Scheps and Emily Waller— before the start of the meet. BG would go on to beat the Penguins 179-110, after giving up 32 points in diving and points in the last two events upon moving their swimmers into exhibition. “Even though it was a dominant meet for us, I really liked that the kids still stayed in the game,” head coach Petra Martin said. “They were pushing it no matter what they were swimming— if it was their main event or if it wasn’t their main event— and that type of effort, that type of focus is something that I’m excited to see.” The day started strong with a sweep in the 200 medley relay, with a first place win from the team of Maya Skorupski, Daniela Carrillo, Scheps and Szekely. For the next three events, the Falcons swept the top three

spots, and would eventually take the top three finishes a total of nine times throughout the day. Nine different swimmers saw individual wins, including the three seniors. Szekely took a win in the 50 freestyle, while Scheps would go on to win the 100 freestyle. Waller took first in the 500 freestyle. Victoria Griffin moved to 7-0 in the 200 freestyle finishing first with a time of 1:50.53. Teammate Erica Nieminen finished second nearly two seconds behind with a time of 1:52.25. Jordan Bullock and Carrillo won two events on the day while Hannah Albion, Nieminen and Haley Roberts took individual wins as well. Martin switched up some of the lineups for the meet to finalize the team set for the MAC Championships. “We kind of have our core set,” Martin said, “but there were a couple spots that we were not entirely sure. So that’s why we were mixing up some people around today to kind of see what they can do.” The Falcons have a few weeks to prepare for the championships, which start on Feb. 27 in Geneva, Ohio. After this win, Bowling Green moves to 6-3 in dual meets after coming off of a strong start in 2014 with five wins in a row.

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Falcons win againstYoungstown on senior day By Katherine Wernke Reporter

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8 Monday, February 10, 2014

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Ruben Kappler | THE BG NEWS

BG gymnast flips on a beam at a gymnastics meet in Anderson Arena Sunday.

BG drops meets to nationally-ranked Falcons lose to 18th, 19th teams in nation By Grant Crawford Reporter

The BG gymnastics team had a tough weekend as it traveled to Illinois for the Chicago Style Invite on Friday before coming back home on Sunday to Anderson Arena. The Falcons lost to 18th ranked Boise State 194.325 to 196.325 in the Chicago Style Invite and to 19th ranked Central Michigan 195.550 to 196.500. With this pair of losses, the Falcons drop to 5-4 overall and lose their first conference meet of the season dropping to 3-1 in the MAC along with losing their first home meet of the year. Despite chalking up a loss, the Falcons seemed to be optimistic and happy about the way the team performed in their meets. “I actually don’t think that they were all that concerned with the losses because our scores were so good,” said head coach Kerrie Turner. “Sometimes that is challenging for fans to understand, that scores are even a little bit more important than wins and losses they know that this team that we competed against is not out of reach so their feeling good because they know going into the MAC championship at the end of the year there is a lot of possibilities to come out on tops.” Although they lost to Boise State, the Falcons did have some positive feedback, defeating both North Carolina 194.325 to 192.075 along with the University of Illinois-Chicago 194.325 to 191.950 at the Chicago Style Invite. Along with posting their best score in eight years in the meet against Central Michigan with a 195.550

score with the help of Gina Locigno who seemed to shine in this meet, despite the loss, after struggling in the Chicago Style Invite. “Gina had a little bit of a rough meet on Friday and I know she was not satisfied with it,” Turner said. “She had not been feeling well and it was just not her best competition. She came in here really hungry to perform today, and it was just awesome and what an amazing job to finish second and surpass the 39 mark in the all-around.” Locigno posted 9.850 on the vault, a 9.600 on the bars, a 9.875 on the beam, and a 9.850 on the floor, beating her career best in the vault, balance beam, and allaround score. She and Megan Harrington got their career bests in the balance beam and all-around score as well. The Falcons look to build on these losses as they reflect and prepare for the rest of the regular season and into post season play. “We have been trying to get the girls to understand we think that they are a 196 plus team and they have to get close to those scores in order for them to feel that we can achieve that,” said Turner. “I think they are going to walk into Maryland next week knowing that’s what we are going after. Settling at the 194 mark is not going to be enough anymore to get to our goals; we have to want to push past that 196 mark and they are ready and really inspired.” The BG gymnastics team looks to get back on the right foot next weekend as they take on Maryland and Yale in College Park, Md. on Feb. 15 at 2 p.m.

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35 Christmas carol 36 Forest clearing 38 Feet pampering, briefly 42 Bridal party rides 44 Anglo-__ 45 Giant slugger Mel 48 *Venue for self-publishing 51 Shingles or slate, e.g. 53 "Isn't __ bit like you and me?": "Nowhere Man" lyric 54 39-Down unit 55 Brown Betty fruit 56 Beantown basketball player ® 58 *Arc-shaped, finger-staining snack food 61 5,280 feet 64 Erie or Huron 65 Myanmar, once ® 66 Yard sale sign phrase 67 Expected landing times,

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The BG News 2.10.14  

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