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Friday, November 16, 2012



DEAL BG to play Kent State University for MAC East title Saturday at Doyt

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7out of 10 55

Number of times BG has beat Kent State

149 Number of miles from BG to Kent State

BG wins

6 ties


Kent State wins

University partners with ‘EcoErek’

All time stats of BG vs. Kent State


Fellowship offers chance to pay attention to area of interest By Yalona Blair Reporter

Sports Editor

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Learn about the sometimes colorful and decorative cases, like this Stitch one, students are buying to style and protect their smartphones in PULSE on PAGE 3

Organization allows faculty to ‘generate ideas,’ develop projects

By Ethan Easterwood

For the first time since 2004, Bowling Green has a shot at winning the MAC East title, despite there still being games left on the schedule. Saturday the Falcons will welcome No. 25 Kent State to play for first place in the MAC East. Kent State is 6-0 in conference and a loss to BG would grant the Falcons sole possession of the lead, despite the fact that the teams would have identical records. It will be the first time the Falcons have had a shot at the MAC East since 2004 and the first time a ranked team has come to the Doyt since Boise State in 2009. According to the ticket office, the stadium will be at 90 percent capacity for the upcoming duel. Kent State is on an eight-game win streak, which it has upheld since losing to Kentucky 47-14. The loss serves as the Flashes’ only blemish this season, which has been highlighted by their 35-23 win against, at the time, No. 15 Rutgers. The Falcons are on a six-game win streak, last losing to Virginia Tech 37-0. Since the loss, the BG defense has stolen the show. Nationally ranked sixth in overall defense and ninth in points allowed, the defense has made a statement. The Flashes do not boast any high national statistics, but have earned their ranking through their consistent ability to win. Kent State is ranked 30 nationally in points scored and 52


To Ellen Berry, one of the most important places at the University is one that stands for the building of an intellectual community. Berry identifies that place as the Institute for the Study of Culture and Society, which allows faculty to take a break from teaching to work on their personal research projects. “You would think that at an university we would have all kinds of opportunities to talk to one another about our work, but in fact we don’t,” Berry said. “This is the only place on campus, that I know, that is dedicated to kind of sponsoring peoples’ research projects, giving them a chance to talk to the community about their research projects and sponsoring outside speakers and educating people about that before they come.” Every year, at least four faculty members are awarded fellowships that allow them to use a semester as a means to do research for their personal work, said Berry, director of ICS and previous faculty fellow of two years. Berry enjoyed her own opportunity to do research. “It was so nice to have the time to work on the project and it was really special to present it to my peers,” Berry said. “It’s one thing to go to a conference and kind of report your research to total strangers, but it’s another thing to have all of the people in your own community to hear your work.” ICS also hosts a lecture series that goes on throughout the year, and it sponsors workshops, symposia and conferences, Berry said. Kim Coates, associate profes-

sor of English and recent faculty fellow, said ICS benefits both faculty and students. “ICS makes an enormous contribution to the intellectual culture on this campus. Not only do the ICS Faculty Fellows give public lectures, but the Institute also sponsors other speakers throughout the academic year,” Coates said. “These lectures provide intellectual stimulation to both faculty and students alike.” Ann Weedon, graduate assistant for ICS, said she enjoys being able to work with the faculty and hear their work. “This institute is a really interesting opportunity to work with faculty members that are doing their own individual research, so it’s kind of exciting to get to hear their work,” Weedon said. There were a total of five faculty fellows this past year, and Coates was one of them, Berry said. Coates said she gave a public lecture in March entitled “Dancing with Freud: Female Sexuality, Modernist Women and the Intoxication of Movement.” “I am in the very early stages of a book project, so I spent much of my semester on fellowship doing preliminary research and reading,writing for the project,” Coates said. “I was able to devote my undivided attention to this work, which simply isn’t possible when I’m teaching three classes and have 80 to 90 students, plus committee responsibilities in my department and University-wide.” Coates said there is little to no time for faculty downtime. “I think the ICS Fellowship is of special importance to those in the Humanities and Social

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12 year old boy organizes recycling collection drives By Sara Root Reporter

To many, a single shoe has no purpose, but to one 12-year-old boy from Curtice, Ohio, a single shoe can mean insulation for a car door or even a new basketball court. Erek Hansen, known as “EcoErek,” has been organizing recycling collection drives since 2009. Since then, the seventh grader has partnered with multiple organizations to collect old denim and shoes to be recycled into things like car insulation or the padding under carpeting. “I’ve always loved to recycle because I think we should be less wasteful with our stuff,” Hansen said. For the past two years, Hansen, of Curtice, Ohio, has partnered with the University’s When You Move Out, Don’t Throw it Out community service project. After students move out each spring, WYMO donates as much of its collected clothing to charities as possible. However, Nick Hennessy, University sustainability coordinator, said sometimes the group gets shoes and clothing that are in no condition to be donated. “We always get, at the end of the year, boxes and boxes of shoes,”

Hennessy said. “A lot of them are too worn to give to charities and things like that. And then a lot of them, too, are just a single shoe.” Hennessy said the partnership between Hansen and WYMO works well because whatever the group can’t donate, Hansen will have recycled, keeping it out of landfills. “We definitely work well together as a team because their needs and our needs mesh so nicely,” Hennessy said. “What we end up not being able to distribute or to use in some sort of way, happens to be stuff that they definitely have a need for in their program.” Recently, Hansen was involved in a project he learned about in a National Geographic magazine. “They were trying to collect shoes and trying to set a Guinness World Record for the longest chain of tied tennis shoes,” Hansen said. “After they’ve been counted and tied, they’re going to get recylced into basketball courts.” Hansen arranged to have drop boxes on campus to help collect shoes, which had to be mailed to

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VOLLEYBALL LOOKS FOR TITLE The Falcons bring in a number two seed into the MAC Tournament. BG plays the seventh seed Eastern Michigan first on their way to a MAC title this weekend. | PAGE 6


THE WEBSITE for The BG News was recognized as one of 12 national finalists for an Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker award at the recently hosted College Media Association National Convention Oct 25-28 in Chicago, Ill. It is the first time the University has had a publication or website nominated for this award. Pictured above is BG News Editor Max Filby (left) and Creative Manager Nathan Elekonich.

MODERATE MODERATION Columnist Alissa Widman explains how a source taught her that overindulging teaches appreciation and everything is good in moderation — including moderation. | PAGE 4

WHAT WILL YOU DO IF BG BEATS KENT STATE? “Party like a rockstar.” Allison Rybinski Freshman, Criminal Justice


2 Friday, November 16, 2012


9S2S.5F M


4 year Anniversary!

There is no blotter posted for today because the Bowling Green Police Division did not have it posted and it was unable to provide any copy according to dispatch. This has occurred occasionally because of a new policy enacted by the police, which requires an employee to

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ICS From Page 1

Sciences on this campus because, other than Faculty Improvement Leaves, which only come around every 7 years, there are few opportunities for faculty in these areas to get release time,” Coates said. ICS was founded in 1996 by then University presi-

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FRESHMAN FATIMA Camara explains a dress that is worn in the country of Guinea. The International Studies Network hosted a world costume and game night Thursday.

for points allowed. The offensive focus will probably come down to the running game. Kent State’s Trayion Durham has 1,059 yards for 13 touchdowns and his backup, Dri Archer, has 1,043 yards off almost 100 fewer carries for 12 touchdowns. Archer is averaging 9.7 yards per carry, according to “They have Archer, who is a speed guy,” Head Coach Dave Clawson said. “I mean, this guy is a blazer, I don’t know what his 40 [meter dash] time is, but I bet you he is somewhere in the 4.3 range. This guy can fly, he runs by people every week and you just can’t rest when he is in the game.” Durham is a 250-pound running back who has not been afraid to run right at players, and his productivity, along with Archer’s, is credit to Kent State’s offensive line. Clawson credits the offensive line as the best

10 pm til 2:30 am


back prices from 2008 on all drinks H Throwranging from beer to mixed drinks H




K I S S 18 & Up H 21 & over FREE C LU B H dent, Olscamp, Berry said. “He created this endowment where we could fund faculty to have a semester off to work on their research projects and that would also raise money every year to bring in speakers,” Berry said. “It was designed to be useful to those of us who would like to get time off but don’t have access to the kind of money that other disciplines do. So it was his vision and generosity

in the conference. BG’s running back Anthon Samuel is coming off earning MAC East Offensive Player of the Week with his career-high day against Ohio carrying the ball 29 times for 181 yards and two touchdowns. Samuel has 906 yards on the season and 10 touchdowns in nine games. With comparable offenses, the game could come down to a defensive and special teams showdown. This past week, BG special teams resulted in a safety, two blocked punts, two fumbles, a field goal and punter Brian Schmiedebusch named the National Punter of the Week, all against then MAC East-leading, Ohio. Kent State’s special teams have allowed a total of 15 return yards and lead the conference in punting yards and return yards. “We have really good numbers on defense right now. We are fifth, sixth or seventh in the country on defense, but if you notice, we don’t have a tackler in the top 40 of

that started the whole thing and yeah, it’s been going on ever since.” ICS is funded by the Arts and Sciences department, while also having a small endowment that generates interest every year to fund outside speakers and events, she said. Berry has been director for two years now and said she is there to serve the interest of the faculty.

“I feel like I am here to serve the interest of the faculty because we get so caught up in teaching, not that that isn’t important, but if we get too far away from our own work we’re not as good at teaching either,” Berry said. “It’s a place to generate ideas and it’s a place to help people develop their projects and just be a resource for intellectual work.”

“They have Archer, who is a speed guy. I mean, this guy is a blazer, I don’t know what his 40 [meter dash] time is, but I bet you he is somewhere in the 4.3 range.” Dave Clawson | Head Coach

the conference in tackles. Chris Jones has a lot of sacks and he is a name,” Clawson said. “What we are doing is playing really, really good team defense. At times [players] are giving themselves up so a free hitter can make a play.” Jones has been the leader of the Falcons’ defense, which is the sole reason the Falcons have allowed five touchdowns in their past six games, while keeping all opponents under 14 points in their victories. “That is the culture of our team,” Clawson said. “That we are doing what we need to be doing to win games and that we’re not worried about the stats or the offensive numbers we are putting up. If it means in the second half that we are only going to throw the ball

once, nobody cares because we want to win the game.” Jones and others may be the highlights and receiving the most publicity, but Kent State brings a dark horselike defense to the game. They have produced all year without being a huge talking point. “In every level of their defense, they have an allconference caliber player,” Clawson said. “The nature of their defense is they are very disruptive; they have created 30 turnovers this year and have a +20 turnover margin. When you can create that many more possessions for your offense, you’re going to win football games.” The game will kick-off at noon Saturday and will be aired locally on ABC, channel 13.


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Friday, November 16, 2012 3




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Students find ways to express themselves through iPhone cases By Amber Petkosek Pulse Reporter

Some students consider their iPhones a part of them and because of that, they may choose to personalize them through decorative cases. “You can get a feel for a person’s personality by how they decorate their phones,” said Laura Merritt, public relations manager for Verizon Wireless. Freshman Audrey Quinn has seen students using cases designed by their favorite brand. “At the beginning of the year, I saw a lot of girls with the ‘Love Pink’ phone cases,” Quinn said. One of a kind cases are also popular with some students. “My case is from,” Quinn said. “It’s a sugar skull; it’s a one of a kind case.” Other students chose to decorate their iPhones in a more unique fashion. “I’ve seen a lot of extravagant cases,” said freshman

Shaquille Mosley. “With beads and stuff; glitter too.” Mosley uses his phone cases to express himself with design. “We order cases that are in a design like a Game Boy or a solid color,” Mosley said. Aside from decorating phones, students should also take precautions to protect their phones, Merritt said. “A wireless device is an investment,” she said. While decorating their iPhones, students do not have to worry about making the wrong choice of case, she said. “There really isn’t anything decoration-wise that is ‘bad’ for your phone,” Merritt said. Mosley recommends not pulling your screen protector off. “When people lift the screen protector off their

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Song “American Pie” comes “Breaking Dawn” fans flock to theaters Woodland Mall Cinema hosted double features on all five screens alive through professor’s book “They’re going to have to

Firelands assistant professor writes about Don McLean’s hit song with his father By Sara Root Pulse Reporter

In 2009, Raymond Schuck was approached by his father about creating a book of essays, all revolving around Don McLean’s 1971 hit, “American Pie.” Three and a half years later, Schuck and his father have published a book. This past September, Schuck, a Communications assistant professor at the Firelands campus, and his father, Ray Schuck, a professor of history at Ohio Northern, published “Do You Believe in Rock and Roll,” a book of eight scholarly essays. “I think if you’ve grown up in the US in the last 40 years, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve heard the song and you’ve seen it referenced in any number of other places,” Schuck said. The idea for the book came from Ray, who incorporates music from the 1960s into his public history classes at Ohio Northern. Ray plays guitar, sings songs and discusses their significance with his students. When asked by students if he knew “American Pie,” Ray began incorporating the song into his lessons as well. “And I realized I really didn’t have a full comprehension of the lyrics,” Ray said. “I thought, ‘If I’m going to sing it in class and we’re going to discuss it in class, then I should probably have a good comprehension of what the lyrics mean.’” After his realization, Ray researched the song and its history until he came up with his own interpretation of the lyrics, but he also found there wasn’t much other information on the song. “He also realized there wasn’t really a lot of scholarly work written about this,” Schuck said. “For as significant as a song this is, we basically found one essay in a book that talks about it.” In 2009, Ray approached his son with the idea of compiling a collection of essays about “American Pie” into a book. They each knew what their own essays were going to be about, but there was still a matter of finding others who were interested in contributing. To connect with others, they put a call out on a professional online mailing list, asking anyone interested in the book to send them a short overview of what they would like to write about. University graduate Joe Burns, Communications professor at Southeastern Louisiana University, was told by a colleague about the book.

Raymond Schuck

Communications assistant professor at Firelands Campus

Burns said he had been lecturing about the meaning of “American Pie” for more than a decade and contacted the Schucks right away. “I just tripped all over myself to get him a copy of the lecture,” Burns said. “And I’m thinking ‘Aw please, just let me be part of it.’ And here, I’m in the book and I’m ecstatic. I think it’s wonderful.” Burns’ essay, a line-by-line interpretation of the lyrics, is the first in the book, followed by Ray’s interpretation. Schuck’s piece closes the book, but his compares McLean’s song to Weird Al Yankovich’s “The Saga Begins.” “It [The Saga Begins] came out at the time that the first ‘Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace’ came out,” Schuck said. “[Yankovich] used Don McLean’s song and parodied it, but told the story of ‘Star Wars Episode I.’” Schuck said he talks about how well Yankovich’s song works because each song represents its own generation. “It really works because he’s taking this song that stood for a generation growing up and applying it to the next generation and the sort of nostalgia that generation X was feeling over ‘Star Wars,’ similarly to the nostalgia that baby boomers were feeling with rock and roll,” Schuck said. The eight essays in “Do You Believe in Rock and Roll” range in length from around 10 pages to about 40, Schuck said. He said the book is dedicated to his mother, Mary Ann Schuck, who passed away from cancer during the writing process. Both Schuck and his father feel that by focusing on a popular song like “American Pie,” their book can be found both entertaining through the subject matter and educational. They both plan to reference the book in their own classes in the future. “It was meant to be entertaining enough that people would read it and enjoy it,” Schuck said. “But at the same time, absolutely, it is a scholarly book and so these are essays that could and, we hope, will be used in classrooms.” The book retails for $40 and can be found on

By Eric Lagatta Pulse Reporter

After reading the books and watching the movies, sophomore Lauren Dencic is eagerly awaiting the conclusion to the “Twilight Saga.” “I’m definitely going to see it over break with one of my girlfriends,” Dencic said. “The Twilight Saga: Breaking DawnPart 2,” directed by Bill Condon and based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer, opened Thursday with a running time of 116 minutes, according to The stor y concludes w ith Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) confronting the Italian vampire group the Volturi who are after Bella’s daughter, Renesmee. Taylor Lautner will also return as Jacob. Senior Nina Krivonic, an employee at the Woodland Mall Cinema, said the theater had a “Twilight” double feature Thursday night, with “Breaking Dawn- Part 1” showing at 7:30 p.m. and “Part 2” premiering at 10 p.m. on all five screens. Tickets went fast for the double feature and continue to sell for the showings over the weekend, she said. “The last time I was at work, which was over the weekend, we had 30 tickets left for a theater [for the premiere],” she said. “Expect a lot of people.” Instead of the double feature, weekend showings will screen in two theaters for “Part 2” only, she said. The cinema a lso had a promotion dea l for a cup set w ith “Tw ilight” cha rac ters on t hem for $7.50, Krivonic said. Krivonic was not able to work during the premiere screenings, but said these always feature fans with costumes. “I haven’t seen anything yet but I’ve heard stories,” she said. According to, the estimated budget for “Breaking Dawn” was $131.5 million, the largest budget of any “Twilight” film yet. The first “Breaking Dawn” itself grossed almost $702 million, according to Becca Cragin, an associate professor in the Popular Culture Department, said the relevance and popularity of the series lies in its analysis of cultural values associated with gender. “They tap in really well in many ways to many experiences girls have,” Cragin said.

include a good fight scene in the end to summarize it. [And] end on a happy note like the book.” Lauren Dencic | Sophomore

The series follows Bella’s journey from childhood to womanhood and her struggle w ith her sexua lit y, she said. “She’s right on the cusp of entering into adulthood and [dealing with] that angst,” she said. “It’s about the difficulty of being a teenager and figuring out where you belong.” A big theme of the series is romance, something that fans of the series, mostly girls, respond to, Cragin said. “There’s still this prime drive for g irls to be focused on roma nce,” she said. “It’s a centra l part of their identit y.” The main male character, Edward, is more so incidental to the plot, as it’s more about Bella’s development as a person, Cragin said. “The main male character, Edward, is so boring,” she said. “He’s almost a screen she can map her projections onto.” The stories combine elements of romance and mystery with the supernatural, something people have always been entertained by, Cragin said. “I really feel that it’s just reflecting back our culture than making a statement about our culture,” she said. “It takes the vampire genre and brings it to a teen audience.” Cragin said it remains to be seen if the series will leave a lasting legacy years from now. “That will be really interesting to see. I could see it going either way,” she said. “Cultural texts associated with women tend to be devalued.” Without providing any spoilers, Dencic said she has certain expectations for the concluding film. “They’re going to have to include a good fight scene in the end to summarize it,” she said. “[And] end on a happy note like the book.” Now that the series is ending, Dencic said she will move on to the next captivating story. “I’ve got to find a new series to fall in love with,” she said.


favorite aboutKent St. State? Patrick’s Day? PEOPLE Whats your will you do if thing BG beats PEOPLEON ONTHE THESTREET STREETWhat’ “I like it beacuse it’s soto “I’m going close my ” get to drunk. birthday.”

JORDAN RUCKETZ, CHEALSEA BARRINGTON Sophomore, Freshman, Therapy Pre-Physical AYA Integrated Language Arts

“Getting up and going to to “I’m going the bars early.”leap into Lambeau the student section after the game.”

JUSTIN RIVELL, JUDE ADJEI-BARIMAH Junior, Junior, Justice Criminal Sport Management

“Just seeing everyone “I willalldo together. ” backflips. ”

KAYHLENE POTI, SAKONDRA LITTLETON Freshman, Freshman, Business/Accounting Journalism

Monday, March 19 & Tuesday, March 20, 2012 4 Friday, November 16, 2012

“Dressing in green.” “I’ll get a t-shirt because I’m so excited.”

TIERRA LEE, EMILY MCGRAW Sophomore, Senior, Pre-Socailwork Psychology



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Advocate for need Do not allow University to become corporate “We’re not moving to moderate along; we have a

‘Furries’ not what you might think

hadn’t spoiled any of its tracks with Internet leaks. The last time the band ALISSA WIDMAN put out an album, however, COLUMNIST overplayed nearly half of its THATItracks REALLY a few months prior to “Everything is good in its release date, making the moderation — including debut much less meaningmoderation.” ful. The disappointment cerWhile interviewing a tainly taught me a lesson in woman this summer to self-control. obtain information for a story, Again, I think this is what she uttered this quote a few my interviewee meant by minutes into our casual con- “moderating moderation.” versation. It’s human nature to enjoy Although I never printed something in excess if it’s her statement — it was rel- available. evant to our trust-building But each time we overinsmall talk, but not my assign- dulge, during our aftershock ment — the borderline cliché analysis, we’re reminded how is arguably one of the most important it is to moderate. 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Next time, our mob of 10 drunken ally succumb to the instinct students have heard stories of won’t be so forgiving. to dudes overindulge? best friends who chose to live —COUNT BLESSINGS Initially, YOUR I logged the together during college and, woman’s statement in the by the end of the semester, back ofsmy mind. But taking it still off couldn’t stand to look at one What’ up with people their clothes at house parties lingers myHonestly, thoughts, sur- expecting another. these in days? 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I guess there’s someuation job at a great small es serve a purpose: They’re thing satisfying about whipping an empty bottle into a crowded market newspaper, I darted to necessary reminders to keep area that some people can’t resist. the city’s downtown bars that people on track. —PAIN IN THE GLASS night to indulge in its alcoholOccasionally, splurging based offerings. adds color to our lives and AThree recentnights trend I in havea noticed their parents row, I is people makeshaving moments memorable roll withdancing them on and the weekends. m cool with it, justbar don’tcrawl, baby a enjoyed drink- I’— a celebratory your mom. If she’ s a cutie, I’ m going to hit on her. 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So, I was scheduling for classes andAnd, realized I could graduate in clear hindsight. The occaultimately, we learn a year early! But then I found out I couldn’t because the when sional stint of overindulgence that everything isof good ridiculous amount of electives we have to take to graduate keeps us on track. moderated — including here. modIAnother think it’s dumb that I have to takeeration some itself. bogus and completely example: When classes, along with myunnecessary favorite band released a taking out extra student loans, just to fulfill some stupid requirement. new CD this week, I was able to —SALTY blissfullySENIOR listen to it as a Respond to Alissa at complete package because I







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Okay, this is going to be the weirdest letterJAMES to the editor you’ll ever get, I guarPFUNDSTEIN FACULTY COLUMNIST antee it. The article ‘Furries, people who dress up as aniWhile other,tomore mals, wish garnerobviously smiles, important things raise money’ was ahave well-been going (thebut presidential writtenon article, it has election, Hurricane Sandy, one glaring error. theRight bizarre twists and in turns in the headline, offact. theThe Petraeus Affair —who now whole “people with extra-added shirtless FBI agents, glamorous twins and shattered political daydreams), two sides have been fighting for the future of this University. I think the administration wants to remake the University into a more TARA KELLERalong corporate university, COLUMNIST the lines of the University of Phoenix: more part-time faculty, bigger class-sizes, more online classes, higher Green enrollThis week Bowling ments and higher proved that nicetuition. weather The out faculty are in fightbrings the nice all ing for a different vision: a of us. University eduThe 70 where degreeyour weather cation mattersthe most — not transformed hibernatbecause it is ainto product that ing campus a won(with the ofright derland life packaging) and stu-

However, though the Adams’ book “Watership dress up as animals” thing. costumers stand out like I’m a furry, and I stumbled Down” too; and you lose the a sore thumb, the average nice assonance. So, we go upon this article. You guys canended be sold in the that be crazy. But theyfurry would rather just watch thewould $10 word. just up being themarketones with place a very price, but The tendwhole to move on to a new“Rango” or “Kung Fu Panda fursuiting thing who getatthe letterhigh because because of the impact high-paying assignment 2” than actually put forth the best be described as the this is a common fallacy. Iit can can have onthe your life. after a few years. effort to wear a costume, this furry fandom’s equivalent just feel need to straightTheup. course of the corpo- of anFaculty who have madeaverage furry included. anime fan cosplayen this rate university is clear: careers here,orstudents So, anyway, thanks for let(costume playing) The whole “fursuiting” thing it ingtheir in ofthe who’vedressing taken up degrees in a here,ting me straighten that up! isends a subset furrysmoking fandom. ruin a Trekkie ofSee, thewe’re Phoenix, families that have sacrificed P.S. It really was otherwise uniform. fans ofwithout anthro- any Starfleet magical resurrection — the Those a lot to send their out childrena nice article. guys are living pomorphic animals, which endprobably of this be University as a their here mightby have a different fantasies dressing can just as easily responsible institution about whattomakes — Brendan Kachel and pretending be the this described as cartoon animals of upidea education andlike a Richard benefit to characters University theygreat want toand be. what except we really the community. can make it better. The steps the University We’re not moving along; has already taken along this we have a permanent conroad have caused our rank- nection to this place, this ings to slide steadily down- University. Maybe it’s time to ward in recent years: demor- stop the revolving door for Students and families alizing increasing top administrative poststhe have to speak for the neurons in our out brains benches were occupied real dosefaculty, of vitamin D. theour class sizes and tuition andoldpick leaders kindpositively of university when they friends usingfor thethisreact Everybody wasraising literally in with outmood. not to be good for day University who are of thisthe want; kind university sun isthe out andof ready to catch up. aturn sunny your standing. University. they need. us. Psychologists Why was it people’s to greet My academic friends and I took would of administraThe BGSU Facultyactually Fight for your falcon. advise individuals exponentially fullWhy advantage mother attitudes tors pursue this path, Association is better part ofas thesuffering You from don’tdepression want to wake for the nature’s leniency andso increased obviously to the thefight against climbed the failedto use up the onesun dayas and find it’s just a tempotemperature trekked updestructive onto the Wolfe University? model of theraryapicker-upper. phoenix — an imaginary the same direction? Center, blanket and home- in corporate Maybe don’t expect University a part. Maybe bird with an way all too it’s the the real Sitting on... but theonly Wolfe work in tow.they We weren’t the to be here to deal with the Center Notand all the relevant issuessunlight price tag. highlights the hoping in vain only ones. consequences. be would settled in tanthe mycon-campus. The basketball courts thecansun Topfilled tier administrators tract negotiations that the Now we can clearly see legs, I contemplatwere with friendlyare exposed like football people coaches. Not in edadministration Respond to James at several theories.has stalled competitors, played their rateFrisbee of pay,like of course; and evaded so long. See TARA | Page 5 Vitamin D for intake, perultimate they

permanent connection to this place, this University. Maybe it’s time to stop the revolving door of our top administrative posts ...”

Sunny days promote bright attitudes

dents enjoying their first

were at the Olympics and

haps. Science tells us that

Appreciate, embrace Thanksgiving Homophobia is stillfamily alive inthisthis country PAUL MCKENZIE


It standard of columAsisthea election season heats nists in our up likeeverywhere this unseasonable nation write the obligaweather,towe Americans are tory I amhelping thankful being“what fed a double of for” socialcolumn issues. right before Thanksgiving. I wrote this past week I would likethese to tell you about one of issues: that I will not kowtow to abortion. that cliché,that butthis I am doing I opined is not a just that. I like to pretend that I have the wisdom that 41 years on Earth can bring, but I can be just as unthankful as anyone else at times. I have learned some things PHIL I am though, and for that, SCHURRER extremely grateful. FACULTY My fervent hope is that COLUMNIST you have been as blessed as me. So here it goes; my nod to that old, worn the In February, thechestnut: U.S. House Thanksgiving Oversight and musing. Government Some things I am thankReform Committee held ful for are entitled as old as“Lines I am. a hearing Icrossed: was raised by two terSeparation of rific parents, Howard and Church and State. Has the Mildred Obama McKenzie. Administration I was also Trampled on blessed Freedomwith of five fabulous Religion and siblings. Freedom of While my mom and oldConscience?” estTen sisterspeakers are gone,testified, they live in my heart and still divided equally into teach two me lessons from beyond. I panels. could neverpanel asked for The have morning was acomposed better upbringing. of clergy discuss-

“Being older, I really relished my second chance in academia. New friends were made and relationships were forged, all the while I was made to feel 22 again. I even somehow managed to get into graduate school.”

I issue amthat thankful that but mine. Down the street in his real the electorate almostbefive years with. ago my I also believe it is not a hometown of Norwalk, should concerned life was Isaved Today, want thanks to start to a a choice either. Some on the Ohio lived Judy (not her series of fortunate, rather Right will call me a sinner real name). Judy had a stepconversation about homothan unfortunate, events. for saying this. Some in the father named Bob (again, sexuality. Two I wanthundred to start a realpounds con- LBGT community do not feel not his real name) who was later, I have lifedemato live whether or not it is a choice maybe 30 years old and was versation, not athe again. of MyRick surgeon, took is relevant. I believe they are a good-looking guy. goguery Santorum chance high-risk When puberty hit Paul, he oraJim De Minton butaa real talk right, but I still do not believe surgery mebe a gift fell in love. Did he lie in bed about whatand I feelgave should a it is a choice. I can never repay. I know this in my heart one summer night and connon-issue. lucky IThere, truly am. I How am straight. I said because of two people: Paul template who he was sexuIn the fall of 2008, I was and Kathleen. As my life spiraled down,ally attracted being in to? a committed relait. Feel better now? I do not. able go because back to what school In I was givenof a1983, mission. tionship, as so many of you the spring a I dotonot after aI am prolonged Nothing read orPaul taught See experienced. PAUL | Page 5 boy named hitcan have gender sexuallyabsence. attract- young first time since puberty. prepare anyone for a task I am eternally indebted ed For to isthe nobody’s business junior high school, my like taking care of a criti- to my new family, for they grades were stellar. Just as cally and chronically ill have brought me true importantly, I had a blast at family member. happiness. Firelands campus. I was not perfect at it What better gift exists, I Being older, I really rel- for sure, but it taught me do not know. ished my second chance more about me than I ever I will tell you though, in the academia. friends as believed was possible. age does sometimes Treatment normally cona Democratic witness on ing need for New an exempwere made and relation- theSome gifts come in myste-sistsequate wisdom. of prescription birth The first panel. tion from the contraceptive ships were forged, all the The rious, hard Republican ways. 22-year-old me thought I control medication. Her mandate. while I waspanel, made to feel Committee This past month I foundprescription was “it.”to At least that is treat PCOS chair declined The second consist22 of again. even somehow God had lie I toldcovered supposedly seat that her, stating that indeed she was the ing seniorI officials repre- to out managed to get into grad- “lacked not forsaken The past 20 years student insur- have expertiseme. in ques- Georgetown senting institutions affected I caninsay tionsI ofsometimes think heance.taught me that everything religious freedoms byuate the school. mandate,All testified is afternoon. “wow.” mightfederal have made is temporary andabout blessings complained under law,” my andpath Fluke the I amspectators also thankful toughshe at was times, I nowinsurance are there to be had. representatives not abut memSome walkedfor because heartbreak. The is not the truth.and university When medical you gostaffhome of thethat clergy. out in protest in thedeath morn- of berknow my allegedly sister wasbecause rough. There I know now thatinvithe has“interrogating” to see your students family this The Democrats ing, no is nothing good about a ed bestowed me with Thanksgiving, do not sweat their PCOS prescripFluke to testify before allabout women were testifying. 42-year-old passing these gifts. and Policy tions. research papers, final Steering However, there wereaway. two their Theon death of mypanel: moth- Committee, Last, but chaired not least,by I am Evidently, exams or heartache. there were suswomen the second er was tempered in com- Nancy grateful this stead, remember the students Pelosi, a Thanksgiving week after picionsI nthat Dr. Allison Dabs Garrett my future wife, Rachel.wanted t hatbirth good t hings control pills a re first hearing. ofparison. Oklahoma Christian thefor First, she was than a month, around purposthe corner. contraceptive In In herless testimony, Fluke wefor right University, andolder. Laura Secondly, she of had cheat- toldwill wed and my futurees, rather Trust than me. for treating of be a friend diagnosed Champion, M.D., Calvin ed theHealth Reaper repeatedly. with step-daughter andsynstep-PCOS. polycystic ovarian College Services. Lastly, I was sons(PCOS), will be officially mine. a condition On the day of thegiven hearing,the drome opportunity to nurse her in Nothing is more challeng| Page 5 to Paul at See PHILRespond which cysts grow on the Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown for student, many years. ing or rewarding than Law was nominated ovaries.

Birth control testimony adds to debate



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Friday, November 16, 2012

THE PULSE music review Grade: B

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PINNED IT Pinterest offers users chance to create and share ideas By Emily Gordon Reporter

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, has a Pinterest 78 likes 56 repins BG NEWS via EMILY GORDON onto PINTEREST FACTS

Pinterest can be used on iPads, iPhones and Android phones using the Pinterest App 7 likes 1 repins BG NEWS via EMILY GORDON onto PINTEREST FACTS

You can report a pin if you find it offensive 12 likes 4 repins


Like some engaged couples, senior Haley McClure and her fiancé are busy planning their upcoming wedding, but instead of reading through wedding magazines, McClure is gathering unique ceremony ideas from the website Pinterest. Pinterest, a website which allows users to create virtual pin-boards of anything they are interested in, emerged on the social media scene in 2010. Common pinboard themes include weddings, current fashion trends, do-it-yourself projects, class lesson plans and recipes, according to the website. McClure said she likes to pin from the wide variety of topics users upload themselves or repin from other users. “I like that it’s a creative space,” McClure said. “It’s an open forum for people to share their ideas.” Pinterest’s users are mostly women, something McClure likes about the website. “A lot of other [online] spaces such as Reddit are maledominated,” she said. “Pinterest is a place for women to claim a space that’s their own, free of judgement.” Anna O’Brien, graduate student and instructor of Popular Culture, is including some aspects of Pinterest in her thesis, including its popularity among young women. O’Brien said she thinks some reasons the website has gained popularity is due to its ease of use and visually appealing layout. “You can be looking at images a lot faster than reading through a blog,” she said. “And it’s easier to just pin something rather than download information.” Pinterest also gives users the option of anonymity, which may be another attractive factor to the site, O’Brien said. While the website allows users to link their Pinterest profiles to their Twitter or Facebook profiles, many don’t, opting, instead, to keep their creativity to themselves, she said. “There’s a desire to keep ideas to yourself until you’re ready to share them [with others],” O’Brien said. Pinterest’s popularity may also be due to the recession, said Becca Cragin, assistant professor in Popular Culture. “People are really reinvested in the home, redecorating and spending more time in the home. In the past it was seen as frivolous, but people are now appreciating its value,” she said. Cragin said the do-it-yourself tutorials that are popular on Pinterest are low-cost entertainment for cash-strapped users. “It’s much cheaper and worthwhile to make your own craft or painting or sculpture,” she said. Pinterest has gained momentum by “electronic word of mouth,” where users tell their friends about the website and share pins that are interesting to them, she said. “People like to pass each other things online,” Cragin said. “They say to their friends, ‘oh my God, look at this crazy photo.’” Senior Katie Reimund said she created a Pinterest account for that same reason. Reimund said her favorite things to pin include inspirational or funny quotes and pictures that she can share with those close to her. “I think it’s something new and different for people who are tired of Facebook,” she said. “It’s also great to use to procrastinate from doing your homework.” 108 likes 93 repins

One Direction album satisfying follow-up Group’s sophomore album sure to entertain fans By Jonathan Keilholz Music Critic

Boy bands have the most loyal fans in the world. If One Direction group members recorded an album in which they took turns reciting British slang like “bugger” and “cheesed off,” it would go platinum in ten minutes. That’s not to say 1D’s new album “Take Me Home” is half-arsed. But the British superstars banked multialbum success with the release of their debut album “Up All Night” less than a year ago. “Take Me Home” sounds like a continuation of “Up All Night,” which makes sense because the predecessor was released only eight months ago in the United States. It’s a satisfying follow-up, though it feels a bit rushed in a way its predecessor does not. “Take Me Home” consists of accelerated, power pop tunes that are designed as to win over younger fans. Some, like “Heart Attack” and “Back to You,” are wellproduced toe-tappers. The “ow!” in “Heart Attack” will resonate with One Direction fans. Other fast tracks, like


i PHONE COVERS like this Stich cover from “Lilo and Stitch” are becoming popular.

CASES From Page 3

phone and try to put it back on, you get the air bubbles and dirt gets on your phone,” Moseley said. A good way to protect a screen is to put a screen protector on it, she said. “You can get display protection,” Merritt said. “That can help resist scratches.” Even after taking many precautions, there is no guarantee that your phone will not break, she said. “There is no way to guarantee you can do



“C’mon, C’mon” and “Rock Me,” will go in one ear and out the other. They’re okay, but mostly filler material. “Up All Night” also had its share of pumped performances, like the break-out hit, “What Makes You Beautiful,” but the ballads were remarkable. “Gotta Be You” reminded us why One Direction won “The X Factor” — sheer talent. The notes held in “Gotta Be You” were nothing short of extraordinary. This is where “Take Me Home” is, as the Brits would say, knackered. Slow songs like “Little Things,” “Summer Love” and “Over Again” don’t showcase One Direction’s, well, X factor. The melodies are overly repetitive, the lyrics cliché. “They don’t know about the things we do; they don’t know about the, ‘I love yous,’” the boys sing in, “They Don’t Know About Us.” Virtually every band has sung lyrics similar to these. Despite a lacking in the X factor category, One Direction fans will have a blast with “Take Me Home.” The British Invasion of the 21st century shows no signs of ceasing.

everything to protect your iPhone,” Merritt said. “Especially with the large screens, they can be more vulnerable.” A way to protect a phone is to remember how breakable they are. “One way to protect your cell phone is to be aware that it’s an expensive phone that can break easily,” Quinn said. Quinn tries to keep her iPhone safe at all times. “I’m really careful and aware of my iPhone,” Quinn said. “I make sure it’s on a table when it isn’t in my pocket.”

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Friday, November 16, 2012



Volleyball looks to win MAC Championship, start tournament with Eastern Michigan By Max Householder Reporter

The BG volleyball team will look to use the embarrassment of the Northern Illinois game to fuel its motivation for this weekend’s Mid-American Conference tournament. With the loss to NIU this past Saturday, the Falcons have earned the No. 2 seed in the MAC tournament and will face Eastern Michigan this Friday. When BG played Eastern Michigan back in the regular season, it nearly lost the match after being put in a two set hole. Yet, BG showed its resiliency that night by battling back to win the match three sets to two. The Falcons have only lost three matches in MAC play and none of the teams are present in their portion of the bracket. This means the Falcons will not have to matchup against a team they have lost to until the championship match on Sunday. This may be an encouraging sign for the Falcons and their hope to capture the MAC title. But, there is also more pressure on the team in light of the fact that only the winner of the tournament can qualify for the NCAA tournament. “The chance to be in the MAC tournament is a great opportunity and we could not be happier,” outside hitter Paige Penrod said. “I know we are thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to make it to the NCAA tournament, but that is our last focus right now because we are not going to get ahead of ourselves ... Taking one game at a time and focusing on what we need to do to improve will get us closer to getting an NCAA bid.” This team has fought like crazy to get where they are right now and, judging by the players’ attitudes, they are more than ready for this opportunity. “Winning the tournament and earning a bid to the

NCAA’s is something every athlete desires, but our team’s desire is unmatched,” outside hitter Lindsey Butterfield said. “It would mean another great opportunity to make our fans and University proud, as well as the community members. We are ready to take what we have worked for.” It has not been smooth sailing for the Falcons; even when they were on their undefeated streak in MAC play they were involved in many close matches. BG has had five matches in conference play go to a fifth set and three of those teams serve as potential matchups for the Falcons in the early rounds of the tournament. However, Falcon players feel that this has, in a sense, made them stronger by helping to build their stamina. “I do not think fatigue will be an issue during the tournament,” Butterfield said. “We have had numerous five set matches in a row and came out on top. We continue to lift and condition during the season so that we are in great physical shape for the tournament.” “As a whole, I feel that we are the most in-shape team in our conference,” Penrod said.“I feel that throughout this season Coach Danijela Tomic has prepared us to the best of her ability and this weekend will be like any other weekend in the MAC.” BG will be looking to put the dread of this past weekends’ game against Northern Illinois behind them. Although losing that game meant falling from the No. 1 seed in the tournament, the mere fact that they are in the tournament gives them a chance to leave their mark on the conference. “Our mentality as a group is to be mindful in everything we do and to limit our errors,” Penrod said. “We still have a great record, and as a team I feel we can bounce back from our Northern Illinois loss because we have something to prove this weekend.”

The MAC Volleyball Tournament

2 Bowling Green

1 Ohio

7 Eastern Michigan

8 Ball State FINAL

6 Central Michigan

4 Northern Illinois

3 Western Michigan

5 Akron

Michael Reed | THE BG NEWS

Paige Penrod, outside hitter, bumps the ball up for a teammate in a game earlier this season.

Football team urges attendance Hockey to welcome CCHA Falcons to play in biggest game in nine years, team asks fans to pack Doyt

ryan satkowiak SENIOR REPORTER All week the BG athletic department has been doing a fun feature: “10 reasons you should be at the Doyt Saturday.” Some are serious — like it being the last chance you get to see BG play at home this year — and some are fun — like maybe a Kent State player will run the ball the wrong way again. And, while as of Thursday afternoon, they had not yet revealed their No. 1 reason, I will go ahead and simplify for you why you should be at the Doyt this Saturday: It is the biggest BG home game in nine years. Do you remember what you were doing nine years ago? I was in seventh grade. I didn’t know what Bowling Green was and I was still learning the concept of college football. So in case you need a refresher, lets flashback here. Oct. 25, 2003. No. 12 Northern Illinois comes to visit No. 23 BG. With ESPN’s College Gameday in attendance, the Falcons dropped the Huskies 34-18 to end Northern Illinois’ hope of reaching a BCS bowl game. It was only the second time in history that two ranked Mid-

American Conference teams faced off. While I’d be remiss to mention 2009, when No. 8 Boise State came to the Doyt, that was not a big game in terms of what was on the line. The Broncos were 16.5-point favorites. They won 49-14. It had no impact on MAC play. Coming back to now, no, it won’t be a battle of two ranked teams, although Kent State comes into the game No. 25 in the nation. What is at stake is a MAC East title. The mission is pretty simple: win and you’re in. The road for Kent State is elementary. By virtue of a 6-0 conference record, if the Golden Flashes win Saturday, they clinch the MAC East, no matter what happens next weekend. For BG, if it wins this weekend, it would also have to take care of business next weekend against Buffalo to secure the division, thanks to an early season loss to Toledo. But no matter the path, the MAC East will, in all likelihood, be decided Saturday. For those who are able to remember 2003, this game will have a completely different feel. Back then, BG and Northern Illinois were offensive juggernauts. Still feeding off the Urban Meyer years, BG averaged 33.6

points per game and put up more than 7,000 yards of total offense in 2003. While Kent State will bring in a prolific offense that averages 35.4 points per game, BG brings in a suffocating defense, one that is the toughest in the conference and one of the stingiest in the nation. The Falcons boast the ninth best scoring defense in the country, allowing only 15.1 points per game. In terms of yards allowed, BG is sixth nationally, allowing only 285 yards per game. Do you remember back in September, a week after nearly taking down (now No. 6) Florida, the Falcons home opener? They skirted past a pretty bad Idaho team, 21-13. I know some of you remember. There weren’t a lot of nice things said in the stands that day. I heard too many people complain how they wanted to see winners. Well, BG has won six straight games. Its playing as good as anyone in the MAC. You wanted a winner, fans? The Falcons have done everything in their power to prove the last two months that they are a winner. Sure, defensive football isn’t always pretty, but that isn’t an

See SATKOWIAK | Page 7

rival No. 20 Ferris State

Falcons, Bulldogs played seven times this past season By Ryan Satkowiak Senior Reporter

For the first time since its dramatic playoff series this past March, BG and Ferris State will face off. The Bulldogs (4-4-2, 3-3-0 Central Collegiate Hockey Association) enter the weekend No. 20 in the country. They have split each of their three CCHA series’. The Falcons and Ferris State are well acquainted with each other. The two teams played each other seven times this past season, with Ferris State winning five of those matchups. Each of those five Ferris wins were by two goals or more. Both BG wins came in the March playoff series and both were one-goal games. “They’re a team we know very well,” said BG Coach Chris Bergeron. “They make it extremely difficult to score five-on-five. We had a couple guys get hot in the playoffs last year and that helped us score goals against them. They had some turnover on the back end and in goal, but they’re still defending extremely well because that’s their brand.” Ferris State suffered some of the most significant losses in the conference following the 2011-12 season.

All-American goalie Taylor Nelson, along with five of the team’s defensemen, graduated. The team has not missed a beat with sophomore C.J. Motte in net. Despite ranking sixth as a team in the conference in goals allowed per game, Motte has picked up right where Nelson left off. He has started all 10 games for the Bulldogs this season, posting a 2.24 goals-against average and a .926 save percent. “They’re a really good defensive team,” said BG defenseman Rusty Hafner. “They sit back and wait to get opportunities. So we have to be smart with the puck, don’t turn it over at the blue line; just be good with the little details.” Ferris has been more opportunistic on offense this year, ranking third in the conference in goals per game, despite losing two of their top scorers in Chad Billins (29 points) and Jordie Johnston (36 points). This season, the Bulldogs have taken more of a scoring-by-committee approach. Corey Kane leads the team with eight points in 10 games. He is one of four players on the team with seven or more points. Both games will be played at the BGSU Ice Arena and will start at 7:05 p.m.



Friday, November 16, 2012




Bowl implications are on the forefront of everyone’s mind ... everyone but Ohio State ... awkward.


Sports Editor




Social Media Editor

City Editor

In Focus Editor

BG Kent throw, Kent run, Kent kick, I’m very conflicted right now.

vs. No. 25 Kent State

Kent run the right direction.

Bowling Green -2.5 BG 34, Kent 13

Let’s go Falcons! Roll Along! BG has played well, but I bet as soon as I put faith in them they’ll get beat. Kent 28, BG 27 BG 24, Kent 10

Kent read, Kent write, Kent score, Kent kick, won’t win .... BG 25, Kent 0

all my conceded buckeye fans My cousins are former badgers. I Season is almost over, Buckeyes. Buckeyes prepping for an aweOhio State To .... even BG will make a bowl can’t wait to rub this in their face some postseason. vs. Wisconsin game. at the family reunion. Wisconsin -1 Ohio St. 38, Wisconsin 14 Ohio St. 35, Wisconsin 30 Ohio St. 24, Wisconsin 10 Ohio St. 25, Wisconsin 0

No. 21 Michigan Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. vs. Iowa Michigan 25, Iowa 24

No. 3 Notre Dame does this happen? Wake Forest Notre Dame -24 No. 18 USC vs. No. 17 UCLA USC -3

Michigan 28, Iowa 21

Michigan 25, Iowa 0

Michigan 24, Iowa 10

How much are they paying Wake Luck of the Irish continues. Forest to destroy them?

Notre Dame vs. WF Demon Deacons ... good v. evil. light v. dark. Good guys win.

Notre Dame 3, Wake 0

Notre Dame 50, Wake 17

Notre Dame 250, Wake 0

Trojans may be known for some things, but they can’t stop all these runners.

I can’t wait for the wrestling USC just rolls off the tongue season to start because I have no better. clue what I’m talking about, but it works in my favor. UCLA 31, USC 28 USC 24, UCLA 10

Trojan defense going to get it done, as it often does.

If you could score negative points I like ducks. in football, I’d be impressed.

Ducks. Ducks. Ducks. Ducksssssssssssss.

UCLA 35, USC 30

No. 2 Oregon My roommate is a duck. Don’t just know they are going No. 13 Stanford ask; to win. Oregon -21 Oregon 35, Stanford 12

Overall record

What’s an Iowa?

39-11 (.780)

Oregon 24, Stanford 10

Oregon 25, Stanford 0

42-8 (.840)

32-13 (.711)

25-7 (.781)

MATT SCHILZ, quarterback, eyes down the field against Eastern Michigan.

From Page 6

excuse to skip the game. Neit her is t he noon start. Sure t hat’s early for a football game, but if you can’t wake up at 11:30 and still be able

to function like a normal human, then I have no help for you. Plain and simple, this very well could be the most important home game that you get to witness during your college career. Do you really want to miss it?


SUDOKU To play: Complete the grid so that every row, column and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. There is no guessing or math involved. Just use logic to solve

USC 2.5, UCLA 0

Oregon 689, Stanford -3



Notre Dame 24, Wake 10


Michigan -16.5

I’d like to insert an insulting haiku Just picking the teams with the here. numbers beside them now.


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Non-smoking Buildings Available 1 +2 BR Apartments Available Semester Leases Minutes from BGSU Pet Friendly Community Utilities Included Resonably Priced


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@bgnewssports VETERANS — Get Your —

Boots n The Ground

OON N 7 1 . V O N , Y A D R SATU


VS Meet other BG vets at our 3rd annual veteran’s pre-game tent. >

Saturday, Nov. 17th 10am-Noon Falcon Tailgate Park


Food and drinks for Veterans and their family members. GAME TIME: Noon — CO-SPONSORED BY —


Nontraditional & Transfer Student Services and Division of Student Affairs

Bring in this ad (no copies please) for your free lunch at Doyt Stadium on Saturday, Nov. 17, at the Kent State game. Good for a hot dog, bag of chips and medium soft drink.* *Must be used before end of third quarter. One coupon per fan.


11/9/12 8:37 AM

8 Friday, November 16, 2012


Relay for Life to be hosted on campus

For 12 hours this weekend, students will walk, Zumba and do anything but sleep to raise money for cancer. Relay for Life, which is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, will take place from 7 p.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Saturday in Perry Field House and there won’t be anybody sleeping, said Allison Hines, president of Colleges Against Cancer, an organization at the University, which is hosting the fundraiser. “It’s overnight because cancer never sleeps,” Hines said. “We ask that people don’t sleep.” The event will feature a drag show, a DJ, a dogdeball tournament, a performance by acapella

ECO From Page 1 Washington D.C. by Nov. 9. “There were drop boxes in the Student Union for two week prior to the Saturday [Oct. 27] football game, and there were boxes at the game, which didn’t work out quite as well,” Amy, Hansen’s mother, said. The University donated 69 pairs of athletic shoes for this project and another 140 pairs for his general recycling. These numbers are combined with the WYMO shoe donations as well. Hennessy said there are still people bringing shoes in for donation now that the boxes are gone. Hennessy said he plans to continue the partnership with EcoErek and WYMO and would even like to possibly expand their collecting into the Bowling Green community. “There really isn’t, to my knowledge, a place to donate unusable shoes in the city of Bowling Green,” Hennessy said. “So, I would like us to partner at some point in time to be able to expand collection sites to include some business in Bowling Green, some key locations off-campus … I think we would do great with a collection like that.”

WWW.BGNEWS.COM group Ten40 and on-site fundraisers, Hines said. Participants sign up as teams and will set up team campsites around the track, Hines said. New participants can sign up to be on the CAC team or make a new team of two to 30 members, Hines said. The theme is “Relay Around the World” and each team is a different country. The “relay” aspect of Relay for Life is actually a walk, so during the night one person from each team must be walking around the track at all times, Hines said. The organization has a goal to raise $28,000 and, as of Wednesday, 38 teams are signed up to participate, Hines said. The event is open to all people and those interested in getting involved can come to the event and join a team or just take part in the different events, she said. People can still sign up on the website,, for a $10 registration fee.

The BG News Classified Ads

419-372-6977 The BG News will not knowingly accept advertisements that discriminate, or encourage discrimination against any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, creed, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, status as a veteran, or on the basis of any other legally protected status. The BG News reserves the right to decline, discontinue or revise any advertisement such as those found to be defamatory, lacking in factual basis, misleading or false in nature. All advertisements are subject to editing and approval.

Help Wanted Goodwill Industries of NW Ohio is looking to hire a materials manager responsible for overseeing the distribution of donated goods to retail locations, and Class A CDL drivers for our for our BG retail location. These are FT positions offering a full benefits package including healthcare, vision, dental, 403b retirement plan with match, paid vacations and sick leave. Send resume and cover letter stating salary requirements to: 626 N. Huron, Toledo, OH 43604, ATTN: Chris Recker or email to:

DailyCrossword Crossword Fix Fix The The Daily 1 Stinging insect 2 Leaning 3 Actress __ Jessica Parker 4 Ben or Fred 5 Larter, once of "Heroes" 6 Actor Michael J. __ 7 180˚ from WSW 8 Extend one's subscription 9 Struggle; battle 10 Not awake 11 Clutter 19 Will Geer's role on "The Waltons" 21 "Boy, __ I Get a Wrong Number!"; Bob Hope movie 23 Popeye's love 24 Not as up-to-date 25 __ away with; eliminating 29 Gazes long and hard 30 "__ Family" 31 Ms. Thurman 33 Magicians Penn and __ 34 Mrs. in Mexico 36 Actor __ Keith 37 "Law & __: Criminal Intent"

For Rent *Now renting for 2013-14 SY. 5 & 6 BR houses on Wooster. 419-353-0325, 9-9

38 Profession for Hot Lips Houlihan 39 Spaghetti topper 41 Network for "SportsCenter" 44 "The flowers that bloom in the spring, __ la..." 45 "Parks __ Recreation" 46 "__ to Me"; Tim Roth series

1 BR apt, 854 8th St, $400/mo + elec w/$400 security dep, no pets, non-smoking. Call 419-392-3356. 1 room studio, shared bath, furn. Avail NOW! $275/mo + elec. Call 419-601-3225. 2 & 3 BR apts & townhouses, Scott Hamilton, 4th & 5th Sts. Avail May & Aug 2013. 419-409-1110 or 419-352-4456. ® 3 BR house for rent, avail Aug, W/D, AC, fenced yard,near campus. 1 dog OK. 419-494-3844.

Help Wanted

3 room efficiency, furnished, $350/mo, available August 15th. 120 Reed St. Call 419-601-3225.

Bartending, up to $300/day. No exp. needed, training avail, call 800-965-6520 x174.

31 Elm St - 4 BR, 1 1/2 bath, deck, garage, W/D, avail next SY. Please call 419-305-5987.

Immediate Direct Care Openings in BG, Haskins, Walbridge & Portage! Do you have what it takes to assist persons with developmental disabilities with daily living? This job is for you! Wood Lane Residental Services has full time, part-time & sub positions available. Primary duties include providing assistance and training to adults including cooking, cleaning, swimming, passing medications and transporting. Duties may also include total assistance in areas such as bathing, eating, and toileting. $9-$13.18/hr based on exp. Require High School Diploma or GED & valid drivers license & acceptable driving record (for driving positions only) & pre-employment background screening. Obtain application from WLRS, 545 Pearl St, BG OH Monday through Friday or download application at: EOE

3BR house, 836A Third St. Avail August 15, Call 419-601-3225. Furn. rooms, freedom of house, TV, W/D, clean & quiet, $250/mo w/ $100 dep. Call 419-354-6117. Houses & Apartments 12 month leases only S. Smith Contracting LLC. ® 419-352-8917 - 532 Manville Ave Office open 11-3, M-F Purch Adv Tix @

35 "Dancing with the Stars" host 1 "I Didn't Know I __ Pregnant" 39 Role on "M*A*S*H" 4 Morley of "60 Minutes" 40 Lash __ of old western films 9 Donaldson or Elliott 42 "Who Do You Think You __?" 12 "One Day __ Time" 43 "What's __ about, Alfie?..."; 13 "Home __"; start of a hit song of Macaulay Culkin movie the 1960s 14 Mao __-tung 47 Kildare and Quinn: abbr. 15 "To __, with Love"; movie for 48 Setting for "Hogan's Sidney Poitier 16 Female fox D I R Heroes": E C Tabbr. O R Y 9 Golfer Palmer, to friends 4 17 Monogram for author Stevenson 50 Sixth sense, for short 18 Public square 51 Annapolis academy 20 Adams and Falco operator: abbr. 22 Series for Julianna Margulies 52 Consumer advocate 26 Actress Maria __, once of "ER" and Green Party 27 Barney Fife's title: abbr. candidate Ralph __ 28 Ugandan tyrant __ Amin 53 "The __ & Stimpy Show" 29 University in Dallas, familiarly 32 Expresses bottled-up frustration


Visit us online at



800-326-3264 + Exp 1432#

Purch Adv Tix @ 800-326-3264 + Exp 1432#

Frobose Rentals ADULT MATINEE BEFORE 6PM $3.00-•419-352-6064. ALL DAY TUESDAY $3.00 COLLEGE THURSDAY (WITH VALID ID) $3.00


HOUSES close toCINEMA campus! 5 WOODLAND MALL WOODLAND MALL CINEMA 5 Now renting Woodland Mall2013-2014 • N. Main Streetleases. Woodland Mall • N. Main Street

EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE [PG13] Roommates to share 1200 130 300 430needed 600 725 900 1030 furn house close to campus, flex lease THE ARTIST - CINEARTS [PG13] 1105 135 405 635 905 option, $350-500/mo, utilities incl. HAYWIRE 340 605 825 1045 Call [R]1100 Brad at120 419-308-7763. ADVENTURES OF TINTIN - 3D [PG] 210 505 740 1020 ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: Very nice house, legal200 for425 7. 645 Avail. CHIPWRECKED [G] 1145

Aug 2013. 1/2 blk. from Founders. Assistive Listening andorCaptioning System Avail 419-352-6992 419-601-2442.

Children under 6 may not attend R rated features after 6pm

SKYFALL [PG-13] *(12:30) *3:40 6:50



WRECK-IT-RALPH 3D [PG] *2:15 7:30 WRECK-IT-RALPH [PG] *(11:45) *4:45 10:10 PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 [R] 7:20 9:45 HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3D [PG] *2:30 HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA [PG] *(12:10) *4:50


BREAKING DAWN PART 2 [PG-13] *(1:10) *4:05 7:00 9:55

*= Matinee Showtime ()= Fri-Sun Only

Assistive Listening and Captioning System Avail Children under 6 may not attend R rated features after 6pm

(419) 352-0717 445 E. WOOSTER



LAST DAY Bowen-Thompson Student Union Room 208

Market: BOWLING GREEN Publication: University Newspaper Size: 1 x 2.25” Runs: FRIDAY AND MONDAY ONLY Date last updated: SEPTEMBER 23, 2012 Special instructions:

Typeset using Helvetica (Neue or Regular) Black, Bold or other comparable heavy font - 6-8pt - whichever fits best. If there’s extra space, font size may be increased. Titles should be bolder than show- times. Please only use “◆” for pass restricted films (contact theatre or visit our website to see which films are restricted). Please do not update anything other than showtimes. Contact the corporate office if changes are requested. ◆ = "u" in ITC Zapf Dingbats.

Don’t Be Left Out!

A free portrait session automatically gets your photo in the 2013 KEY Senior Magazine to be published in April

You’ll receive four poses to select prints if you choose. Make an appointment online at or walk-ins accepted.

The BG News 11.16.12  

The BG News for November 16, 2012

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