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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Volume 93, Issue 21


Students discuss racially charged tweets Open forum hosted Tuesday night



Signs, advertising to promote not texting while driving along highways

By Abby Welsh News Editor

By Alex Alusheff Managing Editor

Students from several cultural groups came together during an open forum Tuesday night in the Union to discuss the next step in response to the racially charged tweets. Because the Black Student Union was not the only group affected by the tweets, no student organization sponsored the forum, but instead it was ran solely by students. “We aren’t sure what the next step is from here, which is why we want student input,” said Kevin Lewis, BSU president. “It’s not our decision to make for everyone.” Around 200 students came to the open forum and shared personal experiences about dealing with racism. For those who didn’t feel comfortable enough to say something, a suggestion box was offered for ideas on what to do next. Senior Greg Gantt suggested a silent march when the administration get off work in order to push for change. “We are signing petitions and educating others, but I don’t think we are really getting to the right people,” Gantt said. “We are told to let these things go. People tell us ‘it’s just another tweet,’ but that shouldn’t be the case.” The Department of Public Safety is currently consulting with prosecutors to see if the racially charged tweets targeted at BSU are considered criminal. The tweets, sent from Twitter handle @PatFalcon,

The Ohio Department of Transportation is discussing adding “safe phone zones” to discourage distracted driving. Last year, distracted driving, such as texting, caused 416 crashes in Ohio, 16 being fatal, according to ODOT’s county fact sheets. Prospective signs and advertisements along highways and bridges would encourage drivers to stop at “safe phone zones” at rest areas, said Steve Faulkner, press secretary for ODOT. “Hopefully motorists will take into consideration their personal responsibility to the safety of themselves and others,” Faulkner said. Texting and driving has been banned in Ohio as a secondary offence since Aug. 31, 2012. Though it is banned, being a secondary offense limits enforcement. “If I pull up aside someone and see them texting, I have to back off and see if they do anything [else] wrong before I can pull them over,” said Lt. Jerrod Savidge, commander of the Highway Patrol’s Bowling Green post. Since the ban was initiated, only three people have been cited for the offense in the city, said Kathy Thomas, clerk of courts at the Bowling Green Municipal Court. It’s a minor misdemeanor offense that could result in $150 in fines, said City Prosecutor Matt Reger. Aside from warning drivers, the signs would also be a way to make revenue, Faulkner

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brief Three unidentified males commit robbery at gunpoint

400: Injury crashes in Ohio in 2012 16: Fatal crashes in Ohio in 2012

An armed robbery was reported at 524 N. Enterprise St. around 3 p.m. on Tuesday. The suspects are described as three unidentified black males, who robbed a Heinzsite apartment at gunpoint, according to AlertBG. The unidentified men then ran northwest from the scene. The incident is still under investigation, according to the Bowling Green Police Division. People are advised to call 911 if they see the suspects. Check for updates.

9: Injury crashes in Wood County in 2012


Fall concert expected to sell out on Sunday


Tickets to Florida Georgia Line currently on hold, sales aided by Ticketmaster By Geoff Burns Pulse Editor


STUDENTS FROM BGSU’s TOMS Club raise awareness for World Sight Day with fun and games.

LAST MINUTE HEARTBREAK Men’s soccer falls to Detroit University 2-1 in the final minutes. They will try to get back to their winning ways Saturday against Northern Illinois. Check the sports section for the full story on | PAGE 6

Students can expect to be welcomed back from fall break with a fall concert. The University Activities Organization is hosting this year’s annual fall concert at the Stroh Center. Florida Georgia Line will perform after being opened to the stage by Dallas Smith and Colt Ford on Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. UAO decided to host a country artist this year to try something new as opposed to the previous artists who have performed such as Kid Cudi, Cobra Starship and 3OH!3, said

Jonathon Wray, co-director of the traditions programming team for UAO. “When we were looking at artists, Florida Georgia Line was within our price range and they were just starting to reach their peak and were even getting bigger during the summer,” Wray said. “We jumped on the opportunity as soon as we could.” Though there aren’t any tickets right now for people to buy, there are still some on hold for the band and UAO plans on the show being sold out by the day of the concert. Wray said this was the first time the organization sold tickets online with Ticketmaster. Although the transaction process was difficult for


people to purchase their tickets at first, it went smoother than expected, he said. “Since the band is so popular, we knew there was going to be a rush for ticket sales and we didn’t feel like there would be enough room to do it on campus,” Wray said. “There would be a crazy long line on campus if we did it that way and we wouldn’t have had enough volunteers to take care of that.” UAO Adviser Mike Freyaldenhoven said the online purchasing of tickets was another

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Advice Columnist Miss D answers her first question about a student’s relationship problem about her boyfriend’s love of bowling, what she should do about it and why she should do it. | PAGE 4

“No, I don’t want people to die.” Leeah Floyd Freshman, Nursing

MyBGSU has a new look Coming Oct. 10

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10/2/13 12:08 PM

2 Wednesday, October 9, 2013








MON., OCT. 7 11:57 A.M.

Complainant reported that sometime during the night, an unknown subject broke the driver side window of a vehicle within the 1000 block of E. Wooster St. The estimated damage is $400. 4:46 P.M.

Complainant reported that an unknown person made three fraudulent purchases of airline tickets to Italy within the 1100 block of Warbler Court. The

FORUM From Page 1 were sent around 12 a.m. Monday and suggested the group is prejudice against white people. The University administration should soon know who is behind the account and whether or not it is a student, said Michael Ginsburg, associate dean of Students. “There is a delicate line between freedom of speech and a crime,” said Monica Moll, director of public safety.

Check out the interactive blotter map at BGNEWS.COM tickets cost a total of $2,053.

TUES., OCT. 8 1:17 A.M.

Complainants reported that they were assaulted and robbed within the 800 block of S. Main St.


10 pm til 2:30 am ERIC CHASE &


of the Morning Rush Show 127 N. Main St. Bowling Green H H

CAMPUS brief

Speaker contests faculty cuts

We want to correct all factual errors. If you think an error has been made, call The BG News at 419-372-6966.

Education costs are rising, and John McNay, president of the Ohio Conference for the American Association of University Professors, contends that the administration, not the faculty, is to blame. McNay presented on faculty workload policies and the economic issues facing higher

Because the campus police investigates both violations of the law and code of conduct violations at the University, there will be a way to figure out who the person is and how to punish them regardless of the prosecutor’s decision. “We can always try other things such as issuing an incident report if it isn’t considered criminal, which will [still get them in trouble] with the University,” Moll said. If the tweets are considered criminal, a subpoena will be issued where the

tweets will be presented to the court in order to find out who sent the tweets, she said. It will take a few weeks for the subpoena to be processed before they will find out who was tweeting, Moll said. While the white male in the photo of the Twitter account is still unidentified as a student, Moll said the tweets are “inexcusable and disrespectful.” Prosecutors will be informing the police department sometime Wednesday what their decision is. “We have been reading



education to the BGSU Faculty Association at Olscamp Hall on Tuesday night. The presentation was closed to the public. His talk concerned a statewide administrative effort to increase class sizes while decreasing faculty, which places a burden on the faculty and decreases the quality of education, said David Jackson, president of the Faculty Association and associate professor in the Political Science Department. “We think that is a bad structure for our education to pursue right now,” Jackson said.

McNay’s visits to universities around the state have given him a sense of the “bigger picture,” Jackson said. The University has 72 fewer faculty members this year, Jackson said. “We’re concerned more cuts will be coming,” he said. McNay also argued that rising costs in education are due to administrations, not high labor costs and instructional compensation, Jackson said. Faculty salaries at the University is only 20-25 percent of the budget, Jackson said. “The faculty is not the first thing

that has to be cut because education is the central mission,” Jackson said. “It should be looked at right at the central administration.” McNay recently testified about these issues before the Higher Education Reform Committee, a new standing committee in the Ohio House of Representatives. If a faculty is unionized like the University’s, then decisions such as these should be a joint effort between the faculty and administration, Jackson said. “We can produce a demand to negotiate, which we’ve done,” Jackson said.

over the tweets and working on this all [Monday],” Moll said. Other student responses during Tuesday night’s forum suggested there wasn’t enough education on multicultural issues and that there are ways to obtain a diversity credit without taking a class about specific minorities. Education wasn’t the only issue students discussed. They also brought up how there needs to be a change of culture, policy and mind set of how these issues shouldn’t be a norm.

“We need to change and work together as one if we want to be remembered at this University,” Lewis said. “It all starts with us and now.” The administration brought the police department into the situation because they were not sure if it was a crime that needed to be pursued. “I am absolutely disappointed that this has happened,” Ginsburg said. “We needed to take action and push Not In Our Town.” Not in Our Town is a campaign started this past spring to promote diversity

and fight intolerance. The campaign began after several students tweeted racially charged messages directed at the black community. “It just reinforces what we learned from last year,” said Dalton Jones, adviser of BSU. “We clearly have a lot more work to do that is going to require more than just words from the administration.” Even though this was the next step in response to the tweets and how the University is acting, this won’t be the last. “This is the just the start,” Lewis said.


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Rediscovering a passionate space


NEWS The BG News

Wednesday, October 9, 2013 3

Relaunch of Myspace allows users to display work, connect to professionals By Geoff Burns Pulse Editor


When freshman Kristen Varallo was hanging out with her friends, she wanted to sign into Myspace to see her old account activity. “We decided to get on to see our old pictures and I couldn’t remember my account information, so I just decided to make a new account and it ended up being a cool thing,” Varallo said. The social networking website launched an entirely new platform this past June and increased to 36 million users and is steadily escalating. After the relaunch of Myspace, the site is primarily focused on people fulfilling their passions, such as musical artists, writers or comedians and they are able to connect to other people who share the same passions. Manager of Marketing at Myspace Sean Dore said there are three main features the site has for users. There are profiles, streaming which allows people to sort through the 53 million songs and videos making it the largest digital music library beating out Spotify and discover where users are able to find other artists and read features about them. “When we built the new Myspace, we wanted to provide a space for people to kind of collect all of the things they think are interesting or speak to them in some sense,” Dore said. “It’s really a platform built for freedom of expression.” The site offers artists ranging from musicians to photographers to build upon their careers and get their work out to the public in an inexpensive way. Dore said in the case of someone like Adele, where her friends created an account behind her back, she was signed extremely fast right afterward. “There are a lot of people who are recording music in their free time and there are lots of places where people can share and discover music,” Dore said. “To give someone value, Discover is a place where we do that.”

Mixes Connections Photostream

See RELAUNCH | Page 5

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Myspace currently has the world’s largest digital music library, consisting of 53 million tracks and videos.

The site features a side scrolling format to give users the feeling as if they are on a tablet.

People can “connect” to other users, discover new passions and can live stream concerts.

Bowling Green, Ohio Tweet us @The_BG_News what you think about the new Myspace using #myspace

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A Haunting Series 2 of 4 Halloween spirit begins early, bringing nostalgic feelings By Geoff Burns Pulse Editor

Though it’s still the second week of October, people are already seeing Halloween come to life. Decorations and seasonal candy have filled retail stores and Halloween films have started playing on television channels such as ABC Family and Disney. Associate professor in the department of Popular Culture Becca Cragin said as stores are putting out their Christmas products earlier and earlier each year, there are other holidays being marketed early in order to maximize the amount of holiday related products that shoppers consume. Television has started to make an impact on the holiday attitude as well, she said. “Television programming’s purpose is to provide content that is related to, or at least compatible, with the advertising and commerce surrounding it,” Cragin said. “The increase in Halloween programming is an attempt to generate a longer period of holiday spirit that could lead to a longer period of holiday purchasing.” Although candy is put out early for customers, which is an attempt to get them to buy even more before the holiday approaches, Cragin said television programming is expensive

to produce, so it gets reused and recycled for a long time, creating a nostalgic feeling for viewers. “Holiday programming also includes many shows that much older generations grew up with,” Cragin said. “Halloween is strongly associated with childhood in our culture, even when ‘children of all ages’ celebrate it, which might explain the nostalgic Halloween shows.” A professor in the Department of Communication Alberto Gonzalez said because of the U.S. being centered on Christianity, it makes people more accepting to celebrate the upcoming holidays as early as a month before the set date. “People are more willing to celebrate the holiday early and won’t protest about it,” Gonzalez said. “People want to be patriotic and it’s a historical religious reminder that people want to be involved with.” Senior Brice Tarbox said he gets a nostalgic feeling each year before Halloween from watching movies like “Hocus Pocus” and “Casper” because his family would get together for the holiday when he was a child. “Those movies are classics and they will never go out of style, no matter how many new things they try to come out with,” Tarbox said. “They show the movies you saw when you were younger and it gives you a great feeling.”


MUSICIAN ZACK Fletcher plays guitar and could have the chance to work with Don Was who has worked with Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones.

Alumnus competes in competition to work with talented producer By Kathryne Rubright Pulse Reporter

Local musician and alumnus Zack Fletcher has the chance to win a trip to Hollywood and to record an EP with a producer who has worked with the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, among other artists. The EP recording with producer Don Was is the grand prize in the Guitar Center Singer-Songwriter Contest 3. Artists in the contest earn points when people watch or share their music videos. The top 10 artists in points for each week for a 10-week period form a pool of 100 finalists. Was and the other judges will choose 10 artists from this pool to

be flown to Hollywood. The artists will perform a show and a winner will be chosen. Fletcher describes himself as a singer-songwriter and described his songs as “strongly based on experiences and my feelings toward those experiences.” Musically, Fletcher is inspired by the music he enjoys, which ranges from Radiohead to Spanish classical guitar to Led Zeppelin’s acoustic side. Fletcher described his own style as tending to include folk, blues, soul and R&B. He has shown the ability to adapt, however. At an open mic night at Howard’s Club H, Fletcher paired up with saxophone player and Live Muzik founder Mike Williams for songs more jazzy

than Fletcher’s usual style. “He adapted very well,” Williams said. “Playing jazz allowed Fletcher to be more free and to more so kind of go with the flow.” Williams said Fletcher’s personality is calm and relaxed, yet he brings a lot of energy into his powerful performances. That energy, along with the imagery he creates, made him “such a fun person to play with,” he said. “Guitar is definitely where I’m most comfortable,” Fletcher said. However, he has some experience with drums, mandolin, banjo and piano. Fletcher did not choose a music-

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Tre-shon Brewer Freshman Biology

Do you text and drive? Why?

“Yes, because I have a text message.”

times at red lights.”

been fine. The fact that he could so zealously Autumn Kunkel produce this claim baff led me since he himColumnist self, as a white male, was unlikely to experience racism in his dayto-day life. Throughout the course of Even when presented my young life, I’ve managed to become exposed with evidence, he held to various opinions on a to this notion that prejuvariety of topics. What’s dice towards nonwhites most fascinating to me is merely a problem of the and what I most like to past, not applicable to hear others talk about are today’s world. I wondered ideas revolving around how he would see things issues in society, such as if he was born with a difthose dealing with race ferent skin color. Interest ingly, even or gender. A common thread that minorities who experilinked so many of these ence prejudice can still conversations is the bla- claim that prejudice tant denial of such issues. doesn’t happen to othToo often I hear phras- ers. As I’ve mentioned in es like, “racism doesn’t previous articles, I used exist” or, “women don’t to work in the cafeteria of a prominent hospihave issues in society.” In both cases, an entire tal. It was an important group’s outcry for equal part of my life because I treatment is diminished, learned a lot about class, drowned out by the doubt race and gender in the of those who aren’t even “real world,” all through members. The overbear- simple observation. The cafeteria consisted ing attitude that a certain group of people simply do of a predominantly black not deal with differenti- staff, some of which did ating troubles that neg- not mind sharing their atively affect their lives views on race in sociis not only wrong, but ety at all [the relatively laid-back environment of harmful. It’s important for the work place allowed everyone to recognize for “discussions” about that not every person gets such issues]. One man, treated the same, due to for instance, explained these certain unchange- that he had always been able traits, so that the raised to “watch out for inequality that perme- the white man,” due to ates throughout society deep-seated prejudice can not only be recog- in society. Interestingly enough, this same pernized, but lessened. Now, one might read son was also intrinsically the introduction to this sexist, insecure around article and brush it off dominant females and as “common sense;” of treated them lesser than course different people their male counterparts. have different experienc- He, of course, wasn’t es. No argument there. aware of the issues But if this was the case, women in society face. My point here is this: it’s why are so many notions like the existence of rac- not fair to down-play the ism or sexism, for exam- issues certain groups face ple, still so diligently or to sneer at their wishes for true equality. The fact challenged? If each person was of the matter is, the strugaware of the fact that gle is very real and brushtheir counterparts were ing such notions off as having an inherently dif- nothing more than mere ferent experience based imagination is harmon certain unalterable ful to these very groups. traits, then why do so If these very real issues many continuously claim are rebuffed, then they can never be properly otherwise? During the summer, I addressed and reduced, was talking with a close a consequence that could relative about race in be avoided if people were societ y. He fer vently just more willing to keep claimed that racism no an open mind. longer exists. Ever since the Civil Rights moveRespond to Autumn at ment of the 1950s and 1960s, ever ything has

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“Every once in a while but not if there are others in the car.”

Rachel Swihart Graduate Student, Geology

Zac Bartman Sophomore, Engineering Technology

Inequality should not be downplayed, still exists


“Yes, because I am a bad person.”


BGNEWS.COM Have your own take on today’s People On The Street? Or a suggestion for a question? Give us your feedback at

John Berndt Senior, Political Science

Drive thrus not best place to sleep

Shelby sweinhagen | THE BG NEWS

D miss miss

If striking out in relationship, may be time to decide whether to spare it or not

Miss D, I have sort of an interesting situation and I don’t want to ask any of my friends about it because they are really judgmental about this kind of thing. I was hoping to get your independent opinion. So I started dating this guy I’ll call “Mark” who I met at a campus event last school year. At first, he was really considerate and sweet, and I really liked him and we hit it off great. After awhile, he started spending less and less time with me and it was hard to get him to really show a lot of affection. The worst part came on my birthday; Mark took me out to a nice restaurant in Toledo, but for my gift he bought me a bowling ball. I didn’t know how to bowl, nor did I care to learn. But he was really into it, and for some reason thought it’d be a good gift for me. It was a really nice, new ball that had my name written on it, but he had the holes designed to fit


his hands, which are much bigger than mine. At first, I was really angry, but Mark was the first boyfriend I had at college and I didn’t want to break up with him. I thought maybe a good way to get his attention would be to learn how to bowl and we could share that together. I didn’t care about bowling but I just wanted us to finally be around each other more and I figured this would be a good way. So I registered for a bowling class spring semester last year to learn how to bowl. I used a ball at the bowling alley because the one Mark got me didn’t fit. He ended up just using that one himself [I think it was just a selfish gift for himself knowing I wouldn’t use it]. Well, here’s the problem. On the first day, we were randomly paired off into bowling teams, and Miss D, I was paired with a really nice guy. He and I really connected and I actually had a good time learning and

being around him every couple days during class time. I haven’t told Mark about this guy, but I really like my bowling partner and I don’t know what to do now. Should I be honest with Mark and break it off with him to go with the new guy? I’m afraid to keep having this secret fling. -Lost sophomore in Falcon Heights Dear Lost Sophomore in Falcon Heights, Mark gives you a present that you believe is more for him than yourself, right? It’s made to fit his fingers and you didn’t know how to bowl. He is even the only one using the gift, so how is that really for you? But the most important question I could ask you is this: Are you happy? Are you happy with Mark? If the answer is no, then forget about Mark, he doesn’t deserve you and you two are better off trying to find happiness with other people. You’re in college. Have

fun and find someone to have fun with. This other guy seems to be for you right now. If you met a guy who is nicer, who you enjoy your time with and doesn’t mind being seen with you, then go for it. Just because Mark is your first boyfriend, it doesn’t in any way mean he is the right one or the only one. Good luck and go with your heart and how you feel rather than the fact that Mark is your first boyfriend. Taking a risk and going after what can make you happy is the best risk worth taking, and even if the feelings aren’t returned. It’s only a semester long course. I’m sure that after you try, no matter how the story ends, you will be happy you did what you did. Yours, Miss D

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POLICIES Letters to the Editor and Guest Columns are printed as space on the Opinion Page permits. Additional Letters to the Editor or Guest Columns may be published online. Name, year and phone number should be included for verification purposes. Personal attacks, unverified information or anonymous submissions will not Be printed.

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5 Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Slow cookers serve as quick, easy way for homemade meals Dylanne petros COPY chief

Living off-campus is both a blessing and a curse. It can be a blessing because students don’t have to deal with the hassle of checking into residence halls at midnight or the long line at the Union during prime dinnertime. Living off-campus can be a curse because of the fact that students have to pay bills and cook their own meals. Slow Cookers though, can be a great help to students who are busy all day, or for students who are just plain lazy. 1. Parmesan Chicken: This recipe is by far my favorite recipe that I have made since moving out on my own. Since the chicken is with rice, it creates a meal where I can feel full after one piece of chicken and I can stay full until lunch the next day. Ingredients: 1 (1 oz.) package dry onion soup mix 1 cup converted longgrain white rice 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 1/2 cups milk 2 cans cream of mushroom soup Mix the onion soup mix, milk, cream of mushroom soup and rice in a bowl. Lay chicken breasts in the bottom of the slow cooker and pour soup mixture over them. Cook on low for 8-10 hours or on high for 4-6 hours. 2. Chicken Cordon Bleu: I love chicken cordon bleu in the oven and this chicken cordon bleu in the slow cooker is just as good, if not better. Chicken cordon bleu is chicken stuffed with ham and Swiss cheese. In the slow cooker, the breasts are not stuffed; the ham and cheese is on top of the chicken. Stuffing added to the mix makes for a filling meal. Ingredients: 6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 cup milk 4 oz. sliced ham 4 oz. sliced Swiss cheese 1 (8 oz.) package of dry bread stuffing mix 1/4 cup butter, melted Mix together the cream of chicken soup and milk in a bowl. Pour enough soup to cover the bottom of the slow cooker. Place the chicken breasts in the Slow cooker and

cover with ham and Swiss cheese. Pour the soup over the layers and then cover with the stuffing and drizzle with butter. Cook on low for 4-6 hours or high on 2-3 hours. 3. Cheesy Chicken: Out of the five slow cooker recipes I love this one. It is the easiest to make because of the minimum amount of ingredients needed, which is why I love it. Ingredients: 6 skinless, boneless chicken breasts 2 cans of cream of cheddar cheese soup 1/2 cup milk 1 teaspoon garlic powder Place chicken breasts on bottom of slow cooker. In a bowl, mix soup and milk then pour on chicken. Season with garlic powder. Cook on high for six hours. 4. Pepsi Pork Chops: Pepsi pork chops sound weird but I promise they are good. I had something similar in high school (a Pepsi pork tenderloin) and I was craving it one night so I found a similar recipe and it is something that I have saved onto my bookmarks bar. Ingredients: 4-6 pork chops (bone in or bone out is fine)

1 can Pepsi 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 can cream of mushroom soup 1/2 packet onion soup mix (I used a whole packet) 1 cup chicken broth Line slow cooker with pork chops. Mix soups and soup mix in a separate bowl then pour on the chops. Then pour Pepsi and chicken broth over chops. Cook on low for 7-8 hours and serve over white rice. 5. Easy Pork Chops: I love this recipe because I get tired of chicken sometimes. When I get tired of chicken, I will turn to this recipe because, like it is said in the name of the recipe, these are easy pork chops to make. Ingredients: 4-6 pork chops (bone in or bone out is fine) 1 can cream of mushroom soup 1 can filled with water or milk (for gravy) Cook on low 4-6 hours Mix the cream of mushroom soup and water (or milk, if you like creamier gravy) in a separate bowl. Line the slow cooker with the pork chops and then dump the soup and water (milk) mixture on top of the chops. Cook on low for 4-6 hours.

CONTEST From Page 3 related major while attending the University because he did not want music to feel like work. Instead, the December 2011 graduate chose Spanish and Environmental Policy and Analysis. Still, he was playing music the entire time. For about six years, Fletcher has been part of the hard rock band Flaming Hot Marbles. In 2008, he started taking his solo songwriting more seriously, he said. Writing a song is a long process, Fletcher said. He never goes into it with a specific outcome in mind, preferring to see where the process takes the song. Musician and almunus Cory Breth has played music together with Fletcher since 2010 and has kept up with Fletcher’s contest. Breth said

RELAUNCH From Page 3 Varallo has a passion for writing and said Myspace helps get her writing clips out to the general public. She has a blog and uses the social network to advertise her work and it has helped so far. “I have met other people on there who are aspiring writers and it is a great way to meet people to talk to them about what you do and what you love and it gets your work out there,” Varallo said. “Once you put something out there, you have people respond to what you do and it helps define those pieces.”

Want to write for the BG News?

Fletcher is an extremely talented musician and hopes he will be the victor. “A lot of times people are one-track minded and he’s really open to different things and he wants to experiment and take things different ways,” Breth said. “It was just fun and simple playing music with him and he was the easiest person to work with.” Fletcher has played solo and with Flaming Hot Marbles at venues such as The Stones Throw, Howard’s, Grumpy Dave’s and Cla-Zel. A recent solo performance at Cla-Zel was taped for Live Wire, WBGU’s radio and television music show. Fletcher’s next show will be on Oct. 16 at The Stones Throw. It’s part of the weekly Hump Day Revue and that particular Wednesday night is a benefit supporting the downtown Christmas lights.

One of Myspace’s core audiences is college students and while designing the new site, the company thought about discovery, collaboration, simplicity, authenticity and transparency, a Myspace spokesperson said. “The music player is easy and fast,” the spokesperson said. “It’s seamless, it’s persistent and it’s always there. You can drag-anddrop, watch full-screen videos, whatever you want. What has been built into the new Myspace platform is powerful, designed by artists for artists and simply unmatched on other social networks.” Office Hours: Monday - Friday | 8am - 11:30am & 12:30pm - 4:30pm 419 Lehman Ave. | 419.352.9378

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SPORTS LAST MINUTE UPSET Check out the recap of week 5 of the NFL season and see who shined this week for their fantasy owners online at


Wednesday, October 9, 2013 6

Victoria Cella | THE BG NEWS

Ryan James attempts to protect the ball from being stolen by a Detroit defender Tuesday night at Cochrane Field. The Falcons lost 2-1 and with that loss their record drops to 2-5-4 with a 1-1 record in the Mid-American Conference.



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Men’s soccer loses first game of three game home stand against Detroit 2-1 Tiffany Williams Reporter

The Falcons faced Detroit Tuesday night at Cochrane field in a rematch of last years’ 2-0 loss. BG could not avenge the loss losing 2-1 which makes their record 2-5-4. In Tuesday’s game BG out-shot Detroit with 21 shot attempts to Detroit’s 13 shot attempts. BG also had more corner kicks in Tuesday’s game with five corner kicks to Detroit’s two. Detroit walked away from the game with more saves than BG with a eight

to four advantage. “It wasnt our best performance to be honest,” midfielder Jon Kumher said. “We are going to take what we learned from this game and get better tomorrow. We have another game Saturday and that’s what we are thinking about now.” Anthony Grant made the only goal for BG at the 37:45 mark with a tapin at a far post, which was assisted by Joe Sullivan and Ryan Snashall. Zachary Atwood scored Detroit’s first goal at the 44:19 mark and Adam Bedell scored their second goal at the

85:23 mark. “It was an ugly game on both sides, it wasnt a very good soccer game,” head coach Eric Nichols said. “Their wasnt an area where we were strong at tonight and I dont think their was and area were we were terriable at either. We just did not play our game tonight.” After having five road games, BG was finally home in front of a crowd of 765 people who were cheering lowdly for their home team, but they could not get the win.

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BG Football looks to become bowl eligible Falcons travel to Mississippi for matchup with Mississippi State By Alex Krempasky Sports Editor

Mark Brown | THE BG NEWS

BG Volleyball works together to set and spike the ball to the Northern Illinois defense Sept. 28 at the Stroh. They beat Northern Illinois three sets to zero.

Volleyball splits MAC games during weekend By Noah Jones Reporter

BG volleyball went 1-1 on the road this weekend with a win against Kent State University and a loss against Ohio University. Their record is now 6-9 overall, and 3-1 in the Mid-American Conference. Against KSU, the Falcons went four sets, winning the first two in overtime sets, 26-28 in set one and 26-24 in the second. “We played good enough to win,” said coach Danijela Tomic. “But this was not our best match.” Tomic said the team was fortunate to win the first two sets and if the team hadn’t won the second set, she is not sure they could have won the match. Lindsey Butterfield commited two errors en route to her highest attacking percentage of her career and lead her team with 17 kills in the match.

“Lindsey is our most consistent player,” Tomic said. “She plays on a higher level and she is a big reason [why] we won.” Tomic said Butterfield is the main reason the team is able to win. “We are fortunate to have her here,” she said. “Lindsey is an emotional leader on the team and she wills the team to play better.” The team works hard on communicating on the court, Tomic said. “Lindsey is a very emotional, passionate person and we count on her to play the way she has been,” Tomic said. “Every team needs that type of player.” The Falcons did not have the same amount of luck against the Bobcats. Tomic said her team was not used to being out blocked in games. OU out blocked BG 13 to 6. The Bobcats also out aced the Falcons 7 aces to 1.

“Good teams do that,” said Tomic. “Ohio is a top ranked serving team. They don’t really have any weaknesses.” This was the Falcons’ first MAC loss of the season. “We have to play our best [to beat teams like Ohio University],” Tomic said. “They played the entire point and we didn’t.” Paige Penrod was the only Falcon to earn double-digit kills while two starters, Jelena Sunjic and Kaitlyn Skinner, had negative attacking percentages. The team’s attacking percentage was .122. OU had an attacking percentage of .278. “When you play a team like Ohio, playing average against this team got our butts kicked,” Tomic said. The Falcons will continue MAC play when they host the University of Buffalo Bulls (143, 2-2 MAC) at the Stroh Center Oct. 11, at 7 p.m.

The BG football team will be taking its talent and new equipment truck to Starkville, Miss., Saturday to take on its Southeastern Conference opponent, the 2-3 Mississippi State University Bulldogs. The Falcons are currently 5-1 on the season and look to break the bowl eligible mark this weekend in their best season start since 2003 when they defeated the Northwestern University Wildcats 28-24 in the Motor City Bowl in Detroit. The 2003 team went 7-1 before losing its second game to the Miami University RedHawks 33-10 on Nov. 4, 2003. This is the first meeting between BG and Mississippi State and the second time the Falcons have played in the state of Mississippi since the inception of the program in 1919. BG’s only game in the state of Mississippi was on Nov. 11, 1978 against the University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles, a game in which the Falcons lost 38-21. This game is the second year in a row the Falcons have played a school from the SEC, arguably the nation’s most superior conference in college football. BG traveled to the University of Florida this past year to take on the Gators in the 2012 season opener, but lost 27-14. Before 2012, the last time BG competed against another SEC team dated back to 1996 when the Falcons traveled to Tuscaloosa, Ala., to play the University of Alabama Crimson Tide and lost 21-7.

The only other SEC team BG has played is the University of Kentucky Wildcats. The Falcons and Wildcats faced each other three times, all of which were in Lexington, Ky. The Falcons lost to UK 20-14 in 1979, 21-20 in 1980 and BG finally defeated UK 30-26 in 1985. BG has faced current-SEC member, the University of Missouri Tigers, five times, but the Tigers were a member of the Big-12 Conference in all five meetings between the two teams. BG holds a 3-2 record against the Tigers, with the most recent victory coming in 2002. With a win against Mississippi State, BG would become bowl eligible for the second straight season. It would also be the first win against a BCS automatic qualifying team since the Falcons defeated the University of Pittsburgh Panthers 27-17 in 2008 and the first victory against a SEC team since their victory against Kentucky in 1985. BG’s matchup against Mississippi State marks the first time it has not face a Mid-American Conference opponent since its Parents’ Weekend game against Murray State University in September. The Falcons are currently placed first in the MAC-East Division with three MAC conference wins so far in the season. BG’s conference record will not be altered with a win or a loss against the Bulldogs this weekend. BG and Mississippi State will kick off in Starkville at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. Follow BG New Sports on Facebook and Twitter for live game updates.



Wednesday, October 9, 2013



anthony malinak | THE BG NEWS

bg soccer celebrates a goal against Evansville at Cochrane Stadium on Sept. 22. The Falcons will look to get their first win of the season Friday against NIU.

Women’s soccer tries for first win Friday at home By Tara Jones Reporter

The BG women’s soccer team continues their homestand at Cochrane Field this weekend with a pair of Mid-American Conference matches. The Falcons will take on Northern Illinois Friday, Oct. 11 and Toledo Sunday, Oct. 13. Bowling Green sits at an overall record of 0-10-0 and a MAC record of 0-4-0 going into the weekend. BG Head Coach Lindsay Basalyga said coming off of a 0-5 loss to Western Michigan does not change her approach to preparation for the upcoming matches. “We’re going to continue to

prepare the way we’ve been preparing,” Basalyga said. “I think when you look at a result like that, a 0-5 result, there’s a lot of different factors playing into that. We’re just going to stick to our process and [decide] what do we need to do to be a little bit better than the game before, but not necessarily hang everything on an 0-5 result.” The Huskies of Northern Illinois come to Cochrane Field Friday with a 4-7-1 overall and 2-2-0 in the MAC. NIU is also 0-6-0 on the road. The Huskies average 1.33 goals scored per game and 9.6 shots per game, both which are higher than the averages for the Falcons. NIU returned 23 letterwinners, including nine

starters, from last year. True freshman Taylor Bucaro, who scored her first collegiate goal against Eastern Michigan last Friday, believes their match against the Huskies provides an opportunity for the Falcons to get their first win. “We are very confident that this can be our first win,” Bucaro said. “They haven’t won on the road yet and we do get pumped up for home games, especially our Friday games.” Toledo enters with an overall record of 4-8-0 and a conference record of 1-3-0. The Rockets will play at Central Michigan Friday before coming to BG on Sunday. UT also leads the Falcons in average goals scored per game with

1.58 and shots per game with an average of 9.6. Senior Ivi Casagrande said the Toledo match gives her team added excitement this week going into practice, given the Toledo and BG rivalry. “I think we have a really good opportunity to beat Toledo at home. They’re always really good ... and the game is always a really hard game, but it’s Toledo, it’s our rival,” Casagrande said. “We love playing Toledo. We love the competitive aspect of the game.” Friday’s match against NIU is set to kick off at 7 p.m. and Sunday’s game against Toledo begins at 1 p.m. Both will be played at Cochrane Field.

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RYAN SNASHELL attempts to dribble the ball away from a Detroit defender in a 2-1 loss Tuesday night at Cochrane Field.


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According to Nichols, having that crowd cheer for them helps them get into a better mindset instead of having the crowd against them. “We played OK tonight, but we could have done better based on how we have been

playing,” forward Anthony Grant said. “We now have to go back to the drawing board and work hard and keep practicing until we figure out what we are missing”. “There were moments in the game where we were better offensively and there were moments in the game where we were better defensively Kumher said. “Overall

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our performance wasnt good enough to get the win so we are going to work on improving on both sides of the field.” On Saturday, BG is hosting Northern Illinois at 7p.m. against another Mid-American Conference opponent. They will look to improve their MAC record and add another win to their overall record. Great Selections


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TEXT From Page 1 said. ODOT is talking with insurance companies, such as Geico, to pay to advertise on the signs, he said. While Ohio is taking proactive measures against texting while driving, it is not the first state to do so. In late September, New York started its own campaign against texting while driving, installing signs along highways and freeways informing drivers “It can wait” and they can text at the nearest rest stop in a certain amount of miles. The New York State Department of Transportation will add 298 signs along highways by the end of the month, said Beau Duffy, director of communications for NYSDOT. “It’s to remind motorists that the text is not that important,” Duffy said New York has been more aggressive in ticketing distracted drivers since it’s a primary offense, starting an enforcement initiative

during the summer to cite more offenders, Duffy said. While it may be hard for Ohio law enforcement to directly stop distracted driving, some students feel the “safe phone zone” signs would make driver’s think twice. “It would be another visual reminder that you shouldn’t do it,” said senior Jeff Carr, who admitted to texting and driving before. While he thinks the signs might curb incidents, he was unsure whether people would heed their warning when in a hurry. “People probably wouldn’t stop to text, but they might not text in the first place to get where they need to go,” Carr said. If people feel the need to text and drive, Savidge suggests handing the phone to someone else or to wait. “There is no safe way to text and drive, just don’t do it.” he said. “You move 90 feet per second on the highway. If you look down for five seconds, that’s almost 500 feet without looking and it’s dangerous.”

FGL From Page 1 way to strategize with the students’ needs as they came back for the new school year. “I think it was a decision we made this year so we didn’t have a ticket sales event that was going to be popular competing with the first week of classes,” Freyaldenhoven said. “We’re expecting the show to be sold out.” Senior Courtney Tomlinson is excited for the show since she is a big fan. “I love Florida Georgia Line and I really like the idea of the fall concert,” Tomlinson said. “Country music is my favorite but I like all kinds of music.”

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