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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


University offers 284 student veterans emergency loans Commuter students may have had some trouble finding a parking spot at the start of the school year, but for freshman Andrew Hatfield, getting from his parking spot to his class was the real challenge. Every morning, Hatfield wakes up and makes the 15 minute drive from Grand Rapids, Ohio, to Bowling Green, making sure to leave himself a little extra time to rollerblade from his parking spot at Chipotle on Wooster Street to his first class on campus. “I don’t mind rollerblading, but I don’t like having to park off of campus,” Hatfield said, “There’s no ‘tow zone’ signs, but everyday I’m heading back to my car, looking for it because I’m afraid it got towed.” Hatfield is one of approximately 284 post 9-11 student vetera ns at t he Universit y a f fected by t he Vetera n Administration’s delay in the processing of veteran benefit files. Thanks to a little help from the University, Hatfield will no longer have to rollerblade from Chipotle to his classes on campus. In order to help student veterans like Hatfield, the University is offering student affected short-term loans, which students can pick up Tuesday in the Bursar’s Office. The processing delay means student veterans didn’t receive an expected check for books, living expenses or in Hatfield’s case, a parking pass.

“You know, it’s $100 for a parking pass for both semesters, and it’s just that or books and I chose books over that,“ Hatfield said. While the remaining student veterans can start signing for their loans Tuesday, Hatfield was able to pick up his loan Friday in order to help pay his rent for the month. “The University was able to get me everything and I was able to pay my rent,” Hatfield said Monday. The loan amounts will match the projected amount student veterans would have received for their living expenses and books. Students like Hatfield who have no dependents on them will receive approximately $1,024 from the University in the form of a short-term loan. Students with family or dependents may receive up to $1,400 in a loan, said Barbara Henry, assistant vice president for nontraditional and transfer student services. Altogether the University is prepared to offer up to $360,000 in short-term loans that it expects students to pay back within a “reasonable amount of time,” Henry said. The University originally noticed the processing problem about two weeks ago when Geoff Roberts, a senior and student veteran, didn’t receive a payment. “I’m just trying to tell everybody to stay on top of the VA and monitor what you’re getting until it’s fixed,“ Roberts said.

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Veteran Administration’s delay in processing benefit files cause problems for student veterans By Max Filby Editor-in-Chief

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in the Union spouts 130 different flavor o e n i h c a m ption oke By Geoff Burns s New C Reporter Students are able to customize their own soda using the new Coke machine in the new Outtakes at the Union. The new Coca-Cola Freestyle machine has a selection of 130 different flavors of soda, all of which students can mix and match to their liking. The process of making the drink is to pick a base flavor such as Coke, diet Coke or Sprite, and then add a fruit flavor, said assistant general manager at the Union Chad Carper. “There are all kinds of different flavors people can get,” Carper said. “It can get to an almost infinite number of flavors because people can get their soda and mix raspberry with Sprite and then mix that with orange Coke. People’s drink really depends on how much time they want to spend at the machine.” Sara Meyer, the marketing director for BGSU dining, said the new Coke machine hasn’t had any advertising yet, but the usage has been averaging at about 120 cups a day. “This isn’t a huge number, but I think once students realize it is there, and how fun it is to use, the numbers will increase,” Meyer said. “We are always working to provide what the students want. If we see that the numbers using it and the demand is significant, we will evaluate at that time about whether to get more machines on campus or not.” The process in getting the Coke machine on campus presented some obstacles and wasn’t easy to acquire, Carper said. “There aren’t a lot of these machines around in the Midwest right now,” Carper said. “The problem we had was our Coke distribution out of Toledo didn’t have any of the product so we’ve actually had to reach out to another distribution to get the product that we needed.” Freshman Tara Powers has taken a liking to the new Coke machine and said she really enjoys what the product has to offer. “There are a lot of flavors that you See COKE | Page 2


SUPPORTERS of President Barack Obama gather outside Scott High School on Collingwood Boulevard in Toledo on Monday. Obama visited the Toledo area as part of his ‘Road To Charlotte’ tour to the Democratic National Convention.

FALCONS FALL TO FLORIDA BG played Saturday in Florida and stayed with the Gators most of the game, but fell 27-14 in the fourth quarter | PAGE 6

OBAMA BREAKS REDDIT In her debut column, columnist Cassie Sulliven discusses the Internet’s role in President Obama’s campaign last election and the upcoming election. | PAGE 3

WHAT WOULD YOUR FANTASY POP MACHINE SERVE? “Liquid rainbows.” Michael McGinnis Freshman, Psychology


2 Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The Clazel is simply the best place to hold your next special event or fundraiser

2:54 P.M.

Jessica L. Lauffer, 32, of Bowling Green, was cited for theft at Meijer. 3:37 P.M.

Ryan Lee Olson, 18, of Bowling Green, was cited for possession of marijuana within the 1000 block of Fairview Ave. 4:46 P.M.

Complainant reported that sometime during the night, an unknown subject smashed the back windshield of a vehicle near Scott Hamilton Ave. and High Street. The estimated damage is $500. 9:19 P.M.

Darius Jonte Curry, 21, of Detroit, was cited for theft at Meijer. 10:38 P.M.

Britney Raine Poe, 20, of Findlay, Ohio; and Megan Sue Yockey, 19, of Leipsic, Ohio, were cited for open container and underage possession of alcohol within the 900 block of S. Main St. 10:52 P.M.

Austin P. Korte, 20; and John D. Rich, 20, both of Bowling Green, were cited for public urination within the 500 block of N. Enterprise St. 10:54 P.M.

David L. Donnell, DDS • 245 S. Main Street • Bowling Green, OH • 419-352-2222 • General • Cosmetic • Implant Dentistry

Brandon James Dotson, 20, of Wooster, Ohio, was cited

session of alcohol within the 400 block of E. Wooster St.

identification within the 100 block of E. Court St.

11:05 P.M.

12:19 A.M.

Nicholas D. Filippi, 21, of Toledo; Jeremy Joel Jago, 21, of Bowling Green; and Matthew D. Row, 21, of Bowling Green, were cited for open container within the 500 block of N. Enterprise St.

1:40 A.M.

12:29 A.M.

Justin R. Farrell, 20; and Lindsey Madison Staub, 19, both of Bowling Green, were cited for littering within the 400 block of E. Merry Ave.

Nicole Rae Hess, 24, of Toledo, was cited for operating a vehicle impaired, speeding, crossing over marked lanes and turn and stop signal within the 1000 block of N. Main St.

11:29 P.M.

12:37 A.M.

11:17 P.M.

Preston G. White, 35, of Bowling Green, was cited for open container within the 100 block of W. Oak St. 11:44 P.M.

Ted Murray Pletsch, 22, of Bowling Green, was cited for public urination near Clough Street and Orchard Circle. 11:54 P.M.

Jacob Wesley Bunce, 20, of Bowling Green; and Taylor L. Zanville, 19, of Ottawa Hills, Ohio, were cited for open container near Ridge Street and Thurstin Avenue. Bunce was also cited for underage possession of alcohol.

SUN., SEPT. 2 12:02 A.M.

Kyle J. Ellis, 18, of Bowling Green, was cited for open container and underage pos-

Coriano J. Gonzales, 20, of Bowling Green; and James J. Thrun, 24, of Fremont, Ohio, were cited for public urination within the 200 block of N. Church St. 12:41 A.M.

Nolan R. Cavano, 21, of Bowling Green, was cited for open container within the 400 block of E. Reed St. 1:07 A.M.

Wayne F. Hamilton Jr, 18, of Bedford, Ohio; and Demitri A. Stowers, 19, of Bowling Green, were cited for public urination within the 100 block of E. Court St. 1:35 A.M.

Timisha N. Cooks, 19, of Dayton, Ohio, was cited for obstructing official business, disorderly conduct/ intoxicated and falsification of

Richard Kevin Taylor Jr, 19, of Toledo, was arrested for two counts of assault and criminal trespass within the 100 block of E. Wooster St. He was lodged in the Wood County Justice Center. Joshua Aaron Jewell, 21, of Defiance, Ohio, was cited for disorderly conduct/fighting. 1:45 A.M.

Jeremy Jon Barber, 21, of Perrysburg, Ohio, was cited for open container within the 100 block of E. Wooster St. 2:50 A.M.

Vendant H. Pandya, 21, of Hanover Park, Ill., was cited for public urination within the 100 block of E. Court St. 3:24 A.M.

Matthew Derek Iwaniuk, 19, of Bowling Green, was cited for underage/under the influence of alcohol near North Summit and East Court streets. 3:26 A.M.

Complainant reported that four tires of a vehicle had been slashed during the night at Lot 4 downtown. The estimated damage is $700. 4:29 A.M.

Cody M. Buhrman, 21, of Brunswick, Ohio, was cited for disorderly conduct/intoxicated and criminal trespass within the 300 block of N. Enterprise St.

VETERAN From Page 1 The problem occurred after the VA decided to move processing of benefit files from Buffalo, New York, to St. Louis, Missouri, this past summer, said Chris Cox, University registrar. The loss of files in the transfer affected students primarily in Ohio and West Virginia, Cox said. The VA is now undergoing a four to six week process to recover t he lost files.


COCA-COLA Freestyle machine offers more than 100 flavor variations for students to try. A ‘base’ flavor is chosen and mixed with other sodas and an assortment of flavors.

COKE From Page 1 don’t see in regular stores and that’s why I like it,” Powers said. The possibility of getting more of the Coke

10 pm til 2:30 am



K I S S 18 & Up H 21 & over FREE C LU B H

for underage possession of alcohol within the 200 block of E. Merry Ave. Chloe A. Acus, 20, of Bowling Green; and Christopher A. A. D. Cathcart, 20, of Brunswick, Ohio, were cited for underage possession of alcohol within the 500 block of E. Merry Ave.



For more information go to: H



9S2S.5F M





machines on campus in the future is up to students, Carper said. “I’m sure that our department will try to get more of these machines on campus if the students show that they want it,” he said.

9:57 A.M.

Rodney L. Lewis Jr, 20, of Bowling Green, was cited for failure to maintain a litter-free premise within the 400 block of Clough St. 10:11 A.M.

William P. Patacsil, 21, of Bowling Green, was cited for failure to maintain a litter-free premise within the 400 block of Clough St. 10:17 A.M.

Complainant reported that items were taken from a vehicle within the 900 block of Thurstin Ave. 1:17 P.M.

Complainant reported that between Saturday and Sunday an unknown person entered an unlocked vehicle and stole a Mossberg shotgun within the 900 block of Thurstin Ave. 7:40 P.M.

Peter J. Kramp, 40, of Bowling Green was arrested for a contempt warrant, operating a vehicle impaired, no booster seat, child endangering and theft within the 1600 block of E. Wooster St. He was lodged in the Wood County Justice Center. 10:55 P.M.

11:23 P.M.

Complainant reported that between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m., an unknown person destroyed seven solar lawn lights within the 1000 block of Fairview Ave. The estimated damage is $40.

MON., SEPT. 3 1:25 A.M.

Richard C. Abdo, 22, of Bowling Green, was arrested for theft, abuse of harmful intoxicants and drug paraphernalia within the 100 block of E. Wooster St. He was lodged in the Wood County Justice Center. 1:54 A.M.

James P. Case Jr, 20, of Eastlake, Ohio, was arrested for theft and underage/under the influence within the 100 block of N. Main St. He was lodged at the Wood County Justice Center. 3:28 A.M.

Jacob Levi Adams, 20, of Bowling Green, was cited for underage/under the influence of alcohol within the 500 block of E. Merry Ave, ONLINE: Go to for the complete blotter list.

Adam William Tom Kern, 30, of McClure, Ohio, was arrested for aggravated menacing, assault and carrying a concealed weapon within the 500 block of W. Gypsy Lane Road. Kern posted bond instead of going to the Wood County Justice Center.

CORRECTION POLICY We want to correct all factual

“They’re finding the files, but it’s causing a great delay,” Cox said. “They don’t know what they don’t have.” W h i le Rober t s ha s enoug h money in savings to wait out the delay in benef it f ile processi ng, st udent s w it hout enoug h money i n t he bank may need another loan next month. Un for t u nately, t he University may not be able to offer student veterans a short-term loan again, said President Mary Ellen Mazey in a letter to Ohio Representative Bob Latta

on Aug. 30. “It is clearly a shortterm, stopgap measure,” Mazey said in the letter. “We simply do not have the resources to maintain this type of assistance for more than a month or two.” While the short-term loan may be a temporary solution, students like Hatfield are just happy to receive help at all. “I’m just glad the University is doing something to help the students already instead of waiting until they start failing out because they can’t afford their books,” Hatfield said.

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@SamuelLJackson: Whassup w/ those Gators?!! Bowling Green testing that Ass!!

PEOPLE ON THE STREET “Diet Cherry Sprite.”

DANIEL GALEK Freshman, Asian Studies

“Smirnoff Green Apple.”

AVARE BROODY Sophomore, Biology

“Root Beer Float.”

ABBY BORGES Junior, Early Childhood Education


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Obama uses Internet to his advantage







What would your fantasy pop machine serve?

“Jones Cola.”

RYAN JASANY Sophomore, Music Education

Tuesday, September 4, 2012



Singing in the rain is all fine and dandy until you actually have crap to do. Here I am, sopping wet after a campuslong sprint to get back from the Union. Mother nature needs to not PMS so much. It was seriously just sunny without a cloud in the sky! — BIPOLAR WEATHER Oh, you wanna leave your clothes in the washers and dryers in the residence halls? OK. I hope they don’t mind the floor. — #CLEANTODIRTY If you’re riding your bike on campus, chances are, I do not like you. You may wonder who “I” am. “I” am that pedestrian you just brushed. I am the skateboarder you just ran into. I am the professor who has to stutter step six times just to get out of your way. Seriously, stick to the side of the walkways. Don’t weave through the crowds. — SIDEWALK RAGE While watching our beloved football team fall short in a game against Florida, I read a few tweets calling our Falcons “gator bait.” Hold up. Wait a minute. If I’m not mistaken, we put up one hell of a fight for the most of that game. All of Twitter was in awe, so don’t flatter yourself, Gator fans. We gave you a run for your money. — FALCON FOOTBALL I understand that we had a three-day weekend, but why do people insist on partying every single night? For real though. My neighbors went hard from Thursday at 8 p.m. until about Monday morning at 2 a.m. And trust me, they left behind some evidence. It took everything I had to not leave the broken shards of glass on their welcome mat the next morning. — PARTY FOUL Have you noticed how hard it is for people to show up to class on time? Nothing makes me cringe more than having some inconsiderate students kick in the door 20 minutes deep into the lecture and sit down like they own the place. Get your head out of the clouds and get a watch. I don’t want to sit in silence as my professor stares you down. — TARDY SAUCE

THE BG NEWS MAX FILBY, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF 210 West Hall Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, Ohio 43403 | Phone: (419) 372-6966 Email: Website: Advertising: 204 West Hall | Phone: (419) 372-2606

On Aug. 29, President Obama did something that honestly surprised me. But first, a little background on something called Reddit. Reddit is a a usergenerated social news website that has been around since 2005. Users on Reddit are able to post memes, blog posts, news articles and other forms of media in hopes of getting “upvoted” and put on the front page, or risk getting “downvoted” if the reader, or the “redditor” feels like the post isn’t worth getting upvoted to the front page. Along with the front page posts, there are “subreddit” sections where certain topics go, like “Ask Reddit” to “Today I Learned,” and “IAMA,” or “I am a… Ask me anything.” The demographics for Reddit tend to be men between the ages of 25 to 30 that have had some college education and sit in the range of the lowest income bracket ($0-$24,000). But Reddit has

been known to attract other demographics to their site, like men of other ages and even women. But now, I bet you’re asking yourself, “Why is she talking about Reddit when she started off talking about President Obama doing something surprising?” For a half-hour Wednesday afternoon, President Obama took time out of his day to post a thread — “I am Barack Obama, President of the United States — AMA.” (AMA- Ask me anything.) In order to verify that it was the man himself, the Original Post had a link to Obama’s Twitter account with the link. He also had a tag with –ob on the end, the tag used to confirm that Obama actually sent the tweet himself, rather than one of his staff members. Along with the verification from Twitter, there was also a photo linked to the page of Obama sitting down at a laptop. While the president was on Reddit, the site experienced heavy traffic, causing the site to crash near the end of his session. He answered questions on topics from the most difficult decision that

he has made during his term (“The decision to surge our forces in Afghanistan”) to the first thing that he would do on Nov. 7, if he wins or loses (“I’ll be thanking everyone who is working so hard…”) along with the increasing of funds to the space program, family life and being POTUS (President of the United States). He even answered fun and personal questions like who his favorite basketball player is (“Jordan — I’m a Bulls guy.”) And “What’s the recipe for the White House’s beer?” (“It will be out soon! I can tell from first hand experience, it is tasty.”) Looking back, Obama won the 2008 election by doing something unprecedented. In an innovative way, he captured the attention of the younger generations of American voters that spend their time on the Internet by using social media tools like Twitter to gain the support of the under-30 crowd. He also broke barriers and brought out more Hispanic voters to the polls. Personally, as someone that follows the news by using Twitter (I am following half a dozen American news sourc-

es and two international news sources to see what’s going on overseas and what their interpretation is of what’s going on in America) I am more willing to accept a candidate that is connecting with people my age by utilizing the tools we use to communicate. Obama set the bar in 2008 by using the internet as a way to connect to voters. And then comes the 2012 Republican presidential nominee stuff, with the antics of everyone’s favorite GOP team, from Rick Perry, to Michelle Bachman, to Herman Caine and his 9-9-9 plan, to good old T-Paw (Tim Pawlenty), Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul and the GOP presidential nominee himself, Mitt Romney. For a little while this time last year, I watched all of them attempt to use Twitter in their own ways, and they simply could not do what Obama has done, from writing tweets himself about national events, international events and even wishing his wife, Michelle, a happy Valentine’s Day.

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Do not rush into romantic relationships PHILLIP MARTIN COLUMNIST Until you’re ready, wait to date. Now I’m going to disqualify myself from giving the advice above. I‘ve never been in a relationship, but I’ve known my heart’s unprepared. I’m not strong enough. I’ll be 21 soon, but my 11-year-old self still reappears. I may be naïve about relationships, but I believe both partners should be mature. I would be the most chivalrous man for my girlfriend. But, I know I can’t be clingy. At least for me, it’s a problem if I couldn’t endure days or miles without her. Nevertheless, men should be devoted to their girlfriends and be willing to understand their needs. Maybe that means sometimes willingly stepping back to give her time and space? I also once thought I’d somehow find a girlfriend down the road if I was a better “people person”. So, I developed a “make friends with everyone!” mentality, especially toward girls.


Mastering interactions may not totally be a bad idea, but my logic was flawed. I know a pastor who’s happily married, but he’s also madly in love with God. I’ve seen it in his eyes, heard it in his voice. He spoke to me with more tenderness than any other man I’ve ever heard. He gave me some hope by pointing me in the right direction. I needed to understand God’s love for me first. Then, (hopefully) the right girl will come later. Three evenings later, I was reading my Bible alone. Suddenly, I thought about what he said, broke down and sobbed for a moment. I had seen God’s love in this man! And, if that’s not enough proof, you should witness his classy demeanor on a bad night of basketball! I guess I really needed that encouragement. I’ve been afraid of experiencing Vulcan “pon farr” – mate or die a lonely and unhappy life. But, it’s good to feel that assurance about God’s love for you when you fear a hopeless love future like I do. My selfishness has affected me so much I forget I’m

not alone. A friend is always around me, I have to keep reminding myself. Huh, maybe our faith would suffer if we had that relationship we desired right now? One final good thing to know is “the threshold.” I never was the type who wanted premarital action, believing in saving sex for marriage. But, where do you draw the line with kissing or holding hands? I do know that those less intimate expressions of affection lead to deeper ones. Men lust for those deeper things. Sometimes, that’s the only thing they have on their minds once that testosterone kicks in. And that desire can compel them to hurt their girlfriends unintentionally. This is why others and I believe a mature boyfriend must control himself. Every man struggles with his lust. But, it’s really noble to see guys who confess this and set out to control themselves for their significant others. I believe men can also fight this for those they’re also not close to if they truly love them. And, it really is a beautiful thing to share this struggle with

other guys, I soon learned. A group of guys and I did as we stayed up late in a lounge this past spring. So, guys, I encourage you to share this struggle with a group of trustworthy and non-judgmental guys. If you all have an X and Y chromosome, chances are you can relate with one another. In the end, some of us may never experience romance with a special woman. Although my stupid fantasies are very entertaining, my “Heart[’]s in Chains”, like the mellow Acoustic Alchemy tune. Like many guys, I’m tempted every day. I see beautiful young women around campus and get butterflies. But, I feel too guilty to feel attracted to them. It’s not yet my day. Women are complicated anyway (Ha, no offense!). Finally, here’s a saying I heard this summer: God will give you your Ruth. Or, (if you’re a lady, I guess) He’ll give you your Boaz. If it happens, it will. It’s tough, but it’s better to wait than to make it happen yourself.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Falcons beat Indiana


it’s only just begun

BG earns win over four sets against Indiana State By Max Householder Reporter

BG was able to get their first win of the year when they beat Indiana in four sets 22-25, 25-18, 27-25, 25-20. The Falcons went 1 of 3 on the weekend and fell to 1-4 to start the year. BG was able to take the second set from Georgia Tech in an impressive fashion with Danielle Tonyan getting a match high seven kills. “Our team saw how good we could be once we learn how to play consistently throughout the whole match and when we get contribution from all six players on the court,” said Head Coach Danijela Tomic. On Saturday the Falcons had two matches against two teams with their best output coming against Indiana. BG beat Indiana for its first win when they hit .237 for the match, and Junior left side hitter Paige Penrod had 26 kills. It was Indiana’s first loss of the year. In the later match BG took on Clevela nd State, where they lost in three straight sets 25-17, 25-22, 25-13. Tonya n again led Bowling Green in kills with eight, while Penrod added seven. “Unfortunately, we were not able to repeat our Indiana performance against an excellent Cleveland State team,” Tomic said. “We will learn from this loss and start preparing for our next tough tournament at BYU.” With the win, Cleveland State improves to 5-2 while BG drops to 1-4 on the year. The Falcons will head out west to play in the BYU Nike Invitational next Friday and Saturday.

BG plays close game, falls to Florida in the fourth quarter By Michele Wysocki Sports Editor

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Remember that saying? It’s one that isn’t easily forgotten for the Falcons, as they kept up with the Florida Gators until the last quarter, where they couldn’t capture the win for their first season game, losing 27-14. BG had the ball first in the game, and managed to score on their second possession as the Falcons went up 7-0 over the Gators in the first quarter. “I thought our guys prepared hard, competed hard, and played hard for four quarters,” said Head Coach Dave Clawson. The non-existent kicking game put BG in a position they didn’t want to be in, but Clawson said it’s an area in which they have been struggling for three years. Steven Stein, the guy who earned the starting job, first missed a field goal that came in contact with the right upright and bounced away from the scoring zone for the first missed attempted. “I was really optimistic going into this season, we

had a great camp with it,” Clawson said. “We have to take it to the game though, and we didn’t do it.” He missed the next one, later in the game from inside the red zone. If they were to have to kick another one, Clawson had Tyler Tate warming up on the sideline to do so. Despite the popular vote, BG held on to tie the game 14-14 before halftime and held on most of the third quarter. There is little that can be done in the fourth quarter to come back from a deficit, Clawson said. “Two turnovers in the fourth quarter, the missed field goals, not handling that punt,” Clawson said. “We really put ourselves in the fourth quarter with a chance to win the football game, but we didn’t execute well and missing those kicks hurt a lot too.” It was a game no one gave them a chance of winning, but linebacker Dwayne Woods said he wouldn’t call themselves underdogs. “The way we prepared, what we had coming back, we felt we were the better team,”

Woods said. This game not only showed BG was ready for the season, quarterback Matt Schilz said, but that they really did some great things aga inst a nat iona l ly ranked team. “This is a great team, this is a great defense, we have a lot of returning starters,” Schilz said. “For me it was getting great looks today, the game was so much faster than it is in the MAC so I think we got some great work in against a very good team.” More than anything, it’s motivation for next week, Schilz said. “Those mistakes, especially since we’re not young any more, can’t happen a ny more,” Woods said. “We will continue to work hard, practice and get ready for next week.” T h is upcom i ng Saturday is their next chance and t hey w ill face Idaho for their sea son home opener at 7 p.m. in the Doyt.


Ted Pletsch, a University hockey player, was cited for disorderly conduct: public urination during the weekend, according to police reports. According to the report, the incident took place near Clough St. and Orchard Circle in Bowling Green on Saturday night. Pletsch, a sophomore forward from Canton, Mich., played in 40 games for the Falcons last season, finishing seventh on the team with five goals and adding two assists.

Don’t forget to check back for coverage on the BG v. Idaho season opener on Sat. Sept. 8 at 7p.m. There will be an in-game chat for those who can’t attend the game. Visit sports for updates!

Women’s soccer falls to Falcons end game in 0-0 draw BG and Marshall tied in a scoreless draw on Saturday Minnesota in away game after playing 90 minutes and two overtime periods Minnesota scored seven unanswered goals on Thursday By Rebekah Dyvig Reporter

Last week the BG women’s soccer team played their first away series for the season in St. Paul, Minn. Thursday they played the University of Minnesota and lost 7-0. Saturday they played Western Kentucky University and lost 2-1. Minnesota advanced to 3-2-0 and Western Kentucky advanced to 4-1-0 while the Falcons dropped to 1-4-0. The Falcons held the Lady Toppers of Western Kentucky off from scoring until 43:41 in the first half, when Torrie Lange scored the first goal of the game. “I think it would have been fair to be tied 0-0 at the end of the first half,” said head coach Kellie Evans. “But we kind of checked out for that last minute which we have had some issues with which puts ourselves in a hole.”

Almost six minutes into the second half, Chrissy Tchoula scored a second goal for the Lady Toppers. At about 67 minutes into the game, BG sophomore Sidney Huth scored her first goal of the season, and the only goal for the Falcons, to make the final score 2-1. Freshman Demy Whitaker got the assist, her second of the season. In Thursday’s game vs Minnesota, goalkeeper Becca Ison was in the net for 70:44 and made seven saves. Freshman goalkeeper Jenna Underwood, who made her collegiate debut, was in the net for 19:16 and made four saves for the Falcons. Minnesota goalkeeper Cat Parkhill was in the net for 73:13 and made one save. Kristen Knutson was in the net for 16:47 and also made one save. “Minnesota has a very good team, they are big, strong, very

See WOMEN’S | Page 5

By Alex Krempasky Reporter

The Falcons finished Saturday night with neither a win nor a loss. BGSU and the Marshall Thundering Herd finished the game with a scoreless draw after 90 minutes of regular play and two 10-minute overtime periods. Both goalkeepers, who played all 110 minutes of the match, recorded four saves each. However, Marshall outshot the Falcons 23 to 14, and kept BGSU shotless during the second overtime period. Although they were outshot, head coach Eric Nichols was optimistic on the outcome of the game. “I’m really pleased with the way our guys performed and how they managed the game,” Nichols said. “We executed our gameplan very well.” Goalkeeper Michael Wiest was very happy with the defense’s ability to stop the ball before it got to him in the box. “There were only one or two shots that I really had to save,” Wiest said. “So most of that was

the defense just stepping it up.” Junior defender Zach Schewee was a crucial part of keeping the Herd off the scoreboard and also helped offensively with three shots, which was tied for the team high with senior Zach Lemke. “I think we played really well,” Schewee said. “We did not give up a goal and I think we held them pretty well too.” With the draw on Saturday, the Falcons are now 1-1-1 on the season and are hitting the road this weekend. BGSU will travel to Conway, S.C., to participate in the Coastal Carolina Tournament. The Falcons’ opponents will be the Wofford Terriers on Friday and the 16th ranked Coastal Carolina Chanticleers on Sunday. Wofford is 1-2 on the season with a win against GardnerWebb and a loss each from Wake Forest and Winthrop University. Coastal Carolina is 2-1-1 in the 2012 season and is the

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Cross Country finishes second in Mel Brodt Collegiate Opener

Tuesday, September 4, 2012



The men’s team beat out Madonna, lost to cross town rival Toledo by 20 points

By: Cameron Teague Robinson Reporter

The Bowling Green State University men’s and women’s cross country teams were successful in the Mel Brodt Collegiate Opener Friday night, when both teams placed second overall. “Our goal for this meet was to make good decisions,” said coach Lou Snelling. “I think as a whole we did a fairly good job of that during this meet.” The men finished with a team score of 52 and an average time 17:20.28. The Falcons beat out Madonna

for second, who finished with 72 points and an average time of 18:50.18. The Toledo Rockets won the men’s race with 15 points and an average time 16:12.36. Freshmen Tim Jurick made his mark in his first ever collegiate race, leading the men with a ninth place finish and a time of 16:46.50. Following Jurick were junior Joe van Bolderon and freshman Brian Coleman, who finished 13th and 14th respectively. “I was kind of nervous. I did not know what to expect, but it was pretty good,” said Jurick. “I just have to keep training hard-

“I just have to keep training harder every day and keep getting better.” Tim Jurick | Freshman er every day and keep getting better.” The women finished with a time of 19:39.30 and a team score of 71. They edged out Eastern Michigan, Ball State and Madonna to take a second place finish. Toledo, the defending MAC champion, finished first with a time 18:28.58 and a team

score of 18 points. Redshirt junior Abby Koch won the Mel Brodt last year, and this year she led the women with a seventh place finish, completing the course in 18:58.00. She was followed by redshirt freshmen Andrea Alt, who finished 10th with a time of 19:14.90. “I was feeling a bit under the weather but I’m happy with my race,” said Koch. “We will definitely want to get out next race and get after it and get some good marks.” The team will be back in action Saturday Sept. 15 in Buffalo, NY for the Buffalo Stampede Invitational.


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THE RUGBY team takes the field for their first game in the National Collegiate Sevens tournament, where they finished second behind Davenport.

Rugby finishes second in sevens tournament By Nicholas Vanderpool Reporter

The BG rugby team finished in 2nd place in the National Collegiate Sevens tournament on Saturday with a familiar competitor, Davenport, winning the tournament. The Falcons were lead by center Dominic Mauer, who had 44 points on the day. He had a total of four tries and 14 conversions. BG’s first match was a 28-0 win over Northern Illinois. The following match was another win, where the Falcons beat Ball State 35-5. A fter t he Fa lcons started off strong with

two wins, the next three matches were closer, and the Falcons finally fell to Davenport. BG beat Western Michigan with a score of 21-5, and also beat Wheeling 14-5. The team would then go on to lose to Davenport 36-12. The Falcons experienced an unusual situation in their lineup with three freshmen on the squad. Fly half Mitch Sora, scrum half Mike Powell, and scrum half Kevin Van Horn are all freshmen. Sora, Powell, and Van Horn arguably play the most important positions in the

game, said Roger Mazzarella, director of rugby. Mazzarella referred to f ly half and scrum half positions as the “quarterbacks” in rugby. It’s rare to have freshmen starting at both of those spots, he said. Both Powell and Sora started every game on Saturday. Sora had three tries on the day. It’s remarkable what the two freshmen have done because they have only been on the team for two weeks. They have only had a couple weeks to learn the offensive and defensive systems of BG rugby, Mazarella said.

MAC STANDINGSWEEK 1 Mid-American East Kent State Ohio Akron Bowling Green Buffalo Massachusetts Miami (OH)

Mid-American - West Ball State Central Michigan Northern Illinois Toledo Western Michigan Eastern Michigan

“Everybody had a good day, and I’m impressed with our guys,” Mazzarella said. “Sevens is a completely sport than rugby, KELLY DEARTH | THE BG NEWS but it was good for our RUGBY PLAYER pushes past his defender to advance up the field and score for guys.” the Falcons. Their next game is Sept. 8 against Western Michigan at 1 p.m. During sevens, everybody has to perform and execute to the best of their ability. Only seven players play at one time for each side, so all seven have to be on the same page to succeed. BG will host Western Michigan to take on a Bronco squad that will be looking for revenge as they return next Saturday. The Do you attend Rugby games? Let us know. match will start around 1 @BGNewsSports p.m. at College Park.


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Falcons’ second opponent this weekend. CCU defeated Longwood and Wright State, and tied Ohio State 1-1 last Friday. Their only loss came against the Charlotte in a 1-0 overtime game. The Falcons will be back at Cochrane Field on September 18 when they take on the Detroit Titans at 7 p.m.

athletic and are a motivated team,” Evans said. “Our girls really gave a lot of effort and obviously we would have liked different results, but overall we just came up against some good opponents and fell short.” BG goalkeeper Ison played t he ent i re game against Western Kentuck y and made

three saves. Nikki Hall was in the net for the Lady Toppers and made seven saves. “We came back stronger in the second half and got one in at the very end,” Evans said. “We had some other opportunities to have tied it up, but we are just going to have to go back to the drawing board and regroup and organize some stuff and continue to push forward and get ready for Valparaiso.”

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6 Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Students can sign up to join new Deaf Culture Club By Geoff Burns Reporter

Deaf Culture Club is a new organization this year at the University that will start in the first few weeks of September. Deaf culture consists of anyone who is deaf, hard of hearing or who considers himself or herself to have any type of hearing loss. Founder a nd sophomore student Chelsey Miller said all deaf people have their own way of life or have different values and morals than hearing people. “I really want to share deaf culture with other students on campus starting with history, some of the customs, beliefs, values, everything about deaf culture I’m probably going to share in the group,” Miller said. “I just want to inform people about it and people who are interested can come and learn about it.” Miller said two priorities she has for the club are for people who are interested in the culture to come, interact and go

Chelsey Miller

Founder and Sophomore student to events, and for those who want to learn sign language to come and practice it. “The first reason why I was going to start the club was because I wanted a group where you could either practice sign language or start to learn it,” Miller said. “I just wanted to broaden it and include more of the deaf culture aspects and maybe just teach some basic signs to new members who haven’t had any sign.” Even though the new organization is in the first stages of development, treasurer Ryan Shukis said he hopes to help the club build its foundation at the University. “The biggest thing that I have thought about is that it’s a new organization and I know how to manage finances and I figured I could help them start up,” Shukis, a senior at the

University, said. “I really hope to build a groundwork for the organization and even learn some sign language as well.” Sophomore Mega n Roberts said she is interested in becoming involved with the club. Roberts, who said she hopes to be a child life specialist and work with children who have disabilities, said she thinks being involved with this club will help her become familiar with it. “We just want to make people aware and to let people know about the culture because I don’t think a lot of people know that there is an actual deaf culture that is different from our culture,” Roberts said. “We also hope to travel to bigger cities such as Toledo and Columbus to do some fundraising for the club as well.” Those interested in the Deaf Culture Club can join for free. For more information about joining the organization, contact Chelsey Miller at chelmil@falcon.

Local movie theater offers Thursday night showings at discounted rate Woodland Mall Cinemas sets low ticket prices for students with ID By Steve Stuart Reporter

The Woodland Mall Cinema knows students live on a tight budget, so each Thursday the theater offers students a discount. There are many opportunities for students to find entertainment in and around the University, and saving money can be a concern. One such opportunity many students may not be aware of is student discount night at the Woodland Mall Cinemas, located in the Woodland Mall at 1234 N. Main St. The Woodland Mall Cinema is not as big as neighboring theaters, however, it does show the new movies opening day. “For what it is, it’s good quality. Not the fanciest, but

“For what it is, it’s good quality. Not the fanciest, but it is good for the students.” Chuck Coletta | Instructor it is good for the students,” said popular culture instructor Chuck Coletta. Overall, Coletta is happy the theater is there and it has a student night. It provides the students with a cheap, fun night off campus, Coletta said. Emily Remaklus, a senior theater student, has no objection with the theater’s size but takes issue with the date of student night. “I don’t mind it being small, especially since it is a good deal, but Thursdays aren’t the

best days,” Remaklus said. With students having classes, clubs or organization meetings in the evening, Thursday could be a tricky day to catch a movie, Remaklus said. The Woodland Mall Cinema is owned and operated by Cinemark, which has 461 theaters across the United States, according to Bowling Green’s theater isn’t the only one with a student discount night, according to the website. On Thursdays, students can show their University IDs and purchase a ticket for $3, according to cinemark. com. The next closest theater, which is the Levis Commons 12 in Perrysburg, sells tickets for $9.75 according to

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Friday, September 7 | 1:00 – 5:30 PM The Wolfe Center for the Arts | Donnell Theatre Faculty and students in natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, business, education and more are invited to hear from national experts on the potential for data-driven research and funding arising from the surge in digital data.

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Big Data Day Symposium

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