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Students from the department of theatre and film are practicing up to perform the musical ‘Chicago’ next weekend.Check out a preview and exclusive photos from rehearsals in THE PULSE on Page 3

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Students rate restaurants on cleanliness, friendliness College Student Insights looks to improve local businesses, raises scholarship money through research results By Tasneem Almuhanna Reporter

If you’ve ever received bad service at a local restaurant, then College Student Insights will work on having your voice heard. College Student Insights is the first student-run market research firm on campus sending out surveys about local restaurants to get student feedback.

Ali Rieger, the company’s project director, said it will provide data collected from the surveys taken by college students and sell this data to restaurants, Residence Life, and University Athletics. The firm is looking to help out local businesses by finding out what the typical consumer responses are from local students. “We are trying to find out what it is they are lacking… is it the cleanliness of the business, or is it the customer

service… in order to improve their business,” Rieger said. In order to start their research the firm used an online database, Qualtrics, which is helping it create and distribute the surveys. The program will also help Rieger and others analyze their data. “This week our survey will be distributed to 9,000 undergraduates via email… we are currently focusing on fast foods and have two surveys

going out… one for quick service and one for full service such as Easy Street Cafe,” Rieger said. The way the surveys are conducted is that students will either get the quick service or full service survey and then pick out which restaurants they have patronized in the past three months, the company’s president Rachel Dyas said. They will then be asked to rate restaurants in terms of cleanliness, service, employee

friendliness and more aspects. Once the firm has examined its results, it will send out a report to local businesses showing the business’s ranking in comparison to other businesses, in hopes of selling the results to them. The money gained from the results sold to businesses will be used to start a schol-

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ameras don’t lie, so when it comes to activity in residence halls, some security cameras are catching vandalism, robberies and unwanted visitors with the press of a button. Residence life has had cameras in different buildings for several years as part of an added security measure for students. Under the previous director, Residence Life initiated a

plan to get cameras in every residence hall, and Offenhauer was first on the list in that initial phase, said Sarah Waters, current director of Residence Life. “We are working through a process to get a baseline of cameras in every building, and we should have those by the time we open in the fall,” Waters said. Offenhauer is also one of the only

buildings that has cameras on every floor and in every corridor, but Waters said Residence Life really wants to focus on the entrances and exits of buildings so they can get an idea of who is coming and going rather than worrying about every corner of the building. While not all residence halls feature these “extra eyes,” Offenhauer,

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Students tap in to early arrival of spring beers Local businesses offer students variety of seasonal brews, different tastes Tyler Strittmatter Reporter

Spring in Januar y and Summer in March. Unseasonably warm weather is not only impacting clothing choices for students, it is dictating what they are drinking. Beer companies have been coming out with Spring and Summer beer selections a season early throughout the past few years. Mike Grant, manager of the BG Liquor Outlet on East Wooster, said that spring beers come out earlier and earlier every year. “We had Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy in the beginning of March,” Grant said. “It is like an arms race for beer companies.” Grant explained why there is such a craze around sea-

sonal beers. “It is the one time a year you can get these beers,” Grant said. “People want something different than what they have been drinking, and breweries create a sense that there are availability problems.” Beer drinkers can expect a lighter style and ingredient changes such as the addition of lemon or lime in their spring and summer drinks, Grant said. Griffin Jones, co-owner of Reverends, explained a bit more of what makes a spring and summer beer different. “T he s e d r i n k s a re more hop f or w a r d , m or e c itr u s f lavored a nd c a n have more f r u it y a spect s,” Jones sa id. “A s opposed to chocolate or c a r a mel note s you wou ld f i nd i n w i nter beers. You w a nt somet h i ng more



Go online for a photo gallery of a concert featuring Indian and Nepali Music on Thursday night

Students wrote a song, ‘BGSyou,’ about life at the University, performed it at Dance Marathon and plan to make it into a music video before they graduate | PAGE 3

Arts Village hosts concert

Ziggy and the Zoombas

ref resh i ng for pou nder s a s opposed to sippers.” During this time of year, students will find more wheat ales and pilsners, Jones said. Jones makes sure “anything with a lighter body,” is on tap. Issa Baiz, manager at Falcon Food Mart, is amazed by how early seasonal beers have come out this year. “I wa s so su r pr ised some of t hese beers ca me i n when t hey d id,” Ba i z sa id. “Beer c ompa n ie s proba bl y w a nted to ta ke adva ntage of t he good weat her.” Baiz said that there are a lot of summer beers lining his shelves right now, and he does not remember summer beers being out so early last year. “Sam Adams spring beer came out in winter, and by the time it was actually spring it was off the shelves,” Baiz said.

Nate Ballinger, an alumnus of the University and Bowling Green resident, said he loves spring and summer beers. “It’s great to drink light, crisp, refreshing beers in warm weather,” Ballinger said. “A lot of people go nuts for fall beers; I go nuts for spring.” Ballinger commented on spring and summer beers seemingly coming out earlier every year. “Breweries a re sma rt,” Ballinger said. “They know people get excited when they see new seasonal beers. The only downside is that people might get tired of a seasonal beer by the time it actually gets to the season.” So break out the folding chairs, fill the coolers with ice and grab your favorite summer drink, because they are here, whether you are ready or not.



BG gymnist Danielle Wishart, Jamilah Ali, Megan Harrington and Fina Locigno will compete as individuals in the NCHA this weekend | PAGE 6

Columnist Mathew Davoli explains how homosexual acts are not immoral and how they actually benefit society | PAGE 4

Four Falcons head to Auburn

More than morals


USG to announce new members Friday, sworn in Monday BEN GOLDSBERRY USG Speaker of the Senate

Voting for Undergraduate Student Government ended Thursday and the organization will announce members of next year’s administration Friday. The announcement will take place at noon in the Falcon’s Nest in the Union, said Ben Goldsberry, current USG speaker. The senators will be announced first, and then the candidates for USG president and vice president, Goldsberry said. The swearing in of the new president and senators will take place Monday at 6 p.m. in the Union Falcon’s Nest. After the senators are sworn in, they will have a meeting and decide who will become the next speaker and the four committee heads. All of the non-returning members will attend the USG banquet, which will include awards for members and a celebration of the organization’s accomplishments, Goldsberry said.

What movie should be redone in in 3-D?



2 Friday, April 6 — Sunday, April 8, 2012

92S.5F M


t its d s F E S T IVA L r n i f i F o K Saturday, April 28, 2012 DO GOOD MUSIC

10 pm til 2:30 am




An all day Music Festival where you can watch some of the best up and coming artists.


K I S S 18 & Up H 21 & over FREE B U L C H


WED., APRIL 4 12:34 P.M.

Karie Klorer, 43, of Bowling Green, was arrested near East Wooster and South College streets on a warrant from the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office

CAMERA From Page 1 McDonald, Centennial Hall and Falcon Heights are among the list that do. Anything ranging from a fire alarm pull to who threw the punch in a fight can be reason for police to pull footage, Waters said. Both Waters and Capt. Tim James of the University Police agree that cameras have helped in many instances in finding an answer to a problem within the residence halls. “I’m a cop, so the more security the better as far as I’m concerned, so if I can get a camera every place that’d be great; it would help me do my job,” said James. “There’s a lot that goes into that decisionmaking process though; you have to think about the costs as well as any privacy issues.” James said they usually

for child neglect. She was transported to jail with a bond of $250. 4:31 P.M.

Complainant reported $290 stolen from an apartment within the 900 block of Klotz Road. 5:07 P.M.

narrow down a time frame to when everything was normal to when something happened and from there start trying to identify individuals in the footage. “We usually ask the hall directors, resident advisors and the residents if they know this person or if they saw this person,” said James. “From there we can usually get a pretty good idea of who’s not supposed to be there or who is responsible for whatever the issue may be.” Waters said the camera systems are working hand in hand with their new PED system, which can alert residence life when a door has been opened or propped that shouldn’t be. They can use the cameras to see who was entering or exiting at that door at the time of the alert. Seven years ago when a few men from Defiance College came to the University and


Elizabeth Anne Woodruff, 19, of Bowling Green, was cited for disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana near North Main and East Merry streets.

then asked for directions to campus within the 200 block of

10:37 P.M.


Complainant reported a black male subject held him at gunpoint, demanded his cell phone,

made their way into McDonald hall, a streak of thefts ensued and it would be the images on the hall’s security cameras that would help find the duo guilty. James remembers the incident and said without the cameras, some criminals may have never been caught and there could have potentially been a lot more thefts to deal with. The camera footage has been used in court as evidence against someone claiming they were not responsible for the crime being tried, as in the incident with the men from Defiance College, James said. “That’s worth a lot to a jury,” said James. “Sometimes they deny any involvement and then you just hit play and let it run; after seeing their face on the screen, it usually ends with them saying sorry.” Though the cameras have proved beneficial in catching questionable activity, they

S. College Drive.

1:21 A.M.

Kyle Lance Cameron, 22, of Defiance, Ohio, was arrested at

aren’t there solely to catch students in a crime. “It’s nobody’s job to sit and monitor the cameras at all times and wait to see who nicked the wall with a moving cart,” said Waters. “We pull footage when we need it, but more often than not they’re just there as a way to enhance our security so students can feel comfortable.” This sense of security is something that some students feel is an essential part of any residence hall. “I work in Harshman and sometimes the building is creepy at night when I’m leaving work,” said sophomore Jen O’Connor. “It’s always good to know there’s that little sense of added security; you just never know.” The University has cameras in many other campus buildings and parking lots as well as safety officers on patrol at all hours.

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City Lot 6 for falsification and obstructing official business. He was lodged in the Wood County Justice Center. ONLINE: Go to for the complete blotter list.

CAMPUS From Page 1 arship fund at the University, Rieger said. “We have legitimate data that these businesses need, so why would we give them the results for free, when we can raise money and support a scholarship so that kids can realize that this is something they can be a part of,” Rieger said. There are two aspects to College Student Insights: customer satisfaction and living labs, Dyas said. In Fall 2012 the firm will use three floors of a residence hall dedicated to a “living lab” where students who live on those floors will participate in trying out new products and foods and then providing feedback for more data. “If Pizza Hut is coming up with a new advertisement or logo and they can get student opinions on which they would look at first,” Dyas said. The College of Business is trying to make such oncampus research a replacement for the cap-stone course — something necessary for graduation, Rieger said. The reason for this is because it allows for real-life experience and using techniques from marketing classes. “It took a while for us to conduct this because we had

10:00AM - 12:00PM $25 presale and $35 at the door

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to come up with a business plan, a strategy and so much more… we also have board members and board member meetings… we won’t settle for anything less than perfect,” Rieger said. In addition, the company is looking for funding from sponsors in order to have a grand prize of an iPad, a secondplace prize of $100 gift card and a third-place prize of a $50 gift card, Dyas said. Everyone who takes the survey will get entered into a drawing for the prizes. The prizes will be distributed after the results have been gathered, taking approximately two to three weeks, Dyas said. Graduate student Chris Lorenzen, who’s the manager of business development and sales, said any businesses in the city has to rely on the student body as its customer-base, and the research that College Student Insights will offer them will be at a discounted price compared to other companies, but the quality will still be the same. “It’s important for students to know that this is their opportunity to get their voice heard… we may be handing out iPads and other great goodies… but this is a great place to have their opinion implemented,” Lorenzen said.

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Friday, April 6 — Sunday, April 8, 2012


‘Chicago’ to be performed at Wolfe Center By Tara Keller Pulse Reporter


ince its debut in 1975, the play “Chicago” has been performed on Broadway, at universities and in high schools around the world. Next week, the University’s theatre and film department will perform the iconic play — with a twist. Most productions traditionally make the last half of the play Roxie and Velma’s vaudeville show, but director Michael Ellison decided to extend that theme further. “I wanted to make the whole show their musical vaudeville and having that concept is what makes this show unique,” Ellison said. “Anyone who directs this show faces the challenge of combining multiple elements into a cohesive whole.” This version of the play will feature all vaudeville style music and dance as it tells the story of Roxie and Velma, two young women in the 1920s who commit murder and hope to in turn become famous. Kara Bergman will portray the character Roxie, whom she said has



y lead d Kara Bergman pla ELI BRICKEY an tion of “Chicago.” department’s produc

a in the theatre and

roles Roxie and Velm


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Student produced song to be released Movies offer opportunity University students write song, film video titled ‘BGSyou’ about college life By Simone Jackson Pulse Reporter

“BGSyou,” a song written and produced by University students, is set to be released as a music video in the coming weeks. The band Ziggy and the Zoombas, performed “BGSyou” for the first time at Dance Marathon on Saturday. Performing at Dance Marathon was suggested by Victoria Recker, a junior music education major, who plays the trumpet for the band. “BGSyou” can be described as part of the Ska genre. Ska is rock music that incorporates brass instruments. The song is about five minutes in length. Initially, the band’s only goal was to produce a music video, which they have been rehearsing and shooting for since September. The group decided to perform “BGSyou” at Dance Marathon to get the word out to students about Ziggy and the Zoombas. “It was a way for us to stay motivated during the final stages of recording the song and shooting the video,” said band manager and songwriter David Chesworth, a senior majoring in exercise science. The music video begins with a senior’s last day of high school. He makes his way to the University, where he spends four years and the time flies by. The video uses humor to promote college life at

the University. The basic theme of the music video is that college is some of the best years of your life, Chesworth said. Chesworth had the idea to create a music video two years ago after joking around with a few friends. “Being in a music video was something on my bucket list,” Chesworth said. “I figured that I am in college and I have the resources and friends to do it, so why not?” A year went by before Chesworth or his friends did anything about the idea. Chesworth composed a rough draft of “BGSyou” at 2011’s Dance Marathon that he showed to friend, Benji Cates, a music education major. “I began developing instrumental components of the song at 3 a.m. the next morning,“ Cates said. Cates used his musical background to perfect “BGSyou.” “I was inspired by what he had written and just added to it,” Cates said. Cates is the lead singer for Ziggy and the Zoombas. Chesworth and Cates began recruiting their friends to help with various aspects of the production of “BGSyou.” They were so excited about their idea they practically begged friends to help them, said sophomore Aaron Rice. “I was excited to do it,” he said.

Rice became the lead guitarist for the group and was put in charge of audio recording. Daishin Takakura, an international student from Japan and film major, is shooting the entire video. “BGSyou” is the first music video that Takakura has shot. There is a lot to consider when making a music video, Takakura said. “I am used to making a story the center of a film, and in a music video the music has to be at the center but surrounded by visual elements,” he said. Chesworth said the process has been fun and challenging. “It is a great way to build our resumes while doing something we enjoy,” Chesworth said. Ziggy and the Zoombas plan to have their video on the University’s Twitter and Facebook page, but they are still waiting on approval from the University’s marketing department. “BGSyou” will be different than the “Stroh Center Rap,” Chesworth said. “What is unique about our video is that it is student made,” Chesworth said. He said the group had no advertising motives when it decided to create the video. The group doesn’t plan to perform again unless asked. “We are all going our separate ways; the video was just something fun that we wanted to do,” Chesworth said.


There are just a few movies in our generation that stick with us. The quotes we can drop and have instantly picked up by complete strangers. If a person theatrically whispers “I’ll never let go,” everybody knows it comes from “Titanic.” Like it, love it or wish the actual movie would hit an iceberg and sink, “Titanic” is a must-see movie and is permanently embedded into our culture. Released for the first time in 1997, “Titanic” became a best-selling blockbuster and held that title for years to come. Now in 2012, we are at the precipice of the 100 year anniversary of the actual sinking of the ship. Director James Cameron decided to commemorate this milestone. “Titanic 3-D” is now in theaters. And yes, I went to the midnight premiere on Tuesday night and stayed throughout the entire 194 minutes. Did I dress up for this occasion? Of course I did. I found an old T-shirt and decorated the back with a dialogue between the two main characters, Jack and Rose. My friend Emily took her “Titanic” obsession one step further. She donned a white nightgown, dyed her hair white and wore her own blue “Heart of The Ocean”

necklace. We were the only two in the entire theater who dressed up. We were stared at, gawked at and a few girls who I suspect were just seeing the movie for the first time asked who Emily was supposed to be. Finally, after too many trailers, the lights dimmed and we were aboard the “Titanic.” The 3-D literally made me feel like I was a passenger on the ill-fated ship. This movie, I am shocked to say, was really my first 3-D movie. I had seen a “Spy Kids” 3-D movie about 10 years ago, but that technology is hardly comparable to what theatergoers expect today. I was asked if I enjoyed the movie after returning to my room at 4 a.m. and regrettably missing my first class to sleep. “Titanic” was good. Its message about how our lost loved ones never really leave us is a message no one is too old or too young to learn. The minute detail and historically factual evidence the movie showcased was impeccable. The 3-D did make me nauseous at times, and I could have enjoyed the movie just as much without it, but fortunately it didn’t take anything away from the storyline. The best part about “Titanic” wasn’t seeing the ship sink in all of its three-dimensional glory or seeing certain parts of Kate Winslet’s anat-

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Film major’s work qualifies for South by Southwest Music and Film Festival By Troy Chamberlain Reporter

University film production major Ben Measor first met Bob Putka in a media production class at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center his junior year in high school. They struck a friendship and made their first film together shortly after graduation. They called it “Hooka Face and the Virgin Boy.” “It’s about an 18-year-old who just turned 18 and graduated high school and wants to take his last step from innocence,” Measor said. “So he orders a hooker for the night and gets a hotel room and then it’s about the sort of awkwardness that ensues.” Currently Measor is a senior at the University and he and Putka, a student at Cuyahoga Community College, are still collaborating. In

April 2011, the two put together their second film: “Mouthful.” If the title of the first film raises your eyebrows to the second film’s subject ­— trust your instincts. “It’s about honesty in a relationship and how sometimes it isn’t necessarily the best course of action,” Measor said. “The movie opens up with the boyfriend asking the girlfriend what she thinks about his size and asks her to compare it to her ex. From there on … it kind of leads them down a path to relationship hell.” The film focuses on a male character named Bobby who, with his pants down, displays his assets package to his female partner, Bliss, and requests a comparison to her former boyfriend’s. Bliss’s answer isn’t quite the response Bobby wants. “It was based on a personal

experience I had that while in the moment seemed very important and high stakes,” Putka said. “Removed from the moment it seemed a little ridiculous.” While at first glance the subject may not seem like artistic material, officials at this year’s South by Southwest Music and Film Festival (SXSW, for short) in Austin, Texas disagreed. The film was one of thousands submitted for application to the festival, Measor said, and of those thousands approximately thirty are selected for competition. “Mouthful” was among those thirty and was screened at the festival from March 11-17. It was Putka who received the

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Bob Putka Ben Measor

Phil Hirzel

Conor Casey as Bobby Eilis Cahill as Bliss


Friday, April 6 — Sunday, April 8, 2012


KATIE DUFFY Freshman, Tourism

Is government the problem, or the solution? I guess it might depend on whose government we’re talking about. For the past thirtysome years, it’s become a mainstream position that government is bad and that we have to be saved from it. The people telling us this are almost always a particular set of politicians who want a position in the government, or the people who are helping them get that position. Which is weird. I mean, if you went to a doctor and he told you he didn’t believe in medicine, would you want him to be the guy who cuts you open and tries to fix your insides? Probably not. But, more and more, for over a generation, we’ve been ha nd i ng our government over to people who pretend to believe that government is innately bad. Or, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt; let’s say they do genu i nely bel ieve that government is evil. W hat does it say about these people that they benef it f rom gover nment, live off it — and profess that it’s evil? Not surprisingly, when the government is in the hands of people who profess to hate government, it doesn’t work very well. Under Clinton-Gore, the Federal budget was balanced, the number of federal employees shrank dramatically and the government even began to generate a surplus. I don’t say these men were saints. I just say they knew how to do their job. In contrast, under each of the Bushes and Reagan, deficits boomed and government grew. Ever y body k now s Reagan’s wisecrack, “The nine most terrif ying words in the English language are: ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’” Republicans with this philosophy devastated agencies like FEMA when they held office. The result of this mismanagement and indif-

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“The first thing to come to mind is Pocahontas.”

KATIE BROWN Senior, Education


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ference, as we know, was the tragically inept response to disasters like Hurricane Katrina. And this philosophy continues in the GOP: just last month Governor John Kasich refused FEMA help for Ohio for two days, and only relented in the face of mounting criticism. And last year, Mitt Romney (increasingly likely to be the presidential standard-bearer for the Republicans this year), said that disaster relief was “immoral.” These are people who cannot be trusted to use the power of government for the public good. Government is like any other human invention. It can work well or badly, depending on what we do with it. Our government, the government of the United States, is designed to be responsive to our needs and our calls for action. That’s why the Con st it ut ion speci f ica l ly g ives Cong ress t he power “to collect ta xes... and provide for t he genera l welfare of the United States.” Nobody likes ta xes. I expect even IRS employees compla in about them. But people like what governments do. They like roads and schools. They like being able to call 911 when they need to and get an answer. Despite a long lifetime of Republican smears, they like Social Security and Medicare. If these programs are so ineffective, so incompetently run, then why are they so popular — so politically invulnerable? No one l i ke s e ver yt h i ng a ny gover n ment doe s. T h at ’s w hy we have elect ions : to sm ite t he gover n ment w it h a clue-ha m mer, w hen necessa r y. But if a politician can’t use the power of government to do some good for the community, maybe he ought to go into some other line of work. And if a politician says that government is your enemy, maybe he’s telling the truth — if he succeeds in getting the government power he’s asking you to give him.


“Mortal Kombat.”

NATE SUMMERS Junior, Theatre


What movie should be redone in 3-D?


JEFF TILLEY Junior, Tourism



Homosexual acts are moral, lead to better society MATHEW DAVOLI COLUMNIST

While it is encouraging that it no longer seems acceptable to openly bash gay men and lesbians, it is discouraging that some still advocate for viewing homosexual acts as immoral. This condemnation of same-sex lovemaking and passion can be heard often on campus, and it sometimes appears in this paper. As one person arguing against the acceptance of same-sex relations wrote: “The acts of homosexuality are like telling a lie… For example, someone could have a problem with lying.” I would agree that “someone could have a problem with lying,” and I would even advocate that people should have a problem with lying as it is immoral, but homosexual acts are different. Lying can be seen as immoral as it harms individuals and society, but homosexual acts are not intrinsically harmful and are actually moral actions. Before I go into the reasons why homosexual acts are moral, it may be fitting to properly point


out how lying is immoral (the operational definition of “immoral” will be an act that decreases the wellbeing of the individual and society). First of all, lying can be, and is, intrinsically harmful to society. As professor Harry Frankfurt of Princeton University pointed out: “How could a society that cared too little for the truth make sufficiently wellinformed judgments and decisions concerning the most suitable disposition of its public business? How could it possibly flourish, or even survive…?” Secondly, we should also consider how the wellbeing of the individual liar is harmed. These are lessons one learns in kindergarten, but let’s refresh our memories nonetheless. The liar is harmed through the act of lying because: they are in ever present danger of being found out and thus harmed, they are under the ever present stress of keeping the lies straight and thus harmed, they can accumulate mistrust from their community in such a way that it becomes harmful, etc. I hope that the above is a decent review of why lying should be viewed as

immoral; now let’s focus on whether or not homosexual acts are also intrinsically harmful to human wellbeing. As I have been seeing AIDS ribbons circulating around campus, it may be best to just start there. The transmission of AIDS is a legitimate public safety concern, and because of its effect on the wellbeing of society one should then ask: does the transition of AIDS through the homosexual act make it immoral? The best response to this would be what Professor John Corvino of Wayne State University said on the matter: “If the higher AIDS risks makes it wrong for men to have sex with men, then it would be wrong for women to have sex with men because, after all, lesbian sex puts them at less of an AIDS risk than heterosexual sex.” And of course, we should all remember that simple safe sex techniques decrease the probability of contracting any disease through any sex act, to the extent that the gender of one’s sexual partner(s) is not a significant determining factor in the contraction of disease. In this way, homosexual acts are not intrinsically harmful to society and to

individuals, so they should not be seen as immoral. But as I alluded to above, I not only see homosexual acts as not immoral, but as perfectly moral acts as well. Homosexual acts can be, and often are, extremely beneficial to maintaining and even increasing the wellbeing of individuals and societies. Not only do homosexual acts create pleasurable experiences (which could be seen as good enough by itself), but they also help in creating and maintaining the very bonds of affection between intimate partners that really make life worth living. And since the social sciences seem to back up the concept that happier people are better contributors to society, one could then reason that homosexual acts can lead to better societies. As I hope that I outlined above, the declaration that “homosexual acts are immoral” can be seen as a falsehood, a lie. And as one person wrote that people should “have a problem with lying,” I would in turn like to write that we should “have a problem with” homosexual acts being called immoral.

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5 Friday, April 6 — Sunday, April 8, 2012



‘CHICAGO’ is the longest running American musical on Broadway, junior Kara Bergman plays lead Roxie above.

CHICAGO From Page 3


ELI BRICKEY, a musical theatre major, is lead Velma in the play and needed to learn dance for the production.

CHECK ONLINE THIS WEEKEND FOR: Max Filby’s and Bobby Waddle’s column about “House of Lies”

been her dream role since she was younger. “I was so happy when I found out I got the role,” Bergman said. “It was a really, really close call.” Bergman’s character will compete for stardom with the character Velma, played by senior Eli Brickey. “Velma’s a very strong, inyour-face woman,” Brickey said. “She’s been around the block a couple times.” Although the two women in the play are in constant competition and don’t start off as friends, Bergman and Brickey said they get along well offstage. “Eli is so talented and I’ve learned a lot from her,” Bergman said. “We’re really good friends.” Bergman said when Brickey found out they had both earned the roles they wanted, she took a picture of the casting sheet to share with her new co-star. This kind of cooperative attitude is normal and expected, Ellison said. “My favorite thing about this cast is how supportive they are of each other,” Ellison said. “It’s been really wonderful to work with them.”

FILM From Page 3


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actual phone call from the festival announcing their acceptance. “[Bob] gave me the call the day of and then your mindset’s racing thinking, ‘OK, now what’s the next step,” Measor said. “There was definitely the jumping up and down and cheering in my mind, but then we pretty much just got right down to business.” To fund travel and promotional costs for the festival, Measor and the rest of his production team, C-Town Film Factory, needed an additional $2,000 dollars on top of the $10,000 spent producing the film. They turned to the fun-

Because “Chicago” features songs that are dance heavy, dance majors joined forces to help with the production of the musical. Dance captains would come in the afternoon to learn the choreography from Ellison and the other choreographers, then return and teach what they learned to the other cast members. “I love helping actors discover what works for them and helping them apply principles of acting to singing and dancing,” Ellison said. “I taught them how to dance and sing like their characters.” Dancing isn’t new to Brickey, but the amount of time she put into learning the steps was fun and exhausting, she said. “I loved getting to dance the songs instead of singing them in the shower, but dancing in heels was hard,” Brickey said. “I had to really take care of myself and become a strong and better dancer for this show.” This production of “Chicago” not only features an entire vaudeville theme, but other unique elements as well. Choreographer Deborah Tell reconstructed the original dance number, “Hot Honey Rag,” and other elements have been tweaked to suit the director and the designer’s vision, Ellison said. “Chicago” also marks the

first musical ever to be performed at the newly constructed Wolfe Center for the Arts in the Donnell Theatre. “At the Donnell, the seating is very intimate,” Brickey said. “As a performer, we have a lot of space to move around and we can address the audience.” Bergman also said she was excited to perform in the venue and said audience members can expect to have a great time when they come see it. “The audience can see it’s a f lashy and entertaining show,” Bergman said. “There’s not one second of boredom.” Ellison said he hopes for the musical to act as a cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for. “‘Chicago’ is literally pulled from the headlines of the 1920s, and the themes about the hunger for celebrity are very current,” Ellison said. “We think it speaks to a modern audience.” Keeping the vaudeville theme and the warnings about the dangers of celebrity, Ellison said there is a surprise for the audience during the musical that he hasn’t seen done anywhere else. “Chicago” opens at 8 p.m. on April 12 and will run all weekend with four performances.

drasing site www.indiegogo. com and received $2,700 in donations. Though the film did not win the competition at SXSW, Measor said it was well received and the trip allowed him to make connections within the industry. Despite the lack of financial returns on the film, Measor would not hesitate to do it again. “At this point in any filmmaker’s career you’ve kind of got to be spending more money at the beginning to sort of launch your career,” he said. The film was also accepted into five other festivals: Vale Film Festival in Colorado, Boston Underground Film Festival (from which it took grand prize), LA Comedic Shorts Film Festival, Florida

Film Festival and Athens International Film Festival in Athens, Ohio. Also involved in the project was fellow film production major and senior Phil Hirzel. Hirzel provided music on the film. “For me it was really cool because South by Southwest started out as a music festival,” he said. “So it was cool to know that there are people there who were hearing my music.” For Measor, the privilege of the exposure has made it all worth it. “To be 21 years old and be in [festivals] of this caliber is pretty intense,” he said. “But we’re keeping a good head on our shoulders and taking it one step at a time. That’s all you really can do at this point.”

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Friday, April 6 — Sunday, April 8, 2012


BG rugby takes on Toledo

Falcons take on club team in exhibition game By Max Householder Reporter


JAMILAH ALI, BG gymnast, performs her routine during the Falcons’ 193.675-190.950 victory against Eastern Michigan earlier this season. Ali is one of four BG gymnasts competing in the NCAA Regionals.

Wishart, Ali, Harrington, Locigno head to Alabama for gymnastics NCAA Regionals By Daniel Sierra Reporter

The BG gymnastics team qualified four gymnasts to the NCAA Regional Championships on Saturday — the most in program history. Danielle Wishart, Jamilah Ali, Megan Harrington and Gina Locigno head to Auburn, Ala., this weekend to compete for a spot at the NCAA Regional Championships. Harrington and Locigno qualified on all four events, while Wishart and Ali will compete on vault and balance beam, respectively. The Falcons finished the season at No. 48 in the national rankings, shy of becoming one of 36 schools to qualify full teams to Regionals. “Obviously, we want our whole

team to go,” said coach Kerrie Beach. “I feel like any time you have a large number of gymnasts going, your team has to be getting closer, so I’m really pleased.” It is the first trip to NCAA Regionals for Harrington, Ali and Locigno. Freshmen Ali and Locigno both have enjoyed successful debut seasons, competing all-around in several meets for the Falcons. At the Mid-American Conference Championships, Ali became only the third gymnast in BG history to earn MAC Freshman of the Year honors. “I’m also quite pleased we have a sophomore and two freshmen going,” Beach said. “I think having them bring the experience home and telling the other athletes how

exciting NCAA Championships are, it will help motivate us to get the whole team there.” Junior Danielle Wishart qualifies to Regionals for the second time in her career, after previously qualifying on vault as a freshman. Wishart plans to unveil a brand new vault at the competition—a one-and-a-half twisting Yurchenko. Few gymnasts in the country have competed that vault this season. “We’re really excited about that upgrade and seeing her go for it,” Beach said. “She’s been a force for us on vault all season and I’m not surprised that she put herself in that position to qualify.” Ali is slated to compete on balance beam, an event in which she held the No. 1 ranking in the conference for much of the season. Ali

scored 9.8 or higher eight times this year, hitting a difficult set that includes a standing back layout and a punch front tuck. The top two all-around scorers from non-qualifying teams advance to the NCAA Championships. For event specialists, a gymnast must win the event outright to qualify. The last BG gymnast to qualify to NCAA Championships was Marny Oestreng in 1999. Oestreng brought home BG’s first and only NCAA title that year, winning the floor exercise with a score of 9.925. “I think both Danielle and Jamilah certainly have opportunities to be considered to go to NCAA Championships,” Beach said. “For both of them, it will take their very best performance.”

The Falcon Rugby Club, fresh off its big victory against Michigan this past Saturday will return to action this weekend against the Toledo Celtics. The Falcons have played the Celtics in each of the last three years, and the games haven’t disappointed. The Celtics are an informal men’s team composed of men in their mid to late 20’s who still have a desire to play rugby. Some of players are in fact former BG alums, and you can expect the game to be competitive. Although the game itself will not count, it will be an important measuring stick for the Falcons as they look forward to a possible trip to the national championships at the end of this month. “The Celtics are a very good team with guys who are bigger than us and have a greater knowledge of the game; thus we have to be on our toes when playing them,” said lock Ed Luther. It is well known that the Falcons have struggled early on this spring season, and this game may be the confidence boost they need to get back on track. If BG does indeed make it to the national tournament, they will be dealing with teams much like the Celtics who are bigger and smarter than they are. It is for that reason that the Falcons cannot afford to take this game lightly. It seems coach Tony Mazzarella has figured out the correct lineup to put on the field, and it really showed against Michigan this past Saturday. “Moving Nick Mussara to scrum half was the best decision that Coach could have made,” Luther said. “Nick has really come on the last few weeks, and with him out there it

See RUGBY | Page 7

Falcons defeat Defiance, prepare for conference matchup against Akron By Clay Leser Reporter

The Falcons used a six-run fifth inning to earn a 10-2 win against Division-III Defiance College at a sunny Steller Field on Wednesday. The game was tied at one run apiece when right fielder Patrick Lancaster doubled to score Andrew Kubuski. Third baseman Tyler Wynn then hit a sacrifice fly and Defiance third baseman Brad Kremer made an error that allowed the Falcons to plate two more. Shortstop Brian Bien polished off the inning with a two-run single, and BG never looked back. The Falcons were able to load the bases three times in the fifth. Jason Link got the win for BG, improving his record to 3-0. Trevor Blaylock got the start, but only stayed in the game for two innings. “We had to make sure his pitch count didn’t get too high,” said coach Danny Schmitz. “We’ll be using him out of the bullpen this weekend.”

“They [bench players] work just as hard as the regulars so that was important.” Danny Schmitz | BG Coach The Falcons (11-17) used this opportunity against a DivisionIII school to give playing time to players who don’t play on a regular basis. Schmitz subbed in a multitude of players in the seventh inning to get the regulars some action. “T hey [ bench players ] work ju st a s ha rd a s t he re g ula rs so t hat wa s i mpor ta nt,” Sch m it z sa id. Bien, Kubusk i, L a nca ster a nd Drew Kuns a l l cont ributed t wo hits in t he game for t he Fa lcons, w it h Bien a nd Lancaster batting in t wo runs each. Kubusk i ex tended h is hitting strea k to 15 games. T he Fa lcons w i l l t ravel to A k ron t h is weekend to play TOM NEPOMUCENO | THE BG NEWS a t h ree-ga me ser ies aga i nst KEVIN DELAPAZ, BG reliever, throws a pitch during the Falcons’ 10-2 victory against Defiance on Wednesday afternoon. t he Z ips.

WOMEN’S SOCCER Leasure named assistant coach BG interim women’s soccer coach Kellie Evans has announced the hiring of Ernest “Buddy” Leasure as an assistant coach. Leasure spent the 2011 season as an assistant coach at Hartwick College. Prior to that, he spent three seasons at Olivet College in Michigan.


BG News Sports




Friday, April 6 — Sunday, April 8, 2012




HANNAH FULK, BG infielder, makes contact with a pitch during the Falcons’ 5-0 loss to Valparaiso on Wednesday afternoon.

SUDOKU To play: Complete the grid so that every row, column and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. There is no guessing or math involved. Just use logic to solve

Falcon softball scores zero runs in pair of losses to Valparaiso ᢙ By Ethan Easterwood Reporter

The BG softball team had a tough opening day as it fell in both games of it doubleheader to Valparaiso on Wednesday. The Crusaders managed to shutout the Falcons in both games by scores of 4-0 and 5-0. Both pitchers Jamie Kertes and Paris Imholz were each credited with a loss. This is only the second and third time this season the Falcons have remained scoreless on the box score. In both games the pitchers were the highlights as

they both prevented any runs early. In game one it took the Crusaders till the fourth inning before they managed to score. Valparaiso managed to bring in two runs thanks to a sacrifice bunt and some aggressive base running giving them the early 2-0 lead. The Crusaders would add two more runs during the game including a solo home run thanks to Jessie Marinec in the seventh inning, giving them the 4-0 victory. The Falcons refocused and came out in game two pitching well early, holding the visitors off until the top of the 5th inning. With two runners

on base, Valparaiso managed to hit a deep ball to right field that managed to be dropped allowing two runs and a triple. Imholz would save the inning by leaving the runner on third stranded. The Falcons began to bat aggressively however with the Crusaders excellent pitching, nothing seemed to go their way. Jamie Kertes came in the seventh inning to maintain the manageable 2-0 deficit. With a runner on third and a loose ball fumbling around in play, the runner attempted to run home only to get caught in a rundown. Returning to third just as the

ball was thrown, the throw was a bit too hard and seemingly went through the thirdbaseman’s glove, allowing two more runs to score. The Crusaders would add another run before the inning ended with a line drive through center field, leading to a fielding error allowing the runner to score. The Falcons couldn’t manage to redeem the 5-0 deficit, and the game ended with that score. BG will only have a day to shake off the losses, as it will travel to Kent State on Friday to continue Mid-American Conference play.

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out there, and where he really has excelled is his ingame kicking. Against the Celtics, look for the Falcons to try to be more aggressive on offense now that they have a formidable lineup. At times against Michigan the offense was stagnant and there were many wasted positions that the Falcons will look to correct in practice this week. The game will be this Saturday at 1 p.m. in Toledo.

From Page 6

makes us way more athletic on the outside.� Also changing positions will be eight man Michael Ziegler who will be taking over duties at the fly half position to which he has stepped up and made an impact in. Ziegler’s size and athletic ability pose a double threat to defenses

Men’s golf to play in Penn State stroke play event Visit our sports blog By Nick Juskewycz Reporter

The BG men’s golf team travels to Big Ten country for the 36th annual Rutherford Intercollegiate in State College, Pa. this Saturday and Sunday. This will be the third stroke play event for the Falcons this spring and the fourth overall. This is also the first of three straight

tournaments at Big Ten locations before the MidA merica n Conference Championships. T he Rut her ford Intercollegiate will consist of 54 holes over the two days on Penn State’s blue course. Saturday’s action will begin at 7:30 a.m. with 36 holes and then 18 holes on Sunday beginning at 8 a.m. The blue course is a par 71 of 7,202 yards and originally

Visit us

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Friday, April 6 — Sunday, April 8, 2012


Women’s golf to play in tournament hosted by EKU Bailey Arnold

By Clay Leser Reporter

The women’s golf team will travel to Richmond, Ky. this weekend to compete in the EKU Lady Colonel Classic. This will be the team’s second match of the spring portion of the season. The Falcons finished tied for ninth at the 2012 Low Country Intercollegiate in Hilton Head, S.C. Patricia Holt was the low scorer for the team in that contest. Bailey Arnold has been the top player for the Falcons

Leading BG with a 78.33 scoring average this season. She currently has an average of 78.33 in 15 rounds. She has carded a 72 twice this season — once at the Redbird Invitational and once at the Great Smokies Intercollegiate. The Falcons will host the Dolores Black Falcon Invitational on April 14 and 15.

MADDY ECCLESTON, BG tennis player, returns a serve during the Falcons’ 5-2 loss to University of Illinois - Chicago earlier this season.

Falcons face off against top-ranked Miami, take on Ball State

BG track heads to East Lansing for meet Falcons take part in 30-team Spartan Invitational By Alex Krempasky Reporter

The BG track and field team is on the road this weekend to compete in the Spartan Invitational on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing, Mich. BG will rematch many teams they have competed against in both outdoor and indoor seasons. Teams include Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan and numerous smaller schools. This is the Falcons’ third meet in the 2012 outdoor season. The first meet

at Cincinnati has been BGSU’s most successful out of the two, winning second place overall. The second meet did not go as well, with a seventh place overall finish at the Toledo Collegiate Challenge. After this weekend’s meet, the Falcons only have four more left until the Mid-American Conference championship. They will compete in the Ball State Dual next weekend in Muncie, Indiana, with meets following in Oxford, Ohio; Hillsdale, Michigan; and Ashland, Ohio.

By Nate Doolin Reporter

Top-ranked Miami stands in the way for the Falcons to climb up the conference ladder this weekend and establish themselves as a premiere team in the MidAmerican Conference. The RedHawks (9-9, 4-0 MAC) took down Akron (17-2, 3-1 MAC) on March 23 with a team score of 4-3. The Miami match marks the most pivotal match in the Falcons’ season in staying with the leaders. The Falcons fell to Akron last week, but would rebound highly with a win

to Miami, extending their MAC record to 3-1 and tying them with Akron. The Zips have a weekend match against Buffalo who is the middle of the road team having a 2-2 record in the conference. An Akron loss and a Falcons win would place BG in second place, or at worst, place them just a game behind the Zips. The RedHawks are currently riding a three-game winning streak and are 3-0 at home. Miami has also faced seven nationally ranked teams, ranging from No. 15 to No. 68 rankings. The RedHawks have notably


MEN’S From Page 7 not played in the event since 2010 when the event only consisted of 36 holes. BG finished tied for fourth out of 14 teams with Drew Preston leading BG in the tournament by shooting a 149 (7277). Parker Hewit and Wes Gates, who played in the

s u Find

on r e t t i w T


event in 2010 as well, will also be playing this weekend in State College. The Falcons are coming off a 14th place finish at the UALR/First Tee Intercollegiate Classic in Little Rock, Ark. In the event, Preston led BG by shooting a 228 (75-72-81) which was good for a tied 29th place out of 90 golfers. Charlie Olson carded a 232 (76-79-77) that

taken the doubles point 9-18 times during their 2012 season and have lost nearly all of their matches when they gave that up. The RedHawks have won 29 consecutive MAC regularseason matches heading into Friday’s BG contest. Concluding the Miami match, the Falcons will hit the road to face Ball State. The Cardinals are housed currently at the bottom of the barrel in the MAC. Ball State (5-11, 0-4 in conference) started off the season on a hot streak, only giving up a single team point in their first four matches with a 27-1 points earned in all of the



respected flights combined. The cardinals are currently riding a six game losing streak and should give the Falcons high hopes to at least split the weekend series. All seven BG players have kept winning records this season prior to this weekend’s matches, with six of them having won at least 60 percent of their matches. Co-captain Maddie Eccleston is tied for 18th on the University’s career wins list with 121 total victories. Sophomore Nikki Chiricosta is a mere win away from moving into the top 25 on both the singles and overall wins lists.


earned him a tied 43rd place. Hewit and Gates each tied for 48th place firing a 234. Torey Brummett rounded out the Falcons score with a 262. The weather this weekend in State College is expected to be sunny on both days with high temperatures around 60 degrees. Winds could increase to 15-20 mph on Saturday.


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10 Friday, April 6 — Sunday, April 8, 2012

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Services Offered Bartending Workshops at BGSU Great skill for summer jobs! For more info. 567-220-6132

Help Wanted *Yoko Japanese Restaurant now hiring servers. Flex. hrs, only 15-20 minutes from BG. 90% of past servers are from BGSU! Apply in person at: 465 W. Dussel Dr., Maumee, OH. (419) 893-2290 Child care needed in our non-smoking Perrysburg home. Flex schedule, reliable transp & ref. required. Must like pets. Cleaning and misc help needed for first half of May. Call 419-353-0325. COLLEGE PRO is now hiring painters all across the state to work outdoors w/other students. Earn $3k-5k. Advancement opportunities + internships. Call 1-888-277-9787 or FT rental asst needed most afternoons & Saturdays. Must have car, pay negotiable. Call Kory at 419-409-0527. Kidzwatch - both centers now hiring FT & PT care givers for days, eves. & weekends. Email resume to: MIKES PARTY MART A popular, fun, friendly, family owned business in BG has 1 part-time sales clerk position avail. 12-20 hrs./wk. Must be neat, honest, dependable and friendly & be avail days, afternoons and occasional evenings. Apply Wed. 4/11 & Thurs. 4/12, 8am-5pm at 834 S. Main, BG. Now hiring bartenders & security, no experience necessary. Submit inquiries: PLAY SPORTS! HAVE FUN! SAVE MONEY! Maine camp needs fun loving counselors to teach all land, adventure, & water sports. Call 888-844-8080 or apply at: Spanish tutor needed for 1st grade student in our Perrysburg home. Looking for dynamic and fun tutor for our active learner. Early childhood education preferred, reliable transportation req. Student housing property hiring temp maintenance asst, 6-8 wks, starting ASAP, 419-353-4316 or

227 N. Prospect St, C/A, pets OK, between downtown and campus, 1BR - $400/mo, or 5BR - $1200/mo, avail July 2012. Call 419-308-2676. 2BR apts, W/D, close to campus & downtown, very nice! Available in August, $610/mo. 121 E. Court St, 419-352-0300. 2BR furn. apt, free cable/internet, $510/mo incl. heat, water & gas. Call 419-494-8208. 2BR house - nice! Near campus, Avail Fall, $750/mo. Call 419-352-5882. 3 BR house for rent, includes W/D, very close to campus, avail now! Call 419-731-3800. 3 BR house w/ bonus room, avail June! $1200/mo + utils. Call 419-654-5716. 3BR apt, near campus/downtown. Avail Fall, $800/mo, utils. incl. Call 419-352-5882. 3BR house, 2 baths, lrg kitchen, A/C, W/D hookup, $795/mo. Avail May, call 419-266-5538. 4BR houses, 2 car garage, W/D, AC, 1yr lease, avail May or Aug, $1200/mo. 949 Scott Hamilton,138 Williams Call or text 419-654-9512. 5BR, 5 person house, all amenities, close to campus, $1150/mo. Avail Aug 2012 - year lease. Call 354-2731 or 352-1584.

Shamrock Studios Summer, semester & yearly leases, starting at $425, includes: all util, cable, fully furnished, WiFi, cats allowed, call 354-0070 or THREE BEDROOM HOUSES available August 2012: Some pet friendly, Lease req, Excellent Condition! 812 Third Street - $800/mo, 131 Church Street - $750/mo, 606 Fifth Street - $750/mo. For more info call 419-308-2458.

Special Notices Bartending, up to $300/day. No exp. needed, training crse. avail, call 800-965-6520 x174. Something different every night at Grumpy Dave's Pub! Mondays - play EUCHRE Tuesday-Professional Comedians Wednesdays - Hump Day Revue Thursdays - Open Mic Fridays - Happy Hours 4-9pm Bands at 10pm Saturdays - KARAOKE all night!

1 Monster 9 "Doesn't anyone else see this?" 15 Ivory tower milieu 16 Ottoman officials 17 Blue chip, e.g. 19 It's south of Vesuvius 20 Vermont ski resort 21 Bar choice 22 URL part 23 Lamb kin 24 Flushed 25 Small change, maybe 27 Réunion attendee 29 Job transfer consequence, for short 30 Winner of the 1976 Pulitzer Prize for Music 32 Incan herd members 34 Artisan 36 Horn of Africa native 39 Disney character voiced by Robby Benson 43 Spacewalks, for short 44 Bargaining side


BG Apts. - 818 & 822 2nd St, 2BR apts available May/August, $490-$500/mo +utils, 12 mo lease 419-352-8917

For Rent

Now & May -leases avail 12 mos. 220 Napoleon-1br-$375-395+elec 815 8th St- 2br- $495 +gas & elec 130 E Washington- 1br w/study, $600/mo + utilties. 130 E. Washington-2br -$650+util Call 419-354-6036 for more info. (419)354-4673

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Bowling Green, OH 43402

The BG News is now accepting applications for Summer & Fall 2012 Staffs WEB STAFF STAFF EDITORS VIDEOGRAPHERS OPINION COLUMNISTS

Large house, newly remodeled! 3 bths, 2 fireplaces, hot tub, 50” plasma TV. Call 419-494-8208.

May rates reduced! Space limited! SUMMER LEASES AVAILABLE! 2 & 3 BR apts & townhouses, leases for May & August, 419-409-1110 or 419-352-4456.

Think you may be pregnant? See us to discuss your options.


Large 4 BR house, 149 Prospect, W/D hook up, close to campus, avail. Aug 1st, $1100/mo +utils. Call 419-353-1556.

May - 12 month leases 230 N. Enterprise -1br - $375/mo. 322 E. Court - 1br - $465/ w utils. 845 Third St - 3br - $870/mo. August - 12 month leases 322 E. Court -1br - $440 w/ utils. 415 E. Court - 1br - $330/mo. 419-352-8917

56 Road reversal, familiarly 57 Punk rock offshoot

46 Uruguay's Punta del __ 47 Pump choice: Abbr. 48 Augsburger's article 49 Neapolitan crowd? 50 Spring bloomer 52 Soft bunches 54 Foot massage expert? 55 Fitness ideal 58 17th/18th-century division of New France 59 Motel posting 60 Grammer with Emmys 61 Intern, often


Eff, 1 & 2 BR apts, Spring & Fall, Call G L Rentals at 419-354-9740 or

Lrg, nice 3BR, 943 N. Prospect, ,W/D, attached garage, 3 student max occup, $650/mo +utils. Avail May, call 419-601-0781.

1 Adaptation words 2 Transition zone between plant communities 3 Obsessed 4 Poet __ St. Vincent Millay 5 NSAID, e.g. 6 "__ babbino caro": "Oh my beloved father" (Puccini) 7 Monkeyed (with) 8 "You look familiar ..." 9 __ fatso: bit of Archie Bunker language-mangling 10 Didn't play 36 LPGA star who is the 11 Creeds youngest living World 12 Euclidean proposal Golf Hall of Fame 13 Honoree of a inductee six-meter-high 37 Not neat Johannesburg statue 38 Mysteriously enchant14 Oaxaca y Veracruz ing 18 Part of FEMA: Abbr. 40 Elaine's home, in 26 Guayaquil girls: Abbr. Arthurian legend 27 Delicate 41 Close overlap of 28 Iconic bull fugue voices 29 Indian princess 42 Ring around a crib? 31 Team that plays in 45 Score words for a pair Fla.'s Amway Center 51 Criteria: Abbr. 33 Chocolate compan- 52 Caterer's delivery ion? 53 Like many horses 35 An abbreviation of 54 Seurat's Seine scene


Avail Aug 2012, close to campus, 2BR house, $750/mo + utils, 3BR apt, $550/mo + utils, 2BR apt, $325/mo + utils. Call 419-308-2458 for more info.

Student nanny needed, June-Aug for a fun family in Perrysburg. 25-30 hrs/wk, no weekends/eves. Email contact info & exp. to:

**houses & apts almost full 12-13, 321 E. Merry, 5/6 BR, 6 allowed. 300 block Merry 1&2br apts-$450. Avail 1 sem or summer only lease Also very close apts, rms & effic. / 419-353-0325

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Applications are available thru April 30 in 210 or 204 West Hall. Interviews will begin week of April 9. Return completed application and please sign up for an interview time at 210 West Hall. Questions or further information? Contact The BG News at

1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments Free Heat & Water! Large Patio! Pet Friendly! (419) 353-7715 www.varsitysquareapts. com 1BR apts, near campus, Avail Fall 2012, $475/mo, utils incl Call 419-352-5882. 2012-13 S.Y. Leases: 2 upper apts in house w/ shared bath, $275/mo & $350/mo. Call 419-601-3225 for more info!

American Reunion R *(1:00) *4:00 7:00 10:00 Titanic 3D PG-13 *(12:15) *4:30 8:50 Mirror, Mirror PG *(11:40) *(2:10) *4:40 7:10 9:45 Wrath of the Titans 3D PG-13 *(2:25) *(4:50) 7:20 9:50 Wrath of the Titans PG-13 *(12:00) *4:50 (Mon-Thurs only) The Hunger Games PG-13 *(12:20) *3:30 6:45 9:55 Matinee Showtime *= ()= Fri-Sun only


Specials end April 18th!

9.5 month lease with co-signer

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