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BirMinghaM BOtanical gardenS

enhancing life with plants


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Mary Palmer Dargan to present at 2009 Spencer Lecture Series Page 3 Horticultural Therapy program continues to grow Page 8 Southern Institute of Photography launched at The Gardens Page 9

Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens

2009 B oard


D irectors

Thomas G. Amason, Jr. ��������������������������������President Henry Ray������������������������������������������� President-Elect Reese Murray, III��������������������������������������������Treasurer Tricia Noble ����������������������������������������������������Secretary Kimberly J. Rogers����������������������������VP Development Fred Keith���������������������������VP Facilities & Planning Morris C. Benners������������� Immediate Past President Diana R. Slaughter����������������������������������������������Officer Janet Taylor����������������������������������������������������������Officer Richard “Pokey” Adams Laurie Allen Billy Angell Lyndra Daniel Stewart Dansby Richard E. Davis James F. Hughey Jr. Margi Ingram Sheryl Kimerling Mike Malone Kathryn Porter David L. Silverstein Scott Walton Louis Willie, III Louise A. Wrinkle

There is always something blooming at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Plan your next visit soon! Visit www. and check out what’s new at The Gardens. January: Camellias Hollies Orchids Pansies Tea Olives Winter Annuals Winter Hazels Winter Honeysuckles Wintersweets

S taff Fred Spicer���������������������������������Executive Director Olivia Alison ������������������������Development Director Stephanie Banks���������������������������� Finance Director Shelly McCarty����������� Special Events Coordinator Patrick Daniel ���� Kaul Wildflower Garden Curator Elizabeth Drewry���������������������������������������� Librarian Susan Grimes������Horticulture Therapy Coordinator Ellen Hardy������� Education Program Coordinator Michael Hansen�������Marketing & Public Relations  Coordinator Henry Hughes ��������������������������Education Director George Jenkins����������������������� Development Officer Jason Kirby ������������������������������������ Library Assistant Andrew Krebbs������������������� Director of Marketing  & Membership Hope Long����������������� Director of Library Services Stefanie Blakely����������������Donor Relations Officer Carolyn Snow��������������������� Volunteer Coordinator Phyllis Sutton��������� Education Activities Specialist

O ur M ission Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens promotes public knowledge of plants, gardens & the environment; & receives, raises & administers resources for these purposes.

O ur V ision The vision of Birmingham Botanical Gardens is to be one of the nation’s preeminent botanical gardens.

February: Asian Magnolias Camellias Fringe Flowers Lenten Roses Mahonias Pansies Quinces Winter Annuals

T able


C ontents

Director’s Letter.............................1 Antiques����������������������������������������2 Spencer Lecture..............................3 Volunteer Spotlight........................4 Library...........................................5 Gardening......................................6 Horticulture Therapy.....................8 Education��������������������������������������9 Donor Listings.............................10

The Garden Dirt is the newsletter of Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The Garden Dirt is published six times a year to foster awareness and support events, services, and significant programs of Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens. We welcome your comments and address corrections. Please contact: Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens Editor, Andrew Krebbs 2612 Lane Park Road Birmingham, AL 35223 205.414.3959 or Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens practices a policy of equal opportunity and equal access to services for all persons regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, orientation or sex. Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a facility of Birmingham Park and Recreation Board. The deadline for the March/April issue is March 13. This publication is subsidized as a community service by Craftsman Printing, Inc., Birmingham, AL




Dear Friends: “May you live in interesting times” is said to be an ancient Chinese toast, a tongue-in-cheek curse, actually. Of uncertain origin, its intention seems quite clear today as most of us wonder what will “interesting” occurrences will happen tomorrow. Whether we’re thinking about the world, our nation, our community or our jobs, many people are uneasy because there is a natural fear of the unknown which change often signifies. This shorter issue of The Garden Dirt marks a change. Spurred by necessary budget pruning, Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens must make many changes. Some, such as this slimmed-down newsletter, will be visible, but none will diminish our service to members, our passion for our mission, or our ability to deliver the programs that reflect it. Many of these changes will drastically reduce the quantity of paper we use, which reinforces our mission’s environmental side as we seek to use less of everything, including the printed, posted, word. At the same time, we want all of our donors, volunteers & members to stay completely informed about our many programs, activities & events. To this end, we will continue to remind you to log on to our everexpanding website for more information on everything we do. Saving money & trees is a good change. So are the changes that gardeners anticipate at this time of year as our typically short & mild winter passes quickly to spring & all of nature wakes up from a brief nap. That’s a change that’s not scary, & one you can count on. See you in The Gardens,


Save t he Date 44th Annual Member Dinner Thursday, January 15, 2009 7p.m. Strange Auditorium $35 per person Leaf & Petal at The Gardens Gift shop Reception Light Appetizers & Refreshments Thursday, January 15, 2009 6-7p.m. Virginia Beeland Spencer Lecture March 12 Spring Plant Sale April 16-19 Earth Day at The Gardens April 26




YOu Made Our fall eVentS a SucceSS… We cOuldn’t dO it WithOut YOu!

Alabama’s premier antiques show featured 30 dealers and raised more than $311,000 for education programs at The Gardens. More than 2,950 people visited the show during the weekend.

central SOuth natiVe Plant cOnference

This native plant conference featured outstanding plant experts with more than 130 in attendance.

This networking event for young professionals sparked interest in our membership and volunteer programs; more than 1,175 guests attended, bringing in over $9,100 in revenue.

fall Plant Sale

More than 900 visitors purchased thousands of plants and raised over $11,300. Thank you for your support of our events and our programs. We couldn’t do it without you.

Visit to learn more about our upcoming events in 2009.








planned giving


Antiques at The Gardens 2008: ANTIQUES



Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Heirlooms Continue to Bloom $211,000+ Raised for Education

Presented by Regions Financial Corporation & held October 3-5, 2008, the event raised over $211,000 for educational programs at The Gardens. Sterne Agee sponsored the First Look Party on October 2. We thank our enthusiastic co-chairs Kittie Buchanan & Kathleen Doss & their 53 energetic committee members, as well as our donors & Men’s Committee for making the third annual show a success. Antiques at The Gardens is Alabama’s premiere antiques show. Save the date for this year’s event: October 2-4, 2009. PreSenting Partner Regions Financial Corporation

firSt lOOK PartY SPOnSOr

Sterne, Agee & Leach Group, Inc.


Mr. & Mrs. Jon Kimerling Harbert Management Corporation Starnes & Atchison LLP


Dr. & Mrs. Derrill Crowe Davis Denny McCorquodale Transfer, Inc. Protective Life Corporation The James Milton & Sallie R. Johnson Foundation


Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. Bissell Mrs. Fay B. Ireland Dr. & Mrs. George W. Matthews,III Mr. & Mrs. Bruce F. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. W. Stancil Starnes Mr. & Mrs. Elton B. Stephens, Jr. Balch & Bingham LLP Brasfield & Gorrie Burr & Forman LLP Colonial Properties Trust Compass Bank L. Paul Kassouf & Company PC Ligon Industries Maynard, Cooper & Gale PC Medical Properties Trust, Inc. Nall-Whatley Foundation Thomas E. Jernigan Foundation WildflOWer Mr. & Mrs. Luke Bloodworth, Jr. Mrs. Tom Tartt Brown Mr. & Mrs. John Buchanan

Mr. & Mrs. Wallace R. Bunn Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Butrus Ms. Deborah H. Cooney Dr. & Mrs. John Cuckler Mr. Charles W. Daniel Mr. & Mrs. Richard E. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Whitney DeBardeleben Mrs. Joseph M. Donald, Jr. Mrs. Richard C. Hillhouse Mr. William A. Legg Mr. & Mrs. Phil H. Neal, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. John W. Poynor Mr. & Mrs. Leo A. Shaia Mr. & Mrs. William M. Spencer, III Mr. & Mrs. Jarred O. Taylor, II Mr. & Mrs. W. Hall Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Robin A. Wade, III BE&K, Inc. Brock, Hazzard & Knight Investment Advisors, LLC Cobbs Allen & Hall Dunn French Foundation First American Bank/ Royal Canadian Bank Flower Magazine Hare Wynn Newell & Newton, LLP Hoar Construction Company Jemison Investment Company, Inc. KPMG LLP McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc. Mitchell Industries Foundation Motion Industries, Inc. Ready Mix USA, LLC Robinson Adams Insurance, Inc. The Bradford Family Fund The Welch Group Timeless Interiors, Inc. Union State Bank Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis, LLP Welch Hornsby & Welch, Inc. gardenia Mr. & Mrs. Harold Abroms Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ager Dr. Thomas G. Amason, Jr. Ms. Rebecca J. Blair Ms. Mary Carolyn G. Boothby Mr. & Mrs. Ehney A. Camp, III

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas N. Carruthers, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Mark Clark Mr. Lange Clark Edmund Doss Mr. & Mrs. Douglas F. Elliot, II Mrs. Claire H. Fairley Mr. & Mrs. Harold H. Goings Mr. & Mrs. Victor H. Hanson, III Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hennessy Mr. & Mrs. Ken Horton Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hulsey Mr. & Mrs. Stephen C. Jackson Mr. Nimrod W.E. Long, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Henry S. Long, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Rick Mackay Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mayer Dr. & Mrs. Edward R. Meadows Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Noble, III Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Pearce Mr. & Mrs. James L. Priester Mr. Taylor Pursell Dr. & Mrs. David H. Sibley Mr. & Mrs. Murray W. Smith Dr. Cameron M. Vowell Mr. & Mrs. Brand Walton Drs. Andrew & Jeanna Westmoreland Mr. & Mrs. James R. Wooten Mr. & Mrs. John N. Wrinkle The Hackney Foundation, Inc. Men’S cOMMittee Mr. Ben Ashford Mr. & Mrs. William H. Austill Mr. & Mrs. Craig Beatty Mr. & Mrs. Morris C. Benners, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blakely Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bowron Mr. & Mrs. William Brooke Mr. T. Michael Brown Mr. & Mrs. F. Tucker Burge Mr. & Mrs. Catlin Cade, IV Mr. & Mrs. John D. Carney, III Mr. & Mrs. Philip Carroll G. Edward Cassady Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cawthon Mr. Lange Clark Mr. & Mrs. William N. Clark Mr. & Mrs. J. Paul Compton


Mr. Claud Cooper Mr. & Mrs. William T. Cothran Mr. & Mrs. Reaves Crabtree Mr. Frank Crockard Dr. & Mrs. John Cuckler Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Curran Mr. Stewart M. Dansby Patrick Darby Mr. & Mrs. C. Hartwell Davis, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William A. Davis, III Mr. Forrester DeBuys III Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dewine Mr. & Mrs. Harold Doss Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Dreher Mr. & Mrs. Jack Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Harold B. Dunn Dr. Robert P. Eichelberger Mrs. Jane Evans Mr. & Mrs. Noah Fitzpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Clarke H. Gillespy Mr. & Mrs. Hubert W. Goings, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James L. Goyer, III Dr. Samuel E. Gray Lawrence Greer Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Gregory Mr. Beau Grenier Mr. & Mrs. William M. Gresham Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Hart Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Hartley Roger Hartline Dr. & Mrs. Jimmie H. Harvey, Jr. Mr. Gregory H. Hawley Mr. & Mrs. Meredyth R. Hazzard, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Holman Head, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Rest B. Heppenstall Mr. & Mrs. William M. Hiden Mr. & Mrs. George H. Holman Mr. & Mrs. Heyward C. Hosch Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W. Hoyt Mr. & Mrs. James F. Hughey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Russell Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Norman Jetmundsen, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William Jones Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Keating Mr. & Mrs. Perry H. Keel Mr. & Mrs. Kermit Kendrick Mr. & Mrs. Benny M. LaRussa, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joe L. Leak Mr. & Mrs. Warren B. Lightfoot, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Lucas Mr. & Mrs. Michael Luce Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Luckie Mr. & Mrs. Michael McDowell Mr. & Mrs. Hampton McFadden Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. McGehee Dr. & Mrs. David McKee Mr. & Mrs. Donald Y. Menendez Mr. Mac M. Moorer J.T. Murfee Mr. John T. Oliver III Mr. & Mrs. H. Craft O’Neal Mr. James V. Park & Mrs. Katherine Durkee Mr. & Mrs. William C. Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Perry, Jr. Mr. Brad Phelan Dr. & Mrs. John R. Phillips, III Mr. & Mrs. David R. Pittman Mr. & Mrs. Gray Plosser, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Milton C. Ragsdale, IV Mr. Thomas A. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. John M. Romero Mr. & Mrs. Barry H. Saunders Banks Sewell Jackson Sharman Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Sharp Dr. Eugene C. Sherlock Mr. & Mrs. John L. Shuster Mr. Hatton C.V. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Clinton H. Smith Mr. Sperry Snow Mr. Frederick R. Spicer, Jr. Jeff Starling Mr. David F. Thorpe Mr. Dennis Trammell Mark Tucker Mr. Temple W. Tutwiler, III Mr. & Mrs. J. Rainer Twiford Mr. & Mrs. Bayard S. Tynes, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Alex Vare Rev. & Mrs. Richmond Webster Mr. & Mrs. Turner B. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Byrd Williams Mr. & Mrs. John M. Williams Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Willings Mr. Loyd Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Michael E. Woods Mr. Bill Wyatt









10th Annual Virginia Beeland Spencer Lecture Series Presents

Mary Palmer Dargan, ASLA "Timeless Landscape Design"

Thursday, March 12, 2009 | 6:30pm Linn-Henley Lecture Hall Admission is Free



Birmingham Botanical Gardens is pleased to announce the 10th Annual Virginia Beeland Spencer Lecture Series on Thursday, March 12, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. The Lecture is free & will take place in the Lecture Hall at Birmingham Botanical Gardens.


Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Mary Palmer Dargan, ASLA, will be presenting a lecture based on her book, Timeless Landscape Design: The FourPart Master Plan. She & her husband Hugh are nationally recognized landscape architects & principals of Dargan Landscape Architects in Atlanta. Mary Palmer will lecture about creating awless landscapes based on elements such as line, color, form, texture, proportion, scale, & focalization. Mary Palmer is originally from Nashville, TN, where she was previously the education director & botanist at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens & Museum of Fine Art. She was also the garden editor for Charleston Magazine & served on the National Advisory Committee on Garden Conservancy. Mary Palmer began working for Dargan Landscape Architects in 1984. She & Hugh married the following year. Their work has been featured on the HGTV programs Ground Breakers & Secret Gardens Of... as well as magazines & newspapers such as The New York Times, Southern Accents, & Garden Designs. Mary Palmer's has authored two books, The Early English Kitchen Garden &, most recently, Timeless Landscape Design. Mary Palmer will also be available for consultations while in town. For FREE tickets, contact Shelly Busby | 205.414.3965 |



a garden for all

a garden for all

a garden fr all

a garden for all

a garde

Volunteer Spotlight

Carolyn Snow, Volunteer Coordinator

Lisa George

has been volunteering with the Horticultural Therapy program for the last few years. “The worth of a society can be measured by the care and compassion with which it treats both its youngest and its oldest members,” says Lisa. “Horticultural Therapy, to me, is one of the highest expressions of love and respect, not only for the person that it helps but for our society. What I have seen at Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ sessions is simply extraordinary.” Lisa is a researcher and seeking a Graduate Certificate in Gerontology Education at UAB. She is currently spearheading ground-breaking research in her field focusing on “Invisible populations.” When she is not playing in the dirt, she spends her time feeding her voracious reading habit, smooching on her four pooches, creating needle works of art through embroidery, black work, counted cross-stitch, knitting, and crocheting. She is also an amateur medieval and renaissance historian. Most of the crafts and hobbies that she has acquired over the years she attributes to older friends and relatives and especially enjoys learning and sharing with the older clients in our program. Since Lisa has been involved with the Horticultural Therapy program, she says that she has gained a greater knowledge of plants and gardening and a finer appreciation for the delicate balance of our environment. She began

her volunteering with great trepidation because she kills her plants at home with unerring consistency. After mentoring by the older clients, with a wealth of gardening experience, she has grown bolder and now has graduated to only a few emergency calls to Susan Grimes, our Horticultural Therapist Coordinator, requesting plant ICU. Lisa is proof positive that a good volunteer does not need to know a lot about plants or horticulture. All that is required is to be a caring, compassionate individual who does not mind getting a little dirty. If you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities at The Gardens, contact Carolyn Snow, Volunteer Coordinator, at 205.414.3962 or csnow@









main liBrary art gallery January/FeBruary

Designer Plant Combinations By Scott Calhoun

s t a F F a r t s H oW There are so many talented artists & photographers on The Friends staff, that we thought it was a good time to feature their art work. The art work will range from photography & needlework to ceramics & acrylics.

Reviewed by Hope Long, Director of Library Services The subtitle of this book 105 Stunning Gardens Using Six Plants or Fewer is what sold me on it. If you are like me, the idea of designing a garden or bed makes me cringe & go back into the house, even with the help of design books. So I was thrilled to ďŹ nd a book that even I could use. With chapters like: Perennial Partners, Masses of Grasses, Annual Acquaintances, Accent Plant Associates, Ground Cover Groupies & Buddies for Woodie, I found this book to be a tremendous help for someone with limited design abilities or with limited time. Another aspect that I liked about this book is the great detail given about the plants used in each design. It is well worth your time to come by the library & check out this great new addition to our library. Learn more about our different services at




GARDENING information



Good Things Growing… In The Gardens



   for January & February Courtesy of

Pieris japonica, Japanese pieris [Pea-air-iss], is not the easiest plant to make happy in Birmingham, but that doesn’t deter local garden shops from carrying it. Its drooping racemes of fragrant, white winter flowers and lustrous evergreen foliage are tempting, especially to gardeners who have seen mature plants in cooler climes. Japanese pieris is not well-suited to our heavy soils and relentless summer heat, but there are several related pieris that share this species’ attributes and are worth a closer look.

for more information, see

Visit the Gerlach Plant Information Center inside the Garden Center during January & February for the exhibit Wildflowers

JanuarY FRUITS AND NUTS -- Set out apples, peaches, pears, & grapes. Start grafting pecans. Prune dormant trees. SHRUBS -- Plant shrubs & trees, including broadleaf, narrowleaf, & deciduous. Graft camellias in South Alabama. Spray all deciduous shrubbery with a dormant spray to control diseases & insects. Spray when weather is on warming trend.

Hybrids of Pieris japonica and P. floribunda (mountain pieris, a US native) include ‘Brouwer’s Beauty’ and ‘Karenoma’, and these are both worth trying. Both exhibit the nice flowering qualities of their Japanese parent and retain the heat tolerance of their American parent. New leaves emerge glossy orange- to bronze-red, providing another asset. Pieris ryukyuensis ‘Temple Bells’ represents the typical form of that species, found only Ryukyu Island, Japan. Both it and Pieris taiwanensis are not easy to locate in the trade, but their beauty and heat tolerance are legend

LAWNS -- Soil test before setting up fertility program.

The ideal site for Pieris species, cultivars and hybrids is one protected from winter winds and direct summer sun. Like most of its kin in the Ericaceae, or heath family, soil must be acid, well-drained and with ample organic matter; these plants will quickly die under an irrigation regime tuned to big-leaf hydrangeas. Expect slow growth from these plants, a trait all pieris are known for, valuable where space is limited but a woody, evergreen plant is desired.

VEGETABLE SEED-Plant hardy vegetables, root crops, roots, & tubers in southern-most areas. Plant lettuce, cabbage, & broccoli in coldframes.

Please go to for more information on growing Pieris.

SHRUBS-Planting season continues. Visit camellia shows to learn of hardy varieties in your area. Graft camellias in Central & South Alabama. Spray all shrubs with a fungicide before new growth starts.

ROSES -- Visit nurseries & garden centers to select varieties. Start planting. ANNUALS AND PERENNIALS-Plant hardy annuals. BULBS-Late plantings of Dutch bulbs will flower if planted now. Lilies of all types, except Madonna, may be planted. Check stored bulbs & discard rotten ones. Make indoor plantings of amaryllis, callas, & gloxinias. MISCELLANEOUS-Prune winter-damaged limbs. Give houseplants a bath in lukewarm water to remove dust. To keep poinsettias that have finished flowering, turn pots on their sides & let them dry completely Cut them back lightly Keep in a temperature of 55 to 60 °.

VEGETABLE PLANTS-Set out cabbage plants.

feBruarY FRUITS AND NUTS-Planting season continues for dormant trees. Fertilize fruit trees. Apply half of the fertilizer recommended for grapes now; apply the other half soon after fruit sets. Continue dormant pruning & grafting. Start strawberry plantings.

Good time to prune all shrubs before new growth starts. Don’t prune earlyblooming species because flower buds will be removed. ROSES-Prune hybrid tea roses in South Alabama; delay pruning for a few weeks in North Alabama. Continue planting. ANNUALS AND PERENNIALS-Replant early plantings of hardy annuals. Prepare beds for summer annuals. BULBS-Plant cannas, amaryllis, gladiolus, & zephyranthes in South Alabama; delay planting for a few weeks in North Alabama. MISCELLANEOUS-Houseplants are beginning to show signs of activity. Fertilize with liquid or soluble fertilizer according to manufacturer’s directions. Remember Valentine’s Day Why not send roses or a potted plant? VEGETABLE SEED-Plant some vegetables listed for January in Central Alabama plus collards, salsify, & Swiss chard. Add tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cauliflower, & Brussels sprouts to coldframes. VEGETABLE PLANTS-Plant cabbage, onions, lettuce, broccoli, & Brussels sprouts.



GARDEN SUPPORTERS Kathy G nov dec newsletter





7:56 AM

Page 1



The Art of Kathy G Catering • Event Planning • Design

Birmingham Botanical Gardens Members receive 10% discount on lunch at the cafe *please show member card when ordering

Wonderful Lunches • Extraordinary Events The Beauty of the Birmingham Botanical Gardens Box Lunches • Event Menus • Patio Seating

Lunch: Tuesday - Saturday, 11-2 • Host your next social or corporate event at The Gardens Café 2612 Lane Park Road • Birmingham • 205.871.1000 •

The GardensCafe

Corylopsis spicata

by Kathy G

B I R M I N G H A M B O TA N I C A L G A R D E N S M E M B E R S R E C E I V E 10% D I S C O U N T O N P U R C H A S E S





a garden for all

a garden for all

a garden for all

a garden for all

a garden

Looking forward to the year ahead with

Horticultural Therapy Susan Grimes, Horticultural Therapist Coordinator

This past year the Horticultural Therapy program at The Gardens has grown grow tremendously, but that growth does not cease with the turning of the year; 2009 promises to be another year of expansion. Some of the exciting things coming our way this year include: •

The PLANT program is a mentoring program that matches residents from the Oaks on Parkwood with students in the exceptional class at Hewitt Trussville High School. PLANT stands for Preparing, Learning, Acquiring, Networking, Training, and its purpose is to help students connect to their community through gardening and horticulture and to acquire needed life skills. The program is funded by a CAWACO grant (Cahaba, Warrior, Cousa Resource Conservation & Development Council.) Demand for Horticultural Therapy sessions has increased dramatically. There is now a client waiting list and we are looking for volunteers so we can offer more sessions this year. The Georgia/Alabama Horticultural Therapy Association will hold its annual regional conference at The Gardens on April 18, 2009. The keynote speaker will be Gene Rothert, Manager of Horticultural Therapy services at the Chicago Botanical Gardens, a well known speaker and author who has advanced the field of Horticultural Therapy internationally.

The Horticultural Therapy program is not possible without the time and generosity of financial donors and our wonderful volunteers. Thank you! For more information about our Horticultural Therapy program or volunteer opportunities visit or call 205.414.3950.




field trips




S O u t h e r n i n S t i t u t e O f P h OtO g r a P h Y a t B i r M i n g h a M B Ota n i c a l g a r d e n S Beginning in January 2009, The Gardens will host the Southern Institute of Photography, a new collaborative venture between The Gardens’ education department & some of Birmingham’s finest photographers. Under the direction of master photographer, Paul Franklin, classes covering a wide range of subjects will be offered year-round. We begin in late January & early February with a full slate of five- or six-week classes, listed below, that will meet once per week. The fit is natural. Instructors will have a home for state-of-the-art instruction that includes a photographic field lab and The Gardens will benefit from greater exposure to Birmingham’s creative professionals, who will take advantage of our educational classrooms. Interest is expected to be high, so Winter / sPring PHotograPHy course scHedule please contact The Gardens early to ensure a place in the Infrared Photography Photographing Flowers – Basic Digital Photography with Digital Cameras Macro Photography Section 1: January 26-March 2 classes. Register on-line at February 12 – March 19 March 4 – April 8 6 Mondays Expect 6 Thursdays 6 Wednesdays 6 – 8 pm personal attention from the 6 – 8 pm 6:30 – 8:30 pm $140 instructors as you develop your $150 $150 Section 2: April 7 – May 12 skills as a photographer! 6 Tuesdays For the early part of 2009, our full attention will be on the photography institute to ensure that scheduling & instruction go smoothly. By late February, Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ traditional classes will resume with a full spectrum of subjects. The first will be “Arbol de Vida” (The Tree of Life) pottery class, on the first & second Sundays of Arbor Week, February 22 & March 1. The second Sunday will include a marshmallow roast during the pottery firing! The class will be taught by Daniel Noll, who recently spent four years studying traditional pottery making in rural Mexico.

Photography as a Business

6 – 8 pm $140

February 4 – March 11 6 Wednesdays 6-8 pm $140

Flash Photography January 26 – March 2 6 Mondays 6:30-8:30 pm $150

Mastering Your Canon DSLR

Portrait Photography: Intimate Documentaries

January 27 – February 24 5 Tuesdays 6 – 8 pm $135

Digital Printing – 1

February 5 – March 5 5 Thursdays 6:30 – 8:30 pm $135

January 28 – March 4 6 Wednesdays 6 – 8 pm $150

Mastering Your Nikon DSLR

January 27 – March 3 6 Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:30 pm $150

Photoshop I

January 28 – March 4 6 Wednesdays 6 – 8 pm $150

Wedding & Bridal Photography January 29 – March 5 6 Thursdays 6-8 pm $150

Photoshop Elements – Level 1 February 2 – March 9 6 Mondays 6 – 8 pm $150

Photographing Children & Infants March 10 – April 14 6 Tuesdays 6-8 pm $150

Photographing the Performing Arts

February 21-22 Saturday 10-5 (lunch included) & Sunday 2-5 $125

Edit & Organize Your Photographs Using Adobe Lightroom March 16 – April 20 6 Mondays 6 – 8 pm $150

Please see the education page on The Gardens’ website for new information & details on upcoming spring classes.






GIFTS TO THE BBG LIBRARY sePtemBer-noVemBer 2008



Katie lucaS – in memory of Juanita Mock lenOre durlacher – in memory of Emily Norton

the liBrarY at BBg Staff & VOlunteerS – in memory of Mitchell Prude – in memory of Emily Norton

Virginia h. luSK – in memory of Jody Hamre & Sue Clisby

BBg educatiOn Staff & VOlunteerS – in memory of Mitchell Prude

dOn haMre – in memory of Jody Hamre

nancY naSh – in memory of Juanita Mock

edgeWOOd garden cluB – in honor of Helen Kittinger

Camelia japonica cv.

Cephalotaxus fortuneii

Edgeworthis papyrifera


cheri Sell – in honor of Susan Sell & Nate Mason the herB arMY – in honor of Juanita Martinez rOBert h. hill anita Barnett daniel JOneS JOhn flOYd MargOt ShaW (flOWer MagaZine) aVOndale PuBlic liBrarY linda SherK

Iris unguicularis

HONORS & MEMORIALS s 16-o 31, 2008 ePtemBer


in honor of...

Mr. & MrS. JOhn h. KiMBerlY Kittie Buchanan MrS. Virginia h. luSK Martha W. Clisby

in memory of... Phil Baer Mr. Jim Sokol

Margie cain Mr. & Mrs. Robert Crook tOM caldWell Dr. & Mrs. John G. Cocoris cathrYn caldWell Dr. & Mrs. John G. Cocoris John B. Hunter Jim & Jennie Lewis lenOre cOughlin Mark Ezekiel Jill A. Caheen Leroy L. Dillon Mr. & Mrs. William E. Matthews, IV Robert E. Andrews Virginia Hamel Tim & Pat McNeely catherine gent Chubb & Son, Inc. BarBara grainger Mr. & Mrs. Roland B. Smith

rOcKBrOOK garden cluB Glen Cobbs

ValleY Off-ShOOtS garden cluB Jamie Russell

PerKY PlanterS garden cluB Frances Gorrie

Walter & dOt fletcher The Garden Club of America

edgeWOOd garden cluB Helen Rittinger JOdY haMre Ms. Mary Carolyn G. Boothby Mrs. Virginia H. Lusk

BettY MillS Stoney Ridge Garden Club

JOhn g. harrell Mrs. Lee B. Chapman Ms. Lynn D. Grimsley

Juanita g. MOcK Mr. & Mrs. Paul Nash Katie Lucas Friends of Birmingham Botanical Garden

WilliaM JeMiSOn Mrs. Lee B. Chapman

eMilY c. nOrtOn Mr. & Mrs. Wayne F. Durlacher

WilliaM B. JOneS Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Cox, Jr

Mitchell Prude Friends of Birmingham Botanical Garden

franK lindStrOM The Little Garden Club Mr. & Mrs. A. Philip Cook, Jr.

BarBara ShOOK Mr. & Mrs. Carter S. Kennedy Mr. & Mrs. William M. Spencer, III

helen lOndOn Mrs. Lee B. Chapman Hill & Dale Garden Club

rOBert PaSchal ShOOK Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Allison, Jr

Bill lucaS Mrs. Clifford M. Spencer Mr. & Mrs. Robert Crook Mr. & Mrs. James M. Johnson ruth MaZer Wellington Park Garden Club


Sandra SOKOl Ms. Sharon Kahn Mrs. Emil C. Hess MarY leta engliSh taYlOr Dr. & Mrs. Eugene C. Sherlock tereSe tOnitiS Holly Oak Garden Club





sePtemBer 16-octoBer 31, 2008



president’s circle- $1000 Mr. & Mrs. John G. Brock Mr. & Mrs. William M. Gresham Mr. & Mrs. Bruce F. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. David L. Silverstein Mr. Arnold L. Steiner

ambassador- $500 Mr. Richard M. Adams Mr. & Mrs. William H. Barnes

2008 Garden Sustainers Chairman

oak- $250

Mrs� Louise D� Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. William Brooke Mrs. Nanci Chazen Mr. & Mrs. Ronald B. Cohen Mr. & Mrs. James H. Emack Mr. Joseph M. Farley Mrs. Charles W. Ireland Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Kreider Dr. & Mrs. Mark L. Miller Mrs. Ruth B. Ozment Mr. & Mrs. Roland B. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Larry Spangler


Mrs� Claire H� Fairley


Mr� & Mrs� Gene Boles Mr� & Mrs� Carl E� Jones, Jr�


Mr� & Mrs� A� J� Allison, Jr� Mrs� Tom Tartt Brown Mr� Stewart M� Dansby Mrs� Jane H� Head Mrs� Crawford T� Johnson, III Southern Progress Corporation Mr� & Mrs� Douglas Arant Stockham Mrs� Charles B� Webb, Jr�

magnolia- $125

Ms. Laurie Andrijeski Mrs. Ann Bibb Mr. & Mrs. John M. Birmingham Judge & Mrs. John Carroll Ms. Jeanne L. Cunningham Dr. & Mrs. Larry J. Davenport Jack Faulkner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Goettge Mrs. Jeanette Hancock Mrs. Yvonne J. Hardy Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Key Mr. Andrew B. Krebbs Mr. Robert A. Kreisberg Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. McBride, Jr. Mr. Rodney C. McCoy Mr. & Mrs. Louis Mezrano Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Monk, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Harry Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Don A. Newton Dr. & Mrs. Duane Randleman, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Jim Shepherd, Jr. Mr. Jeff Shimizu & Mr. Lamar Jeffries Mrs. Sandra S. Simpson Mr. & Mrs. Bill Stribing Mr. & Mrs. Eugene H. Taylor, Jr. Mr. Steve Todd & Mr. Ben Henry Dr. Beverly Von Der Pool & Dr. Phillip Smith Ms. Lucile White


Family of Ann & Angelo Bruno Mr� & Mrs� W� Frank Cobb, III Mr� & Mrs� Walter S� Fletcher Dr� & Mrs� John A� Floyd, Jr� Mr� & Mrs� William R� Ireland, Sr� Mr� & Mrs� Jon Kimerling Mr� & Mrs� Don Logan Mayer Electric Supply Company, Inc Mrs� June Mays Mr� & Mrs� Guy K� Mitchell, Jr� Mr� & Mrs� Fred W� Murray, Jr� Mr� & Mrs� Charles S� Northen III Mr� & Mrs� H� Craft O’Neal Mr� & Mrs� Henry B� Ray, Jr� Mr� & Mrs� William J� Rushton, III Mr� & Mrs� William J� Rushton, IV Mr� & Mrs� John A� Williamson, Jr� Mrs� Louise A� Wrinkle To learn more about Garden Sustainer Club please contact our development office at 205.414.3961.






hydrangea- $60

Mr. & Mrs. Blake Alexander Mr. & Mrs. James F. Alison III Ms. Carolyn J. Bailey David Bates Mr. & Mrs. Jack Becker Douglas Bethay Mr. & Mrs. James O. Bevelle Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Peyton D. Bibb, Jr. M. Lindsay Bierman Mr. & Mrs. Ollie Blan, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Al Blanchard Char Bonsack Mr. Richard Box Mrs. Patty Brown Ms. Myra Brown Winfield Burks Mark Byran Christine Byrum Mr. & Mrs. William J. Cabaniss, Jr. Ms. Cathy Caldwell Mrs. Anne G. Carey Eric Carlton Mrs. Joseph Casey Mr. & Mrs. Sorrell Chew Dr. & Mrs. C. Glenn Cobbs Ms. Jennifer Cope Ms. Dolores Crumly Ms. Kellie Cusimano Mrs. Judith M. Deegan Mr. & Mrs. Charles Denaburg Mrs. Rebecca A. Donaldson Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Doss Ms. Dorothy Drake Mr. & Mrs. Harold B. Dunn Louise Ellis Kenneth Etheredge Mrs. Jeri Finchum Ms. Rebecca Flynn Mrs. Bette Fritz Ms. Lyn Froning & Mr. Michael Froning Ms. Claire Ann Furlong Mr. & Mrs. C. Vann Goodner, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Victor H. Hanson, III Mr. & Mrs. Wyatt R. Haskell Dr. & Mrs. William Hawley Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hempstead Mr. & Mrs. Pete Holby Mr. & Mrs. Elam Holley Mrs. Mary L. Holt Mrs. Kay House Ms. Joanna Jones Mr. & Mrs. Murray Kidd Mrs. Elizabeth Kohn Mr. & Mrs. John LaRussa



sePtemBer 16-octoBer 31, 2008 Ms. Frances H. Lawlor Mr. David Lee & Dr. Mari Bonnin Mrs. Sandra Lonergan Mrs. Wendy Martin Mr. & Mrs. Joshua McCarty Dr. & Mrs. Walter C. McCoy Mr. & Mrs. John McCrory Ms. Michel McEwen Mary E. McGhee Dr. & Mrs. Thomas H. McNutt Ms. Elisa Mejia Mr. & Mrs. Joel Mulkin Ms. Mary A. Newell Mr. Steve Northcutt Dr. & Mrs. Paul G. Petznick Mr. & Mrs. Carlton P. Pinkerton Mr. & Mrs. Michael T. Piver Mr. & Mrs. Charles K. Porter Mrs. Evelyn Puckett Ms. Paige T. Raymonds James L. Richardson Mrs. Leone Risman Mrs. Allen W. Ritchie Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Roth Mr. & Mrs. John B. Rudulph, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Russell Dr. & Mrs. Dayton Sadler Mrs. Alana Salter Mr. & Mrs. Scott Salter Mr. & Mrs. Shay Samples Mr. & Mrs. Phillip J. Sarris Mr. & Mrs. Lane Savage Mrs. Gretchen Sexton Mr. & Mrs. John M. Sisson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frederick B. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Stewart T. Smith Mr. & Mrs. J. Arthur Smith Selena Spates Dr. Paul Spence Mr. & Mrs. Robert Straka Mr. Calvin C. Crowder & Dr. Martha Strange Mrs. Judith K. Suttle Mr. & Mrs. Bill Tevendale Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Vann Dr. Loy Vaughan & Dr. Suzanne Vaughan Mrs. Debbie West Ms. Kitty C. White & Mr. Tryg Hoff Salley Wilkerson Mr. & Mrs. Harold Williams Mr. & Mrs. James R. Wooten Mr. & Mrs. Dusty Yates


trillium- $45 Amy E. Adkins Mr. & Mrs. Chris Alexander Mrs. Joyce Allred Mrs. Carole Armistead Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Bean Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Benjamin Nikie Bettinger Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Birkner Ms. Cheryl Boessow Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Bowling Mrs. Daphne Bradley Mr. & Mrs. Stratton H. Brock Dr. & Mrs. Edward Bromberg Ms. Mary Virginia Brown Ms. Mary Beth Burner Joan Busby Ms. Kaye M. Carlisle Mrs. Glenda Cochran Mr. & Mrs. Guy Cofield The Honorable Betty F. Collins Frances S. Daugherty Dr. & Mrs. Kyle Echols Tom Edmonds Mr. & Mrs. James Ehl Ms. & Mr. Laurie M. Elmets Mrs. Jan Ennis Mr. & Mrs. Sam Faires Sylvia Garrison Ms. Jessica Germany Mrs. Johnie Gieger Mrs. Diane Gilbert-Gay Dr. & Mrs. Garry Grayson Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Grund Stacey Gunderson Dr. & Mrs. William T. Hall Miss Mitzie Hall Ms. Catherine Hall Elizabeth Harrison Dr. & Mrs. Julius N. Hicks Joan E. Hillner Mr. Theodore Hisey Ms. Suzanne Hovater Ms. Nancy M. Hurst Jerome Ippolito Mr. Joseph R. John, III

Ms. Leigh A. Jones Mrs. Susan H. Justice Ms. Charlotte King Mrs. Anne Laws Mr. Edward R. Levin Mrs. Jane Levy Mrs. Pat Lofty Mrs. Martha Loveland Mr. John W. Lovin Mrs. Dianne H. Luketic Randy McDaniel Dr. Edith S. McMillan Mr. & Mrs. Bud Miller Ms. Margie Miller Ann Mims Mr. Jane Morris Ms. Jean B. Morris Joyce Murray Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Nicastro Mr. Daniel Noll Carolyn Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Perry Ms. Margaret Ponce de Leon Ms. Nancy Price Ms. Katherine Reed Dr. Zachrida Retief Mr. & Mrs. Don Rice Mrs. Paige Y. Ritchey Mrs. Mary Rooney Ms. Jennifer Shelor Mrs. Elna Shugerman & Family Ms. Torrey Smitherman Ms. Janet C. Spear Ms. Donna J. Spencer Ms. Rose H. Steiner Mrs. Margaret Summersell Ms. Marsha Swann Joseph Tetstone Sharon Vines Mrs. Betty Warnock Pamela S. Weathers Mr. & Mrs. Steve Weinstein Ms. Karen Willette Mr. & Mrs. John C. Ziegler







sePtemBer 16-octoBer 31, 2008

Mr. & Mrs. Harold Abroms Ms. Marshanne Adams Ms. Barbara H. Adkins Norma W. Aldridge Mr. Jim Allison Mr. & Mrs. Michael Alosi American Eagle Antiques, LLC Barbara Andersen Mr. & Mrs. William H. Austill Jackie B. Bailey Mr. & Mrs. William Barclift, III Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Bean Mrs. & Mr. Carol Beard Mr. David Beddingfield Mr. Michael Benson Nunally Benzing Christine Bock Ms. Tamsin Bomar Ms. Mimi Boston Ms. Cassondra Bowen Mr. & Mrs. Philip Bowman Alice Bowsher Mr. Richard Box Anna Bright Sharon L. Bromberg Brooke B. Brown Mrs. Tom Tartt Brown Dr. & Mrs. Clark C. Browne Ms. Marcia C. Bryant Ms. Kristi Burchfield Ms. Barbara Burke Ms. Mary Beth Burner Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Butrus Ms. Karin Callahan Mrs. Helen Campbell Carroll Isaacs Gallery, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. G. Edward Cassady, III Mr. & Mrs. Marcus Cassimus Ms. Alleen Cater & Dr. Lyle A. Hohnke Dr. & Ms. Robert B. Chadband Charles D. Haines, LLC Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Chastain Mr. James B. Chenoweth Clarendon Oriental Rugs Classic Decor Richard Cobb Mr. & Mrs. Archie Cobbs Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Cohn John Collins Mrs. Pamela Collins Ms. Gisel Cooper R. E. L. Cope Mrs. Paula Cordes & Mr. Lee Cordes Mrs. Margaret Covington Mr. & Mrs. James P. Cowin Mr. & Mrs. Charley Cox Ms. Missy Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cruse Dr. & Mrs. John Cuckler Mrs. Shirley Cunningham Ms. Carol J. Dashiff Mrs. Belle Davis DBA Artifacts Mr. & Mrs. Whitney DeBardeleben Dr. Eleanor DelBene Dr. & Mrs. Jack D. Denver Ms. Eleanor Dietrich Mr. & Mrs. George Dreher Scott Duncan

Dr. & Mrs. John T. Eagan Dr. & Mrs. Kyle Echols Mr. & Mrs. Douglas F. Elliot, II Kay & Jim Emack, Jr. Lorie Emens Kevin England Mr. James M. Fail Ms. Patricia M. Fairchild Dr. & Dr. Stephen Favrot Rosemarie Fernandes Mary Finch Ms. Cathy Fitzgerald Flo-Blue Shoppe, Ltd. Mr. & Mrs. William L. Forbes Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence G. Forlano Mrs. John Forney Ms. Rachael Fowler Ms. Linda M. Fraser G. Davis Rare Books, Inc. Gardens of Inverness Garden Club B. W. Garland Gary L. Davenport Ms. Susan W. Gaskins Mr. & Mrs. James R. Giffin Steven Ginzbarg Mrs. Lalie Given Mrs. Joyce Glasgow Gold Leaf Ms. Jill Goldblatt Ms. Nancy Graves Mr. T. Randolph Gray, Sr. Lawrence Greer Greystone-In-The Gates Garden Club Ms. Amy Griffin Charmion Hain Dr. & Mrs. Jack D. Hain Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Haines, Jr. Robert Hakenbroch Sherry Hammett Ms. & Mr. Judy Hard Mike Hardig Mrs. Yvonne J. Hardy Mrs. Mary Harmening Georgia Hart Hastening Antiques, Ltd. Mr. Jerry S. Hayes Roald Hazelhoff Ms. Susan F. Heil & Mr. Alvin Campbell Michael Henshaw Mr. & Mrs. Rest B. Heppenstall Mr. & Mrs. Dell Hill Mr. & Mrs. Allen Holder Mr. Sanderlin Holmes Mr. & Mrs. James Horton Mr. & Mrs. Henry F. Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Hulsey Ms. Marilyn Ingram & Mr. Cecil Ingram Ms. Ginger Jackson Jeff Littell Antiques Jim ‘n Nicks John Dennison Fine Art, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Samuel C. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. James M. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. J. Brooke Johnston, Jr. Ms. Lynn Joseph Mrs. Susan H. Justice Gerald D. Karcher Dr. & Mrs. Charles R. Katholi

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Keeton Dr. & Mrs. Raleigh B. Kent, III Mrs. Susan Kidd Mr. & Mrs. James King, Jr. Kirkwood By The River Retirement Community Mr. & Mrs. Brett Kitterman Dr. & Mrs. Price Kloess Jim Lacefield Lakeside Antique Galleries, Inc Joyce A. Lanning Mrs. Mary Lyn LaRussa Laura Pearce Ltd. Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Mark Leader Ms. Laura Lee Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Lewis Mr. & Mrs. Warren B. Lightfoot, Jr. Mrs. Nancy Loewenstein Lotz’s Antiques Mr. & Mrs. James R. Lowery Mrs. Suzanne Lucas Lynda Willauer Antiques Dr. & Mrs. Michael E. Malone Ms. Cindy Martin Mrs. June Mays Ms. Bess McCrory McDaniel Land Design McDonough Fine Art Ms. Ellen McLaughlin Mr. & Mrs. Richard McPherson Dr. & Mrs. Edward R. Meadows Ms. Stephanie Melonas Mr. & Mrs. Donald Y. Menendez Mr. & Mrs. Terry Meredith Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence G. Michalove Mr. & Mrs. David M. Millhouse Mr. Curtis Miyasaka Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Monk, Jr. Dr. Susan G. Motes Beth Motherwell Mt. Cuba Center, Inc. Dr. & Mrs. Leonard M. Mueninghoff Mr. & Mrs. James E. Mulkin Gail Murray Margaret Mussleman Dr. & Mrs. Alexander M. Nading, Jr. Mr. J. Wallace Nall, III Mr. & Mrs. Paul Nash Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. Naughton Mr. & Mrs. Britton Neal Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Newsome Christine Nickell Oak Street Garden Shop Oaks on Parkwood, LLC Mr. Chris Oberholster Mr. Paul C. Parker Ms. Mary T. Pate Barbara Paul Ms. Cynthia Pickett Ms. Theresa Pinto W. Sanders Pitman Mr. & Mrs. Robert R. Pless Ms. Connie Prather Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. R. Scott Pulliam Mr. Taylor Pursell Mr. Lawrence E. Quick Clay Ragsdale Mr. & Mrs. Henry B. Ray, Jr. Regions Financial Corporation Ms. Lucy Richardson


Mrs. Leslie Riley Riverdale Nursery Robert Burrows Antiques, LLC Barbara Roberts Ms. Janice W. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Roberts Dr. & Mrs. Charles Robinett Mr. & Mrs. E. Mabry Rogers Ann Rowell Mr. & Mrs. Bob Schleusner Ms. Ann Scott Ms. Virginia Scruggs Ms. Cheri Sell Banks Sewell Ms. Sheryl Shader Shades Valley Rotary Club Dr. & Mrs. Richard B. Shepard Ms. Linda Sherk Dr. & Mrs. David H. Sibley Simply Silver Mr. & Mrs. William M. Slaughter Mr. & Mrs. William E. Smith Jr. Christopher Smith Ms. Dotti Smith Mrs. Louise G. Smith Mrs. Lynn A. Smith Somerset Antiques Mrs. Teresa G. Soto Southern Progress Corporation Dr. Camellia Speegle Sterne, Agee & Leach Group, Inc. Ms. Beth Stewart Ms. Ellen C. Stuart Mr. & Mrs. Don Stueckler Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Tate Mrs. Janet Taylor Tenet Healthcare Foundation The Linen Cupboard Thomas M. Fortner Antiques Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Thompson Elisabeth Thompson Thorsby School Ron D. Thrasher & Lisa F. Gardner Mr. George M. Thurlow Timeless Interiors, Inc. Ms. Susan Tipler Ms. Dominga Toner Ms. Linda Travis Peter A. Van Zandt Mrs. Libba Vaughan Roger Vines Darlene Walder Drs. Andrew & Jeanna Westmoreland Ms. Carol White Karen White Whitehall at the Villa Ms. Haley Wilder Wildflower Dr. & Mrs. James R. Williams Mr. Steven Hodges & Ms. Janice H. Williams Mr. & Mrs. Turner B. Williams Mr. & Mrs. James Wilson, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Walter W. Wilson Genie Woodall Ms. Camille L. Wooten Beth Young Mr. David Zabriskie Zee Faulkner Fine Art




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