2021 Annual Report

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GREATNESS DEFINED Annual Report 2021

A message from Club Leadership On behalf of every family we served last year, thank you for investing in our mission! Thanks to your generosity, strength, and unwavering support, our Club was able to serve those most vulnerable in our communities. Your support expanded service hours to accommodate full-day programming during the school shut downs. Your support funded priority services to the families of first responders, healthcare workers, low-income households, and single-parent households. Your support funded the distribution of nearly 300,000 meals and other emergency resources to families facing food insecurity. Your support funded over 20 blood drives in partnership with American Red Cross to support our local hospitals. Your support funded these and many other initiatives that addressed the new gaps caused by the global pandemic. Thanks to your incredible support, we were able to serve those who needed us most last year. We would also like thank all of our amazing and dedicated staff, volunteers, board, and committee members who helped support the daily operations of our organization. We couldn't do what we do without you. As we look at the year ahead, we will continue to focus on serving those in our communities who need us most. As part of our commitment to ensure all Club families have the support they need to thrive, our Club has prioritized three focus areas: 1. Achievement Gap- Expanded academic intervention services to address the learning loss of 2020. 2. Emergency Support Services- Expanded emergency safety-net resources such as meals, grocery gift cards, etc. to support families most impacted by loss of employment, reduction in pay, or food insecurity. 3. Mental Wellness- Expanded partner network, specialized staff training, and increased mental health resources for youth, teens, and parents. Our Club will continue to “Respond, Rebuild, and Reimagine” and we thank you for ensuring each child receives equal access to a Great Future. Our motto, “Whatever It Takes”, requires innovation, creativity, deep perseverance, and commitment to serve a we recover from the pandemic. It also requires an enormous amount of support from our Clifton community, and we are so grateful for your continued generosity.





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5734 Total Youth Served

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Youth Of The Year

Boys & Girls Club of Clifton

Rawan A. Rawan may have only joined the Boys & Girls Club of Clifton two years ago, but the CHS senior is the embodiment of dedication, perseverance, and commitment to education and wellness. When she was just a sophomore, she met with some friends and they decided to start the Diversity and Inclusion Committee at CHS. Rawan always works hard, has an amazing attitude, and is such a great role model for our younger members to look up to. It was at a Back to School Night where she first heard about BGCC. She saw it as a great way to meet students from different backgrounds. It wasn't long before Rawan was a member, and she has been making a major impact around the Club ever since. One of Rawan's favorite things about being involved with the Club is knowing that kids are looking up to her, and that she can make a difference in their lives. BGCC will forever hold a special and important place in Rawan's heart. No matter where she ends up in life, she will always remember the impact the Club had on her. "I want them to know that nothing is out of reach; you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, 3 you just have to have passion.'

2020-2021 Board Of Directors

Board of Trustees Officers

Dante Liberti, CFP

Richard Mariso

Cindy DeVos

Chairman of the Board


Vice President

Katrine Hyde, Esq.

Keith Oakley



Board of Trustees

Mayor James Anzaldi Howard Baum, M.D. Amparo Caamano Frank Carlet, Esq.* Francis Calise * Tina Chung, D.M.D., M.S. Gina Corradino Angelo Crudele * Joseph Cupoli Cindy DeVos John Fette

Katrine Hyde, Esq. Raymond G. Kunz Michael Lesler Dante P. Liberti * Richard Mariso* Gloria Martini * Mark McKoy Keith Oakley * Frank Pajuelo Brent N. Rudnick * Judith Schumacher-Tilton


2021 LOCATIONS Boys & Girls Club of Clifton Clubhouse Schools Out Program - P.S. #1 Schools Out Program - P.S. #2 Schools Out Program - P.S. #3 Schools Out Program - P.S. #5

Honorary Members

Schools Out Program - P.S. #8

Kent Bania, Ed.D* Jack Morton Marianna "Mimi" Cuellar Barbara S. Pineda, M.D.* Cornelia DeVries* Vincent M. Ponte S. Thomas Dudiak Elaine Robertazzi* George Homcy Russell D. Schneider* William Houthuysen Joseph A. Spinella, Esq.* S.M. Terry La Corte, Esq.* Melvin Taub, Esq. Gary O. Foerster* Gerald Zecker Robert Montemurno, D.M.D.* *Past Presidents

Schools Out Program - P.S. #9


Schools Out Program - P.S. #12 Schools Out Program - P.S. #13 Schools Out Program - P.S. #14 Schools Out Program - P.S. #15 Schools Out Program - P.S. #17

Robert Foster

Gregory Reinholt

Teresa Conroy

Executive Director

Associate Director


M. Joseph Holmes

John DeGraaf

Director of Operations/ Resource Development Human Resources Director

Schools Out Program - P.S. #11

Alexandra Zeszotarski Executive Administrative Assistant

Schools Out Program - Charles Olbon School Schools Out Program - Beatrice Gilmore School Schools Out Program - Memorial Middle School


CORE PROGRAMS After School Program The Boys & Girls Club of Clifton is partnering with The Clifton & Woodland Park School Districts to provide before & after care programs. Entering our doors our members experience a safe haven, a place to learn and grow, and an opportunity to build lifelong friendships. Children develop trusting relationships alongside friends and staff. This program is a fun and educational environnment, supervised by staff members.

Sports Program Our well-rounded program fosters, encourages, and provides kids with an avenue to build their confidence, good sportsmanship, teamwork, and skill development. All while in a fun, interactive learning environment, the kids form lasting friendships and positive relationships with staff. Our sports programs included; indoor soccer, football, basketball, yoga, dance, and swimming.

Teen Program Our Teen Center is designed to give teens a place and space to call their own. Our program provides pre-teens and teenagers from 11 to 17 with an environment where they can receive the opportunities, ideologies, and basic learning principles that will equip them with the keys to strengthen their own moral character, self-confidence, and community activism. Our educational and fun programs promote healthy choices and lifestyles, special activities, building dreams, and setting goals of achievements they can be proud of.


CORE PROGRAMS Camp Clifton Camp Clifton is an 8 week interactive camp for members ages 6-15. Parents have the opportunity to have their campers participate on a weekly basis or for the entire summer. Campers are grouped according to age with a ratio of 1:10. Campers remained in their pods for the duration of camp surrounded by friends.

Gingerbread House

Our year-round daycare center is geared for full potty trained children ages 2-4. Our safe and loving environment has been in service for over 40 years. Our center-based classrooms offer a variety of hands-on activities including, science, technology, art, reading readiness, cooking, swimming, and yoga. We provide our children with a fun and nurturing atmosphere which helps them learn. In addition, this program offers an 8week summer course.

KinderKare Kinderkare is our quality before and after school program that provides transportation from school to our Club facility. Multiple hands-on, interactive activities are provided daily to reinforce what is learned in kindergarten. The Kinderkare program includes art, reading readiness, computer skills, smart board interaction, educational, and recreational games. Our summer program activities include gym, swim, and lots of outdoor fun!


Nicholas Martini Foundation Aquatics Center

Youth swim lessons were in full effect this year! Our program provides a safe, nonstressful environment while ensuring the best possible experience for students. Our lessons are designed to teach from fundamental to advance swimming skills. Our swim programs consists of a series of levels designed to teach, youth and adult water exploration through skill and stoke proficiency. Our Club is home of the Clifton Seahawks Swim Team, who we are proud to say are a very successful and accomplished swim team. The team consists of swimmers ages 5-17. The program also offers a pre-swim team who are working hard to reach their goals and move on to the team in the near future.

Agathe Marten Memorial Agathe Marten dedicated many years as a member of the N.J. Swimming Official Association Northern Chapter, where she served as Past President. She also belonged to the U.S. Swimming Officials. In 2016, Agathe was named an NJ Official of the Year, an honor bestowed upon her in 1995, and in 2019, she was recognized by the Special Olympics Committee of New Jersey as one of four Outstanding Volunteer Officials. Agathe was known as an avid swimmer and a long-time member of the Boys & Girls Club of Clifton. A memorial was held in her honor at the Nicholas Martini Aquatics Center at BGCC. A plaque was placed over Lane 4. Her kindness, generosity, and love of life will be sorely missed. "4ever in our hearts"


2021 Revenues & Expenditures Dues and fees account for 22.81% of our operating budget. Membership fees are assessed per child, with discounts offered to families with more than one child enrolled. Fees for childcare, afterschool, and aquatic programs are modest and many children receive full and partial scholarships. The Club receives no funding from City tax dollars. The remaining 77.19% of our 5.45 million annual budget is obtained through fundraising, individual donations, and grants by SBA's PPP Program, CASA, Community Development Funding, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, our Annual and Summer Scholarship Campaigns, Car Show, Golf Tournament, Food Truck Festivals, and Tricky Tray.


Revenues Contributions 594,885 Fundraising 506,647 Grants & Contracts 3,174,904 Program Fees 1,280,819 Facility Rentals 51,975 Other Income 5,620

Program Services Fundraising Administration

Total Revenues 5,614,850

3,898,264 469,681 558,533

Total Expenditures 4,926,478

Thank You to our supporters 212 Salon & Day Spa Abakumova, Anna Abate, Judith Abbondante, Maryann Abundant Life Chiropractic Aceto, Ralph & Karen Acevedo, Kaliah Acton, Connie Acton, Thomas Affinito, Joseph and Christine AFSCME-Local 2274 Agans, Sr. Jeanne (Depaul Catholic High School) Ahmad, Loretta & Odeh Aiello, Mike & Mary Ainsworth, James Allen, Joyce Allen, Thomas Almeida, Ed & Linda Alotta, Phil Amazon Andrusko, Dorothy Anzaldi, Geraldine Anzaldi, James Anzaldi, Sal & Barbara Apostolopoulos, Helen Artis, Nahdira Ash, William Bakarich, Peter & Kathleen Ball, Russ Bangs, Gregg & Catherine Bannon, Joseph & Catherine Barna, Daniel & Donna Barbosa, Ariana Barbosa, Bianca Baroody, George & Roza Basto, Kathleen Bauer, Ken Baum, Howard & Carolyn Benjamin, Paula

Beausoleil, Monique Beckman, Denise & Siegrist, Susan Belli, Christine Berrios, Helene (R&H Catering) Bertinato, Cindy Biasucci, Joseph & Liliane Bionci, Joe Biondi, David Bizub-Quinlan Funeral Home Block, Peter Bobroff, Carrie Boehme, Fred (Hecht Family Foundation) Bonkowski, Dolores Borriello, Regina Bozios, Sonia Bracco, Andrea Brazer, Cindy & Bob Bremer, Lorraine Bressler, Barbara J. Brohl, Helen Brown, Nicole Brown, Timothy Brunett, Roy N. Brutofsky, Thomas & Carol Bucci, Gina Built-Rite Inc Burak, Joseph Burk, Ken Burk, Neill Burk, Stephanie Burke, John & Cathy Burns, Donna & Stephen Cabanilla, Ruel & Cherry May Caggiano, Maria T (Vander Plaat-Caggiano Funeral Home) Calabro, Joseph Calise, Francis Calzaretta, John & Margaret Cannarozzi, Rosalie Cannon, Rose Marie & John

Capellan, Digna Capeles, Josephine Capua, Anthony (A Plus Tape) Capuano, Laura Jane Cardona, Katiria Carlet, Esq., Mr & Mrs Frank A. Carroll, Lola Casale, Anthony & Joann Casella, Carmelo & Antoinette Castronovo, Robert & Nanc Celentano, John Cerone, Michael & Jayne Fitzgerald Cervine, Michael & Dorothy Chambers, Michele (Valley Bank) Charles F. Hahn, Inc. Charles, Charmain Cheng, Patrick Chichik, Maria Chipura, Ken & Donna Choteborsky, Dolores Christiaens, John & Karin Chudacek, Anne Chung, Tina Ciampa, Joanne Ciccone, Lisa Cimmino, Nick City Of Clifton Clara Maass Medical Center Clark, Maryann Clausen, Bob Clifton Elks Lodge #1569 Clifton Moose Lodge #657 Clifton Public Schools Clifton Veterans Ave of Flags Close, Mick Cloutier, Wendy Clyne, MaryEllen (Clara Maass Medical Center) Codio, Fausto (Codio Cigars) Colandro, Anthony (Gun for Hire)

Community Foundation Of New Jersey Community Volunteer Fire Company #1 Conca, Ralph (The Old Canal Inn) Condit, Edward (St. Mary's Hospital) Conroy, Daniel & Teresa Conroy, Brian & Jobson, Kristi Contrino, Tom Coronel, Odette (NOC Autobody) Corradino, Gina Corradino & Papa Costa, Jacalyn & Joseph Cowan, George & Susan Crawford, Steven & Angela Crudele, Angelo & Carol Crudele, Michael & Jennifer Cruz, Loralee Csatlos, Patricia & John Cupillari, Pat (Pat & Dan's Auto Service) Cupoli, Joseph Curcio, Angelo & Tunic-Curcio, Tereza Curtis, Cheryl Cvetovich, Raymond & Catherine Dal Pan, John & Jean D'Anconna, Chris Danelski, Joyce D'Arco, Robert D'Arco, Talia David Lerner Associates De Liberto, Joseph & Dorothy De Liberto, Robert & Alice De Luca, Andrea (Drea) De Vita, Robert DeGraaf, John and Maria Deisler, Maria Del Favero, Norman DeLancey, Marylyn Delaney, Brian Deley, Andrew DeLora, Patrick (Clifton Rotary Club) Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (Paterson Alumnae Chapter)


Thank You to our supporters Den Herder, Judith Denboer, David Denny, Jean DeRose, Samantha Desiderioscioli, Domenica & Anthony Destefano, Louis DeVita, Thomas & Donna DeVos, Cindy Dhanani, Mohit DiFalco, Douglas and Deven Dimaria, James DiMaria, Philip Dittus, Carol Dittus, Taralyn Donohue, Maggie Dougherty, Barbara Driscoll, Maria Dubravsky, John Dubrowny, Greg and Nancy Dueben, Robert and Ada Duke, Frank & Mary Ann Duke, Michael & Phyllis Dwyer, John D. Dymek, Vincent S W Dziuba, Lenore Eagler, Peter Edmond, Juana Edmundson, Mike and Melinda Edreos, Michael and Lynne Egan, John Eickhoff, RoseMarie (Natural Health Center Of Clifton) Eickhoff, William Elliott, Kathy and Wayne Ellis, William Engel, William and Patricia English, William Erickson, Scott (Chadler Solutions) Errico, Tom Fanelli, A.C. and Ann Fechner, Mady and Larry Feller, Melvin Ferrara, Sharon (Sharm) Fette, John and Kristin Fette, Nancy Finkelstein, Stephen and Frances Fiorito, Frank Fischer, Carol Fischer, Sean and Maureen Flach, Ralph and Stella Fleischer, Christopher and Nancy Foster, John and Nora Foster, Robert & MaryJo Foti, Fred and Rita Foukas, George Friend, Gerald and Fran Gabanelli, Tullio Gabriele, Barbara Galasso, Gary Galatioto, Tony Galletta, Nick Gallo, Brian (MDB Insurance Agency) Garamone, Matthew Garcia, Madeline Garden State Honda Garden State Mechanical, Inc. Gardner, Dr. Scott Garretson, Thomas (Shook Funeral Home) Gary Mekita Gaughan, Claudia Gelardo, Vincent (The Hair Place) Gelok, Donald and Deborah Genardi, Corey (C. Genardi Contracting) Gentle Dental

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