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1. Svømmedamene


Ann Beathe Schaanning

Digital Art Print

40 x 50

Market Value NOK 1.450


Ann Beathe Schaanning (born 1970) is a self-taught artist from Oslo. Her trademarks are feminine, colorful illustrations of strong women. Ann ́s first solo exhibition entitled, “Swimming Ladies”, took place in Drøbak in 2016. Her technique is mixed media: she paints with watercolor and then uses a digital camera to finish her pictures. Donated by the artist

2. Little boy selling gum in Kurdistan Irbil, Iraq

Emilie Eriksen

Digital print

45,5 x 55

Market Value NOK 7.500


Emilie Kristin Eriksen is a Norwegian photographer currently based in Trondheim, Norway where she is finishing her photography degree. Her passion for photography lies in capturing the raw and real moments of life. But she also enjoys shooting fashion and film. Donated by the artist

3. Homage to Hexagon III

Marisa Ferriera

Digital print

45 x 35

Edition 20

Market Value NOK 4.800

Born in 1983 in Portugal, Marisa Ferreira lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Marisa’s colorful art invites us to view actively, to move around, and to be aware of our looking. As individual works and as an ensemble, her art encourages participatory aesthetic experiences rather than passive ones. Her work is held in several private and public collections in Germany, Spain, Switzerland, France, Portugal, and mainly in Norway at the Stavanger Art Museum. She is featured in The Guardian newspaper. Donated by the artist

4. Her and You

Annetta Lucero

Acrylic, paper, ink

40 x 30

Market Value NOK 1.200

From sunny Hawaii, artist Annetta Lucero brings saturated color to Norway. A former Cirque du Soleil athlete and Guinness World Record holder, Annetta's life has been as vibrant and fearless as her imagination. As an artist, Annetta reveals her life-affirming viewpoint through bold paintings, drawings, sculptures, and performance. She is an international keynote speaker, sharing her stories through art and movement. She currently resides in Jessheim. Original painting from Annetta Lucero's whimsical "Weenie Series". Donated by the artist


5. Khoj (in Urdu) / Eternal Search

Fatima Khan-Shamsi

Acrylic on Canvas

80 x 100

Market Value NOK 9.000

Fatima Khan-Shamsi is a Pakistani artist who brings her culture to Norway in the form of art. Fatima donated two incredible paintings to Beyond Art, one of which you will be able to acquire at our upcoming event. Fatima Ě s paintings depict her roots, pieces of her life and a part of her soul. Her bold strokes, bright hues, and strong contrasts highlight and make her paintings unique and memorable. She's currently running an online art gallery called "Rungg", which means 'Colour' in her native language. Donated by the artist

6. Life and love

Maral Jafarian

Ink and silver sheets on canvas

30 x 30

Market Value NOK 1.200

Maral Jafarian is an Oslo-based artist and jewelry designer. Her modern works celebrate the female spirit and build on her strength as a mother, lover and human being. In 2014, she moved to Oslo, where she has been running her studio and gallery. Her works have been largely exhibited in Iran, Kuwait and Norway. Donated by the artist

7. Take me to the Fjord

Roshan Gamage

1/8 First Edition

Gallery print with acryl

100 x 50

Market Value NOK 8.500

Roshan Gamage is a software developer and freelance photographer. His photographs are published on websites such as and He started with photography about ten years ago as a hobby. Since then his work has evolved to a professional level. Photography for him is a way to break free from the hectic pace of life and to enjoy and explore the wonder and beauty of the world. Donated by the artist

8. The Doll

Maryam Abtahi

Acrylics and graphite

30 x 30

Market Value NOK 2.200

Maryam Abtahi was born in Tehran in 1979. She studied painting and print-making and then worked as a teacher and instructor. From 2006 until 2011, she worked part- time at the Academy of Art in Tehran, Iran, where she taught print-making and drawing. She has had several exhibitions in Norway and works from her studio in Sagene Kunstsmie. Donated by the artist


9. Ingjerd (Luna)

Barbora Kyslikova

Oil on marble

40 x 30


Market Value NOK 20.000

Barbora Kyslikova is a painter from Prague, who drifts between Oslo, Berlin and her hometown. In her paintings, Barbora depicts people meeting the challenges and changes of life and death, the liminal faces of life. Her main medium is oil, which she often applies not only on canvas, but also on less common surfaces such as copper and marble plate. She admires the renaissance painters who are her lifelong teachers. Barbora, as their humble student, appreciates the well-created style of their art and aspires to keep the skill and divinity of art alive in our times. Donated by the artist

10. Horizon Mound and Rosehip burr (diptych)

Rachel Wolfe


30 x 29 20 x 29

Market Value NOK 2.000

Rachel Wolfe is an artist who sees the body as the generative force in cognition. She is interested in topology and allegory—the immutable aspects of life that do not change in the face of illusion or myth. The final work is realized by incorporating site-specific histories and she seeks to embody the meaning of these in the material choices of her art. Her life’s ambition is to make visible the myth of the psychological and physical divide. She exhibits and works internationally on private, commercial and consulting projects. Donated by the artist

11. Muntra Fruar 53/275

Helmtrud Nystrøm


29 x 42

Market Value NOK 1.200

Helmtrud Nystrøm is inspired by the writing of indigenous people and looks for magic in their communication. Her art embodies a language that everyone understands and that stimulates our imagination. Like fragments of a diary, her work is associative and open for individual interpretation. Donated by Anniken Fjellberg

12. Hedda and Eilert Løvborg

Sahar Ajami


High quality digital prints coated by matte UV

38 x 53

Market Value NOK 2.400

Sahar Ajami is an Oslo-based Iranian artist. She started her profession when she was a student, after she won several prizes in cartoon-drawing festivals. After receiving a BA from the University of Art in Tehran, she started working as a freelance artist. She received a Masters of Art in Ibsen studies at the University of Oslo and explored visual aspects of Henrik Ibsen's dramas. This illustration is from a collection named “Ibsen's Women”, a visual research project focused on female characters in Ibsen's dramas.

Donated by the artist


13. Keep on Moving IV

Dora Kittilsen

acrylic and ink on canvas

80 x 100

Market Value NOK 8.000

Dora Kittilesen, in her work as in her life, focuses on being true to herself and follows her intuition. She seeks to create an atmosphere, a feeling of energy and curiosity in her paintings through the use of color, contrast, and movement. For inspiration, she uses dreams, memories from her life and stories she has heard. Dora paints strong background surfaces against thin-flowing watercolor-like fields to contrast warm against the cold, light against dark, colors against one another. Dora is a member of the Norwegian Association Of Visual Artist Professionals and runs an art gallery in Bergen, Norway, Galleri Oker. Donated by the artist

14. Pacific Ocean #06

Arp Raph


Art print on wood

54 x 40

Market Value NOK 3.500

Continual questioning and the exploration of the underlying themes and issues within the political and cultural arenas are the bases for Arp's work. The socio-cultural aspects of life play a particularly significant role in his art. His work characteristically involves both 2 and 3 dimensional puzzles, visual metaphors and a focus on the conspicuous imperfections in his chosen subjects. Arp tries to offer the viewer the possibility of engaging in a discourse on what goes on around us. Photo description by the artist: A soft reminder to competing interest and tensions over future trade. Donated by the artist

15. The Green Meadow

Sigrid Slora Erlandsen

Oil on canvas

70 x 42

Market Value NOK 2.000

Sigrid Slora Erlandsen (1928-1991) was a wife and mother who had never painted before, when she was struck by a strange virus that made her lame from the neck down. Confined to a wheelchair, she started to paint with her mouth. First she colored “paint-by-number” pictures and later she studied art and learned to create her own paintings. She painted landscapes in oil on canvas and continued to paint until the day she died. She was a full member of the Mouth and Foot Artists’ Organization, the organization that generously donated this painting. Donated by Mouth and Foot Artists’ Organization

16. Prinsesse Diana på vei til bryllupet med prins Charles

Dag Bæverfjord


29 x 23

Market Value NOK 6.500

Dag Bæverfjord (born1953) worked as a freelance journalist and photographer in Molde and in Fredrikstad before becoming a press photographer at Bergens Tidende, a position he had for five and a half years. In 1984, he started at VG where he still works as a journalist. Donated by the artist


17. In the forest

Zarina A Hagen

Pastel on paper

29 x 39

Market Value NOK 2.000

Zarina A Hagen was born in Vladikavkaz, Russia. She works predominantly with pastel, watercolor, acrylic and oil paints. Zarina is inspired by nature, life and the cosmos, the Universe, and she relies on these sources of inspiration to transmit colors and energies through her art. The inspiration for the donated piece was a combination of magnificent nature, creativity and learning, the great art of Edvard Munch, fairytales and Norway. Donated by the artist

18. Eftang #32

Erik Saastad


120 x 30

Market Value NOK 4.500

Erik Saastad is a photographer from Oslo who photographs mostly landscapes, especially coastal landscapes. He seeks to portray moods, and pure, simple, often minimalistic, motifs. Erik often participates at trade shows around Norway and sells his photographs to shops, hotels and private individuals. The donated photograph is of sunset taken from Eftang in Vestfold. Donated and signed by the artist

19. Moonshine

Bruce Naigles

Cast PFG mounted on steel

17 x 17 x 9

Market Value NOK 7500

Bruce Naigles is an active sculptor and is responsible for creating ‘the Just Man' , otherwise known as the Oslo Business for Peace Award. His work is figurative and allegorical and it stems from a desire to bring forth otherwise intangible human traits by 'clothing' them in figurative sculpture. Donated by the artist

20. Hei, jeg heter Shian Yuan 01 & 02

Shian-Yuan Yachi

Oriental ink on Arches Rives paper.

75 x 55

Market Value NOK 2.000

Shian-Yuan, Yachi (f. 1983, Taipei, Taiwan) lives and works in Oslo. Yachi has a bachelor’s degree (BFA) from Taipei National University of the Arts and a master’s degree (MFA) from Tunghai University, Fine Art Department in Taiwan. Yachi has worked as an oriental ink painter professionally for about 10 years in her homeland. She explores this medium and tradition mainly in classical flower and bird paintings. Her work embodies grace and the suffering of humanity, with a meditative attitude toward chaos and beauty. Donated by the artist


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