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Sipping On Gin & Juice - Tanqueray Unveils New Content Partnership With Entertainment Icon Snoop Dogg Tanqueray Gin has launched a new strategic partnership with entertainment icon Snoop Dogg. The partnership brings to life the brand’s focus on a Gin & Juice cocktail strategy celebrating the success of Snoop Dogg’s 1993 classic hit ‘Gin & Juice.’ Avid Tanqueray fan Snoop Dogg has been brought on to creatively oversee the Tanqueray Gin & Juice campaign. Through this partnership, Snoop will be developing Tanqueray signature cocktail recipes, incorporating Tanqueray into his show experiences, collaborating for various Tanqueray events throughout the year, and releasing exclusive content and art projects inspired by the global legacy of the ‘Gin & Juice’ song. Snoop Dogg’s signature serve, The Tanqueray No. TEN ‘Laid Back,’ puts an elevated spin on the traditional ‘Gin & Juice’ serve, Tanqueray is utilizing fresh pressed juices to compliment the refreshing, whole citrus flavor profile of Tanqueray No. TEN GIN creating a sophisticated cocktail option.


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No nutritional claims made. BEVNET MAGAZINE OCTOBER 2016


BevNET Magazine October 2016  
BevNET Magazine October 2016  

The October 2016 issue of BevNET Magazine.