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Whole Foods/Amazon – Best Case and Worst Case

Predictions are easy. Waiting on outcomes is harder. But that’s what we’re facing as the concrete hardens on the buyout of Whole Foods by Amazon. If you poke around the magazine this month, you’ll see we’ve taken plenty of time to analyze the deal from a news sense, looking at the implications in store, online, for suppliers and consumers. But what are the dream outcomes? The nightmares? I’ve broken it out through a few different lenses. BUSINESS CULTURE Both are highly wired toward impressive customer service. Whole Foods has a long practice of doing it in-store, encouraging expertise and initiative within team members to the point where the company has long sourced products, recipes, and assortments from the bottom up. At times, this has been problematic: accusations of fiefdoms and inefficiencies due to decentralization have, at times, caused friction and hurt the bottom line. Also, applying high service levels as part of a premium pricing model has pushed the store out of some income brackets; that was one of the areas that opened the door for competing retailers to steal market share. Amazon, on the other hand, delivers. Its consumer experience is one of user-based curation and high-quality fulfillment. Its pricing efficiency is such that, at times, consumers are told to keep an item they might have otherwise returned simply because it’s cheaper for the company. In an online world, it’s the largest repository of information about the products it sells, and it also pulls data from those sales to create suggestions for both consumers and for suppliers. 6 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017

It allows frictionless digital interaction, cutting much of the human element out of the equation. But there are criticisms of the Amazon system, which has been known to treat its employees’ humanity as a pesky coefficient that must be reduced. So will this create a culture clash? Hard to tell. Trader Joe’s, for example, has been both highly efficient and highly consumercentric, but it’s also reliably tough on suppliers. Very few brands are built in Trader Joe’s, while thousands have come through Amazon and Whole Foods. Best Case Result: Amazon’s predictive algorithms create pricing models for Whole Foods that allow it to defray the “cost” of its friendly approach to the consumer, while also broadening shopper experience to make it less expensive, increasing visit frequency. Whole Foods’ respect for employees permeates Amazon warehouses. Worst Case Result: Amazon’s winat-all-costs culture turns Whole Foods into a node instead of a destination, and decimates the service and assortment that made it a special trip. THE BATTLEFIELD From a competition standpoint, the thought is that Whole Foods will benefit from Amazon’s advanced analytics and fulfillment capabilities. In other words, people think that Amazon is going to help Whole Foods deliver groceries to your house, rather than having you go to the store. This is expected to become more important as the years go on and impulse buying takes place on your phone or in your home, rather than where you are. The thought is that Whole Foods’ products will be the “first page” of any attempt

to fill up a shopping list, and that Amazon will be better at getting that list to your house than any other service, as it has proven for many other product types. It’s a good bet, except for the ongoing issue that dogs all online grocery services, which is that the store perimeters that elevates Whole Foods physical locations contain the same products that people have been reluctant to move into their online shopping carts: produce, prepared foods, meat and seafood, dairy and the salad bar and deli. While plenty of juice companies will tell you that they are getting better at shipping cold products to consumers, it’s still expensive and inefficient for both consumer and supplier. Still, Whole Foods and Amazon aren’t the only companies that can create a pleasant shopping experience, and they aren’t the only ones that use analytics, either. Fairway, Trader Joe’s, Wegman’s, Central Market and more are delightful places to shop from a “user experience” standpoint, while there are an increasing number of places to source groceries online, and Kroger still has technological advantages of its own. Best Case: Consumers start to trust the idea that their Whole Foods grocer is going to send them nice blueberries and trout, even if they’re delivered by driver or drone, while Whole Foods brick-andmortar stores are able to evolve even more as gathering places, “grocerants,” and the suburban equivalent of the food hall. Worst Case: The last mile model doesn’t translate. Kroger and regional chains along the lines of Fairway team up to curate a cheaper delivery model – one with better coupons as well. And a slowdown in WF construction means that the stores remain highly concentrated in just a few states. Finally, from a supplier standpoint, things are going to get interesting. So far, most of the entrepreneurial companies we’ve talked with are eager to dual-incubate on Amazon and in Whole Foods, especially given how their unique products tend to pop up more quickly when they’re searched online. But what if Whole Foods stops becoming the discovery destination that launches all of those searches in the first place? An edgeless Whole Foods is nothing but a real estate play for Amazon. That’s a worst case that companies and suppliers can’t afford.











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Remember Just for the Taste of It? You Should The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. Our BevNET team, in one fell swoop, organized and hosted three conferences, back to back to back. It was a labor of love or insanity, depending on your perspective. We put on our exciting new endeavor, Project NOSH, followed by BevNET Live and finally our Brewbound initiative – you can check out our coverage in this magazine and online. Each drew record attendance, and pretty universal praise for content, networking and venue. We must be doing something right. BevNET Live, once again, proved to be the MVP event on the beverage calendar, bar none. We had over 550 very satisfied attendees, with a strong agenda, standout speakers and plenty of time for getting together with old friends or making new ones. One of the most anticipated aspects of the conference is our New Beverage Showdown. Dozens of brands vie for the coveted title. We whittle down many aspirants to make a manageable 16 presenters to hit our stage and present. Over the years, I’ve been skeptical of the items that many of the brands offered up. I always look for the viability in the marketplace, the uniqueness, and most importantly, the taste. It’s great to have these esoteric and exotic brands, but I’m still a mainstream guy in regards to consumer acceptability. The past few contests, I haven’t been impressed with the taste propositions. While the uniqueness, positioning, and graphics are stellar, unless it passes the palate test, I can’t get excited. That has been the case far too often recently. This year’s offerings 10 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017

were a quantum leap better than the past events, but many still lacked the “wow factor” of taste. The industry has been driven too far in the direction of creating functional, efficacious brands. All are infused with ingredients and concoctions that scream, “I’m different!” to merit your attention. But they won’t, unless you can make them taste great. So many of the brands presented have too high a price point to make them viable. I don’t know how many times I spoke with brand creators who feel that their products will sell, with frequency, at $3.99 and above. They won’t. Aside from the presenters of the Showdown, many marketers, lugging their brands in cooler bags, asked for my opinion. Two were functional brands touting their benefits, and each were unrealistic in their claims: After mentioning my sore back and knees from a lifetime of sport, they guaranteed that their elixir will relieve me of my discomfort. I tried both of them and found I couldn’t drink one full bottle or shot, let alone enough to really make a difference. They, too, were retailing for more than that $3.99 line of demarcation that I feel is barely acceptable. Even if they could work, I wouldn’t give them a chance, as the regimen that they insist is necessary for success is too damn expensive. I know I’ve said this many times, but taste should be the main, and usually, only reason for beverage consumption. Now, if one – or many – of you could combine the best of both worlds, then I’ll be your customer for life.


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The Whole Foods Acquisition In a deal that’s shaking the shopping experience for consumers, retailers, and food and beverage companies, Amazon’s announced $13.7 billion bid for Whole Foods has hardened talk of large-scale disruption in the way consumers buy their groceries. Following the announcement of the allcash transaction – priced at $42 per share – stock prices of other food retailers turned sharply negative, as did many of the conventionally focused, publicly traded food companies that have long supplied them. The deal is the largest U.S. grocery transaction since a $17.4 billion takeover of Albertsons by Cerberus Capital Management, CVS Health Corp and SuperValu in 2006, according to Mergermarket. "To me, the most important aspect of this deal is that this continues to validate that organic and free from foods are the most important food industry trends,” Errol Schweizer, the former global grocery buyer for Whole Foods, said. “Amazon is really betting on that these trends are the future. Organic is growing at close to double digits, it's a $47 billion market. Free-from and additive free and nonGMO are huge market trends as well. So what Amazon is saying here is 'we're taking a bet on the future of food and Whole Foods really represents that.'" The acquisition ties together to highly influential CEOs, Whole Foods’ John Mackey and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. The deal appears to have allowed the embattled Mackey to remain CEO in the face of investor pressure that has lasted for more than a year. Whole Foods’ brick and mortar stores will remain open, and the company’s headquarters will remain in Austin, Texas, according to the announcement. Meanwhile, the purchase means that Bezos has moved his company much more solidly into the brick-and-mortar grocery space, allowing the online marketplace operator to integrate its rapidly expanding business with Whole Foods’ offerings to further change the grocery business. Amazon’s hunger for a strong presence in grocery manifested in its first year of billion-dollar sales of groceries last year. The entire grocery channel is embracing an


e-commerce model: a much cited survey predicted that about 20 percent of grocery sales will take place online by 2025. Amazon’s moves in food and beverage sales haven’t just been via e-commerce, thanks to its recent launches of delivery services, online pick up stores and even cashier-less brick-and-mortar locations. “Amazon has been exploring physical retail, enabled with cutting-edge technology,” Steve Matthesen, President and CEO at national grocery broker Acosta, noted. “Rather than building out that network, they now have an established network with a high degree of shared customer overlap between Whole Foods’ core and [Amazon] Prime’s core. Retrofitting stores after testing the technology will be faster than a large-scale de novo investment…. This deal also changes Amazon’s ap-

proach when it comes to e-commerce, as the store network provides a strong base for click-and-collect and attacks a stronghold for Instacart’s delivery business.” SUPERMARKET OF DREAMS The deal arrives as both companies were faced with their own crossroads: Whole Foods has seen some of its share of organic, natural and cutting-edge offerings move into more conventional accounts like Kroger and Costco in recent years, battering its revenue growth and share price. Amazon, meanwhile, has been competing with both online grocery platforms as well as physical retailers like Wal-Mart as it tries to get into the food business. Murmurs of a potential sale of Whole Foods have been floated repeatedly over the past year, especially as the natural

BEVSCAPE retailer faced immense pressure from Jana Partners’ hedge fund and money management firm Neuberger Berman. The investors criticized Whole Foods for its poor performance and lack of focus on money-making sectors, suggesting the chain could be merged with another grocer – much to Whole Foods CEO Mackey’s dismay. In a recent interview with Texas Monthly, Mackey called the activist shareholders “greedy bastards” who were “trying to destroy my reputation and the reputation of Whole Foods, because it’s in their self-interest to do so.” In response to shareholder pressure, Whole Foods recently overhauled its board. It also made a series of changes to its business, including cutting internal costs by another $300 million, increasing targeted promotions and lowering prices. Operationally, the company announced an expedited rollout of both a loyalty program and an improved category management system to allow for purchases in larger quantities to create better pricing and lower retail costs without sacrificing margin. Amazon’s entry into the grocery business built gradually. The e-commerce giant planted its first stake into the food and beverage world in 2005 with the launch of Amazon Prime. It then rolled out services like Amazon Dash, Fresh, and Go. Still, it was missing a big piece of the $800 billion grocery market. Amazon has continuing to tinker, most recently launching two Fresh Pickup locations in Seattle in the hopes that customers would like the convenience of placing orders online and picking them up from a drivein location. In 2016, Amazon crossed the $1 billion grocery threshold. That growth is continuing in 2017. In its first quarter, Amazon saw $350 million in grocery sales. But Amazon’s success in grocery has been slower than that of its other categories. “Unlike the other businesses where Amazon has really won in – like books and electronics – where they’ve gotten into the business and effectively obviated the need for retail, with grocery...they’ve realized they can’t,” Arif Fazal, founder and managing director of Blueberry Ventures, said. One problem that Amazon and its competitors in the ecommerce space have faced is that the inclination of many consumers


EXPLORING SYNERGIES Experts believe that as a member of the Amazon family, Whole Foods will provide the most impact in the short term by giving a boost to Prime Now and Fresh. Prime Now delivers items to Amazon consumers in under two hours by sourcing from both third-party suppliers and Amazon’s own warehouses, whereas Amazon Fresh is a grocery delivery service.

there. And both companies have done a lot for small companies." As a real estate play, the deal also potentially gives Amazon about 500 new instant fulfillment centers, where consumers can pick up groceries they have pre-ordered. Experts were split on the potential for Amazon to also use the stores as depots for the retrieval of a broader set of Amazon products. The Whole Foods acquisition could also have great influence on Amazon’s recently tested cashier-less grocery store concept in Seattle, Amazon Go. Amazon Go was very successful in its first store, Anderson noted. He suggested that kind of “click and collect” technology might quickly move into Whole Foods stores – both those that are already built and also in its growing cohort of smaller footprint 365 stores, which Whole Foods has been touting as being capable of battling

“What Amazon does well, Whole Foods does not. And what Whole Foods does well, Amazon either doesn't do or hasn't had success with,” Schweizer said. “The tech side of amazon with data aggregation and consumer insights, competitive pricing strategy, is really unparalleled. And that's stuff that Whole Foods has a lot of problems with. And likewise, Whole Foods has a very strong perishable supply chain and does really well on the perimeter with meat, seafood and have a great legacy

lower-priced competitors like Trader Joe’s. Shortly after the deal, however, Whole Foods slowed its plans for more 365 stores, although that may be a deal point. “Amazon Go technology might be a match made in heaven for 365,” Anderson said. There may even be potential for Amazon to grow its businesses outside of the grocery sector with this deal. In 2011, Amazon rolled out lockers so consumers could list a shipping location other than

to pick out their own produce, meat, and dairy has kept them from becoming “full basket” retailers.That’s something that the Whole Foods acquisition will likely solve, according to Keith Anderson, a strategist with e-commerce consultant Profitero. “Fifty-seven percent of Whole Foods’ sales are in perishables,” Anderson said. “So this significantly upgrades Amazon’s ability to source fresh products, which is an area where they’ve struggled.”

BEVSCAPE their home. Today, there are now over 1,800 lockers in more than 50 cities, and potentially growing if ever implemented in Whole Foods locations. “Someone in brick and mortar was going to have to figure out the future strategy for ecommerce [for whole foods] and how to deal with ecommerce and more importantly, how to marry ecommerce to brick and mortar. And you couldn’t be better than [Amazon]... these guys get it,” said natural foods retailing consultant Tim Sperry. There are still other questions surrounding whether Amazon’s Alexa will be a new presence within Whole Foods. The personalized, voice-automated technology has already begun infiltrating Amazon’s grocery business with the company’s newest release: the Dash Wand. It’s a digital “kitchen assistant,” as well as an AmazonFresh ordering device. The deal is also going to create waves for Instacart, another third-party fulfillment service that offers fast delivery from other retailers. Whole Foods is already an Instacart investor; the deal may bring a buyout due to that company’s competition with Amazon or it may put in a route to purchase, depending on both of those logistics companies’ appetites and also subject to regulatory approval. In the past, Amazon has also kept acquired assets as captured technologies, locking out some competitors who might have wanted to use it. Such was the case with Kiva, a warehouse logistics program the company acquired in 2012 for $775 million. Instacart currently licenses its services to is used by a large number of grocery chains, including Whole Foods, Albertson’s, Publix and Costco as a way of offering both pickup and delivery of grocery products. THROUGH THE SUPPLIER LENS Health-Ade Kombucha CEO Daina Trout said she was excited for the merger, and said she sees it leading to an improved e-commerce delivery system for fresh products. Health-Ade has national distribution with Whole Foods, but has yet been able to fully leverage the e-commerce market due to difficulties in shipping a fresh product in glass bottles. A case of Health-Ade can cost $100 to ship cross country, she said.


“I don't know exactly what it means for my brand yet,” Trout said. “One of the biggest challenges for Amazon has been fresh food. It's been difficult, but they're going to try it again…. With the force of Whole Foods and Amazon combined, I kind of love it.” Brands that are eager to sell through the combined strength of both retailers should find they’re looking at their best consumers, notes Arnold Ventura, the vice president of business development at fastgrowing beverage company Califia. “When I’ve looked at the demographics of both entities, they show that the core consumer overlaps so nicely. Both consumer bases have so much in common. There’s a lot of synergy from a target consumer standpoint,” Ventura said. Under the partnership, suppliers may also be able to keep prices down for consumers because they will benefit from Amazon’s efficiency in the distribution system, notes Sperry. One area where rebel investors have attacked Whole Foods is due to its reliance on UNFI as its primary distributor. “The distribution side is expensive to manufacturers,” Sperry said. “So if I, as a manufacturer, can get my product onto the shelf in a less expensive manner so that the retailer can then sell it for less money, that’s a win.” “As good as distributor as someone like UNFI is, Amazon knows how to

manage the movement of inventory in their system way better then just about anybody in the country with the exception of Walmart,” he added. Undermining UNFI has the potential to hurt other retailers in the long haul because, if it’s weakened, the wholesaler might become less efficient and more costly. UNFI and Whole Foods are bound under contract until 2025, Sperry said, but that could change under new corporate parentage. “Down the road, that would have really bad implications on smaller, independents and chains,” Sperry said. “Because their distributor suddenly lost a big chunk of volume… that can have ripple effects through the market. And that’s the scary piece. Because we all want as many of these retailers as possible to continue and be successful.” But if they are to succeed, Amit Pandhi, the CEO of ice cream maker Arctic Zero, noted that they’re doing it based on the foundational shift that made Whole Foods vulnerable to a takeover in the first place. “Natural and organic is now conventional,” Pandhi said. “It’s what’s growing in this space, it’s what consumers are demanding. Whole Foods is no longer the number one seller of natural and organic with Kroger and Costco selling more of those other goods. Whole Foods is mainstream and this is a mainstream play.”

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Dean Foods invests in Good Karma

Star Power

Dairy processor and distributor Dean Foods has made a minority investment in Boulder, Colo.-based Good Karma, a producer of flaxseed-based, dairy-alternative food and beverage products. Originally a private label manufacturer of dairy-alternative milks, Good Karma developed its own branded CPG line in 2014 and expanded beyond beverages to yogurt in late 2016. The investment will help Good Karma to expand distribution across the U.S. As part of the deal, Dean Foods said it will lend support to Good Karma’s growth in conventional retailers via its sales team. The capital will also go towards brand-building and Good Karma’s product innovation pipeline. Good Karma will operate as an independent company, led by its existing leadership team at its Boulder headquarters.

Legume-based snacking brand HIPPEAS recently announced that Strand Equity Partners and Academy Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio have joined as investors. The Green Park Brandsowned company launched in the U.S. market in Spring 2016, and is already sold in over 22,000 points of distribution, including Starbucks

DiCaprio, who recently invested in sustainable seafood brand Love in the Wild, is also an outspoken environmental activist. Bisterzo said the idea of a plant-based snack resonated with the actor. Bisterzo said Hippeas wasn’t seeking capital but the company felt the offer from Strand and DiCaprio was unique. “This partner-

“We are excited about how this partnership will give us the opportunity to advance our mission of inspiring goodness by making our flax-based non-dairy beverages and yogurts more accessible across the U.S.,” said Good Karma CEO Doug Radi. “Through the increased availability and investments in brand-building and product innovation, we believe we’re better positioned to support families looking for plant-based options that are free of allergens.” Dean Foods’ investment follows a previous round of funding, led by 2x Consumer Products Growth Partners. At the time of a 2014 U.S. Securities and Exchange (SEC) filing, Good Karma had raised $2 million in funding and was seeking an additional $8 million in capital. 2016 saw Dean Foods exploring new revenue streams. The company acquired ice cream brand Friendly’s and established a joint venture with Organic Valley to distribute the brand’s dairy products. On the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call in February, 2017, Dean Foods’ executives discussed how mergers, acquisitions and investments could help balance the variable price of milk and ebb and flow of that business. “We’re looking at categories that are adjacent to dairy,” Dean Foods CEO Ralph Scozzafava told analysts. “We’re looking at one particular that would be, what I’d say, a good balance to the commodity seasonality that we see, the cyclicality we see with Class I milk. That would also be, I think, a good addition to the portfolio as we talk about being more and more Class I commodity resistant.” The investment marks a return to plant-based products for Dean. In 2013 the company fully spun off its Colorado-based WhiteWave division, which included soymilk brand Silk, and sold plant-based protein brand Morningstar.

locations nationwide. Livio Bisterzo, Green Park Brands CEO and Founder, told NOSH that the new funds will mainly be used for working capital to support its retail accounts. This will include expanding full-time staff beyond its current 34 employees, as well as marketing efforts. “HIPPEAS is a high-growth and differentiated brand that has been created in a short amount of time,” said Seth Rodsky, Managing Partner of Strand Equity Partners, in a statement. “The unprecedented traction the brand has achieved is a testament to its unique offering that combines nutrition with a creative flavor profile. We look forward to partnering with Livio, and the talented management team at HIPPEAS, to lead the next evolution of ‘better for you’ snacking.” Strand has also invested in pulse-based pasta brand Banza and snack brand PopChips.

ship was opportunistic, it materialized very quickly,” he told NOSH. “For us it was as much about people and values and alignment and having met [Strand founder Seth Rodsky], we felt really comfortable with him being involved in our business.” Going forward, Bisterzo says there’s opportunity for the brand to use its platform to expand into other pulse-based snacking categories. But he plans to focus on the puffs for at least the rest of 2017. This year will also see the line move into club channels with Costco as well as increase doors in natural and conventional retailers. Bisterzo says he also plans to continue to build his field marketing team to encourage sampling among consumers. “With the brand we have, we’re in a really good place,” Bisterzo said. “We just have to put our head down and execute.”


NOSHSCAPE Rampolla To Work at Beanfields What do you do once you’ve sold your beverage brand to Coca-Cola for millions, written a book about the experience, started a new plant-based investment fund and helped reinvigorate a trendy brand? If you’re Mark Rampolla, the answer is you take a job for free. In July, Beanfields Snacks announced Rampolla – already an investor in the company – will be joining the company as CEO but draw no salary in the role. Rampolla has spent the last several years as a managing director of PowerPlant Ventures, the plant-focused fund that owns roughly 20 percent of the pulse-based snack brand. While Ram-

PowerPlant first announced its relationship with Beanfields and a relationship with nonprofit Homeboy Industries, the initial plan was to have a co-executive team in place of a CEO. But, said Rampolla, his own excitement for the brand motivated a change in strategy. “I’m in the very fortunate position where I can do this,” he said. “I looked at this opportunity and in addition to building a really fantastic brand and believing in the business, I really do want to see this work for Homeboy. It was just one of these moments where it’s like ‘I think this thing could be huge and I want to make sure it works.’”

there’s no need to stay small and narrow with retailers and distribution. Rampolla has been personally and financially invested in Beanfields for some time. He originally had invested on his own in the brand, but sold those shares once PowerPlant invested in order to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. His personal shares went towards a round last month consisting of top food and beverage veterans including: Aaron Enrico, co-founder and Principal of Black Bear Partners, Chris Hunter, co-founder and CEO of Koia, James Brennan, co-founder of Suja Juice and Enlightened Brand Ventures, Jesse Itzler, co-founder of Marquis

polla still will hold this title at the venture group, PowerPlant’s Fund One is fully deployed – leaving him with time to focus on Beanfields. “[The PowerPlant founders] decided as a team, before we dive in and assume we want to or have the right to do further follow-on funds, we’re diving in to help our companies,” Rampolla told NOSH “At least for some indefinite period of time, [we’re] not looking at any new deals.” Beanfields executives, including its current COO and chief commercial officer, will remain in place at the company. When

By not drawing a salary, Rampolla said any benefit or success he brings to the company is more of a bonus and he has more freedom in the role both in terms of company direction and maintaining work/ life balance. He plans to stay in the role until at least the end of 2018 but more likely for at least two years. Rampolla previously served as CEO of another portfolio company, Hail Merry, but that role was simply as interim CEO and lasted for only roughly six months. He said that experience taught him that plant-based foods are mainstream and

Jet, Mike Kirbin and Ira Liran, co-founders of Vita Coco, Seth Goldman, co-founder of Honest Tea, and the founders of Thrive Market, Gunnar Lovelace, Nick Green and Sasha Siddhartha. Also taking part in the round were distributor Big Geyser and investment firm Range Light. The latest pool of investors has committed at least 10 percent and up to 50 percent of their potential future gains from the investment to non-profit Homeboy Industries, which provides training and support to formerly gang-involved or incarcerated men and women.


ECRM and RangeMe Get Together Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) has announced the acquisition of tech company RangeMe, a software that allows buyers to discover new CPG products. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Previously RangeMe raised $4 million in a seed round of funding. Buyers from retailers such as Target, Whole Foods Market,, Ahold, The Fresh Market, Jet.com, 7-Eleven and Sam’s Club all use RangeMe for a combination of inbound product submissions and product discovery. Over 1,200 retailers utilize at least one of ECRM’s offerings, which include arranging for brands to connect with buyers at 1-on-1 meetings. As part of the deal, both Jackson and her team will remain with the company. The headquarters for RangeMe will remain in San Francisco, California, and not relocate to ECRM’s headquarters in Solon, Ohio. RangeMe will also continue to support its overseas retailers and producers. Greg Farrar, ECRM CEO, told NOSH he thinks the acquisition will offer a new way for brands and buyers to come together. “We’re excited because we have the same view of the marketplace, the same view of our customers, the same view of focus in terms of how we want to serve the market… and it really tremendously enriches our value proposition,” Farrar said . “Our

mission has always been to help both sets of customers make their buying process and work flows more efficient and more effective. The addition of RangeMe is going to enable us to do that in a more comprehensive way, a more granular way and really provide a lot more value.” The two companies originally connected in 2015 as RangeMe was getting ready to expand from Australia into the U.S. market. Then last year, as RangeMe CEO and founder Nicky Jackson resumed talks with Farrar about a potential partnership, she said the idea of an acquisition was raised “unsolicited.” While brands can connect with buyers online, Jackson noted that at some point there generally still needs to be an offline meeting to allow the product to be tasted, touched and discussed, which ECRM now allows RangeMe to do. This isn’t ECRM’s first move into tech. The company provides some analytics tools and has a software suite that helps manufacturers and buyers connect both before and after its events. ECRM founder Charlie Bowlus was quick to embrace technological offerings, Farrar said, and this acquisition will allow the brand to continue building upon his legacy and goals. “RangeMe is really going to complete our transition to a business services solution provider with the technology and capabilities that they bring,” Farrar said.




Craft Gets a Symbolic Win Want to know if an independently owned company brewed that craft beer you’re drinking? Now there’s a badge for that. The Brewers Association – a not-for-profit trade group representing the interests of small and independent U.S. craft breweries – has debuted an official “independent craft brewer seal” that it hopes brewery owners will “proudly display” on packaging, marketing materials, merchandise, websites and in taproom windows, among other places. The marker is aimed at helping drinkers distinguish between beers produced by small craft beer companies and those made by multinational corporations, such as AnheuserBusch InBev, which has purchased 10 craft breweries since 2011. “We have been hearing from our members for some time now that drinkers do want to support breweries that are independently owned,” Brewers Association CEO Bob Pease told Brewbound. According to a press release, the seal will be available free of charge for use by any of the 5,400 U.S. craft breweries that have a valid TTB brewer’s notice, meet the BA’s craft brewer definition and sign a

licensing agreement. “This effort is not confined to just BA members,” Pease told Brewbound. “We have been working on this for over a year,” he added. “Our goal is to differentiate but not denigrate.” The seal itself is an image of an upside down beer bottle meant to “illustrate how small and independent brewers have turned the beer industry upside down,” according to Pease, who hopes the image will “become iconic.” All 19 of the Brewers Association board members approved the initiative, Pease said, adding that each of the 16 brewery representatives committed to printing the seal on packaging. “If we are trying to start a movement, which we are trying to do, we need some leaders,” he said. Boston Beer Company, the second-largest U.S. craft brewery, and Maine’s Allagash Brewing Company are among the initial breweries that have agreed to place the seal on their packaging. In a conversation with Brewbound, Allagash founder Rob Tod, who also serves as the chair of the BA board, stressed the importance of having a “tool” that will help consumers know which labels are


made by small businesses and which are made by larger companies such as Goose Island, Ballast Point and Lagunitas (owned by A-B, Constellation and Heineken, respectively). “This will give the customer more information and transparency,” he said. “We are going to try to get it on our packaging as soon as possible.” Allagash will first place the seal on its four-packs, a process that could take as long as three months as it works to deplete existing

inventories, Tod said. For his part, Pease said consumers could expect to see the seal on brewery websites as soon as today and on packages over the next few weeks. “Our goal as an organization is to promote and protect small and independent craft brewers, and we feel this is a step in that direction,” he added. The debut of the seal, which Pease said will be backed by a “significant investment,” comes more than 1,600 days after the BA launched its now famous “craft

versus crafty” media offensive. That effort, from December 2012, included an op-ed in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch headlined “Craft or Crafty? Consumers deserve to know the truth.” In its promotion of the new seal, the BA cited a recent 2,000-person Harris Poll survey, co-developed by Brewbound and Nielsen, which found that 81 percent of craft beer consumers were familiar with the terms “independent” and “independently owned.”

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BrewDog Names U.S. Manager Scottish craft beer maker BrewDog has tapped an industry outsider to lead the company’s U.S. operations, announcing the hiring of Tanisha Robinson as managing director. She will be tasked with “establishing the BrewDog brand, sales strategy, operational growth, and developing its American bar division” as the company prepares to begin delivering beer from its new 100,000 sq. ft. production brewery in Columbus, Ohio, according to a company press release. Robinson comes from the tech industry, where she co-founded two companies:

Dog plans to expand distribution into neighboring states, it said. Other plans call for opening two BrewDog-branded craft beer bars in Columbus before the end of the year. “Within the next 12 months, we’ll be hiring across every aspect of the business,” Robinson said via a release, “and with our Franklinton location opening in October and the Short North bar launching before the end of the year, we’ll be more than doubling the size of our U.S. team, and we’re always on the hunt for talented brewers as we expand capacity. ”

Print Syndicate, an e-commerce business that turns memes into print-to-order T-shirts, and TicketFire, an app that digitizes paper event tickets. “The killer combination of her astute business instinct, huge passion for craft beer, and her love of our new hometown, Columbus made her the perfect fit,” BrewDog co-founder James Watt said via a press release. “Our USA launch and expansion is one of the most exciting and ambitious ventures we’ve dreamt up yet, and with Tanisha at the helm, the sky is the limit.” Initial shipments of BrewDog beer, brewed in the U.S., were slated to hit Ohio retailers in July. “Our biggest priority right now is getting our beer into people’s hands,” Robinson said via a press release. After establishing itself in Ohio, Brew-

A blog post also highlighted the addition of several U.S. staff members, including key account activator Emily Yax, who will be working with off-premise accounts, and Ohio market manager Mark Frame, a former sales rep with Columbus’ Heidelberg Distributing. Earlier this year, BrewDog sold a 22 percent stake (worth $263 million) to TSG Consumer Partners, a San Francisco private equity firm that has investments in Pabst Brewing Company and Sweetwater Brewing. In March, BrewDog raised more than $324,000 via IndieGoGo to build the “world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel” and sour brewing facility. Last year, BrewDog embarked on an Equity for Punks fundraising campaign that has generated more than $6 million from about 7,000 investors since its launch.


BREWSCAPE High End Acquisition: Bud Plucks Wicked Weed Anheuser-Busch InBev significantly bolstered its High End division’s craft and import portfolio when it announced plans to purchase one of the most acclaimed producers of sour, barrel-aged and hoppy beers in the U.S. – North Carolina’s Wicked Weed Brewing. In the five years since it launched from a small brewpub in downtown Asheville, Wicked Weed has claimed numerous World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival medals, scaled production

aged beer producer would give A-B a key weapon in its fight to take share back from wine and spirits makers. Wicked Weed partner and co-founder Walt Dickinson echoed Szpigel, saying that the brewery hopes to “break down the walls between wine, spirits and beer.” A deal with A-B will enable Wicked Weed to access a nationwide distribution network, give its brewers a greater ability to source raw ingredients and allow the company to tap into the collective knowl-

“I know there are a lot of people who are not going to understand this decision,” Walt Dickinson added. “We chose this partner because they want to support the vision that is Wicked Weed and our future.” Specific financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed and the deal is still subject to regulatory approval. In the short term, Szpigel said there were no immediate plans to realign Wicked Weed’s current distribution footprint in places like North Carolina (Mims

to roughly 20,000 barrels, built three additional brewing facilities spanning a cumulative 150,000 sq. ft., grown to 210 employees and expanded distribution into 10 states and Washington D.C. Current plans call for about 40,000 barrels of output in 2017 as the company nears completion on a 30,000 sq. ft. addition at its 50-barrel production facility in West Asheville. But it wasn’t Wicked Weed’s aggressive growth plans, its brewing assets, its accolades or even its Asheville headquarters – where prominent craft breweries like Sierra Nevada and New Belgium have recently built massive secondary facilities – that caught the attention of Felipe Szpigel, the president of A-B’s High End. “What makes them really special, and what got me really excited, is that they are reinventing what craft beer can be,” he told Brewbound, noting that Wicked Weed’s positioning as a sour and barrel-

edge of nine other craft brewery partners already part of the High End Division. “I don’t think any of us were thinking bigger than a brewpub when we started,” Dickinson said, referring to Wicked Weed’s four other partners, Luke Dickinson and Ryan, Rick and Denise Guthy. “As we evolved from being pub brewers to having a sour program and packaging IPAs, we knew that the next steps were going to be big steps for us,” he added. “We are not naïve. We recognize this is a business. About a year ago, we thought maybe there was potential that a partnership could be the future for us.” The founders said they weren’t actively looking to sell the business. After all, access to capital wasn’t a hurdle; much of the company’s funding came from Rick and Denise Guthy, who were involved in the multi-billion dollar Guthy-Renker enterprise known for marketing the Proactiv line of beauty products.

Distributing) Colorado (Elite Brands) and Massachusetts (Atlantic Distributing), all non-A-B affiliated wholesalers. “My job is to provide the right portfolio for our equity wholesalers,” he said. “Whenever we go into any new marketplace, the preference will be to align the brand with the equity wholesalers.” In the wake of the deal – which will require approval from the U.S. Department of Justice – at least 44 breweries announced they would no longer participate in Wicked Weed’s annual Funkatorium Invitational in Asheville on July 8, according to Tenemu. Among the more recognizable names pulling out, according to the beer blog: Allagash Brewing Co., Avery Brewing Co., Crooked Stave, Grimm Artisanal Ales, Night Shift, Troegs, Trillium and Springdale by Jack’s Abby, which instead hosted a similar event for Funkatorium dropouts that same weekend.


Events Meet Innovation: Pintley Parts Bought by Drink Craft Beer Boston-based beer festival organizer Drink Craft Beer, has purchased various assets of The Pintley Company, an events business that helped craft breweries promote their products through various meetups across the United States. Specific financial terms of the transaction, which closed in June, were not disclosed, Drink Craft Beer co-founder Jeff Wharton told Brewbound. As part of the deal, Drink Craft Beer has acquired email lists and several trademarks previously owned by The Pintley Company, which will be dissolved, Wharton said. “It didn’t make sense for us to buy the company, but there were certain assets we wanted to leverage,” Wharton said. Drink Craft Beer, which hosts roughly 7,500 attendees across three Boston beer festivals annually, will benefit most from acquiring Pintley’s email lists, Wharton said. “It will be a big boon for us,” he said, noting that Drink Craft Beer would now be able to reach at least 100,000 more beer drinkers who had provided their email addresses to Pintley over the years. In an email alerting recipients of the transition, Pintley’s Rich DiTieri, Tim Noetzel and Shannon Hicks said Drink Craft Beer shares the “same ideas about beer, community, and our goals of helping people discover great beer in fun, social settings.”

“We’re so happy to have them carry the torch of what we’ve created, bringing together their and our years of hard work and experience in craft beer events to keep delivering on what we set out to do,” they wrote. The Pintley Company was founded in 2009 as a beer recommendation and check-in app that competed with Untappd, a market-leading mobile app that allows consumers to rate and review the beers they drink. When Untappd began gaining broader consumer appeal, Pintley pivoted to an events-promotion business model, partnering with bars and breweries on meetups and rare beer tastings. Wharton said Drink Craft Beer didn’t have any immediate plans to continue pursuing the smaller events as a potential revenue stream, noting that he, along with co-founder Devon Regan, have full-time jobs and run Drink Craft Beer as a side business. “The biggest issue for us is time,” he said. “Our revenue model is really based off of the festivals. We want to expand what we are doing, improve on what we are already doing and get access to more people.” Drink Craft Beer began as an enthusiast blog in 2006. In 2012, Wharton and Regan expanded beyond written content and small meetups into large-scale beer and food pairing festivals, which they hope to bring to other cities in the future.






Chameleon has released a new Cold-Brew Coffee Kit with organic Cold-Brew Pods. The kit is an easy-to-use, customizable set that includes a branded mason jar and eight cold-brew pods full of Chameleon’s signature, certified organic, ethically-sourced coffee. The organic ColdBrew Coffee Kit and organic Cold-Brew Refill Pods are available for purchase at H-E-B Grocery and Bed, Bath, & Beyond nationwide, and online at www.chameleoncoldbrew.com. Each kit includes eight cold-brew pods and a mason jar. It retails for a suggested price of $15.99. For more information, please call Chameleon Cold-Brew at (512) 323-0345.

Dark Dog Organic has launched its first Organic Coconut Water Energy Drink, extending the existing line of 3 flavors: Original, Blood Orange, and Elderberry. It features all natural flavors of coconut and a light touch of pineapple. Dark Dog Organic Coconut Water Energy Drink is USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO. Each beverage contains 114 mg of natural caffeine, 100 percent of the daily value of 7 vitamins, and only 50 calories with no artificial sweeteners. The line retails for $2.29–$2.69/can. Dark Dog Organic Energy Drinks can be purchased nationally online at Amazon and independent retailers. For more information, please call Dark Dog Organic at (305) 302-9131.

Fogdog Cold Brew has launched a Sumatra dark roast coffee, a cold brew coffee featuring a uniquely creamy texture as a result of the company’s patent-pending hydrodynamic cold extraction process. Sumatra dark roast is maintained at 38 degrees F for just-in-time serving, with no flash heat pasteurization for unadulterated taste. Sumatra dark roast coffee is sold in a 12 oz. single bottle or 1.5L, 3L or 9L pouch. For more information, please call Fogdog Cold Brew at (888) 883-6436. La Colombe has announced plans to introduce five new Draft Latte varieties this year. The new varieties include Coconut Mocha Draft Latte, Coconut Draft Latte, Chai Draft Latte, Pumpkin Spice Draft Latte, and Peppermint Mocha Draft Latte and are sold in 9 oz. cans. La Colombe Draft Latte can be purchased online in four-packs for $12. For more information, please call La Colombe at 1-800-563-0860.

CRAFT SODA Brooklyn Organics, a new sister brand to Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, offers a sugar free option of ginger ales with a line of USDA Organiccertified sodas which are sweetened with plant-based Stevia. All varietals are non-GMO, Kosher, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free, and Vegan. The product retails with an SRP of $1.49 per 8.4 oz. can. Brooklyn Organics flavors include Classic, Cola, Acai, Coconut & Guava. For more information, please call Brooklyn Organics at (212) 488-0661. 26 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017

ENHANCED WATER Ax-water, an aronia berry-infused super water, hit the shelves of retailers in March locally in North Dakota, and has since grown regionally. Promising three times the antioxidants of a pomegranate, the aronia berry beverage also offers a number of cardiac and digestive benefits, including boosted recovery time after workouts and associated inflammation. Ax-water is allnatural with no preservatives, and is low sugar, low calorie, and shelf-stable. It is packaged in 16 oz. bottles. A 12-pack currently sells online for $39.99. For more information, please call Axwater at (701) 306-7069.

JUICE Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company announced new Fresh Carrot Ginger Turmeric Juice and Fresh Blood Orange Juice flavors at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show. Natalie’s Fresh Carrot Ginger Turmeric Juice contains only four ingredients: Carrots, Apples, Ginger and Turmeric. There’s no artificial ingredients, no preservatives, and no concentrates. It is rich in vitamins, fiber and several antioxidants. Natalie’s Blood Orange Juice is minimally processed, free from preservatives, concentrates and artificial ingredients. For more information, please call Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company at (772) 465-1122.



Grains 100% quinoa delivering the nutritional power of protein, fiber and essential amino acids.

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NEW PRODUCTS MEAL REPLACEMENT AND PROTEIN Protein2o has launched a new clean-label line featuring four new flavors containing 10g of whey protein isolate and crafted with all-natural ingredients. The line is available in Kawaiola Coconut, Acai Blueberry Pomegranate, Peach Mango and Dragonfruit Blackberry in the brand’s traditional 16.9 oz. bottle. The line has an SRP of $2.29 per bottle. For more information, please call Protein2o at (855) 290-7820. Soylent has debuted a new cafe breakfast replacement drink line of soy-based meal replacements. Two new flavors, Cafe Vanilla and Cafe Chai, join the Coffiest flavor in the new line. The products are designed to provide the vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and protein that the human body needs in a single, convenient, ready-to-drink package. All flavors in the Cafe line of caffeinated beverages deliver 20 percent of the daily nutritional requirements in delicious and efficient packages with 20g of protein. Coffiest, Cafe Vanilla and Cafe Chai all include L-theanine as well as the added boost of caffeine. The cafe line has an SRP of $3.25 per 14 oz. bottle. For more information, call Soylent at (844) 769-5368.

PLANT-BASED WATER DRINKmaple, maker of the leading maple water product in the U.S., announced three new flavors at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York. The new flavors include Grapefruit Maple Water, a flavored version of DRINKmaple Organic Maple Water, and Tart Cherry Watermelon Water and Lime Watermelon Water, flavored versions of DRINKmelon Organic Watermelon Water. The new products have a suggested retail price of $2.99 per 12 oz. bottle. For more information, call DRINKmaple at (978) 610-6408. Jax Coco, a premium coconut water brand, has expanded with the launch of two flavors of sparkling coconut water – Raspberry and Ginger & Lemon. Gently carbonated, the line offers a new take on the coconut water category. The products have an SRP of $3.59 per 8 oz. bottle. For more information please call (847) 720-9090. 28 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017

SPARKLING WATER AriZona Beverages has entered the sparkling mineral water space with a new bubbles line, including Strawberry, Pineapple Coconut, Orange Grapefruit, Lemon Lime and Black Raspberry flavors. The AriZona Sparkling line contains no calories or sweeteners, and is 100 percent natural. AriZona Sparkling began rollout in the New York Metro area and will continue distribution nationwide in select stores across the country. The suggested retail price is $4.99-$5.99 for an 8-pack of 12 oz. cans. Like all other AriZona Beverages this product contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. For more information, please call AriZona Beverage Company at (516) 812-0300.

TEA Arteasans Beverages, makers of 5-calorie ready-to-drink iced tea infusions, unveiled two new flavors at Summer Fancy Food Show 2017: a Matcha Tea with Watermelon & Mint (‘Glow’) and an Oolong Tea with Pineapple & Ginger (‘Cleanse’). Like the rest of the Arteasean line, the new flavors come in 14 oz. bottles and feature only 5 calories per serving, have less than 1 gram of sugar per bottle and use only non-GMO, worldly ingredients. For more information, please call Arteasans Beverages at 305-363-5410. Ito En North America has launched Oi Ocha Cold Brew as part of its Oi Ocha iced tea line. Crafted with four simple ingredients, the Oi Ocha Cold Brew currently offers an unsweetened Matcha Green Tea flavor made with premium, whole-leaf green tea leaves. Oi Ocha Cold Brew is intended to be a thirst-quenching readyto-drink option delivering nutrients in a clean, naturally sweet sip. The beverage comes in a 16.9 oz. plastic bottle. For more information, please call Ito En North America at 718-250-4000.

GIN The Gin Foundry Europa London Dry Gin is a new, artisan gin that launched statewide in Pennsylvania in June. The gin is part of the company’s Trade Routes Collection, which


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NEW PRODUCTS takes inspiration from historical Mediterranean trade routes to create distinctive gins that embody the terroir from different locations throughout the world. The 90 proof, 45 percent ABV spirit has an SRP of $39.99 per 750 mL bottle. For more information, please contact The Gin Foundry at (412) 259-3043.

BRANDY Sazerac has relaunched Tuaca Originale Liquore Italiano. Sazerac purchased Tuaca in March 2016. Originating in Italy, Tuaca is a brandbased spirit with roots that reportedly can be traced back to the Renaissance period. Tuaca will be made with imported Italian brandy and infused with Mediterranean citrus and vanilla spice. Tuaca’s signature drink is the Lemon Drop; chilled Tuaca and a lemon wedge. Tuaca is 70 proof, 35 percent ABV. The suggested retail price for a 750ml is $19.99. It is available on- and off-premise nationwide in the United States in 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 375ml, 750ml, 1L and 1.75L. For more information, please call The Sazerac Company at (866) 729-3722.

HARD SODA Jones Soda Co. is celebrating its 21st anniversary by releasing Spiked Jones, a premium alcohol-based beverage crafted by blending hard cider, Washington apples, and the same natural flavors used in Jones’ Green Apple Soda. Spiked Jones is locally made in the Northwest, contains 6.0 percent ABV, is an allnatural product and contains no preservatives, allowing for distribution in all grocery channels. The beverages comes packaged in a green 12 oz. glass bottle with a traditional crown cap. It will retail for an SRP of $8.99 per 4-pack. For more information, please call Jones Soda Co. at (206) 624-3357.

VODKA Seagram’s Vodka has launched a new watermelon flavored vodka. Five-times distilled and produced with high-quality American grain to offer a smooth taste and no burn. Seagram’s seeks to capitalize on the popularity of the fruit


flavor trend with the launch of the watermelon flavor in time for summer sipping and cocktail mixing. The vodka contains 35 percent ABV with a suggested retail price of $10.99 per 750ml bottle. For more information, please call Infinium Spirits at (949) 425-8627.

WHISKEY Clyde May’s Whiskey released a limited-edition 117-proof nine-year Cask Strength whiskey. This smooth-tasting whiskey debuted on select store shelves nationwide on June 18. This is the second limited-edition Cask Strength whiskey from Clyde May’s. Last year’s version, an eight-year Clyde May’s Cask Strength, sold out in months and earned a Gold Medal in the 2016 New York World Wine and Spirits competition. The nine-year Cask Strength has a suggested price of $99.99. For more information, please call Clyde May’s Whiskey at (214) 717-2975.

WINE Portland-based Blossom Brothers offer a twist on wine with three flavors of botanical-infused wine spritzers. Blossom Brothers’ spritzers are made from just four clean ingredients – wine, natural botanical essences, water and CO2. There is no added sugar, sweeteners or artificial flavors, just a burst of bubbles that elevate flavor and add a refreshing vibrancy. The beverages contain 6 percent alcohol, close to half that of traditional wine, have only 12 grams of sugar and are gluten free. The line includes White Peach & Jasmine Flower, Blood Orange & Ginger Root, and Pink Grapefruit & Honeycomb flavors. The spritzers are available in 4-packs of 12 oz. bottles for an SRP of $11.99. For more information, please contact Blossom Brothers at info@blossom-brothers.com. Rosé Piscine, a French rosé specifically made to drink over ice, is now available in the U.S. Altitude Capital Trading, LLC (dba Rosé Piscine USA) is the exclusive U.S. importer and brand manager of Rosé Piscine. According to the company, the wine bottle packaging uses a specially developed whiskey-style glass. For more information, please call Rosé Piscine at 1-855-335-9463.








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SPOTLIGHT CATEGORY: SPARKLING WATER There’s no letup in the continued growth of LaCroix, which is inching closer to Talking Rain in overall sales. But there’s also no letup in ongoing category innovation: Perrier and Polar have both broadened their brands with hot new flavors and packaging formats, and are finding themselves growing faster even than the high-velocity category they call home. Topo Chico continues to impress, as well as innovate, and is prepping to push further outside of its Texas home base as the year goes on. Glaceau’s sparkling Smartwater is starting to enter the conversation as well. SPARKLING WATER BRAND





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La Croix






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Poland Spring









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Glaceau Smart Water



Deer Park





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Bottled Water



Drink Mixes




SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm (@iriworldwide) 52 Weeks through 5/14/17









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Gold Peak



Lipton Brisk









Lipton Diet



AriZona Arnold Palmer



Diet Snapple



Honest Tea




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Starbucks Frappuccino



Starbucks Doubleshot



Coca Cola Dunkin Donuts






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SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm (@iriworldwide) 52 Weeks through 5/14/17





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Samuel Adams



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New Belgium












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Glaceau Smart Water



Poland Spring



Glaceau Vitamin Water



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SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm (@iriworldwide) 52 Weeks through 5/14/17



The Unsweet Spot When it comes to business panics, there’s no question some are more lurid and entertaining to watch than others. Wall Street panics must be counted among the most picturesque, what with bankers plunging out of skyscraper windows, their Brioni neckties streaming behind them as they hurtle down to their doom. The dotcom bust a decade and a half ago was pretty good, what with techies enduring an extended period (I’m thinking 20 minutes) of agonizing introspection, their office foosball tables suddenly idle, as they confronted their own fallibility. I wasn’t around for the tulip bust, but I can envision a lot of Dutchmen staring glumly down at their wooden shoes. Against those extraordinary scenes, our current sugar panic might seem oddly quaint and subdued. But make no mistake, a panic it is, from everything I can see. All of a sudden, it seems, after decades of ignored warnings, many consumers seem to be in a desperate lurch away from added-sugar items – and those who market to them are lurching with them. The existence of this panic hit home to me back in March, at Natural Products Expo West, where buyers clustered at booths were minutely examining packages and some marketers I chatted with seemed to be in a deep fright about how to deal with this new degree of scrutiny. One protein drink marketer who for years has been reminding me of how carefully he’s balanced his carbs and protein now is trying to slash another 50 calories out, never mind that finely tuned ratio. Other exhibitors in segments ranging from juice to soda were anxiously weighing taste/ calorie tradeoffs. I picked up a pervasive sense that, where affluent consumers might once have been blinded by natural or organic ingredients to the fact that their preferred beverages still are laden with sugar, their eyes are open now. Employees of one well-known boutique soda doing demos at Whole Foods and Fairway are hearing dismissive “It has sugar!” comments from shoppers, reports the brand’s founder – the same consumers, he adds, “with their basket full of granola, 36 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017

blueberry yogurt and vanilla soymilk! And beer!” So he’s considering dialing up the on-package messaging that his brand contains less sugar than most sodas. The situation seems more jarring to me because the panic is infecting not just overtly indulgent segments, like soda and lemonade and AriZona Iced Tea, but nominally nutritious entries like coldpressed juices. In the past, I’d regarded these as somewhat insulated from consumers’ sugar concerns on grounds that they may be such nutritional powerhouses that shoppers would deem them to be a wise expenditure of their daily calorie “budget.” By that logic, a nutritionally trivial item like a canned Minute Maid juice drink, all

There are abundant signs that consumers’ palates are adjusting to less-sweetened options. Just as happened in beer with the advent of saisons and sour beers, on the non-alcoholic side some consumers are embracing kombuchas, shrubs and switchels, all basically drinking vinegars with a very different taste profile from soda. The boom in cold-brewed coffee is providing a compelling unsweetened option to many consumers seeking an energy lift, since cold-brew’s lack of bitterness reduces the need for sugar and dairy to offset the bitterness hit of conventionally prepared coffees. Sugar concerns may well prove to be at the root of the sudden pleateauing of sales of conventional energy drinks.

The situation seems more jarring to me because the panic is infecting not just overtly indulgent segments, like soda and lemonade and AriZona Iced Tea, but nominally nutritious entries like cold-pressed juices. apple juice and pear juice and other sugar, would seem to be in a different class than a kale bomb from Suja or Daily Greens. Apparently not, any more. So where is this taking us? For starters, after being daunted by many misfires in the past, marketers are racing to bring out unsweetened beverages. Ito En, which for years held firm to its unsweetened mantra, blinked twice in the past decade, bringing out first a slightly sweetened subline and then a more highly sweetened subline. Now, with consumers flocking to its unsweetened items, it’s dropped the latter. Clearly, it was ahead of its time a decade ago, and should find itself in a sweet spot now. Make that unsweet spot.

As I pointed out in a prior column, marketers from Hint Fizz essence water to Sound sparkling tea to lots of bottled water marketers are finding that by adding a dose of carbonation, they can offer users’ palates a small reward that can help offset the stimulation of the sugar that’s absent from the formulation, easing the transition to unsweetened beverages. One potential solution that’s still not a key part of the mix is non-nutritive natural sweeteners like stevia. At one time the major CSD players figured that would bail them out of their declines, only to conclude that stevia is nowhere ready for prime time. That said, stevia technology seems to continually improve; Zevia has built a substantial business around stevia

sodas that, to my palate, are far superior now from a few years ago (though like other soda marketers like Spindrift, it too has added sparkling water sublines to conform to consumers’ changing palates). The stevia dilemma played out recently in a lawsuit between restaurateur and food writer Bruce Cost and the company he cofounded, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, over the addition of a stevia-sweetened low-calorie entry it launched without the permission of its lately estranged partner. To Cost, who’s built his reputation as a chef, the taste tradeoff of stevia is unacceptable and BCGA blatantly violated his contract by putting out an “inferior” product under his name. He’d been willing to go so far as to offer a 66-calorie item sweetened with cane sugar and monk fruit but no further. Cost seemed pretty much in the clear on the merits, and the company backed off, but one can cer-

tainly understand its concerns too, and it recently switched the low-calorie sodas to a different brand name, Brooklyn Crafted. A similar scenario has been playing out at rival Reed’s Inc., where a new topmanagement team led by John Bello has been insisting that the company’s founder, Chris Reed, race some lower-calorie options to market for the Reed’s and Virgil’s soda lines. That said, many food observers argue that the solution is not to offer zerocalorie sweeteners but to wean Americans off their need to have everything sweetened in the first place. It’s kind of ironic that this is happening at a time that the regulation-averse Trump administration is backing off Obamaera labeling regulations that would have required the disclosure of added sugar starting next year. Still, given consumers’ panic over sugar, that may prove a pyrrhic victory for marketers in the same way that

the administration’s backing away from the Paris climate accord only stepped up efforts by cities and states to curtail carbon emissions on their own. And influential books like Gary Taubes’ The Case Against Sugar are ensuring that the issue stays at the center of the conversation, much as Michael Pollan’s writings elevated awareness of plant-based diets and organic cultivation. This makes for a tricky moment for many in beverages, though it seems to me it ends up leaving most everyone in a better place, health-wise. But even beverage marketers working earnestly to offer more nutritionally rewarding options may have to endure some pain on the way there. Longtime beverage-watcher Gerry Khermouch is executive editor of Beverage Business Insights, a twice-weekly e-newsletter covering the nonalcoholic beverage sector.



Focus and Food: NOSH Live Summer 2017 Hungry entrepreneurs, investors, retailers and thought leaders were served a hearty helping of industry insights during NOSH Live Summer 2017. The event, at the Metropolitan West in New York City on June 12, was packed with information and social opportunity. Presentations ranged from the keys to growing brands and relationships to the steps for rapid growth and the best branding for good-for-you products. Networking breaks buzzed with actionable advice, stories from market leaders and conversa-

age the hundreds of other variables needed to win in the competitive marketplace.” Focus proved to be a trend throughout the day. Jason Cohen, CEO and founder of Halen Brands, encouraged attendees to concentrate on building meaningful relationships outside of direct sales. Banza’s Brian Rudolph talked about how the chickpea pasta company balances its mission, while still focusing on consumer feedback and “[meeting] them where they are,” he said. “People don’t want to hear our mission, but it’s what we care about.”

the importance of collaboration and shared passion between distributors and brands. “We tend to get behind things we believe in too so if you know who you are and what you want to grow up to be, it’s easier for us to get behind it too,” he said. Maura Mottolese, CEO of Tate’s Bake Shop, looked at the industry through a more data-driven lens with the idea of scaling and growth during her presentation “Baking Resources in the Cookie Avalanche.” The day ended with finance and fun, as Bill Shen, director of Encore Con-

tions with industry trailblazers — and that was all before lunch. The morning kicked off with a presentation on the importance of focus by James Richardson, senior vice president of knowledge and innovation at the Hartman Group. “In photography, composition is your foundation,” Richardson told the audience, as he showed them a work he had taken himself. “In food, product is your foundation. If you do not obsess about your product you’ll have no mental attention to man-

Award-winning food author Michael Ruhlman talked about why he shifted his focus from agriculture and food policy to grocery in his book, “Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America.” Presentations continued throughout the day on topics ranging from what’s trending in Whole Foods Market to scaling and selling your business. During his presentation “Breaking the Established Partnership Paradigm,” Jeremy Isenberg, President of Chex Finer Foods, urged viewers about

sumer Capital and Larry Kahn, partner and managing director of Beechwood Capital, and conversations around the core of any successful business. They were followed by a talk with Presence Marketing’s Bill Weiland, who joined the show with thoughts on selling in the natural channel and ideas about the future direction of the food business. While collaboration and the idea of different sectors working together to grow the industry were praises sung, the day


wasn’t without some friendly competition. Bronx Hot Sauce touted more than its impressive heat scale when the New York-based, mission-driven hot sauce brand won the second annual Project NOSH Pitch Slam, sponsored by ADM. Bronx Hot Sauce Vice President Daniel Fitzgerald competed against representatives from four other emerging brands: Cali’flour Foods, Zesty Z, Bearded Brothers and Partake Foods. Each brand was given four minutes to convince a panel of four industry vet judges– Mark Rainey, Vice President Global Food Marketing at ADM, Jason Cohen, Founder and Co-CEO of Halen Brands, Deb Hannah, Director of Retail Branded Partnerships at Starbucks and Tom Spier, founder and Managing Partner of Boulder Food Group — that their product was the future of natural food. The judges praised the brand for its taste and flavor, as well as for its locality

and mission. The company purchases the peppers at high prices to provide better wages for the gardeners growing them. Last year, more than 30 Bronx community gardens grew 1,500 pounds of serrano peppers that ended up in bottled hot sauce distributed across the Tri-State

Area, according to the company. “Getting to this level is an incredible thing,” Fitzgerald told NOSH. “It represents the aspirations of so many community partners that we have. Just to come to a pitch fest like this, it really feels like the next level.”

“Vuka is the only brand I LOVE!!” - Christina F.

Maybe it’s the natural ingredients. Could be the striking packaging. Some say that it’s the most delicious natural energy drink on shelf today. Whatever the reason, Vuka continues to grow as a favorite, with broad distribution, a huge fan base and velocities that will knock your socks off.




SCOTT UZZELL – President & General Manager, VEB

BevNET Live: Searching for Winners and Keeping Up With Change Experts and veterans from all levels of the beverage industry delivered their advice on stage from June 13-14 in New York City at BevNET Live Summer 2017, discussing the latest drinkable trends, predicting the future, and delivering strategies for leveraging the ever-important e-commerce market. Kicking off the show on Day One was Scott Uzzell, president and general manager of The Coca-Cola Company’s Venturing & Emerging Brands division (VEB), who reflected on the department’s 10-year anniversary. Like the beverage landscape itself, VEB has grown and changed drastically since 2007, moving from a relatively simple system of incubation and investment to a multi-pronged approach also involving acquisitions and partnerships with other investment groups, including L.A. Libations and First Beverage. The “Futurists,” Uzzell said, are one key to VEB’s success. His predictors think ahead to what the beverage landscape will look like in 2025 and

2026, and while they may not be completely accurate by the time that day arrives (there’s always curveballs, after all), it’s this kind of forward planning that leads VEB toward the brands and categories that are most likely to succeed into the billion dollar range. Matt Jimenez, at the time the senior category leader for Whole Foods Market, likewise shared his lessons for keeping up with the times. As a grocer, Whole Foods has frequently given small brands their first big breaks in the nationwide market, but choosing which brands will be long-term winners can be a search with a degree of difficulty similar to that described by VEB. For brands, this means embracing the internet beyond the realm of social media. Attendees heard from ecommerce retailers, including FreshDirect and Peapod, who shared the way apps, algorithms, and digital promotions can offer innovative ways to connect directly with consumers and cultivate brand loyalty.


Samantha Brody, senior sales manager for Peapod, said the popular grocery website has helped consumers become brand loyalists through its grocery list function, which saves users’ shopping lists for bulk purchase. Being on that list should be a priority for every brand, she said. Arnulfo Ventura, vice president of business development for Califia Farms, sat down with Profitero’s Keith Anderson to discuss how brands can focus their efforts on e-commerce. His company, Ventura said, doesn’t even think of e-commerce as a channel like natural or specialty, but as a whole different marketplace. Of course, you can still trailblaze the old-fashioned way. Humm Kombucha co-founder Jamie Danek shared her experience foregoing specialty stores in order to bring a niche beverage category into mass market retailers, landing in Walmart before Whole Foods and securing an NFL sponsorship deal as a tiny company operating out of Oregon. For

Humm, the success came from avoiding the common path to success and taking risks on an obscure beverage that consumers had never even heard of. But when it comes to predicting the future, it takes hours of experience. And Bill Weiland, founder and CEO of Presence Marketing, estimated he had about 30,000. Weiland led the audience through the list of emerging categories and why they were succeeding. His vision for the future of the beverage landscape saw less room for sugar and more room for fat, alongside increased success for bone broth, cold brew coffee, fermented and probiotic drinks, cold pressed juice, and one of his favorites — bitters. Day Two began with a conversation with Bill Moses, the co-founder and former CEO of KeVita, a maker of probiotic beverages and kombucha. Moses gave his account of the brand’s evolution from conception to its highprofile sale to PepsiCo, which was announced in November

2016. Early on, Moses saw an opportunity to gain market share and reach a broader audience by reducing the suggested retail prices of KeVita drinks to a mainstreamfriendly option of $2.99. Having a plan and a road map took KeVita to a sale, reported to be worth $230 million. Moses explained that KeVita focused on developing strong partnerships with co-packers and suppliers to achieve its pricing strategy. Although it often involved tough negotiation, the company’s efforts to reduce production costs were to everyone’s advantage, he said. Investment was another big area of discussion on

Later in the afternoon, Zoe Feldman, managing partner with venture capital firm Cleveland Avenue, shared her experiences learning the ropes of the food and beverage industry under the guidance of PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi and now former McDonald’s CEO and Cleveland Avenue head Don Thompson. Feldman discussed implementing those lessons in her work as an investor and incubation partner. Speakers on Day Two also described an immense opportunity to connect one-on-one with consumers. Bonin Bough, host of The Cleveland Hustles, talked about leveraging the addictive nature of mobile devices. Mobile, Bough said,

In the era of hacking, artificial intelligence, and medically diagnosable cell phone addiction, BevNET Live was a showcase for the notion that a great mind will most often be the deciding factor in the world of business. Wednesday. A panel of investors laid out the current state of beverage investment. Nick Giannuzzi of The Giannuzzi Group, Tom Spier of Boulder Food Group, and Mike Burgmaier of Whipstitch Capital (which facilitated the KeVita/PepsiCo deal) shared their insights from the money side of things about where the industry was heading in terms of financial growth. Deals, Burgmaier said, are happening at earlier stages of a beverage’s lifecycle than any other time in recent memory. Giannuzzi described the market for investment as “absolutely on fire.”

is key to entrepreneurial success in the modern day — as evidenced by young companies like Facebook and Uber, which have grown to triple or quadruple the market capitalization of ones that have been around for more than 100 years. Through algorithms and aggregation, brands will need to adopt “The Hacker Way” if they seek peak success, he said. But even in the era of hacking, artificial intelligence, and medically diagnosable cell phone addiction, BevNET Live was a showcase for the notion that a great mind will most often be the deciding factor in the world of business. 41


CHRIS FURNARI – Editor, Brewbound | LAURA BELL – CEO, Bell’s Brewery | MIKE STEVENS – CEO, Founders Brewing Co. | HUGH SISSON – Founder, Heavy Seas Beer

Brewbound Session Reveals the State of Craft The future was the focus of the Brewbound Session held on June 15 in New York. Industry leaders met to discuss the evolution of the business while maintaining an eye on what’s next. Bell’s Brewery CEO Laura Bell told an audience of nearly 200 industry professionals during a panel discussion on the “state of the industry” that craft beer is in the midst of an identity crisis. As the category has grown to more than 5,300 unique craft breweries with different goals, the Brewers Association’s definition of what it means to be a “craft brewer” no longer reflects what’s actually happening within the segment. “What does ‘craft’ really mean?” Bell asked her fellow panelists Heavy Seas founder Hugh Sisson and Founders Brewing CEO Mike Stevens. She argued for better definition. Stevens — whose Founders Brewing entity no longer meets the Brewers Association’s craft definition after Mahou San Miguel purchased a 30 percent stake in December 2014 — said it’s time craft brewers get to work on appealing to a broader audience. “There’s a huge amount of opportunity, but we have to stop trying to put it all in a box,” Stevens said. “I struggle with the confinement of the box. Why the hell can’t a craft brewery do 10 million barrels? What’s wrong with that? Why on God’s Earth would that be a bad thing? So to put a ceiling on something seems quite the opposite of what you want to do as an industry.” Sisson, meanwhile, said he believes the craft segment has matured and evolved from being a group of companies that defined themselves as the “polar opposite of big beer,” to one that includes thousands of players competing “within the confines of the ‘beer’ industry.” “We’re having growing pains,” Sisson said of the industry. “Typically when you’re having growing pains, shit happens. And we’re in that shit happens moment now. I’m still pretty bullish, but now it’s time to up your game.” That means making significant investments into marketing, branding and quality control, Sisson argued. “You can’t do this by the seat of your pants anymore,” he said. Bell added that in her conversations with retailers, she’s receiving more questions about quality programs.


“I think this is a great sign of maturity,” she said. “They also understand that quality beer is going to sell.” Sisson echoed the sentiment: “My customer base has a loyalty to me of one 6-pack. And the day that I forget that, I’m toast.” In a separate presentation, Nielsen senior vice president of beverage alcohol practice Danny Brager and associate client manager Caitlyn Battaglia revealed the findings of a new 2,000-person Harris Poll survey co-developed by Brewbound and Nielsen examining whether 29 popular buzzwords used to market beer are resonating with regular craft beer drinkers. The results showed that 81 percent of craft beer consumers were familiar with the terms “independent” and “independently owned.” The next most recognized word to beer drinkers: “traditional.”

The future was the focus of the Brewbound Session held on June 15 in New York. Industry leaders met to discuss the evolution of the business while maintaining and eye on what’s next. That’s good news for the Brewers Association, which defines a craft brewer as being small (less than 6 million barrels), independent (less than 25 percent owned or controlled by an alcoholic industry member that is not themselves a craft brewer) and traditional (a majority of beer volume is made using traditional or innovative brewing ingredients; FMBs are not considered beers). In all, 23 of the 29 words in the survey helped drive purchasing decisions with the top terms being “drinkable,” “independently owned,” “limited edition” and “West Coast IPA.” “For craft brewers, [they need] to recognize that while sometimes they use a lot of terms in their marketing and talking to consumers, in many cases some of those terms have a low-level of

awareness and they may not have the positive influences on purchases,” Brager said. Later in the morning, executives from prominent beer-centric retail chains Yard House, Old Chicago (Craftworks Restaurants & Breweries) and World of Beer said the increasing amount of beer flowing through brewery taprooms wasn’t yet a major concern despite the growth in “own-premise” sales. Gregory Howard, director of beverage strategy for Yard House, said he viewed individual brewery taprooms as “just another competitor,” noting, however, that breweries should maintain price integrity and shy away from building dozens of branded satellite outposts across the country. Marc Sawyer, the director of brewery and distributor relations for World of Beer, echoed Howard, but said his company is keeping a “watchful eye” on breweries with apparent multistate taproom strategies “I don’t think there’s any reason that we can’t co-exist,” Sawyer said. Working with those breweries includes avoiding out-of-stocks in their respective restaurants, something both large and small craft brewers are struggling with, Howard said. Out-of-stock issues aside, beer buyers are having an increasingly difficult time sorting through brands from more than 5,300 breweries. “It’s never been harder than today,” Sawyer said. “We have a lot of local autonomy when it comes to our taverns and we have product managers on site who are making the day-to-day decisions on the beers that they’re bringing in. So for us, it’s about getting into those taverns and training local beer buyers on how to properly critique a beer that we’re going to bring in.” “It’s pretty easy to identify which ones are good quality and

which aren’t,” Howard said. “You have to be careful because there are some really small breweries out there doing some tremendously brilliant work, and so those are those gems that we need to go find.” A future gem might be be Armada Brewing, which emerged victorious in Startup Brewery Challenge 8, a business pitch competition sponsored by Craft Brew Alliance. John Kraszewski, the founder of Armada Brewing, competed against representatives from four other emerging breweries: M.I.A. Beer Company, Good City Brewing, Black Star Line Brewing Company, and Torch & Crown Brewing. “Right now I have mixed emotions. I’m excited, emotional and stoked,” Kraszewski told Brewbound after being announced as the winner. “It means that what we’ve been doing is working and we are going to continue on that path.” Armada Brewing, a Connecticut-based craft brewery, began producing beer out of East Haven’s Overshores Brewing earlier this year. The brewery’s beers are available in 750 mL bottles at over 100 retail accounts across the state. “This is just the first chapter,” Kraszewski said during his pitch. “As our fleet is growing, so does the story.” Kraszewski impressed the judging panel with the quality of his beer, his story and brand cohesiveness. Nevertheless, judges also said the presentation felt a bit “contrived” and questioned the scalability and long-term viability of the company’s large format bottle business. Armada won a $5,000 grand prize, which Kraszewski said will be used to help gradually boost production of the company’s. Armada also won an all-expenses paid trip to Portland, Ore., where they will brew a special collaboration beer with Widmer Brothers, and spend two days learning from executives at CBA.

GREG HOWARD – Director of Beverage Strategy, Yard House | MARC SAWYER – Director of Brewery & Distributor Relations, World of Beer | JONNY STRINGER – Managery of Beer Operations, Craftworks



Summer Fancy Food Show 2017: Examining Trends and Innovation While the 2017 Summer Fancy Food Show may not have included any apparent major revelations, it did further define the paths of many beverage brands as fastgrowing trends continue to evolve.

Cold Brew Coffee & Tea It’s getting increasingly difficult to find a RTD coffee company that hasn’t launched a cold brew offering, and the style is gaining some footing in the tea world. Perhaps the biggest category takeaway from Summer Fancy Food Show is not necessarily in the way cold brew is growing, but rather the way it is refining itself as brands compete in an increasingly saturated sector. “Cold brew is getting to the point that it’s mass market, it is now the de facto cold coffee,” said David Belanich, CEO and co-founder of Joyride Coffee Distributors, which provides kegerator distribution for several prominent coffee companies including Rise, Grady’s, and Stumptown. “Most people making cold brew right now are saying that is Starbucks is doing it, then we’ve made a good decision.” The convention was a showcase for two fast-growing cold brew companies that debuted their first RTD offerings. Grady’s Cold Brew, which previously made its name with a concentrate and bean bags, and Wandering Bear, known for its bagin-box approach, both unveiled new lines of black single-serve options. Grady’s “Lil’ Easy” lines comes in 8 oz. glass bottles while Wandering Bear has opted for an 11 oz. Tetra Pak carton. Wandering Bear co-founder Matthew Bachmann told BevNET that Tetra Pak’s edged design fit neatly into the company’s cardboard bag-in-box aesthetic. It compliments a new packaging redesign that adds more imagery the company’s previously minimalist box design by increasing the logo and adding more brand story text to its packaging. The new product will launch in August in Target. Grady’s Lil’ Easy is slated for release later this year. As these multi-serve coffee companies unveiled single-serve options stalwart


cold brew brand Chameleon Cold-Brew is now offering bean bag kits for consumers, akin to those that Grady’s offers. The company also recently added bagged ground beans to its portfolio. Several new coffee companies are also looking to make an impact in the market. Massachusetts-based Commonwealth Coffee Co., which launched in January 2016, sells single-serve, bag-in-box, and kegs. The company exhibited rebranded bottles and announced a pilot program to sell its coffee at Harvard University.

DRINKmaple, the Vermont-based maker of a maple water and a watermelon water, released three new flavors; a grapefruit maple water, tart cherry watermelon water, and lime watermelon water. The company also recently picked up nearly $4 million in investments and added placement in several major retailers, including CVS. But while DRINKmaple has been making early gains to potentially headline the nascent maple water category, Asarasi, which brands itself as tree water is similarly using maple trees as a beverage

While not a cold brew coffee brand, Sunup Green Coffee offered a fresh take on the cold coffee sector with its unroasted bean blends, relaunching the brand in 16 oz. cans with unsweetened and stevia-sweetened varieties. It previously had a single, sweetened variety packaged in a 9 oz. glass bottle. “We’re not riding the coffee trends; we’re lighter than cold brew,” Sunup founder Nate Pealer told BevNET. “We don’t think that we need to be roasting the coffee bean.”

source. CEO Adam North Lazar, says the brand is purely hydration-focused and is not presenting the drink as a functional beverage. The beverage is more similar in flavor and consistency to plain water and instead is making its play on being an environmentally friendly alternative to ground-sourced bottled waters. As maple water is trending, however, it may find itself in competition with birch water. Several companies exhibiting at the show , including Sapp and TREO are backing their brands on birch-specific functional ingredients, namely manganese and chaga. Sapp debuted two new flavors, strawberry lavender and apple orange. TREO, which launched in September 2016, announced new distribution deals with KeHE and UNFI.

Plant and Enhanced Waters Getting water from ground sources never goes out of style, but it’s becoming clear that tree-based waters are gaining traction in the hydration realm.

While natural tree waters are potential future players in the field, other enhanced waters are also becoming popular in the hydration field. OXiGEN, an oxygen-infused water, HFactor Hydrogen Infused Water, and Pervida Immune Health Waters each offer functional (and elemental) additions to ordinary water. Pervida, enhanced with pomegranate seed oil, totes patented food and health technology from BioTherapeutics to deliver a more functional beverage.

Cocktail Mixers Bob Angus, CEO of Barsmith, said he sees a “democratization” of the cocktail mixer category happening as craft brands see steady growth while the “big boys” are starting to slump in sales. Barsmith, he said, has succeeded by being conveniently priced and by securing distribution in major retailers such as Target, but having higher-priced competition is good for the category and good for consumers who are beginning to seek more and better options for their alcoholic indulgence. “We’re about convenience, while others have a little higher price and are more esoteric,” Angus told BevNET. But esoteric and inventive are helping drive the category to new relevancy. The 2017 Winter Fancy Food Show indicated that the craft soda category is gaining interest in cocktail mixers, but the Summer Fancy Food Show shows that the dedicated mixer brands aren’t sitting by idly. Swig and Swallow, a startup brand, is taking a risk by selling convenience in the form of half-full bottles of cocktail mixer that consumers can fill with the appropriate alcohol; just shake and drink. While the company’s founders are looking to improve packaging to make the message clearer to consumers, who may have subconscious hangups about buying half-full bottles, the company also demonstrates the creativity inside a category that increasingly appeals to a millennial demographic with a more refined palate for alcohol and a big desire for convenience. Bittermilk, which markets more “traditional” cocktail mixers, is also appealing to consumers more party-minded cocktail drinkers with its new Bantam Bevy sister


brand of user-friendly mixers. The company even recommends that, after a few drinks, consumers can fill the bottle with alcohol and have premixed cocktails ready to serve.

Juice and Kombucha Although juice and kombucha brands were relatively quiet at SFFS, there were some rumblings of the future. The rebranded Mansi is making a play to introduce a new kind of fruit juice to the U.S. market -- the Filipino calamansi fruit. While consumer education is in store, Mansi notes on its packaging that the drink is a “new citrus experience” and offers a sugar-reduced lemonade alternative. The brand also totes its superiority to orange juice with a higher antioxidant content. Garden of Flavor was a standout for the cold-pressed juice category at the

show, presenting a rebrand with a new label for its Energy Elixir line and a new Reishi Pear flavor. Kombucha brands, while riding high in the beverage world currently, had little to announce at the show, with many of the top brands in the category having shown off their innovation news at Expo West 2017. Health-Ade, however, has announced a reduction of its everyday price point to $3.99. Buchi premiered a water kefir line, which includes watermelon mint, strawberry coconut vanilla, and ginger pear flavors. Managing partner Zane Adams called the line “different” for the kombucha company, calling the line a “Yin to the kombucha’s Yang.” The company, he said, has turned a focus toward craft recently and is also working to cultivate and refine a social health and environment mission.



Introducing Spritzel

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TEA GIANTS SEE POWER IN PREMIUM In recent years, major producers have tried to attract consumers looking for premium offerings, introducing brand extensions formulated with natural ingredients and less sugar. Whether marketed as higher-end or healthier options, brands like Pure Leaf, produced by The Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership, Coca-Cola-owned Gold Peak, and Snapple’s Straight Up sub-line have thrived. Pure Leaf, which is promoted as “brewed from real leaves,” is now the second best-selling brand in multi-outlet retailers, according to IRI data, generating over $615 million in dollar sales and up nearly 6.5 percent in the aforementioned 52-week period. Gold Peak, the number three brand in the space, pulled in approximately $353 million, with sales surging by 29 percent. By comparison, category leader AriZona saw sales of its flagship teas, which are sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, tumble by 3.6 percent; its Arnold Palmer line didn’t fare much better, with sales down 4.16 percent. Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS) also saw declines in sales of Snapple’s flagship and diet teas, but was encouraged by the continued growth of Straight Up, a line of premium, all-natural teas that launched in February 2015. The line produced nearly $28 million in dollar sales in the measured period, up more than 28 percent. In a DPS earnings call for Q2 of 2016, President and CEO Larry Young noted that sales of Straight Up are incremental for Snapple, and “don’t take anything away from the Snapple drinker.”




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USDA certified organic formulation, which was introduced in January, was important given the brand’s premium positioning and “an enormous amount of interest from mainstream supermarkets, convenience stores and foodservice channels... looking for healthier, better-for-you beverages.” Meanwhile, Numi, best known for its organic and fair trade loose and bagged teas, launched its first RTD products in March. The line comes in five flavors, each packaged in 12 oz. glass bottles. When the product was released, Ahmed Rahim, Numi’s co-founder and CEO, said the RTDs were part of the company’s desire to meet demand for organic tea in a convenient format. “Our mission has always been to deliver the purest, highestquality organic teas to our consumers, and our decision to move into the RTD space will allow even more people to enjoy our premium, organic full-leaf quality tea on-the-go,” Rahim said in a company release.







Lipton Pure Leaf



Gold Peak



Lipton Brisk









Lipton Diet



AriZona Arnold Palmer



Diet Snapple



Honest Tea



Peace Tea



Pure Leaf



Private Label










Lipton Iced Tea



Snapple Straight Up



But it’s not just natural and organic that are important: SPINS’ Goel noted that as demand grows for organic tea varieties, attributes like fair trade and responsibly sourced ingredients are becoming of greater importance to consumers. “Fair Trade tea is a big deal,” Goel said. “The sourcing of tea is all over the world, and there’s some good practices and not-sogood practices; fair trade means something to consumers, and it really means something in tea.” A February 2016 report from leading fair trade certifier Fair Trade USA found that millennials are especially likely to seek out claims of social responsibility, noting that “73 percent recognize the [Fair Trade] seal, and 53 percent are more likely to purchase Fair Trade Certified products.” Meanwhile, smaller companies continue to push forward on functional properties and on innovative production methods. Last year Bhakti, best known for its bottled chai drinks, introduced a line of organic sparkling teas. Made with fair trade certified tea leaves and fresh-pressed fruit juices and ginger, the company promotes the line as “rich in antioxidants and energy boosting.” On the emerging cold brewing front, Cham promotes cold processing “starting from the initial harvest of our raw ingredients,” as a way to maintain the health benefits and integrity of its teas. Made with organic and sustainably sourced herbs, fruits, raw honey and cold-pressed lemon juice, the teas are high pressure processed instead of heat pasteurized. Available in three varieties each formulated for a specific functional benefit – Revitalize, Calm and Defense – the products recently underwent a packaging revamp and now come in 12 oz. bottles. IGZU, a brand of bamboo leaf teas, describes its organic beverages as “built on the foundation fueled by a mission of utilizing sustainable ingredients in new and inventive ways.” IGZU calls bamboo “arguably the most sustainable crop on the planet” and asserts that its leaves contain a high amount of silica, an ingredient that is said to support healthy skin, bone and connective tissue. One percent of sales go to environmental causes. These brands are meeting a welcome market. Amid a confluence of the millennial demographic’s well-documented influence and the sustained growth among premium and better-for-you tea offerings, market research firm Euromonitor International, projects global annual growth of 10.3 percent for functional teas through 2020.

SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm (@iriworldwide) 52 Weeks through 5/14/17

Meanwhile, Nestle Waters North America (NWNA) is hoping that a recent revamp for Nestea will stem declining sales for the 70-year-old brand. “Reinvented and modernized to meet growing consumer needs for authentic tea,” the new look Nestea launched in February. NWNA removed artificial flavors, colors, and high fructose corn syrup from the teas, which now contain 50 or fewer calories per 8 oz. serving. Nestea also introduced a new logo that emphasizes the tea leaf, and new, angular bottle shape.

THE ORGANIC OPTION Last year PepsiCo doubled down on consumer demand for higher quality teas with the launch of Pure Leaf Tea House Collection, a certified organic line of super-premium teas that are brewed with fruits and herbs. Sweetened with organic cane sugar, the drinks contain 90 calories per 14 oz. bottle. The Tea House line has, at least initially, been a boon for Pure Leaf, with $21.5 million in sales over the past year. The early success of Pure Leaf is no accident. Led by stalwart Honest Tea, owned by Coca-Cola, organic teas have proven to be a consistent source of growth for the category. According to a study released by Toronto-based market research company Technavio, the organic tea market in the U.S. is expected to reach nearly $300 million in sales by 2021, growing at a CAGR of more than 5 percent. In a presentation at IRI’s annual Growth Summit conference held in April, Anu Goel, the Executive Vice President of Client Growth Solutions for SPINS, a market research provider focused on natural, organic and specialty products, stated that while only 3 percent of RTD tea is organic, over 80 percent of growth in the natural tea space is coming from organic varieties. Demand for organic tea propelled a revamp for Ito En North America’s Teas’ Tea brand, which includes several herbal, green and black tea varieties that are promoted as “loaded with antioxidants.” Ito En COO Jim Hoagland said that the move to a 50 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017


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Arteasans Beverages launched two new flavors at the Summer Fancy Food Show – “Glow,” a Matcha Tea with Watermelon & Mint, and “Cleanse,” an Oolong Tea with Pineapple & Ginger. Blue Buddha, a line by Wholesome Tea, has secured new distribution at Vitamin Shoppe, Mariano’s, Pete’s Fresh, HyVee and at some Whole Foods divisions. Blue Buddha also launched an ambassador program to ensure a more dedicated selling and activation focus to stores of all sizes. Chaga Island Super Brew is a new healthy beverage with filtered water and wild, sustainably-harvested chaga mushroom from the white birch trees of Northern Canada. Chaga Island’s new bottled drink comes plain or sweetened with organic agave and launched at health food stores on Long Island, NY this summer. Cham updated its packaging to highlight the brand’s commitment to clean labels. This summer brought the launch of the company’s first seasonal brew, the Ginger Palmer. The Ginger Palmer is a modern take on the classic half and half and is comprised of cold brewed organic black tea, cold pressed lemons, fresh pressed ginger and sweetened with raw honey. Ellis Island Tea. Following Ellis Island Tea’s second appearance on MSNBC’s Your Business Makeover in June, the company has rebranded, redesigned packaging and expanded into new markets, including Sam’s Club and multiple high-traffic HMS Host airport locations. KOLLO is a new, premium, ready-to-drink, cold-brew iced tea brand. Current offerings include, a Japanese green, a Chinese black and a Vietnamese oolong tea. Made from whole-leaf, single origin tea and filtered water only, KOLLO contains no flavorings, sweeteners or preservatives. The speciality tea is cold-brewed in small batches for 24 hours, before being hand bottled into custom 500ml/16.9oz spiritgrade French glass bottles.


Lion Botanicals has launched Lion Tea, a play on traditional dandelion tea or “horta.” Lion is wildcrafted from the roots, leaves and flowers of US picked dandelions. The launch includes four varieties; Lemon & Honey, Hibiscus & Blueberry, Blood Orange & Ginger and Mint. New Age Beverages Corporation is preparing to launch Marley Mate in Q3; an all-natural, organic, clean label RTD tea packed with organic caffeine. Mate combines the strength and functional benefits of coffee with the health benefits of tea. Matero. Founded in Vancouver, Matero, maker of a sparkling yerba mate, will expand into the Metro Toronto and Ontario markets this summer. NESTEA has relaunched with a new “less is more” ethos, offering a new brand look, new bottles, reformulation and premium product line with a focus on simplicity. New premium real-brewed iced teas are made with up to five ingredients (tea, real sugar, water, rooibos and citric acid) and have a suggested retail price of $1.79 per bottle. NESTEA’s Classic iced teas are now sweetened with real sugar and stevia extract. The Republic of Tea has launched Organic U•Matcha Single Sips, which debuted in March 2017. The line allows consumers to blend premium organic Japanese tea easily and conveniently, at home or on the go. The pre-measured, individual packets can be enjoyed iced or in a cold water bottle. Secret Squirrel Cold Brew is introducing new ready-to-drink cold brew teas: Rwanda Black, Sencha Green and Mint Green. Brewed with Organic tea, these offerings are available in 12 oz. varieties. Sherpa Power Tea has launched a new caffeine-free Raspberry Mint Ayurvedic tea infusion flavor. All Sherpa Power infusions contain Ayurvedic herbs Amla and Ashwagandha, beneficial adaptogenic herbs from the Himalayas that provide inner calm and a boost of sustained energy.

SOUND Sparkling Tea rolled out two new flavors this year, a Green Tea with Grapefruit & Mint and Rose Tea with Lime & Cardamom. The company has also expanded distribution through UNFI on the East Coast and is set to roll-out the product in a new packaging format, primarily across the food service channel. Steaz has gained new distribution in RiteAid and CVS, which the company said is allowing it “to play more� in the convenience channel. The Subtle Tea Company has released #BoxOfTea, a bag-in-box iced tea available for retail and on-premise sale. Tejava is an unsweetened ready-to-drink tea, with no sweeteners, artificial ingredients, or preservatives. Made from handpicked tea leaves from the island of Java, Indonesia, Tejava is now available in ready-to-drink bottles. UPLOAD Rainforest Infusions has achieved nationwide distribution with UNFI and is now available in over eight warehouses around the U.S. In addition, new retailers agreements with Shoprite, H-E-B, Jewel, and Ingles will increase the already growing presence of the Tea Juice blend line. Vivid launched in June a new superberry line. Powered by organic Matcha green tea from Japan, every carton contains notfrom-concentrate juice from superfoods, including blueberries, elderberry and ginger. The caffeine and L-theanine found in Vivid Matcha work in synergy to provide sustained mental energy. New Age Beverages Corporation has rebranded Xing Tea and expanded distribution throughout Chile with Jumbo, the largest retailer in the country, while New Age has also expanded to over 20 major regional DSD distributors across the country.


SPORTS SHIFT: NEW SPORTS DRINKS INCORPORATE, EVOLVE BEYOND ISOTONICS BY MARTIN CABALLERO A commercial aired during the television broadcast of this year’s NBA Finals had a recognizable feeling to anyone familiar with sports drinks, which at this point is just about everybody. A star athlete, in this case Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson, puts himself through the paces of another grueling workout, then reaches for his favorite drink. In a voice over, he speaks about how the beverage is packed with nutrients to help him refuel and protein for muscle recovery, adding that scientific evidence backs up his claims. As Thompson downs the drink, the commercial’s tagline appears prominently: “Built by Chocolate Milk.” The ad doesn’t mean chocolate milk is poised to topple the sports drink empires built by Gatorade and Powerade, the deeppocketed and enduring category giants backed by PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, respectively, but it may indicate a gradual shift that has been occurring over several years in consumer interpretation of what the category is supposed to represent. While the isotonic, fruit-flavored and brightly colored drinks that have largely defined the category remain its dominant force, innovative brands are disrupting and in some cases cannibalizing


the traditional sports drink by bringing the familiar call-outs of nutrients, electrolytes and protein across a broader spectrum of use occasions and target audiences.

BY THE NUMBERS Even as trends are shaping the future of the sports drink category, it would be premature to herald the arrival of a new age just yet. A survey of the numbers show that the established players are still far ahead of the chasing pack. According to data provided by IRI, the total ready-to-drink sports drink category generated around $6.5 billion in total U.S. MULO sales for the 52-week period ending on May 14, 2017. As expected, isotonic sports drinks, and more specifically the PepsiCo-owned Gatorade, which is operated under the Quaker Oats division, dominated the field with over $5 billion in sales, an approximate 3.5 percent increase from the same period last year. Gatorade’s Perform family of products, which includes its most popular “thirst quencher” varieties, saw sales increase by just over 1 percent from the same period last year to around $3.2

billion. The brand’s individual lines, such as Frost and Fierce, also put up big numbers, generating $761 million and $307 million in sales, respectively. Coca-Cola’s Powerade line trails behind the PepsiCo-owned Gatorade by some distance, but still represents over $1 billion of the total category. Powerade Ion4 line brought in over $783 million in sales in the same period last year, while its core (over $215 million) and Ion4 Zero ($214 million) lines have also solidified the brand’s standing as a protagonist in the cateogory. But even in a pond occupied by a couple fearsomely built sharks, BodyArmor hasn’t been afraid to bare its teeth. The coconut water-based sports drink line has been making inroads, to the tune of $135 million in sales, a 127 percent increase compared to the same 52-week period ending on May 14 last year. While the brand’s core line enjoyed a 91 percent bump in sales over the period last year, bringing in over $111 million, BodyArmor showed its potential as a robust brand platform with the successful launch of SuperWater ($22.1 million) and the lowcalorie option Lyte ($2.2 million). Outside of the major players, activity was relatively muted, with private label sports drinks experiencing a 2 percent increase in sales, totalling just over $20 million in sales. But in a sign that the category may have more room to expand, Mountain Dew’s Kickstart, an energy-sports drink hybrid that blends coconut water, fruit juice and caffeine, boasted the biggest year-over-year increase of any brand in the category, jumping 154 percent to generate $21.3 million in sales.

PROTEIN HYBRIDS Ask any athlete what they look for in a post-workout recovery drink and the answer is almost always the same: protein, and lots of it. Sports drink brands have been eager to answer the call. PepsiCo-owned Gatorade launched a protein shake line in 2009, while Coca Cola offers a milk-based shake through its Core Power brand. From established players like Muscle Milk to newer products from brands like Organic Valley and NesQuik, the proteinenhanced sports drinks are arguably bigger than ever before. But in a twist, the proliferation of such protein-based products may have also shifted the manner in which consumers interpret the ingredient. As protein has become a more ubiquitous presence in a variety of beverages, its use occasions have expanded beyond just exercise and post-workout recovery. Case-in-point: Trimino Protein Water. Bob Leary, founder, chairman and CMO of Trimino Brands, explained that he developed the product, a fruit-flavored water with 28 calories and infused with 7 grams of protein per 16 oz bottle, after watching his kids guzzle down sugary sports drinks during physical activity. Yet in an interview with BevNET, he explained that, in presenting the drink to the marketplace, the brand has deliberately steered away from defining it as another sports drink. “Our goal was not to make a sports drink, but to make a drink for the mainstream market,” said Leary. “We made a conscious decision to stay away from any parallels [with sports or energy drinks]. However, when you look at our formulation, you get a natural energy boost from the protein and vitamin B, but we are not an energy drink. The way I put it is we kind of colored

outside the lines with this product. We didn’t want to be pigeonholed in any of the traditional categories.” That approach has its share of risks, however. Leary includes diabetics and post-surgery patients alongside millennials and busy moms as part of the brand’s consumer base, but in broadening the use occasions for Trimino outside of sports and exercise, there is the potential for losing one of the sports drink categories biggest assets: a strong, clear brand identity. “It is absolutely a double-edged sword,” Leary said of playing in the grey areas between categories. “We focus on protein. That’s our key differentiator. Then we allow that to be a springboard in whatever direction people want to take it.”

NEW WAVE WATER When it comes to hydration, it’s tough to beat the original. One of the core tenants of the sports drink category is its ability to provide superior hydration relative to water, but the rapid growth of performance-oriented enhanced waters threatens to turn that established notion on its ear. According to statistics from market analytics firm Allied Market Research, the U.S. premium water market is worth around $2.8 billion. Glaceau’s smartwater, one of the early pioneers in




Gatorade Perform




Powerade ION4



Gatorade Frost






Gatorade Fierce



Gatorade G2 Perform






Powerade Zero ION4





Powerade X ION4



Gatorade G2



Gatorade Flow



Gatorade X Factor




BODYARMOR Superdrink



Mountain Dew Kickstart



Private Label



Powerade Zero






BODYARMOR Lyte Superdrink



Sports Blast



SOURCE: IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm (@iriworldwide) 52 Weeks through 5/14/17

enhanced water, remains a major force with a 7.6 percent share of the bottled water market, but the category continues to add more brands offering a broader range of health and functional benefits, including alkalinity, electrolytes, vitamins and probiotics. Other brands have launched performance-oriented water lines designed to complement sports drinks rather than replace them. BodyArmor solidified its position as a broad, athletic performancebased brand platform with last year’s release of SuperWater, an electrolyte enhanced water featuring “sport performance pH” that company co-founder and chairman Mike Repole called a “gamechanger for athletes” in an interview with BevNET last November. Yet for serious athletes, premium waters may not be quite ready to replace isotonic sports drinks. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, drinking carbohydrate beverages during exercise lasting for 60 minutes or longer significantly boosts endurance compared to drinking water, with some studies showing a 20 percent or more improvement in endurance in workouts lasting over 90 minutes.

ISOTONIC EVOLUTION The rise of a versatile, multi-functional range of beverage products that can play on the same field as traditional sports drinks is exciting for industry observers to watch, but they still have a lot of ground to make up on Gatorade and the other isotonic options that are still thriving. As they operate from an advantaged position, some isotonic brands are hoping they can stay ahead of the curve by refining rather than revolutionizing the category. Seth Goldman is betting big on that idea. Honest, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, relaunched its Sport line in Febru-


ary following a brand revamp, offering the same electrolytes and sugar-based carbohydrates of a traditional isotonic sports drink but with the key difference of a clean organic ingredient profile. Goldman developed Honest Sport as a means of connecting with the demands of both fitness enthusiasts and consumers seeking clean label products, as well as an opportunity to expand Coke’s portfolio of organic beverages. By taking the tried and true functional aspects of isotonic sports drinks and giving them a new on-trend presentation, Honest Sport aims to play in more than one field. “Everyone sees all the trends towards health and wellness, so when you can connect hydration directly to a health and wellness occasion, which exercise and fitness are, than you are connecting exactly where people are moving and people are looking for,” he said in an interview with BevNET. Honest is not the first sports drink brand to recognize this shift in the marketplace. Gatorade has made two unsuccessful attempts to tap into consumer demand for organic products, having tried as recently as last fall with the launch of the steviasweetened G Organic. Goldman, however, remains confident that Honest will succeed because the brand can offer something that Gatorade cannot: real credibility with both consumers and retailers in the natural channel. “There really hasn’t been a brand that’s been presented as a sports drink for [the natural channel],” he explained. “You don’t see the usual players there, and I would contend that’s not because consumers in that channel don’t drink sports drinks, it’s because they haven’t had a brand that resonates with that channel available to them.” Moving on from the now-defunct G Organic, Gatorade is still looking to evolve its core formula and branding in the face of shifting consumer attitudes towards sports drinks. In April, the company launched its fourth sub-line, Flow, which is described as providing “full flavor with a smooth finish.” Will upstart, disruptive alternatives eventually take a larger piece of the sports drink market? Time will tell, but the race is officially on.


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Latest 52 weeks IRI MULO+C & SPINS ending in 3/19/17.

*Results of a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study with Essentia Water vs. a leading bottled water in healthy subjects over two hours following moderate aerobic exercise.


Protein2o, which contains 15g of premium whey protein isolate and zero sugar in each 16.9 oz. bottle, has secured distribution in over 15,000 retail locations throughout North America. Honest Sport. After completing a successful pilot test at Whole Foods Market locations in the Mid-Atlantic region, Honest Sport -- certified USDA Organic and made with sea salt and Fair Trade Certified cane sugar -- is now available in over 500 natural channel stores. Premier Protein. Earlier this year, Premier Protein launched its newest ready-to-drink product, Clear Protein Drink, a reduced calorie option which contains 20g of protein, 90 calories and is fat free and sugar free. BodyArmor. Along with introducing two new flavors, watermelon strawberry and lemonade, BodyArmor has debuted two new products in 2017 thus far: BodyArmor Lyte, a reduced calorie version of its flagship sports drink, and BodyArmor Sports Water, an enhanced water designed for high athletic performance. Stakli Fit Water. In addition to testing the product at certain 7-Eleven stores in Brooklyn, NY, Stakli Fit Water signed with NYB Distributors in May, giving it access to more than 1000 account on the East Coast. MinoTOR. In January, MinoTOR, an amino-infused fitness drink which contains 4.2g of muscle-building amino acids and 50 calories per serving, announced its team of sponsored athletes, a diverse group that includes obstacle course racers, boxers, powerlifters, and strongmen. Gatorade. Boasting “full flavor and a smooth finish” that creates a different


sensory experience to Gatorade’s other offerings and sub-lines, Gatorade Flow launched in April 2017 in 28 oz. and 32 oz. sizes in four flavors: Blackberry Wave, Citrus Crash, Kiwi Strawberry and Strawberry Spalsh, which is exclusive to 7-Eleven stores. Organic Valley Organic Fuel, a postworkout milkshake that contains 26 grams of protein, is now the best-selling organic single serve protein shake in the conventional grocery channel, according to data from SPINS for a 52-week period ending on April 16. Trimino Protein Water, which contains 7 grams of whey protein per bottle, is now the official protein water of the Boston Breakers, a member of the National Women’s Soccer League. Powerade. This fall, Powerade is launching a new program called Power Your School, in which a total of 500 high school athletic programs around the country will be awarded with a share of $1 million in funding to preserve playing fields. ROAR Organic. After launching the new Electrolyte Infusions line last year, ROAR Organic has revamped its core line as an all-natural beverage with no artificial colors and new packaging. KrA. Organic sports drink line KrA announced the addition of NBA AllStar center Roy Hibbert as an investor and a member of the brand’s advisory board in May. Barracudos launched in February and includes 10 grams of protein and 45 calories per 500 ml bottle and is available in three flavors: Raspberry & Pomegranate, Coconut & Pineapple and Mango & Peach.


More than likely, you’ve done it yourself – you’re running out the door in the morning and you just don’t have time to eat breakfast. So what to do? You run into the corner store, head to the cooler, and you drink your breakfast through the rest of your commute. With a variety of drinkable shakes, yogurts, soups, and broths in stores today there’s a rapidly growing market for meal replacements. According to Michael Averbook, food and drink analyst for Mintel, the nutritional drinks segment, which includes meal replacements, is one of the fastest growing segments in the nutrition and performance drinks category. In 2016, it reached $3.8 billion, a 60 percent increase since 2011. But who’s skipping all these meals? Americans from all walks of life, it turns out: kids, seniors, moms-on-the-run, gamers, athletes – it just depends on what need their drinkable meal is filling. And, as if

anyone expected it to be any other consumer group, it’s millennials who are doing the most to drive sales of meal replacements today. Whether it’s weight loss, quick nutrition, or the need for healthy snacks, Averbrook noted, there are many qualities that the products in the category strive to offer to keep these consumers coming back. “Consumers who purchase meal replacement drinks highlight high protein, low/no sugar, and low calorie as important attributes when purchasing nutritional or performance drinks,” Averbrook told BevNET. “Meal replacement drink brands with reduced calorie and sugar options and high protein claims may outperform others. Innovation in flavors and nutrition content may further help meal replacement drink brands.” So, which brands are the players in this foodless revolution and whose specific needs are they targeting?

SOYLENT When talking about meal replacements today, it’s impossible not to discuss the Silicon elephant in the room. Soylent, which in May picked up $50 million in a funding round led by GV (formerly Google Ventures), entered the market with a tech-based to way disrupt the very concept of food. By breaking down the chemical components of food, and blending them all together into a soy-based shake, founder Rob Reinhart initially presented Soylent as a beverage that could theoretically replace your entire diet by providing the full gamut of nutrients and calories required by the human body.

Early adopters from the online gaming and coding community took kindly to the proudly genetically-engineered product – after all, Reinhart was one of their own – and very quickly a Soylent web community formed on Reddit. com where fans shared their take on the latest products, their experiments with allSoylent diets, and recipes for DIY Soylent shakes. After gaining some public notoriety, the company is now making a pivot toward the mainstream. This past spring, Rhinehart told BevNET that he envisions Soylent being available everywhere coffee is sold, and in July the company


announced it would make its first play in retail through Los Angeles-area 7-Eleven stores. According to Chief Marketing Officer Adam Grablick, gamers make up a key part of Soylent’s demographic, as the largely young, male audience appreciates a nutritional and preparation-free way to get their daily nutrition. “However, many people don’t realize how pervasive gaming culture has become,” Grablick told BevNET. This is not a fringe audience. Gamers are in the mainstream.” With nearly 100 million Americans actively playing video games, about 60 percent of gamers are in Soylent’s core

18-34-year-old demographic, Grablick said. “Reaching out to this captive and informed audience will get us in the hands and homes of a slew of new consumers,” he added. In early June, the company brought on former KeVita strategist Bryan Crowley to serve as president. At the end of that month, Soylent announced its new Coffiest Cafe line, introducing coffee-flavored Vanilla and Chai varieties that are making a play for the ever-expanding need for consumers to replace breakfast with a grab-and-go product – perhaps because they’ve been up all night, shooting at each other with virtual lasers.

PROTEIN SHAKES While Soylent may be the big new brand innovating in the category, protein drinks are one of the classic meal replacements, and the field for them is well established. Athletes looking for pre- and post-workout shakes have long been the top consumers, and brands like Muscle Milk and Labrada have long tried to fulfill those needs. But clean-eating trends have also helped drive non-athletes to protein shakes. Primal Fuel, maker of a whey protein isolate-based powdered protein shake, has made recovery and wellness its key focus. According to founder Mark Sisson, Primal Fuel’s top consumers are well-educated and aware of the specific nutrients they’re seeking out to help their bodies. Many are seeking out gluten-free

or low-sugar options or simply seeking to fill out a clean-eating based diet, for example, paleo eaters. “In the absence of my accessing real food, because I’m either not near my house or kitchen, I want to know what I can consume that tastes great and has a list of ingredients that I would be happy and proud to defend my choice,” Sisson said. Rebbl, maker of herb and coconutmilk-based elixirs, has introduced a protein line with beverages containing between 12g and 16g of protein per 12 oz. bottle. According to co-founder and chief innovation officer Palo Hawken, Rebbl’s healthy fats are a big selling point for consumers who are waking up to the realization that the pendulum of health

science is swinging back in favor of fat, after decades of demonization. “All of the progressive health practitioners are looking at what the current research says and are coming to the conclusion that ‘fat-phobia’ as a kind of cultural move has absolutely no credible medical foundation – none,” Hawken said. “And saturated fats are actually some of the healthiest things the human body can consume.” Dairy producers are also pushing protein drinks across gender lines; Organic Valley’s Organic Balance protein shakes are marketed as meal replacements for women, while their Organic Fuel drinks (as well as Fairlife’s Core Power products) attempt to “Save the Bros” with their high protein content.

office workers looking for a sippable meal replacement without loads of sugar. But, he added, the brand’s diehard consumers range from children to mothers to senior citizens. “People want something savory,” Allan told BevNET. “That sounds like a simple proposition, but there’s not a lot of savory options out there. Traditionally what people would reach for prior to a soup is a (nutrition) bar, which is generally sweet, a juice, which is generally sweet, or a yogurt, which also tends to be sweet. It’s just lots of sweet options and I think we’re filling a need that people have really wanted.” There’s more than one way to serve a soup, of course. While Allan sees drink-

able soups as a proper meal replacement, other brands, such as Fawen and Zupa Noma, have recommended consumers drink their product as meal complements or as snacks. Jen Berliner, vice president of marketing at Zupa Noma, said drinkable soups are beginning to take the place of less healthy midday snacks for many professional consumers looking for alternatives to lattes, chips, and sugary juices. While there remains a strong need for consumer education, Berliner added, once shoppers try the product, it frequently finds its way into their daily rituals. “Once consumers find a usage occasion, it works,” she said.

DRINKABLE SOUPS Beyond fat and protein, vegetables are also pretty healthy, and they are fueling one of the more unlikely categories to pick up serious steam in the last few years, drinkable soups. With a cold-pressed generation spearheaded by Tio Gazpacho, drinkable soups have straddled the line between food and beverage but have managed to find a “best of both worlds” cubby where they’ve quickly attracted a loyal and growing consumer base. Tio itself is relatively young, but has started to be more aggressive from a distribution standpoint since it closed a $1.25 million funding round in 2016. According to its founder, Austin Allan, Tio has proven popular in particular with


BONE BROTH While drinkable soups have more recently made a play for the everyday consumer, bone broth has become a favorite of some edgier health and wellness trend followers, and their blog communities. Today, the online blogosphere remains essential to spreading these concepts and influencing food philosophy. Bonafide Provisions Co-founder Alexandra Rains called their top

consumer group “the wellness warriors” who are dedicated to the natural lifestyle. Like the vegetableheavy drinkable soups category, the thinner bone broth also straddles a line between meal replacement, complement, and snack, but its adherents have adopted it as an essential diet item – using it as an ingredient for everything from cocktails to waffles. Bonafide Provisions

has recently launched a ready-to-drink, high pressure processed broth and vegetable juice line called Drinkable Veggies. The company recommends the drinks as an ideal product for a cleanse or as a weight loss beverage that will provide nutrition with limited calories. As well, the line has been promoted as a meal complement, a workout beverage, and an on-the-go snack.

“We had seen a need in our clients as nutritionists and they would ask us what they could drink,” Rains said. “We would say ‘well, you can drink water, you can’t have the sugar-filled juices on the market.’ So we decided we were going to make something for them.” Calling it a “21st century V8,” Rains said the line could also be a gateway for new consumers into bone broth.

“We have always gone deep with our audience instead of wide,” Rains said. “We target the people who are our tribe – the paleo users, the Whole30ers, the foodas-medicine users who are always looking for what is functional and what’s next and what’s best. They’re really who we were targeting with this innovation, and once they latch on they start to influence the wider demographic.”

DRINKABLE YOGURTS In many parts of Europe, drinkable yogurt is an established, even essential product. As Siggi’s founder and CEO Siggi Hilmarsson tells it, in his native Iceland, many consumers will pour yogurt over cereal instead of milk. But in America, the beverage remains relatively obscure, its growth taking a backseat to the Greek Yogurt boom of the past decade. Today, alongside kefir, drinkable yogurts are starting to gain footing in the U.S. market, with more companies, including Siggi’s, introducing single-serve grab-and-go options for the consumer on the move. Julia Meck, founding partner of Maple Hill Creamery, said the seven-year-old company

views their drinkable yogurt offerings as both snacks and as meal replacements, depending on a consumer’s appetite. On its website, the company calls its line of drinkables a “100 percent grass-fed meal-in-a-bottle.” “It’s the convenience for when you’re running out the door, you grab it out of the fridge, chug it down, you’re getting on the train or the bus, you don’t need a spoon,” Meck said. Drinkable yogurts have a wide consumer base, Meck said, but one of the top groups is millennials. Young professionals, moms, teenagers, and athletes are all frequent buyers. And while the category is nascent, it is growing steadily, bolstered by larger brands


such as Chobani, Yoplait, and Lifeway who have introduced drinkables to their mainstream yogurt lines. “I think it took some time, it wasn’t a normal thing,” Meck said. “But I feel like other brands that are bigger than us have launched drinkable yogurts and that has helped put it on the map, and that has helped us to build the value in our SKU.” While drinkable yogurt has tended to portray itself domestically, as much a snack for children as for busy moms, other companies are looking to expand the consumer base. Florida-based Powerful Yogurt promotes itself as both a yogurt and a protein drink, offering 20g of protein in each of its drinks.

With a bullhorns logo on its black bottle, the company attempts to appeal to both athletes and energy-seeking consumers. Founder and CEO Carlos Ramirez told BevNET that when the company first launched, it presented itself as a yogurt for men, in order to counter the female-centric advertising narrative that has long dominated the yogurt category. But since launching in 2012, Ramirez said that the brand has found a near-equal gender balance among its consumers. “We have women saying ‘hey, I’m powerful too,’” Ramirez said. “But we also have active guys. The ironmen, all those guys are really hardcore and they use our product a lot.”



e v i s o l p Ex

New Lo ok Simply ng R e f r es h i taste





Proudly brewed in the USA




Blu Dot Protein Tea now available throughout California with Natural Food Purveyors and has its New Cherry Mango flavor available in KEHE. Blue Dot is a fruit-flavored green tea fortified with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. Chimp Food, alongside its distribution through Whole Foods, is now being sold at H-E-B grocery stores at 119 locations throughout Texas. The brand has also unveiled a redesigned label featuring the words “Food Drink” to help consumers understand the meal replacement category. Fawen, makers of a ready-to-drink soup, have launched in the New York Metro area with three flavors – Broccoli & Cauliflower, Sweet Potato & Red Lentil, and Beet & Cabbage. The line is certified organic and sold in 16.9 oz. Tetra Pak containers. Labrada Nutrition has launched the New Café Mocha Lean Body Readyto-Drink Protein Shake. Fortified with 40g of lean protein and contains zero sugar, it is gluten-free and lactose-free. The beverage is intended for anytime consumption whether it’s a snack, a meal, or right after a workout. Protein2o is launching a new cleanlabel line featuring four new flavors containing 10g of whey protein isolate and crafted with all-natural ingredients. The new line includes Kawaiola Coconut, Acai Blueberry Pomegranate, Peach Mango and Dragonfruit Blackberry varieties in 16.9 oz. bottles. Soylent has brought on former KeVita chief strategy officer Bryan Crowley to serve as president. This follows a $50 million venture capital funding round which will help facilitate a move into retail. As well, the company has rede-


signed its ready-to-drink bottles and has announced new cafe line featuring “coffiest,” chai, and vanilla flavors. Seawater Food and Beverage Co. Joining a lemonade and a tomato juice, Seawater Food and Beverage Co. has added a drinkable gazpacho to their ready-to-drink ZUMO Juice Co. brand. ZUMO is currently available in Central Markets throughout Texas, online at Amazon.com and at YummyBazaar.com. Tio Gazpacho, maker of drinkable soups, has released two new flavors: Maiz, made with corn, roasted poblano, and lime; and Fresa, made with strawberry, basil, and romaine. Urban Remedy has released a line of meal replacement smoothies blended with nutrient-rich ingredients including chia seeds, maca root, pea protein, fresh fruits and leafy greens. The flavors include Mint Cacao Chip and fruity Green Berry. All products are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO. Vega has entered the ready-to-drink market with its Protein+ Shake. The shelf-stable, non-GMO shakes contain 20g of protein sourced from pea, hemp, and pumpkin seed, vitamins and minerals, 3-4g of fiber, 1g of Omega-3 ALA, and a veggie mix made from leafy greens, green algae, and vegetables. Currently the line includes chocolate and vanilla varieties. A 4-pack retails with an SRP of $9.99. Zupa Noma has released a new package design, giving increased prominence to the brand’s organic certification and introducing the phrases “Superfood Soup” and “Ready-to-Enjoy” to better communicate the drinkable soup’s healthiness and tastiness to consumers.

20 1 7 P O W E R FE AT URE

by jeffrey klineman Momentum. Gravity. Nature. All powerful forces indeed, but in the food and beverage business, things are moved by a different set: Influence. Dollars. Trends. Disruption. We’ve set up this year’s power feature to show who is marking their territory, driving sales, and setting the terms of the discussion. 68 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017

POWER PLAYS WE’VE SEEN SO FAR IN 2017 Amazon Buys Whole Foods

This is the big one, although it’ll still take time for the results to be digested. Meanwhile, however, John Foraker gets to stick around, Jeff Bezos gets a new toy, and the rest of the industry has to adapt to the new, e-commerce driven reality. We await our orderby-drone, while Instacart makes deals to survive

and Wal-Mart prepares a counterattack.

Ben Weiss Leaves Bai

He was billed as the voice of innovation at DPSG for years to come, but something went sour just a few months after Weiss turned over the keys to Larry Young. Insiders say there was a really, really loud argument. Others

insist Weiss has a lot of money to use to dry any tears he might have. The rest of us wonder what might have been.

Executive Exits

Established CEOs Kevin Klock (Talking Rain), Tim Brown (Nestle Waters North America), Gerry David (Celsius), and Chris Reed (Reed’s) all moved on from their roles; meanwhile highranking execs Joth Ricci


The co-founder of sports drink brand BodyArmor has declared that the company is “not here for bronze medals; it’s gold or nothing.” Repole, who co-founded vitaminwater as well, has stocked his team with veterans from the company that made him rich. BodyArmor is entering uncharted territory for an entrepreneurial sports drink company, with a share of two percent and growing.

Greg Steltenpohl

The Odwalla co-founder is making waves at Califia Farms, which has

pulled in massive investment and is growing a plant-based, coffee-rich platform at 62.

David Smith

Following the sale of Sweet Leaf Tea to Nestle Waters North America, Smith was ready to put the beverage business behind him. But just two years after the sale, he’s back in the game with High Brew Coffee.

Sheryl O’Loughlin and Palo Hawken As strong a pair to ever hug it out in the office, the former Clif Bar CEO and Plum

founder has combined forces with Hawken, the innovation wizard from Bossa Nova, to create an earthy brew of adaptogenic, protein-rich drinks that are once again pushing the edge.

Bill Creelman

Creelman, who helped pioneer the premium cocktail mixer segment as the co-founder of Stirrings, finds himself once again changing the way people think about legacy beverage categories. As the founder of Spindrift, one of most dynamic brands in the sparkling water category, Creelman is back in the saddle again.

and Chris Lansing left Stumptown and Naked Emerging Brands, respectively.

We’ll see who taught the most to whom.

In order to absorb WhiteWave, Danone had to do this, but it makes for an interesting situation: Stonyfield is once again competing with its former parent company.

with bad press, strange flavors, and a troubled CEO. But the brand has turned its share price – and revenue – around behind a focus on carbonation, not cola. Now it’s looking to acquire.

Revival of Sale of Stonyfield Sodastream Two years ago, it was Farm to Lactalis on the brink of collapse,


This term invokes images of fields of green leafy veggies and everything consumers think is good for them. Only downside? You could also stick it on a cow.


While the U.N. sponsored “Year of the Pulse” was officially 2016, this term for certain types of legumes hasn’t lost its popularity for conveying plantbased protein sources.

“Flexitarian Friendly”

Defining a flexitarian lifestyle can sometimes be tricky, but generally

the term refers to consumers who try to make some, if not a majority, of their meals plant-based.


While this term is clear and to the point, the downside is that it can sometimes leave consumers wondering, “if it’s not meat, what is it?”

“Made with Pasture Raised Plants”

Spotted on a soon to be released package of “burger” meat from Tofurky, the term brings fun and whimsy to what can sometimes be an overly serious category. 69


ZX Ventures/The High End

These two divisions have cherry-picked craft breweries and other emerging and innovative companies, but they’ve also moved to expand beyond beer to kombucha, tea-and-beer Radlers, and even media properties and homebrew suppliers.

Direct to Consumer Sales

Nearly 10 percent of U.S. craft beer was sold through a brewery taproom or retail storefront in 2016, as more consumers visited breweries to sample and purchase products directly from the producers themselves. And growler laws continue to loosen.

Craft Beer Cellar

Launched in Massachusetts in 2010 by entrepreneurs Suzanne Schalow and Kate Baker, the Craft Beer Cellar franchise has rapidly scaled to 33 locations across 15 states. With a growing footprint, the duo are highly influential: they recently made headlines for pledging to blacklist beer they deemed “unfit for consumption.”

Hazy IPAs

Also known as “New England IPAs,” they’re unfiltered, aggressively hopped, and cloudy. Some traditionalist brewers have criticized

them as untrue to the style, but companies like Massachusetts-based Trillium Brewing, which has built a multi-million dollar business around the beers, disagree. “Haze is really just a byproduct of trying to make the most aromatically hoppy beer we can,” Zach Page, the director of brewing operations at Trillium told NPR earlier this year.

Tony Magee

He’s brought massive scale and global ambition to craft, at a rate that forced other operations to accelerate their plans or try to define themselves locally. With Heineken now in control, he’s got money to burn.


Justin Timberlake – Bai

Leonardo DiCaprio – Runa, Hippeas

Three years in and the connection is still strong; BodyArmor is developing a roster of athletes that could even give Gatorade a fight on the field.

Timberlake didn’t take long to cash in on this investment; Dr Pepper Snapple Group paid $1.7 billion for the fast-growing brand just a few months after the deal was announced. Still, he’s outlasted the CEO who brought him on, Ben Weiss, and an appearance in a well-received Super Bowl commercial ratcheted up brand awareness.

DiCaprio is just one of several investors supporting this natural energy tea, alongside Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans, but he’s the only one who has joined the board and pledged his shares to indigenous community groups in the Amazon.

Beyonce – WTRMLN WTR She’s not just endorsing the new BLNDs line, she’s also saluting her partners, calling them “innovative female leaders” who “inspire us with their creativity.”


Will and Jaden Smith – Just Water Bottle from paper, cap from sugarcane, investment from famous father and son acting team.



†CELSIUS alone does not produce weight loss in the absence of a healthy diet and moderate exercise. In a 10 week clinical study published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition, with sedentary men and women, the group who drank one CELSIUS per day experienced Significantly Better Results.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


At the Summer Fancy Food Show both Mike’s Mighty Good, from the Dr. McDougall’s team, and One Culture highlighted new instant soup cups. It’s cupof-noodles for a more adventurous generation.

Jerky and Meat Snacks

Long gone are the days of mystery meat in a tube form or overly dried-out jerky. With Duke’s, Field Trip and KRAVE all competing in convenience, options have gotten a lot meatier on shelves.

Rice Crispy Treats Gummies Having sold KRAVE to Hershey’s, entrepreneur Jon Sebastiani has set his sights on the humble marshmallow. Now his Sonoma Brands group is expanding the platform with Smash Crispy, a treat that really snaps, crackles and pops.

Shelves this year saw plenty of gummies in every shape and taste. From more sophisticated Rosé or beer gummies from Sugarfina to honey-sweetened options from The Lovely Candy Company, there were plenty of options to chew over.

Mac and Cheese

Loved by all ages, mac and cheese has shed it’s neon orange glow. Although Annie’s White Cheddar is still a classic with the natural set, competitors such as Banza and Modern Table Meals have also brought legume based options to the set.


Representative product companies include Soylent, Ripple Foods, Impossible Foods, and Blue Bottle Coffee, but it also scored big with Wal-Mart’s acquisition of retail platform Jet. Also, yeah, it was in on Juicero.

Tao Capital Partners

The Hyatt-owning Pritzker family fund, Tao has a full sustainable food and agriculture focus, investing so far in Hampton Creek, Soylent, Ripple, Revolution Foods and more. Agtech plays include Apeel Sciences

and Granular farm management software. Also, they’re fueling food demand by investing heavily in marijuana businesses. And they avoided Juicero.

Khosla Ventures

Think lifecycle up to the last mile: Sun Micro co-founder Vinod Khosla is betting on efficient farms through Granular and Clear Labs; Aloha, Kite Hill, Hampton Creek and Impossible Foods will offer up plant-based nutrition, flavored, perhaps, with NuTek Salt. Instacart will get it there.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Well known software and tech investor, it’s in Beyond Meat, Juicero (natch!), Instacart and platforms like partner Amol Desphande’s Farmer’s Edge Laboratories.

Acre Partners

With Campbell Soup Co. as the fund’s sole limited partner, this $125 million fund has spread its bets between real food companies (Safe & Fair, Back to the Roots) and wide-ranging bets on agriculture, food production, and biotech. Oh, and Juicero.


A chef, food advocate, network star, and the co-founder of Food Policy Action Education Fund, in the past five years Colicchio has moved from serving food to serving notice to politicians that their votes on food issues are also on the table.

Sam Kass

A different kind of celebrity chef, Kass has gone from public employee to power broker, graduating from the White House kitchen to a high-profile nutrition policy job, and then parlaying that into a wide-ranging portfolio of roles, including work as an investor, pundit, and technology advocate. 72 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017

Michele Simon

She’s gone from activist and investigator to commercial force. Simon, who once wrote “Appetite for Profit,” a book about the negative effects of the food industry, is now working on behalf of companies in the space, as the founder and leader of the Plant Based Food Association. She’s moved from the politics of your plate to putting the food there.

Doug Rauch

First, he brought Trader Joe’s to the East Coast. Then, the man who launched a thousand salsas and taught retailers that private label can be a profit center turned

on the Daily Table, a new form of supermarket determined to provide affordable, wholesome food to the economically disadvantaged and underserved. It’s not for profit, but it’s not for free, either – and that’s the part that provides the dignity.

Mark Bittman

Long the recipe-provider-in-chief for the harried, Bittman’s journey has taken him from reporter to columnist, to activist to investor. Sure, the position at the Purple Carrot didn’t last long, but his next act was as a representative of Jana Partners – the hedge fund that shook Whole Foods to its foundation, ending up as one of its proposed board members.

Sustainability Matters Let’s talk about making simple BETTER choices.

Expo West #8915






Natural Products

Baltimore Convention Center,

September 13 – 16

More than 160 different

Expo East 2017,

Baltimore, MD

Expo Hours:

beverage brands

Produced by New

Sept. 14 & 15: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

and approximately

Hope Network

Sept 16: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

30,000 attendees

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS Wednesday, Setp 14: 8:30 a.m. – 10 a.m.

Friday, Sept. 15: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Carlotta Mast – Founder, Wholly Bites and Chief Author,

Jonathan Safran Foer – Author, “Eating Animals,” “Everything

NEXT Natural Products Industry Forecast

Is Illuminated,” “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close”



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Detox Water (Superleaf LLC)


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ICONIC - Natural Protein Drink


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Essentia Water, Inc.


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Sanavi USDA Certified Organic Flavored Sparkling Spring Waters

Obrigado Premium 100% Coconut Beverages. A Difference You Can Taste.

100% All Natural, Inc.

Aurantiaca USA, LLC

Brooklyn Organics Ginger Ale - 100% Zippy, 0% Sugar

Agua Brands

BCGA Concept Corp.

Agua Fruit Essence is packed with hydrating electrolytes and natural fruit essences, and is zero calorie, zero carbs, zero sweeteners of any kind. Now available in a new 20 oz. size with two delicious new flavors, Watermelon and Blueberry Coconut.

A new line of sugarfree, USDA-organic ginger ales, gently sweetened with Stevia. Enjoy all of the zip of a traditional ginger ale, with none of the calories. Comes in a variety of flavors to suit every mood: Classic, Cola, Acai, Coconut, and Guava.

Hot Brewed - Cold Pressed. Experience the Difference Black Medicine

BCGA Concept Corp.

We own more than 400,000 trees, and bottle Obrigado right on our farm in Bahia, Brazil. Thanks to our patented extraction method, Obrigado Coconut Water tastes like you’re drinking from a fresh coconut. Never from concentrate. No Additives. Non-GMO.

Natural spring water with just the right amount of carbonation infused with simple organic fruit flavors. Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Kosher Certified. 6 flavors - Strawberry, Lemon, Lime, Coconut, Blueberry and Orange Mango. Agua Fruit Essence- Fruit Essence + Electrolytes, Zero everything else

Brooklyn Crafted Ginger Beer: Looking for an Extra Spicy Ginger Kick?

A different kind of iced coffee. Unlike cold brews, our fresh-roasted coffee is brewed hot under oxygen-free pressure to extract the essence from every bean, and then cold pressed. The result is full-bodied and complex, yet smooth and balanced.

Brooklyn Crafted brings the heat, with real, unfiltered ginger you can see! Our Ginger Beer is great on its own or as a mixer, and comes sweetened with pure cane sugar or Stevia. For less heat and all the flavor, we also offer sugar free Ginger Ale. ICONIC Protein - Healthy Snacking Meets Great Taste

"5000 Years of Wisdom in a Bottle" Available in 4 Flavors

Be Well Nutrition, Inc. ICONIC is the most delicious drinkable snack you’ll ever taste. Lean, clean ingredients with three delicious flavors sporting a blend of 20g of premium protein from Grass-Fed Hormone Free Cows, 3g sugar sweetened with Organic Blue Agave, and 130 Cal.

ALO Drink + Aloe Coco – The Perfect Duo

Avitae is healthy hydration with a natural energy boost

ALO Drink by SPI West Port Inc.

Avitae USA, LLC

ALO Drink is the #1 brand of RTD aloe vera beverages in the US grocery & natural channels. All drink varieties are made with real aloe vera straight from the leaf, never from powder. ALO Drink and Aloe Coco are Non-GMO Project verified, gluten-free, fat-free, and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Five distinct lines make up the ALO portfolio, including its newest offering – Aloe Coco. The new Aloe Coco line consists of two different varieties – original Aloe Coco and Aloe Coco + Watermelon. Aloe Coco is a blend of just two ingredients – pure coconut water and real aloe vera juice – while Aloe Coco + Watermelon adds watermelon juice. The ALO Original line consists of 10 unique flavors in 16.9 oz bottles, with select varieties available in 50.7 oz bottles as well. Four of ALO’s top flavors make up the ALO Pulp-Free line, which blends pureed aloe vera with other fine ingredients for a smoother sip, all in 16. oz. bottles. The ALO Light line consists of three unique flavors with half the sugar and half the calories of the original line, all in 16.9 oz bottles. Two of the top ALO Original flavors are also reinterpreted into creating the distinct ALO Essentials line , all in 11.8 oz bottles. For more information, please visit ALO’s new website at www.alodrink.com. 80 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017

Blue Buddha Tea Made in Ayurvedic tradition, Blue Buddha Tea combines green tea, fruit extracts and beneficial herbs like Ashwagandha, for a tea that promotes acuity, immunity and vitality. Blue Buddha Teas are organic and contain only 40 calories per bottle.

Avitae USA, LLC is the leading caffeinated water company in the U.S. and provides consumers with an alternative to less healthy caffeinated beverages and sugary drinks. As an independent company, Avitae is committed to providing the healthy hydration you need with the natural caffeine boost and instant-go that you want. Avitae offers lightly fruit flavored and unflavored non-carbonated caffeine waters that vary in caffeine levels to fit all lifestyles, including 45mg, 90mg and 125mg. Its four flavors include: Pomegranate Acai, Tangerine, Blackberry and Strawberry Guava. In 2016, Avitae introduced a line of lightly fruit flavored and unflavored carbonated caffeine waters “Sparkling Avitae.” It is offered in the 90mg caffeine level and four flavors: Black Cherry, Raspberry Lime, Berry Kiwi and Mandarin Passion Fruit. Avitae also announced a line of energy drinks, “Avitae XR,” that features cutting-edge, patented bead-based technology that delivers extended-release caffeine for long-term energy with no crash. It is offered in three flavors: Orange, Mixed Berry and Lemon Lime. Avitae has national distribution partnerships with KeHE Distributors, LLC., UNFI, and DPI Specialty Foods. For more information, visit www.goavitae.com or contact sales@avitaeusa.com.


GET SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES AND PRICING: sponsor@bevnet.com • brewboundsession.com/sponsor

Blüm - Raising The Social Bar For Non & Light Drinkers (Zen & Uplift)

For Good Natured Living - Bössi Kids Tea

Brands Within Reach

Blüm Beverages,


Elegant, Alcohol-Free, Botanical Elixirs. Packaged in 750 ml cocktail bottles. Served chilled in wine/cocktail glasses. Offered at restaurants, bars, retail, parties & events. Non-Drinkers now have a delicious, healthy, adult like, social beverage.

Born in South Africa. Brewed in the US. We believe in the goodness of Rooibos. Bössi Kids Tea brings the benefits of tea to children without any caffeine, artificial flavors or juice. Our iced teas are delicious and conveniently packaged.

Bontá - Abundant in Goodness, Deliciously Low in Calories

Jax Coco – Sparkling Coconut Water

Personalize to Energize with Califia Farms' NEW Concentrated Cold Brew


Califia Farms

For centuries, Bontá's Mediterranean sourced ingredients have been the dietary foundation of the healthiest people on earth. Bontá offers four SKUs: Fortify Blueberry, Vitalize Cherry, Revive Blood Orange, and Glow Lemon Ginger. Live. Drink. Well.

Califia Farms' new 2.5x Concentrated Cold Brew is available in three great flavors: Signature Blend, Mocha, and Vanilla Tolteca. Made from Direct Trade, 100% Arabica coffee from Columbia and Central America. Starts to ship on 8/13/17.

Volvic Natural Spring Water Brands Within Reach


Qure Alkaline Water Brands Within Reach

Growth & Innovation Brew Dr. Kombucha

Organic Cactus Water: Cactus + Lime with Fresh Ginger CALIWATER

After forecasting continued 100% growth for 2017, Brew Dr. Kombucha is on pace to hit 185%. Like many kombucha brands, Brew Dr. is encountering new demand all over the US. The company recently celebrated the 1-year anniversary of it’s new 50,000 square foot Portland, Oregon brewery. It is continuing to make additions to the facility to keep pace with expanded sales agreements from vendor partners Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Kroger, Albertson’s/Safeway, and others.

Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project. - Refreshing Taste. Rare Antioxidants. From a Cactus. 11.2 oz Tetra Pak

CELSIUS - Natural Line Now Available!

“Every part of production is done in-house, which is something we take great pride in,” states Founder & CEO Matt Thomas. “However it also means moving as fast as we responsibly can to meet our commitments. We didn’t think we’d have to make the upgrades to our facility that we’re making now until mid-2018. It’s a challenge, but we’ve got a great team executing it.” Brew Dr. recently released two new innovative flavors: Summer Seasonal Mango Habanero, and permanent addition Mint Lemonade. Both flavors continue the Townshend’s Tea Company / Brew Dr. Kombucha approach of making raw kombucha from high-quality tea and botanicals. No juices, extracts or other flavors are added. The entire flavor profile comes from steeping the recipe of dry ingredients. Available nationally. NITRO Cold Brew Coffee & Tea – Single Origin Coffee and Tea RTD Caveman Coffee Co

5 NEW Refrigerated CERES ORGANIC 100% Pure Fruit Juices. CERES Organic 100% Pure Fruit New CERES Organic refrigerated 100% Pure Fruit Juice range available in 5 exotic fruits from carefully selected certified farms to bring you Nature’s Perfect Juice. No added sugars, no preservatives and no artificial flavors. NON GMO, USDA & Kosher. SPRITZEL - A low calorie carbonated apple cider vinegar drink

Celsius Holdings, Inc.

Cide Road

CELSIUS is a Fitness Drink proven to accelerate metabolism and burn calories & body fat while providing healthy energy. CELSIUS Naturals was launched in March 2017, this new line extension is both naturally sweetened and naturally caffeinated!

From the company behind the #1 national switchel brand comes something just as different. We call it “Spritzel”. It’s a sparkling beverage with unique combinations of organic fruit juices, botanical essence and a tangy kick of Apple Cider Vinegar.

CORE Hydration CORE

Caveman Coffee Co RTD cold brew products start with hand picked ingredients from farms that we know and build relationships with. Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee beans and Organic tea ingredients provide smooth flavors and beautiful textures. Master Roasted and brewed by one of the top 10 roasters in the world our products are award winning and recognized in the specialty world as, “stunning, smooth and perfect flavor.” The nitrogen added to our cold brewed products gives a velvet finish on the tongue and a sparkling eforvencece when poured. Nitro Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea is one of a kind. Herbal and made with organic ingredients. The combo of Hibiscus and Camomile gives a sweet taste that is sugar free. 16 oz -1 year shelf stable. Our Nitro Cold Brew Coffee is the only Single Estate Nitro Cold Brew on the market. Rainforest Alliance Certified, hand picked, master roasted in small batches and cold brewed for 16 hours. . 8 oz of pure energy that is smooth and never bitter. This is a refrigerated product with a 9 month shelf life. Contact wholesale@cavemancoffee.co 83

CORE Organic

Organic Tastes Better! Drink Daily Greens


Sparkling Organic Flavored Coconut Water!

Daily Greens

Diversified Beverages LLC

Enjoy 7 servings of 100% organic, nutrient dense vegetable and fruit juice, cold-pressed into every bottle. Made from raw, organic and fair trade ingredients. Get a delicious dose of pure and simple green goodness into every body - every day! Diabolo Naturally Crafted French Soda

Finally, the goodness of coconut water with the refreshment of carbonation! Cocomazing is a sparkling organic flavored coconut water available in Limon, Blood Orange, Cherry Pomegranate & Peach Mango; organic & only 40 calories per bottle! Introducing EVIVA Collagen Elixir in three flavors

DIABOLO BEVERAGE CO., LLC Diabolo is a collection of lightly carbonated beverages with natural flavors that are delicious without the guilt. With only 30 calories per 8 oz., you can enjoy Diabolo Blueberry Lemonade for lunch, at the beach or as a mixer in your favorite drink! NO CRASH, NO JITTERS: DARK DOG ORGANIC ENERGY DRINK Dark Dog Organic Energy Drink

EVIVA We take water which you need to drink every day, and add collagen protein with a hint of flavor to make a delicious and refreshing drink with benefits. Collagen protein is essential to healthy skin, hair, bones and joints.

DRY Sparkling Introduces New Flavors And Seasonal Offerings DRY Soda Co.

Craft soda category leader, DRY Sparkling, has introduced new flavors and seasonal offerings to its growing culinary-inspired line. The new additions include bold and spicy Ginger DRY Sparkling in 12 oz. aluminum cans, juicy new Watermelon DRY Sparkling in 12 oz. glass bottles, and limited edition 750 mL holiday-inspired bottles of Ginger and Cranberry DRY Sparkling. Made with four simple ingredients, including a touch of cane sugar, each DRY variety is developed to honor the true flavors of fruit, flowers and herbs. DRY is perfect to pair with a meal, mix into a signature cocktail, or to sip solo. DRY Sparkling beverages are Non-GMO Project Verified, caffeine-free, gluten-free, OU certified kosher, and sodium-free, with only 45-70 calories and 11-19 grams of sugar per 12 oz. serving. The line is available in eleven flavor-forward, crisp, refreshing varieties and is distributed nationwide. For more information, pairing ideas and craft cocktail inspiration, please visit: www.drysparkling.com. 84 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017


2 0 1 7


Drive the

Growth of Emerging Food Brands

GET SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES AND PRICING: sponsor@bevnet.com • noshlive.com/sponsor

Supercharged Ionized Alkaline Water That’s Better at Rehydrating* Essentia Water LLC

Pioneered in 1998, Essentia is the #1 alkaline water brand sold nationally and the #1 selling bottled water brand in natural grocery stores. Essentia’s unique proprietary process creates supercharged ionized alkaline water with a 9.5 or higher pH and a clean, smooth taste which has shown to be better at rehydrating vs. a leading bottled water according to a recent clinical study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN). Essentia is the only bottled water brand listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference, an industry guide for medical physicians that supports prescribing decisions and patient adherence to improve health. *Learn about the hydration study published in the JISSN at essentiawater.com.

New Evolution Fresh Organic Superfoods Goldenmilk

SERIOUSLY GOOD WATER: Earth's Goodest Spring Water

Evolution Fresh

GIVN Water

Evolution Fresh Organic Superfoods Goldenmilk gets a fresh twist in this blend of turmeric, coconut milk, bright orange, mango and pineapple finished with vanilla, ginger and cinnamon.

The rumors are true. Our heroically delicious bottle of H2O funds one day of clean water for a person in need + it's naturally alkaline, brimming with electrolytes and positively tasty. Discover the only bottle of water you can feel good about. GIVN.

FYLO - 2-ounce, digestive wellness shot

Go Fast Energy Zero, Natural, Stevia, 0 Calories, 0 Sugar


Go Fast Energy

FYLO is an easyto-use, natural alternative beverage that addresses the underlying causes of digestive discomfort. The ingredients are a combination of bitter herbs and minerals that help promote the body’s natural production of digestive enzymes.

Zero calorie, zero sugar energy drink naturally sweetened with stevia. No artificial preservatives. No high fructose corn syrup. No aspartame. 16oz can. 80mg of caffeine per serving. Loaded with B-Vitamins. The healthier alternative.


FIJI Water: Natural Artesian Water Bottled At The Source in Fiji FIJI Water

FIJI® Water, natural artesian water bottled at the source in Viti Levu (Fiji islands), is the No. 1 premium imported bottled water in the United States, known for its iconic square shape, smooth, soft taste and unique mineral profile. FIJI Water has a new slim, sleek bottle design. With this new design, FIJI Water’s 330mL, 500mL and 700mL SKUs now fit effortlessly everywhere. This includes the primary consumption occasion for bottled water, in the car, as well as fitness equipment, gym bags and beyond. The 1L FIJI Water bottle, found in-store or in fine dining establishments, also received the new fresh look. All updated FIJI Water bottles retain the iconic square shape, soft, smooth taste and naturally occurring electrolytes that consumers have come to know and love. The convenient shape of the 500mL and 700mL specifically makes it the perfect choice for a vigorous spinning class, personal training session, daily commute or travel. FIJI Water is bottled at the source in Fiji at an ancient artesian aquifer deep within the earth, where it is protected from external impurities. As tropical rain slowly filters through volcanic rock, it gathers the electrolytes and minerals that give FIJI Water its signature soft, smooth taste. It’s untouched by man - until you unscrew the cap. Naturally alkaline spring water in an eco-friendly pack Flow Water

Recover with OXiGEN™ Formula Four Beverages Inc.

Tea of a Kind Gizmo Beverages

Organic Ginger Shots – All Natural Cold Pressed Juice and Ginger Shots Ginger Shots, Inc.

Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha – Organic & Gluten Free Good Omen Bottling

Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha is a unique cousin of kombucha that is fermented with honey rather than sugar. It is full of naturally occurring probiotics and certified organic ingredients. At Ginger Shots we’re an athletic, health-minded bunch with an inclusive, fun, and collaborative nature. We believe in healthy living through eating and drinking all natural products and staying active to help shake off the effects of the daily grind. This is why we created Ginger Shots; the simplest (and tastiest) way to incorporate organic ginger into your daily diet.

With 9 different flavors to choose from, including Blueberry Basil, Cilantro Ginger Lime, Raspberry Goji Rose, Chai Pear, Tropical Turmeric, Blackberry Mint, Rosemary Lemon, Lavender Love and Mango Ginger, Wild Tonic pleases your taste buds.

We don’t believe in water-based energy drinks, or sugar-laden soft drinks. Ginger Shots are cold pressed and cold preserved using high-pressure processing (HPP) to ensure the freshest taste possible. Blended with one of six varieties of organic, cold pressed fruit juices, Ginger Shots go down smooth and quickly absorb into your body giving you an organic blast of WOW and revitalizing your senses. A happy life is a simple life. So go ahead, give nature a shot. 87

H2Om Water With Intention - Premium Award Winning Natural Spring Water

High in Fiber – Whole Food Organic Beverage

H2Om International, Inc. Since 2004 H2Om Water with Intention has promoted positive energy for people and the planet. The H2Om motto "Think it while you Drink it"® encourages you to use the words on the positive themed labels as a reminder to create daily personal intention. H2OPS Sparkling Hop Water Unsweetened - 0 Alcohol - 0 Calories

Alta Palla Organic Sparkling Waters

Harvest Soul Organic

Hiball Inc

Hint Inc.

NEW LOOK! Grab 'n Go Nutrition. Our juices are blended, not coldpressed, preserving lots of healthy fiber! 4 veggie/fruit blends, w/veggie as first ingredient. No concentrates, no added sugars or flavors. Organic; NonGMO; HPP; 12 oz/6k

Alta Palla Organic Sparkling Waters are first to market in a 16oz can format, perfect for retailers looking for a fully organic certified single serve sparkling water opportunity in the premium sparkling water category. Alta Palla All Day!

Hint® is water—just more delicious. Subtly infused with natural fruit essences, Hint’s delightful flavored waters are free of sugar and diet sweeteners. With more than 19 delicious flavors to choose from including blackberry, watermelon and pineapple.

hellowater - natural essence water - 0 sugar 5g fiber-Inspire. Health.

Hiball Energy

Gluten Free Electrolyte Drink with CO-Q10, Low Sugar & High Potassium


Hello Beverages LLC

Hiball Inc

Using a variety of craft brewing techniques like dry hopping, we coax out all the hoppy goodness of our select Northwest hop blend. The result is a refreshing (not bitter) sparkling water with the complex subtle citrus flavors you find in craft beer.

hellowater - natural essence water with 0 sugar and 5g fiber to aid in a healthy lifestyle. hellowater launches 5 inspiring flavors in SMILE, LAUGH, LIVE, LOVE & DANCE. High source of fiber, hellowater is setting a new standard in functional beverage.

Hiball Energy is the #1 best selling energy drink for the health-conscious consumer: premium, refreshing Sparkling Energy Waters, Organic Energy Drinks and Fair Trade Cold Brew Coffee + Energy. Hiball: It's All Good!

Hawaii Volcanic Naturally Alkaline Artesian Water

Cold Brew for Those Who Do

Hawaii Volcanic Beverages

High Brew Coffee

Hawaii Volcanic is a Mission focused brand that promotes “Living Aloha” by being positive, healthy, active, and kind to others and to the Earth. We are an ultra-premium natural beverage and life-style company that proudly manufactures delicious wellness beverages from Hawaii. Our beverages are sustainably sourced from our private, abundant, naturally alkaline artesian mineral water aquifer. This pristine Source of Life has been receiving 2 billion gallons of daily recharge water from clean tropical rain and snow for a million years. The source is located at our new bottling plant on the wet and beautiful rainforest side of Hawaii Island. The water has a naturally alkaline pH level of 8.0 plus, which helps to properly hydrate by reducing the high levels of acidity in our bodies. The water is responsibly packaged in beautiful, re-usable crystal glass bottles, and in earth friendly up-cycled (RPET) bottles. After years of building relationships of trust and respect with Hawaiian Kapuna (elders) and Konohiki (stewards of the resources) we are grateful and proud to have received their blessings for this important project. Through our PONO (Doing what’s right) programs, every Hawaii Volcanic beverage sold benefits Hawaii, the people of Hawaii, and the Earth. www.hawaiivolcanic.com 88 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017

Hint® Fruit-Infused Water

Hydro One Premium Beverages BÖDE SPORT- the first sports drink with Co-Q10 for rapid muscle recovery. A low calorie Electrolyte drink, it has 1/3 the sugar & sodium of most sports drinks. High potassium & low sodium blend prevents cramping. Gluten free in 2 great flavors.

A delightful combination of crisp grapefruit and Pacific Northwest hops Humm Kombucha

Matcha LOVE® ITO EN (North America) INC.

Taking a modern take on an ancient ritual, Matcha LOVE® celebrates the authentic taste and restorative powers of Japan’s famed green tea powder-matcha. Brewed with premium green tea, Matcha LOVE® offers the vitality of consuming the entire tea leaf with a natural energy boost and fresh umami taste. Authentically brewed with 100% pure matcha and whole leaf green tea, Matcha LOVE ® is available in Organic Non-GMO unsweetened flavors with 350 mg of Catechin Tea Antioxidants and Vitamin C. With Traditional, Ginger and Vanilla flavors in BPA Free recyclable bottles and no fuss unsweetened and sweetened cans, the innovative Matcha LOVE® leads the trend in all things Matcha. The awardwinning line is not only healthy and delicious, but offers a pure Matcha experience without the traditional preparation of this revered green tea powder. Ceremonial and culinary matcha powder is also available for wholesale food service. HyVIDA - Hydrogen Infused Spring Water - Super Antioxidant Properties

"Jitter-Free" Organic Energy Made From Tea - Available in 3 Flavors

HyVIDA Brands, Inc.

Inko's Tea

A Pure Functional Beverage with just 2 ingredients: Mt Fuji Spring Water & Hydrogen. Over 500 medical studies support drinking Hydrogen Infused water daily: Neutralizes Oxidative Stress, Stimulates Metabolism, Athletic Performance, Recovery & Memory.

Inko’s combines organic tea and other essential organic ingredients for a jitter-free ® energy beverage with only 100 calories per can. Because it's made with tea, Inko's Energy contains valuable antioxidants and is also noncarbonated.

Icebox Coffee Cold Brew Concentrate available in 4 delicious flavors

TEAS’ TEA Organic ITO EN (North America) INC.

Juiceology Mighty Red

Icebox Coffee


Cold brewed, craft-made, low calorie, dairy-free. Unique twin neck bottle allows for easy measuring to craft your perfect coffee drink. Shelf stable 9 months ambient, Certified Kosher. Also available in RTD.

Mighty Red is a smart and powerful mix of superfood fruits and veggies like beet, apple, purple carrot, cranberry, turmeric and ginger. All of that plus the added prebiotics makes it a delicious and healthy everyday option.

TEAS’ TEA Organic is a line of refreshingly delicious teas, brewed with simple, organic ingredients and bottled to yield a distinct clarity that draws out the natural taste of the tea leaf. Clean and vibrant, TEAS’ TEA Organic strives to create only the purest tea with a pristine, crisp finish. A light and invigorating alternative to sugary juices and soft drinks. TEAS’’ TEA Organic embodies the tradition of ancient tea making and meticulous brewing methods to craft its organic unsweetened and slightly sweet teas that enlighten the body and soul. Vegan, gluten-free, and free from artificial preservatives. 89

Karma Probiotics—Nationwide with three new varieties

Kombucha Wonder Drink with Living Probiotics

Karma Culture

Kombucha Wonder Drink

Karma Probiotics delivers digestive health nationwide with 3 new varieties- Kiwi Melon, Strawberry Lemonade & Tropical Coconut. Stored in the Karma Push Cap, the patented GanedenBC30 probiotic cultures survive 10X more effectively than common yogurt. KeVita® Master Brew Kombucha™ Ginger

New Probiotic Wonder Drink, in 3 delicious and innovative flavors: Thai Carrot, Strawberry Basil, & Honey Lavender. We guarantee non-alcoholic, with a 5 month shelf life, refrigerated. USDA Organic.

Kona Deep - Naturally electrolyte-rich Deep Ocean Water

KRa Organic Sports Drink: Get REAL about your sports drink!

Kona Deep

KRa Drinks for Athletes

Kona Deep is deep ocean water sourced from an electrolyte rich deep ocean current in Hawaii, 3000 feet beneath the surface. Salt is taken out but electrolytes are left in for exceptional hydration. Nothing added, nothing artificial.

KRa Organic Sports Drinks are made from simple, USDA certified organic ingredients. With electrolytes to hydrate, less sugar and nothing artificial, KRa is real.good. hydration. Get real about your sports drink, get KRa.

Kombucha Wonder Drink with added Prebiotics

Kona Gold Organic Hemp Infused Energy Drinks

LIFEAID fuels your passion with clean & refreshing nutritional blends!

Kombucha Wonder Drink

Kona Gold, LLC

LIFEAID Beverage Co.

Reap the benefits of organic hemp seed protein powder infused in every can of great tasting Kona Gold Hemp Energy Drinks.

LIFEAID creates blends of natural ingredients and nutrients. We can't say the same about other one-dimensional products whose blends are a mix of additives, sugar, & added caffeine. Our products are tailored for active lifestyles, without the junk.

KeVita, LLC Bold and Invigorating Kombucha with Live Probiotics


The best-tasting kombucha, now with Prebiotics for even more health benefits. Guaranteed non-alcoholic, Parve, 12-month shelf stable, in 14 oz bottles and USDA Organic. Available in 4 delicious flavors.

Lemoncocco – Delicious, all natural, multi purpose beverage Lemoncocco

Lemoncocco, a new premium non-carbonated beverage, is inspired by the distinct lemon and coconut stands found along the cobble-stoned streets of Rome. For years Italians have frequented these kiosks to quench their thirst and refresh their senses with a drink that reminds them of summer and Italian beaches. To create an authentic version of this classic Roman drink, we extracted the flavor of Sicilian lemons and added a splash of coconut cream, to quench your thirst and refresh your senses. With only 90 calories in a 12 ounce serving, it is light and delicious, perfect with lunch, dinner or even at happy hour. www.drinklemoncocco.com 90 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017

Lori's Original Lemonade: Organic, real juice, uniquely infused

Refreshing kick! - Made with 100% Organic Ginger Roots

Lori's Original Lemonade

MAKOMAS Enjoy the complex taste that wakes you up only to soothe you, all in one sip! We bring you the purity of ginger blended with monk fruit and lemon. Together, these thirst quenching ingredients take you to a new level of awareness.

Wild Strawberry Lemonade! Sweet red strawberries grow in the sun kissed orchards, picked when they are the juiciest & sweetest. From our organic farmers. We drench them in fresh tart lemon juice & sweeten them with organic cane sugar. Madrinas Coffee - Fair Trade Organic Cold Brew Black

Mojo Naturals Sparkling & Pure - Taste the Tropics

Madrinas Coffee


Our certified Fair Trade Organic Cold Brews allow for a smooth, mellow, less acidic coffee experience. We believe the best way to fuel your day is with #coffee4fuel.

Mojo Naturals - Pure and Sparkling Single Ingredient - Non Gmo Project Verified - Never From Concentrate - Taste the Tropics in Every Sip

Mamma Chia Organic Chia Energy Beverages Mamma Chia

Energize your day with Mamma Chia Organic Chia Energy Beverages that combine the nutritional powerhouse of chia with the natural energy source of Guayusa. Chia Energy Beverages deliver the benefits of Omega-3s, complete protein and fiber with the pure energy of Guayusa to naturally provide vitality, energy and strength to power your soul’s purpose. Each bottle of Mamma Chia Organic Chia Energy offers 2500mg Omega-3s, 4g Complete Protein and 6g Fiber, along with 90mg of Natural Caffeine – as much as a cup of coffee - without the jitters or crash. Lightly sweetened, these beverages deliver a truly refreshing drinking experience! PRODUCTS: Blackberry Blast, Cherry Charge and Raspberry Razz

Mamma Chia Organic Chia Vitality Beverages Mamma Chia

Mother Kombucha - Equal Parts Healthy & Delicious. Ten Great Flavors! Mother Kombucha Organic & vegan certified kombucha - craft brewed with fair trade teas and adaptogenic herbs. Rich with probiotics, beneficial amino acids and B vitamins. A delicious alternative to sugary sodas. Available in bottles and draft kegs.

Búcha Live Kombucha – NOW SHELF-STABLE!

Mamma Chia is the category innovator and creator of the first-to-market chia beverage. Mamma Chia Vitality Beverages are available in 10 tasty flavors. Lightly sweetened, each bottle of Mamma Chia contains 2500mg of Omega-3s, 6g of dietary fiber, 4g of complete protein and 95mg of calcium, plus valuable minerals. Award-winning Mamma Chia is a conscious and sustainable company with a mission to share the Magic of Chia by offering delicious, nutrient-rich, organic foods and beverages powered by chia. Mamma Chia is a Certified B Corporation, a founding member of Slow Money and a member of 1% for the Planet. Mamma Chia donates one percent of sales to support farmers, community groups and organizations that build healthy, local food systems. PRODUCTS: Blackberry Hibiscus, Cherry Lime, Coconut Mango, Cranberry Lemonade, Guava Mamma, Raspberry Passion, Strawberry Lemonade, Blueberry Pomegranate, Lemon Iced Tea and Ginger Lime.

Aspen Pure Probiotic Water – Go With A Pro. New Age Beverages Corporation The leading innovator in functional bottled water, Aspen Pure Probiotic Water is infused with 12 different strains of probiotics and over 10 BILLION live CFUs to deliver optimal immunity boosting and digestive health benefits. Coco Libre Coconut Water – Same Refreshing Taste With Clean New Look!

New Age Beverages Corporation

New Age Beverages Corporation

Búcha Live Kombucha’s 9-month shelf life & shelf-stable formula make it the most reliable product of its kind on the market. With a clean & complex flavor, quenching finish, and no foul vinegary aftertaste, Búcha is as approachable as kombucha gets!

Coco Libre offers active, healthconscious individuals more ways to enjoy the delicious hydrating power of organic coconut water. Meeting all of your life’s demands, Coco Libre is the go-to choice for delicious nutrition. Liberate your thirst.


Marley’s Mellow Mood - A Naturally Refreshing Way to Relax

Liovi Probiotic Drink - Patented B-30892 Probiotic for a Happy Belly!

New Age Beverages Corporation Unwind with Mellow Mood, created by the Marley Beverage Co. Made with our signature blend of relaxing herbal remedies, Mellow Mood provides mental clarity and calmness to be fully present in the moment.

Savor the Moment With Marley’s One Drop

Combining bold Jamaican coffee with four rich and decadent flavors, One Drop treats you to the blissful moments of sweet indulgence.

Recharge Naturally With RevitaliXing Energy

First to Market - RTD Butter Coffee

NuBiome, Inc.



Liovi Probiotic Drink is a drinkable yogurt that comes in two flavors: Plain and Vanilla. It's lactose-reduced and made with organic milk. This probiotic promotes a healthy intestinal balance. Healthcare practitioner recommended.

OUNCE WATER is making healthy habits easier. With a goal of consuming 80 ounces of water per day, OUNCE WATER does the math for you. Simply drink two OUNCE WATER 40oz or four OUNCE WATER 20oz bottles and you’ll reach your daily goal.

Picnik introduces the first to market RTD Butter Coffee. It comes in 3 flavors: Cappuccino, Mocha Latte & Dirty Chai. Made with responsibly sourced coffee, MCT oil, grass fed butter & whey protein, butter coffee provides sustainable energy.

New Nuun Vitamins: an electrolyte + vitamin drink for daily health

New Age Beverages Corporation

OUNCE WATER - 20oz/40oz - Premium Natural Spring Water

STOP MUSCLE CRAMPS - 100% natural Pickle Juice Sport drink

Protein2o Launches Clean-Label Protein Waters in 4 New Flavors!

Nuun & Company

Pickle Juice

Protein2o Inc.

Nuun Vitamins is a delicious new effervescent drink tablet that contains electrolytes + the vitamins most of us don't get enough of. 6 flavors, 2 with caffeine. SRP $6.99 for 12 tablets. Also try our original drink for exercise: Nuun Electrolytes.

Pickle Juice Sport and Extra Strength Pickle Juice Shots are purpose built and proven to stop muscle cramps at the neurological root. 100% natural, caffeine free, sugar free, GMO free, no artificial colors, flavors. 10x electrolytes of sports drinks.

In an effort to help support the increased demand and popularity of Protein2o, the brand is launching a new clean-label line featuring 4 new on-trend flavors containing 10g of whey protein isolate and crafted with allnatural ingredients.

Original New York Seltzer Unveils Natural Sparkling Water Line! Original New York Seltzer

RaceFuelZ Healthier Hydration 4 Great Flavors Get Rev'd Up Naturally

New Age Beverages Corporation

RaceFuelZ Healthier Hydration

Newly launched Xing Energy is a caffeinepacked, non-GMO, preservative-free, all-natural energy drink made with pure cane sugar. Xing Energy is available in four distinct flavors with a full Vitamin-B complex in every can.

RaceFuelZ produces healthier hydration within the functional drink market. With "no monster amounts of sugar and no bull" it's packed with essential vitamins & minerals that work hard for you & naturally flavored, colored & sweetened to taste great!

Award-Winning, Naturally RefreshXing Tea New Age Beverages Corporation Our preservative-free, all-natural Xing Tea portfolio features 13 dynamic & refreshing flavors. Xing’s signature taste comes from our unique 100% green tea base with a hint of black tea, using no artificial ingredients or highfructose corn syrup.


All Natural Fruit & Vegetable Juice Drink. Deliciously Unique Ralph & Charlie's Juice Well balanced juice drink, 18 oz. glass bottle, 6 flavors are Carrot based w/ one of a kind flavors Mango Carrot, Pineapple Carrot, 100% Carrot, Banana Carrot, Strawberry Carrot, Cranberry Carrot, Kiwi Apple, Multi Vitamin, Ruby Red Grapefruit & More.

Powell & Mahoney Craft Cocktail Mixers Debuts Sparkling Mixers in Cans Powell & Mahoney

Everything we do is to create a better you. Pressery

Introducing the highly anticipated launch of Powell & Mahoney’s new sparkling line which includes FABI awardwinning Blood Orange Ginger Beer, as well as Original Ginger Beer, Mojito, and Tonic. These fresh (and refreshing) additions round out the brands already acclaimed cocktail portfolio. Packaging: 12 oz. cans / 4-pack


REBBL Coconut-Milk Elixirs introduce new Cold-Brew Protein

Dairy Free Organic Chocolate Coconut Mylk - non GMO


Rebel Kitchen

REBBL's new Cold-Brew Protein delivers 12 grams of pea and sunflower protein, soulfully crafted in MCT-filled coconut-milk and smooth cold-brew coffee with super herb support from maca, ashwagandha, and reishi for endurance and recovery.

Organic coconut milk drink with cacao. Simple ingredients. Nothing added. It's what we've left out that counts.

Rebel Kitchen Organic Coconut Water 8.5oz- sustainably sourced

NEW 100% CACAO JUICE Repurposed Pod

Remedy Organics - Functional Wellness

Rebel Kitchen

Remedy Organics

Coconut Water. The way it should be. Pure, pink and sustainably sourced. Rebel Kitchen Organic Coconut water is made from organic, young green coconuts, sustainably sourced from smallholders in the Philippines.

Remedy Organics is a delicious, clean label line of hi-function plant based beverages. Our products are USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Dairy/Soy/Gluten Free.

Red Jacket Stomps: Naturally Functional. Naturally Delicious. Red Jacket Orchards

Improving the lives of Cacao Farmers Repurposed Pod has pioneered a revolutionary use of your favorite superfood, the very first juice made from the fruit of cacao. Not many people have tasted this exquisite flavor unless you’re hanging out on a cacao farm somewhere near the equator, it’s almost impossible to taste this beautifully sweet and nutritious fruit. Sustainably sourced, cold-pressed, non-GMO, 100% virgin cacao juice is available as an 8.75 fl oz multi-use bottle through KeHE and Albert’s Organics. Also available in bulk packaging; this tropical fruit’s versatility is seemingly boundless as an innovative new ingredient with it’s high brix and low PH to both sweeten and acidify! Call Repurposed Pod (717) 454-6224.

RETHINK Kid's Pack… The First Water Line Designed Entirely for Kids RETHINK Brands LLC

Ripple Foods

Who decided that only juice should go in a juice box? Introducing RETHINK Kid's Water... a zero sugar, zero calorie, zero sodium, and USDA Organic water line designed with our youngest consumers in mind.

Ripple is dairy-free as it should be: a good source of protein, low in sugar and delicious. 8 grams of plant-based protein in each cup. Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, Soy-Free, GMO-Free, 100% Vegan. Available in Unsweetened, Original, Vanilla & Chocolate.

Revive Kombucha: New 12oz Bottles For Our Naturally Fermented Brews Revive Kombucha

For nearly 60 years, we’ve been setting the standard in cold pressed juice. With continued focus on responsible farming and sustainability, Red Jacket operates a LEED Certified facility powered by 100% GREEN energy. Red Jacket Stomps are small batch, cold pressed nectars made with estate grown and native summer fruits of the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. Each of the 3 varieties contains unfiltered juice from fruits with natural functionality. Blackcurrants are loaded with Vitamin C, Apricots provide Beta Carotene, and Tart Cherries are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. These “cloudy” (unfiltered) juices maintain antioxidant levels superior to clarified juice, and contain 100% fruit juice – the brand’s promise is to never add water, sugar or preservatives of any kind. 94 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017

Ripple Nutritious Pea Milk

At Revive Kombucha we develop our own unique recipes, brewing techniques & probiotic cultures and pride ourselves on our craft-brew approach to Kombucha. Our product is certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verifed and CCOF Fair Trade Certifed.

Secret Squirrel Cold Brew Coffee Secret Squirrel Cold Brew The best cold brew coffee you’ve ever had. USDA Organic, HPP Compatible, Non-GMO, rBST-free – simple ingredients in perfect balance. 55-day or 110-day refrigerated shelf life, depending on flavor. Available in 9 flavors, in adorable 12-oz bottles.

SAP! - Sparkling Maple and Birch Water Beverages - Made in Trees Sap! Maple Beverages

Shade Tree Organic Lemonades – Life is Yours – Squeeze it!

Sap! is simple – pure organic maple and birch sap beverages straight from forests of Vermont. Our maple products contain 46 naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and other trace nutrients that refresh, replenish, and rehydrate the body. Both maple products are made from 100% pure maple sap with the difference being the concentration of the sap. We achieve our Soda by concentrating the maple sap further (removing more water) giving it a sweeter taste and higher level of minerals and nutrients. Our sparkling birch sap beverage, the first commercially sourced birch sap beverage from the United States, is even less sweet than our maple products. Birch sap has long been consumed as a natural tonic. Its unique combination of minerals, organic acids, and other trace nutrients can help boost immunity, fight fatigue, and detoxify the body. Our birch sap beverage is slightly concentrated (removing water) to bring out the naturally occurring light raspberry-like flavor and to increase the levels of minerals and nutrients in the beverage.

Shotz Natural Energy - a great tasting natural energy alternative!

ShadeTree Beverage Co, LLC

Shotz Natural Energy, LLC

Shade Tree Beverage Co is excited to present its USDA certified organic, low-calorie lemonades to Central Texas. Enjoy original, strawberry, & blueberry flavors at all central Texas HEB's and watch for our expansion into greater Texas with a smile!

Shotz Natural Energy is a natural energy alternative that is derived from natural fruit juices, B & C Vitamins, & Natural Caffeine from Tea. Shotz portfolio of natural fruit flavors includes Mango, Pomegranate, Strawberry-Lemonade, Berry & Acai.

Fire Cider–Unsweetened Variety Now Certified Vegan

Sipp Sparkling Organics - Organic Craft Soda

Shire City Herbals

Sipp Eco Beverage Co.

Fire Cider Unsweetened, the apple cider vinegar and spice tonic, is now certified-vegan by Vegan Action. Since it does not contain honey, it is also ideal for those on low-sugar and Candida diets. Try it in teas, sauces, condiments, and more.

Sipp is a sparkling organic craft soda with an epicurean twist, created in the kitchen of a former mixologist, layering unique combinations of fruits and herbs with no artificial ingredients or preservatives and lightly sweetened with organic agave.

Award Winning Taste – Scheckter’s Organic Energy Drinks!

Cold Pressed, Light Filtered, Glass Bottled organic Juice and Tea

Scheckter’s Organic Beverages


SIMPLE understandable ingredients. Only natural and organic ingredients, no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. CLEAN organic energy - no synthetic caffeine, no taurine so no jitters or crash. USDA Organic and Informed Choice approved. GREAT TASTE - the best tasting energy drink available. 8 out of 10 people prefer Scheckter’s to mainstream energy drinks (gemsatwork ltd 2016, 840 respondents). Enjoy a delicious unison of pomegranate, elderberry & lemon juice in sparkling spring water with Scheckter’s Original and Scheckter’s Lite. Or try the new zingy Green Tea & Ginger or the refreshing Green Tea & Mint - both in sparkling spring water.


Spindrift Sparkling Water: Real Fruit Tastes Better

detoxwater™ releases new flavors this summer: Peachberry & Appleberry!

Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Spindrift Beverage Co. Inc.

Superleaf, LLC Meet the berry twins: Peachberry (Blueberry & Peach) and Appleberry (Apple & Raspberry). Available in stores nationwide starting July 1, 2017. detoxwater™ is a premium line of bioactive aloe water enhanced with electrolytes and vitamins.

Spindrift Sparkling Water is the first sparkling water brand made with real, squeezed fruit. Our water is triple-filtered and our fruit is picked from family farms, then squeezed and canned before it knows what hit it.

Steaz Cactus Water

The System by Stacy: delicious organic whey protein in a bottle Steaz Steaz is a brand of flavorful, great tasting, all natural, organic and fair trade green tea based beverages. Steaz Cactus Water not only tastes great, but offers natural hydration, antioxidants, and inflammation reduction, utilizing the prickly pear.

Sparkling Cold Brew is a refreshing and fizzy take on our classic Cold Brew. Inspired by Cold Brew sodas we crafted in cafes, these portable bubblers provide the lift of Cold Brew with just half the caffeine. Sparkling Cold Brew pop-tops come in three varieties: Original - A nod to classic old world coffee sodas, made with carbonated Cold Brew coffee, natural cane sugar and a touch of lemon. Ginger Citrus - Part Cold Brew coffee, part ginger beer. Ginger Citrus doses out a hearty ginger kick-in-the-pants, which sits well with a bit of sugar and citrus to balance it all out. Honey Lemon - This is our take on an Arnold Palmer. We combined our Original Cold Brew coffee with Oregon high desert honey from our friends at Jacobsen Honey and brightened it with a twist of lemon.

Steaz Organic Iced Green Teas Steaz

Steaz is a brand of flavorful, great tasting, all natural, organic and fair trade green tea based beverages in three healthy and delicious product lines – iced green teas, energy drinks and cactus water beverages. The iced green tea line includes 17 different flavor varieties and are either lightly sweetened with organic, fair trade cane sugar, zero calorie sweetened with stevia, or unsweetened. Since 2002, Steaz has continued to provide fans with better, high quality beverages while maintaining a strong socially responsible relationship with their ingredient partners around the world. Steaz’s pride is anchored in their Organic certification and dedication to fair trade, supporting sustainable farming around the world. For more information, visit http://www.steaz.com/.


New! Teavana Craft Iced Tea: 6 vibrant flavors available 2018 Teavana

The System by Stacy The System by Stacy is a delicious line of creamy organic whey protein from grassfed cows which come in ready-to-drink bottles. Our whey is cold processed, nonGMO, paleo friendly, and free of hormone, antibiotic, gluten and soy.

Maple Guild Organic Beverages: Maple like you’ve never had it before! The Maple Guild

BAZI - All Natural Energy with EIGHT NUTRIENTS! True Drinks, Inc.

Tu Me Beverage Co.

Bazi is a 2.5-ounce blend of 8 incredible super-fruits, combined with Ribose to create the perfect combination of natural energizing antioxidants and powerful nutrients in one simple drink. There are no artificial colors or flavors in Bazi.

Tu Me turmeric water available now in 5 delicious, refreshing flavors – Mango, Berries, Citrus, Pomegranate, & Coconut Water. A natural low calorie alternative to sugary sports drinks, with the functional antiinflammatory benefits of turmeric.

True Nopal Cactus Water is all natural with no added sugar

The Maple Guild brings a new way to experience maple with 9 flavors of maple-sweetened Iced Tea and 7 flavors of Enhanced Maple Waters. Our Iced Teas are lightly sweetened with a touch of the highest quality maple syrup, ours! This delivers a sweet tea that is just-right; 45 calories per serving, low glycemic and refreshing! We use only Organic and Fair Trade Real Brewed Tea. Our Enhanced Maple Water is concentrated organic maple sap with added antioxidants, electrolytes, b-vitamins and green tea flavonoids. Natural, organic hydration straight from our own maple trees in Island Pond, VT that’s enhanced for your benefit. Oh, and did we mention that they are al USDA certified Organic?

Creamy Chocolate Hemp Extract Squeeze Supplement The Tinley Beverage Co. Inc. Spoon on its own, squeeze in coffee/ shakes, or as creamy topping. With MCT oil, raw cacao & terpenes. Lactose-reduced. Enhanced Absorption. Sugar-free; suitable for lacto-vegetarians. NonGMO. 225 mL/BPA-free. With 550mg Hemp Extract (55 servings) Naturally flavored TICKLE WATER: Drink your bubbles, anytime anywhere!

Treo Organic Birch Water Infusion in 4 deliciously bold fruit flavors

Turmeric Infused Water - Natural, refreshing, anti-inflammatory water

Ultima Replenisher Electrolyte Powder Clean Hydration

True Nopal Ventures LLC

Ultima Health Products, Inc.

Made with the fruit of the prickly pear cactus. True Nopal Cactus Water has less than half the calories & sugar as coconut water. Providing electrolytes, potassium, magnesium & antioxidants with a light refreshing fruit taste.

Hydrate healthy with zero sugar, zero calories, plant-based colors, real fruit flavors and all 6 electrolytes. Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-free & Non-GMO.

Tsamma hydrates with over 1 - 1/2 lbs of watermelon & coconut water Tsamma Juice

TREO BRANDS We've infused nutritious Vermont birch water into a bold fruit drink to create TREO. Available in peach mango, coconut pineapple, blueberry and strawberry. Organic, Non GMO and only 1G of sugar and 10 calories - Organic never tasted so good!

AquaBall: The Zero-Calorie, Sugar-Free Naturally Flavored Kids Water

Tickle Water

True Drinks

A premium sparkling water, providing honest hydration for kids and adults: Naturally flavored and free of preservatives, GMOs, gluten, sodium, sugar, calories and artificial sweeteners, in 4 delicious flavors: Watermelon, Green apple, Grape & Natural

AquaBall, the zerocalorie, sugar-free and preservative-free children’s beverage is available in Berry Frost, Fruit Punch, Grape and Strawberry Lemonade, and features fun, colorful packaging with fan favorite characters from Disney and Marvel.

Tsamma Watermelon Juice is the perfect beverage for anyone that desires a natural and healthier form of hydration. Created by Frey Farms, Tsamma utilizes the knowledge of growing and harvesting watermelons to consistently deliver fresh and powerful nutrition, with a commitment to authenticity and quality. Every bottle of Tsamma is made with over 1-1/2 lbs of cold-pressed, handcrafted, crushed watermelon and is available in two delicious blends; Watermelon and Watermelon + Coconut Water. 97

Uncle Matt's Organic, America's #1 Selling Organic Orange Juice

The Better Coconut Water Since 2001 Amy & Brian - The Trusted Family

Vit-Hit - Natural Hybrid-Health Drink, Water / Juice / Tea / Vitamins

Uncle Matt's Organic

USA Nanfang


Uncle Matt's Organic Orange Juice is 100% not-from-concentrate orange juice, with no sugar added, no GMOs, no synthetic pesticides and no preservatives. Our OJ is rich in vitamins and antioxidants and contains 120% RDV for Vitamin C!

Family owned and operated. Category pioneers. NonGMO, never from concentrate, healthy, refreshing, shelf stable. Quality you can trust. Available in Original, with Pulp, Lime, Grape, Cinnamon. Bringing you the best taste at an everyday price.

Vit-Hit Advantage: All Natural, Healthy, Great Taste, Reverse Osmosis Water, 10% Juice, 2% Tea, 100% RDA of 7 Vitamins, Low Sugar, Low Calories, Low Carbs, Low Caffeine, Low Acidity, BPA Free Packaging, Non-GMO, Kosher Certified.

Syfo Naturally Flavored, Kosher Certified, Verday : Awarded BevIndustry "2016 PG-Free Sparkling Waters Beverage Innovation of the Year" Universal Beverages, Inc.

Verday Chlorophyll Water

Syfo Sparkling Waters are purified using a multi-step process including reverse osmosis. Carbonated for the highest effervescence. Allnatural, gluten-free flavorings certified Kosher. No sugar, artificial sweeteners, BVO or propylene glycol.

Available in 5 refreshingly delicious flavors & provides the antioxidant & detox benefits of green juice. 0 Cal. 0 Diet Sweeteners, 0 Preservatives. Our secret? Chlorophyll. Each bottle is packed with 100mg; more than 2 shots of wheatgrass

Vit-Hit, a hybrid health drink combining water, juice, tea, vitamins!

Vuka Natural Energy Drinks Natural ingredients, striking packaging and some say it’s the most delicious natural energy drink on shelf today. Vuka continues to grow as a favorite, with broad distribution, a huge fan base and velocities that will knock your socks off! Whistler Water - Pure Glacial Spring Water from Canada


Whistler Water Inc.

Vit-Hit has created a new healthy beverage category (Hybrid Health), by combining all growth beverage categories (water/juice/tea) into a single serve beverage with a "hit" of vitamins, forming Vit-Hit.

Whistler Water is an award-winning, leading manufacturer and supplier of premium glacial fed spring water in Canada and worldwide. Customers choose Whistler Water above other brands for its taste, purity and superior quality.

VOSS Flavored Sparkling Water Available in Three Refreshing Flavors

Zenify Natural Stress Relief - Non-GMO Project Verified

VOSS of Norway


VOSS now offers Tangerine Lemongrass, Lemon Cucumber & newly launched Lime Mint. Winning best package design from Beverage Industry & Consumer’s Choice Award from Convenience Store Decisions, the range has natural flavors, 0 calories & no sugar.

Zenify is the leader amongst stress relief beverages, it is Non-GMO, Gluten Free and caffeine free. Zenify also comes in a Zero Sugar formula, both of which contain 350mg of both GABA and L-theanine; the main stress reducing ingredient in green tea.

VOSS Adds Lime Mint to its natural Flavored Sparkling Lineup VOSS of Norway VOSS launched Lime Mint just in time for summer. Created after thorough consumer research, the refreshing combination is delicious on its own or a perfect complement to many foods and spirits. Lime Mint boasts natural flavors, 0 calories & no sugar.


Vuka Natural Energy - delicious taste, huge velocities!




BRANDS GET SPONSORSHIP PACKAGES AND PRICING: sponsor@bevnet.com • bevnetlive.com/sponsor

Tea, Coffee & Specialty items A. Holliday & Company Inc.

Agropur–Contract Manufacturing Agropur Ingredients

Functional Beverages, Organic Allen Flavors, Inc.

The Ultimate Hang Tag Bedford - ElastiTag®

For over 42 years, we've traveled the world to connect people with the finest products. At A. Holliday & Company, we source, test, and ship every product we carry. We supply bulk tea variety’s (extracts & leaf), coffees (extracts), antioxidants, herbal & superfruit extracts, natural caffeine, polyphenols, EGCG, Rooibos, coconut water powder, and our newest product, oil soluble tea polyphenols.

Agropur Ingredients is a global supplier of ingredients and services developed to create success in the food, beverage and nutritional industries. Whether sourcing ingredients or offering finished products, we have vast expertise in many applications. From flavor, texture, shelf life, processing, nutrient enhancement and technical expertise, Agropur Ingredients has a solution for every customer.

Allen Flavors provides innovative product development services and exemplary customer services ensuring your ingredients arrive safely and on time, every time. Our R&D team never stops developing new functional concepts for sports, tea, dairy, meal replacements and health and wellness beverages. Ask about our custom flavor creation team and our organic, non-GMO flavors and extracts.

ElastiTag® engages shoppers with its distinctive personality on your product. The colorful elastomer loop grips bottles and cans. Even in refrigeration, this durable tag keeps its cool and stays put. Add value and draw attention by using ElastiTag® to communicate health benefits, product launches, coupons, or recipes. This ultimate hang tag offers endless POS marketing possibilities!

Flavor Manufacturer Abelei Flavors

Scientific & Regulatory AIBMR Life Sciences, Inc.

Contract Manufacturing AZPack

Connecting Nutrition & Health BENEO Inc.

As a flavor manufacturer abelei creates delicious, application-specific flavors assisting our clients in getting to market faster with flavorings that fit their product requirements. abelei specializes in creating great-tasting sweet brown, citrus fruit, soft fruit and other top-note flavors perfect for beverages, dairy, confectionery, bakery, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceutical applications.

AIBMR is a scientific & regulatory consulting firm founded in 1978. AIBMR offers consulting to the natural products industries, such as: toxicology studies; GRAS Self-determinations; FDA GRAS Notifications (for foods); FDA NDI Notifications (for dietary supplements); label reviews; claims substantiation; FDA and FTC compliance, manuscript preparation and publication, and more.

AZPack is one of the fastest growing co-packers in the country. We offer tolling and turnkey solutions in cans, bottles & powders. Our team of dedicated & professional staff are focused on delivering the highest quality products to our customers. Capable of producing cold fill, hot fill & tunnel pasteurized products with onsite lab services. Visit our website to find out what we can do for you.

BENEO's functional ingredients are derived from the natural sources chicory root, sugar beet, rice and wheat, providing nutritional, technical and health benefits. BENEO’s ingredients improve taste and texture of products. While replacing sugar and fat and enriching products with fibre and protein, they also enhance nutritional values.

Innovative Beverage Solutions

Organic Functional Ingredients


Applied Food Sciences, Inc.

“Solutions for creating the healthiest natural and organic beverages imaginable.” About AFS Austin Texas-based, Applied Food Sciences, Inc. (AFS) is an international ingredient supplier that provides solutions to the industry for creating the healthiest natural and organic products imaginable in beverage, food and nutritional supplements. With their newly opened innovation center at the University of Iowa’s Bio-Ventures Center, AFS develops novel natural and organic ingredients that are highly scientifically qualified, water soluble, sustainably and ethically sourced, Non-GMO and GRAS. AFS’ Portfolio: “Healthy energy” – Organic caffeine and other novel extracts standardized for caffeine + antioxidants.

As your trusted advisor, ADM helps you take your next great beverage idea from concept to commercialization supported by an unrivaled portfolio of on-trend ingredients, systems, technologies and technical know-how. Call to discuss how ADM can help you get to market faster with beverages consumers love while meeting your stringent taste, cost, nutrition, labeling and quality standards. 844-441-FOOD food@adm.com 100 BEVNET MAGAZINE – JULY/AUGUST 2017

“Flavors without limitation” – Organic functional flavor extracts that are highly water soluble and clear in solution. “Relaxation you can feel” – Extracts from only noble kava cultivars are used to support healthy sleep and stress relief. “Cellular Detoxification” – Help remove harmful pollutants from the body with a complete liver health ingredient that also enhances the functional benefits of other ingredients.

Plant protein manufacturing

Healthier Ingredients

Axiom Foods

Bioenergy Life Science, Inc.

Innovating plant protein manufacturing since 2005 & recently receiving The New Economy’s Clean Tech Food & Beverage Award, Axiom is the world’s first & largest manufacturer/distributor, starting with its signature Oryzatein® brown rice protein. Perfecting its patent-pending hexane-free processes, Axiom expanded into pea protein, including the largest authentically organic supply, sacha inchi & now hemp. With more plant proteins, milks and factories in the pipeline, this California-based company has been known for the largest commercial supplies — doubling almost year over year, the only GRAS certification, an extensive Quality & Heavy Metals Management Program, and the only third-party research showing Oryzatein rice protein is as good as whey at building muscles & aiding exercise recovery.


Berlin Packaging supplies glass, plastic, and metal containers and closures. We offer a wide array of packaging for beverage companies along with design, financing, consulting, and warehousing services. From simple plastic caps to high-end glass bottles and more -- we deliver excellent value and promote real results for companies of all sizes. We exist to help companies be Greater, Faster. Plant-Based beverages Blue Pacific Flavors, Inc.

Blue Pacific Flavors' line of plant-based whole food ingredients help simplify statements of clean label beverages that deliver nutritional benefits to natural products consumers. Our SimplyGrains™ include rice powders & whole grain oat pastes with nutritional fiber & beta glucan. Plant-based natural flavor modifiers improve perceived taste defects like acidity & bitterness in fortified beverages.

Creating innovative ingredients for healthier living is the mission of Bioenergy Life Science (BLS). We are developing new scientifically-based, all-natural, and pure ingredients that help people feel, perform, and look better. Our core technology lies in the development of the multi-functional molecule D-Ribose, making us best known for the only patented and FDA GRAS-certified Ribose on the market, Bioenergy Ribose®. We use that core technology and expertise to develop other clinically-proven ingredients that support digestive health, weight management, anti-aging, heart health and many other health-enhancing benefits. We sell in bulk to businesses who manufacture or formulate functional foods and beverages, dietary supplements and sports nutrition products.

Do more than outsource. BevSource

BevSource is an integrated provider of beverage development, production, sourcing, and logistics solutions to new and established beverage visionaries. Our goal is to make your beverage vision a reality more efficiently, effectively, and successfully than you ever dreamed possible. Bringing your beverage idea to life requires hundreds of interconnected data points and decisions. The right formula with the right manufacturer in the right package with the right paperwork. BevSource helps you see the big picture – from your initial vision to the finished product, and every single operational step in between. Then while we manage the daily details of developing, producing, delivering, and managing your beverage operations, you’ll have more time to build your brand, business, & customer base. We’re not just advisors that point you in the right direction and hope for the best. We are beverage industry navigators who collaborate with clients to build a custom operational strategy for your beverage, identify a unique mix of services and vendors to support it, then execute on the plan. We make it happen. Visit www.bevsource.com today to find out more!

Ideal Functional Ingredient Chemi Nutra

Chemi Nutra makes the functional ingredient AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC. AlphaSize® A-GPC boosts both mental and physical energy while remaining tasteless and completely water soluble in any beverage. The FDA has acknowledged AlphaSize® A-GPC as GRAS.

Production to Distribution Cold Spring Brewing Co.

Committed to quality. Cold Spring Brewing Co. is the nation’s largest beverage distributor – producing, packaging and distributing top names in natural products including organic juices, teas, flavored and sparkling waters and more. We create custom products in state-of-theart facilities, and we always deliver above and beyond our client’s expectations.


Real. Smart. Logistics. Coyote Logistics

Label & Packaging Specialists DWS PRINTING


Coconut Products Franklin Baker, Inc.

Headquartered in Chicago, Coyote Logistics LLC, a UPS company, is a leading third-party logistics service provider in North America. Coyote provides truckload, less-than-truckload, intermodal, air and ocean brokerage services, and transportation management services to more than 14,000 shippers of various sizes and industries. We believe in a "No Excuses" commitment to shippers and carriers.

Established in 1865, DWS is a 4th generation, family-owned & operated label printing and packaging design company. We are the last step in the visions of a lot of passionate people. We take an anonymous container and provide its story. Let us help tell your story through Cut & Stack, Pressure Sensitive, Shrink Sleeve, Roll Fed and Digital labels.

We personalize flavor solutions to meet your needs and create flavor profiles that help your products stand out above the rest! Our experienced team knows the natural beverage market well and understands the impact your ingredients have on taste. Our flavor development capabilities will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Franklin Baker, Inc. is the premier supplier of coconut ingredients to the global food & beverage market for over 120 years. We offer an extensive coconut portfolio of products including Coconut Water Single Strenght/Concentrate, Coconut Milk/ Cream, Creamed Coconut, & other products. We are USDA Organic, Fair Trade, RSB, Kosher, Non-GMO Project Verified. Bulk, Foodservice & Retail packaging.

Specialty Hydrocolloids CP Kelco

Clean-label Ingredients Farbest Brands

Decorative Label Solutions Fort Dearborn Company

Driving Probiotic Innovation Ganeden, Inc.

The CP Kelco portfolio of hydrocolloid stabilizers and texturizers is full of tools to develop tasty, indulgent, lower-, low- or no-sugar foods and beverages. Formulators around the globe look to CP Kelco to suspend botanicals in new-age energy drinks, stabilize protein in fruit smoothies, create creamy liqueurs and recover body in reduced calorie beverages, to name just a few examples.

Farbest Brands brings the highest quality food, beverage and nutrition ingredients to you. We offer USDA-certified organic and conventional clean label ingredients for dairy and plant proteins, vitamins, natural colors, specialty nutrients, gum acacia, and specialty sweeteners. Our line of natural colors can be custom formulated to meet your specific color target, shelf life or process.

Decorative label solutions…we’ve got you covered. Fort Dearborn Company offers shrink sleeve, stretch sleeve, pressure sensitive, roll-fed and cut & stack labels in a variety of substrates, inks and finishing options to support your beverage brand building objectives. We service brands large and small. Contact us today to discuss your application.

Ganeden® is at the forefront of probiotic research and product development with an extensive library of published studies and more than 130 patents for probiotic technologies in the supplement, food, beverage, animal health, sports nutrition and personal care ingredients markets. Probiotic beverages are possible. Want to learn how? Please visit our website for more information.

Flavors & Ingredients Doehler

Tea & Coffee Extracts Finlays

Global Essence Inc.

Doehler is a global producer, marketer & provider of natural ingredients, ingredient systems & integrated solutions for the food & beverage industry. Our global sourcing network, comprehensive application expertise & vast processing capabilities deliver endless solutions. WE BRING IDEAS TO LIFE.

Finlays is your ideal partner, delivering highquality extracts for creating versatile coffee and tea beverages in an easy, convenient and consistent manner. Through an established history of coffee and tea expertise with a focus on innovation, Finlays can help your brand develop unique beverages with great flavor, in a variety of formats suitable for food service and ready-todrink products.

Custom Displays and Signs Dunning Displays

Beverage Development Flavorman

Global Essence Inc.

Ensure your products’ success with the innovative touch of Global Essence A leading supplier of premium-quality ingredients to the flavor, fragrance, consumer products, food, beverage, nutraceutical, health & wellness, functional beverage and allied industries. Convenient staff and warehouse facilities located in the United States, Great Britain, and Germany. The Global Essence team represents over 150 years of solid experience in the global Flavor and Fragrance industry. We specialize in essential oils, aroma chemicals, citrus products, absolutes, natural custom blends, NOP Organics, and other flavor and fragrance compounds. We, at Global Essence, are devoted to the cultivation and continuous care of a superior customer/supplier partnership. While forging a long-term partnership, we offer a trusted source of supply, integrity and ethical business practices, which gives you, the customer, a competitive advantage in the marketplace now and into the increasingly competitive future.

For more than 110 years we have been creating custom permanent retail store displays and promotional items such as A Frame Signs, Wall Signs, Back Bar, Caddies, Crates and Cases. We can design to fit your needs or work with an existing design. Full rendering and prototyping capabilities, Made in the USA and quick turnaround. We ship to distribution or direct to store. We Make your Product POP!

Leading the industry in custom beverage development for every category, alcohol and nonalcohol. We have the expertise and technology to make superior drinks and the outstanding service to support you every step of the way including production support and shelf life testing. On-site beverage lab, blending operation, bottling line and distillery.


Global Essence is proud to be a Certified Woman Owned Business with a BRC AA food handler rating.

Natural Color Solutions GNT USA Inc.

Merchandising-Sales-Events GOTHAM BRAND MANAGERS

The GNT Group is the leading global provider of natural color solutions made exclusively from fruits and vegetables. Sold under the EXBERRYÂŽ name in more than 65 markets worldwide, they are the clean-label alternative to synthetic colors providing bright, vibrant, and stable colors to all beverages.

Offering independent Sales, Merchandising, Refrigerated DSD, Event and In-Store Sampling for food and beverage brands in and around NYC. The ability to build brands, especially in today’s competitive environment, takes experience, contacts and hard work. Gotham succeeds by offering affordable options for our customers, leveraging our dedicated people and working hard everyday for our brands.

Flavors and Colors, Beverage Gold Coast Ingredients

Decorative Label Solutions Hammer Packaging

Gold Coast Ingredients is a privately held and operated, wholesale flavor and color manufacturer located in Commerce, California. With us you will find Organic, Natural, Non-GMO, Allergen-Free and other flavors available as liquids, powders, powder encapsulations, emulsions and advanced extractions. Our flavors are compatible with any product requirements.

Hammer Packaging, established in 1912, headquartered in Rochester, NY, is a privatelyheld packaging printer with expertise in sheetfed offset, web offset, digital and flexography. Hammer uses leading-edge technology and ISO 9001:2008 practices to produce high-quality printed labels and package decoration for the global beverage, food, household, health & beauty and horticulture markets.

Cold-Pressed Juice Equipment Goodnature Products, Inc.

Award-Winning Beverage Development Services Glasgow Consulting Group creates innovative beverages that set the standard for taste and functionality. Our accelerated product development cycles are typically 2-3 months from your product brief to plant trial. Dr. Gordon and his team have over 50 years of experience across all beverage platforms, specializing in technically challenging new product development. To learn more: Visit our website: www.glascg.com Contact: bill@glascg.com 401-515-4850


Advanced Beverage Formulas Hidell International

Culinary Bulk Matcha ITO EN (North America) INC.

Technical Beverage Development International Beverage Mgmt.

The company creates innovative nutritional formulations for the bottled water industry. These formulations are water neutral in that they have no color, taste or odor. They are pleasing to the palette and yet offer highly efficacious micro-nutrients for human consumption. The effort is to provide healthy hydration to bottled water consumers.

Our team supplies innovative technical beverage development and ingredients for exciting new products. We are experienced with energy drinks, teas, functional beverages, shots, flavored waters, cocktail mixers, powdered drinks - or pretty much anything you can dream up!

Premium Beer Labels iGraphics Inc.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) JBT Avure HPP Technologies

MATCHA, the finely milled green tea powder revered for its antioxidants & natural energy boost, is a trend forward ingredient for healthy beverages, baking and cooking products. 100% Authentic Matcha from Japan. Bulk available for food service.

iGraphics is a premier flexographic printer providing high quality pressure sensitive and cut and stack labels for the beer industry. We go above and beyond to help our customers succeed. Our flexibility allows for quick turnaround to meet those last-minute challenges. Our valued customers, like Avery Brewing and Prost Brewery, value our services and our commitment to deliver, on time every time. We Power Great Packaging Inland

AVURE Technologies is the global leader in HPP with more than 60 years of experience and expertise in HPP science, packaging and manufacturing. AVURE specializes in HPP systems for beverage processing with the fastest and most reliable systems on the market. AVURE helps producers implement HPP from recipe development and process validations to installation, regulatory affairs, and post-install. Private Label Specialists Langlade Springs LLC

Natural Sweetener Solutions Layn Corp

Inland works collaboratively with brand owners and industry partners to advance innovative, best-in-class solutions for beverage packaging. Products offerings include Cut & Stack, In-Mold, Pressure Sensitive, Shrink and Blow Mold Labels – along with Flexible Packaging options.

Layn Corp is a global leader in the vertically integrated production of premium quality natural sweeteners. Our portfolio of monk fruit and stevia extracts offers a superior taste profile and compelling value. Layn’s unique sweetener solutions are suited to a variety of F&B applications and come with full formulation support to ensure that our natural sweetener systems meet your specific needs.

Powder Product Development Innovative Food Processors

Flavor Delivery Systems MANE, Inc.

Development & manufacturing of powder products that provide benefits beyond basic nutrition. Special emphasis on functional bevs, sports/ nutrition supplements & medical foods containing high value ingredients. Achieve functionality & powder uniformity, instantize, improve product dispersion or flow, arrive at precise dosing, or reduce product dusting through our agglomeration services.

MANE is an international flavor and fragrance company with over 145 years of natural flavor expertise. MANE offers flavor solutions for the beverage market through our encapsulation and flavor delivery system platforms of N-Capture, Sense Capture and Pure Capture.


Tea, Botanicals and Extracts Martin Bauer Inc.

MetaBrand Consulting Firm METABRAND

Unique Labeling Options Monvera Glass Décor

Juice Solution Specialists Northwest Naturals

The Martin Bauer Group is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of tea & botanical extracts and raw materials for the food & beverage and nutritional supplements industries. Supplying off-the-shelf ingredients and tailormade products for your requirements. Safe, high quality products you can trust.

MetaBrand is a world class team of experts which helps you create, launch, or grow your food, beverage, or supplement. We provide strategic planning, market analysis, branding and design, product formulation and development, outsourced operations, and sales and marketing execution.

Your label has a powerful influence on buying behavior. Monvera provides unique bottle decoration options. We specialize in screen printed labels on glass, with both ceramic and uv ink options available. Whether you want to refresh a current brand or launch a new one, screen printed labels will make your bottle stand out. It's your alternative to paper labels.

Northwest Naturals is recognized as one of the industry leaders in the production of specialty blended, all natural, fruit juice concentrates, WONF concentrates and frozen dairy-style bases, essences, and other value-added fruit products. We are your go-to team for formulation and processing of turnkey fruit bases for the alcohol industry. Let us help you turn ordinary into extraordinary.

Branding & Packaging Design McLean Design

CATEGORIES: Ingredients Monk Fruit Corp.

New and Natural! MORRE-TEC Industries, Inc.

Package/Bottling/ Canning Palmer Canning Systems

McLean Design has been creating winning beverage packaging and brand strategies for over twenty-five years. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we specialize in brand strategy, naming, packaging design, and structure design.

At Monk Fruit Corp., monk fruit is all we do. We provide 60% of the global monk fruit ingredient supply. We are vertically integrated from agronomy to processing, with the widest range and best quality monk fruit products. We help you innovate or re-create products with significantly less sugar and a clean, sweet taste. All from the goodness of fruit. Looking for monk fruit? Trust the monk.

MORRE-TEC is ingredient supplier to beverage manufacturers, with emphasis on natural ingredients. Besides our line of soluble vitamins and minerals, we offer a variety of exotic oils and botanical extracts to enhance your new beverage concepts.

Palmer Canning provides 50-300 CPM rotary counter pressure filling systems that provide accurate fill volumes, low oxygen, greater operating latitude, and low spoilage. Our 12- to 36-head filling valve systems provide good fill accuracy volume with low spillage and controlled foaming.




Overnight Labels, Inc.

Nor-Cal Beverage Company, Inc. is a full-service Contract Manufacturer with two strategically located production facilities in the state of California. Both of our locations offer a variety of production capabilities as well as possess GFSI, GMP, Kosher, & Organic certifications. We also offer finished good warehouse and distribution service centers that are positioned to supply your West Coast fulfillment needs. Nor-Cal Beverage has been family owned and operated since 1937 and proud to be a Certified Women’s Owned Business. Anaheim Facility Offers the Following: Krones 100 valve volumetric filler can line (12oz – 24oz) Tunnel Pasteurized Still and Carbonated • Cold Fill Carbonated Hot Fill Still (HTST) • 8.4oz Filling Capabilities TBA! Two Hot Fill Single Serve PET Bottle Lines (12oz – 32oz) Hot Fill Multi-Serve PET Bottle Line (64oz -128oz) • Chilled Gable Top Line (59oz-64oz) 2 ESL 59/64oz Fillers • Chilled HDPE & PET Bottle Line (59oz-128oz) Transportation/Shuttling Svcs w/ Drop-Trailer Capabilities Certified DOT Public Truck Scales • Warehouse Storage West Sacramento Facility Offers the Following: Cold Fill Carbonated Can Line (12oz – 16oz) • Hot Fill Can Line (12oz – 16oz) Hot Fill Can Line (24oz) Dedicated • Hot Fill Single Serve PET & Glass Bottle Line (12oz - 32oz) TetraPak Aseptic Lines • Warehouse Storage Offline Repack Services • Transportation/Shuttling Svcs

Since 1987, we’ve had to grow up – servicing more industries and markets than ever before! We are a full service flexible packaging printing company, not just a label printer. We now provide a multi-tiered approach to your packaging needs – from prototypes and pre-production samples, to digital printing for smaller volumes, to full production runs. And not just labels! Shrink sleeves, flexible films for bags, pouches, stick packs and sample packets, IRC coupons, peel-back labels, and more. Our technologies have grown to include embossing, rotary silkscreen, seamless cylinders, tactile, and other specialty varnishes, cold foil application, and digital printing. Servicing so many markets has taught us to be quick on our feet. We understand both the demands of your particular market along with the importance of time-sensitive opportunities. We are familiar with virtually all phases of production and product co-packing. Overnight Labels is proud to be a BLUE LEVEL Graphic Measures International (GMI) / Walgreens certified printer, a Disney certified printer, as well as a certified Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) printer. We provide every customer with the highest quality standards in flexographic printing.


Ideal Flax for Beverages Pizzey Ingredients

Beverage & Food Development PTM Food Consulting

Bottling Contract Manufacturer Stapleton-Spence Packing Co.

Custom labeling - no minimums StickerYou

Pizzey Ingredients’ BevPur™ Flax enhances beverages with the nutritional benefits of flaxseed while providing a smooth and rich texture. BevPur™ has a guaranteed shelf life of two years and is available in organic and conventional varieties (both are non-GMO, pesticide-free and gluten-free). BevPur™ is ideal for flax milk, smoothies, meal replacement shakes, and other nutritious beverages.

PTM Food Consulting is your premier product development & manufacturing support firm. Our wide range of expertise, development and creativity achieves an exciting point of difference between your product and competitors. We work hard to uncover key industry insights, developing products that have a competitive edge. Whether your project is simple or a complex one, we’re your team!

From concept to processing, Stapleton’s experienced food scientists and co-packing staff provide turnkey bottling solutions on the West Coast. We bottle a variety of products in PET and glass (juices, teas brewed from leaf, functional beverages). We are certified with the BRC, FDA, USDA and have a Merieux NutriSciences Gold A rating. Stapleton’s is also certified Kosher and Organic.

StickerYou provides the best platform in the world to create custom labels, stickers and decals. Our website is built with proprietary die-cutting technology to help you make and order your products exactly as you need them. You can order any quantity (as little as one), in any size and shape you need. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee – and really hope you love the products you order.

Flavors, Ingredients, MFG Prinova

Concentrate, Colors, Extract San Joaquin Valley Concentrate

Clean-label sweeteners Steviva Ingredients

Fruit & Vegetable Ingredients Stiebs

Prinova is a leading global supplier of ingredients and manufacturing solutions for the food, beverage and nutrition industries. As a single-source partner, we leverage an array of in-house capabilities and years of industry expertise to provide our customers with simplicity and flexibility from concept to completion.

San Joaquin Valley Concentrates (SJVC) manufactures colors from natural sources, grape juice concentrates, and grape seed extract for the food and beverage industry. Their crystal colors are dried without the use of carriers, are easily soluble with less dust than spray dried colors, and have a 5 year shelf life. SJVC is a division of E & J Gallo Winery and is a FSSC 22000 certified facility.

Steviva Ingredients, Inc. is a global ingredient supplier with a focus on all-natural, highintensity sweeteners and custom sweetening solutions for manufacturers. Erythritol, monk fruit, stevia and more, available in conventional and organic, in bulk or pre-blended for added cost savings. Steviva Ingredients sweeteners and bulk ingredients are all-natural, GMO-free, soy-free and allergen-free.

Stiebs, formed in 2005, is devoted to sourcing, processing & delivering the world's finest plantbased products. We offer a full line of fruit & vegetable based ingredients as single strength juice, juice concentrate, purees, extracts & powders. From the beginning stages of product development to delivering an on-going supply of premium natural products, our team is here to help you succeed.

Innovative Packaging Solutions Printpack

Organic Sugar Reduction Pyure Brands LLC

Synergy - Inspiring Taste Synergy Flavors

Founded in 1956 and headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Printpack is a privately-held manufacturer of flexible and specialty rigid packaging. By combining our unique insights into consumer preference with advanced technological capabilities, Printpack can heighten brand recognition and help capture market share. Visit our website to learn more.

Synergy Flavors is a leading manufacturer and supplier of flavorings, extracts, and essences with a comprehensive library of natural and organic offerings. We have extensive experience across the food, beverage and nutrition industries, developing high quality taste solutions which inspire innovation and can help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Creative Packaging Solutions ProAmpac

Fine Tune Your Operations The Scoular Co.

ProAmpac has a strategic geographic footprint and enhanced product offerings unparalleled in the industry. ProAmpac is a global flexible packaging company whose capabilities include adhesive and extrusion lamination, pouching, bag converting and a broad range of flexographic, rotogravure and offset writing solutions for the food, pet food, medical, security, industrial and retail markets.

Gear up your beverage with Scoular's Beverage Team! Whether you need access to full turn-key contract manufacturing capabilities, infrastructure to drive production, or project management expertise, count on Scoular to fine tune your beverage production. Scoular manages networks in hi-acid/hot fill, aseptic, cold fill, and tunnel pasteurizing. Align with a world class, 125-year-old company today.


No GMO Plant based Ingredients Top Health Ingredients Inc.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) Uhde High PressureTechnologies

Commercial supplier of non GMO, gluten free, plant based ingredients including 80% proteins from pea, rice, soy and fava bean, soluble corn and tapioca fibers, and natural low or no calorie sweeteners. All ingredients are GMO Free tested at source and meet the highest quality standards. Brands include AdvantaFiber 90 IMO, AdvantAmino, AdvantaDextrose and AdvantaDex Maltodextrin (tapioca).

HPP made in Germany. The high-pressure processing of fruits and juices denaturises pathogenetic germs and fungi. Nevertheless, that non-thermal process preserves vitamins, flavouring and colour pigments. Additives are not used; thus, the product maintains its pure and biological state. Uhde High Pressure Technologies manufacture these machines in different sizes of 55l up to 700l.

Organic Bulk Ingredients Tradin Organic USA

Flavors and Extracts Virginia Dare Extract Co.

Tradin is a leading manufacturer, importer/exporter of certified organic ingredients. Some of our ingredients include organic: fruit & vegetable (IQF, purees, JC & NFC), cocoa products, honey, coconut sugar & syrup, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, alternative sweeteners, cane sugar, coconut products, grains, seed proteins & more, with extensive strategic global sourcing and supply capabilities.

For over 90 years, Virginia Dare has worked with our partners to deliver preferred taste. Combining formulation expertise with knowledge in producing natural ingredients, we join science, market insights, and sourcing to create strategic business advantages for our partners. Our combination of superior flavor platforms and industry experience makes us your partner for attaining preferred taste.

Fruit Ingredients Tree Top, Inc.

Blue Butterfly Pea Flowers Wild Hibiscus Flower Company

Tree Top Fruit Ingredients processes virtually every fruit under the sun into a variety of high-quality, wholesome fruit products, including fruit powders, frozen strawberries, fruit juice concentrates, fruit purées, formulated fruit preps, dried apples, and bulk apple sauce. Some of our fruit types include apple, cherry, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, peach, pear, and plum.

Butterfly pea flowers release a volume of blue pigment when steeped or brewed. Adjust the pH with lemon juice etc. and achieve colors from blue to royal purple to pink. Very mild in flavor and aroma with a high ORAC rating (independently tested). Perfect for beverage formulation, distillers, brewers and many more categories.

Low/High Acid Aseptic Solution TRU Aseptics

Low & High Aseptic Contract Manufacturer - TRU offers low & high acid aseptic processing & packaging, pilot plant capabilities, flexible batch sizes, compounding, unitization & standardization of ingredients to control cost, sustain consistent product quality & gain efficiencies. Our team has over 100 years combined food/beverage experience. Call us today!

New Food/Beverage Ingredients Wisdom Natural Brands®

Wisdom Natural Brands® (WNB), makers of SweetLeaf® Stevia Sweetener, now offers ingredients for a wide variety of foods and beverages. Beverage manufacturers seeking an innovative, no-sugar sweetener with no artificial ingredients now have a solution. Widely recognized as the leader in the stevia taste profile, SweetLeaf is a whole-leaf extract of a variety of glycosides specially selected for their taste and sweetness. Free from the taste of solvent artifacts, a water-based extraction system produces a wonderfully sweet, zero-calorie food and beverage ingredient. The WNB ingredient division provides proprietary and customized blends developed by a team of world-renowned stevia experts. Providing quality control and assurance, R&D support, a sustainable supply chain, and unmatched customer service, SweetLeaf is the only stevia brand to consistently win global awards for taste and innovation. The highest quality ingredients are available in powder or liquid forms, or in blends of stevia and bulking agents, for a variety of beverages ranging from soft drinks to sports drinks, teas to juices, flavored waters, and more. Visit SweetLeaf.com/Ingredients for more information. PACKAGING: BOTTLES & CANS Zuckerman Honickman, Inc.

Zuckerman Honickman is a full service packaging company specializing in supplying glass and plastic bottles and aluminum beverage cans. With more than 100 years of experience our fourth generation family owned company prides itself in being experts in the supply side of the beverage industry. Our strengths are in our ability to provide beverage brand owners with many unparalleled advantages, such as volume buying, preferred production scheduling, custom packaging design, supply side networking, logistical planning, and much more. Our market expertise lies within our ability to supply a full spectrum of glass, plastic and metal containers to companies of all sizes. Our knowledge base gives us the unique opportunity to enable beverage brand owners to take their ideas from inception to reality to success. With hundreds of manufacturer supplier partners Zuckerman Honickman prides itself in being able to supply custom packaging, hard to find packaging, as well as stock packaging...all at a competitive price. Our National footprint enables us to supply packaging to all corners of the US and beyond. Zuckerman Honickman provides bottles and cans to all beverage verticals, including sports drinks, sparkling beverages, craft beer, craft soda, bottled water, tea, coffee, enhanced beverages, wine, spirits, and many more! Reach out to us and let’s see how Zuckerman Honickman can help!








Deb Lott



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A. Holliday & Company Inc.

Christine Renken



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Abelei Flavors

Shelley Henderson

North Aurora


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Carla Fabian

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John R Endres



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ADM Agropur Ingredients Agua Brands AIBMR Life Sciences, Inc.

agropuringredients.com drinkagua.com aibmr.com

Allen Flavors, Inc.

John Wilson



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ALO Drink by SPI West Port Inc

Drew Pawlan

South San Francisco


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Applied Food Sciences, Inc.

Jackson Zapp



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Aurantiaca USA, LLC Avitae USA, LLC

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Axiom Foods

David Janow

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AZPack BCGA Concept Corp.



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Be Well Nutrition, Inc.

ICONIC Protein

San Clemente


Bedford - ElastiTag®

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Kyle Krause

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BENEO Inc. Berlin Packaging

DrinkBrooklynOrganics.com drinkiconic.com elastitag.com beneo.com

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Michael Opperman

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Bioenergy Life Science, Inc.

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Black Medicine

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Donald Wilkes

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Blue Buddha Tea Blue Pacific Flavors, Inc. Blüm Beverages,



New York


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Celia Venter

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Brands Within Reach Brew Dr. Kombucha




Califia Farms

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CALIWATER Caveman Coffee Co Celsius Holdings, Inc.

Crystal Gonzalez

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Lacie Mackey



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Nicole Cheifetz

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CERES Organic 100% Pure Fruit

Martin Pamensky

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Chemi Nutra

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Cide Road

Kevin Duffy



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Cold Spring Brewing Co.

Lindsay Love

Cold Spring


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CORE Coyote Logistics CP Kelco Daily Greens Dark Dog Organic Energy Drink

El Segundo


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Bobbie Kenney



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Madeline Maldonado

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DIABOLO Beverage Co., LLC

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Diversified Beverages LLC

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Maria Whitsett



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Dunning Displays

Steve Diorio

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Andy Staib

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Elaine Morrison

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DRY Soda Co.








Evolution Fresh

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Farbest Brands

Lorna Samgour

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FIJI Water

Los Angeles


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Sara Bowman



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Flow Water

Cambria Guernsey



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Phillip Kraemer

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Formula Four Beverages Inc. Fort Dearborn Company Franklin Baker, Inc. FYLO Ganeden, Inc. Ginger Shots, Inc. GIVN Water Gizmo Beverages Global Essence Inc. GNT USA Inc. Go Fast Energy

Rebecca Peters

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Gwen Chapdelaine

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Gold Coast Ingredients

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Good Omen Bottling

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Goodnature Products, Inc.



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Gotham Brand Managers

Trent Moffat

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H2Om International, Inc.

Lex Lang

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H2OPS LLC Hammer Packaging Harvest Soul Organic Hawaii Volcanic Beverages

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Charlene McNeil



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Rani Quirk



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Jason Donovan



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Hello Beverages LLC

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Hiball Inc

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Henry "Bob" Hidell



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Hidell International High Brew Coffee Hint Inc. Humm Kombucha Hydro One Premium Beverages HyVIDA Brands, Inc.




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Corinne Mele

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Rene Mitchell



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Sammy Nasrollahi



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Rick Smith



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Icebox Coffee

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iGraphics Inc.

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Inko's Tea Inland Innovative Food Processors International Beverage Mgmt.



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Kevan Kent

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Amanda Fox



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ifpinc.biz internationalbeveragemanagement.com

ITO EN (North America) INC.

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JBT Avure HPP Technologies

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Augusto Fonana

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Karma Culture

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KeVita, LLC

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Kombucha Wonder Drink

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Pat Turpin

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Robert Clark



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Sarah Hardgrove-Koleno

Kona Deep Kona Gold, LLC KRa Drinks for Athletes

drinkkarma.com KeVita.com

drinkkra.com 109

COMPANY CONTACT INFORMATION COMPANY La Colombe Coffee Roasters Langlade Springs LLC





Jon Spear



Brad Wendt



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WEB SITE lacolombe.com langladesprings.com

Layn Corp

Shaun Richmond

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Andrew Baumann



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LIFEAID Beverage Co.

Jordan Shulman

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Sarah Teson

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Lori's Original Lemonade Madrinas Coffee MAKOMAS

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Mamma Chia

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Bridget McElfresh



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MANE, Inc. Martin Bauer Inc. McLean Design

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Rifle Hughes

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Monk Fruit Corp. Monvera Glass Décor MORRE-TEC Industries, Inc. Mother Kombucha New Age Beverages Corporation

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NOR-CAL Beverage Company

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Northwest Naturals NuBiome, Inc. Nuun & Company Original New York Seltzer OUNCE WATER Overnight Labels, Inc. Palmer Canning Systems Pickle Juice

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PTM Food Consulting Pyure Brands LLC

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Red Jacket Orchards Remedy Organics Repurposed Pod RETHINK Brands LLC Revive Kombucha Ripple Foods

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San Joaquin Valley Concentrate

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Sap! Maple Beverages

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Secret Squirrel Cold Brew

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ShadeTree Beverage Co, LLC

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Shire City Herbals

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Shotz Natural Energy, LLC

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Sipp Eco Beverage Co.

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Solti Spindrift Beverage Co. Inc. Stapleton-Spence Packing Co. Steaz Steviva Ingredients StickerYou Stiebs Stumptown Coffee Roasters



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Synergy Flavors

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The Maple Guild

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The Scoular Co.

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The System by Stacy

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Tickle Water

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Top Health Ingredients Inc.

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Scotts Valley


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The Tinley Beverage Co. Inc.

Tradin Organic USA


Tree Top, Inc.

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TREO Brands

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TRU Aseptics True Drinks True Drinks, Inc. True Nopal Ventures LLC Tsamma Juice Tu Me Beverage Company Uhde High PressureTechnologies Ultima Health Products, Inc. Uncle Matt's Organic Universal Beverages, Inc. USA Nanfang

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Verday Chlorophyll Water

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Virginia Dare Extract Co.

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VOSS of Norway Vuka Natural Energy Drinks

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Whistler Water Inc.

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Wild Hibiscus Flower Company

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Wisdom Natural Brands®

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Michael Zuckerman

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zenifydrinks.com zh-inc.com




Kill Cliff Launches “Kill The Quit” Video to Support Navy SEAL Foundation Partnership

Leading clean recovery and hydration sports drink, Kill Cliff, has released a “Kill The Quit” motivational video, honoring the Navy SEAL Foundation. The 60-second video, produced by a creative team made up of Navy and Army veterans, displays the determination and grit required to resist quitting during training – and in everyday life. The “Kill The Quit” motivational video is part of a larger campaign that plays on both the Kill Cliff brand name and its focus to inspire and support not just our country’s warriors but anyone with a warrior mindset to achieve their goals. Created by veteran U.S. Army paratrooper Con Williamson, now President and CCO at EP+Co, the “Kill The Quit” video features CrossFit athlete and Navy SEAL veteran, Josh Bridges and music written by Navy SEAL

veteran and Kill Cliff president, Chris Irwin. The video voiceover references the reality of Navy SEAL training, and the brass bell available as an option for those who choose to quit. The video itself was a physical endeavor, featuring Josh Bridges while he was in the middle of his training for the 2017 CrossFit Games. Bridges is one of the biggest names in CrossFit and is a fan favorite for both his incredible grit and memorable mustache. Kill Cliff is founded by veteran Navy SEAL, Todd Ehrlich, who is delivering on a plan bigger than CrossFit WODs and post-workout recovery. Ehrlich wanted to build a business that could give back and support the Navy SEAL Foundation, including his decision to hire Irwin as the company’s president due to his experience in CrossFit and his military leadership.


LIFEWTR Champions Women in the Arts

More than half of visual artists today are women, however work by women artists makes up only 3-5 percent of major permanent collections in the U.S. and Europe. To help advance opportunity for women in the arts, LIFEWTR, a premium bottled water that fuses creativity and design to serve as a source of inspiration and hydration, has announced it is featuring bold and abstract designs from all female artists on its Series 2 bottle labels. With roughly 20 million bottle labels expected to hit store shelves over the next several months, these passionate artists will have an exceptional platform to be discovered and provide inspiration to all. Released in a series of three, LIFEWTR labels change several times a year and each series supports a culturally relevant theme. Series 2 will focus on elevating women in the arts while Series 1 featured designs from emerging artists in the public art space. Launching on shelves now as Series 1 phases out, LIFEWTR Series 2 bottles showcase the works of bold artists who hail from the U.S. and U.K. PepsiCo introduced LIFEWTR in February 2017 as a purified water that is pH balanced with electrolytes added for taste. Released in a series of three and changing several times a year, LIFEWTR designs provide exposure for emerging artists and creatives from the worlds of graphic design, fashion, fine arts, photography and more.

Big Red Celebrates Its 80th Anniversary with BBQ and Prizes Big Red, America’s original and bestselling red soda, is celebrating its 80th Anniversary with a “BBQ Across America” promotion. Known for its sweet and smooth flavor, Big Red drinkers love to pair the soft drink with bold flavors such as BBQ. Big Red will reward fans with BBQrelated prizes all summer long, through Labor Day, including a grand prize Ultimate Summer BBQ Party for the lucky winner and 50 guests. The grand prize winner and 50 guests will host their own Big Red Backyard BBQ Party. A BBQ Pitmaster will throw the ultimate BBQ experience in the winner’s own backyard. Weber will deck out the backyard with a Weber Genesis Gas Grill, the Weber Smoker and the classic Weber Charcoal Grill. Additional prizes include: YETI Hoppers and YETI/Big Red Can Insulators, Big Red Washer Game Set, Meat Church BBQ Seasoning & Rub and Big Red & BBQ branded T-shirts Back by consumer demand, Big Red will also release the limited edition favorite flavor, Big Red Vanilla Float. This will be available in 20 oz. and 2 L packages in select markets.

New Amsterdam Vodka Launches New Ad Campaign: “Pour Your Soul Out”

New Amsterdam Vodka has launched a major consumer campaign, “Pour Your Soul Out,” which champions those who share an unrestrained passion for everything they do, whether pursuing their dreams or celebrating with an epic night out. The brand, which is owned by E. & J. Gallo Winery, is launching one of the largest marketing campaigns in Gallo’s 84-year history.

The campaign features an up-and-coming drummer as he gives 110 percent to his art, whether practicing in his tiny apartment at 4 a.m., performing at the local dive bar or in an empty subway station believing that it will lead to achieving great things. The 30-second commercial features drummer Omari Williams, an accomplished drummer who has toured

with major artists and contributed to several albums. The campaign also includes a 78-second extended version of the commercial that will run online and on digital. In addition to advertising, Pour Your Soul Out will come to life through event sponsorships, a video partnership with Complex titled “Run the Underground,” publicity campaigns and social media.

POWERADE Power Your School Program Pledges $1 Million in Support of High School Athletics High school athletics play a critical role in the physical and psychological development of young athletes, yet athletic programs across the country are being subjected to deep budget cuts, leaving many powerless. In response, POWERADE is helping schools in need by launching the Power Your School program, which will award $1

million to high school athletic programs around the country. Student athletes and their supporters are invited to submit essays demonstrating their schools’ needs for the chance to win a share of the funding. This fall, a total of 500 schools will be awarded with a share of the $1 million in funding, helping to preserve the

playing fields that often serve as an extension of the classroom. To get involved in the Power Your School program, participants can visit POWERADE.com and submit written or video essays that detail their schools’ needs. Contest entries will be judged based on school need, creativity, and quality of submission.

Santa Cruz Organic Puts a Twist on Lemonade Stands

As Jack’s Stands & Marketplaces continue to gain national notoriety, founder and celebrity kid-entrepreneur Jack Bonneau has partnered with Santa Cruz Organic, maker of organic products ranging from lemonades and fruit juices to peanut butters and fruit spreads, to put a twist on a favorite summer past-time: lemonade stands. Bonneau started out by selling organic lemonade at local farmers markets. As his idea grew, he wanted to give back by helping other kids learn how to start a business and operate their own lemonade stand. Bonneau learned that a solid business starts with a personal passion and quality products keep customers coming back for more. Santa Cruz Organic took notice of Jack and his like-minded approach: using high quality organic ingredients served in a tasty and environmentally responsible way. Alongside Santa Cruz Organic, Bonneau is encouraging kids to refresh summer by recreating their own version of the tried and true lemonade stand. Santa Cruz Organic has a wide range of organic lemonades, including a line of Carbonated Lemonades, and Agua Fresca beverages. 113

PROMO PARADE Aloe Gloe Partners with Professional Surfer Anastasia Ashley Aloe Gloe, a fast-growing line of certified organic aloe water, has partnered with professional surfer Anastasia Ashley for the launch of its summer sweepstakes as part of Aloe Gloe’s ongoing consumer campaign “Gloe From Within.” Aloe Gloe has been encouraging consumers to “Gloe From Within” since its inception in 2011, striving to be accessible for people who strive to live a natural and healthy lifestyle. As the only premium, organic, kosher, Project Non-GMO verified, and gluten-free aloe water on the market, partnering with Anastasia was a natural fit given her focus on health and wellness, all while managing a busy, athletic lifestyle. Participants who enter the summer sweepstakes will be eligible to win the grand prize of round-trip airfare for two to Los Angeles, a two-night hotel stay, and a year’s supply of Aloe Gloe. All sweepstakes entrants will receive a 15 percent off coupon that will go towards their next Aloe Gloe case purchase, providing everyone with the opportunity to #GloeFromWithin.


• No Artificial Sweeteners



• 15g of Whey Protein Isolate

• 2 Refreshing Flavors



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BevNET Magazine July/August 2017  

The 2017 July/August issue of BevNET Magazine. With the 2017 Natural Beverage Guide.

BevNET Magazine July/August 2017  

The 2017 July/August issue of BevNET Magazine. With the 2017 Natural Beverage Guide.

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