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Easy-to-Follow Winterizing Checklist

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Movin’ on up! Now who doesn’t like moving day? Not a soul we know! It’s exciting to move into your new RV – all the while imagining the journeys to come. When you purchase your RV at Lazydays we make moving day a delightful experience. You’re given a double-wide delivery site with your old coach pointing in and your new coach nose to the road. That way the entry doors and storage compartments are side-by-side and it’s easier to make the transition.. While you’re here you’re given a thorough walk-through so you get familiar with the workings of your new coach. Plus we invite you to spend the night just in case some usage questions might arise. Come morning we’re right there with answers. Then when you’re comfortable and ready to go, just climb into the drivers’ seat and vroom, vroom, you’re off down the road. Come experience Lazydays.


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Get all your camping accessories and necessities right here. The parts and accessories store in our dealerships cater to every special parts need an RVer may have, plus fills all the whimsical wants an RVer can dream of. Come by and see us – you’ll love the experience!

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The RVing Tampa Bay Rays Manager Peek inside Coach Maddon's new wheels and get to know him as an RVer off the field.


RVing Helps a Team Become a Family A BMX team shows how bikes and RVing keep this cycling crowd close.


Sew Talented Meet Marilyn Manley — an RVer with a passion for sewing and traveling.



Take a Ride on a Cloud Learn how to use "the cloud" to backup, store and share your files.

Destination Tucson: Chasing Sunsets Discover the top 5 locations to view breathtaking sunsets in the Tucson area.


Winterizing Your RV A veteran RVer provides a helpful checklist to prepare your coach for the cold months ahead.

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Home Cookin': RV Kitchen Essentials

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am so excited to share this issue with you. Why? Well, because it is dedicated to you, the better RVer! RVers take a stand against the busyness and craziness that daily life can serve up all too often. RVers say, "NO." You have chosen a world of wonder that won't endure another anxious moment. You answer the call of the road to roam, relax and refresh, and return feeling rejuvenated and fulfilled. That commonality is powerful, as you'll discover when you read about our featured RVers and how they take their passions on the road. When you are done and feeling RV-inspired, send me your own story! I want to know: 1) How did you start RVing? 2) What is your most special RV-related memory? 3) What is your dream RV trip? Email me at I also invite you to share your feedback on the changes we've made to the format this issue, which has been produced for digital delivery only.

Ann Cosentino Managing Editor

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It was special from the first time you set eyes on at first sight. And now that you’ve been together a while it’s time to make sure you’ll keep that lovin’ feeling. Failing brakes, no AC or no hot water will tax the relationship you have with your RV. Bring it in to us for a yearly check-up to make sure everything is in proper working order. ADVERTORIALIn addition to servicing your slides and jacks every 3 to 4 months, most RVs require several components to be serviced every 12 months such as: Brake & Axle (trailers), Aqua-Hot® (diesel), Rooftop/Basement AC , Engine Air Dryer (diesel), Appliances, Generator, Brakes and Lube (motorhomes). Make an appointment with one of our RVIA/RVDA certified techs today and keep your RV love running strong.


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What will you learn?


The RVing

Tampa Bay Rays Manager

by ann cosentino, Photography by Jeff Fay

Anyone who plays or follows Major League Baseball (MLB) knows that Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon has a deep passion for the sport, along with the well-earned respect of fans and rivals alike for taking his team from the bottom to the top. It’s no understatement to call him a living legend in the world of baseball. I am an “all-American girl,” which, by definition, means that I love baseball. I grew up shouting, “Ghost man on second!” while playing with my team of two sisters against the neighbor brothers. I eventually gave up those games when I grew older and life took over; but my love for baseball has never faded. So, imagine my excitement when I had the opportunity to sit down and interview MLB hero Joe Maddon and his wife, Jaye. Funnily enough, our conversation did not focus on baseball; instead, we talked about another common passion: RVing. It was RV delivery day for the Maddons, who had recently purchased a 2014

8 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

Tiffin Phaeton from Lazydays and were here to take ownership of their coach. They kindly invite me to join them inside the motorhome for our interview, so I share in their first impressions as we cross the threshold into their new home-onwheels. Upon first entry, Joe and Jaye pause for a moment in appreciation and amazement, temporarily oblivious to our cameras, lights and setup. It’s easy to see why RV enthusiasts are drawn to the Tiffin Phaeton, which is equipped with two leather sofas, four flat-screen televisions, a residential stainless-steel refrigerator, a drawer dishwasher and a full bath-and-a-half. This model also includes membership to the Lazydays Crown Club, where RVers can enjoy the many amenities and resort-style atmosphere. As we sit down, Joe relaxes into the leather couch and Jaye comfortably settles in next to him — both clearly at home with the RV lifestyle.


So it’s a bit of a surprise to learn that the Maddons only began their RVing career earlier this year, as a way to safely and comfortably transport their four-legged children — Winston, a 2-year-old bulldog, and Athena, a 9-year-old Great Dane — from the West Coast to the East Coast. While the couple initially planned to rent an RV, after exploring their options, they decided to purchase a 30-foot, gas-engine, Class A Hurricane by Thor Motor Coach. Their maiden voyage proved to be a success, and even raised money for the no-kill Pet Pal Animal Shelter in St. Petersburg, Fla. As we discuss that first trip, I discover that Jaye fearlessly settled into the captain’s chair for the long drive from the Pacific to the Atlantic. While some women may prefer the role of navigator, Jaye appears to be confident and comfortable behind the wheel. The couple’s dogs adapted well to this new mode of travel, as did their human companions — including Jaye’s two sons, who helped with navigation and driving duties on the trip. Along the way, they encountered a few days of high winds as the white-knuckled drivers proceeded with eyes wide and alert. The new Tiffin will be able to handle those types of challenging conditions with much greater authority, and Jaye is quite thankful for that. During this initial journey, Joe and Jaye realized that they both loved the RV lifestyle, but needed something larger. Their RV was not just going to be used for

10 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

weekend trips, but for extended adventures and enjoying life. Joe plans to live in his condo-on-wheels during the Rays’ spring training season, and the couple anticipate spending a good deal of time on the road during the off-season. Like most RVers, they also plan to use the coach to share fun times with family. When I ask Joe and Jaye about the first vacation they plan to take in their new motorhome, they respond with one of my favorite destinations: Key West, Fla. This magical jewel of an island offers a relaxed, Caribbean vibe. It’s a happening spot with a sense of casual luxury, yet it’s built on a foundation of laid-back ease. In other words, it’s perfectly suited to an easy-going, funloving couple like Joe and Jaye Maddon. Having traveled a bit, the Maddons eagerly shared a few other choice getaway locales. They were both impressed with Beverly Beach, along the eastern side of Florida’s Flagler Beach, where campers enjoy windshield-wide views of the Atlantic Ocean. In the west, they are partial to Las Cruces, N.M., which offers picturesque scenes at every turn. As we reminisced about our favorite travel destinations, I was reminded of how RVing brings together people from all walks of life. You never know who you’ll meet when you pull into a campsite; imagine stepping outside your RV and discovering your next-door neighbor is Joe Maddon.

But beyond the opportunities for travel and adventure, what Joe and Jaye appreciate most about RVing is its ability to slow down their fast-paced lives. Like all of us, they look forward to unplugging from the daily rush, taking the scenic route and enjoying quality time with loved ones and each other, while experiencing the simple pleasures of a more calm and serene approach to living. These new RVers took no time at all to discover and share our love for this unique pastime that allows us to cultivate the best things in life: freedom, relaxation and rejuvenation. Although I could have happily spent hours discussing travel, wine, food and baseball with the Maddons, I knew they were eager to get settled in their new coach. So rather than indulging my curiosity to know if a youthful Joe ever yelled “Ghost man on second!”, I wrapped up our interview by asking if he would share an inspirational quote to help a lineup of travel enthusiasts play our best RV game. Joe responded by paraphrasing Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu: “Every great journey begins with the first step.” A fitting end to this article, and the perfect start to Joe and Jaye’s next adventure. So whether you are preparing for your first RV trip or have logged countless miles on the road, get behind the wheel and let the good times roll!

2014 Tiffin Phaeton • Class: A • Length: 40' • Slides: 4 • Fuel: Diesel • Benefits: Crown Club Membership • 3 TVs • Surround Sound • Heated Tile Floors • Stacked Washer & Dryer •Central Vac System • Residential Refrigerator • In-Dash Navigation • Leather Dinette Booth MSRP: $300,700



Helps a Team Become a Family By Adam Porter, Photography Jeff Fay

12 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

The members of the Nose Kase Racing Team (NKRT) eat, sleep and breathe BMX. They travel nearly every weekend, competing at their home track in Oldsmar, Fla., or at other tracks across the country. That used to mean long car rides and hotel rooms. Then NKRT began to embrace RVing. Rob and Cindy Nenno were the first. The cool comforts of air conditioning and refrigerated drinks were magnetic to the other riders on their son Ryan’s team. Cindy remembers the time when about 25 kids crowded into their RV: “Sure, it can get a little crazy, but we love it. We got to know our son’s friends and their parents better than we ever could have staying in hotels.” Traveling up to 50 weeks a year is an unbeatable adventure for the NKRT racers. But for moms and dads, it meant countless hotels, expensive meals out and hauling luggage, bikes and equipment. While other parents were waking early to drag suitcases, race gear and exhausted kids to the track, Rob, Cindy and Ryan woke up relaxed, rested and ready for the race. Needless to say, change came quickly. Soon NKRT was traveling as an RV caravan and camping together, a horseshoe of motorhomes — like Conestoga wagons — parked right next to the racetrack. “Can’t beat the convenience,” says Bud Mucha. “We wake up, walk outside and here we are, right at the track.” His wife, Robin, agrees. “We eat together. The kids play together. All the parents hang out after races. RVing has helped turn this team into a family.”



Sew Talented By Ann Cosentino, Photography Jeff Fay

Hometown: Newark, Ohio RVing since: 2002 Owns: 3 sewing machines, a farm and a Fleetwood RV Bounder Diesel Travels with: Roger, husband of 50 years


arilyn Manley does not get bored; she gets busy with sewing crafts. While waiting for RV service repairs, the skilled seamstress set up shop in the Lazydays lobby. Marilyn is a retired Home Economics teacher who now sews clothes for American GirlŽ dolls. Sold by word of mouth only, her work is highly coveted. Her RV journey is stitched together with patterns, pins and the relaxing hours sewing provides. Through the years, Marilyn has sewn countless outfits: her graduation dress, wedding dress and maternity wear; clothes for her children; and now stylish wardrobes for beloved dolls. Interested in taking up sewing? Marilyn recommends that beginners take a class to learn the basics. She advises novices to keep practicing, and to not give up — expertise comes with experience.

14 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

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Take a Ride on a Cloud By Dave Watkins

Many RVers have questions about “The Cloud”: What is the cloud? Should I use it? If so, for what purposes? The cloud is an environment where applications, documents, photos and more are available anytime and anywhere via the Internet, and can be accessed on multiple devices, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. The files reside on servers in some remote data center, which may be in the U.S. or another country. (Most likely, you will not have any idea where the data is stored.) Storing data in the cloud can be an alternative or backup to storing your documents, photos and other data on your computer or on an external drive of some sort. Why is it called “The Cloud”? In the ’90s, when computer pros were asked to explain how the Internet worked, they would often draw several computers linked via a cloud symbol, with the cloud representing the Internet. The cloud symbol has since evolved to become a metaphor for the whole Internet. Many RVers travel with their data stored on a desktop or laptop computer, and/or on external drives in their RV. While this often works without a hitch, if a catastrophe ever happens to the RV or storage device, all of that data could be lost forever. The cloud environment provides a safety net, serving as a backup so that lost data can be restored if necessary. How secure is the data stored in the cloud? There is no easy answer to that, as hackers occasionally sneak past even the most stringent security measures. If you are concerned about data security, you can save non-private files to the cloud and backup your personal files offline.

16 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

Advantages of storing files in a cloud environment include: • Serves as a backup site for important information. •P  rovides easy access to files from numerous devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets. • Permits working collaboratively on projects. • Lets you create and publish photo galleries. •O  ffers an easy way to share documents, spreadsheets and other information with family, friends and/or colleagues. While some cloud service providers (such as Carbonite®) charge a fee, other companies offer cloud storage at no charge. RVers may find these free services attractive, as they often provide adequate storage capacity — from 2 to 50 gigabytes (GB) — for photos, documents and other files.

Dropbox™ is a popular cloud storage service that offers both free and paid plans. The company has been on the “cloud” scene for many years, and has a reputation for good customer service and stability. It’s a good starting place if you are just beginning to use cloud storage. Dropbox benefits include: •C  ompatibility – Dropbox works with many types of files, including photos, videos, documents and more. •A  ccessibility – Dropbox is available on any computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet connectivity. •S  ynchronization – Any files added to Dropbox will automatically synchronize across your computers, phones, tablets and the Dropbox website. •C  ollaboration – Simple file-sharing enables people to work together on documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other projects. •S  haring – Create photo galleries viewable by anyone you choose. Just send a link to any file or folder in your Dropbox. You might want to consider using multiple free services to maximize your storage capacity. For example, if you have 2 GB of free storage with Dropbox but find you need more space, simply sign up for another service, like Google® Drive. Other options include Flickr® for photos and YouTube® for videos. If you own an Apple® computer, smartphone or tablet, you also have iCloud® storage at your disposal.

In summary, cloud services are a great way to backup and share your files. And should your RV, home or computing devices ever suffer a catastrophe, the silver lining is knowing that your important files are safe and sound in the cloud. Dave Watkins teaches technology seminars for RVers at Lazydays in Tampa.


s t e s n u s g n i s a h c d

story an

18 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

phy photogra

by monica




Conjure up your vision of the Southwest and chances are it includes an Arizona sunset. In these magical moments between day and night, the mountains and desert are illuminated in otherworldly colors as the earth and sky intersect in ways that can be heart-stopping and unpredictable. If you’re seeking the best spots around Lazydays Tucson to catch the sunset, here are five places that inspire us. From these locales, you can sit within the red glow and absorb the spirit of a perfect place. Take your pick, take your camera and start scurrying for Tucson sunset spots. Time to watch the beauty above us.

1. Quiet Contrasts : Saguaro National Park East

2. Grotto Grandeur: Mission San Xavier del Bac

Saguaro National Park is comprised of two districts, East and West, that preserve thousands of acres of this region’s most recognizable monarch of a cactus — the saguaro. Saguaro East and Saguaro West bookend Tucson; and while both have favored perches for viewing the sunset, the East district — with its sky-island Rincon Mountain backcountry and lush diversity of plants and wildlife — adds a unique dimension to Southern Arizona sunset-watching. If you’re there early enough and want to make a day of it, check in at the Visitor Center for the park movie, exhibits, shopping and a detailed list of many special programs. Then head into the park via the Cactus Forest Loop drive for an eight-mile scenic tour of the Sonoran Desert. There are trailheads and pullouts to enjoy. As sunset approaches we suggest you stop at Mica View, a pullout complete with an easy desert trail and picnic area. There’s also a map to help put your viewing in perspective. Arriving late afternoon will give you time to explore. What you’ll see to the west is an expanse of desert brimming with a sea of giant saguaros, many towering over 50 feet in this cactus forest. You’ll also see the Tucson Mountains in the distance. Be sure to look around at the other sky-island mountains — the Catalinas to the north and Rincons just behind you. As the Tucson sunset approaches, the mountains offer up their nightly light show, transitioning from deep rose to bright pinks before ending in purple. Depending on the season, you’ll hear a variety of desert critters beginning their sunset calls. Savor the moment.

You can see Mission San Xavier as you drive south on I-19 — the white towers, the dome, the little black hill. It sits as a conspicuous and proud monument, visible from all directions in the Santa Cruz Valley. When the magic hour comes to San Xavier, the “White Dove of the Desert” will share with you its incandescent sunset, as it has for over 200 years. Only nine miles from Tucson, this national historic landmark was founded as a Catholic Mission by Father Eusebio Kino in 1692. Church construction began in the late 1700s, making this one of the oldest intact structures in Arizona. Visit early enough so that you’re able to tour the beautiful mission, grounds, original statuary and murals. But remember to hike up the nearby hill located to the east of the church when Tucson sunset time approaches. In the late afternoon, the setting sun glistens off the mission and casts a crimson glow everywhere. Even after the sun drops below the horizon, stay on the hill. Overhead, the enormous sky will seem deep and endless as the stars start to glitter with a new brilliance. It’s perhaps the most beautiful moment at San Xavier, and you’re there to appreciate it.


4. Monument to Paradise: Windy Point Want to get an eyeful of the city? Follow the national Sky Island Scenic Byway up the Santa Catalina Mountains, through desert brush that changes to abundant forest. That’s where you’ll find Windy Point Vista, a pullout midway along this winding parkway through the Coronado National Forest. The combination of city sights below you and distant mountain ranges are compounded as you watch the Tucson sunset from a pullout full of cathedral-like sculptured rock pinnacles worn by wind and time. Views are everywhere in this choice spot tucked just above the city. An ideal trip is to leave Tucson in late afternoon, taking a leisurely drive up the mountain along this 27-mile byway. You’ll need to purchase a permit


($5) to make stops along this paved road to see the diverse plants and wildlife, spectacular views of forests and canyons, and fun recreational opportunities. The fee is worth it. You’re given a map highlighting the mile markers and their attractions. Each stop will take you to trail-heads or stopping points with picnic tables. Check out the Visitor’s Center and Ranger Station for a great exhibit, movie and shopping before the sunset. Just remember that Windy Point is a popular pullout (located about 14 miles up the highway at an elevation of over 6,000 feet), so you should get there early to claim your viewing spot. Settle in at Windy Point as the city lights come on below, then watch the sun paint broad brushstrokes of color across the sky as it sets. | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

5. Field of Dreams: Arizona State Highway 83 It’s a slice of classic Western Americana, an area of rolling hills and waves of grasslands. Welcome to ranching country. From scenic State Highway 83, you’ll see roaming horses and livestock herds, and the lofty Santa Rita mountains slanting upward to graceful peaks. Although these mountains partially block a classic view-to-the-horizon sunset, the photo opportunities are amazing in this magnificent setting. You’ll want to see this spectacular view at last light, as the Santa Rita peaks get tipped in purple and scarlet by the setting sun. Arizona State Route 83 traverses through mountain passes and an area still dotted with ranches and ghost towns. If you make a day of it, you can visit the Empire Ranch, a protected national conservation area that contains a working cattle ranch, historic buildings and more than 45,000 acres now managed by the Bureau of Land Management in partnership with the Empire Ranch Foundation. Tucson sunset watchers will find a pullout on Highway 83 traveling south, about midway between the towns of Vail and Sonoita. On a lucky day, you’ll spot a band of pronghorn antelopes grazing in the distance. Red-tail hawks soar overhead as the sun sprays its brilliance into the oncoming night sky. The vista is priceless, and photogenic.

For more details on each location, log on to,,





by bill whetstone, photography by Monica Surfaro Spigelman

Planning to give your coach the winter off? If you ask any full-time RVer, they’ll likely advise you that the best way to winterize an RV is to drive it south. However, that solution may not be practical for everyone. Some may live up north and prefer to keep their RV close; others may spend part of the winter or holidays with family before heading to warmer climes; and there are those who plan to brave the elements and use their RV in cold-weather conditions.

If you’re planning to store your RV in a northern climate over the winter, there are a number of steps you should take to winterize your coach before storing it for the season. Following are some useful tips based on my own experiences and shared by friends:

MAINTAIN A CHECKLIST If you’ll be removing items before placing your RV in storage, mark down everything in a notepad. Write down all of the items you’re taking out and where you removed them from (closet, cabinet, basement compartment, etc.). Be sure to update the list if you happen to add or subtract any items over the course of the winter. In the spring, you’ll have your packing list ready to go, and you’ll be able to restore all items to their rightful place before your next trip. (I wish I had thought of this before I winterized!) RETURNING FROM YOUR LAST TRIP Waste Systems — Dump the black and grey tanks, and flush them thoroughly. Usually you can do this at the campground prior to departure; or, if you have a dump setup at home, this can wait until you return. When you clean out the tanks, add some drain valve lubricant to keep the seals in good condition and prevent sticky valves. (You can find this at most RV parts stores.) Fuel — Fill the fuel tanks, and add some stabilizer to your diesel or gas. ONCE YOU ARE AT HOME OR YOUR STORAGE SITE Water Systems — Taking care of water systems is one of the most important steps in winterizing your coach. For a detailed breakdown of the process, see the “RV Winterizing Made Easy” article ( with tips from Lazydays Expert Ed Crowell, who demonstrates key steps in these photos.

22 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

RV Interior Food Storage — Remove all perishable

food items. Some items will keep if frozen, so put those in your home freezer. Use up whatever you can over the winter, and make a list of what you’ll need to replace in spring. While dry goods and other non-perishables can be stored in your RV’s cupboards or pantry, it’s best to remove these items for winter, mainly for critter prevention. Otherwise, you may find chewed box corners when you return in the spring. Refrigerator — Empty your fridge and defrost the freezer, then clean and dry the interiors of both. Stuff some crumpled newspaper inside to absorb any remaining moisture and avoid mildew. Leave the doors open a crack. Some refrigerators have a small latch that will keep the door ajar; otherwise, you can find something to keep the doors propped open. Closets — Remove clothing from your RV to avoid musty odors. If you have a warm-weather wardrobe that you only wear during the RVing season, put those items in garment bags and store them separately from the items you’ll be using over the winter. This will make packing for your first trip so much easier, especially if you write a checklist as recommended earlier! Depending on the relative humidity where you live, I would consider using garment bags with desiccant to hang in a closet. Check on the desiccant over the winter, and replace as needed. Leave your RV’s closets, cabinets and drawers open over the winter. It may not look as nice if you show off the RV to visitors, but it will help keep things properly aired out. Curtains — Close all curtains and blinds during the winter storage period. This accomplishes two things: 1) it keeps the sun from fading furniture and carpeting; and 2) it keeps the window coverings aired out. Vents — If you have covered vents, open the vents about an inch or so to keep air circulating.

RV Exterior Cover — The usefulness of RV covers is debatable. If you do decide to go with a cover, buy a good one and follow the instructions exactly. Make sure the cover is not exposed to sharp edges that could cause it to tear or fray. I recommend cutting up pool noodles and using them to keep sharp edges covered. Also, I would caution against using blue tarps. While some people use them without problem, in my experience, they will catch wind, flap and fray. Also, if the grommets become loose and flap against the side of your RV, they can damage the finish. If your tarp should begin fraying, you’re likely to find little blue fibers all over everything. In the past I have made frames and covered those; but in the end, I decided that leaving the RV uncovered worked best for me. I find that snow creates a “protective coating” on the roof material, and it will simply melt off in the spring. However, if you live in a zone with high levels of snow accumulation over the winter, you should consider indoor storage for your RV! Tires — It’s best to try to shield your RV tires from the ground over the winter, whether you’re parking on concrete, gravel, dirt or grass. There are special tire pads available, but I’ve found that the plastic cutting boards available at the Dollar Store (not the ones from your house kitchen!) are a good alternative. Not only do they make great insulators, but they can be saved and reused from year to year. The pros and cons of covering RV tires is a source of ongoing campfire debate. Choose your side and do as you see fit. If you do cover your tires, try to avoid having the cover touch the tire, as this can create a “hot spot.” (That’s why I side against tire covers in the debate.) Batteries — If it will be really cold in your area, I would recommend removing your batteries and storing them inside on a plastic base. If this is not feasible, then disconnect the batteries from the circuits, either by physically disconnecting the cables or using an electronic disconnect switch. If power is available, you can connect a trickle charger to help keep the batteries from discharging and/or freezing. With all of these considerations, you can see why so many of us take the easy option and drive south!


LD shopping AD

TYRON DRIVES SAFETY HOME. To an RVer, there’s nothing quite as frightening as a blowout. When a tire deflates, air pressure can no longer keep it in place on the wheel and it can cause serious damage and loss of control and braking. When you have Tyron blowout protection fitted to your wheels, deflated tires are supported and kept in place, preventing them from slipping and flailing. Stability, steering and braking are dramatically improved, which can help you avoid damage and disaster. Call 866.531.6818 to talk to a Lazydays sales professional about Tyron.

TYRON 24 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

RV GIFT GUIDE from our store



Great Gear The holidays are right around the corner, and we have some of the coolest gifts for the RVers in your life ... or even those who haven't caught the RVing bug yet. At The Lazydays Store in Tampa, you'll find travel basics for fun on the road, plus some one-of-a-kind treasures your fellow campers are sure to covet. Follow our shopping philosophy — one for you, and one for me! Florida Craftsmen Mugs Cozy up with your favorite warm beverage in back-country artisan style. Handcrafted and glazed, these mugs are microwavable and dishwasher-safe. Each one is unique; no two are alike. Any RVer would love the personal touch these mugs add to a travel collection. Available in Tampa $22 - $25

Wooden Artisan Pepper Mills Looking for something extra-special this holiday season? These striking, handcrafted pepper mills by Florida artist Larry W. Hasiak will adorn any counter, serving as a functional gallery piece in your RV. Come browse our selection, as each mill has its own personality and statement. With proper care, this piece will be enjoyed and passed down for generations to come. Available in Tampa $140

26 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

Ruffwear速 Dog Collars & Leashes Your furry best buddy deserves to be lavished with a gift or two this season. Our lineup of durable Ruffwear leashes and collars go above and beyond the duty of simply keeping your dog in line; their colorful, stylish design creates added pizzazz. Bow-WOW. Available in Tampa $29.99 - $34.99

Safe-T-Alert速 Dual Carbon Monoxide & Propane Gas Alarm

Ruffwear速 Collapsible Bowls Quench and feed your four-legged friends with these durable, ultra-light bowls. Engineered to last, the bowls have single-wall construction and a simple, clean appearance. Their collapsible design makes it easy to store them in your RV when not in use. Choose from multiple sizes to find the perfect fit for your furry pal. Available in Tampa $19.99

Perfect for any coach and built to withstand the rugged RV lifestyle, this alarm will keep you and your companions safe while traveling. Once the unit is installed, you can rest assured that if unsafe levels of carbon monoxide or propane gas are present, the alarm will sound and allow you to vacate the RV to safety. Available in Tampa and Tucson $132.31


Great Gear

Euro Recliner Ahh. Ooh. Yeah. When it comes to gifts, this is "the big one" — find this treat under your tree, and you'll be the happiest RVer on the road. Melt into this top-grain leather-cushioned seat, kick your feet up on the ergonomic ottoman, swivel to find the comfiest position and then ... relax. After all, that's what RVing is all about! We have recliners that start from $279. Available in Tampa and Tucson (One pictured is $549)

Lazydays Travel Drinkware Stay hydrated on the go with functional and fun Lazydays drinkware. Rugged types will appreciate the backpack-friendly water bottle with carabiner clip, while fashionistas will adore the hot pink, double-walled tumbler. For the coffee-lover in your life, try the easy-grip, wavy-design travel mug. Whatever your style, we have the perfect match. Available in Tampa and Tucosn $9.89 - $13.99

License-Plate Bottle Holders Show off your travels with these unique bottle protectors. Whether your favorite beverage comes in a bottle or can, you'll find the right size and style holder to suit it. Handmade by Florida craftsmen, these playful pieces feature many different states — choose one to represent your favorite destination, hometown or dream trip. Available in Tampa $20

28 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

Lazydays Event Ad When you camp with us cooking is optional and having fun is a given.

Our beautifully landscaped campgrounds feature paved sites with full 30/50 amp hook-ups. You can relax by the pool, soak in the hot tub or play a game of pool. Best of all, each of our campgrounds has an incredibly cool restaurant and full-service bar for you to enjoy. Tampa sports The Exit 10 Restaurant & Pub, a custom designed 68’ RV that sits smack inside RallyCenter. Exit 10 has become the favorite gathering place of our Tampa campers for lunch and dinner. Come camp with us and plan on fun instead of dirty dishes. Tampa, FL | 800.626.7800


What is MASA Insurance? Accidents, injuries and life-threatening events can occur while you are away from home. To protect yourself and provide a solution before the problem would occur, an annual MASA Assist membership plan would provide peace of mind for these unforeseen events. MASA provides emergency air transportation, ground transportation and transfers to and from hospitals. The program also includes getting your vehicle, including RVs, children/grandchildren, or remains transported to your homebase. The difference between annual membership plans and travel insurance is significant. MASA is not travel insurance. Travel insurance is limited to the time you are away from home, and you typically pay a daily rate for coverage whereas MASA Assist membership is permanent coverage. Better yet, you are working with the actual provider of services which depends on physicians to determine where and when to fly you instead of dealing with an insurance adjustor, that is a huge difference! The annual membership plan also protects you at home, including transports to familiar hospitals and physicians you already know. MASA Assist coverage is very inexpensive, about $32 per month and covers your legal dependents as well. With the proper membership plan you are guaranteed flights to the right hospital and get you home from anywhere in the world! Only MASA Assist does all of this at a reasonable price. Call 1-800-423-3226 for more information and visit

30 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

WHAT’s Happening OLD-FASHIONED FUN RALLY When November 6-9 and December 4-7, 2013 Where Lazydays Tampa RV Campground 6210 County Road 579, Seffner, FL 33584 What to Expect: RVs and fun! The nights are filled with entertainment, while the days are reserved for complete relaxation — enjoy a dip in the pool, take a walk or windowshop on the beautiful grounds, or attend an informative seminar. Make your reservation now for only $179, plus tax. Call 866.531.6821 for more information.

FRVTA FALL SHOW When: November 7-10, 2013 Where: Florida State Fairgrounds 4800 U.S. Highway 301 N. Tampa, FL 33610 What to Expect: RVs, seminars, entertainment and more! Visit for information.

PLEASURE-WAY FALL PREVIEW RALLY When: November 15-17, 2013 Where: Lazydays Tampa RV Campground 6210 County Road 579, Seffner, FL 33584 What to Expect: Everyone is invited to come enjoy RV seminars and product demonstrations at this rally. And of course, we'll also have fun during the themed meals and entertainment. Join us and learn about the Pleasure-Way of life! Cost is $179 per RV, plus tax. Call 800.350.6731 to reserve your spot.

FRVTA SUPERSHOW When: January 15-19, 2014 Where: Florida State Fairgrounds 4800 U.S. Highway 301 N., Tampa, FL 33610 What to Expect: This is the biggest RV show of the year. Tour the latest products, attend expert seminars and visit all the vendor booths. This is the place to be if you love to RV! Visit for information.


home cookin'

RVKitchen essentials By Mary D. Scourtes and Chef Maximo Perez

Whether you are a nervous newbie or a skilled veteran in the RV kitchen, there are a variety of RV cooking supplies that can help take the stress out of cooking. Chef Maximo Perez, who teaches a convection-microwave class at the Lazydays RV Campground in Tampa, recommends stocking your roadside kitchen with the five handy items featured on these pages.

Chef’s knife: No cook can work in a kitchen without a good chef’s utility knife designed to mince, slice and chop anything that needs to be prepped for a meal. Either a 6-inch or 8-inch chef’s knife will do the job. Learn how to grip this knife correctly to avoid cutting yourself. Cutting board: Chefs who favor longevity and tradition reach for a wooden cutting board; however, bamboo and plastic cutting boards also work well. You’ll want one that’s 9 or 10 inches long.

32 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

Pot Roast

There’s no need to be intimidated by a big chuck of meat. The convection-microwave turns out a deliciously tender and juicy pot roast in much less time than in a conventional oven or stove top. Slow-cooking in the convection-microwave results in a flavorful entree, which produces its own gravy. Round out this beefy meal with onions, carrots and potatoes. 1 medium round or chuck beef roast (4 to 5 pounds) 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme 1/8 teaspoon pepper 4 potatoes, peeled and quartered 3 onions, quartered 2 carrots, sliced into 1/4-inch rounds 3/4 cup water 2 tablespoons browning sauce, such as Kitchen Bouquet® or Gravy Master® Place beef roast in a 4-quart, microwave-safe casserole dish. Pat salt, garlic, thyme and pepper into the meat. Add potatoes, onions and carrots around meat. Combine water and browning sauce; pour on top of meat and vegetables. Cover and roast 20 to 22 minutes per pound on high/mix (100%) setting, or until beef is fork-tender. Allow to stand 5 minutes before serving. Makes 6 to 8 servings of convection pot roast.

Metal whisk: The most common style is a teardrop or balloon whisk to mix batters, beat eggs, emulsify vinaigrettes and blend sauces with a vigorous, stirring motion. The whisk is also useful for stirring dry ingredients together, too.

Vegetable peeler: Many chefs like the Y-shaped, “harpstyle” peeler to peel potatoes, apples and other round foods, as it removes the skin without taking away the flesh.

Measuring cups: Bakers rely on these necessary utensils to consistently measure the volume of solid ingredients such as flour, shortening and sugar. After an ingredient is added, slide a spatula straight across the top to level solids. A liquid measuring cup has scale markings at different heights; liquid is added to the cup until it reaches the proper level.



Join Us on in The “Ask a Pro” Section


ers get answers from our Lazydays experts on tough RV questions every

day. Below are a few Q&As that may help you, as well as details on where to submit your own questions. We’d love to hear from you, and we're always excited to get you back on the road!

I assume it's best to be hooked up to the water in order to use the washer appropriately. Otherwise, we would use too much of the water in the tank, correct? — Harriet Sutton via Facebook

The washer in your unit is designed to function either way — it can draw water from the tank or from a campground hookup. But you are correct; if you're on the road, it will use a lot of the water in your tank. Also, be aware that all of the water you are using to wash laundry will be going into the gray tank; so if you already have water from bathing or dish-washing in the tank, it could easily overfill. How do I keep my engine's battery from going dead while the RV is parked? — Patricia Whitaker via Facebook

There is a battery disconnect on most units that allows you to turn off the chassis battery so it will not drain while the RV is parked. Xantrex® makes a charger that will connect your batteries together so they all charge at the same time. This product is called an echo charger, and it will prevent your chassis batteries from going dead as long as the unit is plugged in while camping. 

34 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

We have a 2013 Berkshire 40-foot diesel-pusher with air brakes. When we apply the brakes, we've noticed a squeaking sound. We have lubricated everything we can find in and around the brake system, but to no avail. We previously owned a 2011 Coachmen diesel with air brakes, and that RV had the same issue. We've talked to Freightliner, but they have no record in their database of anyone else experiencing this issue. However, I know we can't be the only people this has happened to, as we've owned two separate units with the same problem. Our nearest service centers are approximately 100 miles away, and my hubby is a jack-of-all-trades who prefers to fix things himself whenever possible. Can you please help us figure this out? — Belinda Riggs Burns via Facebook

Our expert in the Chassis Shop says it's possible that your slack adjusters need to be lubricated, and recommends that your S-cam rollers be taken out, cleaned and lubed. However, be aware that the S-cams are not an easy task for a novice; it takes our experienced technicians two hours on each one to complete the job. Have a question you'd like to ask the Lazydays experts? Visit our “Ask a Pro” page at or post your inquiry on

Post your questions at Note: Questions may be edited for length or clarity.



RV CLASSIFIEDs in tAMPA, call 888.626.7800

• in TUCSON, call 888.426.5481

2013 Entegra Aspire

2013 Airstream Interstate

2013 Pleasure-Way Plateau

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1014322 New, Class A, 43 ft., 4 slides, diesel, 450HP Cummins® engine, floor plan 42DEQ MSRP: $359,678 / $259,990 Included Benefits: Crown Club

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1015614 New, Class B, 23 ft., diesel, 3.0L Mercedes® engine, floor plan Lounge Extended MSRP: $141,017 / $117,695

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1015652 New, Class B, 23 ft., diesel, 3.0L Mercedes® engine, floor plan TS MSRP: $119,470, / $99,395

2014 Thor Motor Coach ACE

2012 Born Free

2013 Forest River Georgetown XL

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1015691 New, Class A, 29 ft., 1 slide, gas, V10 Ford® engine, floor plan EVO27.1 MSRP: $104,604 / Request Price

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1015704 New, Class C, 25 ft., gas, V10 Ford® engine, floor plan 25' Rear Bath MSRP $111,888 / Price: $98,990

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1015745 New, Class A, 37 ft., gas, V10 Ford® engine, floor plan 377XL MSRP: $157,663 / $109,875

2013 Born Free

2014 Airstream Flying Cloud

2014 Thor Motor Coach Palazzo

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1016094 New, Class C, 29 ft., gas, V10 Ford® engine floor plan 29' Rear Island Price: $119,825

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1016652 New, travel trailer, 26 ft., floor plan 25BWBFB MSRP: $71,259 / Request Price

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1016884 New, Class A, 34 ft., 2 slides, diesel, 300HP Cummins® engine, floor plan 33.2 MSRP: $205,628 / Request Price

36 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

2014 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Siesta Sprinter

2014 Dutchmen Voltage V Series Location: Tucson, AZ

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1016923 New, Class C, 25 ft., 2 slides, 3.0L Mercedes速 engine, floor plan 24SR MSRP: $119,288 / Request Price

Stock #: 1016987 New, travel trailer, 35 ft., 2 slides, floor plan V300 MSRP: $60,704 / Request Price

2014 Born Free Splendor

2014 Thor Motor Coach ACE

2014 Lance Travel Trailer

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1017009 New, Class C, 27 ft., V10 Ford速 engine, 1 slide, gas, floor plan 27' Rear Side Bed Price: $139,740 Included Benefits: Crown Club

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1017038 New, Class A, 31 ft., 2 slides, gas, V10 Ford速 engine, floor plan EVO30.1 MSRP: $118,074 / Request Price

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1017040 New, travel trailer, 23 ft., 1 slide, floor plan 1985 MSRP: $32,327 / Request Price

2014 Grand Design Reflection

2014 Pacific Coach Works Powerlite Series

2014 CrossRoads Elevation

2014 Thor Motor Coach Four Winds Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1016919 New, Class C, 25 ft., gas, V10 Ford速 engine , floor plan 23U MSRP: $84,774 / Request Price

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1017319 New, fifth wheel, 33 ft., 3 slides, floor plan 303RLS MSRP: $50,207 / Request Price

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1017805 New, fifth wheel, 32 ft., floor plan F28FSX MSRP: $56,184 / Request Price

Location: Tucson, AZ Stock #: 1017890 New, fifth wheel, 37 ft., 3 slides, floor plan TF3612 MSRP: $83,143 / Request Price


RV CLASSIFIEDs in tAMPA, call 888.626.7800

• in TUCSON, call 888.426.5481

2013 American Coach Eagle

2014 Entegra Aspire

2014 Fleetwood Bounder

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1015676 New, Class A, 45 ft., 3 slides, diesel, 500HP Detroit Diesel® engine, floor plan 45N MSRP: $636,502 / $429,986 Included Benefits: Crown Club

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1016724 New, Class A, 43 ft., 4 slides, diesel, 450HP Cummins® engine, floor plan 42DEQ MSRP: $365,135 / $273,851 Included Benefits: Crown Club

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1016516 New, Class A, 34 ft., 2 slides, gas, V10 Ford® engine, floor plan 33C MSRP: $143,842 / Request Price

2013 Forest River Berkshire

2014 Monaco Monarch SE

2014 Tiffin Allegro

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1014921 New, Class A, 40 ft., 4 slides, diesel, 360HP Cummins® engine, floor plan 390FL MSRP: $257,166 / $175,887

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1017356 New, Class A, 35 ft., 2 slides, gas, V10 Ford® engine, floor plan 33SFD MSRP: $121,408 / $99,643

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1017653 New, Class A, 35 ft., 3 slides, gas, V10 Ford® engine, floor plan 34TGA MSRP: $146,923 / Request Price

2014 Forest River Cedar Creek

2014 Fleetwood Tioga Montara

2014 Winnebago Vista

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1016487 New, fifth wheel, 39 ft., 3 slides, floor plan 36CKTS MSRP: $86,113 / $68,956

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1016523 New, Class C, 24 ft., gas, V8 Ford® engine, floor plan 23B MSRP: $68,877 / Request Price

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1017872 New, Class A, 27 ft., 1 slide, gas, V10 Ford® engine, floor plan 26HE MSRP: $88,460 / Request Price

38 | Fall 2013 | 888.626.7800

2014 Grand Design Solitude

2014 Keystone Montana

2013 Athens Park Homes Royal

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1017273 New, fifth wheel, 38 ft., 3 slides, floor plan 369RL MSRP: $70,209 / Request Price

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1015946 New, fifth wheel, 39 ft., 5 slides, floor plan 3850FL MSRP: $90,045 / $69,778

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1016395 New, park model, 36 ft., floor plan 202 MSRP: $56,470 / $48,885

2014 Keystone Passport Express

2014 CrossRoads Z-1

2014 Forest River Cedar Creek Cottage

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1017557 New, travel trailer, 22 ft., floor plan 195RB MSRP: $20,420 / $19,856

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1017217 New, travel trailer, 25 ft., floor plan ZT211RD MSRP: $21,535 / $18,776

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: 1016503 New, travel trailer, 40 ft., 3 slides, floor plan 40CFE MSRP: $68,793 / $53,887

2006 Itasca Horizon

2006 Newmar Essex

2011 Dutchmen Voltage

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: U134598 Pre-owned, Class A, 36 ft., 4 slides, diesel, 26,554 mi., 350HP Caterpillar速 engine, floor plan 36RDS Sugg. Retail: $146,760 / $127,987

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: U134625 Pre-owned, Class A, 4 slides, 45 ft., diesel, 500HP Cummins速 engine, 9,899 mi., floor plan 4502 Somerset Sugg. Retail: $271,336 / $249,866 Included Benefits: Crown Club

Location: Tampa, FL Stock #: U136534 Pre-owned, fifth wheel, 35 ft., 2 slides, floor plan V3200 Sugg. Retail: $53,170 / Request Price


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