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2015-2016 Annual Report of Giving

ira rozen photography & videography


byds annual report of giving

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letter from the head of school and board chair

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letter from the development chair annual giving fund donors byds leaders annual giving fund donors byds friends

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create a legacy

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fundraising events

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financial report

8 :

thank you

byds annual report of giving


From The Head of School and Board Chair To all of you who gave generously during the 2015-2016 school year, our deepest thanks. You continue a long and proud tradition of support for Beth Yeshurun Day School and the good work that happens here every day. Within this annual report you will see lists of gifts to the school – of time, talent, and treasure. These lists represent an important sampling of the many ways your support helps our school pursue and fulfill its mission.

Dr. Dan Ahlstrom Head of School

Stewart Rosenthal Board Chair


Through the generosity of our school community this past year, we experienced a significant increase in annual giving, both in dollars raised and participating families and our Gala was a record-breaking success. We are pleased to report that the school not only concluded its year with a balanced budget, but, it completed the repayment of its loans incurred in the Build Our Future Campaign renovation of the Elementary School two years ahead of schedule. Looking ahead, we are proud to announce that in the 2016-2017 school year we will establish the BYDS Endowment thanks to a generous gift from the Helen & Samuel Schaffer Jewish Education Fund and support from our school families. At Beth Yeshurun Day School we believe every child deserves a strong foundation. As we look to the future we strive to improve everything we do to better understand and fulfill our school’s mission. As we continue this important work together, led by our outstanding faculty and staff, and supported by our Board of Trustees, please continue your support and we encourage our community to actively participate in our efforts on behalf of our school. To everyone who supports Beth Yeshurun through donations large or small, recognized or anonymous, thank you! Thank you for your support this past year, thank you for your support next year. Thank you for your commitment to our mission.

byds annual report of giving

From The Development Chair Dear Beth Yeshurun Community, Todah Robah. On behalf of everyone who steps foot onto our campus each and every day, I sincerely thank you for supporting the advancement of Beth Yeshurun Day School. Because of the generosity of our small-but-robust community, it is my pleasure to report that we were able to achieve our targeted fundraising goals for 2015-2016. Growing a culture of giving is vital to the longevity and future success of BYDS. Our school is among the finest independent schools in the greater Houston area. Because tuition dollars only cover a percent of BYDS' annual operating budget, charitable contributions make it possible for your children to receive the outstanding academic, Judaic, and developmental experiences our faculty and staff can provide. Additionally, by making BYDS one your top three charitable giving recipients, you show confidence and solidarity in support of our students and the school’s mission.

Jennifer Deutsch, Board of Trustees, Development Chair

So, thank you again to the more than 1,500 members of our BYDS community, including current parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty, staff, and friends who believe in the continued success of our school and its love of learning. Your support is a testament to the reason why Beth Yeshurun Day School is celebrating 65 years of Jewish education.

byds annual report of giving


Annual Giving Fund Donors Leaders Gifts byds leaders are donors recognized for their exceptional generosity and philanthropic commitment to the school.

byds alumni

* 2015-16 annual giving fund co-chairs

founder’s circle

headmaster’s circle

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Houston Jewish Community Foundation Marsha and Martin J Block Taryn and Dan Braun * Bradley Radoff Anna Shafir* and David Zelitt

Jennifer and Andy Aronson Sarah Aronstein Shannon and Josh Aruh Barbara and Ron Brounes Charter Title Company Angela Semakova and Ofir Cohen Angie and Grant Dorfman Haynes and Boone LLP Relda Finger-Hoffer Haley and Alan Finkelman Joseph Goetz Courtney and Eric Haas Barbara Horwitz Donna and Robert Lane Susan and Jack Lee Diane and Alan Levin Naomi and Michael Levy Diane and Mitch Levy Dionne and Bryan Miller Lydia and Benjamin Musher Cynthia and David Patrick Carolyn Plessner Susie and Jeff Raizner Rabbi David and Marcie Rosen Rhoda and Steve Saka Stacey and Jeffrey Shidler Lindsay and Jay Stewart Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP Susan and Gary Whitman Amy and Segev Zadok


tree of life

$3,600 – $4,999

AbbVie Inc. Randee and Howard Berman Jennifer and Allen Deutsch Michael and Julie Kaplan Dena and Scott Segal mensch

$1,800 – $3,599

‫תודה‬ ‫רבה‬ 6

byds annual report of giving

Beth Yeshurun Sisterhood Clive Fleishman Anissa and Reid Friedman Linda and Jerry Paine Louise and Stewart Rosenthal Michele Tesciuba and Ben Shani

$1,000 – $1,799

Friends Gifts mitzvah


Shannon and Dan Ahlstrom Debbie and Eitan Bernstein Beth Yeshurun Brotherhood Yvette and Joseph Blog Jaci and Doug Elliott Felicia and Steven Goldberg Lynn and William Goldberg Marc Gordon Attorney at Law Julia and Stephen Jacobson Hydee and Ryan Kagan Dana and Kenneth Katz Monique and Steven Kaufman Hayley and Gabriel Maislos Broche and Arthur Marlin Muriel and Marcel Meicler Cathryn and Stephen Mellon Karol and Daniel Musher Stacy and Andrew Robinson Elizabeth and Scott Rubinsky Elaine and Allen Schuster Toby and Jack Segal Eleonora Shafir Jordana and Kevin Slawin Jennifer and Mark Sondock Shelley and Jeremy Sorkin E’Stella and Roger Stern Rabbi Brian and Lisa Strauss Gail and Gary Swartz Judy and Ronnie Yambra David Zelitt & Associates Memorial Hermann Department of Radiology

Lori and Brian Abramson Esmeralda and Steve Axler Susan and Sandy Baum Heidi and Bobby Bazarsky Simone and Matt Berry Melanie and Mark Blashki Helen Brounes Randi and Donald Capone Faye and Jason Casell Stephanie and Joshua Cohen Lindsay and Adam Cohen Nirayl and Brian Cororve Talia Diamond Tracy and Douglas Dow Faith and Alon Erlichman Tootie and Steve Fradkin Esther and Doug Freedman Jamie and Bryan Garrett Adrienne and Asaf Glaich Marris and Rob Goldberg Raquel and Jacobo Goldberg Erica and Nir Goldberg Michelle Goldberg and Ron Moses Barbara Goldfield Katie Beth and Adam Gottlieb Laurie and Dico Hassid Lauren and Josh Hill Lindsey and Jesse Hirsch Laurie Hirsch Micki and Steven Hirsch Brooke and Michael Jones Andrea and Aaron Kahle

$500 – $999

$108 – $499

Jill and Neal Kaminsky Ali and Mark Katz Nelli Kazakevich Cindy and Bruce Kirsch Sari and Chris Kronzer Emily and Jonathan Lepow Doron Levin Geraldine Daumerie and Wesley Mayer Michelle and Daniel Mendelejis Linda and Scott Newar Melissa and Marty Peskin Danielle and Jude Rolfes Jennifer and Douglas Rosenzweig Ariel and Ira Rozen Valentina and Michael Semakov Debora and Guido Setton Cora and Guy Sharfman Shannon and Danny Sheena Riana and Greg Sherman Jill Shoshany Lisa and Brian Silver byds annual report of giving


Jodi and Josh Skorupski Margo Smith Mel and Solweig Soloff Amira and Brad Staller Arlene and Joe Staller Robert Stephens Liba and Todd Stern Natalie and Ross Stomel Leslie and Sam Sutin Sarah and Hershel Swartz Dory and Jason Taibel Rachel and Jesse Teichman Yaeli Bierman Harrar and Yoel Waisman Ann Marie T. Walsh Christine and Paul Wasserman Bobbie and Stanley Weinstein Annat and David Wolf Amanda and Keith Wolf Karen and Gregory Zimmermann Dianne and Stanley Zweback

Thank You


byds annual report of giving

byds friends

Ruth and Ben Adler Leslie and Ellis Aronson Paige and Mickey Baden Pam and Walter Bazarsky Janice Bekker Elizabeth and Edward Berzin Alice and Gabriel Blog Harriet and Ronnie Bormaster Betty and Murray Camhi Eileen Cersonsky Mireille Chait Jodi Chait Rimma Cherches Adele and Steven Croft Judi Danziger Jessica Danziger ‫ז"ל‬ Shiloh and Leon Davila Sandy Diamond Nicole and Jeff Dobbs Helen Dow Laurie Dreyfuss Esther and Leonard Entel Carol and Mark Entman Elaine Epstein Patty and Milt Faigen Paula Feinman Sandye and Wolf Fertman Robin and Sammy Fleschler Valerie and John Florez Dori and George Forrest Nellie and Henry Frank Deborah and Marty Frank Megan and Jason Freed Aviva and Mel Friedman Cecilia Garfinkel Sara and Avi Glaich Alisa Golan Jodi and David Gold Charlotte and Floyd Goldberg

Lynne and Lewis Gottschalk Dora Lee and Israel Grinberg Maxine and Reuben Grinstein Geula and Michael Gross Michelle and Joseph Hadar Dana and Stephen Hakimi Gabrielle and Eben Hattingh Elaine and Peter Hirsch Michelle Holland Lillie and Ben Hurwitz Molly and Sal Jimenez Jennifer Johnson Sharon and Arnie Kagan Amy and Murray Kalmin Marjorie Kaminsky Myra and Gene Kaplan Mina and Simon Karni Ben and Diana Katz Joan and Louis Katz Helene Kessel Jean and Micah Kessler Janet and Daniel Kleban Judith and Robert Komorn Bronia Kostanyan Sheila Kristeller Adena and Michael Levi Shery Levin and Avner Ramu Jack Levin Kay and Philip Levin Gale and Rick Lourie Dianne and Marc Magids Reba Magids Orit and David Malev Nataly and Andrew Marks Donna and Arthur Miller Emily and Joshua Mintz Diane Dorf and Steve Morgen Hilary and Roni Most Amy and Gage Mueller

Lynda Newman Jill and Steven Newman Tiffany Nguyen Denise Olitzki Carrie and Paul Ostrin Chalise Pamplin Barbara and Allen Pauly Penny Pershell Shveta and Manu Pillai Ann Plantowsky Sondra Price Elizabeth Rivera Evelyn and Andrew Rosemore Laurie and Jeff Rosenberg Bernadean Rosenblatt Jennifer and Adam Rosenfeld Linda and Allen Rosenzweig Jocelyn and Mark Roth Karen and Bill Rubinsky Sara and Joel Saber Regina Santos Alexis Saperstein Efrat Sasson and Ohad Nezer Beth and Lee Schlanger Cindy and Howard Schmerin

Miranda and Paul Schwartz Barbara and Jerry Selzer Cindy and David Senior Fannie and Steve Sherman Melanie Sherman Mitzi and Mark Shidler Marla Shields Dina Silberman Eileen and Milton Silberstein Perelle Solomon and Daniel Schwartz Melanie and Daniel Spelkin Cindi and Marc Steinberg Polina and Mark Strug Marian Strug Bonnie Suchart Jomel Birnbaum Mongie and Leonard Swartz Lindsay and Elan Tavor Annie and Mitch Testa Miriam and Leon Toubin Stefanie and Mark Trachtenberg Monique Turner Lynn and George Ulaner Brooke and Gavin Wagenheim

Glenda and Terry Waldman Carol and Jerry Wasserstein Rachel and Harry Weber Karen and Armin Weinberg Melanee Weiser Shelley and Paul Weitz Nancy Whitman Betsy and Jeffrey Widelitz Bianca and Matt Wigder Cheryl Wolf Monica Woolf Alexandra Yudelevich Lisa and Gilad Zadok Rhoda Zelitt Zvia Zilkha Meaghan Zimmermann Jessica and Jason Zoller

byds annual report of giving


Annual Giving Fund Facts

75% parents 98% staff 100% board

about our annual giving fund

Beth Yeshurun Day School’s Annual Giving Fund raises unrestricted funds for the school’s operating budget. Gifts to the Annual Giving Fund helps the school to: • attract and develop an outstanding faculty; • enhance academic programs including science, music, and fine arts; • create new and exciting programs that integrate general and Jewish studies; • extend financial assistance to families committed to a Jewish day school education; and • ensure students and teachers have access to updated and leading-edge technology. Like all independent schools, Beth Yeshurun Day School relies on Annual Giving to bridge the gap between tuition revenue, which must be affordable, and the full cost of educating children. BYDS counts on 100% family participation. Every gift matters; every gift makes a difference!

rozen photography & videography

Dunk Dr. Dan student after student aimed for the red bullseye to dunk

dr. dan in 500 pounds of water. dressed in a full suit and tie

(adorned with orange flippers and pink floaties), dr. dan cheered on each pitcher.


byds annual report of giving

total: donors:

$130,370 309

Create a Legacy Houston Jewish Community Foundation anyone can create a legacy gift that ensures a lasting impact on the future of our

school. contact byds to learn more

about this program.

letters of intent

Karol & Daniel Musher Anonymous Gail & Gary Swartz Jennifer Block Deutsch Jordana Roteman Slawin Benjamin and Lydia Musher Dan Ahlstrom Guido Setton E’Stella and Roger Stern

Muriel Meicler Rabbi Brian and Lisa Strauss Susie and Jeff Raizner Segev and Amy Zadok Rabbi David and Marcie Rosen Andrea and Shay Kuperman Frieda and Melvin Dow Alan and Diane Levin Stewart Rosenthal

Endowment Fund

the byds endowment will build a legacy of excellence for future generations of beth

yeshurun students. income from the endowment will support teachers' salaries, professional development, cutting-edge curriculum and

technology programs, and ensure consistency of the school’s operations. gifts to the endowment are gratefully accepted. please contact the administration to discuss your interest.

byds annual report of giving


2015-2016 Annual Gala




1J Watt

for being a driving force in the community and a voice for byds children, diane and alan levin were honored with the rabbi jack segal excellence in education award. as a result of his dedication and .JUSTIN .J. WATT

caring, j.j. watt and the justin j. watt foundation were awarded the robin and josh berry volunteer - �OUNOATION -

award. they were the toast of the evening at the annual byds gala. j.j.’s parents, connie and john,

Diane and Alan 13 news Levin anchor, was the distinguished emcee for

accepted the award on his behalf. tom koch, abc

an enchanting evening where party-goers mingled, dined, and raised funds to support our annual

program. heartful thanks to our generous underwriters, sponsors, donors, and volunteers. 12giving byds annual report of giving

cTormatinvitatlon tofitliw

A Night Under the Stars Gala Committee thank you to the many volunteers who helped make the byds annual gala a

tremendous success!

Courtney and Eric Haas Co-Chairs

Amy and Segev Zadok Co-Chairs

Jamie Garrett Auction Chair

Robyn Rosenblatt Corporate Sponsorship Chair

on behalf of the entire byds community, gala co-chairs courtney and eric haas and amy and segev zadok, along with the trustees and administration of byds,

would like to extend a special thank you to the many volunteers who supported,

participated, and worked so hard to make "a night under the stars" such a success. the funds raised from this event provide essential financial support for programs, teachers, and facilities that make byds an outstanding educational experience for our children. thank you for your participation and support of "a night under the stars" and for your ongoing dedication to beth yeshurun day school.

Amira Staller Amy Grinstein Angie Dorfman Anissa Friedman Anna Hickey Annat Wolf Barbara Brounes Betsy Widelitz Carolyn Plessner CBY Maintenance Chita Johnson Cynthia Patrick David Le Dionne Miller Donna Lane Eileen Pettigrew Elizabeth Berzin

Heidi Bazarszky Jamie Garrett Jennifer Rosenzweig Jodi Skorupski Jordana Slawin Judy Yambra Julie Kaplan Karen Edelman Kelly Cersonsky Laurie Rosenberg Lisa Fleishman Lisa Strauss Lisa Yambra Lisa Zadok Lori Abramson Lydia Musher Megan Freed

Mike Babajanov Mike Levy Naomi Levy Rachel Teichman Rachel Toubin Rob Schuler Robyn Rosenblatt Ron Brounes Season Paquette Shannon Aruh Shelley Sorkin Susan Whitman Syma Levy Talia Diamond Three Brothers Bakery Tom Koch

byds annual report of giving


Event Sponsors thank you to our sponsors who underwrote this successful event.

megastar presenting sponsors

Alan F. and Diane R. Levin Family Charitable Foundation Silver Eagle Distributors superstars

Finkelman Family Houston Methodist Hospital Colorectal Division Lee Levit Lisa and Brian Silver Laura Moore and Don Sanders Three Brothers Bakery Zadok Master Jewelers Anonymous shooting stars

Liz and Steven Bender Cammarata Pediatric Dentistry Group Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital | TIRR Memorial Hermann Rehabilitation and Research Heidi Dugan ~ Greenwood King Properties Edifis Amy and Joe Grinstein ~ Susman Godfrey LLP Iberia Bank Sharon and Richard Kammerman/ Maxine and Bubba Silberstein Laurie and Jeff Rosenberg Sanchez Energy Company Swartz Family ~ ABC Doors TLC Wealth Management The Zubowski Family


byds annual report of giving

Alyson and Elliot Gershenson Bergner and Johnson Adrienne and Asaf Glaich Bernstein Realty Joseph Goetz, MD Drs. Elizabeth Baze and Lynn and Willy Goldberg Edward Berzin Barbara Horwitz Braun Enterprises INSGroup Amy and Jonathan Judkowitz Ivory Bridal Atelier NRL Mortgage Julie and Robert Jacobson Karol and Daniel Musher Julia and Stephen Jacobson Carolyn Plessner Kagan Pediatrics Paula and Irving Pozmantier Amy and David Kapiloff Rabbi David and Marcie Rosen Julie and Michael Kaplan Louise and Stewart Rosenthal Monique and Steven Kaufman Dr. Allen and Elaine Schuster Dr. Robert and Judith Komorn Jay Steinfeld and Barbara Winthrop Lisa and Matthew Kornhauser Judy and Ronnie Yambra Lainie Line Jewelry Donna and Robert Lane starlets Barbara and Barry Lewis Lindsay and Scott Aronstein ~ Dionne and Bryan Miller ~ Connectivity Source National Appraisal Partners Baker Donelson Laina and Stuart Miller Bellaire Family Eye Care Lydia and Benjamin Musher Beth Yeshurun Brotherhood Susie and Jeff Raizner Bracewell & Giuliani, LLP Laurie and Len Reinsmith Brookfield Office Properties Robyn and Kevin Rosenblatt Barbara and Ron Brounes Irene and Frank Shaw Faye and Jason Casell E'Stella and Roger Stern Chait Insurance Agency Rabbi Brian and Lisa Strauss Frieda and Melvin Dow Annette and Larry Sondock Doug and Jaci Elliott Jennifer and Mark Sondock Margie and Clive Fields Michele Tesciuba and Ben Shani Monica and Cantor Meir Finkelstein Cindy and Dr. Barry Weinstein Clive Fleishman Wolfies Swim School Esther and Woody Fox Anna Shafir and Dr. David Zelitt Karen and Buster Freedman rising stars

Auction Item Donors thank you to our friends who provided products and services for our fundraising auction. auction donors

A to Zen Meditation & Coaching A.D. Players Abejas A'bientĂ´t Adam Greenberg of Worldwide Machinery Alexander's Fine Portrait Design Americas/Cordua Amy and Joe Grinstein Armando's Arnaldo Richards' Picos ArtMix Auntie Pasto's Avenu Fitness Bayou Wildlife Zoo BB1 Beck's Prime Bejay's Photography Bell Mountain Vineyard Bellaire Police Department Bellare Pediatric Dentistry Ben and Michele Shani Benjy and Erica Levit Beth Yeshurun Sisterhood Art Gallery BreakAway Speed Sports Training Camp Champions Candelari's Pizza Canopy Caracol Carrabba's Restaurant Central Market Charde' Jewelers Charlie Pallilo Charlie Pallilo and Ciao Bello Chef Roshni Gurnani and Belden's Children's Museum of Houston Chita Johnson CIARAVINO

Congregation Beth Yeshurun Cori Aston Makeup Courtney and Eric Haas Crave Cupcakes Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion David Brown Debbie and Adam Greenberg Define Body & Mind Deville Fine Jewlery Dewberry Farm Dimensions Discovery Center Dr. Ahlstrom Dr. Audrey M. Boutros Dr. Dan Ahlstrom Dr. Mark P. Hablinski Dr. Scott Segal Dr. Tracy Katz Dr. Vladimir Tabakman/Bellaire Family Orthodontics Edible Arrangements Elaine's Florist Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center Event Yard Greetings Exclusive Resorts Facade Fadi's Mediterranean Grill Fiori Spa Fioza Coffee First Class Training Fleishman and Rosenblatt Frank Silberlicht/Camp Young Judaea French Cuff Frosch Fundamentally Music Gary and Jeannie Wermuth Genesis Steakhouse Gittings Studios Grand Lux Cafe byds annual report of giving


Gulf States Toyota Hazzan Meir and Monica Finkelstein High Gloss Jewelry Houston Astros Houston Ballet Houston Dog Walking Club Houston Museum of Natural Science Houston Rockets Houston Skate and Dance Houston Swim Club Houston Texans Houston Wine Merchant Houston Zoo Imagination Toys Innovative Images by Robert Berger Insgroup Inspirato J Silver James Avery Jewelry Jennifer Aronson Makeup Jill Kaminsky & Jennifer Deutsch Jodi Skorupski/Style Success Wardrobe Styling Julie Malamud Julie and Michael Kaplan Justin J. Watt Foundation Kenny & Ziggy's LAINIE LINE Landry's Inc. Lands' End Laurenzo's El Tiempo Cantina Linda Block Lori Ginsburg Los Tios Lucky Strike Lanes Luke's Locker M. Wiesenthal Men's Collection Mad Potter Main Street Theater Mariquita Masterson


byds annual report of giving

Mark's Matt Menegotto Maxed Out Memorial Athletic Club Mercedes Benz Sugar Land Meyerland Starbucks Michael & Julie Kaplan Michael's Cookie Jar Michal Meron Michelle Mendelejis Momentum Porsche Monart Mrs. Cindy Kirsch Ms. Riana Sherman Museum of Fine Arts Houston My Fit Foods Natural Expressions Neiman Marcus at The Houston Galleria New York Bagels Nicole Ivey Photography Niko Niko's Norris of Houston Ooh La La Dessert Boutique Otterbox Oulala! What An Event Palazzo's Trattoria Pappa's Restaurants Paradise Pen Paula & Kenny Singer Paula and Kenny Singer Pepperoni's Pizza Queen of Heirs Rabbi Brian and Lisa Strauss Randalls Randee Berman River Oaks Chrysler Rosette Papers Rover Oaks Sam Houston Race Park Sam Malone Sensia Studio & Japanese Day

Shipley Donuts Shirley & Lee Schappenhauer (The Core) Sonik Vision Stacy and Andy Robinson Sterling McCall Lexus Super Nails Salon Suzanne Bruce and Associates Tall Plants Tapester's Grill Tara A. Fantazuzzi Taste of Texas The Chocolate Bar The Egg & I The Finishing Touch at Norris of Houston Throwing Copper Organic Tanning Tom Foolery Tony's Tree House Arts & Crafts TRISTAR Productions TuTu Cute United Airlines West University Dance Where the Wind Blows Whole Foods Windsor Court Hotel Wolfie's Swim School Worldwide Machinery Yoga One Bellaire Zadok Master Jewelers

byds annual report of giving



byds annual report of giving

A Night Under the Stars Beth Yeshurun Day School 2015-2016 Gala

byds annual report of giving


Playground Updates

thanks to a very successful gala, we added new equipment to our playground, soccer nets to our goal posts and upgraded the mulching around all of it. these

playground enhancements keep us "up to

code" with our safety regulations and add more fun for our students. thank you to our 2015 gala chairs courtney and eric

haas and amy and segev zadok and to all the gala volunteers for putting together such a successful event!

ira rozen photography & videography

Kosher Chili Cook-off the houston kosher chili cookoff is all about bringing the entire jewish community together for a

day of food, fun, and festivities to raise funds for important

non-profit organizations in

the houston jewish community.

together with congregation beth yeshurun, byds set up a booth and

received a check for $3,000.

The Market

the byds market was "the place" to find the perfect gift for family, friends, teachers, coworkers, and oneself. from fashion, jewelry and accessories, gifts for the

home, gifts for pets, stationery, food, toys, and so much more, the market was a one-

stop-shop for holiday gift needs. last year, the market raised over $13,000! thank

you to all the volunteers, vendors, and customers for making this possible.


byds annual report of giving

Financial Report Revenue, Development & Support

Fiscal Year End June 30, 2016


$4,250,786 $(527,422) $374,278 $329,437 $149,883 $158,681 $167,706



tuition and fees scholarship

auxiliary programming development & fundraising, net of expenses contributions jewish federation, grants & other support


salaries & benefits

loan interest



school programming and technology facilities & administration miscellaneous depreciation & amortization


accumulated depreciation

$2,036,288 $41,150 $4,685,225 $(1,402,262)



current assets build our future & other pledge receivables, net property and equipment

Liabilities and Net Assets

net assets

$341,735 $276,178 $1,310,425 $3,277 $3,428,786



current liabilities

build our future building construction debt unearned tuition and fees other liabilities

thank you to the jewish federation of greater houston for supporting our

$3,619,058 $48,557 $387,181 $177,395 $232,172 $217,146 $8,939

professional development

Jewish Federation school with the annual united jewish campaign, professional development opportunities, and varied resources throughout the year.

this summarized financial information should be read in conjunction with byds audited financial statements and notes thereto. these documents are available upon request.

byds annual report of giving


Thank You board of trustees

Stewart Rosenthal, President Jennifer Deutsch, VP Lydia Musher, VP Segev Zadok, VP Roger Stern, Secretary, VP Donna Lane, Treasurer Doug Elliott Reid Friedman Barbara Horwitz Shay Kuperman Muriel Meicler Karol Musher Rhoda Saka Jill Shoshany Jordana Slawin Bonnie Winograd ex-officio voting trustees

William Goldberg, Past President Julie Kaplan, PTO Co-President Alan Levin, CBY President Dionne Miller, PTO Co-President Carolyn Plessner, Past President Susie Raizner, Past President Arlene Staller, Designee of the President, CBY Gary Swartz, Past President ex-officio non-voting trustees

Dr. Dan Ahlstrom, Head of School Cantor Finkelstein, Congregation Beth Yeshurun Rabbi Morgen, Congregation Beth Yeshurun Rabbi Rosen, Congregation Beth Yeshurun Rabbi Strauss, Congregation Beth Yeshurun


byds annual report of giving


Ruth Adler Dan Ahlstrom Cindy Askew Jomel Birnbaum Janice Bekker Missy Bernosky Harriet Bormaster Jodi Chait Mireille Chait Rimma Cherches Jessica Danziger ‫ז"ל‬ Breanne DeVaney Laurie Dreyfuss Beth Field Noa Filmar Cecilia Garfinkel Lori Ginsberg Alisa Golan Jodi Gold Lynne Gottschalk Dora Lee Grinberg Geula Gross Michelle Hadar Dana Hakimi Gabrielle Hattingh Elaine Hirsch Michelle Holland Shoshana Isaacson Hayley Jochnau Melanee Kaplan-Weiser Helene Kessel Jean Kessler Cynthia Kirsch Phyllis Kolnick Bronia Kostanyan Milton Lemus Adena Levi Cathryn Mellon

Linda Meyerson Hilary Most Lisa Nates Tiffany Nguyen Margie Nobles Denise Olitzki Tatiana Pagan Chalise Pamplin Penny Pershell Sondra Price Shelly Riklin Elizabeth Rivera Ariel Rozen Yuliya Saig Alexis Saperstein Barbara Selzer Kaysone Sengvong Guido Setton Charlien Shapiro Riana Sherman Melanie Sherman Marla Shields Mellonee Sigust Dina Silberman Jackelyn Silverman Paula Singer Lana Sokolova Cindi Steinberg Bonnie Suchart Annie Testa Monique Turner Karen Weinberg Hayley Williky Cheryl Wolf Monica Woolf Alex Yudelevich Zvia Zilkha Meaghan Zimmermann

parent teacher organization (pto)

Thank you to our parent teacher organization. We are so grateful that we can count on your support to plan impressive events, volunteer at school, and connect us even more with our BYDS families. congregation beth yeshurun

We want to give a special thanks to the efforts and support of our congregation. We are so lucky to be connected to this highly esteemed synagogue, both physically and spiritually. Because of you, we are able to offer a school campus that is safe, welcoming, and responsive to our needs. Throughout the year, Congregation Beth Yeshurun provides our school with financial, operational, and spiritual support through: • • • • • • • •

Beth Yeshurun Brotherhood Beth Yeshurun Sisterhood Beth Hayeled Fund Devora Urkowitz Day School Scholarship Rabbi William S. Malev Endowment Fund Tapper Playground Fund H.E. Finger Children's Library Fund Deborah Komorn Baruch Excellence in Education Fund • Schepps Recreation Center Fund • Reuben Utay Memorial Music Program Fund

this report is accurate to the best of

our knowledge. we sincerely apologize

for any error or omissions. contact the development office with any questions. beth yeshurun day school

4525 beechnut street | houston, tx 77096 713.666.1884 |

byds annual report of giving


Annual Giving Fund 2016-2017 LEADERS Tree of Life Crown Fruit Flowers Leaves FRIENDS Branches Trunks Roots

‫נגידים‬ ‫ עץ חיים‬ ‫ כתר‬ ‫ פירות‬ ‫ פרחים‬ ‫ עלים‬ ‫חברים‬ ‫ ענפים‬ ‫ גזעים‬ ‫ שורשים‬

$5,000+ $3,600 to $4,999 $2,500 to $3,599 $1,800 to $2,499 $1,300 to $1,799

$500 to $1,299 $108 to $499 to $107

START growing HERE. 24

byds annual report of giving

byds annual report of giving


4525 beechnut street houston, texas 77096

Save the Dates!


may 02, 2017


byds annual report of giving

2015 16 BYDS Annual Report of Giving  
2015 16 BYDS Annual Report of Giving