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SCHOOL OPEN HOUSES BT Celebrates Israel at 70


Making it Count By Rabbanit Bracha Jaffe Beth Tfiloh Community Educator

The period of time between the holiday of Pesach and the holiday of Shavuot is known as Sefirat HaOmer – the Counting of the Omer. It is bookended with the offering of the omer brought on the second day of Pesach to celebrate the new barley harvest; and a mincha offering from the new wheat harvest on Shavuot. While there is no longer a Temple or an omer offering, our sages mandated that we should continue counting these days as we journey from liberation as a people from Egypt on Pesach towards receiving the Torah on Shavuot. Curiously, the counting has a unique format. Not only is each day counted, Continued on page 3


Thursday, October 29 | 9 am Wednesday, December 2 | 9 am


Tuesday, November 17 | 7pm

HIGH SCHOOL Grades 9–12

Sunday, November 22 | 10am

Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School. PreSchool through High School. Learning Together. For Life.

Celebrating the Joy of Judaism, Embracing all Jews. NISAN-IYAR 5778 APRIL 2018

BT Faculty Win Prestigious Kohelet Prize Two Beth Tfiloh Lower School faculty members received the Kohelet Foundation’s $36,000 Prize for Interdisciplinary Integration for last year’s Lower School Israel Fair. Lower School Teacher Mentor and School Counselor Elana Weissman and Technology

Integration Specialist Elissa Hozore were recognized for their leadership in developing, facilitating and documenting the school’s Israel Fair. The fair was a collaborative project between faculty, Lower School administration and students that incorporated Continued on page 5

AIPAC: BT had its largest delegation of 43 High School students, faculty and Congregation members attend the AIPAC Conference where they learned about and lobbied for U.S. support for Israel.

spot light 2018 beth tfiloh dahan community school annual scholarship event

honoring kenny & debbie vogelstein celebrating master teacher mr. paul bolenbaugh

save the date | monday , june 4 | 7:30 pm

event chairs cindy & harvey kasner

visit or call (410) 413-2233


jason alexander in concert


7:00 am 5:55 pm 6:10 pm 6:15 pm

8:30 am 7:00 am 6:00 pm 6:15 pm 6:20 pm

8:30 am 7:00 am 6:10 pm 6:25 pm 6:30 pm

8:30 am 7:00 am 6:15 pm 6:30 pm 6:35 pm

8:30 am 7:00 am 6:15 pm 6:30 pm 6:35 pm

M-Th Shacharit M-W Mincha M-W PM Class M-W Maariv

Sun Shacharit M-F Shacharit S-Th Mincha S-Th PM Class S-Th Maariv

Sun Shacharit M-F Shacharit S-Th Mincha S-Th PM Class S-Th Maariv

Sun Shacharit M-F Shacharit S-Th Mincha S-Th PM Class S-Th Maariv

Sun Shacharit M-F Shacharit S-Th Mincha S-Th PM Class S-Th Maariv

Weekday Services



9:00 am 7:10 pm 8:10 pm


8 Omer





29 Omer


22 Omer




30 Omer

BT in the AM


23 Omer

BT in the AM


16 Omer

15 Omer


Rosh Chodesh

BT in the AM

CHANA Gift Card Collection


School Resumes 9 Omer

BT in the AM


2 Omer

Rosh Chodesh

BT Cares Mitzvah Crafts

Alumni Toddler Playdate



1 Omer

Yom Tov Ends 8:12 pm

Shacharit Mincha Maariv


10 Omer 2 IYAR



24 Omer

Author Ronald Balson


17 Omer

Dahan Lecture

Yom HaZikaron Commemoration



3 Omer

Chol HaMoed






Israeli Dance 25 Omer

Yaffe Scholars


18 Omer

Yom HaZikaron

Yom HaAtzma’ut Celebration


Yaffe Scholars 11 Omer


4 Omer

Chol HaMoed






2nd Day of Pesach Chol HaMoed











6:15 pm

7:24 pm 6:00 pm


Mincha Kabbalat Shabbat



6:25 pm

7:31 pm 6:10 pm

6:30 pm

7:38 pm 6:15 pm


20 Omer

Mincha Kabbalat Shabbat


Shabbat and Me 13 Omer

Mincha Kabbalat Shabbat


7:17 pm 9:00 am 7:20 pm 7:40 pm

6 Omer

Shacharit Mincha Maariv



Omer should be counted after nightfall on the night preceding the indicated day.

recited each weekday morning 10 minutes prior to Shacharit prayers.

Please note: T’hillim are

28 Omer


21 Omer

Seniors Honored in Shul

PreSchool and Kindergarten Shabbat Lunch


14 Omer



Shacharit The Minyan Teen Minyan Afternoon Class Mincha Seudah Maariv Shabbat Ends


Shacharit The Minyan Teen Minyan Afternoon Class Mincha Seudah Maariv Shabbat Ends

8:45 am 9:15 am 9:32 am 6:25 pm 7:15 pm 7:45 pm 8:35 pm 8:39 pm

8:45 am 9:15 am 9:32 am 6:20 pm 7:10 pm 7:40 pm 8:30 pm 8:33 pm

8:45 am 9:15 am 9:32 am 6:15 pm 7:05 pm 7:35 pm 8:25 pm 8:26 pm


Shacharit The Minyan Teen Minyan Afternoon Class Mincha B’nai Mitzvah Class Seudah Maariv Minyan Meyuchad Shabbat Ends



The Minyan Yizkor Mincha Seudah Maariv Shabbat Ends

8:45 am 9:15 am 11:00 am 7:15 pm 7:45 pm 8:15 pm 8:18 pm

Shabbat Services PESACH

7th Day of Pesach 8th Day of Pesach Shacharit



PS Grandparents’ & LS Grandparents’ & Special Friends Day Special Friends Day 26 Omer 27 Omer


19 Omer

Yom HaAtzma’ut


12 Omer

Yom HaShoah


7:16 pm 7:20 pm 7:40 pm

5 Omer

Mincha Maariv

Chol HaMoed






SCHOOL OPEN HOUSES BT Celebrates Israel at 70


Thursday, October 29 | 9 am Wednesday, December 2 | 9 am


Tuesday, November 17 | 7pm

HIGH SCHOOL Grades 9–12

Sunday, November 22 | 10am

Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School. PreSchool through High School. Learning Together.

Mercaz News BT to honor Sandy Vogel for her service to Mercaz Dahan Center After an outstanding 19-year tenure as Beth Tfiloh's Director of the Mercaz Dahan Center for Jewish Life and Learning, Sandy Vogel has announced her retirement effective July 1. Sandy came to Beth Tfiloh in 1999 following a successful career as principal of the Judaic Academy, the former Baltimore Hebrew High School sponsored jointly by the Baltimore Board of Jewish Education (now known as The Macks Center for Jewish Education) and Baltimore Hebrew College. Sandy was charged with the task of developing Beth Tfiloh’s adult education program. Sandy's knowledge and broad experience in Jewish education made an immediate impact, as she worked to launch Beth Tfiloh's Mercaz program. Her efforts were supported by the generosity of the Dahan family, which endowed the Mercaz Dahan Center for Jewish Life and Learning, and enabled the program to grow significantly over the past years. “I always had a dream that Beth Tfiloh would serve as the center for Jewish adult education, and Sandy was instrumental in achieving that goal,” said Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg. Today, hundreds of adults participate in Beth Tfiloh's adult learning programs, including 130 weekly “regulars” enrolled in such programs such as BT in the AM, Yaffe Scholars, and the newly-launched BT Fellows program. Sandy has plans to spend more time with her family’s 10 grandchildren, who reside in Israel and in Baltimore. The Congregation is making plans to honor Sandy for her leadership and dedication later this spring.

Making it Count

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but the weeks are counted as well. For example, the 16th day is counted by stating:

new, as follows: Week 1: Pesach Week 2: Yom HaShoah and Rosh Chodesh Iyar

“Today is the sixteenth day, which is two weeks and two days of the omer.”

Week 3: Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzma’ut

What is the purpose of counting both days and weeks? Ibn Ezra, a distinguished Bible commentator and philosopher from the 12th century, explains that not only should we be counting the days but we should make each day count.

Week 4: Pesach Sheni (2nd opportunity to bring the Pascal Lamb) Week 5: Lag B’Omer Week 6: Yom Yerushalayim

Making each day count can be difficult to sustain over time. Counting of the weeks teaches us one way to do that. By setting medium and long-term goals, we can keep our daily focus by keeping our eyes on something greater. Here’s one way to frame Sefirat HaOmer through the lens of counting weeks. With the establishment of the State of Israel there is now a minor or major Jewish holiday every week of the seven weeks between Pesach and Shavuot – a fusing of the old with the

Week 7: Rosh Chodesh Sivan and Shavuot Every week of the omer we have an opportunity to pause and reflect, ponder and celebrate. Each week we have moments where we can connect with something greater than ourselves and our daily routines. Let us use this time as a model for what it means to make each day count whether we do that by focusing on the moment or by working towards a greater goal.

The Fifth Cup Join us on the first day of Pesach March 31 Following Services Wine and Cheese Spector Board Room 21 & up




Sisterhood On April 24 Sisterhood and Mercaz are sponsoring an Author and Dessert Evening with Ron Balson. Come hear him talk about his books: Once We Were Brothers, Karolina’s Twins, and Saving Sophie. $5 in advance or $8 at the door. Register online at register. Travel with us to Hamilton, NJ and visit Grounds for Sculpture on May 10. $65 includes admission, transportation, and snacks. Leaving BT at 8 am and returning at 6 pm. Register online at by April 9. Trip must have at least 35 participants, or it will be cancelled.


Making Stock Transfers to BT: Why and How Despite recent changes in the tax law, transfers of appreciated stock and other publicly traded securities to charities continue to be an extremely valuable tax savings strategy since transfers avoid a taxable gain on the increase in the stock’s value, and may result in a charitable contribution equal to the stock's appreciated value. Many of our generous BT school and congregation supporters transfer appreciated securities to Beth Tfiloh in payment of their Annual Campaign contributions or other pledges. Of course, we advise all of our donors to consult with their tax advisors to fully evaluate any tax strategy, which may vary depending on their individual financial and tax situation. Effective March 2018, please note that the instructions for making stock transfers to Beth Tfiloh have changed and all Beth Tfiloh stock transfers should be made through TD Ameritrade as follows:

Pesach Gifts A huge variety of Passover hostess gifts are now available in the Sisterhood Gift Shop. Don’t forget your seder needs to set a beautiful table. Children’s items are available too. Call for your personal shopping time – 410-413-2227 or 410-484-4648.

SISTERHOOD GIFT SHOP Phone: 410-413-2227 Hours: Sun: 10 am-1 pm, Mon-Thur: 1-4 pm

Mitzvah Cards Brenda Boches Marcia Miller

410-585-1045 410-580-2039

Special Mitzvah Cards Charlene Schimberg

Chesed Committee Roselyn Kalb



DTC 01088 FBO Beth Tfiloh Congregation Balto. City a/c 421-300679 We urge all donors to please notify Beth Tfiloh that you are planning or have transferred a gift stock to Beth Tfiloh (including the date, name of stock, number of shares, and how you wish us to apply the donated proceeds) so that we can properly credit your account and issue a tax letter. Contact either Jane Epstein, Controller, at 410-413-2223, jepstein@, or Mandi Miller, Director of Development, 410-413-2399,

PNC Mortgage Harvey Grutman Great rates!!! 410-415-6000

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School News Kohelet Prize

Continued from page 1 a wide range of curricular areas, including history, geography, technology, science, art, and Judaic studies.

The Kohelet Prize is awarded annually to six educators or teams of educators who demonstrate exceptional accomplishment in one of the six core elements of progressive Jewish education. The winners receive a $36,000 unrestricted cash prize. The multi-week project’s goals included developing students’ deep and broad understanding of their chosen Israeli landmark and its relevance to the Jewish people; giving students autonomy to direct their learning experience; and creating an interactive exhibit for the school community to share in the students’ learning.

STEM DAY: BT High School students explored a broad range of STEM careers with leading area professionals and BT faculty members at the newly-dedicated Dr. L. Diamond High School STEM Day.

“Each lower school class took on the study of a different landmark in Israel. Teachers used a variety of modalities to introduce their landmark to their students, and to spark students’ questions about the significance of the landmark. After a week of research and inquiry, students chose what aspect of their landmark they wanted to learn more about, developed questions to explore, and consulted with experts and specialists to delve into their inquiries,” commented Mrs. Weissman. The interactive projects, which represented 35 Israeli landmarks, included a replication of Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda shuk, or outdoor marketplace; a Bedouin tent in the Negev; a replication of the Sea of Galilee’s active drip irrigation system; recreations of Hadassah hospital’s famous Chagall windows; a travelogue promotional video about Ein Gedi, a desert oasis, and much more. Beth Tfiloh Director of Education Dr. Zipora Schorr commented that the projects were exceptional and not only reflected each classes’ effort, but “the relevance, the depth, and the meaning in the displays and in the involvement of students as they created the displays.” “We are fortunate to work with all teachers and students within the lower school at Beth Tfiloh, and oversaw the implementation of this student-centered, project-based process,” said Mrs. Weissman of the initiative. To view the complete “Israel Fair: A Student-Led Interdisciplinary Experience” award submission, visit

GIRLS CHAMPS: The Girls Varsity Basketball team traveled to Kohelet Yeshiva High School outside Philadelphia for a one day tournament, and returned to BT as champions!

MIDOT PROGRAM: Third grade students celebrated learning about midot, positive character traits and values, at their Midot Program. Each student received a beautifully illustrated copy of Pirkei Avot, thanks to Sandy and Sheldon Dobres, who endowed the Midot Program through the BT Chazak Campaign.

MITZVAH WEEK: Sixth Grade Mitzvah Week is a hands-on, interactive learning experience. Sponsored by the BT Sisterhood, sixth grade girls learned about a variety of mitzvot and created projects connected to the Mitzvah. They delivered $240 they raised to Tikvah House, which they toured. The boys enjoyed creating their own tefillin, while learning the related laws.

YUNMUN: Congratulations to BT High School’s Yeshiva University National Model United Nations team on taking sixth place and to Aaron N. ‘19 and Jonathan A. ‘19 who were named “Best Delegate” for their respective committees.

PURIM: Dancing, singing, Megillah reading, costume contests, faculty doppelgangers, hamantaschen — we had all that and more at this year's Purim celebrations!

THE ADDAMS FAMILY: Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community High School’s “The Addams Family” cast danced and sang their way into audience members’ hearts at three sold-out performances.




Meet our Members The Auster Family: Creating New BT Memories Harry Auster grew up in the BT community – a synagogue member since childhood and school class of 2005 alumnus. He married Michelle Engelhart from Silver Spring, Maryland in 2010; the couple have a 3 year old son, Ethan, and just welcomed a new daughter, Emily. When they returned to Baltimore in 2015 after six years of living in New York, “it seemed like the obvious place for us to start planting and growing our own Baltimore roots,” says Michelle. The family settled in Stevenson Village, with BT right in their backyard. But they quickly realized how much BT had to offer their whole family. “The kids programming is second to none and there is always something fun and exciting going on,” comments Harry. “We also love spending time with family and friends and love seeing our many Auster/Cusner/Freedman/Engelhart family members and cousins on a regular basis at BT.”

Although Ethan was too young to begin school at BT when they first moved, the Austers enrolled him in BT Camps when he turned two. “He is now in BT Preschool 2’s class which he absolutely loves!” Michelle says. Michelle and Harry, who are both orthopedic Physician Assistants, love spending time outdoors and playing sports or biking and scootering with Ethan. “Harry and Ethan share a love of everything sports,” shares Michelle. “Harry plays several sports weekly and has started training Ethan to be a great athlete!” Ethan showed off his dance moves at BT’s Purim Seudah to Soulfarm’s live jams, a moment the Austers will enjoy for years. “He loves music so much and was completely in the zone,” says Harry. “He was dancing like crazy by himself and then joined Rabbi Posner and his kids. It was absolutely adorable and a bit hysterical to watch! Purim is not the only time Ethan loves coming to BT. “Ethan asks us enthusiastically each Shabbat morning

MICHELLE & HARRY AUSTER, with Ethan and Emily.

if he’s going to school today.” He looks so disappointed when we say no because it’s Shabbat, but then his face lights up when we tell him we get to go shul instead,” notes Michelle. “He just loves everything BT and is developing such a love for Judaism, which is so wonderful for us to see. We love BT and can’t wait to start creating new BT memories and experiences with our new daughter, Emily.”

Discover the Crown Jewel of Kosher Wedding Halls A

s the premier kosher facility in the Baltimore metropolitan area, Beth Tfiloh is the ideal setting for an elegant and memorable wedding. Choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces to make your simcha unique and meaningful, no matter what the size — all with timeless elegance and contemporary charm.


Save 18% now through Rosh Hashanah Contact Eve Kresin Steinberg, Executive Director 410-413-2251 6

Awe-inspiring Sanctuary Elegant Ballroom Atrium Lobby Outdoor ceremony options Courtyard with fountain Bridal suite & tisch room Intimate Chapel LED lighting & decor packages

BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION 3300 Old Court Road / Baltimore 21208

Pesach @ BT



2nd Day of Pesach

Selling your Chametz

Go to or complete the form below.

SALE OF CHAMETZ AUTHORIZATION FORM (Please return to the Synagogue Office by Friday, March 30)

I ______________________________________________ residing at the following location: _______________________________________________ do hereby fully authorize Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg to act as my agent for the sale of all Chametz in my possession, whether according to Biblical or Rabbinic law or accepted Jewish custom.

____________________________________________ Signature __________________ Dated

B’dekat Chametz

Thursday, March 29 Search for Chametz after 8:10 pm

Sunday, April 1 Shacharit - 9 am (Combined service in Sanctuary) Youth Services • Middle School and High School students are invited to join services in the Sanctuary Mincha - 7:10 pm / Maariv - 8:10 pm / Yom Tov Ends - 8:12 pm

Chol HaMoed Pesach Monday-Thursday, April 2-5 6th Day of Pesach Thursday, April 5 Candlelighting - 7:16 pm Mincha - 7:20 pm / Maariv - 7:40 pm

7th Day of Pesach

Friday, April 6 Shacharit - 9 am (Combined service in Sanctuary) Youth Services • Middle School and High School students are invited to join services in the Sanctuary Candlelighting - 7:17 pm Mincha - 7:20 pm / Maariv - 7:40 pm

8th Day of Pesach

Erev Pesach

Friday, March 30 Siyum for the Firstborn – Following Shacharit (7 am) BT Community Chametz Burning & BT Cares Chametz Food Collection - 9:15-11:15 am / Synagogue Parking Lot. Bring your chametz to burn and your nonperishable chametz to donate to the needy! Finish Eating Chametz - 10:41 am Finish Burning Chametz - 11:55 am Candlelighting - 7:10 pm Mincha - 7:10 pm / Maariv - 7:30 pm FIRST SEDER

1st Day of Pesach

Saturday, March 31 Shacharit - 9 am / Sanctuary; 9:15 am / Chapel Young Adult 21-30 5th Cup of Wine, Cheese, and Dessert with the Rabbis; 11:30 am / Spector Bd Rm Young Professionals Youth Services with Chad Gadya ... But we’ve got 10! (Baby goat petting arena) • Cookie Minyan with Morah Terry - 10:45 am / Rynd Room (Babysitting begins at 10 am) • Mini Minion with Morah Becky - 10:45 am / Next to Spector Board Room (Babysitting 10 am) • Kid Cong “Seder Relay Races” - 10 am / Tuvin Library • Middle School Boys and Girls Combined Service with Andrew Schwartz - 10 am / Room 264 • High School students are invited to join services in the Chapel Candlelighting – 8:11 pm / Mincha - 7:05 pm / Maariv - 8:10 pm SECOND SEDER


Saturday, April 7 Shacharit - 8:45 am / Sanctuary; 9:15 am / Chapel Rabbi Wohlberg’s sermon: “Dayenu, Jared Kushner … and Us” Yizkor Service Youth Services • Cookie Minyan with Morah Terry 10:45 am / Rynd Room (Babysitting begins at 10 am) • Mini Minion with Morah Becky - 10:45 am / Next to Spector Board Room (Babysitting begins at 10 am) • Kid Cong “Pesach Games & S’mores” - 10 am / Tuvin Library • Middle School Boys and Girls Combined Service with Joseph Schwartz - 10 am / Room 264 • High School students are invited to join services in the Chapel Mincha - 7:15 pm / Maariv - 8:15 pm / Yom Tov Ends - 8:18 pm

REMINDER - Please wait a brief period after the end of Passover before using your Chametz in order for Rabbi Wohlberg to have sufficient time to repurchase it on your behalf.

For more information, visit or call 410-486-1900. 7



Development News

In the Spotlight with Cindy and Harvey Kasner honor of being able to chair this year’s Spotlight Co-Chairs Cindy and Harvey scholarship fundraising event, to “give Spotlight event has come at a deserving Kasner first became connected to Beth back to the school that has given so time for my parents,” Matthew says. Tfiloh 16 years ago when their oldest much to our family.” son, Matthew ‘15, entered kindergarten. “I often came home to my parents Spotlight makes it possible for more “We wanted our children to have a love asking me questions about the Torah than fifty percent of the entire student of learning and a love of being Jewish, and Israel,” Matthew therefore, BT recalls from his was the ideal Middle School choice for us,” days. He became says Cindy. increasingly Their youngest “impressed with son, Andrew ‘18, the development a Beth Tfiloh and growth of senior, began his my parents” as BT journey a few they sought to years later when understand more. he was enrolled Indeed, Cindy in PreSchool. and Harvey The warm and began to stress welcoming the importance atmosphere at of celebrating BT ultimately Shabbat every inspired the Friday night. “From SPOTLIGHT 2018 CHAIRS Cindy & Harvey Kasner with sons, Andrew and Matt. Kasners’ decision that moment on,” to join the Matthew continues, “my parents worked synagogue, as they note, “We knew that incredibly hard to engage in the Jewish this was the place where we wanted to community.” share our family’s simchas.” Matthew and Andrew, both three-sport Cindy, an optometrist and a devoted athletes at Beth Tfiloh, acknowledge and compassionate committee member, the invaluable lessons they learned volunteer, and community leader, and at BT. “The special connections and Harvey, an obstetrician/gynecologist discussions with teachers at BT is so practicing in Towson and Owings Mills, valuable,” Andrew concedes. “It has pay tribute to the core values of respect translated to the sports field as well as and derech eretz that are taught at BT. the classroom, and I hope to take these They are also grateful for the nurturing lessons to college next year.” relationships that the BT faculty, In looking back, Matthew shares that administrators and community facilitate. derech eretz is what allowed him to excel “BT is unique in that many of the in all aspects of his life — academics, students enjoy meeting with teachers athletics, and networking — as well as during their free time just to hang finding his place in Jewish tradition and out and talk,” says Cindy. “Matt looks history. “I will be forever grateful for my ~ Cindy & Harvey Kasner forward to visits from Rabbi Moss at the time at the school that has made me the University of Maryland for BT reunions.” man that I am today.” body to receive a Beth Tfiloh education. Adds Harvey, “It is exceptional that “We feel that it is very important to college students — busy with academics SPOTLIGHT 2018 will feature Jason be able to provide an outstanding and social lives — are excited to meet Alexander in concert on Monday, education rooted in Jewish values to with a former high school teacher for June 4, 2018 at 7:30 pm at Beth Tfiloh as many students in our community as dinner!” Congregation. Beth Tfiloh is proud to possible,” says Harvey. honor Kenny and Debbie Vogelstein As they enter their final phase as BT and family, and celebrate Master When asked how they felt about their parents before Andrew graduates in Teacher Mr. Paul Bolenbaugh upon his parents chairing Spotlight, Matthew and June, Cindy and Harvey feel privileged retirement. See Andrew reacted lovingly. “I find that the to chair Spotlight, Beth Tfiloh’s annual

“We feel it is very important to be able to provide an outstanding education rooted in Jewish values to as many students in our community as possible.”




We gratefully acknowledge the following contributions to our Congregation & School ROSALIE AND RICHARD ALTER SCHOLARSHIP FUND Speedy Recovery to:

Congressman Elijah Cummings, by Rosalie and Richard Alter In Memory of:

PAUL BURMAN HOSPITALITY FUND In Memory of: Barry Goldberg, by Sharon and David Green Roy Marks, by Sharon and David Green Herman Resnick, by Dorothy and Aaron Donner

Scott Jakob, by Rosalie and Richard Alter, and Rachel and Zach Alter



Gersun Chin, by Eva and David Engles

In Honor of: Harvey Rapkin, on his special birthday, by Ellen and Sid Cohen Blake Schaaf, on becoming a Bar Mitzvah, by his grandparents, Rhoda and Stanley Brown In Memory of: Al Arking, by Amy, David, Ali and Jessica Stampfer Stacy Gold, by Amy, David, Ali and Jessica Stampfer David Greenfeld, by Amy, David, Ali and Jessica Stampfer Harold Klapper, by Amy, David, Ali and Jessica Stampfer Selma Klein, by Amy, David, Ali and Jessica Stampfer Peter Scher, by Amy, David, Ali and Jessica Stampfer Leah Szmidt, by Amy, David, Ali and Jessica Stampfer Hanna Taub, by Amy, David, Ali and Jessica Stampfer

BETH TFILOH DAHAN COMMUNITY SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Honor of: Sherri Abraham and Layne Herman, on their engagement, by Carol and Herb Rubenstein Jonah Cohen, on becoming a Bar Mitzvah, by the Passen Family Dorie Ehrlich, on receiving her first Siddur, by Whitney, Todd and Ariyel Ehrlich A generous donation was made by Bonnie and Bernard Rubin Renata and David Kepner, on Noah receiving his first Siddur, by Milana and Michael Isaacson Mindy and Jud Lipowitz, on Brandon and Allison’s engagement, by Susan and Paul Harans Rabbi Mordechai and Allison Soskil, on Chaim and Elisheva’s marriage, by Robin Chafitz In Memory of: Alvin Borenstein, by Judy and Marty Mintz Esther Friedlander, by Shirley Littman, Malcolm Renbaum Beloved father of Renee Gordon, by Lynn and Harold Davidov Stanley Herman, by Linda Barron Arthur Shor, by Helen and Leonard Kohlenstein Sara Sterba, by Leah and Yehuda Bennett, Whitney, Todd, Dorie and Ariyel Ehrlich, the Locke Family

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GENERAL FUND In Honor of: Cantor Avi and Ahuva Albrecht on the birth of their granddaughter Yara Galit, by Reba and Arnold Cohen Edith and Louis Bluefeld on their 77th wedding anniversary, by Trudy and Earle Freedman Beverly Margolis with best wishes on your beautiful new home, by Rosalie Sellman Fram Monument Company with thanks for repairs, by Reva and Barbara Arnoff In Memory of: Bryan S. Berg, by Judy and Marty Woolfson Herman Resnick, by Sandy and Sheldon Dobres, Janet Feinberg Herbert Rosen, by Sheldon Bolotin Sidney Schlachman, by Marjorie Braverman, Linda and Paul Brody, Marsha and Ellis Caplan, Elana Cavalier, Jane Epstein and Steve Oliner, Rona and David Finkelstein, Michele Eisen Foreman, Harriet and Bernard Heyman, Louis Hyatt, Roslyn Immerson, Michael and Milana Isaacson, Karen and Wayne Jacobs, Robyn and Steve Kaufmann, Andrea and Robert London, Ellen and Alan Lubiner, Arline and Goodwin Mollen, Lanee Montour and Humphrey’s McLaughlin & McAleer, Michele Organ, Maryland Transportation Authority Police, Fraternal Order of Police Baltimore County, Lodge #4, Fraternal Order of Police Central Department of Natural Resources Police Lodge #130, Fraternal Order of Police Maryland State Lodge, University of Maryland Police Lodge #23, Seymour Schlossberg, Tina and Lee Sheller, Sylvia Sklar, Mr. and Mrs. John Zagraiek Jr. and family, Terri and Steve Zemel Lorraine Schlossberg, by Melissa and Adam Eisner Larry Siegel, by Ceal and Barry Rascovar


SONIA AND STANLEY GOLDBERG ADOPT-A-CHILD FUND In Honor of: Hazzan Avi and Ahuva Albrect, on the birth of their two newest granddaughters, by Leslie and Ron Goldberg Terry and Mark Alpert, on the engagement of their son, Arryn to Samantha Kasten, by Leslie and Ron Goldberg Larraine Bernstein and Ken Hornstein, on the engagement of their son Jonathan to Erika Rief, by Leslie and Ron Goldberg Naomi Feldman and David Gorleick, on the birth of their granddaughter, Nili Bayla, by Leslie and Ron Goldberg Joanne and Marshall Rief, on the engagement of their daughter, Erika, to Jonathan Hornstein, by Leslie and Ron Godlberg Devorah and Moishe Werdesheim, on the birth of their granddaughter, Yara Galit, by Leslie and Ron Goldberg In Memory of: Shirley Glaser, by Ron Goldberg Sidney Schlachman, by Leslie and Ron Goldberg

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MAX AND ESTHER KAYE ISRAEL SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Honor of: Jeb Brownstein, on his 60th birthday, by Sherri and Jeff Venick

THE MERCAZ DAHAN CENTER FOR JEWISH LIFE AND LEARNING In Memory of: Esther Friedlander, by Sandy and Sheldon Dobres, Anita and Jeff Knisbacher To commemorate the yahrzeit of Judah Landau, by Rosanne Ehrlich To commemorate the yahrzeit of Sarah Landau, by Rosanne Ehrlich

THE NATANZON & TAYLOR FAMILY ISRAEL/POLAND TRIP FUND In Memory of: Bryan S. Berg, by Rozzie and Harold Taylor, and Leah Hochman Geraldine Cohen, by Rozzie and Harold Taylor Geraldine Highto, by Rozzie and Harold Taylor

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Bryan S. Berg, by Shellye and Steve Gilden

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Aaron Donner, by Larry Aiken In Memory of:

In Memory of:

Sidney Schlachman, by Larry Aiken

Harold Goldberg, by Dana and Herman Brecher and children


STANLEY Z. PENN MEMORIAL LECTURE FUND Speedy Recovery to: Helene Penn Dorf, by Brenda and Irwin Nudelman, Fran and Steve Pruce

ELLYN AND STEPHEN POLAKOFF SENIOR TRIP SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Honor of: Dr. Stephen Polakoff, on his special 70th birthday, by Leslie and Larry Polakoff

PRAYER BOOK FUND In Honor of: Harry Kessler for his dedication, by the Ashton Family

RABBI’S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Honor of: Cantor Avi and Ahuva Albrecht on the birth of their granddaughters, Talia Sara and Yara Galit, by Richard Rynd Speedy Recovery to: Sherry Wohlberg, by Reba and Arnold Cohen In Memory of: Esther Friedlander, by Carole and Ron Fradkin A very generous donation was made in memory of Barry Goldberg, by Roslynn Goldberg Herman Resnick, by Carole and Ron Fradkin Marcy Rynd, by the Rynd family


Marcia and Alvin Sachs in appreciation for their generous hospitality, by Ellen and Sid Cohen SISTERHOOD GIFT FUND In Memory of: Allen Adler, by Ellen and Sid Cohen Esther Friedlander, by Ellen and Sid Cohen Sidney Schlachman, by Linda Barron

THE HOLLY & STEVEN VENICK & FAMILY EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITY FUND In Memory of: Sidney Schlachman, by Beverly and Herman Venick

EDWARD AND FAITH WOLF SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Memory of: To commemorate the yahrzeit of Stuart Schreiber z”l, beloved father and grandfather, by Faith and Edward Wolf

YAD B’YAD FUND In Memory of: Sara Sterba, by Donna Bogash, Martha, Joel and Danny Gross


Mazel Tov We extend a Mazel Tov to the following members: To Shai and Eli Albrecht on the birth of their daughter, Yara Galit; and to the grandparents Hazzan Avi and Ahuva Albrecht To Naomi Feldman and David Gorelick on the birth of their granddaughter, Nili Bayla, daughter of Judith (Gorelick-Feldman) and Joshua Rosenbloom To Jon Hornstein '08 on his engagement to Erika Rief '09; and to the parents, Larraine Bernstein and Ken Hornstein, and Joanne and Marshall Rief To Elyse and Stephen Kitt ’06 on the birth of their daughter, Lyla Rose; and to the grandparents, Elaine and Neal Kitt To Rosalie and Jerry Klotzman on the birth of their great-granddaughter, Hannah Olivia Caplan, daughter of Alanna and Philip Caplan; and to the grandparents, Lynne and Steve Richmond To Donna and Albert Polovoy on the birth of their great-grandson, Asher Brooks, son of Alyssa and Jonathan Polovoy To Rena and Sheldon Polun on their granddaughter, Eliana, becoming a Bat Mitzvah; and to the parents, Caycee and Aaron Polun To Betsy and Herb Wolk on the birth of their grandson, Maxwell Benjamin, son of Stefanie and Grant Sorkin.

Speedy Recovery We wish the following members a speedy and complete recovery: To Velma Cheslock

Condolences We extend our heartfelt condolences to the following members: To Sandra Chin on the loss of her husband, and our member, Gersun Chin To Ezra Hercenberg on the loss of his mother, Sunny Hercenberg To Betty Jacobs-Keyser on the loss of her husband, Marvin Keyser To Rosalie Klotzman on the loss of her brother, Allen Adler To DeVera Resnick on the loss of her husband, and our member, Herman Resnick To Harriet Silverstein on the loss of her sister, Esther Friedlander

Shabbat Kiddush Sponsors We gratefully appreciate the generosity of the following individuals for their sponsorship of the weekly Shabbat morning Kiddush:

FEBRUARY 10 – the Nelson Neuman Family Kiddush Fund FEBRUARY 17 – the Nelson Neuman Family Kiddush Fund


FEBRUARY 24 - Alisa and Elliot Cohen in honor of their son, Jonah, becoming a Bar Mitzvah. MARCH 3 – the Nelson Neuman Family Kiddush Fund

Seudah Shelishit Sponsors We gratefully appreciate the generosity of the following sponsors of the weekly Shabbat afternoon Seudah Shelishit: FEBRUARY 10 - Karen and Allan Zarembski in memory of Karen’s beloved mother, Florence Greenspan. FEBRUARY 17 - Marion and Seymour Newman to commemorate the yahrzeit of Seymour’s beloved brother, Bernard Newman and Marion’s beloved parents, Eleanore Fischbach and Lawrence Golding; and by Marianne and Larry Hornstein to commemorate the yahrzeit of Larry’s beloved grandparents, Dora Stark, Harry Stark and Esther Hornstein. MARCH 3 - on the occasion of the yahrzeits of their dear mothers, Lillian Goldberg and Anne Fox, by their children

Memorial Plaques Memorial Plaques have been purchased in memory of the following: Devora Ruth Caplan Vladimir Feldman Louis Getz Morton H. Getz Tillye Getz Miriam W. Silverman

Yahrzeit Contributions Isidore Adler, by Samuel Adler Hinda Alliker, by Saul Roskes Simon Alpert, by Paul Alpert Nancy Winner Asch, by Karen Glazer Louis Ashinsky, by Rochelle Lewis Norman Bacher, by Deborah Katzen Sophie Baker, by Milt Baker Freda Baltimore, by Norman DuBois Jesse Bard, by Lorrie Rubenstein

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BETH TFILOH BULLETIN Arnold Barr, by Shelley Gitomer Beverly Barr, by Shelley Gitomer Gilbert Bass, by Ferne Anshen Ruth Bass, by Ferne Anshen Norman Baumohl, by Harry Baumohl Ann Becker, by Joyce Becker Jacob Becker, by Phyllis Langwith Mildred Helen Becker, by Marci Rosenbaum Richard Bedine, by Marshall Bedine Shirley L. Belaga, by Gail Horwitz Milton Bernstein, by Benjamin Bernstein Anne R. Block, by Carollee Getz Rose Bessie Blumberg, by Annette Zimmerman Paula Brody, by Phyllis Langwith Caswell Jacob Caplan, by Henry Caplan Dorothy Caplan, by Shirley Miller Fannie Ruth Caplan, by Henry Caplan Sophie Caplan, by Jerome Caplan Michael A. Cardin, by Myrna and Benjamin Cardin Samuel Carmel, by Sanford Shapiro Sarah Carmel, by Sanford Shapiro Joseph Chikvashvili, by David Chikvashvili Gladys Cohen, by Joyce Bedine Nathan Cohen, by Norman DuBois Samuel J. Cohen, by Ted Chernak Julius Cooper, by Roy Finkelstein Judith C. Coplin, by Mark Coplin Samuel M. Creeger, by Gertrude Schunick Irvin M. Cushner, by Susan Frank Philip Cushner, by Susan Frank Harry Dackman, by Elliot Dackman Ileen C. Dickman, by Elinda Hendin Morris Dinkin, by Lawrence Aiken Max Donner, by Beverly Siegel Herman J. Dorf, by Helene Penn David Dzhanashvili, by Ruth Penn Reuben David Eberlin, by Cheryl Rosenfeld Dora Gail Eisen, by Phyllis Eisen Mollie Ellis, by Bonnie Cohen Frieda Epstein, by Beverly Gersh Maurice Fader, by Brenda Pariser Lillian R. Feit, by Annette Zimmerman Jerome Feldman, by Steven Feldman Anna Fiddle, by Annette Zimmerman Julius Fiddle, by Annette Zimmerman Ellis Finkelstein, by Roy Finkelstein Isadore “Lee” Finkelstein, by Marcie Gottlieb, Louise Kovens Goodman, Constance Littman Harry Fishkind, by Hedy Gleiman Tillie Fishman, by Debbie Passapae Anne Fox, by William Fox Edwin Fox, by Harold Fox Martin Fox, by Harold Fox Dorothy Franklin, by Layne Herman Mordeci Friedel, by Samuel Friedel Edith Friedman, by Cheri Milrad Lillie Friedman, by Myles Friedman Benjamin Gendason, by Herbert Gendason Anne Gitomer, by James Gitomer Reba Glass, by Marvin Glass Lillian Gold, by Shari Miller Louis Gold, by Shari Miller Rose Goldberg, by Annette Zimmerman Doris Goldstein, by Harriet Silverstein Louis Goodwich, by Kenneth Goodwich Herman Greenberg, by Rosalie Rapoport Chaya Grinman, by Boris Feldman Ida Grossblatt, by Miriam Schlachman Alan Jay Gurwitz, by Cicely Finkelstein Marvin I. Haar, by Audrey Haar Siesser Willard Hackerman, by Ted Chernak, Gwenn Eisenberg, Ronald Eisenberg Milton Halpern, by Steven Halpern Nathan Halpren, by Shirley Gambel Joseph Harris, by Janice Bolten Hinda Hendin, by Barbara Rosenthal Samuel Hendin, by Barbara Rosenthal Ben Hendler, by Joyce Prostic Miller Marie Herbst, by Elaine Lowen Lee Hochberg, by Sharon Lamb Jacob Hornstein, by Kenneth Hornstein Charles Isaacson, by Michael Isaacson

APRIL 2018 A NISAN-IYAR 5778 Harris L. Judelson, by Lynne Haas Goldie Kandel, by Ronna Plotkin Sylvia Katcef, by Annette Zimmerman Isidor Kay, by Linda Bergofsky Esther Petock Kaye, by Robert Kaye Cyril Kessler, by Harry Kessler Norman Klawansky, by Irene Bressler Sol Klein, by Robert Klein Ben Kowitz, by Joseph Kowitz Sylvia Kramer, by Janis Kramer Philip Kravetsky, by Sonia Maltinsky Marilyn Bolten Krupsaw, by Bruce Bolten Robert Kurland, by Fran Goldberg Belle Kushner, by Melvin Kushner Julius Kushner, by Melvin Kushner Ruth Lamb, by Richard Lamb Ruth M. Lazarus, by Lois Glassman Toba Leder, by A. Philip Leder Rose Legum, by Jeffrey Legum Mollie Lesser, by Loryn Lesser Beatrice Levin, by Eileen Garfield Elinor Levin, by Steve Bond Morris Liebfeld, by Daniel Liebfeld Jeffrey Lott, by Edward Lott Lilyan Lowen, by Marc Lowen Yuliy Lubman, by Arthur Lubman Rose Macks, by Louise Macks Ruth Maltinsky, by Arnold Maltinsky Mildred Marine, by Phyllis Langwith Sara Mez, by Jack Finkelstein Shirley Nachman, by David Nachman Joseph Nieman, by Marlene Amdur Ferguson Sara Penn, by Helene Penn Aaron Prager, by Lutz Alexander Prager Sylvia Pristoop, by Allan Pristoop Bernice Rabovsky, by Paula Pearl Mikhael Rakhunov, by Anna Zemelshtern Samuel Rashbaum, by Gerald Rashbaum Abram Ratner, by Mira A. Fradlin, Isaac A. Ratner Bernard H. Reichlyn, by Leslie Walters Shirley Richman, by Irwin Richman Richard Richmond, by Eunice Richmond Ruben Rider, by Henry Rider Geraldeen “Gerrye” Rombro, by Joan Rombro Jay Rosenberg, by Royce Houthuijzen Sam Rosenberg, by Elaine Liebfeld Claire Rosenblatt, by Josef Rosenblatt Idah L. Rosenblatt, by Ted Chernak Judah Rosenblatt, by Josef Rosenblatt Samuel Roskes, by Saul Roskes Minnie Sanborn, by Sheila Fox

Lisa Schechman, by Morris Schechman Sophie Scheinin, by Sheila Mentz Harry Schenker, by Wendy Schenker Lucille Schenker, by Wendy Schenker Morris Schlachman, by Miriam Schlachman Haimen Schofer, by Edith Sussman Maurice Schofer, by Edith Sussman William Schulman, by Sue Rayman Lena Schunick, by Alvan Schunick Paul Schuster, by Joy Schuster Adele Schwartz, by David Schwartz Manus B. Sellman, by Betty Caplan Elmer Robert Setlen, by Julie Wasserman Isaac Shapiro, by Sanford Shapiro Sarah K. Shapiro, by Sanford Shapiro Edward Sheller, by Lee Sheller Mildred Shifrin, by Debbie Passapae Benjamin Shuman, by Charlotte Schnitzer, Robin Smolarz Barnett Silver, by Charles Geshekter, Ruth Gesheskter Millward Anita Sindler, by Dorothy (Dotsey) Roth Harry Smulson, by Beverly Rashbaum Minnie Sobkov, by Ruth Sobkov Macklin Harry Stark, by Larry Hornstein Leah Stoler, by Charlene Schimberg Etta Suchman, by Arlene Fleischmann Louis Sulsky, by Rikki Solomon William Samuel Tannenbaum, by Debra Birenbaum Kate Taylor, by Harold Taylor Bronya Tonkaya, by Ludmila Oborin Morris Tucker, by Harold Tucker Lena Tulkoff, by Sylvia Tulkoff Ida P. Uffer, by Michael Uffer Jane Velder, by Eli Velder Milton “Manny” Velder, by Eli Velder Jacob Voloshen, by Solomon Eichner Martha Weissman, by Sheila Jay Harold Wolff, by Lois Sigman Larry Woolfson, by Martin Woolfson Sarah Zalesch, by Sharon Rosenthal Zelda Zeiger, by Barry Zeiger Hyman Zemel, by Stephen Zemel Barry Zerwitz, by Arnold Zerwitz Shirlee Zilber, by Leslie Blatt Abraham Zimmerman, by Annette Zimmerman Jerome Zimmerman, by Annette Zimmerman Rebecca Zimmerman, by Annette Zimmerman Raymond D. Zimmerman, by Annette Zimmerman, Susan Zimmerman Isidore Zinreich, by Simion James Zinreich



APRIL 2018 A NISAN-IYAR 5778 Non-Profit Org U.S. Postage PAID Permit No. 1262 Baltimore, MD

BETH TFILOH CONGREGATION Roz & Marvin H. Weiner Family Campus 3300 Old Court Road / Baltimore, MD 21208


Synagogue Office 410-486-1900 Fax 410-653-0603 Schedule of Services Dial 6, 2 Information Hotline 410-413-2345 •

Beth Tfiloh Congregation Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg, 410-413-2215 Hazzan Avraham Albrecht, 410-413-2212 Rabbi Chai Posner, 410-413-2219 Rabbi Eli Yoggev, 410-413-2316 Rabbi Chaim Wecker, Ritual Director, 410-413-2218 Rabbanit Bracha Jaffe, Community Educator, 410-413-2441 Dr. Louis Baer, President Ricka Neuman, Board Chair Don Weinapple, VP, Finance, 410-413-2291 Eve Kresin Steinberg, Executive Director, 410-413-2251

Celebrating the Joy of Judaism Embracing all Jews

Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School

Save the Date: SHAVUOT at BT TIKUN LEIL SHAVUOT - Saturday night, May 19 Classes & Shavuot Dairy Meal

1ST DAY SHAVUOT - Sunday, May 20 Installation of Officers

2ND DAY SHAVUOT - Monday, May 21 Yizkor Service



Register by May 1st to qualify for door-to-door transportation and to save money.


Dr. Zipora Schorr, Director of Education, 410-413-2305 Joel Cohn, President, Board of Trustees Melissa Lebowitz, PreSchool Director, 410-413-2303 Nina Wand, LS Principal, 410-413-2508 Rabbi Yehuda Oratz, MS Principal, 410-413-2407 Dr. Renee Koplon, HS Principal, 410-413-2235 Brian Singer, Hebrew School Coordinator, 410-413-2523 Laurie Kott, Director of Admission, 410-413-2308 Joan Feldman, Director of Communications, 410-413-2312 Mandi Miller, Development Director, 410-413-2399 Michelle Cherry, Director of Alumni Relations, 410-413-2336

Beth Tfiloh Youth Center Cherie Brownstein, Youth Director 410-413-2220 Marlene Hollander, Asst. Youth Director 410-413-2451

is closer than you think.


Switchboard: 410-486-1905



Sandy Vogel, Director, 410-413-2306 Shelley Kaye and Anne Pfeffer, Co-Chairs

Beth Tfiloh Camps


David Schimmel, Director Craig Friedman, Chair

Synagogue Life Committee Holly Venick, Director of Synagogue Life, 410-413-2244 Vered Taylor, Chair

Beth Tfiloh Cemetery Morris Segall, Chair


Parent Association





Laura Wolf, President

Brotherhood Sisterhood



Marlene Friedenberg, President Evelyn Gross, Shirley Miller and Sonia Maltinsky, Gift Shop

Social Action Committee


Lindsay Gaister, Director

Chesed Committee

Irv Hyatt, Chair Roselyn Kalb, Sisterhood Chair


410.517.3451• 12

Joan Feldman, Director of Communications, 410-413-2312 Rina Goloskov, Asst Dir. of Communications, 410-413-2369 Lori Bernstein, Graphic Designer, 410-413-2216 Charlene Schimberg, Communications Assoc., 410-413-2217 Erin Smith, Communications Coordinator, 410-413-2322

Beth Tfiloh BULLETIN - April 2018  
Beth Tfiloh BULLETIN - April 2018