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BETH HELMSTETTER, EVENT DESIGNER Designing intimate environments is what I do. I create warmth, intimacy and approachability through the use of textiles, color and space. It’s my personal goal to ensure every guest feels honored to be invited by creating surprise moments for each person to discover at every touch point. I strive for each celebration to feel effortless. However, behind the scenes, I obsess over every single moment and detail from the stationery to florals to linens to even choosing the exact tie the servers will be wearing when they greet the guests with that perfect cocktail. These details paired with refined design, create the perfect environment to celebrate something as significant as a wedding day. Until I hear at least a dozen guests squeal in delight over some charming touch we’ve created or stand in awe at how warm yet luxurious the event feels, I know I have not done my job. Your day should be an ongoing experience that continuously reminds guests just how lucky they were to recieve that perfect invitation way back when.

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To design a day that is intimate for all involved, it must be reflective of the couple being celebrated. I do this by ensuring every detail of the day is representative of your world and what feels natural given that world. I rarely find that a wedding designed around a simple color palette tells the whole story of a relationship and instead I consider different cultures, eras and even the simplest things like a sundress from your first date to your Sunday morning rituals when searching for inspiration. I believe wedding traditions are only important if they are important to the couple I’m working with. Therefore, the only rules I live by in designing a wedding is that it should be a day that the couple loves and an experience guests feel honored to be a part of. This opens us up to a whole world of possibilities. Once I know what you hope to communicate for your day inside and out, I bring it to life resulting in a day that feels intimate, effortless and personal.

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DESTINATION WEDDINGS Traveling worldwide, I’ve worked and been inspired by couples in some of the earth’s most breathtaking locations. For many of my clients, celebrating all weekend long in a location that is not only special but spiritual to them, is the only option. I take the reigns to design intimate weekend celebrations inspired by the region, it’s culture and overall aesthetic. Here are just a few of the regions I’ve worked in: Paris, France Bali, Indonesia Aspen, Colorado Riviera Maya All of the Hawaiian Islands East Hampton Stowe, Vermont Cape Cod Santa Barbara Napa Valley Carmel New York & of course, throughout Southern California

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As a way to share our expertise and show off my design aesthetic, I’ve developed Darling M the planning process. In each issue, we share design guidance, destination wedding tips inc even advice for creating a lifestyle together as a newly married couple.

Magazine, an online tool for couples to use before, during and even after cluding a spotlight of some of the world’s most beautiful locations, beauty, style and

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Beth Helmstetter Events Look Book  

Beth Helmstetter Events Look Book