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A Fork in the Road Bethel has faced both financial challenges and opportunities for growth and expansion in the past few years. I was reminded recently that Bethel’s current situation is very much like what the Bethel community faced in the 1960s and 70s. With the college and seminary in a tight financial spot, Bethel president Carl Lundquist faced a fork in the road. While he faced opposition to his belief that the 10 acres of land on Snelling Avenue would not be adequate for Bethel’s future, he led with his vision of acquiring land in Arden Hills

to develop a new campus for both the college and seminary. When a donor came forward with a large financial gift that was contingent upon a deeper commitment to building on the new campus, Lundquist considered that a miracle—a gift that couldn’t be ignored. He trusted that if God was “in” that plan, He would provide. And He did. That’s still good advice for us today.

Poised for the Future

Much like during Lundquist’s presidency, a miracle was presented to us this fall in the form of an office building—just a mile from our main campus—that will help us accomplish space goals much sooner

Happy Birthday, Edgren! The Bethel community celebrated the birthday of Bethel University founder John Alexis Edgren on February 20. The Royal Legacy committee, a group of students working to create awareness of Bethel’s history and traditions, served cake to the community in celebration.

and at a lower cost than first planned (see articles below and on page 2). This Goddirected gift is just one of the reasons that Bethel’s future looks bright. As we’ve approached our own “fork in the road,” we thank God—and donors like you—for our many blessings. Together we can be sure the Bethel tradition continues and that the future remains bright for our students. Please prayerfully consider making a gift before May 31, the end of our fiscal year. We are grateful for your support and partnership and for all you do for our students!

In gratitude and service,

Jay Barnes President

Bethel Purchases Pine Tree Property in Arden Hills Addresses Space Needs with Less Money, Time

In mid-December, a generous donor helped Bethel University purchase a 200,000-square-foot building at 2 Pine Tree Drive in Arden Hills, Minn., a little more than one mile from Bethel’s main campus. “The purchase of this building is momentous in the history of the university. It addresses many of the needs identified in the Campus Master Plan at a cost that is dramatically lower than the cost of new construction,” President Jay Barnes says. “It will address immediate space concerns for the College of Adult & Professional Studies and the Graduate School, provide the potential for more than a 50% increase in our core classroom space, allow us to meet better the needs of growing programs, and support the launch of strategic new programs.” Visit to read the full story.

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Bethel Investor Moves to Digital Format B

ETHEL Starting this summer, the Bethel INVEST OR THE C HANG Investor will move from a print ING LA NDS Buildin CAPE OF H IG g a Bet newsletter to an email newsletter. ter Bet HER EDUC hel ATION Make sure you stay connected with all the news for Bethel investors. Update your contact information to ensure we have your current email address or let us know if you don’t think we have any email address on Your In are Harvestments d at W ork record for you. Fill in and mail the 40% enclosed envelope or contact 7 th New D the Office of Development at Nurse- egree Progra Midwif m in ery INVES T LO C IMPA CT GL ALLY. OBAL LY. Alumni can visit alumni/stay-connected/ update-info to update their information online. Wi nte

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20th Annual Bethel Golf Classic

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Bethel Fund. Please visit offices /presi dent/p priori roject tizatio s/ n-r genera l-faq for eview/ FAQs. In gra titude and ser vice,

Jay Bar



June 23, 2014 North Oaks Golf Club


Plan now to join us for a day of fun in support of Bethel students.



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Visit for more details.

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Highlights of Each School College of Arts & Professional Studies/ Graduate School The Nurse-Midwifery program will have its pre-accreditation visit soon. Students in the first class of the Physician Assistant program are looking for clinicals. Staff and faculty of both programs seek community partnerships. Seminary A key area of focus for both locations of the Seminary is on developing partnerships between the Seminary and organizations and churches. Ralph Gustafson has been named to a new role, Executive Minister of Church Relations. Gustafson has served Bethel in various positions for more than 19 years. In his new role, he will oversee initiation and cultivation of relationships with denominations and churches for increased engagement in student recruitment, financial support, prayer, and partnership. College of Arts & Sciences: Moving the Needle The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) is working on a comprehensive project called “Moving the Needle.” Acting Dean Deb Sullivan-Trainor says, “Through this project, we hope to improve student success and retention by raising expectations for student engagement, academic performance, personal growth, and spiritual growth.” She continues, “We have great retention, but we think we can do better.” Three modules will focus on different aspects of improving student success, including: • Student formation and success • Advising and academic planning • Comprehensive early alert • First and second year experience • Residential experience • Honors program • Transitions for students in programs with limited capacity and with admissions qualifications • Success of a diverse student body • Student financial services • Equipping and engaging families. Your prayer is appreciated for successful outcomes of all these initiatives! Look for more information soon.

Generous investors and friends of Bethel University who make their homes in Naples, Fla., gathered for a special event hosted by Paul and Pamela Olson. They enjoyed a wonderful time of fellowship, heard about the mission and vision of the university from President Jay Barnes, and were affirmed in their ongoing commitment to Bethel’s mission. The February program included an inspiring message from Bethel University Professor of Physics Emeritus Richard (Dick) Peterson (pictured above), who was named to the Minnesota Science and Technology Hall of Fame in 2011. He continues to be involved with the advanced laboratory work in Bethel’s physics and engineering programs.

New Programs! At the College of Arts & Sciences • Gender Studies Minor • Graphic Design Major/Minor At Bethel Seminary San Diego • M.A. in Mental Health Counseling

Campus Master Plan 2.0 In 2011 and 2012, Bethel spent several months developing a Campus Master Plan. Since then, much has changed. The primary purpose of the Campus Master Plan 2.0 project is to re-imagine how to meet our space needs as Bethel goes into the future, particularly in light of the Pine Tree property. A group of staff, faculty, and consultants is preparing

Friends Gather in Naples

several scenarios for how the space could be used at the college complex, the seminary complex, and the Pine Tree building. The group will present the scenarios to the Bethel community for feedback before providing recommendations to the Bethel University Board of Trustees at their meeting in May. Look for updates this summer.

In Memoriam: Nancy M. Lundquist Bethel recently lost a good friend. Nancy M. Lundquist, wife of Carl H. Lundquist (Bethel University president from 1954-1982), passed away on March 3, 2014 at the age of 94. Nancy, a spiritual-life speaker, wrote about becoming first lady: “I was only 34, and I was scared! Could God really use me in this place? As nearly 30 years sped by, I have been amazed at how God worked in my life and how I love Bethel and all it stands for in preparing young people intellectually and spiritually for our needy world.” Visit march/nancy-lundquist for more.


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Estate Planning—Keep Track of Passwords, Access Keys and PINs With the ever-growing presence of online and electronic documents, records and accounts, it is becoming essential to keep track of your passwords. Consumers have had access to military grade cryptography for decades, and while it offers an amazing level of protection during life, it can have unintended consequences upon your death, possibly preventing your heirs from carrying out your final wishes. If you pass away unexpectedly, your family may be precluded altogether from accessing important electronic records such as emails and bank accounts. Accordingly, you need to establish a way to keep track of important logins, passwords, access keys and personal identification numbers (PINs) to ensure that your family and loved ones can access important online and electronic records.

Create a Plan for Storing Your Passwords Securely

There is shockingly no standardized way to keep track of important account information to ensure that your spouse, kids or lawyer can access them when you pass away. Even worse, the method most people might consider, putting them in a safe-deposit box will often backfire (see below). Here are some possible options when considering how to keep track of your passwords and other sensitive information: • Do Not Use Safe-Deposit Boxes: Ironically, most people might think the best option is the safe-deposit box. After all, it’s been used for generations to safely store important items and information. The problem is, many banks will not allow access to the box until the will is probated. This means if important information needed to probate the will in the first place is in the box, you’re caught in a classic catch-22. Safe-deposit boxes should generally only be used to store items that won’t be

needed until long after you’ve passed away. • Using a Safe at Home: This is probably the easiest method to understand and follow. After you’ve compiled a list of important access information (see below for a general list), store it in a secure safe in your home. This provides two basic benefits: first, it’s relatively easy, and second, you can tell if your security information has been compromised. Combinations for the safe can be stored with an attorney. • Using Password Storing Services: There are an increasing amount of online services that offer safe, secure storage for all of your information and passwords. Given the relatively new status of these services and the fact that all online information is inherently at risk, however, this is probably not the most secure option. • Master Passwords and Password Splitting: Some people favor a password splitting scheme, where half of a master-password (that gives access to all of your passwords) is given to one party (e.g., a spouse), and the other half is given to your lawyer. To account for the possibility that you and your spouse die at the same time, the spouse’s half also goes to a second lawyer with instructions on contacting the first lawyer. The benefit here is that no one, not your lawyer and not even your spouse, has access to your information. The only real pitfall to this approach is that some may find it too complex. • Don’t Get Too Creative: Finally, consider coming up with a scheme that works for you and your family. Do not, however, get too creative. Any plan has to deal with all possibilities, and if you miss even one, the entire scheme may fail (e.g., if you and your spouse die in the above example and no contingency is built into the system).

Make a List of Each Service and Its Access Information

Finally, once you have come up with your strategy for storing important passwords and access information, compile a list of important services and corresponding access information (logins, passwords, access keys, PINs, etc.). Common things to consider putting on your list are: • Computers • Email accounts • Bank and financial accounts • Cell phones, PDAs, other electronic devices • Online services (online storage, records, pictures, etc.) • Important contact information • Locations and access information to safes, safedeposit boxes, alarms, etc. It is also recommended that you include a description next to each item. For instance, description of the assets held in an account, or the types of documents found in an online storage location. Lastly, remember to periodically update this information as the means of access and your passwords may change overtime. As always, we encourage you to seek an estate planning attorney to grant proper fiduciary powers and authority in advance of incapacity or death for valuable or significant digital property, and administration of digital property that can be practically impossible without planning ahead because of data privacy laws and criminal laws on unauthorized access to computers and data. Copyright © 2013 FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business. All rights reserved. The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. For the original article, go to planning-an-estate/estateplanning-keep-track-of-passwordsaccess-keys-and-pins.html.

Bethel Foundation As of January 31, 2014, Bethel’s endowment was $34.4 million and total assets under management were $125 million. For more information about opportunities available through the Bethel Foundation, contact Angella Hjelle, Bethel Foundation executive director, at or 651.635.1001.


Professors Receive John Templeton Foundation Grant Two Bethel University professors were awarded a $196,409 grant from the John Templeton Foundation for an initiative on science and the church. Christian Collins Winn, professor and chair of biblical and theological studies in the College of Arts & Sciences, and Kyle Roberts, associate professor of theology and director of the Christian Thought program at Bethel Seminary, received a 24-month grant to engage and transform the evangelical church culture regarding the integration of science with the Christian faith. The program will be directed by Kenneth Reynhout, an alumnus of the college and seminary who specialized in theology and science while receiving his doctorate at Princeton Theological Seminary. “Research has shown that young people are leaving the church because science issues are not covered or addressed in churches,” explains Roberts. “Our goal is to bridge the gap between science and faith. We want Bethel to be a resource to local churches on this topic.” Winn adds, “The initiative will foster interdisciplinary and cross-campus collaboration between the College of Arts & Sciences and Bethel Seminary, enabling scholars to apply their intellectual labor in service to the churches.” Visit articles/2014/february/ templeton-grant to read the full story.

Give to the Bethel Fund by May 31 Provide direct support to Bethel students through your donations to the Bethel Fund. It’s easy to make a gift • Online: Visit • Phone: 651.635.8050 (800.255.8706, ext. 8050) • Mail: Use the enclosed envelope or mail a check to: Bethel University Office of Development 3900 Bethel Drive St. Paul, MN 55112

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THANK YOU, DONORS! IT’S NO SECRET THAT COLLEGE STUDENTS LIKE DONUTS. BUT WE LOVE OUR DONORS EVEN MORE. Gifts from donors like you provide much-needed support to Bethel students. So Bethel’s Royal Legacy group got together recently to share this news— along with fun and donuts—with other students.

Save the Date!

Bethel Homecoming 2014 October 3-5

Each year, Royals come back to catch up with friends, see what’s new, and celebrate a life-long Bethel tradition. We look forward to seeing you this fall. Visit: homecoming for more details.

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