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Welcome to Bethel

Welcome to Bethel! We are so glad to have you here! As you look through this Connect Bulletin, we trust that you will quickly find that Bethel has something for you and your family. Our hope is that you will take the next step into our community and get involved. As you do, you will begin to see that Bethel is more than just a Sunday service, it is a family of everyday people following Christ to bring hope and change to the world one life at a time.



This October


Bible Class Sunday Mornings All are welcome on Sunday mornings from 9:00AM to 10:00AM. The men’s class meets with Pastor Keith in the Gym and the ladies meet in the Fellowship Room with Pastor Patricia. Bring your Bible and notepad as you learn the Word of God with other believers.

Wednesday All-Church Prayer God is moving at Bethel church in a wonderful way! Prayer is the key! We are having great times of prayer every Wednesday from 6PM to 7PM. We encourage everyone who can to join us for this most important meeting of the week at Bethel.

Men’s Conference Shannon Smith, our Men’s Ministry Director, along with 20+ men from Bethel will be attending the Act Like Men Conference in Hamilton, Ontario on October 4th & 5th. This conference features some of America’s best Christian speakers. We encourage you to pray that God will bless the conference and the men from our church who are attending.

Ukraine Trip Please keep our Ukraine Missions Team (Sept. 25th to Oct.10th) in prayer. Team members include: Pastor Tim Gibb, Dave & Jeanette Strevel, Laureen Elliot, Grace Celaire, Mary MacDonald, Donna Taylor, Barb Ring, Mike Kerychuk, Margaret Gibb, Pat Klein, Bonnie Pioveson, and Pastor Ray Narula from New City Church in Brantford, Ontario.

Special Thanks to Our Major Sponsors:

Also Thanks to other businesses that partnered with us... Auto Max, Libro Financial, Precision Optical, Quality Suites, Sarnia Turf, Bore Fencing, Sam’s Club, Booster Juice, Crabby Joe’s, Geoplast Signs, Sharky’s, Innivity Marketing, & Hiawatha!

Special Thank You To All Our Volunteers & Special Thanks To: Connie Berry & Marilyn Smith for assisting in securing business sponsorship. Connie Berry for running the Princess Tea Kira-Jade Roebuck for being “Belle” Roger Collins for making all the kids carnival games.


Rozanne Leystra Receives Letter of Thanks From The Prime Minister Rozanne Leystra submitted to MP Pat Davidson a gift for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The gift was a recent painting that Rozanne did which shows the hands of Jesus mending a torn Canadian flag. Rozanne received a letter of thanks from Prime Minister Stephen Harper acknowledging receiving this gift. Bethel congratulates Rozanne on how God has used this painting to speak to our highest leadership in Canada.

July 31, 2013

Dear Ms. Leystra: I am delighted to have this opportunity to thank you for the gift of your painting, which was passed on to me by my colleague, Ms.Patricia Davidson. I was immediately struck by the extraordinary artistry involved in such a lovely painting. I am truly humbled that you would dedicate your time and energy to produce this beautiful gift. Please be assured that I will find a special place to display this portrait. Once again, thank you for your generosity. Please accept my warmest wishes for health and happiness. God Bless,

The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, P.C., M.P. Prime Minister of Canada

(To view painting look back to May 2013 CONNECT Bulletin)

SAMUEL SEASON A WORD IN DUE SEASON On Sunday September 22nd, Pastor Tim preached a prophetic word from the Lord over Bethel Church. In this message, Pastor drew prophetic implications from the story of Hannah who, in spite of her barrenness, interceded and through her intercessions, gave birth to a Samuel. God used a barren womb and a provoking adversary to push Hannah to a place of deep travail to God in prayer. God did this because He wanted to bless Hannah not just with a child, but with a Prophet for Israel. When we look at what Hannah birthed...the life of Samuel, we see significant prophetic events in his life. God spoke to him as a child and called him into the ministry. Samuel throughout his life received fresh revelations from the Lord. The Bible says that not one word Samuel spoke “fell to the ground” and all through Samuel’s leadership, Israel did not come under attack. In fact, the enemy was subdued all the days of Samuel’s leadership and Israel even saw restoration and recovery from what the enemy had previously stolen. And last but not least, Samuel was given the honour of crowning David, God’s choice, to be King of Israel. All of this came from the intercession of one mother, Hannah. Pastor Tim prophetically declared that if Bethel would become a Hannah church, we will birth a Samuel season.

A Samuel Season brings with it these 6 prophetic blessings for Bethel Church.... 1. The birthing of a Samuel Season announces the end of barrenness. 2. Our Children and Youth will hear the call of God. 3. Not one prophetic word over Bethel will fall to the ground. 4. We will receive fresh revelations of the Lord. 5. The enemy will be subdued and we will see restoration and recovery. 6. Jesus will be crowned King over Sarnia and region. Bethel...let’s come into agreement with this Word! First by responding to the call to Hannah’s prayer. And secondly, by declaring these promises over our church.



Tue TUE 1 6:30 PM Bible Study & Hymn Sing-Prayer Room

6 Bible Class 9-10 AM 10:30 AM Service Livestream from Ukraine





6:30PM Community Groups

6:00 PM Days of Prayer


6:30 PM Service Pastor Tim Gibb

20 Bible Class 9-10 AM 21

6:30PM Community Groups 6:30 PM Alpha 6:30PM DivorceCare

27 Bible Class 9-10 AM 28 10:30 AM Service Pastor Tim Gibb

6:30PM Community Groups 6:30 PM Alpha 6:30PM DivorceCare

6:00 PM Rescue 6:00 PM Days of Prayer

6:00 PM Days of Prayer 7:00 PM REVO




6:30 PM Bible Study & Hymn Sing-Prayer Room

6:00 PM Rescue


6:30PM Cancer Prayer Support Group

6:00 PM Prayer

7:00 PM LIFE-Young Adults at –116 Paul Sloggett Crt

7:00 PM Family Finances

7:00 PM REVO




7:00 PM Choir

7:00 PM Encounter Service-Nathan Morris & Lydia Marrow

7:00 PM Encounter Service-Nathan Morris & Lydia Marrow

7:00 PM Encounter Service-Nathan Morris & Lydia Marrow




6:30 PM Bible Study & Hymn Sing-Prayer Room

6:00 PM Rescue


Lead Pastor Ext. 228

PASTOR TRICIA GIBB Student Ministries Pastor Ext. 223



9:30AM Mom’s Group

7:00 PM Family Finances

7:00 PM LIFE-Young Adults at –116 Paul Sloggett Crt

ACT LIKE MEN Conference—Hamilton


7:00 PM Choir


Pastoral Care Ext. 226

7:00 PM Choir

7:00 PM LIFE-Young Adults at –116 Paul Sloggett Crt

6:30PM Cancer Prayer Support Group

9:00AM Plan To Protect

12:00PM Keenagers Bus Trip

7:00 PM REVO

10:30 AM Service Pastor Tim Gibb Water Baptism

6:30 PM Service Pastor Tricia Gibb

6:00 PM Rescue

SATSat 5

9:30AM Mom’s Group

7:00 PM Family Finances

6:30 PM Bible Study & Hymn Sing-Prayer Room

FRI Fri 4

7:00 PM LIFE-Young Adults at –116 Paul Sloggett Crt

13 Bible Class 9-10 AM 14

6:30 PM Service Carol Kent


6:00 PM Prayer

6:30PM DivorceCare

10:30 AM Service Carol Kent



6:30PM Cancer Prayer Support Group

6:30 PM Alpha

6:30 PM Service Pastor Keith


CONNECTED Women’s Conference-Bethel



9:30AM Mom’s Group

9:00 AM Alpha Day

6:00 PM Prayer 7:00 PM Choir 7:00 PM Family Finances

7:00 PM REVO

NEED A RIDE TO CHURCH? Need a ride to Church on Sunday morning? Just call the church office before 8:30AM Sunday morning & follow the instructions to leave a message.

CONTACT US Bethel Pentecostal Church 1565 London Line Sarnia, Ontario N7T 7H2 @bethelsarnia /bethelsarnia 519.542.7731


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