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Ted Carson and ML Mostly Padron, Arabian Breeders World Cup Supreme Champion Senior Stallion “The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Ted, is his presentation of the stallion, Mostly Padron, at the Breeders World Cup show in Vegas when he became Champion there. Ted’s presentation was so impressive that everyone in the crowd stopped breathing while he was showing the stallion. This unique and extraordinary presentation is Ted Carson for me. He is refreshing, spontaneous, and straight. I am very proud to know him.” Heinz Stoeckle, Gestuet Osterhof

Tucked discretely into the lush green countryside of the coastal plains of North Carolina, lies an Arabian horse operation that has been quietly building over the past 14 years. As the work day begins at Butler Farms Training Center, the horses whinny with impatience while they await their morning meal. The staff move quietly about their tasks, which center around the care and management of some of the most beautiful and talented Arabian horses in the world. Beneath the smooth fluidity of daily farm rituals hums the globally recognized entity whose name is synonymous with the man who runs it. Ted Carson is the driving force behind Butler Farms Training Center, the Arabian horse enterprise which he co-owns with Cecil and Frances Butler. Ted’s passion for the Arabian horse and the people involved with them knows no boundaries, which has enabled Butler Farms Training Center to become the world class breeding, training, and marketing powerhouse that it is today. On any given day, Ted may be judging or showing horses in some location around the world, assisting his clients in determining and reaching their personal goals with their horses, or searching out the next bloodline he feels will complement his and his clients’ breeding programs. Ted has presented horses throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Brazil. He has judged numerous shows at the Regional and National level in North America,

LEFT: Ted Carson showing Fallada at the World Championships of the Salon du Cheval in Paris, France. BELOW: Ted Carson and Butler Farms Training Center group with Arabian Breeders World Cup Champion Maraysia.

as well as major shows in other countries such as Australia and Israel. Breeding programs around the world include horses bred or marketed by Ted. With over 30 years of experience with Arabian horses, Ted has not only built a solid reputation as an internationally talented trainer and handler, he is also respected internationally as a judge and breeder. Global connections have proven to be beneficial for Ted Carson and his clients. Not only have marketing opportunities resulted, but also Ted’s expertise has expanded over the years. Today, clients look to him for advice and direction with their breeding programs, many of which he played a major role in establishing. According to Ted, the process he employs begins with selecting top quality fillies or mares to breed. Next, stallions with the potential to produce exceptional offspring with those mares are sought after to stand at BFTC and be bred to these mares. When the foals arrive, they are evaluated, promoted and/or marketed. A few of the young horses are retained for breeding and the process begins again. In this way Ted and his clients create an exclusive source of extremely high quality horses to show, promote, breed and market. Relative to breeding, the stallion roster at Butler Farms Training Center currently contains some of the most sought after sires in the world, including SF Veraz, Shanghai EA, and ML Mostly Padron. Butler Farms Training Center

“I have known Ted Carson for almost twenty years. At an early age, Ted was one of the bright young halter stars in our industry. Over the years I have watched Ted with much pride as he matured as a wonderful father, husband, businessman, as well as an all around excellent horseman. It is with great pleasure that Ted is not only my halter trainer, but also my friend.” Dr. DeCarol Williamson, Owner, Dolorosa Arabians & breeder of DA Valentino

also normally houses a fantastic group of broodmares that generally results in approximately 15 foals born on the farm each year. Ted feels that each avenue of involvement he has with the Arabian horse has given him deeper insight and clarity in directing the future of Butler Farms. “As a handler and trainer, I understand the importance of producing results in the show arena. Becoming a judge changed how I evaluate horses and also how I train and present my horses. Breeding my own horses gave me a great appreciation, understanding and respect for not only my clients, but all the people in this industry who are breeders.” Additionally, Ted feels that having access to many horses from around the world allows him to better advise his clients. “No matter where I go there is an interest in beautiful, classic Arabian horses. Today I look for something more than just a beautiful face or a good stand up when I judge a show, evaluate a client’s horse, or decide how to breed mares. I want a complete horse; one with type, superior conformation, excellent movement and breeding potential.”

Frances Butler with Inman and Michaiah Carson.

In terms of bringing new people into the Arabian horse industry, Ted is a deeply committed advocate for the Arabian horse. “Although I have been in this business for over two decades, I now have a greater appreciation for the horses and all the ways they have enhanced my life. For that reason, I feel strongly about sharing the Arabian horse with others and introducing new people to the breed. I believe the horses have something to offer people of all ages and from all walks of life.” Although Ted is constantly jetting off to differing locations, he is fully involved with all activities on site at Butler Farms Training Center. Even so, he credits the accomplishments of Butler Farms Training Center to his business partners, his clients, and his staff. After all, he states, the authenticity of an organization lies in the strength of its foundation. Two people who make up the core of Butler Farms’s foundation are Cecil and Frances Butler. “C.A. and Frances Butler are two of the most incredible people I have had the opportunity to be associated with in my lifetime. They have offered guidance and

“Ted and Brandi are such great people! They treat their clients with the utmost respect and take great care of their client’s horses. In over 40 in this business, Ted is one of the most genuine people I’ve met. He is a straight shooter. I have been very pleased with all my business dealings with Ted and Brandi and wish them and their family the very best in continued success.” Cyrus S. Bowman Diamond B Arabians

The family and staff of Butler Farms Training Center. “I have been a client of Ted’s for nearly14 years. Ted is incredibly talented, he has an awesome work ethic, and he is honest and supportive. Last year was a high water mark for my relationship with Ted. In 35 years of breeding and showing horses, I never showed any of my horses at the regional or national level. However, at the age of 71, I decided to attempt it while I still could. I credit Ted’s patience, encouragement, and coaching, with my success in showing my half-Arabian gelding, Tuxedo Nite to a 2011 U.S. National Top Ten (4th in points). Oh, yes! Ted also won a Top Ten with “Tux!” Connie Connell, owner, Burnt Hickory Arabians

taught me how to run a business. Over the years they have become two of my closest friends, to the point of family.” They own the farm that is home to Butler Farms Training Center. It is a world class facility, comprised of a 66 stall Colonial style main barn, two riding arenas, a state of the art stallion service station, and multiple turnout paddocks that spread over a portion of the 550 acres of lush pastures. The clientele of BFTC is made up of a diverse group of people who share a common interest in the Arabian horse. Ted describes them as, “wonderful people” and “good friends”. Of his clients, Ted states, “It is inspiring to have such a strong group of breeders that send amazing animals to us and allow us to be a part of their programs.” In chatting with a few of the people Ted has had business dealings with, a mutual respect is evident. The training programs offered at BFTC encompass nearly every discipline of competition available. In addition to halter horses, Ted has trained performance horses throughout his career. “From the beginning of my involvement with Arabians, I have been a trainer of both halter and performance horses. From riding and training horses, I learned the importance of good conformation and form to function, which are important elements to understand when determining a client’s goals.”

Top to bottom: Ted and Michaiah Carson, Kristin Huntsberger, and Cory Byrne.

Daily activities at the farm are overseen by two key individuals. Leading the performance training division for the past four years is the talented young horsewoman, Kristin Huntsberger. Kristin began her involvement as a youth rider and has been a professional for the past ten years. She apprenticed with some of the top trainers across the country, but it seems that Kristin has put down roots at BFTC. She rides 15 to 20 horses each day, most of which are hunt and western horses, and gives lessons to amateur riders throughout the week. Over the past couple of years, she and her amateurs have won Regional titles up and down the East Coast, in Scottsdale, and at the U.S. Nationals. When asked what’s the best thing about BFTC, Kristin replies, “It’s knowing that Ted and Brandi have my best interest at heart. They always encourage me to be my best. I really love coming to work in such a positive environment.” The second key individual is assistant halter trainer, Cory Byrne. Originally from Minnesota, Cory has been with BFTC for over 3 years and plays a major role in conditioning and schooling the halter horses, as well as preparing them for presentations and the show ring. According to Ted, “Both Cory and Kristin have become valued members of the BFTC team. With them at the farm, I know that each horse is getting the individualized attention it needs while I am on the road.” The soft nicker of a foal greeting his dam can be faintly heard as the sun begins to descend into the clouds signaling the end of another day. Whether at home or away at a horse show, it is clear that Ted Carson’s passion for the Arabian horse will continue to drive Butler Farms Training Center for many years to come.

A sincere thank you to each of the owners and breeders who entrust us with yourArabian horses. We feel fortunate not only to represent your beautiful and talented animals, but also to share this journey with such wonderful people. Ted Carson and all the staff of Butler Farms Training Center The following pages feature many of these exceptional Arabians...

V sf Veraz

Patti and Mike Scheier established Scheier Farms in the fall of 2003. They began their involvement in Arabians with two performance horses. Patti was immediately “hooked” on riding and showing, but Mike wanted something more. The Scheiers wanted to enjoy the horses on a deeper level and in 2003 they found a very, very special filly. With the help of Cathy Thompson, a wonderful Arabian horse breeder, Patti and Mike purchased the Versace daughter, Veronica GA. They had only seen the filly on a video and when the moment of truth finally came for the Scheiers to meet her, it was love at first sight. A year later, the Scheiers attended their very first U.S. National Championships. Nothing like starting at the top – their beloved Veronica GA won the title of 2004 US National Champion Futurity Filly! But this beautiful mare had even greater gifts in store for the Scheiers. In 2005, Veronica was bred to the legendary sire Gazal Al Shaqab. The Scheiers may have questioned if their luck would continue when Veronica’s very first foal was a colt. But any question was quickly answered by the extreme quality and type of Veronica’s new foal. The Scheiers named the colt SF Veraz, and in a very short time he has established himself as sire of incredibly beautiful, correct, and exciting sons and daughters. SF Veraz is now six-years-old and he is a towering example of pure Arabian masculine energy, extraordinary beauty, and aristocratic character. Naturally, Veraz drew great attention here in the U.S. and around the world. A stallion with this level of potential needed and deserved a dedicated, experienced team to support him and the Scheiers chose internationally respected Arabian horseman Ted Carson to head their team. Patti Scheier explained their decision, “We were introduced to Ted and were impressed with his genuine sincerity and honesty. Sometimes it seemed he was even a little too honest – but that level of integrity proved to us that we could trust Ted with Veraz. We wanted to be assured that Veraz would never be pushed, that he would be treated with patience and kindness. We be-

lieve Ted and his staff treat Veraz as if he was theirs; that has created a sense of partnership that we appreciate.” Veraz stands with Ted Carson at Butler Farms Training Center in North Carolina. The support Veraz has received from the team at BFTC has provided him with everything he needed to shine like the super star that he is. Although Veraz is still a very young sire, the response from breeders has been outstanding and Veraz has consistently delivered exceptional results. In 2011, the Veraz son Conviction CA, out of Denalia by Besson Carol, bred by Edwin Crain, was named U.S. National Champion Yearling Gelding and U.S. National Supreme Champion Junior Gelding. This year the Veraz offspring are off to a sensational show season. His daughter Jullye Al Gazal XX, out of Beautiful Juell V, by Juellyen El Jamaal, made her show ring debut to huge acclaim when she stole the show and earned the prestigeous titles of 2012 Unanimous Scottsdale International Gold Champion Yearling Filly and Unanimous Scottsdale International Gold Champion Junior Filly. Next, Jullye Al Gazal XX, bred and owned by Larry Schopf, is heading to the Arabian Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Patti Scheier, everyday she and Mike thank their lucky stars for the horses and friends they have in their lives. “We have been fortunate to meet some very special people through the horses. When we were just beginning to get involved, we met Sam Peacemaker and his family. They were so generous with their time and insights. Many nights were spent over dinner, discussing the horses, into the wee hours of the morning. When Sam and his family visited us, they fell in love with Veronica. They later purchased her in 2008. The Peacemakers love Veronica just as much as we do, and they have continued her legacy with incredible success. We retained embryo rights to Veronica and so it seems like we are one big family! We appreciate the interest of breeders everywhere who have chosen SF Veraz for their mares and we wish them all the joy that Veraz has given to us.”









sf Veraz

April Visel

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE.... SF Veraz is the sire of the 2011 U.S. National Supreme Champion Juvenile Gelding, Conviction CA; 2012 Unanimous Scottsdale International Gold Champion Junior Filly, Jullye Al Gazal XX, as well as other champion offspring. We proudly offer the services of this exceptional sire to breeders around the world. We thank each of these breeders for selecting SF Veraz for their mares in 2011 and wish them all the very best with their foals: Kelly Bowman Wendy Brown Mike Browning *Frances Butler * Brandi Carson *Cedarbrook Arabians *Chloe & Al Cox *Edwin Crain Judy Crisp Jennifer Darrow Ed Davidson Kent Dean *Dolorosa Arabians Julie Durall Van Elliot Ed Evans Rick & Sarah German John Graffeo Constance Harbridge

Angela Hewitt Shelley Hjelm Nancy Janosik Joe Karls Mary Lennon Rob Long Timothy Manring Susie & Cecil Martinez Linda McCabe *Mac McGarvey Istvan Merchanthaler Svenn & Deborrah Mikkelsen Rosemary Mongeau Nina Novembre *Horace Penny Mindy Peters Jennifer Prawel-Tirone Winifred Riggs Ken & Charlene Robinson

Rohara Arabians *Royal Arabians *Patsy Schewach Kelly Schnall *Larry Schopf *Bill Seniuk Bill Shelton / Janet Aston *James & Kay Smith Andrew Steffens Sycamore Farms * Julie Teutsch The Brass Ring Joseph Weller *Karen & Andy Wilson Bonnie Wintersteen * Multiple Breedings

International Breeders: King Abdul Aziz Arabian Horse Centre, KSA *Equid System Ltd. Thierry, Catherine, & Thomas Kerjean Oliver Lheureux Matthieu Miloux

sf Veraz

Bred & Owned by: Scheier Farms Scottsdale AZ

Standing at:

Butler Farm Training Center White Oak, NC Contact: Ted Carson


J ullye


Gazal xx

SF Veraz x Beautiful Juell V

2012 Unanimous Scottsdale International Gold Junior Champion Filly, 2012 Unanimous Scottsdale International Champion Yearling Filly

To be Presented at the Las Vegas Breeders World Cup in Yearling Fillies with Keith Krichke

Suzanne Sturgill

Beautiful Juell V - Jullyen El Jamaal x Bint Balalinka - Dam of Jullye Al Gazal XX

Proudly bred & owned by: Twin X Arabians, Larry Schopf, Madison, WI For information contact: Keith Krichke 269 217-5530 Dan or Judy L:ynch: 608 798-0452 or 608 575-6666 Bernier Photo

in search of the

Malaisia EA (Shanghai EA x Magnolia EA by Maaximus) SHANGHAI EA - 2011 INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION: - All Nations Cup Champion Jr. Stallion - European Champion Jr. Stallion - Reserve World Champion Jr. Stallion

SHANGHAI EA - Sire of exotic type! - Watch for Shanghai EA’s son, Excalibur EA at the Arabian Breeders World Cup Frozen semen now available in the U.S. BREEDER & OWNER: Albert Sorroca Equus Arabians + 34-93-317-63-63 + 34-93-830-93-62

U.S. REPRESENTATIVE: Ted Carson BUTLER FARMs TRAINING Center (910) 866-4000 - Barn (910) 876-7332 - Ted’s Cell


WH Justice x Salymah EA by Kidar



M aroc M


Shakir El Marwan


Sweepstakes, Scottsdale Signature, & Spotlight Nominated Stallion Owned by: El Maroc Group Standing at: Butler Farms Training Center White Oak, NC (910) 866-4000 - Barn (910) 876-7332 - Ted’s Cell

Marwan Al Shaqab

Gazal Al Shaqab Little Liza Fame

Om El Shadina

Sanadik El Shaklan Om el Shaina

Marwan Al Shaqab

Gazal Al Shaqab Little Liza Fame


Besson Carol Desha Bey Alishah




Padrons Psyche HS Mostly



Patron Odessa


Kilimandscharo Kilifa


Patron Odessa


Nuri Schalan Madera

- Arabian Breeders World Cup Champion Stallion - Canadian National Reserve Champion Stallion - United States National Top Ten Stallion - Scottsdale Champion Stallion - Regional Champion Stallion - Scottsdale Junior Champion Colt

Sweepstakes, Scottsdale Signature, MAHB, Spotlight, & WCAHA Nominated Stallion - Frozen Semen Available Owned by: ML Mostly Padron Syndicate Standing at: Butler Farms Training Center White Oak, NC (910) 866-4000 - Barn (910) 876-7332 - Ted’s Cell


Mostly Padron



Marwan Al Shaqab x Patrina De Parys by Parys El Jamaal

- Expecting a 2012 foal by SF Veraz

Serenitee -SF Veraz x Falcons Faith BHF by Falcon BHF -Scottsdale Top Ten Filly

- To be presented at Region 12

Owned by: Frances Butler Butler Farms ARABIANS White Oak, NC (910) 866-4000 - Barn (910) 876-7332 - Ted’s Cell


ta Palatine

Sohos Honey Serenade

H oney S erenade


Soho Carol x WN Tasteohoney by Bluesprucetanzeer

- U.S. National Top Ten Mare - Arabian Breeders World Cup Champion Mare - Expecting a 2012 foal by SF Veraz


erazs sweet Serenade SF Veraz x Sohos Honey Serenade

Making her show ring debut at Region 12!

Owned by: Al & Chloe Cox Sycamore Farm LLC Edenton, NC 27932

M issmarwan Marwan Al Shaqab x Maya El Jamaal

- US National Top Ten Mare, - Region 15 Reseserve Champion Mare

To be presented at the Arabian Breeders World Cup

G evalia

CA ML Mostly Padron x Denalia Expecting a 2012 foal by SF Veraz Co-owned with James and Sandra Smith

Owned by: Jeff & Sybil Collins Collinswood Arabians Pembroke, NC

E legantra DA

DA Valentino x DA Magnafire -Region 16 Champion Mare - Scottsdale International Reserve Champion Filly

Expecting a 2012 foal by SF Veraz

D Delajandro

WH Justice x Dormeza by Ekstern

- Region 15 Champion Colt - U.S. National Top Ten Colt

To be presented at the Arabian Breeders World Cup

Owned by: Les Sekut Smithfield, VA

V G litzy FS Ritz x Camaarlett

The dam of world famous stallion, MPA Giovanni To be bred to Trussardi for 2013

Owned by: Karen & Andy Wilson MYSTIQUE PINES ARABIANS Mansfield, GA

Breeders of MPA Giovanni

G iorgina


MPA Giovanni x Rohara Whispers - US National Top Ten Filly - Scottsdale Signature Champion Filly - Region 12 Champion Filly To be bred to Trussardi for 2013


E lle Gazal

Gazal Al Shaqab x Emanorah by Emanor

- Scottsdale Top Ten Filly - To be presented at Region 12

To be bred to Trussardi Owned by: Linda McCabe Jefferson, WI 53549



SF Veraz x LC Amber Gem by Padrons Psyche

- Scottsdale Top Five Filly - Arabian Breeders World Cup Top Five Filly - Region 12 Spotlight Top Ten Filly

To be presented at the Arabian Breeders World Cup Managed by:

Robert Long: 602-920-6782

Owned by: Theresa Lungwitz, Cave Creek, AZ


Koweta Audition

Audacious PS X Koweta Allelujah

To be presented at Region 12

Owned by: Denni Mack Koweta Arabians Monticello GA


aaroline El Dakar

Dakar El Jamaal X FOF Kharolina

The full sister to World Champion Stallion Dakharo. Owned by: Shelley MacMillan Madison, GA


rinity grace

ML Mostly Padron X Suzanna MPA Owned by: Jeff & Sybil Collins & James & Sandra Smith Contact Ted Carson at Butler Farm Training Center: White Oak, NC (910) 866-4000 (Barn) (910) 876-7332 (Ted Carson’s Cell)


or the discriminating breeder...


Vidal AC

SF Veraz x AE Reflection


International Top Ten Yearling Colt

Owned by: Andrew & Christine Steffens Avalon Crest Arabians Holbrook, NY



SF Veraz x Tareefa Jamaal

Competing at Region 12

Owned by: Nancy Janosik Better Way Farms Carollton, GA


nqiries are invited...


eruschka tca

SF Veraz x Fate BFA by Falcon BHF


Competing at Region 12 Owned by: Brandi Carson White Oak, NC


ostlys Love Song ML Mostly Padron X Falcon Song BHF


Ridden by Michaiah Carson Owned by: Brandi Carson White Oak, NC


Brave Dotation

AM Power Raid x AM Dreams Cote - US National Top Ten AOTR - Reg. 15 Top Five AOTR & Open - US National Top Ten Gelding

Susan White Zebulon, GA

Swayze bfa

ML Mostly Padron x LF Triumphant Star Shown by Bill Bertier Debuting in performance in 2012 with Kristin Huntsberger

Bill & Kelly Bertier Newon, GA

sf Infamous

Sir Fames HBV x Veronica GA - US National Top Ten Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse - Region 15 Champion Hunter Pleasure AOTR & Jr. Horse - US National Top Ten Futurity Gelding Kristin Weller Williamston, NC

Delacroix HS Versace x Kristianna

- Scottsdale Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure AOTR - Scottsdale Hunter Pleasure Top Ten Open - Region 15 Hunter Pleasure Champion Open - Region 12 Hunter Pleasure Top Five To be shown at Region 12 in Open with Kristin Huntsberger and in ATR with Kentley Dean

Owned by: Betty Gail Skinner and Patricia McGehee Hidden Springs Arabians Newton, MS


elebrating the talents of Kristin Huntsberger...

Ted Carson at Butler Farms Training Center  

This is the story of Ted Carson at Butler Farms Training Center, published in the Arabian Horse World and features champion Arabian horses i...

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