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RABBI’S REFLECTIONS “The Value of Light” When we light the Hanukkah menorah over the holiday’s eight nights, we do so in order to publicize the miracle that Hanukkah represents. But what is that miracle? We all know the account of the oil in the rededicated Temple in Jerusalem that burned for eight days instead of one, but since that account first shows up hundreds of years after the fact, there must have been other reasons our ancestors lit their lights before that, other miracles that they were publicizing. What were they? In the immediate aftermath of the revolt against the pagan Greeks, the victorious Maccabees and their supporters would have been justified in publicizing their miraculous military victory. The Syrian Greeks were the inheritors of the art of Greek warfare, which had shortly before shattered many national armies and established Greece as an imperial power. The few Maccabees had defeated the many Greeks! But the lights for the miracle of the Maccabees eventually dimmed; their power lasted only about a hundred years before imperial Rome came to control Israel. Perhaps the miraculous can be found in the immediate cause of the revolt, the desire to resist assimilation and hold onto Jewish traditions. Having swept out the pagans, the traditional Jewish Temple rites were reestablished. Religious freedom and Jewish distinctiveness had won! But the lights for traditional Judaism also dimmed; the Maccabees themselves later assimilated, and the office of the High Priest fell so low that it was often awarded to the highest bidder.

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1 Rabbi’s Reflections …………………………………..…. BJUSY Hanukkah Shabbat Dinner............................2 President’s Message ...............................................3 Mission Statement .................................................. 4 HANUKKAH 5774 ...................................................5 6 MITZVAH DEADLINES APPROACHING: 5 Dec. 1 – Men’s Club Blood Drive ............. Dec. 3 – Gift Card Collection Ends for Victims of Illinois Tornados .. 5 Dec. 12 – End of Winter Clothing Donation... 6 Dec. 15 – Helping Hands at Hawthorn .......... 6 TWO BIG UPCOMING FUNDRAISERS: Dec. 7 – Win BIG at Beth Judea ................... 7 Dec. 15–End of Purim Masquerade Discount. 7 B’nai Mitzvah Bios .................................................. 8 Focus on Families …………………………………… 9 Divorce Support Group ......................................... 9 Adult Education …………………….……….……… 10 Religious School ...…………………...……………... 12 Community Jewish High School ..............................14 Youth …………………………………………………….15 Social Action ……………………………………………16 16 SHALVA ………………………………………………… 17 Sisterhood……………………………………………….. 18 Men’s Club ……………………………………………… Jewish Heritage Day ...............................................19 Jewish University for a Day .....................................19 19 Hesed Committee ……………………………………… The Goodman’s Blog ...............................................20 26 Birthdays and Anniversaries ………………………….. 28 Yahrzeits……………………………………………….… Tributes……………………………………………….….31 34 Calendar ………….…………………………..……..….. Index of Flyers and Advertisers……………….………35

BIRTHDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES Shabbat Prayers December 6, 2013 – 7:30 pm Those who celebrate birthdays and anniversaries during the month of December will be recognized at our service on December 6th. Our worship will begin at 7:30 pm and will conclude by 8:15 pm. Children of every age are welcome!


BJUSY Hanukkah Shabbat Dinner

“The Value of Light” (continued) So if the miracles that were celebrated and publicized in the immediate aftermath of the events of Hanukkah faded, what was it and what is it that we are publicizing? I would argue that the account of the oil and its miraculous burning arrived just in time. As the military victory of the Maccabees receded in time and as their national and religious achievements eroded, the meaning of Hanukkah had to evolve. The account of the oil shifted the emphasis from human war to divine intervention, infusing Hanukkah with eternal meanings that the short-lived victories of the Maccabees could not match. The reason that we continue to find the miracle of the oil compelling is that it preserves the values for which the Maccabees fought without having to focus too much on the Maccabees themselves. Self-rule in the Jewish homeland, religious tradition and the ability of the few to stand up against the many are all worthy values that the light of Hanukkah continues to illuminate for us. We will continue to teach and live those values regardless of how their originators ended up and despite the challenges that our own times bring. Hanukkah’s lights teach us that human events are as transitory as oil or candles, but that the values that animate those events burn as brightly the lights that recall them.

Hanukkah sameakh.

Rabbi Jeff Pivo

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In This Season of Miracles, You Can Be A Miracle To Someone In Need less than 15 minutes you can: ... Save someone’s life (by donating blood on Dec. 1 st – see page 5) ... Help the victims impacted by the Illinois tornados – (Dec. 3 - see page 5 for details) ... Help those less fortunate (see page 6)

Upon three things the world is based: Upon Torah, Upon Divine Service, and Upon the Practice of Charity. The Word December 2013

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE We, your Board of Directors, are very aware of the financial commitment(s) we ask of you to be members of Congregation Beth Judea. We struggle, not wanting to burden anyone. We talk to our counterparts at other shuls, all over the country, about ways of containing costs and increasing revenue. Looking for ways to keep membership reasonably priced and yet to have the funds necessary to beautify the building and to make needed repairs, we also talk with our United Synagogue representatives. My attempt here is not to make another financial appeal, but rather for us to collectively put on our thinking caps and find new ways to increase revenues without returning to the same well over and over again! Brian Gurin and I attended a fundraising seminar at the Spertus Institute, where we discovered the world of foundations and grant writing. Unfortunately, neither of us has this expertise, nor does anyone on the Board. Do any of you have experience in researching grant opportunities and grant writing? Would you be willing to volunteer your time to help us with this endeavor? Do you have other ideas? Please contact me at my e-mail address listed below.


MISSION STATEMENT Congregation Beth Judea is a welcoming, egalitarian synagogue whose mission is to create a warm and inviting home that serves the lifelong spiritual, educational and fellowship needs of our members. Consistent with the principles of the Conservative Movement, we embrace Torah and our responsibility to serve and support the greater Jewish community, the community at large, the United States of America and the State of Israel.

We have two upcoming events that are perfect opportunities to invite non-members into our home. First, on Saturday, December 7 beginning at 7:30 P.M. is “Win Big at CBJ,” a night of blackjack, poker, mahjong, and bingo! Second, on Saturday, February 22nd is our third annual “Purim Masquerade Ball,” which will include dancing, dining, and live and silent auctions. Mark your calendars now! As Hanukkah quickly approaches (it will be here by the time you’re reading this), please remember that we sell gift cards through a program we call “Mitzvah Mall.” This is a very simple way for the synagogue to raise additional funds without any cost to you. Fill out a form (found in the office), pay, and in a matter of days you will receive your gift cards to merchants you already frequent! CBJ earns a percentage of the face value of the card. For instance, CBJ earns 14% on Bath & Body Works gift cards! On a different note, if you have not yet sat on our new chairs, especially the sanctuary chairs, make a special trip to CBJ to do so! The sanctuary chairs are wider than before, have lumbar support, and have a shelf underneath to hold our books. They have changed the look and feel of the sanctuary! This was made possible by 2 generous contributions. Thank you to the Bikshorn Family, and although the second family has chosen to remain anonymous, a huge thank you goes to them, too. May the glow of your Hanukkah candles bring warmth and light to you and yours. Fondly, Debbie Kreisman Dubin President

The Word December 2013

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Dear Congregants,


Nov. 27

After Sundown

2nd Night

Nov. 28

After Sundown



Nov. 29

Hannukah Candles are lit before Shabbat Candles, both before 4:02 pm

4th Night

Nov. 30

After Havdalah at 5:05 pm

5th Night

Dec. 1

After Sundown

6th Night

Dec. 2

After Sundown

7th Night

Dec. 3

After Sundown

8th Night

Dec. 4

After Sundown

We extend our deepest gratitude to you for being part of the Beth Judea Family. As we celebrate this season of miracles, we wish you joy, blessings and peace during Hanukkah and throughout the year. May you always be blessed with the rich and bountiful gifts of life!

Happy Hanukkah, The Entire Beth Judea Clergy, Board, and Staff Hanukkah 5774

Each winter we light the Hanukkiah for eight nights, remembering the miracle of the oil in the ancient Temple and the miracle of the Maccabees’ victories. Hanukkah begins on the 25th of Kislev (the night of Nov. 27 this year); we light the shamash first, recite the three blessings below, then use the shamash to light one candle on the far right of the Hanukkiah. Each night we add one additional candle, corresponding to the day of Hanukkah. While candles are placed on the right side, they are customarily lit left to right, giving that day’s candle the honor of being lit first. After the first night we recite only the first two blessings. Blessings: .



Blessed are You, Lord our God, Ruler of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commands and commanded us to kindle the Hanukkah light. .


Blessed are You, Lord our God, Ruler of the universe, who performed miracles for our ancestors in those days at this time. First night only:



Blessed are You, Lord our God, Ruler of the universe, who has kept us alive, sustained us and allowed us to reach this time. Click Here to get the Hanukkah Guide

The Word December 2013

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In This Season of Miracles, You Can Be A Miracle To Someone In Need Dec. 1 Dec. 3 Dec. 12 Dec. 15

Blood Drive End of collection of gift cards for victims of Novembers Illinois Tornados Collection of Gloves, Scarves and Hats – final drop off at Beth Judea Helping Hands at Hawthorn – see flyer for activities planned. In addition at that location we will be collecting donations of gloves, scarves and hats for Journeys/PADS



The Men’s Club

is once again sponsoring a Blood Drive through Life Source on Sunday, December 1, 2013 from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Social Hall Please keep in mind that Life Source, the people who run the Blood Drive, require a photo ID when you fill out your paperwork. Please bring a state ID or driver’s license because they will not allow anyone to give blood or attempt to give blood without proper ID. Also, make sure you have something to eat before you arrive. Refreshments will be provided. Your donated blood is used in many ways, including removing platelets and other by-products for various surgical and medical procedures. THERE MUST BE AN 8 WEEK TIME PERIOD BETWEEN DONATIONS. Therefore, you cannot have donated elsewhere after October 5, 2013.

Call Fred Rabinowitz to make an appointment at 847-398-5488 or email at



The Word December 2013

You can: 1) Please make your donation through the Jewish Federation of Peoria. Donate online or by mail to: The Jewish Federation of Peoria 2000 Pioneer Pkwy. Suite 10B Peoria, IL 61615. As always, 100% of your contribution will go to aiding those most affected. JUF has an initial grant for relief work. In partnership with our Peoria colleagues, JUF is in contact with the Community Foundation of Central Illinois, the Central Illinois Red Cross, and NACHAMA, the Jewish response organization, to assess additional aid measures and coordinate volunteer opportunities. 2) Buy gift cards from Target, Walmart and Costco from the synagogue and we will donate them directly to the Peoria Federation.

We will be working directly with one young family who lost everything in the storms, and will be collecting household items for them when they move into a new apartment. If you have 18-24 month clothes for a toddler boy that are in good condition, please contact Ronna at GIFT CARD ORDER FORM

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MAKE A DIFFERENCE HATS, GLOVES AND SCARVES FOR JCFS CLIENTS We will be collecting warm winter hats, gloves and scarves for Jewish Child and Family Services. Please drop off your donations at the synagogue by

Thursday, December 12th

HATS, GLOVES AND SCARVES FOR JOURNEYS/PADS Please note that we will ALSO be collecting gloves, scarves and hats at the Helping Hands at Hawthorn on December 15th, 2013.

Every life is sacred, and we are obligated to do what we can to help others. The Torah states, "Thou shalt not stand idly by the blood of thy brother" (Lev. 19:16).


(when Religious School is in session) 10:30 am - 12:00 pm By using Gift Cards for all your everyday purchases and gift giving you help support Congregation Beth Judea

Download order form here The Word December 2013

Download Helping Hands Flyer Please note change in location to Carson’s Court – please watch your weekly email for any further updates

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Buy Tickets for Yourself Give Your Friends a Hanukkah Gift!!!

$60 per person ($75 per person after 12/15/13) Tickets include: Great Food, Live Band, Open Bar and Entertainment There are so many ways to show your support for Beth Judea: 1. Attend the Purim Masquerade: Attend the event on February 22, 2014 2. Become an Event Sponsor We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities. Please consider one of the many options as you determine your gift. 3. Purchase an ad for our Event Program: * Honor Evan and Merle Rumack * Highlight your business to all of our expected Purim Masquerade attendees * Honor the other professional staff * Send a personalized greeting to one of our congregants, clergy or staff. 4. Donate Auction Items: Ask anyone and everyone for a gift! Sports Tickets * Professional Svcs * Gift Certificates Airline Tickets * Hotel/Condo Vacations* Birthday Parties * Theater Tickets * Other Products & Services

Click here to visit the website to sign up

The Word December 2013

Click here to visit the website or go to:

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B’NAI MITZVAH BIO’S Marc Henry Mills will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday morning, December 7, 2013. Marc is an outstanding seventh grade student at Aptakisic Junior High School, where he is a percussionist in the school band. His academic credits include attending the Junior National Youth Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. and receiving the Illinois Principals Association Award earlier this year. Outside of school, Marc plays travel baseball, travel basketball, enjoys reading, working out at the health club, and hanging out with his friends. Joining Marc on his special day are his parents Debbie and Gary, proud sister Hannah, grandparents Lois and Arthur Mills, his extended family, many friends, and the memory of Grandma Margot and Grandpa Harry Isenberg. Marc extends his appreciation and gratitude to Hazzan Weisberg for helping him prepare for this day, to his sister Hannah for her tutoring and encouragement, and to Rabbi Pivo and his teachers at Beth Judea for their guidance.

Ethan Isaac Gordon will be called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday December 14th, 2013. Ethan is in the 7th grade at Aptakisic Junior High School. He is a straight “A” student. He is skilled in art and his work is displayed at Stevenson HS every year. He loves sports and plays baseball in the BGRA and basketball on the Aptakisic team. Ethan is delighted to share and celebrate his Bar Mitzvah with so many friends and family. Family and friends will be visiting from several states. They will join Ethan's parents, Diane and Howard and his brothers Jeremy, Daniel, and Ari.

Ethan would like to thank Rabbi Pivo and Cantor Weisberg for helping prepare him for this important life-cycle event. He also thanks all of his Hebrew and Sunday School teachers. Ethan especially thanks his tutor, Joan Slaw.

Congratulations to our: HEBREW LITERACY I GRADUATES Their graduation will take place on December 13th as part of Shabbat Services. The Word December 2013

The ARK is very pleased to announce the opening of The ARK Northwest: A Safe Harbor for the Jews of the Northwest Suburbs. The new office is located in the Dundee Place Corporate Center, 3100 Dundee Rd., Suite 204; Phone (773) 973-0011. This new satellite office, at the northeast corner of Dundee and Landwehr in Northbrook, will provide increased access to The ARK’s vital human services in the northwest suburbs-where the greatest growth in Chicagoland’s Jewish population has occurred in the past 10 years. Hours at the new location are: Monday, 9:00 am – 7:30 pm and Tuesday and Thursday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

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Divorce Support Group

Experiencing a divorce can be one of the most difficult and stressful transitions in life, affecting adults, children, and extended family. We are reaching out as a synagogue community to those who are in the process of divorcing, or have recently gone through a divorce, to offer support at this extremely stressful time. This group, designed for both men and women, would meet weekly with our member Ellene Lammers, a trained therapist, and Rabbi Pivo. Please contact: Ellene at or Rabbi Pivo at for further information.

Download Flyer

Download Flyer DATE





Dec. 8

10:30 am

Gan Shalom



Dec. 14

6:00 pm

PJ Havdalah Scavenger Hunt



Dec. 15

10:30 am

HSP Breakfast



Dec. 19

2:00 pm

Challah Chaverim



Bowling League Contact Debbie Bender for more information

Every Shabbat Saturday Morning – 10:30 – 11:30 am GAN SHABBAT



Do you like to bowl? Then join the synagogue bowling league on the 4th Saturday of each month. Cost: $20 per person per month – members $22 per person per month – non-members 4th Saturday of each month @ 8:00 pm Next Date: Dec. 28th PLEASE CONTACT DEBBIE BENDER AT: Page 9

ADULT EDUCATION WEEKLY CLASSES These classes are ongoing. Please join at any time. Hebrew is not required for any of these classes, unless specifically noted.

ADULT EDUCATION AT CONGREGATION BETH JUDEA. Congregation Beth Judea offers a variety of meaningful Jewish learning opportunities through classes, lectures and informal sessions on Jewish Law, Torah, prayer, and other topics of interest that will intrigue and inspire you. All classes (unless otherwise noted) are held at Congregation Beth Judea. For a listing of adult education classes offered here at CBJ, you can download our Adult Ed brochure by clicking here.

“When I pray, I speak to God;

When I study, God speaks to me.” -quote by Rabbi Louis Finkelstein

Interpretive Minyan in the Library Service Leader: Norm Kurtz You are invited to join the Interpretive Minyan in the Library the first and third Shabbat of every month. Our minyan is designed to build community by providing a passionate, meaningful, and spiritual Shabbat morning experience.

This Shabbat morning service focuses on examining the structure of the prayer service, learning the major prayers, and becoming more comfortable with the choreography and customs of the Shabbat morning service. Our minyan is friendly and welcoming to all who choose to attend. We meet in the synagogue library on the second floor from 10:30 until 11:45.

Shabbat shalom,

Parsha Perspectives Thursday evenings after minyan (7:45 - 8:00 pm) Beginning Oct. 10, 2013 Do you have 10 minutes to spare? It only takes 10 minutes to get started on a lifelong journey. Spend each Thursday after Minyan learning about the upcoming Parsha with Rabbi Pivo, and before you know it you’ll have completed hours of Torah study. Talmud & Jewish Life: Grappling with Life, Law, and Innovation Sunday mornings at 8 am Participate in a lively discussion of the Talmud and its relevance for us today. No prior knowledge required and texts will be provided. We are working our way through the fascinating array of topics in the Tractate Ketubot (Marriage Contracts). Orin Rotman will facilitate this weekly Talmud study session. (Artscroll Schottenstein edition is used for the class) Sweet Taste of Torah Wednesday evenings at 8 pm For thousands of years Judaism has been interpreting and applying the Torah to everyday life. This class follows the Tanach cycle. Each week we will read through several chapters a week of the Nevim (Prophets) texts, then on to Ketuvim (Writings), then back to Torah again. Shabbat Torah/Haftarah Study Shabbat morning at 9 am Weekly study to discuss the parsha of the week. We will discuss questions raised by the participants.

BRAND NEW THIS YEAR!!! Kab Shab – Alternative Kabbalat Shabbat Service Friday Evenings in the Beit Midrash Contact Adam Bender for Schedule at Get Flyer EVENT



Kab Shab (Alt. Kabbalat Svc)

Adam Bender

Adult Education

Anna Besser

Hebrew School

Anna Besser

Anna Besser

Norm Kurtz

EDUCATION SERIES To register for classes or to find out more information about the Adult Education programs, contact Anna Besser at (847) 634-0777 or at

The Word December 2013

Community Jewish High School

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The Word December 2013

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EDUCATION In education, it is said that we learn from what we do. Is it possible to learn how to play a sport by studying a text or watching a YouTube video? How coordinated will you be by doing so? How would you connect with teammates? Is it possible to learn to draw by reading how to do it? Maybe; but what will that drawing look like without practice? How many times should you practice in order to create a satisfactory piece of art? The same is true of prayer. In class, we teach our students the words and melodies to prayers. We teach them what the prayers mean. But it’s only with practical application of what is learned in the classroom that we get to the heart and soul of Jewish prayer. Prayer connects us to God and to each other. There is power in praying as a community. To that end, we hold a weekly Gan Shabbat service on Shabbat mornings from 10:30 am – 12 pm for students in Bet and younger. There is also a monthly Teen Minyan (through USY) from 10:30 am – 12 pm for students in Dalet and up. During this time, students get to participate in an interactive service; one in which they get to put into practice what they learned in the classroom. Under Bruce Darin’s guidance at Gan Shabbat, the students take leadership roles based upon their interests and abilities. In the Teen Minyan, USY teens have developed a service that is engaging and creative. These services give our students the opportunity to form a small, cohesive community and to become more confident in their synagogue skills. It is said “more than Israel has kept Shabbat, Shabbat has kept Israel.” Shabbat is the highlight of each week. It is an opportunity to refrain from the pace of the weekday world. It is an opportunity to connect to God and to fellow Jews. I look forward to seeing you next Shabbat.

Anna Besser, Education Director YASHER KOACH! Yasher Koach to the students who have already completed their Shabbat Service requirements! We know you will continue to attend Shabbat Services and earn the special gift certificate for 18+ services at the end of the year.      

Charlie Appel Lauren Appel Molly Appel Noah Brody Samantha Brody Talia Brody

The Word December 2013

     

Adam Elkins Samantha Harris Adam Heald Jordyn Neiman Miriam Silberman Shaina Wenk

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SCHOOL CANCELLATION INFORMATION As we enter the winter season, it is important for you to know how we will inform you about school closings. We are part of the Emergency Closing Center, so when we do close school, information will be available on; Congregation Beth Judea will be part of the list. If no school listed, you can search for Congregation Beth Judea. EMAIL: An email will be sent out to all families as soon as the decision is made. TV: Chanel 2 (CBS), Chanel 5 (NBC), Chanel 7 (ABC), Chanel 9 (WGN), Fox News Chicago and CLTV (Chicagoland's Television) RADIO: WGN Radio - News/Talk 720 and WBBM News-radio 780, PHONE: You can call 847-238-1234 and get information about the closings as well. (Please make sure to enter the synagogue's main phone number,847-634-0777, to get Beth Judea's information) PUBLIC SCHOOLS: On weekdays, if public schools (Dist. #102 & 96) are closed, there will be no Religious school classes in the afternoon.

SCHOOL CALENDAR December: Sunday 12/1 NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Monday 12/2 Beyachad Classes resume Tuesday 12/3 Religious School Classes resume Saturday 12/14 Gimel Luncheon (12:00 – 1:00 pm) Saturday 12/21 No Gimel Shabbat – Winter Break Sunday 12/22 – Sunday 1/5 NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL or Beyachad – Winter Break January: Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Saturday Monday Sunday

1/4 1/5 1/6 1/7 1/11 1/20 1/26

NO Gimel Shabbat – Winter Break NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL Beyachad Classes resume Religious School Classes resume Gimel Shabbat Resumes No Beyachad classes K & 1st Grade Family Program

The Word December 2013

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COMMUNITY JEWISH HIGH SCHOOL Striving to create the best learning experiences for our students, Beth Judea, Temple Chai and Beth Am are combining their 8th through 12th grade programs to create a community high school, Beyachad, which means “together”. We are redefining what it means to be a student in the Northwest Suburbs! By combining our resources, Beyachad enhances student’s learning opportunities with more diverse classes, taught by five clergy of the three synagogues, as well as other teachers. Our 8th graders, who will be part of Beyachad, will have a special 8th Grade-only experience for the first two trimesters focusing on Israel (and getting our students ready for Ta’am Yisrael) and Middot (Jewish Values). They will join in with the 9th12th Grade electives in the third trimester. The 12th Graders will have a special Senior Seminar that will take place at that same time, so 8th Graders and 12th Graders won’t be in class together.

CLASS BREAKDOWN: Sessions are Mondays from 6:30—8:30 pm . 6:30 pm: Elective #1 . 7:15 pm: Dinner Break . 7:45 pm: Elective #2 DATES: Begins Monday, Sept. 23rd and ends Monday, May 12th (See Course Description information for detailed calendar) LOCATIONS: Sept. 23rd—Dec. 16th at Congregation Beth Judea (Rt. 83 & Hilltop Rd., Long Grove) . Jan. 6th—May 12th at Temple Chai (1670 Checker Rd Long Grove)

General Guidelines of the Program: Classes are open to 8th through 12th Grade students whose families are members of either Beth Judea, Temple Chai or Beth Am. Students will register for electives by trimester on the first night of classes.

FOR QUESTIONS OR INFORMATION: Contact Anna Besser, Education Director for details at

The Word September 2013

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This month is all about getting involved in Beth Judea. Take a moment and look around this page. We have something to offer each and every youth in Beth Judea. Whether it is getting involved in our basketball league, coming to a weekly lounge night, going on a regional trip, or attending a huge chapter outing, there is truly something for everybody. For our 6th-8th graders this month, we have the Kadima Konvention and 8th Grade Shabbaton. This incredible opportunity provides our 6th-8th graders an entire weekend at the Perlstein Resort of Camp Chi. The Kadimaniks will spend time making friends, learning, and even taking a wild field trip to Kalahari (an indoor waterpark). Make sure you take a look at the flyer included on this page and sign up today. The weekend is going to be unforgettable. The cost for the weekend is $299 but thanks to a $100 subsidy available from BJUSY you only pay $199. Remember you can always stay up to date with all things BJUSY throughout the entire year by visiting our new and improved website and you can sign up for membership by going to B’Shalom, Marc Sender - Youth Director Congregation Beth Judea - 5304 RFD Long Grove, IL 60047 Office: (847)-634-0777 ext. 114 Cell: (847)-334-8639 Email: Sign up for membership at Check us out on Facebook and Twitter! Please consider making a donation to the Youth Fund or Rachel Hirshman Fund to help USYers go to regional programs and Israel.


Youth Chinese Shabbat Dinner and Services (6:00 pm – 7:30 pm) BJUSY Kadima and Kadinkers Rinkside Sports (12:00 pm – 3:00 pm)

Kadima: Dec. 6 Dec. 8 Dec. 13 – 15

Youth Chinese Shabbat Dinner and Services (6:00 pm – 7:30 pm) RSVP BY DEC. 3 BJUSY Kadima and Kadinkers Rinkside Sports (12:00 pm – 3:00 pm) PAPER RSVP BJUSY Kadima attends CHUSY Kadima Konvention / 8th Grade Shabbaton

USY: Dec. 3 Dec. 5 Dec. 6 Dec. 7 Dec. 10 Dec. 11 Dec. 17 Dec. 19 -26

BJUSY LatkaPalooza in da house BJUSY Exec Board Meeting – Congregation Beth Judea Lounge BJUSY Youth Shabbat Dinner and Services (6:00 pm – 7:30 pm) BJUSY Xtreme Trampoline Program BJUSY Exec and General Board Meeting Regional Lounge Night – B’nai Tikvah USY BJUSY Bowlerama Program BJUSY attends International Convention





BJUSY Basketball is back for all Jewish 8th – 12th Graders Basketball Website Basketball Permission Forms GO TO OUR CALENDAR TO KEEP ON TOP OF OUR EVENTS

The Word December 2013

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SOCIAL ACTION December 1– Bingo at Friend Center 3:30 pm We will meet the first Sunday of every month from 3:30 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Volunteers are needed to help Friend Center at Gidwitz Place (1551 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield) residents play Bingo. The next date is December 1st. Assistance from all congregants is welcome.

ARK FAMILY Once a month through volunteer efforts we provide groceries for a needy Jewish family. If you would like to help with a $25 donation, please contact: Bruce Arenson 313-383-4560



SHALVA The Face of Domestic Abuse is not always easy to recognize. It could be your daughter, your sister, your best friend.

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone at any time. One in four women will experience domestic abuse at some point in her lifetime. 90% of children are aware of the abuse directed at their mothers.

Abuse can take many forms: verbal, emotional, financial, sexual, physical, and psychological.

SHALVA has helped over 4,000 Jewish women since 1986 and is specifically certified by the State of Illinois to provide domestic violence counseling. We are the oldest independent Jewish domestic violence agency in the United States.

SHALVA offers free confidential domestic abuse counseling services to the Chicago Jewish Community.

Dear Congregants, There are many programs in which we are engaged to help others, but without your help these programs cannot go forward. Whether we participate in these programs is determined by whether we have the support of congregants. We ask that you help volunteer so that these programs can go forward. Please sign up early -- this could make a difference whether or note the program is canceled. ---------------------------------------------"If there is any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not deter or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.“ -- William Penn

The Word December 2013

SHALVA’s free, confidential services include: 24 hour crisis-line 773-583-4673 (HOPE) Culturally sensitive individual & group counseling Legal information & court support Financial assistance Rabbinical & community advocacy & training

Information and referrals Community prevention & educational programs Page 16

SISTERHOOD SOURCE We would like to thank everyone who made our Sisterhood Hanukkah Bazaar a success.

This Hanukkah Season, May the light of each candle make your home brighter, and fill your hearts with warmth, peace and love.

Our next event will be: HANUKKAH PARTY Wednesday, December 4 at 7:30 pm: We will have a night filled with gifts & goodies, friends & fun. Please bring a $15-20 grab bag gift.

There is no charge but you MUST RSVP to

Happy Hanukkah Beth Judea Sisterhood

Bobbi Goldenberg and Elizabeth Ladin-Gross Sisterhood Co-Presidents


Entertainment Book

All Occasion Cards

L’Chaim Cookbook (get your free recipe by clicking here)


December 4

Sisterhood Hanukkah Party

SISTERHOOD GIFTSHOP Congregation Beth Judea Gift Shop (Where shopping is a mitzvah) The Sisterhood of Congregation Beth Judea's Judaica Shop carries a wide variety of Judaica and gift items such as tallitot, kippot, Seder plates, Hanukkah menorahs, candlesticks, kiddush cups, tzedakah boxes, mezzuzah cases, books, toys, games, teacher gifts, and nonreligious gift items. The shop carries Gary Rosenthal, Nambe, and a large number of items imported directly from Israel. The shop also carries special seasonal items and gift baskets. In addition, you can special order about anything you may want. Stop by when the shop is open: Sundays from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM and by appointment. Karen Nagel is the Gift Shop Manager. The Gift Shop has lots of new merchandise, including great High Holiday and other holiday gift items, as well as Bat/Bat Mitzvah and wedding gift items. Check out Sisterhood’s own L'CHAIM TOO! Cookbook, filled with special recipes for all your holiday needs or as a great gift for any occasion. MC, VISA. and Discover accepted

The Word December 2013

Congregation Beth Judea Gift Shop (Where shopping is a mitzvah)

20% OFF ONE SINGLE ITEM OF $25 OR MORE Coupon must be present at time of purchase Exclusions include sale merchandise, special orders, scrolls, consignment items. Nambe Discount Limited to 10% / No Discount on Michael Aram One coupon per family. No other discounts or promotions apply -Expires Decemberr 31, 2013 COUPON

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Congratulations to Allen Harris Beth Judea’s Men’s Club “Man of the Year” Please watch your weekly emails for additional information and dates. We hope you will help us celebrate Allen Harris being elected as Beth Judea’s Men’s Club Man of the Year at an upcoming brunch hosted by the Federation of Jewish Men’s Club honoring Allen and others!! Stay tuned, Men’s Club Youth of the Year soon to be announced as well.

HANUKKAH CANDLE DELIVERIES Hanukkah is a time to kindle lights and to remember light. Men’s club has delivered candles to a majority of our local membership to use over the holiday, and as a way of seeking your support for our youth activities, in order to spark light in Jewish Life for our young people. Please consider a donation of $18 or more in support of synagogue youth programs, as well as the purchase of Sidderum for the Aleph Class. On behalf of your Beth Judea Men’s Club have a very happy and healthy Hanukkah.

Tzedakkah Fund

Lieberman Volunteers December 21

The Men's Club has made donations to the following organizations from the funds collected at the daily minyanim.

Men's Club Sponsored:

Jewish National Fund Maot Chitim The ARK American Friends of Magen David Adom Keshet Shalva We thank all those who have contributed to the tzedakkah fund administered by Men's Club. The Word December 2013

Every fourth Saturday, from 9:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., volunteers are needed to help Lieberman Center (9700 Gross Pointe Road, Skokie) residents attend Shabbat services. Assistance from all congregants is welcome. Jerry Sakol Page 18

JEWISH HERITAGE DAY December 22, 2013

JEWISH UNIVERSITY FOR A DAY SAVE THE DATE FOR A SPECIAL JTS PROGRAM SUNDAY, JANUARY 26, 2014 11:00 am – 4:45 pm at Solomon Schechter Day School in Northbrook Spend the afternoon in a celebration of adult Jewish learning featuring interactive sessions with outstanding visiting and local Jewish Studies scholar/teachers Watch your weekly email for upcoming addtiional information

Jewish Heritage Day Flyer


PROGRAMMING PROGRAMMING Hi Everyone, My name is Fred Rabinowitz and I am excited to be the Vice-President of Programming. It is my goal to make sure that we have programs that are of interest to all the different congregants of the synagogue and to get people to help plan and volunteer to help with those programs. I invite you to join the Programming Committee. If you can’t attend but would like to be involved call or email me. Any ideas for new programs are welcome!! Fred Rabinowitz

An Important Announcement CONGREGATION BETH JUDEA HESED (CARING) COMMITTEE The Hesed committee would like to know if you have any difficulties/problems that you would like to discuss with a knowledgeable individual. We have a group of congregants who have been trained or are professionals who would be able to provide a brief consultation with you in order to refer you on for more in-depth assistance. We are also thinking about starting some support groups. We would like to know what you feel your needs are. Please email Ellene Lammers at or call Rabbi Pivo. FOR A LIST OF EMERGENCY HOTLINE NUMBERS, AGENCIES AND RESOURCES click here

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WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW . . . . YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE If you are celebrating a life cycle event such as a birth, engagement, or wedding, we would like to know about it so that this milestone can be included in The Word. If you are ill or know someone who is sick, we would like to know about it so that a prayer for recovery can be said, so that the clergy can call or visit, and so that the Hesed (Caring) committee can be notified and be of assistance. If there is a death in your family, we would like to know about it so that we can offer our support, can share this information with our congregation, and so that we can add your loved one to our Yahrzeit records.

We firmly believe that reaching out to others benefits not only the recipient, but the person providing help as well. This is, without a doubt, a win-win situation for all involved. If you are interested in making a difference, please contact one of the Hesed (Caring) committee members below:

Rabbi Pivo Ellene Lammers Wendy Wunsch Evan Rumack

Please call the synagogue office with this information. Do not assume that someone else will have notified the synagogue staff.

Hesed (Caring) Committee Congregation Beth Judea Hesed (Caring) Committee Please complete the following form to notify the committee of a person who is ill, hospitalized or in a rehabilitation facility,

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________ Location ______________________________________________________________________________

Contact person/phone number: ____________________________________________________________ Your name: ___________________________________________________________________________

â–Ą Please contact this person â–Ą Please ask the clergy to contact this person Please return this card to the office before or after Shabbat. You may also fax the information to (847) 634-8055, call the Rabbi or contact our committee chairs,

Wendy Wunsch

The Word December 2013

Evan Rumack (847) 253-4130

Beth Judea Office (847) 634-0777

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ALIYAH IN OUR 60’s FROM ARLINGTON HTS, IL TO CAESEREA, ISRAEL (Part 20) L TO R: HOWIE GOODMAN, SUZANNE GOODMAN, AND BEVERLY GOODMAN TCHERNOV NEAR EILAT, ISRAEL Howie and Suzanne Goodman were valued members at Beth Judea until they decided to make aliyah in 2009. The Goodmans have agreed to provide us with a blog on their experiences as new olim in Israel. Though we continue to miss the Goodmans, we can all look forward to reading about their adventures in Israel through the blog.

Aliyah in Our 60’s – Part 20 Israel is welcoming the fall rains and cooler weather. This year American Thanksgiving and first day of Hanukkah fall on the same day. This last happened in 1888 and, according to one calculation, won’t happen again for 77,700 years. Maybe it should be called Thanksgivukkah. We are the definite minority here celebrating Thanksgiving. It is one of our favorite holidays. Some of our friends from Canada have had their first American Thanksgiving at our house. They enjoyed it even though we couldn’t give them the full Turkey Day experience. This is because there is no football or “Black Friday” the next day. Thanksgiving, as Valentines Day, Halloween, Labor Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, and Veteran’s Day, is an American, not an Israeli, holiday. The world events around us continue to be stranger than fiction. Egypt is putting Morsi on trial. As Israelis, the general thoughts on the military regime are that it is better than Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood for Israeli needs. We hope the aid to Egypt from the USA continues. The Egyptian government has cracked down on Gaza. They are destroying tunnels between Gaza and Egypt. Sometimes they do this by flooding tunnels. Israel has discovered some very sophisticated tunnels from Gaza to Israel. These tunnels were made with building materials that Israel allowed into Gaza for civilian building purposes. They are very sophisticated and built to carry heavy weapons, vehicles, and ammunition for the intent of kidnapping Israeli soldiers and invading towns near the border. When the IDF went in to destroy a tunnel, bombs planted by the Palestinians injured five soldiers. Syria has totally been removed from the headlines while the war continues. Israel continues to receive wounded civilians and soldiers at our border. We treat them and return them to Syria without much positive publicity worldwide. On November 3, 2013, a pregnant Syrian women appeared at our border. She was taken into Israel and to a hospital in Safed where she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. In a newspaper article here a nurse was quoted that they tried to make the delivery a positive experience.

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ALIYAH IN OUR 60’s (continued from previous page) Here are some travel tips! Easy Jet Airlines has flights from Tel Aviv to London, Rome, and Geneva, Switzerland now for very low airfares. Most people going to Israel have limited time restrictions to travel elsewhere. However, if you do have the time, you can travel to Europe in a few hours from Tel Aviv. We recently flew to Rome to meet a cruise ship going to the Eastern Mediterranean. It took about five flight hours. If you do not have a direct flight to and/or from the USA to Israel, depending on your layover, most airlines offer short tours around that city. On one of our flights back from the states we had a long layover in Rome. We took a taxi from the airport and saw a little of Rome and had pizza. Also, when Suzanne went along with our daughter on a business trip (she was “nanny” for the one year old baby) they were able to go into Istanbul (grandchild in back carrier) while waiting for a flight to Geneva. It was just enough time to visit the Blue Mosque, have lunch and buy a Turkish rug! Most airports have places to check your carryon baggage while you visit the city. You don't necessarily need a guide and can use public transportation. There is often an inexpensive train from the airport and that is an adventure. We were able to get the train route information online before the trips. For our cruise, we took the train from the Rome Airport to the port where we got on the ship. It took a couple of hours but was only about twelve dollars each for round trip. The cruise line wanted $92.00 per person one way for their shuttle. So we saved over three hundred dollars. By train, we were a ten-minute walk from the entrance to the port. There was a free cruise shuttle bus to the cruise ship from the port entrance. We kept our luggage to a minimum to make this easier and returned to the Rome airport the same way. Another twenty-six Palestinian prisoners have been released. This was done as part of the Israeli effort to get the peace talks started with the Palestinians. These prisoners, who have murdered and maimed Israeli citizens (and two Americans), are greeted with celebrations and parades in the West Bank and Gaza. Some of the prisoners who have been previously released have returned to terrorist activities. Israel does not have the death penalty. Only Adolph Eichmann was executed by hanging as an exception to this law. Our release of prisoners in the past has not brought us closer to peace. October 29, 2013, we went to AACI (Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel) in Netanya to hear Dr. Einat Wilf speak about the peace process. She is a former member of the Kenesset. First she was a member of the Labor Party and then Barak's Independence Party. She is very skeptical to the possibility of a final peace resolution from the current negotiations, “Pessimistic Left” and a Zionist Atheist, is how she describes herself. She was born in Jerusalem. Dr. Wilf has a BA from Harvard and a PHD from Cambridge. Prior to the Second Intifada, she said she truly believed peace could occur. However, part of her MK duties had her meeting with "Moderate" Palestinians. She said she could not find one that agreed a Jewish State alongside a Palestinian State is the answer. It turns out the two state solution, to Palestinian moderates, is a Palestinian State alongside an Arab State. Although she believes the settlements are not helpful, they also, if removed, would not be the final stumbling block to the peace agreement. The smartest thing the founders of Israel did, according to Wilff, was accepting in 1948 the smaller physical version of a Jewish State. Chaim Weizmann said, at the time, “If they offer a Jewish state the size of a napkin, we should accept it.” The Arabs could have had a state in 1948. Neither side, Dr. Wilff suggests, can expect to get everything they want. In regards to Jerusalem, Wilf believes a possibility is to either accept the 1947 UN declarations that Jerusalem belongs to the international community or revert to the 1967 situation and have Western Jerusalem Israel and East Jerusalem Palestinian. If the latter occurred, nothing should stop countries from building their embassies in Western Jerusalem now. An audience member asked her about the settlements. One solution, she said, might be that if the settlers truly believe they have to live where they currently live, then give them the option of becoming a citizen of Palestine with full rights as a citizen. Obviously, this would have to be negotiated, because Abbas has already stated no Jews will be allowed to live in Palestine.

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ALIYAH IN OUR 60’s (continued from previous page) On the more positive side, our October Shearim tiyul, or bus trip, was to the Moshe Castel Museum of Art in Ma’ale Adummim. The museum is located in a settlement in the West Bank. In 1981 the artist Moshe Castiel and his wife, Bilhah, saw the land on the mountain ridge amongst breathtaking scenery on the way from Jerusalem to Jericho. In 2010 this beautiful museum on that site was opened to the public. If you are interested in seeing his paintings go to We were fascinated by the tour guide’s stories of the artist’s life in Paris, France, as a teenager and later in Safed, Israel. Moshe Castel was very successful selling his works in the United States, Europe and Israel. His creations progressed from classical paintings to contemporary using many textures. If you enjoy art this is definitely a worthwhile place to visit. There are a few women from our synagogue who tutor children in English at a Tali grade school in Netanya. For a couple years they have been trying to convince us to join them in helping the children with their English schoolwork. Recently Suzanne had the courage and opportunity to give it a try. It was a pleasure. Of course, there were others there to help when there were vocabulary and communication problems. She spent time with three 4 th, 5th, and 6th grade girls. It was reviewing the assignment that they had completed, teaching them words, and giving them an opportunity to practice their English. The sweet little girls were so excited and interested in learning English. It is very beneficial for them to practice with an English speaking or Anglo person. One of the little girls was so amazed when told that she was also a teacher as she was helping the tutor with her Hebrew. Suzanne plans to do it every Sunday morning for three hours. Happy Hanukkah to our friends at Beth Judea!

Howie and Suzanne Goodman

We hope you enjoy the twentieth installment from the Goodmans, who have graciously agreed to blog for our congregation their experiences as Olim in Israel. If you there are specific topics that you are interested in hearing about of if you just want to stay in touch with Howie and Suzanne, you can reach them at:

COMING IN 2014 SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, August 24, 2014 Next Year’s Men’s Club Dr. Jack Rizman Memorial Golf Outing

ISRAEL TRIP WITH RABBI PIVO October 18 – 26, 2014

We had fun, and we have for the past 18 years - plus you get your picture taken with our Rabbi - and next year’s outing will also be terrific.

From Left to Right: Jeff Kostis, Allen Harris, Chad Wollheim, Larry Wollheim, Rabbi Pivo

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BIRTHDAYS We wish a very Happy Birthday to the following members of our Beth Judea Family:

December 1

Heidi Sakol

December 2

Kim Bauman Leonard Manewith

December 17

Jim Hyman Jerry Levy Robert Muise

December 18

Gary Cortes

December 3

Laura Barshefsky Steven Flack Mindy Gold Jerome Gothelf Andrea Hockfield Janice Ladin

December 19

Kurt Fliegel Ruby Korn Allyson Marcus Robert Schwartz Barbara Schwarz Daniel Silberman

December 4

Renee Malter

December 20

Arnold Bender Steven Golberg

December 5

Leah Chiprin Harold Rosen

December 21

Kristie Fingerhut Michael Golde Sheila Koek Neil Margolis

December 22

Steven Brooks Harriette Elisco Barbara Pressburger

December 23

Louis Grossman Neil Jordan Ronald Kovich Neal Resnik

December 6

Julie Cohen Carl Weiss

December 7

Marah Altenberg Kenneth Stolman

December 8

Jeffrey Stark

December 9

Sharon Harris Eric Marder Randee Weiss

December 10

Jeffrey Brown Michael Damsky Robert Rubenstein Mark Sheft Cari Thalheimer David Waitz

December 24

Laurie Ford Rachel Gottfried

December 25

Jeanne Krulewich

December 26

Howard Ganden

December 11

Andrew Bauman Marilyn Fagin Beth Silver

December 27

December 12

Harvey Brickman Benjamin Dubin Sandra Melnicoff

Carol Cohen Bruce Darin Arthur Freedman Rita Mathias Maureen Stolman Suzanne Waitz Andrew Zarchy

December 13

Steven Kwasman Barry Rosen

December 28

Edward Grossman Gary Malkin Tim Scheibe

December 14

Jeffrey Julis Sharon Weil Corey Zussman

December 29

Eileen Kurtz

December 30

Noah Ban Arthur Greenberg Faith Schwartz Bonnie Spangler

December 16

Mitchell Hecht David Rabinowitz Sharon Shapiro

We encourage you to also contact one another to share in their celebration. NOTE: If your name is missing from the list please contact the synagogue so we can update your information in our files.

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ANNIVERSARIES We wish a very Happy ANNIVERSARY to the following members of our Beth Judea Family:

December 18

Paul & Sandra Drizner Arthur & Lynn Freedman Gary & Erica Krugel

December 19

Aaron & Susan Hershinow Stewart & Lois Margolis David & Randie Rabinowitz

December 21

Gary & Kathryn Harris Richard & Gayle Pervos

December 22

Harold & Carol Rosen

December 23

Robert & Trudy Balogh Marc & Rachel Gottfried

December 26

Fred & Mindy Lucas Tim & Tammy Scheibe

December 27

Fred & Sue-Ellen Duboe Bruce & Marla Horwitz Neil & Joy Margolis Stan & Laura Zoller

Leslie & Miriam Spickard

December 28

Eric & Lauren Katzman

December 16

Ian & Amy Goldberg Joel & Pamela Polakow Brian & Marny Schwartz

December 29

Warren & Lesley Elisco

December 17

Benjamin & Debra Dubin Leonard & Cheryl Levine Todd & Margaret Lichtenstein Sanford & Arlene Moses David & Sally Sherman

December 1

Dennis & Pamela Sender Arlen & Stacy Shub

December 2

Michael & Carrie Shultz

December 3

Neil & Myra Borkan Howard & Diane Gordon Michael & Staci Levy

December 4

Alan & Marcie Marcus Howard & Deborah Tolsky

December 6

David & Tammy Lorber Michael & Janice Schrimmer

December 7

John & Sharon Hoy

December 10

Sheldon & Carol Rubin

December 11

Jason & Lisa Neiman

December 12

Jay & Lynne Gomberg Norman & Susan Kronowitz

December 14

We encourage you to also contact one another to share in their celebration. NOTE: If your name is missing from the list please contact the synagogue so we can update your information in our files.

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Mildred Berngard Asna Fagin * Max Halperin * Israel Levine * Sylvia Rubin * Toby Charlene Swichkow * Edward Warman Tillie Yublosky *

Carly Berns * Sandra Fox Arline Holman Helen Lindenbaum * Maurice Settler Janet Thomas Harry Weinstein * Samuel Zablen *

Lillian Elgenson Jack Frost Doris Kalina Hyman Loeb * Yisrael Shalem William Toch * Mildred Wittlin *

Louis Elisco Joseph Green Esther Karel Philip Rockwell Peter Stark Newton Truger * Abe Wolinsky *

December 13

Margaret Atlas Robert Allan Brown Abe Cohen Jeri Ann Goldman Irwin Lipka Sophie Moment Dr. Jack Rizman * Theodore Sakol * Esther Silverman Bernard Weisel *

Fannie Barasch Elizabeth Buff Sheri Cooper Samuel Kanter * Stephanie Lustig * Gertude Trudy Paley Sherwin Rosenfeld * Gertrude Salzenstein Faye Singer * Leona Wolf *

Violet Barrier * Samuel Chiet * Ruth Duboe Sol Kaufman * Barry Mark Lewis Pervosky Marian Rotberg Mabelle Schero Harriet Sumner *

Richard Brown Maxwell Clamage Martin Garson * Marilyn Levit Bruce Minnick Maury Platt * Ruth Rotman Rose Schwartz * Louis Vicker *

December 20

Irving Babbitt Sam Chibnik Jane Friedland * Joseph Kolner * Fannie Orloff Geraldine Shovers Sylvia Travis *

Erwin Berenson Samuel Cooper Ida Glickman Michael Linderman * Michael Schwartz Larry Silver * Rickey Turovitz

Daniel Brown Alfred Feiger * Lillian Goroff Dora Moss Bessie Shavitz * Samuel Silver Shirley Wolf *

Robert Buhai Carol Feldman * Lorin Greenberg Louis Newman * Harvey Shiffman * Celia Spivak *

December 27

Harriet Ament Irving Coady * Hannah Hockfield * Irving Levy * Fred Moskowitz Berel Sales * June Walcer *

Dorothy Aronoff Andrea Gordon Sol Kravitz * Ann Linderman* Seymour Nagel Irene Sandler * Morris Weiner *

Lauri Bauer Jerald Phillip Granoff Shirley Kriegler * Arlen Litwin Ida Polansky Morris Sherman * Peter Weisberg

Merle Bauer Bernice Gross * Ruth Kurtz* Herman Morgenstein * David Resnick * Tillie Shore Evelyn Weisel *

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Walter Berkley * Harry Fleiss Oscar Krawitz Phiip Meltzer * Joseph Rosenfeld * Gertrude Schoenman *

Sandy Caplan * William Frankel * Louis Lifshitz * Darrell Pollack * Bernice Rothenberg * Milton Silverstein *

Alexander Davis * Miles Klein * Louis Margolis Irene Ramras William Rubenstein * Hilda Tominberg *

Herman Feldman * Seymour Klein * Gail Medoss Shirley Rose Harvey Schmall

January 10

Bruce Abrams Bella Cohen * Samuel Goldman * Herbert Levine Leonard Meltzer Margaret Pinkus * Shirley Schechtman

Anna Berkovitz * Abe Cooper * Era Greiman * Ethan Levitan * Sheila Moskowitz Ernest Poll Helen Schwartz *

Roselin Berman Aubrey Dembo Hyman Karafin Alex Lustig * June Pearlman * Ida Pollack Dora Stein *

Adele Chubin Charles Frank Annette Kessler * Gertrude Manewith Mandel Perl * Melvin Reback Ethan Noah Sulkin

January 17

Bernice Abraham Diane Brown * Sarah Finkelstein Rose Howard Estelle Kerstein David Rosenfeld * Morris Spiegel *

Davidf Appel Gregorio Copelovitz Pearl Fleiss Robert Isenberg Rachel Levin Elizabeth Rosenthal * Betty Wasserman

Gerald Bernstein Morris Damsky Anna Herstein Stuart Julis Arthur Marc Sam Rothnagel Clara Weisberg

Alfred Braun * Mitch Davis * Charlotte Herstein Irv Kaufman Adelyn Nixon Rose Secler * Jack Leonard Weitzman

January 24

Jack Babbitt * Bertha Feldman * Richard Ganden * Marvin Harris * Howard Lorber * Jules Mellow Jacob Rizman * Rose Sher Bernard Stouber

Irwin Dritz Ceil Feldstein Sol Ganelin * Dorothy Hyman Sidney Lorber * Ann Nemser * Minnette Rothstein George Sherman * Inge Weiss

Muriel Epstein * Athur Fierer Edith Gordon Sylvia Katz * Natalie Lubesnick David Polakow * Mary Alice Ryan Seymour Shub * Arthur Westerman *

Jamie Sara Fabian Moe Forman * Selma Greengard Gary Korn Jackie Max * Hymen Polonsky Jerom Schneider * Sidney Simons

January 31

Dorothy Becker * Alice Copeland * Corrine Gill Lene Kagan * Teddy Kray Albert Levin Bernard Resnik Steven Schmeisser * Marshall Sylvan Leslie Zucker *

Morris Braverman * Shirley Davis * Elizabeth Libby Goldenberg Lou Kalisky Norman Leibold * Monte Levitt * Dorothy Rose * David Schwartz Bertha Watchman

David Cohen Norton Ferber * Benjamin Golyer * Samantha Keeshin * Sam Lemsky Victor Nahum * Max Rosenblatt Rywka Slomowicz Bernard Weisberg

Becky Cohn Lillian Freedman Shirley Harris Rita Kravits Leona Levey Jacob Petrynek * Philip Rothstein Herome Sohn Florence Zablen *

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TRIBUTES FOR AN EXPLANATION OF THESE FUNDS, PLEASE REFER TO PAGES 51, 52 & 53 OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY Prayers have been said for the recovery of: William Kramer Reverend Mike McPherson Felice Reiner Martin Rockwell

RABBI LIFSHITZ LEGACY FUND Upon the Yahrzeit of: Jean Zoller Stan & Laura Zoller

RABBI PIVO’S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Appreciation of: In appreciation of Rabbi Pivo for the wonderful Lunch & Learn Series. Evan & Merle Rumack

Condolences upon the death of: Judith Hafley Sister of Bobbi Ginsberg Lillian Pomerantz Goldwasser Mother of Richard Goldwasser Irving Tolsky Father of Howard Tolsky

In Honor of: Mazel Tov to Warren & Lesley Elisco on the marriage of your daughter Jorie to Brian Slade. David & Maureen Stolman Miriam’s Bat Mitzvah Paula & Daniel Silberman In Memory of: Roland Medansky, father of Debbie Medansky Dubin. Ellen & Mickey Kaplan

Congratulations to: Cindy & Myles Bauer on the engagement of their daughter Raeanna to Michael Williams. Debbie & Ron Kovich on the birth of their grandson Theodore Michael Brown. Karen & Philip Nagel on the birth of their grandson Winston Nagel Mermel.

Upon the Yahrzeit of: Bella Jacobs Roberta & Edward Ginsberg

CANTOR WEISBERG’S DISCRETIONARY FUND In Appreciation of: Happy Hanukkah to the best parents/Bubby & Zaddy (Sherry & Marty Krawitz). We are blessed to have you in our lives. With love, Jody, Bradley, Sam, Hannah and Byron In appreciation of Cantor Weisberg for your continued assistance. Hesh & Marcia Lyons Hazzan Weisberg’s great work teaching our kids to read Torah. Paula & Daniel Silberman In Honor of: The birth of our granddaughter, Gabriella Schlan. Sheldon & Carol Kaner Mike Schrimmer’s special birthday. Mazel Tov and best wishes. Ron & Jean Friedman and Family In Memory of: Sid Sorkin Andy & Sandy Levitt Newton Truger, our beloved father and papa. The Simons, Heald and Baum Families Upon the Yahrzeit of: Donald Maslov, beloved father and grandfather. Gayle & Steve Kwasman Philip Rockwell, my beloved father. Martin Rockwell Sally Teppper Renee & Wes Brown

Denise and Orin Rotman on the engagement of their daughter Tova to Jason Holleb.

The Word December 2013

Sylvia Travis, we miss you and love you. Mark & Claudia Travis

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In Honor of: Adam Elkins’ Bar Mitzvah and his wonderful chanting of Torah and Haftorah. Floyd & Bobbie Babbitt In Memory of: In loving memory of Elynor Klein on the first yahrzeit. Floyd & Bobbie Babbitt Upon the Yahrzeit of: In loving memory of Irving H. Babbitt, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, on his yahrzeit. Jeanne S. Babbitt and Family



In Honor of: Samantha Brody – mazel tov on leading a wonderful service! Arnold & Debbie Bender Jerry Sakol’s special birthday – and MANY more. Ron & Jean Friedman In Memory of: Louis & Rebecca Schwartz, beloved parents. Paul & Florence. Rosenthal

FAMILIES WITH YOUNG CHILDREN FUND In Honor of: David & Amy Hafft – mazel tov on your recent marriage. Nancy & Lenny Manewith In Memory of: Phil Rich, with our deepest condolences to the Rich, Polakow and Udany families. Karen & Phil Nagel



In Honor of: Karen & Philip Nagel on the birth of their grandson Winston Nagel Mermel. Andy & Sandy Levitt

In Honor of: Debbie & Ron Kovich on the birth of their grandson Theodore Michael Brown. David & Maureen Stolman

In Honor of: David & Amy Hafft’s wedding. Congratulations and best wishes. Ron & Jean Friedman

In Memory of: Roland Medansky, father of Debbie Medansky Dubin. Mark & Debbie Kreisman Dubin

Karen & Philip Nagel on the birth of their grandson Winston Nagel Mermel. Michael & Renee Klass

Bruce Minnick Jan & Craig Minnick and Family

In Memory of: Seymour Nagel Karen & Philip Nagel

Upon the Yahrzeit of: Michael S. Linderman Merle Linderman Enrique Ribot, beloved father and grandfather. Manny & Lisa Ribot and Family Edythe Rosen Harold & Carol Rosen

Barry Mark Laura Suskin Upon the Yahrzeit of: Louis Elisco, always remembered. Morrie & Hennie Elisco

SISTERHOOD FUND In Honor of: Rhonda Cohn’s special birthday. Bobbie Goldenberg Fern & Brian Dembo

Max Halperin, beloved father and grandfather. The Halperin Family Ida Levin, dear sister and aunt of the Levin Family. The Halperin Family

The Word December 2013

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In Honor of: Rhonda Cohn’s special birthday. Best wishes. Ron & Jean Friedman In Memory of: Robert Zakaman, brother of Hadrian Markowitz The Ludwig Family Upon the Yahrzeit of: Lee Meyer Katz, remembered with love and appreciation by her children and grandchildren. Family of Stephen Katz & Barb Buhai

TORAH RESTORATION FUND Upon the Yahrzeit of: Bernard Epton The Pulver Family

USY/KADIMA SCHOLARSHIP FUND In Honor of: Rob and Geri Friedman in honor of the birth of their grandson, Samuel Logan Friedman. Mitch & Ann Lerman Barb & Jim Hyman in honor your grandson Dylan Landon Silverman. Mitch & Ann Lerman Dr. & Mrs. Ira Sender, thank you for your hospitality. Love, Marsha & Chuck Bernstein In Memory of: Joel Mosak Nancy Andretich Mirgam C. DaConceicao

Carolyn Wolff, mother of Audrey Taxer Mitch & Ann Lerman

The Word December 2013

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TRIBUTES JERRY BERENSON MEMORIAL FUND In Memory of: Iris Glassman Jean Berenson

JUDY WALCER MEMORIAL FUND Upon the Yahrzeit of: Judy Walcer, beloved friend. Lou & Louise Barnett Larry & Rhonda Wollheim

Upon the Yahrzeit of: Jerry Berenson Jean Berenson Sarah Singer, beloved mother and grandmother, Melinda, Jeff, Jonathan and Elizabeth Fine

SIDNEY GOLDIN MEMORIAL FUND Upon the Yahrzeit of: Ruth Kurtz Joan & Norm Kurtz

JACK RIZMAN MEMORIAL FUND Upon the Yahrzeit of: In loving memory our our dear father-in-law, grandpa and greatgrandpa, Sam Rizman. Susan Rizman and Family

Monuments & More MISSION STATEMENT Our mission is to provide Quality Cemetery Monuments for those families whose Life Cycle Events have caused the need for our services, the understanding they deserve, a high quality product of their choice, expertly produced, completely guaranteed and delivered in a timely manner, at reasonable prices. TO THE FAMILIES AND FRIENDS OF CONGREGATION BETH JUDEA, WE GUARANTEE A MINIMUM SAVINGS OF 25% FROM ANY COMPETITIVE OFFER. IN ADDITION, 15% OF YOUR PURCHASE PRICE (less sales tax) WILL BE DONATED TO CONGREGATION BETH JUDEA IN YOUR NAME.


Burt Hochberg 847 668 5937

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DECEMBER 2013 Sunday 01


Monday 02


NO RELIGIOUS SCHOOL 6:15 am Minyan 8:00 am Men’s Club 6:30 pm Beyahad (CBJ) Blood Drive 7:30 pm Minyan 8:00 am Talmud Study 9:00 am Minyan 3:30 pm Bingo at Friends Ctr.

Tuesday 03



4:15 pm Religious Sch 6:15 pm Heh 7:00 pm USY 7:30 pm Minyan 8:00 pm Hebrew Lit I


Thursday 05

7:00 pm 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:00 pm

Melton Classes 7:30 pm Minyan 7:45 pm Facilities Mtg. Sisterhood 8:00 pm Hanukkah Prog. 8:00 pm 8:00 pm Torah Study

Friday 06


6:00 pm Youth Minyan Shabbat Parsha Dinner Persectives 7:30 pm Shabbat Svc Youth Mtg Led by Youth Israel Committee Mtg. Candle Ltg. 4:03 pm

Light 5th Candle After Sundown 08 8:00 am 9:00 am 9:00 am 10:00 am 10:00 am 10:30 am 12:00 pm

Light 6th Candle After Sundown 09

Talmud Study 6:00 am Minyan 6:30 pm Religious School 7:30 pm Purim Masq. Mtg 8:00 pm Men’s Club Mtg Gan Salom Kadima/Kadinker Rinkside Sports


KADIMA 16 KONVENTION 6:15 am 8:00 am Talmud Study 6:30 pm 9:00 am Minyan 7:30 pm 9:00 am Religious School 8:00 pm 10:00 am Helping Hands 8:00 pm At Hawthorn 10:30 am HSP Breakfast 5:00 pm MT Nesters 22


8:00 am 9:00 am

Talmud Study Minyan


9:00 am Torah Study 9:00 am Gimel Shabbat 9:30 am Shabbat Svcs. 9:30 pm Bar Mitzvah 10:30 am Gan Shabbat 10:30 am Interpret Svc 6:30 pm Movie Nite w/CBA 7:00 pm Poker Tourn – Win BIG at CBJ Event

Light 7th Candle After Light 8th Candle After Sundown Sundown 10

Minyan Beyahad (CBJ) Minyan Ritual Mtg. .



4:15 pm 6:15 pm 6:30 pm 7:00 pm 7:30 pm 8:00 pm 8:00 pm

Religious Sch 7:00 pm Heh 7:00 pm Education Mtg USY Brd. Mtg 7:30 pm Minyan 8:00 pm Hebrew Lit I Ways&Means Mtg.


6:15 am Minyan 7:30 pm Minyan .

7:30 pm Minyan



6:15 am Minyan 7:30 pm Minyan

5:30 pm Minyan



Hebrew Lit 9:00 am Torah Study Graduation 9:00 am Gimel Shabbat (during) 9:30 am Shabbat Svcs Shabbat Svc 9:30 am Bar Mitzvah 10:30 am Gan Shabbat 12:00 pm Gimel Luncheon Candle Ltg. 6:00 pm FOF 4:04 pm Scavenger Hunt

REMINDER: Donations of winter clothing due in CBJ office today 19 USY INT’L. 20 USY INT’L. CONVENTION CONVENTION

Religious Sch 7:00 pm Heh 7:30 pm USY 8:00 pm Minyan 8:00 pm SisterhoodMtg Communicati Mtg.



Melton Classes 9:30 am Blend It Up BTUSY Reg. w/Rabbi at 7:30 pm Lounge Nite Caribou Minyan 7:30 pm Minyan Torah Study 7:45 pm Parsha 7:30 pm Perspectives 8:00 pm Exec. Mtg.


Minyan 4:15 pm Beyahad (CBJ) 6:15 pm Minyan 7:00 pm Membershp Mtg 7:30 pm Program Mtg. 8:00 pm 8:00 pm





Melton Classes Minyan 2:00 pm Torah Study Finance Mtg. 7:30 pm 7:45 pm


7:30 pm Minyan 8:00 pm Torah Study .

Challah 7:30 pm Shabbat Svc 9:00 am Torah Study Chaverim 9:15 am MC-Lieberman Minyan 9:30 am Shabbat Svcs. Parsha 9:30 am Auf-Ruf Perspectives Candle Ltg. 10:30 am Gan Shabbat 8:00 pm Board Mtg. 4:06 pm 10:30 am Interpret Svc.

26 USY INT’L. CONVENTION 7:30 pm Minyan 7:45 pm Parsha Perspectives.



7:30 pm Shabbat Svc 9:00 am Torah Study 9:30 am Shabbat Svcs. 10:30 am Gan Shabbat Candle Ltg. 8:00 pm Bowling 4:11 pm League

December 22 – January 5 – No Hebrew School or Beyachad – Winter Break 8:00 am 9:00 am

Talmud Study Minyan

December 13 – 15 – Kadima Konvention/8th Grade Shabbaton December 19 – 26 – BJUSY International Convention


The Word December 2013



PAGE BJUSY Hanukkah Shabbat Dinner


American Mattress


Mission Statement


PaNosh Catering


Hanukkah Guide


Shalom Memorial


Men’s Club Blood Drive

5 Monuments and More


Want to Help the Victims of the Illinois Tornados?


Collection of Hats, Gloves and Scarves for JCFS Clients


Helping Hands at Hawthorn


Collection of Hats, Gloves and Scarves for JOURNEYS/PADS


Mitzvah Mall


Win BIG at CBJ


Purim Masquerade Early Bird Discount


Hebrew Literacy I Graduation


Focus on Families


Divorce Support Group


Bowling League


Adult Education


Religious School Schedule/School Cancellation Info


Community Jewish High School




Social Action




Sisterhood Hanukkah Party


Gift Shop Coupon


Men’s Club Man of the Year


Men’s Club Tzedakah Fund


Jewish Heritage Day


Jewish University for a Day


Hesed Committee


Coming in 2014


Camp Ramah


The Word September 2013


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Men’s Club Blood Drive Bingo at Friends Center Sisterhood Hanukkah Program Youth Shabbat Dinner & Service Movie Nite w/CBA Gambling Nite – Win BIG at BETH JUDEA Gan Shalom Kadima & Kadinkers Rinkside Sports Blend it Up with Rabbi Pivo at Caribou Coffee Donations of winter clothing due in CBJ office Hebrew Literacy I Graduation Gimel Luncheon Helping Hands at Hawthorn HSP Breakfast MT Nesters Challah Chaverim Men’s Club at Lieberman Bowling League

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CONGREGATION BETH JUDEA 5304 RFD Long Grove, IL 60047 (847) 634-0777 E-Mail: Website: Rabbi Jeff Pivo Rabbi Emeritus Howard Lifshitz Cantor Roger J. Weisberg President Debbie Kreisman Dubin Executive Director Lisa Neiman Educational Director Anna Besser Youth Director Marc Sender

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Worship Schedule Conducted by Rabbi Jeff Pivo and Cantor Roger J. Weisberg Monday Minyan……………....... 6:15 a.m. Daily Minyan…………………....7:30 p.m. Friday Night Services…………...7:30 p.m. Saturday Services………………. 9:30 a.m. Sunday Services…………………9:00 a.m.

Candle Lighting Times

Candle Lighting time is calculated for 18 minutes before sunset and is adjusted for Daylight Savings Time. December 6 .…...................................…… 4:03 p.m. December 13................................................ 4:04 p.m.

December 20................................................ 4:06 p.m. December 27................................................ 4:11 p.m.

The Blessing For Lighting The Candles On Shabbat is Bo-ruch A-tah Ado-nai E-lo-hei-nu Melech Ha-olam A-sher Ki-de-sha-nu Be-mitz-vo-tav Vi-tzi-va-nu Le-had-lik Ner Shel Shabbat.

Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe, who has hallowed us through His Commandments, and has commanded us to kindle the lights of the holy Sabbath.

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The Word - December 2013  

Congregation Beth Judea The Word December 2013

The Word - December 2013  

Congregation Beth Judea The Word December 2013