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From August 7-10, some 1,700 Betas and friends gathered in Oxford, Ohio, for the Fraternity’s 175th anniversary celebration that has been solidified in history as “One for the Ages.” Relive the magic of Beta’s 175th in this photo-essay with a day-by-day breakdown of major event highlights and special Beta moments. Photo Credit: Robert Umstadter, San Jose State ’05




Beta’s new General Fraternity President is in the hot seat as he responds to member-submitted questions.



Take a look inside the Idaho chapter house, which recently underwent $2.4 million in renovations.



With 100% of chapters reporting for the fifth straight year, check out what’s happening across North America.

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No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This issue of The Beta Theta Pi looks and feels a little different than it has the last several years. After thoughtful evaluation this fall, the editorial team decided it was time to refresh the Greek world’s oldest continuously published magazine. Dating back to 1872, it was a task we did not enter into lightly.




Beta’s magazine is the bedrock source for not only sharing insight into the lives of our members and chapters, but it also serves as the singular best source for documenting the history of our grand institution. Cataloguing routinely in this form helps future generations understand the organization they have inherited – and are obligated to pass down. So, what big changes will you notice throughout this new format? We’ve enlarged the publication to make way for more dramatic imagery, white space and enlarged typeset. A new feature called “You Asked” will allow members to ask questions each quarter of General Fraternity leaders. Drawn from Beta’s Service for the Dead, the most-read section of obituaries has been re-titled “Chapter Eternal,” since the original title, “Mystic Shrine,” just sounds a little too dark for what should be a tribute to our brothers and friends whose lives we celebrate. Other improvements will evolve and be shared in upcoming issues. Of course, while the current writing and design staff has a particular passion for investigating and featuring unique topics of the day as opposed to just boasting Beta achievements, in this issue we tip our hat to tradition and do all we can to document the uniqueness of Beta’s 175th Anniversary and General Convention. Nearly 100% of all chapters with living members – active or not – were represented, but 98.8% of living Betas weren’t. Enshrining the 175th is important to future generations; if nothing else, it confirms the notion that good traditions still matter in this Fraternity. Presented in a photo-essay format, it’s certainly an easy read. Yes, there are a host of other enhancements in this new magazine structure that we believe maintain Beta as a leader in the world of fraternal communication, including our primary objective of informing and engaging the reader on matters of importance to the Fraternity we all love. We invite your feedback, as it always has and always will shape our work. Sincerely and yours in ___kai___,



Beta Sweethearts congregate on the porch of Miami University’s Peabody Hall in the late 1800s. A Queen of the Prairie rose bush was growing on the veranda, and in 1889, the Fraternity adopted the Beta Rose as it’s official flower, thanks to the recommendation of Leila McKee, Dean of the Western College for Women (above, fourth from the right). See page 26 for a photo of Beta Sweethearts at the 175th Anniversary Celebration who recreated this scene during the Beta Rose Rededication Ceremony.

EDITOR L. Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky ’96 MANAGING EDITOR Mike Roupas, Iowa ’10 ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATION Kyle Grand, Wabash ’11 CREATIVE DIRECTOR Sarah Shepherd GRAPHIC DESIGNER Sarah Dunaway

THE BETA THETA PI The oldest continuously-published college fraternity magazine, The Beta Theta Pi was founded on December 15, 1872, by Charles Duy Walker, VMI 1869. PUBLICATION SCHEDULE Issue Deadline Winter 2015 October 15 Spring 2015 January 15 Summer 2015 April 15

Mail Date December 15 March 15 June 15

SEND PICTURES, STORY CONCEPTS AND ADDRESS CHANGES TO: Beta Theta Pi Foundation and Administrative Office Brennan Hall 5134 Bonham Road PO Box 6277 Oxford, Ohio 45056 800.800.BETA or

WHO GETS THE MAGAZINE? Upon initiation, each Beta is guaranteed a lifetime subscription to The Beta Theta Pi. That commitment by the Fraternity remains, although for a variety of reasons some no longer wish to receive the hard-copy version. So, who automatically receives the Fraternity’s magazine? All undergraduates and parents, active Beta volunteers, donors to the Beta Foundation, and any alumnus who documents his preference to receive the hard copy with the Administrative Office in Oxford. One can easily do so at 800.800.BETA, or HOW DOES ONE GET PUBLISHED? Content submissions for the magazine are always encouraged and certainly welcomed. And while space constraints naturally make it difficult for the editorial staff to include every idea presented, a fair evaluation process is exercised in order to publish the greatest variety of chapters, age generations, geographical regions, events, and unique member achievements and stories. Pictures should be submitted in high resolution at

The Beta Theta Pi, (USPS 052-000) official magazine of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, is owned by the Fraternity, edited and published under the direction and control of its Board of Trustees, published Winter, Spring and Summer for $30 one-time pre-paid subscription. Standard non-profit class postage paid at Oxford, Ohio, and additional points of entry. Canada Post International Publications Mail (Canadian Distribution) Sales Agreement No. 0397474. Copyright Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, 2015. Produced in the USA.

THE INBOX THE RUNDOWN On October 22, the Fraternity shared an annual Halloween reminder and flyer with its more than 20,000 Facebook subscribers. The message and the photo accompanying the post sparked some mix reactions from readers. THE INBOX 6

FACEBOOK FEEDBACK Beta Theta Pi: With Halloween

celebrations around the corner, it is important that the fun isn’t spoiled by the repercussions of wearing inappropriate costumes and exhibiting behavior that may draw negative attention and scrutiny on Beta members, pledges and the Fraternity at large.


< 91

Dave Champness: Or maybe we should let these young men use their best judgement and let the chips fall where they may. I think as a fraternity, we should stop trying to stop people’s true colors from showing just to avoid a black eye on the fraternity. Like • < 34


Justin King : As a Black member of Beta, I think this is something that should be addressed with different imagery. Beyond the imagery, race issues should be addressed throughout the chapters beyond Halloween. Like • < Brendan Power: I feel like the bigger problem is that undergrads routinely do racist sh** for Halloween, not that the AO pointed that out and discouraged its members from doing it. Like • < 2 Chris Samuels: I wish all the actives were as wise as alumni, but fortunately a reminder of common sense will do a lot of us a lot of good. Like • < 4 Beta Theta Pi: Certainly a lot of valid points here, brothers. And they’re all well received. You can be assured that the spirit of the annual reminder is just to help the brotherhood, especially given the intense lessons many chapters have experienced that they only wish they could and would have avoided (in terms of the cost, time and energy diverted to remedying the situation). In terms of raising awareness, if we can help even one chapter avoid a KKK robe or Hitler uniform, it may have been worth it. -kai- Martin Cobb, Editor/Director of Communication Like • < 13



“The book is truly an inspirational communication to all Betas at a time when our Fraternity continues to grow in academic achievement and vital services to others.”

“The photographs and illustrations are outstanding, and the text is well done and inspiring. It is a glorious effort and a remarkable contribution to our history and lore. Your work is extraordinary.”

“It is an inspiration, recalling for me just how much Beta has influenced my life. You have bestowed on Beta a remarkable work that will be an invaluable reference source for the future. I am proud to be a Beta!”

“We are thrilled to have the Beta coffee table book with Daddy “up a tree” [pg. 118]. He was the best father ever and your book brings back great memories. Many thanks.”

— United States Senator Dick Lugar, Denison ’54

— Editor Emeritus Erv Johnson, Idaho ’53

— Ambassador Eric Javits, Columbia ’52

— First Lady Barbara Bush, daughter of Marvin Pierce, Miami 1916, and sister of Scott Pierce, Miami ’54.

OVERHEARD “Congratulations on moving our magazine into the 21st century. What was once a ‘glance and toss’ periodical is now a ‘save and re-read.’”

“Is it me or is Beta just ‘killing it’ this fall in recruitment? It seems every Facebook post shows another chapter with great recruitment results.”

“Proud of the conversations that were had at exec tonight. Creating a culture takes work. #gobeta #betathetapi”

— Mike Dresbach, Indiana ’69

— Gene Wasserman, Maryland ’92

— Julie Hershkowitz, Northeastern Chapter Counselor




Unveiled during the 175th Anniversary and General Convention, “Beta Brotherhood – A 175th Anniversary Tribute” is an instant 232-page classic in Beta’s growing library of literary treasures. Researched and compiled by current Editor/Director of Communication L. Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky ’96, and designed by Creative Director Sarah Shepherd, Beta’s first coffee table book is a must-have for any student of Beta quotes, history and imagery. Call 800.800.BETA to order your copy ($20 undergrads/$25 alumni.)











Beta is starting a colony at the University of California, Davis in winter 2015. To volunteer with the colony or recommend a Founding Father, contact

The fall was another recordbreaking term for Beta. With 2,383 men pledging 131 chapters and colonies, the brotherhood has grown to 9,399 men, a 2.5% increase year over year.

Another fantastic lineup of leadership programs awaits undergraduates this coming year. Visit to learn more about the different opportunities.

Thanks to a $27,500 campaign gift to the Beta Foundation, all 80,000 pages of Beta magazines since 1872 are now scanned and preserved in a searchable archive. Dive in at


Beta’s 2014 Foundation Annual Report shares the stories of countless men impacted by thousands of generous Beta donors. Read more at foundation/annual-report.

Shop on Amazon? Sign in at and select the Beta Foundation as your preferred charity. At no cost to you, 0.5% of all orders benefits the BLF!

Freshen up your wardrobe or snag some cool Beta gifts this winter season with new Beta gear from the Fraternity’s official online store,

Vsit to easily help reconnect chapter brothers who have missing contact information in the Fraternity’s database that is used by all chapters.

INTERFRATERNALLY SPEAKING Alpha Chi Omega announced at its convention this summer that it raised $10.25 million for its “For Now/ Forever Campaign,” exceeding its $7 million goal.

Pi Kappa Alpha’s Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) and Delta Gamma’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep) both won an Emmy in August for their lead roles in a comedy series.

Zeta Tau Alpha’s executive director, Deb Ensor, passed away in July after a courageous battle against ovarian cancer. Deb served her fraternity for four decades.







Milwaukee, Wis.

Tuscaloosa, Ala.



East Lansing, Mich.

Villanova, Pa.

08-11 WOODEN INSTITUTE Oxford, Ohio






Omaha, Neb.


Milwaukee, Wis.



Danville, Ky.

Salt Lake City, Utah



Stockton, Calif.

Portland, Ore.



Orange, Calif.

Charleston, S.C.

Northeast - Cherry Hill, N.J.

Southeast - Jacksonville, Fla.

20-22 KEYSTONE CONFERENCE North Central - Itasca, Ill.

Northwest - Seattle, Wash.


South Central - Tulsa, Okla.

Southwest - Los Angeles, Calif. (NE/NW/SW) (SE/NC/SC)



ENJOY some genuine fraternal fellowship. WITNESS the recognition of all Fraternal 50s and 25s in attendance. RECEIVE updates on The Promises to Keep Campaign and the advancement of the Men of Principle initiative.

In conjunction with the winter joint meeting of the Board of Trustees and Foundation Board of Directors, you and a guest are cordially invited to Beta’s Nashville Alumni Appreciation Reception. Register at no charge online at beta. org/reception or contact Director of Advancement Phil Fernandez, Miami ’06, for more information at 800.800.BETA or






RE/COLONIZATIONS This fall, the Fraternity successfully re/colonized three campuses across North America (see right). Each of these colonies is supported by a full time, on-site colony development coordinator for one year to ensure the successful recruitment, education and training of the Re/Founding Fathers and advisory team members. In the spring, Beta will continue recruiting Re/Founding Fathers at Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, and University of California, Davis in Davis, California.


BETAâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S RECENT EXPANSIONS 2014-15 NC State, Purdue, Ohio State, UC Davis, Willamette

2012-13 Arkansas, Baylor, Charleston, High Point, MIT, Ohio, WPI

2013-14 UCSD, American, Drexel, Florida State, Illinois, Pittsburgh, Puget Sound, Quinnipiac

2011-12 Chapman, Creighton, Michigan State, Pacific, TCU, Utah


nn GPA








WORDS FROM A FOUNDING FATHER: “Our members are eager to create a positive impact in the community and develop into men of principle throughout their collegiate experience.” — Zachary Zerbos ’16








DID YOU KNOW? The Refounding Fathers come from a diverse range of majors and involvement on campus and are committed to creating an organization that challenges the norm. WORDS FROM A REFOUNDING FATHER: “My vision for Beta is to see men from different walks of life come together to better not only our lives, but the lives of others.” — Daniel Livermore ’18








DID YOU KNOW? The Refounding Fathers are involved in more than 30 student organizations and have officers in more than 20 of them. WORDS FROM A REFOUNDING FATHER: “My vision for our colony is to build the strongest brotherhood on campus and re-establish a fraternity experience that will build up men of principle for years to come.”— Ryan Stephens ’16

Since 2009, the chapter experienced four status downgrades related to alcohol and unsafe pledge education practices, resulting in the hospitalization of two pledges.


Pledges were forced to consume alcohol, participate in dangerous and humiliating hazing practices, and were regularly deprived of sleep.


Since 2006, the chapter has experienced five status downgrades relating to the use of alcohol, controlled substances and hazing.





DID YOU KNOW? The group is training to complete the Krispy Kreme Challenge, where each runner completes the 2.5 mile run to Krispy Kreme, eats a dozen donuts, and runs back 2.5 miles in under an hour.





USS WARNER SETS SAIL The United States Navy introduced the USS John Warner, named after former five-time U.S. Senator (Va.), Navy Secretary and Oxford Cup recipient John Warner, Washington and Lee ’49. In a grand ceremony on Sept. 6 in Newport News, Va., the 7,800 ton submarine was christened, making it ready for deployment. The sub will be able to attack targets ashore with highly accurate Tomahawk cruise missiles. It will perform covert long-term surveillance of land areas, littoral waters or other seabased forces. Other missions for the John Warner include anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare, Special Forces delivery and support, mine delivery and minefield mapping.

Interestingly, Warner wasn’t the only Beta in attendance. Current Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, Mississippi ’69 joined Brother Warner and delivered one of the keynote speeches: “The christening of the future USS John Warner is not only a celebration of a dedicated sailor, Marine and public servant, but also of what has been accomplished in building this powerful warship — of the hard work of the thousands of shipyard workers, engineers and defense craftsmen who contributed, and of what the future holds for the USS John Warner and the crew who sail aboard her,” Mabus said. What a day for one of Beta’s best!

CHANGING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION BETA RELAY TEAM This past July, former Administrative Office staffers MacGregor Hill, William & Mary ’04, and Brian Webber, Loyola Marymount ’09, and Michael Trotta, William & Mary ’14, ran the Ragnar Northwest. The race is a longdistance relay, and as part of a larger team of alternating runners, the three helped cover some 200 miles.

LIKE A FISH Scott Tapely, Cal State, Chico ’87, recently swam the Catalina Channel. The swim is from Palos Verdes, Calif., to Santa Catalina Island and is about 20 miles long. Tapley trained two years for the swim. It took 17 hours and 43 minutes, eight hours of which were in the dark.

HALL OF FAMER Tom McCasland, Oklahoma ’56, past member of the Beta Foundation Board of Directors, was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame on Nov. 13. During his 40-year career, he built a nine-rig drilling company, developed several service companies and further developed Mack Energy. Induction into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame is the highest honor a citizen can receive; McCasland was honored alongside singer Blake Shelton and actress Alfre Woodard, among others. Connect with Tom at

University of South Florida brothers Stewart Skipper ’04, and Richard Dudley ’02, became great friends through Beta, so much so that Dudley wed Skipper and his fiance, Lori. When Dudley and his fiance, Tia (middle), were ready to tie the knot, you can guess who wed them. Congratulate Stewart and Richard at and


LEADING THE BOARD Marshall Reavis, DePauw ’84, founder and chief executive officer of SVM LP, was elected to serve as chair of DePauw’s Board of Trustees. Reavis has been a member of the Board since 2005.



TAKING THE OATH Dr. Sam Page, Missouri-Kansas City ’88, was sworn into the St. Louis County Council and will represent the 2nd District. Congratulate Dr. Page at

Are you familiar with Uber? If not, the company started in 2009 and uses a phone app to seamlessly connect those looking for a ride with professional drivers. The company has become highly successful, and a Beta helps run the show! Ryan A. Graves, Miami ’06, is the head of global operations and serves on the board of directors for Uber Technologies, Inc. Graves was Uber’s first employee and has since become integral in the company’s rapid growth. Uber is present in more than 200 cities around the world, largely because of Ryan’s leadership. So, next time you take an Uber, you have Brother Graves to thank! Congratulate him on his success at

HOISTING THE TROPHY Professional golfer David Lipsky, Northwestern ’10, won the Omega European Masters in September. The 26-year-old defeated Graeme Storm in a playoff to become the first American to claim the title since Craig Stadler in 1985. He took home just under $500,000 for the win and gained a European Tour card good through 2016.








It’s not the Fraternity’s tradition to get into political debate, but that doesn’t mean it can’t recognize brothers for their accomplishments. Representatives Pat Meehan, Bowdoin ’78 (PA), Dave McKinley, Purdue ’69 (WV), and Joe Heck, Penn State ’84 (NV), were re-elected November 4, and Robert Dold, Denison ’91, was elected to Congress again to represent Illinois. Shelley Moore Capito, daughter of three-term past West Virginia governor and Oxford Cup recipient Arch Moore, West Virginia ’51, won West Virginia’s Senate seat. The state’s first female Senator, she is a sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma.



During a ceremony in front of his Delta Gamma Chapter brothers on November 15, Dan Carney, Wichita State ’53, received the Fraternity’s highest honor, the Oxford Cup. Developed in 1984 by the Board of Trustees, the Oxford Cup recognizes Betas who have distinguished themselves in their chosen professional field. Carney is the 79th Beta to be so honored. Along with his brother, Frank, Carney founded Pizza Hut in 1958. Quickly becoming one of Wichita’s most successful restaurants, it grew rapidly and in 1968 expanded into Canada. That same year, Pizza Hut went public on the open market and by 1971 had become the world leader in pizza

sales and number of restaurants. In 1977, Carney sold Pizza Hut to Pepsi Co., and it remains the largest pizza chain in the world. Congratulate Dan at

DISTINGUISHED BETA Blake Byrne, Duke/Southern California ’57, chair emeritus of the Nasher Museum Board of Advisors, was awarded Duke’s 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award, the University’s highest honor. Fewer than 40 people have earned this recognition. Congratulate Blake at

For Wabash College’s first football game of the season against fellow all-male college Hampden-Sydney, a number of Tau Chapter Betas with grad years spanning from ’59 to ’00 came back to the Crawfordsville, Ind. campus for a reunion. The day started with a tailgate hosted by former Foundation Director Cal Black, Wabash ’68, and after the game ended in a Wabash win, the group went to the chapter house for tours and dinner.


Noah Ohlsen, Miami (Fla.) ’13, was the first-round draft pick for the L.A. Reign of the National Pro Grid League, a professional crossfit consortium. During the 2014 Crossfit Games, Ohlsen finished eighth in his division, making him one of the best crossfitters in the entire world! Congratulate Noah at

MEMORIALIZED College and Professional Football Hall of Famer Guy “The Champ” Chamberlin, Nebraska 1916, was honored in August by his hometown of Blue Springs, Neb. A monument was placed on the grounds of Southern School District’s Blue Springs Elementary facility, the original location of Blue Springs High School where Chamberlin graduated.




TEDDY STOPS BY For a night of fun and history, the Beta Rho Chapter at the University of Oregon was entertained by famous Teddy Roosevelt reprisor Joe Wiegand, Sewanee ’87. In attendance was former General Fraternity President Doug Houser, Willamette ’57, and wife, Lucy. The Sewanee chapter counselor and house corporation president performs professionally as Teddy Roosevelt all over the country. Give him a shout at



After receiving a terminal diagnosis, Willard Hodges, South Dakota ’55 (second from the right), had one final request. Hodges wanted to participate in USD’s Homecoming in order to spend time with his Beta brothers and drive in the University’s Homecoming parade. So, Hodges fired up his convertible and headed to Vermillion, S.D., where his dreams came true. Hodges’ convertible was admitted into the Homecoming parade – alongside his Beta brothers.



Johns Hopkins’ John Di Capua ’14, and his brother Christopher created a device that’ll change how CPR is administered. It pushes oxygen directly into the lungs and, by eliminating the need for rescue breaths, it allows rescuers to continue chest compression without interruption. Contact John at to learn more.

ONE OF THE STEEL CITY’S FINEST Matthew Mohn, Penn State ’99 (standing, left), was named to Pittsburgh Magazine’s “40 Under 40” list. Mohn is a partner at Reed Smith, LLP and teamed up with Urban Innovation 101, a group that helps finance businesses in struggling neighborhoods. Since, 60 Reed Smith partners have provided more than $400,000 of free legal services to businesses that need it. Give Matthew a pat on the back for his personal generosity at



Happy anniversary to the chapters below with milestone anniversaries in 2015, and congratulations to 1965 and 1990 Beta initiates who will celebrate their Fraternal 50s and Fraternal 25s!



MTSU BETAS TOGETHER AGAIN The Epsilon Theta Chapter at Middle Tennessee State University may be inactive, but that didn’t stop dozens of loyal alumni from celebrating a special milestone. Brothers met in Murfreesboro, Tenn. at MTSU’s Homecoming (Oct. 17-18) to celebrate the chapter’s 30th anniversary of colonizing.



With 220 in attendance on Oct. 4, University of Minnesota Betas celebrated the chapter’s 125th anniversary. General Fraternity President Bob Schnese, Wisconsin ’83, who also has a Beta Pi Chapter roll number, gave one of the keynote addresses. “I am very proud this is my chapter,” he said.



More than 170 people met at the Genesys Banquet Center in Grand Blanc, Mich., on Nov. 8 to celebrate the Delta Eta Chapter’s 50th anniversary. Special guests were University President Dr. Robert K. McMahan, and General Secretary Dave Schmidt, South Florida ’92.

The Epsilon Lambda Chapter at the University of Missouri-Kansas City held its 25-year anniversary celebration Oct. 3-4. More than 80 gathered for the final banquet event, which featured a highlight presentation of Fraternal 25 pins to Sean Mclaughlin, Sam Page, Coleman Wheeler and Tony Sun.


The Delta Zeta Chapter celebrated its 50th anniversary on Sept. 5, and it was an event to remember. Founding members were in attendance and the chapter performed a special gesture for long-time District Chief Joe Troncale, Alabama ’63, by presenting him with a roll number. Joe is now No. 1565 on the official roll of the Delta Zeta Chapter!


Cornell University undergraduates and alumni alike gathered at the Country Club of Ithaca on Oct. 25 to celebrate the chapter’s 135th anniversary. During the event, Jeff Frey ’89, was named to Beta Delta’s Diamond Legion. Congrats to Brother Frey.


Alabama 50 1/9/1965 Ball State 50 11/13/1965 Baylor 35 11/22/1980 Beloit 155 10/28/1860 Bethany 155 12/09/1860 Bowdoin 115 10/12/1900 Carnegie Mellon 95 5/15/1920 Case 110 2/22/1905 Centenary 125 09/01/1890 Central Michigan 30 11/10/1985 Cincinnati 175 04/08/1840 Clemson 45 11/7/1970 Colgate 135 12/10/1880 Colorado 115 10/14/1900 DePauw 170 04/23/1845 Florida 85 12/12/1930 Florida Atlantic 20 4/1/1995 Florida International 5 1/23/2010 Georgia (Temple) 125 09/01/1890 Hampden-Sydney 165 04/24/1850 Indiana 170 08/27/1845 Iowa State 110 11/25/1905 John Carroll 5 11/6/2010 Kentucky 25 1/27/1990 Knox 160 04/01/1855 Michigan 170 11/13/1845 Michigan State 65 1/5/1950 Missouri 125 10/06/1890 Monmouth 150 12/16/1865 Ohio State 130 12/11/1885 Pennsylvania 135 09/01/1880 Pepperdine 15 3/18/2000 San Jose State 20 3/11/1995 Texas Tech 45 2/21/1970 UC Irvine 40 3/9/1975 UC San Diego 20 4/29/1995 Villanova 20 3/18/1995 Virginia 160 04/24/1855 Washington State 95 1/17/1920 Wesleyan 125 06/24/1890 West Virginia 115 9/15/1900 Wisconsin-Oshkosh 20 4/8/1995

18 * The all-convention photo was taken during the Foundersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Day Rededication Ceremony on August 8, 2014. The Beta Theta Pi Magazine

ONE FOR THE AGES Taking A Look Back at Beta’s 175th


irtually every year since 1839, Betas have come together at the General Convention to celebrate the rich history of Beta Theta Pi. But this year has quickly become known as one for the ages, as 1,684 brothers and friends from across the globe joined together in Oxford, Ohio, for the Fraternity’s 175th Anniversary and General Convention — the largest in the history of the organization. “On behalf of the entire Miami University community, I congratulate you on this historic milestone and extend our best wishes for a terrific future for Beta Theta Pi,” said University President David Hodge to the crowd on Beta’s Founders’ Day. “We look forward to many future generations of Betas on our campus and throughout the world earning distinction through their lives and contributions to others.” Relive the magic of the 175th through a photo essay capturing the daily highlights . . .

Winter 2015 |


THE HIGHLIGHTS AUGUST 6-7, 2014 As attendees began arriving in Oxford on Wednesday, August 6, they noticed special Beta touches around campus, including nearly 100 custom light pole banners with inspiring quotes and historical achievements about the Fraternity. Additionally, the internal lights of the Campanile were changed to pink and blue. Miami University President and (Beta parents) Dr. David Hodge and wife Valerie welcomed General Fraternity Officers and guests into their home for a reception on Wednesday evening. Lewis Place — which was bought from the estate of Philip Moore, Miami 1870 — was built in 1839, thereby celebrating its 175th, too! On Thursday, attendees participated in a variety of educational programs. Speakers included networking guru Thom Singer, San Diego State ’89, leadership and Greek life expert Dr. Mike McRee, and former General Fraternity President Tom Purinton, Kansas State ’63.


The evening’s kickoff event marked the first time all attendees joined together in one venue (Miami’s basketball arena, Millett Hall) for the celebration weekend. Program highlights included an awards presentation led by former General Fraternity Officers and Beta Greats (see page 30 for a full list of winners), and a State of the Fraternity presentation by Emcee and General Secretary David Schmidt, South Florida ’92, and Administrative Secretary Jud Horras, Iowa State ’97. The Beta Theta Pi Magazine

It’s amazing that 175 years ago, eight young men from Miami University started something that has directly touched the lives of some 197,000 men. — General Secretary David Schmidt, South Florida ’92 175th Kickoff Event


Winter 2015 |

[Miami is] very proud to share your commitment to developing the best in the character of young men. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Miami University President David Hodge Foundersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Day Ceremony


The Beta Theta Pi Magazine

THE HIGHLIGHTS AUGUST 8, 2014 Friday morning, the legislative body of “Lugar Fellows” granted charters to eight petitioning colonies: Centre, Chapman, Charleston, Creighton, Denver, Michigan State, Pacific and TCU. Convention Veteran Ferd Del Pizzo, Washington in St. Louis ’58, shares words with the men as they await the delegates’ decision Wearing pink and blue for the day’s dress theme, attendees embarked on the Beta Heritage Tour, which included stops at Beta’s foundwing site in Harrison Hall, the Campanile, the Alpha chapter house and the Foundation & Administrative Office. Co-hosted by former Cargill CEO Warren Staley, Kansas State ’65, and Senator Dick Lugar, Denison ’54, the John Reily Knox Club and Beta Greats Dinner recognized its Club members and was the largest reunion of Oxford Cup and Shephardson Award winners ever. At the Founders’ Day Rededication Ceremony, attendees gathered at the steps of Roudebush Hall to enjoy picture perfect weather and insightful words from Beta President Doug Houser (far left), Miami President David Hodge (far right), and NIC Chairman Buddy Cote. Joining presenters on stage, four generations of Alpha alumni (L-R: Zac Haines ’05, Bob Cottrell ’54, Pete Barnhart ’66, Tom Fey ’68, and Jeff Newton ’77) helped unveil Beta’s 175th gift to Miami — a new plaque to add to the base of the Beta Campanile.

Winter 2015 |


THE HIGHLIGHTS AUGUST 8, 2014 Occurring once every 25 years, the Parade of Chapters began after the Founders’ Day event. Representing more than 160 chapters, three marshals led the procession from the Campanile to Millet Hall for the Model Initiation Ceremony: Andrew Naab, Cincinnati ’15, with Beta’s flag (representing the oldest active chapter), Billy Baric, Toronto ’15, with the Canadian flag, and Justin Felix, Quinnipiac ’15, with the American flag (representing the youngest colony). An arena of Betas witnessed the initiation of eight “earnest young men” exactly 175 years to the minute of the Fraternity’s founding: Brody El-Achi, American ’17, Hunter Pyland, Arkansas ’17, KJ Wernet, Wisconsin-Oshkosh ’17, Jordan Fundaro, Kettering B ’17, William Perkins, North Dakota ’17, Nicolas Ford, Westminster ’17, Grant Jordan, Illinois ’16, Philipp Piplits, Oklahoma ’17. Following Initiation, Dr. Dipper DiPaolo, Michigan ’78, led brothers in reflection about Beta’s past, present and future in his “Fill in the Seats” presentation and shared historic artifacts, including Beta’s original constitution handwritten by Samuel Taylor Marshall, Knox’s Golden Anniversary Loving Cup, and eight hand-carved wooden chairs from the Alpha Chapter.


A special guest joined Dipper on stage: John Reily Knox’s great great nephew and past chapter president John Ellis, Sewanee ’56! The Beta Theta Pi Magazine


While we reflect on our historic past, we look ahead equally as excited for the promising future of our brotherhood. — President Doug Houser, Willamette ’57 Founders’ Day Ceremony


Winter 2015 |

My ability to lead was formed through my time in the Beta house. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Retired Cargill CEO Warren Staley, Kansas State â&#x20AC;&#x2122;65 Beta Greats Panel Discussion


The Beta Theta Pi Magazine

THE HIGHLIGHTS AUGUST 9, 2014 On Saturday morning, a non-denominational church service was led by Dr. J. Pittman McGehee, Oklahoma State ’65, at Oxford Presbyterian Church. Under the direction of former General Fraternity Chorister Steve Becker, Florida ’69, a Beta chorus of undergraduates led a Beta song fest. Attendees were treated to one of three concurrent panel sessions featuring nine Fraternity legends. “Built to Last” Panel: Managing Law Partner Bob Grand, Wabash ’78, Investment Guru Jeff Greiner, SMU ’80, and former Cargill CEO Warren Staley, Kansas State ’65. “Civic Responsibility” Panel: Law Firm Chairman Bert Bates, Missouri ’49, Senator Dick Lugar, Denison ’54, and Indiana Lt. Gov John Mutz, Northwestern ’57. “Personal Development” Panel: Wimbledon Champion Stan Smith, Southern California ’69, U.S Navy Captain Jerry Blesch, Centre ’60, and Super Troopers’ Erik Stolhanske, Colgate ’91. To honor the 125th anniversary of Beta’s official flower, Sweethearts and ladies gathered for a luncheon and ceremony at Peabody Hall — the original site of the Queen of the Prairie Rose bush. Donned in collegiate apparel for the day’s dress theme, Beta’s enjoyed an afternoon of brotherhood activities, including the Loving Cup Ceremony, private chapter reunions , a conventionwide BBQ and the longest Marching Line in Beta history.

Winter 2015 |


THE HIGHLIGHTS AUGUST 9, 2014 At the Alpha Chapter reunion event, Ron Helman, Miami ’55, received the Shepardson Award for his dedication to the Fraternity. During the evening’s 175th Anniversary Celebration event, numerous awards were presented to deserving individuals and chapters, including this year’s 30 Knox and 45 Sisson Award recipients. (See page 30 for a full listing of award winners.) Eight alumni were recognized for completing their terms with the Foundation Board and Board of Trustees, and 12 alumni were installed as their successors, including new General Fraternity President Bob Schnese, Wisconsin ’83, who succeeds Doug Houser, Willamette ’57, after his three years of dedicated service. (See page 30 for a list of incoming and outgoing officers.) Emceed by President Schnese, the closing event also featured the Beta Countdown, the Convention Chorus (led by General Fraternity Chorister Brock Johnson, Oklahoma State ’09) and keynote remarks from Super Troopers actor, writer and producer Erik Stolhanske, Colgate ’91, who discussed how valuesbased decision making has guided his life’s journey. The anniversary celebration neared the end as the night rounded out with a concert by one of Beta’s own musical superstars, Griffin House, Miami ’02.


The Beta Theta Pi Magazine


Winter 2015 |


175TH R E C OGN I TI ON INDIVIDUAL AWARD WINNERS House Director of the Year Award Kari Van De Hey, Lawrence Edward B. Taylor Advisor of the Year Award Mark Foote, Utah ’84 Outstanding Greek Advisor Award Emily Perlow, WPI Interfraternalism Recognition Award Patrick Alderdice, Delta Chi Fraternity Outstanding Rookie District Chief Award Mark Antonson, Nebraska ’06 Regional Chief of the Year Zac Haines, Miami ’05 District Chief of the Year Peter Wagner, South Dakota ’62 Jerry M. Blesch General Secretary Leadership Award Austin Marple, TCU ’14



North Dakota Award for Chapter Publications John Carroll, Creighton* Website Excellence Award Kansas State, John Carroll* H.H. Stephenson Junior Award for Historical Preservation and Research Utah, Truman State* Charles Henry Hardin Leadership Development Awards Arkansas (Highest Overall Participants: 49 men), Chapman, Colorado Mines, Iowa State (Highest Overall Percentage: 98%), Northeastern, TCU John Holt Duncan Service Award, Best Annual Project Kettering B, George Washington* John Holt Duncan Service Award, Best Ongoing Project Washington, St. Lawrence * Virginia Tech Award for Scholastic Achievement Columbia (Highest Overall GPA: 3.615) Idaho, Kentucky, Kettering A, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Texas at Arlington (Most Improved GPA: .331 increase), Toronto, UC San Diego, Utah, Virginia. Outstanding Recruitment Award Chapman, Charleston, Cornell, Kentucky, TCU, Truman State New Member Education Award Chapman Campus Involvement Award Case Western Reserve, Columbia, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Kentucky, Nebraska, Washington in St. Louis

Outstanding Alumni Relations Award Cornell, Central Michigan* Excellence in Risk Management Award Colorado Mines, Johns Hopkins, Michigan State, Utah, Charleston*, Loyola Marymount*, Northeastern*, San Diego*, Truman State*

Most Improved Chapter Award: Columbia New Song Competition Award TCU Shelby L. Molter Song Competition Award Colorado Mines Whitman Choral Cup Lawrence, San Diego* Sons of the Dragon Club Award (100% chapter participation in the Club or 71 or more men joined) Chapman, Centre, Denver, Florida International, High Point, Kentucky (Most Members Joined: 114), Kettering A, Kettering B, Minnesota, North Dakota, Northeastern (100% participation for the 5th year), Nova Southeastern, Oklahoma, Pacific, Southern Illinois, Texas at Arlington, Westminster

SISSON AWARD WINNERS The Francis H. Sisson Award is presented to those who maintain high standards and inspire total chapter participation, cooperation and involvement. (Total number received to date listed in parenthesis): Alabama (9), Auburn (25), Case Western Reserve (10), Central Michigan (14), Centre (7), Chapman (1), Charleston (1), Columbia (3), Connecticut (9), Cornell (13), Creighton (1), Dayton (1), Denver (1), Florida International (1), George Washington (5), Georgia (20), Idaho (15), Johns Hopkins (7), Kansas State (26), Kentucky (3), Kettering B (6), Lawrence (15), Maine (6), Michigan State (5), Minnesota (16), Missouri (28), Missouri-Kansas City (20), Nebraska (17), North Carolina (5), Northeastern (2), Pacific (1), Saint Louis (6), San Diego (8), SMU (5), South Carolina (3), St. Lawrence (4), TCU (1), Texas A&M (10), Truman State (15), UCLA (4), Utah (8), Wabash (11), Washington (12), Washington in St. Louis (14), Wisconsin-Oshkosh (7)

KNOX AWARD WINNERS The Knox Award is the highest honor a chapter can earn, raising the bar in ritual, leadership, community service, campus involvement and singing. (Total number received to date listed in parenthesis): Alabama (5), Case Western Reserve (6), Central Michigan (2), Centre (1), Charleston (1), Connecticut (6), Cornell (3), Creighton (1), Dayton (1), Denver (1), George Washington (1), Georgia (6), Idaho (5), Johns Hopkins (3), Kentucky (1), Kettering B (4), Nebraska (12), North Carolina (1), Pacific (1), San Diego (5), South Carolina (1), St. Lawrence (2), TCU (1), Texas A&M (1), Truman State (9), UCLA (1), Utah (1), Wabash (1), Washington (6), Washington in St. Louis (3)

BOARD TRANSITIONS Outgoing Fraternity Board of Trustees Vice President Chris Conabee, Utah ’88; General Fraternity President Doug Houser, Willamette ’57 Incoming Fraternity Board of Trustees General Fraternity Bob Schnese, Wisconsin ’83; Vice Presidents Ted Haile, Georgia Tech ’75, Ed O’Malley, Kansas State ’97, Brad Kiesling, Westminster ’01, Cary Wood, Purdue ’89 Outgoing Foundation Board of Directors Steve Becker, Florida ’69, Ethan Braden, Willamette ’02, Jeff Lieberman, Pennsylvania ’96, Charles McCormick, Indiana ’72, Bob Schaupp, Lawrence ’51, Kent Mergler, Cincinnati ’63 Incoming Foundation Board of Directors Chris Althoff, Kansas State ’00, Pete Barnhart, Miami ’66 Robert Beall, Oklahoma ’79, Ken Bryan, MIT ’88, John Herman, Oregon ’60, John Hillhouse, Missouri ’69, Mark Muhlhauser, Washington ’00

175TH SPONSORS Gold and Silver Level Billhighway, Herff Jones - Greek Division, CSL Management, Geico, Willis North America

THANK YOU! A special thank you to 175th Coordinator Ryan King, Southern Illinois ’01, for his leadership and dedication, as well his extended 175th team: Matthew Dempsey, Connecticut ’13, Jason Gangwer, William & Mary ’12, and Andrew Waldman, Kansas State ’14. Thank you all for making Beta’s 175th “One for the Ages.”

* Denotes honorable mentions The Beta Theta Pi Magazine




AUGUST 6-9, 2015



YOU. ASKED. Beta undergraduates recently had a chance to ask newly-elected General Fraternity President Bob Schnese some hard-hitting questions. Here’s how Bob replied . . .

How does the General Fraternity plan on increasing the trust member chapters have in the GF?

What is the next BIG thing Beta hopes to tackle to push our Fraternity further and continue ensuring our relevance today?

— Jakob Leonard, Washington in St. Louis ’15

— MacVan Scott, Tennessee ’17

By being a “hands on” General Fraternity. We are coming out and meeting with undergraduates and alumni so that we are communicating like never before. This is a top priority: be an open and accessible General Fraternity to our members.

Beta continues to develop world class leadership programs like the Wooden Institute which will help us take the Men of Principle initiative “deeper and wider” in our Fraternity. We need to get our programs to more than the 20% attendance we are currently reaching.


In one of his first duties as a newly-elected officer, President Bob Schnese, Wisconsin ’83 (middle), visits the SMU chapter house before attending the Dallas-Fort Worth Alumni Association’s quarterly luncheon on November 20.

How is the Fraternity preparing for the return of the Alpha Chapter?

How does the General Fraternity decide which campuses it will expand to?

What is the hardest part about making Fraternitywide decisions?

— Rich Gold, Cornell ’16

— Mitchell Cox, Utah ’14

— Nick Ostertag, Louisville ’15

Beta needs to make sure that all the right pieces are in place with the Alpha Chapter, advisors and university support teams before we can re-establish Alpha. We will return and have an Alpha Chapter that ALL Betas will be proud of.

We look for a campus that includes the support of college leaders, a strong Greek community and local Beta alumni support. Re-establishing closed chapters is desirable, when possible.

Some of your decisions may affect nearly 10,000 undergraduate brothers. Anytime we are talking about removing a brother or chapter from Beta, it is extremely difficult.


— Bob Schnese, Wisconsin ’83


You cannot develop deep and meaningful relationships unless you are willing to share everything that you have. Be true to yourself, and, be true to your brothers.

Giving should be entered into in just the same way as investing.

GIVING IS INVESTING.” – John D. Rockefeller


GIFTS & PLEDGES RECEIVED $11,725,661 (58.6% as of Dec. 1, 2014)


Now in its third full year of public outreach, The Promises to Keep Campaign continues to garner enthusiasm from Betas across the land. Focused on developing the hearts and minds of young men who possess incalculable potential, rarely has it been easier to invest in the future of Beta Theta Pi – and the world.


“Represented symbolically by the diamond in the badge, Beta undergraduates need the cutting of education and the polishing of experience. These, too, are our promises to keep.”




Expand and endow student participation in award-winning Men of Principle leadership programs.

Launch a new online training platform for all undergraduates, advisors and Beta volunteers.

Build a state-of-the-art learning laboratory and archive preservation center within the Administrative Office.




DONOR SPOTLIGHT REGAN & DAN WESTRA Virginia Tech ’72 $50,000

NANCY & JOHN HILLHOUSE Missouri ’69 $50,000

Investment banking at Wells Fargo keeps him busy, but Justin still finds time for Beta. He and Jocelyn are supporting Beta Pi’s house renovation campaign, and they’re also making a cash and planned gift to The PTK Campaign by naming the Beta Foundation as a life insurance policy beneficiary.

Beta has always been special to Kent, especially seeing his son Stephen become a Beta at the University of Florida. But serving on Beta’s Foundation board allowed him to see the true impact of Beta’s leadership programs. Judy’s and Kent’s generous gift will be deployed immediately for student impact.

Inspired as a young collegian, Dan Westra bleeds pink and blue. Initiation, his first convention and life in the Beta house “all left a lasting impact. Now it’s my turn to create those moments for worthy young men.” Dan and Regan are making a combination cash/estate gift in the amount of $50,000.

Former district chief and longtime volunteer for his Zeta Phi Chapter, John wasted no time upon joining Beta’s Foundation board. He and Nancy are making a $50,000 gift so Beta can reach its goal of enrolling 25% of all undergraduates annually (2,500) in Beta’s award-winning leadership programs.

CAROLYN & JOHN MUTZ Northwestern ’57 $27,000

SALLY & DICK CHURCH Oregon ’55 $15,000

JULIE & BRUCE FEIN Colgate ’84 $7,500

WESTON HAMILTON Colorado Mines ’07 $5,000

Former Lt. Governor of Indiana and past chairman of the Lilly and Lumina Foundations, John knows a bit about charitable giving. Authoring Fundraising for Dummies and embracing a “pay for today, invest in tomorrow” mentality, John and Carolyn are making a generous cash and estate gift of $27,000.

Initiated at Willamette but graduating from Oregon, Dick became a Navy captain and then entered the investment banking world. A 40-year volunteer who knows the power of experiences that enrich young men’s minds, he and Sally are making a $15,000 bequest to advance Men of Principle.

Since graduation, Bruce has always stayed connected to Beta. With a son and nephew planning on rich college experiences, he wants to do all he can so they might become part of it. Bruce and Julie give annually to the BLF and are also making a cash and estate gift of $7,500 to the PTK Campaign.

A graduate of the Chapter Presidents Leadership Academy in 2006, Weston knows first-hand the value of Beta’s leadership programs. He paid $95 to attend as a student, but the rest was covered by generous alumni. Now an alumnus himself, he’s paying it forward with his own generous $5,000 gift.




JUDY & KENT MERGLER Cincinnati ’63 $100,000


JOCELYN & JUSTIN MILLER Minnesota ’00 Major Gift




by Kyle Grand, Wabash ’11


Since 1925, Gamma Gamma Betas at the University of Idaho have called the house at 727 Elm Street “home,” and while the chapter house holds a special place in the hearts of all Gamma Gamma brothers, years of wear and tear had brought it to a less than stellar level. Recognizing it was time for a renovation, and behind the leadership of Tom Reveley, Idaho ’59, and Skip Pierce, Idaho ’53, a campaign was launched to restore the house to its former glory, while also making it adequate for today’s college student. The $2.4 million raised was able to give alumni and undergraduates the house they wanted — and needed.

The upgrades and new amenities have made the undergraduate experience much better, and have given the chapter much more than just a comfortable place to live and study. “[The renovations] have helped a ton with recruitment,” President Joel Smith ’15 said. “It gives us a leg up on the chapters we’re going through recruitment against.”

“The first focus was safety,” House Corporation President Ed Whitehead, Idaho ’64, said. “We didn’t have a fire system and adequate alarm system. We have those now. Second to that was habitability. The third priority was study rooms. It was an upgrade to get us current again.” APPRECIATIVE UNDERGRADUATES Now that the house is back in outstanding shape, those living within its walls are more than prepared to keep it that way. The renovations have inspired a sense of pride.

— Chapter President Joel Smith, Idaho ’15

“The physical house is a reminder of other brothers’ time here,” he said. “When alumni come back, they are pleased to see the house, and it triggers a lot of stories. It’s a meeting place for Gamma Gammas of all ages.”


GETTING WITH THE TIMES Beginning in 2010, the renovation happened in stages. First the roof was replaced, and then work on the foundation commenced as there was water leaking into the basement. The kitchen received a complete overhaul, the north and main study rooms were improved, a sprinkler system was added, the electrical system — that hadn’t been replaced since 1925 — was brought up to standard, and the showers and bathrooms were updated.

As brothers from eight different decades roamed the halls of “727 Elm,” the meaning and importance of the Beta home they love came into full view, especially for Smith.


The chapter knows that $2+ million worth of remodeling went into the house. We really understand that and treat the house accordingly.

A PLACE FOR GAMMA GAMMAS With the renovations completed this past summer, it was finally time for brothers young and old alike to celebrate their upgraded facility properly. And what better way for that to happen than at the chapter’s 100th anniversary September 19-21. The event drew 320 to the Moscow, Idaho, campus to rededicate the house and honor the chapter’s first century. The facility was rededicated in the name of the Men of Principle initiative, and brothers were able to reflect on the significance of their undergraduate days together.


A FAMILY AFFAIR Not only is Mark Foote, Utah ’84, a Beta parent to his son Chas, Utah ’15, but he’s a Beta volunteer, serving as chapter counselor for his beloved Gamma Beta Chapter. When Chas became president, the two embraced their new relationship, and it benefited not only them, but the chapter as well. Mark had been involved for over 20 years, serving in a variety of roles. When he was asked to be chapter counselor of the newly-recolonized Gamma Beta Chapter in February 2012, he didn’t hesitate to accept. “I hold Gamma Beta very dear,” Foote said. “I had a great experience in the 80s. It meant a lot to me to get Beta restored.” And when Chas was elected president, their working relationship became just like the one they had as father and son. “We had a good understanding it would be a different experience, but it would be beneficial for him, the chapter and for me,” Foote said. The chapter quickly became one of the best on campus behind the Footes’ work and philosophy.

“My role is to supervise,” Foote said. I let them make some mistakes and ultimately the good decisions. It’s their chapter, their lives and their growing experience. And, that’s the same way I tried to handle it with Chas.” In the end, Beta brought them closer together than ever. “We have gone through a lot these past 2-3 years, and we’ve been able to get to know each other much better,” Foote said. This experience has been a rewarding one for Mark, and he maintains that parents and alumni alike should be involved. “The actives and pledges benefit from seeing alumni and parents around,” Foote said. “It’s really an important lesson to know you’re part of the Beta community. You’re part of something that goes on for a lifetime. Parents and volunteers being around sends that message pretty loud and clear.” — Kyle Grand, Wabash ’11,


My dad and I have a strong relationship, both in and outside of the Fraternity, which helped us make strategic, values-based decisions for the chapter, while having fun as father and son. — Chas Foote, Utah ’15


REPORTS For the fifth year in a row, 100% of active chapters are represented, each sharing highlights from the fall term. ALABAMA

ΔΘ | Tuscaloosa, Ala. Tyler Mattox ’15

Colony | Fayetteville, Ark. Kevin Dunavan ’16

Our size at the University of Arkansas has grown exponentially since our establishment on campus two years ago. As we move forward our goals are 1) challenge everyone to push themselves intellectually and 2) get more involved internally and externally. Our guys are hungry to be leaders on campus and we hope to really make a difference at our school.


Ψ | Bethany, W. Va. Brandon Trinh '16

So far this academic year, in a small school with less than 800 students, the Psi Chapter of Beta Theta Pi has recruited three new members to add to a chapter count of 26. During Spring 2014, we also recruited a Biology professor of Bethany College to join our ranks. The Psi Chapter has earned the highest GPA award that the college offers each semester.


After bringing the fifth John Reily Knox Award in eight years back to Tuscaloosa, Delta Theta will again pursue high goals in the 2014-15 academic year. Our brothers continue to improve the chapter's GPA, hold numerous campus leadership positions, and provide outstanding philanthropic support to the community. Philanthropy efforts so far have supported United Cerebral Palsy and Filter of Hope.



We went on our first brotherhood retreat in Southern Pennsylvania. We spent a three-day weekend coming together as a colony in its first full semester. There were brotherhood building exercises, a ritual review and nights around a campfire that helped build stronger bonds between brothers. This experience was a wonderful opportunity for us to come together as an entire brotherhood.


ΔΒ | Tucson, Ariz. Nicholas DeJaco ’16

The Delta Beta chapter is proud to announce a successful recruitment of 31 new members this fall. The chapter recently hosted a celebration with alumni for the 100th Homecoming at Arizona. Homecoming this year included the inaugural Kai Cup golf tournament. The chapter's members continue to strive to be leaders on campus in academics and extracurricular activities.

ΔΖ | Auburn, Ala. Alex Jager ’17

On September 5, the Delta Zeta Chapter held its 50th anniversary at the Marriott at Grand National in Auburn. The evening went wonderfully, with over 100 alumni in attendance, including members from the founding class. We believe the night successfully laid the foundation to restoring alumni involvement with the chapter.


ΔΨ | Waco, Texas Matt Chelf ’16

While taking in our Gamma pledge class, the men of Delta Psi worked long hours to make one of Baylor's oldest traditions one of Beta's newest. Hard work on this year's homecoming float, titled "You're Not in Kansas Anymore," paid off, and we're now back-to-back champions in the Class B division!

BRITISH COLUMBIA ΓΟ | Vancouver, B.C. Devon Willitts ’15

This term, we have engaged in a whirlwind of house improvements. In the first week of classes, we dug a large hole in our back yard and lined it with bricks, creating a beautiful fire pit to enjoy. We have painted our entire foyer, torn down an old shed in the back yard and are currently in the process of pouring concrete for a new basketball court.


ΕΔ | San Luis Obispo, Calif. Nick Nobis ’16

Even through recent adversity, our chapter continues to grow and flourish on campus with the help of our new advisors. We had a very successful rush week and alumni weekend, were among the highest for average GPA on campus last quarter and continue to develop our Housing Corp. to build bridges for future members of our chapter.


Colony | Washington, D.C. Kevin Bowman ’15



ΕΥ | Ottawa, Ont. Joe McGarvey ’17

It's a very exciting time for the Epsilon Upsilon Chapter of Beta Theta Pi in Ottawa. The chapter continues to experience steady expansion in size after another great recruitment period. Overall alumni relations is stronger than it has been in years, capping off with the celebration of our 23 years in the Nation's capital, our Champagne birthday, on November 23rd.

CASE WESTERN RESERVE ΛΚ-Β | Cleveland, Ohio Zack Rooker ’17


The Lamba Kappa-Beta Chapter had its 30th annual philanthropy event to raise money for the Diabetes Partnership of Cleveland, and Second Annual Chariot Race. For the event, 16 teams built chariots. We doubled our attendance from last year and were able to raise several thousands of dollars for the Diabetes Partnership. We can't wait for next year!


ΕΓ | Mount Pleasant, Mich. Dave Kobel ’16

This semester we hosted our first "Beta Chili Cook-Off" consisting of 12 chili-cooking teams. The work between our chapter and The United Way of Isabella County raised $1,700 for the Isabella Community Soup Kitchen. We're currently working towards executive board transitions and are getting our advising team to be in attendance.


Ε | Danville, Ky. Gray Whitsett ’16

The Epsilon Chapter has seen enormous growth in 2014. With the approval of our rechartering effort at the 175th General Convention this summer and the acquisition of our chapter house, the actives have enjoyed an impactful and historic year. Due in no small part to steadfast alumni and dedicated actives, we look forward to a strong recruitment cycle.


Colony | Charleston, S.C. Zachary Waldman ’15,

Here at CofC, we've been having a great semester coming off of receiving our charter at this past 175th General Convention. In the wake of that, we have used it to strengthen our brotherhood, and deepen our trust in the values and in each other. We are looking forward to a large spring recruitment class, which will be the result of a chapter-wide effort.


ΒΝ | Cincinnati, Ohio Andrew Naab ’16

This term has yielded many firsts for Beta Nu, specifically in regards to academics. Throughout the spring and summer, we developed a university-accredited class to be taught within the library of the Chapter House. This class, taught by two of our advisors and university faculty, focuses on the leadership development of young men and the challenges faced throughout life.


ΖΨ | Orlando, Fla. Nat Jones ’15

The Zeta Psi Chapter at the University of Central Florida started the semester off by initiating a summer pledge class of six men in our first ever summer recruitment. More recently, our chapter has initiated an additional 23 men bringing our total member count to 84. This total is right around the average chapter size at UCF. We are excited for the rest of the year!


HΘ | Orange, Calif. Dylan Reuter ’15

After three years of hard work and dedication, our colony at Chapman University took home the chapter name Eta Theta from this year's 175th General Convention. We are so proud to be officially recognized as an active chapter of Beta Theta Pi. Our brothers are continuing to strive for excellence academically and pursuing our mission of building men of principle for a principled life.


ΔΝ | Clemson, S.C. Ryan Tucker ’16

The chapter won our division in the traditional Clemson homecoming float build, thanks to Float Chair Daniel Byerley and all active brothers and new members. Also, thank you to the Zeta Lambda Chapter at Furman, which assisted with the Clemson-mandated emergency initiation of all new members with less than a week's preparation.

GETTING BACK ON THE SEESAW Beta and Kappa Kappa Gamma at Centre used to hold the Seesaw-AThon, so the groups revitalized the event and raised more than $7,000 for the Wilderness Trace Child Development Center and Center for Courageous Kids.

WELCOME BACK, ALPHA ZETA Recolonized in 2011, the Alpha Zeta Chapter at the University of Denver is officially back as a chapter of Beta Theta Pi after receiving its charter at the 175th Convention! On October 29, brothers and guests gathered to celebrate the chapter's reinstallation, as well as their 125th anniversary and the university's 150th. It was a fantastic night for our men in the Rockies!


BΘ | Hamilton, N.Y. David Gold ’15

ΖΧ | Storrs, Conn. JC Gonzalez ’16

Zeta Chi's Scholarship Chairman, Connor Deick, has instituted a new mentor program to help maintain our chapter's history of academic excellence on campus. Likewise, Vice President Jose Brocero and the Kai Committee have completed a thorough constitutional review to reduce ambiguity and better train our chapter members on policies.


ΔΘ | Dayton, Ohio Vinny Spahr ’15

On November 8, we hosted the Betapocalypse Zombie Run to raise money for Shoes for the Shoeless. Some friends of Beta helped out with the make-up to turn our brothers into the walking dead and they chased participants through the race. The event was our most successful philanthropy event since our chapter's founding, and we can't wait to do it again next fall!


We had a very unique housing set up this year. It was the first time in the past decade that every junior and senior lived in the house. It really added to the dynamics of our brotherhood. Typically, seniors will live off campus or in an apartment of 4-5 guys. We decided it would be best for the house if we all lived under the same roof. It has been a great semester.



The Beta Phi Chapter has continued to grow by successfully initiating a class of 24 this fall semester. This raises the current chapter size up to 73 active members, with the potential to surpass 90 after the next recruitment period. The chapter has restructured its constitution and laws to proactively prepare for the chapter's growth moving forward.


ΑΑ | New York, N.Y. John Cho ’15

The Alpha Alpha Chapter and its brothers have had a fantastic semester so far. At the beginning of the semester, our president lit a fire in our hearts to really develop as men of principle, and that fire has grown into an unquenchable blaze of progress and success. We will not ease up on this valiant endeavor.

ΒΔ | Ithaca, N.Y. Rich Gold ’16

Beta Delta just held its 135th year celebration this past October as one of the longest running chapters of Beta Theta Pi. Alumni from as late as the class of '52 returned from all over the country to reconnect with current undergraduates and see all of the great improvements the chapter has made since its revitalization in 2009. It was an awesome night!


HI | Omaha, Neb. Josh Bucy ’15

For our first recruitment since receiving our charter, the Eta Iota Chapter had a perfect 100% bid acceptance rate for the first time in our young history. We had a great overnight brotherhood retreat in Griswold, Iowa, and our Beta Bash philanthropy event with Famous Dave's was a fiery success. We are excited about hosting our charter banquet on April 11, 2015.


AH | Granville, Ohio Ryan Erickson ’16

This semester we hosted a concert outside of our house featuring student performers, which served successfully as both a recruitment event and a way to bring many students on campus together! Furthermore, we welcomed back many of last year's graduating seniors and older alumni for a handful of events over Denison's Big Red Weekend.


AZ | Denver, Colo. Mackenzie Nelson ’15

Our chapter continues to grow, as we added 13 new members this fall. We also made top grades once again with a 3.54 GPA. Having celebrated our 125th anniversary and re-chartering with close to 120 in attendance, we continue to Seek the Height as we move forward into the next part of our chapter’s history.


ΒΦ | Golden, Colo. Jordan Daubenspeck ’16


ROAD TRIP FOR A BROTHER Eastern Kentucky's Hunter Mountjoy, Ben Huebner, Joe Koonce and Daniel Stewart drove 10 hours through the night after classes to Paris Island, S.C., to be with their brother, Private First Class Adam Crabbs, as he graduated from the USMC recruit training. Stewart shared, "We've been up for 34 hours straight and counting, but we wouldn't have missed it for the world."


Δ | Greencastle, Ind. Jim Easterhouse ’15


For the fourth semester in a row, the Delta Chapter earned top grades on campus amongst fraternities. With scholars from New York to Ghana and California to Sweden, DePauw Beta is also thriving with campus involvement. Captains on cross country, golf and swimming, along with members of Ethics Bowl, WGRE Radio and Code Teal all call Beta home.

EASTERN KENTUCKY ΔΞ | Richmond, Ky. Daniel Stewart ’15

Delta Xi had a very successful fall semester. The chapter initiated an excellent pledge class of 19 men of principle, welcomed home nearly 50 alumni during the homecoming festivities, continued to set the tone of academics by having the highest GPA of all 11 fraternities last spring (3.05) and successfully executed our annual Beta Football philanthropy event.


ΓΞ | Gainseville, Fla. Matt Sheinbaum ’15

Despite the struggles of Gator football, the Gamma Xi Chapter has continued to thrive. After pulling the highest GPA of any pledge class last spring, we are looking forward to this fall's grade report to recognize the continued academic success of our 34 new members. Our 130 actives placed in the top 10% of all fraternities.

FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL ΗΓ | Miami, Fla. Jesse Peinado ’14

This semester, we recruited our largest pledge class in our chapter's history, 33 to be exact. They are all excited to learn about Beta's five core values and join our brotherhood. The main challenge we had this semester was how to keep every new member engaged and to keep the retention rate high.


Colony | Philadelphia, Pa. Matt Solomon ’15

This term the brothers at Drexel were incredibly proud to host our first philanthropy event! Partnering with Bringing Hope Home, our colony hosted a speed round volleyball tournament. Bringing Hope Home helps raise money and hope for households affected by cancer. Through our tournament, we were able to raise over $1,000.


ΕΑ | Greenville, N.C. Ryland Jennings ’15

The chapter has now reached a size that places it amongst the largest on campus, allowing it to focus on other endeavors such as the development of a housing corporation and an emphasis on academics. Beta has become a household name on campus and the efforts of our men will reach far into the future.

EASTERN WASHINGTON ΕΩ | Cheney, Wash. Benjamin Smith ’14

This fall saw much promise and success for the men of the Epsilon Omega Chapter. Our chapter won Homecoming with the help of the lovely ladies of Gamma Phi Beta and one of our pledges, Bryce Dressler, took home the crown of Mr. EWU! Currently, our 16-man pledge class shows great potential.


ΓΥ | Atlanta, Ga. Ethan Cohen ’15

The Gamma Upsilon Chapter has made significant efforts to round out itself as an academic and service-oriented organization on our campus. As a chapter, we raised our GPA by .13 from the previous semester and look to improve on that during this fall semester. Also, we have boosted our philanthropic and community service efforts by having the largest participation during Emory Cares Day.

FLORIDA STATE ΔΛ | Tallahassee, Fla. Tom Dacey ’15

Over this past semester, Delta Lambda has added 18 new brothers into the chapter giving it a total of 92 active members. For this year's homecoming we paired with Kappa Kappa Gamma and placed third overall. Our float won the award for being the most sustainable and was awarded second place. Since we've been back at Florida State we've maintained the highest GPA at FSU.


ΖΛ | Greenville, S. C. Richard Schosky ’15

This past semester was Zeta Lambda's first with a house, and it has been great to be able to gather under one roof. Thanks to quality effort by the chapter, we have had one of our best recruitment periods to date and look forward to having a larger pledge class than we have had in the past few years.

GEORGE WASHINGTON ΖΝ | Washington, D.C. Jonathan Petix ’15

Fall 2014 was a record breaking term for Zeta Nu. The honor of receiving our first ever Knox Award at convention set the tone for a successful semester. After a robust recruitment effort, we initiated 34 new members from the largest pledge class in chapter history. We maintained the highest GPA in the IFC and hosted alumni and parental engagement events.


ΕΕ | Athens, Ga. Kegan Baird ’16

Colony | High Point, N.C. Davis Pack ’16

For one of the days of ZTA's philanthropy week on campus, the ladies asked everyone to "paint the Greek Village pink" by decorating their houses pink, and a social media contest was held to declare the winner. We pinked out our house and declared it in honor of Paula Hinsdale, one of the moms of our brother, Sam Hinsdale, who was diagnosed with breast cancer around this time last year.


ΓΓ | Moscow, Idaho Joel Smith ’15

The Gamma Gamma Chapter boasted a 3.37 GPA in the spring semester of 2014, good for the best fraternity GPA on campus. The chapter celebrated its 100th anniversary in September with several hundred attendees gathering for a beautiful weekend in Moscow. Throughout the weekend, eight decades of alumni and actives gathered to share stories, play golf and see the new improvements.


Π | Bloomington, Ind. Dylan Rochon ’17

Our chapter's GPA ranked fifth among all 32 campus fraternities. We received the Chapter of Excellence Award from the Interfraternity Council for our academic success, campus engagement, and contributions to the community. We recruited 33 new members to our existing Brotherhood of 115, and our new Executive Council began its term.


ΑΒ | Iowa City, Iowa Grant Laverty ’17

We recruited 18 amazing guys, a very diverse group with an amazing passion for Beta. Our average GPA rose to around 3.0 (above AMA), which can be attributed to a great new academic assistance policy that became adopted as the Greek life standard. We revamped our alumni relations efforts by making weekly calls to them and creating a monthly newsletter.


We initiated 26 new members, bringing our total chapter size to 100 members. Our GPA for the Spring 2014 semester was 3.39, up .03 points from Fall 2013. One of our active brothers was diagnosed with Adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia. We've been raising awareness through multiple events.



Over this past year, the brothers reoccupied New Lil' Tara. With the addition of our fall pledge class, Gamma Eta has grown to 52. The chapter continued to operate well above the all men's average GPA with a 3.24. Our chapter is looking to strengthen our connection with alumni, so keep a look out for events during the coming year.

HIGH POINT GOES PINK The men at High Point University went all in to support the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha during their Think Pink Week. Zeta asked the Greek community to "paint the Greek Village pink." The men of the colony dedicated their decorations to Paula Hinsdale, mother of Sam Hinsdale, High Point '15, who was diagnosed with breast cancer around this time last year.

ΣΡ | Champaign, Ill. Felix Boeschen ’16

We wrapped up fall recruitment by signing 35 new members, while the active chapter earned the third highest GPA on campus among Greek organizations. On Homecoming, we held a successful alumni event at our newly reopened chapter house, where we were happy to welcome home alumni from every single decade since the 1950s.


ΤΣ | Ames, Iowa Steven Mitchell ’17

With the addition of 30 carefully selected new members, we're proud to boast an overall chapter size of 87 here at the Iowa State University! We're also excited to be working with architects on plans for a major renovation and addition to our historic chapter house. We had a great turnout for our fall philanthropy and look forward to initiation later this winter!


ΓΗ | Atlanta, Ga. Trenton Kilbey ’16


A JOB WELL DONE The Gamma Pi Chapter at Lawrence University held a reception to say farewell to their retiring housemother, Kari Van De Hey. The group honored her for the House Director of the Year Award she won at the 175th General Convention and her more than 20 years of service to the chapter and the men who have resided there.


ΗΕ | University Heights, Ohio Christopher Barthen ’16


This past spring semester, our chapter had the highest GPA out of all fraternities on campus. For our fall pledge class, we recruited 11 new quality men who we are very excited to initiate. This spring and fall we have two very big philanthropy events that we are hosting, and we are hoping for a good turnout at each of those events.


ΓΕ | Manhattan, Kan. Kyle Reiger ’16

This semester, Gamma Epsilon has been educating 24 new pledges on the values and history of Beta Theta Pi under the guidance of a newly-revamped pledge education program. In addition, with the help of our housing corporation as well as our parents' club, we were able to purchase new furniture for the entirety of our main floor.


ΔΗ | Flint, Mich. Alex VanTol ’16

For a while our chapter has struggled with low numbers. We've revised our recruitment strategies, learning from our past mistakes, and because of the hard work and dedication of the brothers, we effectively doubled our chapter size with summer recruitment. Now we have a system that works and is repeatable.


ΔΗ | Flint, Mich. Nicholas Foggia ’16

This has been an exciting year for the Delta Eta chapter, as not only did we celebrate our 50th year on campus, but we also moved into new housing, started a steward program and have started a new alumni relations committee to create better communications between the alumni of our chapter and ourselves.


ΑΧ | Baltimore, Md. Sam Workman ’17

The Alpha Chi chapter has had a great fall semester. With JHU's policy of rush in the spring we have spent a lot of time focusing on strengthening our brotherhood, including spending a weekend together at a beach front property in Annapolis. We were also recently recognized for 10 years of service to the Wyman Park Dell.


ΑΝ | Lawrence, Kan. Maxwell Bagby ’16

The Alpha Nu Chapter has excelled in academics, campus leadership, intramural sports, community service and philanthropic events over the last semester. Alpha Nu had the highest fraternity GPA on campus last semester with a 3.39. Our current chapter size is 89 members. Alpha Nu Beta has continued to be a cornerstone and example for Greek Life at the University of Kansas.


EO | Lexington, Ky. Devon Wilson ’15

Epsilon Omicron initiated a record pledge class, gaining 37 Men of Principle, is currently first in intramurals and held another successful philanthropy (Bring it On raised more than $11,000 and sold out the day before the event). We are also making progress towards securing a house thanks to the Housing Corporation and Housing Corp. President Martin Cobb.


ΒΑ | Gambier, Ohio Nicholas Gasbarro ’15

The chapter welcomed Beta Theta Pi legend Bill Lowry, Kenyon '56, to campus in a mid-October all school event entitled "Evolution of Diversity in Kenyon Greek Life: A talk by Bill Lowry." His insights were inspiring and his love for Beta not only runs deep but also permeates. It was an absolute joy to have one of our most distinguished alumni back on campus.


Ξ | Galesburg, Ill. Ian Horne ’16

The Xi Chapter has recently shifted it's focus towards improving its campus image; an endeavor that has been problematic for us in the past. Our executive team has put a lot of effort into expanding our positive presence on campus by orchestrating numerous charity events on campus and offering a variety of on campus events for the student body.


ΓΠ | Appleton, Wis. Jonah Laursen’16,

Our chapter was very pleased with the rewards we received at General Convention for our hard work last year, and we are setting our sights even higher this academic year. We have dramatically increased our alumni engagement over the past year. We also are hoping to take advantage of more Beta leadership opportunities to help achieve our goal of winning a John Reily Knox award this year.


ΔΠ | Louisville, Ky. Nick Ostertag ’15

Our chapter's biggest efforts lately have been to improve our chapter house. We have been actively working with our Housing Corp. to make our house more appealing. Recently, we have repainted, stained and pressure washed our deck and added a pantry for in-house members. We are adding a mail system for brothers and repainting the brick on our house.

LOYOLA MARYMOUNT ΗΑ | Los Angeles, Calif. Zach Sousa ’15

HB | Coral Gables, Fla. Christopher Chapek ’15

The chapter has experienced a huge surge this semester, recruiting a fall class of 10 men in preparation to move into a chapter house for the first time ever next semester. Additionally, the chapter had the privilege of supporting Zeta Tau Alpha's chapter here at the University of Miami during their Think Pink Week. The chapter won the entire philanthropy.


Λ | Ann Arbor, Mich. Mitch Joa ’16

We teamed up with Delta Gamma to host Cider for Sight in our front yard. Cider for Sight was a fall-themed philanthropy event to raise money for the Delta Gamma foundation and Service for Sight. We held an auction for pairs of tickets to a haunted house and for $2, anyone could pie a Beta or DG. In total we raised more than $1,000 during the three-hour event.


ΒΠ | Minneapolis, Mich. Nate Wong ’15

This semester, the Beta Pi Chapter celebrated 125 years of operations. It celebrated with a weekend long event with over 200 alumni and guests in attendance. The chapter also launched "The North Shall Increase: Building a Bridge to Beta Pi's Future" campaign to restore and maintain the chapter house, which was built in 1927.


BB | Oxford, Miss. Ian Ford ’15

The Beta Beta Chapter has really stepped up their efforts to become a powerhouse on the Ole Miss Campus. The chapter worked extremely hard during rush this year and pledged 88 new members. The chapter recently named an academic scholarship award after Rhodes Scholar and esteemed alumnus of the chapter, James Peden. The chapter is working towards its new goal of a cumulative 3.0 GPA.


The Eta Alpha Chapter continues to recruit quality Men of Principle to keep chapter numbers stable while building on the established success of the past year. We are also proud to say that our student run philanthropy, People Being Just, is reaching a new high this semester in order to help feed the homeless of downtown Los Angeles.

MIAMI (Fla.)


To aid in the Old Town Recreational Center's (OTRC) new start as an independent, non-profit organization, the Beta Eta Chapter started the Beta Theta Pi Kan Jam Klassic. The Kan Jam tournament raised money and awareness for the OTRC. The event saw 24 teams participate and raised more than $500. We plan on adopting it as our annual fall philanthropy here at Beta Eta.

ΓΨ | East Lansing, Mich. Matt Wackerman ’14

After getting our charter back at the 175th General Convention, the Gamma Psi Chapter has been having an amazing semester. We have a pledge class of 25 men, our largest since recolonization. All the brothers are still getting used to having such an amazing housing location, just off campus. The chapter is proud to say that its amazing alumni base is only getting stronger.


ΔΩ | College Park, Md. Connor Morrison ’16

This semester, the Delta Omega Chapter gained eight new brothers to reach a total of 45 active brothers. Delta Omega also won first place in Maryland's annual Greek Homecoming competition alongside the sisters of Kappa Alpha Theta and the brothers of Delta Chi. The chapter is already looking forward to next semester with high goals for recruitment and campus involvement.

HELPING THEIR HOUSEMOTHER Inside the halls of the Beta Eta Chapter at the University of Maine, the housemother, Karen, takes care of the men like they are her sons. One day, they helped her out for a change, by going to her property and completing a variety of home improvements.


ZΦ | Columbia, Mo. Kevin Kafoury ’16

Prior to this semester, the Zeta Phi Chapter signed 40 new members, all of whom still remain with us. On the athletic field, our "A" intramural football team won the championship. This semester, Brother Christopher Shea presides over the Trulaske College of Business Student Council, an outstanding position of leadership.


BH | Orono, Maine Charles Harvey ’16


MISSOURI-KANSAS CITY ΕΛ | Kansas City, Mo. Brandon Kratz ’15

This year the Epsilon Lambda Chapter celebrated its 25th Anniversary since being founded at UMKC's campus. We had a great turnout of alumni ranging from recent graduates to some of our chapter's founding fathers. With our current pledge class, our chapter will remain the biggest on campus and we hope to keep the best grades among all fraternities once again.


BY | Boston, Mass. Marshall Kraft ’17


The Beta Upsilon Colony moved into the house this semester. This is the first semester with a majority of brothers living in the house since the chapter restarted and so far it is going well. The colony has grown in size and will have 22 members after the initiation of our fall pledge class. We couldn't be more excited to add the group to our brotherhood!


H | Chapel Hill, N.C. Chase Furr ’15

With our biggest pledge class in four years, we were extremely excited to welcome 24 new brothers into the Eta Chapter this fall. With a solid mix of in-state and out-of-state representation, we continue to attract quality guys across all areas of the country. This success would not have been possible without a tremendous effort from all of our actives and extremely involved alumni.


ΓΚ | Grand Forks, N. D. Maxwell Hyberger ’16

We initiated a solid fall pledge class and also had an excellent new member and active GPA. This upcoming winter break, we are having our second annual ice fishing trip on The Lake of the Woods.The house has continued to grow and we are very excited for another successful semester.


ΗΖ | Boston, Mass. Terry MacCormack ’15

We had a really strong recruitment season, taking on 11 new members. We're excited that we were able to help initiate a stronger IFCwide recruitment process by partnering with the IFC to put on a few events at the beginning of the rush period to help potential new members learn more about all the chapters on campus.


P | Evanston, Ill. Nick Roy ’16

As Northwestern has deferred rush, most of this quarter for the Rho chapter of Beta Theta Pi has been spent rushing the incoming pledge class. To accomplish this task, we have hosted social events, rush events and Sunday night dinners to meet the potential pledges that meet the criteria to be in Beta. We believe that we have been successful in this endeavor.


AT | Lincoln, Neb. Kyle Kaluza ’14

In the fall season, we welcomed 29 men to become new brothers in our recently renovated chapter house. We also completed another successful philanthropy, Beta Burrito Bash. This philanthropy raises money for Lighthouse, an organization that provides an after school program for at risk youth, which is run by an Alpha Tau Alumni.


BK | Athens, Ohio Garrett Anderson ’16

Over the course of this past semester, Beta Kappa had its biggest recruitment class (32) in recent history and the biggest on our campus. We have also been assembling our chartering application and preparing for convention this summer. Reporting from last semester, out of all fraternities, Beta Kappa had the highest cumulative GPA on campus, well above the allfraternity, all-men's, and all-campus averages.

NOVA SOUTHEASTERN ZM | Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Bendik Stenersen ’16

At the start of the semester, our chapter was at 11 active members. After rush week we ended up with just a total of 18. After being encouraged by General Fraternity to push ourselves and keep growing mid-semester, we have pushed ourselves to just below 30. Recruitment is 365 days long, not just a week. We couldn't have done it without the connections we have with Betas nationwide.

BIG NUMBER IN MISSISSIPPI The Beta Beta Chapter at Ole Miss signed an astounding, record-breaking 88 men to its fall pledge class! Successful recruitment? You can definitely say so. Congrats to the chapter and new members, which now number 160!


ΓΦ | Norman, Okla. Jake Khoussine ’17

John Wooden once said, "we must be challenged to improve, and adversity is the challenger." These words have carried a particular significance for us. Although we have been blessed with our housing renovation, the transition to off-campus living has presented many new challenges that have tested our brotherhood. Despite these challenges, our brotherhood is stronger than ever.

OKLAHOMA STATE ΓΛ | Stillwater, Okla. Colten Hall ’15

University of San Diego Betas teamed up with Kappa Kappa Gamma for "Surf for the Cure." The surfing competition raised money for Life Rolls On, a nonprofit organization that specializes in spinal cord research and the Shades of Pink Foundation California which provides financial assistance to women with breast cancer.


AY | State College, Pa. Matt Rupsis ’15

This year has started off great. We've added 14 new prospective members, our James and the Giant Peach homecoming float was outstanding, and we've raised more than $4,000 so far for the Penn State philanthropy THON. The rest of the semester we're looking forward to competing in Greek Sing, hanging holiday lights, and having a fun winter formal.


ΔΕ | Tacoma, Wash. Scott Greenfield ’16

The colony at Puget Sound has had a successful fall semester, reaching out to the other chapters on campus and establishing meaningful connections with them. We had a strong showing at UPS' Greek Week event, performing well at the Greek Olympics and Knowledge Bowl. Additionally, we have begun re-establishing our relationship with alumni.


This year, our membership has been hard at work to ensure an outstanding year for our chapter as a whole. This semester, we competed in OSU's Homecoming by building a float and taking home the Grand Marshal's Cup. We have also made our Alumni's Return greater by offering an alumni tailgate at each home game.



During Fall Recruitment 2014, the Beta Rho chapter proudly announced the addition of 38 new members! As the chapter now flourishes with a total of 97 undergraduate members, it once again sets its sights on being crowned University of Oregon Greek Week champions and ending the term at the top of the overall men's fraternity grade rankings.


HK | Stockton, Calif. Jordan Carmona ’16

The Eta Kappa Chapter has just finished elections and a new Executive Board has been elected into office. Also, our chapter has donated $2,948 to our philanthropy, the Women's Center - Youth and Family Services. These funds were raised by our chapter through various philanthropic events throughout the past two semesters.

Φ | Philadelphia, Pa. Matt Fiore ’16,

This fall, the Phi Chapter has focused on improving our alumni engagement efforts by releasing a new edition of our newsletter. The newsletter has been out of circulation for quite some time now, and the chapter is very excited about bringing back this great tradition. We believe our newsletter will be a great opportunity to inform our alumni about recent happenings and upcoming events.


Colony | Pittsburgh, Pa. Tony Tripp ’16

We approached the neighborhood of Hazelwood — a low-income, food desert community adjacent to our campus — wanting to help. We’ve since worked to create, maintain and expand a produce-yielding urban garden, led volunteer projects with other student organizations, and held an indoor trick-or-treating event so that local kids could enjoy Halloween safely.


Colony | Hamden, Conn. Andrew Bouchahine ’15

In the fall, we added eight new members to our colony bringing our overall membership to 44 brothers. We also had two successful philanthropy events, donating the proceeds to the American Cancer Society. The ladies of Alpha Delta Pi donated $100 to ACS on our behalf. Beta still holds the top GPA on campus among Greek organizations.


ZT | Saint Louis, Mo. Jacob Berry ’15

Thanks to the hard work of all brothers and advisors, this past semester has not been short of accomplishments. With extensive work in the summer, attention to detail during rush week, and a desire to build up the new pledge class, the chapter initiated 33 of the best men on campus this fall. We couldn't be more excited to see what these new brothers can do for the chapter!


BP | Eugene, Ore. Brody Foster-Cohen ’16


SAYING NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE The men at UC Irvine took to campus and asked others to join them in standing against domestic violence. The group got students, faculty and even UC Irvine’s Vice Chancellor Thomas Parnham to sign a ribbon, make a pledge or share an image on social media.


ΖΩ | San Diego, Calif. Kevin O'Reilly ’15


ΓΩ | Dallas, Texas Tyler Friske ’15


Zeta Omega celebrated its fourth straight year winning the Dean's Trophy, an award given yearly to the best chapter on campus based on USD Greek Life's five core values: Social Justice & Selfless Service, High Social Standards, Leadership, Academic Excellence, and Brotherhood. The chapter has recently elected its executive board, and is excited to initiate its fall class.

The Gamma Omega Chapter has had another successful semester at SMU. After initiating 34 new members last spring, our chapter is on track to induct 35 to 40 new members this winter. Gamma Omega remains the third largest fraternity on campus, in addition to having the highest fraternity GPA. Our chapter recently won first place for our Homecoming float.



SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA ΓΤ | Los Angeles, Calif. Aaron Goldwyn ’15

Once again, we are involved in the Movember philanthropy which addresses men's health issues such as prostate cancer. We are looking to repeat as the leading national collegiate group for this awesome charity! We are working hard on fundraising for Movember as well as growing out some pretty sweet mustaches.

SOUTHERN ILLINOIS ZO | Carbondale, Ill. Brent Bloemer ’16

We have eight pledges that are all going to be initiated in the spring semester. We currently have 15 active members, and are looking to have the largest academic semester in two years. Currently, we are renting a house and looking to start a housing fund to make permanent roots down here in Carbondale.


ΖΗ | San Jose, Calif. Samuel Brannan ’15

Here at Zeta Eta, we had a successful rush this fall, bringing in 12 total pledges. It required a lot of hard work from the actives, considering our chapter is at 25 members right now. We're doing a philanthropy this holiday season called "Carols for Clothes," where we send out boxes to other houses to donate clothing. Then we go carol and collect the clothing!


ΓX | Sewanee, Tenn. Param Singh ’16

Our chapter is continuing to flourish and is well-represented on campus. We recently held a successful parents luncheon as a fundraiser and a way for parents to meet the chapter. We are currently planning an alumni relations event for homecoming weekend in hopes to further bond with the alumni and also as a fundraiser for future developments on the chapter house.

Y | Columbia, S.C. Andrew Scheppegrell ’16

The Upsilon Chapter just initiated 31 men this semester, remains first in grades among large chapters at the university and received the Knox Award for the first time at this summer's convention. The chapter is also currently running a capital campaign to build a new chapter house, after hosting the largest alumni and parents weekend in the history of the chapter.


ΓΑ | Vermillion, S.D. Aaron Riswold ’15

Gamma Alpha enjoyed a successful fall rush, welcoming 17 new Betas into the house. We also recently became the reigning intramural flag football champions on campus. The Betas all had a great time celebrating South Dakota's 100th homecoming, and two members were royalty candidates. We were fortunate to welcome many alumni back home.

ST. LAWRENCE ΒZ | Canton, N.Y. Anderson Good '15

We added 22 new members to our chapter from our fall pledge class. Our chapter size is now the largest it's ever been since our 2009 recolonization and 2013 rechartering. Renovations have begun on the Abbot-Young Memorial Temple, a fresh coat of paint has been laid and we are expected to be allowed back in this spring! We hope to gain university housing for the fall of 2015 as well. STEVENS

Σ | Hoboken, N.J. Carrick Porter ’17

As a kick off to the newly rethought and redeveloped Stevens IFC, the Sigma Chapter hosted their interfraternal brothers on their side yard and patio for what we hope to become a regular event: Cigars and Ideas. It is a unique event for Stevens Greeks where they can be outside socializing and thinking. Many good ideas were passed around.


HH | Fort Worth, Texas Michael Ridings ’15

The newly-chartered Eta Eta Chapter is off to a great start this fall! We signed 43 men and they are well into their education process. Our chapter was also awarded a house by the university at the beginning of the fall semester, and 26 of our sophomores call it home. We would also like to congratulate Cody Westphal '15 for winning the award of Mr. TCU!


ΔΚ | Knoxville, Tenn. MacVan Scott ’16

ΔP | Fort Worth, Texas Luis Mora ’14

The Delta Rho Chapter experienced a great amount of success this year. The chapter won Best Grades, Greek Week, Best Philanthropy and Best Advisor. This was the first time in 4-5 years that the chapter has won any campus award. During convention, we were recognized as the "Most Improved Chapter" in terms of grades.


ΘΖ | Toronto, Ont. William Baric ’15

With a number of new members that this chapter hasn't seen in decades, these men will now take us up to an active roster of 47. It stands to reason that, between the huge turnout for alumni dinner and the current active successes including being recognized as Greek Week champions and Virginia Tech award winners, this chapter has drive and dedication.


ΔΣ | Irvine, Calif. Freddy Vega ’15

The Delta Sigma Chapter had its biggest fall pledge class in years, raising the total to 52 overall actives and new members. The domestic violence awareness campaign that we held on the last week of October was incredibly successful and received recognition by university administrators and faculty members. Overall, over 600 individuals pledged to take a stand against domestic violence.

UC SAN DIEGO ΖΓ | La Jolla, Calif. Wesley Calove ’15

We recruited 18 gentlemen for our fall class. This increases our overall membership to 70 men, which puts us around the IFC chapter average for our school. For just being a year old, we have far surpassed our own expectations. We even have top overall GPA in IFC. Zeta Gamma is on track to do even bigger things this upcoming school year.


The chapter is having a fantastic semester. We recruited and initiated 29 new members to our chapter, won homecoming, and installed our new officer team. We have really benefited from the reorganization process and could not be happier with our growing Men of Principle chapter. We are looking forward to the upcoming spring recruitment process.



This fall semester we brought in a pledge class of 29 men, growing our chapter size to 108 members. We started a new philanthropy, Beta Barn Dance, in support of Best Buddies that was very successful and one we hope to continue. We are also in the process of planning fundraisers for our alumni to raise money for the expansion of our executive council room.

ZΞ | Kirksville, Mo. Jacob Ohlhausen ’15

Truman State recruited 22 new members to bring our chapter size to 99 men! We also continued our academic dynasty with our 14th straight year with the top GPA among fraternities. We hosted two dozen alumni over homecoming (in which our team finished third!) and continue to develop young men into men of principle for a principled life.


ZP | Corpus Christi, Texas Andrew Dittmar ’17

The men of the Zeta Rho Chapter were successful in recruitment and have 10 quality gentlemen pledging the Fraternity. We gratefully have one member and one pledge invited to join the Order of Omega Greek Honors Society, and our president, Brother Christian Reyes, has been a member for a year now. It's been a great year so far.

PAYING TRIBUTE Every Remembrance Day, the Theta Zeta Chapter at the University of Toronto attends a memorial service outside the University's Soldiers Tower. Soliders Tower honors those from the school who gave their life in the name of freedom. The chapter laid a wreath in appreciation for those who made the ultimate sacrifice, especially the many Theta Zeta Betas.


ΓΝ | Los Angeles, Calif. Christopher Long ’15

This quarter, we completed a $15,000 remodel of our backyard including a brand new weight lifting area and completely redone basketball court. This was a huge draw during recruitment, as we had nearly 600 people come to check out the house on the first day alone. By the end of recruitment, we had a bid acceptance rate of 85 percent and pledge class of 31.


EH | College Station, Texas Banner Long ’15


DODGE FOR A CAUSE The men of the Alpha Phi Chapter at Virginia Tech took first place in Alpha Chi Omega's Dodge Domestic Violence Dodgeball tournament. Looks like all those games played at recess in elementary school paid off. What a great effort from the brothers for a great cause!


ΓB | Salt Lake City, Utah Mitchell Cox ’14


The Gamma Beta Chapter was thrilled to welcome 33 men into our fold during fall recruitment. Our chapter won the University's long-standing "Songfest" lip-sync competition, as well as Homecoming Week. Recently, the chapter raised more than $3,000 for the Rape Recovery Center and had 100 attendees at the chapter's Sexual Assault Prevention Forum.


O | Charlottesville, Va. Ryan Crawford ’15

The chapter partnered with Chi Omega to host the Southern Sampler. The event, which featured barbecue and food from a variety of local restaurants and live music, raised more than $4,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The chapter hosted a Homecoming Weekend football tailgate before the South's Oldest Rivalry game, where over 30 alumni attended and got to meet active brothers.

WASHINGTON & JEFFERSON Γ | Washington, Pa. Danny Walters ’15

For Homecoming this year we welcomed back many alumni from the late 1980s to share in the burial ceremony for a brother who passed away last year. The classmates of the deceased honored him with a burial stone in front of the chapter house. Family and friends gathered to remember the life of an important part of the Gamma Chapter and of Beta Theta Pi.


ΒΛ | Nashville, Tenn. Jay Reynolds ’16

Beta Lambda entered its final semester of capital campaigning before our rebuild in the coming months. Going into the year, we were just under $1 million of alumni funds raised but now stand at $1.4 million, all raised by alumni. Tom Levensailor and Thomsen Smith have put in years to make this project work and are a testament to our alumni support.


ΖΕ | Villanova, Pa. James Spedick ’15

The Zeta Episilon Chapter at Villanova University is currently 48 members strong, with a larger than usual fall pledge class of 14 members. The chapter continues to maintain the highest GPA among all other fraternities on campus and is currently planning its 20th anniversary to be held in the spring.


AΦ | Blacksburg, Va. Jim Lenskold ’16

The brothers at VT had another exciting year in recruiting and academics. The recruitment efforts of the chapter, led by rush chair David Huffman, allowed the chapter to see 25 bids accepted of the 28 extended. Academics are always a priority for the brothers, and the hard work paid off by being the number one chapter on campus in GPA for an 8th semester in a row.


T | Crawfordsville, Ind. Zachary Mahone ’15

After winning its first Knox Award, the Tau Chapter has continued to strive for excellence through increased involvement in the community through service and philanthropy. The Tau Chapter also held its first Alumni Hall of Fame dinner which will hopefully become a tradition. Lastly, the chapter continues to grow and is excited about the 24-man pledge class it secured through recruitment!

WASHINGTON AND LEE AP | Lexington, Va. Nicky Peacher ’15

We are in the middle of a very successful fall semester. Currently, we are in the process of sending out our 2nd annual alumni newsletter and hope to engage many Betas of all ages. Several brothers on the Varsity Soccer team just finished up an excellent season, in which they made it to the Conference Semi-Finals. We are looking forward to our school's formal rush week at the beginning of next semester!

WASHINGTON IN ST. LOUIS AI | St. Louis, Mo. Jakob Leonard ’15

Here at WUSTL, we have had two great backto-back rush cycles; first taking a pledge class of 30 for Spring 2014 and seven for Fall 2014. This gives us a total of 37 new members and an overall chapter size of 84 Betas. In addition, as with many other colleges across the nation, the Alpha Iota Chapter has made an effort to lead the conversation on sexual assault in fraternities.

WASHINGTON STATE (ΓΘ) Pullman, Wash. Garrett Bogar ’15

We recruited a pledge class of 28, boosting our overall chapter size to almost its largest member count since the mid 90s. We ranked second in GPA out of 22 on campus fraternities with a 3.21. We received two awards from the annual Arete ceremonies: leadership development and Greek Scholar of the Year to Corbin Poppe. Brother Zak Cherif was elected IFC president.


ME | Middletown, Conn. Jeff Rundle, Kansas State ’03

ΔΓ | Wichita, Kan. Connor Bain ’16

Our chapter held the 55th annual Founders' Day celebration where Brother and Pizza Hut Co-founder Dan Carney accepted the Oxford Cup. In preparation for this year's Founder's Day, we did an array of maintenance repairs putting our house in tip-top shape for the event. This semester we have so far retained 92% of our new member class!

WILLIAM & MARY ZY | Williamsburg, Va. Jacob Ramey ’16

We were proud to welcome 15 young men into our fall pledge class, men who have been devoted to the pledging process and have embraced our chapter's ideals. However, with the joy of welcoming our new members also came an unexpected sadness at the loss of our close friend and brother, Peter T. Godshall. Peter was a devoted member of our chapter and will be sorely missed.

WISCONSIN-OSHKOSH ZZ | Oshkosh, Wis. James Young ’15

Our chapter has consistently pushed its boundaries in terms of recruitment, dedication to principles and upkeep of the chapter; this term is no different. We hosted the first Ms. UWO on October 21st, a professional dress/persona pageant, in partnership with Christine Anne Domestic Abuse Services Inc. to raise more than $1,800 for their cause.


ΑΓ | Springfield, Ohio Aeron Roach ’15

We have focused on defining our campus image by critically reflecting on recruitment and building our brotherhood. We have increased our productivity in and outside of chapter meetings, which has aided us in redefining the type of individual we are looking to recruit. Thus, allowing us to build a 365 recruitment model that helps us seek out those individuals.


The Mu Epsilon Chapter remains under suspension of activities with Wesleyan University and Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. During this suspension, the Fraternity will continue to monitor Wesleyan's co-educational housing and membership policy requirements. For more information, contact Director of Chapter Services & General Counsel Jeff Rundle, Kansas State '03.



We were very successful in rush this year and have a great pledge class that's motivated and driven. We spent a lot of time this semester going back to our ritual and strengthening our own brotherhood. Additionally, instead of participating in intramurals, we have created our own "Beta-murals."

AΠ | Madison, Wis. Brett Daul ’15

For the first time in more than a decade, we initiated a pledge class of over 10, with 12 new members joining our ranks. While still small to most, it shows significant improvement for our chapter, as we performed a house cleaning a few years back. We are gaining momentum and have a bright future for growth at the University of Wisconsin.


ΓΖ | Walla Walla, Wash. Nate Dorlac ’16,

In the past semester, the men of the Gamma Zeta Chapter took a particularly strong interest in improving recruitment results, increasing chapter size, and bettering our housing system. Because of their hard work, the house has seen a rapid growth in membership and interest in the continuation and strengthening of the chapter.

#BRINGBRIANHOME The Gamma Theta Chapter at Washington State University and its Greek community rallied together to support Brian Gurney, Washington State ’17, who was severely injured in an August hiking accident. Along with Beta, both FIJI and Theta Xi held philanthropy events to raise money for Brian's medical fund. FIJI gave the $5,800 made from its Fiji Islander event to Brian's medical fund.


Colony | Worcester, Mass. Tushar Narayan ’15,

The MPS Scholarship process was successful, as we had around 60 applicants. Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Arthur Heinricher, was the keynote speaker at the MPS Banquet. Formal recruitment is in full swing, and we have already added six new members to our fraternal band. We had a 3.52 average GPA this past quarter.


ΑΔ | Fulton, Mo. David McDermott ’15



IN LOVING MEMORY Flags indicate those who have served in the United States or Canadian armed forces.


Honor your brothers and friends with a memorial gift to the Beta Theta Pi Foundation and, in lieu of flowers, consider asking loved ones to name the Beta Leadership Fund in your obituary: You might also request that your loved ones donate your Beta badge and important Beta artifacts and documents to the Fraternity’s archives and museum in Oxford.

Alabama Richard J. Bowling ’77, Oct. 22 Thomas R. Hobson ’67, June 21 C

LeRoy B. Smith, Jr. ’49, Feb. 3 Samuel B. Wood, Jr. ’49, Aug. 31, 2013

Auburn Lloyd M. Brooks ’69, June 1 John M. Gwin ’71, April 1 Mack N. Leath ’67, Sept. 21

Colorado College William M. Smith, Jr. ’52, June 2 C

Ball State John H. Bowles ’67, Oct. 13 C Beloit Robert O. Wheeler ’52, Feb. 2


Bethany William G. Hoffman ’65, Sept. 25 Dewey R. McKenzie ’50, July 16 Carleton Bryan D. Richardson ’92, June 17 Carnegie Mellon Lawrence W. Johnson ’48, March 22 C Richard B. Turnbull ’56, July 1 C Centre George H. Edmiston ’51, Aug. 30 Donald L. McCulloch ’53, April 13, 2013 Cincinnati David B. Maxfield ’58, Aug. 22 William L. McKenzie ’58, June 27 C David B. Osterbrock ’60, May 15 Richard H. Stirsman ’57, July 23 Wayne B. Woodward ’54, July 16

Colorado Mines John H. Mason ’49, Jan. 5, 2013 C Columbia Charles F. Faddis ’53, April 25 C Cornell Richard F. Schluederberg ’49, Sept. 10 C Dartmouth James M. Coleman, Jr. ’46, April 12 C David Q. Porter, Jr. ’57, March 28, 2013 Davidson Milton C. Gee, Jr. ’60, July 15, 2013 Denison H. A. Rudolph ’55, May 24 C Dale A. Smith ’49, Sept. 11 C DePauw Craig B. Campbell ’60, Oct. 8 C Kenneth O. Johnson ’54, Oct. 25 Paul P. Van Riper ’37, July 11 C Duke Robert A. Hinshaw ’43, July 19 East Carolina David P. McCaffrey ’91, July 19

Clemson Maurice S. Moore ’88, Feb. 22

Eastern Kentucky David D. Cahill ’79, July 3

Colgate Joseph H. Boyd, Jr. ’60, Sept. 1, 2013 William E. Knox ’55, Dec. 2, 2013 Robert M. Marchant ’57, Nov. 19, 2013

Eastern Washington Alejandro E. Apodaca ’02, April 18 Brady M. Douglas ’95, May 8 Emory Thomas G. Hill, MD ’64, May 15 C

Florida Charles E. McKenna ’54, July 18 C Millard M. Roberts, MD ’57, Oct. 10 C Florida State Christopher P. Brown ’71, Oct. 20 Georgia Tech J. O. Forrester ’61, July 1 Kenneth E. Starling ’59, May 25, 2013 GMI-EMI Robert A. Downer ’78, March 1 James F. Huffman ’67, June 19 C Hanover Timothy P. Brown ’60, Oct. 23 C W. S. Hammelrath ’60, July 10 B. M. Moore ’49, Oct. 23 C Idaho Gary C. Evans ’71, June 12 Earl E. Hayes ’48, Nov. 5 C James E. Lodge ’77, March 20 Jack K. McClaran ’50, Dec. 27, 2013 Illinois Peter J. Dunn ’52, July 30 James E. Gorman ’56, Aug. 7 Robert M. Hornaday ’61, March 2 C Robert L. Miller ’41, July 27, 2013 Lewis W. Taggart ’43, Sept. 7 Richard E. Toth ’62, May 14 Indiana John R. Beerbower ’63, June 13 C Charles D. Hunt ’49, July 23 C William A. Kunkel III, DDS ’47, Aug. 17 C Jerry W. Meadows ’55, Oct. 22 Richard O. Morris ’42, Feb. 6 Iowa Mark L. Anderson ’87, July 29 Allan D. Kane ’63, Oct. 11

Iowa State Herbert H. Kemp, Jr. ’55, Aug. 10 C Kansas J W. Butin ’44, Aug. 7 Wendell K. Nickell ’47, Oct. 18 C Kansas State Robert B. Castor ’45, May 20 C William W. Hicks ’57, Oct. 8 James L. Kilkenny ’48, April 27 C Knox Frederic G. Lauder, DDS ’50, May 5 C James S. Powelson ’53, Sept. 20 C Lawrence William L. Guerin ’51, Sept. 12 C

Maine John L. Hewes ’48, May 2 C Richard D. Hewes ’50, July 8 C Miami C. D. Burgin ’62, June 16 Thomas Cobbledick ’51, Feb. 10, 2013 J. P. Gardner, Jr. ’40, June 27 William J. Kohler, Jr. ’56, July 22, 2013 John R. Little ’55, Aug. 31 Marchvin Pierce, II ’75, Jan. 23, 2013 Erwin D. Russell ’46, Nov. 22, 2013 Robert E. Sullenberger ’63, Aug. 26

Missouri Charles D. Brown ’33, March 22 William E. Cornelius ’53, Aug. 6 C Charles R. Fillmore ’43, June 1 C Charles O. Leffler, Jr. ’63, Aug. 8 Charles H. White, MD ’26, Aug. 17 C MIT Ellis J. Braman ’58, July 24 C Marc A. Breton ’80, July 28 Marchk A. Cooper ’91, July 14 Walter E. Massey, II ’51, Aug. 4 Miguel Negrin ’44, Dec. 7, 2013 George R. Pflasterer, Jr. ’51, Aug. 9 C Eric L. Raefsky ’76, Aug. 5 Markwick K. Smith, Jr. ’51, Feb. 20 Spencer S. Swinton ’59, April 1 Nebraska James R. Brownell ’48, May 19 C Keith G. Mumby ’53, March 20 Robert C. Smith, MD ’45, Feb. 2 C John G. Whitten ’74, Aug. 29 North Carolina Kemp R. Dunaway ’47, July 2 C Curtis L. Rogers, Jr. ’60, Sept. 17 William S. Ward ’47, May 8 C John J. Zimmerman ’40, Aug. 20 North Dakota Duane A. Arness ’55, April 23 C Rinehart W. Ruff ’52, Nov. 20, 2013 Northwestern Leroy A. Glasner, Jr. ’49, June 16

PAUL P. VAN RIPER DePauw ’37 C Dr. Paul Van Riper passed away on July 11 at the age of 97. Initiated in 1935 by Francis W. Shepardson, Denison 1882/Brown 1883, Van Riper served as General Secretary from 1963-65, and was honored with Beta’s Shepardson Award in 2002. Former President George H. W. Bush said of Van Riper: “Paul’s belief in the integrity of civil and community service has served as the foundation for bringing together public administration scholars and practitioners.”

Ohio State Charles H. Boardman ’40, May 1, 2013 David Dunning ’58, July 17 Parke B. Johnston ’45, Oct. 6, 2013 William H. Keating ’65, June 11 William E. MacDonald ’40, July 29 C John L. Shannon ’48, July 26 C Thornton M. Swisher ’57, June 30 Ohio Wesleyan Kingsley M. Anderson ’93, May 30 C Bruce A. Billings ’60, Aug. 18 Olin J. Stephens, III ’56, July 23 C Oklahoma Bion J. Acton ’45, Oct. 29 C Cyrus R. Anderson ’54, July 10 C George W. Athey ’60, July 17 Lester J. Burkett ’57, June 7 William R. Cook ’38, May 26 C James L. Klabzuba ’81, July 11 William R. Lynn ’62, Oct. 22, 2013 Kyle R. Moore ’84, April 14 Hal K. Muldrow ’61, May 1 C Christopher H. Pierce ’75, June 16 C Everett D. Tate ’55, June 18 Oklahoma State John W. Born ’49, July 19 Oregon Robert H. Sawyer ’51, April 16 C Hugh B. Springer ’60, Aug. 19 C


Mark Anderson died on July 28 at the age of 49. He graduated with a degree in finance and began his career at the Chicago Board of Trade which prepared him for his future business ventures. Anderson was very involved in the Alpha Beta Chapter at the University of Iowa, serving on the chapter’s house corporation board since 2007. He enjoyed golf and was an avid outdoorsman. Anderson is survived by his wife, Shawn, daughter, Hannah and son, Jack.

The brothers listed were reported to the Administrative Office between May 5 and November 9, 2014. For assistance locating an obituary or to report a brother’s passing, contact Phyllis Bowie at 800.800.BETA or


Michigan State Ralph F. Lee, Jr. ’50, Sept. 15 C

Mississippi Richard D. Hooker ’55, Oct. 1 C

Ohio Robert R. Baur ’48, Aug. 16 C Donald E. Bobo ’55, Sept. 12 C Joseph E. Fisher ’70, Aug. 14 Joseph S. Horvath ’52, May 26 Verdin A. Moll, Jr. ’49, Aug. 13 Thomas J. Payne ’60, May 31


Lehigh George W. Howey, Jr. ’55, Sept. 6 John A. Millane ’58, May 11 C

Minnesota Richard F. Kindy ’49, March 27, 2013 James F. Norton ’48, Nov. 1, 2013 C


Walter Massey died on August 5 at 85-years-old. Massey was a founding member of Canadian Actors’ Equity and worked in theatre, television and movies for six decades. He worked in 50+ films and TV shows and 70+ plays in the U.S. and Canada. Massey volunteered for Beta as a district chief.


Oregon State William R. Austad ’55, July 25 C George G. Skou ’49, Sept. 2 C Penn State J. T. Allen ’78, Aug. 14 Mark K. Herpel ’72, Aug. 26 Pennsylvania Peter J. Erceg ’55, April 23 C Joseph S. Kite, III ’51, April 9 C


Puget Sound Matthew N. Saul ’04, July 1 Purdue William H. Brandt ’62, June 17 Donald W. Looft ’69, Sept. 17 Sewanee John T. Alley, Jr. ’76, Aug. 1 Albert S. Polk, III ’67, July 2 C Herbert B. Sparks, Jr. ’81, Nov. 5 SMU John C. Whitsitt, Jr. ’73, June 13 South Dakota Walter L. Brousard ’51, July 17, 2013 Leslie M. Carlson ’55, May 2 Eugene D. Horrell ’54, Oct. 14, 2013 William W. Laird ’49, Nov. 19, 2013 Craig J. Odeen ’65, July 2 C Southern California Louis D. Gabelic ’51, April 19 C Bud Hollowell ’64, May 16

DICK ANDERSON Oklahoma ’54 C


Cyrus Richard “Dick” Anderson, died July 10 following extensive heart surgery. Dick studied under Dame Eva Turner at OU, and then embarked upon a 50-year career in opera. His voice graced most major opera venues, including The Met. After retiring from professional singing in 2006, he returned to OU to teach.

Peter Godshall died unexpectedly on August 25 at the age of 21. A rising senior with a double major in history and finance, Godshall was president of the club lacrosse team last semester and had served his Beta chapter as vice president of programming and recruitment chairman.

William & Mary ’15

St. Lawrence Robert E. Parker ’47, March 16

Union Douglas R. McCuen ’64, Feb. 27

Stanford Roger M. Laverty, Jr. ’43, Sept. 8 C Terence A. McBride ’70, May 6

Utah Stanford P. Darger ’41, May 7 Joseph P. Moslander ’57, June 1 Roderick K. Rynders ’70, April 14 William S. Ward ’49, May 8 C Doug Weaver ’85, May 23

Stevens Robert E. Sollmann ’49, Oct. 18 Syracuse Robert A. Burner ’52, Aug. 2, 2013 Edward I. Goodwin ’54, Aug. 26, 2013 Edward G. Gratzer ’42, Aug. 17, 2013 John H. Grimm ’46, July 13 C Kendall V. Johnson ’48, June 15, 2013 Thomas S. Kasberger ’50, May 6, 2013 Tennessee Paul C. Brown ’91, July 16 Texas J. R. Bell ’55, Aug. 25 C Clarence W. Muehlberger ’44, May 22 James L. Whitlow ’68, June 9, 2013 Texas at Arlington Gary H. Burgess, MD ’74, July 9 Texas Tech William D. Collyar ’82, Oct. 18 Tulane Louis W. Jumonville, Jr. ’49, Oct. 29 Joseph M. Rault, Jr. ’48, Feb. 13 Charles W. Ziegler, III ’49, Sept. 16, 2013 UCLA Ralph E. Bernard ’51, May 29 C Paul B. Glidden ’78, Aug. 13 William B. Stannard, Jr. ’54, Aug. 22, 2013 Jeffrey R. Stark ’72, Aug. 23

Vanderbilt William M. Blackie, Jr. ’53, March 9 Dero A. Darwin, Jr. ’51, Oct. 2 C William E. Hall ’50, June 8 Riley T. Pollard, Jr. ’53, June 7 C Benjamin E. Waller, III ’55, April 26 C Virginia Barrett M. Morris ’58, June 27 Joseph N. Weller ’67, June 14 C Wabash Frederick W. Bigler ’40, May 29 C Richard D. Ticen ’70, Sept. 8 Gordon W. Wiles ’52, April 27 Washington Randall D. Cook ’41, Sept. 7 C Max M. Miller ’49, June 12 C Byron N. Page ’40, Feb. 10, 2013 Washington in St. Louis William A. Sippy ’47, May 30 Washington State George J. Simchuk ’62, April 1 Robert L. Wendt ’59, July 11 C Wesleyan John F. Hollenbach ’67, April 4 Eugene C. Miller, Jr. ’50, June 14 C Derek L. Tattersall ’63, Jan. 17

West Virginia William T. McLaughlin, II ’60, April 22 Harold E. Starcher, Jr. ’55, May 6, 2013 Joseph B. Topley, Jr. ’68, March 25 Western Reserve Donald A. Gross, Jr. ’51, Aug. 18 C Westminster Edward W. Binshadler ’40, Jan. 13 John M. Guthrie ’45, July 17 Alverden M. Riker ’59, Aug. 30 Whitman Stanley D. Hastings ’60, June 1 C Wichita State Donald E. Anderson ’63, July 25 C William A. VanSteinberg, Sr. ’61, Aug. 14 Damon A. Williams ’74, Oct. 10 Willamette Brian J. Burbidge ’81, June 14 C William & Mary Peter T. Godshall ’15, Aug. 25 Wisconsin Edmund R. Hobbins ’52, July 14 C Avery B. Kessler, Sr. ’52, July 7 C David T. Lowell ’54, June 12 Wittenberg John R. McClaran ’43, Aug. 11 C Herbert D. Schaefer, Jr. ’40, April 25 C Roger A. Thomas ’64, Oct. 5 C



The gifts we make now ensure that young men will graduate with more than a degree. — Mike Dubes, Iowa State ’66

When I left the monastery to pursue an education at Iowa State University, the Tau Sigma Chapter helped me get through the difficult transition. So, because of my positive experience as an undergraduate, I became a Beta volunteer when my time at Iowa State came to an end. I served as chairman of the first Tau Sigma chapter house fundraising campaign and recently served on the Beta Foundation Board for two terms. Still, my wife Glenda and I have wanted to give back as much as we could. We firmly believe in the power this Fraternity has to shape young men into something greater, so much so that after our son Scot, Iowa State ’90, passed away in a car accident during his senior year, we dedicated the Administrative Office’s Samuel Taylor

Marshall room in his name. We wanted to honor the experience he had with a place where undergraduates could come and receive the same. From Glenda’s and my perspective, education is the greatest gift we can give our youth. The gifts we make now ensure that young men will graduate with more than a degree. What we give will make a difference in young men’s lives. We ask you to join us by including the Fraternity in your estate planning, so you too can change the lives of undergraduates for the better. Currently, Dubes serves as the president of Dubes Financial Services. He and his wife, Glenda, are the parents of two, Scot, Iowa State ’90 (deceased), and Heather, and have four grandchildren. They reside in Scottsdale, Ariz. and Eden Prairie, Minn.

Beta Theta Pi Foundation & Administrative Office Brennan Hall PO Box 6277 5134 Bonham Road Oxford, Ohio 45056

“. . . OF ALL THE PLACES HE WANTED TO HOLD THE USMC COMMISSIONING CEREMONY, HE CHOSE THE BETA HOUSE.” “Men of principle supported my brother in ways I will never even fully understand. What more could a big sister want for her younger brother?” — Alessia Satterfield, sister of Ryan, Penn State ’13 BETA.ORG/GIFT


The Beta Theta Pi Magazine - Winter 2015  

Beta's 175th Anniversary Celebration (p. 18), You Asked (p. 32), The Beta House (p. 36), and Chapter Reports (p. 39)

The Beta Theta Pi Magazine - Winter 2015  

Beta's 175th Anniversary Celebration (p. 18), You Asked (p. 32), The Beta House (p. 36), and Chapter Reports (p. 39)