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SPRING 2021 What Makes a Good Beta Chapter? | Chapter Reports | Say What?

Eliminating housemothers may be one of the Fraternity’s greatest mistakes. Is it too late to turn back time?

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4/29/21 12:55 PM


Chapter Reports Reported alongside a quantitative 2020-21 chapter performance review, all 135 chapter presidents reflect on their chapters’ experiences during an unprecedented year of the pandemic.

IFC President Tyler Naughtrip, Iowa State ’22, with various chapter awards, including the 2021 President’s Cup — the top chapter honor within the Greek community. Photo: Jack Dickens, Iowa State ’23

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4/30/21 2:21 PM

contents inside this issue DEPARTMENTS 04 | Archives

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Year 3: Beta Brotherhood Assessment With three years of data, the Fraternity can now start analyzing emerging trends at a chapter level and across the organization.

BETA the beta theta pi magazine

Eliminating housemothers may be one of the Fraternity’s greatest mistakes. Is it too late to turn back time?

SPRING 2021 What Makes a Good Beta Chapter? | Chapter Reports | Say What?

In 1916, General Secretary Shepardson issued a list of 12 qualities he believed make a good Beta chapter. How well has it stood the test of time 105 years later?

On the Cover Once a familiar face in chapter homes, housemothers have since fallen out of favor. Is it too late to turn back time?

The Beta Theta Pi Magazine The oldest continuously published college fraternity magazine, The Beta Theta Pi was founded on December 15, 1872, by Charles Duy Walker, VMI 1869.

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A Mother’s Touch Fifty years ago, a pattern of eliminating housemothers began eroding the discipline and gentlemanly tradition of fraternities across North America. Beta must resolve to correct this historic mistake.

Publication Schedule Issue Deadline Mail Date Winter Jan. 15 Feb. 15 Spring April 15 May 15 Fall Oct. 15 Nov. 15 Who Receives the Beta Magazine? All Beta undergraduates and parents, current and former volunteers, Foundation donors, and anyone who requests to receive it in print. Update your subscription and contact info at, 800.800.BETA or

lifelong brotherhood

Say What?

26 | Volunteer Vacancies

“Gemma Nostra,” one of Beta’s most iconic songs, turns 150 years old this year. Sung nervously and often off-key each year by wideeyed young men who are catching the Beta Spirit, most haven’t the slightest clue what they’re even singing. Until now.

How Does One Get Published? Content submissions and photos can be sent to or: Beta Theta Pi Administrative Office 5134 Bonham Road Oxford, OH 45056

While space constraints make it difficult to include all submissions, a fair evaluation process is exercised to publish a variety of unique content. Want Instant Access to a Past Issue? All issues since 1872 can be accessed in Beta’s digital archive:

making a difference

27 | Cut and Polished refining men of principle

48 | Chapter Eternal in loving memory

50 | Beta Eponyms worldwide tributes



What Makes a Good Beta Chapter?


12 | Alumni News



fraternity updates

The Beta Theta Pi, (USPS 052-000), official magazine of Beta Theta Pi, is owned by the Fraternity, edited and published under the direction and control of its Board of Trustees, and published winter, spring and fall for a $30 one-time, pre-paid subscription. Standard non-profit class postage paid at Oxford, Ohio, and additional points of entry. Canada Post International Publications Mail (Canadian Distribution) Sales Agreement No. 0397474. Copyright Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. Produced in the USA.

4/29/21 12:59 PM



archives historical throwback Courtesy of General Fraternity Historian and Archivist Zac Haines, Miami '05, Beta Theta Pi recently acquired a trove of artifacts belonging to Francis W. Shepardson, Denison 1882/Brown 1883. Haines stumbled upon the rare items in an eBay listing of historical documents discovered in a nondescript storage locker in Granville, Ohio. He learned the collection had once been left to Shepardson's niece before later being sold to a third party who abandoned them in the unit for some 25 years. Reinforcing the Beta Great's reputation as a scholar, educator and prolific writer, the haul includes his four diplomas from Denison, Brown and Yale; two honorary degrees from Denison and Washington & Jefferson; correspondence with the White House, U.S. House of Representatives and Library of Congress; several carte de visite images, including a never-before-seen photo bearing his Beta badge (left) from his college days; and more. Most importantly, it's nice to bring these pieces of "Mr. Beta Theta Pi" back home.

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4/29/21 1:01 PM


his begins my 25th year working on the Fraternity's staff in Oxford. As the old saying goes, "Time flies." Thankfully, I've had the privilege of visiting almost every chapter across Beta's Broad Domain. As such, and without getting into the specifics that make each outpost special, it's been impossible to ignore the cultural components that foster what most would consider Beta's best housed chapters: strong alumni involvement, substance-free and a housemother. Alumni engagement and alcohol/drugs get lots of attention these days – for good reason. But in this spring issue our editorial team asserts that the Fraternity's gradual elimination of housemothers may well be one of the most influential and unrecognized mistakes of Beta's last 50 years. Here's why:

Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky ’96

Creative Director

Sarah Shepherd

Managing Editor | Graphic Designer Mike Roupas, Iowa ’10

Director of Media Relations | Senior Writer

Justin Warren, SMU ’10

Publication Printer

Royle Printing Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

2) Nurturing – Young men are explorers by nature, so many efforts by alumni to contain or challenge them (however well intended) are often met with resistance and rebellion. Adult women in positions of authority, on the other hand, often develop a less threatening, favorable chemistry with college men as they still crave a nurturing and sentimental touch that male advisors and house corporation officers can often struggle with. 3) Order – Finally, compared to pigs at a trough, housemothers have a knack for instituting order that is critical in the messiness of "raising boys" and fostering an environment filled with special touches that make living in the Beta house desirable. From overseeing safety measures, a great meal plan and cleaning staff, to supporting the parents' club and helping the men take pride in caring for their home and host any number of weekly special events, there's no other way to put it: Women make a house a home.

Beta Theta Pi should lead the interfraternal world and restore housemothers in every facility that bears our name. In so doing, we will instill in young men the discipline that comes with adulthood, and a warm tradition that stirs the heart and nourishes the soul."


Editor | Chief Communication Officer


foreword editor’s note

1) Decorum – There's an unwritten "bro code" that transcends age and environment: You don't disrespect women. With that added level of situational awareness, young Betas in facilities with housemothers are reminded daily that no one in the Beta house is above the law. As one house corporation president remarked several years ago, "Martin, she is the greatest civilizing influence in this house. Neither the house corporation nor chapter leadership nor university can do what she can."

"Chapter houses across North America cannot be shackled to financial bottom lines that lack imagination, high-mindedness and political will to change course. Now is not the time to handwring and be weak-kneed when it comes to our approach to shaping young mens' lives.

And a fraternity home that is maturely managed, warm and clean stays safe, full and fun. Sincerely and yours in ___kai___,

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4/30/21 2:22 PM

magazinefeedback “I want you to know


that as a retired chief of police, with a background in narcotics enforcement, gang enforcement and SWAT attempting to deal with the drug smuggling/sales/abuse problem in our country, it is so important to address the cannabis issue with our young members as you have stated (‘a thoughtful analysis’). Solid, fact-based information is critical for them to form opinions and develop a more well informed understanding of the overall issue. They read the Beta magazine. Keep up your outstanding work. __kai__,” — John Horton, Indiana ’67


“I realize I will be


“The cannabis article was informative and well written. It is good to shed light on difficult issues in order to stimulate open and honest discussions. Of course, it is uncomfortable for me personally, but this topic is too important to shy away from. It brings the point home and makes it real by being able to use Max as an example. I want to personally thank [the Fraternity] for tackling these difficult and important issues.” — Clay Fulfer, Idaho ’87, Father of Max Fulfer, Idaho ‘21 (1999-2019)

showing my age and demeanor when I say this, but cannabis is nicknamed ‘dope’ for a reason. I NEVER drank or used drugs of any sort. EVER! The article in the Beta magazine was a disgrace! I know there is medical cannabis, however, would you take the heart medicine I am taking just for ‘leisure?’ I really doubt it unless you gave it a try to get ‘HIGH.’ I was totally embarrassed this was in the Beta magazine!” — Mike Jacobs, Purdue ’67

“I wish I had known

the inbox unfiltered feedback Share your thoughts with Beta’s editorial team at

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about this issue. I produced a documentary titled ‘Emperor of Hemp’ that aired on PBS and TV all over the world. Looking forward to reading your take.” — Jeff Meyers, Miami ’64

“I would be happy to

provide any input for future pieces on cannabis. I’m a Beta in Denver practicing civil litigation and regulatory law around the cannabis industry. Much love and _kai_,” — Darren Kaplan, Central Florida ’12

”Pot is poisoning

work ethic like free money. Your numbers are wrong.” — Bill Cantillon, Case ’65

”Wow. This is one of

the most historically accurate articles on cannabis I have ever read. I’m SO proud Beta Theta Pi printed this. This story needs to be told. People have been so misled on this matter, to the detriment of our health, and we’ve ruined the lives of generations, primarily minorities, as this all stems from racism. The impact of criminality, losing one’s children and imprisonment reaches far beyond the individual charged with the ‘crime.’ It wrecks households for generations and has been the major driver of racial inequality. Work in this industry was the catalyst for my lack of faith and trust in the government. It’s a crime against humanity; God-willing legislators will see the error of their ways and start to clear their conscience by doing what is right. Thank you Beta for being bold and sharing the truth.” — Ashley Taylor, Kappa Delta Sorority

4/29/21 1:02 PM

lettertotheeditor “Thank you for the article ‘Politically Speaking’ in the most recent issue. It was disturbing to read we have some brothers actually lashing out at other brothers online who may be of a different political persuasion.

chapterclosure “As a founding member of the

Delta Upsilon Chapter at the University of Houston in 1977, I remember all the trials and tribulations we went through as a colony until becoming a chapter. They instilled the principles of Beta Theta Pi into all of us, helping us become better men in all endeavors of our daily lives. Now the new colony has been disbanded. It is a sad day as I read these lines. I just want to thank all who have been helping keep Beta alive at the university, and once again pledge my allegiance to our great Fraternity. Hopefully Wooglin will smile upon the city once again in the future. Sincerely and yours in ___kai___,” — Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert, Houston ’78; Roll No. 3

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Speaker of the House Joseph Byrns, Vanderbilt 1891 (D-Tenn.), left, and Minority Leader Bertrand Snell, Amherst 1894 (R-N.Y.), right, who battled one another for the speakership and on a number of policies in the 1930s, was discovered after the op-ed on Beta’s tradition of bipartisanship was written for the winter magazine. (Shucks!) As the old saying goes, ‘An image is worth a thousand words.’ What a testament to the true spirit of Beta Theta Pi.” — Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky ’96; Editor & Director of Communication



“It is with sadness I am returning the 75-year pin which you sent my dear husband, Robert Burrows. Beta Theta Pi meant a lot to Bob. He wooed me on a crowded bus in rural Austria by singing the Beta Sweetheart song shortly after we met at Innsbruck’s Summer Language School in 1950. We were married in 1951 and had 69 years together. Bob died last year on April 14. I am also enclosing his Beta Theta Pi pin. Perhaps it can be given to a new member in Bob’s memory. Most sincerely,” — Marion Burrows, widow of Bob Burrows, Colorado College ’47

“Reason 689 million I love my Beta Sweetheart, Tara. Right after my brother passed, she ordered a bracelet for me with the navigational coordinates of the Beta house in Norman engraved on it, as well as Matt’s Kai number. I’ll wear it every single day. ‘Of Ever Honored Memory.’”


That kind of attack dog, scorched-earth politics was very alien to the likes of Dick Lugar who became known worldwide as the ultimate statesman and diplomat. He represented the very best of courtesy and civility in public life and set the standard that we all can aspire to. All members of our great fraternity need to keep in check any instincts for incivility and discourtesy in the public square – whether online or in-person - as that behavior is very much contrary to the Beta creed that we all swore an oath to uphold and live by.” — Shaw Friedman, Colgate ’81

“A picture of Beta’s


Members of the brotherhood have got to remember that we were all taught to extend the hand of friendship to all who wear the badge of Beta Theta Pi. One of the greatest pieces of memorabilia that I treasure on my office walls is a personal letter I received from one of the greatest Betas ever to serve in public life, the late Sen. Richard Lugar (R-Indiana.) Though we came from very different political traditions, my brother in -kai- Dick Lugar wrote to me on June 3, 2016, to congratulate me on a column I’d written for a statewide political publication criticizing then-candidate Donald Trump for his outrageous, ethnically based attack on the Hon. Gonzalo Curiel, a California federal judge with Hispanic roots who was born in East Chicago, Indiana.


— Dan Card, Oklahoma ’06, brother of Matt Card, Oklahoma ’02 (1978-2021)

4/29/21 1:02 PM

newsworthy fraternity updates Fraternity Announces Initial 2021-22 Expansion Plans

Due to COVID-19, not a single chapter was re/established this academic year. Thankfully, staff has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure the Beta Spirit is established on high-quality campuses across the land. Schools may be added, but the Fraternity is pleased to announce expansion plans for 2021-22: • Boise State – New Chapter • Florida Atlantic – Zeta Delta Chapter; founded April 1, 1995 • Illinois – Sigma Rho Chapter; founded February 28, 1902 • Kennesaw State – New Chapter • San Diego State – Epsilon Beta Chapter; founded February 5, 1984 • Southern California – Gamma Tau Chapter; founded October 26, 1947 • Vanderbilt – Beta Lambda Chapter; founded February 23, 1884

Low Membership Closes Chapters at SIU and Willamette

Despite dedicated efforts, Beta’s Zeta Omicron Chapter at Southern Illinois University was disbanded March 11 due to low membership. Gamma Sigma Chapter at Willamette University in Oregon suffered similar circumstances and was closed in early May. Both charters remain in care of the Board of Trustees.

New Jersey and Rockhurst Installed Virtually

Due to COVID-19, virtual installations were held for Eta Psi Chapter at The College of New Jersey on April 18, and Eta Phi Chapter at Rockhurst University on April 25. General Secretary Wayne Kay, Virginia Tech ’73, and Vice President Mike Wortman, Nebraska ’70, served as installing officers, respectively.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commission Advances New Recs Drilling down on its “Language, Voices and Education” framework that was unanimously adopted by the Board of Trustees last August, membership of Beta’s Commission on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was expanded and organized into three distinct committees. Phase II tactical recommendations were submitted to the Board in late April.

2020-21 Recruitment Recap

Beta fared slightly better on the recruitment front this spring percentage-wise compared to last fall. Of the Fraternity’s 135 chapters, 106 of them recruited 1,018 new members compared to 1,222 on average in spring 2018, 2019 and 2020, a 17% drop. In total, 2,635 men were recruited into the Fraternity this year as opposed to 3,650 on average the prior three years – a decline of 28%.

4/29/21 1:04 PM

greekheadlines Fraternity Deaths at VCU and Bowling Green

Hazing and Forced Consumption of Alcohol Suspected The fraternity community was marked by tragedy again this winter. Adam Oakes (top), 19, was pledging Delta Chi at Virginia Commonwealth University when he was found dead on February 27 in an off-campus house the morning following initiation. A week later, Stone Foltz, 20, a sophomore at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, was allegedly forced to consume a large volume of alcohol as part of Pi Kappa Alpha’s Big Brother Night. He was found unresponsive by his roommate and died later that week after his family donated his organs and removed life support. Eight students have been charged.

betaevents August 2021

5-8 182nd General Convention Oxford, Ohio 19 54th Annual Northeast Ohio Beta Steakout Canton, Ohio

October 2021

15-17 Louisville 50th Anniversary Louisville, Ky.

November 2021


5-6 Fall Board of Trustees Meeting Location TBD 6 Truman State 25th Anniversary Kirksville, Mo. 15 Fall Beta Magazine Published

December 2021

January 2022

She Fed Them for Years; Now They’ve Paid Off Her Mortgage

Concerned about her welfare during COVID-19, late ’80s Phi Gamma Delta graduates from LSU rallied to surprise their beloved former cook, Jessie Hamilton, on her 74th birthday. Kicked off with a traditional fraternity serenade, and with her family standing by, they presented Jessie with a $51,675 gift to pay off her mortgage that had 16 years remaining. “She was truly like a mother to us,” said Andrew Fusaiotti, 52. “She was always looking out for us.” Hamilton responded through tears, “They were my kids. They still are.” The full story is a must-read:

Fraternities Break From Duke Over New Recruitment Policy

Upon Duke’s move to prohibit men from joining fraternities until fall semester of their sophomore year, nine fraternities ended their official relationship with the university and created the independent Durham IFC.

p08-09_Newsworthy_spg21.indd 9

New Study: Mental WellBeing of Greek Students Healthier Than Peers

The Postsecondary Education Research Center has released a new study indicating Greek students report higher levels of positive mental health and lower rates of depression and anxiety. Read more at

14-16 Nichols Chapter Presidents Leadership Academy & Stephenson Leadership Summit Cincinnati, Ohio

March 2022

5 Eastern Kentucky 50th Anniv. Lexington, Ky.


31 Year-End Deadline for Tax-Deductible Gifts to BLF

Upcoming alumni event? Email specifics to!

Sorority Alumna Responsible for Mittens Spoof

Jen Ellis, an Alpha Delta Pi alumna from the University of Vermont, made and gave mittens to Senator Bernie Sanders during his 2016 campaign that became a hysterical social media sensation following his wearing them at the 2021 inauguration.

4/30/21 2:25 PM


BETA BROTHERHOOD ASSESSMENT Last fall, the Fraternity completed its third year of the Beta Brotherhood Assessment (BBA), a survey designed to assess how undergraduate members feel about their Beta experience and whether their chapter is building deep brotherhood in healthy ways. The BBA is confidential and administered by Dyad Strategies, a professional research firm specializing in student assessment and fraternal belonging. The survey includes several dozen questions and takes about 30 minutes to complete. A custom report with chapter-specific results is sent each year to officers, advisors, house corporation volunteers and General Fraternity Officers. Chapter officers and advisors are trained on how to interpret their results and act on the insights.



This article touches on some of the highlights from this year’s data. To see a report that shows more details and trends over time, visit


With three years of data, the Fraternity can now start analyzing trends. While the most important insights happen at the chapter level, these results are emerging across the organization:



of all undergraduates completed the assessment. In addition to being statistically credible, this means Beta’s results reflect the attitudes and beliefs of the vast majority of its undergraduate members.

A decrease in Solidarity. When solidarity is high, members are loyal to each other to a fault, and may “protect” the chapter through dishonorable secrets. Beta’s score is moving in a healthy direction, where members feel connected to each other and the chapter in positive, productive ways. An increase in Shared Social Experiences. This type of brotherhood revolves around friendship. Some men emphasize the social side of Beta to the exclusion of other aspects; an increase in this year’s score could be attributed to the unique social restrictions created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the desire for students to be together and have fun. Chapters have been coached to pay attention to their marketing and recruitment messages so students are joining for reasons beyond just social. Belonging remains high. Belonging transcends casual friendships and social interactions. Men who think of brotherhood this way feel deeply connected to Beta and describe it as “a home away from home.” High belonging is a driver for many other healthy aspects of fraternity life, including member satisfaction and responsibility. In spite of restrictions to campus life caused by COVID-19, members reported a healthy level of connection to their brothers. Connecting Belonging to student identity. Beta and Dyad Strategies, our research partner, have started delving into correlations between student identity (race, ethnicity, sexual orientation) and belonging. Do chapters with a more diverse membership have different belonging trends than more homogeneous chapters? Do non-white members in predominantly white chapters show different belonging trends? Research is underway and will help the Fraternity better understand how to address recommendations from Beta’s Commission on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


There’s no question that campus life — and fraternity life — looked different in 2020. Insights from Beta’s assessment data indicate that men who joined in fall 2020 were more motivated by social experiences than in the past. That’s understandable, given COVID-19 disruptions of spring and summer. At the same time, the data shows a decrease in the number of students who joined Beta for more altruistic reasons, such as wanting to get involved in service opportunities. What does this mean for the Fraternity? Research data shows students who join fraternities for more social reasons tend to have more problematic drinking behavior, get lower grades and possess more tolerant attitudes toward hazing.

p10-11_BBA_spg21.indd 10

4/29/21 1:08 PM

FOUR TYPES OF BROTHERHOOD Shared Social Experiences

Solidarity 5.0



4.5 4.0

4.0 4.0


4.3 4.3 4.3

4.4 4.4 4.4

3.9 3.8 3.9


3.0 2.5

1.5 1.0


2019 2020



2019 2020



2019 2020



2019 2020



Ability to Cope Compared to last year, students indicated that they feel slightly more equipped to adjust their coping strategies in response to stress. Perhaps one positive outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic is more open discussion about mental and physical wellness and a more open environment for talking about struggles and asking for help.

p10-11_BBA_spg21.indd 11



Drinking Behavior This is the percent of members who report drinking alcohol. Knowing that a majority of Beta undergraduates are under 21, this tells an honest story about the realities of campus and fraternity life. Information like this helps the Fraternity provide relevant and relatable education and programming.

First-Generation Students Almost 10% of Beta undergraduates identify as students who are the first in their family to attend a college or university. Nationwide, over 25% of all freshman students identify as first-generation. This indicates Beta has opportunities to expand its reach during recruitment to appeal to students with diverse family backgrounds.



Pay Dues on Their Own A large portion of Beta undergraduates pay Fraternity dues on their own, with no assistance from family or other sources. This highlights the need to keep the membership experience affordable at both the General Fraternity and local levels.

Racial or Ethnic Heritage One-fifth of Beta undergraduates identify as something other than white. This varies greatly by campus based on unique student demographics. Ideally, every Beta chapter should reflect the diversity of its campus.


The Beta Brotherhood Assessment collects demographic information about Beta undergraduates, which provides senior chapter leaders and local volunteers insight on how best to support them and create an engaged member experience.



4/29/21 1:08 PM


alumni news lifelong brotherhood Karn Rejoins Allen in New Reality Show: "Assembly Required"

From 1991 to 1999, Tim Allen and Richard Karn, Washington '78 (left), were a ratings phenomenon with their ABC sitcom, "Home Improvement." Focused on the fictional life of Allen, a married father of three and host of his own do-it-yourself television show, Al Borland (played by Karn) was his ever-reliable workshop sidekick. The duo became must-see favorites each week in family rooms across North America. Now some 30 years later, the two have reunited for "Assembly Required," a new History Channel reality show pitting contestants against one another in challenges that must be attempted from their own home workshops. The multi-round competition includes both Allen and Karn dropping in on the contestants virtually to offer advice on their workmanship, with each episode's winner receiving a $5,000 prize. Allen, who prefers a developed script, has acknowledged the calm brought to the show given Karn's knack for improvisation. The two are both executive producers.

p12-15_Alumni News_spg21 - Revised.indd 12

4/29/21 1:14 PM

alumninews A | Knox Names Head Coach

Named Knox College's Most Outstanding Offensive Player in 2007, Aaron Willits '08, has been named head football coach by his alma mater. He served nine years coaching at Concordia College in Minnesota, most recently as offensive coordinator.

B | Express Picks Baker's Jeans


C | Top Music Attorney


D | From Book to Big Screen



Brian Mencher, Florida Atlantic '98, was named one of Billboard's top music attorneys for 2021. Due to COVID-19, Mencher helped philanthropic client Global Citizen pivot from in-person festivals to televised music events, like Lady Gaga's "One World: Together at Home" concert benefiting front-line workers.



A lifestyle and fashion blogger, Francis Baker, Kentucky '14, was recently tapped by Express to help design jeans for men of similar body structure. As Francis put it, "My goal is to show guys with a larger build how style can build confidence and bring out the best of oneself." Check out brother Baker's blog at

Including A-list actors like Luke Wilson, Martin Sheen and Robert Duvall, "12 Mighty Orphans" hits the big screen June 11. Sony's new movie is based upon the nonfiction book written by New York Times Bestselling Author Jim Dent, SMU '75.

E | Renowned Beta Sculpturist


p12-15_Alumni News_spg21 - Revised.indd 13

Passing in February with family by his side, O.V. (Verne) Shaffer, Beloit '50, certainly left his mark on the world. A prolific outdoor sculpturist, he produced a record-setting 1,200 works of art that decorate landscapes across Wisconsin.

5/3/21 11:01 AM

Senator Nelson to Lead NASA

On March 19, 2021, President Biden nominated Beta Brother Bill Nelson, Florida/Yale ’65, to lead NASA. A three-term Senator, six-term Congressman and astronaut who was the first member of the House of Representatives to travel into space (1986), Nelson received Beta’s highest honor for professional achievement – the Oxford Cup – at the 171st General Convention in Washington, D.C., in 2010. CAMPUS LIFE

14 THE BETA THETA PI Photo: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

p12-15_Alumni News_spg21 - Revised.indd 14

4/29/21 1:14 PM

alumninews I | The Spirit of Maine

Ernest Scheyder, Maine '06, was honored by his alma mater with the 2021 "Spirit of Maine Achievement Award" for his journalism work at Reuters and the Associated Press.

J | Roy Named Pharma Prez

Daniel Roy, East Carolina '04, has been named president of Nuventra Pharma Sciences located in the Research Triangle of North Carolina.


The son of a railroad worker, Warren Staley, Kansas State '65, and his Beta Sweetheart, Mary Lynn, a former public school teacher, have never lost sight of the importance of opportunities. “Every American is lucky to be born or immigrate here,” the retired Cargill CEO shared with the Star Tribune. Well known for their generosity, the couple recently led a campaign to build an 800-student high school in Ghana, Africa. Never seeking attention, they were humbled when Warren was installed as Ashanti “Chief of Development.” Receiving the Ghanaian name of Nana Adu Boahen II, in appreciation he shook hands with every single tribe member – more than 1,000!

p12-15_Alumni News_spg21 - Revised.indd 15

G | Wang Named to LA Wire's Top 30 Under 30

M | Transylvania Names V.P.

A longtime development officer for his alma mater, Shawn Lyons, Centre '81, has been named vice president of advancement for Transylvania University, a private liberal arts school founded in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1780.

A global publication focused on business, entertainment, health and lifestyle, LA Wire has named its "30 Under 30" for 2021, which includes Eric Wang, Truman State '19. Named to the ranking given the growth of his marketing firm, Guard Digital, at 23 years old he has built the advertising startup into a multisix-figure business that employees seven.

H | Kansas City Chiefs Sign Schoen to Reserve Contract

Dalton Schoen, Kansas State '19, has signed a "reserve/future contract" with the Kansas City Chiefs. This protects wide receiver Schoen from being signed by another team as 2021 rosters are finalized.


A cancer drug trial has received FDA fast-track designation thanks to Intensity Therapeutics President and CEO Lew Bender, MIT '81. Bender quit his biotech CEO job in 2012 to pursue his passion of helping solve cancer.


F | Retired Cargill CEO Named Honorary Tribal Chief in Africa

L | Promising New Cancer Trial



Past Administrative Office staff member Scott Fussell, Middle Tennessee State '94, cofounded The Shift Initiative, an effort focused on the growing mental health epidemic. Learn more at (Photo: Towne Post Network)


K | Mental Health Convo Shifts





4/29/21 1:58 PM

What Makes a Good Beta Chapter?

By Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky ’96 | Designed by Mike Roupas, Iowa ’10 Adapted from the 1916 Convention Report by General Secretary Francis W. Shepardson, Denison 1882/Brown 1883

p16-17_Subfeature_Shepardson_spg21.indd 16

4/29/21 1:15 PM

These 12 Things



t the 77th General Convention on September 5, 1916, General Secretary Francis W. Shepardson, Denison 1882/Brown 1883, outlined in his annual report 12 actions he believed exemplify "a good chapter of Beta Theta Pi."

RECOGNIZES that it is not a local organization but a branch of a long established national fraternity having definite aims and purposes, and that its own charter was granted primarily to give added strength to the parent body. RECOGNIZES that the aims and purposes of the Fraternity have precedence over any purely local customs or desires, and that loyalty to the Fraternity is the first prerequisite to enduring chapter development and success. STRIVES through its individual members to exalt those aims and to fulfill those purposes, magnifying constantly the importance of individual accomplishment as a necessary accompaniment to group achievement. CHERISHES the sentiment of the Fraternity through its songs and through faithful adherence to its ritual interpreted with dignity on occasion of initiation.

Given the historic influence “Mr. Beta Theta Pi” had on the DNA of the Fraternity, the question remains:

SEEKS to encourage its members in every way in unity of spirit and endeavor, tries to elevate standards of scholarship, aims to develop strong ties of human friendship among its members, manifests loyalty to the institution in which it is located, and gives hearty support to the faculty in measures which look toward the improvement of individual character.

“Now 105 years later, how well has his formula stood the test of time?”

TRIES through its local administration to respond promptly and efficiently to the demands made upon it by the officials of the Fraternity, insisting upon efficiency in such administration. BARS intoxicating liquor and gambling from its chapter house and does not tolerate, on the part of its individual members, open violation of the laws of the Fraternity or plain transgressions of the spirit of Beta Theta Pi. KEEPS its chapter house and grounds in good condition, regulates life in the house by such sensible laws as to make it as nearly as possible a real college home, and trains its members to respect the rights of one another as well as the obligations toward neighbors in a college community. PAYS its debts promptly and trains its members to regular and systematic habits in personal financial matters as a fundamental factor in chapter prosperity.

“To lead young men up the heights of lofty idealism must ever be the real work of Beta Theta Pi.” — Francis W. Shepardson, Denison 1882/Brown 1883

JOINS in every movement for better relationships among fraternity men in its institution, championing the local inter-fraternity conference as a desirable help toward comity and wider college friendship, always putting the larger interests of the institution ahead of the narrow and selfish demands of temporary chapter advantage. REMEMBERS that it is an institution designed to exist for many years and whose future success will be largely due to the reputation and character it sustains at any one time. TEACHES its individual members to understand that each has distinct responsibility and that each must maintain his character as one of its worthy members. What Makes a Good Beta Chapter? | Spring 2021 | 17

p16-17_Subfeature_Shepardson_spg21.indd 17

4/30/21 3:20 PM


p18-25_Feature-Housemothers_spg21_v4.indd 18

4/29/21 1:46 PM

󰑍othe󰑲’s touch A


IS IT TOO LATE TO TURN BACK TIME? By Justin Warren, SMU ’10 | Designed by Sarah Shepherd


p18-25_Feature-Housemothers_spg21_v4.indd 19

4/29/21 1:46 PM

55-year-old woman becoming a mother to 100 young men sounds like a story ripped straight from the tabloids, but it happens hundreds of times each year across North America. It’s not a new parenting fad or the plot of a tantalizing reality TV show, but rather a concept that dates back more than 100 years in Greek tradition when the idea of a housemother was born. The prominence of this concept grew throughout the first half of the 20th century – peaking in the 1970s – before the rooms and roles of these beloved figures were vacated. It's high time they are moved back in.

A Novel Concept

The first mention of a housemother appears in The Beta Theta Pi magazine in April 1911 in a chapter report from Beta Rho Chapter at Oregon. “The matter of having a housemother or matron has been considered but as yet we have none.” New and unfamiliar as the position felt at the time, buzz about the idea quickly picked up. By the 78th General Convention

Put housemothers back in the house or face the demise of beta. it's just that simple. — Harold Markey Jr., South Dakota ’55

in 1917, the model was being debated on the legislation floor, with delegates from Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Chicago reflecting on their experiences with housemothers, although no Fraternitywide model was adopted at the time. “The Idaho chapter is completely sold on the housemother idea,” General Fraternity President Francis W. Shepardson, Denison 1882/Brown 1883, wrote after visiting with the brothers in 1927. “No members would go back to the old ways … The housemother means so much in the general conduct and appearance of the chapter home that the new conditions have appealed to every member.” In 1933, he continued singing the praises of these women: “Only recently has the idea of the chapter house as a home begun to loom large instead of the boarding-house-club-house notions long prevailing. The housemother, giving the touch of the home to chapter life, highly successful as she is in many places, is still rarely found.”

Rise In Prominence, Fall From Grace

At that time, students lived in dorms or boarding houses often found on the outskirts of campus. Following World War II and with the assistance of the GI Bill, though, construction of student living accommodations exploded. By the time baby boomers arrived on university campuses in the 1960s, large-scale building projects were underway to meet the needs of the growing student population. This period of growth in the student housing market likewise affected fraternity houses, which included housemothers becoming more commonplace. Back then, these women taught etiquette, good manners and interpersonal skills, while also overseeing the meal plan, maintaining a watchful eye over the members and keeping the facilities in tip top shape. However, the anti-authority campus vibe of the 1970s and “Animal House” fraternity days of the 1980s flipped the perception of a housemother to that of a live-in chaperone, allowing the position to fall out of favor as members rebelled. Realizing the reduced financial burden that came from ridding the payroll of a housemother, it became convenient for house corporations to avoid a fight with undergraduates while simultaneously benefiting the bottom line. From 1911 to 1973, the term “housemother” was written in The Beta Theta Pi on 141 different occasions. Since then, it has only graced these pages 24 times. It’s not a perfect science given the lack of data on fraternity housing during this period, but the discrepancy speaks volumes.


p18-25_Feature-Housemothers_spg21_v4.indd 20

4/30/21 2:30 PM

1 Housemother: Helen "Mom" Troth Miami, Alpha Chapter; circa 1937


p18-25_Feature-Housemothers_spg21_v4.indd 21

4/29/21 1:55 PM

Only recently

has the idea of the chapter house

as a home begun to

loom large instead of the boarding-houseclub-house notions long prevailing. ... The Idaho chapter is completely sold on

the housemother idea. No members would go back to the old ways. – General Fraternity President Francis W. Shepardson, Denison 1882/Brown 1883


p18-25_Feature-Housemothers_spg21_v4.indd 22

4/29/21 1:46 PM

A Lingering Absence

The Fraternity Executives Association – a professional organization of men’s and women’s fraternity leaders – reports several industry-wide data points annually, including the number of housemothers in chapter homes across North America. In their 1997 annual survey, 23 Beta properties employed someone in the role. Today, the role goes by many names, including housemother, house dad and house director. The pool of applicants for these jobs has expanded accordingly, and what once was a field dominated by women has diversified to include alumni members, graduate students and university employees.

Still, for Beta housemothers past and present, it’s the connection to Beta’s young men of principle during an important transitional time in their lives that’s the highest priority.

But that has not changed the position’s overall prevalence (or lack thereof ) in the fraternity world or for Beta Theta Pi, specifically. Unfortunately, today fewer than 20 of the Fraternity’s 97 properties employee one of these live-in advisors. “We need housemothers and house directors,” former General Secretary Jerry Blesch, Centre ’60, defiantly declared back in 1996. “Look at the chapters that do. Often, they are among our best.” Understanding why means first understanding who these modern surrogate parents are, what they do and how they influence the lives of the men under their roof.

Mom + Manager

Robin Schmid served as house director at the University of NebraskaLincoln for three years. Besides her basic duties, Schmid told The Daily Nebraskan during her first year in 2017 that she wanted to be a mother figure, especially to the freshmen experiencing life away from home for the first time. “I’ve done a lot in my 55 years,” Schmid said. “I feel that I have a lot of experience and wisdom I can impart upon them.” Of course, while undergraduates are the residents, they’re not the only ones who might need help adjusting to the changes of college life. She believes her mere presence soothed the nerves of many anxious parents who enjoyed regular correspondence from her over the years. “I think seeing me in the house and knowing that there is an adult present is a huge comfort to parents when they’re moving their kids in,” Schmid said. According to former Alpha Tau Chapter President Sam Brower ’18, the role of a house director like Robin is vital to the overall experience of living in a fraternity. “Choosing to serve in the role of house director is no small feat,” Brower said. “And it’s one that often goes unacknowledged.”

The day-to-day responsibilities of these individuals has evolved over the years, and time previously spent baking cookies or playing hostess at chapter events is now more often reserved for maintaining chapter properties and their many repairs and projects, ensuring facility safety, managing budgets, planning menus and overseeing contracts.

When General Secretary Blesch spoke of a housemother’s influence on the best of the best Beta chapters, he was talking about ones like Nebraska. Of a multitude of factors, the presence of a stable and guiding adult presence like Robin is but one for why these men have secured a record-breaking 17 John Reily Knox Chapter Excellence Awards over the years.

culture shaping

Due southeast from Alpha Tau, 2018 House Director of the Year Lana Cameron has been queen of the castle at the University of Missouri Beta house for 16 years, winning over the hearts and minds of generations of brothers, alumni and parents.


p18-25_Feature-Housemothers_spg21_v4.indd 23

4/29/21 1:46 PM

1 Housemother: Betty "Booi" Crafts Auburn, Delta Zeta Chapter; 1993

Chapter President Tyler Hagan '23, says "Mom" goes above and beyond with her holiday decorations, special Sunday treats and even assembling Valentine's Day baskets for the chapter's favorite sororities. But it's when she's sitting at the head of the dinner table each night asking members about their days or giving advice that he feels she has the most impact. "It's her small, daily interactions that build the strong relationships she has with every chapter brother," he said. For her part, Cameron says her years of housemother experience means she has a full and positive understanding of today's youth. "My most important duty is not necessarily always being loving or giving, but being truthful," she said. "While it isn't always appreciated or popular in the

moment, honesty makes for better young men and creates an environment of mutual trust and respect. When Beta introduced its strategic priorities of brotherhood, personal growth and home in 2017, the culture-shaping presence of women like Robin Schmid, Lana Cameron and other live-in house directors became critical to aligning chapter environments with organizational values. They promote member health and safety both physically and emotionally. In every sense of the word, they’re mentors – with a heart.

An Anchor

Business expert and author Anthony Tjan believes there are five types of mentor relationships everyone can benefit from having in their lives: an expert in your career field, a personal champion, a peer, an anchor and a mentee. Housemothers serve as classic examples of an anchor. They keep members grounded, help them weigh academic and career goals against overall life priorities, and prompt them to stay focused when the going gets tough. And for today’s students, the college landscape often feels like a minefield. A 2018 American College Health Association study found that 45% of


p18-25_Feature-Housemothers_spg21_v4.indd 24

4/29/21 1:46 PM

American college students claimed to undergo “more than average stress.” Having adequate support during this time improves one’s ability to succeed, especially when it comes in the form of a high-quality and reliable meal plan, safe and clean living environment, daily home life that exudes amenities and traditions of a true family, and a close contact who can share what they learned from undergoing similar life transitions. In fact, the 2018 Gallup Alumni Survey pointed to higher engagement at work and higher levels of wellbeing for college graduates who had a caring and supportive mentor. For countless Betas over the years, that benefit has come from the patience, discipline and warmness of a housemother.

Finding the Right Fit

If a house corporation is sold on the benefits of a housemother, the number of individuals who have made this their lifelong career is scant. Instead, these individuals traditionally fall in a few categories, including graduate students, divorcees, widows or retirees.

I’m a big believer in house moms. The presence of a lady amongst rambunctious college men tempers the soul and moderates conduct. — Rod Hastie, Auburn ’82

Of the possibilities, those with backgrounds in property management, food service, event planning or extensively working with young people might be ideal. This points to former airline employees, educators, social workers and business owners as high value candidates, especially if they are parents themselves. House corporations may choose to employ a search and placement service like Greek House Resource to track down prospective hires. Alternatively, the General Fraternity House Corporation also fiercely advocates for the presence of house directors and serves as an in-house service providing consulting services free of charge to Beta housing volunteers looking to realize the magic of a housemother in their own facilities.

Bring Back the Moms

Administrators and Greek leaders on a growing number of campuses are also calling for the return of live-in advisors, with many instituting policies that, at a minimum, require a graduate student or recent alumnus to serve as house directors for chapters with on-campus facilities. The individuals filling these roles and the daily support they provide to members must be applauded. Unequivocally, this is a significant step in the right direction. Over the years, however, The Beta Theta Pi has received countless, passionate pleas specific to the return of housemothers, like this one from Harold Markey Jr., South Dakota ’55, which was featured in the “Inbox” in 2019: “Put housemothers back in the houses or face the demise of Beta. It’s just that simple.” Severe as this sounds, it echoes a closely held belief by many within Beta Theta Pi that there is no substitute for housemothers. The authority, respect and reverence these women have commanded over chapter houses full of collegiate men go back generations, and simply cannot be replicated by a peer or alumni brother who may balk at the opportunity to recognize and express care and compassion at a critical moment in a young man's life, or be tempted to tolerate or, worse yet, encourage behavior that has relegated fraternity houses to stereotypes of dilapidation and debauchery for decades.

Addressing a Historic Mistake As the old saying goes: A mom makes a house a home.

Fraternity men 100 years ago recognized this and widely adopted the role of housemothers to aid in protecting the prestige of the chapter house and the discipline and genteelness of the men who called it home. Over the last half century, however, that tradition has eroded and left today’s undergraduates absent the influence of this familial figure beloved by generations of fraternity men before them. Beta Theta Pi now hopes to turn back time, but that’s not because fraternities should be an “adult supervision required” experience. Young men today are reporting record levels of stress and depression and can benefit from the lessons of integrity, compassion and virtue a live-in mentor provides. Eliminating housemothers was a historic mistake. It’s time they once again ruled the roost. 1 SPRING 2021 } A MOTHER'S TOUCH } 25

p18-25_Feature-Housemothers_spg21_v4.indd 25

4/30/21 2:30 PM

volunteer making vacancies a difference Beta has long been known for its deep bench of volunteers who tirelessly serve the Fraternity they love. It's a hallmark characteristic of one of North America's greatest college fraternities. VOLUNTEER VACANCIES


Yet, the need to enlist talented individuals to coach Beta undergraduates is constant. As of April 1, some 65 chapters have at least one advisor opening, representing 116 volunteer vacancies. Are you interested in getting involved, or know a rock star who should be recruited? Email today!


American Financial Advisor Member Education Advisor Risk Management Advisor Arizona State Recruitment Advisor Baylor Financial Advisor Bethany Risk Management Advisor

Dayton Member Education Advisor Recruitment Advisor Denison Financial Advisor Member Education Advisor Recruitment Advisor Risk Management Advisor Denver Member Education Advisor Recruitment Advisor DePauw Recruitment Advisor

Knox Risk Management Advisor Loyola Chicago Chapter Counselor Member Education Advisor Recruitment Advisor Loyola Marymount Recruitment Advisor Risk Management Advisor

East Carolina Financial Advisor Member Education Advisor Recruitment Advisor Risk Management Advisor

LSU Financial Advisor

Elon Member Education Advisor

Miami (Fla.) Financial Advisor

Embry-Riddle Member Education Advisor Florida Gulf Coast Chapter Counselor Florida International Chapter Counselor Risk Management Advisor Florida State Member Education Advisor Recruitment Advisor Furman Chapter Counselor Financial Advisor Recruitment Advisor Risk Management Advisor George Mason Member Education Advisor Georgia Financial Advisor Risk Management Advisor Idaho Recruitment Advisor

Cal Poly Recruitment Advisor

Indiana Financial Advisor Recruitment Advisor Risk Management Advisor

Central Michigan Member Education Advisor

Iowa Risk Management Advisor

Chapman Financial Advisor Risk Management Advisor

Johns Hopkins Chapter Counselor Financial Advisor Risk Management Advisor

Cincinnati Financial Advisor Recruitment Advisor

Kenyon Chapter Counselor Member Education Advisor Recruitment Advisor

Maryland Member Education Advisor Recruitment Advisor

Michigan Financial Advisor Michigan State Chapter Counselor NC State Chapter Counselor Financial Advisor North Carolina Member Education Advisor Recruitment Advisor Risk Management Advisor Northeastern Risk Management Advisor Ohio State Financial Advisor Recruitment Advisor Risk Management Advisor Oregon Member Education Advisor Oregon State Financial Advisor Risk Management Advisor Pacific Financial Advisor Member Education Advisor Puget Sound Member Education Advisor Quinnipiac Member Education Advisor Saint Louis Member Education Advisor Risk Management Advisor

San Jose State Chapter Counselor Financial Advisor SMU Financial Advisor South Carolina Member Education Advisor Risk Management Advisor South Dakota Member Education Advisor Recruitment Advisor Risk Management Advisor Southern California Recruitment Advisor Tennessee Member Education Advisor Texas A&M Recruitment Advisor Texas Tech Risk Management Advisor UC Irvine Chapter Counselor Recruitment Advisor Risk Management Advisor UCLA Member Education Advisor Recruitment Advisor Risk Management Advisor Virginia Member Education Advisor Washington & Jefferson Financial Advisor Member Education Advisor Washington in St. Louis Chapter Counselor Member Education Advisor Recruitment Advisor Risk Management Advisor Washington State Recruitment Advisor Westminster Chapter Counselor Member Education Advisor Recruitment Advisor Willamette Chapter Counselor William & Mary Chapter Counselor Wisconsin Financial Advisor

Clemson Recruitment Advisor Columbia Financial Advisor Connecticut Recruitment Advisor Risk Management Advisor

p26_Volunteer List_spg21.indd 26

4/29/21 1:17 PM

CARRYING A CONVERSATION A true Beta knows the first step to building relationships is mastering the art of small talk. So, you hate small talk and are only interested in “real” conversation? That sounds nice, but nearly every human connection begins with surface-level pleasantries.


One may see the importance of quality, face-to-face engagement fading in a society increasingly driven by digital communication, but these situations still exist all around us: in coffee shops, during business transactions and on first dates. Yes, sometimes it’s awkward or downright draining, but the ability to carry a conversation is a skill worth perfecting, and you can do so by remembering communication expert Dr. Carol Fleming’s acronym, A.R.E.


R | Reveal

E | Encourage

You say: “Wow! That sounds great!”

You say: “I haven’t picked up a guitar since I was 10 years old.”

You say: “Where did you learn to play like that?”

Start the conversation by anchoring it in a compliment or something you’re both seeing or experiencing right then, such as the weather, food and drinks, or an event.

Build initial connection and trust while providing fodder for a response by revealing something about yourself related to the anchor.

Now, keep volleying back and forth with comments and questions while exhibiting friendly body language and giving verbal (“uh-huh”) and nonverbal (nods) cues to show engagement. There are countless topics you could explore based on this example opening line alone, like favorite musicians, first concerts, and current or childhood hobbies. Finally, celebrate that you’ve successfully turned your idle chit chat into something deeper and more “real.” Turns out, with a little confidence small talk isn’t so scary after all.

p27_Cut and Polished_spg21.indd 27

Hand off the ball by asking an open-ended question that requires more than a “yes” or “no” response and invites a personal story or opinion.


A | Anchor

cut and polished refining men of principle Illustrations: Alexa Chmura

4/29/21 1:18 PM

ay what? “Gemma Nostra,”

one of Beta’s most iconic songs, turns 150 years old this year. Sung nervously and often off-key each year by wide-eyed young men who are catching the Beta Spirit, most haven’t the slightest clue what they’re even singing. Until now. by Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky ’96 | designed by Sarah Shepherd


raternity men have long had a working command of Latin and Greek – well, they did for at least the first hundred years since their founding. But, as Pete Floriani, Lehigh ’77, opined in the Fraternity’s 150th anniversary book, “Faithful Home of the Three Stars,” it appears too many Betas have taken a few song lyrics far too seriously: “The only Greek you have to know is Beta Theta Pi.” In 1871, Joseph H. Tunison, Denison 1873, wrote “Gemma Nostra,” a poem that became one of the most beloved songs in the Fraternity. When it was published in the songbook of 1872, every Beta knew exactly what they were singing. For the last 100 years or so, most Betas cannot say the same. Recognizing the unfortunate nature of the situation, in 1942 a young Alpha Chapter immigrant-turned-president John Dolibois, Miami ’42 (who was eventually appointed U.S. ambassador to his home country, Luxembourg, by President Ronald Reagan, Tau Kappa Epsilon), went to the chairman of Miami’s classics department, Dr. Henry C. Montgomery, Phi Delta Theta, and asked him to translate the song. Montgomery jumped right in to help the Beta cause, interpreting it in both literal form, as well as to the rhyme and tune (right). The effort was eventually discovered and published in the January 1977 issue of The Beta Theta Pi. Upon the song’s 150th anniversary this year, it’s only fitting today’s Betas revisit what they’ve been singing all these years, even though sentimental, brotherly hearts have probably felt it all along.

[ 28

| Say What? | The Beta Theta Pi

p28-29_Gemma Nostra_spg21_Revised.indd 28


4/29/21 1:18 PM

“Beta Theta Pi has always been known as a singing fraternity. It has magnified the idea contained in the words, ‘A singing chapter is a good chapter.’ Considering sentiment of prime importance in binding the hearts of its members together, it always has recognized that those chapters which cultivate and cherish the sentimental side of fraternity life are likely to be the ones to which other features of that life appeal as worthwhile.” — Francis W. Shepardson, Denison 1882/Brown 1883

“Gemma Nostra” Joseph S. Tunison, Denison 1873 Tune of “O Christmas Tree “ Key of F

English Translation Dr. Henry C. Montgomery, Phi Delta Theta Published January 1977 in The Beta Theta Pi

Gemma nostra candeat, obscurata nunquam. Atque sertus conserat, caritatis unquam.

Let our jewel brightly shine, never may it lose its gleam. And may sertus us entwine, ever with a high esteem.

Salve! Beta Theta Pi, tu regina pura; Cara tu meo cordi, cara, cara, cura.

Hail thou, Beta Theta Pi, queen without compare; Dear thou art unto my heart, thou my constant care.

Stella quisque scintillet, Sunt omnes aequales. Nunc adsint si quilibet, Inter nos sodales. Inter fratres veritas, Honor amicitia. Fides, virtus jus et fas, Omnes sint notitia.

Let each star in brilliance flash, equal are we all. Whosoever comrades are, gathered in this hall. Friendship, honor, truth are known, ever to the brothers. Valor, faith and love of God, justice to all others.

[ Spring 2021

p28-29_Gemma Nostra_spg21_Revised.indd 29

| Say What? | 29


4/29/21 1:18 PM

2020-21 All-Beta Chapter

performanceaverage Each chapter’s individual performance is listed in its chapter report and matches this key’s color coding.

chapter reports



All-Chapter GPA Campus AMA: 3.30

your alma mater


Reported alongside a quantitative 2020-21 chapter performance review of academics, recruitment, leadership and advisory support, all 135 chapter and colony presidents reflect on their chapters’ experience in an unprecedented year.

Leadership Program Graduates 3-Year Average: 14

Active Advisors 3-Year Average: 7


New Men Pledged / Chapter Size 3-Year Average: 27

NR = Campus or chapter did not report as of 4/28/21 NA = Chapter re/colonized within last three years * = Chapter only reported GPA for one term (This year’s leadership program graduate numbers are lower due to three canceled 2020 programs as a result of the pandemic. The all-chapter GPA figure represents the 68% of chapters whose data was reported as of 4/28/21.)



| Tuscaloosa, Ala. | Est. 1965 Kamren McGovern ’22


3.33 | 3.32

8 | 10

58/169 | 48

9 | 7

Our chapter did very well this year considering the circumstances we had to overcome with COVID-19. Our 2020 GPA was a 3.33 and we had the highest number of new members in chapter history. I am extremely proud to represent my brothers and I look forward to the future!


3.40 | NR


7 | 4

Despite COVID-19, the Betas at American remain at the top of their game. With 12 new members joining Eta Pi over Zoom, three-fourths of brothers on the dean’s list, two members on the IFC executive board and a new team of advisors, we continue to embody the Beta values.

3.28* | NR

6 | 7

While COVID-19 has changed our lives significantly, our chapter has found a way to thrive. Over the past year we took two of our largest recruitment classes ever as well as petitioned for and were awarded our charter once again. The sky is the limit from here. Damn proud.

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC.indd 30

8 | 11

21/47 | 15

4 | 5

Overall, the Delta Psi Chapter adapted very well to the overwhelming circumstances brought upon by COVID-19. At first, it was challenging to maintain our normal traditions and customs due to Baylor’s restrictions. However, our chapter further strengthened our fraternal bonds as we worked together to navigate through these difficult times.

19/26 | 10

8 | 8

The chapter has done tremendously well during this difficult time with COVID-19. Our chapter acquired the most spring and fall recruits in a long time and were able to maintain members. Our chapter at Bethany will continue to strive for greatness.

7 | NA

ΓΟ | Vancouver, B.C. | Est. 1936 Carlos Tingley ’21


3 | 11

11/45 | 20

6 | 7

Over the past year, our chapter and members have experienced the toughest time we could ever imagine. Through the midst of this global pandemic, our chapter has been limited with mostly Zoom events in conducting chapter operations with our provincial guidelines seeking to mitigate the risks of COVID-19.


| Bethany, W.Va. | Est. 1860 Caleb King ’23 8 | 12

2/8 | NA

British Columbia

| Indianapolis, Ind. | Est. 1878 Lucas Haas ’24


3.39* | NR

7 | NA

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for Delta Delta on all fronts, from recruitment to academics. The past year has presented a unique situation in our first year and a half as an organization, leading our membership to focus on the culture we’re creating.


| Tempe, Ariz. | Est. 1977 Michael Haynes ’22 37/65 | 37

3.31 | 3.37

| Waco, Texas | Est. 1980 Ethan Bond ’23


12 | 13

7 | 8


Arizona State

3.18* | NR

40/141 | 55



| Washington, D.C. | Est. 2017 Tyler Jacobs ’22 3/19 | 9

10 | 24

The Eta Mu Chapter has maintained a strong brotherhood despite the challenges of the pandemic. Two successful Zoom recruitment seasons have left the chapter in good hands. The chapter is also proud to have defeated Beta’s Gamma Epsilon Chapter at Kansas State in our Toys for Tots fundraising competition.

8 | 9

| Bowling Green, Ohio | Est. 1962 Simon Dunkle ’23



3.68 | 3.30

Bowling Green

| Fayetteville, Ark. | Est. 2016 Anthony Kammerer ’22


3.52 | 3.40

8 | 20

7/46 | 35

11 | 10

The way that our newly chartered chapter approached brotherhood and membership has greatly changed this past year. Although our whole chapter cannot gather in person, we have made it a point to form closer relationships and grow in small groups and on a one-on-one basis.

4/29/21 1:39 PM

Elon Entrepreneur Steve Hawthorne, Elon ’21, saw early success after designing a T-shirt with the simple phrase, “Good to see you.” “I believe this phrase carries significant weight and importance in a world that has been distant for so long,” Hawthorne said. His product lineup at has since expanded to hoodies, hats and face masks sold in 12 stores across three states.

Photo: Good To See You

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC ( 31

4/30/21 2:39 PM

Cal Poly

Central Michigan

| San Luis Obispo, Calif. | Est. 1986 Seth Anderson ’22

3.36 | 3.33

10 | 10

33/66 | 27

5 | 5

Over the past year we initiated 23 new brothers, bringing our total membership to 70. We also were able to put on a very successful philanthropy event, raising about $3,000 for a local humane society. While we have been limited, we have strengthened our brotherhood over the pandemic.

3.17* | NR

9 | 16


7 | 6

Despite these trying times, the EY Chapter has continued to pursue perseverance and our ever-developing brotherhood. Though we face new challenges, the chapter has proven to be as adaptable and accommodating for its brothers as we would have thought it to be. We shall continue this practice of excellence.


3.54 | 3.19

11 | 16


11 | 9

The brothers at the Case Western Reserve LK-B Chapter have been reinvigorated despite the virtual environment by transitioning most chapter operations to Discord. In addition, the chapter has boasted GPAs of 3.81 and 3.61, as well as eight new members – these numbers being the highest in the past few years.


All-Chapter GPA Campus AMA: 3.30


Leadership Program Graduates 3-Year Average: 14

Active Advisors 3-Year Average: 7


New Men Pledged / Chapter Size 3-Year Average: 27

NR = Campus or chapter did not report as of 4/28/21 NA = Chapter re/colonized within last three years * = Chapter only reported GPA for one term

22/99 | 43

4 | 5

This past year has been tough to go through. As many can imagine, morale and brotherhood probably hit its lowest point. However, with that being said, it has rebounded faster and grown more than we could have imagined. This pandemic really made everyone realize how much we appreciate one another.

2020-21 All-Beta Chapter


| Hamilton, N.Y. | Est. 1880 Zander Salnikoff ’22


3.32 | 3.05

4 | 6

The 106 men of the Beta Nu Chapter have been focusing on educating the brothers through speakers during chapter. This includes General Fraternity President Tom Cassady, General Fraternity Archivist and Historian Zac Haines, a Holocaust remembrance speaker, a mental health speaker and a Make-A-Wish Foundation representative.

8 | NA

12/32 | NA

9 | NA

Beta at Colorado has been through more than its fair share of trials this year. Though our mettle has been tested with events like the King Soopers Shooting, our brotherhood stands tall. Our charter petition was submitted in the winter and we strive every day to build the foundation for a chapter everlasting.

Colorado Mines

| Cincinnati, Ohio | Est. 1840 Nathan Cordonnier ’22 37/123 | 35

9 | 8

ΒΤ | Boulder, Colo. | Est. 1900 Marcus Vess ’23

| Golden, Colo. | Est. 1908 Dylan Eaton ’22


10 | 19

14/46 | 17




8 | 15

During the pandemic, the Beta Theta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi has continued to thrive and exist, although not in usual fashion. Unfortunately, rules and regulations from the school have limited the number of things we are able to do in terms of philanthropy, brotherhood activities and social events.

| Orange, Calif. | Est. 2015 Patrick Dyas ’22 9 | 10

4 | 7


3.23* | 3.33

36/111 | 32



performanceaverage Each chapter’s individual performance is listed in its chapter report and matches this key’s color coding.

14 | 10

Made difficult by social distancing and crowd regulations, this year has been one of perseverance and innovation for the Epsilon Chapter. We’ve successfully recruited a strong class of 16 men of principle, greatly increased interaction with alumni via professional development sessions and we still lead the school in GPA.

| Cleveland, Ohio | Est. 1979 Brendan Bourges-Sevenier ’22 7/26 | 10

16/76 | 23

8 | 12

The Delta Nu Chapter has persevered to maintain and strive for excellence on all fronts this year. With the help of alumni and friends, the chapter has raised an astounding $20,121 for the B+ Foundation. The chapter also held a COVID-19 plasma drive to aid in pandemic relief efforts.

| Danville, Ky. | Est. 1848 John Roach ’21


9 | 13



Case Western Reserve

3.71 | 3.47

9 | 8



| Ottawa, Ont. | Est. 1991 Nolan Scowen ’22 19/41 | 14

19/70 | 28

The Epsilon Gamma Chapter has been scheduling outdoor and online brotherhood and ritual events to follow COVID-19 guidelines. Despite the pandemic, our chapter was able to host a very successful recruitment week and receive the most new members out of all campus fraternities.


8 | 8

| Clemson, S.C. | Est. 1970 Stokes Yarbrough ’23





| Mount Pleasant, Mich. | Est. 1985 Nate Plotkin ’22




9 | 15

26/85 | 37

8 | 6

Since the initial shutdown, we have had to push each other to find new ways to connect and thrive together safely. With the use of online media to promote chapter and philanthropy events, we have found our stride in the midst of this pandemic.

(This year’s leadership program graduate numbers are lower due to three canceled 2020 programs as a result of the pandemic. The all-chapter GPA figure represents the 68% of chapters whose data was reported as of 4/28/21.)

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC.indd 32

4/29/21 1:39 PM

betastars | lawrence university Watson Fellow | Biology and music performance double major Ricardo

Jimenez, Lawrence ’21, is a national recipient of the prestigious Thomas J. Watson Fellowship, which provides $36,000 in funding for independent travel and exploration following graduation. Jimenez will travel to China, India, Mongolia and Brazil to explore ways voice can help people rediscover their roots.



| New York, N.Y. | Est. 1881 Adrian Rodriguez ’22 9 | 8

8/52 | 19

5 | 5

In spite of COVID-19, the Alpha Alpha Chapter of Beta Theta Pi has found success in all areas. We have increased membership, improved finances and strengthened relations with the university and advisors. Our new members have benefited the chapter greatly and we look forward to initiating them as well.

3.61 | 3.42

5 | 4

The Zeta Chi Chapter had an interesting experience this year. Obviously, we had to dial back due to COVID-19, but the events of the past year have also benefited our brotherhood. We have come together to make the best out of a bad situation that has strengthened us.

3.27 | 3.26

12 | 10

With rigorous testing and vigilance throughout the chapter, Beta Delta has fared well with the pandemic. We had a solid recruitment cycle with 14 new members, one of the best cycles for the last few years. Though life looks different, we’re lucky to have Beta as our community.

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC ( 33

16/56 | 20

6 | 7

The Eta Delta Chapter had a successful recruitment season, pledging 13 great young men. Despite the challenges of a virtual fraternity environment, our brothers have grown closer and continue to make a positive impact in our community through events that support the Dayton Foundation and Dayton Children’s Hospital.

AZ | Denver, Colo. | Est. 1889 Robel Desta ’21


28/71 | 35

9 | 17

27/97 | 35

6 | 6

It has been a difficult year for all, but Alpha Zeta Chapter banded together in these rough times. We have seen many members participate in social movements, volunteer and overall simply support one another and the community at large. The pandemic was difficult, but we are overcoming.


| Newark, Del. Robert Tobin ’22 9 | 18

2 | 3


| Greencastle, Ind. | Est. 1845 Benjamin Lupton ’23


3.66 | 3.40

13/37 | 14



| Ithaca, N.Y. | Est. 1879 Alex Siegenthaler ’22 15/55 | 16

9 | 13

10 | 8

Throughout these trying times of the pandemic, the Alpha Eta Chapter at Denison University has been able to conduct successful recruitment through both the fall and spring semester. We also have been able to connect with alumni virtually through various entertainment and networking activities.

| Dayton, Ohio | Est. 2009 Jake DeLuca ’22


9 | 14



3.66 | 3.54

9 | 8


15/60 | 28

16/82 | 27



| Storrs, Conn. | Est. 2004 Peter Virtue ’22 ΖΧ

12 | 13

11 | 19

The last semester has presented challenges unlike any we have ever faced. The chapter has been participating in virtual service, reconnecting with alumni, reaching out to neighboring chapters and strengthening relationships with other fraternities and sororities on campus despite the difficulties that have come with life in the pandemic.



| Granville, Ohio | Est. 1868 Zackary Johnston ’22



3.78* | NR


| Omaha, Neb. | Est. 2015 Davis Sunderland ’22



8 | 7

In honoring our brother, Garret, and supporting one another amid the pandemic, personal connections in our chapter are abundant. We are proud of all the seniors have achieved in our founding and in building the resilience of our chapter. The chapter is ecstatic to celebrate our success at Installation soon.


7 | 11

15/62 | 25

3 | 2

Despite the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Delta Chapter was still able to initiate a new member class of 14 this spring. We also have kept member involvement high, using virtual events to keep the house involved. We are looking forward to a COVID-free fall 2021!

4/29/21 2:07 PM

Big 12 Top 25

Brother Sae-Vheon Alcorn, Kansas ’23, has wheels! The Jayhawk track and field superstar blew past the competition at the 2021 Big 12 Indoor Track & Field Championship in February, scoring a top 25 finish in both the 200- and 400-meter dash.

Photo: Kansas Athletics Inc.

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC.indd 34

4/29/21 1:39 PM



| Philadelphia, Pa. | Est. 2017 Naman S Shah ’23

3.56 | 3.17

9 | 10

17/34 | 9

6 | 6

Our chapter exceeded our own expectations this year. We achieved a GPA of 3.71 summer term and continued our academic excellence into the school year. We had 13 new brothers fall and winter term and have spring recruitment underway. We are also staying connected despite being online.

3.49 | 3.32

As of recent, the chapter has achieved a 3.2 GPA. As a group it has been tough growing through the pandemic, but through Zoom calls and solid communication the chapter has been able to work together. New member education was also a challenge but once again Zoom communication worked well.

5 | 6

3.37* | 3.15

9 | NA

7/34 | NA

6 | NA

The pandemic has been hard on a lot of our brothers, but we have continued to find ways to spend time together either virtually or safely in person. The boys put in a ton of effort day in and day out to stay safe and stay connected.

13/38 | NA

10 | NA

Despite the circumstances of the pandemic, Beta at FGCU was able to remain strong and close knit. We safely held events such as our annual formal, regular community service partnerships and brotherhood events and retreats. A strong sense of brotherhood and great leaders helped guide us through these tough times.

Florida International

Colony | Daytona Beach, Fla. Ryan Daniels ’22 3.27 | 3.14

8 | NA

| Miami, Fla. | Est. 2010 Mateo Scotti ’21



9 | 16

12/64 | 36


3 | 4

22/99 | 30


| Greenville, N.C. | Est. 1983 Jackson Smith ’22 17/32 | 12

11 | 19

Due to the pandemic, our chapter has strengthened and deepened our relationships, which are no longer confined by big events. Additionally, two brothers were elected IFC and SGA presidents, and we’ve redefined recruitment with safer events like cornhole and Zoom interviews to take two amazing new member classes through virtual recruitment.


0 | 9

Colony | Fort Myers, Fla. Chris Kelly ’21

East Carolina

2.91* | 3.10

Florida Gulf Coast

| Elon, N.C. | Est. 2019 Chadwick Spears ’22


4 | 5

To say it was a complicated year goes without saying. However, with this in mind Beta at FIU has had an undoubtedly successful year in every aspect. We have won the last five philanthropic events we have participated in and our brotherhood is stronger than ever.

35 Emory

| Richmond, Ky. | Est. 1971 Jackson Zoellers ’22 2.72* | NR

6 | 12

7/28 | 18

9 | 9

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve experienced a fair amount of hardship. This is especially due to our financially independent chapter, but we have been enduring so to speak. Culturally, we have never been closer. These challenges prove everyone has been able to lean on one another more than ever. (Delta Xi’s 50th is March 5, 2022. Read more at

3.41* | 3.53

14 | 6

Most of our operations had to be conducted virtually, which challenged our connections as brothers and fellow Greeks. However, our chapter achieved the highest GPA of all of the Greek organizations during the fall quarter. When faced with challenges, we reached out to our alumni association for guidance and wisdom.

1/13 | 9

6 | 8


| Cheney, Wash. | Est. 1993 Abraham Gonzalez ’21 5/24 | 13

9 | 9

It’s been a tough year for us, but together we have gotten through it. The pandemic has caused a lot of changes to how we recruit and operate. However, we rose to the challenge and have come out stronger from it.

| Gainesville, Fla. | Est. 1930 Jack Lewis ’22


6 | 12

| Tallahassee, Fla. | Est. 1969 Parker Shanahan ’22


Eastern Washington


Florida State

| Atlanta, Ga. | Est. 1948 Nikolas Walls ’22



3.55 | 3.34

14 | 13

51/161 | 59

6 | 3

The Gamma Xi Chapter is remaining prosperous through the hardships we have endured in the past year. From achieving the top Interfraternity Council chapter GPA, to recruiting incredible classes of young men, to being leaders across campus – we are better than ever.


Eastern Kentucky



10 | 22

35/104 | 38

3 | 4

After dealing with adversity from the pandemic, Delta Lambda is set up better than ever for the future. Our new chapter facility has brought wonders to our brotherhood as we continue to brainstorm ways to most effectively utilize our assets.

2020-21 All-Beta Chapter

performanceaverage Each chapter’s individual performance is listed in its chapter report and matches this key’s color coding.


All-Chapter GPA Campus AMA: 3.30


Leadership Program Graduates 3-Year Average: 14


Active Advisors 3-Year Average: 7


New Men Pledged / Chapter Size 3-Year Average: 27

NR = Campus or chapter did not report as of 4/28/21 NA = Chapter re/colonized within last three years * = Chapter only reported GPA for one term (This year’s leadership program graduate numbers are lower due to three canceled 2020 programs as a result of the pandemic. The all-chapter GPA figure represents the 68% of chapters whose data was reported as of 4/28/21.)

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC ( 35

4/29/21 2:07 PM



| Greenville, S.C. | Est. 1998 Nick Curcio ’22 NR | NR

8 | 9

5/19 | 8

2 | 3



18/44 | 18

5 | 10

This year challenged our chapter in so many new ways. As campus was moved to a hybrid system, maneuvering these new challenges was super difficult. However, through determination and a strong brotherhood, we adjusted to fully online chapter meetings and limited in-person events, remembering true brotherhood overcomes any obstacles.

3.70 | 3.54


8 | 8

Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve grown our brotherhood to be stronger than ever. We were able to host many virtual social, brotherhood and recruitment events in order to create a strong sense of community. In addition, we took the largest new member class in our chapter’s history.


All-Chapter GPA Campus AMA: 3.30


Leadership Program Graduates 3-Year Average: 14

Active Advisors 3-Year Average: 7


New Men Pledged / Chapter Size 3-Year Average: 27

NR = Campus or chapter did not report as of 4/28/21 NA = Chapter re/colonized within last three years * = Chapter only reported GPA for one term

10 | 9

9 | 18

15/70 | 29

6 | 5

Betas at High Point University persevered through the struggles of COVID-19 and the loss of one of our most trusted advisors, Randy Moser, an alumnus of the Penn State chapter. Notwithstanding these, our chapter has come together and worked to become closer with our advisors and follow COVID-19 regulations.

3.08 | 3.19

4 | 5

Over the last year through the pandemic our brotherhood has truly been put to the test and has passed with flying colors. Now more than ever we are thankful for the experience that Beta provides and are focused on continuing to make our chapter a safe and life-changing experience.

7 | 5

| Ames, Iowa | Est. 1905 Drew Moine ’23


3.44 | 3.08

10 | 20

27/88 | 30

10 | 8

This year, we explored new ways to continue supporting our chapter’s mission. We successfully hosted COVID-safe events such as a virtual philanthropy event supporting Special Olympics Iowa and a date party held at the chapter house. We also participated in the university’s formal recruitment, where we were the top preference.

James Madison

| Moscow, Idaho | Est. 1914 Benjamin Dunning ’22 21/67 | 25

22/63 | 28

Iowa State

Colony | Harrisonburg, Va. John David Maiorana ’21


9 | 17

4 | 17

Although the pandemic has thrown a lot at the Alpha Beta Chapter, I can confidently say that these struggles have helped us recognize what true brotherhood means. We’ve even had a 100% retention rate for our new member classes that’ve been virtually recruited over the past fall and spring semesters.


3.55* | NR

4 | 4

ΑΒ | Iowa City, Iowa | Est. 1866 Eddie Forsythe ’22

| High Point, N.C. | Est. 2017 Andrew Eliades ’22 NR | NR

46/152 | 49


2020-21 All-Beta Chapter


26/104 | 29

6 | 14

The pandemic has been a tough experience for everyone around the world. At the Pi Chapter, we have been doubling efforts to increase alumni engagement and philanthropy and brotherhood events. Those factors have been crucial in maintaining morale in the house. We look forward to growing even more next year.

High Point

performanceaverage Each chapter’s individual performance is listed in its chapter report and matches this key’s color coding.

12 | 18

While the pandemic prevented us from gathering, Georgia Tech Betas still fostered strong brotherhood with virtual and socially distanced events such as a golf tournament. These recent semesters have also been among the top academic semesters for Gamma Eta with some of the highest average GPAs in chapter history!

| Washington, D.C. | Est. 1997 Krupal Sharma ’22 28/96 | 29

3.47* | 3.18

| Atlanta, Ga. | Est. 1917 Conor Walsh ’22


7 | 13

5 | 6


George Washington


36/111 | 33


Georgia Tech

| Fairfax, Va. | Est. 1989 Jojo McKinney ’22


9 | 20

8 | 14

Our chapter has continued to thrive even through the pandemic. We partnered with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in order to raise $12,636 for suicide prevention and men’s mental health - in memory of Beta Brother Stephen Norris ’18 - and have encouraged our members to engage in these tough conversations.

George Mason

3.34 | 3.24

| Bloomington, Ind. | Est. 1845 Ian Manheimer ’23


3.48* | 3.33

While the past year has been difficult for all of us, our chapter took the opportunity to use our additional free time to come closer together as a brotherhood. Especially with the untimely passing of one of our own, now more than ever it is critical that we support each other.


| Athens, Ga. | Est. 1987 Sam Markle ’22


3.19 | 3.13

9 | NA

37/102 | NA

6 | NA

This year has been JMU Beta’s most transformative yet. As we prepared to petition for our charter, our idea of Beta’s rite of passage, we met our greatest challenges since our inception. Through brotherly reflection and conversations of identity, we are conquering our faults and preparing for greatness once again.

(This year’s leadership program graduate numbers are lower due to three canceled 2020 programs as a result of the pandemic. The all-chapter GPA figure represents the 68% of chapters whose data was reported as of 4/28/21.)

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC.indd 36

4/29/21 1:39 PM

betastars | purdue university Buzz-A-Beta | The Purdue Center for Cancer Research sang the praises of the Beta Mu Chapter and its Buzz-A-Beta philanthropy event after the men raised a whopping $8,000 for the Tyler Trent Research Endowment – shattering their $5,000 fundraising goal. For beating their target, 12 brothers agreed to shave their heads in honor of Trent and others affected by cancer.

John Carroll

Kansas State

| University Heights, Ohio | Est. 2010 Spencer Hendlin ’22 8 | 12

5/23 | 14

9 | 7

The John Carroll chapter is alive and well. This past year was difficult for us like everyone else with recruitment and a lack of in-person events. Recently, however, we have been able to once again hold in-person chapter meetings and events and seem to be back on track.

| Flint, Mich. | Est. 1964 Ryan Backer ’21


3.53* | 2.97

8 | 15

27/83 | 24

5 | 6

Members persevered through the changes and made the most of a more spread-out fraternity experience. Fortunately, our chapter had recruited most of our incoming new members for the fall by the time the pandemic really set in, so we weren’t affected terribly in regard to recruitment.


3.28* | 3.24

9 | 15

5/14 | 4

9 | 10

While the pandemic has been a challenge, the chapter has done a great job of overcoming the problems associated with it. We recruited a great class of new members in summer and brotherhood is at an all-time high. We are ready to keep the momentum going into this coming summer term!


3.60* | 3.09

Kettering A

| Manhattan, Kan. | Est. 1914 Julian Guerra ’23


37 Kentucky

| Baltimore, Md. | Est. 1877 Richard Eng ’21 3.84* | 3.77

10 | 8

8/40 | 15

6 | 6

The Alpha Chi Chapter made it a priority to maintain normalcy through the pandemic while helping out in the community however possible. We are very proud that our efforts went a long way toward raising money for community members in need while also maintaining connection with the brotherhood.

3.57 | 3.23

10 | 8

Although it has not been a normal year at the house, the combined efforts of all members to promote brotherhood in the form of poker, basketball and a plethora of other activities have kept spirits high in this time of uncertainty.

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC ( 37

50/149 | 46

6 | 5


3.58* | 3.33

9 | 10

11/48 | 14

2 | 4

With high morals and increased alumni activity, the brothers of the Beta Alpha Chapter have been successful in fundraising for the Temple in the Woods. We have taken advantage of the COVID-19 distancing requirements to reach out and reconnect with our base.

4/33 | 9

12 | 9


| Gambier, Ohio | Est. 1879 James Lane ’22

Ξ | Galesburg, Ill. | Est. 1855 Mike Cepolski ’21



10 | 19

The pandemic had a large effect on our chapter. It reduced the number of new members that we met and severely limited our interactions with each other. We were able to use our chapter’s gaming Discord server and change it to a more all-around Discord server for our chapter.


| Lawrence, Kan. | Est. 1873 Garrison Niemann ’22 25/96 | 25

9 | 16

EO had another successful year. We retained a 3.48, the highest GPA last fall among UK’s 20 fraternities, while remaining the largest fraternity on campus with 145 men. We also had a successful spring recruitment with 14 exceptional new members. We also held the two largest Greek-run philanthropies at UK: Greek Sing and Bring it On.


6 | 13

| Flint, Mich. | Est. 1964 Ian Rasch ’22



3.59* | 3.17

Kettering B

| Lexington, Ky. | Est. 1990 Grant Neltner ’23



Johns Hopkins


8 | 9

7/25 | 13

9 | 9

Xi Chapter is happy to report this spring’s initiation brought our chapter total to 1,700 members since we were founded. With good vaccination rates, the college has announced 2021 commencement will be in-person June 5 at the Knosher Bowl. We congratulate our 10 members graduating this spring!

4/29/21 2:07 PM



| Appleton, Wis. | Est. 1936 Tristan Dock ’22


7 | 12

6/33 | 11

6 | 5


Throughout the pandemic, the Gamma Pi Chapter is thriving. Membership remains strong as brotherhood has increased because COVID-19 restrictions keep brothers in the chapter house. We’ve also held many socially distant activities on campus, which have raised morale for people all over campus.

7 | 10


15/91 | 40

10 | 8

This last year has been one of the toughest times for our chapter. The transition to virtual meetings and no in-person events was hard for us to accept. We found a way to stay connected through virtual brotherhood events, which greatly improved the morale of the chapter.



7 | 13


3 | 8

13/69 | 36

3 | 4

While being completely virtual has been tough, the Eta Alpha Chapter has been able to make the most out of it. We’ve just added 13 great men this past spring and are excited to see them mold into this great group of brothers.

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC.indd 38


30/107 | 37

12 | 9

The Alpha Chapter has made tremendous strides in the past year through a hybrid model. By hosting events virtually, it allowed brothers of the past to join current brothers in roundtable discussions, chapter meetings and our first ever virtual Initiation Ceremony!

8 | 6

| East Lansing, Mich. | Est. 1950 Zachary Ahmed ’22



8 | 12

13/80 | 37

9 | 9

It is clear that everyone has endured struggles throughout this pandemic and our chapter is included. However, with perseverance, we were able to accomplish some truly special goals, such as partnering with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive. Clearly, the Beta Spirit continues to live on.


| Oxford, Ohio | Est. 1839 James Flynn ’22 10 | 19

10/58 | 22

Michigan State

| Minneapolis, Minn. | Est. 1889 Ethan Scott Pickering ’21


3.73 | 3.42

12 | 11

The Lambda Chapter was able to set and follow highly effective COVID-19 rules that have led to a very safe semester for the chapter. Due to these safety precautions, we have been able to host a lot of great brotherhood events as well as virtual events with other organizations.


| Los Angeles, Calif. | Est. 2007 Peter Maples ’23


10 | 14

6 | 8

This past year has definitely been a challenge, but we could not have pulled through without the tremendous support of the General Fraternity and our alumni. They’ve helped us navigate recruitment as a smaller chapter in the middle of a pandemic, strengthened our existing brotherhood and set us up for future success.

Loyola Marymount

3.62* | 3.29

| Ann Arbor, Mich. | Est. 1845 Nathan Satterfield ’23

| College Park, Md. | Est. 1982 Alex Bien ’22 3/14 | 13

6 | 5



1 | 11

35/101 | 31



3.63* | 3.63

Since the pandemic started, our chapter has had its Installation Ceremony, which was conducted over Zoom. It has been a multi-faceted challenge to run a fraternity exclusively online for over a year. Our brothers have put forth their best efforts to retain brotherhood and recruit a great new member class.

11 | 8

The past few semesters have been challenging; however, the brothers of the Beta Eta Chapter pulled together and will exit the pandemic stronger than ever. Through virtual chapter meetings, events and a greater social media presence, we have maintained our brotherhood and established a foundation for whatever the future brings.

| Chicago, Ill. | Est. 2020 Jeff Debrauwere ’22 11/52 | 21

18/50 | 19

1 | 7

Brotherhood is a difficult thing to cultivate at a distance; however, the Eta Beta Chapter has thrived during these times. The chapter has brought in our largest recruitment class in recent history and is excited to see what our many new brothers have to offer.

| Orono, Maine | Est. 1879 Avery Gosselin ’23


9 | 17



Loyola Chicago


6 | 6

| Miami, Fla. | Est. 2009 Austin Soares ’22



| Louisville, Ky. | Est. 1971 Nathan Shockley ’22


9 | 17

14/24 | 9

We have still had great events like a formal, kayaking bus trip and brotherhood retreat. The few sacrifices we had to make for the pandemic have had no effect on our strong brotherhood, which we hope to continue to build this upcoming year with a strong recruitment class.


3.43 | 2.60

Miami (Fla.)

Colony | Baton Rouge, La. Brad Rosenston ’22



3.63 | 3.48

9 | 21

14/62 | 26

9 | 8

The Beta Pi Chapter has started hybrid meetings, along with hosting COVID-conscious brotherhood and philanthropy events. Our chapter’s creativity has also led to Zoom trivia night pairings with sororities on campus. Lastly, our chapter is proud to have the majority of the brotherhood vaccinated by May.

4/29/21 1:39 PM

All-American Honors

Sophomore Tommy Kenosh, St. Lawrence ’23, skied to a sixth-place finish in the men’s slalom at the 2021 NCAA Skiing Championships. With a two-run combined time of 1 minute, 30.36 seconds, Kenosh earned the first AllAmerican honors for the Saints since 2011. “It was a great day for Tommy,” said head coach Willi Steinrotter. “He’s worked hard all season and what a day to put together two great runs at the National Championships.” Photo: Steve Cloutier

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC.indd 39

4/29/21 1:39 PM


NC State

| University, Miss. | Est. 1879 Jack Furla ’22 3.25 | NR

10 | 16

58/170 | 69

8 | 6

Over the past year, we welcomed more than 50 new members into our chapter despite the pandemic. We won 12 student senate seats – the most of any Greek organization on campus. We also surpassed our fundraising goal of $20,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, having raised nearly $54,000!

3.60* | 3.50



9 | 7

Members of the Zeta Phi Chapter have come closer together throughout the pandemic and found success in many areas. While certain involvement is infeasible, we have had members become appointed as leaders in campus organizations, participate and raise funds for local organizations, and maintain a strong academic presence on campus.

3.46* | 3.03


7 | 4

Since IFC’s recruitment was virtual, we ended up designing and implementing a whole new virtual plan with many innovations. Out of 40 FSILG organizations on campus, we were one of the three that were allowed back to our house this spring 2021 as part of MIT’s FSILG pilot program.


All-Chapter GPA Campus AMA: 3.30


Leadership Program Graduates 3-Year Average: 14

Active Advisors 3-Year Average: 7


New Men Pledged / Chapter Size 3-Year Average: 27

32/109 | 32

12 | 9

9 | 19

15/65 | 22

10 | 9

The chapter has made adjustments in order to accommodate COVID-19 guidelines into our brotherhood. We have taken various steps to ensure brothers feel connected during the pandemic, including Zoom events. Despite all of the craziness this past year, the chapter is once again in contention for the Knox Award.

ΓΚ | Grand Forks, N.D. | Est. 1922 Charles Willms ’23


8 | 15

0/7 | NA

7 | NA

We are currently working to improve our brotherhood and expand with as many men of principle as possible! It has been a challenge this past year in a virtual environment, but we feel we can overcome any difficulties and bring about positive change in our community.

10 | 6


| Boston, Mass. | Est. 2013 Neil Patel ’23


3.77* | 3.44

11 | 14

6/81 | 29

7 | 7

Our chapter persevered through the challenge of operating virtually this past year, fulfilling key milestones of holding recruitment and continuing to support our community and philanthropy partners. With Northeastern poised to return to full operations this fall, we look forward to reenergizing our brotherhood and continuing to strive for success.


Colony | Albuquerque, N.M. Jake Tejada ’22 5 | NA

4/40 | 24

Over the last year, the Gamma Kappa Chapter has struggled with recruitment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the assistance of a top-tier advisory team, we have made some fantastic progress with our recruitment strategies and look forward to a near-normal fall semester!

New Mexico


3 | 7

North Dakota

| Ewing, N.J. | Est. 2021 Christopher Hartung ’22 3.52* | 3.18

15/55 | 20

The pandemic has made it very difficult to have in-person brotherhood events; however, we continue to meet virtually as often as possible. We are also proud that we were able to increase our cumulative GPA and raise money through philanthropic donations for the UNC Cancer Hospital during the pandemic.


2020-21 All-Beta Chapter


2 | 11

New Jersey

performanceaverage Each chapter’s individual performance is listed in its chapter report and matches this key’s color coding.

10 | 15

The Alpha Tau Chapter has continued to thrive on the University of Nebraska campus through the pandemic. We initiated 28 new members into our brotherhood in January 2021. We had 16 members achieve a 4.0 fall semester GPA and 49 members on the honor roll in their respective colleges.

| Boston, Mass. | Est. 1913 Keith Mokry ’22 4/42 | 17

3.69 | 3.58

| Lincoln, Neb. | Est. 1888 DJ Pfeifer ’23


1 | 20

4 | 9



3.69* | NR

35/106 | 34



| Columbia, Mo. | Est. 1890 Tyler Hagan ’23 36/140 | 39

5 | 15

The chapter experience has been challenging the past year during the pandemic. However, we have adapted to the new online world, utilizing Zoom and hybrid models to engage our members and maintain chapter retention. We have conserved our high recruitment numbers and our competitive GPA through this trying time.

9 | 7

| Chapel Hill, N.C. | Est. 1852 Jackson Raymer ’22



3.58 | 3.26

North Carolina

| Raleigh, N.C. | Est. 2017 Caleb Conner ’22


BK | Athens, Ohio | Est. 1841 Daniel McFarland ’22

3.35* | 3.08

9 | 7

26/89 | 35

8 | 6

The last year has brought out the true spirit of Beta Kappa. While we have had our struggles, our members’ endurance and brotherly connection has grown to be stronger than ever. We have found innovative ways to continue our fraternity’s traditions and ritual events.

NR = Campus or chapter did not report as of 4/28/21 NA = Chapter re/colonized within last three years * = Chapter only reported GPA for one term (This year’s leadership program graduate numbers are lower due to three canceled 2020 programs as a result of the pandemic. The all-chapter GPA figure represents the 68% of chapters whose data was reported as of 4/28/21.)

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC.indd 40

4/29/21 1:40 PM

betastars | texas christian university Big Man on Campus | Lau’Rent Honeycutt, TCU ’22, recently won election as his campus’s 2021-22 student body president, and is proof positive that Beta Theta Pi remains the Leadership Fraternity. Honeycutt becomes the school’s first Black student body president and Beta’s fifth brother elected to the highest post on campus since the chapter’s founding in 2011.

Ohio State


| Columbus, Ohio | Est. 1885 Michael Shcharber ’22

10 | 21

41/107 | 48

5 | 6

What a year it was for the Theta Delta Chapter. After navigating through a pandemic, the chapter was able to get 41 new members over both semesters and our chapter continues to grow. We are lucky to still be healthy and together throughout this pandemic.

3.43* | 3.40

14 | 11

The last year has definitely been one that has impacted us all in different ways. Our greatest achievement is having the highest GPA of any IFC chapter on campus with a new member GPA of 3.66 and a chapter GPA of 3.52.

3.10* | 3.41

11 | 10

The Gamma Lambda Chapter persevered through the turbulence of COVID-19 and created a memorable experience for its members. The chapter has been able to maintain morale through brotherhood events, continues to produce leaders of other campus organizations and achieved the IFC Chapter Management Award.

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC ( 41

0/16 | 9

7 | 7

COVID-19 affected how everyone lived their lives, and Gamma Mu is no different. We have had to overcome financial hardships, barriers preventing membership participation and in general have had to adapt to an almost new way of life the past year.

HN | Pittsburgh, Pa. | Est. 2016 Zachary Skinner ’21

3.56 | NR

7/33 | 18

4 | 4

Over the course of the last year, our chapter has faced numerous challenges and experienced several breakthroughs as well. Remaining in quarantine took away from the traditional magic of brotherhood, but we found ways to remain close online and arguably grew closer as a family with it.

9 | 11

11/61 | 27

8 | 5

Our brotherhood has been refocused on service and academics. With the pandemic, our chapter has had to “think outside the box” and has connected through in-person service events with the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank and Oakland Planning and Development Corporation while finding time to excel in the virtual classroom.

Puget Sound

| Stockton, Calif. | Est. 2015 Ryan Zarrabian ’22

9 | 10

6 | 5


ΔΕ | Tacoma, Wash. | Est. 1962 Dominic Meconi ’21


3.39 | NR

8/49 | 18



| Stillwater, Okla. | Est. 1923 Jonathan Buskirk ’23 53/170 | 55

3 | 8

9 | 9

The Phi Chapter navigated the challenges of an entirely virtual college experience during the 2020 school year. Members returned to campus in spring 2021 with a renewed passion for the chapter. The chapter has its sights set on the Knox Award and recruitment in 2021-22.

| Corvallis, Ore. | Est. 1923 Dylan Young ’21


7 | 17

3.86 | 3.82


Oklahoma State


11 | NA


59/219 | 62

24/43 | NA

Oregon State

| Norman, Okla. | Est. 1907 Samuel Atkinson ’22 ΓΦ

6 | 15

10 | NA

Beta Rho has continued to make impressive strides toward checking off chartering requirements and continues steady and quality growth, despite limitations caused by COVID-19. Membership has stayed diligent by practicing responsible conduct in social distancing and has been able to stay active and involved with the brotherhood and our activities.


3.68 | NR

Φ | Philadelphia, Pa. | Est. 1880 Jack Roland ’22





| Eugene, Ore. | Est. 1909 Jonathan Hughey ’22


3.47* | 3.38

2 | 15

6/29 | 13

4 | 5

The Delta Epsilon Chapter of Beta Theta Pi has proudly continued pursuing the men of principle initiative. When the pandemic hit the Delta Epsilon Chapter stood resilient and swiftly utilized online platforms, such as Discord, to host chapter and events. An online platform furthered our ability to provide a supportive environment.

4/29/21 2:07 PM

To the Rescue

Spencer Buddington, Virginia ’24, an Eagle Scout and secondgeneration Beta, was the right man in the right place at the right time. When James Ward suffered a heart attack in an Abingdon, Virginia, antique store last January, Buddington sprang to action and performed two life-saving rounds of CPR on the stranger. Buddington told UVA Today he recently received a call from Ward. “There weren’t a ton of words exchanged, mostly gratitude and saying how he was really thankful I was there.”

Photo: Dan Addison/Jane Kelly; UVA Today

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC.indd 42

4/29/21 1:40 PM


Sacred Heart

| West Lafayette, Ind. | Est. 1903 Luke Godfrey ’23 3.33* | NR

9 | 15

32/123 | 39

7 | 6

While the pandemic has not been easy for anyone, our chapter has still been able to persevere through virtual events such as our trivia night and our Buzz-a-Beta philanthropy. We look forward to a better future ahead for all of us.

3.59* | 3.10

Going through the pandemic was definitely hard, but at the Eta Sigma Chapter it was great to have the support of brothers. We recently did our first chapter-wide in-person event, which was a roundtable where brothers were able to share their own struggles in the pandemic.

11 | 8

3.54* | 3.24

20/110 | 40

4 | 5

We are unable to gather like normal for chapter meetings, and our chapter decided against recruiting a fall class as well. This made it increasingly difficult to stay connected. We found alternatives like Zoom for chapter and recruitment. Getting a new class this spring really brought some new life to the Fraternity.

4 | 6

South Carolina

| Saint Louis, Mo. | Est. 2003 Tanner Manley ’22 9 | 10

41/153 | 44

Despite the many challenges the pandemic brought – not being able to gather together for chapter, hold boulevards with members and alumni, or defend our intramural titles – the Gamma Omega Chapter managed to stay together and find ways to grow our brotherhood. We proudly took the largest new member class on campus this spring! Y | Columbia, S.C. | Est. 1858 Chris Campbell ’22


3.51* | 3.18

13 | 19

3.32* | NR

7 | 12

42/128 | 39

4 | 6

With the successful transition back into a house in Greek Village, we cannot be more thankful to have a place for brothers to physically gather during times when that can be hard to come by. South Carolina has plans for a regular fall 2021 semester, and we are ready!


4 | 5

29/94 | 41


Saint Louis

| Wallingford, Conn. | Est. 2018 Griffin Wolf ’22 12/46 | 22

9 | 13

After being chartered as the Theta Beta Chapter during the Fraternity’s special winter legislation session, Sacred Heart Betas continued our great work on campus with several philanthropy and community service events. Theta Beta has also continued to hold the highest GPA on campus every semester since our founding.

9 | 21

| Dallas, Texas | Est. 1951 Samuel W Snyder ’22



3.59* | 3.41


| Fairfield, Conn. Giancarlo Capolino ’22


43 San Diego

| Rochester, N.Y. | Est. 2020 Daniel Klosowski ’22


7 | 17

4/23 | 13

8 | 7

Membership has been a series of hurdles, as we have to adapt to the online format, but our brothers have adapted amazingly with remote chapters and brotherhood events. Oddly enough, for some brothers this is the closest they have felt to their brothers.

3.48 | 3.19

5 | 6

In the past semester our chapter was able to find sponsors for up to $5,000 to cover new member dues. Through the hard work of not only our executive board, but also our dedicated advisors, we were able to achieve this goal!

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC ( 43

24/87 | 31

7 | 7


10 | 10

12/33 | 17

5 | 8

Over the past year, Zeta Eta has seen much change. Most brothers had to connect virtually with each other for months on end. Nevertheless, we adapted, and our brotherhood continues strong into this year. During this time our chapter house was remodeled thanks to combined efforts by alumni and friends.

25/62 | 29

9 | 9

South Florida

| San Jose, Calif. | Est. 1995 Nathan Wells ’22

ZΒ | Tampa, Fla. | Est. 1994 Jacob Fenton ’23


3.33 | 3.12

9 | 18

With the help of our wonderful alumni, we carried out a very successful plan to combat COVID-19 within Gamma Alpha. We couldn’t do much or go anywhere, so we found ourselves hanging out more as a group, which absolutely strengthened our brotherhood.

San Jose State

| Kansas City, Mo. | Est. 2021 Daniel Kirchofer ’22 0/14 | 9

10 | 17

The Zeta Omega Chapter has persevered and prevailed during this difficult time. Despite the complications over the past year, we have embraced our core values now more than ever. Accomplishments such as completing a virtual Initiation and recruitment process have exemplified our dedication to brotherhood and public safety.


6 | 15

ΓΑ | Vermillion, S.D. | Est. 1912 Sam Helleloid ’22



3.32* | 3.34

South Dakota

| San Diego, Calif. | Est. 2007 Nicholas Stineman ’22





9 | NA

14/32 | NA

8 | NA

Throughout the pandemic our colony faced challenges defining ourselves on campus and as a brotherhood. However, we have found success during these virtual semesters, both through recruitment and hosting events. The Zeta Beta colony received half of the available IFC awards including best new member program, scholarship, and risk management.

4/29/21 2:07 PM

St. Lawrence


| Canton, N.Y. | Est. 1879 Wesley Dixon ’22 NR | NR

8 | 6

35/79 | 26

5 | 6

Beta Zeta has made the most of this COVID-19 year. We welcomed 33 new members over two semesters, which is the largest sophomore class ever. We also put a hockey rink in our backyard that gave us entertainment this winter. We are looking forward to what the future holds for us.

3.11* | 3.11

9 | 15


6 | 7

Navigating virtual college has not been easy for anyone, but here at Stevens we take pride in our innovative thinking. This year has been tough on a lot of people, and that has made us thankful and inspired to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


3.67 | 3.41

10 | 16


9 | 7

Eta Eta has certainly been affected by COVID. Being 165 members has presented real brotherhood challenges given capacity limitations. However, the spring has created new opportunities. We are also proud Lau’Rent Honeycutt ’22, was elected TCU’s first Black student body president, Eta Eta’s fifth since its founding!


All-Chapter GPA Campus AMA: 3.30


Leadership Program Graduates 3-Year Average: 14

Active Advisors 3-Year Average: 7


New Men Pledged / Chapter Size 3-Year Average: 27

NR = Campus or chapter did not report as of 4/28/21 NA = Chapter re/colonized within last three years * = Chapter only reported GPA for one term

38/141 | 53

9 | 6

Over the last year through the pandemic our chapter has been as active as we can be. We had our annual alumni weekend, which was a sporting clay shoot. We also were able to complete our yearly philanthropy of the Aggie Cowboy Cookoff.

2020-21 All-Beta Chapter



| Toronto, Ont. | Est. 1906 Ethan Farner, Creighton ’20 NR | NR

6 | 7

It’s been fairly difficult to navigate through this pandemic when your school does not have a major Greek life presence on campus in the first place. We’ve held a majority of our activities online, and we’re taking every precaution possible to slowly return to our proper in-person gatherings.

0 | 8

9/8 | 10

9 | 7

In true Beta fashion, generations of Theta Zeta and Toronto-area Beta alumni came together on the eve of April 8 to initiate and task eight earnest young men with revitalizing the chapter and carrying forth its many great traditions. Thanks to 29 incredibly loyal alumni, these young brothers are poised to create a Beta experience we can all be proud of.

Truman State

| Arlington, Texas | Est. 1971 Landry Rhodes ’21 0/17 | 13

5 | NA


| Kirksville, Mo. | Est. 1997 Paul Haarmann ’21


8 | 18

2/14 | NA


Texas at Arlington


8 | NA

Since the start of the pandemic, our chapter has maintained a strong brotherhood from within and we have been exploring options to expand our membership to other principled men on campus. We are still new and working out some things along the way, but we are looking ahead with enthusiasm.

| College Station, Texas | Est. 1987 Will Reeves ’22 10 | 15

7 | 6

ET | Toledo, Ohio | Est. 1992 Dylan Bell ’23


3.22* | 3.21

50/153 | 51


Texas A&M

performanceaverage Each chapter’s individual performance is listed in its chapter report and matches this key’s color coding.

6 | 8

The Beta Omicron Chapter had its best year to date for recruitment since recolonization with 10 spring new members and 24 new initiates in fall 2020. The chapter helped raise money for UT Outpost and our main philanthropy, CCMK. We held many brotherhood dinners throughout this semester so brothers could stay connected.

| Fort Worth, Texas | Est. 2014 Jacob Wortley ’23 36/162 | 49

36/99 | 34

10 | 14

This year has been difficult, but Delta Mu has continued to grow, welcoming 40 new members in the fall and nine in the spring. We received our charter, had a brother named homecoming king, two brothers were elected as senators in SGA, and a brother was selected as IFC director of intramurals.

| Austin, Texas | Est. 1866 Alec Bassett ’22


13 | 15

3.18 | 2.88



3.70 | 3.39

5 | 5



| Hoboken, N.J. | Est. 1879 Kyriakos Chatzis ’21 0/44 | 17

31/74 | 19

Though the pandemic has been tough, the Delta Kappa Chapter has managed to come out with a few wins and high spirits. We recruited record numbers both semesters and placed second overall in homecoming. We have reached new heights this year and are looking forward to furthering these improvements.


7 | 17

| Lubbock, Texas | Est. 1970 Max Raymond ’22



3.84* | 3.75

Texas Tech

| Knoxville, Tenn. | Est. 1967 Quen Deckbar ’22


3.51 | 3.29

9 | 18

11/58 | 21

5 | 5

The Zeta Xi Chapter has kept the brotherhood strong by creating infinite opportunities to stay connected while staying socially distanced. We have won more than 10 intramural championships and have brotherhood dinners every other week so everyone can see each other. We also initiated and retained 100% of our new members.

(This year’s leadership program graduate numbers are lower due to three canceled 2020 programs as a result of the pandemic. The all-chapter GPA figure represents the 68% of chapters whose data was reported as of 4/28/21.)

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC.indd 44

4/29/21 1:40 PM

betastars | virginia tech university Dugout Degenerates | Virginia Tech Betas Chris Chiuchiolo ’21, Justin

Dever ’22, and Joe Matthews ’23, have ignited a spark at Hokies baseball games. Dubbed the “Dugout Degenerates,” the three loud and rowdy brothers’ jeering of opposing teams has gained traction and amassed enough followers to become “the most daunting baseball student section in the country.”

UC Irvine


| Lake Forest, Calif. | Est. 1975 Zach Lepperd, Truman State ’16

0 | 11

0/1 | 15

4 | 4

3.66 | NR

The past year has significantly impacted the Delta Sigma Chapter, ultimately reducing the chapter’s ranks to one brother. Delta Sigma alumni, advisors, Fraternity staff and the university have developed a path toward sustainability. Interested in getting involved? Please contact Director of Fraternity Growth Zach Lepperd at

10 | 7

The Zeta Gamma Chapter has moved all operations to a virtual setting. We have recruited three strong classes of new members throughout the year and continue to build up our brotherhood while living out Beta’s core values. We are looking forward to holding safe, in-person events very soon.

3.58 | 3.57

2 | 5

Los Angeles was one of the hardest-hit cities during the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning our chapter has acclimated to a new normal over the past year. But crisis has also brought the chapter closer together – more now than ever, brothers must hold each other accountable while still remaining supportive.

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC ( 45

14/80 | 31

6 | 5

While operations haven’t looked like they usually do, we’ve managed to keep the brotherhood strong and connected through this pandemic. Whether through Zoom hangouts or socially distanced outdoor activities, we’ve found ways to engage the chapter. We’ve also kept in mind our philanthropic duty and raised more than $20,000!

3.35* | NR

26/87 | 22

5 | 6

Over the past year, the Omicron Chapter has navigated the various challenges presented by the pandemic. In the face of adversity, our chapter was still able to recruit a class of 26 men, the largest in 10 years. We have continued forging brotherhood and friendship despite limitations.

8 | 13

16/68 | 22

8 | 7

This year has been very transformative for a lot of the members of the Tau Chapter. Numerous members have shown great personal growth in their involvement, academics and relationships. Our chapter earned an overall 3.35 GPA – third on campus.



| Charlottesville, Va. | Est. 1855 Henry Freck ’23 10 | 9

7 | 6

T | Crawfordsville, Ind. | Est. 1846 Nicholas Caputo ’22

| Seattle, Wash. | Est. 1901 Sid Hosakoppal ’23


3.85* | 3.47

36/112 | 37



| Los Angeles, Calif. | Est. 1926 Sam Kelly ’22 15/75 | 33

9 | 8

8 | 13

During these tough times our chapter has found new ways to strengthen our brotherhood. Brothers’ relationships have grown immensely through bonding over baseball games and participating in recreational sports. We achieved the highest GPA on campus in the fall and are continuing to do well academically. GO HOKIES!

| Villanova, Pa. | Est. 1995 Corbett McLaughlin ’22


7 | 14




3.53* | 3.61

9 | 8


21/50 | 24

37/119 | 42


| La Jolla, Calif. | Est. 1995 Steven Rojas ’23 ΖΓ

9 | 14

4 | 17

It’s been a challenging year here at Gamma Beta, but we’ve come out stronger on the other side. We’ve learned that brotherhood is much more than just social events and having a chapter facility, it’s about supporting each other through our darkest times and helping each other become better men.

UC San Diego

3.60* | 3.32

| Blacksburg, Va. | Est. 1877 Christopher Chiuchiolo ’22




Virginia Tech

| Salt Lake City, Utah | Est. 1913 Kaden Hendrickson ’22



10 | 16

32/115 | 31

8 | 7

The pandemic has united our chapter, and we have relied on our brotherhood, which is now at an all-time high. We have been depending on out-of-house activities like skiing, hiking and boating. We were able to recruit a new member class of 32 while also maintaining an all-chapter GPA of 3.48.

4/30/21 2:39 PM

Seattle Slugger In March, Dalton Chandler, Washington ’23, launched his first career home run into left-center field – a three-run shot that helped the Huskies seal a 7-3 win over Seattle University and earned Chandler a nomination for Pac-12 Player of the Week.

Photo: Mollie Handkins, UW Athletics

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC.indd 46

4/29/21 1:40 PM

Washington & Jefferson


| Washington, Pa. | Est. 1842 John Kiebler ’22 NR | NR

7 | 9

7/29 | 11

5 | 5

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Gamma Chapter at Washington & Jefferson College has never been better. While the virus presents a challenge for things such as recruitment, brotherhood events, etc., the Gamma Chapter has found unique and fun ways to make our brotherhood stronger and get a strong new member class.


5 | 8

Our chapter has experienced a rough patch where a lot of members deactivated over the summer. As a smaller chapter now, we’ve been working all year to combat issues such as equity in our recruitment and safety at our social events, and we’re excited to put these plans into action.

This past year has been very difficult on our members; however, our brothers have grown a lot. Many of them have learned to better support their brothers in difficult times, while also achieving the highest chapter GPA in recent years.

3 | 5

The Alpha Delta Chapter has been able to succeed academically as well as grow a bond stronger than ever before. We have been able to consistently place in the top three fraternities for chapter GPA each semester and have had exciting brotherhood events that keep everyone active and involved.

5 | 4


| Fulton, Mo. | Est. 1868 Jaxon Davis ’22 8/28 | 15

7/25 | 10

Despite the challenges presented over the past year, our chapter was able to have successful recruitment efforts in both the fall and spring terms. Additionally, we had multiple successful philanthropic efforts, donating to COVID-19 relief in Williamsburg, social justice initiatives in Richmond and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. | Madison, Wis. | Est. 1873 Charles Mavon ’21


7 | 12

9 | 5

3.67* | NR

12 | 12

45/165 | 46

4 | 5

Despite the immense difficulties presented to our chapter this academic year, we have continued to grow our membership and brotherhood in safe and innovative ways. Moreover, we have focused on fundraising and philanthropy, continuing our mission of being a positive force on our campus and community more generally.

5/25 | 10

7 | 7



| Williamsburg, Va. | Est. 1876 William Sadler ’22 3.37* | 3.35

5 | 11

This past year the Alpha Gamma Chapter has held strong amidst the hardships of the pandemic. We continued brotherhood growth through virtual and safe in-person events and kept our grades up, achieving one of the highest cumulative GPAs on campus. We have also been making improvements to our chapter house. | Worcester, Mass. | Est. 2019 Gus Teran ’22



3.30 | 3.17

3.35 | 2.87


12 | 9

6 | 6

7 | 6

ΑΓ | Springfield, Ohio | Est. 1867 Caleb Severance ’23

William & Mary

| Pullman, Wash. | Est. 1920 Sean Gilbert ’22 14/78 | 36

20/46 | 12

This past year has been challenging for our chapter; however, we have used it as an opportunity to grow our brotherhood. While we couldn’t necessarily do anything with other chapters on campus, we could still be involved with each other and make the best of the situation.


15 | 15

9 | 21

0/13 | 12


| Wichita, Kan. | Est. 1959 Dalton Colin ’21 3.02* | 3.38

8 | 18

Over the last year, the men of the Zeta Zeta Chapter powered through the COVID-19 pandemic together, both academically and personally. The chapter had the highest GPA on campus during the 2020 academic year. We started weekly virtual hangouts during the spring 2020 semester to stay connected during such an unprecedented time.


Washington State


3.09* | 2.91


3 | 5

6 | 5

Wichita State

| Saint Louis, Mo. | Est. 1869 Noah Proft ’23 5/21 | 32

7/24 | 13

Although difficult at times, it’s been very rewarding to see Gamma Zeta come together. Following the months of physical separation, a strong sense of brotherhood and connection was restored in the chapter, and the members are more involved than ever in ensuring the safety and success of the house.


1 | 8

ZZ | Oshkosh, Wis. | Est. 1995 Grant P Steffen ’22


Washington in St. Louis

3.82* | 3.68


| Walla Walla, Wash. | Est. 1916 Sam Harris ’21


3.43* | NR

9 | 16

11/32 | 11

8 | 7

Our chapter has worked incredibly hard to secure a slightly above normal recruitment class size, and they have brought energy and excitement. Our chapter has been able to run our rituals in Minecraft, which has made the best of a tough situation running virtually Initiation and the Senior Ceremony.

2020-21 All-Beta Chapter

performanceaverage Each chapter’s individual performance is listed in its chapter report and matches this key’s color coding.


All-Chapter GPA Campus AMA: 3.30


Leadership Program Graduates 3-Year Average: 14


Active Advisors 3-Year Average: 7


New Men Pledged / Chapter Size 3-Year Average: 27

NR = Campus or chapter did not report as of 4/28/21 NA = Chapter re/colonized within last three years * = Chapter only reported GPA for one term (This year’s leadership program graduate numbers are lower due to three canceled 2020 programs as a result of the pandemic. The all-chapter GPA figure represents the 68% of chapters whose data was reported as of 4/28/21.)

p30-47_Chapter Reports_spg21_v2 - MC ( 47

4/29/21 2:08 PM

chapterineternal loving memory



Forever Remembered Notices of Beta brothers and Sweethearts who passed within the last two years and were reported to the Administrative Office between January 20 and April 18, 2021, are included in this listing. Report a Beta’s Death Please contact Receptionist Phyllis Bowie at 800.800.BETA or to report a death.


Donate to the Archives Ask loved ones to donate your Beta badge and important Beta artifacts to the Fraternity’s Archives and Museum in Oxford. Memorial Gifts The Fraternity is often asked how to memorialize a dearly departed Beta. Memorial gifts can be made at or with Director of Development Laura Lednik at 800.800. BETA. In lieu of flowers, consider naming the Beta Leadership Fund in your own obituary. Flags indicate Betas who served in the United States or Canadian armed forces.

p48-49_Chapter Eternal_spg21.indd 48

Friends of Beta Gloria Hibner, Feb. 19 Norma B. Williamson, Feb. 21

Cornell Gordon B. Lankton '53, March 7 C Paul L. Russell '46, Feb. 24 C

William A. Stanford '65, Oct 30, 2020 Paul B. Uhlenhop '58, Jan. 30 C Donald W. Wanderer '49, Aug. 19, 2019 C

Indiana Dartmouth James F. Dailey '57, Feb. 23 C Robert J. Kelly Jr. '69, April 4 C Philip W. Goodspeed '49, March 21 Kyle F. Dietz '09, Feb. 19, 2019 Robert H. McGrath '54, March 12 Amherst Alan E. Sheline '55, March 26 Thomas K. Myers '54, Jan. 2 C Saul M. Yanofsky '62, Feb. 2 Jeffrey S. Vollmer '92, Jan. 9 Denver Robert R. White '64, Feb. 21 Arizona William A. Saunders '65, Jan. 17 C Paul R. Young '49, March 5 C John P. Libby II '64, Nov. 8, 2020 DePauw Joseph P. McConologue '05, Jan. 20 C Iowa John R. Claycombe '48, Feb. 15 C William R. Anderson '55, Dec. 4, 2020 Auburn Frank Steele '47, Jan. 7 C Kim A. McGrady '89, April 8 Iowa State Dickinson Jack L. Christopher '49, April 6 C Ball State William W. Caldwell II '48, May 19, 2019 C Lowell B. Fisher '39, Feb. 24 C Milton A. Tatter '65, Nov. 29, 2020 Mark D. Friedow '71, Feb. 6 Duke Beloit Frank O. Parks '51, April 7, 2020 Dan E. Bellinger '55, Jan. 22 C Owen V. Shaffer '50, Feb. 16 Robert E. Walkup '60, March 12 C Thomas U. Todd '54, Jan. 29 Alabama

Bowdoin Robert W. Allen '50, Nov. 18, 2019 Gardner Cowles III '59, Jan. 25, 2019

Brown Russell T. White '44, Sept. 24, 2020 C


Robert R. Homlar '63, March 27



David B. Booher '52, March 6 Billy D. Clifton '53, Oct 4, 2019

Carnegie Mellon Florida State William A. Anderson '62, Oct 9, 2020 C

Cincinnati Robert L. Felix '56, March 24, 2020 John B. Goering '56, Feb. 7 C Alvin R. Matthes Jr. '61, March 13 James E. Miller '00, May 3, 2020 Andrew J. Tate '71, Feb. 26 Colgate G. K. Bush Jr. '56, Feb. 28 C Richard G. Robbins Jr. '54, Jan. 15 C

Colorado Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. '47, March 15 Edward H. Wood Jr. '70, Jan. 18

Colorado College Robert N. Burrows '47, April 14, 2020

Colorado Mines Jon M. Carroll '71, March 31 Robert N. Prince '65, Oct 20, 2020 Jack L. Tindall '54, Nov. 10, 2020 Spencer R. Titley '51, Aug. 18, 2019 C

Norma Williamson Auburn Housemom February 21, 2021 Beloved 18-year housemother for the Delta Zeta Chapter at Auburn University, "Mom" was named Beta's 2002 Housemother of the Year.

Johns Hopkins

William C. Driskell '66, Feb. 13

Daniel A. Neely '86, Sept. 5, 2019

Furman Michael Ryan Wood '24, March 10

George Washington

Kirk R. Hagan '63, Feb. 21 C Richard W. Judy '54, Sept. 10, 2020 C George S. Timmons '50, March 8 C Daniel P. Winter '80, Feb. 3

Kentucky Michael W. Carlos '97, March 4 Lawrence

Travis H. Fosbenner '13, July 3, 2020

Evan J. Dever Jr. '45, March 29, 2019 Tom J. Klingbiel '57, Feb. 4 C

Georgia Dylan J. Autera '16, April 1

Lehigh Brian W. Boorman '85, Oct 22, 2020

Georgia Tech Isaac M. Gregorie '50, Feb. 3 C George A. Rittelmeyer '58, Feb. 6


Hanover Jeffrey A. Kirn '78, April 11, 2020 Walter F. LaFeber '55, March 9

Miami Ernest W. Hetrick '63, July 4, 2020 William M. Holmes '51, Feb. 22, 2020 C

Idaho Jonathan R. Field Jr. '51, Feb. 27


James C. Purvis '77, March 15 Robert H. White '53, March 20, 2020 C

Kempf Hogan '61, Nov. 27, 2019 William H. Klingbeil '46, March 31 C

Illinois David G. Cade '62, Jan. 27 C Roger L. Drew '50, Oct 6, 2019 George B. Redmon '65, Feb. 1 C

Michigan State Robert L. Cantrell '62, March 5 Frank G. Snyder III '50, Feb. 18 C

Kim McGrady Auburn ’89 April 8, 2021 Kim died while on a family vacation at Miramar Beach after trying to save 12 others who were caught in a rip tide. He saved three before drowning himself.

M. Ryan Wood Furman ’24 March 10, 2021 Known for his likability and character, Ryan was involved in a variety of activities, including the mock trial team and Beta Theta Pi.

4/29/21 1:19 PM

Minnesota John B. Baird '46, July 18, 2020 Thomas M. Grewe '58, Nov. 25, 2020 C Robert A. Oswald '88, Dec. 29, 2020 Joseph M. Smith '84, Aug. 20, 2020 Mississippi Daniel R. Bowden '74, Jan. 13 Larry Spencer '66, March 22 Missouri Brian A. Cason '74, Aug. 4, 2019 William R. Demaray '49, Jan. 26 C Rolla R. Hinkle II '55, Jan. 19 C Charles A. Sigmund '55, March 29 C William H. Strop '60, Feb. 13 C

MIT Charles G. Beaudette '52, Aug. 9, 2020 Henry C. Young Jr. '57, Feb. 12


Pennsylvania Donald W. Hedges '43, Oct 12, 2019 C Clarence A. McGowan '58, April 6 C

Virginia William H. Overbey Jr. '61, March 4 M. P. Rucker II '71, Feb. 13


Virginia Tech

Myrwin W. Anderson '48, Aug. 30, 2020 C Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. '47, March 15 Lewis P. Dickey '49, April 10, 2020


William F. Payne '45, Feb. 16

Joseph D. Emberson '92, Jan. 3

Wabash Robert L. Hobson '57, March 8 C Washington & Jefferson

Gary H. Horman '63, Feb. 5 C H B. Montgomery '50, April 20, 2020 Thomas E. Neuviller '51, Feb. 6 C

James R. Ransaw '12, Jan. 24


Julian E. Markham Jr. '64, March 27 C

Robert B. Beaham '84, Jan. 26 Arthur L. Dent III '69, June 23, 2020 John D. Woods '71, Jan. 9

Washington in St. Louis

South Dakota Ronald L. Baker Jr. '61, Jan. 2, 2019 C Richard M. Hyde '55, Jan. 9 John L. Morgan '55, Dec. 25, 2020 Southern California

Washington and Lee

Brent M. Parker '48, Feb. 15 C Richard A. Roth '50, Jan. 18 C Eli J. Smith '02, March 27

Washington State Leslie E. Hilby '55, March 14 C

Weber State

Oklahoma Matthew W. Card '02, Jan. 15 Lee B. Thompson Jr. '54, Jan. 30 C

Douglas H. Willson '48, Dec. 20, 2020

Texas Tech L. G. Moore '74, March 22, 2020

Oklahoma State Tulane Richard D. Bogert '55, Jan. 25 C Brett G. Elliott '86, March 17 Doyle D. McElvany '67, Feb. 9 Donald W. Sherrill '55, Feb. 27 C

UCLA Robert G. Dinwiddie '65, Feb. 27 C



E. C. Montgomery '53, May 9, 2017

Steven G. Eggiman '74, Jan. 6

Charles E. Pankenier '65, Dec. 3, 2020

Oregon State


Robert H. Butler '80, Feb. 17

Penn State Douglas S. Anderson '57, May 2, 2020 C Howard F. Horne Jr. '45, Feb. 25, 2020 C Randy R. Moser '76, Jan. 12

p48-49_Chapter Eternal_spg21.indd 49

Keefer Babbitt '15, Jan. 21 Milo S. Marsden Jr. '57, March 20 C Sidney J. McMain '48, Nov. 12, 2020 Richard S. Pitt '85, Feb. 10 Sherman A. Smith '36, March 11 C

Wichita State Donald F. Cowgill '64, Jan. 1 Willamette John P. Binford '63, Aug. 4, 2020 Leonard E. Maurer '49, March 11 C Theodore W. Primrose '57, Feb. 10, 2020 Don W. Schussler '62, Dec. 16, 2020 Williams Harris S. Lindsay '55, Jan. 15 C

Wisconsin Richard E. Bayerlein '50, Feb. 27 Charles G. Bentzin '54, May 8, 2020

Yale Edward H. Cook '57, March 3 C Richard C. Strain '54, April 4, 2020

Lee B. Thompson Jr. Oklahoma ’54 January 30, 2021 Former vice president on Beta's Board of Trustees, Lee's grandfather, brother, son, cousin and great nephews were among those he called "brother." Randy R. Moser Penn State ’76 January 12, 2021 Randy was a founding advisor of the Eta Xi Chapter at High Point University. For his devotion, the young men initiated him onto their roll in 2017. Stephen D. Bechtel Jr., Purdue/Colorado ’47 March 15, 2021 The retired CEO of Bechtel construction company that was founded in 1898 by his grandfather and eventually led by his Beta father and two Beta uncles – all from Cal Berkeley, Stephen was responsible for the company's explosive international growth. Now the largest construction company in America – and 11th largest company privately held, the Hoover Dam is just one of a litany of its iconic global projects. (See page 50.) Bechtel was presented the Fraternity's highest honor for professional achievement, the Oxford Cup, in 1997, and gifted $1.75 million to the Men of Principle initiative during his lifetime, becoming one of Beta's largest benefactors.


Michael K. Olsen '86, Feb. 16 James B. Crowell '55, March 7 C Wesleyan Renaldo Parisi '59, Jan. 20 C Charles A. Keck '58, Jan. 11 C Northwestern Southern Illinois West Virginia Thomas R. Allyn '68, March 12 Matthew G. Scheffler '02, Nov. 26, 2020 George W. Reeves III '65, Feb. 21 Richard W. Pilcher '56, Feb. 16, 2020 St. Lawrence Charles N. Slack Jr. '73, Feb. 25 Ohio Robert H. Weller '66, June 14, 2019 Western Reserve Michael A. Dickerson '59, March 11 C Stanford James F. Costanza '64, April 6 Ohio State Harry W. Rodda '59, Dec. 23, 2020 Westminster James N. Ebright '50, March 23 C Stevens George E. Catlett '51, Aug. 15, 2020 Merrill C. Hatfield '53, Jan. 1 C John P. Monaco '74, Feb. 12, 2019 Billy J. Hill '56, Oct 9, 2020 M. R. Neher '55, Oct 10, 2019 Wayne W. Schurter '57, Jan. 16 David B. Webber '76, Feb. 19 Syracuse Jeremiah R. Scott Jr. '58, March 7, 2020 Benn W. Meistrich '82, March 25 Ohio Wesleyan Whitman Richard G. DeVos '54, March 14 C Texas Thomas M. Beasley '56, Oct 24, 2019 Robert S. Neff '53, Jan. 18 C Robert J. Huston Jr. '94, Feb. 26, 2019 Donald K. Shields '58, Dec. 15, 2020 Thomas J. Sanders '66, Jan. 24 J. R. McKissick '62, Sept. 27, 2020

Bob Cantrell Michigan State ’62 March 5, 2021 A devoted Spartan and lifelong loyal Beta, Bob volunteered as chapter counselor of his beloved Gamma Psi Chapter for the last nine years.


Nebraska William T. Bedwell '57, Feb. 27, 2020 C Larry L. Bornschlegl '65, Feb. 12 Steven R. Hanich '73, Dec. 18, 2020 Raymond W. Harr '70, Jan. 7, 2002 Roger D. Leitner '70, Dec. 21, 2020 Timothy N. Romanick '74, Aug. 30, 2020 Charles E. Wright '54, Feb. 24 C

Irvin L. White '54, Feb. 15 Robert D. Yeager '58, March 11 C

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Photo: Bob Wang, Erdinc Ulas Photography

beta eponyms worldwide tributes “Bechtel is the largest construction company in the U.S. and America’s 11th largest privately held company. Fitting for a family of bridge builders that became among the greatest benefactors to Beta’s Men of Principle initiative.”

p50_Eponyms_spg21.indd 50

The Hoover Dam, San Francisco Bay Bridge, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), England-France Chunnel and Trans-Arabian pipeline; cleaning up the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster and extinguishing the Kuwait oil fires in the 1990-91 Persian Gulf War . . . Just a few of the mega construction projects around the world overseen by Bechtel Corporation, a Beta-led company thanks to the recent steady hand of Stephen D. Bechtel Jr., Purdue/Colorado ’47, who passed away peacefully on March 15. Following his 1898-company-founding grandfather, CEO Beta dad and two Beta uncles, Stephen Jr. became a business icon anchored in humility. “My strategy in beginning a career with Bechtel was simple: work harder than anybody else on any job to which I was assigned, refuse any privileges that didn’t come with the position I held and be treated according to the quality of my work, no more and no less,” he said. The museum railcar formerly stationed in front of Bechtel’s San Francisco headquarters is a replica of the one Stephen Jr. lived in as a child during construction of the Hoover Dam and projects across the west.

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“Friendship gave our order birth, Pure and lasting as the earth ... ”

Pictured: Jacob Good, Denver ’20, and Quinn Merrell, Denver ’21


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