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“Contact us sometime. Invite us over. Give a damn.”

THE OTHER HALF In a recent study, 48.8% of alumni stated Beta Theta Pi was not successful at keeping them personally engaged following graduation. Maybe “fraternity” really is just a four-year thing . . . (page 14)


“Don’t forget us.” On October 10, I had the privilege of attending the Reinstallation Ceremony of our great old chapter at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York. Joined by General Secretary Dave Schmidt, South Florida ’92, the campus looked like a postcard given the peak of fall foliage. And the energy of our 53 young Betas … well, it was contagious. It would be hard to script more perfect conditions for the official return of Seth Brooks’ beloved Beta Zeta Chapter. Two hours before the ceremony in the historic Temple, Schmidt and I had a chance to sit with University President and Brother Dr. Bill Fox, St. Lawrence ’75. What a fantastic meeting – especially when you’re greeted with the Beta grip by the man in charge. Toward the end of our meeting, Dave asked President Fox what the Fraternity could do for him – and the university he leads. He paused for a moment, and then confidently but warmly suggested, “Don’t forget us. The undergraduates and alumni need to feel the presence of their national organization.” Seth Brooks penned an Inter Fratres article back in 1953 that talked about how all undergraduates, chapters and alumni are outposts of the larger Fraternity. To think otherwise would suggest that Beta is just a four-year college experience, and our Fraternity is not one of international prestige but rather a loose federation of boys clubs with no duty owed to the Founders’ intentions – or a chapter’s alumni. Is there anything to the thought that relationships created during one of the most developmental periods in a young man’s life really don’t matter? Nor does the institution that helped foster them? In this issue, the Fraternity shares results of the comprehensive alumni survey that was conducted earlier in the year. To what end? Because Beta appears to be experiencing at least one significant outpost dilemma:

“With nearly 130,000 living alumni, why aren’t more of them engaged in the organization they say they love?” As the General Fraternity’s leadership begins developing a thoughtful plan to ensure the alumni outpost is also not “forgotten”, Betas everywhere are encouraged to consider anew how to engage in their proud, lifelong Beta Theta Pi – as well as how to show it. Sincerely and yours in ___kai___,

L. Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky ’96 Editor P.S. Miami University President (and Beta Dad) Dr. David Hodge retweeted a photo of the Beta Campanile the morning of September 12. As we move into Beta’s 175th year, it was the editorial team’s easy choice for pic of the quarter.




The oldest continuously-published college fraternity magazine, The Beta Theta Pi was founded on December 15, 1872, by Charles Duy Walker, V.M.I. 1869. Editor L. Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky ’96 Managing Editor Mike Roupas, Iowa ’10 Associate Director of Communication Kyle Grand, Wabash ’11 Contributors Westin Miller, Creighton ’13 Creative Director Sarah Shepherd Graphic Designer Jenna Noah Director of Digital Media Robert Umstadter, San Jose State ’05 The Beta Theta Pi, (USPS 052-000) official magazine of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, is owned by the Fraternity, edited and published under the direction and control of its Board of Trustees, published Winter, Spring and Summer for $30 onetime pre-paid subscription. Standard non-profit class postage paid at Oxford, Ohio, and additional points of entry. Canada Post International Publications Mail (Canadian Distribution) Sales Agreement No. 0397474. Copyright Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, 2012. Produced in the USA.

Publication Schedule Issue Deadline Winter 2014 October 15 Spring 2014 January 15 Summer 2014 April 15

Mail Date December 15 March 15 June 15

Send address changes to: Foundation and Administrative Office Brennan Hall 5134 Bonham Road PO Box 6277 Oxford, Ohio 45056 800.800.BETA or

WHO GETS THE MAGAZINE? Upon initiation each Beta is guaranteed a lifetime subscription to The Beta Theta Pi. That commitment by the Fraternity remains, although for a variety of reasons, some no longer wish to receive the hard-copy version. So, who receives the Fraternity’s magazine? Anyone who requests it, as well as all active Beta volunteers, donors to the Beta Foundation, undergraduates and parents. Make your preference official at 800.800.BETA, or go online at


The Beta Theta Pi Magazine | Vol. 141 | No. 1



14 29 40

The Other Half What Do Alumni Want?

Convention Recap

Highlights from the 174th General Convention

Campus Life 100% of Active Chapters and Colonies Reporting


4 Beta Inbox Kansas State pledge class serenade

6 News and Notes


Mission To develop men of principle for a principled life.


8 Opening of the Door 10 Promises to Keep

Every member will live Beta Theta Pi’s values.

Core Values To build lasting bonds of friendship and brotherhood, Beta calls for:

22 Marching Along

MUTUAL ASSISTANCE Betas believe that men are mutually obligated to help others in the honorable labors and aspirations of life.

28 From the Archives

INTELLECTUAL GROWTH Betas are devoted to continually cultivating their minds, including high standards of academic achievement. TRUST Betas develop absolute faith and confidence in one another by being true to themselves and others. RESPONSIBLE CONDUCT Betas choose to act responsibly, weighing the consequences of their actions on themselves and those around them. INTEGRITY Betas preserve their character by doing what is morally right and demanding the same from their brothers.

36 The Beta House IN THE SPOTLIGHT

13 35 55

52 Mystic Shrine

Volunteer “Temporary” has Permanent Impact

Parent A Culture of Integrity

Bridge Builder Scott J. Allen, Minnesota ’95



You Said It!


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for onathaonu, so much P J r i a e D hank y T t Beta Thet.aIt will s the rsecveina Jim Collaisn was the letter eat reading be grne I received. are rocked to last o ost babies . My Dad M lullabies a songs, t h e t i B w g p e n i e l s d me sing . rocke I still remembaekre me an which oes that m D eta? e B iate all the otim y r a r o m n o h c t y I apptirneg this tribute a spent craend Dad. ish good m Mo onathan, Iss wto you and J appine h d n a h t , heal you love. Sincerely those Nan

, ue ’32 , Purd ooden ates of the W n h o u fJ rad ciple. ghter o from g n, dau you” notes r Men of Prin Woode k fo — Nan eiving “than en Institute c d upon re d Nellie Woo n John a

“BETA THETA PI BROTHERS from TCU came to my home, cold outside and built me a ramp so that I might get out to my chemotherapy appointments. I don’t know how long the Lord is going to bless me to be here, but I believe in giving people their flowers while they are alive and can enjoy them. With that being said, let me once again thank each of you for such a fine job ... The Bible says that we are made in the very image of Christ, and today, I saw him in each of you. Me and my wife was so elated we cried, prayed and basically had church after y’all left ... Now you know you have an extended family here at my little home.” — Warren Levingston “THE OTHER DAY I was out with a friend in search of an apartment for him to sublease for the school year. One of the apartments we looked at was an old Victorian-style building from the turn of the century. We noticed that there appeared to be a ‘B’ and an ‘O’ carved into the wood flooring. When my friend flipped over a rug to the right of the carving, we saw a ‘pi’ and realized that the ‘O’ was actually a ‘theta.’ Needless to say my friend and fraternity brother took it as a sign to sublease the apartment. I guess you never know where Beta relics are going to turn up.” — Brendan Power, Iowa ’15 “[MY FATHER] WAS AN INCREDIBLE MAN and lived the Beta values all of his life ... Upon Dad’s death I received my Mom’s jewelry box, and inside, wrapped in velvet, was Dad’s Beta Theta Pi badge still firmly attached to my Mom’s Alpha Delta Pi pin.” — Susan Saint-Lockhart, daughter of Dr. Grayson L. Tucker, Davidson ’45

Each year, Foundation Director Jonathan Brant delivers a bound collection of 400 student “thank you” letters to Carol and Jim Collins, UCLA ’50, benefactors of Beta’s Wooden Institute. In turn, Jim forwards them to the Wooden family, so they can see the impact the “Wizard of Westwood” continues to have on the fraternity he loved. Above: Collins (L), Brant (R) gather on Nov. 16, 2007, at Wooden’s favorite restaurant, VIP’s Cafe, marking official presentation of the naming of the Wooden Institute.



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@RealDanNorton: Blindly walking into my interview to be greeted by an alumnus of my chapter of @BetaThetaPi was the best way to start the morning. @MikeVanChillen: Beta Theta Pi parents weekend was awesome! Love my mom and dad more than anything in the world. #blessed @zackfahey1: Thank you @tinakhorvath for sponsoring me to go to @BetaThetaPi #woodeninstitute in January! #gobeta

@scottfussell: Running miles 1820 of @ChiMarathon in honor of our @BetaThetaPi and @DeltaGamma families. #principled #cherished #lifechanging

@jawhshoooah: My phone just autocorrected “that” to “theta”, which is pretty freaking cool.

@zr0we0: @Beta_UMaine just got a visit from a Penn State Beta alum living in the area. @BetaThetaPi

@JTintheMOV: I am suddenly reminded of why I chose the Friends, Gentlemen, and Scholars of @BetaThetaPi a decade ago.

@mugreeks: @BetaThetaPi alumni recognized at the #miamioh_hc game. Thanks for coming back this weekend and leaving a legacy!

@NDot85: Everyday I am proud to call myself a member of @BetaThetaPi, going Greek was a great decision.

@sassy_southern_: Oh... you know... just casually pinning Beta Theta Pi lavaliers on Pinterest. What?! A girl can dream. #Hoping

@tessabelding: Best day ever to be lavaliered by my best friend & love of my life @ConnorTYoung & @Beta_ Kentucky @BetaThetaPi

@cowboytator3: Beta Theta Pi making the truck look good. @BetaThetaPi_ZP @BetaThetaPi

The Beta Connection

@Ryan_Kirby5: Nothing beats the view from the top of a mountain in Boulder, Colorado. #PledgeClass #AlphaTau @BetaThetaPi







Happy anniversary to the chapters below with milestone anniversaries in 2014, and congratulations to 1964 and 1989 Beta initiates who will celebrate their Fraternal 50s and Fraternal 25s! Chapter Years Arizona 55 Auburn 50 Bishop’s 25 Case Western Reserve 35 Central Florida 10 Colorado College 100 Connecticut 10 Cornell 135 Dartmouth 125 Dayton 5 Denver 125 Dickinson 140 Duke 75 Florida State 45 George Mason 25 Idaho 100 Kansas State 100 Kenyon 135 Kettering (GMI-EMI) 50 Lynchburg 20 Maine 135 McGill 25 Miami 175 Miami (Fla.) 5 Minnesota 125 Mississippi 135 Missouri-Kansas City 25 Oregon 105 Rutgers 135 San Diego State 30 Sewanee 60 Southern Illinois 15 St. Lawrence 135 Stevens 135 Syracuse 125 UC Berkeley 135 Washington in St. Louis 145 Wichita State 55


Founding 10/31/1959 11/19/1964 12/9/1989 9/5/1979 2/14/2004 9/26/1914 2/21/2004 10/09/1879 08/13/1889 11/21/2009 02/28/1889 05/15/1874 10/6/1939 11/16/1969 4/1/1989 9/19/1914 10/17/1914 04/08/1879 11/7/1964 2/19/1994 10/09/1879 3/18/1989 08/08/1839 5/2/2009 11/29/1889 06/05/1879 4/8/1989 12/4/1909 10/09/1879 2/5/1984 12/2/1949 2/20/1999 10/09/1879 10/09/1879 01/10/1889 03/18/1879 04/01/1869 11/15/1959


The chapters below are planning reunions on Saturday, August 9, 2014, as part of Beta’s 175th Celebration Weekend. Make sure that your contact info is updated with Beta’s Administrative Office and contact your reunion coordinator if you’d like to learn more or help plan the event. Alpha Chapter / Miami University Brian Breittholz (513) 255-2954

Delta Xi Chapter/Eastern Kentucky Univ. Bryan Amerine (513) 226-7470

Beta Nu Chapter / Univ. of Cincinnati Drew McKenzie (513) 200-9830

Pi Chapter / Indiana University Charlie McCormick (317) 850-2822

Want to host a fun alumni reunion for your chapter at the 175th? The General Fraternity can help with logistics and planning. Contact Anne Emmerth for more information ( or 800.800.BETA).

Get in the Spirit! With the holiday season upon us, be sure to stock up on Beta-branded clothing, gear and gifts for that special Beta (or Beta Sweetheart) in your life. Visit today!

Want more leadership opportunities? This year, Beta is offering another great lineup of leadership programs, including the first ever Winter Wooden Institute in January. Can’t make it? Don’t worry . . . join us for the Presidents Leadership Academy, Keystone Regional Leadership Conferences, Summer Wooden Institute sessions and Leadership College at the 175th General Convention. For more information, contact: Megan Vadnais, Nick Gummo,



Leadership Summit....................... 17-19 Cincinnati, Ohio

Please click on your chapter’s link in the database of missing brothers at

Presidents Academy..................... 17-19 Cincinnati, Ohio

With your help, Beta brothers will once again receive your chapter’s and the General Fraternity’s updates and event invitations, the quarterly magazine, volunteer opportunities and more.

Board of Trustees & Foundation Board Joint Meeting .................... 24-25 Miami, Fla.

FEBRUARY 2014 Michigan Installation Events .............15 Ann Arbor, Mich. Keystone Leadership Conferences Northeast* Cherry Hill, N.J. ........... 7-9 South Central** Tulsa, Okla. ......... 7-9 North Central* Itasca, Ill. ........... 21-23 Southwest** Los Angeles, Calif. 21-23 Northwest* Seattle, Wash. ....... 28-3/2 Southeast** Jacksonville, Fla. .. 28-3/2

With a strong recruitment season by Beta’s 128 chapters and colonies, the Fraternity is proud to announce an alltime high for fall recruitment. Across North America, 2,281 new members were added to the brotherhood this fall, as compared to the 2,100 members in fall 2012 — an 8.6% increase in pledge membership.

* **

Books by Beta Authors Are you interested in reading books written by Beta brothers? Check out to peruse the collection of books that brothers from across the world have written. If you’re a Beta author and your book is available to purchase on, be sure to let us know at


Wooden Institute Winter Session .................................. 2-5 Oxford, Ohio

Over the years, Betas move or change email addresses and unintentionally fall out of touch with Beta Theta Pi.

Record-Breaking Membership



upcoming events


ΣΧ — Sigma Chi launched a new program, Sigma Chi Lifeline. Developed with the Jed Foundation, Sigma Chi Lifeline was developed in response to the growing risk of suicide among college students and the tragic suicides that have taken the lives of four Sigma Chi undergraduates since 2012.

APRIL 2014 Kansas State 100th Anniversary..... 4-6 Manhattan, Kan. Kentucky Installation Events....... 12-13 Lexington, Ky.

ΠΒΦ — For the third year in a row, Pi Beta Phi partnered with Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazines and Maybelline New York for Campus Kisses for the Troops. Pi Phi chapters across the U.S. collected handwritten messages of support for American troops overseas. For every “kiss” collected, $1 was donated to the USO.



2013-2014 Re/Colonizations Beta Theta Pi is re/colonizing seven campuses across North America this academic year. Each colony is supported by a full time, on-site colony development coordinator for one year to ensure the successful recruitment, education and training of the Re/Founding Fathers and advisory team members. Review these colonies’ progress and learn more about Beta’s newest men of principle.

2013-14 Re/Colonizations •(UCSD, Drexel, Florida State, Illinois, Pittsburgh, Puget Sound, Quinnipiac)

2012-13 Re/Colonizations (Arkansas, Baylor, Charleston, High Point, MIT, Ohio, WPI) 2011-12 Re/Colonizations •(Chapman, Creighton, Michigan State, Pacific, TCU, Utah)

Re/Founding Fathers GPA

UC San Diego


Florida State



Puget Sound*
















# of Advisors








# of House Corp Volunteers








*Re/Founding Father recruitment ongoing. Look for an update on these two colonies in the spring magazine, which drops in the mail March 15, 2014.




University of California, San Diego

University of Pittsburgh

Did you know?: The Refounding Fathers are made up of men representing more than a dozen countries, including Pakistan, Israel, UAE, India, Germany, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam. Words from a Refounding Father: “I want to expand my experiences in leadership. I know the mentors I meet through Beta will help me grow as a person and overall leader.” – Joey Giltner ’15 To get involved, contact

Did you know? Nine brothers serve the university as resident assistants, and three brothers are running for positions on the student government executive board. Words from a Founding Father: “I do not want to be a label. Beta is giving us the opportunity to gather individual intelligence and talent in order to collectively improve.” – Sean Corrado ’15 To get involved, contact

Florida State University

Quinnipiac University

Did you know? The Refounding Fathers are highly involved men serving as orientation leaders, Student Government Association Senators, Order of Omega Honorees and the Homecoming Court. Words from a Refounding Father: “This chapter will grow and flourish as one that will change the lives of those whom we call our brothers, as well as the campus and community.” – Jerry Howze ’14 To get involved, contact

Did you know? The Founding Fathers consist of All-State athletes, Eagle Scouts, on-air sportscasters and former military men. We also have an even-split between Yankees and Red Sox fans! Words from a Founding Father: “I want Beta to be a group that can be counted on. Whether in the community or on campus, Betas will do what we say, and say what we do.” – Harrison Weisberg ’16. To get involved, contact

La Jolla, Calif.

Tallahassee, Fla.

Pittsburgh, Penn.

Hamden, Conn.

Darkening of the Hall University of California, Berkeley Location: Berkeley, Calif. Greek Designation: Omega Chapter Motto: Daughter of the ocean Founded: March 18, 1879 Total Initiates: 1,705

University of Illinois Champaign, Ill.

Did you know? The Refounding Father class boasts a number of unique members, including an app start-up founder, a 4-minute mile runner, and the founder of the University’s Free Hugs Club. Words from a Refounding Father: “Beta will be dedicated to true brotherhood. We will be an influential chapter that has a positive effect on the Greek culture at Illinois.” – Jeffrey Tsai ’17 To get involved, contact

Reason for closure: The chapter was placed under reorganization in 2011 and continually violated aspects of the agreed upon directives in 2012 and 2013 with various hazing and alcohol-related incidents. This behavior ultimately culminated this fall in an unauthorized party that also disregarded all forms of reasonable and required risk management – thereby, directly violating the chapter’s directives and shared expectations of the Fraternity and University. Cal’s administration will welcome Beta back to campus as early as the 2015-16 academic year.






Having established the Baird Fund in 1920, the Beta Leadership Fund in 1971, the Administrative Office Building Campaign in 1994, and the Upon These Principles Campaign in 2001 (to scale the Men of Principle initiative across North America), Betas have always tried to make big things happen for the next generation.

2 Carol & Jim Collins UCLA ’50 $1,000,000

Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. Colorado/Purdue ’46 $1,000,000


4 Joanne & Harold Hook Missouri ’53 $325,000

Thomas W. Hook Miami ’81 $500,000


1 10


Having gifted $750,000 in 2004 to name and endow the John and Nellie Wooden Institute for Men of Principle, Carol and Jim have now pledged $1 million to name and endow Beta’s new Leadership Center in Oxford that will house the work of the professional leadership development staff.


With more than $8 million in gift commitments, Beta’s new Promises to Keep Campaign continues to enlist supporters (like those featured below) who are enthusiastic about shaping the lives of today’s undergraduates – and the 32,000 young men who will join in the decade to come.

GIFTS & PLEDGES RECEIVED $8,041,543 (40.2% of campaign goal as of August 3, 2013)

— L. Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky ’96


Triple Beta legacy, retired CEO and coowner of the Californiabased construction giant Bechtel Corporation, Brother Bechtel’s family foundation is making a $1 million gift to expand Beta’s award-winning student leadership programs so hundreds more young men can participate annually.

That’s why the Fraternity doesn’t solicit brothers and friends for donations. Because dreaming big is exciting – and personal. Beta tries to match an individual’s passion and GOAL interests with the needs of a robust and dynamic $20,000,000 brotherhood. One that enriches daily the hearts and minds of 9,000 young men across North America.



Tom Hook, former Foundation Chairman, recently pledged a $500,000 lead gift to convert the Administrative Office basement into a state-of-the-art learning laboratory that will host 2,000+ annual visitors attending Beta’s Oxford-based leadership programs, initiations and pledge class tours.


Past president of the Boy Scouts of America, American General CEO, and Oxford Cup honoree, Harold Hook and Joanne are gifting $325,000 to build the Heritage Fund endowment and — in preparation for Beta’s 175th anniversary — advance renovations of the Administrative Office, museum and grounds.

Believing strongly in the positive influence that Beta plays in the lives of thousands of young men across North America — yet a desire to remain anonymous — a loyal Beta couple is providing a $1 million endowment gift to advance the character-shaping components of the Men of Principle initiative.




7 Peter N. Darrow Miami (Fla.) ’09 $102,500

Russell E. Palmer Michigan State ’56 $150,000

Holly & Jeff Lieberman Pennsylvania ’96 $75,000



Expand and endow student participation in award-winning Men of Principle leadership programs. FUNDING NEED: $13.4 MILLION

10 Vanessa & Chris Conabee Utah ’88 $25,000

Carolyn & Morry Arnston Oregon ’59 $20,000

PROMISE II Launch new online training platform for all undergraduates, advisors and Beta volunteers. FUNDING NEED: $3.7 MILLION




PROMISE III Build a state-of-the-art learning laboratory and historical preservation center within the Administrative Office in Oxford. FUNDING NEED: $2.9 MILLION

— Aryeh Nesher, Professor, The New School for Social Research



Brother Palmer served as dean of the esteemed Wharton School of Business at the Univ. of Pennsylvania. No stranger to proposals promising a solid return on investment, Russ pledged a $50,000 campaign cash gift to be paid over three years, as well as a $100,000 estate gift provision.


A Founding Father of Beta’s proud chapter at “The U”, Peter caught the Beta Spirit early – and it has never subsided. Gifting $102,500 via cash and a generous life insurance policy, Brother Darrow is taking the long view in support of the Fraternity he loves – one that will benefit young Betas forever.



A venture capitalist in New York City and multiterm director on Beta’s Foundation Board, Brother Lieberman understands well the art of critical analysis and objective evaluation. Maybe that’s why he and Holly are so enthusiastic about committing $75,000 to benefit Beta’s new capital campaign!


Instrumental in the rebirth of his 100-yearold chapter in Salt Lake City, Conabee’s passion for Beta runs deep and wide. Vice President on the General Fraternity Board of Trustees, Chris and Vanessa stepped forward this past year with a $25,000 gift to support all Beta chapters across North America.


Brother Arnston retired from a successful real estate career and now enjoys traveling, grandchildren and church projects with his wife, Carolyn. Feeling strongly that their gift should be allocated to the projects in greatest need, Morry offered their generous $20,000 campaign gift on an unrestricted basis.



This is why I love being a part of this Fraternity. Beta does not

attempt to change me from “innocent Malaysian” to “fratty Malaysian.” In Beta, I do not have to pretend to be anybody but myself. Because in

this fraternity, there are people just like me. — Matthew Moo, Creighton ’16

Just under four minutes in length, check out the inspiring (and humorous) remarks Matthew Moo offered potential new members during Creighton’s formal recruitment week.

beta leadership fund developing men of principle for a principled life



When Clemson’s chapter counselor, Wayne Heath ’08, asked George Bolen to get involved as a chapter advisor, Bolen had no idea what he was getting himself into. Now, almost a decade later, Bolen is still as invested as he was when he first started. Bolen began as the chapter’s risk management advisor but, in 2011, Heath informed him that he was stepping down and asked if Bolen would take over as chapter counselor. The move was supposed to be temporary, but after three months, Bolen knew he wanted to continue in the role. He and the men had connected so well that both sides saw mutual benefit in Bolen staying involved.

Luke Jensen ’15, Bolen, Daniel Boulware ’14, and Andrew Douglas ’14, pose with Bolen’s Advisor of the Year Award.

What they said about Beta volunteer George Bolen . . .

George has been an invaluable mentor and a true friend to me. I’m not sure that the chapter would be where it is today without him.

— Daniel Boulware ’14 Past Chapter President

There are few people who have a kinder heart than George Bolen. He is there when we need him.

Along with managing the advisory team, he stays connected to the president in an ‘advising’ capacity, not a ‘dictating’ capacity.

— Nick White ’14 Past Chapter President

— Harrison Trammell ’78 Financial Advisor

Interested in volunteering for Beta?

From the get-go, Bolen was put to the test as the chapter was facing disciplinary action from the university. His goal was to be supportive and advise purposefully, but at the same time, let the men have the freedom to govern themselves. The only thing he asked was to be kept in the loop regarding chapter, university and General Fraternity-related business. Bolen helped the young men stay positive and made sure the circumstances didn’t affect recruitment. For his efforts, Bolen was named the campus’ Advisor of the Year. Through all of the challenges and triumphs, Bolen continues to passionately serve because of the friendships and camaraderie he’s cultivated with the young men in the chapter. He says those are the best things he receives from all of his hard work. “Temporary” has never been so permanent. — Kyle Grand, Wabash ’11

Email or call Director of Chapter Services Jeff Rundle at or 800.800.BETA.


“My not chap eng prom ter do age o men te life es l t join . I re ong ing. gret ” .








AR E T HE S E F IG U R E S SURPRI SI NG? For an organization that calls for “lifelong fraternal brotherhood,” this low participation sure doesn’t paint the picture that the majority of Betas are in this together for the long haul.

Maybe “fraternity” really is just a four-year thing. Maybe the concept of “lifelong fraternal brotherhood” is just a feel-good concept that we all lazily nodded along to during a few ceremonies as we traded in our pledge pins for eight-sided badges. Whatever the case may be, one thing is clear. Beta needs clarity on what has caused this alumni engagement dilemma, if members of the Fraternity are truly interested in achieving a lifelong experience that was set forth by our Founders in 1839.

A COALIT ION I S FOR M E D In October 2012, Beta Theta Pi recruited 12 peer fraternities to be part of a professionally conducted alumni engagement research study. Cygnus Applied Research, Inc., a consulting firm in the not-for-profit sector, was chosen as the preferred firm following a thorough RFP and presentation process. Cygnus analyzed each fraternal organization individually from top to bottom, gaining perspective on the needs and wants of each organization’s members. Along with evaluating Beta’s membership base, strategic plan, programs, communication strategies and events, Cygnus surveyed Beta alumni and undergraduates in March 2013. In total, 1,921 alumni and 303 undergraduate Betas completed the online research questionnaire (out of a total prospect list of 36,392 alumni and 4,290 undergraduates who had an active email address on file with the Administrative Office) in an effort to:



serve as a Beta volunteer. (1,364 of 127,009)

31.6% have an email

address on file at the Administrative Office. (40,215 of 127,009)


donated to the BLF last year. (2,287 of 127,009)


attended convention in August. (198 of 127,009)

Cygnus’ study of Beta’s membership will prove to have a significant effect on the future of Beta’s alumni engagement, communication and programming strategies, as well as provide insight about implications for the fraternal movement. While an extensive review of the findings is currently in the early stages, the information that follows is a summary of some key findings and statistics from their research. 15

DO ALUMNI FEEL ENGAGED? 48.8% of alumni stated Beta Theta Pi was not successful at keeping them personally engaged following graduation. What is “engaged”? According to Cygnus, an alumnus is engaged provided that:

WHY DID ALUMNI ORIGINALLY JOIN? In order to gain perspective on what Beta alumni want now, it is imperative to gain a better understanding of what they expected from the organization when they joined as undergraduates. According to survey results, the top five factors that influenced members to join Beta Theta Pi revolve around social interaction (right). The strongest influence for joining Beta – according to more than 80% of alumni respondents – was the opportunity to meet other college students, followed closely by encouragement to join by existing members of Betas. In addition to these social motivations, alumni ranked the top four benefits of membership that influenced them to join the Fraternity (bottom right). These perceived benefits varied by three different age groups of Beta’s alumni membership. While older alumni perceived living in a fraternity house as a major benefit, this factor is less significant to younger alumni who are more drawn to the potential for leadership development and networking opportunities.


WHAT DID ALUMNI EXPECT AS UNDERGRADS? Before current Beta alumni completed their undergraduate studies, they had an expectation for how the Fraternity would continue to play a role throughout their lives. According to survey results, alumni indicated they expected to remain in contact with brothers and stay in touch with their chapters (right). A smaller percentage of alumni expected to attend fraternity events, contribute ďŹ nancially to Beta, or stay in contact with the General Fraternity. (Notably, these percentages are all much higher than the percentage of alumni who actually participate.)

WHAT DO ALUMNI EXPECT NOW? The following three graphs depict various categories of how Beta alumni feel about their Beta membership today and what role they believe the Fraternity should play in their lives. From these graphs, it is clear that most Betas are proud to be members of the Fraternity, and they believe Beta membership is a lifelong commitment. Further, a large portion of alumni believe it is their duty to support brothers in times of need, promote the Fraternity to others, facilitate professional networking and maintain connection with brothers.


HOW DO ALUMNI PERCEIVE AND TALK ABOUT BETA THETA PI? According to survey results, most alumni felt Beta Theta Pi had a good reputation with the general public, while nearly a quarter of alumni were not sure how the public perceived Beta (left). At a surface level, alumni were asked if non-members were aware of their involvement in Beta Theta Pi. About 85% of alumni said people knew they were members (bottom left). When alumni were asked if they actively speak with non-members about their experience in Beta, an overwhelming amount said “yes” (bottom right).


DO ALUMNI THINK BETA HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL? Beta alumni have various opinions about the Fraternity, and the chart to the right maps out exactly where alumni indicated they feel Beta Theta Pi has been successful and where it has fallen short. Alumni ranked facilitating lifelong friendships, developing men of principle, and shaping future leaders as the Fraternity’s most successful areas. At the other end of the spectrum, alumni did not feel Beta successfully provided training on life skills or assistance with career support.


WHAT DO ALUMNI WANT TO HEAR ABOUT? Only 46% of alumni indicated that they received the level of communication they desired from key branches of the Fraternity. Not surprisingly, alumni said they were most interested in receiving messages from their own Beta chapter. With less than half of alumni receiving the type of information they seek from the Fraternity, it is helpful to know that many alumni indicated that they utilize social media for communication with Beta. The current breakdown of which social media outlets Beta alumni use is depicted below. Alumni indicted the following topics as those which they are most interested in reading about in Beta publications. So, undergraduates – take notes for those alumni newsletters you publish, and the Administrative Office will do the same for General Fraternity publications!

DO ALUMNI WANT TO BE INVOLVED? More than 20% of alumni who do not volunteer with the Fraternity said they were unaware that volunteer opportunities even existed. With 74 volunteer positions currently vacant across North America — and the percentage of alumni who indicated a willingness to be involved in the future (bottom left) — it is evident that Beta needs to improve communication regarding opportunities to support its 128 active chapters and colonies. The importance of alumni involvement is significant, as an overwhelming number of undergraduate members indicated they would likely remain involved in Beta after graduation, if they saw alumni involved with their chapter now (bottom right).



Cygnus’ research culminated with three overall observations that are important for the Fraternity to keep in mind as it considers an effective alumni engagement strategy:

1 2

ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL. Brothers expressed a strong affection for Beta Theta Pi at all stages of their lives, but it was evident from the research that the type of relationship desired by alumni members changes over time. Moreover, the type of interaction brothers want with Beta is significantly affected by members’ experiences as students, their history of volunteerism with Beta, and their age. These facts have important implications for alumni programming, and the Fraternity plans to evaluate how it designs events and programming to make it more individually meaningful for members.


Alumni want to learn more about the developments and future plans of Beta Theta Pi, not just internationally, but also at the chapter level. The Fraternity is looking at ways to gather and share more information about one’s chapter and include these in ongoing communication.




There is a great willingness among brothers to not only support members while in college, but also provide support to brothers after graduation with their time, treasure and talent. The Fraternity is looking at ways to be a more effective facilitator in supporting the development of skills and relationships between members at all stages of their lives.

For an in-depth look at the survey results, including 108 intriguing data slides from Cygnus, visit




Shining Stars of Beta Theta Pi

Marty Filipowski began swimming at a young age, and at eight-yearsold, started swimming lessons at the local YMCA. It quickly became a passion, and when he moved to Sydney, Australia, in 2004, he took his passion to another level . . . BETA SWIMS THE ENGLISH CHANNEL

Marty Filipowski Indiana ’85 Filipowski was born in Valparaiso, Ind., and graduated from Indiana University in 1985 with a degree in journalism. Currently, he lives in Sydney, Australia, and serves as the director of corporate communications, Asia-Pacific and Japan (including India) for Dell. His father, Stephen, is also a Pi Chapter Beta, class of ’59. After the English Channel swim, Filipowski married his partner, Sonny Embleton, in a small ceremony on Alki Beach in Seattle.

Filipowski discovered he was a natural swimmer through his involvement on the VladSwim swim team in Australia, and eventually, he started swimming longer distances and entered various races. With invigorated passion, Filipowksi eventually decided to take on the daunting task of swimming the English Channel. The English Channel swim is difficult because of the choppy, ice-cold water and 31-mile distance. To prepare, Filipowski swam in cold water, practiced at night to get used to swimming in darkness, and put on fat to insulate his body from the freezing temperatures. On August 26, 2013, he was cleared to begin his attempt. At 2:26 a.m. the next day, Filipowski and his team (consisting of his sister Sharon, friend Stephen, partner Sonny and boat captain Andy) began the journey from Dover, England. During the swim, Filipowski’s most difficult task was keeping himself occupied. He sang songs in his head to pass time, which also helped keep his strokes in rhythm. Every 40 minutes, he ate liquid meals prepared by Sonny. After 14 hours and 39 minutes, Filipowski accomplished the feat, touching ground near Wissant, France. To celebrate, Filipowski and his team traveled back to Dover and stopped by the Whitehorse Pub. All successful English Channel swimmers sign their names on the pub’s wall. Joyfully, he left his mark. Congratulate Marty at




Mizzou Betas Recognized On October 18, the University of Missouri held its annual Faculty-Alumni Awards, and two Betas took home honors. Oxford Cup recipient, former CEO of American General Corporation and President of the Boy Scouts of America Harold Hook ’53 (below), won Mizzou’s highest honor, the Distinguished Service Award. Shawn Askinosie '83, practiced law for 20 years before starting a successful chocolate manufacturing company focused on philanthropy. He received Mizzou’s Alumni Award. Give them both a pat on the back via email at and

South Dakota’s Finest Phil Odeen, South Dakota ’57, and his wife Marjorie, were recently given the Inman Alumni Award, the University’s highest honor. Odeen, now retired, served in senior positions with the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the National Security Council. Created in 1996 by the University of South Dakota Foundation, the annual award recognizes the generosity and volunteer leadership exemplified by Darwin and Adele Inman during the University’s early years. The Odeens are the university’s 24th recipients. Congratulate them at

On Top of the World On May 21, John Beede, UNLV ’03, reached the highest place on earth – the top of Mt. Everest. The entire journey took seven weeks, and Beede spent 11 minutes on the peak. Congratulate John at

Distinguished Achievement Actor Granville W. "Buzz" Pine, Ohio Wesleyan ’63, best known for his role as Sgt. Joe Getraer on NBC's "CHiPs," won his alma mater's Distinguished Achievement Citation. It is given to those who demonstrate professional accomplishment and outstanding service to mankind.

Spin the Wheel Adam Hildebrand, Cincinnati ’06, and his friend Jen Adams were on “Wheel of Fortune” as part of Best Friends Week. The duo was victorious and won a spa trip to California worth $11,500, as well as $29,650 in cash. Congratulate Adam at



Together Again Union College in Schenectady, N.Y., held its “ReUnion” weekend, and brothers of the Nu Chapter, class of ’63, got together to celebrate their 50-year anniversary. Friend of Beta Marna Redding, who works at the college, surprised them with fraternity gold medallions. Pictured from left to right are Cliff Mastrangelo, Dennis Wentworth, Bill Prest, David Davidson, Bruce Manwaring, John Angerosa and Daniel Paine. Age is Just a Number George Roudebush, Denison ’49, is 88 years-old and recently competed in the Men’s High Jump competition at the Senior Games Track and Field Championships. Roudebush entered the event despite having overcome two knee-replacement surgeries.

He’s a Beast The Crossfit Games is a grueling competition that puts participants through various exercises in order to find the “world’s fittest athlete.” Ron Thomas, Missouri-Kansas City ’91, finished fifth overall in the 45-49-yearold division. Congratulate him at rthomas@

To the Bench In August, Greg Stivers, Eastern Kentucky ’82, a partner for 14 years at Kerrick Stivers Cole P.L.C. in Bowling Green, Ky., was nominated to become a Federal District Court Judge. Congratulate Greg on this major achievement at gstivers@



Lifetime Achievement Award Broadway composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim, Williams ’50, was awarded the Edward MacDowell Medal for lifetime achievement, considered one of the top honors in the arts world. This is the first time the medal has been awarded for achievement in musical theater.

Shahid’s English Soccer Club Shahid Khan, Illinois ’70, owner of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, has added another professional team to his portfolio. Leaping into the world’s best soccer league, the English Premier League, he purchased Fulham Football Club in London for $300 million.

Bringing Down a Criminal David Rising, Toronto ’91 (, an Assoc. Press reporter in Germany, uncovered the identity of a top Nazi commander, Michael Karkoc. Linked to civilian massacres, Karkoc snuck into the U.S. after World War II. Because of Rising’s work, the war criminal may finally be prosecuted.


MIT Chapter Turns 100 More than 180 alumni and guests gathered in Boston Oct. 4-6, to celebrate the Beta Upsilon Chapter’s 100th anniversary and unveiling of the renovated chapter house. Attendees enjoyed a banquet with several guest speakers, including Fraternity Board of Trustees Vice President Ben Swartz, Connecticut ’05, Director of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation Jonathan Brant, Miami ’75, and MIT Assistant Dean of Resident Life Henry Humphreys, who spoke on the importance and evolution of Greek life. Coverage of the $2 million renovation project will be featured in the spring issue.

He’s a Hall of Famer Convention veteran and Beta volunteer Tom Lipton, Western Reserve ’63, was enshrined in the Case Western Reserve chapter’s Alumni Hall of Fame. More than 100 WRU/CWRU Betas and friends gathered to honor Brother Lipton. Connect with Tom at

Following in the Family’s Footsteps John Miller, Missouri ’14, followed in his relatives’ footsteps when he was elected chapter president last year. The fourth Miller to serve Zeta Phi in the role, his great-grandfather, E. Lee Miller 1909, was president from 1907-08; John’s grandfather, William Miller ’33, served from 1932-33; and his father, Richard Miller ’70, held the gavel 1969-70. What a family tree! 102nd Indy Conclave More than 100 Betas met in Indianapolis for the annual Indiana Beta Conclave. Tom Zupancic, a former Indianapolis Colts executive and Beta parent (son, Jake, Indiana ’14) was the keynote speaker. The “Richard G. Lugar, Denison ’54, Undergraduate Achievement Award” and “Robert T. Grand, Wabash ’78, Service Award” were presented to Corben Sherlock, Indiana ’15, and DePauw Chapter Advisor and Friend of Beta Adam Cohen.

Refreshed House Unveiled Coinciding with Ohio University’s Homecoming on Oct. 12, Beta Kappa alumni rededicated the newly renovated chapter house in Athens. It was renamed “The Glenn C. Randall Beta House,” after Randall ’59, made a lead gift to the renovation campaign. Some 200 alumni joined the colony’s undergraduates for the celebration.

Rutgers Tailgate Every fall, alumni of the Beta Gamma Chapter at Rutgers University gather for a football game to rekindle their brotherly bonds. The reunion averages around 30 brothers, and the men pictured (from the class of ’67 through ’73) have gathered for 10 consecutive years.



Welcome to Holden Hall The Beta Rho Chapter and alumni house corporation at the University of Oregon recently named its house “Holden Hall,” after loyal alumnus and former U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica, Glen Holden ’51. More than 75 undergraduates, alumni and guests were present for the big occasion, including Amb. Holden’s Beta Sweetheart, Gloria. Beta Rho recognized Holden with a plaque placed on the side of the chapter house. Thank you, Ambassador, for the support you’ve shown Beta Theta Pi over the years!

Back on the Gridiron The 1963 Kansas State football team had its 50th reunion, and five Betas who played on the team met up for the big event. Pictured from left to right are Fred Isernhagen ’66, Doug Dusenbury ’65, Glenn Isernhagen ’64, Ron Holm ’65, and Ralph McFillen ’64.

Dallas/Ft. Worth Beta Club Luncheon In November, 42 Betas from 19 chapters luncheoned at the Park City Club to hear from Leland White, SMU ’72, about “The U.S. Onshore Energy Revolution.” Left to right, Treasurer/Sec. Tom McCasland, Oklahoma ’56, White, District Chief Kenny Meixelsperger, Texas Tech ’97, and President Pax Glenn, North Carolina ’58. 26


Home Sweet Home Betas at the Univ. of Kansas celebrated their 100th anniversary in Usher Mansion, which was originally owned by John Palmer Usher, Sec. of the Interior under President Lincoln. With 350 attending, it was a weekend of reflection on the importance of Beta in their lives.

Keeping it in the Lawrence Family In 1947 William Robertson, Lawrence ’51, received at initiation an “Eye of Wooglin” pin (a gold dragon with diamond eye), which originated from J. A. Quigley, Northwestern ’35. Not having “family members who would appreciate its meaning”, he presented it to President David Spitzfaden ’14, requesting it be passed down to each new president.

Alpha Brother Recognized by Alma Mater Former Beta Administrative Secretary, Ron Helman, Miami ’55, was honored with Miami’s Bishop Medal. Established in 1936, the Medal is named in honor of the university’s first president. Given to individuals who have distinguished themselves in service to mankind, congratulate Ron at


Lugar Receives Medal of Freedom On November 20, President Barack Obama presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom to former Senator Richard G. Lugar, Denison ’54, during a ceremony at the White House. Lugar was one of 16 Americans given the Presidential Medal of Freedom this year, an honor for those who have made significant contributions to national security, world peace or cultural developments. The Medal is the highest civilian honor in the United States.

Make Room on the Mantle Oxford Cup recipient and former CEO of Boeing Inc., Frank Shrontz, Idaho ’53, was honored with his alma mater’s Legacy of Leading Award. It is given to individuals who exemplify the University’s leadership qualities and have made significant contributions in leadership to their communities, the state of Idaho or to society.

Duke Betas Get Some Sun The Gamma Rho Fifties Group includes brothers who graduated from Duke University in the 1950s. More than 40 Betas and Sweethearts gathered for this year’s annual meeting at the Baymont Hilton in San Diego. The three-day event included a banquet, tour of San Diego, chartered boat cruise and a Loving Cup Ceremony.

Legacies Work Together Justin Hanhart, Wittenberg ’10, and his father Scott, Wittenberg ’81, traveled to Guatemala for a medical mission trip with the Free to Smile Foundation. Justin was the lead photographer and Scott was an administrative assistant. They were a part of a team that performed numerous surgeries, repairing cleft lips and palates.



Ringing in the 100th For the 100th General Convention, more than 1,500 Betas gathered at the birthplace of the Fraternity on August 4-8, 1939. The highlight of the Centenary was the presentation of the Beta Bells to Miami University. General Fraternity President Clarence L. Newton, Wesleyan 1902, offered remarks during the event. “INSTITUTIONS MATURE and reach senescence much more slowly than individuals. Thus a century of life for an institution that is founded on sound principles and is wisely administered may suggest no smallest impairment of vigor, but only growth into an early stage of maturity. If such reasoning has validity, we would seem to be safe in concluding that Miami University and Beta Theta Pi, though already old in years, are no more than approaching what may be accounted vigorous maturity and that we may hope for added centuries of useful life. Certainly it is in the hope of this that we are gathered here today.

President Upham – Answering to the will of the Fraternity it now becomes my privilege, as president of Beta Theta Pi, to tender this memorial to Miami University through you, its president; and to voice, on behalf of all Betas, in dedication of this memorial, the earnest hope that the Beta Bells will sound over this campus through centuries to come – that they will find a happy place among your traditions and in the memories of many generations of your graduates – and finally that they will serve your ancient institution truly, and thus serve the State, the Nation and the high aim of wisdom everywhere.”

“Old Main” in 1891

And as earnest of the nature of our thinking about the years to come we have prepared a double dedication – the first having to do with our Fraternity itself and the second with a peal of bells. Our Fraternity we dedicate anew to the service of the Nation, of the State and of the American college system. All that we are or ever can be we owe, or shall owe, to these three. All that we have of strength, courage and intelligence is theirs for as long as we shall live.

Building toward Beta’s 175th anniversary celebration August 7-10, 2014, the “From the Archives” feature in the next three issues of the magazine will include highlights from the Fraternity’s last three major milestone anniversaries: the 100th, 125th and 150th.

Beta Bell – E Flat Weighs 3,000 lbs. 53” in diameter, 43” high

Theta Bell – A Flat Weighs 1,200 lbs. 39” in diameter, 33” high

Since fundraising for the Campanile was not complete by the Centennial, the Bells first hung in the towers of “Old Main.”They were played over national public radio at noon on August 8, 1939, so Betas everywhere could hear them ring for the first time.



Pi Bell – B Flat Weighs 800 lbs. 34” in diameter, 28” high

1839-1939 Bell – C Weighs 600 lbs. 31” in diameter, 25” high

Founded by the Meneely Bell Co. of Troy, N.Y., the four bells reside in the Beta Campanile and ring every quarter hour to the “Westminster Peal.” Standing 102’ above ground and 13’ x 13’ wide, the total cost of the Campanile was $31,500. It was dedicated on May 17, 1941.



the “Queen City” and home of NASCAR, played host to the Fraternity’s 174th General Convention this past August. Marking the first time the Fraternity has convened in Charlotte, the men of pink and blue met in Asheville, N.C., in 1962 and 1987. With Beta’s emphasis on cultivation of the intellect, along with the location of the convention being near North Carolina’s Research Triangle, it was fitting that this year’s theme was:



Undergraduate delegates and General Fraternity Officers conduct the business of the Fraternity in the legislatioin hall

CONVENTION BY THE NUMBERS Alumni........................................77 Guests ......................................41 VIPs.............................................8 Delegates................................ 117 Leadership College Participants..............................302 Symposium Participants............57 Housing Summit Participants................................25 Board of Trustees Members....... 12 Foundation Board of Directors................................ 14 General Fraternity Officers.........37 Administrative Office Staff..........30 Vendors..................................... 11

Total Convention Attendees................. 665

“As members of Beta Theta Pi, we have devoted ourselves to that God-given intellect to find happiness and wealth, to avoid foolishness, to learn from our experiences and to be wise. We are all familiar with the age old Proverb: ‘Get wisdom, and with all thy getting, get understanding.’” — Gov. Jim Martin, Davidson ’57, Welcoming Banquet Emcee

Thursday evening emcee Gov. Jim Martin, Davidson ’57, and Beta Sweetheart Mindy Brant during the Convention Countdown.

FOUR CHARTERS GRANTED One of the highlights of every Beta convention is the legislative process associated with colonies “going for the charter.” Once established and believed to be fully self-governing, re/founding fathers file official petitions with the Board of Trustees and General Convention requesting installation of a charter in good standing. A chapter delegation travels to the General Convention to make their official pitch and, after presenting to the convention committee of peer delegates, the petition then moves to the legislative hall for consideration. This year, four colonies were vying for their charter: Kentucky, Michigan, St. Lawrence and Utah. Delegates voted unanimously to grant charters to all four.

BOARD MEMBERS APPROVED The Fraternity recognized outgoing Vice Presidents Paul Swartz, Kansas State ’64, Vince Mikolay, Bethany ’00, and Dan Westra, Virginia Tech ’76. Tom McCasland, Oklahoma ’56, was recognized for his two terms on the Foundation Board of Directors. Additionally, Mike Kokkinen, Minnesota ’00, and Bob Schnese, Wisconsin ’83, were elected to the Fraternity’s Board of Trustees. The Foundation Board of Directors welcomed six new members, Matt Paynter, Florida ’00, John Mutz, Northwestern ’57, Willie Romero, UNLV ’95, Dr. Robert Healy, Missouri ’64, Vince Mikolay, Bethany ’00, and Brad Bates, Michigan ’81.

(Far Left) Members of the newly rechartered chapter at the University of Kentucky; (Left) new Trustees, Mike Kokkinen and Bob Schnese; (Bottom) new Foundation Directors, Matt Paynter, John Mutz, Willie Romero and Dr. Robert Healy



Ken Stephen, Toronto ’77, receives first official copy of the book he authored, “Sons of the Northern Stars”. Middle, Carleton President Mitch Burton ’15; Right, Toronto President David Newman ’14.


EDWARD B. TAYLOR ADVISOR OF THE YEAR David F. Bobart, Johns Hopkins ’96 Oxford Cup recipient and current Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, Mississippi ’69, delivers a powerful acceptance speech during Thursday night’s Welcoming Banquet.

GREEK ADVISOR OF THE YEAR Megan Pendley Pickett, Univeristy of Denver


BETA’S NEW LEARNING CENTER The 174th General Convention saw a Beta first, with the unveiling of Pursuit, the Fraternity’s brand new learning center. This multi-faceted online educational platform contains more than 100 online learning modules, downloadable resources, activities and curriculum for meetings and retreats at the local level. See page 28 for more information about the Pursuit Learning Center.

A NEW BETA BOOK During each of the last three conventions, Editor Emeritus and Shepardson Award recipient Erv Johnson, Idaho ’53, has introduced an installment to a new trilogy of Beta books. At the 174th, however, a new Beta book (by a different author) was released. Convention attendees witnessed the unveiling of Sons of the Northern Stars —The History of Beta Theta Pi in Canada. Initiated by Ken Stephen, Toronto ’77, as a 75th anniversary tribute to his own chapter, Sons of the Northern Stars evolved into a 33-year research and story-telling project focused on more than 100 years of history of Beta Theta Pi in Canada. The book is available for purchase at

U.S. SECRETARY OF THE NAVY AWARDED OXFORD CUP Developed in 1984, Beta’s Oxford Cup recognizes the highest order of individual achievement. Recipients must be loyal Betas who have brought honor to the Fraternity through distinguished service and accomplishment in their chosen professional field.

At the 174th, the Cup was awarded to Ray Mabus, Mississippi ’69. Mabus currently serves as the Secretary of the United States Navy. Previously, he was governor of Mississippi and Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Mabus’ acceptance was heartfelt and moving, as he praised the Fraternity for such a wonderful lifelong experience. “I got everything I could possibly ask for from this Fraternity,” Mabus said. In attendance were eight of his closest Beta Beta chapter brothers, and he discussed how influential those relationships have been in his life. “The reason I joined Beta is because at that time the Beta Beta Chapter at Ole Miss had the highest GPA at the school. I also joined because they were true men of principle.” In closing, Mabus shared a piece of advice for all in attendance:

“The only thing I have found experience-wise worth passing along is, as you go through life, do something bigger than yourself.” Escorted on stage by five Mississippi undergraduates, Brother Mabus left it with a standing ovation. His speech certainly set the tone and energized the 174th.

ROOKIE DISTRICT CHIEF OF THE YEAR Matthew R. Barry, Connecticut ’05

DISTRICT CHIEF OF THE YEAR Joseph M. Troncale, Alabama ’63


WHITMAN CHORAL CUP Oklahoma State Lawrence (Honorable Mention)

NEW SONG COMPETITION John Gillie, San Diego ’13 Christian DiMare, Northwestern ’15 (Honorable Mention)


South Dakota


WEBSITE EXCELLENCE AWARD Utah Truman State (Honorable Mention)







Asst. General Fraternity Treasurer, John Groom, Miami ’58, and undergraduates discuss Fraternity business

JOHN HOLT DUNCAN SERVICE AWARD: BEST ANNUAL PROJECT George Washington Truman State (Honorable Mention)


VIRGINIA TECH AWARD FOR SCHOLASTIC ACHIEVEMENT Case Western Reserve Columbia (Highest Overall GPA, 3.586) Denver Kansas Kentucky Miami (Fla.) Michigan San Diego Virginia Washington in St. Louis West Virginia (Most Improved GPA, .595 increase)


Kentucky Oklahoma State Utah

OUTSTANDING NEW MEMBER EDUCATION AWARD Northeastern John Carroll (Honorable Mention)

CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT AWARD Connecticut Case Western Reserve Cornell Johns Hopkins Kansas Nebraska South Dakota TCU

OUTSTANDING ALUMNI RELATIONS Cornell Colorado School of Mines (Honorable Mention)

OUTSTANDING RISK MANAGEMENT Cornell Dayton Florida International Kentucky Minnesota San Diego Case Western Reserve (Honorable Mention) Colorado Mines (Honorable Mention) Northeastern (Honorable Mention) St. Lawrence (Honorable Mention) Truman State (Honorable Mention)



Oscar-winning Director Dan Lindsay, Missouri ’01, top left, and Astronaut Joe Allen, DePauw ’59, top right, of the “Out of this World” panel speak to Symposium attendees. Right, guests enjoy the annual ice cream social sponsored by the Beta Foundation.


“OUT OF THIS WORLD” PANEL WOWS One of the marquee events of the 174th was the “Out of This World” panel, moderated by Director of the Foundation Jonathan Brant, Miami ’75. The panel featured three Oxford Cup-winning Betas, the Fraternity’s first astronaut Joe Allen, DePauw ’59, retired Wall Street Journal Deputy Editor and former New York Times Public Editor Barney Calame, Missouri ’61, and former two-term governor and six-term congressman of North Carolina Dr. Jim Martin, Davidson ’57. In their opening statements, attendees heard some powerful remarks about the Fraternity. Allen said:

“I owe basically my whole life to Beta Theta Pi.” Martin discussed why he had stayed involved in Beta after all these years and stated, “You can choose to let Beta go in the future, or you can stay involved ... You owe it to your Fraternity and yourself to give back.” Attendees were given an opportunity to ask questions, which provided plenty of eye-opening and humorous moments.

SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF THE QUEEN CITY On Friday, attendees had plenty of fun as they enjoyed Charlotte’s area attractions. Some experienced the “thrill capital of the Southeast” at Carowinds Amusement Park, while others discovered the history of NASCAR at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Attendees more interested in the outdoors visited the U.S. National Whitewater Center and hit the rapids for some whitewater rafting.

“MARCH TO MIAMI” To conclude the 174th, attendees gathered for Saturday night’s Celebration Banquet. The highlight of the event was a special presentation to introduce the next convention, Beta’s 175th anniversary in Oxford. Matt Meeks, Miami ’15, got things started by offering, “In recognition of this cherished fraternity established by our Founding Fathers, ’of ever honored memory,’ and on behalf of my 87 chapter brothers and 1,734 living alumni of the Alpha Chapter, I extend a personal invitation to each of you to come home to where it all began.”

The lights were dimmed and a video preview of the 175th convention was shown to convention attendees. As the video closed, two Alpha alumni – Fraternity Historian Zac Haines ’05, and Fraternity Board of Trustee Vice President Jeff Newton ’77 – took the stage to further explain the significant planning that has been underway to make the 175th “one for the ages.” “With between one and two thousand brothers and friends in attendance, our 175th anniversary celebration next year will likely become the single largest gathering in the history of Beta Theta Pi,” Newton said. “Naturally, it will be modified from our traditional hotel-based conventions and will be a little more relaxed given all that there is to experience in Oxford. You’ll have an opportunity to walk in the steps of Beta’s Founders while the bells of the Beta Campanile ring beautifully every quarter hour. You’ll have a chance to tour the Alpha chapter house and the beautiful grounds and museum of the Administrative Office that protect and preserve Beta’s prestigious legacy. You will enjoy the charm of Miami University’s campus and Uptown Oxford like never before.” Haines respectfully assumed the podium and asked everyone to take out their cell phones and ask one Beta via text to come to Oxford for the 175th. “You just started our year-long ‘March to Miami,’” said Haines. He added:

“It may be another 25 years before an opportunity arises to immerse yourself in the truest of Beta traditions like next year’s 175th.” “Begin planning now on how you can be a part of this historic General Convention.” And with that, the 174th General Convention came to a close, and the Fraternity’s yearlong “March to Miami” was underway. — Kyle Grand, Wabash ’11,

Interfraternalism Recognition Award recipient Rachel Westra Marsh and the South Carolina delegation celebrate their Sisson Award.

THE SISSON AWARD is presented annually to chapters that maintain high standards and inspire total chapter participation, cooperation and involvement. (Total number of Sisson Awards received to date listed in parenthesis.) Alabama (8) Auburn (24) Case Western Reserve (9) Central Michigan (13) Cincinnati (15) Connecticut (8) Cornell (12) George Washington (4) Georgia (19) Indiana (13) John Carroll (3) Johns Hopkins (6) Kansas State (25) Kettering B (5) Kentucky (2)

Missouri (27) Missouri-Kansas City (19) Nebraska (17) Northeastern (1) North Carolina (5) San Diego (7) South Carolina (2) St. Lawrence (3) Texas A&M (9) Truman State (14) Utah (7) Washington (11) Washington in St. Louis (13) Westminster (8) William & Mary (6)

THE JOHN REILY KNOX CHAPTER EXCELLENCE AWARD requires the utmost involvement, leadership and success of a chapter, and is the highest honor a chapter can receive. The Knox Award raises the bar for chapters in such areas as ritual, leadership, community service, campus involvement and singing. (Total number of Knox Awards received to date listed in parenthesis.) Alabama (4) Case Western Reserve (5) Connecticut (5) Cornell (2) Georgia (5) John Carroll (2) Johns Hopkins (2) Kettering B (3)

Missouri-Kansas City (5) Nebraska (11) Northeastern (1) San Diego (4) St. Lawrence (1) Truman State (8) Washington (5)

THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS AND VENDORS Coastal Traditions Get Some Greek Geico

Herff Jones CSL Management

“I don’t come to convention for some prize. I come to convention because that’s what Betas are supposed to do. — Ferd Del Pizzo, Washington in St. Louis ’58 (44 Conventions Attended)

Gov. Martin and Del Pizzo (top left); Celebration Banquet Emcee Bill Lowry, Kenyon ’56, on stage with John Gatz, Florida ’54, for the Beta Countdown (top right); the Convention Chorus (above); Alpha Chapter Delegate Matt Meeks invites everyone to the 175th (right)



ONL I NE A C T I V IT IES A ND R ES O U R CES PURSUIT LEA RNI NG C ENT E R Engaging Digital Technology. Customizable Chapter Resources. Expanding and Evolving Methods to Enrich the Beta Experience.

ONLINE LEARNI NG ACT IVIT IES + 19th and 20th Century Beta History + Beta Song Game + Alternatives to Hazing + LinkedIn and Networking + Generating Buy-in + The Beta Badge + Beta Graphic Standards + Truth About Trust + Using the GO BETA Brochure + State of the Fraternity + The Founding Father Commitment + Advisor Orientation + Establishing a House Corporation + Benefits of Using a Property Management Firm + Protecting Our Volunteers: Beta’s Liability Insurance Explained


+ The General Fraternity Leadership & Organizational Structure

D OW NLOADAB L E R ESOURCES + Officer Transition Retreat + Event Planning Checklist + Membership Selection Workshop + Risk Management Overview Mtg. + Advisor Expectations Workshop

Beta is today prosperous, vigorous and

A M B I TI OUS ... ” — John Calvin Hanna, Wooster 1881, General Secretary, 50th Anniversary, 1889

Nearly ten years in the making, the Fraternity’s leadership has been working behind the scenes to develop an online platform that complements Beta’s award-winning services and leadership programs. Poised to link individuals with the resources and information they want – and when they want it – Pursuit engages undergraduates, alumni and

volunteers who seek a greater understanding of Beta history and thought-provoking topics that can enhance one’s personal growth and intellectual curiosity. Signifying an ongoing commitment to enrich the Beta experience, today Beta Theta Pi is equipped like never before to support the interests and passions of the individual.


A Culture of Integrity Parents Reflect on Son’s Bright Future As parents, we’ve been firm in teaching Matthew that the choices he makes always have consequences. Beta was Matt’s number one choice after going through the formal recruitment process at the University of Oklahoma. Selected to join the 2013 pledge class, Matt tells us he is now among some of the most intelligent, impressive young men on campus and has 57 new best friends. Matt has a high level of integrity, which we understand is the cornerstone of the Betas. Matt attended Jesuit College Preparatory School of Dallas, a very disciplined academic environment. Jesuit’s motto is “Men for Others.” Beta encourages and promotes these same principles and sets the bar high for its members. Beta’s motto, “Men of Principle,” denotes the formation of men with high moral standards. The Betas have a win-win philosophy. If one member wins (in anything in life) every Beta member wins.

Beta Parents Renee and Gary Mills, with son Matthew Mills, Oklahoma ’17, and daughter Mackenzie

What parents across North America are saying about the Beta experience: We did not expect our son to join a fraternity and were surprised when he told us he planned on joining the Betas. He emailed information about the Fraternity to us. We were very impressed with what we learned. Their emphasis on “Men of Principle,” education and leadership led us to fully support our son’s decision. — Bruce Tannahill, Father of Alex Tannahill, Kettering B ’15 I’m in a German fraternity called “Corps Obotritia,” and therefore know how important [fraternity] membership is. I hope my son Felix will be a successful and honorable member of your fraternity! — Hermann Lentke, Father of Felix Lentke, Utah ’16

We are confident Matt will continue to build his character as a young man in Beta. Knowing Matt is surrounded and supported by many great role models gives us a great sense of pleasure and confidence that he will continue to grow and mature. This is extremely important to us as parents. As a pledge, Matt is already receiving support for academic success from active members. The Beta influence will continually hold Matt to a higher standard. As parents, we feel 100% confident Matt is in the right place as a Beta pledge and future Beta member. — Gary & Renee Mills, Parents of Matthew Mills, Oklahoma ’17



Creating Room to Grow The Alpha Tau Chapter at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln may be comprised entirely of Cornhuskers, but it is their cultivation of the intellect that has truly been impressive. As a chapter that consistently boasts 100 undergraduate members and a GPA of 3.4 or higher, Alpha Tau alumni know that the quality of their undergraduate brothers’ experience depends heavily on having a chapter house conducive to healthy learning. They understand that if the Fraternity values intellectual growth, it must provide young men with healthy room to grow.

CULTURE-SHAPING TRADITIONS • Full-time Housemother and Cook • Alcohol- and substance-free • 71 brothers and new members live-in, including all 11 executive officers • Private chapter room for weekly meetings and Beta ceremonies • Formal dinner in coat and tie every Monday evening • Meal plan Monday – Thursday (cold breakfast, lunch and dinner), and Friday (hot breakfast and lunch)



CAMPAIGN LEADERSHIP Honorary Chairmen Carl Mammel ’55 Grant Gregory ’63 Dave Karnes ’71 Co-Chairmen Bruce McKeag ’68 Bill Dana ’79

Improving Safety, Removing Distractions The conversation about chapter house renovations became urgent in 2006 when a fraternity house at another Nebraska university caught fire, killing one student and injuring another three. This tragedy became part of a larger national conversation about the safety of university and fraternity housing. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln eventually mandated all university-approved housing to install sprinklers by 2017. Alpha Tau alumni knew


“The GENEROSITY AND COMMITMENT to our chapter from the alumni base in the form of their TIME and sharing of their TREASURE has been TREMENDOUS. It took a LEAP OF FAITH on the part of our capital campaign leaders to reach for such a HIGH GOAL and our brothers have not let us down.” — Drew Stange, Nebraska ’83; House Corporation Treasurer

safety was of the utmost importance, but they saw this as an opportunity to make crucial renovations not only for basic fire safety, but also to make the chapter house an example of just how educational and productive a fraternity house can be. To Mark Antonson, Nebraska ’06, assistant district chief for the Alpha Tau Chapter and an alumnus heavily involved in the renovations, improvements to ensure safety and promote education are necessarily related: “As an alumni housing corps, our job is to make sure [the undergraduates] have a physical plant they don’t need to worry about. Our job is to knock down barriers to their success.” Because the chapter house is home to so many men who enjoy a variety of activities, interests and schedules, Alpha Tau alumni understand that today’s fraternity house needs to serve a variety of functions, and it needs to be as adaptable as the student leaders it houses: “We need specific, dedicated space to support learning. We need multi-purpose spaces. Men study in the dining room, in the chapter room. The rooms need to be designed to be study spaces as well.”

A Tremendous Alumni Effort It has been a long, difficult struggle to complete the renovations. Though plans have been in place for years, the Great Recession stalled implementation. In 2011, after evaluating the results of a feasibility study (conducted by Pennington & Co. Greek fundraising firm) to determine exactly how much money would need to be

raised, the alumni hired two local architects with an intimate interest in the chapter’s success. Dave Erickson, Nebraska ’69, and Dave Johnson, Nebraska ’80, began preliminary drawings in order to establish the project scope. Although the original plan required significantly more money than the $2,000,000 the feasibility said the alumni could raise, they boldly defied the math, setting a $3,000,000 fundraising goal. Despite the tremendous challenge of raising so much more money than they were told was possible, the alumni made a monumental effort to raise the necessary funds. Drew Stange, Nebraska ’83, the chapter finance advisor and housing corps treasurer, says the fundraising success was thanks to the sheer power of alumni loyalty.

With 300 Betas and guests attending the chapter’s 125th anniversary celebration on Nov. 1, 2013, Chapter President Kurt Siebert ’14, officially accepts the alumnidedicated chapter house on behalf of his 99 fellow undergraduate brothers. (L to R) Nineteen-year Chapter Advisor Mike Wortman ’70, looks on, as do Stange, District Chief Greg Walklin ’06, and Lincoln Mayor and Beta Brother Chris Buetler, Yale ’67.



“We are not RECRUITING based on our house. It’s about having a physical plant that matches – not makes – THE CHAPTER.” — Mark Antonson, Nebraska ’06

(Above) Returning for the house rededication and 125th anniversary weekend, alumni peruse their roll book signatures from Initiation. (Right) Center of attention in the completely renovated kitchen, longtime cook Faith Jensen was the first stop as alumni and Beta family members returned for the game-day weekend. Maintaining the traditional look and feel of the chapter house, while bringing its functionality current with today’s parent and student expectations, was absolutely imperative. Upon walking through the doors of 1515 R Street in Lincoln, Neb., one can’t help but feel the tradition of excellence – a commitment to academics and gentlemanly behavior that is a trademark of Beta’s Men of Principle initiative.




The chapter has won Beta’s highest honor, the John Reily Knox Award, 11 times – more than any chapter across North America.

RENOVATION HIGHLIGHTS • Suite-style living with separate education and sleeping areas • Upgrades and modifications to living areas, kitchen, bathrooms and laundry facilities • Installation of fire sprinklers, central heating and A/C

Keeping a Healthy Perspective These renovations come in an era of spectacular fraternity housing, which has drawn some criticism that chapters are simply using the house to recruit rather than recruiting men who feel invested in the mission of the Fraternity. Antonson is certain this not the case with Alpha Tau: “We are not recruiting based on our house. It’s about having a physical plant that matches – not makes – the chapter. If you’ve ever taken pledges and their parents on a tour, and say ‘this is where your son will live,’ you know the parents have a lot of influence. Often the students themselves really don’t care.’”

in the future should gain a tremendous appreciation for those who have come before them and the commitment it takes to maintain a strong chapter, year after year.”

Stange agrees that, while recruitment may be an additional benefit of the renovations, they are not a primary motivation:

The Alpha Tau Chapter has maintained a long history of excellence, and now, in its 125th year, it is fitting to celebrate not only an excellent chapter, but a safe, educational, beautiful chapter house to match.

“In maintaining a lot of the original integrity of our historic house on the first floor and the exterior, while at the same time modernizing everything else about it, the men passing through Alpha Tau’s doors

As the Cornhuskers know better than most, you cannot cultivate anything, including intellect, if you don’t have a fertile field. The Alpha Tau alumni have blessed the chapter with a safe, reliable, multipurpose space in which to grow themselves as individuals and as a chapter. “We’ve taken away excuses,” Antonson said. “That’s our job as a housing corps. Now it’s up to them to make the most of it.”

— Westin Miller, Creighton ’13

Photos courtesy of Dayton H. Stange, Nebraska ’15 and L. Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky ’96.

• Replacement of windows for increased energy efficiency • Complete overhaul of plumbing and electrical systems • Additions to and modification of communication and technology infrastructure Want to read more about the renovations? Visit

The Cornerstone Housing Program is Beta’s facilityspecific initiative to support house corporation volunteers. The program provides insurance, advocacy, resources and in-house consulting on all Beta-related housing issues. For more information contact Anne Emmerth, Director of the Cornerstone Housing Program at or 800.800.BETA.


a fake conversation MITCHELL WOERNER, PACIFIC ’15

Founding Father at the University of the Pacific, Mitch Woerner ’15, went viral on YouTube after posting a passionate message about hazing and alcohol abuse. His video, “A Fake Conversation,” has reached more than 165,000 views and has sparked a lot of conversations across the globe: “I have to say that I never really thought there was much place for fraternities in ‘real life.’ If [Mitch] is indicative of how real fraternity brothers can be, then that’s awesome! A thoughtful, moderate, realistic and inspiring guy. Not some zealous, exclusive unaware, self-absorbed overgrown child, but a young man who I feel provides a better future for ALL.” — Jill Murphy, YouTube Viewer

Hazing is institutionalized

college bullying It’s not friendship building

its confidence sullying

Trust me when I say it’s

forever altering

You start to build resentment, not bonding . . .

To watch Mitch’s impassioned four minute message, visit

“I was there when this speech was originally given in the Hall of Chapters during Session I of the Wooden Institute. He gave it to express his frustrations, and it was honestly one of the most amazing speeches I’ve ever heard.” — Chris Mulhall, Connecticut ’16 “Dude! You rule. Thank you for this, truly. You are shining a light on things that our culture needs to hear and acknowledge. And your delivery is beautiful. High five man, I applaud you for being REAL.” — Natalie Brake, YouTube Viewer “The words are honest, true and real — thanks for putting them out there Mitchell. Now, how do we listen to your message and make positive change?” —Torry Brouillard-Bruce, Executive Director of Greek Life, Pacific




chapter reporting Alabama (ΔΘ) Tuscaloosa, Ala. John Trippe ’14, WHAT’S UP: We received the University’s Greek Excellence Award for Most Improved Chapter, and hosted five philanthropic events, raising awareness and thousands of dollars for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Wounded Warriors Project, West Alabama Cerebral Palsy and more. ALUMNI: We connect with alumni through the Delta Theta newsletter regarding our chapter’s progress, important upcoming events and dates, and opportunities for our alumni to get involved and give back to the Delta Theta Chapter.

Arizona (ΔΒ) Tuscon, Ariz. David Kast ’15, WHAT’S UP: After initiating our spring pledge class, our roll now exceeds 1,000 members. We also sent one of our members to the Wooden Institute in Oxford. This was a great success and we plan on sending a member every year. ALUMNI: Our alumni connection is supported through monthly alumni lunches at the house, consistent contact through electronic platforms, and hosting alumni gatherings throughout the year. We also provide job networking opportunities between actives and alumni.

Arkansas (Colony) Fayetteville, Ark.

British Columbia (ΓΟ) Vancouver, B.C. Jamie Donnici ’15, WHAT’S UP: We were pleased to welcome a pledge class of 27 fine young men this September and are impressed with their progress through the pledge program. The chapter also currently stands in first place among fraternities in points from intramural sports competitions. ALUMNI: We made significant improvements in our relationship with alumni this year, which can be attributed to an increase in communication. We recently introduced a bi-annual newsletter to keep our alumni in touch with their chapter. Cal Poly (ΕΔ) San Luis Obispo, Calif.

Ian Stemper ’14, WHAT’S UP: The Epsilon Delta Chapter held its inaugural Pie-a-Beta philanthropy event, and we are currently helping plan Cal Poly’s first-ever Dance Marathon. We have also had our two largest pledge classes to date the last two quarters. ALUMNI: This quarter, we held our first-ever fall alumni weekend. It was a huge success, and we had a great turnout from the alumni. We plan to continue to host an alumni weekend each fall.

Carleton (ΕΥ) Ottawa, Ont. Mitchell Burton ’15, WHAT’S UP: The Epsilon Upsilon Chapter has revamped its recruitment process, and in doing so, signed 10 men as pledges of the Alpha Omicron pledge class out of a total of 11 extended bids. ALUMNI: The chapter’s relationship with the alumni base is improving, and we aim to increase our effort in reaching out to alumni who are more than 10 years removed from the active chapter.

Case Western Reserve (ΛΚ–Β) Cleveland, Ohio

Will Simpson ’14, WHAT’S UP: We finished our first fall recruitment with an Alpha Class of 28 new members, coming on the heels of our “1839 for NWA” commitment to invest 1,839 community service hours in Northwest Arkansas. We all devoted a Saturday to community service projects around Fayetteville. ALUMNI: Our first alumni graduated last year, sparking a new commitment to the colony. Several new graduates are now advisors, and current members are starting an alumni newsletter to keep them in touch.

James Silay ’14, WHAT’S UP: For the past 28 years, we have held a Walkathon, but this year we changed the event to the Stephen P. Arnold Chariot Races for Diabetes Awareness. The event allowed us to involve more of the campus community while also educating the campus on diabetes. ALUMNI: We held our third annual LK-B Alumni Hall of Fame in which more than 100 Betas, Friends of Beta and Beta Sweethearts attended, which was by far one of the best turnouts that we have had for alumni in recent years.

Auburn (ΔΖ) Auburn, Ala. Spencer Martin ’14, WHAT’S UP: The Delta Zeta Chapter won a Sisson Award at convention this year and made a 3.0 GPA. We also won the fraternity flag football league three years running, and won the basketball fraternity league last spring. ALUMNI: We have started sending out a newsletter and are doing better with outreach through help from our alumni advisor. We will be hosting our 50th anniversary event in the next year, which will hopefully continue to improve relations.

Central Florida (ΖΨ) Orlando, Fla. Jarrod Fucci ’14, WHAT’S UP: This semester, Zeta Psi brought in a pledge class much larger than those in the past. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our recruitment chairmen, we brought in 33 promising young men into our pledge program. ALUMNI: The Zeta Psi Chapter, in conjunction with our alumni association, hosts events where alumni and undergraduates can come together and interact, such as family games and cigar nights.

Baylor (Colony) Waco, Texas Tyler Anderson ’14, WHAT’S UP: We’ve had rapid growth and campus involvement in our first year. It was our first time participating in the Homecoming parade since recolonizing, and our float won first place. We are up to 45 men and are second in IFC GPA on campus. ALUMNI: We are working with alumni and attending alumni-hosted events. They are excited to support the colony and love our strong success in the first year. We will continue to improve communication now that we have an alumni liaison.

Bethany (Ψ) Bethany, W. Va. Alexander DelGiorno ’14, WHAT’S UP: The Psi Chapter has completed more than 500 community service hours, raised more than $400 for our philanthropy, and is sponsoring a local family for Christmas that has experienced a great tragedy from an explosion. ALUMNI: We have a very interactive and communicative advisory team. We have a new chapter counselor and have already seen great ideas and relationships come out of his interaction with the chapter and the actives.

Central Michigan (ΕΓ) Mount Pleasant, Mich. Adam Cable ’14, WHAT’S UP: In October, we were named CMU Homecoming Greek Cup Champions. Brothers participated in various activities around campus and set the bar high for next year’s competition. ALUMNI: With an alumni base of roughly 400 brothers, we maintain relationships with alumni by hosting our Homecoming brunch in the fall, Pig Roast in the spring, and golf outing in the summer. Most of the chapter knows recent alumni very well, but we’d like to get to know more alumni from the 80s and 90s better.

Centre (Ε) Danville, Ky. Daniel Wicker ’16, WHAT’S UP: The colony was awarded the John W. Yerkes Cup this past year for maintaing the highest GPA of all fraternities on campus. The colony also doubled the size of the fraternity during spring semester recruitment. ALUMNI: Our chapter maintains a strong connection with alumni by updating them on a weekly basis through a newsletter, and giving them an opportunity to help with recruitment. Along with helping in recruitment, they also help current members with summer jobs and internships.



Colorado Mines (ΒΦ) Golden, Colo.

A Rare Visit A member of Beta’s great old Beta Delta Chapter in Ithaca, N.Y., Owen Lee-Park, Cornell ’15, traveled to North Korea to experience the country’s culture and toured its medical facilities during his five-day stay. Along with a team of 12 health professionals, he visited Pyongyang Medical College where he observed and assisted with surgeries.

Columbia (ΑΑ) New York, N.Y. Isaac Bunch ’14, WHAT’S UP: Retaking the Virginia Tech Award for Highest Overall GPA at the 174th General Convention in Charlotte was definitely one of the highlights of the year. Our chapter places a huge emphasis on furthering each other’s intellectual pursuits, and it is nice to see that effort recognized. ALUMNI: Being in New York City gives us a great alumni support network as we get the perspective of alumni from chapters around the continent in addition to the great support from our Alpha Alpha advisory group.

Chapman (Colony) Orange, Calif. Karlo Haddad ’14, WHAT’S UP: We recruited our largest pledge class ever with 29 new members, bringing our colony to nearly 100 men. We have completely restructured our member education program, creating a productive and educational program inspired by the Wooden Institute and UIFI. ALUMNI: We have created a social media group where alumni can be kept updated with chapter operations and activities. We have also been developing a strong parent/ alumni newsletter which will be sent out in December.

Connecticut (ΖΧ) Storrs - Mansfield, Conn. Andrew DeBarge ’15, WHAT’S UP: Thanks to our new chapter counselor, we have weekly meetings with our advisors. In prior years, we’ve averaged about 5-10 alumni at an event, and now we’re holding an event with more than 50 confirmed alumni guests. ALUMNI: Alumni relations has improved greatly in the last year or so. We sent out a survey to our alumni and undergrads to learn what everyone wants and to see where there is overlap. We’re using this to hold more successful events such as our 15-year anniversary.

Charleston (Colony) Charleston, S.C. Justin Lyons ’14, WHAT’S UP: We held our first big philanthropy event this October: Race a Beta 5k, raising around $3,500 for Habitat for Humanity, our main philanthropy organization. We held it on the beach, and had more than 150 runners. ALUMNI: Being a new colony and not having any chapter alumni in the area, we’re trying to engage local alumni through our newsletter and inviting them to Ritual events. We held an alumni meet and greet in November to help get them involved with the Fraternity once again.

Cornell (ΒΔ) Ithaca, N.Y. Michael Raspuzzi ’16, WHAT’S UP: This fall we held our first Parents Weekend which was a great way to give parents the opportunity to see what the chapter is all about. For Cornell’s “Into the Streets” program, Beta Delta sent 18 brothers, one of the largest groups the University had register. ALUMNI: We publish quarterly newsletters for alumni, send out holiday cards, and are getting ready for a large 135th reunion at the house. We aim to build more personal relations with older alumni and are setting up a hospitality program for alumni.

Cincinnati (ΒΝ) Cincinnati, Ohio Kyle Gundrum ’14, WHAT’S UP: We are proud to have recruited our largest pledge class (24 men) in more than 13 years. We also once again reinvigorated our pledge program, focusing more on interactive, values-based activities and improving our signature pledge retreat at a lodge in Red River Gorge. ALUMNI: We have a strong relationship with many of our alumni, particularly the ones who have stepped up to serve on the advisory team or housing corporation. We have high alumni attendance at events and we receive ongoing mentorship.

Clemson (ΔΝ) Clemson, S.C. Daniel Boulware ’14, WHAT’S UP: We achieved the highest fraternity GPA with an average of 3.19. The University’s Advisor of the Year Award was given to our advisor, George Bolen, and we received the Philanthropy of the Year Award for our Beta Lei philanthropy supporting B+ Foundation. ALUMNI: Our alumni chairman coordinates a monthly chapter newsletter, and we host an alumni dinner each year called, “The Gathering.” We would like to continue improving alumni interaction by developing an alumni association. Colgate (ΒΘ) Hamilton, N.Y. Chris Weir ’14, WHAT’S UP: In the 2013 academic year, the Beta Theta chapter has raised more than $10,000 with our philanthropic efforts. Last spring, our chapter also tied for the highest fraternity GPA on campus. ALUMNI: Our chapter prides itself on our relationship with our alumni. This fall we held our annual Beta Alumni Weekend at our house, for which we invite all Beta Theta Chapter alumni to our house for a fun weekend full of golf, BBQs and networking. Additionally, we have multiple meetings with our alumni board per semester.


Patrick Ogilvie ’15, WHAT’S UP: We have restructured our pledge program to be more efficient, removing activities that weren’t beneficial and adding new activities that are more useful in helping develop our new members and chapter. ALUMNI: The Beta Phi Chapter has great relations with its alumni because we have events annually that allow the alumni to return to our chapter house and see what we have accomplished. We aim to expand the new annual alumni meeting, called the Rocky Mountain Alumni Dinner.


Creighton (Colony) Omaha, Neb. Michael Visenio ’14, WHAT’S UP: We started the year strong by winning the Welcome Week lip sync contest. We then hosted our first ever “Beta Bash” serving Raising Cane’s. The colony gained 13 men during fall recruitment, and released the first issue of our newsletter, Creighton __Kai__. ALUMNI: This summer, we held a tailgate for all Beta alumni at the College World Series, a national event. As a colony, we now have six alumni and are working on programming ideas that hopefully can become lasting traditions.

Dayton (ΗΔ) Dayton, Ohio Vinny Spahr ’15, WHAT’S UP: We have continued our service relationship with the Fitz Center, our team won POTH at Greek Week and we put on a new philanthropy event, “Beta Feud.” ALUMNI: We recently founded the Eta Delta Alumni Association and that has drastically improved our relationship. They hosted their first alumni weekend, and we were able to introduce our newest members to them and learn from them what they hope to see out of our chapter in the near future.

Denison (ΑΗ) Granville, Ohio Sam Brigham ’14, WHAT’S UP: We put on a scholarship banquet where we presented two worthy freshman with a $500 Men of Principle Scholarship. We have also made great progress renovating our house, including a new library that we dedicated after the scholarship banquet to Brother Dick Lugar ’54. ALUMNI: We have two alumni gatherings a year, and we communicate well with alumni from the past few years to invite them back on campus for these reunions. We aim to do better in reaching out to alumni for their milestone reunions.


Denver (ΑΖ) Denver, Colo. J.P. Griego ’14, WHAT’S UP: It has been an excellent fall quarter in the Mile High City with another strong pledge class. We have continued our fall philanthropy, “Fall Fest,” where brothers dress up for Halloween while hosting a carnival for children battling life-threatening illnesses. We are excited to pursue our charter at the 175th Convention. ALUMNI: Throughout our recolonizing process, we have had a small yet very loyal group of alumni. We are working to get more alumni involved with the chapter.

Emory (ΓΥ) Atlanta, Ga. Niko Franchilli ’14, WHAT’S UP: We held our inaugural Parents’ Barbecue, which allowed parents to meet all the brothers and share in the Beta experience. ALUMNI: We are committed to creating and maintaining good alumni relations. We collect extensive contact information from our members and keep in touch with them through social media, chapter updates and our biannual young alumni weekend. We hosts many other events throughout each semester to ensure that our alumni are reminded that being a Beta is for life. Florida (ΓΞ) Gainesville, Fla.

DePauw (Δ) Greencastle, Ind. Joe Hessburg ’14, WHAT’S UP: We proudly boasted the highest GPA of all fraternities both semesters of the 2012-13 school year. In addition, our future is bright with a new member class also ranking number one in grades for all fraternity new members. These are both higher than the all-fraternity and all-campus averages. ALUMNI: We are always working to bolster relationships with alumni, as well as reaching out in an attempt to build bridges with other alumni who we have lost contact with in the past.

Trent Talbot ’14, WHAT’S UP: We brought in a fall 2013 pledge class consisting of 25 new members and were able to implement our new and improved Positive Pledge Education program. ALUMNI: The Gamma Xi chapter’s alumni relations have been strong for many years. Because of Gator football, we are able to experience amazing tailgates with alumni of all ages that return for home football games.

East Carolina (ΕΑ) Greenville, N.C. Ryland Jennings ’15, WHAT’S UP: Epsilon Alpha doubled its largest recruitment class ever this past fall, bringing membership to one of the largest on campus. After three straight semesters with the highest GPA, the chapter has focused on academics. ALUMNI: The chapter does a great job communicating with alumni who graduated within the last ten years and have received positive feedback from them. As a relatively newer chapter, we will focus on improving relations with Beta alumni from other chapters in the area as well as our own.

Florida International (ΗΓ) Miami, Fla. Daniel Tovar ’16, WHAT’S UP: We received the Outstanding Risk Management Award for our chapter at this year’s convention. We are also working toward becoming a five-star chapter by the standards set by our IFC. ALUMNI: We are working to improve our relationship with our alumni. We are also looking to fill our vacant advisor spots with alumni from our chapter and other nearby alumni from other chapters.

Eastern Kentucky (ΔΞ) Richmond, Ky. Kyle Nicholas ’15, WHAT’S UP: The Delta Xi Chapter has spent the year improving brotherhood and chapter operations. We won Greek Sing, EKU’s Distinguished Chapter Award, Best New Member GPA and the Overall Scholarship Award, as well as raised money for the American Cancer Society through “Beta Football.” Brother Todd Branham ’16, was recently elected IFC President. ALUMNI: Our chapter hosted a great 42nd Homecoming for alumni, including a golf scramble, breakfast, parade, tailgate and dinner.

Eastern Washington (ΕΩ) Cheney, Wash. Jacob Clay ’15, WHAT’S UP: With the best rush the chapter has seen in years, our chapter recruited 18 young men, nearly doubling the chapter size and raising the bar for the rest of the year. ALUMNI: This past Homecoming, the chapter took large steps with putting ownership into the hands of alumni and current actives. In the past, the alumni relations chairman has had little to do, but this past quarter we have re-evaluated this position and will strengthen ties between the chapter and the alumni.

Furman (ΖΛ) Greenville, S. C. Blake Williams ’14, WHAT’S UP: We successfully recruited our first fall pledge class in the last three years, which also happened to be our largest fall class since recolonization in 2008. Additionally, we have implemented a chapter study hall and academic assistance program that has been well-received. ALUMNI: We maintain relationships with recent alumni, but have trouble reaching out and finding contact information for some of the older alumni. We look forward to partnering with the alumni office on campus for Homecoming this year. George Washington (ΖΝ) Washington, D.C. Colin O’Brien ’14, WHAT’S UP: This semester, the chapter has passed into bylaws and instituted a brand new pledge education program that is full of exciting educational programming on the fraternity’s history, risk management, recruitment, chapter operation and more. ALUMNI: We keep in good touch with recent alumni. They are the most active with the chapter, and we are frequently able to keep in touch with them. We don’t have contact information for older alumni and struggle to get newsletters out, fundraise and make general contact.

campus life

Traditional “M Climb” Trek

Betas Wear The Crown

Not Too Young to Serve

Each fall, freshmen at Colorado Mines climb the side of a mountain on campus to place a rock next to the “M” in the mountainside. Before they graduate, the students return to the “M” and retrieve their rock. This year, the Betas made their trek with the women of Sigma Kappa.

Congratulations to at least five Betas who achieved the prestigious honor of Homecoming King this fall: Stu Newstat, DePauw ’14 (pictured), Justin Schiltz, Minnesota ’14, Zane Cavendar, SMU ’14, Jake Swanson, Iowa State ’14, and Brayden Forbes, Utah ’13.

George Washington’s Nick Hladick ’17, now deals with much more than homework. The freshman was elected to the Montgomery Township Board of Education. He is the board’s youngest member and will serve a three-year term! Way to step up and lead, brother.



Georgia (ΕΕ) Athens, Ga. Albert Jordan ’15, WHAT’S UP: This year we were awarded both the Knox and Sisson Awards at convention. Additionally, we rose to fourth in grades among fraternities on campus. We also recently initiated 32 outstanding young men, and are excited about what their future with the fraternity may hold. ALUMNI: Our alumni chairman has made significant improvements in our alumni relations as of late. We held our semi-annual alumni tailgate this fall, and we experienced record turnout.

Indiana (Π) Bloomington, Ind. Frankie Zirille ’16, WHAT’S UP: Our recruitment process brought in 34 new members. Additionally, our chapter continues to thrive academically with brothers studying a variety of subjects and holding top positions in campus organizations. ALUMNI: Our chapter receives strong support from our alumni. Our relationship has grown stronger by providing alumni with continuous updates and holding frequent events with large turnouts. We could certainly improve by planning more events and updating our website.

Georgia Tech (ΓΗ) Atlanta, Ga.

Iowa (ΑΒ) Iowa City, Iowa

Alex Roe ’14, WHAT’S UP: The Gamma Eta Chapter brought in a strong pledge class of new members and continued to make a difference on campus through our philanthropic involvements. Our house has been significantly improved and we have made great strides in our alumni relations. ALUMNI: Through alumni homecoming events, social media and email newsletters, we are finding new ways to successfully engage with our alumni and keep them updated with what is happening in the chapter.

Brendan Power ’15 WHAT’S UP: We won the university’s award for Outstanding Student Organization, took first place in Homecoming and inducted an 18-man pledge class with a cumulative high school GPA of 3.89. ALUMNI: The chapter held a joint alumni BBQ with the Tau Sigma Chapter at Iowa State in Des Moines. We also hosted an alumni tailgate for Homecoming and invited alumni to present as keynote speakers during formal recruitment in the fall.

Hanover (Ι) Hanover, Ind. Jeremy Cartwright ’16, WHAT’S UP: In the last year, we have successfully doubled in size, and plan to do so again this year. Out of the entire group of men on campus that rushed, our chapter’s pledge class held the highest men’s GPA on campus. ALUMNI: Connections with our alumni have been great. We had about 50 or more alumni from all different years arrive for Hanover’s Homecoming festivities this year, and we plan on inviting our Fraternal 50s back for this year’s Initiation ceremonies.

Iowa State (ΤΣ) Ames, Iowa Winston Stalvey ’16, WHAT’S UP: This semester we recruited a strong, 30-man pledge class, our largest since refounding in 2006. This has increased our chapter to 56 total members. ALUMNI: Over the past year, we’ve improved communication with our alumni by publishing two newsletters per semester and our social media presence which has increased in reach by more than 300%. We aim to improve by having alumni at Initiation and holding a yearly alumni event.

High Point (Colony) High Point, N.C. Graham Billings ’16, WHAT’S UP: The colony participated in our first Greek Week with the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta and Zeta Tau Alpha, and it was an enriching experience for the brothers. ALUMNI: Currently, we only have one brother who has graduated, but we have put into place social media groups where we can contact our future alumni members with texts, emails, Facebook posts, etc.

John Carroll (ΗΕ) University Heights, Ohio Ken Clar ’14, WHAT’S UP: Our chapter has added 17 new members, increased our academic standards, and created a more comprehensive experience by inviting guests to meetings to share insights in the areas of being a gentleman, leadership and professional development. ALUMNI: We’re fortunate to have young, talented and accomplished alumni who are eager to be engaged. We host monthly outings where alumni meet our active brothers, share stories of their experiences and continue building bridges for years to come.

Idaho (ΓΓ) Moscow, Idaho Colin Cain ’14, WHAT’S UP: We obtained a pledge class of 25 men. They are a diverse group selected from many different geographic areas. Amongst them are many legacies, which at Idaho, continues to be an excellent source of new members for our chapter. ALUMNI: We have a very good relationship with our alumni. There are rarely disagreements between the two parties, and when there are, we are able to resolve them quickly. Our ability to work together makes us a great collective unit of brothers.

Johns Hopkins (ΑΧ) Baltimore, Md. Gilbert Pasquale ’14, WHAT’S UP: Our chapter partnered with the Student Government Association and held a campus wide tailgate for a home football game during September. It included giveaways, food, cornhole and music. ALUMNI: We have great relationships with our young alumni who still live in the area. We aim to improve our alumni database which is out of date, particularly with the information for older alumni. We are in the process of recruiting the help of JHU’s alumni office to update that information.

campus life


Beta is Back at Georgia Tech!

No Place Like Home

This fall, the men of Gamma Eta at Georgia Tech returned to campus. Following reorganization, the chapter is coming on strong with 37 men of principle, as evidenced by a fourth place in Homecoming. Keep in touch at www.

When Beta colonized High Point in North Carolina last year, the university also committed to provide a new chapter house. The Beta letters were installed on the front of the house late this summer, marking its completion. The men have moved in and are (no surprise) enjoying their new home!


They’re in Charge John Carroll held its student body elections and Beta did well. Tim Ficke ’15 (middle), was elected president, Tim Johnson ’15 (right), executive vice president, Elliott Schermerhorn ’15, vice president for business affairs and Cole Hassay ’16 (left), vice president for student organizations.


Kansas (ΑΝ) Lawrence, Kan. Jackson Long ’15, WHAT’S UP: The Alpha Nu Chapter continues to succeed in academics, community service, campus involvement and intramurals. The chapter is on pace for yet another cumulative GPA above 3.5. Also, the chapter’s football team recently was crowned Greek League champions. ALUMNI: Alpha Nu was proud to host its 100-year anniversary party for a century of living in the John Palmer Usher Mansion. More than 400 alumni returned to KU to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Kansas State (ΓΕ) Manhattan, Kan. Andrew Waldman ’14, WHAT’S UP: The Gamma Epsilon Chapter is excited to celebrate its centennial at the end of this year. The chapter is planning for a brotherhood weekend with hundreds of alumni and all of the active chapter. ALUMNI: We send out two newsletters to our alumni every year to keep them up to date on our chapter’s academic, philanthropic and social achievements. We also hosted “Beta Lei” last spring to connect with alumni. Kentucky (ΕΟ) Lexington, Ky. Justin Gillette ’15, WHAT’S UP: We obtained our charter this summer, so this semester we are in the works of organizing our Installation Banquet in the spring for brothers, family, alumni and Friends of Beta. Also, we hosted our second annual Beta/KD “Bring it On” philanthropy event. ALUMNI: We are working on the entertainment of our alumni by hosting a tailgate (which we already have approximately 20 committed alumni attending) and other events. We aim to improve the frequency of newsletters and updating our public schedule. Kenyon (ΒΑ) Gambier, Ohio Sam McQuiston ’14, WHAT’S UP: The chapter, along with an actively growing alumni base, has set up our housing corporation. We have also begun planning a complete renovation to restore our “Temple in the Woods”. ALUMNI: The chapter’s connection with our alumni is growing very well. We have had more alumni come back this year than nearly the last three years combined.

Kettering A (ΔΗ) Flint, Mich.

A Night Outside As a part of Homelessness Awareness Week, students at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles gathered together to sleep outside on cardboard to bring attention to this prevalent issue. LMU Betas Chris Kalil ’15, David Chirikian ’14, and George Karaghossian ’16, supported the cause. Talk about experiential learning. Way to tough it out, guys!

Lawrence (ΓΠ) Appleton, Wis. David Spitzfaden ’14, WHAT’S UP: We have increased our dedication to service by volunteering at Riverview Gardens, a community garden dedicated to reducing homelessness. Because of the chapter’s involvement in the organization, Riverview has chosen Beta to pilot a new partnership program. ALUMNI: Our chapter is well-connected to young alumni in the area, but has difficulty reaching out to anyone outside the Fox Valley. We are currently setting up a system on how to reach different alumni members. Louisville (ΔΠ) Louisville, Ky. Grant Ford ’14, WHAT’S UP: The Delta Pi Chapter initiated 22 young gentlemen this semester - the highest number of men that we have initiated during the fall in several years. ALUMNI: Our connection with our alumni advisors is strong since they are very available and are a valued resource for our chapter. We need to brainstorm creative ways that we can engage other alumni and involve them on the status and decisions of our chapter. Loyola Marymount (ΗΑ) Los Angeles, Calif.

Isaac Parker ’16, WHAT’S UP: We have once again maintained the highest Greek GPA on campus and are working diligently to strengthen our recruitment strategies. We have sent a large portion of our membership to Beta-sponsored leadership programs. ALUMNI: Our chapter’s connection is strong with a small number of alumni. We work to maintain this relationship through regular alumni events, a termly newsletter and inviting them to chapter meetings.

David Bloom ’14, WHAT’S UP: Partnered with Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority, we won the Greek Week competition on campus. A week of service alongside lip sync and flag football competitions, our team beat every other Greek organization on campus! ALUMNI: To reach out to our loved alumni, our chapter holds a semi-annual dinner with the locally-based alumni. In order to include them all, we invite them to attend our Alumni Night event during rush week, as well as to our spring Parents’ Weekend BBQ.

Kettering B (ΔΗ) Flint, Mich. Jakob Reed ’13, WHAT’S UP: Delta Eta is assisting in the organization of a large-scale “Brush-Up” of the areas in the community. With the coordinated efforts of local residents and the Greek community, we hope to help Flint by restoring houses and other properties as it bounces back from its economic downturn. ALUMNI: Many Flint-area alumni volunteer on our BAE Housing Corporation. They have been working hard to help us find housing alternative as we wait for the opportunity to secure our own fraternity house.

Maine (ΒΗ) Orono, Maine Christian Labonte ’16, WHAT’S UP: This past Homecoming weekend, we surpassed our record for the biggest Loving Cup Ceremony, with more than 140 active brothers and alumni. As Beta Eta’s best weekend of the year, we hosted a variety of events for alumni, actives and family to take part in for the whole weekend. ALUMNI: Weekly emails are sent to a large Beta Eta alumni network giving updates on the brotherhood, the pledge process, upcoming events, philanthropy and intramural sports success.

Knox (Ξ) Galesburg, Ill. Nate Wilson ’14, WHAT’S UP: We finalized plans for renovations of our chapter house and are now moving into the fundraising stage. We have created design pamphlets for the house and are sending them out to all alumni for support. ALUMNI: We had a fantastic turnout of alumni visitors at homecoming this year, along with donations towards the new house. We do a great job of reaching out and staying up to date with our alumni.

Maryland (ΔΩ) College Park, Md. Jack McCullough ’14, WHAT’S UP: This semester we initiated 12 new members at the Hall of Chapters. This was an exciting time as it was the first time most of our brothers have been to Oxford. ALUMNI: Maryland celebrated 100 years of Greek life on campus, so more alumni came back this year. We held our annual alumni tailgate and hosted “Beta Day” for the second time.



Miami (Α) Oxford, Ohio Shalin Shah ’16, WHAT’S UP: The Alpha Chapter hosted a haunted house for the Oxford community and Miami student body with all proceeds benefiting the Oxford Choice Pantry. We were awarded second place at Greek Week. ALUMNI: The chapter has a LinkedIn page and a Facebook page that connects all Alpha Chapter alumni. We send out quarterly and semester reports to all alumni with information about the ongoing chapter events. We also host Homecoming events where alumni from all over make the trip to Oxford.

Miami (Fla.) (ΗΒ) Coral Gables, Fla. Brett Hollenbach ’14, WHAT’S UP: Our greatest achievement this year was strengthening the bond between brothers. We accomplished this by doing extremely well in sorority philanthropy competitions and intramural sports. ALUMNI: Our connection with our alumni association is greatly improving. We are working toward more open communication between our alumni and the chapter. We are establishing this through brother-alumni dinners with graduates who live in the area. Michigan (Λ) Ann Arbor, Mich. Maxwell Salvatore ’14, WHAT’S UP: After obtaining our charter at the 174th General Convention, we have increased programming and look to more fully integrate ourselves in Greek life by holding office on the IFC exec board. ALUMNI: We hold monthly meetings with alumni, send out newsletters and hold a couple events throughout the year. Moving forward, we are looking to create a mentorship program to engage more alumni on a personal level. Michigan State (ΓΨ) East Lansing, Mich. Frank Mercadante ’15, WHAT’S UP: This year we have held onto the Presidents Cup, the MSU IFC award for the fraternity with the highest GPA. We also launched our first ever philanthropy event, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament. It has been one of our biggest years yet since being recolonized in 2011. ALUMNI: Our chapter is in constant communication with our alumni board and work toward establishing a healthy connection with others through quarterly newsletters. Minnesota (ΒΠ) Minneapolis, Minn. Michael Klein ’15, WHAT’S UP: We started out the year with a good recruitment start and signed 16 pledges. We also had an eventful weekend with our Alpha Tau brothers from Nebraska who came to visit for the football game. It is the third year in a row we have seen each other and watched the football game together. ALUMNI: We invite alumni to come to the chapter house for our Initiation week events, and we always have a blast hearing older stories from their college time.

Mississippi (ΒΒ) Oxford, Miss. Austin Jones ’14, WHAT’S UP: We added 46 new members this year, bringing total membership to 91 members. Academically, we achieved a 2.75 GPA for the spring semester which was 0.23 grade points higher than the previous semester. ALUMNI: Since recolonization in 2003, the chapter has struggled with alumni relations. This past year, we took a step in the right direction by hosting a Fraternal 25s and 50s Ceremony. Also, we have worked hard to cleanup the chapter’s contact list so we can reach out to all alumni. Missouri (ΖΦ) Columbia, Mo. John P Miller ’14, WHAT’S UP: We were once again awarded the Academic Achievement Chancellor’s Circle banner, ranking first academically amongst all Missouri fraternities. ALUMNI: We have a strong connection with our alumni who serve as role models for the active members. They often visit the house throughout the year, and it’s not uncommon for alumni events to be hosted at the chapter house. The active members truly enjoy alumni company, and are extremely grateful for their loyal support and dedication.

Missouri-Kansas City (ΕΛ) Kansas City, Mo. Jonathan Doss ’14, WHAT’S UP: This past year our chapter won IFC Olympics, achieved the highest GPA of all fraternities on campus, and signed the largest pledge class of all fraternities. We continue to strive for excellence within the community. ALUMNI: Our chapter hosts alumni dinners and events, as well as integrating area alumni into our rush process. This next August will mark our 30-year anniversary and we are looking forward to celebrating our founding.

MIT (BΥ) Boston, Mass. Fernando Rivera Gonzalez ’14, WHAT’S UP: Our colony participated in a successful recruitment in which it doubled in size. Both local Beta Upsilon and Administrative Office advisors provided us with key insight and support toward achieving this goal. ALUMNI: Alumni involvement in chapter activities is always encouraged. We also planned with them the 100th anniversary celebration of the chapter. We aim to improve by providing them with more regular, student-perspective chapter updates. Nebraska (ΑΤ) Lincoln, Neb. John Haslam ’14, WHAT’S UP: We obtained Knox and Sisson Awards at the General Convention. We also hosted our “Beta Burrito Bash” philanthropy, raising $2,000 for Lighthouse, an after school program for underprivileged children. ALUMNI: We have a strong relationship with alumni, from freshly graduated to those enjoying retirement. This year, we hosted more than 300 alumni and guests in celebrating our 125th anniversary. A $3 million renovation was made possible with the donations of our dedicated alumni.

campus life


Initiation at “The U”

Lookin’ Good

Congratulations to the men of the Eta Beta Chapter at the University of Miami who added 10 new brothers to their brotherhood this fall, bringing total membership to 95 men. Stay in the loop with the chapter at

The Gamma Psi Colony at Michigan State returned to campus two years ago, but the men didn’t have a place to call home. Thanks to their alumni, the men have now moved into a chapter house. Before classes started, the men made their pad official with a great set of new letters.


A Beta Bridge – Literally Every fall, the entire indoor walkway of the University of Minnesota’s Washington Avenue Bridge is painted white for “Paint the Bridge.” Registered student groups and organizations are given the opportunity to paint advertisements. Check out the work of Nathan Wong, Minnesota ’15.


Ohio (BK) Athens, Ohio

North Carolina (Η) Chapel Hill, N.C. Patrick McKinney ’14, WHAT’S UP: We completed several successful philanthropic and service projects which include raising more than $1,500 for the Ronald McDonald House. We have continued to improve our chapter GPA and surpass the all-mens average. ALUMNI: We have a strong connection with our network of alumni. We host several alumni events at the house that encourage brothers to build and strengthen alumni relations. We are spearheading several new programs to encourage alumni to stay connected.

North Dakota (ΓΚ) Grand Forks, N.D. William Hatfield ’15, WHAT’S UP: Gamma Kappa is off to a good start this year, raising more than $1,200 for the Wounded Warrior Project during our fall philanthropy event and also by signing a 20-man pledge class in September. ALUMNI: Our chapter had an excellent homecoming celebration this fall, and we also had a nice turnout during rush week for an alumni barbecue. It was great to see the alumni reaching out and connecting with the future generation of Betas. A steady flow of alumni also stop by the house during the hockey season.

Samuel Covert ’14, WHAT’S UP: In the effort to re-establish our chapter, we have more than doubled in size while recruiting men who will follow Beta’s core values. We have really expanded the pool of students involved in Greek life on our campus. ALUMNI: We are grateful to have alumni who devote both their time and treasure to help us re-establish our chapter. At our Homecoming we had more than 150 alumni come to visit the house. They shared their history and lore while helping us start our future.

Oklahoma (ΓΦ) Norman, Okla. Mark Stoltz ’14, WHAT’S UP: We were awarded the President’s Trophy for the most outstanding fraternity on campus. This award is judged on academics, community service and campus involvement. We followed that up by earning a 3.29 GPA in the spring semester, the highest fraternity GPA on campus. ALUMNI: We host a tailgate for all alumni and their guests for home football games. Along with this, the “Loving Cup” date party in the spring is an event that is attended by roughly 150 alumni annually. Oklahoma State (ΓΛ) Stillwater, Okla.

Northeastern (HZ) Boston, Mass. John Hubbard ’14, WHAT’S UP: We initiated 10 men last semester, and currently have one brother serving as chairman of judicial procedures in IFC, and two members running for IFC’s executive board. We have also been pushing to be more involved in the fraternity and sorority community by inviting men from other chapters to speak about their experiences. ALUMNI: We continually publish newsletters to keep alumni engaged. This semester we have not had very many alumni events but are in the process of combatting this issue.

Northwestern (Ρ) Evanston, Ill. Kyle Sieber ’15, WHAT’S UP: Our GPA continues to be extremely competitive on campus and the chapter is committed to looking for new avenues of improvement through our new academic assistance plan. ALUMNI: This fall, we undertook a new initiative to reach out to alumni and planned a huge pig roast and tailgate before the football game on Homecoming weekend. Going from zero alumni connections to having more than 40 alumni attend this event was a great thing for the chapter to see and be a part of.

Colten Hall ’15, WHAT’S UP: This past year we have been fortunate enough to win first place in Freshmen Follies, as well as first in intramural sports. We were also privileged to have three Top Ten Freshmen and one of our own be named Greek Man of the Year. ALUMNI: This year we have established a new alumni tailgate for our home football games, ran by members and alumni. We have also invited our more experienced alumni back to our chapter meetings for reflections and fireside chats.

Oregon (ΒΡ) Eugene, Ore. Brandon Mueller ’16, WHAT’S UP: This past spring the Beta Rho house was renamed Holden Hall after Ambassador Glen Holden ’51. There were 75 alumni and undergraduates present for the house dedication ceremony. ALUMNI: We have a very strong connection to our alumni. There are several recent graduates who help serve on our housing committee and advisory team. Our alumni are also in the final stages of a capital campaign to help raise $850,000. As of the beginning of November nearly $800,000 has been raised. Pacific (Colony) Stockton, Calif.

Nova Southeastern (ΖΜ) Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Nathan Bensoussan ’14, WHAT’S UP: We successfully raised more than $1,500 at our annual “Bowling for Boxers” event. Also, using the tools provided by the University we have re-established our presence on campus as well as increased brotherhood between active brothers. ALUMNI: We hosted our first alumni vs active football event in October. This led to us getting to know each other and our alumni’s families. We can improve the communication line towards the alumni by providing a detail of all events we host before the semester start.

Riley Lindsey ’16, WHAT’S UP: We joined with Alpha Phi Sorority in throwing the annual “Toga Party” for all Pacific students. This recruitment period we had 100% bid acceptance and a 100% Initiation rate. ALUMNI: Several important alumni came back and visited the chapter this semester. We are still building our alumni size as we graduate more members, but have done a good job so far keeping them informed with our progress as a colony.

Mississippi Adds 46

MIT Momentum Builds

The men at Ole Miss had a fantastic recruitment period this year, with a pledge class that was more than twice the size of last year’s. Now home to 92 men, congratulations to the Beta Beta Chapter and it’s growing brotherhood. Keep in touch at

It’s been a dynamic journey for the recently recolonized Beta Upsilon at MIT, but after two years, the colony is really taking form. With the recent initiation of eight highcaliber men, the group has now grown to 18 men of principle. Connect with the men at

Mr. President – Times Two Having served as president of his Rho Chapter in Evanston this past year, congrats are in order for Kyle Sieber, Northwestern ’15, for being elected by his interfraternal peers as the 2014 IFC president. Way to continue Beta’s tradition of interfraternalism, Brother!



Sewanee (ΓΧ) Sewanee, Tenn.

Honoring a Fallen Brother In the fall, the men of Zeta Rho at Texas A&M-CC hosted a campus-wide event, “Pie a Beta Theta Pi.” Proceeds from the event benefited the newlyendowed scholarship fund in memory of Brother Holt Smith ’14, who passed away last year as a result of falling asleep at the wheel and crashing his car while driving home for spring break. Connect with the men at

Penn State (ΑΥ) State College, Pa. Adam Collins ’15, WHAT’S UP: This semester we had 24 bids accepted, making it the biggest pledge class in recent memory. Every brother held a huge part in recruitment and we had great showings at all the events. ALUMNI: We host multiple events each year where we encourage the alumni to come back to the house, such as chili bowls and a clam bake after various games. However, we could do a better job with getting alumni to come back by personally inviting them.

Pennsylvania (Φ) Philadelphia, Pa. Matthew Fiore ’16, WHAT’S UP: We brought back an old tradition of having a Dad’s Weekend, which included a dinner downtown and a barbecue at the house before watching the four Betas on the football team win their game against Lafayette. ALUMNI: We do an excellent job staying in touch with recent graduates because a lot of them live in New York City. Each year, we host an event in Manhattan to introduce them to the new pledges. We have improved communications by opening new social media outlets on Facebook and Twitter. Saint Louis (ΖΤ) Saint Louis, Mo. Blake Bender ’14, WHAT’S UP: We raised our GPA to a 3.25, and pinned 33 pledges this fall bringing our total membership to 102. Additionally, the chapter has continued traditions such as an annual 9/11 service memorial and a camping trip retreat every semester. ALUMNI: We have continued strong relations with younger alumni by reaching out for weekly events like barbecue’s and football games. The chapter can improve on reaching out to the older alumni and their families more often than once a semester. San Diego (ΖΩ) San Diego, Calif. Sam Littlefield ’14, WHAT’S UP: Our chapter achieved an overall 3.385 GPA in the spring semester. We ranked the highest among the fraternities on campus, and were number two overall among all of Greek life. ALUMNI: Our parent/alumni relations chair has done an excellent job in providing alumni with happy hours for recent and local alumni to gather and reminisce with one another. We could improve the way we keep in touch with our alumni by providing more opportunities to connect outside of these events. San Jose State (ΖΗ) San Jose, Calif. Kevin Ingram ’14, WHAT’S UP: Our chapter currently has the highest GPA among the Interfraternity Council. We initiated five new brothers last spring, and we are currently pledging nine. Our brotherhood is being improved though various brotherhood events. ALUMNI: Our chapter hosts a variety of alumni events including tailgates, poker nights and BBQs. We also send out an annual alumni newsletter. Things we need to improve on include inviting more alumni into chapter meetings for various workshops.



Jordan Buck ’15, WHAT’S UP: We completed construction of a new front porch. This represents the initial phase of our house improvement project, which will culminate in the building of the Brown Patterson Memorial Library, a further addition to the house that will offer an ideal place to study and socialize. ALUMNI: We strive to strengthen alumni connections and increase communication among actives and alumni. The chapter held an alumni reunion event Homecoming weekend, and we were treated to the company of several distinguished alumni.

SMU (ΓΩ) Dallas, Texas Neil Hiddink ’15, WHAT’S UP: This semester we have been very successful as a chapter, as evidenced by our campus involvement and overall reputation with the administration. For Homecoming, we won the float competition and Zane Cavender won Homecoming King. ALUMNI: Our alumni relations are growing stronger every year since returning to SMU’s campus. We hold an alumni banquet every semester that has become a well-attended event that keeps alumni informed about the chapter’s current standings and successes. South Carolina (Υ) Columbia, S.C. Eddie McGolrick ’16, WHAT’S UP: We celebrated our Installation last fall, achieved the highest fraternity GPA, won the Daily Gamecock’s annual award for “Best Fraternity on Campus,” and received the title of Homecoming Champions. ALUMNI: We promote healthy relations with our alumni who display the open communication and passion necessary to making a chapter strong to its core. We host quarterly meetings between the executive board and alumni association and held the inaugural Alumni/Parents’ Cocktail during Parents’ Weekend.

South Dakota (ΓΑ) Vermillion, S.D. Derek Duerst ’15, WHAT’S UP: We are one of the biggest leaders on campus in regards to philanthropy. In addition, we had a very successful fall rush, as we have one of the top pledge classes. ALUMNI: We have a fantastic alumni base and we make it a point to do our best at maintaining a connection with them. To promote communication, we send out all of our weekly chapter meeting minutes. Additionally, we always have a great turnout from our alumni during our Homecoming weekend.

Southern California (ΓΤ) Los Angeles, Calif. Kellen O’Connor ’14, WHAT’S UP: We recruited an incredible new class of 22 men, to bring our overall active member count to 104. We also have just begun a new philanthropy event, the Mustachio Bashio, in support of the Movember Foundation. ALUMNI: Our connection with alumni has been frayed due to the tumultuous past of our chapter and the multiple re-organizations, but it is beginning to improve again. I believe we can put on more informal, frequent events to try to draw them in more rather than just large, semesterly ones.

Southern Illinois (ΖΟ) Carbondale, Ill. Matt McGuire ’14, WHAT’S UP: We had 13 new members pledge our chapter, which has allowed our chapter size to increase by more than 50% and reach a total of 33 members! ALUMNI: We have good connections with certain alumni who consistently attend events. To improve connections with more alumni, we are going to implement a chapter-wide sit down where we will call all alumni for whom we have contact information and try to establish a more personal connection with them.

St. Lawrence (ΒΖ) Canton, N.Y. Benjamin Landry ’14, WHAT’S UP: We secured an on-campus house for seven men and regained our charter from the General Fraternity. We also won the Fraternity Cup for the highest GPA among Greek life. ALUMNI: We recently had about 50 alumni return for Homecoming weekend and celebrate our Charter Installation. We also are having a memorial service for a few alumni brothers who have passed away in the past year, and a large number of alumni brothers will be attending the service to celebrate the lives of Beta Zetas.


Stevens (Σ) Hoboken, N.J. Michael DiLiello ’14, WHAT’S UP: We have continued upon recent strides by hosting our annual Parent’s and Alumni Day, and annual alumni Thanksgiving dinner and flag football game. Overall, the Chapter has continued to strive to fulfill the ideals of Beta Theta Pi in all of our lives and actions. ALUMNI: We have strong relationships with our alumni, particularly with the more recent ones, and our informal events have shown particular success in strengthening our connection. We could improve our digital communication with our alumni. TCU (Colony) Forth Worth, Texas Austin Marple ’14, WHAT’S UP: We had an amazing recruitment period with a hopeful 36 initiates, a rewarding philanthropy, a great parents’ weekend and some memorable brotherhood events. Our semester has been a continuation of the excellence being developed here at TCU Beta. ALUMNI: A colony can have difficulties developing alumni relationships, but we have actively engaged our alumni to support us in advisory roles, attending an alumni football tailgate, and being another perspective to rely has been key for our colony’s success.

Tennessee (ΔΚ) Knoxville, Tenn. Zachary Hyder ’15, WHAT’S UP: The chapter has invested itself in educational programing that the University of Tennessee has launched for fraternity and sorority life. The chapter has more members in the Greek Honors Society than all other fraternities combined. ALUMNI: We are making strides to foster bonds with new and old members through social media. The chapter launched a new Facebook page at the end of summer that features new member profiles and updates on events throughout the year.

Texas A&M (ΕΗ) College Station, Texas Bryan Kelly ’15, WHAT’S UP: We raised approximately $10,000 for the USO at “Beta Round Up.” The chapter was also awarded the “IFC Chapter of the Year” Award at the second annual Aggie Greek Awards. ALUMNI: Our chapter stays intimately involved with our alumni through our home tailgates and philanthropy fundraising. In the spring, we will host our annual golf tournament. We aim to improve the consistency in our newsletter, “The Cowboy Quarterly”. Texas A&M-CC (ΖΡ) Corpus Christi, Texas Eric Lindgren ’14, WHAT’S UP: We started a new annual philanthropy, the “Beta Derby,” which was a big success. We are looking to do it in the spring with more sponsors. We also did a constitution overhaul and are sending more people to Beta leadership events than in previous years. ALUMNI: Our relationship with alumni is continuing to grow, as the chapter is still young and so are the alumni. We will be continuing our annual alumni weekend next spring.

Texas at Arlington (ΔΡ) Arlington, Texas Tyler Burch ’16, WHAT’S UP: These past couple semesters our chapter has had a huge reversal in grades going to the top of IFC two semesters in a row. Also, in spring we had the biggest pledge class we’ve had in a while and some of our brothers were elected to positions in the university. Things are looking up for Delta Rho! ALUMNI: The connection with our alumni is always growing stronger. Every semester we have an alumni versus actives softball game that is always a highlight.

Toronto (ΘΖ) Toronto, Ont. Jake Magee ’14, WHAT’S UP: We recently won the annual Greek Week competition among all 10 fraternities, which involved physical, academic and philanthropic competitions. This is the second annual Greek Week competition and Beta has won both years. ALUMNI: Our chapter is very close to our alumni. We host several events every semester to maintain that relationship. Our next event is an alumni dinner which brings alumni ages 22-80+ together at the chapter house for a three-course meal, awards and ritual.

Truman State (ΖΞ) Kirksville, Mo.

Daniel Branco ’15, WHAT’S UP: We recruited 21 fine men to join our fall pledge class. We are well on our way to another intramural victory with championships in both softball and sand volleyball. ALUMNI: Our alumni help us as we graduate and enter the professional world. We invite them to Kirksville twice a year for a weekend, and issue an e-newsletter three times a year. We typically only have face-to-face contact with our younger alumni, but would like to have a closer relationship with our older alumni.

UC Irvine (ΔΣ) Irvine, Calif. Frank Jimenez ’14, WHAT’S UP: The Delta Sigma Chapter has been having success under reorganization with the guidance of our District Chief Justin Rutherford. Our chapter is looking forward to making more progress this academic year. ALUMNI: We do a great job utilizing the talents of recent graduates in the Irvine area and are using them as a resource tool. We need to be more proactive in reaching out to our Founders from the 1970s and being better at connecting with them.

UCLA (ΓΝ) Los Angeles, Calif. Dominic Sandler ’14, WHAT’S UP: We had 36 men accept their bids to join our fall pledge class. We began renovating the house by putting wood floors into the bedrooms and have started the groundwork for a new chapter room and weight room on our property. ALUMNI: We are rebuilding a relationship with a lot of our alumni thanks to the help of Russ Bogda and Nick Kahrilas who are very involved in our chapter’s workings. We maintain the relationship through our alumni events, such as our banquet.

Beta Zeta is Back ST. LAWRENCE CHAPTER INSTALLATION October 10, 2013 The Beta Zeta Chapter at St. Lawrence University in Canton, N.Y., was reinstalled after its charter petition was approved by the 174th General Convention. The event fittingly took place in the historic and nearly 100-year-old Beta Temple that is in the heart of campus. The Temple is currently being renovated and $340,000 of a $500,000 goal has already been contributed by generous alumni. Special guests who joined the chapter’s 53 undergraduates were University President Dr. Bill Fox ’75 (second from right), former Beta and University VP Dr. Allen Splete ’60 (right), General Secretary Dave Schmidt, South Florida ’92 (center), District Chief Bruce Fein, Colgate ’84 (left), Northeast Leadership Consultant Reece Quesnel, Minnesota ’13, and Editor Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky ’96 (taking photo.)



UC Santa Barbara (ΕΠ) Santa Barbara, Calif. Matt David ’14, WHAT’S UP: We have gained and sustained an overall 3.2 GPA, keeping us among the top organizations on campus. As a testament to the scholarship of our graduating seniors, many will graduate with honors and look forward to the opportunities to come. ALUMNI: We look forward to hosting an alumni weekend April 24-27 and celebrating our 25th anniversary. Over the years, we have lost touch with many of our older alumni, and we hope that this will be the year to reconnect back in Santa Barbara for a weekend of celebration.

Virginia Tech (ΑΦ) Blacksburg, Va. Matthew Demerly ’14, WHAT’S UP: We brought in a 30-man pledge class, the largest on campus this semester, as well as the largest our chapter has ever seen. Multiple brothers are in charge of the Student Engineering Council, which puts on its annual “Engineering Expo” for thousands of engineering companies and allows students to look for future employers. ALUMNI: We prepare an alumni weekend in the spring where brothers, young and old, come together and spend some quality time at our spring football game.

Utah (ΓB) Salt Lake City, Utah Chas Foote ’15, WHAT’S UP: We achieved our two-year long goal of rechartering at the 174th General Convention. Our charter was reinstalled as part of our 100-year anniversary on October 25. Additionally, we were the first fraternity in recent history to receive the Dean of Student’s Award of Excellence from the University. ALUMNI: Our alumni relations are very strong. More than 400 Betas attended the anniversary event and we got the chance to hear from notable alumni and General Fraternity officers and staff.

Wabash (Τ) Crawfordsville, Ind. Scott Campbell ’14, WHAT’S UP: We placed second in grades on campus, which is a significant improvement from past years, and likely the result of a strengthening of our constitutional requirements and policies on academics. ALUMNI: We hold an alumni dinner each semester, as well as maintain a database for contact purposes. We aim to improve keeping young alumni involved after graduation.

Vanderbilt (ΒΛ) Nashville, Tenn.

Washington (ΒΩ) Seattle, Wash.

Devitt Frank ’15, WHAT’S UP: We have been involved with multiple philanthropic events on and off campus. In the beginning of the semester we co-sponsored “Kick-Off Cook-Off,” to benefit Fannie Battle, an after school care program for underprivileged children in Nashville. ALUMNI: We are currently undergoing a house rebuild campaign for our on-campus fraternity house. We have held multiple alumni events to help raise money and awareness of the campaign, as well as reconnect and interact with our alumni.

Sean Carr ’15, WHAT’S UP: At convention, we received our fifth consecutive Knox Award, and finished the school year with a 3.44 GPA among 120+ members, the highest GPA of all 32 fraternities and 18 sororities. ALUMNI: We work closely with our three alumni boards: our housing corporation, advisory team and Beta Omega Foundation. We also participate in quarterly alumni functions, such as our golf tournament, basketball tournament, our Broadmoor Luncheon and our young alumni networking event.

Villanova (ΖΕ) Villanova, Pa. Matt Fleischl ’15, WHAT’S UP: We achieved the highest GPA on campus for fraternities, had a successful recruitment program, and a successful fall philanthropy event. ALUMNI: Our connection with alumni has been weak in the past years, but thanks to great steps by our executive board, especially our alumni chair, we have greatly improved our alumni relations. This year, we hosted a successful Homecoming weekend, where alumni from all around the northeast came out to spend some time with active brothers and fellow alumni.

Virginia (Ο) Charlottesville, Va. Phil Dormish ’14, WHAT’S UP: One of our most significant accomplishments this year was our philanthropy, the “Southern Sampler,” that we cosponsored with Chi Omega. Hundreds of attendees came to our house and we raised approximately $1,000 for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. ALUMNI: We are still in the process of trying to connect with and involve alumni in the chapter. We have numerous alumni involved as advisors and host a number of events, such as our alumni dinner during spring rush, which bring alumni back to the chapter.

Washington & Jefferson (Γ) Washington, Pa. Danny Walters ’15, WHAT’S UP: Four brothers conducted independent research projects through our college’s funded scholarship.They traveled to different countries across the globe including Italy, South Africa, Australia and Ecuador. We also had a brother complete basic combat training in Fort Benning, Georgia. ALUMNI: We received positive feedback from our alumni Homecoming event, and are currently in the stages of planning more activities throughout the year to improve alumni relations. Washington and Lee (ΑΡ) Lexington, Va. James Lewis ’14, WHAT’S UP: Our focus this term has been on rush, and we feel very optimistic about the strength of our incoming class. We recently held our officer elections. We are excited to welcome a new executive team, and look forward to a successful winter. ALUMNI: We hosted a young alumni weekend that saw the return of many of our recent graduates. We have continued to reach out to these alumni and have begun to work on our annual alumni newsletter that we will distribute in the winter term.

Gamma Beta Returns UTAH CHAPTER INSTALLATION October 25, 2013 Beta’s chapter at the University of Utah received approval of her charter petition during the 174th General Convention in Charlotte. On October 25, more than 400 brothers met in Salt Lake City to celebrate Gamma Beta’s reinstallation and 100th anniversary. Fittingly, the chapter was officially reinstalled and presented with its charter during a ceremony at the newly-renovated chapter house. Betas and guests then enjoyed a banquet that was held to honor Gamma Beta’s 100 years of achievement. Oxford Cup Honoree Spence Eccles ’56, was named “Gamma Beta of the Century” for his unmatched generosity and spirit of support. Connect with the men at (With new charter, left to right, Chris Conabee ’88, Chapter President Mark Foote ’15, and Administrative Secretary Jud Horras, Iowa State ’97.) 50



Washington in St. Louis (ΑΙ) St. Louis, Mo. Elliot Louthen ’15, WHAT’S UP: We organized our first chapter-wide service event to support a local middle school by revitalizing the landscape and providing needed manual labor. We also held our second annual brotherhood retreat at a summer camp in southern Illinois. ALUMNI: We maintain a strong relationship with the St. Louis Beta Alumni Club that connects alumni with the chapters in Missouri. We also have a special relationship Alpha Iota alumnus and Beta Great, Ferd del Pizzo, who regularly mentors us. Washington State (ΓΘ) Pullman, Wash. Max Nelson ’14, WHAT’S UP: Throughout the past academic year, our chapter placed first in grades of all fraternities on campus. We have done an excellent job mentoring young men in their transition from high school to college by setting good examples as active scholars. ALUMNI: Unfortunately, we have a limited amount of connection with our alumni, but there are several alumni who are extremely dedicated and have aided in our recent success. We are currently working on improving our alumni relations.

Wesleyan (ΜΕ) Middletown, Conn. Justin Schick ’15, WHAT’S UP: Our achievements this year include a fundraiser for the troops, a party for children with disabilities, a soul clap dance competition and a fundraiser for Relay for Life. Many members have participated in athletic events and have demonstrated excellence in academic areas. ALUMNI: Our connection with alumni is very close. We host them at the house almost every month, and alumni turnout at Homecoming was great. A special relationship remains with our alumni, and we plan on keeping it that way. West Virginia (ΒΨ) Morgantown, W.Va.

Parents Visit Westminster This fall, the men of the Alpha Delta Chapter at Westminster College hosted a great Parents’ Weekend in Fulton, Mo. In addition to enjoying a large turnout, the parents were treated to lunch as well as an opportunity to meet their sons’ Beta brothers. For dessert, Betas and guests enjoyed an impressive Beta-themed cake. It was a perfect way for the brothers of Alpha Delta to thank their parents for all they do.

William & Mary (ΖΥ) Williamsburg, Va. Joachim Katchinoff ’14, WHAT’S UP: We have moved into our brand new house and have a pledge class of 23 this semester, which is the largest pledge class in Zeta Upsilon history since our Founding Father class. ALUMNI: We held our first large-scale alumni event this Homecoming and received a great response from our alumni. It was great seeing several of our Founding Fathers that made it back this year. In addition, many of our recent alumni made it back for their first time and pledged to help us garner the support of our other alumni. Wisconsin (ΑΠ) Madison, Wis.

Robert Santos ’14, WHAT’S UP: The fall pledge class consists of 24 young men who each hold tremendous potential for our chapter. Also, the chapter house has had several renovations completed over the summer. ALUMNI: The actives hold several events such as alumni weekend, golf tournaments and quarterly meetings. We also have chapter advisors located locally who provide us a bridge between the alumni and the actives. We would like to improve on communicating with alumni who haven’t visited recently to become more involved.

Brandon Lamp ’14, WHAT’S UP: We are focusing on the Ritual, including chapter and pledge reviews and introducing more Ritual activities and discussion to help improve our values-based actions. Recruitment will remain our big focus in the coming semesters. ALUMNI: Alumni support has increased year after year, and they have provided important recruitment referrals. We look forward to organizing more alumni-centered events to increase involvement and alumni/ active bonding.

Westminster (ΑΔ) Fulton, Mo. Myles Donnelly ’14, WHAT’S UP: We recruited a 16-man pledge class and had a very successful philanthropy week in support of “Chad’s Coalition” to promote teen suicide awareness and prevention. We also are currently second in the intramural standings; hopefully we can step it up and get first overall. ALUMNI: We are in the process of compiling a newsletter for our alumni for the second straight year to increase clarity and strengthen alumni sentiments of the chapter’s current state.

Wisconsin-Oshkosh (ΖΖ) Oshkosh, Wis. Cody Orde ’14, WHAT’S UP: This year we brought in a pledge class of 17 new members, which is a 75% increase in member size. We are approaching an average a 10 volunteer hours per member in our chapter this semester. ALUMNI: We are developing our alumni relations after having a distant relationship in the past. Some things we can look at to improve are our communications with the alumni and inclusion with them as well.

Whitman (ΓΖ) Walla Walla, Wash.

Wittenberg (ΑΓ) Springfield, Ohio

Dylan Bodet ’14, WHAT’S UP: We have had an exciting year so far beginning with a strong recruitment and news that we improved our already solid GPA. Gamma Zeta was pleased to add several new members to our advisory team, as well. ALUMNI: Gamma Zeta is working to improve our relationship with our alumni, as we could do more to keep them in the loop. We launched our new chapter website which will be a tool that we are hoping will do a good job of keeping our alumni more up to date with the chapter.

John Jacobson ’14, WHAT’S UP: We worked to maintain a more stable and concrete sense of brotherhood and have improved our chapter morale as a result. We had a successful philanthropy event with our “Beta Chili Dinner,” raising money for a local charity organization. ALUMNI: We’ve strived to form better connections with our alumni over the past semester, creating email lists and Facebook groups to try to keep our alumni as informed as possible. They have been fairly responsive and have been better informed as a result.

Wichita State (ΔΓ) Wichita, Kan. Jordan Kuehler ’15, WHAT’S UP: This fall, our chapter recruited 36 new members which is double the amount of young men we signed from the previous fall semester, thanks to efforts of Tyler Pennick. ALUMNI: Our chapter holds an annual Founders’ Day celebration on the anniversary of receiving our charter in November. Many of our alumni come to this gathering from all across the country. Moving forward, we could do a better job connecting with alumni who do not live in the area.

WPI (Colony) Worcester, Mass. Sam Friedman ’15, WHAT’S UP: We are swiftly advancing through our first cycle of responsibilities. We are excited to undertake our very first rush season, with every one of our 39 active members striving to recruit the best men we can find. ALUMNI: Though we only have three alumni, we have found this to be an opportunity for building our relations strategy. Alumni have returned to attend meetings and ritual events, though we believe we should take a more active approach to updates and news. We will be creating an alumni newsletter this year.



in loving MEMORY Honor your brothers and friends with a memorial gift to the Beta Theta Pi Foundation and consider asking loved ones to name the Beta Leadership Fund in your obituary: You might also request that your loved ones donate your Beta Badge and important Beta artifacts and documents to the Administrative Office archives and museum in Oxford.


Colorado College

Georgia Tech

William J. Tait Jr. ’80, Sept. 14 C

Donald N. Hale ’51, Oct. 21 Bernard W. Ryan ’49, June 1, 2012 Robert L. Shonsby ’31, July 1, 1975

Robert H. Burns ’33, Oct. 22, 2004 Claude L. Daughtry Jr. ’39, April 13, 2011 Laurent DeGive ’34, March 26, 2002 James O. Hammond ’50, Feb. 1, 2011 John E. Mundy ’33, April 13, 2012

Arizona William J. Zuhowski ’61, Oct. 24

Beloit David W. Allan ’59, June 9 C David H. Butler Jr. ’60, May 20 Lowell D. Embs ’50, Aug. 27 C David T. Threinen ’56, Aug. 20

Bethany William R. Krooss ’60, May 11 C Gus G. Sandonas ’77, Sept. 1

Bowdoin Robert B. Hunter, MD ’47, July 31 C

Bowling Green William T. McIntyre ’72, Sept. 16

British Columbia Stanley F. Bodlak ’52, July 21 Paul W. Chutter ’46, Jan. 2, 2012 Arthur W. Hughes ’59, Dec. 14, 2012 Ian J. Stirling ’69, March 16

Brown Joseph R. Weisberger ’47, Dec. 7, 2012

Carnegie Mellon D. R. Loper ’47, June 23 C Edwin F. Mulligan ’37, Oct. 1 C

Centre Norman R. Lemme ’65, March 21

Cincinnati Rodney S. Bryson ’49, Aug. 21 Eugene P. Ruehlmann ’48, June 8 Peter J. Seybolt ’56, Aug. 6, 2012

Colgate George H. Auffinger III ’50, Sept. 30, 2012 John R. Erbeck ’68, Oct. 10, 2012 Bryan J. Fritz ’01, Oct. 14, 2012 Craig E. Rossi ’54, Dec. 16, 2012 C

Colorado Thomas W. Hirtle ’55, March 1 John J. O’Ryan ’43, July 23 Stanley B. Paynter ’46, March 25 C 52


Colorado Mines Robert J. Knox ’49, June 29 C Paul J. Murphy ’68, Oct. 17

Cornell John R. Boehringer ’53, March 5, 2011 Thomas L. Eschweiler ’44, Nov. 2, 2012 James F. Lardner III ’46, Dec. 17, 2012 Horace W. Latimer Jr. ’51, Sept. 26, 2012 William H. MacKinnon ’43, May 28, 2008 Lee E. Morton ’54, May 9 C Donn E. Skoog ’50, May 15 C

Dartmouth Leonard J. Clark Jr. ’56, March 27 C David W. Conard ’82, June 24

Davidson Grayson L. Tucker Jr. ’45, Jan. 11 C

Denison Richard S. Mann ’58, Nov. 9, 2009

DePauw Ronald B. Eich ’70, May 13 Robert F. Heil ’47, April 11 C Ralph L. Houser ’49, Sept. 1, 2006 Wendell K. Simpson ’37, March 18 C

Dickinson Robert C. Gardner ’58, Aug. 4 C J. M. Johnson ’74, July 15

Duke Frederick W. Dennerline ’48, July 8, 2012 William F. Guinee Jr. ’49, Aug. 4 J R. Seaton Jr. ’53, July 4 C

Emory R. L. Brannon ’59, Aug. 23 Murray M. Short ’52, May 24

Florida Jacob J. Jung ’60, Jan. 1, 2008 David L. Krusing ’70, Sept. 13

GMI-EMI William P. Christiansen ’68, Aug. 27 Adrian Den Haan Jr ’69, May 27 C

Hanover J. R. Cira ’57, Aug. 17 C James M. Davies ’65, April 26 C Richard D. Moore ’51, Nov. 7, 2012 John R. Willman ’67, Jan. 27, 2011

Idaho Henry G. Curtis ’48, July 19 C William B. Knipe III ’73, Oct. 24 Colin McLeod III ’74, Aug. 27 Miles M. Rice ’65, May 7, 2006 Thomas M. Scharf ’59, Sept. 1 William H. Simmons ’52, April 14 C Darren L. Thomas ’83, June 23

Illinois Arthur R. Hall Jr. ’44, Jan. 29, 2011 William O. Morris ’46, March 1 Lawrence C. Olson ’54, Feb. 18 Stayton C. Roehm ’51, Aug. 13

Indiana Richard M. Hall ’53, Oct. 24 C John D. Howe ’56, July 12 Daniel T. Lintner ’73, July 8, 2012 William B. Willetts III ’73, June 16 Robert E. Williams ’56, June 24

Iowa Robert G. Roseland ’49, July 8 C

Iowa State Paul D. Bangston ’80, March 4 Jack G. Fincham ’50, Sept. 24 C John M. Guernsey ’52, July 24 C Kurtis L. Whattoff ’85, Dec. 3, 2006



Francis J. Elko ’50, April 8 Edward L. Kimmel ’66, March 1 Hoomes Rich ’27, March 19, 1991

David E. Branom ’78, Oct. 12 Richard M. Grimes ’62, Sept. 27 Joseph H. Hansen Jr. ’56, Sept. 16 Kenneth D. McKenzie Jr. ’44, July 24 C Charles S. Wilcox ’39, Aug. 10 C

Kansas J. R. Edelblute Jr. ’66, Nov. 2, 2001 Richard M. Masoner ’66, Sept. 20, 2011 Andrew G. Spohn ’66, July 1, 2005 Winton A. Winter ’52, May 4 C Keith A. Wolfenbarger, MD ’48, Oct. 12 Parker J. Young ’66, July 11, 2008

Kansas State John L. Compton ’60, Aug. 30 Richard M. Fuller Sr. ’48, June 25 C Micheal R. Myers ’50, June 18 C Robert K. Petro ’48, Oct. 24 C Vernon M. Stevens ’37, Aug. 26 C Billy F. Williams ’66, May 3

Kenyon Charles R. Leech Jr. ’52, May 17 C


Missouri-Kansas City Christopher P. Weaver ’89, May 30

MIT William M. Fitz-Gibbon ’56, July 30, 2012 Willard B. Foster ’60, June 25 Joseph N. Sherrill Jr. ’52, Oct. 4

Nebraska Lawrence H. Huwaldt ’43, July 12 Hubert D. Shellenberger ’53, Dec. 9, 2012 Rockford G. Yapp Jr. ’54, Dec. 13, 2011

North Carolina Jack R. Blackwell ’63, June 1 Thomas M. O’Shea ’46, July 16


Ellsworth L. Dare Jr. ’31, Jan. 13, 1990 Jerome W. Orloff ’57, Aug. 22

Jimmy L. Hicks ’59, Sept. 22 Lorman C. Trueblood ’29, Jan. 6, 2003 Lawrence W. Zonsius Jr. ’48, Sept. 24 C



Arthur C. Dallman Jr. ’42, Aug. 10 C Carlton C. Shields ’53, July 29, 2010

James B. Collier Jr. ’67, May 30 Gary R. Copeland ’65, March 14, 2011 John J. Davis ’59, May 25 C J. R. Earich ’52, June 1, 2007 Joseph F. Garran ’56, Nov. 26, 2006 Charles L. Gille ’53, June 9 C Watkins F. John, MD ’50, Feb. 5 John M. Jones ’49, May 7 C K. A. Merendino ’36, Sept. 10, 2011 Stanley J. Mihelick ’52, April 24, 2009 Kenneth R. Peak ’67, April 19 Robert G. Wall ’43, March 9, 2007 John A. Wiegman ’42, April 4, 2009 Arthur A. Yann III ’86, June 13

Lehigh James A. Wilde Jr. ’49, Sept. 14 C

Maine David Richards ’45, May 26, 2010 Robert W. Upham Jr. ’56, Aug. 3 C

Miami Arthur J. Biddle ’59, Sept. 15 Robert D. Crooks, MD ’44, Oct. 8 Douglas M. Fey ’71, Sept. 27 Robert S. Gruver ’25, June 7, 1989 Whitney D. Hardy ’58, Feb. 20 Jonathan D. Reierson ’97, Jan. 30, 2011 John M. Sommer ’53, May 18 Clark E. Spargur ’27, Sept. 1, 1984


Ohio State James S. Summers ’40, July 16

William G. Bates ’09, Sept. 7



Peter M. Boosalis ’62, June 2 C Francis G. Lampert ’53, May 18 Paul W. Olander ’53, April 28 Richard E. Powers ’55, April 26 John R. Stephens ’48, Feb. 6, 2012

James W. Canon ’47, July 26 C David J. Levine ’75, Sept. 8, 2006 Theodore R. Lindsay ’33, Dec. 21, 1991 Lyle W. Ozmun ’40, Aug. 5 C


James A. Baker, DDS ’72, Feb. 9, 2009 Robert K. Blood ’50, May 30 C Cornelius E. Breed III ’62, Aug. 7 C Joe B. Cannon ’58, Sept. 9 Lawrence G. Cannon ’56, April 29 C Harlan M. DeLozier II ’66, April 1, 2001 Robert E. Graalman ’42, Aug. 14 C

Michigan State Laurence H. Pate ’50, Oct. 6, 2012 C

Middle Tennessee State

Bruce B. Bradley ’52, April 1, 2009 Phillip D. Bryant ’61, Feb. 2, 2012 Ronald A. Caldwell ’78, March 25 Joe T. Downard ’50, Jan. 26 C J. K. McCollum Jr. ’69, July 11, 2011 George A. Menhal Jr. ’81, Sept. 22 Robert M. Suratt ’72, May 8 George C. Watts ’85, Feb. 18, 2011

BETA SWEETHEART Beta Sweetheart Anne Brown, widow of former General Secretary and Beta’s 28th Oxford Cup honoree Edward M. Brown, Miami ’31, passed away on June 18, 2013. She was 102. A member of Delta Delta Delta Fraternity at Miami University, Anne was a strong supporter of Beta’s Alpha Chapter and the General Fraternity’s Men of Principle initiative. She received a great number of serenades and pink Beta roses through the years thanks to the men of the Alpha Chapter and hundreds of Betas who participated in the Wooden Institute. She is survived by her sons, Dusty and Ernie.

Eugene Ruehlmann CINCINNATI ’48 Former Mayor of Cincinnati Eugene P. Ruehlmann, Cincinnati ’48, died on June 8, 2013. He served in the position from 1967-71, oversaw the building of Riverfront Stadium and helped bring the Cincinnati Bengals to the Queen City. During the race riots of 1967, Ruehlmann led efforts to heal the city by reaching out to African-American communities and churches. The positive impact he made on Cincinnati can still be seen today and will be felt well into the future.

Ohio Wesleyan Harry A. Ackley ’48, April 10 C John M. Bahouth ’77, May 12 C Thomas J. Dye ’49, May 3 C Earl F. Holbrook ’39, May 13 C Edward P. Myers ’60, March 1 C William Quinn Jr. ’48, March 4 C Fred K. VanArsdel Jr. ’59, May 5 C David H. Watt ’59, Nov. 1, 2009

Thomas G. Ayers Jr. ’65, Oct. 7 R B. McClelland ’57, May 19 Robert J. Smythe ’57, Feb. 21, 2012

Anne Brown

Oklahoma State

Flags indicate those who have served in the United States or Canadian armed forces.

John M. Sommer MIAMI ’53 Former District Chief, Trustee and General Treasurer John M. Sommer, Miami ’53, passed away on May 18, 2013. A longtime successful insurance executive based in Denver, Colo., Sommer boasted eight Beta relatives from four different chapters: Purdue (brother), Ohio State (fatherand brother-in-law), Idaho (son) and Miami (son and two cousins). His beloved uncle Otho E. Lane, Miami 1901, served as a personal mentor and even paid for John’s education at Miami University. John was inducted into the Alpha Chapter Hall of Fame in 2011. He is survived by his wife, Sue, and two Beta sons, David and Paul.



Tennessee Tech

Weber State

Kenneth J. Howard ’58, Sept. 30 David T. McKibben ’41, April 3

Michael K. Murphy ’06, June 5

Theodore N. Mohr ’88, April 26 C



Robert O. Dowlen ’51, July 18, 2012 Mark M. Ferguson ’84, July 7 Allen F. Mays ’50, Jan. 25, 2009 Robert L. McBroom Sr. ’51, July 17

Texas A&M-CC

Benjamin D. Day ’58, July 13 Herbert L. Jamison Jr. ’46, Dec. 2, 2011 Douglas S. Kendall ’66, July 23, 2012 James R. King ’69, Dec. 9, 2010 Albert E. Pels Jr. ’43, June 28

Michael E. Shaw ’08, Sept. 30

West Virginia


Joseph J. Gurtis ’49, July 9 C John R. Padden Jr. ’46, Oct. 17 C Howard O. Wilson ’49, May 12 C

Oregon State Joseph H. Cosby ’49, Oct. 23 C Dale R. Leisy ’50, July 1 Raymond H. Logan ’49, Sept. 27, 2011 Jack D. McPhillips ’52, March 21 C Donn Smithpeter ’56, April 4 Donald D. Thompson ’49, Aug. 1 C Dexter B. Underhill ’33, June 6, 1991

Penn State Albert J. Benning ’55, Aug. 10 C. B. Miller ’46, June 16, 2005 John L. Smith Jr. ’58, April 17 Vernon C. Ward Jr. ’32, April 12, 2001

Pennsylvania Louis W. Reps ’37, June 26

Purdue Vincent J. Cavanaugh ’27, Jan. 26, 1996 Howard T. Keiser ’32, Sept. 14, 2006 Don R. Parker ’50, July 10 C Robert G. Pitcher ’45, Nov. 15, 2012 C Robert P. Stambaugh ’42, June 10, 2011 Leslie J. Woehlke ’43, Feb. 5

Tulane Pierre J. Stouse Jr. ’48, July 15 C

UC Berkeley Brock R. Settlemier ’56, Aug. 1 C

UCLA George J. Hellyer ’60, Jan. 29, 1999 Donald S. Smith ’45, April 19

Union John R. Moore ’60, Sept. 14 C Charles F. Zub ’66, March 25


Jay C. Counts ’69, Oct. 14 Thomas P. Ligon Jr. ’62, Aug. 28 C Jeffrey Y. Smith ’67, Oct. 30

Michael V. Ayers ’79, April 15 Richard L. Cornia ’69, Aug. 15 William F. Daines ’66, July 5 W. J. Eldredge ’60, July 27 Robert N. Evans ’66, June 14 Thomas R. Harrison ’39, Aug. 12 C Robert P. Morris ’54, Oct. 6 David B. Scott ’51, Sept. 13 C Floyd R. Tanner ’60, July 16

South Dakota


Rutgers Donald E. Stevens ’53, Oct. 9 C

Sewanee John H. Wright Jr. ’54, July 9, 2010


James B. Faragher ’44, June 19, 2010 Alan F. Glover ’62, June 21 C Joseph J. Kaliszewski ’73, Sept. 10, 2010 Carol H. McCormack ’42, Feb. 15 Robert D. Mitchell ’54, Aug. 19, 2009 Robert J. Murray ’58, June 18

Southern California Richard D. Malm ’54, Oct. 7 C

Southern Illinois Peter E. Hahn ’03, Oct. 29

William L. Davis Jr. ’53, May 21 C James P. Green ’49, April 17 C

Virginia Randolph B. Cardozo ’45, July 21 C Clifford P. McKinney Jr. ’52, Dec. 14, 2012 C Robert F. Rush ’55, Sept. 19 C

Wabash R. D. Mathias Jr. ’52, Sept. 24


Ledyard P. Hale II ’43, May 11, 2012 Ronald J. Pelligra ’76, June 23 Donald E. Wilcox ’57, Oct. 13 C

Edward F. Carlberg Jr. ’45, May 15 Edward M. Hawes ’46, Sept. 18, 2012 C Brian H. Miller ’70, Sept. 28 Michael Schneider ’54, Aug. 2 C D. M. Sibold ’46, Oct. 19 C


Washington and Lee

St. Lawrence

Bill G. Burget ’57, Aug. 10 Douglas W. Greene ’61, July 1 Donald F. Hering ’57, Oct. 4 C Jack S. Parker ’39, Oct. 1 C

Stevens Walter R. Danielson Jr. ’51, Aug. 9 C Herbert L. Libbin ’55, April 21 Robert T. Pearson ’49, June 11 C

Syracuse Paul Y. McCormick ’44, April 19 C John H. Moore II ’52, July 19 C

Tennessee Gordon V. Jennings ’83, May 3, 2011


Edward R. Flint ’59, April 20 Louis L. Odette Jr. ’46, Jan. 1, 2011 Murray H. Schmitt ’52, Jan. 1, 2009


Jack C. Groner ’60, July 19 David C. Tyrrell Jr. ’62, Aug. 11 C

Washington in St. Louis Robert L. Brand ’60, Sept. 6 Charles M. Gervig ’43, April 27 C Alexander M. Haw ’52, July 31 C Charles W. Parker, MD ’50, April 23 C Paul L. Robertson Jr. ’56, Aug. 22 John S. Schubert ’49, Oct. 18, 2012 C Lloyd M. Smith ’36, June 10

Washington State Clarke F. O’Reilly ’50, Sept. 27 C Chalmer E. Swander ’32, April 27, 1992

Western Ontario R. B. MacKay ’64, May 27 Clare R. Maltby ’57, Nov. 29, 2012 William C. McMurray ’53, Aug. 1, 2011 Ronald D. Ray ’54, June 21 Kent Sinmaz ’95, Dec. 24, 2009

Western Reserve Donald A. Pensiero, MD ’53, May 4 Clifford A. Whitman ’79, July 10

Westminster Edmund H. Blum Jr. ’51, Jan. 15 C John C. Coleman ’73, Nov. 11, 2012 John C. Harris ’39, June 27 C Max M. Mason Jr. ’49, Dec. 20, 2012 C William H. Reese ’44, Sept. 1, 2007 John E. Schultz ’58, April 20 C Marvin O. Young ’51, Jan. 13 C

Whitman Rodney W. Alexander ’41, Aug. 17, 1998 Robert F. Russ ’58, May 23 Michael J. Seidelhuber ’61, Aug. 24

Wichita State Mark R. Davis ’79, June 18

Willamette Edwin C. Everts ’58, May 18 C Harley H. Hoppe ’52, May 13 Brenner M. Luthi ’49, Sept. 1, 2011 Robert A. Seamster ’52, Aug. 26 Perry R. Sloop ’50, June 22, 2001

Williams John A. Lyden Jr. ’55, Nov. 1, 2012 Alphonse L. Senecal ’28, Feb. 14, 2002

Wisconsin David M. Huibregtse ’76, Sept. 2 C Erwin J. Plesko ’51, Oct. 8 Martin A. Rammer Jr. ’56, Aug. 20 Rhett F. Sawyer ’62, June 28 Stanley D. Slagg ’53, Oct. 11 C

Wittenberg Louis A. Vogelsang ’59, March 27, 2010

Yale Richard M. Loomis ’68, Oct. 10 C

This “Mystic Shrine” listing includes Beta’s whose passing was reported to the Administrative Office between April 25 and November 1, 2013. Contact Phyllis Bowie at 800.800.BETA or phyllis. for assistance locating an obituary or to report a brother’s passing.


Photo Credit: Natalie Kontour

Throughout my life I have been blessed with mentors, men and women who entered the picture at just the right time. I was at a fork in the road, and they helped me progress in just the right direction.

The Bridge Builder An old man going a lone highway came in the evening, cold and gray, to a chasm vast, both deep and wide, through which was flowing a sullen tide.

SCOTT J. ALLEN, MINNESOTA ’95 Sometimes, I knew the benefits of these relationships immediately and other times it took a while to realize their significance. Beta Theta Pi has been a major source of these mentors. For instance, in my first years out of college, I was mentored by some modern day Beta Greats — Jonathan Brant, Miami ’75, Bob Cottrell, Miami ’54, and Steve Becker, Florida ’69. In fact, it was a book club hosted by Bob during my early days on the Oxford staff that sparked my passion and energy for what I teach, research and write about today — “The Bridge Builder” poem personified. As parents, Jessica and I spend a lot of time thinking about the future. Naturally, we want the best for our kids. We want them to associate with people and organizations that align with our values. We know when Betas live their values, great things happen. A few years back, Jess and I joined the Bridge Builder Society by including the Beta Foundation in our estate plans to help ensure young men will connect to the vision of our Founders — building authentic, lifelong relationships among men. Likewise, we are a part of the BBS because the Fraternity is on the correct path, and Beta’s results tell a convincing story. Perhaps most importantly, we joined the BBS because we are the products of a Great and Good Fraternity.

The old man crossed in the twilight dim; the swollen stream was as naught to him; but he stopped when safe on the farther side, and built a bridge to span the tide. “Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim near, “you are wasting your strength in labor here; your journey will end with the closing day, you never again will pass this way. You’ve crossed the chasm deep and wide; why build you this bridge at eventide?” The laborer lifted his old gray head, “Good friend, in the path I have come,” he said, “There followeth after me today, a youth whose feet must pass this way. This chasm which has been naught to me, to that young man may a pitfall be. He, too, must cross in the twilight dim. Good friend, I am building this bridge for him.” — Miss Will Allen Dromgoole

— Scott J. Allen, Minnesota ’95, Scott is an assistant professor of management at John Carroll University in Cleveland. He is a two-term vice president on the Fraternity’s Board of Trustees and has served as a chapter counselor and district chief. Scott lives in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, with his wife Jessica (a member of Delta Gamma at Ohio University), son Will (5), and twin daughters Kate and Emily (3).

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