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Beta Theta Pi Foundation



“Beta Theta Pi is a family descended from generations of Bridge Builders.” — Peter Van de Water, St. Lawrence ’58


To develop men of principle for a principled life.


Every member will live Beta Theta Pi’s values.

Core Values

To build lasting bonds of friendship and brotherhood, Beta calls for: Mutual Assistance Betas believe that men are mutually obligated to help others in the honorable labors and aspirations of life.

Intellectual Growth Betas are devoted to continually cultivating their minds, including high standards of academic achievement.

Trust Betas develop absolute faith and confidence in one another by being true to themselves and others.

Responsible Conduct

2 OUR PURPOSE 6 OUR IMPACT 8 10 12 14 16

Leadership Development Programs The Promises to Keep Campaign Merit Scholarship Program Named Endowment Funds DEA Grant Program

ON THE COVER / With the initiation of the fall 2012 pledge class at UMKC, the chapter experienced the first direct-legacy initiation of a Founding Father’s son. On January 20, 2013, 16 undergraduate men were initiated into the Epsilon Lambda Chapter. Founding Father Bill Wester ’90, attended the initiation and affixed his own Beta badge on his son, Christopher ’18.

18 OUR SUPPORTERS 20 22 24 26 53

John Reily Knox Club Bridge Builder Society Sons of the Dragon Club BLF and Donor Recognition Friends of Beta and Parents




Betas choose to act responsibly, weighing the consequences of their actions on themselves and those around them.

Integrity Betas preserve their character by doing what is morally right and demanding the same from their brothers.

Strategic Priorities Self-Governance Education

Recruitment Volunteers


The purpose of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation is to advance the educational mission and goals of Beta Theta Pi toward the vision of the Fraternity.

Foundation / our Purpose Thom Singer / San Diego state ’89 “One does not have to be rich to make an impact through the Beta Foundation.

Support from many Betas and friends over time

cultivate lifelong friendships

is what is funding the

leadership programs

with Betas, parents and Friends of Beta.

that are building future

solicit Betas and friends

leaders for our

for cash, stock, endowment and estate gifts.

Fraternity and our world.”­

fund leadership & educational grants

for Men of Principle programs and resources.

provide gift stewardship

by demonstrating the direct impact on Beta’s mission.

recognize Beta alumni

for personal, professional and fraternal achievements.

oversee investment strategies of the Foundation’s financial portfolio.

recruit foundation volunteers

to serve as ongoing fundraising advocates.

plan and execute capital campaigns that advance the Fraternity’s mission.

provide administrative support

to local chapters engaging in fundraising activities.

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

leadership letter / our Purpose Former General Fraternity President Peter Van de Water, St. Lawrence ’58, once described Beta Theta Pi as “a family descended from generations of bridge builders.” Given the ongoing impact made by the thousands of Betas, parents and friends in our Beta Family, we couldn’t agree more!

Beta Leadership Fund / For Today

FY13 BLF RESULTS by audience / $960,828 received


Just like in a traditional family, it’s incumbent that our Fraternity has a sound financial strategy aimed at providing for the short-term needs of today and the long-term needs of tomorrow. In this 2013 Annual Report, we pay tribute to our Beta Leadership Fund donors and other Foundation supporters who enabled us to fund the second largest educational programing grant in history. We also honor lead supporters of The Promises to Keep Capital Campaign whose stretch gifts have helped us surpass the $8 million mark in our quest to secure the $20 million necessary to advance our Men of Principle initiative.

$114 ,611

Brothers, Parents and Friends of Beta:


57 board members & staff 318 friends of beta & parents 2,230 beta alumni 2,194 Undergraduates

3 $10

Simply put, the gifts of time and treasure made each year by the members of our Beta Family make a direct impact on the lives of our young men of principle. With fiscal year 2014 upon us, we will once again call upon alumni, undergraduates, parents and Friends of Beta to do their part to ensure we carry on the tradition of developing and nurturing our next generation of bridge builders – young men who will lead our campuses, our communities, our homes, our Fraternity and our world.


On behalf of all Beta Foundation volunteers and staff, we thank you for being a member of our Beta Family, and we thank you for your role in strengthening the work of our Great and Good Fraternity.

Fraternally and in ___kai___,

the Promises to Keep Campaign / For Tomorrow $20 Million S. Wayne Kay, Virginia Tech ’73 Foundation Board Chairman

Jonathan J. Brant, Miami ’75 Foundation Director

Thomas D. Cassady, Cincinnati ’76 The Promises to Keep Campaign Co-Chairman

Robert T. Grand, Wabash ’78 The Promises to Keep Campaign Co-Chairman Beta Theta Pi Foundation


Gifts & Pledges received



our impact

Gifts to the Beta Foundation directly fund the Fraternity’s leadership development programs, cutting-edge chapter and volunteer resources and our new online Pursuit Learning Center. Principled individuals, self-governing chapters and a relevant General Fraternity are the true impact of your investment in our Men of Principle mission.

by the numbers / our impact AVerage Chapter GPA / 1998 - 2012 Beta Theta PI All fraternities

Volunteer Advisors / 2008 - 2013 3.177



2.912 2005



Average Chapter size / 1998 - 2013










Student Leadership program Graduates / 1998 - 2013 69.2

Beta Theta PI All fraternities



43.4 49.9


14,360 graduates since inception of Men of Principle



Financial Data / 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13

risk management loss rate / five year average all fraternities / 50%

Beta Theta PI / 44.8%

Beta Leadership Fund Gifts






Promises to Keep Campaign Gifts & Pledges





$4,260,543 $1,674,769

Gifts to Other Named Funds





Estate Gifts






Total Educational Dollars Granted for Programs






Educational Grants per Chapter (All Fraternity Rank)











Fundraising and Management Expenses






Total Foundation Net Assets






*Figures are unofficial until our annual audit is completed by Blue & Co. LLC.

Beta Theta Pi Foundation



LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS / OUR IMPACT The following chart summarizes participation in Foundation-sponsored leadership programs by all chapters and colonies in the 2012-13 academic year. In-person and online education is a trademark of our Fraternity which yields significant individual, chapter and organizational growth. CHAPTER/COLONY Alabama Arizona Arkansas Auburn Baylor Bethany British Columbia Cal Poly Carleton Carnegie Mellon Case Western Reserve Central Florida Central Michigan Centre Chapman Charleston Cincinnati Clemson Colgate Colorado Mines Columbia Connecticut Cornell Creighton Dayton Denison Denver DePauw East Carolina Eastern Kentucky Eastern Washington Emory Florida Florida International Furman George Washington Georgia Hanover High Point Idaho Indiana Iowa Iowa State



$500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500


$500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500






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3 7 7 4 1 5 1 7 4 2 1 2 2 2 3 4 1 1 5 1 3 1 1 2



16 10 15 11 15 15 9 9 1 1 13 17 18 22 22 23 25 10 1 21 2 10 9 16 17 1 15 3 16 11 1 11 13 16 10 10 18 5 13 12 21 8 13

John Carroll Johns Hopkins Kansas Kansas State Kentucky Kenyon Kettering A Kettering B Knox Lawrence Louisville Loyola Marymount Maine Maryland Miami Miami (Fla.) Michigan Michigan State Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Missouri-Kansas City MIT Nebraska North Carolina North Dakota Northeastern Northwestern Nova Southeastern Ohio Oklahoma Oklahoma State Oregon Pacific Penn State Pennsylvania Saint Louis San Diego San Jose State Sewanee SMU South Carolina South Dakota

18 9 n/a 6 n/a 9 8 9 6 10 18 15 16 16 16 n/a 29 11 5 11 6 16 10 16 8 11 7 15 14 17 10 9 15 19 13 10 16 2 n/a 14 14 10 15 BETA THETA PI





$500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500





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10 3 1 1 46

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3 10 1 1 6



2 4 6


22 11 11 14 63 12 13 23 1 7 16 11 9 4 11 9 16 18 21 12 13 17 2 20 23 9 12 11 9 7 22 9 10 15 11 1 12 24 8 6 13 16 21

15 12 5 16 21 4 12 22 9 14 13 12 9 11 13 10 16 13 20 10 12 16 10 19 14 9 18 12 10 1 14 9 12 n/a 19 6 11 29 12 7 16 14 12


Wooden Institute .................................................WI

Futures Quest .......................................................FQ

Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute .............UIFI

Nichols Presidents Academy ................................. PA

Greiner Leadership College ..................................LC

CHAPTER/COLONY Southern California Southern Illinois St. Lawrence Stevens TCU Tennessee Texas A&M Texas A&M-CC Texas at Arlington Toronto Truman State UC Berkeley UC Irvine UC Santa Barbara UCLA Utah Vanderbilt Villanova Virginia Virginia Tech Wabash Washington Washington & Jefferson Washington and Lee Washington in St. Louis Washington State Wesleyan West Virginia Westminster Whitman Wichita State William & Mary Wisconsin Wisconsin-Oshkosh Wittenberg WPI TOTAL


Keystone Regional Leadership Conference .......... KC

Men of Principle Scholarship.............................MPS



$500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500


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$500 $500




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$500 $500

$500 $500


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1 44




13 9 7 6 21 10 14 10 18 1 24 7 2 10 15 22 9 1 1 5 9 19 2 1 5 18 1 1 25 4 17 2 12 10 9 5


16 9 5 13 13 11 10 9 12 7 18 10 11 9 19 13 11 6 10 14 19 28 7 9 21 11 2 10 12 5 12 11 10 14 11 n/a

Beta’s newest cutting-edge development program, the Pursuit Learning Center, was officially launched at the 174th General Convention. Pursuit is a multi-faceted online platform for all undergraduates, alumni and volunteers. Modules on Beta history and lore, customizable resources for chapter operations and best practices for advisory teams and house corporations are just a few of the ways Pursuit is revolutionizing how Betas and friends engage and interact across the globe.

Start your experience at BETATHETAPI.ORG/BTPPURSUIT


r - Denotes one of the 32 chapters that could not attend Keystone due to inclement weather (roughly 256 students). ORANGE - Denotes chapters that received the Charles Henry Hardin Leadership Development Award at the 174th General Convention. BETA THETA PI FOUNDATION



THE PROMISES TO KEEP CAMPAIGN / OUR IMPACT The Promises to Keep Campaign is a $20 million effort aimed at fully implementing Beta’s strategic plan and advancing the work of the Men of Principle initiative across North America. With lead gifts and pledges from 112 donors totaling more than $8 million, Betas and friends are enthusiastically fulfilling the promises necessary to shape and secure Beta’s future.

GOAL / $20,000,000


Expand student participation in awardwinning Men of Principle programs.

Funding need: $13.4 million

GIFTS & PLEDGES RECEIVED / $8,041,543 (40.2% as of August 3, 2013)

Cutting-edge leadership development programing has been the bread and butter of Beta’s Men of Principle renaissance. Despite the increase in support for the Beta Leadership Fund the last five years, the Foundation’s available resources cannot keep pace with the undergraduate demand for our awardwinning programs.


Launch new online engagement platform for all undergraduates, advisors and Beta volunteers.

Funding need: $3.7 million Although face-to-face programing is highly effective, the World Wide Web presents a unique opportunity to train executive officers and volunteers, discuss best practices for chapter operations and teach Beta lore and heritage without distance constraints.



A fourth session of the Wooden Institute was added in 2013, and a fifth session will be added in 2014.

The Pursuit Learning Center was launched at the 174th General Convention, including 65 learning modules and 54 downloadable resources.

The number of UIFI scholarships increased from 24 to 44 in 2013, and 70 scholarships will be offered in 2014. The student cost to attend the Greiner Leadership College was lowered from $525 to $199, which allowed 285 students to attend in 2013 and 800+ are expected to attend in 2014. A record 113 presidents attended the Nichols Presidents Academy in 2013, and all chapter and colony presidents can attend in 2014. *Additional Campaign funding must be secured to maintain and increase programing levels beyond 2014.




12 Pursuit learning modules per month are being created and launched, resulting in 120 new modules by the end of FY14. Thousands of Betas and friends will begin their Pursuit experience in FY14 exploring topics such as Beta history, advisor orientation, officer training, alumni networking and living Beta’s core values. * Additional Campaign funding must be secured to maintain and grow the Pursuit Learning Center beyond 2014.

“Represented symbolically by the diamond in the badge, Beta undergraduates need the cutting of education and the polishing of experience. These, too, are our promises to keep.”


Build a state of the art learning laboratory and historical preservation center within the Administrative Office in Oxford, Ohio.

Funding need: $2.9 million

1. $1,000,000

Promise I Lead Gift in Support of Men of Principle Programing Growth Stephen Bechtel Jr. Colorado/Purdue ’46

2. $1,000,000



Promise I Lead Gift in Support of Leadership Development Jim Collins, UCLA ’50


3. $1,000,000

Beta’s Administrative Office is one of the most breathtaking headquarters in the interfraternal world. However, the 2,000+ annual visitors for museum tours, leadership programs, chapter retreats and pledge class initiations require the Fraternity to upgrade her home to meet today’s standards.

Promise I Lead Gift in Support of the Men of Principle initiative Anonymous


PROMISE III IMPACT UPDATE*  Renovations for a state-of-the-art learning center are underway, transforming the lower level of the Administrative Office.

4. $500,000

A high-density archiving system has been installed to preserve Beta’s irreplaceable historic artifacts and documents.

Tom Hook, Miami ’81

Promise III Lead Gift Supporter

The property exterior is being refreshed with new landscaping, efficient heating and cooling systems and a new building roof.

5. $325,000

Promise III Lead Gift Supporter

*Additional Campaign funding must be secured to complete the museum upgrade and archives preservation initiative.

Joanne and Harold Hook, Missouri ’53




HAVE QUESTIONS? Jonathan Brant, Miami ’75 Foundation Director jonathan.brant@betathetapi.org Matt Brawner, Truman State ’07 Director of Advancement matt.brawner@betathetapi.org Phil Fernandez, Miami ’06 Director of Advancement phil.fernandez@betathetapi.org

Merit Scholarship Program / our impact Exemplifying Beta’s Devotion to the Cultivation of the Intellect In fiscal year 2013, the Merit Scholarship Program provided 69 scholarships totaling $83,875 to Betas and sons and daughters of Betas pursuing their undergraduate or graduate school degrees. The online scholarship application is available in early February and the deadline for submission is April 1. For more information about next year’s Merit Scholarship opportunities, visit www.betathetapi.org. merit scholarship AWARDS / 2005 - 2013 69 Scholarships $83,875

$90,000 $85,000 $80,000 $75,000 $70,000 $65,000 $60,000 $55,000

58 Scholarships $58,900


Founders Scholarships / The top eight Founders Scholarships are endowed by an estate gift of Robert C. Lafferty, Ohio Wesleyan ’28. $2,100 John Reily Knox Memorial Scholarship

$2,100 Samuel Taylor Marshall Memorial Scholarship

$2,100 David Linton Memorial Scholarship

$2,100 James George Smith Memorial Scholarship

$2,100 Charles Henry Hardin Memorial Scholarship

Kyle J. Gundrum Cincinnati ’14

Paul M.C. Eldred Willamette ’10

John R. Hubbard Northeastern ’14

Matthew R. Mueller Truman State ’14

James W. Silay Case Western Reserve ’14

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

$2,100 John Holt Duncan Memorial Scholarship

Raymond L. Hyder Kettering A ’15

$2,100 Michael Clarkson Ryan Memorial Scholarship

$2,100 Thomas Boston Gordon Memorial Scholarship

Grant J. Kovich Penn State ’14

Charles J. Otten South Carolina ’13

Merit Scholarship Recipients $1,950 Edward M. Brown Oxford Cup Scholarship Brian M. McGowan, Miami ’14 $1,900 Bertram W. Bennett Memorial Scholarship Justin P. Warren, SMU ’10 $1,875 Frederick S. Bucholz Scholarship Jonathan A. Miles, Iowa State ’14 $1,675

Ben C. Rich Memorial Scholarship Adam Porter-Price, Connecticut ’06

$1,625 Horace G. Lozier Memorial Scholarship Chase M. Colvin, Oklahoma State ’14 $1,425 Todd Elias Memorial Scholarship Grant A. Fehr, Nebraska ’14 $1,425 Steven Craig Merrill Memorial Scholarship Alan D. Safferson, Virginia ’13 $1,325

Thad Byrne Memorial Scholarship John H. Crimmins, Kettering B ’13


Carolin Previdi of Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Scholarship Megan A. Rhodes, daughter of Guy B. Rhodes Jr., Virginia Tech ’81

$1,325 John J. and Elizabeth Rhodes Scholarship Cory D. Horton, Kansas State ’15 Ryan L. Zwick, Kansas State ’15 $1,325 Fred A. Seaton Memorial Scholarship Alex S. Malecki, Kansas State ’15 Kyle J. Rieger, Kansas State ’16 $1,300 $1,250

W. H. (Bert) Bates Oxford Cup Scholarship Anthony M. Huffman, Centre ’14 Cleveland Alumni Association Scholarship Joel M. Baker, John Carroll ’14 Ken M. Clar, John Carroll ’14 Brian G. Lewis, Dayton ’14

$1,250 Otho E. Lane Memorial Scholarship Ryan M. Muzzarelli, Miami ’15


William C. Scheetz Memorial Scholarship Nathan J. Ewoldt, South Carolina ’14 Benjamin T. Landry, St. Lawrence ’14


James P. Kirkgasser Memorial Scholarship Michael D. Raspuzzi Jr., Cornell ’16


John R. Simpson Memorial Scholarship Hector D. Bird, Saint Louis ’06 Nicholas W. Eaton, Miami ’15 Andrew N. Grinstein, Miami ’14 Chase B. Heilbronn, Miami ’14 Jeffrey R. Hirsh, Washington in St. Louis ’14 Frank M. Schultz, Miami ’13 Jason D. Stone, Miami ’14


Ronald, Randall and Roger Helman Scholarship Adam J. Whitt, Central Michigan ’14


Carl A. Kroch Oxford Cup Memorial Scholarship Peter S. Massie, Toronto ’11


William W. Dawson Memorial Scholarship Sean P. Maloney, Northeastern ’12 Eric P. Roberson, San Diego ’10


Burton L. Gerber Scholarship Henry J. Noonan II, Florida International ’14


L. Robert Clough Memorial Scholarship Derek A. Duerst, South Dakota ’15


James L. Gavin Memorial Scholarship Blake L. Bender, Saint Louis ’14 Trevor L. Collinsworth, Louisville ’14 Samuel C. Jones, North Carolina ’14


George L. and June L. Herpel Memorial Scholarship Rahul K. Batra, Nebraska ’13 Daniel A. Brougham, St. Louis ’13 Anthony J. Kanelidis, Miami (Fla.) ’13 William J. Magenheimer, Miami (Fla.) ’13 Minh-Tri H. Nguyen, Case Western Reserve ’11


Seth R. and Corinne H. Brooks Memorial Scholarship Daria M. Ehrenberg, daughter of Eric R. Fernando, Lehigh ’90 Joel A. Kraft, son of Alan K. Kraft, Kansas State ’84


Douglas W. Hill Jr. Scholarship Jeremy A. T. Day, San Diego ’11 Alexander Haddad, Michigan State ’15 Andrew W. Ricchini, High Point ’14


Oscar Chapman Memorial Scholarship Eric C. Bruynseels, DePauw ’15


Thomas D. and Karen H. Cassady Scholarship Joshua L. Krispin, Cincinnati ’14


John A. Hill Memorial Scholarship Max A. Spiro, Denver ’15


Edith Cantor Morrison Memorial Scholarship Sean P. Browning, Idaho ’13


E. William Palmer Memorial Scholarship Adam W. Cable, Central Michigan ’15


Gupton A. Vogt Oxford Cup Memorial Scholarship Andrew M. Jones, Kentucky ’14

Beta Theta Pi Foundation




Col. Richard R. (Misty) and Sally Shoop Scholarship Justin T. Lyons, Charleston ’14


Michael W. Toennis Scholarship Sean W. Kelton, Northwestern ’15


Delta Tau Scholarship Zachary M. Friske, SMU ’14


Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. Oxford Cup Scholarship Geoffrey H. Rosen, Emory ’14


Hugh E. Stephenson Jr. Oxford Cup Scholarship Andrew J. Upton, TCU ’15


H. H. Stephenson Jr. Oxford Cup Scholarship Austin T. Marple, TCU ’14


Adam S. Burford Memorial Scholarship Jeffrey N. Gutierrez, Florida International ’14


Shelby L. Molter Music Education Scholarship Matthew R. Porter, Case Western Reserve ’14

Chris millett / Louisville ’13

“The Beta family is a far-reaching entity that comes with a commitment to (and joy of) assisting

others throughout life. The Beta Leadership

Brother Millett at the grave of Founder Thomas Boston Gordon, Miami 1840, of ever honored memory

Fund played a critical role in helping me attend the Wooden Institute and Keystone, while also providing me with a Merit Scholarship for tuition. These tangible gifts aided in my growth as a man and as a leader, and I feel the urge to

do my part to make many more undergraduate experiences as rich as mine.” ­

Named Endowment Funds / our impact Named endowment funds are gifts from Betas, sweethearts and friends that allow the Beta Foundation to impact today’s – and tomorrow’s – generation of young Beta leaders. These funds are subject to the Foundation Board’s 4% annual distribution policy (based on the 12-quarter fund average.) This policy ensures generous distributions from each fund annually, while also emphasizing compounding growth for the future. Foundation and Administrative Office Property Funds Brennan Hall Fund Harold S. Hook Heritage Fund

Leadership Development Funds Abbey Leadership Fund Edward B. Appelquest Memorial Leadership Fund Robert E. and Virginia Bartnett Leadership Fund Robert S. Beall Leadership Fund C. Huston Bell Leadership Fund Kyle L. Bennett Memorial Leadership Fund Robert A. Bennett Memorial Leadership Fund Beta Nu Endowment Fund Beta Pi Memorial Leadership Fund Brant Brothers Leadership Fund L. Robert Clough Memorial Leadership Fund Minnie and Gordon Cobb Leadership Fund Robert L. Cottrell Oxford Cup Leadership Fund C. W. (Buddy) Croft Memorial Leadership Fund Delta ’56 Traveling Betas Memorial Leadership Fund Delta Bridge Builder Fund Delta Gamma Leadership Fund Delta Omega Leadership Fund Delta Xi Alumni Leadership Fund Nathan J. and Sara Deno Leadership Fund Michael J. and Glenda Dubes Leadership Fund Eta Beta Endowment Fund Ralph N. Fey Memorial Leadership Fund Gamma Omega Memorial Leadership Fund

Casey and Remy Gomes Leadership Fund William F. and Helen Hahn Leadership Fund W. Martin and Valerie Haskell Experiential Leadership Fund MacGregor H. Hill II Leadership Fund Amb. Glen A. Holden Leadership Fund Judson A. and Kara Horras Leadership Fund Michael D. and Mary Kokkinen Leadership Fund Legends Leadership Fund Thomas A. Lipton Leadership Fund Bill and Marsha Manning Leadership Fund Thomas H. McCasland Jr. Leadership Fund Rolland S. McGinnis Leadership Fund James A. McMullen III Memorial Leadership Fund Michigan Leadership Fund Peter A. and John W. Morse Leadership Fund Thomas C. Olver Leadership Fund Russell E. Palmer Leadership Fund Parents Principle Fund William H. Ray Memorial Leadership Fund Gant and Fran Redmon Leadership Fund Edward P. Roski Jr. Leadership Fund John and Barbara Rudy Leadership Fund Gabriel A. Shapanka Leadership Fund Franz (Mac) and Donna Spear Leadership Fund John H. and Leslie Stebbins Leadership Fund H. H. Stephenson Jr. Leadership Fund Mary E. Tharp Leadership Fund Dr. Robert Tigner Leadership Fund Hal A. VonSick Memorial Leadership Fund Washington State Leadership Fund J. Lyle (Bud) Wells Leadership Fund David W. Wright Leadership Fund

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

Men of Principle Scholarship Funds Mark F. Alder Men of Principle Scholarship Fund Anderson-Groom Men of Principle Scholarship Fund Murray S. Johnson Men of Principle Scholarship Fund Eva and Lynn C. Maddox Men of Principle Scholarship Fund J. William Romero Jr. Men of Principle Scholarship Fund H. Gordon Ross Men of Principle Scholarship Fund

Personnel Chairs and Operating Funds Bowdoin Chapter BLF Endowment Fund Herschel H. and Mary Ann Bowyer Endowment Fund George R. and William B. Corlis BLF Gift Fund Stockton D. Fisher Foundation Director Fund Founders Fund Fred J. Logan Jr. Endowment Fund Charles O. McCormick III, M.D. Leadership Consultant Fund Charles O. McCormick III, M.D. Endowment Fund Warren R. Staley Volunteer Development Fund Daniel L. Westra Leadership Consultant Fund

Programmatic Funds Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. Leadership Fund Beta Upsilon Chapter Friend of Beta Faculty Fund Chicago Chapter Fund James A. Collins Leadership Development Fund Donald W. English Leadership Fund Peter F. Greiner Leadership College Fund Miller Nichols Chapter Presidents Leadership Academy Fund Hugh E. Stephenson Jr. Leadership Summit Fund John and Nellie Wooden Institute for Men of Principle Fund

Merit Scholarship Funds Visit pages 12-13 for a complete list of the Merit Scholarship Funds.

NEWLY ESTABLISHED NAMED FUNDS DELTA ’56 TRAVELING BETAS MEMORIAL LEADERSHIP FUND $10,000 gift in memory of Dr. Charles A. Gilbert, DePauw ’56, to provide leadership development sponsorships for men of the Delta Chapter. Established by: Class of ’56 DePauw Betas (Left to Right): Dr. Charles A. Gilbert, Dr. John R. Dehner, J. Richard (Dick) Emens, Dr. E. Henry (Ned) Lamkin Jr., Robert E. Kersey and Dr. Robert V. Johnson ROBERT S. BEALL LEADERSHIP FUND


$10,000 gift to provide leadership development sponsorships for undergraduates of the Gamma Phi Chapter at Oklahoma on a preferred basis. Established by: Robert Beall, Oklahoma ’79.

$10,000 gift to provide leadership development sponsorships for men of the Alpha Pi Chapter at Wisconsin on a preferred basis. Established by: Rollie McGinnis, Wisconsin ’53.



$15,000 gift to provide tuition and leadership development scholarships for undergraduates of the Eta Beta Chapter at Miami (Fla.). Established by: Miami (Fla.) Betas Navid Ajabshir ’12, Michael Calamaras ’11, Peter Darrow ’09, and other members of the Eta Beta Alumni Association.

GAMMA OMEGA MEMORIAL LEADERSHIP FUND $10,000 gift in memory of Jack W. Nunnelee, SMU ’63, and other deceased members of the Gamma Omega Chapter, to provide leadership development sponsorships for Betas at SMU on a preferred basis. Established by: John Graml, SMU ’62, along with other SMU Betas and friends.

CASEY AND REMY GOMES LEADERSHIP FUND $10,000 gift to provide leadership development sponsorships for men of the Delta Omega Chapter at Maryland on a preferred basis. Established by: Remy and Casey Gomes, Maryland ’02.

BILL AND MARSHA MANNING LEADERSHIP FUND $10,000 gift to provide leadership development sponsorships for men of the Gamma Epsilon Chapter at Kansas State on a preferred basis. Established by: Marsha and Bill Manning, Kansas State ’80.

Gifts totaling $56,491 in memory of Caroline Previdi (daughter of Jeff Previdi, Bethany ’94) to provide tuition scholarships to sons and daughters of Betas majoring in education. Established by: Betas of the Psi Chapter at Bethany College, along with friends of the Previdi family.

*BEST NEW DEVELOPMENT IDEA Presented by the North-American Interfraternity Conference Foundation


sponsored for award-winning leadership programs


QUALITY ACRES of museum, archive and program space/grounds





Betas and friends to cultivate their intellect



JOHN AND BARBARA RUDY LEADERSHIP FUND $10,000 gift in honor of the DePauw and Georgia chapters to provide leadership development sponsorships on a preferred basis to Betas from the Delta or Epsilon Epsilon Chapters. Established by: Barbara and John Rudy, DePauw ’51.



for Foundation and Men of Principle activities



to chapters for recruiting campus leaders


STUDENTS, GFOS & FACULTY sponsored for leadership development and online learning

DEA grant program / our impact Enhancing the Academic Culture of Beta’s Living Environments The Designated Educational Area Grant Program allows alumni to make gifts to the Beta Foundation that are earmarked for funding chapter house educational areas or projects. Once a DEA Grant application is approved by the Foundation Board, the funds can be used to fully or partially subsidize educational projects such as libraries, study rooms, computer rooms, computer equipment and Internet.

University of Florida “The DEA Grant Program was critical to our $1.5 million chapter house renovation project because it allowed alumni to make tax-deductible gifts to the Beta Foundation that could be used to fund educational areas such as our new chapter house library. We now have a safe and comfortable home conducive to academic and extra-curricular activities essential for developing the young leaders of Gamma Xi.” ­­ — Brian Brasington, Florida ’92, House Corporation President

University of Nebraska “The DEA Grant Program was an important part of our $3 million chapter house renovations, which included the upgrade of study rooms and educational equipment. Thanks to the leadership of Financial Advisor Drew Stange, Nebraska ’83, our undergraduates and alumni have a newly renovated chapter house ready for our 125th chapter anniversary and rededication in November.” — Mark Antonson, Nebraska ’06

Chapters Currently Utilizing the DEA Grant Program British Columbia


Oklahoma State




Colorado Mines


Penn State


Michigan State














Iowa State



University of Oregon “The Beta Rho Alumni Association, under the leadership of Brandt Bunting and Barclay Grayson, utilized the DEA Grant Program as part of our multi-year improvement project for our 90-year-old chapter house. The program allowed us to allocate other precious house corporation funds to upgrade non-educational projects like bathrooms and the boiler system, which has improved the live-in experience for our undergraduates at Oregon.” — Bill Schaub, Oregon ’73, House Corporation President

For more information on the DEA Grant Program visit betathetapi.org or contact a member of the Foundation staff. Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

An industry comparison / our impact The Foundation Board and staff monitors its fundraising and spending performance relative to non-profit industry benchmarks. We hope these benchmark results show our commitment to raising and granting your charitable dollars efficiently and in a manner that directly impacts young men of principle across North America. Program Expenses / Total Expenses The Higher the Better

Program services ratio / 2008 - 2012 0.91

100% 85%



0.85 0.65

Beta Foundation





All Fraternity Average

0.82 0.65

non-profit benchmark

Art Taylor





0.53 2009

0.52 2010

0.50 2011

President & CEO, BBB Wise Giving Alliance


Jacob Harold President & CEO, Guidestar


Ken Berger

Fundraising Expenses / Gifts Received The Lower the Better

President & CEO, Charity Navigator

Fundraising efficiency ratio / 2008 - 2012 0.35

40% 30%






0.33 0.26









20% 10%

0.15 0.04




“When you are making your charitable giving decisions, please consider the whole picture. The people and communities served by charities don’t need low overhead, they need high performance.”

All data shown is provided by an independent partner of the North-American Interfraternity Conference Foundation using public non-profit tax returns (IRS 990).

Beta Theta Pi Foundation



our supporters

From Beta alumni and undergraduates, to Friends of Beta and parents, the Beta Foundation is incredibly grateful to our family of loyal supporters. Giving annually to the Beta Leadership Fund, making a stretch gift to the Promises to Keep Campaign, leaving a legacy with an estate gift and establishing a named endowment fund, are just a few ways Betas and friends are developing men of principle for a principled life.

Snapshot / our supporters

Leaving a Legacy for Those Who Follow

john reily knox club

the premiere annual giving club of the Beta leadership fund

Named endowment funds

the Promises to keep Campaign

sons of the dragon club

DEA Grant Program

Bridge builder society

leave your mark ...for the kai

advancing the men of principle initiative

Beta leadership fund

Developing men of principle for a principled life

fy13 contribution breakdown / $4,680,929 received Beta Leadership FUND $960,828

1% 8%


PRomises to Keep Campaign (Excludes Pledges) $2,005,389 Chapter Funds $59,330


Dea grant funds $1,241,333



Dr. Tom PUrinton / Kansas state ’63 “The Beta Family consists of undergraduates, alumni, parents and friends who embrace and support the mission, vision, and core values of the Fraternity. The young men in the Beta Family

deserve our support in their endeavor to live principled lives, as our countries and world cry out for the types of leaders we are shaping. This is

why I continue to support the Beta Foundation each year.” Dr. Purinton with students at the Wooden Institute.

Foundation endowment $41,148 named endowment funds $372,333

Beta Theta Pi Foundation



developing men of principle forever

enhancing the academic culture of beta’s living environments

John Reily Knox Club / our supporters The Premier Annual Giving Club of the Beta Leadership Fund The John Reily Knox Club honors Betas and Friends of Beta who provide annual gifts of $1,500 or more. All members of the John Reily Knox Club are invited to a special recognition dinner at the Beta Convention annually.

DePauw Michael J. Best ’79 J. Richard Emens ’56 L. Penfield Faber ’52 Robert R. Frederick ’48 Robert E. Kersey ’57 Eugene H. Lamkin ’56 Walter W. Sampson Jr. ’58 Steven L. Trulaske ’79 Clark L. Wagner ’54

East Carolina D. Kirk Little ’82

Eastern Kentucky

JRK Club members Matt Paynter, Florida ’00, Phil Fernandez, Miami ’06, and Bill Lowry, Kenyon ’56.

Arizona Timothy L. White ’69

Baylor Michael T. Hillman ’02

Beloit Stephen J. Goldman ’64 Bethany O. J. Alpizar ’75 Neil Christman ’55 Robert D. Mackenzie ’77 Paul L. Raub Jr. ’41 David A. Scarfpin ’91 David M. Zarnoch ’70 Carnegie Mellon Edward J. Dawson ’66

Case Western Reserve James W. Kewley ’66 Frank N. Linsalata ’63

Centre Jerry M. Blesch ’60 Cincinnati David A. Beckner ’50 Elroy E. Bourgraf ’54 Jack E. Brown ’67 Thomas D. Cassady ’76 Daniel H. Farmer ’75 John B. Goering ’56 H. Kent Mergler ’63 Gregory P. Ott ’89 Jeremy N. Rogers ’00 Steven A. Wilson ’66

Colgate Bruce S. Fein ’84 Colorado Stephen D. Bechtel Jr. ’46 Donald F. Gardner ’51

Colorado Mines Marshall C. Crouch III ’67 Richard B. Egen ’60 Columbia Eric M. Javits ’52 Martin I. Lewison ’88

Denison Don P. Brown ’58 Richard G. Lugar ’54

L. Martin Cobb ’96 Donald J. Perry ’86 Emory James E. Delaney Jr. ’68 John H. Stebbins ’92 Florida Stephen B. Becker ’69 John L. Gatz ’54 Matthew S. Paynter ’00 Michael J. Thompson ’90 Frederick William Wagner ’55 John I. Williams Jr. ’79 Michael H. Williams ’75 Florida International Glenn Shapanka ’11 Furman Michael A. McPhee ’10


Iowa State


James W. Asaph ’58 Clifton C. Bowyer ’84 Brian T. Duffy ’87 Frederick J. Hahn III ’86 Michael R. Hamby ’85 Ralph M. Hartwell ’54 Jeffrey S. Johnson ’87 Michael J. Killien ’60 William M. Lodge ’53 James C. Okeson ’62 Arthur F. Oppenheimer ’68 Douglas F. Oppenheimer ’74 Lawrence C. Parberry ’61 Wellington C. Pierce Jr. ’53 Frank A. Shrontz ’53 Ronald L. Siple ’55 William H. Stoneman III ’66 Illinois David E. Brown ’49 Leslie A. Meier ’82 Gant Redmon ’59 Indiana Fredrick J. Logan Jr. ’74 Charles O. McCormick III ’72

Michael J. Dubes ’66 Judson A. Horras ’97 Earl E. Maxwell ’49 Ronald G. Sande ’64 Robert A. Wiley ’87 Kansas Larry D. Horner ’56

Robert J. Schaupp ’51 Kristofer K. Swanson ’87 Lehigh William F. Hahn ’49 John N. Roper Jr. ’34 Maine Thomas E. Hart ’79 Maryland Casey A. Gomes ’02 Mark F. Slaney ’92 Miami Mark F. Alder ’76 William F. Alderman ’67 John D. Backe ’54 J. Benjamin Beshear ’01 Patrick J. Blake ’86 Jonathan J. Brant ’75 Daniel C. Brower ’52 Craig L. Cimoroni ’92 John R. Deyo ’69 Philip S. Fernandez ’06 Scott C. Fessenden ’74 John M. Groom ’58 Zachary T. Haines ’05 James W. Haywood ’74

Kansas State Christopher G. Althoff ’00 Randall D. Groves ’78 H. Philip Howe ’54 R. William Manning ’80 Bill L. Nicholson ’60 P. Thomas Purinton ’63 Jeffrey S. Rundle ’03 Warren R. Staley ’65 Kentucky H. Neil Greene III ’90

Kenyon William E. Lowry Jr. ’56

Knox Gerald E. Gill ’53

JOhn reily knox club members / $1,500+ annual giving 306

General Fraternity Rolls Richard L. Eickhoff ’02 Joel A. Huxley ’06

Georgia Tech


Lynn C. Maddox ’64 John E. McDaniel Jr. ’42 David M. McKenney ’60

GMI-EMI Richard M. Caras ’78 Louis A. Corsiglia ’67 Hanover Randal J. Master ’82 Houston Troy A. Kyle ’00

Beta Theta Pi


190 135 Annual Report 2013


150 2010




Ronald P. Helman ’55 Thomas W. Hook ’81 Boland T. Jones ’82 Steven W. Martineau ’66 James R. McClanahan ’60 Jeffrey N. Newton ’77 Mitchell P. Rales ’78 Thomas W. Smith ’50 Gregory P. Tantum ’74 Robert D. Wertz ’61 Michigan Donald G. DiPaolo ’78 Karl J. Edelmann ’86 Robert L. Wesorick ’92

Michigan State Russell E. Palmer ’56 Dan P. Reason ’57 Carl A. Swanson ’51 Minnesota Gordon L. Abel ’97 Scott J. Allen ’95 Dustin L. Anderson ’05 Charles G. Cunningham ’49 Nathan J. Deno ’01 Michael D. Kokkinen ’00 Missouri W.H. (Bert) Bates ’49 Harry M. Cornell Jr. ’50 Robert N. Healy ’64 Harold S. Hook ’53 Richard G. Miller ’70 Henry W. Robertson Jr. ’51 David R. Spence ’80 MIT Raymond F. Brunsberg ’86 Kendall R. Bryan ’88 John R. Chisholm ’84 Michael G. Feinstein ’82 Christian D. Hamer ’94 David H. Koch ’62 William I. Koch ’62 David A. Krall ’82 Robert L. Labarre ’83 Alan L. Laves ’82 Frank J. Leibly III ’93 Herman L. Marshall ’78 Eric L. Raefsky ’76

L. David Samuel ’94 Robert J. Struble ’85 Lei H. Tung ’86 Frederick W. Weitz ’51 Nebraska Rick W. Fuchs ’03 Jeremy S. Johnson ’99 Andrew S. Mattox ’00 Harlan H. Wiederspan ’54

North Dakota

Glen A. Holden ’51 James R. Mackey ’62 Harlan K. Mickey ’53 Douglas S. Taylor ’62

Oregon State Jack R. Borsting ’51

Penn State Donald G. Abbey ’70

Pennsylvania Jeffrey Lieberman ’96

Christopher M. Leevers ’94 Northwestern John M. Mutz ’57 Gary H. Rusk ’65 Justin M. Rutherford ’00 James T. West ’48 Ohio Richard H. Brown ’65 David S. Kellermyer ’65 Michael P. Kress ’65 Jeffrey J. O’Hara ’69 Glenn C. Randall ’59 Richard A. Sabol ’77 Gerald B. Smith ’50 Thomas E. Thon ’78 Garry L. Weigand ’65 Ohio State David L. Brennan ’53 Kenneth K. Feinthel ’55 Henry M. O’Neill Jr. ’57 David W. Wright ’67 Ohio Wesleyan Eric J. Eickhoff ’00 Oklahoma Fallis A. Beall ’55 Robert S. Beall ’79 Robert R. Felton ’85 Thomas H. McCasland Jr. ’56 Don A. Smith ’58

Puget Sound

Oklahoma State

Texas Tech

Joe L. Greenhaw ’83 Oregon Joseph A. Arenz ’93 Morris A. Arntson Jr. ’59 Henry E. Baldridge ’30 Arthur C. Carmichael Jr. ’62 Gene L. Estes ’59

Donald L. Curtis Jr. ’90 Purdue Wilson R. Isert ’35 Paul S. Petticrew Sr. ’76 Rutgers George D. Fosdick ’63 Kenneth J. Grispin ’70 SMU Charles L. Cabe ’65 Jeffrey P. Greiner ’80 David W. Light III ’65

South Dakota Dan H. Kirkham ’58 Michael W. Loehrer ’68 Jerry R. Morrissey ’57 Peter W. Wagner ’62

South Florida David E. Schmidt ’92

Southern California Thomas H. Claypool ’72

Southern Illinois Ryan E. King ’01 Stevens John J. Lipinski ’72 Syracuse Robert F. Hanley Jr. ’83 Texas Mac N. Churchill ’72 R. Dean Stalcup ’71

Truman State Matthew J. Brawner ’07 Jason P. Waggoner ’04

UC Berkeley Anthony T. Ellis ’51

West Virginia

UCLA James A. Collins ’50 Raymond E. Hammeras ’49 UNLV J. William Romero Jr. ’95 Utah James B. Anderson ’84 Sean W. Brophy ’90 Christopher M. Conabee ’88 Spencer F. Eccles Sr. ’56 John H. Firmage Jr. ’55 John H. Firmage III ’82 Gerald S. Howells Sr. ’62 Kurt B. Larsen ’88 E. Marc Mariani ’77 Anthony W. Middleton Jr. ’61 Robert W. Raybould ’59 Lon R. Richardson Jr. ’55 David B. Scott ’51 W. Edward Stringham ’85 John E. Warnock ’62 Benjamin T. Wilson ’87 James R. Wood ’62 Villanova Michael R. Okenquist ’94 Stephen C. Smith ’99

Charles K. Kane ’52

Western Reserve Walter E. Kalberer ’55

Westminster Louis K. Beasley Jr. ’65 William G. Buckner ’56 Whitman Lawrence B. Stone ’77

Wichita State James E. Driscoll ’62

Willamette Mark A. Beasley ’71 R. Ethan Braden ’02 Douglas G. Houser ’57

William & Mary MacGregor H. Hill II ’04


Beta Organizations Alpha Chapter Alpha Upsilon Chapter Beta Theta Pi Foundation of Canada Eta Beta Alumni Association Gamma Xi Chapter Friends of Beta Daniel & Barbara Andrews Jean E. Axline Brennan Family Foundation Anne A. Brown Nancy Cain Evelyn & Mike Donatelli Van H. Ellis GE Foundation Dr. Elizabeth Griego Edward Kirklin

Rolland S. McGinnis ’53

Peter Wagner / south Dakota ’62 “It was an honor for my wife, Connie, and me to join the John Reily Knox Club this year. We especially enjoyed using our gift as

Virginia Tech S. Wayne Kay ’73 Daniel L. Westra ’76 Wabash David A. Bego ’75 James A. Carroll ’65 Robert T. Grand ’78 Thomas D. Milligan ’57 Washington Peter J. Brix ’58 George B. Kauffman ’63 Thomas H. Nielsen ’52 Blake W. Nordstrom ’82 Bruce A. Nordstrom ’55 John R. Woodworth ’47

Washington & Jefferson Raymond S. Tomassene ’83

Washington in St. Louis Tristan K. Sopp ’11 Wesleyan Bradley J. Vogt ’87

Beta Theta Pi Foundation


Sue Kraft Fussell Lumina Foundation MacArthur Foundation Bernidene Merrill Microsoft Carolyn Nelson Nike Rose Hills Foundation Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Shelley Steven & Gwyneth Tigner David White


a challenge to the

undergraduates from

JRK Club members Peter and Connie Wagner.

Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota for the Sons of the Dragon Club. Supporting the BLF is our way of joining others in the Beta Family who are

building a bridge for our Great and Good Fraternity.”


Bridge Builder Society / our supporters Leaving a Legacy for Those who Follow The Bridge Builder Society recognizes those who have chosen to leave a legacy for the future of Beta Theta Pi through their will or estate plans. These loyal brothers and friends have followed the example set by the “old man” who builds the bridge for the young man who will follow after him. The Bridge Builder "…There followeth after me today A youth whose feet must pass this way. This chasm which has been naught to me To that young man may a pitfall be. He, too, must cross in the twilight dim. Good friend, I am building this bridge for him.” — Miss Will Allen Dromgoole

Living Members of the Bridge Builder Society Our 15 new BBS members are shown in orange.



Roderick B. Hastie ’82


Richard K. Boyd Jr. ’61 David A. Butz ’60


Bryant N. Blakeslee Jr. ’06

George D. Patrick ’62

Bruce S. Fein ’84

James M. Strilesky ’72 Alan G. Young ’70

Thomas H. Gillaugh ’46

Ball State

Randy D. Phillips ’79

Bowling Green

British Columbia Brown

Bruce M. Lloyd ’80 Russell T. White ’44

Carnegie Mellon

Thomas D. Cassady ’76 Thomas F. Cole ’60 H. Kent Mergler ’63 William L. North ’63


Dartmouth Dayton

Thomas O. Farnsworth ’09 Timothy S. Herrmann ’10


George M. Brown Jr. ’60

Kenneth K. Humphreys ’59


Thomas C. Olver ’98


Jeffery L. Cable ’82 H. Tuck Schulhof ’58 Douglass M. Vines ’68

Jerry M. Blesch ’60 B. Hume Morris ’68

Thomas U. Todd, MD ’54

Central Michigan


East Carolina

Iowa State

D. Kirk Little ’82 Adam J. Scarboro ’06

Eastern Kentucky

L. Martin Cobb ’96


Johns Hopkins

Florida State

Jeffrey B. McLain ’76 Curtiss C. Potter ’92

Kettering A

Matthew J. Lepkowski ’97

Theodore S. Haile ’75 J. Peter Labouisse ’64 Lynn C. Maddox ’64

David J. Schnackenberg ’90


Thomas N. Chapman ’71 Matthew V. Tsien ’80

Louis A. Corsiglia ’67 David J. Hogan ’74


Charles W. Warner ’87

Richard P. Ellenberger ’58 Sangkook Han ’60

David S. Lamb ’62

Hanover Idaho


Lloyd L. Kirk ’55

Kansas State

Paul R. Attwater III ’83 H. James Bartels ’43 Robert S. Hoisington ’79 R. William Manning ’80 James H. Porter ’64 P. Thomas Purinton ’63


Michigan State

Robert A. Cook ’62 Russell E. Palmer ’56


Scott J. Allen ’95 Bertram G. Leach ’52 Ryan A. Marek ’12

William H. Bates ’49 Carl E. Bolte Jr. ’51 Charles E. Brown ’61 John P. Huston Jr. ’49 Richard F. Kammerer ’80 Robert W. McKinley ’66


Michael G. Feinstein ’82


Berry Conner Jr. ’52 Leroy A. Glasner Jr. ’49 Paul R. Gudonis ’76 John M. Mutz ’57 Gary H. Rusk ’65 Justin M. Rutherford ’00 Robert W. Scholler ’48

David M. Briggs ’62 Richard H. Brown ’65 Brian D. Cain ’91 Randall V. Greig ’53 Richard E. Griffin ’65 J. Burton Mayes ’39 Jeffrey A. Radomski ’81


Morris A. Arntson ’59 William R. Crist ’68 Glen A. Holden ’51

Penn State

John S. Musser II ’50 James B. Smith ’50


William W. Watkins Jr. ’53


Howard R. Meeker Jr. ’48 Robert G. Pitcher ’45 John E. Young ’56

Rhode Island

Jeffrey M. Flanagan ’93

Eric J. Eickhoff ’00

David Lamb / Maine ’62 “Leaving a legacy through the Bridge Builder Society is my way of showing thanks for all the Fraternity has given me the past 50 years —


Beta Theta Pi


C. Nelson French ’47 Daniel J. Westerbeck Jr. ’67 David W. Wright ’67


Peter W.C. Barnhart ’66 J. Benjamin Beshear ’01 Jonathan J. Brant ’75 Robert L. Cottrell ’54 Thomas C. Fey ’68 Ronald P. Helman ’55 James T. Neef ’53 Jeffrey N. Newton ’77 JB Scherpelz ’05 Robert D. Wertz ’61

Joshua P. Fairchild ’05 Robert H. Johnson ’77 Louis M. Linxwiler Jr. ’53

Ohio State

Ohio Wesleyan

John H. Coker Jr. ’72 William J. Hemphill ’45 Christopher H. Pierce ’75 Lee B. Thompson Jr. ’54

Oklahoma State



Illinois Gant Redmon ’59 Indiana J. Philip Goddard ’67 Charles O. McCormick III ’72 Iowa Steven G. Bensema ’06 Neal J. Brower ’90 William I. Jordan ’69


Georgia Tech


R. C. Mead ’65 William E. Thompson ’65

James R. Denbo ’63 Donald G. DiPaolo ’78 Roger S. Helman ’89 William P. Johnson ’57 Joseph E. Salata Jr. ’78

William B. Lipscomb ’65

James T. McMenamin Jr. ’71

Christian S. Bauer ’66 Stephen B. Becker ’69 Edward B. Knight ’38 Gary W. Leech ’70 Matthew S. Paynter ’00



Michael J. Dubes ’66 John M. Guernsey ’52 Judson A. Horras ’97 Robert A. Wiley ’87

William R. Korth ’76 John H. Stebbins ’92 Alan C. Teplis, MD ’78



close friendships, principles for living life, and a sense of brotherhood and loyalty.” “Good friend, I am building this bridge for him.”

Annual Report 2013

Estate Gifts received in Fiscal Year 2013 Rutgers

Washington in St. Louis

Kenneth J. Grispin ’70

Saint Louis

Nicholas L. Block ’03

San Diego State

Patrick M. Hidalgo ’91


Don S. Pearce ’65

South Dakota

Ferdinand Del Pizzo Jr. ’58 Harold W. Duke Jr. ’59 Robert L. Harmon ’49 Tristan K. Sopp ’11

Washington State

Guy D. Perham ’50


John K. Easton Jr. ’58

Dan H. Kirkham ’58 John C. Thietje ’61

West Virginia

David E. Schmidt ’92

John R. Birkett ’71 Douglas M. Reid ’58

South Florida

Southern California Louis D. Gabelic ’51


G. Clif Heidel Jr. ’56


T. Hardie Bowman ’72 Michael R. Eubank ’83 Wade H. McMullen ’79 George M. Minot ’56

Texas Tech

R. Dean Stalcup ’71


Ross W. Marsh ’90 Robert B. McConnell ’79 Frederick W. Young ’54

UC Irvine

Christopher C. Ogilvie ’80


Walter A. Chenoweth ’52


Sherman A. Smith ’36 Robert E. Stagg ’67

Virginia Tech

Charles E. Comer ’75 S. Wayne Kay ’73 Daniel L. Westra ’76


James A. Carroll ’65 Robert T. Grand ’78 Samuel H. Hildebrand II ’61 Thomas A. Klingaman ’52 Ronald R. Nichols ’64


Richard E. Phenneger ’58

Thomas J. Gulliford ’68

Western Ontario Western Reserve

Thomas A. Lipton ’63

Mary & Wilson R. Isert, Purdue ’35 An engineer with ColgatePalmolive for 34 years, Wilson Isert was a contemporary of Beta legend John Wooden, Purdue ’32. Brother Isert passed away in 2007, and upon the death of his wife, Mary, at age 98, the Beta Foundation received $75,000 from the Isert Estate in May 2013, with a second distribution expected this year. $50,000 will benefit today’s undergraduates through the Beta Leadership Fund, while $25,000 (along with all future distributions) will develop men of principle through the Founders Fund endowment.

Ford R. Nelson Jr., Missouri ’64 Thanks to a $5,000 bequest to benefit the work of the Men of Principle initiative, Brother Nelson’s legacy continues. He was a longtime member of the Kansas City Beta Alumni association and served 25+ years on the House Corporation Board for the Epsilon Lambda Chapter at Missouri-Kansas City. Survived by his Beta Sweetheart Carolyn, Brother Nelson’s life epitomized The Bridge Builder poem, and his generosity will impact the development of young men for years to come. John N. (Jack) Roper Jr., Lehigh ’34 In his will, Jack Roper directed that his bequest of $2,500 (half to the BLF and half to endowment) be made in memory of his grandfather, Charles Lewis Thornburg, Vanderbilt 1881. In addition to his grandfather, Betas in his family included two brothers, three uncles and four nephews. His daughter wrote, “My father was very proud of the heritage begun by his grandfather, and he enjoyed many lifelong friendships in the Fraternity.” Brother Roper passed away in July 2012 at the age of 100.


Louis K. Beasley Jr. ’65 Michael J. Esser ’70

Wichita State

Robert M. Smith ’67 Tim J. Watt ’80


R. Ethan Braden ’02 Douglas G. Houser ’57 Jon A. Steiner ’63

William & Mary

Patrick A. Everett ’07


W. Perry Atterholt ’83 James R. Curtis ’86 William R. Meythaler ’69 Robert L. Schnese ’83

Friends of Beta

Ronald W. Beshear Helen Davis (Jeremy S. Davis, Williams ’56) Lindsey Mercer Mona Skager (E. Loren Aufdenkamp, Illinois ’48) Suzanne Sommer (John M. Sommer, Miami ’53) Dorian Beck Trauger (Walter M. Trauger, Ohio ’53) Mary Graham (John U. Graham, Purdue ’40)

Paul (Lester) Raub, Bethany ’41 Brother Raub directed his $4,000 bequest to the Caroline Previdi of Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Scholarship Fund, which provides tuition scholarships to sons/daughters of Betas majoring in education. A dedicated physician, Brother Raub left behind more than 1,000 original poems and artistic woodworks. He passed away in September 2012 at age 92, just a few months after his wife of nearly 70 years, Miriam. Raymond S. Tomassene Washington & Jefferson ’83 A longtime financial advisor for Washington & Jefferson, Ray Tomassene named the Beta Foundation as a beneficiary of two different trusts, resulting in a total unrestricted bequest of $67,148. Upon his death in September 2012, the bequest continues Brother Tomassene’s legacy by supporting men of principle through the Beta Leadership Fund and the Founders Fund.

Charles E. (Gene) Wilson Jr., Denver ’43 Gene Wilson gifted a bequest of $400 to the Beta Foundation to benefit the Denver chapter’s educational fund. His daughter recalled her dad’s many stories of his days at Alpha Zeta which inspired this bequest. Brother Wilson’s generosity will provide leadership program sponsorships to Beta undergraduates at Denver.

Estate GIFT EXPECTANCIES NUMBER CONFIRMED 196 living Bridge Builder Society members Bequests....................................................................................... 130 Life Insurance................................................................................. 46 Charitable Remainder Trusts.......................................................... 14 Charitable Gift Annuities............................................................... 10 Retirement Plans.............................................................................. 8 Living Revocable Trusts.................................................................... 2

Total..............................................................................210* *Several BBS members have made the Foundation beneficiary of multiple types of estate gifts.

Beta Theta Pi Foundation



sONS OF THE DRAGON CLUB / our supporters 2013 Chapter 2013 Club Prior 3 Yr. Participation Members Average


Leave your mark‌ The Sons of the Dragon Club is the Beta Foundation's annual giving club designed specifically for Beta undergraduates. The purpose of the Sons of the Dragon Club is to educate on the purpose, goals and activity of the Beta Foundation, and to start undergraduates on their path of annual giving to the Beta Leadership Fund.

‌for the Kai

Sons of the Dragon Club / giving History

1,033 Members $22,298


2,170 Members $43,374

1,604 Members $31,118



2,212 Members $43,845


Brothers of the Eta Zeta Chapter at Northeastern University sporting the 2013 Sons of the Dragon Club pocket T-shirts. Northeastern has reached 100% chapter participation in the Club for a record fourth year in a row.

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

Alabama Arizona Arkansas Auburn Baylor Bethany British Columbia Cal Poly Carleton Carnegie Mellon Case Western Reserve Central Florida Central Michigan Centre Chapman Charleston Cincinnati Clemson Colgate Colorado Mines Columbia Connecticut Cornell Creighton Dayton Denison Denver DePauw East Carolina Eastern Kentucky Eastern Washington Emory Florida Florida International Furman George Washington Georgia Hanover High Point Idaho Indiana Iowa

0.8% 1 16 6.7% 7 8 33.0% 29 n/a 100% 120 38 59.5% 22 5 8.0% 2 3 3.8% 3 5 25.5% 14 14 16.7% 3 16 3.7% 4 16 31.9% 15 15 91.3% 73 51 55.2% 32 26 34.8% 8 6 10.8% 9 22 41.8% 23 n/a 32.1% 25 23 2.4% 2 6 6.3% 4 0 76.2% 48 14 9.1% 4 2 43.1% 28 33 33.3% 22 19 89.5% 34 24 50.0% 27 20 14.5% 8 16 100% 51 29 20.0% 22 8 100% 41 9 2.4% 1 24 9.4% 3 8 100% 74 3 1.8% 3 3 100% 42 35 50.0% 13 14 29.3% 24 19 1.9% 2 1 46.2% 6 3 54.5% 18 n/a 38.8% 31 9 21.6% 32 9 19.6% 9 6

2013 Chapter 2013 Club Prior 3 Yr. Participation Members Average

2013 Chapter 2013 Club Prior 3 Yr. Participation Members Average

Iowa State John Carroll Johns Hopkins Kansas Kansas State Kentucky Kenyon Kettering A Kettering B Knox Lawrence Louisville Loyola Marymount Maine Maryland Miami Miami (Fla.) Michigan Michigan State Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Missouri-Kansas City MIT Nebraska North Carolina North Dakota Northeastern Northwestern Nova Southeastern Ohio Oklahoma Oklahoma State Oregon Pacific Penn State Pennsylvania Saint Louis San Diego San Jose State Sewanee SMU

South Carolina South Dakota Southern California Southern Illinois St. Lawrence Stevens TCU Tennessee Texas A&M Texas A&M-CC Texas at Arlington Toronto Truman State UC Berkeley UC Irvine UC Santa Barbara UCLA Utah Vanderbilt Villanova Virginia Virginia Tech Wabash Washington Washington & Jefferson Washington and Lee Washington in St. Louis Washington State Wesleyan West Virginia Westminster Whitman Wichita State William & Mary Wisconsin Wisconsin-Oshkosh Wittenberg WPI


38.9% 14 16 39.6% 19 22 12.7% 9 11 1.1% 1 1 3.9% 4 6 100% 98 58 20.0% 6 1 100% 15 15 71.0% 22 19 6.4% 3 8 6.4% 3 8 7.1% 4 8 8.4% 7 13 4.4% 3 13 60.5% 23 24 0.0% 0 9 26.0% 26 9 32.8% 19 24 33.3% 15 17 100% 63 25 33.3% 19 22 0.7% 1 5 10.8% 7 13 55.6% 5 2 17.7% 17 9 0.0% 0 2 100% 27 5 100% 54 47 100% 64 3 100% 31 12 27.0% 10 1 5.4% 10 9 9.2% 15 9 2.6% 2 6 100% 54 18 13.3% 10 20 1.5% 1 2 17.0% 16 16 39.0% 41 53 46.7% 14 23 0.0% 0 5 4.4% 4 40


Grand Totals

Beta Theta Pi Foundation

20.5% 25 27 44.4% 16 12 30.4% 28 18 100% 27 24 6.7% 3 7 14.0% 6 5 33.9% 37 42 100% 15 5 1.0% 1 5 20.6% 7 9 100% 28 11 9.4% 3 6 78.7% 70 37 10.0% 4 4 5.7% 2 9 10.0% 10 11 9.0% 8 11 63.3% 38 16 4.7% 4 2 5.1% 3 5 6.0% 5 35 3.2% 3 12 32.8% 20 22 6.1% 7 3 6.3% 3 6 1.6% 1 1 7.9% 7 18 10.0% 6 8 0.0% 0 1 2.6% 2 4 100% 50 8 2.0% 1 1 45.1% 23 14 4.1% 3 37 100% 22 12 37.9% 11 15 5.9% 3 6 31.3% 15 n/a






challenge a chapter with your blf gift Each year, many Betas and Friends of Beta challenge entire chapters, executive committees and chapter presidents with unique incentives or challenge gifts to encourage participation in the Sons of the Dragon Club. In 2013, nine of the 18 chapters reaching 100% participation were offered challenges. If you have a unique challenge idea for the 2014 Club, contact Director of Advancement Ryan King, Southern Illinois ’01, by phone 800.800.BETA or email ryan.king@betathetapi.org.

Best Development Effort in an Annual Campaign / Sons of the Dragon Club Presented by the North-American Interfraternity Conference Foundation

rodrigo rivera-reyes / Oklahoma ’15 “The Beta Family represents every Beta and friend making our Fraternity better, and it’s important for me to be a part of this family by giving what I can to the BLF. Staying strong Rivera-Reyes with pledge bother Isaac Wurth, Oklahoma ’16

and committed to Beta Theta Pi requires that we give and not just receive.”

BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

Beta Leadership Fund

Developing Men of Principle for a Principled Life

Annual, Lifetime and consecutive Giving The following list contains all donors (grouped alphabetically by school) who made gifts to the Beta Foundation from June 1, 2012 through May 31, 2013. Annual Giving Clubs, Lifetime Giving Societies and consecutive years giving are highlighted throughout the list using Club names and various symbols defined by the legend. Annual Gifts Received

FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13

Beta Leadership Fund $863,268 The Promises to Keep Campaign N/A Other Named Funds $1,096,211 Total Gifts Received $1,959,479 Total Donors 4,011

$938,072 N/A $2,059,719 $2,997,791 4,769

*includes pledges to The Promises to Keep Campaign

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

$1,006,468 $3,781,000* $1,430,151 $6,217,619* 5,415

$960,828 $4,260,543* $1,714,712 $6,936,083* 5,587

BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

BLF Giving Results by Chapter Number of Donors 1. Auburn........................................132 2. Miami..........................................124 3. Kentucky.......................................98 4. Minnesota......................................96 5. Emory............................................90 6. Northwestern.................................90 7. Cincinnati......................................88 8. Truman State.................................83 9. Central Florida...............................79 10. Westminster...................................78 Beta Theta Pi Foundation



Dollars Contributed 1. Miami...................................$75,422 2. Oklahoma.............................$34,850 3. Cincinnati.............................$28,932 4. Kansas State..........................$25,212 5. MIT......................................$25,107 6. Missouri................................$22,852 7. Case Western Reserve............$20,979 8. Indiana.................................$20,564 9. Willamette............................$19,409 10. Washington...........................$16,492

BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

“Giving of Self� experience at the Wooden Institute

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

David Butz / Bethany ’60 “While at Bethany College, many members of the Beta Family helped me become a leader on campus, a good citizen and a mature young adult – all of which came into play when raising a family of my own. The phrase, ‘Once

a Beta, always a Beta,’ is one I cherish, and I’m proud to give back by David Butz and family

Beta Theta Pi Foundation



supporting my local chapter’s foundation and the Beta Leadership Fund.”

BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

2013-14 Re/Colonizations Drexel University Philadelphia, Pa. jason.gangwer@betathetapi.org Florida State University Tallahassee, Fla. bradley.dewet@betathetapi.org University of Illinois Champaign, Ill. paul.winterbotham@betathetapi.org University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pa. tristan.sopp@betathetapi.org University of Puget Sound Tacoma, Wash. tom.martin@betathetapi.org Quinnipiac University Hamden, Conn. kellen.lavigne@betathetapi.org University of California, San Diego La Jolla, Calif. colin.gerker@betathetapi.org

Beta Theta Pi Foundation



BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

MICHAEL REARDON / EMORY ’11 “As an undergraduate, I was transformed through programs such as the Wooden Institute, Keystone and Presidents Academy, which taught me about life, brotherhood and being a man of principle. I GIVE TO THE BETA





BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

Undergraduates at the Wooden Institute

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

J.P. GRIEGO / DENVER ’14 “Keystone allowed me to expand on my experience at the Presidents Academy by building camaraderie and trust within our executive committee. Foundation programs like these have helped me realize THE MORE (L-R) Denver Betas Thomas McCarvel ’14, Dylan Bohlender ’14 and J.P Griego ’14, with District Chief John Groom, Miami ’58





BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

AVRAHAM BRONSTEIN / JOHNS HOPKINS ’15 “My experience at the Wooden Institute taught me how to PRACTICE

PRINCIPLED LEADERSHIP IN MY CHAPTER and gave Johns Hopkins Betas Jared Wang ’16, Avi Bronstein ’15, and Randall Seeger ’16, at the Wooden Institute




me an appreciation for the larger Beta Family.”

BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

Bob Hall / Purdue ’72 “The closest members of my Beta Family are my pledge brothers from Purdue, my biological brother and son, and fellow advisors I’ve met while working with the Indiana chapter. I support the Beta Leadership Fund because it ensures a bright future for the Men of Principle initiative and our 40th reunion for the pledge class of ’72

Beta Theta Pi Foundation



larger Beta Family.

BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

First-time donors to the BLF / FY09-FY13



1,478 1,293









8 111












Undergraduates Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

Friends of Beta


Congratulations to Beta’s newly ReChartered Chapters

Beta Theta Pi Foundation


University of Kentucky

St. Lawrence University

Epsilon Omicron Chapter Lexington, Ky.

Beta Zeta Chapter Canton, N.Y.

University of Michigan

University of Utah

Lambda Chapter Ann Arbor, Mich.

Gamma Beta Chapter Salt Lake City, Utah


BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

Brothers of the Beta Delta Chapter at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y.

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

Pax Glenn / north Carolina ’58 “As President of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Beta Club for seven years, I have come to appreciate many members of the Beta Family from across North America. I’ve also come to understand the importance of giving back through the BLF to Brother Glenn (right) with Advisory Council member Tom McCasland, Oklahoma ’56 (left), and Director of Advancement Matt Brawner, Truman State ’07 (center)

Beta Theta Pi Foundation



provide leadership for our young Betas.”

BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

Andy Hanson / pacific ’13 “Every student at a university, whether you grew up down the street or on the other side of the world, has left home. The Beta Family

(L-R): Pacific Betas Andy Hanson ’13, Eric Rangel ’13, and Dashiell Bong ’16

Beta Theta Pi Foundation



offers a comfortable environment to become the best possible version of yourself within the care of your brothers.”

BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

chris ramnarine / Toronto ’11 “Our Fraternity is the family we choose, not the one we are given. This choice is what makes our Beta Family so special. We are only successful when we realize that

Brothers of the Toronto chapter

Beta Theta Pi Foundation



the real gift of the Beta Family is what we give to it, not how much we can take from it.”

BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

Fraternity and sorority leaders from the University of Connecticut

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

Beta Theta Pi Foundation



BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

LUke PIcking / washington ’15 “Having been blessed with many opportunities provided by members of the Beta Family, giving back through the BLF allows me to promote the ideals of the Fraternity for future members of the Beta Family. (L-R) Brother Picking with Friend of Beta, Dominic Greene.

Beta Theta Pi Foundation



I have a responsibility to do my part and continue the tradition.”

BLF and Donor recognition / our supporters

Beta Theta Pi


Annual Report 2013

FRIENDS OF BETA AND PARENTS / our supporters Thanks to the leadership of Honorary Friend of Beta Chair Rachel Westra Marsh and Honorary Parent Chairs Paul and Lynne Anderson, a total of $103,403 was contributed by 318 Friend of Beta donors in fiscal year 2013. We are honored to recognize all parents, family members, widows, matching gift companies and other Friends of Beta who provide generous gifts that make our high-quality leadership programs possible. Aaron & Tammi Adair Timothy & Ann Adelman Timothy & Susanne Ahern Kamal Ahuja Mark & Bonnie Alberson Dawn Albert Glenn Alkire Gillian Allard Lorraine C. Alleman James Allen Jamie Allen John & Bennie Clark Allen Sarah Almeida Altria Group Amgen Foundation William & Kristine Amon Paul & Lynne Anderson Sandy Anderson Larry Andreini Daniel & Barbara Andrews Allain & Mary Catherine Andry Craig & Clare Angell Mick Arnett Anne Arseneau Bill Ash ATK Andrew Aubrey Rebecca Aul Aviva USA Jean E. Axline Joe & Sue Babik Nikki Babik-Slatcoff Pam Baker J. Thakur & Nisha Bakshani Neal Barnett Patrick & Jennifer Barr

Betty H. Barrett Barton Denmarsh Esteban, Inc. Traci Basden William Bayes Kenneth & Kelly Beahrs David Beatty William & Laurel Beatty S. D. Bechtel Jr. Foundation Cynthia Beck Bryan Benton Bryon Beresford Mara Berghoff Devin Berghorst Herbert Berman Ralph Berry Berwind Corporation Jorge Bezerra Dewayne Biddy Cathy Billoni Mike Blower Barbara Boger Jack Bohnet Karen Bolton Marlene Boni David & Gail Boone Michael Borello Cassandra Bosworth Bernard & Susan Bouquet Jean Bourgeois Bowers-Mitts Stephen & Colleen Bowman Kurt Bowser Doris P. Branch Brian Breittholz Brennan Family Foundation Bobby & Claudia Briell

Maria Bries Ryan & Debbie Briggs Bristol-Myers Squibb Lori Brochin Robert Brooks James & Lynn Brougham Anne A. Brown Bethany Brown Kellene Brown Shawn Brown Allyson Brunetti Amy Buch David & Virginia Buchholz Marc Buck Buckeye Local High School Tim Bugin Brently & Caroline Bullock Julie Burkhard Thomas & Cynthia Burr Tom & Georgia Burton Moira Bushell Kent & Rebecca Buss Allan Cain Nancy Cain O.D. & Mary Calhoun Sean Callan Lana Cameron Liliana Campos-Dudley Matt Caradine Annie Carlson Brian & Patty Carlson Carmax Foundation Dan Carnovale Charles & Martha Carroll Ashley Carter Andrea Cathell

Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Jay C. Catherine Shannon Cerone Scot Chambers Angelina Chen Marvin Chen Kimberly Choto Schmidt Tim Christiansen Nicole Cicozi Angela Cinefro Michael Ciocco Chad Cline Ronald & Susan Codd David Cohen Shannon Cohen Dr. Robyn & John Cole Cara Collier Leslie & Barbara Colston Gloria Colussi Daniel Corello Alexander & Virginia Cothran Karalee Coughlin Teri Cugliari Craig Cunningham Jay & Betsy Cutcliffe Chandra Daffer Katrina D’Aquin Daniel Daubenspeck

Sondra Davidson Steven L. Davis Lynne de Wet Mary Frances Deah Kathleen Lis Dean Sven DeJong Shay Dembicki CloEve Demmer Michael Dennehy Thomas DePaull Heather L. Dietz Charles & Sharon Dixon Andrea Dodasovich Evelyn & Mike Donatelli Jim & Tina Donohue Leslie K. Dorfer-Kiefaber Elizabeth Doyle Albert A. Drobka DST Systems Inc. Gary DuMontier Ashley Dye Richard & Diane Eaton Ayars Ehret Andrea Eisaman Angela Ellis Keith Ellis Keri Ellis

Van H. Ellis Mike & Sondra Ellison Anne Emmerth Joe Engel Martin & Linda Ensbury Thomas Eppy Suzanne Ervin Smothers Dianne Esbrook Henry Eshom Ted Feitt Michael Fernandez Ric Fiegel Arthur & Christine Fine Mark B. & Louesa Runge Fine Jill Flanick Gray Flynn Chris & Denise Foley John Ford Ford Motor Company Hamlet Fort Nancy Francese L.W. Franzheim Jr. Tracey Freshwater Lincoln Friends of Dick Lugar, Inc. Martin & Elizabeth Frith Leigh Frye-Prystowsky Dean Furkioti

cathy billoni / friend of Beta Ambassador “Supporting the BLF personally and as an FOB Ambassador has

strengthened my ties to the Beta Family by allowing me to share my experiences with old friends and younger Betas that I have not even met yet. Giving to the BLF is

Cathy with her husband, Rob Billoni, Florida Atlantic ’92.



truly just a means of giving back to ourselves and the future of such a great organization.”

FRIENDS OF BETA AND PARENTS / our supporters “To me, the truest example of the Beta Family is expressed through the actions of our Friends of Beta, who for years, have challenged and encouraged the leaders of our Fraternity to live with principle, integrity and relevance. I often challenge other initiated Betas (including myself) to match the level of commitment shown by our FOBs.” — Jim McClanahan, Miami ’60, 13-year facilitator of the Wooden Institute

Gabriel Group Delores & Colin Gardner Susan Garratt GE Foundation John & Linda Gerbasi Cassie Gerhardt Sharon E. Geyer David Giovanetti Nikolai Glasenapp Phil Gitomer & Teresa Maone Jason P. Gomez Kenneth Gongola Gary & Lisa Goodrich Jim & Peggy Gorham Jamie Gould Dominic Greene Jonathan Greenstein Dr. Elizabeth Griego & Family Elizabeth & Charles H. Griffith III Donald & Donna Griffith Brent Grunig John & Kristine Gudenrath Maricio & Kimberly Guerrero Scott Gundersen John & Melissa Haggerty Douglas & Teresa Hale Rebecca Hall

Anthony Hamaty Jody Handley Jordan & Kathy Hankins Peter R. Hanlon Philip & Rosemary Harcourt Harlan Laboratories, Inc. Allyson Hartley Susan Hausler George & Jean Hearne Duane & Sharon Heilbronn David & Caroline Hemphill Lynda Henderson William F. Heufelder Hewlett-Packard Company Ryan E. Hilperts Martin Hobbs Roland L. Hobbs, Sr. David & Julia Hofer Mike Hoke Ed Holden & Mary Kay Finley Timothy & Sandra Holmstrom Kenneth & Lisa Hopper Ann Huffman Byron Hughes Mandi Hulme Terry & Gale Hunt Scott Idlet

Ileana Ille Miriam Inocencio Mary V. Irwin Brad Ives Esther S. Jack Thomas & Patricia Jackson Roger Jaklin Jefferson Primary PTA Christopher Jensen Darren Johns Sun Mie Johnson Stephanie Jones Steven Joyce JP Morgan Chase Foundation Julie Kahn Christine Kanalis Henry & Esperanza Kang Vassilios Karangelen Arnold J. Karr Mandy Kaufman Susan Kay Marella Kazos Vanessa Keadle Melissa Kearney Ehret Don & Suzanne Kehlenbeck Keith Kelly Jean Kenney

Beta Theta Pi

Eli Ker Bradley & Elizabeth Ketcher KeyBank Foundation Kimberly-Clark Foundation Inc. John & Beverley Kincaid Edward Kirklin Alan & Joyce Kirkpatrick Jim & Laura Kirkpatrick Rajiv Kirpalani Stephen Klimczuk Rebecca Koenig Charles Koller Steve & Barbara Komorous Joan Konstad David Kopp Matthew & Marcia Kornau Jud Koss Nestor & Nina Kostryk Sue Kraft Fussell Kimberly Krajniak Derek Kreunen Theodore J. Kula L-3 Communications Stephen Ladd Jim & Sheryl Lager Jessica Lagrange Richard Larkin William Larson Steve Latour Linda Lawless & Paul LaStayo Lindsay Laws Erin E. Lawson Laura L. Lednik Jennifer Levering Michelle Leversee Clifford & Nalda Levy David & Natalie Levy David Liguori Elsie Listrom Bernie Liu Jean Woodson Lodge Denise Loy Lubrizol Foundation Lumina Foundation for Education Julio & Maria Lutterbach MacArthur Foundation Ginny Mahan Leanne Mahoney John & Michelle Mais Bill & Nancy Maloy


Annual Report 2013

Sheryl Markowitz James & Linda Marnich Rachel Westra Marsh Tim Marshall Andrea Martinez Frank & Kristie Martinez Susan Mathieson Ken & Kim Mathis Jayme Matkozich Malinda Matney Brian & Bilinda Matusek Brett Matzek Charles Maxim M. Jeane Maxwell Jennifer May Shelley Mazzie Susan McCaffrey Thomas McClain Ellen McCroskey McCulla Funeral Home Kraig McGee Christine McGill Shane McGoey Robert McGoogan Michael & Kimberly McGowan Neal & Jinx McGrail Paul & Catherine McGrath Melinda McIntire Cynthia McKeown Jeff & Debbie McNaul Rick & Pamela Meadows Michael & Monica Meara John Meeks Anthony Mengine

Lindsey Mercer Bernidene Merrill Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mersch Richard Metts Microsoft Ruth B. Milhorn Dana Miller Doug Miller Rebecca Miller Robert Minicus James Misner Frankie Mitropoulos Marlena Mlodzik Douglas & Joan Mock Jeannette Moninger Spencer Montgomery Debbie Moore James & Ellen Moore Leni Moore Megan Morgan Morgantown High School Amy Morris David & Lynn Morris Sue Morris Morton Family Foundation Carly Myers Joseph & Nancy Naternicola Ashley Neal Thomas & Barbara Neal Alec H. Neilly Carolyn Nelson John & Michele Nelson Rebecca Nelson Katie Nesbitt

Friend of beta blf gifts / 2009 - 2013 $103,403 $101,058 (318 donors) (379 donors) $75,502 (272 donors) $45,034 (184 donors)


$64,363 (249 donors)





Franchesca Nestor Donald A. Neubert New York Life Insurance Nike Jenna Noah Northwestern Mutual Foundation Mark & Theresa Norton NV Center General Business James & Gayle O’Book Darren O’Conor Lindsay Oesch Gerald & Pamela Offsay Chris Olexia Kelly C. Opipari Jessica Ortner Justin Osborne Timothy & Aleida O’Toole William & Kim Otte Thomas & Tammy Owens Luis Paez Mark Paladino Amy Palmer Linda Pankoff Jason Paparo Ginger Parker Edward & Mona Pastilong Mary Lou Paullin Rich Paulson Phil & Marcia Pease Sara Pelosi Lindy & Bill Penny Shaye Pentino Pepsico Foundation Donna Perkins-Hicks Philip & Beth Petti James Phelan Adrienne Phelps Mary Phillips Phillips 66 Phoenix Companies Darren Pierre Kathy Plummer Paul & Cindy Pollock Umiko Post John & Patricia Poth Lori Prats Jason Prigg Progress Energy Billy & Kimberly Pruett PSEG Foundation

Kevin & Lisa Pugh Quad Graphics Michael & Barbara Quesnel David Radavich Peter Rafferty Georges Ramalanjaona Beth Rebidue Dimpfl Ronald & Mary Reid Johanna Rengers Bill Replogle Brent Reynolds Stacey Rhodes Anthony Richardi Francis Rios Robert & Kim Rizzuti Scott & Sharon Roberts David Robinson Jhamal Robinson Jeffrey Robison Melissa Rocco Julie Rodgers Christopher Rorke Rose Hills Foundation Mark Rubin Ellin Rue Steve & Andrea Ruedy John Russell Safeway, Inc. Steve & Antoinette Saiget Scott Sanderson Elaine V. Santowasso Lisa Sarber Tabatha Sarco Roberta Satill Alan Sato Garrett Scaringi Steven Schiavone Kathy Schmidt Paul & Beth Schmitz Sonia Schultz Thomas & Bernadette Schultz Joshua Schawarz & Rebecca Luzadis Scripps Howard Foundation Christopher Seabright John & Jennifer Secreto Security National Trust Richard Severson Sarah Decker Sexton Zoe S. Shade Marvin Shapanka

Michael Shapanka Mike & Kim Shea Bryan Sheehan April Sheets Shell Oil Company Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Shelley Sarah M. Shepherd Jennifer Shuba Greg & Cinda Shumaker Jeffrey & Elizabeth Siebers Penny Silvia Doug & Lesley Sims Elly Slavova Howard & Marian Slepian Lindi Smedberg Cameron Smith Mark & Kim Smith Travis Smith Mark & Heidi Snell Ambir Sniezko Catherine Sohor Shirley Somers Sarah Spain Brian & Debi Spiers James G. Squibb Jr. Dana Stasey Dale & Paula Stefanski Diane K. Stegmaier Ed & Bea Stelmach Karen S. Stewart Leigh Anne Strahler Ethan Stubbs Jon Sullivan Scott Sullivan Dana Sullivan Railsback Daniel Taeschler Rettig Talbot Michele Tammaro Paul Tanico Bruce Tannahill Paula Tanner Frank & Rochelle Tantsits Ellen Temple Theo’s Pizza, LLC Thermo Fisher Scientific Alfred & Cristina Thieme Jan Thietje Dale & Lynn Thomas Thomas & Judith Thompson Robert Tigner

Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Steven & Gwyneth Tigner Raymond & Laura Lou Tolles Kathleen Tracy Doreen Trudeau Robert & Rebecca Tucker Barb Turner Jessica Tweed Michael & Bianca Tyler Susan Ulversoy United Way of Metro Chicago US Bancorp Foundation Nicki Vance Robert Vanderet & Sharon Brewster Jessica Vazquez Tonia Vetter Gabriel Villanueva Nancy Vulgamore & Emily Vulgamore Hores Jerry & Nancy Wade Ross Wainwright Corin Wallace Michael Wallace Bo Wang Tsu Wang Phil & Jeanne Ward Randall & Nina Warner

Joseph Warren Michael Weaver Jeff Weekley William & Shelley Weible Paul & Laura Wein Morris Weinberg & Rosemary Armstrong Sylvia B. Weisberger Gary & Beth Weller Christina Wellhouser Carol H. Welsch Lisa Wenner Roger L. Werner Jr. David White John & Sandy Whitehead Ann Whitsett Carlotta N. Wick Jennifer Newcaster Wierl Joseph & Deborah Wilde Janet Wilder Todd Wilken Becky Willard Craig & Christine Williams Mark Williams Viancca Williams Robert & Debra Williamson

John & Patricia Wilson Carole Winchester Linn & Linda Winterbotham Christina Witkowicki Wittenberg Weiner Consulting, LLC Mandy Womack Margery Wood Daniel Wrobel Philip & Wendy Wyatt Mary Wytiaz Jerry & Teresa Yates Keith & Mary Claire Yoder Nasim & Gleny Zahran John Zak Marcie Zampini Kathleen Zampounis Ann Zarenko Diane Zebrine Bernadine Zissu

Sheryl Markowitz / Beta Parent I believe that joining the Beta Family has been the single most important decision my son has made in college. He continues to grow through his participation in the Fraternity, and it is with

Sheryl (right) with daughter, Arielle Cohen and son, Jordan Cohen, High Point ’14



great pride that we give back and sing the praises of Beta Theta Pi!

The leadership of the Beta Foundation consists of talented alumni, undergraduates and Friends of Beta who generously give of their time, talents and treasure. The Foundation Board of Directors, Fraternity Board of Trustees, Oxford staff and other volunteers work collectively each year to secure and manage the financial resources that are bringing to life our undergraduate-focused programing and initiatives.

our leadership

Foundation Board / our leadership The Beta Theta Pi Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity created in 1990 to attract and receive gifts to support leadership and academic opportunities. The 15-member Board of Directors meets semi-annually with the Foundation staff and Fraternity Board of Trustees to develop, measure and execute strategies aimed at advancing the work of the Men of Principle initiative. Bradley, J. Bates, Michigan ’81 Chestnut Hill, Mass.

Jeffrey Lieberman, Pennsylvania ’96 New York, N.Y.

John M. Mutz, Northwestern ’57 Indianapolis, Ind.

Director of Athletics, Boston College; former Director of Athletics, Miami University; former Senior Associate Director of Athletics, Vanderbilt University

Managing Director of Insight Venture Partners, a leading venture capital firm; Director of Paisley Software, Threadless.com, Karmaloop, Healthcaresource and AdvantageIQ

Chair emeritus of Lumina Foundation for Education; former President of PSI Energy, President of Lilly Endowment, Inc., Chairman of Indianapolis Department of Waterworks, two-term lieutenant governor of Indiana, Indiana State Senator and Indiana State Representative

Stephen B. Becker, Florida ’69 Hamilton, Ont.

William E. Lowry Jr., Kenyon ’56 Chicago, Ill.

Matthew S. Paynter, Florida ’00 Charlotte, N.C.

President, Stephen Becker Consulting Inc.; former Administrative Secretary of Beta Theta Pi; President of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation of Canada; Director of the Florida Beta Student Aid Fund

Assistant to the President, The Chicago Community Trust; former Senior Advisor and Vice President of Human Resources and Administration for The MacArthur Foundation; Board of Trustees at Kenyon College

Senior Vice President of Vining Sparks, IBG, a fixed-income broker/dealer; former analyst, Enron Corporation; former intern, U.S. Department of the Treasury; former District Chief of District XVIII, Beta Theta Pi

R. Ethan Braden, Willamette ’02 Indianapolis, Ind.

Charles O. McCormick III, M.D., Indiana ’72 Indianapolis, Ind.

J. William Romero Jr., UNLV ’95 Albuquerque, N.M.

Neuroscience Commercialization Leader - Emerging Markets, Eli Lilly & Company; Board of Directors, Little Red Door Cancer Agency of Indiana; former Expansion Director and Education Consultant, Beta Theta Pi

Ophthalmologist; Owner of the Indiana Eye Clinic; Chapter Counselor of Pi Chapter at Indiana University

Director of Annual Giving, University of New Mexico Foundation; former associate at Dartmouth College and UNLV; Officer of local Knights of Columbus and That Many is You! program

Robert N. Healy, Missouri ’64 Houston, Texas

H. Kent Mergler, Cincinnati ’63 Stuart, Fla.

Robert J. Schaupp, Lawrence ’51 Green Bay, Wis.

Retired ExxonMobil Research Advisor; chair Exxon Production Research Co. United Way Campaign; University of Missouri Planned Giving Advisory Committee and Dean’s Engineering Advisory Council; former co-chair University of Missouri College of Engineering Development Campaign

Chairman, Northstar Capital Management, Inc.; retired President of Stein, Roe & Farnham, Investment Counsel

chairman S. Wayne Kay, Virginia Tech ’73 San Diego, Calif.

Vincent E. Mikolay, Bethany ’00 salt lake city, Utah

Treasurer John H. Stebbins, Emory ’92 Smyrna, Ga.

President & CEO, s2a molecular, inc.; former CEO of CardioNexus/Panasonic Healthcare, Response Biomedical, Quidel Corp., Health Industry Distributors Association and SmithKline Diagnostics; National Trustee, Boys & Girls Clubs of America; Fourth Degree, Knights of Columbus

Managing Director of Business Outreach and International Trade, Governor’s Office of Economic Development, State of Utah; former Board of Trustees Vice President and Director of Leadership Development, Beta Theta Pi

Managing Director and CFO of RidgeWorth Capital Management, Inc.; former Audit Manager for SunTrust Banks, Inc.; former General Treasurer of Beta Theta Pi

Beta Theta Pi Foundation



Chairman P & S Investment Company; Trustee Lawrence University; President Fox Valley Beta Theta Pi Alumni Association

Volunteers & staff / our leadership The purpose of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation is to advance the educational mission and goals of Beta Theta Pi toward the vision of the Fraternity.

Beta Foundation Staff Jonathan J. Brant, Miami ’75


Foundation Director


L. Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky ’96

Director of Advancement and Communication/Editor

Ryan E. King, Southern Illinois ’01 Director of Advancement

Matthew J. Brawner, Truman State ’07



Director of Advancement

Philip S. Fernandez, Miami ’06 Director of Advancement

Laura L. Lednik

Director of Development

First row (L to R): Cobb, Brawner and Lednik Second row (L to R): King, Brant and Fernandez


promises to keep campaign co-chairman

Fraternity Board of Trustees David E. Schmidt, South Florida ’92 General Secretary

Michael R. Okenquist, Villanova ’94

Douglas G. Houser, Willamette ’57 General Fraternity President

Benjamin M. Swartz, Connecticut ’05

Lynn C. Maddox, Georgia Tech ’64 General Treasurer Scott J. Allen, Minnesota ’95 Christopher M. Conabee, Utah ’88 Michael D. Kokkinen, Minnesota ’00 Jeffrey N. Newton, Miami ’77

Thomas D. Cassady Cincinnati ’76

Robert L. Schnese, Wisconsin ’83

Promises to Keep campaign cabinet

Administrative Office Staff Judson A. Horras, Iowa State ’97 Administrative Secretary Joseph E. Budde, Miami ’06 Director of Business Operations and Finance

R. Ethan Braden, Willamette ’02

Vincent E. Mikolay, Bethany ’00

Michael G. Feinstein, MIT ’82

P. Thomas Purinton, Kansas State ’63

Jeffrey P. Greiner, SMU ’80

Robert J. Schaupp, Lawrence ’51

Douglas G. Houser, Willamette ’57

John H. Stebbins, Emory ’92

S. Wayne Kay, Virginia Tech ’73

David W. Wright, Ohio State ’67

Jeffrey Lieberman, Pennsylvania ’96

Beta Theta Pi

Robert T. Grand Wabash ’78


Annual Report 2013

Ambassadors / our leadership Friend of Beta Foundation Ambassadors

The Beta Theta Pi Foundation is grateful for the volunteers who serve as advocates for the Beta Leadership Fund. Our Honorary Friend of Beta Chair, Honorary Parent Chairs, Foundation Ambassadors and Sons of the Dragon Club Giving Council are instrumental each year in educating Beta’s constituents on the purpose of the Beta Foundation and enlisting others to support the BLF. Sons of the Dragon Club Giving Council Colin Cain, Idaho ’14 Scott Campbell, Wabash ’14 Ken Clar, John Carroll ’14 Michael DiLiello, Stevens ’14 Jonathan Doss, Missouri-Kansas City ’14 Charles Foote, Utah ’15 Jarrod Fucci, Central Florida ’13 Ulysses Laman, Washington & Jefferson ’15 Ben Landry, St. Lawrence ’14 Eric Lindgren, Texas A&M-CC ’14 Elliot Louthen, Washington in St. Louis ’15 Justin Lyons, Charleston ’14 Stephen Matlock, Arkansas ’14 Jack McCullough, Maryland ’14 Kellen O’Connor, Southern California ’14

2012-13 Honorary Parent Chairs

Paul and Lynne Anderson, with their daughter, Courtney, and son, Dalton, Penn State ’13

2012-13 Honorary friend of beta chair

Bryan Rub, Indiana ’15 Dominic Sandler, UCLA ’14 Brad Smith, Chapman ’15 Andrew Waldman, Kansas State ’14 Nate Wilson, Knox ’14

Beta Foundation Ambassadors Brad Brown, Oklahoma ’07 Steven Cruz, Florida International ’12 Rory Curren, Central Florida ’09 Peter Darrow, Miami (Fla.) ’09 Justin Foster, West Chester ’11 Allen Hardin, Oregon ’09 TJ Hutchings, Oklahoma ’10 Kyle Kerrigan, DePauw ’12 Jimmy Kirkpatrick, DePauw ’13 Martin Lewison, Columbia ’88 Kal Pipo, Case Western Reserve ’86 Thomas Rawlins, Wisconsin ’13 Jacob Rose, Southern Illinois ’14 JB Scherpelz, Miami ’05 Jordan See, Florida ’08 Drew Thornsberry, Wisconsin-Oshkosh ’08 Spencer Toder, Washington in St. Louis ’09 Kevin Tornes, Colorado Mines ’13 Jason Waggoner, Truman State ’04 Brian Webber, Loyola Marymount ’09

Beta Theta Pi Foundation


Rachel Westra Marsh, with her father, Dan Westra, Virginia Tech ’76

Cathy Billoni, Friend of Beta Teri Cugliari, High Point University Chandra Daffer, University of Nebraska Kearney Kathleen Dean, John Carroll University Erin Huffman-Richard, Delta Gamma Fraternity Mandi Hulme, Creighton University Jenny Levering, Miami University Lindsey Mercer, Friend of Beta Cat Sohor, Theta Xi Fraternity Jessica Tweed, University of West Florida Viancca Williams, University of South Florida Christina Witkowicki, George Washington University

Curious About Serving as a Foundation Ambassador? Contact Director of Advancement Ryan King, Southern Illinois ’01, at ryan.king@betathetapi.org.

Steven Cruz / Florida International ’12 A bridge was built for me by the Beta Family, and every donor to the BLF was a brick in that bridge. Serving as a Foundation Ambassador is my way of encouraging others to support the

undergraduates who are leading our Fraternity and society.


Giving back to Beta Theta Pi is one of the finest traditions of our Fraternity. Each year, undergraduates, alumni, parents, family members and other Friends of Beta answer the call by providing resources that support leadership and scholarship opportunities for today’s young Betas. The Beta Theta Pi Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, offers multiple ways to give in order to maximize the impact and benefit of your generosity.

our Guide to giving

Ways to give / our guide to giving Online

Through the Mail

Giving with your credit card online at betathetapi.org/gift is a quick and secure way to make a contribution to the Beta Foundation. Online, you can make a one-time gift or establish a recurring gift in monthly, quarterly or yearly installments. The Beta Foundation accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover.

You can mail a check, cash or credit card gift to the Beta Theta Pi Foundation. The Foundation’s address is: P.O. Box 6277 Oxford, Ohio 45056

Estate Gifts/ Bequests The Beta Foundation will work with you and your estate planner in designing a planned gift that meets your short and long-term financial goals. Planned gifts include but are not limited to cash, bonds, stock, securities, personal property, retirement plan assets and insurance policies.

Corporate Matching Gifts Numerous companies match an employee’s personal donation to non-profit, tax exempt foundations. Visit www.betathetapi.org for a listing of companies affiliated with the Beta Foundation, or ask if your employer participates in a gift-matching program.

Amb. Eric M. Javits / columbia ’52, Oxford cup Roll No. 077

Multiple benefits are realized when using appreciated stock as a means for giving. Our professional staff in Oxford can work with your financial advisor to ensure your stock gift maximizes charitable tax benefits, while also makes a direct impact on Beta’s undergraduates through our award-winning leadership programs.

Endowments and Named Gift Opportunities You may establish a special named endowment fund or other gift naming opportunity to ensure your generosity makes an impact in perpetuity. A pledge of $10,000 or more is required to establish a named endowment fund, and the Beta Foundation can work with you to ensure your named gift meets your intentions.

Contact Us

“The desire to pass on the values, lore, comfort and companionship that the Beta Family has afforded me, is best done, in my view, by supporting the Beta Leadership Fund and the Men of Principle ideals.”

Ambassador Javits (left) with his pledge brother Tom Powers, Columbia ’51

Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Appreciated Stock/Securities



For more information or assistance, please contact a member of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation staff at 800.800.BETA.

Making A DIFFERENCE / our guide to giving Why Give to the Beta Foundation?


cents of every dollar goes directly to Men of Principle programing.

68.8% of Merit Scholarship a p p l i ca n t s w e r e turned down.

almost entirely on the Foundation.


70 students seek UIFI

granted annually for education programing


chapters and colonies

have fewer than

100 alumni and rely

(#1 among all fraternities).

MEn of principle

114 chapters

i s c o m i n g t o and colonies re/colonized are depending on cam p u s e s Men of Principle i n 2 0 1 3 - 1 4.



per chapter, per year

scholarships in FY14.


The direct impact of your giving‌


Scholarships for 2013 - 2014.

85 undergraduates will attend the

Chapter Officers


district chief attends The stephenson leadership summit

Friend of Beta travels to the Presidents Academy to offer leadership advice and expert facilitation

training and

need training and development at the c o a c h i n g Presidents Academy and Keystone. resources this year. Beta Theta Pi

monthly giving


l o c a l advisors per chapter seek top-notch


chapter membership in Sons of the dragon club

students attend the wooden institute every year


first ever winter Wooden Institute.


estate gift

Annual Report 2013


Corporate matching gift


chapters receive on-site coaching visits

$10,000 stock gift


pursuit learning center modules are created and launched online

students attend the Greiner Leadership College

John reily knox Club gift of



executive officers attend keystonE



named endowment fund

chapters receive Men of Principle Scholarships forever

Other ways to give / Our Guide to Giving Make an honor and memorial gift Each year, donors make gifts to the Beta Foundation in honor or in memory of a Beta, family member or Friend of Beta. These gifts can be made online or in the mail using the tribute section of the giving form, and the Beta Foundation will contact each individual honored (or a surviving family member) to share the news of your generosity.


donors made honor/memorial gifts to the Beta Foundation in fiscal year 2013.

offer a matching challenge gift Offering a matching challenge gift to alumni, undergraduates, Beta chapters, parents and/or Friends of Beta is a creative and fun way to maximize the impact made by your charitable gifts. If you are interested in challenging others with a matching gift this year, contact a member of the Beta Foundation staff at 800.800.BETA (2382).

(L to R): Mark Fine, Dan Fine, Charles Stribling and Louesa Runge Fine.

“My stepfather, Col. Charles R. Stribling III, Missouri ’49, has always found his Beta affiliation to be meaningful, but his love for the Fraternity is now shared with our son, Dan Fine, Truman State ’12. Each year, on Charlie’s Birthday, we make a gift to the Beta Leadership Fund in his honor to acknowledge the important role Beta Theta Pi has played throughout his life.” — Louesa Runge Fine

Purchase a brick in the Beta walkway

The Beta Walkway is located on the beautiful grounds of the Administrative Office in Oxford, Ohio, and nearly 7,000 members of the Beta Family have secured their personalized brick with a gift of $250 or more to the Beta Leadership Fund. Many Betas and friends walk the grounds each year in search of their brick and chapter section, and Beta’s upcoming 175th anniversary celebration on August 7-10, 2014, is another reason to secure your place in history. Bricks can be purchased online, new bricks were installed over the phone or through the mail, and more information on in the Beta Walkway in the Beta Walkway can be found at www.betathetapi.org/brick. fiscal year 2013.


Beta Theta Pi Foundation



The family of Dr. Elizabeth Griego, former VP for Student Life at University of the Pacific, offered a $10,000 matching challenge gift to all Friends of Beta in honor of Beta’s lifelong influence on their father, John T. Brownlee Jr., Nebraska ’38, and brother John T. Brownlee III, Nebraska ’70.

Beta Theta Pi Foundation Brennan Hall PO Box 6277 5134 Bonham Road Oxford, Ohio 45056 Change Service Requested


On behalf of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation, thank you to all Betas, Friends of Beta and family members who have contributed to the success of Beta Theta Pi!


Once in a generation, Betas everywhere are called home to where it all began. 2014 will be no different. Because this is your Fraternity. And the 175th is going to be one for the ages. AUGUST 7-10, 2014 | OXFORD, OHIO Registration opened September 15, 2013 www.betathetapi.org

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Foundation Annual Report - 2013  

The 2013 Beta Theta Pi Foundation Annual Report.

Foundation Annual Report - 2013  

The 2013 Beta Theta Pi Foundation Annual Report.