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“Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson, American Poet

Beta Theta Pi Foundation | June 1, 2010 — May 31, 2011


Trust 2 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

“Our duty is to preserve what the past has had to say for itself, and to say for ourselves what shall be true for the future.” — John Ruskin, English Author and Art Critic

Chairman’s Letter Beta Leadership Fund Contributions in FY11

Dear Brothers, Parents and Friends of Beta: As newly appointed chairman of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation, I’m pleased to share with you our 2011 Annual Report. Trust serves as the theme of this publication, as no greater sentiment exemplifies the relationship that exists among the Beta Foundation, our loyal supporters and the young undergraduates we serve. Fiscal 2011 was a remarkable year for the Foundation, and we owe our sincere gratitude and thanks to the many individuals who made gifts to the Beta Foundation. Specifically, I would like to thank the 2,551 Beta alumni, 108 Friends of Beta, 1,604 undergraduates and 164 parents who helped us surpass our $925,000 Beta Leadership Fund goal by contributing $938,072 in FY11. Thanks to you, this past year the Beta Foundation was able to: • Sponsor 1,472 undergraduates to the Fraternity’s award-winning leadership programs. • Grant 91 chapters and colonies a $500 Men of Principle Scholarship for use in recruiting high-caliber men on campus. • Award $78,550 in tuition Merit Scholarships to 71 deserving students. • Subsidize more than 240 coaching visits by our leadership consultant staff (averaging 2 visits per chapter). • Train 168 chapter advisors and General Fraternity Officers who support undergraduates at the local level.

Without question, you have made a significant difference brothers and friends, and we are truly grateful for your support! Of course, now that the academic year is upon us, the Foundation is once again actively enlisting the support of Betas and friends across North America. The 2012 fiscal year marks the 40th Anniversary of the Beta Leadership Fund, and the Foundation must raise a record $1 million for the BLF in order to meet the leadership and educational demands of the Fraternity.

“Bound Together” is the theme for this year’s BLF effort, and Founder John Reily Knox best expressed this concept in a letter written in 1843 where he described the origin of Beta Theta Pi:

272 Friends of Beta & Parent Donors

“There was an interest about the actions of men who bound themselves together by vows which were never broken, and who pursued the objects of their association with an energy that never tired and a zeal which knew not self…” Indeed, it will require this bound together sentiment, coupled with our implicit trust and confidence in alumni, undergraduates, parents and Friends of Beta everywhere, in order to surpass this year’s $1 million BLF goal. The educational needs of our undergraduates are very real, but so is our trust in your willingness to answer the call. Thank you in advance for your support! Finally, I would like to recognize three Foundation Board members who have finished their service this year. Outgoing Chairman Doug Houser, Willamette ’57, Mike Dubes, Iowa State ’66, and Dave Wright, Ohio State ’67, all completed their terms on the Foundation Board. These men have been instrumental in providing the resources and leadership necessary to move the educational Foundation forward. Doug Houser has recently been elected to serve as General Fraternity President, and we are thrilled to see him continue his service in this role. Congratulations Doug, and thank you to all three men for their service to the Beta Foundation. On behalf of the Foundation Board of Directors, we thank all brothers, parents and Friends of Beta who continue to support our Great and Good Fraternity. You truly are developing men of principle for a principled life! Yours in ___kai___,

S. Wayne Kay, Virginia Tech ‘73 Chairman, Beta Theta Pi Foundation Board of Directors



$31,118 1,604 Beta Undergraduate Donors

$140,866 51 Board Member/Staff Donors

$690,585 2,500 Beta Alumni Donors

FY12 BLF Goals: 4,900 Donors and $1 Million in Contributions

S. Wayne Kay, Virginia Tech ’73 Residence Rancho Santa Fe, California Family Married to his Beta Sweetheart, Susan Kay, for 34 years Professionally Former President and CEO, Health Industry Distributors Association, Response Biomedical, Quidel Corporation, Enzymatics, Inc., and SmithKline Diagnostics. Interests Active church leader; the Boys & Girls Clubs of America; avid college football and basketball fan Email swaynekay@aol.com 2011 Annual Report | 3


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4 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

“Men of genius are admired, men of wealth are envied, men of power are feared, but only men of character are trusted.” — Zig Ziglar, Motivational Speaker

Table of Contents 3 Chairman’s Letter 7 Foundation Leadership 8 By the Numbers 10 Leadership Programming 12 Leadership Report Card 14 Merit Scholarships 16 Sons of the Dragon Club 18 Beta Leadership Fund & Donor Recognition 43 John Reily Knox Club 44 Friends of Beta & Parent Donors 46 Named Endowment Funds 48 Bridge Builder Society 50 Ways to Give Facebook

Beta news and celebrations: facebook.com/betathetapifans


Beta’s fireside chat: twitter.com/betathetapi


Personal and professional development: betathetapi.org/linkedin 2011 Annual Report | 5

Foundation Profile The Foundation Staff Jonathan J. Brant, Miami ’75 Foundation Director

L. Martin Cobb, Eastern Kentucky ’96 Director of Advancement and Communication/Editor

Ryan E. King, Southern Illinois ’01 Director of Advancement

Laura L. Lednik

The purpose of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation is to advance the educational Mission and Goals of Beta Theta Pi toward the Vision of the Fraternity. The Foundation will strive to offer a variety of opportunities for gift support of the Fraternity’s education activities, communicate these opportunities to members regularly and provide the resources necessary to produce an effective and efficient advancement program for the mutual benefit of donors and Beta Theta Pi. The Foundation is responsible for executing an advancement program that engages Betas and friends in the following areas of development:

Director of Development

*For complete biographies of Foundation Directors, Fraternity Trustees and the Administrative Office staff, visit www.betathetapi.org.

Solicitation Asking Betas and friends to make financial gifts that support Beta’s mission of developing men of principle for a principled life

Cultivation Developing lifelong relationships grounded in the Fraternity’s principles

Stewardship Providing annual progress reports to donors on the impact of their contributions

The annual Beta Leadership Fund appeal, combined with planned gifts from alumni, undergraduates, parents and friends, allows the Foundation to subsidize current and future educational activities of the Fraternity.

Left to right: Brant, King, Lednik, Cobb

2011 Best Major Gifts Development Effort Beta Theta Pi Foundation Presented by the North-American Interfraternity Conference Foundation

6 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Foundation Leadership The Beta Theta Pi Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, was created in 1990 to attract and receive gifts to support leadership and academic opportunities. Working with the Foundation staff in Oxford, the Beta Theta Pi Foundation is led by a 12-member Board of Directors.

Stephen B. Becker, Florida ’69 Hamilton, Ont.

William E. Lowry, Jr., Kenyon ’56 Chicago, Ill.

H. Kent Mergler, Cincinnati ’63 Stuart, Fla.

President, Stephen Becker Consulting Inc., a Canadian consulting firm; former Administrative Secretary of Beta Theta Pi; President of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation of Canada; director of the Florida Beta Student Aid Fund

Assistant to the President, The Chicago Community Trust; former Senior Advisor and Vice President of Human Resources and Administration for The MacArthur Foundation; Board of Trustees at Kenyon College

Chairman, Northstar Capital Management, Inc.; Trustee of Yorktown University and former President of Stein, Roe & Farnham, Investment Counsel

R. Ethan Braden, Willamette ’02 Indianapolis, Ind.

Lynn C. Maddox, Georgia Tech ’64 Chicago, Ill.

Robert J. Schaupp, Lawrence ’51 Green Bay, Wis.

Neuroscience Commercialization Leader Emerging Markets, Eli Lilly & Company; Board of Directors, Little Red Door Cancer Agency of Indiana; former Expansion Director and Education Consultant, Beta Theta Pi Foundation and Administrative Office

Retired senior vice president and principal of Stein Roe Investment Counsel; former plant manager, Proctor & Gamble and assistant director of the Indiana University Business Placement Office

Chairman P & S Investment Company; Trustee Lawrence University; President Fox Valley Beta Theta Pi Alumni Association

S. Wayne Kay, Virginia Tech ’73 Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.

Thomas H. McCasland Jr., Oklahoma ’56 Dallas, Tex.

Richard C. Spangler III, North Carolina ’71 Winston-Salem, N.C.

Former president/CEO of Health Industry Distributors Association, Response Biomedical, Quidel Corp., Enzymatics, Inc. and SmithKline Diagnostic; National Trustee, Boys & Girls Clubs of America; Director, Taking Control Of Your Diabetes; Fourth Degree, Knights of Columbus

Chairman, Mack Energy Co. and the family’s business enterprises; board member: Dallas Opera, AT&T Performing Arts Center, Dallas Arboretum, Beta Theta Pi Corp. of Oklahoma and Beta Theta Pi Foundation of Oklahoma; Dallas Country Club member

Consultant for Deutsche Bank Alex Brown; former senior vice president at Wachovia Bank, N.A. in the US Corporate Banking & Institutional Trust; Treasurer Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County

Jeffrey Lieberman, Pennsylvania ’96 New York, N.Y.

Charles O. McCormick III M.D., Indiana ’72 Indianapolis, Ind.

John H. Stebbins, Emory ’92 Smyrna, Ga.

Managing Director of Insight Venture Partners, a leading venture capital firm; director of Paisley Software, Threadless.com, Karmaloop, Healthcaresource and AdvantageIQ

Ophthalmologist; owner of the Indiana Eye Clinic; Chapter counselor of Pi Chapter at Indiana University

Managing Director and CFO for RidgeWorth Capital Management, Inc.; former audit manager for SunTrust Banks, Inc.; Former General Treasurer of Beta Theta Pi

Trust www.betathetapi.org/gift

“It is the responsibility of leadership to provide opportunity, and the responsibility of individuals to contribute.” — William Pollard, Leadership Author

2011 Annual Report | 7

By the Numbers

Chapters & Membership 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10 10-11

Fundraising Efficiency Ratio 50% 45% 40%








35% 30%





25% 20%



7.8% 4.7% FY06 Industry Standard


4.2% FY08



2.6%* FY09

Avg. for all Fraternity Foundations



5% 0%

Beta Theta Pi Foundation

In an effort to earn, maintain and strengthen the trust of Betas and friends across North America, the Beta Foundation monitors its Fundraising Efficiency Ratio annually. The Fundraising Efficiency Ratio (FER) represents the percentage of each dollar received that is used on fundraising expenses (fundraising expenses/annual support). The chart below compares the Beta Foundation’s FER with both the fundraising industry standard of 35% or less, and the average FER for all Fraternity Foundations across North America. The lower we keep our Fundraising Efficiency Ratio, the greater resources we can invest in our undergraduates annually through the leadership development programs and services of the Men of Principle initiative. *The Beta Foundation’s FER for FY11 is an approximation pending the figures of our annual audit.

Chapters and Colonies 123 119 118 118 118 Undergraduate Initiates and Pledges 6,861 6,849 6,907 7,076 7,455 Average Chapter Size 56 58 59 60 63 Average Chapter Size of All 42 43 47 47 TBD NIC Fraternities Chapters Closed 7 7 4 4 3 Re/colonizations 6 4 3 4 5

Volunteers 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10 10-11 Total Number of Advisors 767 776 831 799 843 Average # of Advisors per chapter 6.23 6.52 7.04 6.77 7.14 Chapters with 5+ Advisors 78 87 81 98 104 Advisors attending Advisor 129 134 226 121 145 Training Conferences General Fraternity Officers attending 67 67 68 44 23 the Leadership Summit


Beta Leadership Fund Contributions

$863,389 3,723 Donors

$900,000 $731,882 2,711 Donors

$800,000 $700,000 $600,000

$674,723 4,076 Donors

$573,216 $552,698 2,515 Donors 3,238 Donors


$938,072 4,427 Donors

$720,284 2,676 Donors

$498,681 2,069 Donors

$400,000 $300,000 $200,000 $100,000 $0 FY04

8 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation









Beta GPA vs. All Fraternity GPA Avg. GPA of all Beta Chapters

2.984 Avg. GPA of all Fraternities




2.999 3.004



Congratulations to Beta’s Newly Rechartered Chapter




2.950 2.929


2.920 2.925

Southern Methodist University Gamma Omega Chapter Dallas, Tex.

2.925 2.900



2.821 2.800


2.750 ’97



2011-2012 Re/colonization Plans














Chapman University Orange, Calif. christian.west@betathetapi.org

Creighton University Omaha, Nebr. michael.mcphee@betathetapi.org


Leadership Development & Scholarships 06-07





Men of Principle Scholarship Grants to Chapters Merit Scholarships Awarded Leadership Development Program Participants % of Beta Undergraduates Attending a Leadership Development Program






$68,975 1,454 20.93%

$83,425 1,605 22.04%

$82,175 1,571 22.44%

$82,675 1,236 17.36%

$78,550 1,472 20.36%

Key Financial and Fundraising Data






Beta Leadership Fund Contributions Total Number of BLF Donors Total Number of First-Time BLF Donors Annual BLF Donor Retention Rate Total Educational Dollars Granted** Direct Mail and Fundraising Expenses Beta Foundation Net Assets

$498,681 2,069 75 42.4% $1,845,524 $88,678 $16,008,659

$731,882 2,711 261 60.9% $2,493,501 $94,693 $16,008,076

$720,284 2,676 304 53.6% $2,207,126 $203,762 $12,179,179

$863,389 3,723 1,293 58.8% $2,176,697 $137,035 $13,461,135

$938,072 4,427 1,478 58.8% $2,874,242* $128,635* $17,636,838*

Michigan State University East Lansing, Mich. allen.hardin@betathetapi.org

Texas Christian University Fort Worth, Tex. tj.hutchings@betathetapi.org

University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah andrew.willert@betathetapi.org

* Figures are unofficial until our annual audit by Blue & Co. LLC. ** Includes grants for all leadership programs, the Men of Principle initiative, Foundation management and donor cultivation.


2011 Annual Report | 9

Leadership Programming Since the inception of the Men of Principle initiative in 1998, Beta Theta Pi has become known as The Leadership Fraternity thanks to our high-caliber collegiate leadership programs. Our Fraternity believes that a safe, enjoyable and purposeful undergraduate Beta experience is the result of intentional leadership training – programs aimed at developing the hearts and minds of young Betas across North America. Recognized internationally with 12 awards by our interfraternal peers, the following pages highlight the growth and impact of our Beta Foundation-sponsored leadership programs.

Facilitation Team at the John and Nellie Wooden Institute for Men of Principle

Total number of undergraduates involved in Foundation-sponsored leadership programs since inception of the Men of Principle initiative. 1,800









Presidents Academy




Leadership College 557

256 89













23 33

38 39








223 7 1997

15 1998


45 27

105 35

7 16 161 39





10 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation





104 41













30 41





Wooden Institute

99 101


87 47

Futures Quest Beta Wilderness Challenge*









239 89 33


101 198













*Beta Wilderness Challenge was discontinued after 2009.

Discovering Beta Theta Pi’s True Principles “The Wooden Institute is an experience I will always remember because it transformed my outlook on being a man. I met some of my greatest role models in Oxford, and they showed me the courage it truly takes to speak from the heart about values and to embrace the Fraternity’s true purpose. The Wooden Institute is now rooted within me, and I am committed to helping make the experience possible for others for years to come.” — Frank Gulla, Louisville ’13

Answering the Call of Principled Leadership “The Presidents Academy taught me the importance of humble leadership and to never be satisfied. I have grown immensely as a result of the Presidents Academy, and have learned to push when needed and challenge those who need to be challenged in an effort to help my chapter reach its full potential.” — Aaron Moore, Wittenberg ’12

Championing Beta’s Principles for a Better Future “Leadership Summit builds camaraderie and establishes clarity for all district/ regional chiefs, leadership consultants and the Board of Trustees. The program reinforces our responsibility as a General Fraternity to mentor young Beta brothers across North America in an effort to improve their college and Fraternity experience.” — Yancey Swearingen, Alabama ’67

Embracing Beta’s Interfraternal Responsibility “Attending UIFI was an awesome experience which has inspired me to improve my chapter. UIFI helped me take a step out onto the balcony and see things from a different perspective – one which seeks to advance the entire fraternal community.” — Hardy Mowe, Washington ’13


Fanning the Flame of Principled Leadership “Keystone taught me how to turn my vision for the chapter into a shared vision among the executive committee. The experience developed my ability to work with others and helped me build a coalition for creating positive change in my chapter.” — Neal Stewart, Connecticut ’12

Connecting “the Beta Spirit” with our Principled Future “Leadership College taught me that Beta is not just a way to meet people, but it is a way of life. I cannot simply just ‘be in Beta.’ I have to ‘be a Beta’ and live like one every day.” — Justin Breske, South Dakota ’13

Recruiting Men of Principle to Build Beta Theta Pi “The Men of Principle Scholarship provides our chapter the opportunity to reach out to high-character men who might not otherwise consider joining our Great and Good Fraternity. The MPS shows students that Beta Theta Pi is breaking boundaries and revolutionizing what it means to be in a fraternity.” — Ryne Supplitt, Loyola Marymount ’12

Tapping Up-and-Coming Leaders to Build the Beta Bridge “As a new member, Futures Quest gave me the opportunity to step outside of my campus and my organization and learn how united we are as fraternity men in spite of our different letters. Greek life is one of the best experiences afforded to undergraduates because of the leadership, brotherhood and personal development we gain as members.” — Roly Gutierrez, Florida International ’13

2011 Annual Report | 11

Leadership Report Card The Leadership Program Involvement Report Card summarizes leadership program participation by all chapters and colonies in the 2010-11 academic year. It is our hope, however, that in addition to providing a summary, this information will encourage increased participation by your chapter. Leadership development is a trademark of our Fraternity which yields significant benefits of individual and chapter growth. Through the support of alumni, leadership consultants, district and regional chiefs, chapter advisors and Fraternity/Sorority advisors, Beta undergraduates can achieve their full leadership potential.

Report Card Key Futures Quest..........................................................FQ Chapter Presidents Leadership Academy.........CPLA Keystone Regional Leadership Conferences... KRLC Wooden Institute for Men of Principle.................. WI Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute............... UIFI Leadership College..................................................LC Men of Principle Scholarship Grant.................... MPS

12 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

of Beta chapters participating in 98.3% Percentage one or more leadership program in FY11. Chapter/Colony MPS FQ CPLA KRLC WI UIFI Alabama 1 9 4 Arizona 1 8 Auburn 1 3 Baylor Bethany $500 6 British Columbia $500 8 Cal Poly 8 California, Berkeley 8 2 California, Irvine $500 1 9 2 California, Los Angeles 1 8 California, Santa Barbara $500 1 8 Carleton $500 1 8 Carnegie Mellon 1 8 7 Case Western Reserve* $500 1 8 4 1 Central Florida $500 1 8 5 1 Central Michigan* $500 1 8 9 1 Centre $500 Cincinnati* $500 1 11 8 1 Clemson $500 1 8 2 Colgate Colorado Mines $500 1 8 Colorado State $500 1 6 Columbia $500 6 Connecticut* $500 1 9 8 2 Cornell $500 1 8 Dayton $500 1 8 1 Denison $500 6 5 Denver $500 DePauw 8 East Carolina $500 1 8 2 1 Eastern Illinois $500 1 8 2 Eastern Kentucky* $500 1 1 6 6 Eastern Washington $500 1 8 Emory $500 1 6 Florida $500 1 8 5 Florida International* $500 1 1 9 9 2 Furman $500 1 8 1 1 George Washington $500 1 8 1 Georgia $500 1 8 2 1 Georgia Tech $500 1 8 8 Hampden-Sydney $500 1 3 Hanover $500 1 Idaho $500 1 8 1 Indiana 1 10 8 Iowa $500 1 8

LC 5 1 2 3 3 2

4 2 2 1 3 1 2 5

3 2 2 1 1 1 5 1

FY11 Total 19 10 4 0 8 11 8 13 12 11 9 9 16 18 17 19 0 23 11 1 9 7 9 20 10 10 11 2 13 12 11 14 12 7 16 24 11 10 13 18 4 2 15 20 9

FY10 Total 20 9 5 7 4 3 10 7 8 21 9 2 2 15 17 13 n/a 27 11 4 13 10 0 15 1 4 9 n/a 13 17 10 20 10 10 16 16 16 3 20 17 2 n/a 12 4 10

FY11 FY10 Chapter/Colony MPS FQ CPLA KRLC WI UIFI LC Total Total Iowa State* $500 1 9 2 12 9 John Carroll $500 1 7 1 9 22 Johns Hopkins $500 1 8 4 2 2 17 4 Kansas 1 1 2 Kansas State* $500 4 1 9 3 6 23 9 Kentucky $500 1 8 4 4 17 n/a Kenyon 1 4 5 0 Kettering A* $500 1 8 2 2 13 13 Kettering B $500 1 8 2 1 2 14 18 Knox $500 6 1 7 14 Lawrence $500 1 6 3 10 17 Louisville $500 1 8 2 11 16 Loyola Marymount $500 1 9 1 2 13 9 Maine $500 1 6 9 1 17 7 Maryland $500 1 8 9 6 Miami $500 1 6 1 3 11 19 Miami (Fla.) $500 1 8 3 12 9 Michigan $500 1 8 4 1 14 n/a Minnesota* $500 1 8 7 4 20 17 Mississippi 8 1 9 10 Missouri $500 1 3 7 11 13 Missouri-Kansas City $500 1 8 6 15 17 MIT 1 8 9 11 Nebraska $500 1 8 4 4 17 21 North Carolina $500 1 8 3 1 13 15 North Dakota 1 8 9 9 Northeastern* $500 1 10 5 1 17 11 Northwestern 1 7 4 12 16 Nova Southeastern $500 8 8 10 Ohio 1 1 1 Ohio State $500 1 8 2 1 12 5 Oklahoma 1 8 2 1 5 17 10 Oklahoma State $500 1 8 1 10 9 Oregon $500 1 8 1 4 14 8 Penn State $500 1 11 6 2 1 21 15 Pennsylvania 1 8 9 0 Puget Sound $500 1 9 3 1 14 14 Purdue $500 1 1 6 2 10 21 Saint Louis $500 2 1 8 1 2 14 3 San Diego* $500 2 1 12 8 1 10 34 27 San Jose State $500 1 8 1 10 10 Sewanee 7 7 9 SMU* $500 1 8 1 1 9 20 14 South Carolina $500 1 8 2 2 1 14 8 South Dakota* $500 1 8 4 5 18 6


Chapter/Colony MPS FQ Southern California $500 Southern Illinois $500 St. Lawrence $500 Stevens $500 Tennessee $500 Texas A&M Texas A&M-Corpus Christi $500 Texas at Arlington Toronto Truman State $500 Vanderbilt Villanova Virginia $500 Virginia Tech $500 Wabash* $500 Washington* $500 Washington & Jefferson $500 Washington and Lee Washington in St. Louis $500 Washington State* $500 Wesleyan West Chester $500 West Virginia $500 Westminster Whitman $500 Wichita State $500 Willamette $500 William & Mary Wisconsin $500 Wisconsin-Oshkosh* $500 Wittenberg $500 TOTAL

$45,500 11

CPLA KRLC WI UIFI LC 1 8 1 9 1 8 3 1 8 4 2 1 8 1 9 1 1 8 1 8 1 1 1 8 1 1 8 7 1 7 2 1 6 1 6 1 1 8 6 1 1 5 7 1 10 2 2 18 6 3 1 8 1 8 1 6 1 9 2 7 1 7 2 1 1 17 1 1 8 1 3 7 2 1 8 6 8 3 1 8 3 2 1 8 1 8 7 2 1 7 4 101





FY11 Total 19 12 1 15 9 11 9 11 10 16 10 7 8 16 13 33 9 9 16 12 7 11 19 13 9 15 11 14 9 18 12

FY10 Total 14 6 3 5 13 7 10 8 2 17 8 1 13 11 18 29 5 10 15 11 0 5 1 2 5 9 6 11 9 10 7



* Denotes the chapters and colonies who were recipients of the 2011 Charles Henry Hardin Leadership Development Award. This award recognizes chapters and colonies that send 15 or more total participants – or at least 20% of the chapter roster – to as least three different Foundation-sponsored leadership development programs (excluding Keystone).

2011 Annual Report | 13

Merit Scholarships

Founders Scholarships

The Beta Theta Pi Foundation’s Merit Scholarship Program, instituted in 1949 by the Beta Theta Pi Board of Trustees, has enabled many outstanding students to achieve their academic endeavors by providing important financial assistance. Beta Theta Pi offered 71 scholarships — totaling $78,550 — to undergraduate and graduate student members of the Fraternity as well as sons and daughters of Betas who excelled in the areas of academics, chapter leadership and campus/community involvement. Their achievements and leadership range from officer roles within the chapter, student government and interfraternity councils to honorary societies such as Order of Omega, Phi Eta Sigma and Golden Key. This year’s scholarship recipients are active in varsity athletics, university-wide organizations and philanthropy. They are often Eagle Scouts, community volunteers, youth coaches and tutors.

The top eight Founders Scholarships are endowed by an estate gift of Robert C. Lafferty, Ohio Wesleyan ’28. $2,000 John Reily Knox Memorial Scholarship

MacGregor H. Hill, II William & Mary ‘04

Robert P. Rosenthal Maryland ‘12

For more information about next year’s opportunities, visit www.betathetapi.org. Scholarship forms and details will be available on the website in early February. The deadline for submission is April 1. All scholarships will be awarded prior to the 173rd General Convention in Chicago, Illinois.

$2,000 David Linton Memorial Scholarship Isaac B. Meadows Kettering A ‘11

Total Merit Scholarship Awards

$2,000 Samuel Taylor Marshall Memorial Scholarship

$2,000 James George Smith Memorial Scholarship Javier A. Nahmias Florida International ‘12

*Number of Scholarships Awarded

$83,425 69*

$82,550 66*

$66,500 64*

$82,175 65*

$82,675 68*

$78,550 71*

$68,975 58*




Andrew R. Griffith Johns Hopkins ‘12

Tyler M. Sondag Saint Louis ‘12

$58,900 58*






$2,000 Thomas Boston Gordon Memorial Scholarship

$2,000 Michael Clarkson Ryan Memorial Scholarship David M. Holcomb Case Western Resesve ‘12

14 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

$2,000 John Holt Duncan Memorial Scholarship

$2,000 Charles Henry Hardin Memorial Scholarship

Grant G. Hill Kansas State ‘13

Merit Scholarship Recipients $1,850

Burton L. Gerber Scholarship


Steven Craig Merrill Memorial Scholarship


Ronald, Randall & Roger Helman Scholarship

Matthew T. Satterthwaite, Willamette ‘12

Andrew W. Steiner, Virginia ‘13

Ali I. Nasrallah, Michigan ‘13


Bertram W. Bennett Memorial Scholarship


William C. Scheetz Family Scholarship


James P. Kirkgasser Memorial Scholarship

Christopher L. Wilson, Truman State ‘12

Benjamin M. Rossi, John Carroll ‘13

Andrew P. Broenen, Cornell ‘13


Ben C. Rich Memorial Scholarship


Oscar Chapman Memorial Scholarship


Edith Cantor Morrison Memorial Scholarship

Jacob E. Peterson, Connecticut ‘12

Mark A. Fadel, DePauw ‘13

Timothy J. Patula, Eastern Illinois ‘12


Horace G. Lozier Memorial Scholarship


John R. Simpson Memorial Scholarships


Gupton A. Vogt Oxford Cup Memorial Scholarship

Aaron T. Moore, Wittenberg ‘12


Misty & Sally Shoop Memorial Scholarship

Matthew L. Chase, Northeastern ‘10 Brian J. Focarino, William & Mary ‘11 Alexander K. Verma, Colorado State ‘11

Emmanuel T. Horsford, Denison ‘13


Michael W. Toennis Memorial Scholarship

Jon N. Rubenstein, West Virginia ‘11


John & Elizabeth Calvert Memorial Scholarship

Matthew S. Groesch, Miami ‘12 Adam M. Hinkle, Miami ‘12 Paul T. Hinrichs, Miami ‘13 Lot A. Kwarteng, Miami ‘14 Ryan D. Meadows, Miami ‘13 Ryan J. Morris, Miami ‘13

Brian E. Heckmann, Penn State ‘13

George & June Herpel Memorial Scholarship


Joshua D. Jones, Georgia Tech ‘14


Carl A. Kroch Oxford Cup Memorial Scholarship


Delta Tau Chapter Scholarship Zachary D. Lanier, Oklahoma ‘13

Todd Elias Memorial Scholarship

Kealan C. Hobelmann, Penn State ‘12


Landon K. Stahmer, Nebraska ‘13


L. Robert Clough Memorial Scholarship


Stephen D. Bechtel Oxford Cup Scholarship Ethan McMahon, Florida ‘13

Fred A. Seaton Memorial Scholarship

Kaleb R. Paulsen, South Dakota ‘13


Cooper S. Mach, Kansas State ‘12 Andrew M. Waldman, Kansas State ‘14


Douglas J. Neeley Memorial Scholarships


James L. Gavin Memorial Scholarship Max B. Sutton-Smolin, Northwestern ‘12

John J. and Elizabeth Rhodes Scholarship

William Clements, Kenyon ‘15 Lucas T. Ivey, Kenyon ‘12



William C. Scheetz Family Scholarship

Marcin M. Bednarski, Arizona ‘12 Eric T. Rose, Arizona ‘12


James L. Gavin Memorial Scholarship

Thad Byrne Memorial Scholarship

Jared B. Greenbaum, Central Florida ‘12 Zachary N. Reinbold, Central Michigan ‘12

John J. Ford, Oklahoma State ‘12 Joseph E. Graffeo, Central Michigan ‘12



John R. Simpson Memorial Scholarship

John N. Jackson, John Carroll ‘13


William W. Dawson Memorial Scholarship

William H. Bates Oxford Cup Scholarship

Daniel J. Imfeld, John Carroll ‘13 Sida Niu, Kansas ‘12

Harrison L. Burton, Minnesota ‘14 Nicholas P. Skiviat, John Carroll ‘12


Kenneth E. Skeldon, Kettering A ‘11


H. H. Stephenson Oxford Cup Memorial Scholarship Michael T. Cianchetta, Penn State ‘12

Cleveland Alumni Association Scholarship

Douglas W. Hill, Jr. Memorial Scholarship



Matthew K. Holland, Kettering A ‘13 Kevin C. Janek, Dayton ‘12 Christopher D. Shaheen, John Carroll ‘12

Thomas P. Glanton, Auburn ‘12 Peter M. Leicht, Missouri ‘12 Ryne P. Supplitt, Loyola Marymount ‘12


Hugh E. Stephenson Oxford Cup Scholarship

Shane M. Rumbaugh, Washington & Jefferson ‘12

Edward M. Brown Oxford Cup Memorial Scholarship

James L. Gavin Memorial Scholarship

Seth R. & Corinne H. Brooks Memorial Scholarship




Alexandria Brown, Daughter of Douglas Brown, Columbia ’82 Brooke Hershberger, Daughter of Karl Hershberber, Hanover ’82

Jonathan Staker, Miami ‘15 Brent M. White, Kentucky ‘11

Christopher R. Cutler, Miami (Fla.) ’12


Adam S. Burford Memorial Scholarship

E. William Palmer Memorial Scholarship

Thomas D. & Karen Cassady Scholarship

Kenneth M. Donald, West Virginia ‘12



Michael A. Rodmaker, Cincinnati ‘12


Shelby L. Molter Memorial Scholarship

Alexander G. Brodeur, Truman State ‘12

Christopher R. Millett, Louisville ‘13

Trust www.betathetapi.org/gift

“There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others.”­— George Shinn, Entrepreneur 2011 Annual Report | 15

Sons of the Dragon Club The Sons of the Dragon Club is the Beta Foundation's annual giving club designed specifically for Beta undergraduates. The purpose of the Sons of the Dragon Club is to educate undergraduates on the purpose, goals and activity of the Beta Foundation, and to start undergraduates on their path of annual giving to the Beta Leadership Fund.

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2011 Sons of the Dragon Club Giving Council From left to right: Steve Young, Miami '12, Joel Livingood, Minnesota '12, Marcin Bednarski, Arizona '12, John Kopke, Idaho '12, Kealan Hobelmann, Penn State '12, Ryne Supplitt, Loyola Marymount '12, Brent Burns, Texas at Arlington '11 Not pictured: Larsen Jones, North Carolina '12, Matthew Sevey, Maine '12

16 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation



% Participation

Alabama 43 34.1% Arizona 10 9.0% Auburn 2 1.5% Baylor 0 0% Bethany 3 12.5% British Columbia 4 7.1% Cal Poly 16 35.6% California, Berkeley 4 9.8% California, Irvine 12 17.1% California, Los Angeles 12 21.4% California, Santa Barbara 6 10.5% Carleton 17 100% Carnegie Mellon 40 33.6% Case Western Reserve 17 37.0% Central Florida 40 59.7% Central Michigan 32 66.7% Centre 0 0% Cincinnati 30 49.2% Clemson 9 10.0% Colgate 0 0% Colorado Mines 14 29.2% Colorado State 6 42.9% Columbia 0 0% Connecticut 33 62.3% Cornell 20 46.5% Dayton 16 28.6% Denison 13 21.7% Denver 8 17.4% DePauw 4 3.8% East Carolina 5 17.9% Eastern Illinois 12 46.2% Eastern Kentucky 42 100% Eastern Washington 6 26.1% Emory 5 6.0% Florida 3 2.4% Florida International 41 100% Furman 9 31.0% George Washington 18 23.7% Georgia 1 1.1% Georgia Tech 2 2.6% Hampden-Sydney 3 6.7% Hanover 4 50.0% Idaho 11 11.2%



% Participation

Indiana 1 0.8% Iowa 6 16.2% Iowa State 10 43.5% John Carroll 18 62.1% Johns Hopkins 11 19.3% Kansas 1 1.1% Kansas State 7 7.4% Kentucky 47 100% Kenyon 0 0% Kettering A 17 85.0% Kettering B 13 56.5% Knox 11 21.6% Lawrence 9 21.4% Louisville 10 18.9% Loyola Marymount 12 15.8% Maine 26 54.2% Maryland 33 97.1% Miami 4 3.2% Miami (Fla.) 2 2.6% Michigan 28 71.8% Minnesota 30 60.0% Mississippi 35 92.1% Missouri 2 1.4% Missouri-Kansas City 17 23.9% MIT 3 9.4% Nebraska 6 6.1% North Carolina 5 6.6% North Dakota 5 20.8% Northeastern 50 100% Northwestern 3 3.7% Nova Southeastern 5 23.8% Ohio 1 1.9% Ohio State 16 27.6% Oklahoma 11 6.6% Oklahoma State 3 2.5% Oregon 3 5.6% Penn State 26 32.9% Pennsylvania 4 6.7% Puget Sound 15 40.5% Purdue 6 4.2% Saint Louis 7 10.8% San Diego 65 73.9% San Jose State 29 96.7%




% Participation

Sewanee 7 15.9% SMU 12 18.8% South Carolina 15 23.8% South Dakota 16 47.1% Southern California 12 13.5% Southern Illinois 28 100% St. Lawrence 3 4.9% Stevens 8 16.0% Tennessee 5 16.7% Texas A&M 11 16.7% Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 14 42.4% Texas at Arlington 13 46.4% Toronto 9 37.5% Truman State 40 47.6% Vanderbilt 0 0% Villanova 7 11.3% Virginia 21 26.9% Virginia Tech 22 33.3% Wabash 14 20.0% Washington 4 3.6% Washington & Jefferson 8 19.0% Washington and Lee 1 1.9% Washington in St. Louis 20 20.6% Washington State 8 14.5% Wesleyan 2 3.7% West Chester 6 12.5% West Virginia 2 3.3% Westminster 13 27.7% Whitman 0 0% Wichita State 7 17.9% Willamette 11 28.2% William & Mary 49 65.3% Wisconsin 9 47.4% Wisconsin-Oshkosh 15 50.0% Wittenberg 6 17.1% Grand Totals


In FY11, 1,604 undergraduates joined the Sons of the Dragon Club with a contribution of $18.39 or more, resulting in $31,118 for the Beta Leadership Fund.

Make a BLF Challenge Gift to a Beta Chapter! In an effort to improve undergraduate support for the Sons of the Dragon Club, Beta alumni, parents and friends are encouraged to offer a BLF challenge gift to a Beta chapter or colony. If you are interested in challenging an undergraduate chapter or colony with a BLF matching gift this year, contact Director of Advancement Ryan King, Southern Illinois ’01, by phone 800.800.BETA or email ryan.king@ betathetapi.org.




THE KAI 2011 Annual Report | 17

Beta Leadership Fund & Donor Recognition The purpose of the Beta Leadership Fund is to provide the financial resources that staff and operate the Men of Principle initiative, the Fraternity’s award-winning leadership programs, the educational Foundation and important alumni outreach activities.

Annual BLF Donors FY09 FY10 FY11 Alumni 2,447 2,441 2,551 Undergraduates 10 1,033 1,604 Parents & Friends of Beta 184 249 272 Total BLF Donors 2,676 3,723 4,427 BLF Gifts Received $720,284 $863,389 $938,072

Annual and Lifetime Giving Societies The following list, in chapter order, reflects all donations made to the Beta Foundation (BLF, chapter funds or named leadership/ scholarship funds) from June 1, 2010 through May 31, 2011. Also included in this section are the Fraternity’s Lifetime Giving Societies, which reflect donors’ cumulative gifts for their lifetime. Consult the legend throughout the listing for symbols that depict the various annual and lifetime giving societies.

18 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Beta Leadership Fund: Developing Men of Principle for a Principled Life “I give to the BLF because I see the difference that programs such as the Wooden Institute make in the lives of young men. My campus at the University of San Diego is a better place because of the experiences and education that the BLF provides to the members of Beta Theta Pi.” — Mandy Womack, Friend of Beta “I feel I owe a debt of gratitude to Beta for being there when I was an undergraduate. When I give to the Beta Leadership Fund, I feel confident that I will have a positive impact on the lives of many young men.” — Paul deBary, Columbia ’68

BLF Giving Results by Chapter Top 10 Chapters by Number of Donors 1. Miami..............................................124 2. Cincinnati........................................103 3. Kansas State.....................................79 4. Georgia Tech....................................77 5. Carnegie Mellon..............................75 6. Missouri.............................................72 7. San Diego.........................................71 8. Eastern Kentucky.............................65 9. Minnesota.........................................64 10. Oklahoma.........................................63 Top 10 Chapters by Dollars Contributed 1. Miami.......................................$67,916 2. Georgia Tech...........................$64,429 3. Missouri....................................$54,554 4. Oklahoma................................$40,176 5. Cincinnati.................................$30,102 6. Vanderbilt................................$30,052 7. John Hopkins..........................$27,238 8. MIT...........................................$25,978 9. Kansas State............................$23,889 10. Case Western Reserve............$19,986


2011 Annual Report | 19

20 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

“I give to the BLF because I have seen firsthand what Beta can do for the next generation. It is special to witness the ‘light bulb moments’ or hear how one leadership program has ‘changed my life.’ I only wish I had the means to donate more.” — Joel Mullner, John Carroll ’07 “Giving to the BLF is an easy thing for me to do, because without the Fraternity I wouldn’t have the drive to be committed in school and to make something of my life.” — John Crimmins, Kettering ’13

Sons of the Dragon Club Undergraduate BLF Giving

Top 10 Chapters by Total Number of Club Members 1. San Diego.........................................65 2. Northeastern....................................50 3. William & Mary.................................49 4. Kentucky...........................................47 5. Alabama...........................................43 6. Eastern Kentucky.............................42 7. Florida International........................41 8. Carnegie Mellon..............................40 9. Central Florida.................................40 10. Truman State....................................40 Top 10 Chapters by Percentage of Membership in the Club 1. Carleton................................ 100% 2. Eastern Kentucky.................. 100% 3. Florida International............. 100% 4. Kentucky............................... 100% 5. Northeastern........................ 100% 6. Southern Illinois.................... 100% 7. Maryland.....................................97.1% 8. San Jose State............................96.7% 9. Mississippi..................................92.1% 10. Kettering A.................................85.0%


2011 Annual Report | 21

22 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Trust www.betathetapi.org/gift

“In leadership, there are no words more important than trust. In any organization, trust must be developed among every member of the team if success is going to be achieved.” — Mike Krzyzewski, Duke Basketball Coach 2011 Annual Report | 23


BLF Donor Retention Rates Percentage of BLF donors retained year-to-year

65% 60.9%

60% 55%






50% 45%


40% 35%

FY07 24 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation




First-Time Donors to the BLF

Total: 1,478

Total: 1,293

1,400 1,200


1,000 1,107



Friends of Beta

600 400 200

Total: 261 Total: 75

0 FY07



Total: 304 170


8 79 174





169 131




2011 Annual Report | 25

26 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Become a Foundation Ambassador!

The Beta Foundation is in search of Foundation Ambassadors to build relationships with other Betas, create awareness and commitment to the Beta Leadership Fund and strengthen the Beta Foundation’s ability to develop our undergraduates into true men of principle. Any alumnus with a deep passion and commitment to Beta Theta Pi and a willingness to enlist others to support the development of our undergraduates will make an excellent Foundation Ambassador. The time commitment is light, as Foundation Ambassadors are only asked to enlist the support of other Betas at two times during the year (December and May). If you are interested in serving as a Foundation Ambassador or want more information, please contact Director of Advancement Ryan King, Southern Illinois ’01 (ryan.king@betathetapi.org) or visit www.betathetapi.org. Thank you to these Foundation Ambassadors whose efforts helped the Beta Foundation raise $938,072 for the BLF in FY11. Tyler Blair, Denison ‘07 Brad Brown, Oklahoma ‘07 Steve Brylski, Virginia Tech ‘06 Lucas Christain, Iowa ‘03 Chris Coy, Case Western Reserve ‘09 Travis Fischer, Minnesota ‘05 Aaron Kozuki, Washington in St. Louis ‘05


Todd Mattox, Nebraska ‘02 Jim McClanahan, Miami ‘60 Ben Ray, Centre ‘07 Brett Rundle, Kansas State ‘03 Grant Schnell, Central Florida ‘09 Jordan See, Florida ‘08 Jacob Tidwell, East Carolina ‘04

2011 Annual Report | 27

28 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

What does “trust” mean to you? “Trust means that you are able to give freely of yourself and your resources, knowing fully that the person or group that you give to will be a good steward of your investment.” — Cat Sohor, Friend of Beta

“Trust is the basis of any relationship of friendship or love.” — Paul Shellito, Kansas ’73

“Trust exists when you can get support for better behavior when you make a mistake and reinforcement for greater outcomes when you act well. A band of brothers is strong only when bound by trust.” — Jim Carroll, Wabash ’65

“Trust is to know or believe in the position of something or someone; to know and understand the positions of a friend and believe he/she will maintain those beliefs. A lack of trust breaks down respect, purpose, and degrades outcomes.” — Tim Kenyon, Willamette ’02 “Trust is the ability to rely on each other in both word and deed.” — Nelson French, Ohio State ’47


2011 Annual Report | 29

30 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Why is “trust” important in Beta Theta Pi? “As parents we desire to trust the Fraternity in providing a safe, healthy and positive environment for members. This trust extends to the leadership at the chapter level who must be role models in developing men of good character.” — Chris Trujillo, Beta Parent “Beta is a family, and trust is one of the most important ideals of our brotherhood. Trust is knowing that the brother sitting next to me is willing to look out for me in my time of need – and that I will do the same.” — Kevin Tornes, Colorado Mines ’13

“In business or other aspects of life, trust allows for a principle oriented system. Beta Theta Pi is a breeding ground for trust to form as a centric means to a young man’s future.” — Kevin Lynch, Southern California ’86

“Trust is the vital element in relationships, and it has the capacity to take our Fraternity to new and unparalleled heights. Trust can only make us stronger, more efficient and amiable in our pursuits.” — Alberto Embriz-Salgado, Cornell ’14

Your gift to the Beta Theta Pi Foundation is deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


“Being able to trust my associates means I can rely on them to support me as I support them. This trait is learned through many associations with the Fraternity and only through repeated examples can one learn to trust another. Without trust, the quality of the relationship suffers.” — Bill Thompson, Oklahoma State ’59 2011 Annual Report | 31

32 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Trust www.betathetapi.org/gift

“When leadership is a relationship founded on trust and confidence, people take risks, make changes, and keep organizations and movements alive.” — James Kouzes & Barry Posner, Authors of Best-Seller “The Leadership Challenge” 2011 Annual Report | 33

34 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

I give to the BLF because... “Giving to the BLF is my way to contribute to the advancement of the Three Great Principles of Beta Theta Pi to the next generation of undergraduates.” — Scott Heineman, Minnesota ’03

“I’m looking to continue the direction the Fraternity is taking with regards to leadership development, and giving to the BLF is my way to support Beta’s future.” — Brian Boardman, Rhode Island ’91

“As an undergraduate I believe it’s important to support the Beta Leadership Fund both now and in the future. And, the awesome polo shirt helped make my decision even easier!” — Adam Yefet, California, Santa Barbara ’12

“I give to the BLF as an undergraduate because I have experienced life-changing moments thanks to Beta Theta Pi and the programming made possible by the Foundation. I want to ensure those who follow after me have the same experiences.” — Javier Nahmias, Florida International ’12 “I give to the BLF to invest in the future, in a way that I know will have a great return.” — Kathy Hankins, Beta Parent


2011 Annual Report | 35

36 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Trust www.betathetapi.org/gift

“To be persuasive, we must be believable; to be believable, we must be credible; to be credible, we must be truthful.” — Edward R. Murrow, American Journalist 2011 Annual Report | 37

38 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

I give to the BLF because... “I consider my donation to the Beta Leadership Fund an investment. I hope that my investment will create an opportunity for someone else to experience the developmental benefits of the Fraternity.” — Drew Mohoric, Penn State ’12 “The reason I readily give back to the Beta Leadership Fund is to enhance the college experience for today’s young Betas. Thankfully, my college experience was rich and fulfilling, and I believe that if we can give back, we should.” — Jeff Cable, DePauw ’82 “The Fraternity’s core values of mutual assistance, intellectual growth, trust, responsible conduct, and integrity, are values my father believed in, lived, and instilled in his children. I can think of no better way to honor my father’s memory than through a donation to the BLF.” — Mary Kay Finley, Beta Parent “I give to the BLF because I believe in the work the Fraternity is doing, the change it is making in the overall fraternal values movement, and in what the undergraduate members do when they return home from Beta’s programs.” — Viancca Williams, Friend of Beta “I greatly appreciate all that the Fraternity is doing, and I credit Beta for much of my development through school. Beta really is redefining the word Fraternity, and giving to the BLF is my way of saying thank you!” — Matt Ficken, Alabama ’09


2011 Annual Report | 39

40 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Trust www.betathetapi.org/gift

“Your reputation and integrity are everything. Follow through on what you say you’re going to do. Your credibility can only be built over time, and it is built from the history of your words and actions.” — Maria Razumich-Zec, Peninsula Hotel Executive 2011 Annual Report | 41

42 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” — Henry Ford, American Industrialist

John Reily Knox Club The John Reily Knox Club is the Beta Foundation’s

FY11 JRK Club Members

milestone annual recognition club which honors our most loyal Beta and Friend of Beta donors who provide gifts of $1,500 or more. All members of the John Reily Knox Club are invited to a special recognition dinner at the Beta Convention annually.

Bruce Fein, Colgate ’84 and Foundation Director Jonathan Brant, Miami ’75 at the 2011 John Reily Knox Club Recognition Dinner

200 190

John Reily Knox Club Members


$1,500+ Annual Giving

180 171



160 150 140


140 132

130 FY06







Eastern Kentucky L. Martin Cobb ‘96 G. Michael Conway ‘75 Bethany Michael E. Hay ‘94 Vincent E. Mikolay ‘00 Stephen E. Herzog ‘85 California, Los Angeles Emory James A. Collins ‘50 Harmon B. Miller, III ‘57 Carnegie Mellon John H. Stebbins ‘92 George A. Roberts ‘39 Florida Case Stephen B. Becker ‘69 James W. Kewley ‘66 John L. Gatz ‘54 Frank N. Linsalata ‘63 Keith T. Koenig ‘73 Central Michigan David J. Leppert ‘77 Thomas C. Olver ‘98 Matthew S. Paynter ‘00 Centre Michael J. Thompson ‘90 Jerry M. Blesch ‘60 John I. Williams, Jr. ‘79 Cincinnati Michael H. Williams ‘75 David A. Beckner ‘50 Georgia Tech Elroy E. Bourgraf ‘54 Richard T. Iannacone ‘62 H. Kent Mergler ‘63 Lynn C. Maddox ‘64 Don H. Mills ‘50 John E. McDaniel, Jr. ‘42 Clemson GMI-EMI Michael P. Nieri ‘86 Louis A. Corsiglia ‘55 Colorado Idaho Donald F. Gardner ‘51 James W. Asaph ‘58 Colorado Mines Clifton C. Bowyer ‘84 William P. Burpeau, Jr. ‘53 Brian T. Duffy ‘87 Marshall C. Crouch, III ‘67 Xavier E. Durant ‘47 James E. Curzon ‘53 Kevin C. Farrington ‘85 Richard B. Egen ‘60 James B. Gerson ‘81 Joseph C. Goldhammer ‘60 William F. Gigray, III ‘69 Thomas W. Hamilton ‘07 James R. Golden ‘59 Bruce D. Hansen ‘80 Frederick J. Hahn, III ‘86 Artemas L. Holmes, Jr. ‘60 Michael R. Hamby ‘85 Van D. Howbert, II ‘51 Jeffrey S. Johnson ‘87 George A. Lindroth ‘60 Michael J. Killien ‘60 John P. Lockridge ‘52 Patrick J. Killien ‘65 Michael G. Long ‘72 William M. Lodge ‘53 Larry L. McCune ‘60 Michael E. McEntee ‘73 James B. Mollison ‘58 Lawrence C. Parberry ‘61 Frank S. Mooney ‘56 Wellington C. Pierce, Jr. ‘53 W. Richard Moore ‘66 Craig H. Shrontz ‘78 Mark K. Reeves ‘90 Ronald L. Siple ‘55 Kevin A. Small ‘78 William H. Stoneman, III ‘66 Ralph B. Tolson ‘80 D. John Thornton ‘69 Charles J. Vasilius ‘81 Illinois Douglas R. Waterman, Jr. ‘52 James D. Fitzpatrick ‘49 William F. Wilkening ‘79 Gant Redmon ‘59 Denison Steven B. Sample ‘62 Herschel H. Bowyer ‘51 Indiana DePauw Fredrick J. Logan, Jr. ‘74 John P. Rudy ‘51 Charles O. McCormick, III ‘72

Iowa Mark L. Anderson ‘87 Iowa State Michael J. Dubes ‘66 Judson A. Horras ‘97 Ronald G. Sande ‘64 Johns Hopkins Marlin U. Zimmerman, Jr. ‘44 Kansas Larry D. Horner ‘56 Kansas State H. James Bartels ‘43 Randall D. Groves ‘78 H. Philip Howe ‘54 Bill L. Nicholson ‘60 P. Thomas Purinton ‘63 Warren R. Staley ‘65 Lawrence Robert J. Schaupp ‘51 Bruce J. Wenger ‘89 Maryland Mark F. Slaney ‘92 Miami John D. Backe ‘54 J. Benjamin Beshear ‘01 Jonathan J. Brant ‘75 Thomas C. Fey ‘68 John M. Groom ‘58 Zachary T. Haines ‘05 Ronald P. Helman ‘55 Thomas W. Hook ‘81 James R. McClanahan ‘60 Jeffrey N. Newton ‘77 Jeffrey C. Smith ‘73 Douglas S. Wagner ‘78 Michigan Donald G. DiPaolo ‘78 George W. Trowbridge ‘56 Minnesota Scott J. Allen ‘95 Missouri Harry M. Cornell, Jr. ‘50 James J. Ellis ‘55 Robert N. Healy ‘64 Harold S. Hook ‘53 Henry A. Plain, Jr. ‘80 Henry W. Robertson, Jr. ‘51 David R. Spence ‘80 Hugh E. Stephenson, Jr. ‘43

MIT Kendall R. Bryan ‘88 Michael G. Feinstein ‘82 Nebraska Jeremy S. Johnson ‘99 Carl G. Mammel ‘55 Andrew S. Mattox ‘00 Nevada, Las Vegas J. William Romero, Jr. ‘95 North Carolina William E. Hall, Jr. ‘74 Northwestern James T. West ‘48 Ohio Richard H. Brown ‘65 R. Leslie Cornwell ‘65 Michael P. Kress ‘65 Ohio State David L. Brennan ‘53 Thomas L. Brennan ‘51 David W. Wright ‘67 Oklahoma Thomas H. McCasland, Jr. ‘56 Don A. Smith ‘58 William S. Warner, Jr. ‘49 Oklahoma State Joe L. Greenhaw ‘83 Oregon Malcolm E. Amondsen ‘56 Arthur C. Carmichael, Jr. ‘62 Glen A. Holden ‘51 Penn State Donald G. Abbey ‘70 Pennsylvania Jeffrey Lieberman ‘96 Rutgers George D. Fosdick ‘63 Kenneth J. Grispin ‘70 SMU Charles L. Cabe ‘65 Jeffrey P. Greiner ‘80 South Dakota Jerry R. Morrissey ‘57 South Florida Richard W. Dudley ‘02 David E. Schmidt ‘92 Southern California Thomas H. Claypool ‘72 Southern Illinois Ryan E. King ‘01

Syracuse Robert F. Hanley, Jr. ‘83 Texas Mac N. Churchill ‘72 Truman State Marc T. Tower ‘05 Utah Christopher M. Conabee ‘88 Vanderbilt George L. Herpel ‘43 Villanova Michael R. Okenquist ‘94 Stephen C. Smith ‘99 Virginia Tech S. Wayne Kay ‘73 Daniel L. Westra ‘76 Wabash James A. Carroll ‘65 Robert T. Grand ‘78 Thomas A. Hays ‘55 James C. Snyder ‘82 Richard J Stephenson ‘63 Washington Bruce A. Nordstrom ‘55 West Virginia Charles K. Kane ‘52 Westminster William G. Buckner ‘56 Edward E. Williams ‘82 Whitman Lawrence B. Stone ‘77 Willamette R. Ethan Braden ‘02 Stuart H. Compton ‘48 Douglas G. Houser ‘57 Williams Jeremy S. Davis ‘56 Gilbert L. Klemann ‘34 Other Friends of the Fraternity Richard & Barbara Ausick Beta Pi Memorial Trust Anne A. Brown Christopher & Bonnie Covington Hewlett-Packard Company Dolores A. Meader Bernidene Merrill Nike, Inc. Pepsico Foundation Glenn Shapanka Stephen & Gwyneth Tigner Wm. Wrigley Jr. Foundation

2011 Annual Report | 43

Friends of Beta & Parent Donors The Beta Theta Pi Foundation is encouraged by the outstanding participation of parents, corporations and Friends of Beta as they support our undergraduate members. During the 2011 fiscal year, 335 friends of the Fraternity made gifts to the Foundation totaling $138,587. Thank you again to the many friends who help make our high quality leadership programs possible.

FY11 Honorary Friend of Beta Chair

Ryan Elizabeth Hilperts, Alpha Chi Omega Family Married to husband Jeff Hilperts; full-time mother to son Shephard (aka “Shep”).

Interfraternally Former fraternity/sorority professional and long-time volunteer for the Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors.

Beta Involvement Denison Chapter Counselor (2009-11); Wooden Institute Facilitator (2004-08, 2010); Presidents Academy Facilitator (2007, 2009); Leadership College Facilitator (2008)

Honorary FOB Chair Responsibilities Communicate the mission of the Beta Foundation and enlist support for the Beta Leadership Fund from other Friends of Beta.

Why I Give “I see supporting the Beta Leadership Fund as my way to ensure that my son has the opportunity to join a fraternity (if he so chooses) that adds value to young men’s lives, that sees intellect and friendship as cornerstones of a life well lived, and that provides its members every opportunity to develop their potential.”

44 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Reggie & Marie Achilles Aetna Foundation Lorraine C. Alleman James R. Allen Carmelou Aloupas The Alpaugh Foundation Marcia Amstutz Paul Anderson Allain & Mary Catherine Andry Anne Arseneau Andrew Aubery Steven & Rebecca Aul Richard & Barbara Ausick Bruce & Elizabeth Backus Stephannie Bailey Carie Bailly Bill & Donna Balcer Jules Barefoot John & Pamela Barentine Charles Barr G.B. Basra Corrinne R. Beck Michael Ben’Ary Steve Ben’Ary Robert & Upsana Bernet Timon Bernstein Berwind Corporation Gary & Robin Best Cathy Billoni Bryce and Kathi Blair Andy & Terri Blanchard Sharon Blassingame Carol Bockelman Kent & Judie Boelling Jean Bourgeois Leanne Boyer Tim & Melanie Breedlove Gretchen Breedlove Brian Breittholz Brennan Family Foundation Christine Bretz Mark & Sandy Bringuel Anne A. Brown

Sue Brownlee Rodney Bryce Amy Buch David & Virginia Buchholz Philip & Shirley Bullinger Brently & Caroline Bullock Kent & Pamela Burk Thomas Burr Thomas Burton Gregory Buteyn John & Candace Caley Lana Cameron Capital Group Companies Jean Caras Emil & Pam Carazo Carmax Foundation Brad & Sharon Carr Jason Cassidy Michelle Castro Scot Chambers Richard and Merry Fu Cheng John & Susan Christensen Mark Christopher Peggy Colley Trace Comacho Matthew & Donna Coons Christopher & Bonnie Covington Susan Cram Darse Crandall Lane & Cheryl Crosser Hector & Margaret Cuellar Jay & Betsy Cutcliffe Chandra Daffer Lee and Phyllis Davis Kathleen Lis Dean Thomas DePaull Angelo & Heidi Devita Stephen Dominy Norma Dooley DST Systems Inc. Edward & Julia Dunn Ashley Dye Michael & Wilda Eade

Gary & Toby Ehrlich Gerald & Melissa Elliott Michael & Ivy Esantsi Dianne Esbrook Craig Eshleman Jeffrey M. Fanelli Patricia Fechter Fritz Felchlin Mark & Louesa Fine Charles Ford Chris & Jean Garcia Delores & Colin Gardner Lorelei Garratt GE Foundation Karl & Elaine Geffken Mark Gehman Cassie Gerhardt Mary Ellen Gillespie Matthew Goldberg Larry Goldstein Jason P. Gomez John & Sherrill Gray Dominic Greene Carolyn L. Haack Tim & Annemarie Haake Jordan & Kathy Hankins John & Claudia Hardin Steven & Ellen Hartenstein Joachim & Sophia Haubold Jeffrey & Jan Hawk Marie R. Heed Larry Heinis & Judith Ilse George R. Hepburn Hewlett-Packard Company William Hill & Joyce Currie Ryan E. Hilperts John Hirabayashi Tyler Hofinga Ed Holden & Mary Kay Finley Claudia Grimm Hollingsworth Timothy & Sandra Holmstrom Bill & Brenda Honse Craig & Lane Huggins

Intermec Foundation Elizabeth Irizarry Bryan Jacaman Tom & Sharon Jackson Jefferies & Company, Inc. Gregory & Yevette Jessen Jetta Operating Company Sarah Jimerson Clyde & Ila Jistel Emily Johnston Jean M. Jonnard Daniel Jurgens Susan Kay John & Shirley Keane Don & Suaznne Kehlenbeck Eli Ker Kimberly-Clark Foundation Inc. Larry & Mary Kimmell Edward Kirklin Jim & Laura Kirkpatrick Mark & Kathy Klein Tim Klitch Bill Knestrick Thomas Knott Joan Konstad Sue Kraft Fussell Cary & Lisa Kravet L-3 Communications John & Carol Laage C. Duke Landorf Steven & Cynthia LaPorta Bill & Debi Larsson Laura L. Lednik Richard & Susan Lee Jennifer Leung Jennifer Levering David & Diane Lohr Stephen & Margaret Lovelette Lubrizol Foundation Lumina Foundation Aaron & Jan Lupuloff John & Jackie Lynch MacArthur Foundation

Bruce Machmeier Macy’s Foundation Rachel W. Marsh Andrea Martinez Malinda Matney Bilinda Matusek Kenneth & Patricia McBride Gentry McCreary Christine McGill Jeff & Debbie McNaul Michael & Susan McNeil Dolores A. Meader Michael & Monica Meara Lindsey Mercer Bernidene Merrill Michael & Elizabeth Mikeska Microsoft Brandon B. Miller Suzan Mitchell John A. Mock Debbie Moore Rick & Jody Morgan Morgan Stanley Morton Family Foundation Billy & Margaret Moseley Thomas Mueller Thomas & Melanie Murray Jim Myer Marieta Nahmias David & Liesl Nederhood Randy Neeff Robert Nelson & Sylvia Short Nelson Christal Newton Nike, Inc. Northwestern Mutual Foundation Jon & Denise Norton Lindsay Oesch Steve & Karen O’Neill Douglas & Marlee Ongaro Kelly C. Opipari Travis & Denise Owens


Bruce & Kathy Paradise Michael Patrick M.H. Patrick Marilyn & Urban Patterson Charles Patton William & Sue Paynter Kyle Pendleton Megan Pendley Pickett Pepsico Foundation Michael Petriello Philip & Beth Petti Manuel Polanco Judith A. Pope Bennett & Mary Porter Elizabeth M. Potter Lori Prats Dwight M. Price, Jr. Progressive Insurance Foundation Yun Tao Qu Quad Graphics John & Nancy Quicke Elizabeth Radley Larry Rapaport Scott Rappoport Sally M. Rawlings Karen P. Restaino Elizabeth Rhodes Gary & Carol Richelson Linda A. Rigdon Peter & Linda Riondet Larry & Sara Roberts Scott & Sharon Roberts Jeffrey Robison Joseph W. Rocco John & Bridgette Rodgers Gary & Janine Rodmaker Amanda Rodriguez Barbara A. Rowe Katharine Russell Susie Sadler Safeway, Inc. Michael Salamone Mark & Caroline Salevitz

Joseph & Robin Salvato Maurice & Lourdes Samuels Alan & Beth Saniuk Lisa Sarber Paul Sauer Timothy & Karen Schenk Taylor Schuh Robert & Joanne Schwartz James & Karen Schwartz Rick & Tamar Schwartz Paul & Susan Schweizer Scripps Howard Foundation Allison Segal Lindsay Sell Ken & Kathy Shaner Glenn Shapanka Melvin L. Shapanka Marvin Shapanka Michael Shapanka Justine & Moti Shapira Larry Shapiro & Dora Vilk-Shapiro Thomas & Alison Sherman Ronald & Anita Shuffield Alan Shurr Alex & Susan Shusko Eric & Peggy Siebert Tavesi & Faamanu Siliva Michael & Susan Silverman Doug & Lesley Sims Lindi Smedberg Sam & Cheryl Sobh Catherine Sohor Michael Sondag William & Barbara Southwood Anne Stanton Charles & Hilah Steenrod Richard & Lynne Stephan Todd C. Sullivan Elaine Pochtar Sweeney Rettig Talbot Thermo Fisher Scientific Richard Thoman Terry & Kathleen Thompson

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation Stephen & Gwyneth Tigner Robert Tigner Anna Todaro Kathleen Tracy Paul Troyer Chris Trujillo United Way of Tampa Bay Megan Vadnais Michael Valerio John VanderWood Rosana Venturini Michael & Susan Vonder Heide Christiaan Vos Ellen S. Watson Morris Weinberg Arthur Weisman Carlotta N. Wick Timothy & Gayle Wieseckel Monica Wilcox Melinda Willer Doyle WIlliams Elaine Williams Viancca Williams Linn & Linda Winterbothan Christina Witkowicki Pamela Wizner Wm. Wrigley Jr. Foundation Mandy Womack Margery Wood Jerry & Teresa Yates Steven & Barbara Young James & Jacqueline Zayac Steve & Elizabeth Zlatos

FY11 Honorary Parent Chairs

Rick and Barbara Ausick

Family Son – Tony (Louisville ’12); Daughter – Christina

Professional Background Rick is an experienced retail executive and Barbara was in the banking industry for more than 20 years.

Beta Recognition In 2010 Barbara was named the House Director of the Year at the 171st General Convention in Washington, D.C.

Honorary Parent Chairs Responsibilities Communicate the mission of the Beta Foundation and enlist support for the Beta Leadership Fund from other parents.

Why We Give “We support the Beta Foundation because it helps develop our leaders of tomorrow. Beta instills values and morals that will enable today’s young leaders to develop into true men of principle.”

2011 Annual Report | 45

Named Endowment Funds Funds Categorized by Focus of Support (Alphabetical by Last or Key Name in Title)

Foundation and Administrative Office Property Funds Brennan Hall Fund Harold S. Hook Heritage Fund

Leadership Development Funds

The Beta Theta Pi Foundation has been blessed over the years as a result of so many Betas, sweethearts and friends giving gifts for the creation and perpetuation of named endowment funds. These gifts of generosity were contributed for a variety of purposes, and they all work together to provide for today’s – and tomorrow’s – generation of young Beta leaders. By official policy, all named endowment funds are subject to the board’s “4% of the 12-quarter average” annual distribution guideline. Calculated each December 31 for the coming year’s fiscal budget, this policy allows for generous distributions from each fund annually, while also emphasizing compounding growth for the benefit of future endeavors of Beta students, leaders and organizational priorities. A minimum of $10,000 pledged is necessary to establish a named endowment fund within the Beta Theta Pi Foundation. For additional information on how best to establish a named endowment fund in your name or the memory/honor of someone close to you, please contact a member of the Foundation staff at 800-800-BETA.

46 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Abbey Leadership Fund Robert E. and Virginia Bartnett Leadership Fund C. Huston Bell Leadership Fund Kyle L. Bennett Memorial Leadership Fund Robert A. Bennett Memorial Leadership Fund Beta Nu Endowment Fund Beta Pi Memorial Leadership Fund Brant Brothers Leadership Fund L. Robert Clough Memorial Leadership Fund Minnie and Gordon Cobb Leadership Fund Robert L. Cottrell Oxford Cup Leadership Fund C. W. (Buddy) Croft Memorial Leadership Fund Delta Bridge Builder Fund Delta Gamma Leadership Fund Delta Omega Leadership Fund Delta Xi Alumni Leadership Fund Nathan J. and Sara Deno Leadership Fund Michael J. and Glenda Dubes Leadership Fund Ralph N. Fey Memorial Leadership Fund Burton L. Gerber Leadership Fund William F. and Helen Hahn Leadership Fund W. Martin and Valerie Haskell Experiential Leadership Fund MacGregor H. Hill, II Leadership Fund Amb. Glen A. Holden Leadership Fund Judson A. and Kara Horras Leadership Fund Michael D. and Mary Kokkinen Leadership Fund Legends Leadership Fund Thomas A. Lipton Leadership Fund Thomas H. McCasland, Jr. Leadership Fund Michigan Leadership Fund Peter A. and John W. Morse Leadership Fund Thomas C. Olver Leadership Fund Russell E. Palmer Leadership Fund Parents Principle Fund William H. Ray Memorial Leadership Fund Gant and Fran Redmon Leadership Fund Edward P. Roski, Jr. Leadership Fund Gabriel A. Shapanka Leadership Fund

Franz (Mac) and Donna Spear Leadership Fund John H. and Leslie Stebbins Leadership Fund H. H. Stephenson, Jr. Leadership Fund Mary E. Tharp Leadership Fund Dr. Robert Tigner Leadership Fund Hal A. VonSick Memorial Leadership Fund Washington State Leadership Fund J. Lyle (Bud) Wells Leadership Fund David W. Wright Leadership Fund

Men of Principle Scholarship Funds Mark F. Alder Men of Principle Scholarship Fund Anderson-Groom Men of Principle Scholarship Fund Murray S. Johnson Men of Principle Scholarship Fund Eva and Lynn C. Maddox Men of Principle Scholarship Fund J. William Romero, Jr. Men of Principle Scholarship Fund H. Gordon Ross Men of Principle Scholarship Fund

Personnel Chairs and Operating Funds Herschel H. and Mary Ann Bowyer Endowment Fund George R. and William B. Corlis BLF Gift Fund Stockton D. Fisher Foundation Director Fund Founders Fund Fred J. Logan, Jr. Endowment Fund Charles O. McCormick, III M.D. Leadership Consultant Fund Charles O. McCormick III, M.D. Endowment Fund Warren R. Staley Volunteer Development Fund Daniel L. Westra Leadership Consultant Fund

Programmatic Funds Beta Upsilon Chapter Friend of Beta Faculty Fund Chicago Chapter Fund James A. Collins Leadership Development Fund Donald W. English Leadership Fund Peter F. Greiner Leadership College Fund Miller Nichols Chapter Presidents Leadership Academy Fund Hugh E. Stephenson, Jr. Leadership Summit Fund John and Nellie Wooden Institute for Men of Principle Fund

Merit Scholarship Funds W. H. (Bert) Bates Oxford Cup Scholarship Fund Stephen D. Bechtel, Jr. Oxford Cup Scholarship Fund Bertram W. Bennett Memorial Scholarship Fund Kyle R. Blanco Memorial Scholarship Fund Seth R. and Corrine H. Brooks Memorial Scholarship Fund Edward M. Brown Oxford Cup Scholarship Fund Frederick S. Bucholz Scholarship Fund

New Endowment Fund Profiles Harold C. Buckingham Memorial Scholarship Fund Adam S. Burford Memorial Scholarship Fund Thad Byrne Memorial Scholarship Fund John L. Calvert Memorial Scholarship Fund Thomas D. and Karen H. Cassady Scholarship Fund Oscar Chapman Memorial Scholarship Fund Cleveland Alumni Association Scholarship Fund Donald S. Dawson Memorial Oxford Cup Scholarship Fund William W. Dawson Memorial Scholarship Fund Delta Tau Scholarship Fund W. Todd Elias Memorial Scholarship Fund Karl W. Fischer Memorial Scholarship Fund James L. Gavin Memorial Scholarship Fund Burton L. Gerber Scholarship Fund Clifford C. Gregg Memorial Scholarship Fund Ronald, Randall and Roger Helman Scholarship Fund George L. and June L. Herpel Scholarship Fund Douglas W. Hill, Jr. Scholarship Fund John A. Hill Memorial Scholarship Fund Daniel A. Holmstrom Memorial Scholarship Fund Robert T. Howard Memorial Oxford Cup Scholarship Fund Indianapolis Alumni Association Scholarship Fund James P. Kirkgasser Memorial Scholarship Fund Carl A. Kroch Oxford Cup Memorial Scholarship Fund Robert C. Lafferty Memorial Scholarship Fund Otho E. Lane Memorial Scholarship Fund Horace G. Lozier Memorial Scholarship Fund Steven Craig Merrill Memorial Scholarship Fund Shelby L. Molter Music Education Fund Edith Cantor Morrison Memorial Scholarship Fund Douglas J. Neely Memorial Scholarship Fund Ocelot Scholarship Fund E. William Palmer Memorial Scholarship Fund John J. and Elizabeth Rhodes Scholarship Fund Ben C. Rich Memorial Scholarship Fund William C. Scheetz Memorial Scholarship Fund Scotty-Jenks Memorial Scholarship Fund Fred A. Seaton Memorial Scholarship Fund Col. Richard R. (Misty) and Sally Shoop Scholarship Fund Col. John R. Simpson Memorial Scholarship Fund H. H. Stephenson, Jr. Memorial Oxford Cup Scholarship Fund Hugh E. Stephenson, Jr. Oxford Cup Scholarship Fund Michael W. Toennis Scholarship Fund Mom Troth Memorial Scholarship Fund Gupton A. Vogt Oxford Cup Memorial Scholarship Fund


Abbey Leadership Fund Established by Donald G. Abbey, Penn State ’70, and supported by other loyal brothers of Alpha Upsilon, this fund was established to maintain and improve educational areas of the chapter house and support leadership programming for Betas at Penn State.

Beta Pi Memorial Leadership Fund Funds held by the Beta Pi (Minnesota Chapter) Memorial Trust, originating in 1927, were transferred to the Foundation to endow sponsorships for Minnesota undergraduates to participate in leadership programs and/or for Men of Principle Scholarships.

Fred Logan, Jr. Endowment Fund Fred L. Logan, Jr, Indiana ’74, established this fund to support the Foundation’s overall programming efforts, and did so in honor of “four great men and Beta brothers”: John D. Tinder, Indiana ’72, John F. (Jeff) Richardson, Indiana ’73, Robert T. (Bob) Grand, Wabash ’78 and Richard G. Lugar, Denison ’54.

Michigan Leadership Fund John C. Bishop VII, Michigan ’97, made the initial gift to this fund which will eventually be supported by other loyal Lambda Chapter alumni. This new fund will support the re-established Lambda Chapter’s educational and leadership efforts.

Gabriel A. Shapanka Leadership Fund Initially endowed by Glenn Shapanka, in memory of his son Gabriel A. Shapanka, Florida International ’07, and supported by numerous Betas, friends and family members of Gabriel, this fund will provide leadership development scholarships to Betas at FIU. As a Founding Father (Roll No. 1), Gabriel was instrumental in helping the FIU Colony become the Eta Gamma Chapter before his death in a vehicular accident in 2009.

Franz (Mac) and Donna Spear Leadership Fund Thanks to the efforts of John A. Graml, SMU ’62, to memorialize his chapter brother Franz Spear, SMU ’62, brothers, relatives and friends of the Spears generously contributed more than $10,000 to establish this fund which will provide sponsorships to SMU Betas to attend Beta’s leadership programs.

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Bridge Builder Society The purpose of the Bridge Builder Society is to recognize those who have chosen to leave a legacy for the future of Beta Theta Pi through their will or estate plans. These loyal brothers and friends have followed the example set by the “old man” who builds the bridge for the young man who will follow after him.

The Bridge Builder “...There followeth after me today A youth whose feet must pass this way. This chasm which has been naught to me To that young man may a pitfall be. He, too, must cross in the twilight dim. Good friend, I am building this bridge for him.”

— Miss Will Allen Dromgoole

Estate Gifts 189 living Bridge Builder Society members*

Type of Estate Gift Number Confirmed Bequests 128 Life Insurance 42 Charitable Remainder Trusts 15 Charitable Gift Annuities 11 Retirement Plans 6

Auburn Roderick B. Hastie ’82 Ball State Randy D. Phillips ’79 Bethany Richard K. Boyd, Jr. ’61 David A. Butz ’60 Bowling Green George D. Patrick ’62 British Columbia James M. Strilesky ’72 Alan G. Young ’70 Brown Bruce M. Lloyd ’69 Russell T. White ’44 California, Irvine Christopher C. Ogilvie ’80 California, Los Angeles Walter A. Chenoweth ’52 Carnegie Mellon Kenneth K. Humphreys ’59 Central Michigan Thomas C. Olver ’98 Centre Jerry M. Blesch ’60 B. Hume Morris ’68 Cincinnati Thomas D. Cassady ’76 Thomas F. Cole ’60 H. Kent Mergler ’63 William L. North ’63 Clemson Bryant Blakeslee ’06 Colgate Bruce S. Fein ’84 Dartmouth Thomas H. Gillaugh ’46

Total 202*

Denison George M. Brown, Jr. ’60

*Several members have made the Foundation beneficiary of multiple types of estate gifts.

DePauw Jeffery L. Cable ’82 H. Tuck Schulhof ’58 Douglass M. Vines ’68 Duke Thomas U. Todd, ’54

48 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

East Carolina D. Kirk Little ’82 Adam J. Scarboro ’06

Robert S. Hoisington ’79 R. William Manning ’80 James H. Porter ’64

Eastern Kentucky L. Martin Cobb ’96

Kenyon Fredrick J. Holdridge ’50

Emory William R. Korth ’76 John H. Stebbins ’92 Alan C. Teplis, ’78

Kettering A Matthew J. Lepkowski ’97

Florida Christian S. Bauer ’66 Stephen B. Becker ’69 Edward B. Knight ’38 Gary W. Leech ’70

Lawrence David J. Schnackenberg ’90

Florida State Jeffrey B. McLain ’76 Curtiss C. Potter ’92 Georgia Tech J. Peter Labouisse ’64 Lynn C. Maddox ’64 GMI-EMI Louis A. Corsiglia ’55 David J. Hogan ’74 Hanover Richard P. Ellenberger ’58 Sangkook Han ’60 Idaho William I. Jordan ’69 Illinois E. Loren AufdenKamp ’48 Gant Redmon ’59 Indiana J. Philip Goddard ’67 Charles O. McCormick, III ’72 Iowa Neal J. Brower ’90 Iowa State Michael J. Dubes ’66 John M. Guernsey ’52 Judson A. Horras ’97 John Hopkins James T. McMenamin, Jr. ’71 Kansas Lloyd L. Kirk ’55 Kansas State Paul R. Attwater, III ’83 H. James Bartels ’43

Knox Merle E. Minks ’39

Lehigh John N. Roper, Jr. ’34 Louisville Thomas N. Chapman ’71 Matthew V. Tsien ’80 Lynchburg Charles W. Warner ’87 Miami Peter W.C. Barnhart ’66 J. Benjamin Beshear ’01 Jonathan J. Brant ’75 Robert L. Cottrell ’54 Thomas C. Fey ’68 Ronald P. Helman ’55 James T. Neef ’53 Jeffrey N. Newton ’77 Jonathan B. Scherpelz ’05 John M. Sommer ’53 Robert D. Wertz ’61 Michigan James R. Denbo ’63 Donald G. DiPaolo, ’78 Roger S. Helman ’89 William P. Johnson ’57 Joseph E. Salata, Jr. ’78 Michigan State Robert A. Cook ’62 Minnesota Scott J. Allen ’95 Bertram G. Leach ’52 Mississippi William B. Lipscomb ’65 Missouri William H. Bates ’49 Carl E. Bolte, Jr. ’51 Charles E. Brown ’61

John P. Huston, Jr. ’49 Richard F. Kammerer ’80 Robert W. McKinley ’66 Ford R. Nelson, Jr. ’64

MIT Michael G. Feinstein ’82 Nebraska Burton W. Folsom ’49 Paul W. Hyland ’49 R. C. Mead ’65 William E. Thompson ’65 Randolph A. Walling, Jr. ’61 Northwestern Berry Conner, Jr. ’52 Leroy A. Glasner, Jr. ’49 Paul R. Gudonis ’76 Gary H. Rusk, ’65 Robert W. Scholler ’48 Ohio Richard H. Brown ’65 Brian D. Cain ’91 Randall V. Greig ’53 Richard E. Griffin ’65 J. Burton Mayes ’39 Jeffrey A. Radomski ’81 Ohio State Kenneth K. Feinthel ’55 C. Nelson French ’47 James S. Summers ’40 Daniel J. Westerbeck, Jr. ’67 David W. Wright ’67 Oklahoma John H. Coker, Jr. ’72 Christopher H. Pierce ’75 Lee B. Thompson, Jr. ’54 Oklahoma State Joshua P. Fairchild ’05 Robert H. Johnson ’77 Louis M. Linxwiler, Jr. ’53 Oregon Morris A. Arntson ’59 Darrell R. Clark ’77 William R. Crist ’68 Glen A. Holden ’51 Penn State John S. Musser, II ’50 James B. Smith ’50

Estate Gifts Received in FY11 Pennsylvania Bruce H. McLoud ’51 William W. Watkins, Jr. ’53 Purdue John U. Graham ’40 Howard R. Meeker, Jr. ’48 Robert G. Pitcher ’45 John E. Young ’56 Rhode Island Jeffrey M. Flanagan ’93 Rutgers Kenneth J. Grispin ’70 Saint Louis Nicholas L. Block ’03 San Diego State Patrick M. Hidalgo ’91 South Dakota Dan H. Kirkham ’58 John C. Thietje ’61 South Florida David E. Schmidt ’92 Southern California Louis D. Gabelic ’51 Syracuse George C. Heidel, Jr. ’56

Thomas A. Klingaman ’52 Ronald R. Nichols ’64 Washington Brandt M. Norquist ’61 Richard E. Phenneger ’58 Washington & Jefferson Raymond S. Tomassene ’51 Washington in St. Louis Ferdinand Del Pizzo, Jr. ’58 Harold W. Duke, Jr. ’59 Robert L. Harmon ’49 Washington State Guy D. Perham ’50 Wesleyan John K. Easton, Jr. ’58 West Virginia Thomas J. Gulliford ’68 Western Ontario John R. Birkett ’65 Douglas M. Reid ’58 Western Reserve Thomas A. Lipton ’63 Westminster Louis K. Beasley, Jr. ’65 Michael J. Esser ’70

Texas T. Hardie Bowman ’72 Michael R. Eubank ’83 James A. McMullen, III ’54 Wade H. McMullen ’79 George M. Minot ’56

Wichita State Robert M. Smith ’67 Tim J. Watt ’80

Texas Tech R. Dean Stalcup ’71

William & Mary

Toronto Ross W. Marsh ’90 Robert B. McConnell ’79 Frederick W. Young ’54 Utah Sherman A. Smith ’36 Virginia Tech Charles E. Comer ’75 S. Wayne Kay ’73 Daniel L. Westra ’76 Wabash Robert T. Grand ’78 Samuel H. Hildebrand, II ’61


Willamette Douglas G. Houser ’57 Jon A. Steiner ’63 Patrick A. Everett ’07 Williams Jeremy S. Davis ’56 Wisconsin James R. Curtis ’86 William R. Meythaler ’69 Robert L. Schnese ’83 Friends of Beta Ronald W. Beshear Lindsey Mercer Dorian Beck Trauger, widow of Walter M. Trauger, Ohio ‘38

Malcolm E. Amondsen, Oregon ’56 Active in the Associated Greek Students while attending the University of Oregon, Brother Amondsen was an undergraduate at the same time as author and activist Ken E. Kesey, Oregon ’57. His bequest of $6,331 to the Beta Foundation will be used to advance the Men of Principle initiative.

John E. McDaniel, Jr., Georgia Tech ’42 Brother McDaniel provided the Foundation a generous bequest of $100,000 in his will. Described by his longtime friend and estate executor Bob Meyer as a “good family man who always did the right thing,” Brother McDaniel also bequeathed his interest in an oil lease to the Beta Foundation. Brother McDaniel’s generosity will benefit Beta’s future men of principle forever. George D. Shellabarger, Ohio State ’30 Brother Shellabarger provided the Beta Foundation a $1,000 bequest in his will. His obituary noted that he “was remembered as a jovial fellow who always had a kind greeting for everyone he met.” His gift ensures the Foundation can continue to build the Beta bridge.

Felix Z. Edwards, Texas ’51 Brother Edwards made a bequest of $1,000, which the Foundation did not learn of until after his passing. Although we weren’t able to thank him in person, the Beta Foundation appreciates his willingness to build a bridge for those who follow. George L. Herpel, Vanderbilt ’43 and his wife June The Herpel estate is one that keeps on building the Beta bridge! On top of the $145,641 received last year, the Foundation received an additional $132,377 in FY11. Along with creating a permanently endowed tuition scholarship for graduate students, the Herpel estate has provided $50,000 to the Beta Leadership Fund and $128,480 to the Foundation’s endowment. Gilbert L. Klemann, Williams ’34 Brother Klemann made a bequest of $3,339 to the Foundation through a charitable remainder trust. A supporter of the Beta Leadership Fund since 1972, Brother Klemann’s bequest will ensure the Foundation can continue his generosity in perpetuity.

Marlin U. Zimmerman, Johns Hopkins ’44 Brother Zimmerman, a chemical engineer and business consultant, left a bequest of $50,000 to the Foundation. In his will, Brother Zimmerman explained that the Fraternity provided him with an opportunity to develop leadership skills and participate in extra-curricular activities while attending Johns Hopkins University.

“In times like these men should utter nothing for which they would not be willingly responsible through time and in eternity.” — Abraham Lincoln, 16th American President

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Ways to Give “For it is mutual trust, even more than mutual interest, that holds human associations together.” — H. L. Mencken, American Journalist Giving back to Beta Theta Pi is one of the finest traditions of our Fraternity. Undergraduates, alumni, parents and Friends of Beta answer the call each year by providing the resources that support leadership and scholarship opportunities for today’s young Betas. Your support of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity, advances our mission of developing men of principle for a principled life. Cash or Check: This is one of the most popular methods for making a donation to Beta Theta Pi. The Foundation’s address is: P.O. Box 6277, Oxford, Ohio 45056. Credit Card: Beta Theta Pi accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover. This method can be used for a one-time contribution or in monthly, quarterly or yearly installments. Appreciated Stock/Securities: Multiple benefits are realized when using appreciated stock as a means for making a gift to the Beta Theta Pi Foundation. Our professional staff in Oxford can work with you and your financial advisor to make a gift of this nature, which can benefit the Foundation’s award-winning leadership programs, while at the same time provide you a charitable tax benefit. Corporate Matching Gifts: Numerous companies match an employee’s personal donation to non-profit, tax exempt foundations. Visit www.betathetapi.org for a listing of companies affiliated with the Beta Foundation, or ask if your employer participates in a gift-matching program.

50 | Beta Theta Pi Foundation

Endowments and Memorials/Tributes: The Beta Theta Pi Foundation can establish a special endowment or memorial gift in perpetuity to meet your personal intents and estate plans. Please contact the Foundation for details. Online: Giving online at www.betathetapi.org/gift is the quickest way to make a contribution to the Beta Foundation. Online you can make a one-time gift or establish a recurring gift in monthly, quarterly or yearly installments. Planned Gifts/Bequests: Consider a gift of personal assets through your will. The Foundation will work with you and your estate planner in designing a planned gift that meets your short and long-term financial goals. Planned gifts include but are not limited to cash, bonds, stock, securities, personal property, retirement plan assets and insurance policies. For more information or assistance, please contact the Beta Theta Pi Foundation at 800-800-BETA or email our staff: Foundation Director Jonathan J. Brant jonathan.brant@betathetapi.org Director of Advancement & Communication/Editor L. Martin Cobb martin.cobb@betathetapi.org Director of Advancement Ryan E. King ryan.king@betathetapi.org Director of Development Laura L. Lednik laura.lednik@betathetapi.org

Trust www.betathetapi.org/gift

“What shall I do to render myself worthy of a brother’s esteem? How shall I promote his interests or win his confidence? And what exertions shall I make to prove to all that I am not a mere cipher in the association to which I belong?” — Founder David Linton, Miami 1839, of ever honored memory.

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Beta Theta Pi Foundation Brennan Hall 5134 Bonham Road Oxford, Ohio 45056-1429

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On behalf of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation, thank you to all Betas, Friends of Beta and family members who have contributed to the success of Beta Theta Pi!

“Bound Together… ….by vows which are never broken, and a zeal which knows not self.” — John Reily Knox, Miami 1839, of ever honored memory.

Your BLF Gift this Year Will: • Provide 1,500+ students with a high-quality leadership development experience • Ensure 121 chapters receive 2+ visits from Beta’s highly-trained leadership consultants • Grant Men of Principle Scholarships to 100+ chapters for use in recruiting men of principle • Provide 70+ students with a Merit Scholarship for use in furthering their education • Ensure the Foundation secures $1 million for the BLF to fully fund the Men of Principle initiative for all 121 chapters and colonies


Beta Leadership Fund

Developing Men of Principle for a Principled Life

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Foundation Annual Report  

The 2011 Beta Theta Pi Foundation Annual Report.

Foundation Annual Report  

The 2011 Beta Theta Pi Foundation Annual Report.