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ARE YOU OKAY? Hangin’ with San Diego’s Cat Kom

The Beauty Within You Go With The Flow Positive Psychology What’s Eating You?


Fermented Foods


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Eat Real Food Chinese Medicine teaches us how a body works. Upon birth, you have a full tank of “Qi”. Qi is your life force. It’s what beats your heart, pumps your blood, digests your food, and makes repairs. It’s a full tank at the beginning of life, about half full at midlife, and when the tank is empty, you expire. Loose analogy. In Chinese Medicine we replenish Qi everyday with food, oxygen, and water. Food must be nutrient rich, water must be clean, and breath must be deep to oxygenate your body. If any of these elements are deficient, or poor in quality, health will suffer. Real food has the nutrients your body needs. This makes Qi. It is impossible for processed, chemical-laden, non-food to give you nutrition. It’s dead. Even if the package says it’s “natural”, or “high in omega”, “fortified”, your body doesn’t know what to do with a man-made chemical chain of fakeness. Not only do you get zero nutrition, your body has to spend valuable energy to discard this processed mumbo-jumbo. If you want a metabolism that gives you health and optimal weight, you need Qi that’s free and available to all your cells, your blood, your muscles, and your brain. Ask yourself, “How many processing steps did this food go through before it got to my plate?” A cucumber, not many. A can of processed soup, too many. If you have a pool, would you choose to fill it with clean water, or mud? Processed food makes mud; real food makes clear water and life force. Starting with the next thing you put in your mouth, make it real. If you don’t have it, go get it. 4

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From the publisher

San Diego's premier free health, wellness, lifestyle magazine

Welcome, we hope you enjoyed the first issue of Best Self San Diego. Out goal is to inspire those who want to look and feel their best; our magazine provides education, inspiration, local resources, choices, entertainment – and an occasional smile. As publisher, I want to share my inspiration and hopes for the region’s only health, wellness, beauty and anti-aging magazine. Several months ago, I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the man staring back. The first word that came to me was “REALLY?” Truth is right now I don’t feel or look my best, and I’m tired of it!

Even as I write this, I am shaking my head. I still can’t believe how far I let myself go. I weigh what? My blood pressure is what? I risk serious health consequences if I don’t change my ways? So what am I going to do about it? I need to summons my inner hero, hold myself accountable and make better lifestyle choices if I want to see old age. Problem is I don’t know the best ways to become my best self. I know many of you can empathize. Then it struck me: To help others and myself - and to feed my creative vision - I’d start a health and wellness magazine to answer these elusive questions! Again, the word “REALLY?” sprang to mind. This time I had a better answer. Why not? I’m a successful San Diego publisher with a strong work ethic and unabated imagination and optimism. I juggle dozens of projects daily and accomplish “missions impossible” on a regular basis. I can do this because there’s a need for this information from others and myself.

I then asked myself what I’d put in the new magazine and do with the information? I’d educate my readers and myself on the latest health, wellness and anti-aging knowledge by interviewing industry leaders and surrounding myself with experts in various fields. Then I would turn this knowledge into action and become a healthier person and hope others would do the same. At least that’s the plan. Over the coming months I invite you follow me as I embark on this journey to live up to the name of my magazine and become my best self. In due course I hope to replace my silhouette with a picture of the real me. In the meantime, email me health tips and advice and, of course, story ideas. This is, after all, really your magazine. Now go out and make this year your Best Self year!

Mike Miller Publisher Best Self San Diego Magazine


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MARCH 2016

to Best Self San Diego Magazine! Publisher EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Mike Miller Contributing Writers Tracy Benson Stefanie Dumont Debra Metras Brian Stenzler Allana Pratt Cat Kom Keith Angelin De Anna Krause Laurie Morse CJ Machado Trevor Watson Betsey Usher Graphic Design Trevor Watson Advertising Information (858) 800-7617 Best Self San Diego Media Office 9750 Miramar Rd., Suite 315 San Diego, CA 92126 (858) 800-7617

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“In positive psychology, flow, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.”

GET YOUR SEXY BACK Divorce or breakups can be devastating. Some of us hide, others put on fake smiles — and many of us get right back in the game without taking time to heal. Others give up forever and pretend they’re fine without a partner, yet secretly yearn for that special someone.


The way we feel inside can reflect how we appear on the outside. What’s special is that everyone has their own unique qualities and become more attractive externally if those qualities are nurtured and developed. It’s all about discovering those hidden treasures within us and letting it shine through for everyone to see.


JOIN US > Health & Wellness / Fitness & Weight Loss / Beauty & Anti-Aging / Food & Nutrition / Life Enrichment 8

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“And it might sound a bit cliché, but life IS short. Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself more than the next guy.”

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27 12 How ya doin'? Are you "fine"? Probably, and you’re not alone. How many people do you think are settling? If I had to guess I would say most. You stay in a relationship because it’s “okay”, or in a job because “you don’t hate it”, or you stay at your fitness level because “it could be worse”. Ya know why people do that? Guesses? I have one, because it’s comfortable.

Qi Is Your Life Force Go With The Flow Are You Ok? Cat Kom How To Get Your Sexy Back The Beauty Within You Keep A Summer Glo What’s Eating You? What Are Fermented Foods? Beauty Beyond Botox The Balance Of Nutrients Health VS Sickness Addiction The Equal Opportunity Destroyer


Nation-wide, fermented foods are taking the main stage in healthy, foodie circles and the world of Nutrition. Eating fermented foods goes back thousands of years.


For advertising or editorial information, call Best Self at: (858) 800.7617

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GO WITH THE FLOW “In positive psychology, flow, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.”


best self san diego / february march 2016 2016

“In positive psychology, flow, also known as the zone, is the mental state of operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.” I attended a workshop recently on the topic of “flow” or what some people refer to as “the zone.” We were discussing that professional athletes, musicians, and experts, create their best work in “the zone.” So, is being in “the zone” just for the extraordinary or can we mere mortals, doing well but seeking to do better, learn the tricks of the trade? We all have the ability to access flow, it’s just that some of us are more tuned in than others. 
Flow is a state of being, an environment where one loses track of all time and space. It is the state where creation is born. Flow starts first thing in the morning before you open your eyes. Flow can come in the midst of a shower or communing with nature. We experience flow skiing down a mountain of deep powder with every turn we take. As a professional singer at a very young age, I know now that every time I performed on stage, I was in “the zone.” I went somewhere else. I was not aware of my surroundings, only feeling elation and personifying the song I was singing.
 Each of us has a talent or gift which takes us to this place, our most important task in life is discovering that gift.

“Productivity soars in the zone, with a stream of pure effortlessness” The skill we want to acquire here is how to put ourselves into the zone more often. Productivity soars in the zone, with a stream of pure effortlessness. One of the recommendations made in the workshop was “taking a break.” When engaged in an activity that is not flowing, stopping to take a walk or changing your environment can reignite flow. Equally as important as learning techniques of entry, is awareness of what blocks us from flow. The most common block that keeps “the zone” at bay is fear; fear of anything or everything. Fear keeps us out of flow. Think about it, whenever we go into fear about something, we can not create, move, or achieve. Flow is trust. It is the confidence that you innately know what you are doing and feeling the joy in doing it. 
 So, when was the last time you experienced flow? Have you ever been in this state before? Where were you, what were you doing? What did it feel like? Can you repeat your success or create it anew? The season of Spring is new growth and creation, new life and evolution. In order for us to be our Best Self, we need to understand how we create, and know when we are enjoying the process. I challenge you to design a list of your own. See you in “the zone!”

10 Ways to Initiate Flow

1. Music 2. Focused fitness/sports 3. Being in nature 4. Give yourself a goal with a deadline 5. Doing what you love 6. Meditation/relaxation 7. Candles/incense 8. Stop and change your environment 9. Personal rituals or cues

If you have any questions about how to improve your life or a subject you’d like us to discuss, feel free to email Visit us on Facebook, Dynamic Progress Coaching


Executive & Empowerment Coach Dynamic Progress Coaching

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J Fino Photography 12

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you okay? Settling Versus Really Living How ya doin'? Are you "fine"? Probably, and you’re not alone. How many people do you think are settling? If I had to guess I would say most. You stay in a relationship because it’s “okay”, or in a job because “you don’t hate it”, or you stay at your fitness level because “it could be worse”. Ya know why people do that? Guesses? I have one, because it’s comfortable. Like many of you I’m always working to find that balance between my job, my family, and then, if I’m really lucky, a social life. I’m sure you can relate right? I imagine that some of the things on my plate are probably sitting on your plate as well. I’m a woman now in my 40’s, trying to manage a demanding job, balancing my own health and fitness goals, parenting my 3 busy kids, being a good friend and sister, etc., and all without having a mental breakdown. But here’s the deal… I am doing it! I’m really living life without being satisfied with “okay”. How you ask? I take chances, but it wasn’t always that way.

Okay puts food on the table, allows you to have a day off, keeps you from totally hating how you look (though you might not necessarily like how you look or feel), and keeps you from feeling scared. You know what okay is not? Exhilarating. It is not passion, or a reason to get out of bed every day. It isn't life changing or something that you'll never forget. It’s living the mediocre. Mediocrity is never risking what you have for a chance, just a chance, that something beyond incredible could happen in your life. My name is Cat Kom and I’m the owner of the San Diego based fitness studio called Studio SWEAT, and the associated online streaming workout’s website, StudioSWEATonDemand. com. I’ll tell you what - it ain’t easy, but it’s worth it.


Right after I graduated from the University of Washington (Go Dawgs!) I worked as a technology consultant for almost 10 years. My job was fine… it was just fine. It was easy for me and it paid well. But, to

best self san diego / february 2016

be honest, I was just living in the land of “okay”. I was bored. So after years of living this way I decided that life was too short to keep doing something I didn’t love. I was gonna have to get out of my comfort zone. Did I ever.

scenes to keep it all going and growing. I realized that I was not only helping people around me live happier healthier lives, but that I was REALLY happy too. But, as well as things were going, I still found that I wanted something more.

I pulled money from my retirement and bought my first gym in Washington State. I was so. scared, but I did it. I had always been involved in fitness to some degree. After all, my first job at the age of 16 was in a gym, but this was for real now. I ran that gym with everything I had, and found such joy in watching it grow and prosper. I worked in the business (sometimes with my baby girl strapped to my back ) as a group instructor and personal trainer, and on the business side, running everything behind the

I had always dreamed of living in San Diego. So ya know what I did? I sold the gym to someone I knew would take care of it, and I moved to sunny San Diego. When I moved in 2009 I had no intention of opening another health club, but I am pretty sure it’s just in my DNA so that is exactly what I did. I opened Studio SWEAT within 6 months of my arrival. My goal was the same as it was with my last gym; I wanted to create an environment where people felt comfortable and safe, no matter what their fitness level. I was

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determined, once again, to support, inspire, and coach my fitness family by helping them realize just how capable they were to reach beyond what they ever imagined. Did I mention that I had left quite a few friends behind in Washington? These folks totally counted on me more than I realized. As a matter of fact, they were relentless about having me find a way to train them even though I was thousands of miles away. So I said to myself, “Cat, where there’s a will there’s a way. You can do this.” I decided to marry my technology background, which I thought was a thing of the past, with my passion for fitness by filming and uploading the workouts my amazing team and I led in the studio. I was able to share them with my friends in Washington. Then I had another idea... If my friends in Washington liked them so much (and boy did they!), what about opening my classes to the the public. There were no boundaries with this approach, and I could potentially help people around the world! This was risky though. It was going to take a lot of time and money to really make this happen. But, I took a gamble that it’d be worth it. And this is how Studio Sweat onDemand was born! Fitness lovers from San Diego to Spain were taking and loving Studio SWEAT onDemand classes. Next thing I know old Jed's a millionaire... just playin’ :)... Seriously though, my little project that began as a way of staying connected to my long distance fitness friends was just featured as #2 on the top 5 list of "5 Best Online Streaming Workouts” in Men’s Journal. WHAT??!! Could it be that all my hard work and efforts had paid off that well? You know it! I think back to the time in my life when I wallowed in the okay. Never again! Has it been scary to take risks without knowing how it’s going to turn out? Ummm... yeah, and entirely challenging to be honest. And it might sound a bit cliché, but life IS short. Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself more than the next guy.

I think back to the time in my life when I wallowed in the "okay." Never again. Has it been scary to take risks without knowing how it’s going to turn out? Ummm... yeah, and entirely challenging to be honest. And it might sound a bit cliché, but life Is short. Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself more than the next guy. Reading up to this point you might think I make this all sound like it was soooooo easy. Let me be clear, it’s not. Most good things don’t come easily. The risks I’ve taken with launching my own business, as well as in my personal life bring days where I’m scared, days where I have to concede something I tried didn’t work, days where I made the wrong choice, and days where I just flat out get knocked to the ground. On one of these days I had a friend send me a timely message that said, “I thought of you when I read this.” The message she was quoting was, “You might have knocked me down, but when I get back up you are SCREWED!”. Ha! It’s exactly what I needed at that moment. The bottom line is that you might have to go backwards to go forwards, and you might have to endure some bumps when you take the jumps, but I implore you to never be okay with okay. Trust yourself and by all means.... ask for help along the way. One thing I tell my kids and my team is that, in my humble opinion, it isn’t the person who claims to always have the answer who’s the brightest star, rather the person who concedes they don’t have the answer, but that they will get it, who shines the brightest. So take a chance on yourself my friends, and THEN you’ll be more than okay. You’ll be extraordinary. ~ Cat Kom

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best self san diego / march 2016

How to Get your Sexy Back after a Divorce or Bad Breakup

best self san diego / march 2016


get your sexy back As a Relationship Coach for the past 17 years, I work with single and divorced women who struggle trusting men after after a devastating breakup. I take women from feeling frumpy to sexy, overwhelmed to organized at worst… orgasmic at best! Many come to me running on fumes and by the end of our 6th session or weekend intensive, they’re exploding with vibrant sustainable energy, sacred joy and sensual confidence. (I also have a thriving Men’s Practice healing men’s emasculated hearts and awakening their ‘Noble Badass’ after years of fearing rejection and compromising who they are to please a woman… the sad consequences of a harsh breakup. I inspire amazing men around the world to cure the nice guy, stop agonizing about what they did wrong and end the fear of dying alone by creating a hot healthy long term intimate partnership.)

By Intimacy Expert, Allana Pratt


ivorce or breakups can be devastating. Some of us hide, others put on fake smiles — and many of us get right back in the game without taking time to heal. Others give up forever and pretend they’re fine without a partner, yet secretly yearn for that special someone.

The important thing you never want to lose during the process, is your self-confidence. In fact, it’s wise to lean-into the divorce experience and GROW an even more solid core of self worth. Then your future will be bright whether you’re single, dating or married again. Do it for your kids. Do it for your Soul.


best self san diego / march 2016

Yet it wasn’t always this way! I had my own hurdles to cross and wounds to heal. In my early 20’s, I married a tall, dark and handsome multimillionaire who was a great man, yet I was an insecure people pleaser afraid that I’d never find anyone to love me or take care of me. I’m grateful for the divorce because it taught me to find safety, security and appreciation deep within myself and base my future relationships on a deep, soulful connection. Husband number two was a different story. I got pregnant the week after my mom died at my sister’s wedding. I couldn’t save mom, my sister had someone, so I was going to make this work, dammit! Yet given I chose him from a devastated fearful place and was operating

‘on empty’, this too ended in divorce. I bought him out, fearfully stayed in the house, drained my savings and found myself in huge debt. I was a terrified, ashamed, single motherless mom and hit rock bottom. During a powerful meditation one night, I looked into my son’s eyes declaring that I would become a woman of power, joy and grace.

Step 2 is to affirm that you are a Goddess! You

When you’re truly committed, providence occurs. A miracle happened. I met the amazing Leeza Gibbons, coached her through ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and began my life’s work as a “Sexy Mom Expert” awakening women’s feminine power. I had found the secrets to being playful with my son, feeling ravishing with my man and having true heartfelt connections with my girlfriends. A decade later I’ve declare myself an Intimacy Expert… In-To-Me-I-See… and I inspire thousands of women to find that deeper, wiser, intuitive and sensual part of themselves we so often lose when a relationship ends.

as something you failed at… instead see it as a learning experience. Say “thank you” for this experience and write 10 reasons of gratitude such as: I learned to have stronger boundaries, speak my truth, trust myself, reconnect to my powerful femininity, learn there is strength in my softness and courage in my heart.

So here’s the truth my new friend. If we don’t get our confidence back, there’s a good chance we’ll gain weight, feel depressed, unappreciated and overwhelmed. We may become cranky with the kids, overwork until we have adrenal fatigue or a heart attach, competitive with younger, thinner sexier women, ashamed that we are not married yet and resigned to never trust men again. Now breathe. There’s an effective (and delicious) solution!

Step 1 is telling the truth. Are you overworking,

overeating or drinking too much to numb your feelings? Are you taking out your frustration on your coworkers, children or yourself? Are you buying into female competition, unable to be happy for those newly engaged? Are you saying cruel things to yourself like “What’s wrong with me? I’ll never find anyone. There aren’t any good men out there!” STOP.

are worthy, valued and cherished! You are a gift to this world! Change your point of view from 10 extra pounds to voluptuous! Do things that nourish your radiance: dance, journal, pray, be in nature, hang with kind people, flirt with yourself in the mirror!

Step 3 is no longer seeing your divorce or breakup

Step 4 is to ask for help to heal the deep stuff once

and for all so you don’t date the same person again in a different body! Remember, true Queens delegate, get support and embrace sisterhood. Be willing to receive effective proven tender powerful support. Reach out to my and apply for a 60 minute complementary “Find Your Feminine Power” Strategy Session with me. (Men, I’d love to contribute to you too! Please request an application for your “Find Your Perfect Mate” complementary session as well ;-)

Step 5

is to sink deep into your heart and KNOW your prayers are already answered. Now its time to walk through the unknown, focusing more on the present moment of healing and empowerment, than the future or past. Hand in hand together we will use this divorce as the springboard from which you will soar! Know you are guided, held and loved so deeply by Spirit. And it’s my privilege to walk with you and bring you ‘Home’ inside. That’s a confidence no one can ever take away.

As a Relationship Coach for the past 15 years, I take women from feeling frumpy to sexy, overwhelmed to organized, running on fumes to exploding with energy, joy and confidence.

Great love and delicious blessings, Allana


best self san diego / march 2016


The Beauty Within You 20

best self san diego / march 2016

The way we feel inside can reflect how we appear on the outside. What’s special, is that everyone has their own unique qualities and become more attractive externally if those qualities are nurtured and developed. It’s all about discovering those hidden treasures within us and letting it shine through for everyone to see. You’re beautiful if you know it and feel it. The glow of confidence and sex appeal comes from within yourself. So go out there, because there’s a whole world waiting for the beautiful you. And if you still feel like there’s a flaw holding the beautiful you back, learn to overcome it. Be your Best Self and everyone will notice!

best self san diego / march 2016


Keep a Summer Glo all year long

San Diego Insider Glo Airbrush Tanning


best self san diego / march 2016


he early 1980’s, millions of people paid money to place their nude bodies into a futuristic looking coffin, lined inside with high powered UV lights that promised to provide a healthy golden tan in less than 30 minutes or less. Pale skin was more for the runway model and slowly became a fashion flaw, and the quest for a beautiful bronze body became all the rage.

Together they react with the protein in the skin’s superficial layer to form a golden brown color. The skin begins to darken two or three hours after the application and reaches its peak color within 24 hours, leaving you ready for that special event or just because. These products not only ensure the protection of your skin, but help you receive numerous other benefits as well.

The industry boomed, and despite warnings from dermatologists and cancer-prevention groups, many blew off the personal risks in exchange for the golden perfection. 35 years later, the tanning bed still exist, but only as a distant memory of it’s previous glory. So cosmetic companies jumped on the “self tan” bandwagon and pushed a wide variety of products that promised to get rid of the winter white hue of any skin.

It’s important to remember that our bodies naturally rejuvenate and slough off dry flaky skin, depending on age, genes and lifestyle. This actually predicts the overall longevity of your tan but a typical a spray tan can last anywhere from 4 to 7 days when it’s properly applied.

The market filled with do it yourself-tanners, creams, lotions & sprays which not only left many with a huge margin for error including patchiness, inconsistency in color. So the tanning industry once again began to flourish with the advent of spray tanning. The horizontal coffin now went vertical and became more of a spray booth. The participant stands in the buff while a series of spray nozzles cover every inch of the body with 4-5 ounces of tanning solution.

Make sure do a Mani Pedi before your tan. Shower & shave using a good exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells and excess body oil. Do not apply any deodorant, lotion, or make-up after your shower and bring or wear something lightweight and dark in color to wear afterward. You can tan in whatever you feel comfortable wearing, or not wearing. Keep in mind tan lines if you have something specific to dress for.

The downside of a traditional spray tan is the copious amounts of solution sprayed onto the body. Large amounts of tanning solution can lead to visible drip marks, color blotching and the need for good drying time so the solution wont end up on your clothes. When reviewing social media sites such as Yelp or Facebook, the biggest complaints of the traditional spray tan is the much-dreaded close resemblance of an Oompa Loompa, orange skin and all.

Here are a few helpful tips to ensure the best results.

It’s best to tan later in the day to give your tan ample time to develop and reach ultimate color. Sleep in it, shower and moisturize in the morning and that’s it. The process is very simple. Stay hydrated and use an after tan moisturizer made specifically for sunless tanning. It will contain a little DHA and will extend the life of your tan. Most importantly, spray tanning is an art and it’s important to do a little

So now, tanning professionals have taken things to a whole new level, creating a custom tanning experience that uses the instrument of an artist, rather than that of a commercial painters spray rig… it’s called the Airbrush Tan.

homework to before you go under the gun. Make sure to ask questions when seeking for a tanning professional such as; how many years of experience they have, what type of equipment they use, and most of all, the type and quality of the tanning solution they use.

Airbrush tanning is not only more fun; its fast and the best way to get an even sculpted golden tan without the spray rig and dripmarks.

Spray tans range in price any where from $10.00 for a booth style tan to $35- $80.00+ for Airbrush Tanning. Before you pony-up just remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for”.

So what is sunless airbrush tanning? Airbrush tanning is a customized spray/mist application of sunless tanning solution by a professional to the entire body. Most commonly found in higher end sunless tanning products, the solution used in a airbrush system is, DHA a colorless, non-toxic active ingredient Dihydroxyacetone, which reacts with the amino acids in the dead layer of your skin. DHA combines with the amino acids to form browncolored melaninoids. It is approved by the FDA and is not absorbed into the body and is non-toxic. Many artists will also add Erythrulose which is derived from red raspberries to enhance color and produce a deeper, longer lasting natural tan.

Keep yourself healthy inside and out and know that Sunless is best. Now go get your Glo on!

De Anna Krause Glo Airbrush Tanning Solutions Call or Text (619) 933-8516

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Are you having a bad day? Are you stressed out? Feeling sad or angry, or frustrated? What’s eating you? Or maybe the real question is - what are you eating? When things aren’t going your way, are you going to the refrigerator?? It’s called “mood food” because for many of us, when things start to go south, we start looking for something to eat. We want comfort and we want it right away. Instant relief from whatever it is that’s triggering us. So what do we grab? Maybe it’s Mac N’ Cheese or chocolate cake, or chips? What’s your comfort food choice? I bet it’s not a salad… The thing is, food does change your mood. There are some very real hormonal factors involved when you are feeling anxious or depressed, and stress triggers the release of those hormones. These stress reactive hormones do make you crave sugar and carbs. That’s because stress triggers the


best self san diego / march 2016

“fight or flight” response and our bodies want something to give a quick burst of energy since we are programmed to survive. Sugar and refined carbohydrates give that quick release. The problem is, your body doesn’t know the difference between a Saber Toothed Tiger charging at you, or just a deadline at work. Your body is reacting to the emotional distress and it triggers the urge to grab those Doritos. I do think it’s important to know that sometimes your behavior around eating is not always something that you can effectively control yourself. Sometimes there are actually hormonal imbalances and underlying health issues that are making you constantly crave sweet or salty foods. If you find you are always craving those types of foods and are also chronically fatigued or stressed, please see your doctor and get checked out.

What's Eating You? For those of you who recognize that when you’re stressed or sad you usually rely on food to better your mood, there are healthier ways to find balance. Call a friend, try yoga, or find something besides food to help you feel better. Food is a quick fix that is always accessible. Unfortunately, if you’re always reaching for those comfort foods, they are usually loaded with sugar, empty calories, refined carbohydrates and unhealthy trans fats. Eating those kinds of foods can actually exacerbate your body’s hormonal response to stress and make you feel even worse. We all know what that sugar crash feels like… The truth is, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t used food for comfort. Life is challenging. The thing to remember here is that it’s all about balance. Sometimes you just need a “cheat” day. Some days you just want ice cream… It’s when you

find yourself reaching for those comfort foods on a regular basis that it could be problematic. Using food to help you deal with emotions is not the answer. It will only create more problems in the long run and that’s the last thing you need… I wanted to share a few recipes for some guilty pleasures that don’t have to make you feel guilty! I think these treats are still in that comfort zone, but won’t be so unhealthy! They contain healthy fats and are more nutrient dense, not just empty calories. This first recipe will surprise you, but don’t be put off! It’s really good.


Health & Wellness Coach

I wanted to share a few recipes for some guilty pleasures that don’t have to make you feel guilty! I think these treats are still in that comfort zone, but won’t be so unhealthy! They contain healthy fats and are more nutrient dense, not just empty calories. This first recipe will surprise you, but don’t be put off! It’s really good.

“Chocolate Fudge” (Vegan and nut free)

1 frozen banana

½ avocado

1 cup water, OR organic coconut milk or almond milk

3 cups of coconut flakes (unsweetened)

1 cup ice

4 T of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

2 T cacao powder or unsweetened cocoa

2 T liquid smoke

1 t cinnamon (optional)

1 T organic maple syrup

I like this for munching as a snack or sprinkled in a sandwich with avocado, lettuce and tomato.

1 15 oz can of organic black beans, rinsed and drained

6 T of organic coconut oil, melted

6 T of cacao or cocoa powder (organic is best if you can find it)

3 T of organic maple syrup or organic raw honey

¼ tsp of pink Himalayan salt or sea salt

1 ½ tsp of vanilla

¼ packet or less of powdered stevia (depending on how sweet you want it to be)

Process all of the ingredients until smooth and well combined. You can do this by hand or in a food processor. You want it to be smooth. Pour the batter into a 7x5 inch Pyrex dish lightly greased with coconut oil. Refrigerate until firm (3-4 hours). Cut and enjoy!

“Chocolate Shake”

“Coconut Bacon”

In a bowl, combine all ingredients until coconut flakes are completely coated. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line a baking pan with parchment paper and lay flakes evenly over the pan. Bake for 12-15 minutes, tossing occasionally. Let cool, then store in the refrigerator for up to seven days, or in the freezer indefinitely.

Blend all ingredients until smooth, thick and creamy.

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WHAT ARE FERMENTED FOODS and Why Are They Good For You?


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Nation-wide, fermented foods are taking the main stage in healthy, foodie circles and the world of Nutrition. Eating fermented foods goes back thousands of years.

What are fermented foods? Fermented foods begin as whole foods, and with the help of micro-organisms, their sugars and carbs are converted into compounds like lactic acid. The process also turns these foods into an extremely beneficial source of probiotics. Probiotics help heal and restore your gut, and bring it into balance. They optimize your immune system, heal your digestive disorders, and are potent detoxifiers. This is just a very small list of all the health benefits fermented foods can bring you and your family. Fermented foods provide even more probiotics than your preferred supplement! Your wallet might thank you, as a ½ cup of the below foods per day is a lot less expensive than your favorite probiotic supplements. Here are just a few fermented foods to try: (To ensure you’re getting authenticity, look for terms on the label like “unpasteurized,” “naturally fermented,” “raw,” or “contains live and active cultures).

*Kombucha - A fermented drink that supplies high levels of healthy acids, probiotics and enzymes, etc. And….comes in many flavors!

*Kefir - (originates from Russia) It is a cultured milk product which colonizes the gastro-intestinal tract, provides vitamins and minerals, can relieve intestinal disorders, is a complete protein, can flush out destructive pathogenic yeasts in our body, etc. *Sauerkraut -

(originates from China and Rome) Made from just cabbage and salt. It protects from intestinal infections, high in vitamin C, and may have cancer fighting properties.

*Kimchi - (originates from Korea) It is dubbed, “sauerkrauts Korean cousin”… but spicy! It is high in vitamins A, B, C, and lactobacilli. *Miso - (originates from Japan) A fermented paste made from barley, rice or soybeans.

It contains all essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. It is a good source of B vitamins (especially B-12). It is high in antioxidants. Add to soups for fantastic flavor.

*Yogurt - (must contain live cultures) Not as beneficial as kefir. *Tempeh - (originates from Indonesia) It is made from naturally fermented soybeans.

It is loaded with iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and protein. Chop it up and throw in a stir-fry.

Fermented foods can possibly reverse some diseases/illnesses by restoring your gut flora. Here are just a few: Candida / Leaky Gut / Ulcers / Crohns Disease Acid Reflux / Obesity / Type 2 Diabetes / IBS Constipation / Reduce risk of dementia There are a variety of fermented foods that are familiar (and not so familiar) and can be purchased in a health food store or your nearest Asian market. You can also have fun creating your own foods to ferment . . . leave it to your imagination and willingness to experiment! Take a look at some of the YouTube tutorials on how to do it yourself, they are informative and fun! There are also some great books out now that give you a wealth of information, and don’t forget all the websites you can peruse. I gave you just a little information about fermented foods. If you do start researching them, and start eating them, (even a little bit a day to start), you will be amazed at the health benefits and I guarantee you, you will tell your friends how much better you feel now that you have discovered…… Fermented Foods!

Debra Metras, B.A., N.E

Holistic Nutrition Educator/Coach/Chef

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Beauty Beyond Botox I really love natural beauty, and the look of a woman aging with grace, not fighting natural changes. I have no judgment if a woman chooses to ‘enhance’ her process. As with everything, there is a line. Over the line and enhancements turn downright freakish. There’s no beauty in that to my eyes. We all know the cultural insistence on a particular beauty. The statistics on the money spent in the beauty industry is shocking! A line came to me for an art piece several years ago… “Beauty is seen from the outside in and felt from the inside out”, which rings true to me. In my late twenties, I had a terrible skin breakout. It was painful and disfiguring. I hid for months, cried most days, and searched like a crazy for remedies. The journey was long, yet it taught me some valuable lessons. One of which, is that beauty is more than skin deep. Which led to discovering how to cultivate beauty from the inside out, not according to cultural standards. While Botox is one solution to the grooves and gutters, it’s not the same thing as cultivating beauty from the inside out. When I tend to regular self-care, I feel my own unique version of beauty. It’s not only more than enough; I find an honest appreciation in it.


I enjoy feeling liberated from the cultural hooks.

My recipe for cultivating beauty from the inside out. 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6.


Beauty is a reflection of my inner health and doesn’t come from products. Products help, but aren’t “it”. Use only chemical-free, organic, and plant based products. A borage of chemicals steals Qi. Qi that would otherwise be for cultivating healthy inner beauty. Sleep is non-negotiable. There is no such thing as perfect. Imperfect wholeness feels beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I am the first beholder. I must own it. Everything that passes my lips, either builds health and beauty, or tears it down.

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7. 8.

Every thought I think does the same thing. Daily movement. Otherwise, toxic waste accumulates and steals the show. 9. My morning ritual connects me to Truth, my purpose, and to universal life force or Qi. This connection is the most important ingredient in my health practice. 10. Love, consciously cultivated, radiates as beauty. 11. Beauty is a dynamic process, not a one-time event. 12. Fun, laughter, play, and creativity. No substitutions allowed.

THE BALANCE OF NUTRIENTS There are generally two types of nutrients Macronutrients and Micronutrients. The macronutrients are: 1. 2. 3.

Protein (meat, eggs, poultry, fish, cheese etc.) Carbohydrates (grains, legumes, potatoes, squash, fruit, sugar etc.) Fat (butter, coconut oil, olive oil, seeds, nuts, avocados, saturated fat etc.)

Micronutrients are all the vitamins and minerals we obtain from the food we eat. For example, vegetables have a dense micronutrient profile, while protein has a dense amino acid profile. It should be said that enzymes, fiber, and friendly microorganisms in food is equally important. Insulin breaks down the glucose or sugar in carbohydrates, while glucagon promotes the breakdown of protein. Those two hormones (insulin and glucagon) stabilize one another. Just like the sun and the moon stabilize our planet, and Yin and Yang stabilize one another. A human body has many stabilizing forces by design. Think of the simple, yet profound balance of inhale and exhale. If you have one without the other, problems arise. The sun without the moon equals big problems. Nature directs us into right balance if we listen. It’s a classic case of “lookin’ for love in all the wrong places”. When I am conscious about the right balance between protein, carbohydrates and fat in each meal, along with lots of vegetables, I feel REALLY good. That balance varies slightly for each person depending on constitution and activity levels. BUT, it doesn’t vary all that much because every human being requires the three macronutrients. To me it’s like a three-legged stool, if one or two of the legs are missing, it can’t hold someone up (I wouldn’t want to try :). If one or two of the macronutrients are missing, it can’t hold a human body up for proper function and well-being. Once you get your right balance in line, then you can focus and the best food quality and choices possible to support micronutrients, fiber, and friendly bacteria. It’s ALL about balance.


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HEALTH VS. sickness

what is sickness? In the last issue of Best Self, we tackled the concept of Health vs. Wellness and defined both terms. (Be sure to get a copy of the last issue if you haven’t yet read it!). In this issue, as promised, we will discuss the concept of “sickness”. You may be wondering to yourself, “Why is Dr. Stenzler putting the word sickness in quotations?”. The reason is because most people do not use the word accurately. We defined health as the state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Ok, actually, the World Health Organization defined it. We then defined wellness as a proactive approach towards creating physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony. In short, it is the lifestyle that leads towards increased health. So then, what is sickness? Some jump in and say, “Well then, sickness is the absence of health!” While that is partly true, it is not the full story. If a person has a fever, is he/she sick? If someone is coughing, is that person sick? If someone is vomiting, is that person sick?


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The answer to those questions is the same… maybe. We know one thing for sure when those symptoms occur; the person is definitely fighting something. Why do people get fevers in the first place? Increased body temperature is a natural response of the immune system to kill unwanted bacteria. Research has shown that at 101 degrees F, bacteria begin to immobilize and stop multiplying. At 102 degrees, bacteria begins to die. Yet what do we tend to do at the first sight of a fever? We artificially lower it, not allowing our body to do what it was designed to do. Our innate (inborn) intelligence knows exactly what to do when the body is under stress… yet we get

scared or uncomfortable and choose to take matters into our own hands. When we do that, we give an opportunity for more bacteria to thrive and affect our health negatively down the road. Why do we cough up phlegm when we have a “cold”? Our body produces a protein called interferon that essentially kills viruses on contact. Interferon travels through the mucus in the body and coughing allows the dead virus to exit the body. Who wants dead viruses sitting in their body??? We all know that when someone vomits, that person says he/she is sick. Well, what if that person drank too much alcohol for the body to process (or ate bad shrimp)? Do you see

how that could potentially be devastating to the body and shut down organs? Instead, the body’s infinite wisdom knows to get the toxic material out of the body, and it does it through the mouth, called vomiting. I think that you may see a common trend between my three examples. All of them show that the symptom is not the problem. In fact, the symptom is typically there to inform you of an issue and to bring your body back to balance. In fact, inhibiting the symptoms can actually cause more harm in the long run. All of the symptoms mentioned above are examples of the body doing exactly what it is supposed to do! Therefore, we see sickness as the body NOT doing what it is supposed to do! Please note, there are definitely times that symptoms need to be treated to prevent damage, so it is important to use a combination of good judgment and advice from a qualified health care provider when necessary. So, how does the body know what it should do? The nerve system (brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves) communicates vital information to all body parts. The nerve system essentially tells every organ, muscle, gland, tissue and cell of the body what to do, when to do it and how to do it. If your nerve system is not functioning optimally, it can affect your health in a negative way. You may not know this, but doctors of chiropractic are specialists at detecting the cause of many health issues by determining if spinal misalignments (subluxations) are adversely affecting your health and well-bing by causing tension on your nerve system. Therefore, it would be wise to have your (and your kids too) nerve system checked by a chiropractic doctor today!


Health is Your Best Wealth

Do You Need A Reboot?

Are you are a spiritually inclined woman who knows that accessing your best health is your best wealth? Maybe you have the health basics in place and are ready to dramatically change, or up your game, secure your medical future, and live a healthy, spiritual, abundant second half of life. You also know, there is an art to creating health. You may need a kick-start, a mindset makeover, or access to your 'body intelligence', either way we can help you powerfully up-level your health today. It’s time to create the healthy, and deeply peaceful being you’ve always dreamed of. Holistic Health Services is a Wellness Center dedicated to restoring your health.

Learn more about our flagship program: "Reboot Your Health in 90 Days or Less" (858) 270-6614 best self san diego / march 2016



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Alcohol and Drug Counselor

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Dear Dummy, I hate honesty. I despise sanity. I am repulsed by thoughts of God or anyone who thinks there is anything superior to their own ego. I have bankrupted, corrupted and interrupted the lives of countless people. To all those who know me, I bring suffering and death. My specialties are death by automobile, death by indulgence and death by thine own hand. As for the family and friends who cling to the hope of a miracle from above, they will languish in anguish watching the person they love slowly, surely, die before their eyes. Cunning, baffling and powerful are what I am. Who you are makes no difference to me. Young, old, rich, poor, smart, famous, dumb as dirt... you are all the same. I am the puppeteer and you are the dummy dancing from my string. While you are busy hopping left foot to right, I pretend to be your friend: I am the solution, I am dependable, I am indispensable, You deserve this, You control this, You will get away with this. And you listen like the

dummy you are, dancing harder, numbing yourself to reality with every step. Alone, claustrophobic and without hope... it is your private heaven in the bowels of my hell. What I supply is instant gratification: something which you find as vital as water and are willing to trade for your soul. What about suffering, you ask? Never mind that. Why focus on the future when you live thrill to thrill. Besides, your will is strong. You are the smartest person you know. You will be the one person in all the world to get the better of me. Trust me. Haven’t I always been there for you? Through the worst of times... filling your glass, stroking your hair, dispensing your pills. Through the best of times, too. Whenever you felt things were too good for a dummy like you, wasn’t I the first to agree? Together we ensured that happiness slipped through your slippery fingertips.

You keep underestimating me. You worry about cancer, chest pains, diabetes, liver disease and such. Poor, blind dummy. You can’t see that I am the one responsible for these things. Yet, despite wreaking such destruction, I do not force myself upon you. It is you who chooses me over and over in an endless cycle, like so many other dummies who have chosen to put their sanity last. Alas, not everyone dances as easily as you do. Hard as I might try, some folks are not interested in my slice of heaven. Instead they have chosen programs and meetings, fellowships and ... (shudder)... God. No matter. I have all the time in the world. For now it is I who will be waiting alone and claustrophobic... but never without hope. You see, I am very, very patient. Warmest regards, The Disease of Addiction

If you are wrestling with a substance use disorder, then you are tethered to your master’s controls. Your master despises you. You represent life and hope. He represents selfishness, pride and death. His only goal is to inflict pain. This nightmare will not end by making a few changes here and there. Snipping one or two strings will not save you. In fact, it will probably make things worse because you will be forced to overcompensate in other areas. Cutting all the strings will only work if you have implemented a new plan for living. Otherwise, you will just be a lifeless lump on the floor: sick, depressed, anxious and miserable. Is drug or alcohol abuse causing pain in your life or the life of someone close to you? If so, speak up! Seek help in developing a plan to evict this demon-master and restore every area of life to a glowing vigor, today!

Our Court-Approved Substance Abuse Assessments Can Win Your Case! Approved by DMV, Family Services and Criminal Courts nationwide Court-ordered substance abuse assessments can determine the outcome of drug and alcohol related cases, including DUI, Family Services and criminal cases. Our expert assessments keep you on the road, out of jail, united with family or in treatment.


• We slam the door shut on the issue of substance abuse. • We can offer recommendations that are less severe than would otherwise be imposed by the court, including treatment in lieu of incarceration. • We discredit allegations against you. • We present evidence favorable to you. • We can serve as an expert witness.

CIAS Counseling, Intervention & Assessment Services HOTLINE (949) 269-8034 •


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Skin Rejuvenation

Dermal Fillers

Treat sun damage and pigmentation Devices: eLos Fotofacial, Spectra, Gentlemax, & Fraxel.

Treat age-related facial volume loss and deep lines. Specializing in natural-looking results.

Bellafill, Juvederm, Restylane,

Skin Resurfacing Treat pores, wrinkles and naturally stimulate collagen. Devices: Fraxel DUAL, SkinFinity, VIVA, eMatrix, Voluderm.

Voluma, Radiesse, Sculptra

Skin Tightening and Lifting Nonsurgical and no downtime procedures for sagging skin Devices: Ulthera, Thermage CPT, ReFirme, Venus Concept.

SP Diet Medical Weight Loss


FDA-approved to treat expressive wrinkles like frown lines and crow’s feet.

Ideal for 20-50 lb weight loss Low carb diet eating real and healthy foods.


New FDA-approved injections to reduce double chin.

Body Shaping

Reduce and melt fat painlessly Abdomen, love handles and cellulite Devices: Vanquish, Venus Concept.


FDA-approved for permanent reduction of underarm sweat and odor.

Call today for your free consultation:

619.280.1609 Beatitude Aesthetic Medicine 5030 Camino De La Siesta, Suite 101, San Diego, CA 92108

M-F 9am-6:30pm, Every other Sat. 9am-2pm Conveniently located in Mission Valley, 1/2 mile West of the Mission Valley Mall near the I-8, I-163 and I-805 Freeways.

The Doctor is always in! Aeria Chang, M.D.

Performs most consultations, medical treatments, and all injectables.

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