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November 2013


The Truth About Detoxing

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Get that holiday glow p. 15

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Ways to keep warm this season p. 18

Eight-time Mr. Olympia

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Lee Haney

Georgia Gives Day

Staying strong in body and spirit p. 49

My Best Self Local Rockette gets ready for those high kicks


Flu Season is Upon Us by

Charlene Robinson, MD & Vafa Rekaby, MD


Year End Financial Planning by Laura K. Schilling, JD, CPA, CFP(r), CSA


What You Need to Know About Your HSA/FSA by

Carrie Whittington


Robotic Hair Restoration Arrives in Atlanta by Ken Anderson, MD


Managing Melasma by

Gabrielle Sabini, MD


Colon Hydrotherapy: The Lost Art of Cleansing by Teresa Ducoffe & Candace Layer, CCH



Give-Back Guide

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Lots of great opportunities for you to volunteer


Atlantans share their secrets for feeling good, looking good and doing good

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*Restrictions and terms may apply. Annual agreement required. Must be local resident, age 18 or older with Photo ID. First time guests only. Offer ends November 19, 2013 and cannot be combined with another offer. ©2013 Wellbridge

8 Concourse Parkway | Sandy Springs, GA 30328 Easy Access, Exit 4C off GA400 770.698.2000 | 1113_002-005_masthead.indd CONCOURSE_full.indd 1 2

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Did You Know? More than 2 million men in the United States who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point are still alive today. Each year, almost 200,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and more than 30,000 Did You Know? men die of the disease. More than 2 million men in the United Stated who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer Early is critical to the success prostate cancer treatments. are no earlywith symptoms. atdetection some point are still alive today.ofEach year, almost 200,000 Often men there are diagnosed prostate A yearly PSA screening blood test remains the best option to help men assess their risk. Georgia Urology cancer and more than 30,000 men die of the disease. recommends that men talk to their doctor about screening beginning at age 40. there are no early Early detection is critical to the success ofyearly prostate cancer treatments. Often symptoms. A yearly PSA screening blood test remains the best option to help men assess their

Georgia Urology delivers the most advanced urological care available. As the largest risk. Georgia Urology follows the American Urological Association’s recommendation for yearly urology practice in the Southeast, our 41 highly-trained and screening in males beginning at age 40. experienced urologists specialize in the medical and Georgia Urology delivers the most conditions surgical management of all genitourinary advanced care As the in men, women,urological adolescents andavailable. children including: largest urology practice in the Southeast, our 37 highly-trained and experienced • Urological cancers (including prostate, kidney, urologists bladder, andspecialize testicular) in the medical and surgical management of all genitourinary • Male and female incontinence conditions in men, women, adolescents and • Kidney stones children including: • Prostate problems • Urological cancers (including prostate, kidney, • Erectile dysfunction bladder and testicular) • Maletract and infections female incontinence • Urinary • Kidney stones • Male reproductive health and infertility • Prostate problems (including vasectomy and vasectomy reversal) • Erectile dysfunction • Pediatric • Urinaryurology tract infections • Male reproductive health and infertility (including vasectomy and vasectomy reversal) • Pediatric urology Kidney Stone Hotline Appointments within To learn more visit 24 business hours for kidney stone pain. or call 404-256-1844.


To learn more visit or call 404-256-1844. 1113_002-005_masthead.indd 3 GAUrology_Full.indd 1

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Always clearing your throat or experiencing regular

heartburn? Tune in to

Sundays from 8-9 a.m. to hear Dr. Gallups' update on the latest medical news, the Affordable Care Act and what it means to you.

What you think is allergies or indigestion could be silent reflux. 1 in 3 Americans suffers from reflux disease. Get it checked. Reflux-induced esophageal cancer has increased 850% in the past 30 years. The ENT Institute has state of the art technology and board certified physicians to treat you.

Call today


or visit us online at

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Your self-improvement journey starts here.

GLITZ & GLAM Package

Want to look like a million bucks without spending it? Just in time for the holiday parties. This package will give your skin a gourgeous, glowing and more youthful appearance. Limited time offer that includes: • A skin care product regimen - includes many of our top selling anti-aging products, valued at $800. (8 products total) • 1 Hyperbaric 2 Infusion Treatment. • 1 Dermaplane Facial or Customized Facial. • 1 Sublime RF Laser. • 1 Sublime RF Laser Treatments (no downtime anti-aging).



Patti Stephens EDITOR

Jeyme Colodne

Reg. price $2,100, Limited Time ONLY $1,400 (while supplies last)


Carmen Koehler

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FREE Laser Hair Removal!

Sandy Henson

Buy a series of 3 laser hair removal treatments for 1 area, receive 3 treatments for a 2nd area FREE!


Skinny Hot Toddy Package


Miguel Velázquez


Flannery Winchester Keck CONTRIBUTORS

Taylor Arnold Jessica Dauler Jeffrey M. Gallups, MD David Martin, RN, CRNFA Carrie Whitney Gregg Willett


Coolsculpting - the Non-Invasive way to reduce Fat! Reduce fat the easy way with zero downtime. Buy 2 cycles of Coolsculpting, get 1 FREE! Also receive a FREE Body Tightening Cream and a Blueberry Bliss Slimming Wrap.

GARDNER DERMATOLOGY & MED SPA All Eyes on You Package • • • •

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Latisse 5 ml & Latisse 3 ml TNS Eye Repair Skinmedica SPF, Sensitive Skin Cleanser OR Moisturizer Mini Eye Treatment

Mix & Match Laser Rej uvenation Package

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Ch oo se 3: ( Cho ose any combin atio n o f the fo llo wing laser treatmen ts to equ al 3 ): • Fotofacial-RF (IPL), Sublative Rejuvenation Laser OR Sublime RF (previously known as Refirme) Ch oo se 2 o f th e following facia l treatme nts: • Microdermabrasion Facial, Hyperbaric O2 Facial (as seen on the D octo rs) • Dermaplane facial with or without Chemical Peel • Vitalize/Illuminize Peel & the fo llo wing pro ducts: • Tns Recovery Complex OR Vitamin CE Ferulic • Epidermal Repair or TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream • Intellishade Original or Intellishade Matte

GLOW & GO Package

Too busy shopping for the holidays to take care of you? Try our top secret “uick fix” for those who want a more youthful appearance on the go!

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The Essential System at Gardner Med & Spa – Reg. Price $950, now only $520 Regular Price $555, ONLY $325 Includes: • •

2 Vitalize Peels

Serums (also seen on The Doctors), Tri-Retinol Complex, Facial Cleanser & Daily Physical •2 TNS Essential 1 Dermaplane Facial (with the “no-peel” added Defense w/SPF 30 if desired). Lighten at Gardner Med Spain – Reg. Price $1050, now only $520 • Up! 1 Microdermabrasion Customized Facial. • 2 TNS Essential Serum •1 Lytera1Brightening Hyperbaric Infusion Facial (the &Hollywood • System Kit O2 (contains Lytera, Retinol, Facial Cleanser SPF) • 2 Vitalize Chemical Peels celeb favorite!). Skin Complex. FREEZE • FAT THELytera EASY WAY - GET Brightening BACK IN YOUR SKINNY JEANS WITH COOLSCULPTING: BUY 2 CYCLES OF COOLSCULPTING, GET 1 FREE, & RECEIVE A FREE BODY TIGHTENING CREAM (NO DOWNTIME, FREE CONSULTS!)

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contents November 2013

The Truth About Detoxing Breaking down the pros and cons p. 43

Shine from Within this Holiday Season


Atlantans share their secrets for looking good and doing good

Eight-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney Staying strong in body and spirit p. 49

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Get ready for Georgia Gives Day Charity events and volunteer opportunities

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Local Rockette Joanna Richardson

Featured on the cover: Tammy Stokes, West Coast Workout Photography by: Willett Photography, Inc. Cover and Atlantans of Style & Substance photo shoot hair and makeup by: Alyson Hoag, Rosie Guffey Wwac (Authentic Beauty, www., Timothy Keys, Candace Hall (Shear Salon,, Niajee Smith (William David Salon, NOVEMBER 2013

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Year End Financial Planning by Laura K. Schilling, JD, CPA, CFP(r), CSA


What You Need to Know About Your HSA/FSA by

Carrie Whittington


Robotic Hair Restoration Arrives in Atlanta by Ken Anderson, MD


Managing Melasma by

Gabrielle Sabini, MD

A complete guide to our advertisers by business category

on the cover:



Facts about silent reflux and vein health The latest from the business community

Flu Season is Upon Us by

Charlene Robinson, MD & Vafa Rekaby, MD

Best Business Best Health



Atlanta doctors answer your health questions


Best Bites


Photos from community events


Colon Hydrotherapy: The Lost Art of Cleansing by Teresa Ducoffe & Candace Layer, CCH



Photo by Willett, Photography, Inc.


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Photo by Willett, Photography, Inc.

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Free eBook!

from the publisher Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men, and one in six American men will be diagnosed in his lifetime. Despite those scary statistics, prostate cancer has an extremely high cure rate if detected early. The missing link? Awareness. It’s so wonderful to see everyone come together during October to wear pink ribbons and talk about breast cancer. Even pro football teams are sporting ribbons on their helmets. Now that it’s November, we need to extend that same widespread awareness to diseases that are equally devastating to men. We wear pink to promote women’s health, and in November we’ll sport moustaches for men’s health! The moustaches-in-November idea originally began in Australia with the movement called Movember, which has spread worldwide. Men begin growing moustaches on November 1 to become walking billboards for men’s health issues. Movember is the inspiration for the first annual Moustache Dash, our race on November 9. Partnering with sponsors Georgia Urology and Big Peach Running stores, we invite you to come out to Town Brookhaven and join in the moustache fun. Men are encouraged to grow their own, and everyone is welcome to the free, stick-on ‘staches that will be provided. Face painters and temporary tattoos will also be available on race day, so you’ll have plenty of options to show off your Movember spirit. The day includes a 5K and a 1-mile fun run, and in addition to moustaches, participants will get long-sleeved T-shirts, awards for the winners in each age group, and the chance to compete in the moustache contest. The categories are Best Real Moustache, Best Faux Moustache, and Most Spirited Moustache Dash Team, so don’t be afraid to get into the moustache theme! Use #MoustacheDash to tag your race-day photos on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word about this fun event. At the end of the day, we hope moustaches will be an instant reminder for everyone who sees them: a reminder for men to get tested, a reminder for women to support the men they love, and a reminder for all of us to unite in spreading awareness. To register, volunteer or participate in the expo, go to

Sherri Adair, Publisher




Moustache Dash 2013

Photo by Willett Photography, Inc.

Celebrate “Movember” at the Moustache Dash!

Selecting the right cosmetic dentist can be a difficult and confusing process,

but choosing the right one is a crucial decision with ramifications on your looks and self-confidence that could last a lifetime. In this eBook you will find key topics covered such as: How to understand a doctor’s credentials (a MUST if you want a dream smile!), Things you need to know in order to make an informed decision, Before and After pictures of Do’s and Don’ts with explanations and analysis, and Countless more insider tips! To download this free eBook, just visit AtlantaCenterforCosmetic or scan the code below with your smart phone.




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10/22/13 2:17 PM


Discover why people travel from all over the world to have their smile designed at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry Hi, I’m Dr. Debra King and for more than 20 years I have devoted my entire practice to cosmetic dentistry and helping my patients achieve the smile they always dreamed of! Our goal is to design a smile that avoids detection and looks natural and beautiful. From students and soccer moms to business men and women, professional athletes, politicians, and celebrities we are honored to be able to work with so many people from all walks of life. Our focus on excellent dental care in a pleasant and pampering environment is one reason why our patients travel to Atlanta from all over the world. We consistently deliver artistic results quickly and in a comfortable environment and our full time massage therapist will make you forget that you are at a dental office! Our team of talented professionals makes you feel genuinely cared for during the entire process of designing your new smile. Changing your smile is a significant decision that affects your appearance, well-being, and confidence for years to come. Trust your smile to someone who performs smile designs every day. Our new website at has photos of hundreds of personalized smile designs that can help you visualize what your smile could look like! You may be surprised to learn of the dramatic results that cosmetic dentistry can provide for virtually any smile needing improvement. We provide options from whitening a yellow smile to designing porcelain restorations that look healthy and natural and many of our patients feel their new smile makes them look ten years younger!

For A Smile You Will Love The only dentist in the Atlanta area who is an

As featured on

Visit our website and get a free eBook on how to select a cosmetic dentist!

which the AACD recognizes as the highest level of competence in cosmetic dentistry Dr. Debra Gray King | 5014 Roswell Road | Atlanta, Georgia 30342 | 404.994.2562

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from the editor ‘Tis the Season

Around this time people begin taking stock of the year, reviewing what they’ve accomplished and maybe even thinking about what improvements they can make in their lives.

For our six Atlantans of Style & Substance (p. 31), they tell us what makes them feel good, do good and look their best. From beauty secrets to fitness tips, they share where they go and how they maintain their health throughout the holidays. Keeping healthy during the holidays is no easy feat with all the tempting desserts and rich food so readily available at holiday affairs, office parties or fetes with friends. You may be tempted to try a detox treatment to purge yourself of all the excess sugar and calories. Before you do, make sure to read The Truth About Detoxing (p. 43) to learn more about the benefits and risks. This season also brings out fun family traditions, delicious holiday recipes or a much-needed relaxing vacation. If you want to share a healthy holiday recipe, go to our Facebook page and let us know. We may use it in a future issue! Happy Reading!


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Jeyme Colodne

VI PEEL $200

Coming in December



“Best of 2013”

Don’t Miss the Special Annual Issue

You nominated your favorites and you voted! The winners you chose for your “Best of 2013” will be included in our December feature. Feature: Live well! A Life Plan for the Next 50 Years


AND... Our Give-Back Guide... tons of ways to volunteer

678.908.3491 NOVEMBER 2013

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Profile: HLN anchor Christi Paul speaks out against abuse PLUS... My Best Self, Best Advice, Best Rx, Best Fun, Best Events, Best Beauty, Best Bites and more



Feature: Alzheimer’s and Dementia – Knowing the signs and finding support

For more of everything go to

BEST SELF ATLANTA 10/10/13 9:58 AM

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“Ever thought SOMETHING Could Look So Good?�

Look AGAIN! Actual patient of Dr. Windell Davis BouttĂŠ. Before

50 year old, Tummy Tuck and Liposuction Lost 9 Inches, 2 Months Post-Op!

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"Never in my LIFE did I think I could look this great at 50 years old! Dr. BouttÊ has given me my body back, along with such a positive self image! Skinny I come!" – C.M., Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Windell Davis BouttĂŠ is Board Certified, and Most Popular and Trusted Female Cosmetic Surgeon in Atlanta! Financing offered, including through! Go to UPTFFPVSi3&"-w#&'03&BOE"'5&3SFTVMUT 4JNQMZTFBSDIVOEFSyi8JOEFMM%BWJT#PVUUF .%w *Free 15-minute consultation required to determine final cost.


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10/22/13 10/16/13 2:18 9:59 PM AM

contributors Gregg Willett and his wife Caroline are a photography duo based in Atlanta. They bring 10 years of professional and creative photography experience and a desire to always push for greatness. In addition to Best Self Atlanta, their work has been published in dozens of publications and industry blogs. They also cover weddings throughout Georgia and Florida. See their work on this month’s cover and in Atlantans of Style & Substance on p. 31.

Carrie Whitney has been a freelance writer in Atlanta for more than 15 years. As a single mother of two girls, she knows how important it is to make time for herself in the many ways covered in Best Self Atlanta. When not working and parenting, she can be found reading French literature or sweating it out in a hot yoga class. Read her article The Truth About Detoxing on p. 43.

Taylor Arnold is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.A. in illustration and an M.F.A. in professional writing. Her work has appeared in a number of Atlanta-based publications including Atlanta’s Finest, Points North, Jezebel, Atlanta InTown and Atlanta Woman. Today she serves as copy editor for Best Self Atlanta and is a regular contributor to the magazine. In her spare time, she illustrates custom greeting cards, save-thedates and invitations. Read her profile on eight-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney on p. 49.

David Martin, CEO/President, RN, CRNFA founded VeinInnovations in 2002 as the first facility of its kind in Atlanta to offer every available technique for the treatment of venous insufficiency and varicose/spider veins. They have four board-certified surgeons, two locations, and the latest RFA and laser equipment available. Read his article about the importance of starting the new year with a clean bill of health on p. 58.

Jessica Dauler is the founder of She has been one of Atlanta’s top experts on deals, steals and trends since 2001. Her valuable information on where to shop, dine and how to save can be found online at Jessica can be heard weekly on Star 94 Radio, and seen weekly on CBS Better Mornings. She also writes a weekly column in The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Deal Spotter. Her monthly columns appear in Best Self Atlanta and Southern Journal Magazine. Check out Jessica’s pick of the month on p. 18.



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10/22/13 4:05 PM

Asleep at the Wheel? You’re Not Alone

Drowsy driving involves about one in six deadly crashes. If you’re constantly yawning or bobbing your head to stay awake while driving, you may need more sleep. Stress, work and schedules can make getting enough sleep seem impossible. The Northside Hospital Sleep Disorders Center is here to help you enjoy the benefits of a good night’s sleep like better memory and concentration on the road. We’ll help you start snoozing in bed and not behind the wheel.

Board certified physicians • 3 Convenient Locations Comfortable & Relaxing Settings • 30 years of experience

CENTRALIZED SCHEDULING: (404) 851-8135 View videos on sleep disorders at

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SouthernPlasticSurgery_halfh.indd 1

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10/4/13 9:57 AM


10/16/13 PM NOVEMBER 20133:54 13

10/22/13 3:29 PM

Call Today for a Free B12 Shot!* Specialty Nutritional Testing

Is What You’re Eating Making You Sick? Testing: ALCAT: Food and Substance Sensitivity Testing, Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies Gluten and Candida Adrenal Fatigue Other Services: Weight Loss Consultations B12 Shots

Are you Suffering from Allergies? Allergy Testing and Desensitization Now Available!

The Best Part Most Major Insurance Plans Accepted!

Natural Health Atlanta | Focusing on Integrative Holistic Medicine Convenient Locations in:

Alpharetta, Dunwoody, Lawrenceville, and Marietta

(678) 892-6865 Patient Services for Natural Health Atlanta LLC provided by Medically Necessary Services P.C. Pictured: Allison Cochran, PA-C, Saira Gillani, ND, Melissa Bennett, ND and Marcia Williams, ND

Natural_Health_Atl_full_1113.indd 1113_014-015_Best_Advice.indd 14 1

Photo courtesy of Matt Boyd Photography

*B12 Injection provided after Initial Nutritional Consultation.

10/11/13 10/22/13 10:38 2:17 PM AM

bestadvice Get that holiday glow WHITNEY MANNS WM Wardrobe Consulting

:38 AM


Photos courtesy of (left to right) WM Wardrobe Counsulting, Taylor Brooks Hair Salon, Primera Podiatry, Authentic Beauty, Institut’ DERMed

Photo courtesy of Matt Boyd Photography


How can you update your wardrobe for the holiday season? Invest in a leather biker jacket. Add a touch of cobalt blue. Try wax coated jeans in a shade of oxblood or olive green. What is the one staple every wardrobe should have? Ladies should own a fabulous pair of winter cognac or black boots. Gentlemen want to make sure they own a great fitting blazer or sport coat. If you want to make a big fashion change, what would you recommend? Do something out of your norm. Ladies can add a fur vest to your normal attire or men can throw a cable knit cardigan over a shirt and tie. What is a popular fashion trend to try this holiday season? Spice up your wardrobe with leather, either with a leather shirt or a dress trimmed in leather. When all else fails who can give you great fashion advice? Reach out to a wardrobe consultant for a quick session to help you find ways to maximize what you already own by creating looks that you would never think of.

1113_014-015_Best_Advice.indd 15









What is one way to keep hair looking its best for the upcoming holiday season? Try to replenish your dehydrated hair by booking an appointment for a Redken Chemistry Treatment. This deep conditioning treatment will rejuvenate your hair and prepare it for the holidays. What is a ‘hair don’t’? Don’t forget to use the correct heat protecting products when using hot tools (curling irons, flat irons, etc.) to create your glamorous holiday style. If you want to make a big change for the holidays, what would you recommend? Try enhancing your color with a Redken Shades EQ gloss. Rich, warm tones will add a luxurious shine to your hair and a beautiful glow to your skin to prepare you for the hustle and bustle of the upcoming season. What is one hair care product you shouldn’t be without? Pureology’s Colour Fanatic leave-in Beautifier. This amazing new product will prime, protect, and perfect your hair for a shiny new year. Favorite style for the season? An elegant and soft style. Soft loose waves can keep the hair simple yet classy. Add a fashionable headband or hair clip to spice up your holiday style.

What is one way to help nails look their best for the upcoming holiday season? Keep your nails moisturized. This is essential for healthy looking nails. Waterless pedicures with a hot paraffin pre-treatment are also a safe way to help your nails look their best for this holiday season. If you have damaged nails, ask your doctor about biotin supplements. Changing your diet or taking daily multivitamins isn’t likely to dramatically improve your nails, but the nutritional supplement biotin might help strengthen unhealthy nails. What products should you avoid that can hurt nail health? Do not use nail polish remover more than once a week. If you do use nail polish remover, choose the acetone-free variety. Acetone can dry out the nails. What is one nail care product you shouldn’t be without? A nail polish (like Fiore Rx) that is antifungal, antibacterial, and prevents infections. Be sure to carry at least the clear base coat with you to your next pedicure. What is one way to glam up your nails for the holidays? Pamper yourself with a “foot facial.” Get your nails bleached and treated with a softening urea cream and then lay on the polish in your favorite shade. What nail colors are hot this holiday season? Dark neutrals, metallics and black.

What is one way to glam up your makeup for the holiday season? Try adding a bold lip color. It will always transition you into being party-ready! Also think about lash extensions so your lashes always look gorgeous. What is the one staple every makeup bag should have? Lip gloss. I love the Beauty For Real Gloss in my bag because it has an LED light on the wand and a mirror on the packaging. It’s great for touch-ups. If you want to make a big change, what would you recommend? Try taking an Image Journey and discover what you want to look like. We offer a self- discovery makeup lesson to assist you in having your image be a reflection of your authentic self. Having the clarity of what you want to achieve before shopping for makeup will save you tons of time, money and frustration. What is a popular makeup trend to try this season? Metallic shadows with a liquid liner and the highly glamorous look of a strong eye and red lip. What colors are hot this holiday season? Gold on the eyes, chocolate red on the lips, and smoky eyes with a variety of color.

What is one way to help skin look its best for the upcoming holiday season? Use an exfoliation technique to remove dead skin and allow fresh skin cells to surface, giving you a glow this season. What is the best way to keep skin healthy? Have your skin professionally analyzed to determine the product ingredients that are targeted to your skin type and condition for twice daily home use. What is one skin care product you shouldn’t be without? Every skin care regime needs to include a corrective cleanser because skin looks better when it’s clean and clear, and makeup looks better on clean skin as well! What can you add to your diet to improve your skin from the inside out? OHO organic olive oil is a source of fatty acids, antioxidants and antiinflammatory substances that are necessary for proper functioning of the skin as an organ and of its cells. Favorite skin care treatment for that added glow? Flash peels (light enzyme or acid peels performed in less than 30 minutes) are a quick and easy way to brighten skin tone without the downtime.

Taylor Brooks Hair Salon

Primera Podiatry, Laser & Foot Spa Inc.

Authentic Beauty

Institut’ DERMed




10/22/13 2:17 PM

VININGS SURGERY CENTER I finally got my body back!. “I was 31 years of age when I had my second son. I lost the extra pregnancy weight through exercise and diet. The extra weight was gone, but at 34 my body did not look or feel like it was mine anymore. I reseached surgeons and decided on Dr. Colgrove. During the initial visit Dr. Colgrove explained the procedures and what I should expect while recovering. I have been completely satisfied with every aspect of the surgery. Dr. Colgrove and his staff were very attentive and were always available to answer any questions that I had. Since my surgery, I feel more feminine and confident than ever before. I am thrilled with the results, and I have referred several friends to Dr. Colgrove and will continue to recommend him.”

— Melissa N.


Actual patient


restrictions may apply

BREAST ENLARGEMENT • BREAST REDUCTION/LIFT • AQUALIPO® LIPOSUCTION NOSE CONTOURING • MALE BREAST REDUCTION • TUMMY TUCK • FACE LIFT • BotoxTM $10 a unit • Fillers start at $400 per syringe • Juvederm • SculptraTM • RestylaneTM • RadiesseTM • BeloteroTM • LatisseTM • Syneron eMaxTM Laser Featuring Sublative RF for improved skin texture • Laser Hair Removal • Spider Veins • Fotofacial RFTM • Sun Damage • Skin Tightening • Skin Care TM

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 25 years of experience Medical Director of Blue Divine Medspa

ROBERT A. COLGROVE, JR. M.D. 1113_016-017_BestBulletin.indd viningsurgery_full_1013.indd 1 16

1900 The Exchange Building 300, Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30339

770.955.9000 Find us on:

10/22/13 10/16/13 11:26 5:40 AM PM


The scoop on what’s new around town Moustache Dash Worldwide Instead of running Best Self’s Moustache Dash 5K/1M alone, why not get a team together to raise money for a men’s healthrelated charity? The Maloney Center for Plastic Surgery has already formed their team, and they’re not the only ones. A team member’s niece is currently serving in Afghanistan. She and her unit have donned moustaches to support the cause, and will even stage their own overseas Moustache Dash on the same day as the Atlanta race on November 9.


:40 PM

Healthy Choices When Oprah’s former chef and local restaurant owner Art Smith was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, he decided to work with his doctor to change his diet. “I realized that small but important changes in my lifestyle could help me better manage my Type 2 diabetes,” he says. In his new book, “Art Smith’s Healthy Comfort,” he shares his weight loss secrets and healthy recipes that helped him keep off the weight. $19 Details:

Details: Register to run or volunteer at

Pick an Olive

Photos courtesy of Art Smith (top right), GNO Margaritas (middle left), Oil + Ve (middle right)

Drinks with the Girls What’s better than spending time with friends? Sharing a fun, fruity drink with them. Atlanta-based liquor company, Girls Night Out Margaritas, recently launched four ready-to-serve flavors of margaritas: Blissful Blue Razz, Mystical Mango, Wild Watermelon and Playful Pomegranate. GNO Margaritas was created by local resident Tess Trippi, who is passionate about giving back to the community and donates a percentage of annual sales to the Autism Speaks Foundation. $16.99

If you’re looking for something to add flavor to salads and other dishes, then stop by the newly opened Oli+Ve at Vinings Jubilee. This olive oil and vinegar shop boasts products from around the world. The oils range from single varietal extra virgin olive oils to fused/infused flavored oils and a selection of gourmet oils. You can also find kitchen accessories, gourmet food items and fun products from local artists. Details: (678) 309-0909,


Display your Support The Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition has made it possible to show your support of prostate cancer awareness with a new license plate. Since the state of Georgia approved the issuance of this plate, it is now available for purchase when it comes time to renew your car tags. For every one bought, $22 will go toward a free prostate cancer screening for all unemployed and uninsured men. Details:

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Get Empowered! Join other successful women business leaders from across the U.S. as they come together for the 9th Annual Fall Empowerment event on November 12. Event-goers can participate in educational and inspiring panel discussions and networking opportunities at the InterContinental Buckhead. Details: For more information contact or (404) 574-5353




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Stay Warm & Cozy All Winter Long

Keep your hair out of your face while you’re at a fitness class or keep your neck warm while you run outside with the multifunctional Cool-Cat Pro. The invention of Atlantan Matt Womack, this colorful headband provides warmth against cooler temperatures, sweat absorption and more. It’s also wind-resistant and is made from 100 percent polyester microfiber. $19.99 Details:


If you don’t want all the calories and sugar of a traditional fall cup of hot chocolate, let tea warm you up instead. This month, Numi Organic Tea is launching their World of Tea Collection, featuring familiar teas like Earl Grey and Chai and more far-flung tastes like Gunpowder Green from Taiwan and Rooibos from South Africa. Wherever your taste buds lead you, the temperature will definitely be right for our area of the world. $29.99

Instead of cranking up the thermostat and wasting money on your power or gas bill, try the new DualTemp bedding layer from Sleep Number. Just like customizing the firmness of your mattress, DualTemp allows you to customize the temperature of your bedding without disturbing your partner. It’s a breathable material so it’s more comfortable than piling on extra blankets, and you can set it for automatic shut-off for safety purposes. Details: 3435 Lenox Road NE, Atlanta, GA, (404) 467-2454,


Warm yourself up from the inside out with some Grand Marnier Raspberry Peach blend. This limited edition alcohol comes from European raspberries and red peaches from southern France. The flavors are blended with the signature Grand Marnier orange essence and premium quality cognacs. $39.99 Details: Your local package store,

Details: Your local Costco store,


Escape the winter weather at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Atlanta, where you can thaw out in a steam

room, sauna or lap pool. Don’t miss out on one of their varied massage offerings like the Aroma Stone Massage, which uses heated stones.


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Baby, It’s Cold Outside Not only can you change the look of one pair of boots with Hugrz boot covers, but you can also keep your legs warm in colder temps. They look great with short boots, pulled up on tall boots, or pulled up on your legs to make your short boots look tall! They offer over 20 different styles in materials such as faux fur, wool and velvet. Perfect for travel, they also make a great holiday gift. Prices start at $30. .

Details: 3376 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, GA, (404) 995-7500,


Pick of the Month


Jessica Dauler For more info visit For more info on Jessica visit

Photo courtesy of Cool Cat (top left), Sleep Nuber (top right), Numi (middle left), Grand Marnier (middle right), Mandarin Oreintal (bottom left)



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Juvederm Ultra $400

Laser Skin Tightening Face and Neck & a full-size jar of Nectifirm


1 Syringe 1.0 ml.

BOTOX $8 a unit

Dysport $8 a unit

Laser Hair Removal $99 per treatment - Bikini or Underarm

nirvana (n): a state of harmony, calm or joy



4380 Kimball Bridge Road • Alpharetta, GA 30022

Tax and Consulting Services for Growing Companies Like Yours

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H&R Block Business Services, Time for aTax Tax& Checkup!

the world’s most trusted name in tax

Whether you’ve just started filing taxes or have preparation. been filing for years, H&R Block Tax and Business Services can help analyze your tax health.

H&R Block Tax & Business Services provides To you’ve received the maximum refund taxensure andthat consulting services to small business possible, bring in your last three years’ tax returns for a in Buckhead. Second Look ®. H&R Block’s Second Look ® provides a professional review of the original tax return and advice • Small Services on what toBusiness do if variances are found. We may find money •others Accounting have missed.

• QuickBooks Consulting Call and schedule an appointment today for a consultation • Payroll Services for any of your tax concerns.

• Corporate Tax

2900 Peachtree Rd. NW Dekalb: Cobb: HAtlanta, & R Block GA 30305 H & R Block 4768 Ashford Dunwoody Rd. 4235 Merchants Walk Dr. 404-237-2355 Dunwoody, GA 30338 Marietta GA 30060 770-396-9218 770-509-1820 H & R Block_halfh.indd 1

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Buckhead: H & R Block 2900 Peachtree Rd. Atlanta GA 30305 404-237-2355

North Fulton: H & R Block 7855 NorthPoint Pkwy. Alpharetta GA 30022 678-277-9465 BEST SELF ATLANTA

Gwinnett: H & R Block 3360 Satellite Blvd. Duluth GA 30096 770-921-2200 10/18/13 12:59 19 PM NOVEMBER 2013

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bites Spend a day best Healthy and tasty ideas to nourish your body or evening Baked Chicken Penne on theTown! Ingredients

Discover over 40 shops, services and restaurants. Town Brookhaven is truly your one stop shopping and dining destination with a blend of interesting boutiques, delicious restaurants and useful services.

3-4 skinless chicken breasts, cubed

1 box of penne pasta (you can substitute for gluten free or whole wheat) 1 jar of marinara sauce ½ yellow onion, diced 1 ½ cup shredded mozzarella 1 cup bread crumbs 3 tbsps. melted butter 1 tbsp. blackened seasoning 1 tsp. salt 1 tbsp. oil


Boogaloos • Collage Boutique • Dress Up Boutique Edyn Boutique • Lila Boutique


Big Peach Running Co. • Happy Feet Boutique


European Wax Center • Fantastic Sams GNC (General Nutrition Center) The Joint – The Chiropractic Place Julian’s Cosmetics and Skincare Massage Heights • Nail Talk & Tan Reflections Eyecare • Salon Red Kids • Salon Red


Baci by Café at Pharr • Boneheads Bua Thai and Sushi • The Flying Biscuit Café Marble Slab Creamery • Moe’s Southwest Grill Newk’s Express Café • Noche Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub • Olive Bistro Shucks Oyster & Wine Bar • Smash Kitchen & Bar There Restaurant and Bar Tre’za Fine Salad & Wood-Fired Pizza Co. Which Wich?


MODA Floors & Interiors - Opening Soon Sugarboo & Co.


Brookhaven Alterations Brookhaven Animal Hospital Brookhaven Orthodontics Community & Southern Bank Eye Level Learning Center • Keller Williams Town Cleaners • Town Dentistry

ELECTRONICS, MUSIC & ENT. AT&T Conveniently located on Peachtree Road adjacent to Oglethorpe University.



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1 tbsp. spaghetti seasoning* (you can use Italian seasoning as a substitue) *(Make your own spaghetti seasoning by combining a ¼ cup cornstarch, ¼ cup dried minced onions, ¼ cup dried parsley flakes, 4 tsps. salt, 4 tsps. sugar, 2 tsps. garlic powder, 2 tsps. oregano, 2 tsps. basil and a ¼ tsp. of dried thyme)

Method Preheat oven to broil. In a bowl, mix melted butter, mozzarella and bread crumbs. Mix well and set aside. In a separate bowl, season chicken with the blackened seasoning and mix well. Pour oil into a sauté pan over medium heat. Place chicken in pan and cook until well done. While chicken is cooking, cook and drain pasta according to package directions. Add cooked chicken in with pasta. Sauté the onions over medium heat, and then add marinara sauce. Add the spaghetti seasoning and stir the sauce until it is bubbling hot. Pour the marinara sauce over the pasta and chicken and stir well. Pour the pasta mixture evenly into a casserole dish and sprinkle the cheese bread crumb mix on top. Place dish in oven until the cheese topping begins to brown, about 5 to 8 minutes. — Courtesy of chef Christina Villafañe Watch chef Cristina Villafañe create this dish, step-by-step, on her YouTube cooking show Food and Whatever. or visit

Freshness Delivered Fit for a King Farmers markets and select supermarkets aren’t the only places to get fresh, organic produce. If you want it sent right to your doorstep, try ordering from Fresh Harvest. This produce delivery company partners with local organic farms to get veggies directly from the farm to your table, making it easier than ever to support local farmers and get great tasting food.You can customize your bin online and there is no delivery fee. Starts at $27 Details:

Quinoa is a great substitute for traditional pastas because it’s a complete protein. If you want to try adding this dish to your next meal, organic Royal Black Quinoa is a tasty mix. This type of quinoa has fluffier, larger-thannormal seeds, so in centuries past it was reserved for the royals’ plates. These days, it’s responsibly sourced from Bolivia. $9.99 for a 14 oz. pouch Details:,

Photos courtesy of Food and Whatever (top), Fresh Harvest (bottom left), Alter Eco Foods (bottom right)


Cinébistro/Cobb Theatre • Costco • LA Fitness Marshalls • Publix

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Try our atering, chef-inspired portionand calorie-controlled gourmet meal plans help you Ourmouthw delicious, chef-inspired portionand calorie-controlled gourmet meal plans areto locally manage your eight even you indulge holidays. Our meals prepared locally and prepared andw fresh, neverasfrozen — the during perfectthe blend of culinary magicare and nutrition science. delivered fresh, never frozen. There’snonocontract, hassle, no contract and no There’s no hassle, and, of course, nocalorie-counting! calorie-counting.A nd w ith over 9 0 pick up locations throughout metro A tlanta, they’re as convenient as they are delicious.


F OR B E S T S E L F R E A D E R S !

2 5


ON E WEEK FU LL M EAL P LAN S* P romo code:

B EST2 5

*New customers only.Expires 12/31/13.


EATOpen WELL. STAY FIT. DO GOOD. 100% of proceeds go directly to nonprofit Hand for healthy meals and nutrition education programs provided 100 % of proceeds go directly to nonprofit Open Hand for healthy meals nutrition education to programs at no cost to the underserved and chronically ill in your community. Visit and find out provided more. at no cost to the underserved and chronically ill in your community. Visit to find out more.

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Explore new ways to get more out of life

Soup’s On! If you’ve ever wanted to tap into the secrets of a great bowl of soup, then Souper Jenny’s winter cooking class series is the place to go. “The secrets to great soup are lots of love and great seasonal ingredients,” explains Chef Jessica, who will be teaching these classes. She has been cooking at Souper Jenny since 2010 and knows a thing or two about making amazing soup. “Sourcing fresh, local or organic ingredients will have you setting yourself up for success.” She also believes that when using seasonal vegetables you are starting with a product that is at its height of flavor. “It really means less work for you. There’s not much you have to do to a beautiful winter squash right now. A little salt and pepper, onions, maybe some garlic, stock, squash and puree.” Chef Jessica admits she likes to teach healthy cooking styles and tap into recipes that are user-friendly. “Incorporating fresh herbs, spices, citrus juices, and of course seasonal ingredients, helps keep calories and fat down while making a delicious end result,” she explains. On November 12, she will show you which wholesome soup can keep you energized over the holiday season. On December 10, learn all about the ins and outs of creating a hearty winter stew. First timers can expect to have a good time while also getting some helpful insider tips. “The class is demonstration style and there is a tasting at the end,” she says. “I try to do five recipes in two hours! It’s a lot but makes for a great class.” Classes are $40 per person and are held at Souper Jenny in Buckhead at 7 p.m. Reservations are required.

Prepare for Takeoff

The Wonders of Winter

At Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding, there’s no experience required for anyone who wants to soar thousands of feet above the beautiful Georgia mountainside. Well, no experience required from you, that is. The trained pilots know exactly what they’re doing, and they’ll fly tandem with you so you can glide through the air stress-free. Just strap into your harness, and an ultralight airplane will tow your hang glider gently along behind. Another option is to start out with the introductory experience, a day-long introduction to hang gliding’s required skills. You start out in controlled, low flights that are only five to 10 feet off the ground. By the end of the day, you and your instructor can fly side by side up to 3,000 feet in the air. $149

Running from November 21 to January 5, Global Winter Wonderland makes its debut in Atlanta. This exciting event lets guests travel the world by seeing larger-than-life lantern designs of famous world landmarks like the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge. In addition to these eco-friendly lantern displays (many of which are powered by solar panels), the festival includes carnival rides, games, arts, crafts and international cuisine. Come out to celebrate the holiday traditions of the world’s many and varied cultures. Tickets are at $16.99 for children and $24.99 for adults. Season passes available.

Details: Lookout Mountain Flight Park, 7201 Scenic Hwy., Rising Fawn, GA,

Details: Turner Field, 755 Hank Aaron Drive, Atlanta, GA,



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Photo courtesy of Brave PR (bottom right)

Details: 56 E. Andrews Drive NW, Atlanta, GA, (404) 237-7687,

10/22/13 11:39 AM

Photo courtesy of Brave PR (bottom right)

fun Events

Join Best Self Atlanta at these events

IMAX Film: Penguins Nov. 1-Jan 2 Enjoy amazing footage that tells the story of King Penguins in the sub-Antarctic.

Chastain Park Arts Festival Nov. 2-3 This free event offers arts and crafts, a children’s area, local food trucks and local musicians, along with 185 fine artists exhibiting their works.

Afternoon in the Country Nov. 3 Taste food from Atlanta’s top restaurants, caterers and local farms along with fine wines and microbrews, all on the lawn of The Inn at Serenbe.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at Center for Puppetry Arts Nov. 7 If the kids are already antsy for Christmas, take them to this live-theater adaptation of the beloved Christmas special.

Esprit de She Nov. 7 This nighttime run pairs fitness with fun, beginning with a 5K or 10K run and ending with a post-race night market, drinks, tapas and music.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular Nov. 7-23 The Rockettes come to Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center, dancing their way through festive Christmas numbers.

Atlanta Veg Fest Nov. 9 This free event will be a day of engaging speakers, delicious food and plenty of veganfriendly companies.

Girls on the Run of Atlanta 5K Nov. 10 Come celebrate fitness and girl power.

Landscape Class Nov. 12 Let the experts at Atlanta Botanical Garden teach you how to combine the right plants to make your yard a beautiful haven.

Carmina Burana

Nov. 14-16 Come hear the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and ASO Chorus perform this musical classic.

Trust an Expert... Look Natural At Any Age. Specializing Exclusively in Facial Plastic Surgery & Injectables. Internationally recognized, and dedicated to his patients, Dr. Maloney is an award-winning surgeon who instructs doctors from all over the world in the latest cosmetic surgery procedures. A National Trainer for Allergan (makers of Botox & Juvederm). Dr. Maloney’s artistry and specialized approach has resulted in regular features on Discovery Health, TLC, CNN Headline News, ABC News and Call for information on his upcoming seminars.

Ruckus Atlanta Nov. 16 Experience the ultimate family adventure at this obstacle race at Lake Lanier. Run it yourself and have the kids run the Mini Ruckus.

Winter Wonderland

Nov. 22 This festive, community-based exhibition of decorated trees and artifact displays helps Atlantans celebrate their holidays, traditions and varied cultures.

Brian P. Maloney, M.D., F.A.C.S.

2013 Atlanta Half Marathon and Thanksgiving Day 5K

Double Board Certified Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Nov. 28 This event includes races for every level: a half marathon, a 5K run/walk, a Mashed Potato Kids’ Fun Run and a Gravy Gallop.

1113_022-023_bestfun.indd 23

Internationally Renowned. Atlanta’s Own.

C59 M51 Y50 K19

C0 M0 Y0 K100

Call 770.804.0007 Maloney_Center2-3v.indd 1

C67 M20 Y49 K0 PMS 3268

C30 M8 Y22 K0 PMS 3248


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10/22/13 11:39 AM


Community Special Events



The 21st annual Jeffrey Fashion Cares, August 24 Photo by Ben Rose Photography 1. Ken Britt, Louise Sams, Jeffrey Kalinsky, Lila Hertz, Jeffrey McQuithy 2013 AJC Decatur Book Festival, September 3 2. Jason Mott, Holly Firfer


Bodies as a Work of Art, September 28, Photo by Ben Rose Photography


3. Co-chairs Sara Mixon, Marian Goldberg Blue Ties Luncheon, Sept. 27 Photo by Kristen Alexander 4. Jerry Carnes (11Alive), Dr. Scott Miller (Georgia Urology), Randy Stephens (Toyota) Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta luncheon,“Girls Can do Anything,” September 10


5. Susan Thigpen (Interim CEO, Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta), Natalie Beacham (Girl Scout Cadette), Morgan Duvic (Girl Scout Ambassador), Lauren Smith (Girl Scout Junior), Madelyn Plant (Girl Scout Ambassador) Best Self Atlanta’s Healthcare Panel Discussion, September 25 6. Trey Sivley, Michael Parker, Eric Haglund, Dr. Jeff Gallups, Keith Daniel (panel of experts)



White Salon and Spa Introduction Event, September 12, Photo by Dylan York 7. Jessica Howard, Rika Anamayatana, Max Sanchez, Pike Lee, Andrea Fritz-Hill, Wanda Barrett Georgia Dermatology Skin Care Seminar, August 27 8. Dr. Alexander Gross, Josie Popowitz Institut’ DERMed’s 24th Anniversary celebration, September 27

8 24


1113_024-025_BestEVENTS.indd 24



9 Lyn Ross (owner) Voice Today Legacy Ball, August 25 10. Angela Williams, Christi Paul

10/22/13 2:26 PM


1113_024-025_BestEVENTS.indd atlantasmiles_full.indd 1 25

10/22/13 10/17/13 2:26 2:09 PM PM

Gift Certificates

Now Available


Atlanta doctors provide answers to your questions



I think I might have rosacea on my face. How do I know if it is rosacea or acne? Rosacea can have a varied presentation depending on your skin type. However, with rosacea there are some common symptoms such as increased facial redness, red bumps or increased tiny red vessels. Other symptoms may include skin sensitivity and irritation, thickening of skin and irritated eyes. There can be instances where a patient may have both acne and rosacea, but typically acne bumps include whiteheads and blackheads.


Georgia Retina

Get to the CORE of your fitness program.


Grace Chiang, MD

• Massage Stability Pilates & Physical Therapy 5975 Roswell Road, Suite C-333 Atlanta, GA 30328 Phone: 404.303.9153


Anita Cone-Sullivan, MD Resurgens Orthopaedics



WellStar Medical Group, Allergy and Asthma

• Dry Needling

The Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS) examined the effects of supplements such as zinc and antioxidants on patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and other eye disorders. This study tested these antioxidants to determine if they prevent the progression of these conditions, and results showed that although the supplements do not stop AMD from developing, they reduce the risk of vision loss by 19 percent. Talk with your doctor to see if this vitamin cocktail is right for you.

Generally speaking, spinal surgeries vary in recovery time. The keys to a speedy recovery are following your physician’s orders during the post-op period and participating in a rehabilitation program tailored to your specific needs. If you try to take short cuts to get back on your feet sooner than advised, you may find it to be detrimental in the short and long term, and it could potentially negate the positive effects from the surgery.

Sessions and Small • Physical Therapy

I’ve heard that certain supplements can help prevent some debilitating eye conditions. Is that true?

I am having spinal surgery and I’m worried about the recovery time. Are there any short cuts to getting back on my feet?

• Pilates - Private Group Classes

The Georgia Dermatology Center


Atul Sharma, MD


Henna K. Pearl, MD, FAAD

How do I know if I have a food allergy? Symptoms tend to appear within several minutes of eating the food in question and may include hives, swelling, vomiting, coughing or difficulty breathing. Symptoms will occur each time the food is eaten. An allergist can order specific allergy testing to help make an accurate diagnosis and guide families through prevention and management.


My teenage daughter has always been very self-conscious of her nose. Is she too young for a nose job? We begin performing nose surgery (rhinoplasty) on female patients at the age of 14. It is the age that most young women are considered to be emotionally mature enough to be involved in the decision-making and to understand Mike Majmundar, MD the risks. It is also the age that full mid-facial Northside Facial Cosmetic Surgery development is complete.




stability_3rdv.indd 1 1113_026-027_bestrx.indd 26


10/9/13 2:35 PM 10/22/13 11:42 AM

it’s time to put the cocktail dress to the test BECAUSE I DESERVE HEALTHY, ATTRACTIVE LEGS. The Circulatory Centers can help. For 30 years we’ve helped women painlessly remove unsightly veins from their legs. Our local, board-certified doctors specialize in improving the look and feel of your legs. All procedures are done in the privacy and comfort of our center. 95% of procedures are covered by insurance. Don’t wait. Now there’s no reason not to have healthier, younger-looking legs once again. Visit our convenient offices in Roswell, Perimeter and Johns Creek.

Call today for your FREE consultation! 678.954.7684 |

CirculatoryCenters_Half_H.indd 1

10/9/13 5:27 PM


NOT HERE. Now there’s miraDry • Immediate results that last • Dramatic reductions of underarm sweat • Non-invasive, in-office procedure with minimal to no downtime • Toxin-free, no need for endless treatments • FDA-cleared • No need for ineffective antiperspirants


Schedule Your Now there’s miraDry® Consultation Today • Immediate results that last

• Dramatic reduction of underarm sweat • Non-invasive, in-office procedure with minimal to no downtime • FDA-cleared • Toxin-free, no need for endless treatments • No need for ineffective antiperspirants

Medical, Surgical & Cosmetic Dermatology 9900 Medlock Bridge Road, Johns Creek, GA 30097 770.497.0699 | WWW.DERMATOLOGY-ATLANTA.COM

DermCtrAtlanta_halfH.indd 1

So all that comes through is YOU.

1113_026-027_bestrx.indd 27

To learn more visit


10/9/13 PM NOVEMBER 20132:41 27

10/22/13 11:42 AM

bestbusiness Connect with the experts at

Redefining Hair Restoration The Anderson Hair Sciences and Research is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to providing natural, permanent hair restoration to men and women. Dr. Ken Anderson, the center’s founder and a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, has dedicated his practice to the treatment of hair loss since 2003. Dr. Anderson has specialized in the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method of hair restoration and is an internationally prominent educator in the field of hair restoration. Dr. Anderson is the first and only surgeon in Georgia to offer his patients the ARTAS Robot Assisted FUE System, a breakthrough technology, which uses advanced robotic technology to assist Dr. Anderson in performing the FUE method of hair restoration. Details: 5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd NE #135 Atlanta, GA 30342, (404) 256-4247

Imagine a Facial Day Spa Unlike Any Other Facelogic Spa in Roswell, GA is the first luxury spa experience everyone can afford. As an essential skincare & full-body massage spa, we offer high-end facials, massages, and signature products at an affordable price. Whether you are focused on facial treatments to address anti-aging, rosacea, acne-prone skin or body massages to address chronic pain, sport injuries, or detoxifying the body, we have the expertise, treatments and products that can effectively assist you. We are located near historic Roswell at the corner of Crossville (Hwy 92) & Crabapple. We are very proud that our community has voted us the Best Spa in Roswell for the third time. We are the day spa of choice for clients in the North Metro Atlanta. We offer Eminence Organic, Glo Therapeutics, Dr. Dennis Gross, and Shea Terra products. Details: 10930 Crabapple Rd #10, Roswell GA 30075 (678) 822-0228,

information provided by businesses profiled 1 2 8flyingchange_2-3v.indd NOVEMBER 2013

1113_028-029_bestbusiness.indd 28


10/10/13 9:52 AM

10/22/13 2:26 PM


Keeping You Naturallly More Beautiful

Dr. Seth A. Yellin is the founder and director of Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics Center and formerly Chief of Facial Plastic Surgery at Emory Healthcare. As one of Atlanta’s most well-respected facial plastic surgeons, he has treated thousands of patients during more than 15 years in practice with the goal of making each and every patient happy. Dr. Yellin is nationally renowned for his expertise in creating a natural look when volumizing the face with injectable fillers and performing cosmetic and reconstructive facial plastic surgery.

• Facial Aesthetic Surgery • Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation • Ultherapy • Laser Skin Treatments • Laser Hair Removal • Fractional CO2

MENTION THIS AD AND ENJOY $50 OFF ANY TREATMENT & $500 OFF FULL FACE & NECK ULTHERAPY TREATMENT AT MARIETTA FACIAL PLASTIC SURGERY & AESTHETIC CENTER — OFFER EXPIRES JANUARY 31, 2014 Seth Yellin, MD, FACS | Clem Doxey, MD | Paul Espy, MD | Robert Harper, MD | Myles Jerdan, MD | Mark Knautz, MD Paige Camp, MD | George Dobo, MD | Jared Friedman, MD | Elizabeth Richwine, MD | Piyush Raman, DO

770-425-7575 1113_028-029_bestbusiness.indd MariettaFacialPS_full.indd 1 29

770-422-1013 10/10/13 10/22/13 10:29 2:26 PM AM

Spa Treatments Make The Perfect

Holiday Gift Call us, visit us, or purchase instant gift certificates online at

Offer expires Dec. 31st, 2013

3726 Roswell Rd, Atlanta, GA 30342



institutdermed_full.indd 1113_030-039_Atlantans.indd 1 30



404. 261.5199


10/15/13 10/22/13 10:06 3:28 PM AM

:06 AM

Style & Substance

Atlantans of

How these locals feel good, look good and do good

Tammy Stokes Tammy has spent over 20 years in the fitness industry developing a unique, dynamic method of shaping attitudes, designing bodies and changing lives. Her background includes spokeswoman for a leading international sportswear company, author, educator, director of fitness for a multi-million dollar agency, lifestyle and fitness consultant, and fashion designer. She is the owner of West Coast Workout, which has several locations around the city.

Describe your everyday style: My everyday style is sporty due to the time spent in my two Atlanta studios. When I am running around the town, I wear what many refer to as “California casual.” And on the few occasions that I dress up, I go for “sexy chic.”

Describe your holiday style: Because I am most often dressed down, I enjoy going for a bit of bling during the holidays. I am attracted to shine and shimmer. Things that sparkle look good in photographs.

Where do you go in Atlanta for: Hair care: Bobby V. He is amazing for blondes. Skin care: Sweet Samba. I love that they use natural, botanical products. Makeup: My secret weapon is Honeybee Gardens Pressed Powder Geisha for quick fixes on the go. Another beauty staple is Bill’s Bees Chapstick from the LA farmers market. I buy it by the dozen when I am there. Nails: Sugar Coat. Fitness: West Coast Workout, of course. Relaxation: The private rooftop terrace of my home. Fashion: I like a one-stop shop experience. I can always find what I need at Neiman Marcus at Lenox Mall and DEKA if I am looking for sportswear. Photo by Willett Photography, Inc.

How do you stay fit and healthy over the holidays? West Coast Workouts, my healthy immune-boosting soups and eight hours of beauty sleep. The sleep keeps my moods and emotions in balance, the food keeps me nourished and energized, and the workouts shape my body without overbuilding it.

Most memorable holiday moment? Twenty years ago when my husband proposed to me on Christmas.

What is your favorite way to give back to your community? Each year in October and November, West Coast Workout does two donation-based candlelight yoga events. This month’s event on November 20 is dedicated to Hosea Feed The Hungry. Guests bring canned goods to donate to Hosea.

1113_030-039_Atlantans.indd 31




10/22/13 4:12 PM

High Country Outttters

Offers the best Big Green Egg Eggcessories and Packages

Now taking reservations for our "Perfect Turkey" Class Cooking Classes November 16th: 11am-1pm High Country at The Avenue in East Cobb November 23rd: 11am-1pm High Country in Buckhead Buckhead 3906-B Roswell Rd Atlanta, GA 30342 404.814.0999

For more information, to sign up and reserve a spot visit Now taking reservations for November classes

highcountryoutfitters_halfh.indd 1

The Avenue East Cobb 4475 Roswell Rd Marietta, GA 30062 770.321.4780 10/22/13 4:58 PM

For all your skin care nee ds... • Diagnosis & Treatment of Skin Cancer • Treatment of Skin, Hair Loss, Nail Diseases, Acne, Warts, Moles, Psoriasis, Eczema Etc. • Vbeam Vascular Laser for Rosacea and Treatment of Leg & Facial Veins • Laser Hair Removal (All Skin Types) • Sclerotherapy for Fine Leg Veins • Botox, Dysport, Latisse, Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm & Chemical Peels Gabrielle M. Sabini, MD • Charles J. Douchy, MD Matthew J. Reschly, MD • A. Damian Dhar, MD Stephanie S. Gardner, MD • Anjana M. Patel, PA-C Sara A. Barr, PA-C • Stacey Olivier PA-C Scarlett Melton PA-C • Kristin Gregory, PA-C Karly Kincaid, PA-C • All Board Certified 6610 McGinnis Ferry Rd. Suite 200 John’s Creek, GA 30097 (Behind Panera Bread and Community Bank)

3850 Pleasant Hill Rd. Duluth, GA 30096 (Between Peachtree Industrial & Buford Highway)

1 ATLANTA 3 2NorthAtlantaDermatology_halfh1113.indd NOVEMBER 2013 BEST SELF

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Look refreshed for the Holidays!

November & December Special!

$50 Instant Savings off

Botox or Dysport

North Atlanta

3331 Hamilton Mill Rd. Suite 1106 Buford, GA 30519 (Across from the Kroger Shopping Center)

Dermatology Adult & Pediatric Dermatology

770.814.8222 10/3/13 11:23 AM

10/22/13 4:59 PM

Doug Grady Doug is a professional speaker, musician and president of High Achievers. He has been studying and teaching the pathways to personal potential for over 20 years and is the author of “The Ripple Effect.” Doug gives a significant portion of his time and money to local and global causes. He has been on several mission trips, including to Ecuador where he was part of a 12-man team building homes for the poor.

Describe your everyday style: This past year my mantra was “More jeans, less suits!”

Describe your holiday style: I grow a beard and grow my hair longer for the arctic sub-50 degree Atlanta winter.

What is the one staple in your bathroom? One comb.

Where do you go in Atlanta for: Hair care: My friend Jill Holcombe. Fitness: YourDay Playground.

How do you stay fit and healthy over the holidays? I do Muddervation Boot Camp every Tuesday night, and twice a week workouts with the YourDay trainers. I play the “YourDay Balance Game,” and do daily stretching and conditioning. Every day I eat salad and drink a gallon of alkaline water.

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Photo by Willett Photography, Inc.

My father reading from St. Luke 2.

Most memorable holiday moment? My girlfriend Allison cooking her first turkey last year.

What is your favorite way to give back to your community? For the last four years I have been contributing time and money to mission work in Ecuador through Peachtree Ironmen and Hogar de Cristo. Even though I was not physically there last year, proceeds from my book, “The Ripple Effect,” paid for a home in which a family is currently living.

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10/22/13 3:28 PM

Atlanta’s Foot Care Professionals

• Corrective Surgery for Bunions & Other Foot Deformities • State of the Art Surgical Center • Podiatric & Diabetic Clinic • Physical Therapy Department • Sports Injuries

Dr. Glyn E. Lewis Dr. Donald R. Powell Dr. Matthew G. Butler Licensed Physical Therapist

165 Vann Street, Marietta, GA | 770-422-9856 | mariettapodiatry_halfh.indd 1

10/10/13 2:50 PM

Look Your Best This Holiday Season Trust your Face with Dr. Mike Majmundar Voted one of Atlanta’s Top Doctors 3 years in a Row!

Don’t miss the lowest prices on Botox and Fillers this season! New this year

Preview our Spectacular Black Friday Specials at on Thursday 28, 2013.

Call 770-475-3146 to purchase on Black Friday between 7:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

Mike Majmundar, MD Double Board Certified Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Atlanta’s Top Doctor for past 3 years Top Botox® Doctor Top Doctor by Atlanta Magazine

3 4northsidefacial_halfh.indd NOVEMBER 2013 2

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Offices in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell & Cumming 10/18/13 2:33 PM

10/22/13 3:28 PM

Randi Layne Randi has a multifaceted career as an actress, model, choreographer, correspondent, fashion coordinator, spokeswoman and philanthropist. She is the owner of Catwalk Productions, one of the nation’s largest fashion production companies. She has also served on the board of directors of The Screen Actors Guild, ANZACC and serves as the president of The Chelko Foundation.

Describe your everyday style: Eclectic, Haute Hippie, Pucci, ETRO, Helmut Lang. Brands that are less traditional work best for me.

Describe your holiday style: I use brighter lip colors and deepen the eye makeup for a little drama. Fabrics with shine or beading make for a more festive holiday statement. Adding the unexpected scarf, statement jewelry or pair of boots for a twist on the traditional is the way I like it!

Where do you go in Atlanta for: Hair care: Carter Barnes. Skin care: Buckhead Facial Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Affiliates. My beauty staple is Epicuren skincare. Nails: Jazmin Spa. Fitness: Urban Body. Relaxation: Blue MedSpa for a great massage. Fashion: Tootsies.

How do you stay fit and healthy over the holidays? I exercise daily, limit cocktails at parties and stay away from the dessert table!

Most memorable holiday moment? Photo by Willett Photography, Inc.

When I think of the holidays, I am reminded of my dad, his generous spirit and willingness to give of his time and resources. Many Christmas mornings were spent delivering gifts to families in need. Those are the bittersweet moments that will live in my heart forever.

What is your favorite way to give back to your community? I have a deeply rooted desire to help young women become a more powerful voice in the world. Working through The Chelko Foundation, I see firsthand how the commitment of an organization can truly change the circumstances in which women find themselves. The Foundation is a platform that creates opportunities to amplify my cause. Through it, I am serving as a mentor for the junior company at Moving In the Spirit, enabling young girls to see themselves as beings in charge of their own bodies and destiny. Additionally, The Chelko Foundation funds an endowment at SCAD, partners with Eve Ensler to end violence against women and girls, as well as contributes to The Human Rights Campaign in an effort to end gender bias. Furthermore, the Foundation makes numerous humanitarian and artist grants throughout the year.

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10/22/13 4:12 PM

What is Compounding? Compounding is the original art of pharmacy. Before the rise of large-scale drug manufacturers in the 1950ʼs, patients depended on pharmacists to mix their medications on-site in drug stores across America.

Patient • Physician • Pharmacist - Your Pharmacy Leader in Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding -


3 Compounding Pharmacy is solely focused on the art and science of compounding – you wonʼt find potato chips, birthday cards, or ancillary medical supplies in our pharmacy! We believe that in order to master the nuances of compounding, we must dedicate all of our efforts to making customized prescriptions for our patients.

P3ʼs Services Can Benefit the Following Practices and Patients: • Pain Specialists

• Dermatology & Aesthetics

• Sports Medicine

• Urology

• Orthopedics

• Veterinary

• Scar Therapy

• Respiratory

• Hormone Replacement

• Podiatry

Therapy • Anti-Aging

• Womenʼs Health

Over the past few decades, traditional compounding has returned to fill the gaps left by the pharmaceutical companies. At P3 Compounding Pharmacy, pharmacists can compound medications to fit the specific needs of the patient (or pet!), rather than grab a “one-sizefits-all “ pill off the shelf. Compounded medications are customized by mixing individual ingredients together in the exact strength and dosage form required by the patient Further, we can change the delivery system of certain medications – for instance, from a capsule taken orally to a cream applied topically – to provide a more targeted treatment protocol while reducing systemic side effects. Today, most insurance companies cover compounding, and P3 Compounding Pharmacy can ship most medications directly to patients. As a result, the process is cost-effective and convenient. Please let us know how P3 Compounding Pharmacy can tailor your medications to you!

• Menʼs Health

P3 Compounding Pharmacy of Georgia

1140 Hammond Drive | Bldg. K | Suite 220 Atlanta, GA 30328 877.704.1824 TOLL FREE | 404.815.1610 MAIN 404.815.1609 FAX |

P3_Compounding_Pharmacy_FP.indd 1113_030-039_Atlantans.indd 36 1

10/22/13 10/22/13 11:00 3:28 PM AM

:00 AM

David Leonard David currently serves as the associate publisher of NCI’s Atlanta Home Improvement magazine. He and his partner have been together for over nine years and are looking forward to getting officially married in the next several months. They have a beautiful four-year-old daughter who just started at Drew Charter School where David enjoys volunteering with the PTA. When David is not working or volunteering, he enjoys spending time with his family and their newest addition – a rescue puppy, Jasper.

Describe your everyday style: Casual chic.

Describe your holiday style: I add velvet and I love the plaid. I just wish I could wear my fur hat more often, but it needs to be colder.

What is the one staple in your bathroom? Cologne. My favorites are Allure Sport by CC and AMBER by Prada.

Where do you go in Atlanta for: Hair care: Adore Hair Studio in Decatur. Skin care: Aveda. Fitness: Kick in the Fit and Sweet Life Yoga Studio. Relaxation: The dog park, walking and yoga. Fashion: I range from Banana Republic to Sq Feet in Decatur.

How do you stay fit and healthy over the holidays? Limit those carbs and work out indoors doing yoga and Crossfit Rx.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Photo by Willett Photography, Inc.

Getting the house all set up for the holidays. My partner loves to go all out, and it is so much fun to watch him turn into Mr. Christmas. Also watching “A Christmas Story” on Christmas Eve and all the other classic cartoons throughout the holidays.

What is your favorite way to give back to your community? I love working and playing with dogs and look for ways to give to such groups as Animal Action Rescue and New Spirit 4 Aussie Rescue. This year, however, I’ll be donating to The Nicky Fund for Canine Cancer Research at the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine because of the institution’s stellar work with my family this year.

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10/22/13 3:28 PM

Ellen Ector Ellen, the owner of Gymnetics Fitness and The Bodi-Guard, has been a fitness expert for over 20 years. She started her own business in Ohio and, in 2000, brought her talents to Atlanta. One of her proudest moments is being honored by the state of Georgia for creating a walking program for adults with disabilities that resulted in an overall group weight loss. Ellen is currently continuing her work in the effort to end childhood obesity and training children in track. She also enjoys the success of Gymnetics Fitness along with her partner and daughter, Lana.

Describe your everyday style: My style is very athletic since I’m usually working most days. Nowadays, it’s become very common for people to wear fitness gear all day long.

Describe your holiday style: [I turn to] my daughter, Leah Taylor. She is a fabulous stylist and my go-to girl for the holidays.

What is the one staple in your makeup bag?

3x award winning spa

Green_Pear_Saavy_Rest_1-4.indd 1

I don’t wear lots of makeup, but eyeliner is my one staple piece in my makeup bag.

10/18/13 11:38 AM


Best Self $ Fall Special Regularly $94

Signature 50-minute Facial or Massage

(Collagen mask with facial, Reflexology upgrade available with massage)

Where do you go in Atlanta for: Hair care: Jazz Stockman for my funky looks and Krissy Kimble for my more conservative styles. Skin care: Water, water and more water is great for healthy, radiant skin. Dr. Stephen Kraus is an excellent dermatologist. Makeup: We use Javetta White. Fitness: I love any place where I can run, swim or bike. Relaxation: Amelia Island in Florida always relaxes me. There’s nothing like watching the sun come up on the beach. Fashion: I’m currently wearing clothes from my daughter’s fitness line, Gem Wear. Lana’s designs are chic and very comfortable.

How do you stay fit and healthy over the holidays?

Or Get Both Facial and Massage for $89

By staying fit all year. The holidays are my time to cheat, so I work hard the rest of year so I can indulge a bit during the holidays.

Most memorable holiday moment? When I worked with adults with disabilities, watching their smiles as they opened their Christmas gifts really brought me joy and warmed my heart.

What is your favorite way to give back to your community? 678.822.0228 expires 12.31.13



facelogic_QTR_0913.indd 1 1113_030-039_Atlantans.indd 38

10930 Crabapple Rd #10, Roswell GA 30075

I love to run road races that are in tribute to different charities and organizations like Susan G. Komen and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. It’s a fun way to participate and give back at the same time.

BEST SELF ATLANTA 10/11/13 9:53 AM

10/22/13 4:12 PM

Lana Ector Lana is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist who specializes in weight loss and group training. She fell in love with her mom’s dream to open up a private fitness studio for women in Atlanta. She has competed in over 30 road races and is currently training to compete in her first marathon. She serves as Gymnetics’ co-owner and in-house nutritionist.

Describe your everyday style: My style varies. I can go sporty, casual or chic.

Describe your holiday style: Garments that shimmer usually put me in the holiday spirit. I like to incorporate those types of clothing items in my wardrobe during the holiday season.

What is the one staple in your makeup bag? My St. Germain lip gloss by MAC Cosmetics is one product that I keep on me at all times.

Where do you go in Atlanta for:

Photo by Willett Photography, Inc.

Hair care: Tamme Lemieux of The Firm. Skin care: Dr. Stephen Kraus. Makeup: We use Javetta White. She is an amazing makeup artist. Nails: Nouvelle Nail Salon. Fitness: Our private women’s gym, Gymnetics Fitness Studio, of course! Relaxation: JeJu Spa. Fashion: Bill Hallman Boutique is one of my favorite places to shop.

How do you stay fit and healthy over the holidays? I stay committed to my workout regimen because I know summer is always right around the corner!

Most memorable holiday moment? My most memorable holiday moment was making cookies for Santa and waking up to see the presents under the tree.

What is your favorite way to give back to your community? I think it’s important to strengthen our communities, so I focus my attention on giving back to those that are less fortunate right here in the city of Atlanta. One of the places I volunteer is the Atlanta Food Bank.

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10/22/13 4:12 PM

Ho liday Gift Guide

Natural Health Atlanta Salon & Spa

FREE Energy Boosting or B12 Shot (Value $40)


11705 Jones Bridge Rd., Ste. B203 Johns Creek, GA 30005 770.772.0510

Weight Loss Enhancing Lipo Shot (Value $50)

Testings: Food Sensitivity, Vitamin/Mineral Deficencies, Gluten & Candida, Allergies. Most Major Insurance Plans Accepted.

1/2 Off Make-up Application With Any Service We proudly recommend Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. All makeup artists are educated and certified. Offer honored until 3/31/14

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10/21/13 2:06 PM

20% off any service at EVENE DAY SPA Embark on a personal journey of healing & serenity. • Full Skin Care Treatments • Massage Services • Waxing Services • Threading • Permanent Makeup

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4603 Wieuca Road Atlanta, GA 30342 678.908.3491

Terms and Conditions: No expiration date for this offer (subject to change). Offer cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions. Excludes all packages and gift certificate purchases. Other restrictions apply.

“$100 for a $150 gift certificate” Includes a complimentary spa goody bag.



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Ho liday Gift Guide

$75 VISIA Complexion Analysis Give of Simply FREE the with Gift purchase of $150Sensational Gift CertificateSkin

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This month when a $150 certificate Where do you startyou forpurchase sensational skin?gift With us at Center of of Dermatology course. We specialize inAtlanta, skin careyou andwill it isreceive our a passion to Complexion help you lookAnalysis & feel your very valued best! Aat FREE VISIA - service VISIA Complexion Analysis provides advanced $75 absolutely FREE. Your gift of $150 just increased facial photographyproviding the visual to $225! With this in-depth analysis & accurate information necessary to take the guesswork out understanding of your skin, our Advanced SkinCare of your personalized skin rejuvenation plan. With Center cosmetic specialists can customize a treatthis in-depth accurate analysis of your skin, our ment plan or at-home regimen ensuring you achieve Advanced SkinCare Center cosmetic specialists simply sensational skin. Offer expires November 29, can customize a treatment plan or at-home 2013. regimen ensuring you achieve simply sensational

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NEW LOCATION! 3220 Paces Ferry Place - 404.848.0047 - carterbarnes_halfh.indd 1

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10/10/13 2:13 PM

10/22/13 3:28 PM

Try our NEW




meal plans !



T Choose a meal plan from our 4 4L

4 4G


Over 250 Chef prepared to choose from. on en en p up lo a ons or el ery repare n a nspe e en ay meal plans as lo as meal! ee our ne all menu onl ne


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Fresh_n_Fit.indd 1

10/15/13 4:02 PM

Avicenna Integrative Medicine works with you to optimize your health contribution plan (HSA/FSA). Avicenna MD believes a combination of awareness, prevention and treatment can help you fully enjoy life. At Avicenna MD, we will: • Work with you to determine your best health management plan. • Provide you effective lifestyle changes to enhance your quality of life. • Prescribe alternative and traditional therapies

“Medicine is the science by which we learn, the various states of the human body, in health, when not in health, the means by which, health is likely to be lost, and when lost, is likely to be restored to health." – Avicenna Dr. Rezvani serves as director of Avicenna Integrative Medicine and Avicenna Allergy and Asthma. His interests include the role of inflammation in various disease states, diet and nutrition, and botanical medicine.

1 4 2Avicenna_Half_H.indd NOVEMBER 2013

1113_042-047_DETOX.indd 42


• Provide documentation for you to get reimbursed by your HSA/FSA for our services. CALL TODAY to use the money in your contribution plan before your lose it. Avicenna Integrative Medicine 1000 Johnson Ferry Road Suite E200 • Marietta, GA 30068 • 770-977-9300

10/17/13 12:39 PM

10/22/13 2:36 PM

The Truth About




etoxing, cleansing, fasting: it seems like everybody’s doing it. Although the term “detox” is most commonly associated with substance abuse, it is also linked to weight loss or dieting. In its most basic form, it means the elimination of negative elements that affect the body such as chemicals, additives in food or pollutants that can cause health issues. Detoxing can be done in a variety of ways from footbaths to juices to colonics and enemas. All of these detoxes promise to cleanse our body systems and keep us healthy, but do they really work? More importantly, are they safe?

1113_042-047_DETOX.indd 43




10/22/13 2:36 PM

Mis-Diagnosed Hip, Low Back and Groin Pain? ...You may be suffering from Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction The sacroiliac joint is often overlooked by most doctors. Symptoms may include unexplained groin pain, back pain, leg pain, leg inflammation and even sciatic type nerve problems. Many options for treating the S/I joint are available. The goal of these treatments are NOT only pain suppression, but rather to eliminate the cause by correcting malaligned structures, improving the health of the joint and reducing the ligament laxity or weakness. Call to schedule an appointment with the physicians at Total HealthCare to see if you may be experiencing sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

We are in-network.

Our Treatments Are Covered by

Medicare • Blue Cross • Aetna • Cigna United • Humana • Coventry • Great West and most others.

Regenerative & Physical Medicine 6315-B Spalding Dr. Norcross, GA 30092 Tel: 770-416-9995

6690 Roswell Rd. NE, Ste 510 Sandy Springs, GA 30328 Tel: 678-999-8531 CALL TODAY FOR APPOINTMENT Totalhealthcare_full.indd 1113_042-047_DETOX.indd 1 44


Pain Consultation & Pre-Exam


Regenerative & Physical Medicine

B paldi g r • 0 Ro ell Rd •

04 8

8 3

10/22/13 10/9/13 5:34 2:36PM PM

34 PM

Why Detox? You may find yourself wanting to try a detox because you’re looking to lose weight, decrease toxin levels or simply improve your overall health and wellbeing. However, make sure you do your research first. The outcome of any detox program can vary per person, so first ask yourself a few questions about what your expectations are. If you’re expecting to get more energy from a detox, you might be in luck. “Having a lot of toxins in your body can decrease your energy levels,” explains Saira Gillani, ND, naturopathic doctor with Natural Health Atlanta. “You may feel so tired all the time that you don’t feel like doing anything. If you do a detox, your energy levels are typically restored, making you feel brand new with the energy.” If you are looking for increased energy, though, you might need more than just a “quick fix” detox. The way to really cleanse your body and maintain any benefits you may see from a short detox is to cut out harmful foods and practices and replace them with healthy ones. Changing your eating behavior is a tried and true way to get the benefits that detoxes usually promise. “The benefits of eating clean are that it helps your liver, kidneys and colon function properly, can increase energy, decrease irritability and help you sleep better. Not to mention if you are eating clean foods to help you detox, you often lose weight,” says Shayna Komar, RD, LD, dietician with Cancer Wellness at Piedmont Healthcare.

Debunking Detox So if a detox method does not require healthy eating, it is probably not going to help you on your path to a healthier lifestyle. There are a lot of “quick fix” detoxes out there, so it is important to do your homework and be realistic about your expectations. For example, an ionic footbath is said to rebalance your cells’ electrical charge by pulling toxins from the body into the water. It

consists of putting the feet into a bath of water and salt containing submerged electrodes that give off a small charge. Some people claim to have experienced benefits from these baths. According to Dr. Karen Tedeschi, chiropractor and owner of Tedeschi Wellness Center, ionic footbaths have helped her patients who are going through menopause. “During menopause, footbaths will aid in the successful passage of excess hormones, relieving symptomatic discomfort.” She also notes that ionic footbaths are a way to flush the lymphatic system and support the body’s major organs. However, some research studies have shown that there have been no increased toxins found in the water after a footbath. Scientists who conducted some of these tests also state that the skin makes too strong of a barrier for large amounts of toxins to be pulled through it. Because of that, some people believe it’s unlikely that a footbath detox will have many long-term effects. Since everyone’s outcome from a treatment or service can be different, use your best judgment. Another popular form of detoxing includes enemas or colonics given as often as every two hours to remove “toxic build-up” in the bowels. Despite claims of improved digestive health, colon cleansing does not really improve digestion or increase absorption of nutrients into the large intestine because most digestion and absorption occurs before the large intestine – actually in the small intestine, according to Alice Schuler, RD, LD with The Cancer Center at DeKalb Medical. What colon cleansing can provide, though, is relief from constipation, according to certified colon hydrotherapists Teresa Ducoffe and Candace Layer. So you might see some short-term benefits, “but the weight will come right back on if you do not exercise and start eating healthy,” Komar says. Other types of digestive tract cleansing with laxatives, herbal or chemical, and vitamin overloads also do not provide health benefits, and sometimes

Georgia Vein Specialists 598 Nancy Street, Suite 150 Marietta, GA 30060 (678) 626-0019

They’ll look at your legs for a whole new reason Befor e EVLT ®

After EVLT


Eliminate varicose veins with EVLT®

If you look at your legs and just see varicose veins, we can help. Now you can show immediate improvement on your legs by eliminating varicose veins with EVLT®. This 45-minute laser procedure requires no general anesthesia or hospitalization, meaning no painful surgery or downtime. Deciding to get the safe and effective EVLT® is a choice everyone will notice. • 45-min ute procedure • No scarring • No general anesthesia or hospitalization

• Immediate return to your daily routine • Covered by most insurance carriers

Other services available: • Image guided Sclerotherapy • Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Now Accepting United Healthcare

1113_GA_Vein_1-2H.indd 1

1113_042-047_DETOX.indd 45

Diomed and EVLT are registered trademarks of DIOMED, Inc. Photos courtesy of Robert Min MD, Cornell Vascular, New York.


10/15/13 PM NOVEMBER 20133:444 5

10/22/13 2:36 PM

It can also be dangerous to go too far in the other direction – instead of removing toxins, trying to add in too much of the good stuff can be harmful. “I encourage everyone to look critically at invasive procedures,” says Maziar Rezvani, MD, medical director at Avicenna Integrative Medicine and Avicenna Allergy and Asthma. “Harm comes when invasive therapies of mega doses of vitamins, herbs or minerals are introduced into the body.” You also have to avoid the danger of treating a detox as a catch-all cure, because that might prevent you from getting effective treatment. “The belief that removing toxins can cure cancer has delayed some people with cancer from receiving conventional treatments that have been known to cure,” Schuler says. Finally, detoxes are dangerous to the wrong groups of people. “Certain types of people should never use a detox diet. They include children of all ages, pregnant women and individuals with diabetes,” Lachnicht says. can even remove necessary substances like digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics. “The use of laxatives and diuretics, even if considered herbal or natural, can lead to cramping, bloating, nausea and vomiting,” says Jennifer Baker Lachnicht, RD, LD, CNSC in the Diabetes and Nutrition Education Department at Northside Hospital.

Detoxing Myths and Dangers While some detoxing methods might be a waste of time, they’re relatively harmless. Don’t be fooled, though: Others can be downright dangerous. Some colon detoxification methods “may cause fluid and electrolyte imbalances that can lead to symptoms such as dehydration, weakness, headaches, altered mental status, diarrhea and constipation,” Schuler says.

Tedeschi Wellness Center Chiropractic • Weightloss Coaching Detoxification • Cold Laser Therapy

Detoxing the Right Way Among all the misinformation circulating about detoxes, Lachnicht says, “The biggest myth about detox diets is that they work! Your body is perfectly equipped to detoxify itself from everyday environmental toxins.” Basically, this means you shouldn’t rely on a detox as a necessary practice for proper health. Instead, redefine your understanding of what “detox” means. Many experts believe it should be more about detoxing our diet rather than quickly stripping toxins from our bodies. “A person does not function well with lots of chemicals and preservatives in their food,” Komar says. “Therefore, eating clean, incorporating more whole foods, spices, herbs, fresh fruit and veggies is a great way to detox in a healthy way.”


Call TODAY and receive 20% OFF A One Month Package which Includes: • Private Consultation with Dr. Tedeschi • 3 One on One Sessions with our Weightloss Specialist, Jessica Hood • 9 Zerona Body Slimming Laser Treatments • 9 Detoxifying Ionic Footbaths


Dr. Karen Tedeschi 1770 Century Boulevard NE, Suite A Atlanta, GA 30345 (404) 320-0204 | 46


Tedeschi Wellness 4th.indd 1 1113_042-047_DETOX.indd 46


BEST SELF ATLANTA 10/21/13 CatalystFitness_4th.indd 3:06 PM 1

10/16/13 5:28 PM 10/22/13 4:19 PM

For many people, turning to juicing has been a good way to kick-start a healthy eating plan. Brent Rodgers, owner of Roots Pressed Juices in Buckhead, incorporated juices into his regular diet and lost 30 pounds. “Enzymes are the key to pressed juices, and digesting food and keeping energy levels high,” he says. Adding fresh vegetable and fruit juices to the diet can be a painless way to begin incorporating more healthy foods. You may even choose to begin with a three- to seven-day juice cleanse, but don’t think of it as starvation. “It’s about giving your digestive system a rest. And if you find yourself getting hungry during a juice cleanse, you can always nibble on some raw veggies.” The result of a juice cleanse should be that you start on a new path to healthier eating. “It really is a reset for your brain, so by the end of your detox, you crave the foods that are in the juice.” That means craving beets and carrots instead of potato chips and sugary snacks, which is definitely a good thing. “There are countless pros to changing to an organic, plant-based diet,” says Shannon Sliger, owner of Dtox Organic Juice and Junk in Buckhead. “I cured myself of allergies and migraines by changing the way I eat. I lost those pesky 10 to 15 [pounds] I never could on a high protein, high calcium diet by changing the way I eat.”

The way to cleanse your body and maintain any benefits you may see from a detox is to cut out harmful practices and replace them with healthy ones.

are you suffering? Chiropractic Care Improve posture, neck/back pain, and treatment for sports related injuries. Neuropathy Care Low level light therapy for leg/foot pain reduction and improved circulation. Physiotherapy Long term improvement with Exercise and Rehab to reduce future problems attributed to improper motion. Non Surgical Disc Decompression Alternative treatment for disc herniations and back pain.

While juicing can provide a quick shot of vitamins and nutrients, it should not be a substitute for a well-balanced diet. Make sure you work with a licensed nutritionist or your primary care physician to see if your diet plan is on the right track. “The best advice is to clean up your diet,” Lachnicht says. “Choose meals that have more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Instead of trying yet another short-term extreme fad diet, try to make healthful, long-term changes in your life.” Whether you’re considering a long-term detox such as cutting out a certain food group or a shortterm detox such as a 24-hour juice fast, make sure you know what your body can tolerate. While some cleanses and detoxing methods can have a positive effect on your health if followed properly and under the guidance of a qualified health professional, keep in mind that there’s no real substitute for clean, healthy eating and living.

Editorial Resources Saira Gillani, ND - Natural Health Atlanta, Shayna Komar, RD, LD - Piedmont Healthcare,

Dr. Alicia Crusse’, D.C.

Jennifer Baker Lachnicht, RD - Northside Hospital,

(770) 993-6010

Candace Layer, Teresa Ducoffe - Atlanta Colonic & Massage,

3855 Shallowford Road, ite 0 • arietta

Maziar Rezvani, MD, FAAAAI - Avicenna Integrative Medicine/Avicenna Allergy and Asthma, Brent Rodgers - Roots Pressed Juices, Alice Schuler, RD, LD - DeKalb Medical, Shannon Sliger - Dtox Organic Juice and Junk, Karen Tedeschi, DC - Tedeschi Wellness Center,

Proud member of the Neuropathy Treatment Centers of America

BEST SELF ATLANTA Body Core_3rdv.indd 1

1113_042-047_DETOX.indd 47



10/21/13 10:54 AM 10/22/13 2:37 PM


JeJu Sauna


for Healing, Relaxation & Increased Energy

• • • •


• Soak in the Jade Marble Hot Tub Meditate on Heated Jade Floors • Warm & Cold Pools Breathe in Gem Stone Steam Saunas Bask in Dry Saunas (Salt, Clay, Jade, Charcoal) • Dine in the Authentic Korean Restaurant Swim in the Jade Marble Jr. Olympic Size Pool


678.336.7414 | Across from Wild Bills

Visit for more information and more photos of our facility jejusauna_FP_0413_VER_03.indd 1113_048-051_LeeHaney.indd 48 1

10/16/13 10/22/13 5:36 2:36 PM

Lee Haney


:36 PM

Staying strong in body and spirit

By Taylor Arnold


ee Haney’s training and nutritional philosophy is simple. “Train to stimulate, not to annihilate,” says the former American International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness (IFBB) bodybuilder and eight-time Mr. Olympia.

“You are what you eat and the company you keep. Both of these health proverbs help keep my body and mind balanced.” In addition to earning multiple bodybuilding titles, the devout Christian has served as a consultant with some of the biggest nutritional supplement companies in the world, as well as chairman of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. He has trained a number of professional athletes and celebrities including Steve Harvey, and he shared his knowledge of exercise and nutrition on his show called “TotaLee Fit with Lee Haney” on the Trinity Broadcast Network.


Photo courtesy of Lee Haney

Lee Haney

with Haney

Harvest Hou se

program m em


After retiring from professional bodybuilding, Haney wanted to give back to the community. In 1993 he and his wife Shirley purchased a 40-acre farm near their Fairburn home and created the Haney Harvest House, a non-profit mentoring program for boys. “We often hear people say, ‘somebody needs to do something,’” he says. “We chose to be two of those somebodys. The mission of the Haney’s Harvest House is to help establish mentoring programs through organizations within surrounding neighborhoods. Learning the values of hard work, integrity, perseverance, humility and believing in God should be present in the life of every young man.”

In order to be a part of the mentoring program, boys must come from a single-parent household that is absent of a father, and they cannot have a criminal record. Haney and his volunteer staff are cheerleaders for each boy who enters the program, though some inevitably stand out. “All of the young men coming through the program are special and possess great promise. However, one of them took the meaning of perseverance to another level,” Haney says. “When his mom enrolled him in the program, [Larry Heath] was shy and a little overweight. His mother did the best she could in trying to raise him and his sister with limited financial support from the government.” Heath went on to graduate from Stockbridge High, and then graduated with a political science degree from Georgia State University. “He is currently enlisted in the United States Army with a little over a year left to complete his Master’s degree in educational psychology,” Haney says. “We are so proud of him.”

are what you eat and the company you keep. Both of these “Youhealth proverbs help keep my body and mind balanced. ”

1113_048-051_LeeHaney.indd 49




10/22/13 4:24 PM

Continuing Education Haney continues to share his joy of teaching and inspiring others, and in June 2010, he developed the International Association of Fitness Science (IAFS), a training program focused on educating trainers on how to use the science of what he calls “functional training.” “Trainers are taught how to create exercise programs to enhance strength, core strength, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility,” Haney explains. “All of the things needed to manage age and maintain functional physical mobility. Functional Training exercises include a series of movements: pushing, pulling, squatting, pressing, curling, extending, twisting, core movements and controlled cardio drills.”

Objective Physician Monitoring of Progress and Safety

Through IAFS, Haney aims to create an exercise and nutritional model that can be used to impact the health of people and communities everywhere. “It’s a model that’s simple yet effective,” he says. “The IAFS offers three different training certifications: Functional Training (for the general population), the Minister of Fitness (designed for churches) and Ultimate Bodybuilding (for competitive bodybuilders).”

Body Composition Analysis and Bone Density by DXA Motivational and Supportive Counseling

On the Horizon

Extensive Individualized Nutrition Counseling Based Upon The Low Glycemic Index Diet Twice Weekly Small Exercise Group Classes Focused On Core Fitness When Indicated Use of Prescription U.S.FDA Approved Weight Loss Medications Qsymia® or Belviq®

The healthy path to your optimal weight to see if Phased Weight Loss™ is right for you contact:

Next up for Haney is his Ultimate Sports and Fitness Challenge on April 19, 2014 in Tyrone, GA. “[The Challenge] was created to serve a dual purpose,” he says. “It’s to showcase fitness in a way that’s fun and inclusive of the different age groups: children, teens and adults. The Challenge is also the official fundraiser for Haney’s Harvest House Boy’s Mentoring Program.” The event will consist of a Kid’s Challenge for children ages 8 to 12, a Teen Challenge for children ages 13 to 17 and an Ultimate Fitness Challenge for adults 18 and up. Each one features physical obstacles and challenges that test resilience, strength and stamina, followed by a grand finale that includes a life seminar and an awards ceremony. Whether he is promoting the importance of exercise, helping clients to reach their fitness goals or mentoring young boys at Harvest House, Haney remains focused on educating others. “The best part of my life today is seeing the harvest of hard work and the lives of the people I have tried to impact,” he says. “Starting first with my family, that includes my wife of 30 years and my two children, Joshua (a 2008 Citadel graduate) and Olympia (a 2012 Savannah College of Arts and Design graduate). The mentoring program means a great deal to my legacy.” In the end, his life’s work is a badge of both physical and spiritual growth.

The greatest measure of a “ man’s life is summed up in the

Meredith PakPour Director of Clinical Services

(404) 574-2373 Located in Brookhaven near Marta

lives he impacts during his journey here on earth,

Phased Weight Loss™ on Facebook

he says. “My best self is realized by giving the proper nourishment to my spirit through praying and reading the Bible and taking care of the one and only body God has given me.”

Grattan Woodson, M.D., FACP Integral Internal Medicine

For more information on Lee Haney’s Ultimate Fitness Challenge 2014, visit

1418 Dresden Dr., Suite 225 Atlanta, GA 30319



DrWoodson1-2V.indd 1 1113_048-051_LeeHaney.indd 50


10/22/13 2:36 PM



A Focus on Influenza Flu viruses spread mainly from person to person when someone with influenza coughs or sneezes. Sometimes people become infected by touching something with flu viruses on it and then touching their mouths or noses. Apparently healthy adults may be able to infect others beginning one day before symptoms develop and up to five days after becoming sick.

The single best way to protect against the flu is to get vaccinated each year. : an inactivated vaccine (killed virus) is given with a needle, usually in the arm. The flu shot is approved for use in people older than 6 months, including healthy people and people with chronic medical conditions.

• • • • The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. It can cause mild to severe illness and at times can lead to death. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting a flu vaccination each year. Every year in the United States, on average: •

• • • •

• • Some people, such as seniors, young children, and people with certain health complications, are at higher risk for serious flu complications.

Complications of the flu include bacterial pneumonia, ear infections, sinus infections, dehydration, and worsening of chronic medical conditions, such as congestive heart failure, asthma, and diabetes.

It is very difficult to distinguish the flu from other infections on the basis of symptoms alone. A doctor’s exam may be needed to tell whether you have developed the flu or a complication of the flu. If you develop flu-like symptoms and are concerned about your illness, especially if you are at high risk for complications of the flu, you should consult your healthcare provider. Those at high risk for complications include people 65 years or older, people with chronic medical conditions, pregnant women, and young children.

Dr. Robinson and Dr. Rekaby

Concentra Primary Care

Concentra Primary Care offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare that begins with a family doctor and care coordinator who work together to care for patients’ full health and coordinate any additional care needed from other supporting providers. By creating an ongoing relationship with patients, Concentra providers help to manage chronic and costly healthcare conditions, including care for seniors.  With flexible scheduling, longer appointment times, and experienced providers, Concentra Primary Care connects the dots that form a larger picture of health. It’s healthcare with a focus on getting well and living well today and in the years ahead. This article is brought to you by Concentra Primary Care For information on other topics from Atlanta’s experts go to

1113_048-051_LeeHaney.indd Concentra_FP_EC.indd 1 51




10/22/13 10/8/13 4:27 2:36 PM



A NON-SURGICAL SOLUTION FOR: • Herniated or Bulging Discs • Degenerative Disc Disease • Posterior Facet Syndrome • Sciatica • Acute or Chronic Back Pain



• Fewer incidents of back pain • Pain relief, even after a few sessions • Shrinkage in disc herniation • Increased mobilization • Return to an active lifestyle • 85% Success Rate!

We will pre-certify your insurance!

Midtown Neurology P.C.

Atlanta’s Premier IDD Therapy Center |

404-653-0039 Midtown 1113_052-059_besthealth.indd Neurology_FP.indd 1 52

10/10/13 10/22/13 10:01 4:28 PM AM


:01 AM


Laura’s Top Ten Tips for Year End Financial Planning Looking for top health & wellness providers?

1. Prepay State and Save. Pay your state taxes before year-end they are deductible for federal tax purposes.

2. Taking advantage of losses.

See who’s “TrustDale Certified” as Atlanta’s Best!

If you don’t have carry forward losses then sell investments showing a loss in your taxable account.

3. Maximize Savings. Make sure your retirement plan is maximized.

4. Business Spending Today! If you own your company, review your spending and any large expenses pay prior to year end (especially if on the cash method of accounting).

5. Gather and Organize. Start gathering your information for income taxes so that you can provide the information to your preparer in January/February.

6. Budgeting. Review your spending and start preparing a cash flow budget for 2014 that shows savings and positive cash flow.

7. Utilizing Benefits to the Max. October/November is enrollment for corporate benefits so plan ahead and seek professional advice before the deadline.

8. HSAs more savings. Maximize your Health Spending Account, if you have one.

9. Mandatory Distributions.

TrustDaleHealth1-4.indd 1

8/30/13 9:50 AM

If you are 70 ½ or older make sure you take your required minimum distribution prior to 12/31.

10. Projecting your taxes can save you money. Run an income tax calculation to make sure you avoid penalties for under payment. Please consult your financial professional before making any decisions. This is general advice.

Free Haircut with the purchase of any Highlight Service

Laura K. Schilling, JD, CPA, CFP(r), CSA Financial Innovations, LLC | 5555 Glenridge Connector, Suite 200 | Atlanta, Georgia 30342 (404) 459-2828 | (404) 459-2829 fax |

Laura Schilling isn’t your typical Financial Planner. She is also a world traveler who has been to Asia, Africa, Europe, and Israel. Laura is an active member in the community, a mother of two, and a champion for each of the working mothers she employs. As principal and founder of Financial Innovations, LLC, she staffs her firm with stay-at-home moms who work from where they can meet the needs of their clients around the globe. This article is brought to you by Financial Innovations, LLC For information on other topics from Atlanta’s experts go to


(770) 579-1290 4235 Merchant’s Walk Drive Suite 140, Marietta After (offer cannot be combined with any other discounts, offers or special events)

BEST SELF ATLANTA Halo_Salon.indd 1

1113_052-059_besthealth.indd Financial_Innovations_HalfH_EC.indd 53 1

Call to reserve your spot today!



10/15/13 11:51 AM 10/22/13 10/22/13 4:37 4:36 PM PM

How it works Waves of electromagnetic light force your fat cells to unlock, allowing the contents to spill out and be metabolized by the body naturally. And, unlike traditional liposuction there is no pain, no bruising, no swelling, no drugs and no downtime! IN other words, NO side-effects whateversoever! It’s safe, simple and affordable and relaxing as any spa treatments.



for 4 Fat Reduction PhotoSlim Lipo treatments ($800 value)

Laser Lipo Technology allows to spot shrink any area of the body that contains dangerous visceral fat (belly fat) and unsightly subcutaneous fat in areas such as the outer and inner thighs, butt, under chin, arms or anywhere fat and cellulite is concentrated on your body. But don’t take our word for it! From now until November 30th, you can experience this remarkable new technology for your yourself!


“New Buckhead Location” - 3081 E. Shadowlawn Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30305 -

iSlimQuick_full.indd 1113_052-059_besthealth.indd 1 54

10/17/13 10/22/13 12:10 4:29 PM


:10 PM


Use it or Lose it: What you need to know about your HSA/FSA

Experience the magic of giving at Piper Lillies Gift Shoppe

With the growing cost of health care and health insurance in today’s environment, many employers are choosing to offer health insurance with higher deductibles and attaching optional contribution accounts, known as Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Medical Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). I have found the education on the optimal use of these accounts is lacking. The following are some facts you need to know about your HSA/ FSA before the end of the year and before selecting your benefits next year: • HSAs are medical savings accounts available to taxpayers who are enrolled in an HSA-qualified high-deductible health plan. In contrast, FSAs are available to all employees, if an employer elects to offer one. • Both cover pay for qualified medical expenses, and both are not subject to any payroll taxes. • FSAs will be lost if not used by the end of the year. If not used, the FSA money is forfeited to the employer. • HSA account balances will roll over to the next year.

20% OFF any one regular priced item expires 2/28/14

Wish List and Gift Certificates Available

When looking at your open enrollment this year, remember:

11705 Jones Bridge Road, Suite B206 Johns Creek, GA 30005

• All money you plan to contribute to your FSA is available at the start of the plan year and does not have to be reimbursed if you leave the company. • HSA contributions are available only after the money is deducted from payroll.

email: | Tel: (678) 867-0033

• As of January 1, 2011, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act mandated that drugs must be prescribed to be reimbursable. • Eligible medical expenses for your HSA and FSA include many complementary and alternative services, not just co-pays and deductibles.

piper-lillies-1-4.indd 1

Although many integrative medicine services are cash-based, you may use your contribution accounts for reimbursement. Most importantly, integrative doctors who are MDs may prescribe over-the-counter medicines and alternative therapies that would then be covered under your HSA/FSA. Remember, when choosing an integrative doctor, reimbursement claims must be submitted by the last day of the plan, so act fast. Don’t forget to always consult your tax advisor should you require tax advice, and remember to speak with you human resources department to learn more about your HSA/FSA.


Carrie Whittington has a BBA from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia and is the Executive Business Director of Physicians Group of Georgia and Avicenna MD, which encompass Avicenna Integrative Medicine and Avicenna Allergy and Asthma. She has been inspired by the new approach to medicine presented by Maziar Rezvani, MD, owner of Avicenna, and is an integral part of his new practice and new approach to medicine both in his office and through corporate wellness. This article is brought to you by Avicenna Integrative Medicine For information on other topics from Atlanta’s experts go to

10/15/13 4:17 PM

NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment DRAMATICALLY reduces the appearance of: Fine Lines Wrinkles Discoloration Uneven Skin Texture Enlarged Pores Aging or Loose Skin

Avicenna Integrative Medicine 1000 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite E200 Marietta, GA 30068 (770) 977-9300 |


Why Wait? Call today: 770-595-4564

Independent Brand Partner BEST SELF ATLANTA

nerium_4th.indd 1

1113_052-059_besthealth.indd Avicenna_Half_V_EC.indd 1 55

Are you ready for REAL RESULTS?


55 9/20/13 12:34 PM

10/22/13 10/16/13 4:29 3:41 PM PM




In-Office Laser Whitening

Starting at $2999

New Patient Exam X-rays & healthy mouth cleaning For patients without dental insurance

All that is good begins with a smile

KIMBALL BRIDGE D E N TA L C O M M O N S 6 8- 56-6304 • 4380 Kimball Bridge Rd., Alpharetta, GA 30022

Now open late on Tuesdays! ast appt. at 6 pm

aser Dentistry • Cosmetic Dentistry • Porcelain Crowns eneers izi ite ral Cancer Screening • White Fillings mercury free • Fi ed Bridges Non-Surgical um Treatment • Root Canal Therapy • Cleaning Polishing • Boto • uvederm KimballBridge_halfh.indd 1

10/9/13 2:36 PM

The Fitness Model Experience

Learn how to go from


Saturday, January 18, 2014

10am-12noon • $47 per person Hear stories from successful fitness models – how they did it!

to magazine material! • What makes a great model? • Training and nutrition to get in top model shape • How to live “Photo-shoot Ready” • Model poses & fun shots Go to to register online. Contact or 678.641.9188 for more info.



4565 Lawrenceville Hwy. Lilburn, GA 30047

WATCH THE VIDEO! We shape bodies. It’s what we do.

5 6houseofpayne_halfh.indd NOVEMBER 2013 1

1113_052-059_besthealth.indd 56


The official training facility for IAFS

BEST SELF ATLANTA 678.641.9188 10/15/13 9:54 AM

10/22/13 4:29 PM

besthealth What to Consider Before Getting Sinus Surgery When patient Beverly R. suffered through her twentieth bout of sinusitis, her primary care doctor recommended surgery to fix the problem. Unfortunately, it was after the pain, expense and downtime of the surgery that Beverly discovered the source of her continuing sinus infections wasn’t blocked sinuses. It was her diet and silent reflux. Often overlooked and misdiagnosed, acid reflux affects 40 percent of Americans. The backflow of stomach acid can not only irritate your esophagus, but your ears, nose, throat, vocal cords, sinuses, mouth and lungs. American diets have become very acidic. Bottled and canned food, carbonated sodas and fried food all contain high amounts of acid and contribute to the reflux epidemic. There is a wide range of common silent reflux symptoms, including hoarseness, cough, sinusitis, burning throat, trouble swallowing, snoring and apnea, asthma and shortness of breath. Sadly, most physicians don’t test for reflux because they don’t know it can be the root of all these problems. Through a series of diagnostic tests, including sinus scans, esophageal and lung screenings, physicians can determine whether the patient may be treated through medical therapy and lifestyle changes, or if surgery is required. A Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication tightens the valve between the stomach and esophagus, preventing acid from refluxing up into the esophagus and sensitive areas of the throat, nose, lungs and sinuses. Luckily for Beverly R., her silent reflux is under control with medication and diet. She now tells her friends with sinus issues to visit an ENT before a visit to the surgery center. Today, four out of five patients don’t have asthma; they have reflux. The good news is, with the right medication, diet and guidance from your doctor, you can get silent reflux under control. Dr. Jeffrey M. Gallups is a double board certified physician specializing in nasal and sinus disorders. It is his natural entrepreneurial spirit that led Dr. Gallups to create The ENT Institute, a practice of board certified ear, nose and throat physicians, otolaryngologists, allergists, speech pathologists and audiologists that includes ancillary services. The ENT Institute offers a one-stop solution for patients who receive multiple treatments from multiple doctors under one roof, saving the patient time and money. Today, The ENT Institute is the largest ear, nose and throat practice in the metro Atlanta area.

AndersonHari_EC_half_V.indd 1113_052-059_besthealth.indd 157


Robotic Hair Restoration Arrives in Atlanta Millions of Americans suffer from hair loss. Today, there are many more options for treatment of balding and thinning hair than ever before. Long gone is the “pluggy” or “doll’s hair” look, as modern hair transplantation is performed one single follicle at a time for the most natural look possible. The Anderson Hair Sciences and Research Center is a new, state-of-the-art facility dedicated to providing the most natural, permanent hair restoration results to both men and women, with an emphasis on artistic concepts, patient comfort, and natural, permanent results. Dr. Ken Anderson, MD, is the first and only hair restoration surgeon in Georgia to offer the very latest in cutting edge surgical robotic devices. The ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration Surgery System performs a type of hair restoration surgery called “follicular unit extraction,” or “FUE” – a technique Dr. Anderson has been performing for over 10 years. With the revolutionary ARTAS System Dr. Anderson is able to transplant hair without any linear or noticeable scarring, using no scalpels, no stitches, with a dramatically shorter recovery period than for patients who undergo a traditional linear strip method hair restoration procedure. With the sole exception of the ARTAS system, all FUE methods, using any device, are performed by hand, with all the associated variability and inherent human error. How Does It Work? Using high-tech stereoscopic cameras, and updating its coordinates 5,000 times per second, the ARTAS System’s image-guided robotics harvests hair follicles for transplant with micron-level precision, one at a time.  As there is no linear incision required with an ARTAS procedure, healing time is short, and you can usually go back to your daily activities after a day or two. Call for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Anderson to discuss your options, or visit us online.

The Anderson Hair Sciences & Research Center The Medical Quarters 5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd., Ste. 135 Atlanta, GA 30342 (404) 256-4247 | Dr. Anderson is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon who has confined his practice solely to hair restoration for over a decade. After 7 years of surgery training in facial plastic surgery, in 2003 he entered the field of hair restoration in Beverly Hills, California. He opened the Anderson Hair Sciences & Research Center in Atlanta in 2011. He has appeared on CBS Atlanta, and is an internationally recognized expert on the FUE technique of hair restoration. This article is brought to you by Slender Spa Med For information on other topics from Atlanta’s experts go to BEST SELF ATLANTA



10/21/13 10/22/13 11:40 4:29 PM AM


Do you really have time to wait for hours in the ER?

Start the Year with a Clean Bill of Health By David Martin, RN, CRNFA

We accept most insurance plans, Medicare & Medicaid 1630 Pleasant Hill Road | Suite #340 Duluth, GA 30096 Why go to an emergency room and wait for hours for non-life threatening problems? At NGUC, appointments are never necessary but always welcome for routine physicals or follow-up visits. Most of our patients are those with an unexpected illness or injury.

We also treat or offer: • Primary care issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol • Sports, camp and other administrative physicals • DOT physicals • Immigration physicals • Occupational medicine/workers comp • Routine annual Physicals - $250, labs included • Now offering Medically Supervised Weight Loss Consultations only $20. CLINIC HOURS: Mon-Sat 9am-9pm & Sun 10am-6pm

Flu Shots $20.00

Phone: (678) 680-4290 | Fax: (678) 680-4295

Right now is the best time to check off health concerns and get them handled before starting a new year and a new deductible. In fact, taking care of yourself can be a wonderful holiday gift for your loved ones. You are giving them a gift of peace of mind, and the gift of modeling the same care you hope they will take of themselves. Think about your health from the ground up: • Feet If your feet hurt, you can’t or won’t exercise as much, and you may be throwing your whole body out of alignment. If you suffer from chronic knee, back and neck pain, see a specialist who will be able to help get to the source of the problem.

NorthGAUrgentCare1-4.indd 1

10/10/13 10:25 AM

• Legs If you find your legs feeling more fatigued than usual at the end of a day of standing or sitting a lot, it would probably serve you well to have an ultrasound scan of your legs. An ultrasound scan for venous reflux may reveal the source of your discomfort if it is related to your circulation. Are there aches and pains that cause concern? Is there a suspicious mole? Do you you squint to see or strain to hear? Does snoring keep a loved one awake? Do restless legs wake you both up? Do you have heavy, tired legs or varicose and spider veins? Your health challenges may be impacting your ability to communicate, exercise, relax, and enjoy precious time with loved ones.

678.293.9273 58


DrFuller1-4v.indd 1 1113_052-059_besthealth.indd 58

When you share your improved health report with your loved ones, chances are they may follow suit. At the end of the day, if you have your health and your family is healthy, you really do have everything.

BEST SELF ATLANTA 10/21/13 4:45 PM

10/22/13 4:37 PM



Managing Melasma What is melasma? Melasma is a very common skin condition that causes brown to gray-brown patches on the cheeks, bridge of nose, forehead, chin and the upper lip. It also can appear on other parts of the body that are exposed to the sun, such as the forearms and neck. It is asymptomatic, but many do not like the appearance. What are some common causes of melasma? Melasma is caused by the sun, although heat can also be a trigger. It commonly develops in pregnant women or women on birth control pills, however, it can occur in anyone. What is the best way to treat melasma? The most important way to treat and prevent melasma is by using sun protection. Sunscreen, sun protective clothing and the oral medication Heliocare will all help in the management of melasma. In addition to sun protection, skin bleachers and chemical peels are used to treat the brown areas. Is there a permanent cure for melasma? Unfortunately, there is no true cure for melasma. It often returns with summer each year, but we are fortunate to have many ways to combat this annoying skin condition.

North Atlanta Dermatology

3850 Pleasant Hill Road Duluth, Georgia 30096 Dr. Gabrielle Sabini is board-certified in dermatology. With over 20 years of experience, she specializes in dermatology, procedural dermatology and dermatopathology at North Atlanta Dermatology.

This article is brought to you by North Atlanta Dermatology For information on other topics from Atlanta’s experts go to

BrighterTom_halfh.indd 1

1113_052-059_besthealth.indd NorthAtlDerm_EC_halfh.indd 1 59


10/7/13 AM9 NOVEMBER 20139:51 5

10/22/13 10/17/13 4:29 4:07 PM PM



Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics recently held a reception to celebrate 10 years of providing skin care training and services to the greater Atlanta area. A division of Atlanta School of Massage, Atlanta School of Aesthetics was founded by Leticia Allen. AIA is dedicated to eco-friendly practices and sustainability.

Your choice of: Overall Color, Global Keratin Treatment, Cut and Style OR Highlights or Lowlights (single color), Global Keratin Treatment, Cut and Style PRICE REDUCED TO ONLY $179!*

Grady Health System’s Correll Cardiac Center opened recently and expanded Grady’s current cardiac services to include a 24/7 catheterization lab, an electrophysiology lab and more family waiting areas. The renovated space is over 11,000 square feet.

Federico Milla , MD

Makes a great holiday gift! Gift certificates available! Pre-pay and get an EXTRA 10% off!

Piedmont Physicians Group can now boast that their team includes Dr. Richard Jadick, a doctor highly decorated in the Iraq war. After serving as the head of the urology department at the Naval Hospital Jacksonville, he now joins fellow urologists at Piedmont Physicians Urology Specialists and will be practicing in Newnan, GA.

(678) 361-4247 11230 Alpharetta Highway, Suite 115, Roswell, GA 30076 *Extra charges may apply for length and thickness *Offer expires 12/31/13

Salon1580_4th.indd 1

If you are over 50 there are no excuses.

F. Edward LeVert, M.D. Dimple Raina, M.D. Long B. Nguyen, D.O. Brian Hudes, M.D. Medical Director


Specializing in colon cancer screening, and the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of liver disease, acid reflux, and other gastrointestinal diseases.

AAAHC accredited and conveniently located next door to AGA.


4275 Johns Creek Pkwy, Ste. A, Suwanee, GA 30024



1113_060-061_businessnews.indd 60

Pinnacle Chiropractic & Ravinia Spa celebrated their Grand Opening Event They moved to a new office located at Peachtree Dunwoody Square, 6111 Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE, Building E, Suite 202, Atlanta, GA. Mayor Kasim Reed and the Department of Parks and Recreation recently announced a new addition to the network of Atlanta BeltLine Trails. The one-mile Southwest Connector Trail will eventually connect the 22-mile Atlanta BeltLine in the Westview neighborhood with the southwest part of the city. Van Michael Salons announced the opening of their sixth Atlanta-area salon in Alpharetta. It will open in the upcoming The Avalon development in late 2014, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the original Buckhead location’s opening. WellStar Cobb Hospital recently chose Rifquat Giwa, MD and Jody Hughes, MD as recipients of the Cobb Physician of the Month Award for outstanding service and contributions to the Jody Hughes, MD Rifquat Giwa, MD medical community. The award is given by the Physician Satisfaction Committee to the team member who best demonstrates the standards of care lauded by WellStar Health System.


10126-A AdvGastro Best Self Oct Ad 3.5x4.75.indd 1 AdvancedGastroenterology.indd 1

Richard Jadick , MD

10/18/13 1:38recently. PM

Make a colon cancer screening appointment today.


Dr. Federico Milla recently came on board as the medical director for Piedmont Hospital’s Marcus Heart Valve Center. Dr. Milla specializes in mitral valve reconstruction, bringing a high level of expertise to heart health care in the Southeast.

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Colon Hydrotherapy: The Lost Art of Cleansing

FPO Constipation is the top gastrointestinal complaint in North America resulting in over 2 million doctor visits each year. When one becomes constipated waste is not promptly eliminated from the body and ferments in the bowel producing poisonous toxins, chemicals and bad bacteria. There are more bacteria in the colon than cells in the body. The colon lining has a network of blood vessels which absorb toxins into the bloodstream causing a condition called autointoxication or self-poisoning. In the bloodstream these toxins can put a strain on the body particularly the liver, the body’s major organ of detoxification. Once autointoxication occurs and settles into the tissues it can be a contributing factor to autoimmune disorders. This creates an even higher level of toxicity in the body all stemming from the frequent problem of constipation. Almost everyone has a toxic colon due to poor diet, lack of fiber and poor elimination. SYNERGYHomeCare_1-4.indd Colon Hydrotherapy, reported to be used by the Egyptians, is a “Lost Art of Cleansing”. Every tissue in the body is fed by the bloodstream, which is supplied by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty the blood is dirty and so are the organs and tissues. It must be the bowel that is cared for first. Colonics are a safe, effective way to balance body chemistry, eliminate waste, and restore proper tissue and organ function.


10/15/13 9:59 AM

eorgeto n


Atlanta Colonic & Massage

6710 Jamestown Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30005 770-558-6900 | A Mother-Daughter team, Teresa Ducoffe and Candace Layer are Certified Colon Hydrotherapists at Atlanta Colonic & Massage. Atlanta Colonic & Massage is to provide the best in preventative health care and detoxification, as well as unparalleled client care and service. This article is brought to you by Atlanta Colonic & Massage For information on other topics from Atlanta’s experts go to

Medical eight oss • ar ork ccidents Primary are • hiropractic • Physiotherapy i locations in andy prings, ugar ill, un oody, a renceville, u anee and East Point

404-255-0666 eorgeto n linics om emedy ater com

BEST SELF ATLANTA Georgetown_ClinicRemedy_Water.indd 1

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QA &

with Dr. Venus Von Mock


Ask the Hypnotherapy Specialist Self-Check List… Could Hypnotherapy Help You? Do You… £ Overreact to minor problems? £ Repeat the same patterns? £ Have unexplained sadness? £ Feel stuck and held back? £ Emotionally eat, drink? £ Have loss of appetite or lethargy? £ Have anxiety or fearfulness?

Are you Experiencing... • Fatigue

• Low Libido

• Anxiety

• Hot Flashes

• Insomnia

• Mood Swings

• Brain Fog

• Weight Gain

• Depression

• Difficulty Losing Weight

If the list above speaks to you, then you may benefit from Clinical Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a safe, drug-free alternative to addressing emotional, mental, physical and spiritual matters.

You don’t have to live with it!

Please note: Hypnotherapy can be used in conjunction with other therapies or as a stand-alone therapy. Never take yourself off any medications without consulting with your physician first and proceed only under their care.

2678 Buford Hwy NE Atlanta, GA 30324


Dr. Venus Von Mock, DD, CH, CI, ACCHt Clinical Hypnotherapist 678-478-9644

OTHER SERVICES: Facials, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Genesis, Botox, Fillers, Weight Management, HCG, & Nutritional Supplements BEST SELF ATLANTA

Many people find working with a Clinical Hypnotherapist to be effective in resolving negative patterns and or unlocking their own potential. This is primarily because Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind, where the sources of challenges reside. All beliefs and patterns of behavior are stored in the subconscious mind like programs stored on a computer’s hard drive. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I assist my clients in discovering and resolving the true sources of challenges that are often unknown to the clients themselves. This, paired with positive reinforcement, gives greater long-term success in overcoming challenges.


62Harley_2thrds.indd NOVEMBER 12013

Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist using the Re-SET System© 10/15/13 12:47 PM Venus_ask_3rdv.indd 1

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Look Young... Feel Great!



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A Flash Mob of Giving

Affordable Beauty


On November 13, the Georgia Center for Nonprofits (GCN) hosts the second annual Georgia Gives Day. Mark your calendar, but don’t worry about clearing your schedule; Georgia Gives Day is a virtual event. The goal is to raise as much money for Georgia non-profits as possible in a 24-hour period, and all the donations happen online. Simply go to the website, select a category (e.g. animals, education or arts), and browse all the non-profit organizations who are taking donations. The non-profit you choose gets 100 percent of your donation. GCN calls this 24 hours a “flash mob of giving,” so join in the fun and give back to your community on this Georgia Gives Day.



Quality Service with Affordability:

thegive-back guide Featured events

• •

For a complete list of upcoming events visit

Nov. 2 MOVE FOR MOMS Mental Health America of Georgia’s fun run in Piedmont Park supports maternal mental health.

2013 KIDS II STRONG LEGS RUN This family-friendly event includes a 5K, a Mascot Trot and 2K fun run. Join other Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta supports at Turner Field.

WALK FOR THE PAWS Walk with or without your dog on the one-mile scenic route through the beautiful Avondale Estates to raise money for PAWS Atlanta.

Nov. 8

to raise awareness for prostate cancer. Grow, wear or paint on a moustache, and we’ll see you at Town Brookhaven on the morning of the race.

FREEDOM BALL This annual fundraiser, held at the Georgia Aquarium, honors our military and is hosted by the Georgia Veterans Day Parade Association of Atlanta.

MOVING DAY ATLANTA Benefiting the National Parkinson Foundation, this celebration of movement includes a family-friendly walk course, yoga, dance, tai chi, Pilates and a kids’ area.


Miles For Hope, a brain tumor organization, hosts CANSTRUCTION this race at Blackburn Park to Come see architects and raise money for research and engineers design giant survivor support. sculptures made of perishable foods.Their works are displayed at Colony Square, atlanta2013 ARTCAN and the food is all donated to Support the Joseph C. the Atlanta Community Food Monastra Foundation for Bank. Pancreatic Cancer Research Nov. 9 at the Atlanta Ballet for a fine art auction, as well as MOUSTACHE DASH Join Best Self Atlanta for the performances by artists who have been affected by cancer. first annual Moustache Dash 5K and one-mile fun run

Nov. 18

First month FREE

MAKING MIRACLES GOLF TOURNAMENT Join UGA Miracle’s four-man scramble style tournament at the Dunwoody Country Club to raise money for CHOA’s Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit.

Nov. 30 OKHF BLACK AND WHITE PARTY This annual event benefits the Orphan Kids Help Foundation. Your support will provide food, clothing, medical care and tuition to children in need.

Dec. 3


$19.99 PER MONTH


$34.99 PER MONTH






FOR UNLIMITED AREAS Per session treatment available



SANTA FOR SENIORS HOLIDAY LUNCHEON Bring a new, unwrapped gift for a senior to this holiday meal hosted by Meals on Wheels Atlanta.

$49.99* PER MONTH


*add $10 more for premium peel Per session treatment available


Dec. 6 CAPTAIN PLANET FOUNDATION BENEFIT GALA This event, which will take place at the Georgia Aquarium, supports environmental projects around the world.

Look for this icon to find out where you can volunteer.

Call us today or book online Gift cards now available





11720 Medlock Bridge Road, Suite 170 Johns Creek, Ga. 30097

(770) 212-2242 BEST SELF ATLANTA 1-3vrenewLASERandCOSMETICS.indd 1

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NOW is the time you can do something about it. We take a Personal Approach to your Hair Restoration. ◆ Non-surgical hair transplant with NeoGraft ◆ Natural results with MINIMUM recovery time ◆ No permanent scarring FDA approved Laser Light Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy

Specializing in male & female hair restoration. y Call toda


for a FR t h Laser Lig and t n e Treatm tion Consulta

We’re located in

410 Peachtree Parkway, Suite 4200 Cumming, GA 30041

678.845.7521 North Atlanta Hair_halfh.indd 1

10/16/13 5:03 PM

Pay for college without going broke! Free local workshops help parents save thousands! Woodstock, Ga—Metro Atlanta parents planning on sending a child to college in the next few years, but who aren’t quite sure how to pay for it can now rest a little easier. Jason Flurry, CFP® founder of the National Center For College Planning and Legacy partners Financial Group has been educating parents about what to do if they haven’t saved enough for college and retirement. ‘It’s really sad, but most parents we talk to have done really well financially, but never found the time to save for college, and now they’re facing a bill of $18,000-$50,000 a year. They don’t know who to turn to for help,’ he says. ‘Furthermore, most of the time, all they hear is to not even bother applying for any aid because they make too much money. However, most of the time, that is simply not true…even if they make a good six-figure income.’ Jason would know, because he’s worked with over 1000 families in the last 16 years ranging from single moms to corporate CEO’s, and he swears he can help anyone get through the process and save a bundle….no matter how good of a student they have or how much money they make. ‘Simply put, we show parents the truth that they aren’t hearing anywhere else about how the college process really works, and how they



0913_Greg_Willett_LouiseLoiretteQTR.indd 1 1113_064-068_myBestSelf.indd 64

can get their child into a top school easily, help that student pick a career that will suit them and pay them well, and save thousands of dollars in the process.” North Metro parents will have several opportunities to hear Jason speak. He is teaching his free class ‘How to Give Your Kid a 4-Year College Education…Without Going Broke!’ throughout the year. ‘We’ll discuss everything from the greatest myths about the college process, to how to send your student to a fancy private school for less than the cost of a junior college…it’ll be like learning how to get a brand new Lexus for the price of a used pick up truck,’ he grins. Topics will also include why private scholarships and 529 plans are a waste of time, how to double or even triple the amount of free money you receive from each school, and how to avoid the one mistake that will kill your chances of getting any money at all that almost every other parent will make this year, and much, much more. “The class is totally free, but seats usually fill up quickly. We have to turn people away or add them to a waiting list pretty often,” Flurry says. You can reserve a seat or get more info by calling (678) 388-2233 or online at www.YourCollegePlanners. com.

BEST SELF ATLANTA 9/13/13 4:21 PM National_Center_collegeplanners_4th.indd 1

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reader resources BOUTIQUES/RETAILERS


Piper Lillies Gift Shoppe ...........................55

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Body Core ................................................47 Tedeschi Wellness ....................................46

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High Country Outfitters............................32


Georgetown Clinic ..................................61 Sweat Institute .........................................65 Total Health Care.....................................44

TrustDale Health ......................................53


Flying Change .........................................28


Advanced Anti-Aging .............................65 Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center .....................................29 Northside Facial Cosmetic Surgery........34 Premier Aesthetic & Laser Boutique .......11 Renew Laser & Cosmetics ......................63 Southern Plastic Surgery .........................13 The Maloney Center for Facial Plastic Surgery .....................................................23 Vinings Surgery Center ...........................16


Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry .....9 Atlanta Smiles and Wellness ...................25 Kimball Bridge Dental Commons ...........56 Valerie Fuller Dentistry .............................58


Dermatology Center of Atlanta ........ 27, 41 Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa...........5 North Atlanta Dermatology .............. 32, 59 Northside Facial Cosmetic Surgery........34 Premier Aesthetic & Laser Boutique .......11


ENT Institute ...............................................4


Moustache Dash.......................................8


Financial Innovations ..............................53 National Center for College Planning ...64


Concourse Athletic Club ..........................2


Advanced Gastroenterology Associates................................................60


Anderson Hair Sciences & Research .....57 North Atlanta Hair Restoration ................64


Northside Hospital ...................................13


Avicenna Integrative Medicine ........ 42, 55






Marietta Podiatry Group .........................34


Matteo Taerri, M.D., ABAARM



Kaiser Permanente ..................................68


Georgia Urology ........................................3


Bella by Alethea ................................ 10, 40 Dermatology Center of Atlanta ........ 27, 41 Evene Day Spa ........................................40 Facelogic .................................................38 Gardner Dermatology & Med Spa...........5 Inside Out Skincare .................................41 Institut’ DERMed .......................................30 JeJu Sauna..............................................48 Nerium .....................................................55 Nirvana Med Spa & Laser Centre ..........19 North Atlanta Dermatology .............. 32, 59

• (thousands of cases done) ®

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Green Pear Organic Mattress.................38 Northside Hospital Sleep Center ............13


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Midtown Neurology, PC ...........................52


Stability Pilates and Physical Therapy .....26


Fresh n Fit .................................................42 Good Measure Meals .............................21


P3 Compounding ...................................36

Georgetown Clinic ..................................61 Natural Health Atlanta ............................14 Dr. Grattan Woodson ...............................50

Louise Loirette Jewelry .............................64


Catalyst Fitness ........................................46 House of Payne Personal Training ..........56


Harley Anti-Aging Institute .......................62


Brighter Tomorrow Hypnotherapy ...........59 Venus Hypnotherapy, LLC .......................62

Circulatory Centers .................................27 Georgia Vein Specialists .........................45 Vein Atlanta .............................................67 VeinInnovations .........................................7




Georgia Urology ........................................3

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Carter Barnes Hair Artisans .....................41 Halo Salon ...............................................53 Salon 1580 ...............................................60 Taylor Brooks Salon..................................55




Atlanta Colonic & Massage ...................61




HEADACHES?????? Solutions...Not Promises!

If you suffer from, headaches, neck, back, shoulder, arm or leg pain, dizziness, sciatica, fibromyalgia, Dr. Matthew Sweat may offer you relief!

25% off of laser/photofacial procedures. Liposuction: $1000 per area Face Fat Transfer: Starting at $2000 Vein Sclerotherapy: $300 per hour Botox $150/area or $8/unit

Facial Fat Transfer

Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic may help your body function better with the health problems you may have. Call us now (770) 457-4430 for your FREE CONSULTATION.


3288 Chamblee Tucker Road | Atlanta, GA 30341

Our building is located one block south of Lenox Mall on Peachtree Road right between W and Westin Hotels. sweatchiro_8th.indd 1 1113_064-068_myBestSelf.indd 65

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t s e B f sel

When Stone Mountain native Joanna Richardson was three years old, she started dancing in her mother’s studio in Vista Grove. “Having grown up around the dance studio, I knew I wanted to make a career out of being a dancer,” Richardson recalls. After seeing the world-famous Rockettes perform in Atlanta, she was amazed. “I was sure from a young age I wanted to be a Rockette, but I was not offered a contract after my first audition,” she explains. “It was not until after my fourth time auditioning that I actually got the job. However, if I had not had the encouragement [from friends and family] to try out again, I would not have gotten my dream job.”

Where were you when you learned you had landed the job? When I received the call, I was staying at a friend’s apartment in New York. I had just finished the two-day audition process and was waiting to hear if I had gotten the job or not. I was incredibly nervous at the auditions. Over 400 women had shown up for only a handful of slots. The phone call itself was surreal, and I was so excited to hear that my dream job had become a reality.

How did you feel the first time you took the stage? Opening night of my first season as a Rockette is something I will never forget. I had butterflies in my stomach, but as soon as we started dancing, I knew this was where I belonged.

What type of training do you undergo to get ready for a show? To prepare for the season, I try to take as many dance classes as possible so I can build up my stamina. I also like to do a combination of Pilates and active stretching to properly warm up my muscles before hitting the stage. The Rockettes are not only dancers, but athletes. We have a wonderful team of athletic trainers that helps us eat properly and keep our energy up to get through those four show days.

Most memorable time on stage? The number “New York at Christmas” is probably my favorite moment on stage. [It’s amazing] to be surrounded by these talented dancers and know you that you are part of such an iconic legacy.

Most common question you get as a Rockette? The most common question I get asked is if we are all the same height. Actually, we are not. We have a height range of 5’6” to 5’10 ½” and create the illusion of being the same height by placing the taller women in the center and cascading down to the shorter women on the ends.

Who inspires you? Photos courtesy of Karin Koser Moonshadow photography

My mom, Coby Richardson. She was a professional dancer and followed her dreams.

Do you ever come back and visit Atlanta? I try to come back and visit my family at least once a year. Some of my favorite restaurants include The Flying Biscuit and Jeni’s Ice Cream.

Best way to spend the holidays? For the past eight years I have spent the Christmas holiday with my fellow Rockettes and cast family. My actual family always comes to visit whichever city I might be in, and The Radio City Christmas Spectacular has become a tradition for my family to see each year.

Best advice for aspiring dancers? Take classes and train as much as possible. Also, if you have a dream, you should follow it! To be a Rockette you must have a sense of camaraderie. It takes all the women on stage working together.



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Cardiovascular surgeon Vein Specialist

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10/22/13 10/15/13 3:29 9:50 PM AM

CHOICE IS HEALTHY At Kaiser Permanente, you choose. Your doctor, your facility, your care — be it online, by phone or in person. Why? Because being able to choose, and choose easily, is exactly the way it should be.

Join us at Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia, Inc., Nine Piedmont Center, 3495 Piedmont Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30305 (404) 364-7000

kaiserperment_full.indd 1 1113_064-068_myBestSelf.indd 68

10/15/13 3:29 10/22/13 9:21 PM AM

Best Self Atlanta 1113  

DESCRIPTION: Best Self Atlanta magazine is about being your best self through health, fitness, beauty and giving back to your community. Ou...

Best Self Atlanta 1113  

DESCRIPTION: Best Self Atlanta magazine is about being your best self through health, fitness, beauty and giving back to your community. Ou...