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Unlock a New You! With BODYKEY by NUTRILITE The BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ Program provides you with a personalized path to work toward weight loss for life. Your eating preferences help you find the plan that works best for you. It’s a program that is: PERSONALIZED Plans based on your unique eating preferences. EFFECTIVE High-quality products backed by the NUTRILITE® brand. GUARANTEED Backed by the Amway 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Learn more about BODYKEY by NUTRILITE. Watch video. Learn why Jason Roberts trusts BODYKEY by NUTRILITE. Watch video.


Weight Loss for Life Starts Today! Weight Problems by the Numbers

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Eating Plans at a Glance

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Personalized Plans

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Weight Loss Supplements

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Daily Nutritional and Digestive Support

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Meal Replacements and Snacks

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Did You Know? Over 60% of Canadian adults have a weight problem. This means that over 20 million Canadians need to lose weight.* Carrying extra weight increases the risk of health conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, and osteoarthritis. It also impacts your self-esteem and confidence and can dampen your desire to participate in activities you enjoy.

*Statistics Canada, 2012.


Assess Your Risk BY THE NUMBERS Don’t wait for your weight to lead to other health problems. Use these three numbers to assess your current weight. 1. Calculate your body mass index, or BMI (see formula below). Is your BMI over 25? That’s a sign you need to do something about your weight, although people with a large percentage of muscle mass may get a skewed result. 2. Measure your waist circumference with a tape measure. Over 35 inches for women or over 40 inches for men is another sign to take control. 3. Look at your family health history. If you have two or more risk factors, such as high blood pressure or physical inactivity, and your BMI is higher than the healthy range, it is recommended that you lose weight.

TAKE CONTROL Get started on your weight loss journey in three simple steps:


 Get a Jump Start! Buy your Jump Start Kit (page 6).


 Unlock Your Plan! Review Eating Plans at a Glance* and find out which BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ plan is right for you (page 8).


Track It! Log on to to track your progress (page 16).

Here’s a formula for calculating BMI:

Weight (in pounds) x 703

BMI = 

Height2 (in inches)

18.5–24.9 = Normal 25–29.9 = Overweight 30–39.9 = Obese 40 and higher = Extremely Obese

*Visit and search for “Eating Plans at a Glance.”

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Get a Jump Start on Your Weight Loss! The BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ Jump Start Kit gives you everything you need to start on your personalized path to weight loss for life.


Watch video.

Vanilla Meal Replacement Drink provides one-third of 23 essential vitamins and minerals. 70-7142 6

Shaker Cup lets you shake up a healthy meal. 11-0033

INVISIFIBER® provides fiber to help you feel full longer. 10-2736

KIT INCLUDES Everything shown here, plus exclusive access to BODYKEY™ online (English only) and mobile weight loss tools. See page 16. Products also sold separately.

11-8004  Jump Start Kit


Daily Multivitamin/ Multimineral provides key nutrients you need, daily. 10-4174

Nutrition Bar Variety Pack adds variety to your menu. 10-7389

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Unlock Your Plan Take control with personalized plans designed to work for you.

WHICH PLAN IS RIGHT FOR YOU? The Eating Plans at a Glance* will help you unlock which personalized weight loss plan you can best stick to based on your eating preferences. Once you know which plan, order one of the following: • BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ Carb Reducer Plan • BODYKEY by NUTRILITE Fat Trimmer Plan • BODYKEY by NUTRILITE Better Balancer Plan

*Visit and search for “Eating Plans at a Glance.”








45% 65%







If you enjoy variety. This approach is good if you enjoy a lot of food variety (flavor and texture) and a wide spectrum of food choices. It typically offers smaller portions of a wide variety of foods, which can help you to feel full.

If you enjoy protein. This approach is good if you enjoy lean meat, fish, cheese, and eggs and can limit your consumption of refined carbohydrates (breads, pastas, and sweets). It typically offers larger portions of protein foods, which can help you feel full.

If you enjoy fruits, vegetables, and grains. This approach is good if you enjoy fruits and vegetables, like whole-grain foods, and don’t like to eat a lot of meat. It typically offers a larger volume of food, which can help you feel full.

55% Carbs

45% Carbs

65% Carbs

20% Protein

20% Protein

15% Protein

25% Fat

35% Fat

20% Fat


To manage your weight more effectively, you could benefit from a diet that cuts back on certain carbohydrates while also reducing calories. BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ Carb Reducer Plan Includes: • NUTRILITE® Protein Bars in Chocolate Delight flavor • NUTRILITE INVISIFIBER® Supplement • NUTRILITE Carb Blocker 2 11-8005


To manage your weight more effectively, you could benefit from a diet that reduces fat and calories. BODYKEY by NUTRILITE Fat Trimmer Plan Includes: • NUTRILITE Meal Replacement Drink Mix • NUTRILITE INVISIFIBER Supplement • NUTRILITE CLA 500 Supplement 11-8006


To manage your weight more effectively, you could benefit from a diet that balances nutrients while cutting calories. BODYKEY by NUTRILITE Better Balancer Plan Includes: • NUTRILITE Meal Replacement Drink Mix • NUTRILITE INVISIFIBER Supplement • NUTRILITE Chromemate 11-8007

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Supplement Support When you want to lose or maintain weight, eating right and exercising are key, but there are also many ways you can boost your efforts and stay on track. One way is with nutritional supplementation. Nutrilite offers a wide variety of nutritional supplements that can help you make sure your body is getting all the nutrition it requires to perform and the supplements that can help you feel fuller and work toward your weight loss goals.

The supplements on these pages can all be ordered individually. Some can also be found in the personalized plans on page 9, based on the plan with which they work best.

FEEL FULL Getting enough fiber may help you with your weight management goals. NUTRILITE® INVISIFIBER® supplement can help curb your appetite by providing 4.5 grams of natural, soluble dietary fiber in each serving. This nongritty and taste-free option helps you increase your fiber intake while also supporting gastrointestinal health and regularity. Suggested use: Sprinkle in or on food for a quick fiber boost.

NUTRILITE INVISIFIBER Supplement 10-2736  Thirty 4.5 g stick packs

BLOCK CARBS Carb Blocker 2 helps to inhibit carbohydrate uptake and support healthy blood glucose levels. Suggested use: One to three tablets, with meals, not to exceed nine tablets daily.

NUTRILITE CARB BLOCKER 2 Supplement 10-0193  90 tablets


KEEP LEAN MUSCLE Try NUTRILITE CLA 500. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is an essential fatty acid that supports lean muscle retention. If you’re investing time and energy in building muscle, take it to the next level and get maximum return on your investment. Suggested use: Two softgels, three times daily.*

NUTRILITE CLA 500 10-0280  180 softgels *Anyone

with a medical condition, including diabetes and hypoglycemia, should consult with a physician before using this product.

BOOST METABOLISM NUTRILITE Chromemate helps boost your ability to metabolize carbohydrates and fats. Chromemate also provides support for healthy glucose metabolism. Suggested use: One capsule, 1–2 times daily.

NUTRILITE Chromemate 70-6191  90 capsules

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Daily Nutritional and Digestive Support Besides weight loss support supplements, Nutrilite offers the daily nutritional support you require to make sure your needs are being met while on a diet. You’ll also find products that can support a fully functioning and comfortable digestive system – another key factor in ensuring your weight loss efforts are successful.

Choose the multivitamin that’s right for you.



Essential daily nutrition designed for men and women. Each convenient pack contains two foundational supplements, NUTRILITE® Daily Multivitamin and OCEAN ESSENTIALS® Balanced Health. Two gender-specific supplements round out each pack, with the Men’s Pack containing Vitamin C Plus Extended Release and Natural Multi Carotene, while the Women’s Pack provides SHiNe® and Cal Mag D Advanced.

A single serving of NUTRILITE DOUBLE X® Vitamin/ Mineral/Phytonutrient is what you need your vitamin to be – 12 essential vitamins, 10 essential minerals, and 20 plant concentrates, giving you the antioxidant power of tomato, blueberry, broccoli, cranberry, pomegranate, and more. Suggested use: Take three tablets, twice a day.



10-5481  30 packets

A-4300  31-day supply with three-compartment case A-0244  31-day refill A-4318  10-day refill

NUTRILITE MEN’S PACK 10-5480  30 packets


AID DIGESTION NUTRILITE® Digestive Enzyme Complex lets you enjoy meat, dairy, healthy fats, legumes, and other vegetables with confidence. It offers relief when natural enzymes don’t break down food the way they should. Contains aspergillus.* Suggested use: One capsule, as needed.

NUTRILITE Digestive Enzyme Complex A-8903  90 capsules *Anyone with allergies to aspergillus or other molds should consult a physician before using this product.

BOOST CALCIUM Research shows that adult women and men may not get enough calcium through diet alone. NUTRILITE Cal Mag D Advanced provides more vitamin D than 5 cups of fortified milk to enhance calcium absorption. It contains calcified seaweed, one of nature’s most concentrated botanical sources of calcium and magnesium. Suggested use: For women and teens, one to three tablets a day, with meals. For men, one to two tablets a day, with meals.

NUTRILITE Cal Mag D Advanced 11-0610  180 tablets

ADD PROBIOTICS NUTRILITE Pro-Digest supplement gives you the good bacteria and probiotics your digestive tract needs. Used daily, Pro-Digest supports normal digestive function and can help with the digestion of dairy products. Suggested use: Adults, take one capsule one to three times daily.

NUTRILITE Pro-Digest 71-7167  60 capsules

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Satisfying Meal Replacements and Snacks Eating calorie-controlled, nutritious snacks between meals or utilizing vitamin- and mineral-packed meal replacement options when you’re on the go can keep your appetite satisfied while also helping you control overall calorie intake during the day.

TRY A 100-CALORIE SNACK Limit calories. NUTRILITE® Snack Bars come in four flavorful varieties, all at just 100 calories each! If you can’t decide, there’s always the Variety Pack.

NUTRILITE Snack Bar Variety Pack 10-7384  16 bars

Cranberry Crunch has natural goodness and is full of fruity, chewy flavor. Made with whole grains and cranberries. 10-7381  12 bars

Fudgy Brownie with Almonds redefines the chocolate brownie. You’ll get 8 satisfying grams of protein and indulge in a sugarfree, rich chocolate fudgy bar. 10-7380  12 bars

Caramel Crème is rich and decadent tasting while staying true to its 100-calorie roots. It’s a caramel lover’s dream with 5 full grams of protein.

Chocolate Caramel gives you the rich, creamy, chewy favorites of chocolate and caramel, plus 4 grams of satisfying protein in a luscious sweet treat.

10-7382  12 bars

10-7383  12 bars

TRY PROTEIN Unlike other weight management protein bars, only NUTRILITE Protein Bars offer 19 grams of high-quality, satisfying, and easy-to-digest protein. Yummy Chocolate Delight flavor contains only 1 carb-conscious gram of sugar and gets its sweet taste from all-natural stevia.

NUTRILITE Protein Bars Kosher



11-0536  Chocolate Delight Flavor 9 bars

By making sure you never feel like you’re “starving,” you’re also less likely to overeat at mealtime. Here are some delicious, nutritious NUTRILITE® options to keep your eating strategy on track!

EAT A BAR Replace high-fat, unhealthy meals with gourmet goody bars that are 200 calories or less. Four outstanding flavors of NUTRILITE Nutrition Bars are packed with protein and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. No high-fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors or flavors, or preservatives.

NUTRILITE Nutrition Bar Variety Pack 10-7389  16 bars

Chocolate Crisp flavor takes deep, dark chocolate up a notch with a decadent bar. 10-7385  12 bars

Blueberry Crunch flavor mixes vanilla and fresh-picked blueberries in a lightly textured, chewy-crisp bar. 10-7388  12 bars

Lemon Twist flavor is as luscious as a lemon tart from your favorite café. 10-7387  12 bars

Cherry Almond flavor gives you all the joy of a glazed cherry almond pastry, with none of the guilt! 10-7386  12 bars

DRINK A SHAKE Don’t settle for unhealthy choices or missed meals! NUTRILITE Meal Replacement Drinks are nutritionally balanced, providing 23 essential vitamins and minerals. This healthy alternative can replace up to two meals per day.


NUTRILITE Meal Replacement Drink 70-7142  Vanilla Flavor, 700 g canister


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Personalized Online Weight Loss Support Connect, track, and stay motivated with a one-year subscription to (available in English only). You’ll have access to other people losing weight with the BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ Program and enjoy: • Personalized recipes and menus. • Customizable exercise and fitness plans. • Interactive group support. • Easy-to-access mobile tracking tools. Membership is FREE with your purchase of the Jump Start Kit on page 6. You can also purchase a one-year subscription on and start enjoying the benefits of online and mobile support. (English only) 76-1568  One-year subscription

MYBODYKEY.COM-COMPATIBLE TRACKING DEVICES Fitbit The One™ Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker loads information automatically to your account.



Fitbit The One™ Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker records your steps, distance, and calories burned.

Stay on track with the Taylor Digital Scale. It provides precise weight measurements day after day. With its auto-on technology, just step on to get your accurate weight.

Fitbit The One™ Wireless Activity and Sleep Tracker (English only) 76-1615  Tracker


Taylor Digital Scale 76-1435  Digital Scale

Fast Fitness

4-3-2-1 Body Training DVD

When you’re trying to lose weight, sometimes it feels like there’s just too much to learn – a new way of eating, trying to go to the gym for hours at a time, remembering to take the right support supplements. By trying to do too much, too soon, you might get discouraged and quit altogether.

40-1496 40-1496F  French

That’s why the NUTRILITE® approach to weight loss focuses on fast fitness, so you can work out in the convenience of your own home, using equipment you likely already own. In 10 minutes per day, you can fit in cardio, resistance training, core exercises, and stretching. If you have more time, you can do more sets – it’s that simple. We recommend The 10-Minute Total Body Breakthrough by Sean Foy, lead fitness consultant for the Nutrilite Center for Optimal Health. This book eliminates the most common reason people say they don’t exercise – lack of time. By spending just 10 minutes per day on your fitness, you can see major differences in your body when combined with a healthy approach to eating. To order The 10-Minute Total Body Breakthrough, visit the Barnes & Noble partner store on

Provides six 10-minute workouts, each covering four minutes of cardio, three minutes of resistance training, two minutes of core exercises, and one minute of stretching.


NUTRILITE Logo Digital Stopwatch 74-9374

NUTRILITE Logo Resistance Tubing 2-pack 74-9373

NUTRILITE Logo Stability Ball 74-9377 Small (55 cm) Ideal for those 5’–5’7” 74-9378 Medium (65 cm) Ideal for those 5’8”–6’2” 74-9379 Large (75 cm) Ideal for those 6’3” or taller

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Meet Jason Roberts New Zealand-born, New York City-based Jason Roberts is a celebrity chef, cookbook author, surfer, and family man.

Here are Jason’s top three tips for preparing healthy and flavorful dishes that fill you up while helping you manage your weight:

He’s also proud to represent the BODYKEY by NUTRILITE™ program.


“With BODYKEY by NUTRILITE, I truly believe that you have the ability to unlock a personalized path that’s right for your body and that will really open the door to lasting weight loss,” Jason says. “As someone who loves to cook – and eat – I can relate to how difficult it can be to keep the pounds at bay.”



B  e colorful “Fill most of your plate with a rainbow’s worth of fruits and vegetables,” Jason advises. Since they’re full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, fruits and vegetables fill you up with minimal calories. Practice portion control Keeping portion sizes reasonable is one way Jason still enjoys his favorite foods. “I’ve learned that I can eat a wide variety of foods by keeping portion sizes in check,” Jason says. “If you’re really craving something, sometimes just a small bite will satisfy that urge and make it go away better than depriving yourself.” Add some spice – and healthy fat “I try to flavor my dishes with flavorful herbs and spices instead of a ton of fat,” Jason notes. “But some fat is necessary – it even helps your body absorb some of the great nutrients found in vegetables.” Use healthy fat sources when cooking – extra virgin olive oil, avocados, and nuts are all great examples.

Learn more about Jason at

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