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How long have you spent on your phone or tablet today? Chances are you’re reading this on your tech companion of choice right now, but do you or your family members spend too much time on your gadgets? We do, which is why we wanted to find ways to wean ourselves away from our screens. Check out clinical psychologist Elizabeth Kilbey’s top tips for you and your family. Important stuff in these tech-dependent times. We’re always looking to interview people who inspire us, and in Sylvester Stallone, Jillian Michaels and Rudimental’s Leon Rolle this month, we’ve hit the jackpot. All three have, or are continuing to inspire other people to be the best they can be, whether it’s by conquering their fears, overcoming obstacles, eating well or training at your full potential. What else this month? Well, we’ve got the inside track on the growing use of CBD in various guises in the fitness industry, plus workouts from Krissy Cela and our friends at Tribar. There are two new features, ‘Fitfam’ and ‘BESTFIT tries…’, plus suggestions of ways to help you feel less tired. Then there’s the usual expertise from your favourite experts, including Ben Coomber, Mark Laws, Kurtis Stacey, Alex Legouix and the Lean Machines. This month, we’ve added Zhania Khan to the team to tell us how we can be kinder to ourselves. Enjoy the read!


The cinematic legend on longevity, and how he’s had to continually conquer his fears


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After a troubled childhood, the Biggest Loser star is feeling good and now trying to help others


CONSTRUCTION WORKERS LOVE THE GYM THE MOST A new study has revealed that people who work in construction are not only the most likely to work out, but also most likely to spend the longest amount of time doing so. The research was conducted by WMB Logistics as part of an ongoing study into the lives of British lorry drivers and how theirs differs from those in other industries. More than 3,000 UK-based adults (aged 18+) in full-time employment were quizzed, including 250 lorry drivers and a spread from a variety of other industries. In total, 71% of construction workers said they go to the gym. Next best were 65% of all those who worked in sales. When asked how long they spend in the gym per week, construction workers said they spent an average of 15 hours and 30 minutes. Weight lifting was their favourite gym workout, whilst cardio was the favourite amongst those in education (59%), healthcare (57%) and telecoms (44%). Those in construction stated that they go to the gym so much in order to be able to keep up with the physical demands of their job (57%).



Move over HIIT, there’s a new top dog in town, with Yoga now the most booked class in the gym according to MINDBODY, a health and wellbeing booking app. Their findings, which were an analysis of their own internal booking data, showed that 25% of all bookings in 2018 saw an increasing number of people looking to unleash their ‘downward dog’, with Barre (6%) and Pilates (6%) the next most popular classes. Moreover, 9.30am was the most popular time to get busy, with 5.30pm and 6pm, both post-work, the next most popular slots. Most people like to book in on hour sessions, which could be attributed to the popularity of Yoga where a practice typically lasts longer than a cardio-based class. Or it could suggest that people are simply more willing to invest more time in their wellbeing. Either way, it doesn’t look like the popularity of yoga is slowing down any time soon. Namaste!

Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables you eat can lower your risk of clinical depression, new research has found. The study, conducted by Redzo Mujcic of Warwick Business School and Andrew Oswald of the University of Warwick, discovered that eating, for example, four extra portions of fruit and vegetables a day can boost people’s mental health to such an extent that it can offset half the negative psychological impact of divorce and a quarter of the psychological damage of unemployment. These mental gains can occur within 24 months, too, compared to physical gains, which sometimes don’t occur until you are in your 60s. “If people increase their daily intake of fruit and vegetables from zero to eight they are 3.2 percentage points less likely to suffer depression or anxiety in the next two years,” said Dr Mujcic. We like those odds. Pass us a banana…


Relaxing beach holidays are making way for activity-based breaks, according to data published by Decathlon. A survey of over 7,600 UK adults conducted over June and July, shows that we plan to ramp up our activity levels over the holiday season rather than simply laze around next to the pool. Just one in seven of us (14%) are planning a lazy holiday of doing as little as possible and intend to take part in no sport or physical activity. Holidays seem to offer the magic formula for a more active lifestyle. Forty-two per cent report feeling more motivated and enthusiastic over the summer months, while 29% say that simply having more free time means they can increase how active they are.

IN 13

1 in 3 of us will exercise twice or more per week on holiday.

TRIATHLON FEELS THE LOVE With the Olympic Games in Tokyo looming next year, 2019 is proving to be a promising year for triathlon, with more and more women embracing the sport. Research conducted by the Triathlon Industry Association (TIA) says that 32% of the triathlon community in 2018 were female compared to just 26% as recently as 2013. Interestingly, women are also more likely to participate in a training camp or overseas training holiday than their male counterparts. The UK’s growing population of triathletes on the whole is up 3% on 2017 to 165,000, and those athletes are spending an average of £2,880 per year on the sport.

If you want to succeed at getting fit, you should start by going shopping, according to new research. Data from the Decathlon Activity Index 2019, a study of more than 7,600 UK adults, reveals that one in three adults under the age of 44 use clothing as a motivation to get fit. This may be having a new outfit as an incentive to go to the gym, or simply new workout kit. Just under a quarter of the sample (23%) said that they feel more confident in the gym when wearing a new outfit. Getting the right outfit is such an effective motivation because most people (79%) need to feel good about themselves in order to exercise, according to the study. Better save those pennies then! Gym selfies are a no-no – 95% of people wouldn’t take a gym selfie or post their workout on social media



Overall, 19% of triathletes participated in a training camp or training holiday in 2018.







New research shows that English cities with higher rates of cycling are happier overall. The south east, east and south west areas of England have the highest rates of cycling, according to the findings from Merlin Cycles, while they’re also the three highest-scoring regions for happiness. Residents in these areas have a higher life expectancy than the national average, coming in at 80 for men (national average: 79.2) and 83.5 for women (national average: 82.9). Moreover, with the exception of Westminster, these areas experienced less congestion than the rest of the country, and traffic is a leading cause of stress and unhappinesss. Despite these findings, however, only 7% of us cycle to work, with one in four of us thinking it’s too dangerous. Time to ditch the nerves and hit the saddle.


BACK! n actor, an athlete, a physical and emotional powerhouse, an icon… Sylvester Stallone’s influence on modern culture, whether from a seat at the cinema or on a weights bench at the gym, has turbocharged a global base of admirers. At age 73, you would forgive the New York-born actor, director, screenwriter and producer his decision to step away from the flashbulbs. After all, through Rambo, Rocky, The Expendables, Guardians of the Galaxy, Escape Plan and over 50 other film roles, he has decorated our collective consciousness with the belief of rising up… with the appeal of wanting to see downtrodden, struggling characters fight for justice in an

Sylvester Stallone is an icon of the ages. His longevity on screen has been matched by his ability to stay fit throughout his life. But as he explains to BESTFIT, his training has always been driven by fear. unfair world… and get ripped in the process. And yet while we wave the Stallone off on his jaunt towards retirement, we can’t help but nudge him again for advice, for guidance, for inspiration. There will only ever be one Sylvester Stallone… but we can all dream.

“I’m not so sure I really like the word ‘retirement’,” begins Sly, offering up an instant repost to the suggestion that the final Rambo and a low-key return in last year’s Creed II represent the last we will see of this man mountain. “I don’t think anyone is truly retired until they’re in the ground; even then you have some stars who seem to flourish once they’re dead – you see their reputations boom.” Popularity has never been regarded as a big deal for

“That has actually equipped me quite nicely in life because I always feel ready – not necessarily ready to fight like I was in the past, but ready to take up the challenge if someone wants to throw something my way”

better, to try harder. I think all of us have a thread which goes through us – we are familiar with fear and what it is, the same with loneliness and isolation; it’s what victory and failure are. I think that if you can tell that story then the audience can relate to it. “But if you are someone who feels that they are above pain or above fear, then who cares? You cannot be human if you don’t identify with those emotions. Being human means that you are able to balance all of your weaknesses and try to make them a strength, because that’s what life is – life is juggling things every Stallone. It would be untrue to say he doesn’t care for the press, the admiration and the status that first landed on his lap with Rocky in 1976, but he’s never been one to court the attention, and carries himself with a sense of humility startlingly bereft in many of today’s stars.

sports early on,” he says. “In fact, I remember when I was in third grade in school, we were playing baseball and I was catcher. Someone hit what we call a ‘pop-up’, which is basically an easy catch, and I put my hands up to cover my head instead of trying to catch the ball!

“I think a lot of that came from the fact I had quite a bad speech impediment when I was young,” he offers, when we put to him how level-headed he is. “When you carry something like that with you through life you are always battling and fighting. That’s not to say I think about it these days, but I have become a person who, subconsciously, is always on the backfoot and ready to respond.

“That was a traumatic experience for me and, to this day, it haunts me.”

“That has actually equipped me quite nicely in life because I always feel ready – not necessarily ready to fight like I was in the past, but ready to take up the challenge if someone wants to throw something my way. After a few years you grow to like that about yourself!” The athleticism that has become a Stallone mainframe also originated from a place of embarrassment. “I had a very late start in athletics with very little interaction with

That Stallone is so driven by emotion in real life, not just in his characters, will perhaps surprise some. Consider as well the two-hour daily gym routine that, over the years, must have blown away tonneweights of psychological cobwebs, and you realise that despite his dedication to fitness and strength, despite his humility and despite his success, this is a man still coming to terms with a lot. “Sure – and we all are,” he chips back. “Show me a man who says he has all the answers and I will show you a liar. “The important thing is to invest in the imperfections. In some ways you’ve got to celebrate them, because they are the things that will inspire you to move forward, to be

day. It could be beautiful one day. Then, you can get one phone call and your whole life has changed.” The phone call that has Stallone’s focus at least until the end of autumn is a final farewell for Rambo. “When I got the call to ask if I wanted to do Last Blood I knew I couldn’t turn it down,” he says. “The story has moved on just like this guy playing John Rambo has moved on, so the expectations are there to recreate a story that is plausible but ambitious. The plot takes the form of Rambo volunteering to battle against a raging storm. In simple terms it is

“Show me a man who says he has all the answers and I will show you a liar.”

people saving a town, but in his head it feels like recompense for those he was unable to bring home from Vietnam. We delve further into the story to see that this is someone who isn’t okay by any stretch, but is battling every day, and those trials take him across the border to Mexico when his surrogate daughter is kidnapped. “It feels like a nice way to bring it to a close,” says Stallone, who insists his

workout routine for the movie wasn’t too different to normal. “Obviously I’ve done a bit of intense training, but I’ve always kept myself in shape, so it wasn’t as if I was starting again from scratch.

STALLONE VITAL STATS: Height: 5ft 9” Weight: 185lbs Chest: 44” Waist: 40” Biceps: 16”

“Obviously I’ve done a bit of intense training, but I’ve always kept myself in shape, so it wasn’t as if I was starting again from scratch” When I have stuck with fitness in the past it has been a vehicle for setting my mind straight and staying focused. I’ve been through long periods in my life when being ripped is just a bi-product to what working out really does for me, and I think that applies to a lot of people. “It’s a big thing to be getting back to working out as a tool to reinforce strength, first and foremost, but I’ve enjoyed it,

particularly compared to some of the routines in the past, especially for Rocky, which were so brutal. “I’ve always said it’s a common misconception that Rocky is a boxing movie, and it isn’t… it’s a movie that has boxing in it but is actually about a man being reborn once he meets a woman. “Boxing is just his job… but man, the training for that movie… well that really was boxing!”

ROCKY FUEL Sylvester Stallone admits it takes three things to fully prepare himself for the strength demands of a film such as Rambo. The first two – a punishing gym routine and a mass of will power – are attainable only for those at the very top of their game. The third element, a stripped back diet, appears ultimately achievable, on paper at least. And yet, while it offers the perfect mix of carbohydrates and protein to ensure energy levels hold while muscle mass increases, could you really stick to this sort of daily diet for three months straight? PRE-BREAKFAST Liquid amino acids drink BREAKFAST Egg whites with half a yolk, Irish oatmeal, toast (rye or pumpernickel bread), fresh papaya, figs, dates LUNCH Butternut squash, steamed chicken, salad, figs, berries DINNER Steamed fish, toast, salad



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Livia’s Dunx Livia’s new delicious range of cookies come with three creamy (and dreamy) nut butter dips! As with all their treats, they are vegan, gluten and dairy free, using only the best natural ingredients. £21.50 (box of 12) livias.co.uk


The Protein Works Loaded Legends protein snack There are now so many protein bars to choose from, but few taste nice and even fewer contain any decent amounts of protein. Loaded Legends claim to ‘set a new standard in premium protein bars’ and their Choc Fudge Fandango doesn’t disappoint. Boasting a range of flavours, they have layers of crunchy textures, and it’s in these layers that the very latest protein baking techniques and cutting-edge sports nutrition science reside. Each bar contains 15g of protein, which is 5g more than most other bars, and is high in fibre and low in sugar. They’ve also kept the calories low at under 187 to tick pretty much every box. Each one comes loaded with a unique topping with everything possible from low-sugar marshmallows to toffee crunchies – to give your tastebuds the full-on chocolate bar experience. If you love chocolate fudge, you’ll love Choc Fudge Fandango. Packed full of indulgent flavour and insane amounts of crunch, it has choc biscuit pieces smothered with a delightfully soft layer of choc fudge, finished off with crunchy crispy cereals all covered with a light white chocolate topping. £2.99 www.theproteinworks.com

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St. Moriz Advanced Pro Formula 5-in-1 Tanning Mousse This self-tanning mousse can easily compare to a high-end fake tan. It gives a gorgeously golden glow, applies smoothly, doesn’t go patchy and fades evenly. What else can you ask for? £4.50 www.stmoriz.co.uk

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Biocera Atozero Happy Shower Head You wouldn’t drink shower water, but should you clean yourself with it? Your shower water can contain chlorine, which is not cool for those with dry, frizzy or brittle hair, or dry and irritated skin. These symptoms are improved significantly by the Biocera Atozero Happy Shower Head, which energises your water. Stylish and functional, it gets the thumbs up from us. £42.75 www.water-for-health.co.uk

Lapochette eco bags ‘Enough of plastic bags’, says the creators of Lapochette’s eco bags, who spent hundreds of hours researching to find alternatives, culminating in a range of eco-friendly bags, including the sweat bag. It’s lightweight and intelligently designed and it fits effortlessly into your lifestyle and your existing bag to keep your gear fresh as a daisy. £35 lapochette.co

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Mio Heavenly Body Radiance Salt Scrub 300g This moisture-rich scrub is gentle on the skin, yet effective. The natural almond and coconut oils leave the skin smooth and glowing, while the orange peel gives a delightful scent. It is also perfect for getting rid of stubborn fake tan stains. £23 www.mioskincare.co.uk


Tile Mate Pro bluetooth tracker

Lost keys. We all do it, some of us more than others, but for many of us it’s the bane of our daily existence. Which is why when Tile brought out their Mate Bluetooth tracker, we all high-fived each other and partied like it was 1999. Well, now they’ve brought out the Tile Pro, which helps you keep track of all of your essentials and exercise gear, from water bottles and gym bags to yoga mats and boxing gloves. Simply attach a Tile Pro to your beloved gym essentials, such as your water bottle, gym bag or even weight lifting gloves, and easily locate them before you leave the house or when you’re leaving the gym. If you think you’ve lost something, simply ring your Tile

from the app, which will help you locate the item if it is within a 300-foot radius. If you fear you have left your belonging further away, you can also check where it was last seen on a map, or tap into the Tile community which will allow you to find your misplaced item almost anywhere in the world. Clever, right? Just need to buy enough of these to cover your wallet, gym gear, kids… £30 www.thetileapp.com


Puma LQD Cell trainer Puma’s latest lightweight performance trainers – the LQD Cell Shatter for women and LQD Cell Tension for men – both use technology composed of soft yet sturdy hexagonal cells and are currently being worn by stars such as Lewis Hamilton and Adriana Lima. They both work by combining a shock-absorbing compound with Puma’s foam products in strategic locations on the foot to improve stability, softness, and absorption – overall, offering stable cushioning. This means that on impact, the hexagonal cells compress and work together with ProFoam to provide stability without compromising cushioning.

Funkita Cosmos Cosmos is made from used plastic bottles and Funkita’s exclusive C-Infinity fabric, a colourful breakthrough in chlorine-resistant fabric technology. It is the perfect beach and training companion as it delivers both durability and style. Top $40.85 – Bottom $40.85 www.funkita.com

The LQD Cell bit is a versatile technology that can work in different ways. In the LQD Cell Shatter, it’s designed for the bold female athlete and has a provocative silhouette with a unique midsole shape that offers immediate cushioning and energy return in a lightweight package. An internal heel counter provides additional support for training movements. In the men’s LQD Cell Tension, it features a EVA wrap-up that provides lateral support and a TPU heel clip offering optimal heel stability. A rubber outsole provides maximum traction and durability, ideal for high-intensity training. www.puma.com

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Columbia Women’s Titan Ultra™ II Short

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re Natu , e c m ien es Sc nt Wisdo n i b e com d Anci an

MULTI-AWARD-WINNING SKINCARE BRAND MADE IN UK for modern w omen and travellers

ion Meditat skin for your

pes all skin ty it su to e r inca tes bespoke sk rming in all clima fo r e p and

Mind ful T ravel ler

Multi-functio ning, simple and sophisticated


Technology is amazing. But if you feel you’re spending too much time on it, or members of your family are, then read on. Help is at hand!


echnology is great, right? Literally everyone and everything is at your disposal with just the click of a few buttons. However, you’re probably not alone in thinking that there are times when you need a break from it. And if there aren’t, you’re probably in denial! And if it’s not you, it’s your kids, or your partner. We’re all guilty. In fact, new research from Elastoplast, the UK’s leading plaster brand, revealed that 80% of parents cited their children’s favourite pasttime as mobile phones, or video games. Elizabeth Kilbey is a leading clinical

psychologist who has spent the last 15 years working with children, both within the NHS and privately. She has a Masters in Child Development, and during her career she has helped families to tackle everything from toddler tantrums to teenage meltdowns as well as more complex and challenging mental health difficulties. You’ll recognise her if you’ve watched ‘The Secret Life of 4/5/6 Year Olds’, or if you’ve seen her Ted Talk. You get the idea, she’s knows about this stuff, which is why we asked her to give us the lowdown on how we can disconnect and re-engage with our nearest and dearest.

DON’T BAN TECH COMPLETELY I’m not going to lecture everyone about banning technology because, while I think it’s not so healthy for younger kids, tech does have a place for adolescents and adults. The issue with tech is that it’s a time eater and it gets in the way of other things. Young children in particular need to run, sing, jump, climb, engage… and they reach all sorts of developmental milestones by doing these things.

TECH: LIKE SUGAR Compare technology to sugar. Would you let your kids have it when they want and without moderation and at any point in the day? Probably not, and tech should be no different. You probably wouldn’t eradicate it completely, but you can manage it. Similarly, you wouldn’t let you kids go to bed when they want, or eat when they want… treat tech the same. Manage it and have a plan… and stick to it as much as poss. Be consistent.

kids. I’m not saying it has no place, but be mindful how much time kids spend using it. I see parents out for meals and their kids are on their phones. I can’t judge. No doubt some of those kids are on technology all the time, but some aren’t and for some parents, it can be really nice to reconnect with each other without distraction. But chat to your children about tech and why they can’t use it all the time. Agree slots with them so they know there’s a time and a place.

HAVE BOUNDARIES I visited a school recently and in the window it had a sign that read: ‘Greet your child with a smile, not a phone’. I was a bit taken aback because I wondered who would be on their phone when picking up their kids. Yet this is the reality of where we are, and it’s sobering. Think about the image that portrays to your kids and let it be the motivator for your own behaviour.

KEEP INTERESTS GOING Keep the lure of tech away by going out, watching movies, playing sport. Tech makes children become solitary, so encourage the other things they love to do. Play, move, get fresh air…

YOUNG KIDS Tech has less of a place for young

STATS DON’T LIE In my Ted Talk, I mention a study in America where they analysed adult data usage when AT&T were rolling out their network coverage across the country. Amazingly, it found that in every county AT&T reached, there was

a correlation between the network being rolled out and children spending more time in A&E, the reason being that adults weren’t supervising their kids as much. Don’t be ‘those guys’! SET THE STANDARD Ask yourself, do you use your phone in front of your children or partner? Do you pick up your phone if it rings when you’re with your kids? Set the standard and establish some rules. Have no phones at the table or times when phones are put away or on silent. SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN WHEN YOU’RE OUT Going to the park is not an excuse to let the children roam free while you browse pictures of cats on Instagram. Watch and supervise! Research says that more and more children are exposed to intermittent adult attention, which means fleeting interactions rather than long interactions. This can affect their development, so when you’re with the family put your phone away. Simple.

TV AND TECH IS VERY DIFFERENT I was plonked in front of the tele when I was a kid because my mum needed a break. Parenting is 24/7 and there’s no day off, so we all need respite. I get it. There is a difference between TV and tech, though. TV is passive, and you’re generally in the same space. Tech is more engaging. It’s more of an individual experience. It’s immersive, and most games or apps are built on the same algorithms as online gambling. That’s why there’s a lot of thumbs up, pings and likes, these things are designed to reinforce the dopamine system. TECH IS ALWAYS ON When you were a kid you’d argue with a friend and just go home and forget about it. These days, it continues and is more intense. Help your children to manage that, step away, and talk to people about what’s online. Be nosey and take an interest. Chat to other parents about it.

BE INTRUSIVE It’s a tough call. How streetwise or savvy or your kids? Develop and keep your trust. Always listen, always talk. You might not agree with how they use tech, or what they consider problematic, but don’t alienate them… their peer group and their issues are very different to yours. Establish a network of other parents and talk to them. What would you check in your child’s bedroom? It’s the same online. Be alerted if your kid really won’t tell you what’s going on… that’s an instant alarm bell. FOLLOW THE AGE RESTRICTIONS Snapchat, Instagram… they all have age restrictions, but I see more and more younger people accessing these apps and more. Try and follow and uphold the age restrictions, though it can be hard as soon as kids enter secondary school. Kids aged 11 can feel left out and that’s a difficult one, but if you are going to let them use tech, monitor their use closely.

AVOID ISOLATION When kids are teens they’ll disappear into their rooms for long spells, but pre-teen it’s important to ensure they’re using tech in front of you. Don’t let them disappear on their own. They don’t have the ability to track time, so keep a close eye and monitor not only what they’re doing, but how long they’re doing it for. TECH + TEENS = POSITIVE Teens are an interesting breed. The whole process of adolescence is to individuate away from their family of origin and transition into their own adult identity, and so immersing themselves into something that’s not the family can be helpful. It used to be skate parks or playing football, but now it’s technology. Just be aware that online bullying is rife and exposure to grooming/nude pics is common. Teens still need parameters. They need to be aware of consequences. They’re still naïve, so help them manage themselves and their safety.




am often hearing clients in therapy talk about sacrificing personal commitments for the sake of looming deadlines and urgent business. For many, transgressing the boundaries of 9-5 (or similar) becomes a regular occurrence. It is no revelation that we spend a huge amount of time at work and modern society has made this incredibly easy. Digital advancements provide a real advantage in allowing us to indulge in emails, project work, phone and video calls and much more around the clock. Initiatives such as smart/flexible working come with wonderful benefits, such as being able to attend our child’s school plays, avoiding the congested commute and working in our pyjamas. However, if we frequently sought to work from home and through the night to meet a deadline, would anyone detect that our health was at risk? The notion that we spend lots of our time at work is true and the time we spend is exchanged for financial reward. But is it only ‘time’ we’re spending? I suggest not. We spend (or expend) valuable resources such as cognitive functioning (often with prioritising tasks and solving problems), our emotional responses (often stress and worry) and invest our greatest energies into those very working hours. As human beings, we are great at forgetting that for healthy mental functioning, we need balance. Balance is ensuring we are topping up our levels of energy as we are depleting them. We are not (yet) machines and the expectation of ourselves to

function robotically can give us an unrealistic expectation of the self and overtime leads to problems such as burnout. Problems with burnout can take months and often years to heal from. Being aware of how much we’re giving is paramount to developing healthy balance in work and life; to understand how much we need to give back to ourselves and therein seek the opportunities for it. Balance helps us feel more in control and refreshed; it is the secret to being more productive in all areas of life. The area of mental health has taken centre-stage in the media, business world, political sphere, education and healthcare in recent years. This has opened up the conversation on ‘what good mental health looks like’ and how personal efforts to maintain wellbeing contribute massively towards mental resilience, good physical health, stronger relationships and a more authentic presence in any environment. Most importantly, we see that symptoms of mental health

conditions such as anxiety, depression and stress can be alleviated with wellbeing interventions and frequently overcome. Work/life balance doesn’t mean we are slicing ourselves into two people that can never overlap. It is really about understanding our personal needs and being able to fulfil them. Work/life balance is about allowing yourself time to switch off from giving, and feeling comfortable and confident with giving nourishing time to yourself. Work/life balance means that occasionally we accept we might have to work a little longer and so we factor some self-care in around longer days and show ourselves kindness, which helps us recover. When we prioritise our wellbeing, we begin to see its rewards. Wellbeing opportunities present themselves as activities that are a fundamental part of our human functioning. We see wellbeing opportunities as something that we are investing in for the sake of a peaceful and refreshed mind – taking seriously the duty of care that we have towards ourselves before anything else. After all, you cannot pour from an empty cup. Wellbeing is about us giving time to recover from all that we have expended. To-do lists will only keep growing and if we are realistic, there will likely never be an occasion when everything we aim for is complete. Work/life balance is respecting that we are human and giving ourselves permission to stay well, even when there is lots to do. We will be much better at completing the task when we feel good about ourselves!

THECANNABIS REVOLUTION Everyone is talking about CBD, but do you know what it is, and how it can be administered? That’s what we’re here for! Henri Sant Cassia at CBD Virtue provides the inside track on one of the fastest-growing trends in the health and fitness industry WHAT IS CBD? CBD is short for cannabidiol. It’s a natural chemical compound which is extracted from the cannabis plant – typically from industrial hemp. It is one of thousands of compounds found in the plant, some give the plant colour like chlorophyll, others like limonene give it scent. CBD is one of a special group of these compounds called cannabinoids. They are hitting the headlines in the fitness world because they have a range of beneficial effects on the body, with no side effects or addictive properties. Our brains and bodies are full of receptors for cannabinoids. The cannabinoids bind and interact with these receptors, triggering these beneficial effects. The receptors can influence everything from memory

to bone growth and reproduction. In fact, our bodies produce cannabinoids naturally. Every mammal has an “endocannabinoid system” much like we have cardiovascular or central nervous systems. It is one of the key systems in the body. You may already have heard about THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the most well-known cannabinoid. It is psychoactive, which means it changes the way our brains function. This causes our behaviour, mood and perceptions to alter. THC gives recreational marijuana users a high. CBD is not psychoactive, so it does not produce a high. THE BENEFITS There is a growing body of anecdotal and scientific evidence that CBD has a huge range of health and wellness benefits. Its effects on the body and the mind can seem miraculous. Many people who take it are looking to combat a specific medical condition, from minor problems to life-changing diseases. Others want to improve their lifestyle or tackle challenges like playing professional sports. You’ll find CBD in edible forms like

gel capsules or gummy sweets, cosmetics like body and face creams, e-liquids for vaping, drinks and now an increasing number of specific fitness products. The big sellers are currently tinctures, which are little bottles of CBD extract in suspension, and protein bars with CBD additives.


CBD CRAZE FROM LOTIONS TO SWEETS, CBD COMES IN MANY FORMS… CBD Virtue muscle rub/gummies/ Tincture oil The muscle rub is a new product, containing healing essential oils.

SPORTS AND FITNESS The fitness world has embraced CBD in much the same way as it did protein powders. From a small niche in North America it is now becoming popular with athletes worldwide. For fitness, competitive athletes and physically demanding lifestyles, CBD offers six key benefits: it reduces inflammation, tackles pain, alleviates gastrointestinal issues, is useful as an alternative to opioids or NSAIDs, and promotes better sleep. CBD has the potential to boost performance, aid recovery and improve results, with some sports doctors crediting it with giving users a serious competitive advantage.

RECOVERY BOOSTER The respected sports scientist Robert Gorter, MD, PhD, emeritus professor at San Francisco Medical School has stated that “after years of guiding participants in extreme sports like wrestling, martial arts, bodybuilding and athletics, I came to the conclusion that CBD has many beneficial effects leading to significantly improved performance; often leading to medals in national championships and Olympic Games.” In fact, it has benefits for all types of activities, including gentler arts like yoga, or for elderly people looking for a way to exercise without some of the painful side effects post-workout. Hard exercise causes tiny tears in muscles. This causes inflammation which triggers the body’s repair processes, which makes muscles grow back stronger. This is the basic principle behind most athletic training, but problems arise when overexertion causes too much damage to be easily repaired. This leads to pain, strained or torn muscle tissues and poor athletic performance. Myalgia, or muscle pain can come from overloading muscles, sustaining stressful postures for long periods, or from excessive exercise. This is known as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) or repetitive strain injury (RSI). CBD’s known anti-inflammatory properties offer a way to prevent this kind of pain and injury, and to promote faster recovery. CBD is also anti-spasmodic, which suggests it may be helpful in reducing muscle cramps during exercise.

Perfect for rubbing into sore muscles. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) or joint aches. Generally any pain that can be applied to directly. The gummies are the perfect choice for a post-workout supplement due to a good amount of CBD and also an insulin spike from the sugar. www.cbdvirtue.co.uk Nooro CBD snack bar Their lemon + ginger bar contains 25mg, or ‘your daily dose’, of CBD, which has been mixed with plant-based nootropics – Gingko and Maca, which are great for cognitive function. The other ingredients have been chosen solely for their beneficial nature and great taste such as peanut butter, cacao nibs and oats for slow release energy. www.eatnooro.com.

STRESS RELIEVER CBD also balances cortisol levels, the stress hormone which is triggered by both competitive pressure and extreme workouts. As this hormone can raise blood pressure, change bone density and consume muscle tissue, it actually reduces or reverses the beneficial effects of exercise. By balancing cortisol, CBD could keep demanding workouts effective. CBD has been declared safe by the World Health Authority and crucially, it is allowed by WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency in professional sports. In the US it is used by athletes from NFL players to boxers. The World Anti-Doping Agency allows CBD for competitive athletes, and removed it from its list of prohibited substances in 2018. THC is still prohibited however. This means that dodgy products where producers aren’t concerned about purity and THC content are a potential issue. It is vital that athletes only consume pure CBD products from a trusted source with proper test certificates showing they are THC free. THE FUTURE The future of CBD in the fitness world will see an increasing range of products – in two key

categories. The first will be products which blend CBD with other ingredients, like CBDenhanced protein shakes and preand post-workout blends. CBD will come to be a standard ingredient, used much like multivitamins as a general performance booster. The second category will be sophisticated mixtures of CBD with other cannabinoids (which all have specific benefits) and terpenes, which are flavour and scent molecules which can boost the effects of CBD. This is known as the ‘entourage effect’, as these other cannabinoids and terpenes are multipliers, increasing the six key benefits by working in concert. In the USA and Canada, retailers offer specific blends and consumers are used to carefully selecting the right mix for their body type. It is worth noting that while CBD could seem like a fad, much of the future development of CBD is science-based. Hundreds of peer reviewed studies and an increasing number of clinical trials are unlocking benefits for a wide range of conditions and lifestyle challenges. We already have cannabis-based medicines like Sativex, and pharmaceutical companies are pouring money and resources into developing more.

CannabiGold CBDoil Rigorously tested and extracted without any questionable solvents, this oil can help lower blood pressure, stabilise your mood, minimise skin complaints, and more. www.bionativa.co.uk CBD RollOn Apply directly to the skin for targeted pain relief of minor aches and pains. The highly effective formula will quickly absorb deep into muscle or joint pain to release the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD and essential oil blend. www.cbdvirtue.co.uk

CBD Shower Gel Containing 200mg of CBD, the unscented gel absorbs quickly into the skin, helping you unwind and making every shower feel like a trip to the spa. www.cbdasylum.com Ambience Everyday is a simple collection of daily use skincare products delivering CBD that’s absorbed through the skin, either as a body oil, lip balm, muscle balm, facial moisturiser, body wash and an intensive foot care moisturiser. Each contains 50mg of CBD. www.ambiencecbd.co.uk




did Veganuary at the beginning of this year. Why? And why are many other people trying out the vegan diet, or at least trying to eat more plant-based food? I wanted to experience what a full vegan diet felt like. As a nutritionist, I had never followed this diet despite advising vegan, vegetarian and a variety of plant-based clients in my work as a coach. I decided to go ‘all in’ so I could comment with more authority and experience first-hand what it was like following a strict vegan diet.

It wasn’t easy, the transition to new protein sources and knowing how to cook them in interesting ways was often a challenge, so you have to be aware of how you’re going to make these changes and get more creative in the kitchen. From a gym and performance point of view, I personally also felt low on energy starting out. It was as if I was lacking something, so ensuring I was eating enough total calories, getting enough protein in general, and getting creative with my protein sources was key. My diet focused a lot on porridge combinations with Awesome Vegan Protein, chick pea and lentil curries, tofu in stir frys and Asian dishes, protein smoothies with fruit and Awesome Vegan Protein powder. I also had lots of fruits and vegetables as per my usual diet with a few meat replacements, like vegan sausages and mince. Did I stay vegan? No, but I have met my normal diet and a vegan diet halfway and have focused more of my meals exclusively around plants, adopting a more flexitarian approach, if you want to coin it with a term. A mixture of tofu, pulses, nuts and meat replacements have a larger place in my diet now in replacement of some of my usual animal protein intake, likely reducing my meat and dairy intake by half, and to be frank I think many should do the same, there is no reason why not. This brings to question: is the vegan diet the new fad? In my opinion,

no. Will people do it thinking it’s a quick fix to their health and dieting woes? Of course, that’s just the diet industry, and as a collective we need to be fighting the change and educating people in the right way. The vegan diet is about a set of principles people believe in, including that the meat industry has become damaging to animal welfare and our food network, that it is unnecessary to eat animal protein with every meal, that the food system is heavily contributing to climate change, and I have to agree with some of the arguments, in the right context. There is no reason why more of us cannot eat more plant-based foods. Before I did veganuary, I would say 70% of my diet was from plants, which is why I didn’t have any radical health shifts during Veganuary, I was already very healthy from my diet, it was just my protein sources that were changing. If we can reduce the stress on the planet by not letting intensive farming become the dominant farming method (because we are choosing cheap and processed meats), and broaden our nutrient intake by eating more plant-based foods and protein sources, I see that as a win. I don’t see a downside to a more plant-based diet. Our health wins, the planet wins, and we get to see more variety on the shop shelves. I’ll still continue to eat meat and a little dairy because I feel physically better and perform better doing so, but it will be far less. And I think it is important for everyone to engage in this conversation as it’s the future of our health, the planet’s sustainability and our food environment at stake. Ben Coomber is a performance nutritionist, author & apeaker with the UKs #1 rated podcast ‘Ben Coomber Radio’. Ben teaches personal trainers to become nutrition coaches on The BTN Academy, and owns Awesome Supplements. Connect with Ben over on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram. For everything else visit: www.bencoomber.com




I fell into fitness as a kid when my mum got me into martial arts. I was kind of a troubled kid, overweight, and bullied often. Fortunately, my mum had the foresight to get me into a sport with a supportive community of people that provided an outlet for me. Gradually I lost the weight and became healthier, but more importantly I learned that when we feel strong physically it transcends into all facets of our lives.

I utilise the most effective fitness techniques from HIIT, plyometrics, free-weight training, calisthenics etc. But I also know how to incorporate activities like yoga, mixed martial arts, swimming, and spinning into my fitness regimen because I enjoy them and they train different modalities – yoga is great for mobility as is MMA, swimming and spinning are good for endurance, and my more traditional training is great for strength, speed, power, calorie burning etc.



Being a trainer, I understand the importance of diversity in my regimen in order to avoid plateaus in not just weight, but athletic performance and health. Mixing up your regimen also helps prevent overuse injuries from repetitive stress as well as prevent boredom. So, for me, I adhere to the key fitness philosophies of dividing my muscle groups by function and training in splits – push days and pull days. I make sure to get adequate recovery, so I train each muscle group twice a week with two days of rest before I hit those muscles again (splits make this possible).

What you eat plays a huge role in every aspect of your health, from immunity and anti-ageing to weight management. The bottom line is that weight management is a simple energy equation. If you want to lose weight you have to eat less calories than you are burning in a day. If you want to maintain weight, you eat as much as

you burn in a day. And if you eat more than you burn in a day you will gain weight. Period. It’s simple science. And then of course the quality of your food can help you or hurt you when it comes to everything from preventing disease to wrinkles and grey hair. Ultimately, the two simple rules are to match the amount of food you are eating to your fitness goal – each meal plan helps you determine that by the way. And avoid chemicals in your food. From there, it’s simply a matter of preference. If you’re gluten free because of allergies, vegan because you love animals, omnivore etc. it’s all fine as long as you adhere to the two golden rules of quantity and quality.


I hate to say this, but no. Sadly, there is SO much misinformation out there with regard to ‘diet’ and nutrition that as a society we continue to trade one fad for another year after year. From HCG diet, to juice cleanses, to keto… it’s all ridiculous and potentially dangerous. As I’ve said, make sure not to overeat. Make sure not to undereat. Don’t eat things that

aren’t food – fake fats, colours, flavours, sweeteners, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics etc. The way to do that is to eat food in its most whole and natural form and go organic whenever possible – especially with thin skinned fruits and vegetables, meat, and dairy.


Absolutely. All the aforementioned information wouldn’t be possible – unless you were paying for an actual personal trainer and a nutritionist, which is very costly. Plus, it helps people track what they eat, how active they are, the quality of their sleep, calories burned… we never had the ability to gauge this a decade ago unless we went to special clinics.

YOU’RE WALKING 100 MILES THIS MONTH – HOW DO YOU PREPARE FOR A CHALLENGE LIKE THAT? To be honest it really doesn’t take that much. I know it sounds very overwhelming, but it’s only 3.4 miles a day and I think you’ll soon realise that you probably do at least two miles of it without even realizing it – just going about your daily routine. That said, becoming mindful of your daily activity is a great way to push yourself to get just a bit more in each day, which will make a big difference over time.


For me personally, it’s just a time commitment and making that time to raise awareness for the UNHCR’s work (the United Nations Refugee Agency) and making time to move more is well worth it.

WHAT THE CRAZIEST CHALLENGE YOU’VE EVER UNDERTAKEN? I’d have to say my blackbelt. That was quite a physical task that took place over two days, but it is absolutely one of the accomplishments I am most proud of!

FITNESS TRAINER IN YOUR POCKET Jillian Michaels’ My Fitness app includes sevenminute workouts alongside unlimited access to personalised health, fitness, and diet plans, calorie counter, weight loss programs, and an Advanced Meal Planner system (AMP). “I think technology provides the user with greater access, affordability, and the information to make empowered choices that will yield greater results,” says Jillian. “As a trainer, the app allows me to literally customise someone’s fitness and nutrition regimen down to the tiniest detail. You tell me what you like when it comes to food and fitness, your current fitness level, fitness goals, timeframe for workouts, cooking meals, goal achievement, any injuries or allergies etc, and from there I can create a totally personalised plan. If you want a weightloss programme, yoga, kickboxing, weight lifting, prenatal, 5km etc. it’s all there for you in my app. And, if you’re vegan, paleo, gluten free, omnivore, pescatarian – cooking for one or cooking for 10 – I can customise all recipes and meal plans for your needs. Essentially, it allows me to be your personal trainer and nutritionist.”

High performance skincare for active women

Our skincare range is refreshing, lightweight, quickly absorbed, super hydrating and ultra nourishing. And did we mention it’s also 95% natural, vegan friendly, with botanical extracts and scientifically-proven actives? Range available at Waitrose.com and selected Waitrose stores

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WAKE-UP CALL! FEELING TIRED? YOU COULD BE DEFICIENT OF CERTAIN VITAMINS OR MINERALS OR FALLING FOUL OF COMMON ENERGY MISCONCEPTIONS… Amidst endless to-do lists, long commutes and juggling work and family commitments, it’s no surprise that many of us can experience tiredness and fatigue from time to time. But what if that lack of energy isn’t cured by a balanced diet and some much-needed shuteye? Whilst certain medical conditions such as an

underactive thyroid, diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome can cause tiredness, there are increasingly common nutritional deficiencies which are often overlooked – and may be causing many of us to feel exhausted without us even realising. That, or you may be victim to a number of common energy-based misconceptions and myths…

ENERGY HERO #1 – VITAMIN B12 Vitamin B12 is essential for our bodies to function both physically and mentally, yet so many of us know so little about it and, more worryingly, are unaware if we are deficient. Vitamin B12 is found naturally in animal food products such as beef, liver, chicken, fish, dairy and eggs. Once consumed it is released from food by our stomach acid, before it combines with a protein called intrinsic factor and is absorbed in the small intestine. From here, it works on providing you with healthy red blood cells, providing normal energy metabolism, and ensuring the brain and nervous system are working effectively. Contributing to the normal function of the nervous and immune systems, low levels of vitamin B12 can cause a whole host of symptoms including low mood, irritability, fatigue, clumsiness, poor memory function, pins and needles in the hands and feet… the list goes on. Whilst its supply is clearly crucial to us, vitamin B12 has been found to be notoriously difficult to absorb through the diet alone – especially for those who follow a plant-based diet.

ENERGY HERO #2 – IRON Just as critical to human life, iron plays a central role in the formation of red blood cells, which transport oxygen around the body. In addition to this, iron functions in several key enzymes involved in energy production and metabolism. Despite the importance of sufficient iron consumption, iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in the UK and worldwide. Those most at risk are infants under the age of two, teenage girls, women of childbearing age, pregnant women and the elderly. Inadequate dietary intake of iron is also extremely common in vegans and vegetarians. Symptoms such as tiredness, lack of energy, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and having paler skin than normal could all be signs of iron deficiency.

ARE YOU A VICTIM OF THE USUAL ENERGY MYTHS? MYTH #1: CAFFEINE IS KING Caffeine is a popular choice for a quick energy hit and caffeinated drinks will certainly provide a temporary boost, however they are also one of the factors sabotaging our energy levels. Protecting us from several diseases, caffeine does have its health benefits, but drinking it daily will slowly degrade energy over time and it can also impair mood, disturb sleep and increase blood pressure.

MYTH #3: YOU CAN TRAIN YOURSELF TO GET BY ON LITTLE SLEEP We spend a third of our lives sleeping. Some may see this as a ‘waste’ when there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, but while the ‘sleepless elite’, such as Margaret Thatcher, Martha Stewart and designer Tom Ford, claim to slumber for four hours or less a night, it’s a common myth that we can learn to get by on little sleep with no negative side effects.

MYTH #2: INCREASED EXERCISE = INCREASED ENERGY Exercise has a never-ending list of health benefits and we should all incorporate regular exercise into our weekly schedule, however daily intensive exercise may not have the intended impact on your energy levels. Over-exercising can cause an energy imbalance between the amount of energy consumed and the amount of energy expended during exercise. Experiencing an energy deficit for prolonged time periods can cause many health issues as well as leading to injury, exhaustion and hormonal imbalance.

MYTH #4: DETOX DIETS IMPROVE ENERGY LEVELS Detox diets are generally short-term dietary interventions designed to eliminate ‘toxic waste’ from your body in order to stay healthy and they’re often touted as energy-boosting.

The time we spend asleep should not be deemed a ‘waste’, it’s during this valuable down-time that our body repairs cells and creates new ones so that we can run at an optimum level. It’s also vital for mental and physical health and for our quality of life.

While ‘detoxing’ encourages positive habits such as eating more fruits and vegetables, there is no scientific evidence to support their effectiveness and these low-calorie diets can often make you feel more tired and can even cause nutritional deficiencies.

In fact, a lack of sleep for an extended period of time can have an adverse effect, often being associated with reduced concentration and energy levels as well as an increased risk of obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

For the vast majority of people, an active lifestyle and a healthy, balanced diet based on starchy carbohydrates with a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, plus some lean sources of protein, is the best way to protect health.






ON HAND WITH THREE 15-MINUTE WORKOUTS With over 1.7 million loyal Instagram followers, Krissy Cela has amassed an incredible social media following and has now trained over 100,000 women. So when she recently popped over to London to promote her Tone & Sculpt app, launched in January, we didn’t hesitate to ask her for some workout advice. Through Krissy’s online community and popularity within the health and fitness sector, she has attracted a worldwide audience of dedicated followers.

Here’s she’s picked three workouts that all take 15 minutes each. That’s just one quarter of the time it takes you to watch a rerun of Love Island, meaning there really is no excuse. With a full-body workout alongside lower and upper-body workouts, there’s something for everyone. Get ready to dig in for three short bursts per week, and show off the fruits of your labour around the pool…


(repeat twice)

Complete each exercise for a total of one minute. Rest for 60 seconds between sets and two minutes between exercises.


(not including circuit)






LOWER BODY Rest for 60 seconds between sets and two minutes between exercises.


(not including circuit)






Rest for 60 seconds between sets and 2 minutes between exercises.

(not including circuit)







ENERGY-BOOSTING MORNING GREEN JUICE To make, simply juice: 2 green apples 1 handful of spinach 1 inch of turmeric root 1 inch of ginger 3 celery stalks 4 kale leaves 1/2 a lemon This morning juice is full of flavour, antioxidants and health – and will keep you going much longer than a coffee! It’s rich in manganese, which will help reduce insulin resistance and therefore balance your blood sugar levels and reduce cravings. It’s also rich in fibre, vitamin C, potassium and vitamin K, thanks to the celery, kale, lemon and apples. Ginger is also a natural antihistamine, making it great for those suffering with hayfever and a stuffy nose.

RECIPES SUMMER FRUIT PUNCH To make, simply juice: 2 ripe peaches 2 nectarines 1 punnet strawberries 1 large lime Pour into a long glass over ice cubes and sip in the sunshine. The strawberries are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants that will help protect your skin from sun damage whilst the lime is a great detoxifier and metabolism-booster. It adds a burst of freshness too – making it the perfect thirst-quencher! Peaches are also a good source of potassium, which not only help with healthy blood pressure but will act as an electrolyte to help regulate hydration – perfect for when it’s super hot outside and you need to replenish some of the nutrients lost through sweat.

The Simply Healing Centre is a retreat specialising in serious detoxes targeting the body from the inside out, from juice cleansing and colonic hydrotherapy, to meditation and shamanic healing.

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ver the past few months, I’ve met many people at fitness events and have been bombarded with clients, yet the one thing I have noticed is that not one person I’ve come across is looking for a lifestyle change. They all want quick-fix results. It always seems to be a case of, ‘I want to burn fat/ build muscle or train for a 10k’, but once that’s over and you’ve achieved the goal, what then? Where do you go from there?

What I want to encourage every one you BESTFIT readers to do is to look at a complete lifestyle change. Don’t opt for quick-fix Keto diets or no-carb diets, don’t kill yourself exercising twice a day, six days a week, doing

HIIT sessions and resistance training until you’re blue in the face. Instead, take your time and create something sustainable, healthy and long-lasting and in turn you will gain strength, overall fitness, longer-lasting results and will feel good, too! Firstly, we need to break down when you should exercise and for how long: I believe one hour is enough time to train two muscle groups and include 20 minutes cardio. Use this as your base line. Next, consider how many days you should (and realistically) can work out. You would be looking at approximately four days per week to fit all muscle groups in. Next up is your eating pattern

and what you consume daily. This is the part that requires the most discipline. Whole foods like Greek yoghurt, vegetables, fruit, salad, meat, fish and wholegrain rice is the basis of your life-changing results. Preparation is key: if you prepare your meals each week you’ll be less likely to stray. Lets break it down:

MEAL PLAN: • Meal 1 – Greek yoghurt (low fat) + fruit • Meal 2 – meat or fish + salad • Meal 3 – meat or fish + vegetables + wholegrain rice • Meal 4 – Greek yoghurt (low fat) • Snacks: fruits or nuts.


Now I know that may seem strict or difficult to stick to, especially when you’re only just starting out. So what I would suggest is to stick to this diet for five to seven days and for the other two days allow yourself to relax a little (within reason!) Don’t beat yourself up for having a treat or eating out, depriving yourself will only make the process harder and set you back in the long run. And finally: patience. Living a healthy lifestyle is hard work, it’s one of the main reasons people fail to maintain it all year round. But be consistent, use the basic rules I’ve given you as a foundation to build your own healthy lifestyle, and you can’t go wrong. For more information on healthy eating and training, you can find me on twitter @kurtisstaceyKS, or contact the BESTFIT team.

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ou hammered the gym during spring so you could reveal your chiselled abs and muscly legs beside the pool on your summer holiday. Correction, you got hammered at the bar opposite the gym all spring and then took advantage of the allinclusive, exercising only your drinking arm, before insisting that NEXT year ‘things are going to be different’. You said that last year. And the one before that. But who am I to judge? Well I come bearing good news. Kind of. Yes, lifting weights (safely and effectively) is a fantastic way to change your body, to build muscle and to attract the attention of fickle members of the opposite sex. However, there are some overlooked benefits of exercise and weightlifting that you might want to use as added motivation to not be such a slacker next year – exercise is fantastic for brain function. Not that one… the one on top of your shoulders! Studies show that exercise increases regional blood flow in areas of the brain which are important for motor control and reward processes, both of which depend on the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter for both

motor control and reward-related learning and the research shows that exercise significantly improves dopamine-related brain function. Participants within the study even reported an improvement in mood and their ability to switch tasks, which is an indicator for improved executive function. Your hippocampus sits at the core of your brain’s learning and memory systems and has been shown to grow as you get fitter. It responds strongly to aerobic exercise which partially explains the memory-boosting properties of cardiovascular exercise… and yes, you do have a hippocampus.

German researchers have even shown that walking or cycling when learning can help you to remember foreign language vocabulary. Exercise will improve your concentration, improve your mental health, enhance your creativity and will slow down the inevitable process of cognitive decline. It is unlikely that Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training game on your old Nintendo DS will make you looked ripped on the beach next year (although it will certainly get you a few phone numbers if you tell people how good you are at it), however, increasing your exercise levels might just improve your ability to play the game. Oh, and it could also come in handy for numerous work-related tasks that require brain function. So if the boss finds you banging out some curls in the gym, you have genuine grounds to claim that you are enhancing your brain’s ability to function and that you will smash out some first-class work just as soon as you finish this set… What can possibly go wrong?

WATER WORLD FROM SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING AS A CHILD, TO SAILING POWERFUL BOATS IN SOME OF THE MOST INHOSPITABLE PLACES ON EARTH, SAM DAVIES HAS ALWAYS LOVED LIFE ON THE WATER. AND AS THE ROLEX FASTNET RACE PROVES, YOU NEED TO BE FIT IN MIND AND BODY. HERE’S THE FIRST OF A REGULAR ‘FITFAM’ SERIES ABOUT THOSE CONQUERING LIFE WITH AMAZING FEATS… TELL US ABOUT THE ROLEX FASTNET RACE AND WHAT’S INVOLVED… It’s a famous English offshore race, the biggest in the UK. It starts in Cowes and you race around the south coast to and around Fastnet Rock, and back to Plymouth. It’s 600 nautical miles and open to everybody. The winning boat will probably do it in about 24 hours, others will take more than a week. IN TERMS OF IMPACT ON THE BODY, WHAT DOES IT INVOLVE? The hardest thing is the lack of sleep, though it’s not so prevalent in this race. The boat goes so fast that the noise

and vibration make it quite hard, so forcing your body to sleep in those conditions is difficult, and you’re usually in wet clothing too because you’re always on call to react to anything that needs sorting out. The struggle is maintaining a high percentage of performance and preserving energy. HOW DO YOU TRAIN FOR A RACE? There’s a lot of training on land and on water. It’s not just about training yourself physically and mentally, though that’s important, it’s about being a weather expert and a technical expert too, and making critical decisions when deprived of sleep.

I ALSO WORK WITH A CORE STABILITY COACH AND DO A LOT OF PILATES TO PROTECT MY BODY. YOGA IS VERY GOOD TO STRETCH BACK OUT AGAIN. I’M A SPORTY KIND OF PERSON, SO I DO A LOT OF FUN STUFF LIKE OPEN WATER SWIMMING AND RUNNING. IS IT HARD TO MAKE DECISIONS WHEN TIRED? We simulate it in training. It’s hard to prepare on land, so we do it on sea when we have the adrenalin and when your survival instincts kick in. Decision making on two hours’ sleep is hard; your brain acts as though it’s drunk. WHAT ENDURANCE TRAINING DO YOU DO? In winter we do a lot of physical training. We launch the boats in spring, so a lot of the hard work is done before then and the weight training reduces throughout the season. I also work with a core stability coach and do a lot of pilates to protect my body. Yoga is very good to stretch back out again. I’m a sporty kind of person, so I do a lot of fun stuff like open water swimming and running. WHAT ABOUT NUTRITION BEFORE AND DURING RACES? IT MUST BE HARD EATING WELL IN THE LONGER RACES WHEN YOU’RE COMPETING FOR WEEKS? We have to be careful with what we eat all year round. Movement on the boat can be violent and so it’s hard to prepare meals; cooking with hot water is difficult when jumping in 4m waves! All our food is freeze

dried or can be reheated in a little pot of water. I like to use brands with natural and organic ingredients to try and optimise what’s going into my body. I eat a lot of nuts and dried food for energy. We can use up to 4,000 calories a day, which is a lot to replace. And we obviously eat more the less we sleep, so it’s about trying to eat as well as you can. HOW DID YOU GET INTO IT? My grandparents were sailors. One grandad was a sub commander in the war, the other had a boat yard and raced powerboats. Both my parents grew up around the ocean and water, so I was always dragged on boats when I was a kid. I grew up on the Solent and always saw the cool races. I have a degree in engineering too, so the high-tech boats intrigued me. Initially I wanted to be involved with offshore yacht racing as a designer or engineer, but now I’m doing the actual racing. As a kid, I used to be a strong swimmer so I joined a synchronised swimming club. I swam for Hampshire and did the UK nationals every year until 17/18. I did a lot of rowing at uni, too. YOU MUST NEED A LOT OF MENTAL STRENGTH? It’s one of my strengths, but I try and

optimise it by using hypnosis, which has huge benefits for sport. It can relax the mind in periods of stress, pre-race or when things get tough. WHAT’S THE MOST INHOSPITABLE PART OF THE WORLD YOU’VE RACED IN? The Southern Ocean. That’s where we see the strongest waves and biggest winds. No one can rescue you there as you’re out of reach of helicopters. If something goes wrong between Cape Horn and New Zealand, it’s down to you. You’re closer to the International Space Station than anyone else. AND YOU RAISE MONEY FOR CHARITY, TOO? I’m doing all of this to try and save lives. The Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque Enfants du Monde project involves my sponsors donating their sponsor space on the boat to our charity. And the more fans I have following me on social media, the more my sponsors donate to charity. For every new follower, they donate one Euro, so one click, one heart. The charity itself identifies kids in poor countries with heart defects, and brings them to France for surgery. Sam Davies is a Musto ambassador www.musto.com




DON’T USE TIME AS AN EXCUSE. GRAB A TRIBAR (OR KETTLEBELL/DUMBBELL) AND FOLLOW THIS ALL-BODY WORKOUT FOR EPIC LIFE WINS! In today’s modern society we’re all a bit time poor. This means we always find ourselves on the go and every minute of our day is precious as we try and squeeze in all of life’s duties and tasks. Unfortunately, this means that the first thing that tends to suffer is our health and fitness, but this doesn’t have to be the case. With tools

like the Tribar, which can be used anywhere, you can find the time on the go or at home with just a single piece of kit. Try this this full-body routine that will hit every major muscle group in the body and, at the correct intensity, will also give you a great cardiovascular workout meaning you get the most bang for your buck!







A1 A2 A3 A4

Squats Lunges Push ups Walk-outs

10 10 10 10



60 secs

B1 B2 B3

Hip circles Leg swings Shoulder circles



30 secs

C1 C2 D1 D2 E1 E2 E3

Squats Crossover biceps curl TriBar swing Crossover tri extensions TriBar burpees Crossover overhead press TriBar pull through

4010 4010 N/A 4010 N/A 4010 N/A


45 secs


45 secs


45 secs

Mobility Warm Up 10 10 each side 10

Main Workout 12 8 each side 12 8 each side 12 8 each side 20

Static Stretching Complete full-body static stretching holding each stretch for at least 45 seconds

C1. SQUATS Holding tribar in a pronated two-hand grip, and wide leg stance more than shoulder width apart, move from standing position and bend knees to squat as low as you can go. The deeper the squat, the deeper the exercise, the more beneficial. Keep back straight. From the lowest squat position, return to standing, and repeat.

C2. CROSSOVER BICEPS CURLS Standing, use an underhand supinated two-hand grip, lower tribar down to one side touching nearest tribar ball against quad. Curl to touch both balls against chest, then repeat but this time lower to the other side touching other ball against the other quad then crunch back up to chest.

D1. TRIBAR SWING A kettlebell swing in essence, but with a different piece of apparatus. With a supine overhand grip, swing the TriBar between your legs keeping your back straight, and leverage enough force to bring TriBar up in front of your chest. Swing TriBar until arms straight out in front of you. Return to between legs and repeat.

D2. CROSSOVER TRICEPS EXTENSIONS Standing, tribar in two hands held behind head with tribar held down to rear of one side of left shoulder, extend tribar overhead then bring down to the rear of the right shoulder touching the closest tribar ball against the shoulder then repeat.

E1. BURPEES (WITH OVERHEAD PRESS) With or without transitional plank for 5 seconds during the ground phase of exercise, to activate core muscles. Use an underhand supinated grip for this exercise as it works best for the overhead press part of the exercise.

E2. CROSSOVER OVERHEAD PRESS Hold tribar in both hands over right shoulder with the left hand and arm having to reach overhead to hold in position. Press tribar up to lock out both arms overhead then lower down to opposite shoulder then repeat, look ahead while doing exercise.

E3. TRIBAR PULL THROUGHS Place TriBar to the side of your body on the floor. In the press-up position, with shoulders directly over your hands, pull the TriBar from one side of your body to the other while keeping back straight and core engaged. Pulled TriBar all the way through to other side, then repeat exercise.

TRIBAR ‘CROSSOVER’ EXERCISES We have named these traditional dumbbell and barbell exercises ‘crossover’ exercises because the tribar shape and narrow grip allows the transition of weight from one side of the body to crossover to the other, and during this crossover, core abdominal and back muscles are activated leading to greater core development and stability.

ABOUT THE TRIBAR The Tribar has been designed around a passion for fitness, combining elements of both a kettlebell and dumbbell to create the optimum strength and fitness tool. Its shape provides a unique 60-degree double grip which can be used overhand or underhand. These grip options increase the range of exercises available to target specific muscle groups including overhead press, triceps extensions, biceps curls, rows, squats. Singlehanded weight training exercises include hammer curls, triceps extensions, and single arm rows. Visit www.tribarmy.com to find out more.




FILL YOUR BUCKET OF HOPE I recently noticed that about 80% of my students coming to my yoga studio are quite open about the fact they are there because they feel they need help with their anxiety. Until the last few years I was so laid back people used to say I may as well be horizontal. Don’t get me wrong... I wasn’t lucky enough to have a suffer-free life. In fact, I have been through my fair share of X, Y and Z. However, because I was dealt a few blows from a young age, I had a very tough shell. Now, while I still do have a very positive outlook on the whole, I definitely experience ‘dark days’ – and I now, much more easily, can relate to my clients. Whether it is just a result of getting older, the social media narcissistic era we live in, a product of layered (probably unresolved) issues, or just down to the fact that I have an extraordinarily bad knack of saying ‘yes’ to things when I should actually say ‘no’, I am not sure. It is actually, most definitely, all of the above, right? I am no preacher but I can, hand on heart, say that yoga and meditation calm my nervous system. Yoga definitely grounds me and helps me manage my stress. Thoughts, opinions and the unhelpful ‘stuff’ from everyday life gets worked out in my practice and not because I spend the hour thinking about everything. It is because I spend the hour NOT thinking about anything other than trying not to fall out of ‘Tree’ or wobble in ‘Warrior 3’. I am thinking about everything other than real life.

For me, it is the combination of pranayama (breath control) and the asanas (poses) and the ‘flowing’ nature of my favourite yoga, that truly works for me and that is what – at least modernday – yoga is. In most classes, at the start, the teacher will encourage you to ‘leave your worries outside’. It is usually at that stage that I think ‘yeah... right’, and yet, come the end of the hour, I realise that I did exactly that. You are asked to focus and slow your breath and it is this breath control and awareness that is then encouraged and reiterated throughout every single movement done – ideally syncing each movement to your breath. We have known for millennia

that when we are stressed or in a panic, we take short, fast breaths, further exacerbating the sense of unease and that taking slower, deeper breaths will calm us. Scientists have – in more recent years – located the neural pathway in the brain – based in a section of the brain stem called the ‘pons’ – that generates the rhythm of breathing: the ‘pre-Botzinger complex’, and found that it is in fact tightly linked with a region called the ‘locus coeruleus’ and it is this region that plays a huge role in our stress response, our brains emotion and fear centres. And guess what? In homage to the yoga technique of Pranayama breathing, the scientists have actually labelled these nerves ‘Pranayama Neurons’! So, if we know scientifically that actively manipulating breath can effectively control that area of the brain that triggers arousal or excitement, it is a no-brainer that yoga is going to be good for your mental state! Certain postures really help to still the mind. Not only that, the ancient yoga philosophy and principles are extremely positive. It encourages you to have more gratitude for yourself and others. To value contentment. To overcome greediness. It encourages you to eat and stay healthy. And finally, and most importantly, it encourages you to keep faith and keep filling up your bucket of hope.

Leon Rolle:


We caught up with Rudimental frontman Leon Rolle during festival season to discuss how he stays fit and healthy on tour, and how he’s hoping to inspire others with positivity

Originally from Hackney in East London, Leon is an established musician and DJ best known for being the frontman for MOBO and Brit award winning UK fourpiece Rudimental. He’s also a talented footballer who recently played in Soccer Aid and set up a penalty and assist for Usain Bolt. In fact, Leon has a huge passion for sport and health and fitness. Even when he signed to Black Butter Records with Rudimental in 2011, he still managed to find time to play semi-pro football and live an active lifestyle. Now, Leon’s main aim is to push himself to his absolute limits but also motivate and inspire others to find the

As well as being a key part of Rudimental you’re also massively into sport and fitness, so tell us a bit about how a typical week shakes down for you. You play football, so presumably you work gym around that… and work, and parenting? If I’m at home I’m usually up between 4am-5am doing a 5k run, which is followed by sprints. I incorporate these with a circuit, consisting of a lot of bodyweight exercises like pull-ups variations and press ups, which I mix with some resistance work with weights. I like to try and keep my training as varied as possible and do something new every day, especially because I get a bit bored just weight training. How seriously do you play football these days? What fitness requirement is required? Last season I managed to play for Braintree Town, the league below League 2. The fitness requirements were demanding and consisted of two-hour sessions, made up of speed training, agility and tactical

strength and encouragement to unlock their potential, particularly the younger generation, to have the motivation and confidence to get into sport and fitness, be active and achieve their personal goals. Leon explains how he understands there is a terrible inactivity crisis in the UK and a lack of young people playing sport, and how he wants to educate and mentor young people on the need to be active, using his profile and influence as a musician and expertise in the sport and fitness industries to do so. The question is, how does he do that as well as touring the planet? BESTFIT went to find out…

work. This was then combined with us often having a mid-week game. Unfortunately, with my gruelling schedule as a performer and touring with Rudimental, it wasn’t really sustainable for me. Continuing as a semi-pro footballer would require training three evenings a week, with a game on the weekends, which often clashes with gigs! Presumably having played to a decent standard you’ve always been conscious of the importance of fitness and nutrition? Fitness and nutrition is key to maximise performance. Top athletes are always looking for that extra 1% in performance. Although I’m not a professional athlete I’ve always wanted to train like one and push myself as hard as I possibly can. In order to be able to really push yourself, you need to make sure your fitness is always adapting to your physical needs and your nutrition is on point, from everything you eat to drink. Nutrition is by far one of my weakest areas in my training, though usually no fault of my own. When you

travel as much as I do, getting your hands on the right foods can be very difficult. When I’m at home I always maintain a strict diet, watching my calories and cutting out the alcohol. And your fitness regime must be different when you’re away and on the road? As well as finding it difficult to find the right foods touring, finding the facilities to train in the arse end of nowhere can be difficult to find. This is where your imagination comes into play, you have to be creative with what’s around you. Bodyweight exercises can be very useful in these situations as you don’t need any equipment. Festival season must be a real challenge, going from one place to the next and god knows where? The best part about my job is being on stage and making the music, the traveling from destination to destination I hate. Most people have this perception of me because of the way I am on stage, the truth be known is I get incredibly homesick and I’m nothing like my stage persona.

You must burn a chunk of calories on stage? Fitness must be important to you as an act… to have that energy on stage? Yeah, being on stage especially with me having to hype up the crowd when I’m away from my keyboard. I once wore a heart rate monitor on stage in a live 90-minute show and I burned 820 calories. I definitely earned myself a pint after that show. Being the band’s frontman wasn’t always part of the plan, was it? Our second gig was Radio One’s Big Weekend in Hackney in 2012 – and the first one was the day before. Things were a bit of a nightmare, with gear not working. Plus we didn’t know what we were. Were we half DJ, half live? What is our show? At that gig I was meant to be behind my keyboard, at my station. But people only really knew one song – Feel the Love – we’d come out of nowhere,

and fast. So I took the mic to just say something, to keep the vibe going. And people dug it. And from then on it was a case of: this is what we need to do. Health and fitness appears to be far bigger for those in the music business than it used to be. Have you noticed a change? And have you always been into staying fit on tour, or have previous tours been more hedonistic? I can only speak for myself but personally I find exercise as a brilliant mental release and the time I can really take for myself. Fitness and training on tour is a way of mentally staying focused and allowing some time for me. I’ve certainly seen a massive shift in the industry. In the last four decades in particular there was a much bigger party scene. I think people in general are now more engaged

with healthy living and leading an active lifestyle and this is apparent in the music industry too. There is so much information and insight out there on the importance of living a balanced lifestyle and the need to look after yourself and people seem to recognise that now more than ever before. You’re always been into health and fitness, but now you like to train like athletes. When did you start applying this level of training to your regime? It has always been a big part of my life and key interest and social media has given me the platform to hopefully inspire and motivate others. I just hope that by following me, people will feel somewhat inspired to take up physical activity and understand that even with my demanding regime, it is achievable to stay active.


You like to act as a mentor in both music and acting etc… do you do the same when it comes to fitness and if so, how? I think I do this by promoting a positive mind set. I never claim to be a PT, although I’m addicted to drawing on knowledge from fitness professionals in order to enhance my own performance. I also love to be challenged, and taken out of my comfort zone. People hear the nickname ‘Locksmith’ and think: ‘He must open up doors.’ And that’s what I’ve done, have always done, for myself. The Locksmith is a bit of an unsociable person, a loner. But at the same time he’s an opportunist – he wants to open up any door for himself that he can. And he’s focused and won’t stop until that door is open. I did

that with the kids I mentored, and tried my hardest at football. It’s not just about opportunities for me – it’s opening things up for people I rate and respect. What’s the highlight of the tour calendar for you… any certain event or venue? Has to be Ibiza. We have a residency at Ibiza Rocks every Thursday with a line-up that we have curated, so we have invited our friends from the likes of Anne Marie, Stefflon Don to J Hus to come and play. It’s a mad vibe. Locksmith aka Leon Rolle is working on a campaign to motivate and inspire people on the importance of exercise and to get physically active. Please see @theycallmelocksmith for more information


Yoga Escapes

LUXURY YOGA RETREATS at 5* hotel on a gorgeous beach


No rules, no strict schedules, eat and drink what you like, your time to unwind as you please. www.yoga-escapes.com 07918695085 info@yoga-escapes.com


FIGHTING OFF THE DAD BOD Not sure if you know, but the two of us have both become dads in the last few months. It’s been amazing, and the funny thing is that now we’re getting loads of interaction from other parents. Most people talk to us about how we manage to train around our parental duties, but also what we use at home; if you follow our social media channels, you’ll know we’re spending more time training at home rather than the gym. So, we’ve listed what we think are essential items for exercising at home, with options to suit every budget, and highlighting the things that give you the most bang for your buck. We’ve also got some advice to help you use them. They key is to maximise your time. We’ve found that having to focus the mind on utilising

what little time we have has helped our training rather than hinder it, so use it as a positive rather than a negative. ENTRY LEVEL Chalk board paint or whiteboard Get yourself a whiteboard or some chalk you can use on your garage floor/wall. It sounds old school, but setting a plan and writing it down will help you maximise your precious time. No matter how long you have, maximise it. If that’s 10/20 minutes, then try a HIIT session or OMOM, (that’s Crossfit talk for ‘on the minute every minute’. If you have 20 minutes, for example, spend every odd minute doing burpees, every even minute doing another exercise. If that’s too much, split each minute down into 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest.

MID-RANGE 1 Barbell and plates The barbell and plates are the most versatile pieces of equipment you can have. You can do squats, bench press, overhead bench press, Olympic lifting, single leg work… it covers everything. You can even do burpees over them, They’re so much better than dumbbells and benches. When time is precious, versatility is king. MID-RANGE 2 TRX These are great, though we find they’re not always great at home, and people aren’t always sure how to use them. However, they are versatile and they’re great for the core. They’re also good for getting your feet off the ground, so doing planks etc. Brilliant for rehab too! EXPENSIVE The assault bike is king. It’s not just a bike, you use your arms too, so you can do arm and leg sessions. It’s great for progression too. It’s the hardest thing for cardio, so you’ll hate it… but the results will be big! If you really want to take your home gym further, you can invest in a wall-mounted rack, which will enable you to do pullups, squats etc. So, now you have some gear, how do you utilise it? You inevitably have less time now, so give yourself a realistic window and then maximise it. As an example, I now workout when my son sleeps. That’s usually around 90 minutes, so I give myself 45 minutes a day to workout. Don’t worry about what you were able to do before, focus on what’s possible now and make the most of that time. A lot of people struggle because they compare their new situation to what they did before. Don’t. Think positively and focus on your new and more time-efficient regime. Don’t try and juggle. Even if it’s 10 minutes, max it. Plan it and get stuck in, smash it and go back to your kids a winner.


These days there are more ways to get fit than ever


ungee jumping has been the staple of many a teenage break on the Greek Islands or Balearics – but now the humble bungee cord is doing its bit to keep a new generation of fitness fanatics in shape this summer and beyond. Suspended from ceilings in workout rooms up and down the country, the potential of the bungee cord – long recognised in professional sports like football, cricket and rugby – is patently obvious, allowing freedom of movement while also placing tension on those using it. Whether it’s flips, handstands or running on the spot, one thing is clear from the videos promoting its use too – it’s pretty damn cool. Or to throw in some teenage parlance: “sick”. “It’s a full-body workout using

specially designed equipment to provide the most awesome fitness experience,” says Wendy HeskethOgilvie, the creator of Bungee Workout. “It’s a powerful workout which delivers fight, flight and height to the max, with equal measure of fun and laughter.” The smile on the faces of those completing one of the workouts certainly backs up the latter point, with some hilarious moves interspersed with some serious fitness work. The sweat running down the faces of those effectively tied to the ceiling for the duration of the workout also demonstrated the toughness of some of the exercises undertaken. The phenomenon itself began not in the UK, but in Bangkok, when the Stories to Tales Theatre began holding regular Bungee Workout classes which utilised resistance training to help muscle toning. It’s this eclectic and exciting mix of dance and aerobics that gives the workout an almost unique appeal, with gravity-defying launches through the air enabling those involved to pull off the kind of moves that would be impossible in an aerobics class or dance studio. Although those who find hanging upside down a little queasy might be better off trying something a little less daring. “Around 17 years ago, Wired Aerial Theatre created a technique which allowed people to move dynamically on bungees,” said Hesketh-Ogilvie. “What we have done is redevelop that technique to bring it to the fitness industry. “We spent years dedicated to developing a refined and

revolutionary technique – using quality bespoke equipment – which ensures a safe yet sensational experience.” The attraction of this workout system is the fact that it can be installed into pretty much any environment, whether that’s a studio, gym or leisure facility. Fully supported by a qualified instructor, the class uses music and choreography over the course of the session, providing those involved with full soundtrack for their workout. What’s not to love?

It’s taking off, in more ways than one, as Jacqui Hobbs, education consultant at Bungee Workout explained in a recent interview. “This workout is addictive and absorbing and has been designed to drive member results, retention and return on reach.

“In an industry constantly searching for the next best fitness experience, this is something truly unique.” Of course, those who have worked with Bungee on stage will know all about its dramatic potential as well as its capacity to transform the way that you exercise. Wired Aerial Theatre, for example, has based its theatrical offerings on bungeeassisted dance for the past 17 years. The likes of Lady Gaga, Diversity and PINK have also used the technique to provide an additional wow factor to their already show-stopping performances at some of the biggest venues in the world. But, though bungee is nothing new from a dance and stage perspective, it has taken time for the bungee cord to encroach into the world of fitness. Now, though, it’s on fast-forward as it establishes itself as one of THE fitness trends of 2019. “It really is a full-body workout,” says BESTFIT founder Faris Fisher, who sampled a workout for BESTFIT TV. “The average session is 45 minutes to an hour long. There are quicker 30-minute cardio sessions and you can burn as much as 500 calories per session. And you can have fun at the same time.” During a period when fun is establishing itself at the heart of the fitness industry, that’s clearly a sizeable selling point for a workout session that is taking the world by storm. Clearly it takes to time to gain some confidence when effectively suspended in the air, but after a couple of sessions, there’s a real sense that the bungee cord could well become a staple of exercise classes in the coming years. After all, who doesn’t enjoy flying weightless through the air and performing flips and moves that would otherwise be impossible. NASA would surely approve. After all, the appeal of Bungee Workout isn’t rocket science.

OUT&ABOUT SPARTAN RACE WINDSOR Rapley Farm, Bagshot, GU19 5PN, 5-6 October

Spartan’s 2019 Windsor Trifecta weekend, the most renowned race of the season, is fast approaching. Test yourself at Spartan’s biggest event of the year with all three core race distances spread across one weekend. Races include both open and competitive heats, so if you’re looking for a fun day out with friends or wanting to push yourself for a top spot, there’s something for you! These race lengths include the very accessible Sprint (5 kilometers/20 obstacles), the intermediate Super (13 kilometers/ 25 obstacles), and the mighty Beast (21 kilometers/ 30 obstacles). You won’t want to miss out on the most anticipated race weekend of the year.

MINE TO MOUNTAIN SNOWDONIA 21/29 September 2019 Mine to Mountain is a mammoth 14-hour adventure both below and above ground... the ultimate endurance day out. You’ll start with an instructor-led journey down into the bowels of Snowdonia. Cross ancient bridges, traverse catwalks and miners’ stairways to reach a point that is 1,375 vertical feet underground – the deepest place in the UK accessible to the public. From there, you’ll climb all the way back up and out of the mine via a different route to the way you came in. When back in daylight, you’ll head with your group over to Pen-y-Gwryd to begin a guided ascent of Snowdon (the highest mountain in England and Wales at 3,560 feet). With its daring extremes of deepest point to highest peak, world-first status and high levels of endurance and challenge, Mine to Mountain is the perfect activity for charity fundraising groups, too. www.go-below.co.uk/mine_to_mountain.asp

TWICKENHAM Twickenham Stadium, London, TW2 7BA, 23 November

Spartan is bringing the adrenaline, fun and greatness of a Spartan race to the awesome spectacle of Twickenham Stadium. Introducing the Spartan Stadion, a 5km and 20-obstacle race that offers a fresh challenge for all abilities, whether you’re a new racer or a seasoned pro. Throwing a number of exciting and unfamiliar obstacles in racers’ paths, racers will get the opportunity to experience a Spartan race on the same ground that legends tread, what’s not to love? With both open and competitive heats, you can choose if you just want to have a fun day out with friends, or challenge the top elites for a podium spot. This event offers an all-round festival experience. www.spartanrace.uk

ALSO THIS MONTH... FITNESS EVENTS Simply Health Great North Run 8 September 2019

This 13.1-mile event takes you from Newcastle’s city centre to the coast in South Shields, and has been a celebration of what makes the north east great. Thousands of supporters line the course, hundreds of volunteers help you along the way and the runners, from around the UK like you, embody dedication and determination whatever your reason for running. www.greatrun.org/great-north-run Odyssey MVMT Fest Odyssey MVMT’s Fest is an escape from reality, an ongoing voyage of freedom and new adventures. The festival welcomes new ways of living, eating and moving. A green juice at sunrise and a cocktail at sunset, balance is key. Starting with an opening ‘Gratitude Gala’ and ending on the Sunday for a sunset session overlooking the hypnotising view of the world famous Keramas Beach, magic will be crafted over the weekend. www.odysseymvmtfest.com

HEALTH & FITNESS HOLIDAYS Body Holiday Head to St Lucia for a programme which combines adventures, physical endurance and fun in the sun for a week of family bonding. Families can participate in abseiling, bike rides along coastal trail and beach fit classes, including water volleyball, lifeguard training, beach football, beach touch rugby, beach volleyball, golf challenge, cooking with the chef and paddle boarding to Smugglers Cove. www.thebodyholiday.com/ Low Wood Bay outdoor fitness A Lake District hotel health club has launched classes in Dragon boat racing, Nordic walking and paddle boarding (right) to encourage more people to use the great outdoors to get fitter. Low Wood Bay Resort & Spa health club is

delivering a range of outdoor sessions aimed at inspiring participants to enjoy the spectacular outdoor summer scenery on and around Windermere. healthclublwb.co.uk Cotton Fitness retreats A perfectly balanced retreat for people of all fitness levels which integrates all types of training, gastronomy and the finest that Ibiza has to offer. Cotton Fitness offers a brand new series of three and four-day Ibiza based programmes – putting health, beauty, wellness and hospitality at the heart of an enchanting experience and memories to last a lifetime. www.odysseymvmtfest.com

FAMILY Broomstick Training at Alnwick Castle Master your broomstick on the very spot where Harry Potter had his first flying lesson! All ages are welcome to this daily activity which is free with admission to Alnwick Castle. www.alnwickcastle.com/events/ broomstick-training Bridge Bungee Jump – Middlesbrough The location is the iconic Tees Transporter Bridge in Middlesbrough. This impressive bridge is fast becoming one of the most famous bungee jump sites in the world. A fantastic experience you will climb the 210 steps to the top of the bridge and then take the long slow walk to the middle, you will have brief period to take in the view from 160ft before 3-2-1 Bungee and you plummet towards the River Tees. ukbungee.co.uk

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8 March 2020 | Woking Leisure Centre

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42mins from London Waterloo

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CurveBlock, based in the UK, is creating the future of real esate development. In the past, it has been controlled by banks and the wealthy. Learn how you can create passive income that can free you to explore your passions.

Creating the Future of Real Estate Development with Blockchain and Tokenization www.curveblock.io In Collaboration With:

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