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Philanthropy 2010 - 2011

Annual Report ~ 2010- 2011


New Berwick Academy Mission Statement 2011 During the 2010-2011 academic school year, the Mission and Culture committee of the Board of Trustees led the Berwick community through a comprehensive process of reviewing and revising the Academy’s mission statement. This process was extremely inclusive in that it offered separate gatherings with students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, and trustees. All groups were asked to reflect upon the strengths and weaknesses of the prior mission statement while considering possible changes. Highlights include: 1) The new mission is substantially shorter, having gone from eight sentences to three. 2) The new statement includes an emphasis on relationships (students clearly drove this thrust), technology, wellness, and leadership that was not present previously. 3) There is now a direct connection between the Core Values and the Mission Statement, and it is all presented on one “statement of purpose� page.

B e rw i c k A c a d e m y M i s s i o n Adapted by the Board of Trustees, April, 2011: Berwick Academy, founded in 1791, is a Pre-kindergarten through Post-graduate college-preparatory day school dedicated to promoting virtue and useful knowledge among the rising generations. As one school with three divisions, Berwick develops balanced leaders through personal relationships that foster confidence and achievement. By engaging in a program distinguished by academic challenge, creative expression and performance, innovative technology, ethical sportsmanship, wellness, and a commitment to the common good, Berwick graduates become resilient citizens by living our core values of balance, engagement, excellence, and integrity.


Annual Report ~ 2010 - 2011

Thank You

from the Head of School Dear Berwick donors, As Head of School, I am humbled by the generosity of our donors this year. Through your conscious decision to make Berwick Academy a priority in your charitable giving, you have infused the Berwick experience with the energy and power to make the excellent become extraordinary. Truly in uncharted waters, annual fund participation topped 70% for our parent body this year while raising over $620,000 to be used to make our programs more exceptional. Alumni participation continues to climb, and our attendance at alumni events has surged in recent years as well. Our new BPC organization threw a wonderful benefit that grossed over $210,000 for Berwick Academy, including an emotional and powerful campus preservation fund of $86,000 dollars. These funds allowed BPC to offer an extensive array of enrichment grants to our faculty that funded interactive whiteboards, robotics, new furniture for our library, improvements to the Lower School playground, and all sorts of other incredible projects. The impact of our parent organization through volunteerism and fundraising is nothing short of inspirational. All of this good news aside, the needs of our campus continue to grow, with the most notable expense this summer coming in the form of a comprehensive restoration of Fogg Memorial – a project that will cost the Academy over $1.2 million to complete. This project emerged after careful analysis of the condition of various aspects of the outer veneer, and I commend the Board of Trustees for choosing to confront this challenge fully rather than trying to patch this historic building by doing the minimum. We have invested in a 75 – 100 year repair of this building, which I believe to be our most symbolic connection to all generations of alumni as well as South Berwick. As the Board assessed the needs of Fogg last winter, the School received news of an amazing unrestricted bequest from the estate of alumna Anna May Flynn Smith ’31 totaling almost $900,000. A faithful alumna for nearly 80 years, May, as she was known by her classmates, served as class agent and made donations to the Annual Fund for decades. Her gift was not only incredibly generous, but it was timely as well. Fogg Memorial has always been the soul of Berwick Academy’s campus, and it remains an icon of the region. Anna’s unexpected act of generosity has allowed us to fully restore this beloved symbol of Berwick. I only wish that I had the chance to thank her directly on behalf of the thousands of future Berwick students who will be impacted by her bequest. As the Board of Trustees begins to consider other major fundraising initiatives for your children and friends, we know that the Annual Fund will remain central to our goals. Our Annual Fund campaign is a celebration of what makes this community so transformative for children of the Seacoast. The months of October – December represent our biggest push to ask donors to renew their commitment to our worthy cause, and I hope that you will choose to join us once again. Truly like no other charity, I believe your giving to Berwick vaults the experience of these students from something good to something that is singular in its excellence and power to elevate young people to new heights. Thank you for making my job so rewarding and so fun. I look forward to speaking with all of you again this year. Sincerely yours,

Gregory J. Schneider Head of School Annual Report ~ 2010- 2011


2010 - 2011

A n n u a l R e p o rt 2010-2011 Financial Overview Annual Funds

Annual Fund


Capital Funds

Patricia D. McManus Campus Preservation Fund Campus Beautification Fund Fogg Renovations Clement Middle School Building Fund Lower School Playground Fund

$10,000.00 $330.88 $20,000.00 $25,000.00 $20,000.00 $75,330.88

Endowment Funds

Alumni Endowment Fund for Fogg Christopher Linney ‘84 Memorial Endowment for Art and Sciences Class of 2000 Endowment Fund Class of 2006 Endowment Fund Class of 2007 Endowment Fund Class of 2008 Endowment Fund Class of 2009 Endowment Fund Class of 2010 Endowment Fund Class of 2011 Endowment Fund Daniel Boisvert ‘94 Memorial Scholarship Fund General Endowment Fund James ‘’Bart’’ Dean ‘88 Memorial Scholarship Fund Dr. Albert L. Kerr, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Kokernak Family Masters Fund Lower School Academic Support Endowment Fund Miss Marie Donahue ‘37 Scholarship Endowment Fund Ridgway Family Endowed History Department Chair Fund

$1,300.00 $2,981.60 $1,000.00 $1,000.00 $400.00 $4,950.00 $200.00 $966.32 $40,638.56 $250.00 $885.00 $500.00 $2,800.00 $10,000.00 $120,000.00 $1,385.00 $15,000.00 $204,256.48

Restricted Funds John D. Tackeff ‘10 Lassiter Fund Financial Aid Lower School Lower School Academic Support Middle School Music Department Junior Prom Ruth Rioux Award Turf Athletic Field Fund Upper School Unrestricted Fund

$1,250.00 $100,000.00 $8,666.67 $80,000.00 $8,666.67 $4,000.00 $500.00 $11,000.00 $180,050.00 $8,666.66 $401,125.47 $803,925.47

Total Giving to Berwick Academy


Annual Report ~ 2010 - 2011


Mary Z. Schleyer Scholars Program The Mary Z. Schleyer Scholars program was established to provide two entering 9th grade students (one boy, one girl) full tuition support. The award follows recipients through graduation provided they remain in good academic standing, demonstrate continued need, and participate fully in the life of the School. Scholarships are awarded based upon extraordinary academic achievement, financial need, and distinctive performance in arts, athletics, community service, or leadership. Starting in 2008, The Schleyer Family committed $100,000 annually to support this program over a 20-year period, totaling $2,000,000. This scholarship program allows the Academy to continue to attract exceptional students each year. Now in its second year, the Academy is proud to have awarded four outstanding students with this scholarship. Berwick remains enormously grateful for the support and generosity of the Schleyer Family for making this program possible.

Leadership Donors - Annual Fund Hilltop Society Recognizing contributions of $50,000 or more

Mr. Malcolm E. Smith, Jr.

President’s Society

Recognizing contributions $25,000 to $49,999

O.P. & Martha Jackson Russ & Mary Jeppesen Fred & Donna Seigel Mark H. Tay

Head of School’s Society Recognizing contributions of $10,000 to $24,999

Bill & Nina Binnie Stephen Boyle C. Dennis Fink ‘44 Jamey & Priscilla French Mr. & Mrs. Matthew R. Friel Mr. & Mrs. Jason Goulemas Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Hoy The Jalbert Family Skip & Patsy Kendall Ms. Caroline C. Levine Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Martin Stuart & Pamela McGuigan Ray & Carol Ramsey Mr. Patrick Spearman & Mrs. Jane Oldfield Spearman Mr. & Mrs. Patrick F. Walsh Eileen Whalen

Baldwin Society Recognizing contributions of $5,000 to $9,999

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Auty Mr. & Mrs. James Breen Mr. & Mrs. E. David Hetz Mr. & Mrs. John A. James Mr. & Mrs. James M. Johnston Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Kageleiry ‘78 Terry & Holly Malloy

The Merrow Family Dr. & Mrs. Mayo A. Noerdlinger Mr. Greg M. Raiff Mitch & Nan Ramsey Mr. Robert E. Richard & Ms. Carole Auger-Richard Scott Scharer & Margaret Talcott

William H. Fogg Society Recognizing contributions of $2,500 to $4,999

Stuart & Debbie Bauder Mr. Guy Davis & Ms. Barbara A. Cassani Phil & Meg Cavanaugh Dr. Warren Goldblatt & Dr. Pam Schultze-Goldblatt Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Hebert Bob & Polly Henkel Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Hourihan Mr. & Mrs. Costikyan Jarvis Joan & Marshall Jarvis Eric Katz ‘84 & Marla Katz Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kyte Mr. & Mrs. James Lawson Dr. Michael J. Mickelson & Dr. Claudia R. Mickelson Mr. Robert S. Perkin ‘65 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Scanlon Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Schneider Joan & Henry Trimble The Woolley Family Rosemary A. Zurawel & Lee S. Jahnke

Founder’s Society Recognizing contributions of $1,791 to $2,499

Silas Beane & Kristin Bunce Mr. & Mrs. Lee R. Forker, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David Kline Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan D. Levy The Quinlan Family Alan & Bernadette Randle Mr. Vic Sunshine & Ms. Brooke Storey

Annual Report ~ 2010- 2011

Cogswell Club Recognizing contributions of $1,000 to $1,790

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Anker Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Battis Mr. & Mrs. Nathan T. Bouley ‘92 Mr. & Mrs. James M. Bradley Mr. Timothy A. Burr ‘86 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clair, Sr. Mr. Michael A. Coutu & Ms. Joanne Meyer Mr. Justin D’Ercole & Mrs. Sarah Whitley D’Ercole ‘90 Mr. Kevin M. Farrell & Ms. Patricia M. Ramsey Mrs. Brook W. Gassner Bill & Beth Gilmore Bill Hart & Connie Eaton Mr. & Mrs. Philip Haughey Nate & Helen Hazen William Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Carol Lehoux Mr. & Mrs. Paul Murphy Tamara Olbres ‘87 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Potter Sam & Paula Reid Mr. & Mrs. Philip Ross Mr. & Mrs. Michael Schafer John & Maggie Skafidas Claire & Winthrop Smith Michael & Michelle Soares Mr. Donald L. Tebbets & Ms. Stephanie Sanders Dr. & Mrs. David C. Thut Mr. & Mrs. William R. Tower, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Towey Mr. & Mrs. Eric K. Voskuil ‘84 Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy R. Waldron Dr. Elizabeth Welch Marsh & Mr. Thomas Marsh Mr. & Mrs. Blaine Williams Mrs. Shirley Wilson The Yanofsky Family


Annual Fund Donors Dr. & Mrs. Frank Abbate ‘74 Michael Ablowich & Kit McCormick Mr. John J. Acerra ‘92 Rajeev & Sangita Agarwal Mr. Paul A. Ahlgren ‘64 Mr. Robert D. Aichele ‘83 Ms. Rosalind P. Akin ‘89 Mr. & Mrs. James J. Albion Mr. & Mrs. Howard A. Altschiller Ms. Ana Alvarez Mr. John N. Amee & Mrs. Elinor Paul Amee ‘49 Mr. & Mrs. Dana C. Anderson Mr. M. Anderson & Ms. Robin Silva Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Andres, Jr. ‘70 Mr. Alan E. Andres ‘72 Mr. Mark S. Andres ‘77 Ms. Mary-Hale Andres ‘63 Ms. Susan J. Andres ‘64 Ms. Suzanne M. Armacost ‘90 Mr. Timothy James Armenta ‘00 Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ashburner Mr. & Mrs. Moudood A. Aslam Mr. & Mrs. Brian Atwood Mr. & Mrs. John Auty Mr. Toby Ball & Ms. Deborah Walden Mr. & Mrs. Costas R. Balomenos The Barbours Mr. & Mrs. Richard Barlow Mrs. Barbara Batson Ms. Lauren E. Bauder ‘02 Mr. David C. Baxter Mr. & Mrs. David J. Beattie Mr. Thomas A. Beattie ‘97 Mr. & Mrs. Cocoa R. Bedard


Mr. & Mrs. John Beirne Mr. & Mrs. Algar J. Belanger Mr. & Ms. David B. Belsky Mr. & Mrs. John B. Bement Scott & Holly Bennett Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bernstein Mr. & Mrs. Marc Bessette Dr. Mukesh Bhargava & Dr. Anuja Sharma The Bilodeau Family The Blackman Family Ms. Mary E. Coolidge Bloser ‘86 Mr. Robert W. Bogardus ‘61 Mr. & Mrs. Martin Borg Mrs. Joyce E. Pray Borkowski ‘46 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Borkowski, Jr. ‘59 Mr. & Mrs. Keith M. Borkowski Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Boucher Mr. J. Andrew Boyle ‘61 Robert & Nancy Brattan The Brenna Family Ms. Jennifer Brewer Mrs. Nancy B. Brewer Linda Briggs Mr. & Mrs. David Brin W. Tyler & Andrea H. Bristol Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Brooks Ms. Julie Brown Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bryn Mr. William G. Bullock ‘62 Mr. & Mrs. John H. Burleigh, Jr. ‘45 Mr. & Mrs. A. Michael Burnell Diana Burnell ‘00 Gregory & Cara Burzynski Mr. & Mrs. Porter D. Caesar Mr. & Mrs. Ronald B. Cain

Annual Report ~ 2010 - 2011

Mr. J. Andrew Caldwell ‘02 Dr. Thomas C. Candee, DVM Mr. Brian C. Caple & Dr. Jocelyn F. Caple Mr. Jack Carlton & Ms. Lisa Blinn Mr. Howard Carney Peter & Lorna Carter Mr. William P. Carter Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Case ‘72 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Casey Mr. James Cassidy & Ms. Linda Plaza Leah Caswell Ms. Caitlin J. Chandler ‘02 Ms. Sarah E. Chandler ‘03 Barry & Heidi Chase Mr. & Mrs. Roland F. Chase ‘45 Sarah & Keith Chase Ms. Karen Chiang & Mr. W. James Strong Mrs. Theresa Clair Mr. & Mrs. Roger Clapp Mr. & Mrs. William N. Clapp Mr. & Mrs. D. Kelly Clark Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. Clark Mr. & Mrs. William Clark Mr. & Mrs. Sean P. Clarke ‘88 Mr. & Mrs. Peter T. Clarke ‘97 Mr. Charles V. Clement, IV ‘00 Ms. Amanda B. Clifford ‘04 Dana G. Clinton Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Cole ‘72 Mr. & Mrs. Scott Coleman Mr. Kevin Colglazier & Ms. Melissa Murphy Mr. & Mrs. John C. Collins Patrick & Gina Connolly Russell & Mary Connors Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Cooke Dr. David Cooper & Dr. Cynthia Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Greg A. Corson Ms. Rachael Costello Col. Marcel A. Couture & Mrs. Jeannette Gorman Couture Mrs. Sandra J. Cox ‘56 Jane and John Craig Dr. Glen Crawford & Dr. Suzanne Crawford Amy & David Criswell Ms. Kathleen Cronin Mr. Craig N. Salomon & Ms. Adriana Cunha Salomon Mr. John W. Czajkowski, Jr. ‘77 Mr. & Mrs. Bradley M. Damon ‘63 Mr. John A. Dardani & Ms. Jessica C. Gasc Jon & Polly Davie Michael & Christine Davis Ms. Cheryl Davis Ms. Jessica L. Davis ‘01 Mrs. Carol Dawe Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Dawe Mrs. Rachael T. de Rham The DeDominici Family Mr. & Mrs. Mark DellaPasqua

Mr. & Mrs. Charles DePascale Col. & Mrs. Philip D. Desjardins ‘54 Ms. Judy DeSotelle Mr. & Mrs. James B. Dine ‘62 Ms. M. Joanna Dodd ‘76 Dr. & Mrs. James Dolan Michael & Kathy Donoghue Connoisseurs Products Inc. Mr. Douglas E. Dorfman ‘70 Mr. Stephen H. Dow ‘95 Nancy R. Downey John & Susan Downey Ms. Colleen Downs Mr. John E. Drake, III ‘92 Mrs. Audrey Dreibelbis ‘90 Ms. Michele E. Dubois ‘94 Ms. Elizabeth Dudley Mr. & Mrs. Paul Duevel Miss Ruth Duffy Mr. & Mrs. John R. Dulude Ms. Deborah B. Dupont Edward & Catherine Duprez Mr. Thomas E. Eastman ‘75 Mr. Robert Eaton & Ms. Betty Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Olof E. Echt Mr. Richard W. Edmunds ‘63 Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Egan Mr. Gregory Eldridge Ms. Holly M. Elkins Ms. Susan M. Emery Mrs. Thomas P. Emmons Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Epstein ‘65 Mr. & Mrs. George Estes Mr. Douglas Fabbricatore Dr. & Mrs. Terrance Farrell Kevin & Tammy Fascetta Ms. Catherine Fatina Mr. Richard Fay & Ms. Tai-Chin Tung Ms. Carol Ferrandi

Joe and Anne Fetters Mr. Charles S. Field ‘95 & Ms. Meghan E. Steed George A. & Diane M. Field Atty. & Mrs. Robert B. Field, Jr. Ted & Elizabeth Finnegan ‘42 Dr. & Mrs. Michael Fisher Ms. Christine Flaherty Mr. & Mrs. Eric Flinkstrom Ms. Sharon A. Fogarty ‘82 Mr. & Mrs. Peter E. Follansbee ‘75 Mr. & Mrs. Claude Forest Mr. John F. Fort & Ms. Marion Barthelme Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Foster ‘65 Ms. Jennifer M. Franco ‘03 Mr. Robert Franco & Dr. Ann Bracken Mr. Jesse C. Freese ‘93& Ms. Kelly Nykodym Mr. Jay W. Fritz & Mrs. Adeeva Wang Fritz ‘92 Mr. David L. Frothingham & Mrs. Dede Christensen Frothingham ‘89 Mr. Robert T. Gagne ‘57 Melissa Gagne Dr. James B. Gagnon ‘81 & Ms. Margaret C. Hausman Mr. & Mrs. Joel P. Gagnon ‘68 David & Theresa Garabedian Mr. & Mrs. George Gaudet Mr. & Mrs. Eugene H. Gaudette Dr. Heather Gaw ‘91 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gaynor Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm W. George, Jr. ‘81 Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Georgeou Sara E. Parkinson Gibbons ‘97 Mr. David Gibby & Ms. Cynthia Bauer Gibby Caroline Gibson ‘04 Mr. Michael Ginchereau & Mrs. Shanlee Linney Ginchereau ‘87

Annual Report ~ 2010- 2011

Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Glover Lee Gordon Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Gorman Dr. Michael K. Goulston ‘94 Dana & Andrea Graichen Ms. Katherine E. Graichen ‘08 Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Grammenos Ian & Juliet Grant Jim & Jane Greene Dr. & Mrs. Joshua Greenspan Mr. John R. Gregg, III ‘82 Mr. & Mrs. Eric Grondahl Mr. Edward M. Growney ‘75 & Ms. Tracey Dean Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Gulley Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gurrisi Dr. Thomas R. Hackett, Sr. Philip & Anne Hahn Mr. & Mrs. Robert Haley Mr. & Mrs. Steven T. Hambright Mr. Charles R. Hammond & Ms. Angela W. Maddux-Hammond Mr. & Mrs. R. Scott Hampton, Ph.D. Hannaford Helps Schools Program Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Hanson ‘87 Ms. Fay C. Harbach John Haskell & Lorrie Eastwick Mr. Joel E. Hawes & Ms. Elizabeth Frost Hawes Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hawes Mr. & Mrs. Christopher D. Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. John Hayden Mrs. & Mr. Jennifer E. Hedges Christine Hennessey Henderson ‘87 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Henkel Mr. John Henriquez & Mrs. Jennifer Beattie Henriquez ‘94 Mr. & Mrs. Wylie W. Herzberg ‘92 Mr. Jimmy E. Hicks & The Honorable Stephanie T. Nute Ms. Jennifer L. Hill Mr. & Mrs. C. Kenneth Holmes Mr. William P. Horgan ‘65 Mrs. Bette A. Howard Mrs. Mary Howe Mr. C. Stephen Howe & Ms. Tracy A. Davidson-Howe Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Howie, Jr. ‘72 Charlene & Scott Hoyt Murray & Nancy Hoyt Mr. Seth A. Hurd ‘90 Roderic & Carolyn Hutton Ms. Pamela Ikegami Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ireland Heath & Chrissy Jackson Robert & Nancy Jackson Mr. Kurt A. Jackson ‘96 Dr. & Mrs. Michael Jacuch Mr. Jeffrey R. Jaggars & Mrs. Stephanie Kendall Jaggars ‘89 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew E. Janetos Mr. & Mrs. David R. Jefferson, Jr. ‘78


Mr. & Mrs. Michael Johnson Mr. Thomas J. Johnson ‘92 Mr. & Mrs. John N. Jolles Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Jones ‘45 Mr. & Mrs. James Joslin Ms. Simone Joyce Mr. Timothy J. Jurevic ‘94 Wendy Kalil & Michael Rowntree Razel & Keith Kallberg Ms. Chava R. Kallberg ‘93 Mr. Aaron Kalter ‘10 The Kalter Family Dr. & Mrs. Andrew P. Kane Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kaplan Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kaplan Mr. Andrew Kasprzak Mr. John Kauffman Patrick Keefe Mr. Alan B. Keen ‘64 Mrs. Nanci Kelley Mr. Jonathan F. Kellogg ‘65 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kelly David & Gerry Kennie Ms. Kathleen M. Kentner Drs. Amir and Naila Khan Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Klein Ralph & Lisa Kleinmann Mr. Douglas Knight & Ms. Helen J. Brock Ms. Ashley Knowlton ‘01 Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Knox The Koallicks Mr. & Mrs. Frank T. Kokernak Michael & Cathy Koppstein Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kramer, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Kunz ‘93 Kenneth Lafler ‘82 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Lafortune Mr. & Mrs. John O. Lamb ‘88 Mr. & Mrs. Sam Landis Mr. Scott Landis & Ms. Nina Maurer Mr. & Mrs. John Lapoint, II Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey J. Lapointe Mr. Richard S. Lawrence ‘72 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M. Leonard Mr. Geoffrey E. Lewis ‘71 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur S. Linde Mr. & Mrs. David L. Linney Mr. & Mrs. Fred Lione Mr. & Mrs. Larry B. Littlefield ‘65 Mr. Thomas B. Louderback ‘86 Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin A. Lowenstein Mrs. Marjorie Lucci Alice Lynch ‘88 & Jeffrey Lynch Mrs. Jacquelan Tuttle MacDonald ‘57 & Mr. William MacDonald Mr. Joseph A. MacFarlane Mr. & Mrs. Bruce W. MacLellan ‘65 Ms. Barbara A. MacLeod Ms. Mariel A. MacNaughton ‘03 Mr. & Mrs. George Maden Mr. & Mrs. Keith Maden


Mr. Michael Maglieri & Mrs. Alexandra Fort Maglieri ‘89 Nancy J. Maina Mr. Geoffrey L. Malloy ‘07 Mrs. Marvel K. Mansfield Mr. & Mrs. Michael C. Marden Mr. & Mrs. Michael Marsh Ms. Katie Martin Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Martineau, Jr. ‘64 Ms. Ginger B. Mathews ‘94 Mr. & Mrs. John Matson Mr. & Mrs. Jay McFarland Mr. Chauncey A. McFarland Ms. Molly R. McKay Mr. Brandon J. McKenna ‘98 John & Anne-Marie McKenna Moira McKinnon ‘88 Mrs. Karen McMahon Mr. Lawrence McManus & Ms. Mary Beth Herbert Mr. & Mrs. Brendan McNamara Mrs. Nina Meader Mr. & Mrs. Stan Meader Ms. Samantha R. Meader ‘08 Paul & Susan Meister Mr. Richard G. Merrill ‘66 Jack & Judy Mettee The Honorable & Mrs. Gregory E. Michael ‘65 Mr. & Mrs. Glenn W. Michael ‘65

Annual Report ~ 2010 - 2011

Lizza Miller ‘86 Janet Miller Ms. Patricia Miller Mr. & Mrs. William H. Milne, Jr. Mrs. Joshua L. Miner Terry Minihan Sarah Minor Mr. & Mrs. Eberhard Moebius Mr. Joseph Moore & Dr. Mary Kahan Mr. & Mrs. James Moore Mr. Blaine Moores Jennifer B. Moores ‘84 Mr. & Mrs. Albert Morales Mr. & Mrs. P. Stephen Moran, Jr. ‘89 Mr. & Mrs. Craig Moriarty Mr. Walter F. Morris, II Peter & Starr Motson Mr. Peter C. Mullaney ‘85 Mr. & Mrs. Bruce S. Munick Mr. Edmund D. Murphy, III ‘66 Ms. Robin M. Murray Mr. & Mrs. Gregory T. Muse Sally & Jerry Needell Coco Nichols ‘05 Mr. & Mrs. James Nicholson Mr. & Mrs. Robert Noel Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Noel Mr. & Mrs. Victor Noerdlinger Mr. & Mrs. Frank O’Connell

Mr. & Mrs. Philip O’Donnell Ms. Rebecca M. Oliver-Palanca ‘01 Mr. William Ollar & Ms. Linda A. Lyon Ms. Gretchen L. Olney ‘03 Mr. Jonathan Ordway ‘82 & Ms. Ling Wong Mrs. Patricia Ordway Mr. & Mrs. Vijayananda Padukone Mimi Park Mr. & Mrs. Robert Parker Mr. Thomas Parrott & Ms. Jennifer Hoover Mrs. Susan Patten Mr. & Mrs. Allen Patterson Mrs. Judy Patterson Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pavao Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Perreault Chip & Eliza Peter Ms. Marion R. Peterson ‘47 Ms. Nancy E. Pindrus ‘69 Bob & Wendy Pirsig Mr. & Mrs. Charles Platt, IV Mr. Charles Platt, V ‘06 Mr. Robert Potter Mr. John M. Powell & Mrs. Catherine Stevens Powell ‘80 Dr. & Mrs. David S. Pratt ‘63 Charles & Lucy Putnam Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Quinlan Mr. & Mrs. Robert Quinn Randy Radkay & Debbie Crowley Rikki Radkay ‘07 Mr. & Mrs. James Rafferty Mr. & Mrs. John Rawlings Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Reinhardt Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Reis Mr. Robert M. Remington ‘54 Kristan Renish ‘76 & George Renish Mr. John Reynolds & Ms. Joni Praded Mr. Kimberly G. Reynolds ‘61 John & Donna Reynolds Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Richards Ms. Marie L. Richards Mr. Brian K. Richardson ‘76 Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan M. Richardson

Cathy & Ray Richardson Betsy J. Richburg Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Riddle Hap & Susan Ridgway Ms. Kyle M. Ridgway ‘00 Mr. & Mrs. P. Eric Robb Stephanie Robillard ‘89 & William Phipps Ms. Jody Rodgers Cynthia J. Van Zandt & James S. Rollins Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rosa Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Rose Dorothy Rowe Mr. & Mrs. Eric R. Royal ‘91 Robert A. Ruben & Anne E. Caplin Dr. Scott Rusk & Dr. Ann Lindsey Raegan Russell Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Saliba Mr. & Mrs. Peter Saliba Mr. Richard Salvati & Mrs. Kate Ordway Salvati ‘77 Ms. Beryl Samia Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Samperi Mr. George Sanborn Brian & Marilena Sanborn Mr. & Mrs. Arthur G. Sanderson ‘68 Joseph & Sara Santaniello Mr. & Mrs. Marc R. Saulnier ‘86 Mr. & Mrs. Marc J. Saunders ‘78 Mr. & Mrs. Steven Schaepe Mrs. Karyn J. Scharf Morin ‘87 Mr. William T. Schleyer, Jr. ‘00 Mr. Maurice Schmir & Ms. Sylvia Warner Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Schultz ‘71 Mrs. Dorothy A. Scinto ‘48 Mr. Art Seekins & Mrs. Anne Barondes Seekins ‘86 Mr. & Mrs. Frank N. Seta, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan J. Sevigney ‘95 Walter & Carolyn Shelley Ted Sherbahn & Kelly Martin Mr. R. Richard Sherbahn Ellen Banks Shibles

Annual Report ~ 2010- 2011

James P. Shirley ‘96 Ms. Margaret A. Shirley Andrew & Mary Anne Siegel Mr. & Mrs. Robert Silva Mr. & Mrs. Mark Simonds Mr. Jonathan Sinagub ‘66 Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Smith Bob Snover & Darcy Davidson Linda & Brian Spoor Fran & Clint Springer Jonathan & Karen Springer Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. St. Laurent ‘89 Mr. George Stamos Walter & Gayle Stanwyck Mr. & Mrs. James K. Stedman ‘54 Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Stern Owen Stevens ‘48 & Margaret Stevens Dr. O. R. and Janet Stevens Mr. & Mrs. William W. Stine Kathryn M. Strand Nicole Fortin Strangman ‘90 & Gary Strangman Lloyd T. Sullivan ‘85 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Sullivan Bill, Eileen, and Maggie Sutherland Mr. Mark C. Svenson ‘95 Mr. & Mrs. A. Orley Swartzentruber Mr. & Mrs. Alexander J. Szczapa, III Mr. & Mrs. Hooker Talcott Target Jeff & Cathy Taylor Ms. Emily C. Taylor ‘00 Ms. Julia E. Tebbets ‘91 Jim & Sarah Terenzio Mr. & Mrs. William H. Teschek Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. Thayer Dr. & Mrs. Omer A. Thibodeau Mr. & Mrs. John Thomas Mr. Ryan Thorpe ‘03 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Thut Dr. & Mrs. John Tompkins Judith and Sam Trotzky Dr. & Mrs. Peter Urquhart Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan E. Van Campen Mr. Ronald J. van Dissel Mr. & Mrs. Robert Van Etten Kellie Varano ‘89 & Christopher Varano Lisa & Larry Wagner Matthew Waldo & Jane Sinsky Mr. & Mrs. Mark Walker Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Walters Mr. & Mrs. Richard Walters Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Watriss Mr. & Mrs. Harry Webster Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Welch Stuart Werman & Lynn Macfarlane Mr. Scott Whall & Ms. Dee Whall Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Whelan, II Grandparents of Peter Whelan ‘13 Deloris & Russ White SteveWhite ‘71 & Maggie White


Diana & Jerry Whitlock Mr. & Mrs. Jedd U. Whitlock Mr. & Mrs. Peter Whitlock Mr. David Whitlock Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Wilber The Wildnauer-Haigney Family Mr. Kyle Wildnauer-Haigney ‘07 Missy Wilich Kelly Williams Mr. & Mrs. Scott E. Willkomm ‘83 Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Winders ‘79 Mr. Albert J. Winn ‘66 & Mr. Scott R. Portnoff Mr. Rich Winokur & Ms. Jennifer Kyte Richard & Joanne Winter Tim & Marie Winters Mr. Lance Wisniewski & Ms. Donna Johnson Jonathan & Roz Witherbee Mr. & Mrs. Brian G. Woodward Mr. & Mrs. Christopher A. Wyskiel Mr. & Mrs. Harold Yanofsky Mr. Stephen G. Young & Mrs. Christine Duprez-Young Mr. John Zannos & Ms. Anne Crotty Mrs. Adrienne Zannos Jennifer A. Goulston Zwillenberg ‘96

In memory of Richard W. Wilson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dombrowsky Ms. Mary Gray Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Hebert Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Lewis Ms. Elizabeth Lourie Ms. Helen Panasis Ms. Elizabeth Purington Mr. & Mrs. Roland Tremblay Mr. Harold Weaver Mrs. Shirley Wilson Rosemary A. Zurawel & Lee S. Jahnke

In honor of William N. Clapp The Woolley Family

In memory of Kristine M. Yanofsky National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation Mr. David Yanofsky

In honor of Oliver B. Hammond ‘10 Mr. Charles R. Hammond & Ms. Angela W. Maddux-Hammond

In honor of Daniel J. Boisvert ‘94 Ms. Ginger B. Mathews ‘94 Mr. Mark C. Svenson ‘94

In Memory/ In Honor of Donors may request that their gift to Berwick be in honor of or memory of a family member or friend. In memory of James “Bart” Dean ‘88 Mrs. Moira McKinnon ‘88 Mr. William Shebar & Ms. Kathryn E. Geissinger In memory of Helen Hanson Oulton ‘31 Ms. Cheryl Davis In memory of Edmund “Coach” Paul Mr. Alan B. Keen ‘64 In memory of Gloria Flynn Roberge ‘46 Mrs. Ardis J. Barkyoumb ‘45 Mr. & Mrs. C. Kenneth Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Klein Mr. John M. Powell & Mrs. Catherine Powell ‘80 Dr. Owen Stevens ‘48 & Mrs. Margaret Stevens


Annual Report ~ 2010 - 2011

In honor of Patrick Connolly The Woolley Family In honor of Amy Criswell Terry Minihan In honor of Elizabeth W. Hammond ‘08 Mr. Charles R. Hammond & Ms. Angela W. Maddux-Hammond

In honor of Robert Quinn The Woolley Family

Alumni Annual Fund Anonymous (2) Theodore J. Finnegan ‘42 C. Dennis Fink ‘44 John H. Burleigh, Jr. ‘45 Roland F. Chase ‘45 Hazel N. Warren Jones ‘45 Joyce E. Pray Borkowski ‘46 Marion R. Peterson ‘47 Dorothy A. Philbrick Scinto ‘48 Owen R. Stevens ‘48 Elinor F. Paul Amee ‘49 Jeannette L. Gorman Couture ‘53 Philip D. Desjardins ‘54 Robert M. Remington ‘54 James K. Stedman, Jr. ‘54 Sandra J. Pinkham Cox ‘56 Robert T. Gagne ‘57 Jacquelan H. Tuttle MacDonald ‘57 William J. Borkowski, Jr. ‘59 Robert W. Bogardus ‘61 J. Andrew Boyle, Jr. ‘61 Kimberly G. Reynolds ‘61 William G. Bullock ‘62 James B. Dine ‘62 Mary-Hale Andres ‘63 Bradley M. Damon ‘63

Richard W. Edmunds ‘63 David S. Pratt ‘63 Paul A. Ahlgren ‘64 Susan J. Andres ‘64 Alan B. Keen ‘64 Lawrence A. Martineau, Jr. ‘64 Mark S. Epstein ‘65 Jonathan Foster ‘65 William P. Horgan ‘65 Jonathan F. Kellogg ‘65 Larry B. Littlefield ‘65 Bruce MacLellan ‘65 Glenn W. Michael ‘65 Gregory E. Michael ‘65 Robert S. Perkin ‘65 Richard G. Merrill ‘66 Edmund D. Murphy, III ‘66 Jonathan Sinagub ‘66 Albert J. Winn ‘66 Joel P. Gagnon ‘68 Arthur G. Sanderson ‘68 Nancy E. Pindrus ‘69 Charles J. Andres, Jr. ‘70 Douglas Dorfman ‘70 Geoffrey E. Lewis ‘71 Thomas W. Schultz ‘71 Stephen C. White ‘71 Alan E. Andres ‘72 Thomas E. Case ‘72

Annual Report ~ 2010- 2011

Jeffrey D. Cole ‘72 Robert L. Howie, Jr. ‘72 Richard S. Lawrence ‘72 Frank Abbate ‘74 Thomas E. Eastman ‘75 Peter E. Follansbee ‘75 Edward M. Growney, III ‘75 Mary J. Dodd ‘76 Kristan Hauser Renish ‘76 Brian K. Richardson ‘76 Mark S. Andres ‘77 John W. Czajkowski ‘77 Katharine Ordway Salvati ‘77 David R. Jefferson, Jr. ‘78 Charles P. Kageleiry ‘78 Marc Saunders ‘78 Jeffrey Winders ‘79 Catherine L. Stevens Powell ‘80 James B. Gagnon ‘81 Malcolm W. George, Jr. ‘81 Lucas M. Merrow ‘81 Sharon A. Fogarty ‘82 John R. Gregg, III ‘82 Kenneth H. Lafler ‘82 Jonathan Ordway ‘82 Robert D. Aichele ‘83 Anne C. Willkomm ‘83 Eric S. Katz ‘84 Eric K. Voskuil ‘84


Jennifer B. Moores ‘85 Peter C. Mullaney ‘85 Lloyd T. Sullivan ‘85 Mary E. Coolidge Bloser ‘86 Timothy A. Burr ‘86 Thomas B. Louderback ‘86 Elizabeth T. Miller ‘86 Marc R. Saulnier ‘86 Anne L. D. Barondes Seekins ‘86 Shanlee Linney Ginchereau ‘87 Christine Hennessey Henderson ‘87 Karyn J. Scharf Morin ‘87 Tamara C. Olbres ‘87 Sean P. Clarke ‘88 John O. Lamb ‘88 Alice Lynch ‘88 Moira E. McKinnon ‘88 Rosalind P. Akin ‘89 Diana M. Christensen Frothingham ‘89 Stephanie Kendall Jaggars ‘89 Alexandra Fort Maglieri ‘89 Steve Moran ‘89 Stephanie C. Robillard ‘89 Jeffrey W. St. Laurent ‘89 Kellie A. Keohan Varano ‘89 Suzanne M. Armacost ‘90 Sarah A. Whitely D’Ercole ‘90 Audrey Latham Dreibelbis ‘90 Seth A. Hurd ‘90

Nicole M. Fortin Strangman ‘90 Heather M. Gaw ‘91 Eric R. Royal ‘91 Julia E. Tebbets ‘91 John J. Acerra ‘92 Nathan T. Bouley ‘92 John E. Drake, III ‘92 Adeeva R. Wang Fritz ‘92 Wylie W. Herzberg ‘92 Thomas J. Johnson ‘92 Jesse C. Freese ‘93 Chava R. Kallberg ‘93 Karen L. Brown Kunz ‘93 Michele E. Dubois ‘94 Michael K. Goulston ‘94 Jennifer A. Beattie Henriquez ‘94 Timothy J. Jurevic ‘94 Ginger B. Mathews ‘94 Stephen H. Dow ‘95 Charles S. Field ‘95 Jonathan J. Sevigney ‘95 Mark C. Svenson ‘95 Kurt A. Jackson ‘96 James P. Shirley ‘96 Jennifer A. Goulston Zwillenberg ‘96 Thomas A. Beattie ‘97 Peter T. Clarke ‘97 Sara E. Gibbons ‘97 Brandon J. McKenna ‘98

Timothy J. Armenta ‘00 Diana K. Burnell ‘00 Charles V. Clement, IV ‘00 Kyle M. Ridgway ‘00 William T. Schleyer, Jr. Emily C. Taylor ‘00 Jessica L. Davis ‘01 Ashley Knowlton ‘01 Rebecca M. Oliver-Palanca ‘01 Lauren E. Bauder ‘02 Jonathan A. Caldwell ‘02 Caitlin J. Chandler ‘02 Sarah E. Chandler ‘03 Jennifer M. Franco ‘03 Melissa N. Gagne ‘03 Mariel A. MacNaughton ‘03 Gretchen L. Olney ‘03 Ryan Thorpe ‘03 Amanda B. Clifford ‘04 Caroline E. Gibson ‘04 Katherine M. Nichols ‘05 Charles Platt, V ‘06 Geoffrey L. Malloy ‘07 Rikki R. Radkay ‘07 Kyle Wildnauer-Haigney ‘07 Katherine E. Graichen ‘08 Samantha R. Meader ‘08 Aaron Kalter ‘10

The Momentum of the Alumni As the newly elected President of the Alumni Council, I look forward to the coming year and continuing to strengthen the alumni fundraising program. Annual Fund contributions from alumni this year were impressive. We exceeded our goal of reaching 7% in total alumni participation. (The average percent participation for K-12 day schools of comparable size is 14%). Our ongoing goal is to increase participation by one percent each year. I feel like we have the momentum to achieve this. Not only did more alumni contribute this year compared to last--171 vs. 139, but more dollars were raised--$56,548 vs. $54,740. With their donations to the Annual Fund, alumni are participating in the Academy’s number one fundraising effort that raises critical philanthropic dollars to support the operations of the School. The generosity of alumni helps to support a variety of areas on campus such as technology, faculty professional development, financial aid, athletics, the arts, campus enhancements, and program support. I eagerly await connecting with alumni this year, on and off the Hilltop. I also look forward to working alongside Chuck Clement ’00, the chair of this year’s Alumni Fundraising Committee. My thanks go out to last year’s Alumni Fundraising Committee: Bob Gagne ’57, Larry Littlefield ‘65, Chair, Bill Horgan ‘65, Art Sanderson ‘68, Rob Howie ‘72, Tom Eastman ‘75, Chad Kageleiry ‘78, Ken Lafler ‘82, Nathan Bouley ‘92, Jessica Davis ‘01, Chuck Clement ‘00, Ashley Knowlton ‘01, Lauren Bauder ‘02.

Sean Clarke ’88, Alumni Council President 12

Annual Report ~ 2010 - 2011

Class of 2011

Endowment Fund for Campus Preservation

Student Donors Hayley M. Adams ‘11 Kevin Airoldi ‘11 Jennifer Auty ‘11 Katherine Belair ‘11 Daniel R. Bottino ‘11 Andrew Briggs ‘11 Averill X. Daly ‘11 Taryn Decker ‘11 Hannah DePaoli ‘11 Frederick Diengott ‘11 Charles O. Gallant ‘11 Kathryn A. Gill ‘11 Jason T. Gorman ‘11 Diane P. Hair ‘11 Connor M. Haley ‘11 Tyler Harley ‘11 Amelia Hazen ‘11 Keith Hope ‘11 Elizabeth A. Hopkins ‘11 David T. Horan ‘11 George Horrocks ‘11 Cody A. Jackson ‘11 Eliza G. Jacobs ‘11 Sydney R. Katz ‘11 Lucy L. Kelly ‘11 Owen LaBrie ‘11 Jordan H. Lachance ‘11 Zachary W. Lawrence ‘11 William F. Leach ‘11 Alexzandra Lizama ‘11 Katharine MacFarlane ‘11 Daniel S. MacKinnon ‘11 Jenna M. Maddock ‘11 Trestan P. Matel ‘11 Nisha N. Matta ‘11 Michael B. McGuigan ‘11 Sophia R. Merrow ‘11 Mareesa M. Miles ‘11 Brooke Moschetto ‘11

Molly A. Mugford ‘11 Kyle H. Mullaney ‘11 Patrick Nichols ‘11 Michael W. O’Day ‘11 Whitney Pasternack ‘11 Andrea M. Pepin ‘11 Brian R. Rawn ‘11 Haley Salas ‘11 Cristina E. Salvador ‘11 Jordan K. Sanford ‘11 Jennifer Scharff ‘11 Amy V. Stedman ‘11 Alex Tobey ‘11 Halley A. Tower ‘11 Tucker Trimble ‘11 Leah Tzizik ‘11 Kathryn A. Voss ‘11 Ryan G. Walters ‘11 Maxwell W. Werman ‘11 Quinn Wilcox ‘11 Christopher A. Wild ‘11 Alanna Wittet ‘11 Ian E. Wright ‘11 Alexandra Zannos ‘11 Annual Report ~ 2010- 2011


Parent Donors Baldwin Society Recognizing contributions of $5,000 or more

Dr. & Mrs. Lance Briggs Stuart & Pamela McGuigan Joan & Henry Trimble

Cogswell Club Recognizing contributions of $1,000 to 4,999

Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Auty Mr. Thomas A. Daly & Ms. Marsha K. Brown Ms. Patricia A. Gaskill Eric & Marla Katz The Merrow Family Dr. & Mrs. John M. O’Day

Senior Fund Donors Bob & Marlane Bottino Mr. & Mrs. Doug Decker Andy & Patricia Diengott Laurie Hair Jeffrey Hazen Mark Hope Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Horan Mr. George Horrocks & Mrs. Janice Ziemba Ms. Christine Hounsell Ken & Alison Jackson Mr. Timothy LaBrie & Ms. Bonnie Clark-LaBrie Ms. Sue Ann Lachance Dr. Gregory A. Leach & Dr. Mary M. O’Hare Ms. Gloria Legere & Mr. William Duffy Mr. & Mrs. John J. MacFarlane

Mr. & Mrs. Stephen MacKinnon Sue & Jamie Maddock Naresh & Sandy Matta Kendall Montouri Mr. & Mrs. John R. Mugford Brenda & Michael Mullaney Mr. & Mrs. Christopher O. Nichols, Jr. Dr. Paul H. Pasternack & Dr. Sandra L. Rodeffer Mr. & Mrs. William Salas Mr. William D. Sanford & Ms. Lauren Cullity-Sanford Stuart & Jodi Scharff Tim & Debbie Tower Mr. Daniel Tzizik Phil & Kathy Voss Stuart Werman & Lynn Macfarlane Mr. Neil Wittet & Ms. Karin Winton-Wittet Mr. John Zannos & Ms. Anne Crotty

Capital and Endowment Giving President’s Circle

Cogswell Club

Recognizing contributions of $25,000 or more

Recognizing contributions of $1,000 or more

Berwick Parent Community Mr. Malcolm E. Smith, III

Dr. Cyril V. Finnegan ‘40 Joanne R. Katz Hap & Susan Ridgway

Head of School Society

Recognizing contributions of $10,000 or more

Anonymous Davis Family Foundation (The) The Raiff Family Mr. Robert D. Silberblatt

William H. Fogg Society Recognizing contributions of $2,500 or more

The Jalbert Family Mr. & Mrs. David L. Linney 14

Donors Anonymous Mrs. Ardis J. Palmer Barkyoumb ‘45 Mrs. Ruth E. Brown Boston ‘52 Mary Gray Ronald Hebert Elizabeth Lourie Mrs. Moira E. McKinnon ‘88 Annual Report ~ 2010 - 2011

Mr. James C. Nenopoulos ‘69 Helen Panasis Elizabeth Purington Mr. Albert Roberge, Jr. ‘44 Dr. Donald P. Robertson ‘63 Mr. William Shebar & Ms. Kathryn E. Geissinger Mr. John D. Tackeff ‘10 Matthew & Elian Tackeff Sterra Tackeff Roland Tremblay Mrs. Eleanor M. Linscott Verville ‘48 Harold Weaver Rosemary A. Zurawel & Lee S. Jahnke

Planned Giving Anna May Flynn Smith ’31: A legacy that cherishes and preserves history A faithful alumna for nearly 80 years, May, as she was known by her classmates, served as her Class Agent and made donations to the Annual Fund. Her last Class Note read in part, “The years are passing too swiftly! I’m very grateful for all my blessings!” For all those decades since her graduation in 1931, May kept BA in her heart. In a final act of philanthropy and foresightedness, May bequeathed $900,000 to her high school alma mater to be used at the discretion of the Academy. Her gift was not only incredibly generous, but timely as well. At about the same time BA received May’s gift, a structural analysis of Fogg Memorial revealed the need for an extensive renovation project. Fogg Memorial is more than just a building on our campus; it embodies the long and rich history of this Academy. It is a building to be cherished and preserved. May’s bequest makes it possible to honor that history and preserve Fogg for the centuries of students to come.

Chadbourne-Thompson Society Members Anonymous James Cook ‘63 and Paula Cook Bradley M. Damon ‘63 Marie A. Donahue ‘37 Aurora Dube ‘25 Preston N. Eames ’65 C. Dennis Fink ‘44 Nancy B. Fort Adolph Geyer ‘31 Russell Grant ‘45 and Marty Grant Doris Dixon Griffith ‘39 Seth A. Hurd ‘90

Alberta Morrill Johnson ’28 Kennett and Patricia Kendall Mary Jacobs Kennedy 1908 Perley D. Monroe ‘48 Olive Purrington Moulton ‘22 Victor Perreault ‘33 and Helen Hasty Perreault Nancy Pindrus ‘69 Richard and Susan Ridgway Anna May Flynn Smith ‘31 William R. Spaulding Owen Stevens ‘48 and Margaret Stevens Ella Estelle Geyer Stonebraker ‘29 Roger Thompson ‘25 and Theresa Thompson

Thank You to our 2010-2011 Annual Fund Volunteers Michelle Albion Lisa Anderson Mary Clark Jane Craig Amy Criswell Adriana Cunha-Solomon Sue Downey Jamey French Lesli Friel Mathew Freil Deanna Grammenos Michelle Hanson Elaine Hayden EJ Hetz Jennifer Hoover

Hilary Ireland Jean Jarvis Shiela Kageliery Holly Malloy Lynn Marsh Nina Mauer Kendall Montouri Kristin Morales Susan Noerdlinger Tom Parrot Eliza Peter Linda Plaza Laurie Potter Paula Reid Mary Reinhardt Annual Report ~ 2010- 2011

Ann Reis Suzanne Richardson Molly Samson Jennifer Saulnier Mary Anne Siegel Laura Smith Michelle Soares Janet Stevens Margaret Talcott Mark Tay Sarah Terenzio Deborah Walden Dee Whall Shiela Woolley Stephen Young 15

BPC Community Benefit I am consistently amazed and proud of all the hard work, support, and enthusiasm of the volunteers within the Berwick Parent Community, or BPC. The 2010 - 2011 academic year was certainly no exception. I want to thank our parents, administrators, teachers, staff, alumni, and Board members for your support of BPC this past year. Our goals for the year could not have been accomplished without the commitment and dedication shown by each and every one of you. I would especially like to recognize the chair of last year’s Community Benefit, Andrea Bristol, for her dedication and hard work that resulted in a hugely successful event. I also want to sincerely thank all the donors and sponsors of this annual benefit. I continue to appreciate the event’s ability to bring Berwick families, faculty, and staff together for a wonderful evening to celebrate our important connection to this community. Once again the Community Benefit proved to be a tremendous success. Across the live auction, online auction, and FundA-Need, BPC raised over $160,000 in profit. For our Fund-A-Need project, BPC established the Patricia McManus Campus Preservation Fund in honor of Pat’s 10 years of dedicated service to the Academy. This effort raised over $85,000 to help preserve Fogg Memorial, the heart and soul of the Hilltop. Thank you again to all of you who made this possible, particularly our parent volunteers who continue to help enhance the Berwick program and experience in incredible ways! Again, my sincerest thanks to all of those who supported BPC’s many efforts to enrich the lives of our students and faculty at our beloved school on the Hilltop. Sincerely, Lesli Friel BPC President

BPC Fund-A-Need Donors Kent Allyn Christopher & Alex Auty Marc & Rachel Bilodeau Jonathan & Oneta Bobbett James & Christina Breen Andrea & Tyler Bristol Barry & Heidi Chase Bill & Callie Clapp D. Kelly & Katie Clark Chuck and Pat Clement Dana Clinton Darcy & Brian Coffta Michael Coutu & Joanne Meyer Amy Criswell Michael & Christine Davis Jim & Mary Pat Dolan John & Susan Downey Matthew & Lesli Friel Eugene & Nicole Gaudette Jason & Lisa Goulemas Ian & Juliet Grant Wendy Harrington Thomas & Jane Hourihan Robert & Paula Hoy Michael & Alexandra Jacuch Michael & Jennifer Johnson Charles & Sheila Kageleiry 16

Peter Kelley & Deborah Regan John & JoAnn Lapoint James & Amy Lawson Arthur & Jean Linde Lawrence McManus & Mary Beth Herbert Susan Maddock Joanne Maden Holly Malloy Anthony & Tania Marino Michael & Lynn Marsh Jay & Suzanne McFarland Stan & Colleen Meader Albert & Kristin Morales Nancy & Paul Murphy Sally Needell Robert & Lynne Noel Mayo & Susan Noerdlinger John & Joyce O’Day Samuel & Paula Reid Kyle Ridgway Hap & Susan Ridgway Ruth Rioux Robert Ruben & Anne Emily Caplin Scott Rusk & Ann Lindsey Raegan Russell Peter & Rachel Saliba Brian Sanborn Annual Report ~ 2010 - 2011

Mary & Bill Schleyer Gregory & Amy Schneider Rajeev & Sangita Agarwal Ted Sherbahn & Kelly Martin Robert Silberblatt Patrick Spearman & Jane Oldfield Spearman Donald & Kerri St. Jean Mark Summers Margaret Talcott & Scott Scharer Mark Tay David & Kate Thut Robert & Mary Towey Joan & Henry Trimble James & Meghan Van Alen Larry & Annelisa Wagner Mark & Diane Walker Elizabeth Welch Marsh & Thomas Marsh Karen and Peter Whelan Deloris White Jedd & Megan Whitlock K. Lynn Wildnauer Blaine & Diane Williams Rich Winokur & Jennifer Kyte The Woolley Family Christopher & Cynthia Wyskiel Rosemary Zurawel

BPC Community Benefit Donors 50 Local 98 Provence Academy Street Inn Alano Ltd. Kent Allyn Dana & Lisa Anderson Mary & Arthur Anker Aqua Experts Aqua Paradise Pools and Spas Arrow’s Restaurant The Atrium Toby Ball & Deborah Walden John & Valerie Barbour Barnacle Billy’s Stuart Bauder & Debra Miesfeldt Beach Pea Baking Co. Cocoa & Sarah Bedard Heidi & John Bement Ken and Trish Berger Berwick Academy Berwick Athletic Boosters Berwick Parent Community Berwick Academy Kindergarten Class Berwick Academy 1st Grade Class Berwick Academy 2nd Grade Class Berwick Academy 3rd Grade Class Berwick Academy 4th Grade Class Berwick Academy 5th Grade Class Berwick Academy 6th Grade Class Berwick Academy 7th Grade Class Berwick Academy 8th Grade Class Berwick Academy Freshman Class Berwick Academy Sophomore Class Berwick Academy Junior Class Berwick Academy Senior Class Michael Blackman & Molly Samson Blackman Chiropractic Bob’s Clam Hut Boston Duck Tours Boston Red Sox Marlane Bottino Chez Boucher James & Christina Breen Jennifer Brewer Cindy & Lance Briggs Andrea & Tyler Bristol Brown’s Ice Cream Thomas & Diane Burbank Hannah & Paul Burke CA Smith Photography Andrea Caesar Cape Neddick Inn Carla’s Boutique

Carl’s Meat Market / The Golden Harvest Carpe Diem Coffee Roasting Co. Carrots & Company Michael & Anne Marie Casey Barry & Heidi Chase Children’s Museum and Theatre of Maine Children’s Museum of New Hampshire Chrisrial and Company Fine Jewelry Christine’s Crossing/Christine & Co. Christmas Tree Shops Churchill’s Gardens Cindy’s Hallmark Cinnamon Rainbows Bill & Callie Clapp Geoffrey & Mary Clark Kelly & Kathryn Clark Stephen & Cheryl Clark Classic Building & Design Co. Dana Clinton Club Canine Dog Wash Darcy Coffta Compliments Gallery The Cornerstone Gallery Greg & Kelley Corson Rachael Costello Michael Coutu & Joanne Meyer Cranmore Mountain Resort Amy Criswell CrossFit Portsmouth Tracy Davidson-Howe DB Dock Square Clothiers Mary Pat and Jim Dolan Michael Donoghue & Kathy Moore Donoghue Down East Wine Imports Heidi Duehmig Eastern Propane The Edgewood Centre Elk Creek Ranch Emerson Ecologics Exeter Cycle The EyeGlass Shop Eyesight Opthalmic Services Lored & Chloe Fabbricatore Kevin & Tamera Fascetta Federal Jack’s Restaurant & Brewpub Finestkind Scenic Cruises Fire on the Mountain Jeff Fort & Ali Fort Maglieri Annual Report ~ 2010- 2011

Fox’s Lobster House Jennifer Franco Matthew & Lesli Friel G. Willikers! Toy Shop Gals from Away Eugene & Nicole Gaudette George & Gina Gaudet William & Amy Gaynor Genesis Day Spa Genest Precast Marguerite Genest Gentle Currents Acupuncture Clinic Get the Scoop - Ice Cream and Crepes Warren Goldblatt & Pam Schultze Goldblatt Golf Club of New England Dana & Andrea Graichen Ian & Juliet Grant Christopher & Sherri Grassie Great Bay Pottery Green Dragon Goodies Steven & Teresa Hambright Bob & Michelle Hanson Harbor Candy Shop Chip & Madeleine Harding The Haughey Company Joel & Betsy Hawes John & Elaine Hayden Ted & Sarah Hebert Jennifer Hill Rosie Howells Robert & Paula Hoy Charlene & Scott Hoyt Hydronic Alternatives, Inc. Isaak Design Michael & Alexandra Jacuch The James Family Costikyan & Jean Jarvis Jarvis Cutting Tools Joan & Marshall Jarvis Robert & Melissa Jasper Russell & Mary Jeppesen Jeremy’s Pizzeria Michael & Jennifer Johnson Joseph’s Charles & Sheila Kageleiry Katie’s Cafe on Shore Road The Kittery Outlets La Festa Brick & Brew Pizzeria John & JoAnn Lapoint Lenk Orthodontic Jonathan & Kimberly Levy 17

The Links at Outlook Loco Coco’s Tacos Loyal Citizen Clothing Alice & Jeffrey Lynch Magna Cleaning Holly & Terry Malloy Mandeville Canyon Designs Michael & Susan Marden Michael & Lynn Marsh Marshview Stables - Deloris and Lori White Mary Towey Photography Nina Maurer Maximus Hobby Shop MBT Footwear MC Perkins Cove Chuck McFarland Chauncey McFarland Brendan & Susan McNamara Brendan McNamara, Inc. Stan & Colleen Meader The Meat House Lucas & Robin Merrow Moebius Yoga at The Prana Studio Mount Washington Resort Golf Club Mrs. & Me Ice Cream Bruce & Cheryl Munick Nancy & Paul Murphy The Music Hall Nahcotta Naked Plates Nature’s Way Market NEDA - Northeast Dermatology Associates Sally & Gerald Needell Robert & Lynne Noel Mayo & Susan Noerdlinger North Berwick Farmer’s Market Northland Forest Products Now & Then Nubble Light Challenge Ocean Properties, Ltd Ogunquit Camera Shop Ogunquit Museum of American Art Ogunquit Playhouse Optima Day Spa Jonathan Ordway & Ling Wong Organic Bonita, LLC Organizing Specialists and Senior Downsizing LLC Gene Paltrineri Thomas Parrott & Jennifer Hoover Pat’s Peak Pawsitive Steps


People’s United Pie in the Sky Piscataqua Savings Bank Tim & Liz-Anne Platt Portico Fine Tile and Design Portland Sea Dogs Portsmouth Ballroom Dance Studio Portsmouth Community Radio Portsmouth Indoor Pool Portsmouth Public Library Robert & Laurie Potter Prelude Charles & Lucy Putnam Putnam Ski & Snowboard Michael & Francee Quinlan Rob Quinn Alan & Bernadette Randle Redington Photography Red’s Shoe Barn Samuel & Paula Reid Donald & Donna Reynolds John Reynolds & Joni Praded Hap & Susan Ridgway Robert Reed Associates Robert’s Maine Grill and Market Rochester Opera House Rolling Green Nursery Rudi’s Runner’s Alley, LLC Scott Rusk & Ann Lindsey Raegan Russell Sage Dining Peter & Rachel Saliba Jeffrey & Darlene Saltz Samba Salon Brian & Marilena Sanborn Joseph & Sara Santaniello Sarah Minor Design Maurice Schmir & Sylvia Warner Denise Schneider Gregory & Amy Schneider Seacoast Repertory Theatre Seacoast Science Center Seacoast Shoulder Seacoast United Shane’s Maine Photography Edward Sherbahn & Kelly Martin Signature Escrow & Title Services, LLC Sir Speedy Printing Adam Sirois Six Flags New England Laura Smith SoHo Salon - Spa

Annual Report ~ 2010 - 2011

Somnia Soul Sisters Sentiments Patrick Spearman & Jane Oldfield Spearman Sports Medicine Atlantic Orthopaedics PA Stage Neck Inn Susan Stetson Stolen Menu Cafe Storyland Strawbery Banke Museum Mark Summers Dupont’s Service Center, Inc. Swamp John’s Fine Art Jewelry Terra Cotta Pasta Benjamin Thayer & Linda McGivern David & Kate Thut Timberland Timeless Art Portraits Tom’s of Maine Touching Earth Farm Robert & Mary Towey Tim & Deb Tower Joan & Terry Trimble Judith Fisher Trotzky Paul & Beth Tykodi Usborne Books and More Jonathan Van Campen Kellie Varano Veterinary Services of New England Village by the Sea Village Food Market Village Motors Lisa & Lawrence Wagner Mark & Diane Walker Warren’s Lobster House Weathervane Seafood Restaurant Wellspring Center for Wellbeing Karen and Peter Whelan Peter & Karen Whelan Thomas & Rachel Whelton Deloris White White Pine Programs White Mountain Hypnosis Center K. Wildnauer & Dayton Haigney Blaine & Diane Williams Roz Witherbee Brian & Carolyn Woodward Christopher & Cynthia Wyskiel Yoga East York’s Wild Kingdom Stephen Young & Christine Duprez-Young John Zannos & Anne Crotty Zorvino Vineyards Rosemary Zurawel & Lee Jahnke

Board of Trustees 2011-2012 President: Mark Tay Treasurer: Matthew Friel Secretary: Eric Katz ’84 Alex Auty Phil Cavanaugh Lisa Goulemas E.J. Hetz Robert Hoy James Jalbert Chad Kageleiry ‘78 Caroline Levine Holly Malloy Peter Martin Lucas Merrow ’81 Susan Noerdlinger Michael Schafer Greg Schneider, Head of School Fred Seigel Malcolm E. Smith, III Karen Walsh Lesli Friel, ex officio Sean Clarke ‘88, ex officio

Trustee Emeriti John Armacost Charles V. Clement, III C. Dennis Fink ‘44 O.P. Jackson, Jr. Joan R. Jarvis

Russell W. Jeppesen Kennett “Skip” Kendall, Jr. Michael “Mitch” Ramsey Raymond “Ray” Ramsey Richard “Hap” Ridgway Mary Z. Schleyer Claire deTarr Smith Owen R. Stevens, D.V.M. ’48 Joan Trimble

Alumni Council 2011-2012 President: Sean Clarke ‘88 Vice President: Robert Howie ‘72 Secretary/Treasurer: Sharon Fogarty ‘82

Jedd Whitlock, Director of Advancement Honorary Council Member: Richard ”Hap” Ridgway


Charles Andres ‘70 Ruth Brown Boston ‘52 Chuck Clement ‘00 Melissa Gagne ‘03 Elizabeth Henkel ‘59 Stephanie Kendall Jaggars ‘89 Ginger Mathews ‘94 Rebecca Oliver-Palanca ‘01 Karyn Scharf Morin ‘87 Stephanie Robillard ‘89 Kate Ordway Salvati ‘77 Jonathan Sevigney ‘95 Mark Svenson ‘95 Bill Tarmey ‘63 Greg Schneider, Head of School Kathryn Strand, Assistant Director of Development and Annual Giving

Annual Report ~ 2010- 2011

Berwick Academy 31 Academy Street South Berwick, Maine 03908



Annual Report ~ 2010 - 2011

Berwick Academy 10-11 Annual Report  

Berwick Academy Annual Report

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