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Inside this issue: * Tennis at Surbiton Racket & Fitness Club * Advice from Lewis & Dick Solicitors * Sir Edward Davey on Brexit ARE PESTS INVADING? * Second Chance Dogs, Part 2 Don’t delay, call Pests Away * Articles and quizzes See our advert on Page 42

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Hello Readers,


t is officially Summer! But as I write this, in April, true to form, there are April showers. If the saying has meaning, we should have an abundance of beautiful blooms in May. Send in a photo of your displays and I could feature it on the cover.

This issues sees an ecclectic mix of new advertisers, and I am sure they will be of interest to most readers. Are you involved with Summer Fairs, FĂŞtes, or events, then send in the details as soon as possible.

I hope that you enjoy the two As time goes by, I am amazed to Bank Holidays this month, and the note that A Berrylands Companion weather is more favourable!! is now in it’s 14th year! Best wishes,

I still hear from people who are grateful for the magazine, and the Karen information about local events and businesses.

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off your list is invaluable in encouraging you to carry on, and could in fact be one of the main reasons for the success of debt snowballing. Advantages of debt snowballing • It offers vital motivation. • It’s a simple and straightforward system that’s easy to maintain.

Weather the Debt Conditions Debt snowballing is a term used to describe a particular method of dealing with debt, which in some ways goes against ‘traditional’ thinking. It’s commonly advised to deal with the most expensive debt first in terms of interest rates and charges, which is a natural and effective approach to paying down debt.

But one issue that isn’t taken into account when repaying debt in this way is the psychology that can sometimes influence a successful outcome. Here’s how to debt snowball • Make a list of all your debts – the one with the smallest balance at the top.

• Pay off the minimum amount on all your credit cards and other debts, apart from the one with the smallest balance. • Pay as much as you can off this debt and repeat each month until you’ve paid it off in full.

• Cross it off your list of debts and use the money released


towards the next debt.

• Continue in the same way down your list (the second smallest next), making the minimum payment on all other borrowing.

• If you’re able to earn more money, putting it towards the debt you’re currently repaying increases the snowball effect and reduces your overall level of borrowing. • When the debt you’re focusing on has been paid off, cross it off your list – rinse and repeat until you’re debt-free.

Human psychology when paying off debt Debt snowballing is a system that applies a little human psychology to paying down debt, and acknowledges that we all lack motivation at times. The method only works if you have sufficient funds to make the minimum payments on all your debts, however, so if you don’t, you would need to look at alternatives. The sense of accomplishment when you can cross a debt

• You’re forced to focus on one debt at a time, and as long as you keep up the minimum payments on other debts you can forget about them for a while. • It helps you manage your money for the long term and introduces good money habits.

Are there any downsides to debt snowballing? The main downside of debt snowballing is the extra interest you pay on your debts when compared with the debt avalanche method, and when considered only from a mathematical point of view it clearly isn’t the most obvious option. Repaying debt is a little like dieting, however – small wins offer the motivation that many people need to continue and succeed. One important issue is to make sure you dedicate any money released when a debt is repaid to paying off the next one. Without this, the ‘snowball’ effect of increasing amounts being available to tackle your next debt doesn’t materialise, and the system will stall.

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By Ann Haldon



Spring is in the air, time for something soft and fluffy

Epsom based, friendly, Father & Daughter family run business with over 40 years’ experience. We bring 100’s of carpet samples to your home in a variety of colours all at competitive prices.


01372 632 118


Over 1,000 Customer Reviews




To advertise call Karen: 020 8274 0096 email: 5 FREE FITTING & FURNITURE MOVING - ESTIMATES AND ADVICE

instantly. With a sickening bang, the car made impact with something large.

Pauline shrieked. “We’ve run over the dog!” Neil slammed on the brake.

The man who’d been waving at them tapped on Neil’s window. Neil wound it down.

A Bad Day for Brutus? “Look, there’s a sign for a country park,” Pauline pointed. “Let’s stop for ten minutes and let Brutus out for a tiddle.” “A bit of fresh air will do us all some good,” Neil agreed, slowing down.

They had spent the bank holiday weekend camping with Neil’s brother and his family, who were the devoted owners of Brutus the lurcher although not quite devoted enough to make room for him in their own car. Neil and Pauline luckily had a roof box for all their extra camping equipment so had Brutus riding with them.

Brutus had an unfortunate habit of jumping out of vehicles, so they’d been driving for an hour with the windows shut. Brutus had also spent the entire weekend luxuriating in cow fields so the air in the car was eye-wateringly pungent. They drove towards the car park entrance. As they approached the barrier a young man in a baseball cap waved his hands at them, as though


“Mate, I tried to warn you.” He shook his head. “I’d recommend you stay in the car. It’s pretty bad,” the man grimaced. “Not sure it’s retrievable to be honest.” Neil said, feeling queasy. “Should I go forward or back?”

“Why doesn’t he want us to go in?” Pauline asked anxiously. “Do you think it’s full?”

“I’d try reversing slowly. It’s going to be nasty but at least you’re only going back over the bits that are already crushed.”

The air in the car was eye-wateringly pungent.

“That’s it mate, you’re clear,” the man said, tapping the bonnet. “Do you want to get out and have a look?”

warning them not to go in.

Neil drove on. “There’s always someone about to leave if you’re patient.”

“I’ll ask him, he seems pretty insistent.” Pauline began winding down her window. “You never know, there could be a wild animal on the loose.” “Round here?” Neil snorted at the suggestion. “Like what? A horde of rabid squirrels?”

At the mention of squirrels, Brutus leapt through Pauline’s open window.

“Stop, Neil!” Pauline screamed. “The dog’s jumped out.”

“I can’t stop,” Neil said, “I’ve got cars behind me.” He regretted his decision

To advertise call Karen: 020 8274 0096

The sound of scraping and dragging vibrated through every nerve in his body. Finally it ended.

Neil did not particularly.

He turned off the engine and climbed out. This was just the opportunity Brutus needed to leap back in, smearing muddy footprints all over Pauline and the upholstery.

“He’s fine, he’s fine. Not a scratch on him. So what was that awful noise, Neil?”

Neil was just discovering that the roof box he’d forgotten all about had been two inches higher than the car park height restriction barrier. Had been, but no longer was. By Jackie Brewster


Surbiton Royal British Legion Club Hollyfield Road, Surbiton, KT5 9AL Tel: 0208 399 3993 Email: Web:

We are situated opposite Fishponds Park, between Surbiton & Tolworth. The club consists of our Members’ Bar which has a large selection of reasonably priced beers, wines, spirits & soft drinks. Our games, darts area is also in the bar and just off that is the Snooker Room containing four full size tables. Our Jubilee Bar is where you can get a wide selection of freshly made coffees for just £1.00 per cup along with a selection of cookies. This is also the home of our newly-opened Mi Casa restaurant, offering bar snacks & a Gourmet menu with a Latin touch. Our large Function Suite is where we hold many of our social activities to suit all tastes. We also organise many Tribute acts and music nights, such as Elton John, Rod Stewart, The Jammed, Abba to name a few & more to come. Both the Jubilee Bar & Function Suite are available to

New Members Welcome

hire for for private occasions.

Just 37p per week, Call or Pop in for details

Become a Member Bring this voucher to the club, to claim your FREE Coffee or Soft Drinke and Cookie, while you have a look around the club, and find out how easy it is to join. Just ask at the Jubilee Bar. Terma & conditions apply

Code berry19

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of convention, tradition and religion, feels more like an imposition than a celebration of love.

The steady rise of the ‘Silver Splicers’

There are around 3.3 million unmarried couples in England and Wales. Despite the fact that they are usually referred to as ‘common law partners,’ none have any legal partnership rights. With no automatic right of inheritance, a common law partner could lose everything if their life-long companion dies without leaving a will. Love or money? According to figures recently released by the Office for National Statistics, marriage rates amongst older people have been steadily increasing for the past few years.

Nowadays later-life marriages are proving so popular that a catchy name – ‘Silver Splicers’ – has been coined to describe the phenomenon. It may sound romantic, but it’s hard to tell from statistics alone whether couples are marrying for love or for financial reasons. When it comes to tax matters, most couples are better off in a legal partnership. In his popular


Money Saving Expert blog, personal finance expert Martin Lewis has listed “Seven main financial rights of marriage”. These include: a £900 tax break (which applies where one individual in a married couple or civil partnership pays basic 20% tax rate and the other is a nontaxpayer); automatic exemption from inheritance tax; ISA allowances that can be passed on when your spouse dies; and the opportunity to inherit some of your husband or wife’s state pension.

Common law partners don’t have any legal partnership rights Changing minds on marriage While these tax breaks may tempt some marriage-averse couples into tying the knot, others are not so easily persuaded. For some people a wedding, with all its associations

Visual artist Martin Bayliss has lived with his partner Katya for the past 27 years. He sums up the couple’s feelings when he says: “In the past, Katya and I have discussed getting married for financial reasons, but have been put off by all the cultural baggage surrounding weddings. We’d prefer a really low-key occasion but we know that as soon as we mention it to friends and family, we’ll be under pressure to meet their expectations.” A civil partnership ceremony would probably be closer to the sort of ‘low-key’ event favoured by Martin and Katya, but at present this option is only available to same-sex couples. Civil partnerships provide an opportunity to remove some of the ‘cultural baggage’ by stripping away much of the ritual associated with weddings, and after Rebecca Steinfeld and Charles Keidan won a legal battle to gain the right to form a civil partnership late last year, Prime Minister Theresa May promised to end the ban on heterosexual couples entering civil partnerships.

Currently there is no definite timeline for the new legislation to come into force, but once civil partnership becomes an option for marriage-averse couples like Martin and Katya, it’s possible that even more ‘Silver Splicers’ will commit to a legal partnership, with the aim of securing some peace of mind for the future.

By Kate McLelland

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Ship & Boat Barge Schooner Brig Steamer Canoe Trireme Caravel Tug Catboat Wherry Clipper Xebec Cutter Yacht Ferry Frigate Galleon Hulk Icebreaker Junk Kayak Ketch Liner Packet Rowing boat Sampan

Find the words associated with ships and boats in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase

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Lungworm is a real problem in Surrey

og Lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum) is a parasite that can cause serious health problems. It affects dogs and can even be fatal if not prevented or treated. Lungworm can have visible symptoms in puppies or older dogs however it can also show no symptoms in dogs that are otherwise healthy, until the worm burden becomes too great.

An animal that suffers from lungworm without showing symptoms can be a problem as lungworm affects the clotting abilities of the blood. This means a perfectly healthy looking dog who is silently suffering from lungworm can have major complication in routine surgery, such as neutering. Complications in surgery can be avoided. You can treat your pet with a recommended product, known to prevent lungworm and carry out a simple blood tests for detection prior to surgery.

Lungworm is spread via a host slug or snail which carry the lungworm larvae. When a slug or snail travels they leave a snail trail and dogs can become infected when they accidentally eat a snail or ingest larvae which are left in the snail trail on grasses and bowls.


According to records, there have been over 600 cases of lungworm within a 50 mile radius of Kingston and Tolworth. We have also treated many cases over the years and recently 2 have been picked up on routine pre op blood checks, on otherwise healthy dogs. This means it is a real problem locally and we do encourage local dog owners to educate themselves about lungworm and take the necessary steps to prevent their dog contracting it. We stock various veterinary products that are able to prevent and treat lungworm and if you are part of our health care plan then monthly prevention and treatment is covered under you plan, so you have peace of mind!

Our pet care plan is a way to spread the cost of preventative health care for your pet, as a small affordable monthly payment. As well as spreading the cost you can also benefit from 10% off of all products and services, therefore saving even more money. If you have questions about Lungworm or would like to know more about our pet care plan please contact us at surgery or visit our website

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Aspen Veterinary Surgery


Your pet matters to us

Inky & Midnight

Petite, black Inky and her handsome black and white friend Midnight were living as strays before coming into care. Inky is kitten like; she is very small and very playful. She loves being stroked but is timid around strangers. Midnight has gained lots of confidence since coming into care and is now also very affectionate to people he trusts.

Join Aspen Pet Care Plan

This lovely pair need an experienced home, one where they will be given the time to develop trust with their new owners and show what sweet cats they are. They love other cats.

Save Money, Spread Costs, Pay Monthly,

Epsom Ewell & District Branch

Open Mon-Fri: 8am-7.30pm Sat: 8.30-11am 24 hour Emergency Service

If you cannot adopt a cat but would still like to help us please go to 351 Ewell Road, Tolworth, KT6 7BZ

020 8399 6437

As we have around 7,000 cats and kittens in our care at any one time, we will find you the perfect feline friend. Reg Charity 203644 (England and Wales) and SC037711 (Scotland)

The dangers of heatstroke

Summer can be a great time to help your dog become fit and healthy, particularly if they’ve become a little sluggish over the winter months. Warm weather and long days are made for dog walking, but is it too hot for your dog to exercise? Helping your dog avoid heatstroke Heatstroke is a serious health issue for dogs that can affect their internal organs and cause catastrophic damage very quickly. It’s a condition you need to watch out for in summer, particularly when exercising your dog. Controlling their environment when exercising is crucial during the summer – only walking them in the early morning or late evening is a good way

To advertise call Karen: 020 8274 0096

If you feel you can give Inky & Midnight the loving forever home they so desperately deserve please call Rosemary on 01737 350307

to reduce the chances of heat exhaustion and heatstroke. What are the symptoms of heatstroke? • Breathing rapidly or panting heavily • Red gums • An agitated or anxious expression • Disorientation • Vomiting • Diarrhoea • Drooling • Lethargy • Seizures Exercising your dog in the summer It’s important to avoid strenuous exercise when it’s hot outside, and to be vigilant for respiratory distress or any other indications that your dog is struggling to deal with the heat.

Take plenty of water with you as dogs can become dehydrated very quickly in the heat and try to walk or exercise in shaded areas so they have a chance to cool down. Summer requires additional vigilance when exercising your dog, but you can keep them safe and healthy with a little extra care.

By Ann Haldon



Miso Broth with Pak Choi and Tofu Miso paste is made from fermented soya beans and is a staple in Japanese cooking. Look out for jars in Oriental stores or the World Food sections of large supermarkets. It’s perfect for making a quick and tasty soup or broth.

Ready in: 15 minutes | Serves 4


2 tbsp vegetable oil

2 garlic cloves, crushed

200g shiitake mushrooms, sliced 2 x 225g packs smoked tofu, cubed 2 tbsp miso paste

2 tbsp light soy sauce


400g pak choi, roughly chopped


Heat the vegetable oil in a large deep frying pan over a high heat. Add the garlic and sliced mushrooms and stirfry for 2-3 minutes until the mushrooms are just tender and golden. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside.

Add the tofu to the pan and stir-fry for 1-2 minutes until just browned. Reduce the heat and stir in the miso paste, soy sauce and 1 litre of boiling water. Slowly bring to the boil then add the pak choi and simmer for 2-3 minutes until just softened. Return the mushrooms to the pan and heat through for a further minute. Divide the broth between four warmed bowls and serve immediately.

For a heartier dish cook some thread egg or rice noodles following the pack instructions and divide between the serving bowls before spooning over the broth.

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C.D Jennings & Sons Surbiton’s High Class Traditional Family Butchers Meat of the Highest Quality from the Finest Sources

Serving Surbiton Since 1962 .

Proud Suppliers of: Scotch Beef Scotch Highland & Romney Salt Marsh Lamb Free Range & Gloucester Old Spot Pork Free Range Chickens & Ducks Balmoral & Royal Deeside Venison Kelly Bronze Free Range Turkeys Own Make Sausages, Burgers & Kebabs

Opening Hours Tuesday to Thursday 8.00 am – 5.30 pm Friday 8.00 am – 6.00 pm Saturday 7.00 am – 4.00 pm Sunday & Monday - Closed Visit our shop at 146 Ewell Road, Surbiton, KT6 6HE (Opposite Sainsbury’s Local) or call us to place an order on 020 8399 4870

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For more information view our website



Fresh Cherry and Almond Cake This delicious fruity cake can be served warm as a dessert or cold as a classic afternoon tea cake.

Ready in: 1 hour 40 minutes, plus cooling time | Serves 8


225g unsalted butter, softened, plus extra for greasing 225g golden caster sugar 225g self-raising flour 4 medium eggs, beaten

300g fresh cherries, pitted and halved 100g ground almonds

150g icing sugar


Extra fresh cherries, to decorate


Preheat the oven to 170C, fan 150C, gas mark 3. Grease a 20cm round deep cake tin with the extra butter and line the base and sides with baking paper. Place the butter and caster sugar in a large mixing bowl and using a hand-held electric mixer beat together until very pale and creamy. Gradually pour in the eggs, beating well after each addition. If the mixture starts to separate slightly, stir in a spoonful of the flour.

Sift over the rest of the flour and fold in gently with a metal spoon. Toss the cherries into half of the ground almonds, and fold into the mixture with the rest of the ground almonds. Spoon into the prepared cake tin and gently level the surface. Bake in the preheated oven for 55 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes, until the cake is risen, golden and a skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean. Leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes then turn out onto a wire rack to cool.

Whilst the cake is still cooling make the icing: sift the icing sugar into a bowl and stir in 2-3 tbsp warm water and mix to make a thin icing. Spoon the icing over the warm cake, allowing some to drizzle down the side. Decorate with extra cherries and serve warm or cold.

The fresh cherries will mostly sink during baking but this is perfectly normal, giving a moist fruity layer at the base of the cake. It’s best eaten within 2 days of baking.

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£22 PER PERSON Next held: 5th May, 2nd June, 7th July, 4th August Two-time winner of the Kingston Chamber of Commerce’s Award for the Best Leisure and Hospitality Business, Glenmore House is one of Surbiton’s best kept secrets. Constructed in 1840, Glenmore House is a fine example of late Georgian architecture situated in the exclusive Surbiton conservation area adjacent to the landscaped park of Claremont Gardens, the Edwardian building was on of the first substantial houses to be built in Surbiton, but has adapted to many uses over time, and today functions as a members’ club and wedding and events venue.

Impressive double gates open on to Glenmore’s free, private car park which can safely accommodate up to 110 cars. We have acquired an enviable reputation for gourmet cousine second to none, offering superb value for money, with no compromise on quality. Come and enjoy the popular Sunday Carvery in the magnificent Elizbethan Suite, Tudor Rooms or Crescent Room.

The Tudor Rooms benefit from stained glass windows and chandeliers, and our light and airy Crescent Room enjoys fabulous views over the Crescent Gardens. Choose from a choice of five starters, five main courses and at least eight desserts, with coffee and complimentary amuse bouche for just £20 per person, all prepared by our brigade of award winning Chefs, using the freshest ingredients.

Our fabulous Elizabethan Suite comprises of a double height ballroom, featuring sparkling chandeliers, minstrel galleries and a sprung dance floor, adjoined by an exclusive bar area.

To advertise call Karen: 020 8274 0096



Mrs Bennet’s BallrooM

Regency Dance Classes

d be inspire with

Slimming World

 

Wednesdays in Surbiton

TUESDAY Worcester Park Wesley Halls, Christ Church & St Phillip Ruskin Drive, KT4 8LG 7:30am & 9:30am Tel: Jane 07711 422380 Surbiton Surbiton New Life Baptist Church 1 Balaclava Road KT6 5PW 5.30pm & 7.30pm Tel: Justine 020 8224 3336

 

 April 3 & 17

May 8 & 22

June 5 & 19

July 3 & 17

Watch out for our summer tea dance! dance! New classes in Fulham & Camden – see our website This is Strictly Come Dancing as we know it!

As Jane said “To be fond of dancing is a certain step towards falling in love” love”!

  


   

FRIDAY New Malden The Graham Spicer 15 Dukes Avenue KT3 4HL 9:30am Tel: Vanessa 07504 522453

WEDNESDAY Surbiton Surbiton New Life Baptist Church 1 Balaclava Road KT6 5PW 9:30am & 11:30am Tel: Justine 020 8224 3336 7.30pm Tel: Jane 07711 422380


  

THURSDAY New Malden The Graham Spicer 15 Dukes Avenue KT3 4HL 9:30am, 5:15pm & 7:00pm Tel: Vanessa 07504 522453

0344 897 8000

Mini Cryptic Crossword Across 1. Drink (mostly safe amount) (7) 7. Amusing noble turned left (5) 8. A city man face-to-face with another one (7) 9. Cool outsiders not in authority (5) 11. Bird one admired finds heart (5) 12. Russian writer leaves novel behind (5) 14. Everything in unloaded guns is annoying! (5) 16. Big girls start prenup argument (5-2) 18. Old man flipped, being cast out (5) 19. Dart let loose caused disquiet (7) Down 1. Crazy guy briefly in charge (5) 2. Boxer always likes its leads! (3) 3. Auto parts thrown around black vessel (1-4) 4. A girl out of bed, I theorised (5) 5. An opening beneath a bridge (7) 6. Suffering student? It’s obvious (5)


10. Chemical-free cargo in trouble (7) 12. Hammer passed to labourer first (5) 13. Regal variety of beer (5)

14. Spirit guide opening present (5) 15. A dip’s unusually full of flavour (5) 17. African flower cut for nothing (3)

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Are you suffering with bone or joint pain? Why wait? We offer fast access to orthopaedic specialists. We can provide treatment and surgery for all areas of the body including: • Back and neck • Foot and ankle • Hand and wrist • Hip and knee • Shoulder and elbow Open to all, you can get the treatment you need through your private medical insurance or choose to pay for your own treatment.

Call us today to find out more: 020 8185 7830 801 London Road, Sutton, Surrey SM3 9DW To advertise call Karen: 020 8274 0096



sit on bones on the sides of your head but not in your ears, meaning you can still hear traffic.

May: National Walking Month

National Walking Month is an annual campaign to promote the benefits of walking. It is perhaps walking that is the most accessible exercise, available to all regardless of current levels of fitness or income.

Your health Walking helps gives your leg muscles and lungs a work out; reduces stress; helps you sleep; burns excess calories; and reduces your risk of osteoporosis, cancer, depression and Type 2 diabetes. Phew, that sounds so good it should be prescribed.

spring and summer, walking outside will top-up your levels of Vitamin D which is good for your bone health and your immune system.

Walking: so good for you, it should be prescribed.

The NHS says even just a brisk 10-minute daily walk has many health benefits, counting towards your recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise.

Be sociable – or get alone time Walking can be a chance to chat with your friends and family. Nordic walking classes, a Walking for Health walk, or a walking group such as the Ramblers (formerly the Ramblers Association) are ideal if you don’t have anyone to walk with.

Particularly through the late

If you are concerned about wearing headphones while you walk, look at AfterShokz Bone Conduction Headphones. These

A brisk pace is around 3 miles an hour – if you’re relatively fit, you should still be able to talk, but not sing a song. The free NHS Active 10 app handily tells you when you’re walking fast enough and suggests ways to fit in more brisk walking.


However, you may prefer to use walks as a chance for some time to yourself. You could listen to music which can help you get into a rhythm and walk faster

Raise money for a good cause For National Walking Month, the British Heart Foundation is promoting the Just Walk initiative to encourage you to raise money in an organised walk. Tying in with this is their Walk to School Week from the 16th to the 20th May, where they ask teachers, parents and children to put their best foot forward and walk to school each day. How and where to walk You can either set aside time for walking or just build it into your daily routine and journeys. Could you get the family out for an after-dinner walk or take a weekend ramble that ends at a pub or restaurant?

• Wear supportive, suitable footwear. If you are walking to work, you could take a smarter pair of shoes with you to change into. • Stay hydrated. Always take a drink with you if you’re planning to walk for more than 20 minutes or it’s hot.

• Always consider the terrain and the weather, especially if you’re heading off the beaten track. Do you need warm and/or waterproof clothing, headgear and footwear? Do you have snacks, drinks, a first aid kit and a charged mobile phone? An internet search will return innumerable resources to help you both start and stick with it, not just for May but throughout the year.

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Holiday Rental

2 Bedroom, 1st Floor Apartment with Sea View and Pool

Playa Flamenca, Orihuela Costa, Spain Weekly Rates From £225

Open plan living room and kitchen leading onto large sun terrace. 2 bedrooms (double and twin). Bathroom with bath, shower and bidet. Utility room with washing machine and ironing. Air conditioning & ceiling fans. Lift and disabled access. Satellite TV, Wi-Fi and secure safe. Private communal swimming pool.

2 Bedroom, 1st floor Apartment with Sea View and Pool

Weekly Rates From £225

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Open plan living room and kitchen leading onto large sun terrace. 2 bedrooms (double and single). Bathroom with bath, shower and bidet. Utility room with washing machine and ironing. Air conditioning & ceiling fans. Lift and disabled access. Satellite TV, Wi-Fi and secure safe. Private communal swimming pool. For further details please contact: (e) (m) 07738 763 976

CODEWORD Each letter in this puzzle is represented by a different number between 1 and 26. The codes for three letters are shown. Once you have filled these throughout the grid you can start guessing words and reveal other letters. As you find the letters enter them in the box below.

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(for huge impact) or just on a feature wall. Or opt for a wall-sized mural – they are easy to order, sized to your dimensions, via specialist websites, and look absolutely amazing, whether the image is of, for example, a wooded glade, tropical palms, a cityscape, oversized flowers or a starry night sky.

The Modern Bedroom

Does your bedroom look a little dated, or is it brimming with contemporary style? We outline some quick and easy ways in which to give it a brand new look. A quiet retreat, a calm haven, and a cosy place in which you can relax, read, watch TV, listen to music, make phone calls or even sleep – your bedroom is your own personal space, and the ideal room in which to express your unique personality. If, however, it feels boring rather than beautiful, dull rather than delightful, why not consider a top-to-toe makeover? With some forward planning (and without spending a fortune) you can transform a tired space into a gorgeous room that you’ll love spending time in. A pop of colour Bold colours are on trend this spring, often quite dark and moody – an intriguing antidote to the careful beiges, greiges, stones and neutrals that have predominated over the last


few decades. Where better than a bedroom to go for this dark décor? Be brave and use fuchsia, turquoise, emerald, orange, mustard or deep blue in arresting combinations or, if you don’t feel quite courageous enough, perhaps just cover one wall with a strong shade. Even the simple addition of a bright headboard, rug, throw or group of cushions can make all the difference. On the walls A new paint colour will transform the room. Experiment by using a tester pot to cover a large sheet of card and sticking it to different walls at various times of the day, so you can see how the colour changes according to the light. Another way to make a difference is to use patterned wallpaper, all over

Beautiful bed linen To transform a bedroom from boring to boudoir, introduce sumptuous bed linens that are gorgeous to look at and soft to the touch. You may wish to use plain white as the basics, just adding a stunning throw, blanket, eiderdown or quilt – or several – for a jolt of eye-catching colour and pattern. Or go for broke and put colour with colour, plains with patterns, and revel in the excitement and drama of layered vibrancy. Take the floor In a bedroom where wear and tear is not a factor, luxurious, deep-pile carpet laid wall-to-wall is an option to consider. It’s not cheap, however, so if that’s beyond your budget, consider sanding back your floorboards and either varnishing or painting them, then adding a rug or two in a bold, modern style (blocks of vivid colour, chevrons or Berber, perhaps) for heaps of character. Lights fantastic Assess your lighting and ensure it’s both subtle and flattering. You can make it more adaptable by adding table or floor lamps in the corners and fitting a dimmer switch to the central

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pendant. Even changing the bulbs makes a difference – LED for energy saving, choosing warm white and not overly bright. For bedside reading, a pair of swing-arm, wallmounted lights will free up space on a bedside table, or go with the on-trend look and hang a bare filament bulb from a coloured cotton flex that’s suspended either from the ceiling or a wall-mounted bracket. By Katherine Sorrell Image Left: Bluebell Gray Peggy Midnight duvet cover set, £135, Hurn and Hurn: 01603 559 250; Image Above: Wildflower quilted bedspread, £98, The French Bedroom Company: 01444 415 430;

Leverett Electrical Ltd

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Installation & maintenance Rewires Security lighting Fire alarms Central heating wiring

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How to update your furniture

Wardrobes, chests of drawers, blanket boxes and bookcases are an investment, and not necessarily items that you’ll want to replace too often. But there are ways in which to improve or disguise such furnishings that are old-fashioned, overly bulky or otherwise just not quite right. A lick of paint works wonders, for example, though it’s inadvisable on anything antique. Sand thoroughly, undercoat and cover with a top coat – choosing either a colour which will stand out or, if your aim is to minimise the look of the piece, the same colour as the wall behind. It’s also possible to paste wallpaper (or wrapping paper, maps, sheet music, posters – the list is endless) onto the flat panels of wooden furniture, painting the rest of the piece in a co-ordinating colour to give it a quirky new look. Another surprisingly effective upgrade is simply to change the knobs or handles for something more sleek and modern. It may even be possible to do the same for feet or legs, where appropriate.

Leverett Electrical Ltd

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Reclaimed steel legs have been added to this old red trunk to create an eye-catching and usable piece of furniture. Red Trunk coffee table, £620, Smithers of Stamford.

Sustainable Style Little things can make a big difference. Choose environmentally friendly furnishings when you can, and do your bit to save the planet. This mid-century style side table has been fashioned from old, reclaimed pine, with brass and zinc handles. Rubricks side table, £249, Swoon.

These towels are made in Finland by a family weaving mill that uses responsible and environmentally friendly processes, and only the best, high quality materials, including linen, wool and cotton. Terva towels, from £16 each, Lapuan Kankurit.

This simple lamp is made from sustainable FSC cork from Portugal and a spun metal top produced in Denmark. Mater Luiz pendant lamp, £225, Cloudberry Living.

On trend and eco-friendly, this basket is made from 100% renewable seagrass. Fladis basket, £13, Ikea.

Crafted from sustainable oak, the Longworth chair features smooth, clean lines and a woven jute seat pad. Longworth Chair, £180, Garden Trading.

A great eco choice, this throw is made from unbleached cotton and linen from sustainable sources. Jofrid throw, £35, Ikea.


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The Finnish mill where this cushion cover is woven is committed to sustainable development and the use of pure, natural materials. Eskimo wool cushion cover in beige, £49, Lapuan Kankurit..

This statement seat is the ultimate in relaxation, made from two lengths of sustainably sourced ash, steam bent and joined together by hand. Amble hanging seat, £1,975, Tom Raffield.

How to Decorate Your Home Sustainably

• Try to reduce how much you buy new, instead re-purposing existing pieces and shopping in antiques shops, vintage outlets, car boot sales and charity shops. The hunt for just the right thing will soon become addictive. • When you do buy new, check that it has been made using recycled or renewable materials, and produced in an ethical manner. • Buy pieces that have been made locally rather than shipped across the globe. Ask about their carbon footprint and consider both packaging and how they will be disposed of at the end of their lives. • Avoid plastics and pieces that have been given chemical finishes, instead opting for natural materials, such as timber, cotton, jute, ceramic, cork and stone. Remember that not all woods are sustainable: look for wood with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. • Choose paints with low or zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or, better still, non-toxic, natural paints.



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LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN. You’re in safe hands with our expert agents. If you’re looking to make a move, call us for all your property needs. We’ve got you covered.

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Brickwork Blockwork Garden Walls Structural Alterations Damaged Walls Repaired No job too small 35 years experience Please call Paul

0208 390 0771 07836 200 489 HIDATO Starting at 1 and finishing at 49, track your way from one square to another, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, placing consecutive numbers into the empty squares as you go. Some numbers are already given.

William Stallion

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that cannot be removed (perhaps a shed or fence) can either be recoloured or painted to fit in with the new scheme, or their current colour will have to be included with what you’re using for landscaping and planting.

Make it Minimal For some, the ideal view from their back door is a flowerfilled cottage-style garden brimming with colourful perfumed plants and flowers, buzzing with bees and with not a straight line in sight. But there is an increasing interest in a more minimalist style, where plants are grown in a much more designed situation, with straight lines aplenty but far fewer plants and yet each plant having a much greater individual impact. If you hanker after a minimalist garden, here are some suggestions for achieving the effect you want. One of the key design elements to a minimalist garden is simplicity. Decide on the plants you like that will suit your garden, and then keep the different types you use as low as possible. The biggest impact will be achieved if you use just a few, for example concentrating on ornamental grasses.


Another key to the minimalist look is clever use of straight lines, ideally with a few right angles thrown in. Edges need to be sharply defined, perhaps using sleepers or other timber, or even angled metal. Make sure that planting does not interfere with the lines created by border edging, so keep plants well back.

Edges need to be sharply defined, perhaps using sleepers or other timber The colours on which you concentrate need to fit in with your personal preferences and the surroundings, but to increase that minimalist style try to restrict the number of colours used and the whole effect will be calmer and simpler. Any existing features

A stunning minimalist effect can be achieved by using a single type of plant and a single type of container – for example, conifers of varying sizes look great in terracotta containers. The only variation here is in the size of the conifer: all colours, textures and plants are the same. It is easy to achieve by buying several different sizes of the same type of conifer and then keeping them clipped regularly so that they remain of differing sizes. Alternatively, if you can only get one size, trim them lightly to achieve the desired look, but remember most conifers won’t withstand hard pruning and are inclined to show their brown inner foliage if cut back too hard.

Green, in the form of foliage, helps to add a feeling of tranquillity to a minimalist garden so make sure you include it, perhaps as neatly clipped box hedging or as a few bay lollipops in angular containers. Any containers need to be as plain as possible, a single colour ideally, and straight-sided angular styles add to the minimalist slant too. An evenly spaced trio

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of pots, each with a single central plant, provides a perfect choice of container planting and will also bring movement to the garden as the breeze sways the foliage. If you like topiary this can be a great choice but stick to simple tightly clipped spheres or ‘lollipops’, cubes or at most spirals; there is no space for a peacock, rabbit, bear or other fantastically sculptured creature if you’re going minimalist! Plants with simple or angular shapes such as iris, alliums, conifers, clipped box, canna or palms are an excellent

choice, but take a look at what is available locally and opt for any of your personal (but simple) favourites.

Grass alternatives such as gravel may feature highly. Gravel certainly makes for less maintenance than the classic grass, but make sure it stays weed-free and easy-care by installing a weed-membrane (rather like woven, plastic hessian) onto the soil before putting down the gravel. Thoroughly weed the area then firm and compact well before putting the fabric down and you this will ensure gravel without unwanted green shoots. Don’t

be tempted to economise and use plastic sheeting as it won’t allow rain to penetrate, and after heavy rain you’ll end up with a flood plain! A minimalist garden need not be just for admiring: make it so that you can sit out there and soak up the calm feeling it gives you too. Choose simple, classically styled garden furniture with as few colours and textures as possible and the furniture won’t detract from the minimalist environment and look that you’ve achieved – so just sit back and enjoy.

By Pippa Greenwood

Visit for advice, natural pest controls, stylish cloches, pretty plant supports, gardening tools and more. Or book Pippa for a gardening talk at your club.


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Green-f ingered gadgets Technology to help get ready for summer

As your garden begins to bloom once more, it’s time to let technology give Mother Nature a helping hand.

If you’re a keen gardener and you’re going on holiday, an electronic timer can keep your hydrangeas hydrated while you’re away. We like Hozelock’s Automatic Watering System, which is a modular collection of automatic timers, hoses, connectors and even an Apple/ Android-compatible Cloud Controller, which enables you to control the water from your phone or tablet. You can adjust the watering according to the actual weather conditions, ensuring you don’t under- or over-water everything, and you can also create much more complex schedules than you can with a traditional timer. The original RRP of £160 for the Cloud Controller was a lot of money, but it’s widely available now for less than £90.

Every year we ask ourselves the same question: can we afford a robot lawnmower yet? Prices continue to fall – robot mowers were over £2,500 a few years back but had fallen to around £550 last year. Prices are starting to level out but you can pick up the Worx Landroid for around £410 on Amazon. That’s nearly a third off the RRP. We wouldn’t recommend a robo-mower for really complicated gardens, but for straightforward ones they’re really useful.

If that’s still a bit too much for a mower, cordless lawnmowers are getting cheaper too, and their batteries are more than up to the job


of even fairly large lawns. Flymo’s Mighti-Mo has dropped from £234 to around £170, and it won’t run out of puff until you’ve cut almost 250 square metres.

Cordless power isn’t just convenient, although not having to run cables to the very corners of the garden is certainly a boon. It’s also safer, because there’s no danger of accidentally cutting an electric cable. And electric motors have improved to the point where they can be taken just as seriously as petrol ones, so you can get decently powerful electric trimmers, saws, loppers and chainsaws. The higher the voltage, the more power – so a 36V model such as Black and Decker’s Lithiumion chainsaw, currently £235, is considerably more powerful than the more common and slightly cheaper 18V models. Some of the biggest names in power tools have embraced cordless, so for example you’ll find a range of tools from the likes of Makita, Stihl and DeWalt as well as budget brands such as Worx. If you’re considering a cordless device, it might be worth investing in a second battery: there are few things as annoying as running out of charge when a job is nine-tenths done. Just make sure you actually charge it in advance, because it’s even more annoying to plug in a spare only to discover that it’s completely flat.

Images top left clockwise- Hozelock Cloud Controller, DeWalt cordless chainsaw, Flymo MightiMo cordless mower, Flymo 1200R robot mower.

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A Life Like No Other

Take a trip into another time and another life. Or stay in your own life and be inspired by ideas of self-improvement. This month’s reads will certainly make you pause to reflect.

The Familiars – Stacey Halls 1612 is a dangerous time to be a woman in Northern England, as King James has declared war on witches. Fleetwood is 17 and pregnant for the fourth time. Her other pregnancies ended in miscarriage. Desperate not to miscarry this child or lose her own life in childbirth, she turns to a local midwife, Alice Grey. When Alice gets accused of witchcraft, Fleetwood has to decide how far she’ll go to save her friend. Loosely based on the Pendle witch trials, this is a gripping, atmospheric page-turner. Voices of Powerful Women – Zoe Sallis When Maya Angelou calls something a ‘fascinating collection’, you know you’re in for a treat and Voices of Powerful Women certainly doesn’t disappoint. Zoe Sallis interviewed 40 women for her book, including Judi Dench, Tracey Emin, Benazir Bhutto and Mariane Pearl. Each one gives us a glimpse into what made her who she is today. You’ll learn what inspires these women, what angers them, who they admire and what advice they want to pass on to the next generation.


Louis & Louise – Julie Cohen A baby is born in 1970s Maine, USA. In one reality she’s a girl – Louise; in the other, a boy – Louis. Both have the same friends, the same interests and the same ambitions. Both flee from their hometown after one fateful night that changes everything. Thirteen years later, Lou’s mother is dying, so he/ she returns to face the past. Original, thought-provoking and highly enjoyable, Louis & Louise is perfect for book clubs. The Energy Plan – James Collins Nutritionist James Collins is a world leader in the field of performance nutrition. He’s guided the eating habits of Olympic athletes and premier sports stars. His first book, The Energy Plan, is not about cutting out food groups, quick fix diets or denial. Instead, it’s about fuelling your body so it performs better and you feel fitter, have more energy and can fight off illnesses. The Energy Plan is well worth a read, whether you’re training for a marathon or just want to avoid the 3pm energy slump.

Micro Living – Derek ‘Deek’ Diedricksen This book takes the concept of downsizing to the extreme. Many of the 40 homes featured are smaller than 150 square feet. From a refurbished Airstream to a treehouse, what these homes lack in space, they more than make up for in character. The book includes floorplans, advice and lots of lust-worthy photographs. Whether you’re thinking of building your own tiny home, want some tips to make the most of smaller rooms or just fancy taking a peek into how other people live, Micro Living is for you. The Honey Bus – Meredith May With a depressed single mother who could barely get out of bed, Meredith relied on her grandfather for love and solace. She also found another avenue for learning life’s lessons – her grandfather’s bees. Through the hive, Meredith learned about family, loyalty, selfsacrifice and resilience. A thought-provoking memoir.

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25 Years On: 25 Facts about the Channel Tunnel To mark the 25th anniversary of




opening on 6th May, here are 25 fascinating facts about the ‘Chunnel’.

1. The Channel Tunnel connects Folkestone, Kent to Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais. 2. The first design for a channel tunnel, by French engineer Albert Mathieu in 1802, included an artificial island half-way for changing horses.

3. The French call it ‘Le Tunnel sous la Manche’. They call the English channel ‘la Manche’ (the sleeve) due to its tapering shape. 4. There are actually three Channel Tunnels. Chris Froome has cycled through the smaller central service tunnel, which was a filming location for the TV drama The Tunnel. The northern tunnel carries passengers towards France; the southern tunnel, towards England. 5. Work started in 1997. On 1st December, Englishman Graham Fagg and Frenchman Phillippe Cozette did the ceremonial break through (not quite in the middle, as the ‘English side’ was longer).

6. One of the 11 huge boring machines is still under the Channel. Too large to remove, it simply tunnelled off to the side and was buried.


7. Most of the 4 million cubic litres of chalk excavated on the English side was deposited at Lower Shakespeare Cliff in Kent, creating ‘land’ that’s now the Samphire Hoe nature reserve.

8. The excavated earth would fill Wembley Stadium seven times. 9. 13,000 people worked on the Channel Tunnel. Ten were killed during its construction. 10. The Channel Tunnel went 80% over budget, costing £4.65 billion (equivalent to over £9 billion today).

11. The Tunnel was officially opened on 6th May 1994 by Queen Elizabeth II and President Mitterand. 12. At 31.4 miles long, it’s the eleventh longest tunnel and fourth longest rail tunnel in the world. It also has the longest undersea portion (23.5 miles).

13. It’s one of the seven wonders of the modern world, alongside the Empire State Building, the Itaipu Dam, the CN Tower, the Panama Canal, the North Sea protection works in the Netherlands and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. 14. 26 million red roses travel through the tunnel each year for Valentine’s Day. 15. The journey through the tunnel takes around 35 minutes.

16. In 2012, the Olympic Torch travelled through the tunnel to London’s Olympic Games. 17. Shuttle trains are nearly 800 metres long (that’s 7 football pitches). 18. Up to 400 trains pass through the tunnel daily.

19. Over 185 million Eurostar passengers have travelled through the tunnel since 1994.

20. In 1996, a fire damaged 500 metres of the tunnel, affecting operations for six months. 21. On December 18, 2009, five Eurostar trains broke down, trapping 2,000 passengers for 16 hours. 22. The tunnel now has an automatic fire dousing system and 4G mobile service.

23. In 1995, the first full year of operation, 7.3 million passengers used the tunnel. In 2014, there were a record 21 million passengers.

24. Since the introduction of the pet travel scheme in 2000, over one million dogs and cats have travelled through the tunnel. 25. The most expensive car ever transported via the tunnel was a LaFerrari, worth £5.7m. By Alison Runham

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Don’t forget the 3rd-7th June at Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club!

nce again, the prestigious Surbiton Trophy brings international tennis to Surbiton, with Men’s and Ladies’ tournaments on our superb grass courts. This is a major Event in the British tennis calendar, reflecting the Club’s importance in the world of international tennis.

PLUS our Great Community Open Days on the 1st and 2nd June, when the Club welcomes all the family! You can visit the Club’s tennis facilities, try out some children’s tennis, cardio tennis (heart pumping tennis) and other tennis activities, an easy way for adults to get into the game. And international players will also be practicing on the grass courts during that weekend, 1st and 2nd June, and spectators are welcome. Enjoy a relaxed weekend with some varied activities and catering available all weekend.

And there will be a Schools’ Programme from the 3rd to the 7th June, when we welcome around 2000 players from local primary schools. This June, come to Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club for the


Surbiton Trophy and enjoy watching international quality tennis and much more! Hope to see you soon! Best wishes Roy

Roy Staniland is Director of Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club, Berrylands KT5 8JT 0208 399 1594 How to make sure of your tickets and reserved seats for this fabulous Tournament. Don’t delay!

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You have two minutes to find all the words of three or more letters that can be made from the letters above. Plurals are allowed, proper nouns are not. The 6 letter word will always be just a normal everyday word.


3 letters: 11 4 letters: 17 5 letters: 9 6 letters: 2


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Spring into summer From a bargain day cream to a luxe fragrance, there’s plenty to tempt you this month, whatever your budget. British luxury fragrance brand Tom Daxon has a new fragrance out – Midnight Saffron (from £105). Lavender, saffron, jasmine and amber combine to create a warm, spicy, unisex cologne that’s really quite distinctive. See www.tomdaxon. com. Itchy, dry scalp or supersensitive skin? You’ll want to check out the award-winning Dermikelp range. As the name suggests, the key ingredient in all Dermikelp products is an extract taken from sustainably sourced brown sea kelp (Ecklonia maxima). Not only is it extremely gentle, this type of kelp is a powerhouse of nutrients that have been shown to benefit skin and hair. The shampoo and conditioner in the Hair Essentials Starter Kit (£24.99) are designed to soothe itchy, dry scalps and boost hydration. Together, they leave hair feeling softer and healthier. The Body Essentials Starter Kit (£38.99) includes a body


wash, lotion and soothing cream to treat sensitive, irritated or dry skin. See

I get offered some eyewateringly expensive beauty products to try but can honestly say you don’t need to pay megabucks for decent skin. I’m currently loving the Botanics Organic Hydrating Day Cream (£9.99) and Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm (£10.99). They’re packed with active natural ingredients, such as cocoa butter, jojoba oil and organic rosehip extract. A little goes a long way, so I reckon each one will last four to six months. By my reckoning, that’s less than 18p a day for instantly softer, smoother, plumper skin. How’s that for a bargain? See A new season seems like a good time to sort through your makeup bag and bathroom cupboards. For a start, ditch anything that’s been open for way longer than its recommended Period After Opening (PAO) date. (Check for a little icon showing an open tub or bottle and a number of months.)

It may seem like a waste to throw products out, but the PAO is there for a reason. Not only do products become less effective as they degrade, they can also go ‘off’ and harbour bacteria, leading to irritation. Some products, such as perfume, can last for years, but do always check for changes in colour, texture and fragrance.

If you do need to get rid of anything, empty the contents into the bin and check whether the bottle or tub can be recycled – most can. You might want to give your makeup bag a clean with a squirt of hand soap before repacking it. If the time has come to treat yourself to a new bag, there are some fabulous ones on the market at the moment. Just take a look at this little lot:

• Jungle Decorative Make Up Bag, White Stuff, £15 • Gold Honeycomb Make Up Bag, John Lewis, £18 • Folk Doves Make Up Bag, Rex London, £7.95 • Alphabet Wash Bag, Oliver Bonas, £24 • Slogan Clear Pouch, A Gift From The Gods, £7 • Floral Love Wash Bag, Oliver Bonas, £25 • ‘Wake up Nice’ Conscious Living Organic Cotton Pouch, Paperchase, £8 • Ariba Palm Pouch, White Stuff, £15 • Plant Lady Cosmetic Bag from Primark (Price TBC).

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By Kate Duggan

Tax, which can deal with that side of things for you. The key benefit to having a nanny is similar to the benefit of having a childminder – you and your child can build a close bond with one person, and your child will likely enjoy lots of trips out.

Childcare – your options Not sure of the difference between a childminder and a nanny? Think au pairs are only for the wealthy? Keep reading…

Private nursery Nurseries provide day care for a number of children in one setting. Most can look after children from a few weeks old up to school age. Your child will be with others their own age, so is likely to make friendships that could continue into school. Larger nurseries may have different rooms for different age groups. Smaller nurseries often have all ages together, which means your child may have the stability of being looked after by the same person for the whole of their time there. Prices tend to vary between £25 and £60 a day. Childminder Childminders provide childcare in their own home. A childminder may work for several families, so your child is likely to have other children to play with. Childminders

have to be registered and insured, and attend regular training courses. Prices usually start at around £4 an hour per child. The main benefit of choosing a childminder over a day nursery is that your child can form a close attachment to one adult and will usually go on regular outings. However, if the childminder is sick or on holiday, you’ll have to make your own arrangements for cover. Nanny Nannies usually provide childcare in a family’s own home. Some live in; some don’t. Prices tend to start from around £10 an hour (depending on experience and qualifications) and you can often ‘nanny share’ with another family. A nanny will usually be considered an employee, which means you need to factor in extra paperwork and costs, such as pensions, sick pay and so on. There are, however, companies such as Nanny

To advertise call Karen: 020 8274 0096

Au pair Au pairs are usually aged 17 to 27 and want to travel to the UK to live with a host family temporarily. Some au pairs offer up to 30 hours of childcare a week, while others just offer before and after school care, or an extra pair of hands while parents are around. According to the service Find Au Pair (www., an au pair’s salary can start from just £70 a week, plus meals. Many au pairs are only able to work for a family for a few months, but they do give older children an opportunity to learn about a different culture and language. Finding a childcare provider The website www.childcare. has a wealth of information on the different options open to you and what you’ll need to consider (such as visas for au pairs). You can search for childcare providers in your area and read reviews. Nurseries, childminders and some nannies need to be registered with Ofsted, Care Inspectorate Wales or the Scottish Care Inspectorate, so you should be able to check reports before you commit.

By Kate Duggan




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KING GEORGE FIELD INDOOR BOWLS CLUB Learn to Bowl, Free Coaching, All Ages & Abilities Welcome

M o b i l e b i c yc l e S e r v i c e & r e pa i r

Yo u r H o m e | Yo u r W o r k | Yo u r r i d e

Bar . Restaurant Social Events Large Car Park • I can pick up your bike from your home or place of work then return to you at your convenience. • From a safety check, new build to a full service, all work and repairs will be quoted prior to commencing.


• Will contact you immediately if any other defects are spotted so there will be no unpleasant surprises. • Free pick up and drop off within a five mile radius of Surbiton.

Jubilee Way,.Chessington, KT9 1TR Tel: 020 8397 7025

Contact: Jon Martin | 07514 435855


Using only the letters in the Wordwheel, you have ten minutes to find as many words as possible, none of which may be plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. Each word must be of three letters or more, all must contain the central letter and letters can only be used once in every word. There is at least one word that uses all of the letters in the wheel.

PIANO LESSONS by experienced L.T.C.L, L.R.S.M teacher

TARGET Excellent: 58 or more words Good: 53 words Fair: 47 words

29 Parkside Crescent, Surbiton, KT5 9HT

Pupils coached for Practical and Theory examinations and for fun


For more information:


Tel: 020 8241 9784 call evenings please

Email: To advertise call Karen: 020 8274 0096







WVM can manage all your vehicle needs. Our workshop is located in Berrylands and we carry out mobile smart repairs in the surrounding areas. › SERVICING & REPAIRS









For FREE giveaways follow us on twitter @walsh_vm or search @walshvm on facebook

119 Chiltern Drive, Surbiton KT5 8LS KT5 8JW 65 The Avenue, Berrylands, Surbiton 020 3816 0441 \ \ 0208 399 8584

WVM_A6ADVERT_3.indd 2

14/01/2017 22:24





High Performance Cars Light Commercials Family Saloons 4WD Vehicles

l l l l

All leading makes of tyres Available from stock Wheel alignment and balancing While U Wait service Email: 169 CHESSINGTON ROAD, WEST EWELL, EPSOM, SURREY


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F pages 41-48.indd 41



11/04/2019 23:03:53


Registered Office: 1, Orchard Close, West Ewell, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 9NS



Interim Service - £85 Full Service - £145 (Parts and Labour included) CARS UP TO 2000 CC Quotes for cars over 2000 cc - please phone

Diagnostics - Brakes - Clutches - Bodywork - Welding etc. Labour Rate £37.50 per hour Telephone:

Office - 020 8397 8654 Garage - 07784 716 567 (For instant attention)

Word Ladder

Change one letter at a time (but not the position of any letter) to make a new word - and move from the word at the top of the ladder to the word at the bottom, using the exact number of rungs provided.


Foxes are becoming an increasingly challenging urban problem. Oh rats. If you suspect you have them, we can rat ’em out! Eek! You suspect you have mice. Don’t worry, we can help. Suspect bed bugs in your home? We can get rid of them. Think you’re going nuts? It could be those pesky squirrels!



We offer all services from one off emergency call outs to yearly contracts. We will beat any current contracts on price & service


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wishing freedom of the road claiming that they have an aged 90+ relative who regularly drives and is safer on the road than many 20-somethings.

Too Old to Be Behind the Wheel?

At what age should you stop driving? The recent accident involving the 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh brought this question into sharp focus. Royalty or commoner, it must be a wrench to give up your licence, not just because of the loss of independence, but because it’s a sure sign age is catching up on you. Every time there is an incident involving an elderly driver there are calls for an age cap to be placed on holding a driving licence. Equally, stories are trotted out by those

What can’t be ignored is that, with age, our reactions slow down, our eyesight and hearing are impaired and we are prone to restricted movement. But, as a counterbalance, older drivers take fewer risks, don’t tend to speed and have more experience. So, a one-sizefits-all cap to holding a licence will not be a universally accepted solution. My stance is that there should not be a statutory age-limit to holding a driving licence, but there should be a system in place that, when you reach 70, requires you to do more than ‘self-certify’ every three years, that you are okay to drive.

Of course, with the imminent arrival of driverless cars on our roads, this debate could well be null-and-void – at least until the annual London-to-Brighton vintage car run…

By Iain Betson

Berrylands Autocare * MOT Testing (while you wait) * Diagnostic Testing * Servicing & Mechanical Repairs * Open until 5.30pm weekdays * Saturdays: 9.00am to 1.00pm

250 yards from main line Berrylands Station Providing a service for our local community

020 8399 4362 To advertise call Karen: 020 8274 0096

167 Surbiton Hill Park, Surbiton, Surrey, KT5 8EJ email:



A friendly ear?

n times of difficulty, it is always good to know that you can rely on friends for support and advice. But what about the times when you also need professional support and advice?

Lewis & Dick Solicitors do not claim to be substitute friends but certainly can provide support and assistance at a level which will allow you to be reassured and in control of matters for your own benefit. The firm must be doing something right, they were established in 1946 and, having offices in and around Surrey and Sussex over the years, have been continuously serving the locality in areas of chiefly conveyancing, wills and probate and family issues.

It is perhaps with regard to the matter of family legislation where most changes have recently occurred. Miss Carol Stevens-Stratten, Head of the firm’s Family Department based in Ewell, has over 30 years of experience and has witnessed changes in legislation as well as the need to recognise changes in the dynamics of family life today. It is as much about listening as well as directing people on the options available to them.

“People are far more understanding of what they want from a relationship at the outset, but it is still a great upset to realise that sometimes it is just not right to remain in an unhappy one. The majority of my clients are recommended by friends or family who may have been in a similar position, but it is not possible for someone else to know exactly how you feel or what you may want to achieve” said Carol. “The best way forward is to take the time to find out how your specific circumstances and needs can be met in the most cost effective and straight forward manner. This helps preserve civility between the parties and


avoids contested action being taken unless absolutely no other choice remains. This is particularly important where children are involved and recognition of preserving a workable relationship with the other parent beyond separation helps them as well as the parties themselves. A one on one confidential consultation, without ongoing obligation, can set you on the right path, to achieving your aims. The fact that you can do so upon a personal basis about such personal issues is clearly advantageous all round. I am repeatedly told how matters are so much easier to identify and progress after a detailed initial discussion instead of relying on the good old computer search engines for just generic advices”. Carol added “With all the uncertainty of our current times, it is ever more important to get the right advices at the early stages and this also relates to second marriages and Pre-Nuptial Agreements or Cohabitation Agreements to preserve the assets you may already hold. It is no longer the preserve of the extremely wealthy who benefit from these Agreements but people who have worked hard to have some financial security and who do not want to risk this being in jeopardy for their future or for that of their children”.

It would seem that in the modern age of every day technology, there is more of a need than ever for individual sensible legal advice to be given in a friendly and clear manner to help at a time of perhaps distress, confusion and difficulty. How fortunate to know that, should you need it, Lewis & Dick can still, after all these years, continue to meet their client’s needs in full. For any enquiry that you may have please call their Ewell office on 020 8393 0055 and make sure you receive the benefit of a friendly ear.

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Speak to Julie Wale |


OR ADMINISTER AN ESTATE | Speak to James Winfield



WITH CONTACT Speak to Carol Stevens-Stratten


020 8393 0055

For more information or a no obligation quote or visit our website

Tel 020 8393 0055 | Fax 020 8393 3317 | 443 Kingston Rd, Ewell. Surrey, KT19 ODG

ENCORE SINGING GROUP We are an enthusiastic and friendly ‘not for profit’ music group, all levels of ability, keen to share and explore musicianship under the superb tutelage of Dr Charles MacDougall, award winning international tenor and one of the foremost classical vocal coaches and choral directors in the UK. We seek only the best!

Meeting @ Surbiton Hill Methodist Church (Primary Room) Ewell Road, Surbiton, Mondays 10.00am-12 noon (term time). Pop in for free taster or contact Liz 02082415513. You will be made most welcome and are guaranteed much fun.

To advertise call Karen: 020 8274 0096

Deadlines for submitting new artwork for forthcoming issues of A Berrylands Companion 8th May for June issue June 8th for July/Aug issue Aug 8th for September issue Sept 8th for October issue 8th Oct for November issue 8th Nov for Dec/January issue 8th Jan for February issue 8th Feb for March issue 8th March for April issue 8th April for May issue For more information call Karen on 020 8274 0096 or send an email to




Help support Second Chance Dogs, part 2 i, I’m Jo and I run FurryTails Dog Training in Ewell. I run puppy classes at Aspen and Ewell vets in Surbiton and Epsom.

Last month I had the privilege of being asked to go out to Cyprus to volunteer with 2nd Chance Dogs’ rescue centre. I was asked to go out to help put an enrichment programme in place for Tommy who was sadly hit by a car on Christmas Day and lost the use of his back legs, his owners dumped him at the rescue centre after finding out the extent of his injuries.

2nd Chance Dog’s which is a non profit making charity have a no kill policy, all the dogs they take on get thoroughly checked over by a trusted vet and given any necessary treatment or surgery.

Mario and Doris who started the rescue centre 3 years ago go above and beyond to care for these dogs. Some have been abandoned as pups, shot at by hunters, dumped on the highways. The list goes on as to how these poor dogs have ended up at the centre. One thing that stands out is how much Mario and Doris and the volunteers they have truly love and care for each and every dog there. The kennels are spotless and each dog gets two 45 minute sessions daily of outdoor play time in one of the large play zones.

Many of these dogs get rehomed to the UK as they then stand a better chance of finding their forever homes. Mario did a Facebook ‘live’ of me doing a talk and demonstration of the huge benefits of Canine Enrichment. In the FB live I was working with a very timid young dog called Tina who is around 9 months old and been at the centre since a young abandoned puppy. Through the enrichment and patience Tina who wouldn’t normally go near anyone eventually started to come over and explore what was going on, she even started to slowly take food from my hand. Through this sort of work and if the centre had more volunteers you could really see how this would start to help dogs that are in rescue centres all over the world.


Enrichment can be so beneficial for all dogs in their day to day lives by helping the dogs to gain confidence, build positive relationships with their owners and keep them mentally stimulated. We had over 29 thousand viewers watching the FaceBook live from around the world! You can find this video on my FurryTails FB page.

Did you know that 20 minutes of sniffing is equivalent to an hours lead walk.

Life can be very stressful for some dogs and if we encourage certain things like sniffing, chewing and licking as part of our dog’s daily routine, these are calming activities for the dogs. As for the lovely Tommy, well Tommy rushes around in one of the play zones with his wheels and doesn’t appear to have a care in the world. Hopefully one day Tommy will find his forever home, and who ever gets him will be the luckiest person going. If you’d like to know more about how Canine Enrichment can help your dog then I’d love to hear from you. Or if you’d like to make a donation to 2nd Chance Dogs: tommy-friends-enrichment-centre/



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Make it Stop


Sir Edward Davey, M.P

’ve avoided writing about Brexit in the Berrylands Companion.

Not because I don’t feel strongly about it: I voted remain, and won the General Election here in 2017, on a platform to oppose Brexit and back a People’s Vote. I feel passionately we should stay in the EU for our national interest – for our economy, peace, security, climate change, etc. No. I’ve avoided writing about Brexit because of Bob. Bob – Bored of Brexit

Bob is too often forgotten. He/she is Bored of Brexit. Bob may be someone who didn’t vote in 2016. Bob may be someone who voted, but never bothered that much either way.

Bob may be someone who voted and who still feels strongly – but just didn’t think it would take this long or cost this much, and just wants it to stop. And the question for all Bobs is –what’s the quickest way to “make it stop”?

The Prime Minister’s deal – 3 to 4 years to end Brexit?

If we “leave” on 30th June, under the Prime Minister’s deal, or some version of her deal, Brexit does not end. My best guess is that the Prime Minister’s deal means Brexit lasts at least another 4 years. This may surprise you.

But remember - if Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement gets passed, that’s when the real Brexit negotiations start – on the socalled Political Agreement.

That’s currently a 22 page document. It sketches out current thinking for the negotiations on Britain’s future relationship with the EU. But it’s not legally binding. It’s just a “road map” for future Brexit talks. Now




period for this Political Agreement was to be by the end of 2020. Yet for many months they have been planning on the basis of an “extended” implementation period – lasting till December 31st 2022. Over three years away.

And most people think that’s too short. That’s why there’s been heated arguments about the infamous “backstop”. Optimists talk about a final Brexit deal in 2023. Poor old Bob – poor everyone!

In other words, Bob would wait even longer for the real end to Brexit, under a No Deal exit, than under the Prime Minister’s!

A People’s Vote – surely that would take longer? Probably not! A few years ago, the Greeks organised a national referendum in 8 days. I wouldn’t recommend that!

However, constitutional experts say a People’s Vote could take place in less than 6 months.

The problem with estimating the timetable for a “No Deal” Brexit is its nature: nailing jelly to a wall is easier than getting precision on what a “No Deal” Brexit actually means.

Setting up a vote – say a run-off between the Prime Minister’s Deal and Remaining in the EU - would face 4 timing challenges: legislation, legal requirements for “question testing” by the Electoral Commission, preparation for the vote itself and then the legal requirements for a 10 week “regulated referendum period”.

But Bob should keep the champagne on ice.

And if the result is “remain”, Brexit ends. Bob will be happy!

A “No Deal” Brexit – quicker? Unlikely

The advocates of a “No Deal” will claim Bob can enjoy the end of Brexit immediately.

The bad news is that a “No Deal” Brexit just delays inevitable negotiations with the EU. Indeed, many “No Dealers” argue leaving without a deal is the best way to negotiate: they believe it would mean Britain would be “negotiating from a position of strength” (despite the negative effect on UK-EU relations).

The “No Deal” timetable would start with emergency talks to mitigate the huge problems a “No Deal” would bring. And then the UK Government would have to work out a new policy on what a “No Deal” would mean. Then presumably, “No Deal” Brexit talks would be more like a standard trade negotiation.

I served as Britain’s Trade Minister for 2 years – at the EU and WTO. It is utterly naïve to think such trade talks would be concluded within 4 years.

To advertise call Karen: 020 8274 0096

So most likely a vote would take place this autumn – and certainly before the end of the year.

Sure, not everyone would be happy.

Of course, some Leavers might ask for a rematch and “best of three”. Yet by then the Bobs would have increased in number and the public’s appetite for yet more Brexit would have long gone.

If the result is “leave”, then presumably we return to the timetable of whatever “deal” was put up against the “remain” option, but with the result settled, once and for all. Tell Bob – we can make it stop!

So - forget the economic analysis. Endless debates on Custom Unions. Medicine shortages.

Just tell Bob, the fastest way to end Brexit is to give the people the Final Say - and let Bob “Make it Stop”.








WORD LADDER ANSWER (This is one solution, there may be others)

BOAT coat chat chap chip


WORDSEARCH ANSWER June, the time of perfect young Summer. Gertrude Jekyll

WORDWHEEL ANSWER CRINKLED CHILDREN’S PAGE Fishing Trip: Henry - shark, Stanley - submarine, Jack - octopus, Johnny - boot. Crossword Answers: Across: Down: 2. Dee 1. Great Ouse 3. Ouse 4. Spey 6. Exe 5. Severn 7. Wye 8. Thames 8. Tamar 10. Tyne 9. Bann 11. Tweed 10. Trent



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What’s on in May:-

National Walking Month; Skin Cancer Awareness Month; Local & Community History Month; International Maternity Mental Health Month; National Share a Story Events in April Month 23rd: St George’s Day. Shakespeare Day. William Shakespeare’s Anniversary of his birth & death World Book Night 25th: World Malaria Day 27th: National Gardening Week 28th: Virgin Money London Marathon Tickets on sale for WILD Kingston event, on June 9th, from The Rose Theatre.

Events in May:

2nd: Tour de Yorkshire 2019 starts; World Asthma Day 4-19th: Surbiton Food Festival 5th: Seething Freshwater Sardine Festival, Claremont Gardens, Surbiton 5-11th: Hedgehog Awareness Week 6th: May Day Bank Holiday Donkey Week; Deaf Awareness Week; International Red Cross Week 7- 12th: London Craft Week. 8th: Deadline for June edition of A Berrylands Companion World Ovarian Cancer Day 11th: Mum2Mum Market at Teddington Baptist Church, 2-4pm. Book a stall: 0208 977 8000. Also held on Sept 21st and Nov 16th. 12th: Surbiton Village Fête and Dry Hopped Beer Festival 13-19th: London Wine Week Festival, over 100 venues across London offering masterclasses, tasting, tutorials. For information: wineweek/ 13-13thJune: National Smile Month 15th: Surbiton Food Festival: Langley’s Foodie Film Night 7.30pm 15-19th: Museums at Night 16-19th: Photo London at Somerset House 18th: Jumble Sale at Our Lady Immaculate Church Tolworth. Doors open 1.30pm Admission £1. Jumble & brand new catering equipment. 20th: Walk to School Week 21-25th: RHS Chelsea Flower Show. 24-2nd: Half Term 25th: National Children’s Gardening Week 27th: Late Spring Bank Holiday. National B-B-Q Week 28th: World Hunger Day 29th: Oak Apple Day 31st: London History Week, Museums, galleries & cultural spaces will be open to reveal London’s history. World No Tobacco Day

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What’s On/Local Events 1st Tuesday: NHS Retirement Club, 10-12pm at Royal British Legion Hall, Hollyfield Road, KT5 9AL. For information call Lorna: 020 8337 4121 Last Sunday of the month: Women on Wheels, meet outside Clas Ohlson Market Place 10.00. 020 8547 5865. E-mail: Art Classes: Every Monday 10-12noon & 2-4pm, with Berrylands Artists at Berrylands Christian Centre, 41 King Charles Road, Surbiton, KT5 8PF. Info: 020 8644 0941 Broadway Sequence Dance Club: Meets every Monday from 8pm at The Raeburn Hall, Tolworth United Reform Church, Raeburn/Elgar Avenues. New sequences are taught, some knowledge of ballroom dancing required. Contact Brenda Deane for more info: 020 8390 0233. Chinese Brush Painting: Held once a month at Sunray Community Centre, Knollmead, Tolworth. 10-13.00pm Contact Gwen: 020 8398 7313. Beginners & intermediates welcome. Cornerston Church, Kingston KT26LF: every 3rd Wednesday of the month: a cream tea, open to all, at 2pm. Plenty of cake on offer plus a short bible talk. An international café, every Tuesday evening at 7pm for free English lessons, and at 7.30pm food, games & bible talk. Craft Morning 3rd Saturday every month 11am-1.00pm. Tel: 0208 549 0733. Encore Singing Group: Berrylands. Mondays, 10am - 12noon, (school terms) @ Surbiton Hill Methodist Church, Ewell Road.For info: or call 020 8241 5513. All welcome, contact or pop in. Fircroft Listening Café: Every Friday, 2-4pm. 96 Ditton Road KT6 6RH. No appointment needed. Just turn up if you or someone you know is struggling to cope. Buses 71, 465, K1, K4.


Kingston Camera Club: Camera enthusiasts welcome. Meet Mon eves, at St John’s Ambulance HQ, Athelstan Rd off Villiers Avenue. 7.30pm - 10pm with coffee break. New members welcome. For more information visit: www. Kingston Circle Dance Group: Kingston Quaker Centre, 14 Fairfield East, KT1 2PT, 2.30 - 4.30, first Saturday every month. Social dancing, all welcome. Tel: 020 8399 8684 Kingston Jazz Society: meets alternate Tuesdays at the Druid’s Head pub, Kingston Market. We are a friendly group who listen to recorded jazz from all periods and would welcome new members. Contact Mike Crimmen (Sec) on 07795 574 776 or Kingston Pensioners’ Forum: Meets 2nd Monday each month at Reform Church, Eden Street, at 2pm. New members welcome. Talks, outings and tea and coffee. For more info: Contact Diane Double, Tel: 020 8397 5084, email: Kingston Philatelic Society: Meets 8-10pm on 1st Thurs & 3rd Fri, at Surbiton Library Hall, Ewell Road. Info: Brian Sole Tel: 01932 220 677 or email: brian.sole@btinternet. com Kingston Speakeasy: Is there a topic you would like to introduce in a supportive atmosphere, with a facilitator to pace the discussion & keep it supportive? We meet on selected Thursday evenings at Kingston Quaker Centre. No charge. Contact Alick Munro on or call 0208 892 9243 for date of next meeting. Ladies Exercise Club: Friendly & fun ‘Keep Moving’ exercise/movement class for ladies 60+ at Berrylands Christian Centre, King Charles Road. Friday 10.15 - 11.15am plus refreshments. Come & try first, free first class. Then £5.50 pay as you come. Call Mary, 01483 284 716 or maryedwards@

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Surbiton Club for the Blind and Visually Impaired: Meets alternate Tues 2-4pm at Surbiton Hill Methodist Church, Ewell Road. Social club with entertainment and tea. Transport available if necessary. For information: 0744 364 3716 . Volunteer drivers very welcome. Surbiton Floral Club: 1st Weds of the month at Raeburn Hall United Reform Church, Elgar Avenue. 7.30 for 7.45pm start. Floral demos, talks, workshops & outings. Tel: 020 8399 8193 Talking of Trains in Surbiton: Programme of talks at Surbiton Library Hall, each Wednesday evening from 19th Sept, throughout winter months. First meeting free, fee for complete year is £50. Details on For further information contact: David Blackmore, 020 8391 1116.Em: Tiny Tunes: Mon 10am & 10.50am at Surbiton Library Hall. Tues 10am & 10.50am at St Nicholas Parish Church, Summer Rd, Thames Ditton. All sessions 40 mins long, features music, dance, parachutes, bubbles & pom-poms. Age 3 months -5 years, pay as you go £5, siblings £2.50 www.tinytuneslive. com Tolworth United Reform Church, Elgar Ave: PILOTS Mondays in term time 5.30 - 7pm, children’s activities, crafts, stories for 5 -11 year olds. Weekly cost £1.50, please call Roger on 07525 410 083 / 0202 8393 4270 or email for information. Tolworth World of Dance: Weds 8 - 9.30pm (term time). Dance for Fun, Fitness & Friends, beginners always welcome, see advert. Contact: Brenda 020 8397 9649 or If your club or society is not listed on the Local Events, send in the details!! Why not send in your events for Christmas for the What’s On page? Clubs, Schools, Churches, & Charity events should be submitted to

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Surbiton & District Historical Society

Tues 7th May: Mr Trevor Strong will talk on ‘Tally Sticks, Templars and Trade’ Tues 4th June: Mr Stephen Chater will talk on ‘Ruin, Wren and Renewal - The Great Fire of London’ Tues 2nd July: Mr Julian McCarthy will give an illustrated talk on ‘Secret Kingston’. Tues 7th Aug: Members’ Evening, talks, quizz, raffle & finger buffet, extra fee of £2 requested. Tues 3rd Sept: Ms Julie F Chandler will give an illustrated talk on ‘The Great Stink’ Meetings start time: 7.45pm at Surbiton Library Hall, Ewell Road, Surbiton. Visitors welcome, Contribution of £2 appreciated For more details about meetings and the Society, call

The Secretary: 020 8399 4473 Email:

Kingston upon Thames Archaeological Society

For all gardeners and allotment holders! We are a small friendly local society providing gardening supplies at very reasonable prices to our members: 9 Seeds, summer and spring bulbs, onion sets, seed potatoes. 9 Summer bedding plants and other young plants according to season. 9 Traditional and organic fertilizers and soil improvers/conditioners. 9 Lawn and rose treatments, weedkillers, pest controls. 9 Growbags and bagged compost, pots, gloves, trays, canes, netting etc. Annual membership just £2, senior citizens £1. Email:

Our trading hut is conveniently sited at Moor Lane Allotments (just off Moor Lane near The Bonesgate pub) Open every Sunday 10am to 12noon, except December. In accordance with our "members only" policy, new members are always welcome to join!

Annual Membership just £2.50, senior citizens £1.50


Thurs 9th May: Will Rathouse will talk on ‘The Archeology of the Thames Foreshore’ Thurs 13th June: Dr Angela Evans will give a presentation on ‘The Quest for Gold in the North Sea Realm’, Wealth & Power 485-650AD in Anglo-Saxon & N. European Kingdoms Sat 20th July: 50th Anniversary Conference, 9.30am - 4.00pm. Members £10 in advance, non members £12 in advance, £15 on the door. Includes light buffet lunch, morning coffee & afternoon tea. Meetings, unless otherwise stated, are held on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7.30pm for 8pm start, in the Surbiton Library Hall Ewell Road, KT6 6AG. Visitors will be asked for £3 donation towards expenses.

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Surbiton & District Bird Watching Society 2. A Sultanate in northwestern Borneo (6) 3. Horologist (10)

4. Slightly open (4) May 21st: Social 5. Engage somebody to enter the army (6)

6. Represents or performs as if in a play (6)

Jun 18th: JefftoBlincow: in Flight 8. Come terms withBirds (7) 9. Shortened term for provocation (5)

July 16th: Members’ Evening 13. Returning to political office (10) 15. Unusually great in size (7)

16. After sunrise and before sunset (8) August: No Meeting

17. Strong and sharp (5) 18. Having little emotion or sensibility (6) Outings: 20. Add to the very end (6) 22. The highest point; culminate (6) May 5th: Sun Tice’s Meadow & Crooksbury 24. Compass point (4)

Common. Tel: Thelma Caine 01372 468 432 May 12th Sun: Stodmarsh, Kent. Tel: Peter October Sudoku Knox 0202 8543 0472 May 19th Sun: Devil’s Punchbowl, Surrey. Tel: Paul Spencer 020 8397 3770 Please note that it is imperative to phone the leader to confirm participation, arrange time and meeting place and/or pre-arrange lifts.

Remember, you can pick up a copy of A Berrylands Companion magazine at the following: C.D.Jennings, B&M Budget Store, Surbiton & Tolworth Libraries, Shan’s Pharmacy, Tolworth Recreation Centre, The Lamb, MBE Surbiton, Read it whilst you wait at: Aspen Vets, Berrylands Autocare Garage, Confidental Dentist Surgery, Collinsons Opticians,

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Kingston upon Thames Society

Are you interested in gardening? Did you know there is an association in Hook? Our Association was founded over 50 years ago and is run36 by volunteers, can provide a E Page 33-40.indd wide range of composts, fertilisers, seeds and other gardening products at not-for-profit prices to our members. We support gardeners and allotment holders.

We currently have full and half plots available to rent. Contact: John on 07807 300 749 Membership is £2.50 a year and new allotment holders have free membership for the first year Our trading facility is situated next to the entrance to the allotment plots, beyond the rugby club pavillion, rear of King Edward’s Recreation Ground, Hook Road, Chessington Open: Sundays 10am - 12 noon Feb - Nov 10am - 11am Nov - Jan

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The Society holds regular monthly meetings, open to non members for small fee £2, on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm. From January to June, then 22/01/2010 00:22:03 September to November. Held in the Judge Lecture Theatre, Tiffin Boys’ School, London Road, Kingston. May 15th: Tony Lancaster will talk on ‘How the rectangle killed Architecture’

June 19th: Kieron Thoms gives an illustrated talk about the work his consultancy company, ‘Create Streets’, did for the Council, with a report on the future of the Malden Centre & Cocks Crescent site in New Malden. No meetings in July and August, with September details to be confirmed. For information contact:



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Shiranthi Wijesekera Piano Lessons

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Totally transform your home with our extensive bi-fold range! Guaranteed quality products at competitive prices We are an established family run business with over 35 years’ experience in supplying double glazing to householders within the community. TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME

TEL: 020 8288 8893 FAX: 020 8288 8894 l

164 Leatherhead Rd Chessington Surrey KT9 2HU l

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SURBITON.ORG 020 8399 1594 The Surbiton Trophy Men’s and Ladies’ International tennis 3-9 June or call the Ticket Factory 0844 581 1530 56

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