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1–3 Pedal Foot Switches Tailored to your applications – the modular foot switch concept from BERNSTEIN!

Three basic enclosures

Latch-action switching Y

The range of foot switches comprises:

BERNSTEIN offers you a wide range of foot switches to meet exacting requirements in industrial applications.

l Three basic enclosures of the same length and height with different width dimensions for one (F1), two (F2) and three (F3) pedals

After initially pressing the pedal, the switch setting is retained even after the pedal is released. The contact is not interrupted before the pedal is pressed again (bistable).

From one to three pedals in versions with or without a protective hood (UN) to prevent unintentional operation of the switch, the sturdy all-metal enclosure has a protection class of IP 65 as standard. The modular design enables you to define pedal functions with up to four switching combinations per pedal to suit your specific application. Additional functions and equipment, in combination with the basic enclosures and switching elements, open up further control and function variants up to BG (operational health and safety)-approved foot switches with and without mechanical latching. The respective designation precisely describes the function of the BERNSTEIN foot switches. 1 Type Example: F1, F2, F3

Cover panel or protective hood The aluminium enclosures can be optionally equipped with an aluminium cover panel or a protective hood (UN). Protective hood UN for F1/ F2 / F3/ FH

Specified from right to left for multi-pedal switches.

Example: F3-U1/ SU1/ U2 3 Number and type of contact elements  These features are denoted in the type designation directly after the corresponding switching element. Example with latching and pressure point: F3-U1/ SU1 Y/ U2 D

Momentary-contact switching with pressure point using two built-in elements with different lead settings. l Pedal pressed up to pressure point: Switching position for first contact element

The aluminium pressure die-cast protective hood (F3: aluminium sand casting) fully shields the pedal at the top and sides while the wide base provides a high degree of stability. It reliably prevents accidental operation from above by falling objects or careless operation from the side.

l Pedal pressed as far as it will go beyond the pressure point: Switching point for second contact element, the first contact element remains switched on.

The interior of the cover is prepared ready to accommodate additional elements:

An integrated potentiometer enables infinitely variable control tasks to be performed via a controller output corresponding to the pedal position. A microswitch is additionally activated to provide potential isolation when at rest or in end position. Provisions are made for two microswitches for rest and end position deactivation. The standard potentiometer has a rating of 10 Ω/0.5 W. Other types on request.

l Emergency stop button l Contactor on standard mounting rail as main power switch

2 Number and type of contact elements l Customer-specific built-in equipment

Pressure point D (Fig. 2)

Mounting holes, rubber feet and separators

Switching element with controller output RG

The mounting holes make it possible to anchor the foot switch to the floor. Each foot switch is equipped with four rubber feet to prevent it slipping. The separators on multi-pedal foot switches prevent several pedals being inadvertently operated simultaneously (version without separators available on request). Type F1–F3 foot pedals are made from a thermoplastic material. Switching function U1Z, SU1Z, A2Z, ... Depending on the application, momentarycontact or snap-action systems from the BERNSTEIN modular system can be used individually or as a combination. Potentiometer (RG) versions are available for control applications.

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Profile for Bernstein

Complete Range of Switch Systems 700 0000 901 gb  

Complete Range of Switch Systems 700 0000 901 gb  

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